Interagency Working Group (IWG)

Records of the Office of Strategic Services (RG 226)

Interagency Working Group (IWG): Record Group 226, Boxes 440-442

Boston Series Reports [based on information supplied by George Wood (Fritz Kolbe)]

Box 441 Box 442
Box Number 440
Nos. 1-3 Relate to Turkey [October-December 1943]
No. 4 German view of the Rumanian Situation [November-December 1943]
No. 9 Treatment of Italian Jews [Reports states "On October 6, 1943, the following recommendation was made to high German sources by a German official in Italy: Orders have been received from Berlin by Obersturmbannfuhrer Kappler to seize and to take to Northern Italy the 8,000 Jews living in Rome. They are to be liquidated. General Stahel, the city commandant of Rome, will permit this action only if it is consistent with the politics of the Reich Foreign Minister. It would be better business, in my opinion, to use the Jews, as in Tunis, for work on fortifications. Together with Kappler, I shall present this view through Field Marshal General Kesselring."]
No. 10 Events at the Vatican [December 1943]
Nos. 12, 124 Secret Nazi Radio in Dublin, Ireland
No. 16 German Agents in Zurich, Switzerland [December 1943]
No. 18 List of French Officials [December 1943]
No. 20 Nazi Military Attaché in Madrid Pays Out Bribes [to ship captains to go to Italy]
No. 21 Attempt to Bribe Rumanian Military Attaché [December 1943]
Nos. 25-26 German Information on Activities at the Moscow Conference [Oct.-Nov.1943]
No. 34 Japanese Estimate of Turkish Situation [December 1943]
No. 35 Von Papen's Proposal Re Dodescanese
No. 36 Unrest in Greece [includes information regarding reprisals, November-Dec.1943]
No. 39 Rumanian Food Sent to Germany [December 1943]
Nos. 40, 97 Information on Rumanian Trade with Switzerland
No. 41 Rumanian Jews Communicate with Relatives in France [December 1943]
No. 42 Bulgarian Internal Affairs [December 1943]
No. 44 The Partisan Movement in Yugoslavia [November-December 1943]
Nos. 45-46 Axis Problems in Croatia; Unrest in Croatia and Serbia [November 1943]
No. 50 German Wolfram Negotiations with Portugal and Spain [November-Dec.1943]
No. 52 German Items from Tangier [November-December 1943]
No. 54 German Estimate of French Resistance Activities [December 1943, report indicates that "1,228 arrests were made during November. The French Courts were very lax and unwilling to sentence offenders to death. Laval is setting up a traveling court of trusted judges, empowered to impose sentences of death. Requisite action is not being taken by the French Government. There is a very great need of appointing active collaborationists with the Police and Interior Departments."
No. 55 More French Labor to Germany [December 1943]
No. 58 German Reaction to Petain's Desire to Resign [October-December 1943]
No. 59 Further Views of Abetz on the French Situation [December 1943]
No. 60 German Grain Shipments to Spain [November 1943]
No. 63 German Attempts to Seize Italian Funds [November-December 1943; "About November 5, 1943, Rahn, German Ambassador to Italy, came into possession of instructions to dispatch the Italian gold which is at Milan to Fransensfest. Appropriate safeguards were to be employed. The gold could stay under Italian guards, aided by carefully selected Gestapo agents and men from the German Foreign Office. Rahn was further instructed to inform Mussolini in an 'amicable way' that these steps had been taken."]
No. 66 Meeting of Italian Republican Fascist Party [November 1943; "Rahn states that the meeting was completely confused both 'in spirit and political outlook,' but that agreement was reach on the practical points contained in the 11-point program. This program contained…anti-Jewish provisions, and also provided for the immediate shooting of Ciano and other traitors and for reprisals against anti-Fascists, etc."]
No. 69 Vatican Declaration Concerning the Wehrmacht [October 1943]
No. 71 List of French Officials [December 1943]
Nos. 75-76 Hungarian-Rumanian Relations [November 1943]
No. 77 Report of Meeting Between Hungarian Press Attaché and United States Intelligence Office at Madrid, Spain [October 1943]
No. 79 German Interrogation of American or British Pilots in Hungary [October 1943]
No. 81 Situation in Denmark [December 1943; includes police measures, e.g., shooting, concentration camps]
No. 82 Rumanian Peace Feelers [October 1943]
No. 85 The Azores Agreement [October-November 1943]
No. 86 Soviet American Relations [November 1943]
No. 87 The Timor Situation [December 1943]
No. 88 Peace Negotiations with Finland [November 1943]
No. 89 German Information on Finnish Political Affairs [October-December1943]
No. 90 German Report on Propaganda and Morale in Japan [October 1943]
No. 91 German Reaction to the Situation in France [October-December 1943, 5 pp.; noted in the report that "Increasing desertion, resistance, sabotage and other calamitous internal political developments this year were greatly increased by the exportation of French labor to Germany. Workers who are afraid of being drafted become terrorists. The French Government is not effective. German intervention was needed to buck up the Laval regime, in attempt to bolster collaboration, as resistance in Vichy and the country had to be overcome and war production expedited"]
No. 92 German Comment on French Officials Outside France [December 1943]
No. 93 Miscellaneous Items on the Internal Situation in France [December 1943]
No. 94 German Propaganda Organization in Italy {December 1943]
No. 95 Miscellaneous Items from Sweden [October-December 1943]
No. 97 Further Information on Rumanian Trade with Switzerland
No. 99 The Vermehren Affair [clerk to the German Military Attaché in Ankara, Turkey, February 1944]
No. 100 Turkish Foreign Relations [February 1944]
No. 106 Bulgarian Internal Affairs [February 1944]
No. 107 Hitler Advises Prince Cyril of Bulgarian Situation [February 1944]
No. 109 The Chastelaine Affair [Rumania]
No. 111 German Plans for Destruction of Vital Industries in Rome
No. 117 Spanish-British Relations Unsatisfactory [January 1944]
No. 120 German Broadcasting Equipment for Argentina
No. 124 German Radio Transmitter Removed and Parachutists Arrested [in Ireland, January 1944]
No. 125 Finnish Soviet Relations [February 1944]
No. 126 Japanese Proposal of Russo-German Agreement [February 1944]
No. 127 Blockage Running from Europe to Japan Halted [by Hitler decree January 1944]
No. 129 Export of Tungsten from Spain [February-March 1944]
No. 130 Spain's Position in the War [February 1944]
No. 132 German Activity in Tangier [February-March 1944]
No. 133 The German Policy in the Baltic States [March 1944]
No. 135 Possibility of Anglo-German Agreement [views of Pilet-Golaz, Swiss Foreign Minister, March 1945]
No. 136 Turkish Foreign Policy [February 1944]
No. 137 Turkish-American Affairs [March 1944]
No. 138 German Military [Abwehr] Organizations in Switzerland
No. 139 The Vermehren Affair [Turkey]
No. 142 Visit of [Rumanian]Prince Stirbey and Daughter to Bulgaria [February 1944]
No. 143 Visit of Premier Antonescu to Nazi General Headquarters
No. 147 Swedish Fear of Russian Power
No. 148 Tungsten Exports from Portugal
No. 152 Radio Transmitter in German Legation in Dublin [December 1943-January 1944]
No. 153 Irish Foreign Affairs [March 1944]
No. 155 Stirbey's Plan for a Political Coup [March 1944]
No. 159 Proposed Protective Custody for Petain [April 1944]
No. 160 Workers From Italy
No. 161 German Views on the Crisis in Finland [March 1944]
No. 162 German Reaction to the Finnish-Soviet Situation
No. 163 German Negotiations with Spain Concerning Wolfram [Jan.-April 1944, 12 pp.]
No. 165 Internal Affairs in Bulgaria [April 1944]
No. 166 Sevov's Trip to Turkey [February-March 1944]
No. 167 Bulgaria's Efforts for Separate Peace [March 1944]
No. 168 Discussion of Von Papen and Menemencioglu Concerning Bulgaria [Feb.1944]
No. 169 Turkish Relations with Bulgaria and Russia [March 1944]
No. 172 Conversations Between Von Papen and Menemencioglu on the Rumanian Situation [April 1944]
No. 173 Rumanian Efforts Toward a Separate Peace [March 1944]
No. 174 Measures to Effect Closer Rumanian Collaboration [April 1944]
No. 176 Evidence of Lowered Rumanian Morale [April 1944]
Nos. 177-178 Antonescu's Protest on the Conduct of German Troops and Rippentrop Protests [March-April 1944]
No. 179 Collapse of Morale in Rumania [April 1944]
No. 182 Anonescu's Reaction to the Occupation of Hungary [March 1944]
No. 183 Problems of German Military Occupation in Hungary [March 1944]
No. 184 Collaboration of the Arrow Cross Party with Occupation Authorities in Hungary [April 1944]
No. 185 Projected Disarmament of the Hungarian Army [March 1944]
No. 186 Relaxation of Restrictions on Hungarian Troops [March 1944]
No. 187 Discussions Concerning the New Hungarian Cabinet [March 1944; "Regent [Micholas] Horthy stated that he regretted that Hitler had not been frank with him…" "Weesenmayer concluded as a result of his long conversations with Horthy that he was becoming more and more convinced that on the one hand the Regent was an unmitigated liar and on the other hand he was physically no longer capable of performing his duties. Horthy constantly repeated himself, often contradicting himself within a few sentences, and sometimes apparently did not know how to go on. Everything he said sounded to Weesenayer like a memorized formula, and the latter feared that it would be difficult to convince him let alone win him over."]
No. 188 German Military Operations in Hungary [March 1944]
No. 189 Present Status of Collaboration Between Germans and Hungarians [March 1944; "Decrees were said to have been, as of 31 March 1944, issued which indicated that the government was taking steps to deal with the Jewish situation. This was being done with a degree of astuteness not common in Hungary. However, some of the designated punishments were thought to be inadequate and Weesenmayer is said to have stated that he intended to make sure that they were more severe in actual practice."]
No. 191 Proposed Surrender of Count Bethlen to the Nazis [March 1944]
No. 192 General Conditions in Hungary During the first week of April 1944 ["Weesenmayer is said to have reported that the populace seemed pleased when wealthy Jews were apprehended, despite assertions by Hungarian officials that the people were opposed to these arrests. The people were said to be unable to comprehend individual instances of harsh treatment of Jews or the ransacking of Jewish shops by Nazi troops. Because of this, poor Jews were said to be the object of pity. On the whole, the Jews were said to have obeyed the instructions given them."]
No. 193 Internal Opposition to Existing German Government [Hungary, April 1944]
No. 194 Rumors of Insurrection Planned by Horthy [April 1944]
No. 195 Internal Problems under Consideration by Premier Sztojay [April 1944]
No. 196 Apprehension and Possible Release of Szapari [April 1944]
No. 197 Internal Problems in Hungary [March 1944; "the prosecution of Jews had been instituted…"]
No. 198 SS Attempt to Locate Kallay [March 1944]
No. 200 Arrests of Officials and Jewish Persecution Following Hungarian Occupation April 1944; "Up to 1 April 3,441 Jews have been arrested, among them journalists, including Orsajo, whose home was a gathering place for persons opposed to Germany, such as Nagy, the former Minister of War. Antagonism is said to have arisen between orthodox Jews and modern'(neolog)' Jews. The Central Jewish Council was informed that it was considered responsible for the actions of Jews. The towns of Beregaszasz, Munkacs and Ungvar, where there is an especially large proportion of Jews, have been segregated. Councils of Elders have been established in the towns."]
No. 201 Evacuation of German Nationals [March 1944]
No. 206 Proposed Plans in Case of Partial German Withdrawal from Greece [March 1944]
No. 207 Civil Military Problems in Yugoslavia [April 1944]
No. 208 Problem of the German-Croat Administration [March 1944]
No. 209 Assessment of Croat Fighting Strength [February 1944]
No. 214 Military Activity in Croatia [April 1944]
No. 215 German Knowledge of Japanese Military Situation [March 1944, 8 pp.]
No. 217 The German Military Attaché in Tokyo Sums Up the Far Eastern War Situation [March 1944, 4 pp.]
No. 218 Report on Internal Affairs in Japanese-Occupied Territory [March 1944]
No. 219 Von Ribbentrop's Interest in Japanese Affairs [April 1944]
No. 220 German Interest in Reported Anglo-Japanese Peace Moves [March 1944]
No. 221 Japanese Protest Goebbels' Propaganda Articles
No. 228 Internal Warfare and Military Organization in Albania [February 1944]
No. 229 Anglo-American Demands Made of Turkey [January 1944]
No. 230 German Backing of Moroccan Independence Movement [March 1944]
No. 233 The German Kriegs Organization in Spain [March 1944]
No. 234 German-Portuguese Wolfram Negotiations [February-April 1944]
No. 236 German Opinion of Il Duce [Mussolini, March 1944]
No. 238 Refugees and Food Supplies in Rome [March 1944]
No. 240 Spain Makes Arrangements to Rescue Nazi Aviators [March 1944]
No. 241 Camouflaged Shipments from Portugal to Germany [January 1944]
No. 242 Reported Changes in German Abwehr Organization [February 1944; "The Argentine and Vermehren incidents are said to have precipitated a crisis in the Abwehr last February which cause the virtual absorption of Abwehr into the Himmler Organization, and Admiral Canaris' displacement."]
No. 243 The Vico Incident [Spain, February 1944]
No. 246 Military Forces of the Greek Collaborationists [March 1944]
No. 247 Greek Economic Report [February 1944; has information on gold sales]
No. 248 German-Chetnik Collaboration in Yugoslavia [March 1944]
No. 249 Neubacher's Impressions of a Trip to Bucharest [March 1944; information on report that Pope is constantly working to establish Anglo-German understanding in order to rescue the world from Bolshevism]
No. 251 Recent German Negotiations with Mihailovic
No. 252 Internal Resistance in Croatia [March 1944]
No. 257 Turkish Foreign Affairs [April 1944]
No. 258 Turkish Shipments of Chrome to Germany [April 1944]
No. 259 [Swiss Foreign Minister] Pilet-Golaz's Opinion on Foreign Affairs [March 1944]
No. 261 German Concessions Desired by Mussolini [April 1944]
No. 263 Germany's Tungsten Requirements
No. 264 German Gold Shipment to Spain [March 1944]
No. 269 German Minister's Interview with Prime Minister of Thailand [March 1944]
No. 270 German Views on Thailand's Position
No. 274 Contemplated German Reprisals for FCNL Trials in Algiers
No. 275 Secret Transmitter in French Embassy at Bern
No. 276 Allies Furnish Intelligence by French in Bern
No. 277 German Search for Evidence of Swedish Sabotage
No. 279 Dr. Clausen Leader of Nazi Party in Denmark
No. 280 German Negotiations with Antonescu [March-April 1944]
No. 286 German Views on Russian Occupied Poland [March 1944]
Nos. 287-288 Russian Peace Terms Offered Rumania
No. 290 Portuguese Finance Minister's Visit to Spain [March 1944]
No. 291 Pope's Disapproval of Allied Bombings
No. 292 German Foreign Office Meeting in Berlin [March 1944]
No. 294 Communications between Berlin and Dublin
No. 295 Export of Spanish Wolfram to the Germans
No. 300 Shipments of Wolfram from Portugal into Spain
No. 302 Turkish Negotiations with Germany
No. 303 Political Situation in Hungary [May 1944]
No. 304 German Negotiations with Sweden to Obtain Ball Bearings
Nos. 312-313 A Review of the December 1943 German negotiations with Sweden to obtain Ball Bearings
No. 314 Germany's Tungsten Requirements
No. 318 Additional Information on Retaliation for Sentences Imposed by Algiers
No. 320 Further Expressions of Bulgarian Policy by Sevov
No. 329 Smuggling of Wolfram from Spain
No. 333 Minister Frohwein's Visit to Switzerland
No. 336 Negotiations in Madrid by Argentine Military Attache for German Arms and Manufacturing Rights [July 1944]
No. 347 Financial Investigation of Italian Fascist Leader
No. 350 German Position Regarding Russian-Bulgarian Negotiations
No. 351 Discussion of Turkish-Bulgarian Relations
No. 354 German Intelligence in Portugal
No. 355 Allied and Nazi Negotiations with the Swiss Concerning Foreign Exchange for Germany
No. 356 Reported German Sentences [July 1944]
No. 357 Conversations Between [Walter] Stucki and Laval
No. 365 Conversations Between Balabanov [Bulgarian Minister to Turkey] and Saracoglu [Turkish Prime Minister]
No. 367 German Attempts to influence Turkish Policy [4 pp.]
No. 365 German Labor Problem [information on "impressed" workers]
No. 370 Evacuation of Siena: Action by Marshal Kesselring Against Those Guilty of Plundering
No. 371 Reorganization of the Fascist Party [Italy]
No. 372 Mussolini's Proposed visit to Germany
No. 373 Smuggling of Wolfram from Spain
No. 374 Agreement on Spanish Exports Through Switzerland [July 1944]
No. 378 Proposed Meeting of Frohwein and Selter in Switzerland
No. 379 Political Comments by Pilez-Golaz [July 1944]
No. 381 Neubacher as Possible Successor to Ribbentrop [Neubacher objected to the excesses committed by the SS in the Saloika region]
No. 382 Nazi Pressure on Hungary to take action Against the Jews [July 1944]
No. 386 German Representations to Bulgaria
No. 388 French Internal Political Situation [August 1944]
No. 390 Transmission of Telegrams by the German Legation at Bern
No. 391 Request for Passage of German Hospital Trains through Switzerland [Aug. 1944]
No. 394 Neubacher's Comment on Draja Mihailovic and the Political Situation in Yugoslavia
No. 397 Opposition to Turkish Government Policy
No. 399 German Relations with Finland
No. 402 Smuggling of Wolfram from Spain
No. 404 Deportation of Nazis from Spain [August 1944]
No. 405 German Recruiting of Spaniards
No. 406 Spaniards in France to Join Nazi Forces
No. 412 Slovakian Political Opinions
No. 413 Bulgarian Peace Overtures
No. 419 Results of the German Coup D'Etat of 20 July 1944
No. 420 Interview between [German Minister to Hungary] Weesenmayer and Premier Lakatos [October 1944]
No. 421 Weesenmayer's Interviews with Horthy and Lakatos
No. 422 Political Situation in Hungary [first week of October 1944]
No. 423 Weesenmayer Comments on Events in Hungary [first week of October 1944]
No. 424 The Hungarian National Committee
No. 425 Horthy Takes Precautions Against a Coup D'Etat [October 1944]
No. 426 German Efforts at Rapprochment with Soviets [September 1944]
No. 427 Unrest in Mussolini's Cabinet [August-September 1944]
No. 428 Hitler's Disapproval of a new coalition government [October 1944; in Hungary]
No. 429 Weesenmayer Disclaims Knowledge of Alleged SS Plot [first week of Oct.1944]
No. 432 Meeting of Frohwein and Selter in Switzerland
No. 433 German-Japanese Confidential Discussions [September 1944]
No. 433a German-Japanese Confidential Discussions
No. 435 Spanish-German Relations
No. 426 German Courier Service between Madrid and Rome
No. 438 German Comment on British Intelligence in Sweden [reference to Harry Carr of the British Control Office in Stockholm, in the Passport Section]
No. 441 The German "People's Army" [October 1944]
No. 444 Air Traffic Between Spain and Germany
No. 445 Bibra's [German Counselor in Madrid] Visit with [Spanish]Foreign Minister Lequerica
No. 446 Becker's [German Counselor in Madrid] Interview with Carceller [Spanish Minister of Industry and Commerce]
No. 447 German Portuguese Wolfram Dealings
No. 447a German Portuguese Wolfram Dealings
No. 448 Portuguese Comment on Allied Pressure [September 1944]
No. 449 Portugal's Salazar's Reluctance to Break Relations with Japan
No. 450 German Military Plans with Regard to Bulgaria [August 1944]
No. 451 German Views on Guerrilla Warfare [September 1944,in Yugoslavia; includes reference to the "recent war of extermination against the…Croats…tolerated by the Germans"]
No. 452 German Information on Military Events in Yugoslavia
No. 453 German Views on Current Military Problems [in Yugoslavia]
No. 454 Neubacher's [German Ambassador to Yugoslavia] Comments on the Military Situation
No. 471 Deportation of Jews in Hungary [November 1944, "an official of the German Legation in Budapest is reported to have stated that twenty-seven thousand able-bodied Jews of both sexes had been sent to Germany. Forty Thousand more were to be transported in daily installments of two to four thousand. There were said to be one hundred and twenty thousand Jews in Budapest including children who were unfit for work and whose fate had not yet been decided. This was said to depend largely on available transportation. The person responsible was said to be SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Eichman."]
No. 484 German Intelligence Activity in the Far East [November 1944]
No. 485 Russian Occupation of Bulgaria [November 1944]
No. 486 Military and Political Maneuvers Toward a German Coup D'Etat [Hungary]
No. 488 Rumored Arrow Cross Coup D'Etat
No. 489 Official German-Hungarian Appointment
No. 490 Hungarian View of German-Hungarian Relations [October 1944]
No. 491 Formation and Objectives of the Nationaler Bund [Hungary]
No. 492 German Comment on the Hungarian Political Situation [October 1944]
No. 493 Hungarian Political Collaboration [October 1944]
No. 494 Rumors of a Separate Hungarian Peace [October 1944]
No. 495 Disposition of Hungarian Gold [October 1944]
No. 496 Conference in Hungarian Staff Headquarters [October 1944]
No. 497 German View of the Military Situation in Hungary
No. 498 Reported Hungarian Peace Feelers [October 1944]
No. 499 Evacuation of Hungarian Volksdeutsche
No. 502 Possible entry of Serbian Formations into Croatian Territory [October 1944]
No. 503 Arrangements for Southeastern European Evacuation [October 1944]
No. 504 Labor Problems in Connection with the Construction of Defenses
No. 505 Behavior of American Troops in Italy
No. 506 Italian [Spanish] Civil War Claims
No. 507 Internal Political and Military Affairs [Albania, October 1944]
No. 511 Spanish Decision on Air Traffic Between Spain and Germany
No. 512 German-Spanish Discussion of the German "Agent Question"
No. 513 Portuguese Report on Conditions in France [October 1944]
No. 519 SKF [Svenska Kullager Fabriken] Decision to Discontinue Ball-Bearing Shipments to Germany [October 1944]
No. 522 German Comment on the Frohwein-Selter Meeting in Geneva
No. 525 Negotiations Between Marinotti [managing director of SNIA Viscosa, an Italian artificial textiles monopoly] and German Generals
No. 526 Rumanian Collaboration with the Germans [November 1944]
No. 534 Conscription of Jewish labor [late October 1944 in Hungary]
No. 535 Transfer of Hungarian Gold to the Reich [October 1944]
No. 542 Transport of Hungarian Jews for Labor Service [Hungary, November 1944; "SS…Eichman* was said to be in charge (*not identified further")]
No. 543 Internal Situation in the Hungarian Army
No. 544 Internal Military Situation [Hungary]
No. 547 Continued German-Hungarian Collaboration
No. 549 Events Prior to Horthy's Request for Armistice
No. 550 Transfer of the Hungarian Government from Budapest
No. 551 Evacuation of Hungarian Population
No. 552 Arrest of Hostages [Yugoslavia]
No. 553 Further German-Chetnik Collaboration in Yugoslavia [November 1944]
No. 554 Arrest of Slovak Generals [Further information in report No. 712]
No. 562 French Quisling Activities [October 1944]
No. 563 Resumption of Service on the Spain-German Lufthansa Line [October 1944]
No. 564 Problems Resulting from Lack of transportation between Spain and Germany
No. 565 Bibra's Plan for Air Transport Between Germany and Spain
No. 566 Transfer of Funds to the German Embassy, Madrid [November 1944]
No. 567 Outstanding Deliveries of German Arms for Portugal
No. 569 Shipment of Arms from Spain to Germany
No. 570 German Measures to Safeguard Wolfram Supplies
No. 571 Wolfram Smuggling and Negotiations
No. 572 Negotiations in Wolfram by Deininger[?]
No. 573 Expulsion of German Nationals from Spain
No. 574 Further Negotiations on the Expulsion of German Nationals from Spain
No. 575 Concerning German Armament Deliveries to Argentina
No. 587 German View of Churchill-Stalin Conference
No. 588 Churchill-Stalin Conference
No. 589 Further Report on Churchill-Stalin Conference
No. 591 Conference Between the Pope and Prime Minister Churchill
No. 592 German Procurement of Material from Northern Italy
No. 593 [German Ambassador to Fascist Italy] Rahn's Proposed Radio Address on the forthcoming trials of Dentz and Esteva in France
No. 594 German Plans to Organize Revolutionary Action in France [October 1944]
No. 595 German Views of Conditions in France
No. 596 German Plans to Evacuate French Civilians to Switzerland
No. 598 Swedish-German Discussion of Economic Measures
No. 600 German comment on Soviet-Finnish Relations
No. 604 Conversation Between [German Minister to Switzerland] Koecher and Pilez-Golaz [Swiss Foreign Minister] [November 1944]
Box Number 441Top
No. 608 Cabinet Crisis in Japan [January 1945]
No. 611 German-Spanish Trade Negotiations via Sweden [December 1944]
No. 621 Japanese Cabinet Crisis: Changes in Japanese Political Setup
No. 626 German Comment on Goering's Position in Germany {January 1945]
No. 627 [Mayor of Leipzig] Goerdeler Tortured by the Nazis [re. 20 July 1994 plot]
No. 628 Radium Smuggling from Switzerland
No. 630 German Comment on Von Schulenburg's [former German Ambassador to Russia] Execution
No. 641 Japanese Comment on Soviet-German Policy
No. 642 Confiscation of Platinum and Jewelry in Java [including German residents]
No. 659 German Estimate of Japanese Political Situation [December 1944]
No. 661 Japanese Internal Economic Situation
No. 665 Court Martial of General Von Hanneken [C-I-C German Armed Forces in Denmark]
No. 670 Proposed Anti-Russian Uprising in Rumania [February 1945]
No. 679 German Estimate of the Far Eastern Military Situation {January 1945]
No. 681 Anti-German Leaflet Circulated by Ustashi [November 1944]
No. 682 Crisis Among Serb Nationals
No. 683 German-Planned Military Project in Serbia [November 1944]
No. 684 Population Transfers in Connection with Croatian Border Adjustments
No. 685 Safe Passage Guarantee for Chetnik Troops
No. 687 German Estimate of Yugoslav Units
No. 688 Mobilization of National Forces Against Partisans in Serbia
No. 689 German-Chetnik Collaboration
No. 690 German Use of Serbian Labor
No. 691 Military Movements in Serbia
No. 692 Possible Croat Peace Negotiations
No. 693 Zagreb Station Incident [re: Ustashi]
No. 694 Maltreatment of German Army Personnel in Croatia [by Ustashi]
No. 695 Internal Strife in Croatia [December 1944]
No. 696 Problems of Identification of Murdered German Collaborators [in Croatia]
No. 697 Punitive Measures Executed in Yugoslavia [January 1945]
No. 704 German Report on Negotiations with Tito
No. 705 German Observations on Tito and the British [December 1944]
No. 708 Montenegrin Internal Affairs [December 1944]
No. 709 Albanian Collaboration in German Evacuation Measures
No. 710 German Protective Rights for Albanian Collaborators
No. 711 Mobilization of Albanian Communists
No. 713 Formation of Guerrilla Bans in Liberated Areas
No. 714 Excesses of German Troops in Slovakia [December 1944]
No. 715 Internal Affairs in Slovakia following the August-September Putsch
No. 716 Punitive Measures Resulting from the Slovakian Putsch
No. 717 German Military Moves Affecting Czechoslovakia
No. 718 German Intervention in Slovakian Government Machinery
No. 719 German Proposals for Reorganization of the Czechoslovakian Government
No. 720 German Evacuation Measures for Slovakia
No. 721 German Requested Punitive Measures for Putschist-Leader
No. 724 Hungarian Severance of Diplomatic Relations with Sweden [December 1944]
No. 725 Hungarian Cabinet Crisis [December 1944]
No. 727 Description of Chaotic Conditions during the Siege of Budapest [reported that the Secretary of the [Swedish] Legation, Wallenberg, placed himself under the protection of the Germans Waffen SS. This may be due to certain actions of the Hungarian police and/or Arrow Cross members.]
No. 728 Hungarian Appeal for German Support
No. 729 Conditions in Budapest Prior to its Fall [December 1944]
No. 730 Effect of Hitler's January Speech on Hungarian Quislings [January 1945]
No. 731 German Discussion of Hungarian Ideologies
No. 732 Hungarian Internal Affairs
No. 733 Conscripted Jewish Labor from Hungary [December 1944; "Obersturmbannfuhrer Eichmann had been ordered back to Berlin. The remainder of the command would round up still available Jewish labor service men and then cease its activities. The problem of moving Jews, able to work, out of Budapest had thus been arranged. Latest available statistics showed that conscription of the province during the summer of 1944 had amounted to 440,000 people….Remaining in the Ghetto in Budapest were a total of 100,000 Jews almost exclusively old men, women, and children."]
No. 734 Rippentrop's Answer to Hungarian Criticism of Hitler's New York Speech
No. 735 Background Material to the Greek Internal Crisis
No. 740 German Plan to Kidnap King Simeon of Bulgaria [December 1944]
No. 741 Bulgarian National Government's Activities
No. 742 Formation of Bulgarian SS Legion
No. 745 German Report on Prisoners of War
No. 746 Internal Political Situation in Fascist Italy [December 1944]
No. 747 Collaboration of the Clergy in North Italy [December 1944]
No. 748 Rahn's Proposals for the Improvement of German-Italian Relations [Dec. 1944]
No. 749 Rahn's Disapproval of German Plan to Buy Trucks in Italy
No. 750 German Supplies from North Italy
No. 752 Fascist Resistance Movement in Allied Occupied Italy [January 1945]
No. 753 Labor Enlistment of Interned Italian Officers
No. 754 Rahn's View of a Germanization Policy in North Italy
No. 758 Press Discussion of Resistance Movement in Liberated Countries
No. 759 Discussion of Churchill's Role in the Greek Crisis
No. 763 German-Portuguese Transaction in Swiss Francs [November 1944]
No. 766 Television Apparatus aboard American Plane
No. 767 Discussion of Portuguese Air Bases: Internal Governmental Affairs [Jan.1945]
No. 768 Internal Political unrest in Portugal [January 1945]
No. 770 Portuguese Economic Negotiations
No. 771 Evacuation of Nazi Leaders and Foreign Office Staffs [March 1945; note that "Burning of the archives was proceeding on a large scale and instructions to this effect had been given to every government office in case enemy occupation became imminent."]
No. 772 Continuation of Danish Supplies for Germany
No. 776 Japanese Incendiary Balloons [February 1945]
No. 777 Ribbentrop's Order to Foreign Office Personnel [February 1945]
No. 778 Fascist Women Representatives to Work Under Red Cross Cover
No. 779 Discussion of De Gaulle's Moscow Conferences
No. 780 [British Ambassador] Lord Templewood and Spanish Politics [January 1945]
No. 781 German Report of Spanish-American Conversations on Spain's Republican Activities
No. 782 Allied Attempts to interfere with German Lufthansa Service to Spain [Jan.1945]
No. 783 Further Information on Supplying German-Held Atlantic Bases from Spain
No. 786 German-Spanish Trade Negotiations of Edgar Horn [German Air Attache]
No. 787 Allied Moves Against German Economic Status in Spain [December 1944]
No. 788 Purchase by Spain of Controlling Interest in National Telephone Company
No. 790 German Account of British Objections of German-Spanish Trade
No. 792 German Discussion of Allied Pressure in Spain
No. 800 Discussion of German Transit Problems Though Switzerland [December 1944]
No. 802 German Negotiations with the Swiss National Bank [December 1944]
No. 803 Burckhardt's Opinion on Possibility of a British-German Agreement
No. 804 Swiss-German Rocket Negotiations
No. 806 German Measures to Protect French Collaborators in Germany
No. 807 Some Evidence of Darnard's Defection as Regards the Nazis
No. 808 Notes on Marshal Petain's Custody at Sigmaringen [January 1945]
No. 809 German Intention to Invade Ireland [December 1944]
No. 812 Flemish Quisling Groups
No. 815 Sabotage in Denmark [Dec. 1944-January 1945; reprisals options mentioned]
No. 819 German Cache of Horthy's Personal Papers [January 1945]
No. 820 Visits of Norwegian Government Members to Sweden [December 1944]
No. 821 German Attempts to Establish Nazi Press [December 1944; in Sweden]
No. 822 Possible Breaking Off of Swedish-German Traffic [January 1945]
No. 824 The De Gaulle-Stalin Conference
No. 825 German Comment on Allied Relations [December 1944]
No. 826 German Comments on British-American Military Cooperation
No. 827 The Churchill-De Gaulle Conference
No. 828 German Report on Situation in Greece from Sweden [January 1945]
No. 830 The New Orientation of American Foreign Policy [January 1945]
No. 832 German Relations with Rumanian Charge D'Affaires in Stockholm [Jan. 1945]
No. 834 New Laws Governing Food Distribution in Fascist Italy [January 1945]
No. 835 Organization of Labor in Fascist Italy
No. 841 German View of American-Russian Relations [January 1945]
No. 842 Bomb Attack on German Property in Stockholm
No. 843 Proposed German Measures to Prevent Sabotage to Danish Shipping
No. 845 German Comment on Hopkins' Visit to the Vatican [February 1945]
No. 846 Proposed German Measures in Denmark
No. 847 Spanish Banks cooperating with the Allies
No. 848 German Report from Spain on France
No. 849 Internal Affairs in France
No. 851 German-Spanish Blockade-Running Negotiations
No. 852 Impressions of Paris [February 1945]
No. 855 German View of Yalta Conference
No. 859 Further Discussions on Air Traffic Between Germany and Spain
No. 860 Spanish Envoy's Appeal for Aid for Hungarian Civilians {February 1945]
No. 861 Further German Remarks on the Proposed Rumanian Uprising
No. 862 Internal Conditions in Rumania
No. 863 Final Stages of Battle for Budapest
No. 864 German Collaboration in Projected Rumanian Putsch
No. 866 Conscription in Slovakia [February 1945]
No. 868 German Description of Conditions in Hungary under Russian Occupation [February 1945]
No. 869 Internal Conditions in Hungary [February 1945]
No. 870 German Conversation on Croat Affairs with the Croatian Leader[Pavelic] [February 1945; Ustahi]
No. 874 Nedic Crisis [February 1945, Serbs]
No. 876 Internal Conditions in Yugoslavia {February 1945]
No. 877 German Evaluation of the Greek Scene [January 1945]
No. 879 German Account of Intercepted Russian Telephone Conversation
No. 880 German Information Concerning Allied Military Affairs [February 1945]
No. 881 Clearing Transaction in Connection with German-Swiss Economic Negotiations
No. 882 Information Concerning Swiss-German Clearing Agreement [February 1945]
No. 883 Swiss-German Negotiations [February 1945]
No. 884 German Supply of Coal to Switzerland [February 1945]
Nos. 885-886 German-Swiss Economic Relations [February 1945]
No. 887 Collaborating Albanians Refugees Enroute to Germany [February 1945]
No. 888 Disagreements Among German Administrators in Northern Italy [January 1945]
No. 895 German Estimate of the Military Situation in the Far East
No. 898 German Estimate of the Military Situation in the Far East [February 1945]
No. 905 German Account of Decisions Reached at Yalta Conference
No. 915 Possible Swiss Mobilization Measures [February 1945]
No. 916 German Discussion of Swiss Foreign Relations [February 1945]
No. 918 Further German-Swiss Economic Negotiations [February 1945]
No. 919 German Default on Swiss Coal Agreement
No. 921 German Discussion Concerning Swiss Economic Negotiations
No. 922 Swiss Position on Transit of German Goods Through Switzerland [Feb. 1945]
No. 923 German-Swiss Clearing Negotiations [February 1945]
No. 924 Swiss-German Economic Relations [February 1945; includes comments by Walter Stucki, Head of the Foreign Affairs Division of the Swiss Federal Political Department about his negotiations with the Allies.]
No. 925 Information on Situation in Rumania
No. 926 Anti-Russian Activities in Rumania [March 1945]
No. 927 Further Information on the Rumanian Situation {March 1945]
No. 928 German Comment on Stirby Appointment [March 1945, Rumania]
No. 929 German Estimate of Hungarian Political Situation [February 1945] [5 pp.]
No. 930 Conference of Hungarian Quisling Leaders [February 1945]
No. 931 Hungarian-Croatian Relations [March 1945]
No. 932 Meeting of Szalasi Privy Council [Hungary]
No. 933 German Description of Internal Conditions [March 1945}
No. 934 Formation of Croatian Honor Guard Corps [February 1945]
No. 936 German Report on Chetnik Cooperation [February 1945]
No. 937 Failure of Germany to Make Promised Food Deliveries to Croatia
No. 938 Chetnik Operations in Bosnia [February 1945]
No. 939 Concerning Serbian Emigrants
No. 940 Condition of Serbians Entering Austria [February 1945]
No. 941 Serbian Forces in the Istrian Area
No. 942 Necessity for Continued German-Croat Collaboration [February 1945]
No. 943 Rumored Tito Order for Elimination of Mihailovic [February 1945]
No. 944 Americans with Draja Mihailovic
No. 945 Sabotage in the Serbian Theater
No. 946 German Support for Chetnik Campaign in Serbian Theater {February 1945]
No. 947 Ustashi Terror Against Montenegrin Fugitives
No. 948 Revolt in Serbia {February 1945]
No. 949 Description of Internal Affairs in Yugoslavia
No. 950 Information Concerning Patriarch Gavrilo
No. 951 German Relations with the Former Bulgarian Embassy in Zagreb
No. 955 Neubacher's Proposed Visit to the Coastal Area [Yugoslavia]
No. 956 Armed Serbians in Fiume and Istria {March 1945]
No. 957 Movements of Draja Mihailovic
No. 958 Possibilities of Albanian-Croatian Cooperation {March 1945]
Box Number 442 Top
No. 959 Serbian Forces in the Coastal Area
No. 960 German Plans for the Evacuation of German Refugees to Denmark
No. 961 Discussion Regarding Housing Facilities for Refugees in Denmark
No. 962 Dr. Best's Comments on the Housing of German Refugees in Denmark
No. 963 Trial of Norwegian Saboteurs [February 1945]
No. 964 Proposal for Germanic Internment Camp [Denmark]
No. 965 Condition of Danish Police Interned in Neuegamme Camp [February 1945]
No. 966 Official Pressure on Dr. Best [Denmark, SS]
No. 967 Danish Food Exports to Germany
No. 969 German Discussion of Yalta Conference Results
No. 971 Increased Salaries for Portuguese Officers and Officials
No. 972 Spanish Repudiation of German-Spanish Air Traffic Agreement
No. 973 Dornier Negotiations with Spanish Government
No. 974 German View of Spanish-Portuguese Relations
No. 975 German Information on Yalta Conference Discussions
No. 977 German Comment on the Swedish Purchase of American Fighter Planes
No. 978 Proposed Swedish Protest Against Allied Flights Over Sweden [February 1945]
No. 980 Negotiations Involving German Funds in Croatia [February 1945]
No. 981 Vatican Attitude Toward the Soviet Union [February 1945]
No. 982 German Report of Conditions in the Netherlands [February 1945]
No. 983 Opinions of a French Industrialist
No. 984 Effects of Suspension of German-Italian Traffic Through Switzerland
No. 985 German-Slovakian Economic Discussions [February 1945]
No. 986 German Attitude Toward Alleged British Policy on Disagreement at Yalta
No. 987 Swiss Regulations Governing Transit of War Material [August 1943]
No. 988 German-Swiss Supply Negotiations [September 1943]
No. 989 Swiss Reaction to Allied Intervention in Economic Affairs [October 1943]
No. 990 German Shipments from Italy Through Switzerland [November 1943]
No. 991 Swiss Report of Quebec Conference [August 1943]
No. 992 German Comment on British and American Attitude Toward Russia [Sept. 1943]
No. 994 German Report of Allied Differences [October 1943]
No. 998 German Report of Differing British and American Policies [March 1944]
No. 1001 Inquiries on Treatment of British Prisoners of War [December 1943]
No. 1003 Swiss Reaction to German Newspaper Article [December 1943]
No. 1004 German Account of Bulgarian Views [March 1944]
No. 1005 Reactions of Hungarian Legation in Bern to New Hungarian Government [April 1944]
No. 1006 German-Spanish Grain Negotiations [September 1943]
No. 1007 German-Spanish Wolfram Negotiations [November 1943]
No. 1008 German Report on Wolfram Shipments in 1943
No. 1009 German Shipments from Argentina via Spain [July 1943]
No. 1010 German Negotiations Concerning Illegal Transit of Portuguese Goods Through Spain {December 1943]
No. 1011 German Report of Progress of Spanish-Allied Air Negotiations [September 1943]
No. 1012 German Information on the Portuguese Situation [September 1943]
No. 1013 German Negotiations to Offset Allied Sanctions in Spain [February 1944]
No. 1014 Portuguese-Spanish Economic Discussions [March 1944]
No. 1015 German Attempts to Forestall Payment of Spanish War Debts to the Badoglio Government [September 1943]
No. 1016 Spanish-German Negotiations on Liquidations of War claims [March 1944]
No. 1017 Alleged British Violation of Spanish Neutrality [September 1943]
No. 1018 German-Spanish Negotiations Regarding Submarines in Spanish Waters [October 1943]
No. 1019 Negotiations with Regard to Disposal of Italian Ships in Spanish Waters
No. 1020 Condition of Italian Ships in Spanish Ports [January 1944]
No. 1021 Franco's Reactions to Allied Pressure [September 1943]
No. 1022 German Request for Spanish Recognition of Mussolini [September 1943]
No. 1023 German Proposal Regarding Representative of Mussolini in Spain [October 1943]
No. 1027 Spanish Report of Allied Plans Following Moscow Conference [November 1943]
No. 1029 Results of Teheran and Cairo Conferences [December 1943]
No. 1031 Reported Allied Plans for Invasion of Spain [March 1944]
No. 1032 Activities of Hungarian Minister to Spain [September 1943]
No. 1033 German Report of Turkish Intentions [November 1943]
No. 1034 German Negotiations with Monaco for Expulsion of Allied Nationals [Dec. 1943]
No. 1035 German Report on Italian Situation [September 1943]
No. 1036 German-Portuguese Wolfram Negotiations [October 1943, 4 pp.]
No. 1037 Views of [Portuguese] Prime Minister Salazar [August 1943]
No. 1038 German Interest in Settlement of Timor Question [September 1943]
No. 1039 German Report of Portuguese Intentions [October 1943]
No. 1040 Possible Hungarian Negotiations with Allies [September 1943]
No. 1041 German Estimate of Allied Intentions [September 1943]
No. 1042 Allied Attitude Toward Russia [September 1943]
No. 1043 Brazilian Report of Russian Intentions {September 1943]
No. 1045 German Report of British and American Reactions to Moscow Conference [November 1943]
No. 1046 Further Results of the Moscow Conference [November 1943]
No. 1047 Predictions at to Impending Big Three Conference [December 1943]
No. 1048 Alleged Plans to Bring about Immediate German Surrender [December 1943]
No. 1049 German Report on Activities of General Lelong {December 1943]
No. 1051 German-Italian Supply Negotiations [August 1943, 5 pp.]
No. 1052 German Order on Treatment of Italian Soldiers [September 1943]
No. 1053 German Order for Conscription of Italian Men [September 1943]
No. 1054 German Proposals Regarding Supply Situation in Rome [March 1944]
No. 1055 German Report of Badoglio Defection [September 1943]
No. 1056 Italian-Croatian Territorial Disputes [November 1943]
No. 1057 Fascist Youth Organization [December 1943, Italy]
No. 1058 Dissatisfaction of Mussolini with German Control of Italy [March 1944, 5 pp.]
No. 1059 German Proposal to Appoint Mussolini Representative in Spain [October 1943]
No. 1060 Rumored Hungarian and Rumanian Peace Feelers [November 1943]
No. 1061 German Negotiations Regarding the former King of Afghanistan [Dec. 1943]
No. 1062 German Suggestions Regarding French Tankers in the West Indies [March 1943]
No. 1063 Opinions of Nitti on Italian Situation [August 1943]
No. 1064 German Order for Confiscation of French Household Furnishings [Sept. 1943]
No. 1065 Discovery of Plan to Assassinate Laval [September 1943]
No. 1066 Reorganization of the OFI [French Office of Information][September 1943]
No. 1067 Conflict of Petain and Laval Regarding Changes in Vichy Government [October 1943]
No. 1068 Resignation of Members of French Legation in Bern [December 1943]
No. 1069 French Report of American Views on Relations with Russia [January 1944]
No. 1070 Spanish Action Regarding Closing of Pyrenees Frontier [February 1944]
No. 1071 German Comments on Situation in France [March 1944, 5 pp.]
No. 1072 Projected Reprisals for Trials in Algiers [March 1944]
No. 1073 German Justification of Policy in Denmark [September 1943]
No. 1074 German Estimate of Danish Exports to Germany [October 1943]
No. 1075 German Plan to Increase Danish Labor Contributions [November 1943]
No. 1076 Irish-German Negotiations Regarding Internment Practices [Nov. 1943, 5pp.]
No. 1077 German-Irish Negotiations Regarding German Transmitter in Eire [December 1943, 6 pp.]
No. 1079 Disposition of Fascist Militia in Greece [September 1943]
No. 1080 Financial Conditions in Greece [December 1943]
No. 1081 German Report on Strength of Resistance Groups in Greece [December 1943]
No. 1082 German Reprisals in the Peloponnesus [December 1943]
No. 1083 Hungarian Attitude Toward Allies [September 1943]
No. 1084 Hungarian Military Plans [February 1944]
No. 1085 Imredy's Proposals for Changes in Hungarian Government [March 1944]
No. 1086 Increased Tension Between German and Hungarian Troops [March 1944]
No. 1087 German Communications Difficulties in Hungary [March 1944]
No. 1088 German Investigation of the Efficacy of the Blockade of Sweden [Nov. 1943]
No. 1089 German-Swedish Trade Negotiations [December 1943, 6 pp.]
No. 1094 German Information on Norwegian Reactions to Russian Landing in Northern Norway [July 1943]
No. 1096 German Estimate of Finnish-American Attitudes Regarding Separate Peace for Finland [August 1943]
No. 1099 German Information Obtained from Finnish Official in Stockholm [October 1943]
No. 1100 German Speculation on Probable Allied Action in the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean [November 1943]
No. 1102 Swedish Proposal of Author for Pro-German Book [November 1943]
No. 1104 German Impressions of Hungarian Major Voczkondy [military attaché to Stockholm][February 1944]
No. 1106 Impressions of Allied Attitudes Toward the War [March 1944]
No. 1107 German Comment on Statements of a Rumanian Diplomat in Stockholm [March 1944]
No. 1108 Swedish Mobilization Measures {March 1944]
No. 1109 German Discussions Concerning Rumanian Oil Transport Facilities [July 1943]
No. 1110 Further Discussions on Rumanian Oil [October 1943]
No. 1114 Rumanian Grain Exports to Spain [October 1943]
No. 1115 Further Information on Rumanian Trade with Spain [March 1943]
No. 1116 German Negotiations with the Rumanians [December 1943]
No. 1117 Financing of the German Wehrmacht in Rumania [March 1944]
No. 1119 Increased Mobilization in Rumania [March 1944]
No. 1120 The Chastelain Case [Rumania, December 1943-March 1944, 7 pp.]
No. 1121 The Benzburg and Theresienstadt Concentration Camps [mention of Eichmann, September 1943]
No. 1122 Illegal Entry of Jews into Switzerland [December 1943]
No. 1123 Probable Rumanian Peace Moves [November 1943]
No. 1124 Stirby [Hungary, March 1944]
No. 1125 German Report of Troop Excesses [German troops in Rumania, March 1944]
No. 1126 Rumanian Public Opinion on the Air [April 1944]
No. 1127 Discussion on Progress of the War in Rumania [April 1944]
No. 1128 Notes on Mihailovic's Collaboration with the Germans [April 1944]
No. 1129 Hungarian Occupation of Rumanian Territory [April 1944]
No. 1130 German Policy with Regard to Slovak Troops [June 1943]
No. 1131 German Plans for Establishing a Collaborationist Regime in Albania [Sept. 1943]
No. 1132 Proposed Federation of Serbia and Montenegro [November 1943]
No. 1133 Coal Situation in Serbia [November 1943]
No. 1134 Albanian Collaborationist Forces [February 1944]
No. 1135 Alleged Mismanagement of Resettlement of German Minority in Croatia [March 1944]
No. 1136 Situation of German and Collaborationist Forces in Croatia [April 1944]
No. 1137 Proposals for Strengthening Rumanian Collaboration with Germany [April 1944]
No. 1138 German Protest Against German Methods [March 1944]
No. 1140 Proposed Amnesty to Partisan and Chetnik Forces [September 1943]
No. 1142 Proposed Food Shipments to Dalmatian Coastal Area [October 1943]
No. 1144 German Estimate of Partisan and Chetnik Aspirations [December 1943]
No. 1145 Alleged British Attempts on [German Special Economic Envoy to the Balkans in Belgrade] Neubacher's Life [March 1944]
No. 1148 American Military Mission to Investigate Tito's Strength [April 1944]
No. 1189 Greek Financial Situation [February 1944]
No. 1150 Procedure in the Event of German Evacuation of Greece [March 1944]
No. 1151 Opinions of Mihai Antonescu [March 1944]
No. 1153 German Difficulties in Transporting Personnel to Tangier [December 1943]
No. 1155 German Attitude Toward Appointment of French Military Attaché in Tangier [December 1943]
No. 1156 Arguments for and against Vichy Interference in Algiers Trials [December 1943]
No. 1158 Morale in Bulgaria due to Deteriorating War Situation [October 1943]
No. 1159 Effect of Enemy Propaganda in Bulgaria [December 1943]
No. 1160 Shishmanov's Foreign Policy [Bulgaria, March 1944]
No. 1163 The Hatz Case [Hungarian, December 1943]
No. 1164 German Conversations with Hungarian Colonel Hatz [December 1943]
No. 1165 German Abwehr Report on Colonel Hatz's Activities [December 1943]
No. 1166 Hungarian-German Collaboration on Hatz Matter [December 1943]
No. 1167 German Foreign Office Interest in Hatz Affair [January 1944]
No. 1168 German Reports on the Hungarian Colonel, Hatz [January 1944]
No. 1169 Further Information on Hatz Negotiations [March 1944]
No. 1170 Information from Turkey on Sevov [February 1944]
No. 1171 Sevov's Activities in Turkey [February 1944]
No. 1172 German Foreign Office Interest in Sevov [March 1944]
No. 1173 Sevov's Report on his Turkish Mission [March 1944]
No. 1174 Further Information on the Stirbey Peace Mission [April 1944]
No. 1175 Establishment of German Organized Observation in Turkey [November 1943]
No. 1176 Italian Legation in Budapest Pro-Badogilio [December 1943]
No. 1177 German Activity in Greece [March 1944]
No. 1178 German-Turkish Chrome Negotiations; Turkish View of War Situation [September 1943]
No. 1179 German Chromium Ore Program in Turkey [December 1943]
No. 1181 German Comment on Turkish Reaction to the Italian Surrender [September 1943]
No. 1182 Rumors of Possible Russian-German Negotiation [September 1943]
No. 1183 Proposed Cession of Dodecanese to Turkey [September 1943]
No. 1184 Miscellaneous German Information from Turkey [September 1943]
No. 1185 German Comment on Turkish-French Relations [October 1943]
No. 1186 German Comment on Turkish Problems [October 1943]
No. 1187 British Documents Obtained by the Germans [November 1943, 4 pp.]
No. 1188 Additional British Documents Obtained by the Germans [November 1943, 3pp.]
No. 1189 German Comment on the Question of Turkish Participation in the War [November 1943]
No. 1190 German Comment on Alleged Statements of American Official in Turkey [December 1943]
No. 1191 German Information on Turkish Foreign Relations [March 1944, 3pp]
No. 1192 Sevov's Statement to the Turkish Press [March 1944]
No. 1194 German-Finnish Discussions Regarding Finnish Foreign Policy [September 1943]
No. 1195 Reactions of Italians in Finland to fall of Mussolini [September 1943]
No. 1197 Finnish Reaction to Oslo University Incident [December 1943]
No. 1199 British Measures to Prevent Smuggling from South America to Spain and Portugal [November 1943]
No. 1200 German Information Regarding British-Turkish Discussions [January 1944]
No. 1201 German Comment on the Death of General Simic [Croatia Commander, August 1944]
No. 1203 German Relations with Argentina {August 1943]
No. 1204 German Speculation Regarding the New Italian Fascist Government [Sept. 1943]
No. 1205 German Attitude Toward Rapprochement with the Soviet Union [August 1943]
No. 1206 Japanese View of Russian Affairs [September 1943; "An anti-semitic movement had set in, in Russia and strong propaganda was pinning the responsibility for the war and resultant suffering on the Jews."]
No. 1208 Japanese Estimate of Russian and Rumanian Morale [November 1943]
No. 1209 Views of the Japanese Foreign Minister [February 1944]
No. 1212 Turkish Reply to Allied Military Demands [October 1943]
No. 1214 German Rumors of Further Turkish Concessions [November 1943]
No. 1215 Effect in Moscow of Allied Demands on Turkey [November 1943]
No. 1217 Rumors Regarding Turkish Entry into War [December 1943]
No. 1218 German Discussion of Soviet-Russian Policies [March 1944]
No. 1219 Soviet Reaction to British-German Negotiations [March 1944]
No. 1221 Reaction to Formation of Provisional Partisan Government in Yugoslavia [December 1943]