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Films about Natural Resources at the National Archives in College Park, MD

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California -- Sequoia National Park

The Moving Image and Sound Branch holds an extensive collection of records pertaining to natural resources. These records document the development of the national park and national forest systems, and the use of urban and rural resources spanning the 20th century. 

Materials include film, video, and audio recordings originating from federal agencies and private donors. Major topics covered include national parks and forests, national historic sites, agricultural production, natural resources, weather, conservation and the environment, and energy development.

The below list should not be treated as a complete comprehensive listing of all Record Groups or Series relating to this topic. The following Record Groups and series appear in alphanumeric order.

Record Group 16: Records of the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture
Notable Series within Record Group 16:

Record Group 22: Records of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Record Group 30 : Records of the Bureau of Public Roads

Record Group 33: Records of the Extension Service

Record Group 48: Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior

Record Group 49: Records of the Bureau of Land Management

Record Group 57: Records of the U.S. Geological Survey

Record Group 70: Records of the U.S. Bureau of Mines

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National Park Service Groundskeeper Tends to the North Lawn of the White House

Record Group 79: Records of the National Park Service
Notable Series within Record Group 79:

Record Group 95: Records of the Forest Service
Notable Series within Record Group 95:

Record Group 96: Records of the Farmers Home Administration

Record Group 114: Records of the Natural Resources Conservation Service

Record Group 115: Records of the Bureau of Reclamation

Record Group 326: Records of the Atomic Energy Commission

Record Group 370: Records of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

Record Group 406: Records of the Federal Highway Administration

Record Group 412: Records of the Environmental Protection Agency

Record Group 434: General Records of Department of Energy 

Collection Henry Ford Company Collection, Series: Motion Picture Films Relating to the Ford Motor Company, the Henry Ford Family, Noted Personalities, Industry, and Numerous Americana and Other Subjects, 1903 - 1954 (Local Identifier: FC-FC)