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Guide to the Records of the U.S. Senate at the National Archives (Record Group 46)

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Table of Contents: Detailed (with links to standing committee  descriptions)


Introduction General Introduction
Chapter 1 An Introduction to Research in the Records of Congress
  Other Sources
Chapter 2 Records of the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry and Related Committees
  Agriculture (1825-1883)
  Agriculture and Forestry (1883-1976)
  Forest Reservations and the Protection of Game (1896-1921)
  Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry (1977-)
Chapter 3 Records of the Committee on Appropriations
  Appropriations (1867-1968)
Chapter 4 Records of the Committee on Armed Services and its Predecessors
  Military Affairs (1816-1946)
  Militia (1816-57)
  Naval Affairs (1816-1946)
  Coast Defenses (1885-1911)
  Armed Services (1947-68)
Chapter 5 Records of the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
  Banking and Currency (1913-68)
Chapter 6 Records of the Committee on Claims and Other Claims Committees
  Claims (1816-1946)
  Private Land Claims (1826-1921)
  Revolutionary Claims (1832-1921)
Chapter 7 Records of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and Related Committees
  Commerce and Manufactures (1816-25)
  Commerce (1825-1946)
  Manufactures (1825-1946)
  Pacific Railroads (1863-73)
  Railroads (1873-1921)
  Pacific Railroads (Select and Standing (1889-1921)
  Transportation Routes to the Seaboard (1879-1921)
  Mississippi River and Its Tributaries ( 1879-1921)
  Interoceanic Canals (1899-1946)
  Fisheries (1804-1921)
  Industrial Expositions (1899-1921)
  Standards, Weights and Measures (1909-1921)
  Interstate Commerce (1887-1946)
  Interstate and Foreign Commerce (1946-1961)
  Commerce (1961-1968)
  Aeronautical and Space Sciences (1958-1976)
  Commerce, Science, and Transportations (1977-)
Chapter 8 Records of the Committee on the District of Columbia
  District of Columbia (1816-1977)
Chapter 9 Records of the Committee on Finance and Related Records
  Finance (1816-1988)
  Pensions (1816-1946)
Chapter 10 Records on the Committee on Foreign Relations
  Foreign Relations (1817-1968)
  Treaty Files (1789-1968)
Chapter 11 Records of the Committee on Governmental Affairs and Related Committees
  Minor Standing Expenditure Committees (1887-1946)
  Expenditures in Executive Departments (1947-1952)
  Government Operations (1952-2004)
  Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (2005-)
Chapter 12 Records of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs and Predecessor Committees
  Public Lands (1816-1921, 1947-1948)
  Public Lands and Surveys (1921-1946)
  Geological Survey (1899-1921)
  Indian Affairs (1820-1946)
  Indian Depredations (1893-1921)
  Territories (1844-1921)
  Pacific Islands and Puerto Rico (1899-1921)
  The Philippines (1899-1921)
  Territories and Insular Affairs (1921-1946)
  Mines and Mining (1865-1946)
  Irrigation and Reclamation of Arid Lands (1891-1946)
  Conservation of Natural Resources (1909-1921)
  Interior and Insular Affairs (1949-1976)
  Energy and Natural Resources (1977-)
Chapter 13 Records of the Committee on the Judiciary and Related Committees
  Judiciary (1816-1968)
  Revision of Laws (1869-1928)
  Patents (1837-1946)
  Woman Suffrage (Select and Standing) (1881-1921)
  Immigration (1889-1946)
Chapter 14 Records of the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare and Related Committees
  Education (1869-1870)
  Education and Labor (1870-1946)
  Epidemic Diseases (Select and Standing) (1878-1896)
  Public Health and the National Quarantine (1896-1921)
  To Establish a National University (Select and Standing) (1895-1921)
  Labor and Public Welfare (1947-1968)
  Labor and Human Resources (1977-1986)
Chapter 15 Records of the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service and Related Committees
  Post Office and Post Roads (1816-1947)
  Post Office and Civil Service (1947-1976)
  Civil Service and Retrenchment (1873-1921)
  Civil Service (1921-1946)
  Census and Its Predecessors (1878-1921)
Chapter 16 Records of the Committee on Environment and Public Works and Related Committees
  Roads and Canals (1820-1857)
  Public Buildings and Grounds (1838-1946)
  Public Works (1947-1976)
  Environment and Public Works (1977-)
Chapter 17 Records of the Committee on Rules and Administration and Related Committees
  Enrolled Bills (1789-1946)
  Audit and Control of Contingent Expenses of the Senate (1807-1946)
  Printing (1841-1946)
  Library (1849-1946)
  Privileges and Elections (1871-1946)
  Rules (1874-1946)
  Rules and Administration (1947-1986)
Chapter 18 Records of Senate Select Committees
Chapter 19 Records of Joint Committees of Congress (Record Group 128)
Chapter 20 General Records of the U.S. Senate
Chapter 21 Records Relating to Executive Proceedings and Impeachments
Chapter 22 Records of the United States Senate
  A. Majority Leaders
  B. Minority Leaders
  C. Secretaries of the Senate
  D. Select Bibliography
  E. Glossary of Legislative and Archival Terms
  F. Dates of the Sessions of the U.S. Congress, 1789-1988
  G. National Archives Finding Aids to Senate Records
  H. National Archives Microfilm Publications of Senate Records

Bibliographic note: Web version based on Guide to the Records of the United States Senate at the National Archives, 1789-1989: Bicentennial Edition (Doct. No. 100-42). By Robert W. Coren, Mary Rephlo, David Kepley, and Charles South. Washington, DC: National Archives and Records Administration, 1989.

This Web version is updated from time to time to include records processed since 1989.