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Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders


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CENTO. See Central Treaty Organization
Cabinet Committee on the Environment. See Domestic Council
Columbia River Treaty--EO 11177
Free-trade agreement, implementation
St. Lawrence River hydroelectric project, joint development with U.S.--EO 10500
Canal Zone. See Panama Canal Zone
Canton Island, shipping, service establishment--Proc. 3215
Capital Planning Commission, National--EO 11815
Capital Service Area, National--EO 11815
Caribbean Commission, appointment of alternate U.S. Commissioners--EO 10609
Carpools. See Motor vehicles
Catastrophic Nuclear Accidents, President's Commission on--EO 12658
Cattle, imports--EO 11539
Mexico City, transfer--EO 9873
Permanent, in Republic of Panama--EO 12115
World War II, in Europe and the Philippines, transfer--EO 10057
Central Bank of Algeria--EO 12276
Central Intelligence Agency
Adverse action appeals--EO 11491
Government Employees Training Act--EO 108805
Restricted data, communication--EO 10899
Retirement and disability systems--EO 11950; EO 12023; EO 12197; EO 12253
Seal--EO 10111
Central Treaty Organization--EO 11633
Cheese, imports--EO 11851
Chemical herbicides--EO 11850
Child Abduction, International, Convention on the Civil Aspects of--EO 12648
Child support payments--EO 12105
China, People's Republic of
See also Taiwan
Trade agreement--Proc. 4697
Citizens'. See other part of title.
Civil defense. See Emergency preparedness
Civil Defense Administration, Federal, functions transfers--EO 10222
Civil rights
Aged--EO 11141
Attorney General, transfer of certain functions to--EO 12068
Black colleges and universities--EO 12320
Federal employees, equal employment opportunity--EO 11478; EO 12106
Federally assisted programs--EO 11246; EO 12067; EO 12086; EO 12106; EO 12144; EO 12250
Handicapped--EO 11758
Housing--EO 11063; EO 12259
Minority business enterprise--EO 12432
Women, legal equity--EO 12336
Women's business enterprise--EO 12138
Civil service. See Government employees
Iran, against--EO 12294
U.S., by or against--EO 6166
Classified information. See Security, national
Clean Air Act, administration--EO 11738
Clemency and pardons
Civil law violations, members of the armed forces--Proc. 2676; Proc. 3000
Desertion from the armed forces--Proc. 3001
Selective service violations--Proc. 2762; Proc. 4483; EO 11967
Coast and Geodetic Survey--EO 9590; EO 11023--EO 11160
Coast Guard, U.S.
See also Armed Forces, U.S.
Collisions at sea, prevention--EO 11964
Decorations, medals, awards. See Decorations, medals, awards
Educational assistance--EO 11079
Housing--EO 11645
National Data Buoy Development Project--EO 11564
Oil or hazardous substances, prevention of discharges--EO 11735
Pay and allowances--EO 11157
Presidential authority, delegations--EO 12580; EO 10637
Seal--EO 10707
Coats of arms
Presidential--EO 10860
Vice Presidential--EO 11884
Collisions at Sea, Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing, 1972--EO 11964
Columbia River Treaty--EO 11177
Combined Federal Campaign--EO 12353
Commerce. See Trade
Commerce, Department of
See also Coast and Geodetic Survey Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National
Acting Secretary, designation of certain officers to serve as--EO 11880
Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, establishment--EO 12046
Automatic data processing standards--EO 11717
Cuban trade embargo--Proc. 3447
Emergency preparedness functions--EO 10480; EO 12656
Equal employment opportunity--EO 12086
Export expansion programs--EO 10978
Foreign Commercial Service--EO 12188
Foreign investment in U.S., information collection--EO 11858
Hydroclimatic network program--EO 11564
Import relief and adjustment assistance--EO 11913
Minority business enterprise--EO 11625
National Data Buoy Development Project--EO 11564
National defense contracts--EO 10789
National Oceanographic Data Center--EO 11564
National Oceanographic Instrumentation Center--EO 11564
Ocean Station Vessel Meteorological Program--EO 11564
Patent protection abroad for inventions resulting from government-financed research--EO 9865
Pay and allowances, U.S. Armed Forces--EO 11157
Personnel assigned abroad--EO 12293
Presidential authority, delegations--EO 10480; EO 10499; EO 10661; EO 11023; EO 11034; EO 11687; EO 11879; EO 11912; EO 11958; EO 11961; EO 12002; EO 12058; EO 12163; EO 12188
Radio stations, regulation of construction, operation, and frequency assignments--EO 12046
Satellite communications functions--EO 12046
Solicitor--EO 6166
Telecommunications functions--EO 12046
Textile trade agreements--EO 11651; EO 12475
Trust Territories Upper Air Observation Program--EO 11564
Commercial expendable launch vehicle activities--EO 12465
Commercial information, confidential, predisclosure notification--EO 12600
Commission. See other part of title.
Committee. See other part of title.
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. See Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
Communicable diseases. See Health care
Communication Agency, International. See Information Agency, U.S.
Emergency preparedness functions--EO 12046
Radio stations, construction, operation, and frequency assignment--EO 12046
Restricted data communicated by Central Intelligence Agency--EO 10899
Satellite communications--EO 12046
Telecommunications functions--EO 10530; EO 12046; EO 12472
Communications Commission, Federal, delegation of Presidential authority--EO 10530
Community facilities and services--EO 10296
Computer technology--EO 11717; EO 12146; EO 12504
Confidential information. See Security, national
See also Environmental protection
Birds, migratory--EO 11629
Energy--EO 11912; EO 12020--EO 12191
Fisheries--EO 9634
Off-road vehicles, use on public lands--EO 11644
Petroleum and natural gas--EO 12185
Recreation user fees--EO 11200
Watershed protection and flood prevention--EO 10584
Wetlands protection--EO 11990
Consumer Advisory Council--EO 11583
Consumer Affairs, Office of--EO 11583
Consumer Affairs Council--EO 12160
Consumer Interests, President's Committee on--EO 11566; EO 11583
Consumer Product Information Coordination Center--EO 11566
Contracts, Government. See Government contracts
Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, International, 1974, implementation--EO 12234
Coordination Council for North American Affairs, Taiwan--EO 12143
Copyright protection, international
Brazil--Proc. 3175
India--Proc. 3076
Israel--Proc. 2885
Monaco--Principality of--Proc. 2993
Philippines--Proc. 2819
Singapore--Proc. 5657
Correctional institutions. See Prisons and prisoners
Council. See other part of title.
Counterintelligence. See Security, national
Countertrade, Interagency Group on--EO 12661
Courts, U.S.
District of Alaska--EO 10867
Insular--EO 6166
Military Appeals, seal--EO 10295
See also Banks, banking
Export-Import Bank, application denial for nonfinancial or noncommercial considerations--EO 12166
Iranian transactions prohibitions--EO 12205
Credit Union Administration, National--EO 11580
Crime prevention. See Law enforcement
Crude oil. See Petroleum and petroleum products
Entrants from, assistance availability--EO 12341
Government officials, suspension of entry into U.S.--Proc. 5377
Immigration suspension--Proc. 5517
Trade embargo--Proc. 3447
Cultural and educational exchange, international--EO 11034
Cultural property, protection--EO 12555
Curator of the White House--EO 11145
Foreign--EO 12220
Silver--EO 10289
Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets--EO 11450; EO 12445
Customs Service, U.S.
Collection districts--EO 10289
Duties--EO 10289
Ports of entry--Proc. 4131; EO 10289