Native American Heritage

Dawes Rolls: Final Rolls

Step 4: Look up the Person in the Final Rolls online

Both the Index to the Final Rolls and the Final Rolls are available through the National Archives Catalog, so you will be searching there.

  1. Go to the National Archives Catalog.

  2. In the Search box, enter 300321 (this is the National Archives Identifier) and click Search.

  3. Click on the link that says The Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory., 03/04/1907

  4. Click on the Tab which says "Digital Copies"

  5. Note that the page says Digital Copies 1-10 of 634 (total pages).

  6. Scroll to the pages for the respective tribe you are looking for by either clicking on the forward arrows to jump ahead or by clicking on the page numbers.
    (Note: This may require patience and some trial and error to find it!)

    After you browse through the pages to find the tribe you are looking for, you can find the person listed in numerical order, using the Roll Number you obtained from the Index.

    Getting back to the previous example where we were looking for Napoleon Ainsworth of the Choctaws, we will browse through the images to find the Choctaw tribe, and then click through those images until we find number 8938 listed on image 54 (page 6).
Click on the image for page 54. This is what you will see at the top:

Final Rolls example

Napoleon is listed as number 8938, just as expected from the index, along with his age, sex, blood degree, and census card number.
  1. Write down everything that is listed on the line of the person you are looking for. You will especially want to write down the Census Card No. so you can continue research with records held at the National Archives at Fort Worth. You will find the Census Card number in the sixth column, after the person's age, sex, and blood degree.

    In this case, we write down Census Card No. 3055 for Napoleon Ainsworth.

    Next Step:

  2. Now that you have obtained the Census Card number from the Final Rolls, and have already checked to see if the Enrollment or Census card has been described in the National Archives Catalog (in Step 2), you can proceed to Step 5: What You Can Do Next.