Office of the Federal Register (OFR)

Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders


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NATO. See North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Narcotics. See Drugs and drug abuse
Narcotics Intelligence, Office of National--EO 11727
National. See other part of title.
National Contingency Plan for toxic waste removal--EO 11735
Native Americans. See Indians, American
Natural gas
Alaska natural gas transportation system--EO 12142
Conservation--EO 12185
Imports and exports--EO 10485
Supply emergencies--EO 12235
Naturalization, exceptions made on basis of military service--EO 12081; EO 12582
Naval Academy, U.S.--EO 10621
Naval defensive sea and airspace reservations areas--EO 8680; EO 8682
Naval Petroleum Reserve--EO 10525
Navigation. See Maritime activities
Navy, Department of the
See also Armed Forces, U.S.
Academy, foreign eligibility designations--EO 10661
Bands--EO 11390
Collisions at sea, prevention--EO 11964
Decorations, medals, awards. See Decorations, medals, awards
Educational assistance for U.S. Coast Guard personnel, administration--EO 11079
Emergency shore duty--EO 10621
Enlisted men, discharges and enlistments--EO 10621
Flag--EO 108812
Hazardous duty pay--EO 11157
Health care--EO 11160
International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974--EO 12234
Labor-management relations--EO 12171
Marine Corps, U.S.
Memorial, Virginia, display of U.S. flag--Proc. 3418
Seal--EO 10538
Midway Island, civil administration--EO 11048
National defense contracts--EO 10789
National Oceanographic Data Center--EO 11564
National Oceanographic Instrumentation Center--EO 11564
Nuclear Propulsion Program--EO 12344
Ocean Station Vessel Meteorological Program--EO 11564
Presidential authority, delegations--EO 10104; EO 10122; EO 10499; EO 10694; EO 11137; EO 11645; EO 11735
Printing and duplicating services transfer from Office of Administration, Executive Office of the President--EO 12134
Reserve officer promotions--EO 12605
Retirement--EO 10621
Seal--EO 10736
Secretary, order of succession--EO 12514
Trust Territories Upper Air Observation Program--EO 11564
U.S. Naval Academy, dismissals of midshipmen--EO 10621
Vessels--EO 10621; EO 11765
Women officers, retirement--EO 11390
New York, designation of State Power Authority to develop hydroelectric power on St. Lawrence River--EO 10500
Democratic resistance--EO 12654
Trade embargo--EO 12513
Nondiscrimination. See Civil rights
North Atlantic Treaty Organization--EO 11633
North Pacific Fisheries Commission, International--EO 11467
Northern Mariana Islands
See also Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
Covenant with the U.S.--Proc. 5564
Relations with U.S., administration of--EO 12572
Nuclear energy
Awards for research--EO 11477
Emergency preparedness--EO 12656
Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program--EO 12344
Nonproliferation activities--EO 12058
Nuclear facility accidents, contingency planning--EO 12241; EO 12657
Pollution control standards, Federal compliance with--EO 12088
President's Commission on Catastrophic Nuclear Accidents--EO 12658
Properties and personnel transferred to Atomic Energy Commission--EO 9816
Reactors of U.S. warships, compensation for damages--EO 11918
Restricted data, availability--EO 10841; EO 11057
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
See also Atomic Energy Commission
Emergency preparedness functions--EO 12656
Functions transferred to Department of Energy--EO 12038
Restricted data, international cooperation--EO 10841


Occupational Safety and Health, Federal Advisory Council on--EO 12196
Ocean Station Vessel Meteorological Program--EO 11564
Oceanographic Data Center, National--EO 11564
Oceanographic Instrumentation Center, National--EO 11564
Office. See other part of title.
Off-road vehicles on public lands--EO 11644
Offshore oil spill pollution--EO 12123
Oil. See Petroleum and petroleum products
Oil Policy Committee--EO 11790
Oil pollution. See Environmental protection
Organizations, international
Central Treaty Organization--EO 11633
Council on International Economic Policy--EO 11961
European Communities, Mission to the United States of America of the Commission of the--EO 11689
Federal employees, details and transfers--EO 11552
International North Pacific Fisheries Commission--EO 11467
International Pacific Halibut Commission--EO 11467
North Atlantic Treaty Organization--EO 11633
Organization of American States, Permanent Observers--EO 11931
President's Committee on the International Labor Organization--EO 12216
Reports--EO 12374
South-East Asia Treaty Organization--EO 11633
Statistical information--EO 10033
United Nations--EO 10422
Organizations Employees Loyalty Board, International--EO 10422
Overseas Private Investment Corporation--EO 11579