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Public Comments Submitted to the FOIA Advisory Committee

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the Office of Government Information Services (OGIS) encourage your comments and suggestions for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Advisory Committee. For information on how to submit public comments and our policy for posting such comments, please see our Submit Comments and Posting Policy for Public Comments page.

Oral comments presented to the FOIA Advisory Committee (Committee) are available in the meeting transcripts posted on the Committee's Past Meetings page and in the videos of the Committee meetings posted on the National Archives and Records Administration's YouTube Channel. Below is a table of written comments submitted to the FOIA Advisory Committee. Public Comments received during the 2014-2016  FOIA Advisory Committee term are available on that term's Public Comments page.

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Submitter Date Submitted
FOIA Advisory Committee
Document Subject or Title
Hammond, Robert 2022/6/13 2020-2022 NARA FY 22 FOIA Data Stripped from + NARA False FOIA Reporting?
Hammond, Robert 2022/06/09 2020-2022 All Panelist Chat to June 9, 2022 FOIA Advisory Committee Meeting. OGIS & DOJ Funding + Missing Data.
Hammond, Robert 2022/06/06 2020-2022

Sample FOIA Template to Combat Agency Misconduct (PDF attachment)

Campbell, Miranda 2022/06/06 2020-2022 PUBLIC COMMENT RE: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Advisory Committee Mtg. - June 9, 2022 Thursday, June 9, 2022, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM ET.
Hammond, Robert 2022/06/02 2020-2022 Recommendation No. 2022-TS3 (Part 2)
Hammond, Robert 2022/05/19 2020-2022 Posting FOIA Logs. Tech Committee Recommendation #2
Hammond, Robert 2022/05/02 2020-2022 Senate 3.22.2022 FOIA Hearing - DOJ's Lack of Enforcement + Malfeasance + Open the Government Statement for the Record (PDF attachment)
Binder, Michael 2022/04/27 2020-2022 Comments for Classification Subcommittee
Harrington, Kohl 2022/04/27 2020-2022 Reimagining FOIA Public Comments- OGIS 2.0: Reimagining FOIA Oversight
Clark, Drew 2022/04/07 2020-2022 Substantive comments/suggestions re: 7APR22 FOIA Advisory Committee meeting
Harrington, Kohl 2022/04/07 2020-2022 FOIA Advisory Committee Meeting - April 7, 2022

Hammond, Robert

2022/04/05 2020-2022 HOT! Reimagining OGIS. Budget Numbers to not Comport w. NARA Published Budgets!
Hammond, Robert 2022/03/31 2020-2022 Senators Unite to Slam Compliance & POGO Statement for the Record
Hammond, Robert 2022/03/03 2020-2022  DOD Massive False FOIA Reporting. Part 1. Letter to SECDEF, Complaint to DOJ OIG
Quintero-McCall, Ginger 2021/12/13 2020-2022 Public Comment
Hammond, Robert 2021/12/09 2020-2022

Hammond Chat Comments to 12.9.2021 FOIA Advisory Committee Meeting

Harper, Lauren & Claire Harvey 2021/12/09 2020-2022 Comments for the 2020-2022 FOIA Advisory Committee’s Discussion of Glomar Denials
Hammond, Robert 2021/12/03 2020-2022 Failure: FOIA Compliance Oversight & Funding Funding
Hammond, Robert 2021/12/01 2020-2022 DOJ OIP Improper and Unlawful Standard Glomar Responses With Implicit (b)(1) & (b)(7)
Hammond, Robert 2021/11/21 2020-2022 Subpoena Threat and Congressional Demand for OGIS to Release Records. OMB Kills Recommendations
Hammond, Robert 2021/10/12 2020-2022 NARA, Please Fund OGIS!! (Part 1)
Hammond, Robert 2021/10/11 2020-2022

Senator Grassley - DOJ OIP'S  Position Doesn't Pass the "Common Sense Test"

Hammond, Robert 2021/10/04 2020-2022 OGIS Posting Policy for Public Comment
Hammond, Robert 2021/09/15 2020-2022

OGIS Funding and Case Accountability Logs

Rementer, Nicole M.  2021/09/09 2020-2022 Comment for September 9, 2021 FOIA Advisory Committee Meeting
Hanrahan, Richard F. 2021/09/08 2020-2022 Statistics for FOIA Estimated Date of Completion
Hammond, Robert 2021/09/04 2020-2022

Update 20210902. OGIS Mediation and DOD’s change to CFR 32 CFR part 286.4

Hammond, Robert 2021/09/04 2020-2022

Violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act in FOIA Redactions, Simple Solution

Note: These comments were originally submitted on August 25, 2021. A corrected version was submitted on September 4, 2021.

Hammond, Robert 2021/08/28 2020-2022

OGIS & DOJ Web Counters & FOIA Systems. May 12, 2021 FOIA Meeting Comments

Hammond, Robert 2021/08/25 2020-2022

Violations of the ADA in FOIA Redactions, Simple Solution

Hammond, Robert 2021/06/04 2020-2022 DOJ Office of Information Policy Complaince Inquiries
Hammond, Robert 2021/05/30 2020-2022 Moot Appellate Determinations
Hammond, Robert 2021/05/03 2020-2022 Recommended System Change Requests to FOIAonline. Including Simple Solution for "Release to One, Release to All"
Hammond, Robert 2021/05/03 2020-2022 OGIS Mediation and DOD’s change to CFR 32 CFR part 286.4
Hammond, Robert 2021/05/03 2020-2022 Status of 2018 - 2020 Recommendation #19
Hammond, Robert 2021/05/03 2020-2022 Violations of the ADA in FOIA Redactions
Hammond, Robert 2021/03/24 2020-2022 Violations of the ADA in FOIA Redactions
Baron, Jason R. 2021/03/15 2020-2022 Comments for the 2020-2022 FOIA Advisory Committee 
Hammond, Robert  2021/03/03 2020-2022 Status of 2018 - 2020 Recommendation #19
Hammond, Robert  2021/02/25 2020-2022 Status of 2018 - 2020 Recommendation #19
Hammond, Robert 2021/02/25 2020-2022 Agency FOIA Request Portals &
Hammond, Robert 2020/12/08 2020-2022 Agency FOIA Request Portals &
Eddington, Patrick G. 2020/09/15 2020-2022 Cato Institute request for the FOIA Advisory Panel
Baron, Jason R. 2020/09/13 2020-2022 Comments on FOIA Advisory Committee 9/10/20
Harrington, Kohl 2020/09/10 2020-2022 OGIS Point
Howard, Alexander B. 2020/06/04 2018-2020 Comments on draft recommendations on FOIA 
Frye, Linda 2020/06/02 2018-2020 Comments on the Draft Report and Recommendations to the Archivist of the United States
Risenhoover, Paul Maas 2020/05/31 2018-2020 NARA_FRDOC_0001
Winstead, Julie (Jill) 2020/05/28 2018-2020 Public comment re: DRAFT May 19, 2020 'At-a-Glance Recommendations'