Ship Plans in the Cartographic Research Room at College Park, MD

The National Archives’ Cartographic Branch holds ship engineering drawings for a majority of vessels commissioned by the United States Navy from 1794 through the Korean War era. These mostly consist of inboard and outboard profiles, deck plans, and sections, although additional general arrangement drawings exist for some ships. 

Most Popular Ship Plans:

RG 19: Ship Design and Construction Drawings (DASH Plans), 1794-1909

RG 19: Alphabetical Series of Ship Engineering Drawings, 1919-1940

Additional Ship Plans may be found in the following Record Groups (RG):

RG 19: Records of the Bureau of Ships

RG 32: U.S. Shipping Board

RG 45: Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library

RG 74: Bureau of Ordnance

RG 80: General Records of the Department of the Navy

RG 106: Smithsonian Institution

RG 344: Naval Ship Systems Command

RG 357: Maritime Administration