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List of Series in the Philippine Archives Collection

This page lists the titles of series found in the Philippine Archives Collection and links to each series in the catalog. For definitions of abbreviations, refer to the Philippine Archives Collection: Glossary of Initialisms, Abbreviations, and Acronyms. To learn more about the collection, visit The Journey of the Philippine Archives Collection pages. Entries are arranged by topic below:

Invasion and Surrender

Series TitleRGEntry NumberNational Archives Identifier
General Correspondence Files, 1938-1960407 A1 10501225946
Special Orders, 10/1941-10/1941407A1 10511225947
Lists and Rosters, 1938-1942407A1 10521253341
Records Relating to War Support Services, 1941-1947407 A1 10531253355
Records Relating to Operations on Bataan and Corregidor, 1941-1945407 A1 10541253432
Records Relating to Escapees from Bataan, 1945-1947407 A1 10551253442
Translations of Japanese Accounts of Operations in the Lingayen Gulf and Bataan, 1944-1945407 A1 10561253558
Records Relating to Wartime Activities in Areas Other than Bataan and Corregidor, 1941-1945407 A1 10571253562
Casualty and Hospital Lists, 1941-1944407 A1 10581254102
Lists of Wounded, Killed, and Captured Military Personnel, 1942-1942407 A1 10591254115
Death Reports, 1941-1945407 A1 10601254166

Civilian Employees

Series TitleRGEntry NumberNational Archives Identifier
General Correspondence Files Relating to Civilian Employees, 1941-1955407A1 10611254231
Affidavits, 1942-1947407 A1 10621254379

Prisoners of War (POWs) / Civilian Internees

Series TitleRGEntry NumberNational Archives Identifier
Prisoner of War (POW) General Correspondence Files, 1941-1945407A1 10631254402
Rosters and Lists of Prisoners of War (POWs), 1942-1947407 A1 10641254461
Casualty Reports on U.S. and Foreign Military Personnel, 1945407 A1 10651254480
Records Relating to Escaped American Prisoners of War (POWs), 1945-1945407 A1 10661255496
Diaries and Historical Narratives, 1940-1945407 A1 10671255524
Prisoner of War (POW) Photographs, 1944-1945407 A1 10681255547
Sunken Prisoner of War (POW) Transport Files, 1942-1948407 A1 10691255556
Records of Japanese Atrocities against Prisoners of War (POWs), 1942-1948407 A1 10701256674
Medical Records of Prisoners of War (POWs) and Civilian Internees, 1942-1945407 A1 10711256676
Prisoner of War (POW) Death Reports, 1941-1946407 A1 10721256736
Prisoner of War (POW) Recovery Team Reports, 1944-1946407 A1 10731256743
Orders for Recovered Prisoners of War (POWs), 1944-1951407 A1 10741256752
General Correspondence Files Pertaining to Civilian Internees, 1943-1945407 A1 10751256861
Civilian Internee Rosters, 1942-1946407 A1 10761256869
Civilian Internee Death Report Files, 1941-1945407 A1 10771256883
Records of Japanese Relations with Filipino Prisoners of War (POWs), 1943-1952407 A1 10781256924

Japanese Occupation

Series TitleRGEntry NumberNational Archives Identifier
Puppet Government Publications, 1942-1945407 A1 10791256952
Alien Registration Lists, 1942-1942407A1 10801256955
Records Relating to Business and Industry, 1942-1950407 A1 10811256961
Lists of Filipino Collaborators, 1941-1948407 A1 10821256977
Manila Tribune, January 1942-February 1945407 A1 10831257020
Japanese Propaganda Publications, 1941-1945407 A1 10841257048
Records Relating to Japanese Atrocities, 1942-1952407 A1 10851257058
List of Cremated Remains, 1936-1943407 A1 10861257306


Series TitleRGEntry NumberNational Archives Identifier
Guerrilla General Correspondence Files, 1942-1951407A1 10871257315
List of Guerrilla Units, 1942(?)-1945(?)407 A1 10881257327
Rosters of Guerrillas of Philippine Scouts, 1942-1978407 A1 10891257411
Lists of American and Other Foreign Nationals Who Fought With or Were Protected by Guerrillas, 1941-1945407A1 10901257548
Affidavits of Guerrilla Service, 1943-1949407 A1 10911257588
Last Wills and Testaments of Guerrillas, 1943-1943407 A1 10921257601
Intelligence Report Files, 1935-1947407 A1 10931257603
Guerrilla Narrative and Historical Reports, 1941-1947407 A1 10941257639
Guerrilla Unit Recognition Files, 1941-1948407 A1 10951257644
Reference Files Relating to Guerrillas, ca. 1942-ca. 1945407 A1 10961257673
Guerrilla Finance and Supply Records, 1942-1945407 A1 10971257680
Records Relating to Criminal Guerrilla Behavior, 1945-1951407 A1 10981257686
Records Relating to Guerrillas as Seen by the Japanese, 1944-1945407 A1 10991257690
Records Relating to the U.S. Army Recognition Program of Philippine Guerrillas, ca. 1949-ca. 1949554A1 1472629817
↳ HQ Philippines Command, U.S. Army Recognition Program of Philippine Guerrillas, ca. 1949 (1)554A1 14726921767

United States Armed Forces in the Far East

Series TitleRGEntry NumberNational Archives Identifier
Pre-Surrender General Correspondence Files, 1937-1942407A1 11001257693
General Correspondence Files, 1937-1950407 A1 11011261428
Pre-Surrender General and Special Orders, 1941-1942407 A1 11021261438
General and Special Orders, 1938-1951407 A1 11031261466
Unit Assignments and Station Lists, 1941-1949407 A1 11041261493
Messages, 8/13/1943-11/11/1944407 A1 11051262963
Rosters and Lists, 1941-1952407 A1 11061263000
Historical Studies, 1899-1947407 A1 11071263067
Lists of Filipino War Dead, 1942-1942407 A1 11081263858
Casualty Reports, 1942-1947407 A1 11091263870

Liberation / Post-War Era

Series TitleRGEntry NumberNational Archives Identifier
General Correspondence Files, 1944-1946407A1 11101263880
Topographic and Demographic Files, 1930-1950407 A1 11111263891
Records Relating to the Liberation of the Philippines, 1944-1945407 A1 11121264247
Unit Histories and Historical Data Books, 1934-1960407 A1 11131264262
Post-War U.S. Philippine Relations Files, 1943-1960407 A1 11141265118
Washington State Personnel Files, 1943-1947407 A1 11151265407
The Vintherite, 1951-1951407 A1 11161265936
Hospital Admissions Files, 1943?-1945?407 A1 11171265945

Recovered Personnel Division

Series TitleRGEntry NumberNational Archives Identifier
General Records, 1944-1958407 A1 11181257176
Historical Files, 1945-1977407 A1 11191257190
Records Relating to Personnel, 1945-1958407A1 11201265980
Prison Camp Location Files, 1945-1945407 A1 11211271369
Recovery and Repatriation Procedures and Reports Files, 1941-1953407 A1 11221257165
Individual Rosters, 1941-1966407 A1 11231266014
Japanese Prisoner of War (POW) Information Bureau Files, 1946-1958407 A1 11241266025
Missing in Action (MIA) and Death Investigation Files, 1945-1947407 A1 11251271373
Grave and Burial Files, 1942-1954407 A1 11261271470
Records Relating to Search for Buried Records, 1945-1945407 A1 11271271479
Philippine Government Records Relating to Guerrillas, 1944-1956407 A1 11281271486
Guerrilla Unit Lists, 1941-1948407 A1 11291271517
Research Project Files, 1951-1963407A1 11301271531
Red Cross Project Files, 1962-1968407 A1 11311272712
Records Relating to Access to Records, 1958-1958407 A1 11321272713
Guerrilla Claims and Recognition Correspondence Files, 1939-1968407 A1 11331272715
Policy and Procedures on Claims Files, 1942-1966407 A1 11341272722
Fraudulent Claims Files, 1943-1956407 A1 11351273018
Lists of Guerrilla Units, 1945?-1985?407 A1 11361257080


Series TitleRGEntry NumberNational Archives Identifier
General Records, 1941-1954407 A1 11371257086
Statements and Affidavits, 1941-1949407 A1 11381273019
Drawings of Airstrips, 1945-1945407 A1 11391273020
Records Relating to Claims and Indexes, 1942-1945407A1 11401273877
Filipino Prisoner of War (POW) Claim Files, 1944?-1945?407 A1 11411257107
Copies of Records Recovered in The Philippine Islands, 1941?-1985?407 A1 11421274153