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Analyze a Sound Recording

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Meet the sound recording.

Music notes and speech bubbles

  • What do you hear in the sound recording? Circle all that apply.
    Talking Singing Speech Music News report Interview Discussion
  • Is there a title?
  • If so, what does the title tell you about the recording?

Observe its parts.

  • Who do you hear in the sound recording?
  • What is the sound recording about?
  • Write two words that describe this sound recording.

Try to make sense of it.

  • Who do you think made this sound recording?
  • Who do you think was supposed to hear this recording?
  • When is this recording from?
  • What is the main idea of the recording? List two things (words or sounds) from the recording that support the main idea.

Use it as historical evidence.

  • Where do you think you could find out more information about the people or topics from this sound recording?

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