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Analyze a Photograph

Sammy EagleDownload the illustrated PDF version. (PDF)


Meet the photo.


  • What do you see?
  • Is the photo black and white or color?
  • Is there a caption?
  • If so, what does the caption tell you?

Observe its parts.

  • Circle what you see in the photo.
    People Objects Both
  • What are the people doing in the photo?
  • What are the objects used for in the photo?
  • Write two words that describe the photo.

Try to make sense of it.

  • Who do you think took this photo?
  • Where do you think this photo was taken?
  • List something that helps you prove where it was taken.
  • Why do you think the photo was taken?
  • How does this photo compare to modern times?

Use it as historical evidence.

  • Where do you think we could find out more information about the people or objects in the photo?

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