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Louisiana Statehood, 1812

Among the historical records of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate at the Center for Legislative Archives are many documents that illustrate the important role Congress plays in the creation of states. For Louisiana the road to statehood was relatively short; it became a state less than 10 years after being acquired from the French Government under provisions of the Louisiana Purchase. Louisiana became a state in 1812—here is a selection of congressional records that document Louisiana's journey to become the 18th state in the Union.

A Convention between the United States of America and the French Republic, April 20, 1803

Governor William C. C. Claiborne's Address to the Citizens of Louisiana, December 20, 1803

President Thomas Jefferson's message to Congress regarding the Louisiana Purchase, January 16, 1804

President Thomas Jefferson's nomination of William C.C. Claiborne to be the Governor of the Territory of Orleans, November 30, 1804

Credentials of territorial delegate Julien de Lallande Poydras, March 15, 1809

The Constitution of the State of Louisiana, January 22, 1812

H.R. 88, An act for the admission of the State of Louisiana into the Union, as passed by the House on March 20, 1812

Joint Credentials for the State of Louisiana's First Senators, September 3, 1812

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