Linked Open Data for Digital Video Formats

Digital moving images consist of bitmap digital images or “frames” displayed in rapid succession at a constant rate, giving the appearance of movement. Digital Video is an electronic representation of moving images in the form of encoded digital data. The information is made up of a sequence of data rather than as a continuous signal. Digital video is defined as a video stream that has been created as, or converted into, digital form encoded as numerical samples in continuous sequence.

The significant properties of digital video records are documented in a Digital Video Preservation Plan, which can be used as test criteria for tools and processes used in format transformations.

NARA makes its Linked Open Data available in the Resource Description Framework Terse RDF Triple Language, or RDF Turtle (.ttl files). These files can be opened in any text editor. The Digital Preservation Framework as Linked Open Data includes the same elements as are available in the version of the Preservation Plans on GitHub.

These Plans are not exhaustive nor universally applicable proposed actions and recommended or endorsed tools: these represent file formats and variant versions in NARA holdings, the current NARA risk assessment, processing capabilities, and tools in use at NARA.


Format NameFile Extension(s)Digital Preservation Framework Category/CategoriesNARA Format IDNARA Linked Open Data TTL
Adobe Premiere Pro ProjectprprojDigital VideoNF00818
Advanced Systems Format unspecified versionasfDigital Video|Digital AudioNF00109
Apple Final Cut Pro ProjectfcpDigital VideoNF00819
Apple Video filem4vDigital VideoNF00780
Audio Video Interleave Format (AVI)aviDigital VideoNF00117
Beyond TV Transport StreamtpDigital VideoNF00820
Macromedia Flash 5swfDigital Video|Software and Code|Web RecordsNF00580
Macromedia Flash 6swfDigital Video|Software and Code|Web RecordsNF00242
Macromedia Flash 7swfDigital Video|Software and Code|Web RecordsNF00243
Macromedia Flash projectflaDigital Video|Software and CodeNF00727
Macromedia Flash unspecified versionswfDigital Video|Software and Code|Web RecordsNF00655
Macromedia Flash Videoflv|f4vDigital VideoNF00193
Material Exchange FormatmxfDigital VideoNF00245
MPEG-1 Program Streammpg|mpeg|mp1|mp2|mp3|m1v|m1a|m2a|mpa|mpvDigital VideoNF00336
MPEG-2 Program Streamm2p|mpg|mpegDigital VideoNF00778
MPEG-2 Videompg|mpeg|mpeg2|mpv|mp2t|mp1s|mp2p|x-mpg|x-pn-mpg|x-mpeg|x-mpeg2aDigital VideoNF00337
MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (H.264)mp4|mpaDigital VideoNF00595
MPEG-4 Media Filemp4|mpaDigital VideoNF00339
QuickTime File Format (MOV)movDigital VideoNF00393
RealMediarm|rmfDigital Audio|Digital VideoNF00396
RealMedia metafileramDigital Audio|Digital VideoNF00397
Sonic Scenarist Closed Caption FormatsccDigital VideoNF00709
SubRip Video SubtitlesrtDigital VideoNF00723
Synchronized Accessible Media Interchangesmi|samiDigital VideoNF00689
Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)3gp|3gppDigital VideoNF00101
Video Object FilevobDigital VideoNF00437
Windows Media Video 9 (VC-1)wmvDigital VideoNF00447
Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile (WVC1)wmvDigital VideoNF00627
Windows Media Video unspecified versionwmvDigital VideoNF00766