Linked Open Data for Email Formats

Email records are messages created or received via an electronic mail system, including brief notes, formal or substantive narrative documents, and any attachments, such as word processing and other electronic documents, which may be transmitted with the message.

The significant properties of email records are documented in an Email Preservation Plan, which can be used as test criteria for tools and processes used in format transformations.

NARA makes its Linked Open Data available in the Resource Description Framework Terse RDF Triple Language, or RDF Turtle (.ttl files). These files can be opened in any text editor. The Digital Preservation Framework as Linked Open Data includes the same elements as are available in the version of the Preservation Plans on GitHub.

These Plans are not exhaustive nor universally applicable proposed actions and recommended or endorsed tools: these represent file formats and variant versions in NARA holdings, the current NARA risk assessment, processing capabilities, and tools in use at NARA.


Format Name File Extension(s) Digital Preservation Framework Category/Categories NARA Format ID NARA Linked Open Data TTL
CC:Mail archive cca Email NF00772
Electronic Mail Format eml Email NF00170
MBOX Email Format mbox Email NF00247
Microsoft Offline Outlook Data File ost Email NF00822
Microsoft Outlook Item msg|oft Email NF00280
Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders ANSI 1997-2002 pst Email NF00282
Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Unicode 2003-2007 pst Email NF00283
Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders unspecified version pst Email NF00657
Signature Block sig Email NF00716
Stationery for Mac OS X doc Email NF00412