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Public Comments Submitted by Robert Hammond on February 25, 2021 - Agency FOIA Request Portals &

From: Robert Hammond 
To: FOIA Advisory Committee
Subject: March 3, 2021 Advisory Counsel Meeting. Follow-up on PUBLIC COMMENT, FOIA ADVISORY COUNSEL MEETING 12/10/2020. Agency FOIA Request Portals &
Date: Thurs, February 25, 2021 at 2:26 PM (ET)

Dear FOIA Advisory Committee,

For the March 3, 2021 meeting, I am seeking an update on items I and III below.

Pleases carry these forward and provide any update as to action that may have been taken or is contemplated. In addition to any plans applicable to the six recommended changes to (overseen by EPA), I would like to the 2018-2020 recommendation #12 carried forward and updated with my specific suggestions.

Also ,has there been any Congressional Action on your 2018-2020 recommendation #12

The goal of FOIA is transparency.

Thank you.

Robert Hammond