Linked Open Data for Structured Data Formats

Structured data refers to any data that resides in a fixed field within a record or file. This can include data contained in relational databases, spreadsheets, or marked up text. Structured data may also be plain-text delimited.

The significant properties of structured data are documented in a Structured Data Preservation Plan, which can be used as test criteria for tools and processes used in format transformations.

NARA makes its Linked Open Data available in the Resource Description Framework Terse RDF Triple Language, or RDF Turtle (.ttl files). These files can be opened in any text editor. The Digital Preservation Framework as Linked Open Data includes the same elements as are available in the version of the Preservation Plans on GitHub.

These Plans are not exhaustive nor universally applicable proposed actions and recommended or endorsed tools: these represent file formats and variant versions in NARA holdings, the current NARA risk assessment, processing capabilities, and tools in use at NARA.


Format Name Digital Preservation Framework Category/Categories NARA Format ID NARA Linked Open Data TTL
Comma Separated Values Structured Data NF00143
Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC) Structured Data NF00183
Extensible Forms Description Language (XFDL) Web Records|Software and Code|Structured Data|Textual and Word Processing NF00686
eXtensible Markup Language 1.0 Web Records|Software and Code|Structured Data|Textual and Word Processing NF00187
eXtensible Markup Language 1.1 Web Records|Software and Code|Structured Data|Textual and Word Processing NF00561
eXtensible Markup Language unspecified version Web Records|Software and Code|Structured Data|Textual and Word Processing NF00654
eXtensible Metadata Platform Structured Data NF00189
HLM Multivariate Data Matrix Format Structured Data NF00721
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Structured Data NF00218
Mathematica Computable Document Format Structured Data NF00582
Microsoft Project 2000-2003 Presentation and Publishing|Structured Data NF00682
Microsoft Project 2007 Presentation and Publishing|Structured Data NF00683
Microsoft Project 2010 Presentation and Publishing|Structured Data NF00684
Microsoft Project 4.0 Presentation and Publishing|Structured Data NF00679
Microsoft Project 95 Presentation and Publishing|Structured Data NF00680
Microsoft Project 98 Presentation and Publishing|Structured Data NF00681
OpenProj Project Presentation and Publishing|Structured Data NF00781
Resource Description Framework (RDF) XML Triple Structured Data NF00605
Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) Structured Data NF00410
STATA Data file version 118 Presentation and Publishing|Structured Data NF00696
Structured Data eXchange Format Structured Data NF00415
Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language Structured Data NF00782
Tab Separated Values Structured Data NF00418