Linked Open Data for Digital Still Image Formats

Digital still images are digitally encoded representations of the tonal and brightness information of a subject into a bitmap. Data from digital cameras and scanning devices record light characteristics as numerical values into a grid or raster of picture elements (pixels). There are two types of raster file digital image categories: Digital still photographs of natural, real-world scenes or subjects produced by digital cameras, and scanned images of textual documents, illustrations, posters, graphics, cartographic records, photographic prints, slides, and negatives.

Image file formats are standardized means of organizing and storing rasterized data that can be used on a computer display or printer.

The significant properties of digital still images are documented in a Digital Still Image Preservation Plan, which can be used as test criteria for tools and processes used in format transformations.

NARA makes its Linked Open Data available in the Resource Description Framework Terse RDF Triple Language, or RDF Turtle (.ttl files). These files can be opened in any text editor. The Digital Preservation Framework as Linked Open Data includes the same elements as are available in the version of the Preservation Plans on GitHub.

These Plans are not exhaustive nor universally applicable proposed actions and recommended or endorsed tools: these represent file formats and variant versions in NARA holdings, the current NARA risk assessment, processing capabilities, and tools in use at NARA.


Format NameDigital Preservation Framework Category/CategoriesNARA Format IDNARA Linked Open Data TTL
Adobe PhotoDeluxeDigital Still ImageNF00104
Adobe PhotoshopDigital Still ImageNF00105
CALS Compressed BitmapDigital Still ImageNF00139
Canon RAW 1.0Digital Still ImageNF00468
Canon RAW 2.0Digital Still ImageNF00469
CCITT T.4 Group 3 compression (Fax image file)Digital Still ImageNF00191
CCITT T.6 Group 4 compression (Fax image file)Digital Still ImageNF00488
Computer Graphics Metafile Binary 1Digital Still ImageNF00145
Computer Graphics Metafile Binary 2Digital Still ImageNF00546
Computer Graphics Metafile Binary 3Digital Still ImageNF00547
Computer Graphics Metafile Binary 4Digital Still ImageNF00548
Computer Graphics Metafile Binary unspecified versionDigital Still ImageNF00783
CorelDraw Wavelet Image FileDigital Still ImageNF00149
Design rule for Camera File system (DCF) Thumbnail FileDigital Still ImageNF00738
Digital Negative Format 1.0Digital Still ImageNF00161
Digital Negative Format 1.1Digital Still ImageNF00480
Digital Negative Format 1.2Digital Still ImageNF00481
Digital Negative Format 1.3Digital Still ImageNF00482
Digital Negative Format 1.4Digital Still ImageNF00483
Digital Negative Format unspecified versionDigital Still ImageNF00763
Enhanced Metafile 1.0Digital Design and Vector Graphics|Digital Still ImageNF00258
Enhanced Metafile 2.0Digital Design and Vector Graphics|Digital Still ImageNF00500
Enhanced Metafile 3.0Digital Design and Vector Graphics|Digital Still ImageNF00501
Enhanced Metafile unspecified versionDigital Design and Vector Graphics|Digital Still ImageNF00768
Exchangeable Image File Format Compressed 2.0Digital Still ImageNF00177
Exchangeable Image File Format Compressed 2.1Digital Still ImageNF00178
Exchangeable Image File Format Compressed 2.2Digital Still ImageNF00179
Exchangeable Image File Format Compressed 2.21Digital Still ImageNF00828
Exchangeable Image File Format Compressed 2.3.xDigital Still ImageNF00829
Exchangeable Image File Format Uncompressed 2.1Digital Still ImageNF00180
Exchangeable Image File Format Uncompressed 2.2Digital Still ImageNF00181
Fractal Image FileDigital Still ImageNF00196
FujiFilm RAWDigital Still ImageNF00470
Geospatial Tagged Image File Format (GeoTIFF)Geospatial|Digital Still ImageNF00201
Graphics Interchange Format 87aDigital Still ImageNF00202
Graphics Interchange Format 89aDigital Still ImageNF00203
Graphics Interchange Format unspecified versionDigital Still ImageNF00652
High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF)Digital Still ImageNF00638
High Efficiency Image File Format with HEVC compression (HEIC)Digital Still ImageNF00639
Icon file formatDigital Still ImageNF00210
JPEG 2000 File FormatDigital Still ImageNF00219
JPEG File Interchange Format 1.00Digital Still ImageNF00220
JPEG File Interchange Format 1.01Digital Still ImageNF00491
JPEG File Interchange Format 1.02Digital Still ImageNF00492
JPEG Raw StreamDigital Still ImageNF00493
JPEG Tiled Image Pyramid (JTIP)Digital Still ImageNF00221
JPEG unspecified versionDigital Still ImageNF00641
JPEG XLDigital Still ImageNF00802
Kodak Photo-EnhancerDigital Still ImageNF00471
Kodak PhotoCDDigital Still ImageNF00224
Kodak RAWDigital Still ImageNF00472
LuraDocument FormatDigital Still Image|Presentation and PublishingNF00728
Macintosh PICT unspecified versionDigital Still ImageNF00786
MacPaint GraphicsDigital Still ImageNF00240
MacPaint ImageDigital Still ImageNF00241
MET MetafileDigital Still ImageNF00248
Meta Raster FormatDigital Still ImageNF00704
Microsoft Document Imaging FormatDigital Still ImageNF00777
Multiresolution Seamless Image Database (MrSID)Digital Still Image|GeospatialNF00813
National Imagery Transmission Format 1.0Digital Still ImageNF00692
National Imagery Transmission Format 1.1Digital Still ImageNF00693
National Imagery Transmission Format 2.0Digital Still ImageNF00694
National Imagery Transmission Format 2.1Digital Still ImageNF00695
National Imagery Transmission Format unspecified versionDigital Still ImageNF00764
Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image (NEF)Digital Still ImageNF00341
Nikon RAW (NRW)Digital Still ImageNF00473
Olympus RAWDigital Still ImageNF00474
OS/2 Bitmap 1.0Digital Still ImageNF00350
OS/2 Bitmap 2.0Digital Still ImageNF00515
OS/2 Bitmap unspecified versionDigital Still ImageNF00765
PaintShop Pro Browser Cache FileDigital Still ImageNF00355
PaintShop Pro Image version 2Digital Still ImageNF00354
PaintShop Pro Image version 3Digital Still ImageNF00516
PaintShop Pro Image version 4Digital Still ImageNF00517
PaintShop Pro Image version 5Digital Still ImageNF00518
PaintShop Pro Image version 6Digital Still ImageNF00519
PaintShop Pro Image version 7Digital Still ImageNF00520
PaintShop Pro Image version 8Digital Still ImageNF00521
PCPaint ImageDigital Still ImageNF00356
Pentax RAWDigital Still ImageNF00475
PiCture eXchange (PCX) version 0Digital Still ImageNF00522
PiCture eXchange (PCX) version 2Digital Still ImageNF00523
PiCture eXchange (PCX) version 3Digital Still ImageNF00524
PiCture eXchange (PCX) version 4Digital Still ImageNF00525
PiCture eXchange (PCX) version 5Digital Still ImageNF00359
Pixel Image FileDigital Still ImageNF00812
Portable Network Graphics 1.0Digital Still ImageNF00381
Portable Network Graphics 1.1Digital Still ImageNF00382
Portable Network Graphics 1.2Digital Still ImageNF00383
Portable Network Graphics unspecified versionDigital Still ImageNF00647
Radiance HDR (RGBE)Digital Still ImageNF00810
Raw BitmapDigital Still ImageNF00395
Scitex CT ImageDigital Still ImageNF00405
Sigma RAWDigital Still ImageNF00476
Sony Alpha RAW 1.xDigital Still ImageNF00809
Sony RAWDigital Still ImageNF00477
Sun Raster ImageDigital Still ImageNF00417
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) 1-6Digital Still ImageNF00419
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) unspecified versionDigital Still ImageNF00762
Tagged Image File Format for Electronic Photography (TIFF/EP)Digital Still ImageNF00420
Tagged Image File Format for Image Technology (TIFF/IT)Digital Still ImageNF00421
Tagged Image File Format for Internet Fax (TIFF-FX)Digital Still ImageNF00422
Truevision TGA 1.0Digital Still ImageNF00428
Truevision TGA 2.0Digital Still ImageNF00530
Windows Animated CursorDigital Still ImageNF00811
Windows Bitmap 1.0 / Windows Device-Dependent BitmapDigital Still ImageNF00441
Windows Bitmap 3.0Digital Still ImageNF00442
Windows Bitmap 3.x NTDigital Still ImageNF00443
Windows Bitmap 4.0Digital Still ImageNF00624
Windows Bitmap 5.0Digital Still ImageNF00625
Windows Bitmap unspecified versionDigital Still ImageNF00661
Windows Cursor image fileDigital Still ImageNF00687
Windows Metafile ImageDigital Still ImageNF00448
WordPerfect Graphics 1.0Digital Still ImageNF00787
WordPerfect Graphics 2.0Digital Still ImageNF00788