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2013-027-Papers of Willis M. Hawkins

Location: Willis M. Hawkins Collection at Huntington Library

(October 1, 2013- September 30, 2014)

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Document Title or Subject [PDF] Document
Creator Appeal Appeal Release Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
NOL Visit and Steering Committee Meeting (February 13-15) 1957/02/18 Lockheed Corporation
2013-027-doc1 2014/09/29
Weekly Activity Report – Weapons Systems 1957/12/11 Lockheed Corporation 2013-027-doc2 2014/09/29
Assessment of Programs for Week Ending December 4. Weekly Assessment Report – Week Ending July 22 1959/12/04 Lockheed Corporation 2013-027-doc3 2014/09/29
Weekly Assessment Report – Week Ending August 26 1960/08/26 Lockheed Corporation 2013-027-doc4 2014/09/29
Weekly Assessment Report – Week Ending January 27, 1961 1961/01/27 Lockheed Corporation 2013-027-doc5 2014/09/29
An Informal Status Report on the Army Research and Development Program 1966/06/24 Philco-Ford Corporation 2013-027-doc6 2014/09/29
Bushmaster 25mm 1974/11/05 United States Army 2013-027-doc7 2014/09/29
Bushmaster Program (Memorandum for the Secretary of the Army) 1975/04/24 United States Army 2013-027-doc8 2014/09/29
Armor Penetration Requirements for Medium Caliber Weapons Systems 1975/07/10 United States Army 2013-027-doc9 2014/09/29
Caliber / Gun for AAH 1975/08/06 United States Army 2013-027-doc10 2014/09/29
Presentation Slides re Bushmaster 1975 United States Army 2013-027-doc11 2014/09/29
[Specifications for Bushmaster] 1975 United States Army 2013-027-doc12 2014/09/29
[Comparison of ZSU-23-4 with Vulcan] no date United States Army 2013-027-doc13 2014/09/29
[Comparison of ZSU-23-4 with Vulcan] 1975 United States Army 2013-027-doc14 2014/09/29
[Bushmaster Full Scale Development Program] 1975 AAI Corporation 2013-027-doc15 2014/09/29


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