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Submit Public Comments to the FOIA Advisory Committee

The National Archives and Records Administration established the federal FOIA Advisory Committee in 2014 to foster dialog between the Administration and the requester community, solicit public comments, and develop consensus recommendations for improving FOIA administration and proactive disclosures.

The current term (2022-2024) of the FOIA Advisory Committee established the following subcommittees at their September 14, 2022 meeting: Implementation Subcommittee, Modernization Subcommittee, and Resources Subcommittee.

The 2020-2022 term of the FOIA Advisory Committee created the following subcommittees: Classification Subcommittee, Legislation Subcommittee, Process Subcommittee, Technology Subcommittee which sought feedback on the following topics: Classification issues (e.g., Glomar/can neither confirm nor deny); Legislation (e.g., FOIA fees/funding of FOIA programs); the FOIA Process (e.g, first-party requests);, and Technology (e.g., agency FOIA websites/metadata).

You may submit your comments on these topics via our Public Comments Submission Form

Oral comments presented to the  FOIA Advisory Committee (Committee) are available in the meeting transcripts posted to the Committee's Past Meetings page and in the videos of the Committee meetings posted to the National Archives and Records Administration's YouTube Channel.

Written comments submitted are available on the Committee's Public Comments Submitted to the FOIA Advisory Committee page.

Before submitting public comments, please read our Posting Policy for Public Comments.