Office of the Federal Register (OFR)

Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders


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Pacific Fisheries Commission, International North--EO 11467
Pacific Halibut Commission, International--EO 11467
Pacific Islands, trust territories. See Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
Palmyra Island--EO 8682; EO 10967
Panama, Republic of
Freeze on assets in U.S. of government of--EO 12635
Government officials, suspension of entry into U.S.--Proc. 5829
Permanent American cemetery in--EO 12115
Panama Canal Company, delegations of Presidential authority--EO 11609; EO 12215
Panama Canal Zone
Commission Seal--EO 12304
Permanent force, conditions of employment--EO 1888
Quarters allowance for Defense Department employees, regulations--EO 12520
Taxes on narcotic drugs--EO 10289
Transfer of Canal to Panama Railroad Company--EO 10263
Paperwork reduction--EO 12291
Pardons. See Clemency and pardons
Parks, national, administration--EO 6166
Parole Commission, U.S., designations of Commissioners--EO 11919
Passports--EO 11295; EO 12214
Patent Board, Government--EO 10096
Patents. See Inventions and patents
Pay and allowances. See Wages
Peace Corps, delegations of Presidential authority--EO 12137
Peace Corps Advisory Council--EO 12137
Pension plans. See Retirement
People's Republic of China. See China, People's Republic of
People's Republic of Hungary. See Hungarian People's Republic
Permanent Observers to the Organization of American States--EO 11931
Personnel Council, Federal, redesignated--EO 9830
Personnel management, amendment of civil service rules--EO 9830
Personnel Management, Office of
Benefit conference in certain cases--EO 10826
Career and noncareer executive assignments--EO 11315
Civil defense personnel, merit evaluation--EO 11589
Emergency preparedness functions--EO 12656
Equal employment opportunity--EO 11478; EO 12106
Establishment--EO 12107
Ethical conduct standards--EO 11222
Firefighters and law enforcement officers, age limits for appointments--EO 11817
Functions--EO 12027
Labor-management relations--EO 11491
Overseas duty, payment of additional compensation--EO 10000
Personnel exchange program, Federal and State governments--EO 11589
Personnel management--EO 9830
Postal Rate Commission, preparation of employee conduct regulations--EO 11570
Presidential authority, delegations--EO 10552; EO 10982; EO 11222; EO 11228; EO 11348; EO 11552; EO 11561; EO 11579; EO 11589; EO 11609; EO 11726; EO 11895; EO 11899; EO 12105; EO 12143; EO 12163
Security investigations--EO 10450
Training programs--EO 11348
United Nations, employment of U.S. citizens--EO 10422
Petroleum and petroleum products
Conservation--EO 12185
Contraband oil, authority to restrict--EO 10752
Decontrol of heavy crude oil--EO 12287
Discharges into navigable waters--EO 11735
Energy Department functions concerning--EO 12038
Exports--EO 11912
Imports--EO 11790; EO 12538
Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves--EO 10525; EO 12659
Strategic petroleum reserve--EO 12231
Philippines, Republic of the
Contracts and grants for medical care and treatment of veterans--EO 11762
Copyright protection--Proc. 2819
Independence, granting of--Proc. 2695
Treasury, Department of--EO 9747
Physical Fitness and Sports, President's Council on--EO 10830; EO 12345
Physically Handicapped, President's Committee on Employment of the--EO 10555
Physicians, Federal, payment of comparability allowances--EO 12109
Plants, restricted introduction--EO 11987
Pollution. See Environmental protection
Ports--Proc. 4131; EO 10289
Post Office Department. See Postal Service, U.S.
Postal Rate Commission--EO 11570
Postal Service, U.S.
Emergency preparedness functions--EO 12656
Employee conduct--EO 11222; EO 11570
Food stamps, issuance--EO 12116
Holidays, observance--EO 11582
Military mailing privileges--EO 12556
Postage stamps--EO 10289
Property transfer to Postal Service--EO 11672
Power Commission, Federal
See also Energy, Department of
Department of Energy, functions transfer--EO 12038
Preparedness Agency, Federal. See General Services Administration
Presidential authority, delegations. See specific department or agency
Prisons, Bureau of, correctional officer appointments--EO 9807
Prisons and prisoners, work-release program for non-Federal inmates--EO 11755
Private Sector Initiatives, Presidential Board of Advisors on--EO 12528
Privatization of Federal commercial activities--EO 12615
Preparation, presentation, filing, and publication--EO 11030
United States Seal, affixing--EO 10347
Procurement. See Government contracts
Procurement Policy, Office of Federal
Energy conservation and efficiency standards, policy guidance--EO 11912
Labor surplus areas--Procurement policy--EO 12073
Productivity improvement, Federal--EO 12637
Property rights, regulatory guidelines restricting Government interference with--EO 12630
Public Health Service--EO 10399; EO 11079; EO 11140; EO 11160
Public Land Orders, authority to issue--EO 10355
Purchase of U.S. Savings Bonds, Interagency Committee for the--EO 11981
Purple Heart--EO 11016