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Kansas Statehood, January 29, 1861

Located in the historical records of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate at the Center for Legislative Archives are many documents that illustrate the important role Congress plays in the statehood process. On January 29, 1861 Kansas became the 34th state; 2011 marks its 150th anniversary. Here is a small sampling of the many congressional records that tell the story of Kansas's tumultuous path to statehood.

Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854

Map of Territories of Nebraska and Kansas, 1854

First page of the Topeka Constitution, 1855

Memorial from Citizens of Leavenworth County, Kansas Territory, 1856

First page of the Wyandot Constitution, 1859

HR 23, A Bill for the admission of Kansas into the Union, 1860

Credentials of Kansas's first Senators, April 5, 1861

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