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Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders


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East Executive Avenue, reopening--EO 9776
East-West Foreign Trade Board--EO 11846; EO 12469
East-West Trade Policy, President's Committee on--EO 11846
Ecology. See Environmental protection
Economic Opportunity Council--EO 12045
Economic Policy Advisory Board, President's--EO 12296
Economic zone of the United States, exclusive--Proc. 5030
Economy, national
Defense economic adjustment programs--EO 12049
Iranian hostage situation--EO 12170; EO 12205--EO 12211; EO 12276; EO 12277; EO 12278; EO 12279; EO 12280; EO 12281; EO 12283; EO 12284
Monetary and financial policies--EO 11269
Armed Forces personnel--EO 11079
Audio-visual materials--EO 11311
Black colleges and universities--EO 12320
Exhibits and displays--EO 11440
Federal employee training programs--EO 11348
Historic preservation. See Historic preservation
Housing--EO 11063; EO 11668
International activities--EO 12048
International exchange activities--EO 11034
Midshipmen, U.S. Naval Academy, dismissals--EO 10621
National Defense Executive Reserve program--EO 11179
Presidential Management Intern Program--EO 12364
Presidential scholars--EO 11155
Training Corps, senior reserve officers'--EO 11390
U.S. attorneys and marshals, designation for training--EO 11895
Veterans and dependents, payment of benefits--EO 12020
White House Fellowships--EO 11183
Work-study programs, career-related, students completing appointed to Federal service--EO 12015
Elderly. See Aged
Electric power
Energy Department functions--EO 10485; EO 12038
St. Lawrence River hydroelectric project--EO 10500
Electronic data processing. See Computer technology
Emergency Broadcast System--EO 12127
Emergency declarations, national
Iran--EO 12513
Libya--EO 12543
Nicaragua--EO 12205
Panama--EO 12635
Emergency Management Agency, Federal
Director, delegations of Presidential authority--EO 12148; EO 12241
Functions--EO 12127; EO 12148
Nuclear powerplants, authority to approve emergency plans--EO 12657
Presidential authority, delegation--EO 12580
Emergency Management Council--EO 12148
Emergency preparedness
See also Disaster assistance
Federal agency assignments--EO 10480; EO 12038; EO 12656
Health resources and manpower, administration--EO 12656
Loans--EO 12656
National Defense Executive Reserve--EO 11179
Stockpiles--EO 12656
Telecommunications functions, assignment--EO 12046; EO 12472
Emergency Preparedness, Office of. See General Services Administration; Housing and Urban Development, Department of
Employee benefits. See Retirement
Employee management relations. See Labor management relations
See also Equal employment opportunity
Aged--EO 11141
Aliens--EO 11478
Emergency preparedness--EO 10480
Experts and consultants, appointments under Defense Production Act--EO 10647
Federal. See Government employees
Handicapped persons, rehabilitation--EO 11609; EO 11758
Housing management training program--EO 11668
Prison inmates, non-Federal, in performance of Federal contracts--EO 11755
Taxes. See Taxes
Treaty organizations, security clearance procedures for U.S. citizens--EO 11633
United Nations, security clearance procedures for U.S. citizens--EO 10422
Veterans--EO 11521; EO 11701
Employment of People With Disabilities, President's Committee on--EO 12640
Employment of the Physically Handicapped, President's Committee--EO 10555
Endangered species
See also Animals
Wildlife and wildlife refuges--EO 11629
Enemy property, settlement of intercustodial conflicts--EO 10244
See also specific sources
Conservation--EO 11912; EO 12020
Electric power transmission to foreign countries--EO 10485
Emergency preparedness--EO 12038; EO 12656
Gasohol, use in Federal motor vehicles--EO 12261
Grand Coulee Dam Project and Bonneville Project--EO 8526
International energy program, information classification--EO 11932
Ridesharing program for Federal facilities--EO 12191
Energy, Department of
Department of Energy Organization Act, transfers of functions--EO 12038
Equal employment opportunity--EO 12086
Grand Coulee Dam Project and Bonneville Project, coordination of electrical facilities--EO 8526
Labor management relations--EO 12171
Natural gas supply emergencies, management--EO 12235
Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program--EO 12344
Presidential authority, delegations--EO 8526--EO 10485; EO 12058--EO 12231; EO 12659
Synthetic fuels, functions concerning--EO 12346
Energy Administration, Federal
See also Energy, Department of
Energy policy and conservation functions--EO 11912
Federal Energy Administration Act of 1974, effectuation--EO 11790
Functions transfer to Department of Energy--EO 12038
Energy Office, Federal. See Energy Administration, Federal
Energy Research and Development Administration
See also Atomic Energy Commission
Emergency preparedness functions--EO 12038
Employees in competitive service, reinstatement rights--EO 12026
Functions transfer to Department of Energy--EO 12038
Nuclear energy, restrictions on data--EO 10841; EO 11057
Presidential authority, delegations--EO 10841; EO 11477
Environment, Cabinet Committee on the--EO 11472
Environmental protection
See also Conservation
Emergency management, delegations of authority--EO 12580
Emergency preparedness--EO 12656
Federal buildings and facilities, management--EO 12072
Federal program development, evaluation, and coordination--EO 11472; EO 11514
Floodplain management--EO 11988
Foreign lands, environmental effects of major Federal actions--EO 12114
Government contracts, grants, and loans, enforcement of air and water pollution policies--EO 11738
International agreements--EO 11742
Oil or hazardous substances, discharges--EO 11735
Pollution control standards--EO 12088
Water pollution--EO 11735; EO 11738
Wetlands protection--EO 11990
Environmental Protection Agency
Administrator, delegations of Presidential authority--EO 11735
Air pollution control--EO 11738
Emergency preparedness functions--EO 12656
Equal employment opportunity--EO 12086
Presidential authority, delegation--EO 12580
Seal--EO 11628
Superfund--EO 12580
Water pollution control--EO 11735; EO 11738
Environmental Quality, Citizens' Advisory Committee on--EO 11472
Environmental Quality, Council on
Off-road vehicle use on public lands, program review--EO 11644
Protection and enforcement--EO 11514
Water pollution control functions--EO 11735
Equal employment opportunity
See also Civil rights; Employment
Aged--EO 11141
Aliens--EO 11478
Federal Government--EO 11246; EO 11478; EO 12067; EO 12086; EO 12106; EO 12144
Handicapped--EO 11758
Equal Employment Opportunity, President's Committee on--EO 11246
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, functions--EO 11246; EO 12106; EO 12144
Equal Opportunity in Housing, President's Committee on--EO 11063
European-African-Middle Eastern campaign medal--EO 9265
European Atomic Energy Community, nuclear cooperation--EO 12629
European Communities, Mission to the United States of America of the Commission of the--EO 11689; EO 12651
European Communities, restriction on imports of cheese--EO 11851
Exclusive economic zone of the U.S.--Proc. 5030
Executive Exchange, President's Commission on--EO 12493; EO 12574
Executive Exchange Program--EO 12493
Executive Office of the President
See also Administration, Office of; Intelligence Oversight Board, President's
Establishment of duties and divisions--EO 8248
Executive orders and proclamations, preparation, presentation, filing, and publication--EO 11030
Executive Schedule positions, Levels IV and V--EO 12154
Exhibits, Federal, historic preservation--EO 11440
Export Administration Review Board--EO 12002
Export Council, President's--EO 12131
Export Expansion Advisory Committee--EO 11420
Export-Import Bank of the U.S.
Credit application denial for nonfinancial or noncommercial considerations--EO 12166
Emergency preparedness functions--EO 10480
Export expansion, financing--EO 11420
Presidential authority, delegations--EO 10480
Exports. See Imports and exports
Extradition warrants--EO 11517