Office of Government Information Services (OGIS)

Public Comments Submitted by b ker on June 25, 2022

the non response to foia requests by the us govt is atrocioius. i note a recent response to a foia request that nih/cdc wanted 76 years to reply to a foia request. no fat cat bureaucracy should be holding back documents for periods like that.

7 days shoudl be the maximum for getting a response from the feds. it is time for open and transparent. the doings of the cdc/nih are evil and sneaky and suspicious and they dont want the us public to find out about how lousy they do their work so they try to hide everythign with almost l00% of closed meetings. also they dont want public comment. 3 minutes is not enough to speak at a meeting when a months work of 3000 empoloyees has gone by. the us public is being completely and totally disrecpected at all levsls of govt and the federal stance influence alot of state, county and local govts to do the same. the federal govt shoudl show an example of being fully compliant with full responses quickly to foia requests. 

actually from what i read and i read alot it seems to be you can never get any answer to a foia request unles syou go to court. the agencies in fact dont want to responsd to any foia request. so it is a lie that the foia system works. it does not work. 

most americans dont have the money to go to court to get tehir foia requests handled so in effect foia is operating completly closed to the us population/citizenry. it is despicable.

it is dispicable that any govt agency is so sneaky and suspicious as foia.

this commetn is for the upblic record plese receipt., b ker