Office of Government Information Services (OGIS)

Legislation Subcommittee


Kel McClanahan, National Security Counselors and Patricia Weth, National Labor Relations Board

Mission Statement

The Legislation Subcommittee’s mission is to focus on aspects of FOIA and government transparency that are most appropriate for action by Congress, whether through statutory changes, appropriations, or oversight. Those aspects include, but are not limited to, avenues for potential improvements in:

  1. the transparency regimes of portions of the legislative and judicial branches;
  2. the design and authority of OGIS;
  3. the funding for and resource allocation of agency FOIA programs; and
  4. the assessment of fees for FOIA services.

Due to the Subcommittee's greater focus on the form of solutions rather than any specific subject matter, the scope of matters reviewed by the Legislative Subcommittee will by necessity overlap with the areas of interest of other subcommittees. As a result, the Subcommittee will collaborate with other subcommittees of the 2020-22 FOIA Advisory Committee on these matters. The end goal of any Subcommittee inquiry is anticipated to be the proposal of specific legislative action (or inaction).

Legislation Subcommittee Report for the FOIA Advisory Committee 2020-2022 Term

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