Office of the Federal Register (OFR)

Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders


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Fair housing. See Civil rights
Family policymaking criteria--EO 12606
Farmers. See Agriculture and agricultural products
Federal. See other part of title.
Federal Aviation Act of 1958, extension of application--EO 10854
Federal programs, intergovernmental review--EO 12372; EO 12606; EO 12612; EO 12630
Federal-State-local cooperation
Environmental programs--EO 11472
Intergovernmental relations--EO 11690
Law enforcement and crime prevention--EO 11396
Federalism policymaking criteria--EO 12612
Fellowships, White House, President's Commission on--EO 11183
Finance. See Banks, banking
Financial Markets, Working Group on--EO 12631
Firefighters, age limits for appointments--EO 11817
Fish and Wildlife Service, functions relating to Sockeye Salmon fisheries--EO 9892
Coastal, U.S. policy--Proc. 2668
Conservation zones--EO 9634
North Pacific Ocean--EO 11467
Sockeye Salmon conservation, enforcement functions--EO 9892
Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands--Proc. 4726
Fishermen's Protective Fund--EO 11772
Flag, U.S., display
Customs ports of entry--Proc. 4131
Fort McHenry--Proc. 2795
Half-staff on death of officials--Proc. 3044
Marine Corps Memorial, Virginia--Proc. 3418
Washington Monument--Proc. 4064
White House--Proc. 4000
Captured from enemies, preservation and display--EO 9761
Army, U.S.--EO 10670
Navy, U.S.--EO 108812
Presidential--EO 10860
United States--EO 10834
Vice Presidential--EO 11884
Flood control--EO 10584; EO 11592; EO 11988
Flood plains
Management--EO 11988
Public works of improvement, transmittal to Congress of plans and justifications for--EO 10654
Wetlands protection--EO 11990
Florida, John F. Kennedy Space Center, designation--EO 11129
Food. See Agriculture and agricultural products
Food Security Wheat Reserve--EO 12266
Food stamps--EO 12116
Foreign aid
Administration--EO 12163
Arms export controls--EO 11958
Contracts with foreign countries--EO 11223
Food assistance programs--EO 12583
Sub-Saharan Africa, Coordinating Committee for--EO 12599
Foreign Commercial Service--EO 12188
Foreign exchange, U.S. official transactions--EO 10488
Foreign intelligence. See Security, national
Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, President's--EO 12537
Foreign Investment in the U.S., Committee on--EO 11858; EO 12661
Foreign Service
See also State, Department of
Absentee voting--EO 12642
Fees for official services--EO 10307
Foreign Service, Board of Examiners for the--EO 12293
Foreign trade. See Trade
Fort McHenry, display of U.S. flag--Proc. 2795
Freedom, Presidential Medal of--EO 9586
Freely Associated State Affairs, Interagency Group on--EO 12569
Freely Associated States
See also Northern Mariana Islands; Marshall Islands, Republic of; Micronesia, Federated States of; Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
Compact of Free Association, management--EO 12569
Interagency Group on Freely Associated State Affairs--EO 12569
Fuel. See specific fuel
Fund-raising, charitable, within Federal service--EO 12353