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A tribute to Edward M. Kennedy, Senator from Massachusetts

Edward "Ted" Kennedy was a long time and well respected Senator from Massachusetts. Kennedy first entered the U.S. Senate in 1962 when he won a special election to fill the vacant Senate seat of his brother—John F. Kennedy—who had resigned the seat in 1960 to become President of the U.S. In 1964 Ted Kennedy was elected by the voters of Massachusetts to his own term in the U.S. Senate. Since then Kennedy was reelected seven more times and served until his death in 2009. During Kennedy's long and industrious career in the U.S. Senate he championed many causes—a few of which are highlighted in this selection of documents from the official records of the United States Senate.

Certification that Edward M. Kennedy was chosen to fill the vacant Senate seat of Senator John F. Kennedy,
November 21, 1962

Certificate of Election for Edward M. Kennedy, Senator from Massachusetts,
December 11, 1964

Senate Roll Call on the final passage S. 1564, the Voting Rights Act of 1965,
May 26, 1965; NAID 5637787

Conference Report on the National Cancer Act of 1971,
December 8, 1971

Senate Joint Resolution 163, Nuclear Freeze Amendment,
March 10, 1982

Senate Roll Call for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act,
August 2, 1996

Senate Resolution 482, Congratulating the Boston Red Sox on winning the 2004 World Series,
November 20, 2004

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