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Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders


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Banks, banking
African Development Bank--EO 12403
Bank of England, accounts concerning hostages held in Iran--EO 12277
Central Bank of Algeria, escrow account concerning hostages held in Iran--EO 12276
Export expansion program--EO 11420
Export-Import Bank, credit application denial for nonfinancial or noncommercial considerations--EO 12166
Federal bank supervisory agencies, emergency preparedness functions--EO 12656
Federal Reserve Bank, escrow accounts concerning hostages held in Iran--EO 12276; EO 12277; EO 12278; EO 12279; EO 12280
Haiti, freeze on assets of the Duvalier regime--EO 12588
International monetary and financial policies--EO 11269
Panama, freeze on assets in the U.S. of the government of--EO 12635
Savings deposits, interest rates for military personnel--EO 11298
U.S. banks having transactions involving Iranian funds--EO 12278; EO 12279; EO 12280
Working Group on Financial Markets--EO 12631
Battle Monuments Commission, American
Functions--EO 9704
Mexico City National Cemetery, functions transfer--EO 9873
World War II military cemeteries in Europe and the Philippines, transfer--EO 10057
Beirut Agreement of 1948--EO 11311
Birds, migratory--EO 11629
Blind. See Handicapped
Board. See other part of title.
Acquired on behalf of U.S.--EO 8533
Savings--EO 11981
Bonneville Power Administration--EO 8526--EO 12038
Bonneville Project--EO 8526
Border facilities, permits for construction and operation--EO 11423
Brazil, copyright protection--Proc. 3175
Bronze Star Medal--EO 11046
Budget, Bureau of the. See Management and Budget, Office of
Budget, Federal
Administration and reporting of financial information, regulations--EO 8512
Apportionment of appropriations, transfer of functions--EO 6166
Rescissions, deferrals, etc.--EO 11845
Buildings and facilities, Federal
Border facilities, permits for construction and operation--EO 11423
Energy conservation--EO 11912
Floodplain management--EO 11988
Management--EO 6166; EO 12072; EO 12512
Vending stands, operation by blind persons--EO 11609
Wetlands protection--EO 11990
Work space management reforms--EO 12411
Bureau. See other part of title.
Business and industry
See also Trade
Alien Property Custodian, Office of--EO 9788
Commercial information, predisclosure notification--EO 12600
Communications industry--EO 10530
Contracts. See Government contracts
Enemy country or national, alien property control--EO 9788
Export trade expansion, awards--EO 10978
Labor disputes. See Labor management relations
Minority business enterprise--EO 11518; EO 11625; EO 12432
Small businesses--EO 11518; EO 12190; EO 12432
Textile agreements, implementation of--EO 12475
Women's business enterprise--EO 12138
Buy-American Act--EO 10582