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Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders


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Vessels. See Ships and shipping
Educational benefits--EO 12020
Employment--EO 11521; EO 11701
Korean War, dates of service for benefits eligibility--Proc. 3080
Medical care--EO 11302; EO 11609; EO 11762
Readjustment appointment--EO 11521
Uniforms, wearing on special occasions--EO 10554
Vietnam era, terminal date for certain benefits--Proc. 4373
Veterans Administration
Armed Forces disability, retirement, and hospitalization benefits, administration--EO 8099
Contact Representative appointments--EO 9628
Death benefits--EO 12436
Emergency preparedness functions--EO 12656
Employee pay and allowances--EO 12438
Presidential authority, delegations--EO 8099; EO 11609; EO 11762; EO 12228
Travel expenses for veterans receiving medical care--EO 11302
Vice President
Coat of arms, seal, and flag--EO 11884
Seal, restrictions on use--EO 11649
Vice Presidential Service Badge--EO 11926
Vietnam conflict. See Indochina conflict
Virgin Islands, approval of obligation and expenditure of revenues--EO 10602
Virginia, U.S. Marine Corps Memorial, display of U.S. flag--Proc. 3418
National Voluntary Action Program--EO 12137
Peace Corps, civilian career services, appointment of former volunteers--EO 11103
President's Volunteer Action Award--EO 12594


Wage and Price Stability, Council on, Executive Schedule positions--EO 12154
Armed Forces, U.S.
Aviation incentive pay--EO 11157; EO 11800
Child support and alimony payments, garnishment of wages--EO 12105
Civilian employees of military exchanges--EO 11137
Disability, retirement, and hospitalization benefits, administration--EO 8099
Emergency shore duty--EO 10621
Hazardous duty--EO 11157
Housing--EO 11157; EO 11609
Installment deductions for indebtedness from erroneous payments--EO 11609
Meals--EO 11157
Sea duty--EO 11157
Submarine duty--EO 11157
Travel expenses--EO 10621
Veterans and dependents, educational benefits--EO 12020
Vietnam era, designation of terminal date for certain benefits--Proc. 4373
Central Intelligence Agency retirement and disability systems--EO 11950; EO 12023; EO 12197
Child support and alimony payments, garnishment of wages--EO 12105
Controls under Defense Production Act of 1950, suspension--EO 10434
Cost-of-living allowances--EO 11137; EO 11744
Equal employment opportunity--EO 12144
Evacuation payments and allotments--EO 10982
Executives. See Executive Schedule positions
Federal employees. See Government employees
Foreign Service
Comparable pay--EO 12293
Housing--EO 10903
National Guard civilian employees, deduction of benefits--EO 10996
Overseas duty--EO 10000; EO 10903; EO 12228
Physicians, comparability allowances--EO 12109
Prevailing rate system, adjustments--EO 11639
Salary administration--EO 11726
Taxes, withholding by Federal agencies--EO 11997
Travel expenses--EO 10621; EO 10865; EO 10903; EO 11012; EO 11609
Wake Island--EO 8682; EO 11048
Washington, DC. See District of Columbia
Washington Monument, display of flags--Proc. 4064
Waste treatment and disposal. See Environmental protection
Water pollution control. See Environmental protection
Water resource programs--EO 12322
Water Resources Council--EO 11747
Water treatment--EO 11879
Water and waterways. See Maritime activities
Wetlands. See Flood plains
Wheat--EO 12266
White House
Display of U.S. flag--Proc. 4000
East Executive Avenue, reopening--EO 9776
White House, Committee for the Preservation of the--EO 11145
White House Conference for a Drug Free America--EO 12595
White House Conference on Small Business, National--EO 12523
White House Fellowships, President's Commission on--EO 11183
White House Office
See also Executive Office of the President
Curator of the White House, establishment--EO 11145
Former Presidents, Special Assistant to the President for Liaison with--EO 11456
Committee for the Preservation of the White House, establishment--EO 11456
Wildlife and wildlife refuges, selection of species for protection--EO 11629
Armed Forces, U.S.--EO 11390
Task Force on Legal Equity for Women--EO 12336
Women's Business Enterprise, Interagency Committee on--EO 12138
World War II military cemeteries, transfer--EO 10057


Yachts, entry into foreign ports without customs clearance--EO 10289
Youth, child support payments--EO 12105