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613 Conditions in Germany regarding the standard of living, plans for economic "New Order" and transportation of Jews. August 1941; see also 9440 Report on the financial position of agriculture in Germany. Dec. 1941; 9446 Detailed report from intercepted letters, covering morale, good shortage, general commodities shortage, labor problems, finance, the Jewish problem, and other matters relating to Germany. Dec. 1941; 9514 Resume of special consular reports on conditions in Germany, Italy, and Occupied countries of Europe; fairly detailed, covering numerous topics, including population movements, Axis agents, British blockade, and economic and industrial intelligence. Aug. 1941; 9848 Report, dated Sept. 18, 1941, on the general economic and financial situation in Germany. Specifically, it covers trade, industry, food and coffee shortages, efforts to encourage commerce between Germany and other countries, morale, and finally an article written by Emil Puhl on the German monetary policy. Jan. 1942; 29008 Report on Germany in 1941, mentioning manpower mobilization, wages, discrimination against Jewish workers, shortages and substitutes, food supply and rationing, black market, barter, shortage of doctors, Jewish housing conditions, confiscation of Jews' radios and telephones, etc. 12 pp. February 1943
645 Letter discussing the evacuation of Jews from vicinity of Troisdorf and Siegburg, Germany. August 1941
923 Letter from Switzerland concerning Germans calling up young men there. August 1941; see also 3485 Letter says that all Germans are being recalled from Switzerland. September 1941; 8532 Letter from Switzerland to New York giving brief note about the conscription of Germans living at St. Gallen, Switzerland. November 1941
1139 Report entitled "Summary of Opinion in Latin America." Includes information concerning Germans, Italians, and Japanese in South America.70 pp. October 1941
1299 Exclusion of Polish workers in Germany from benefits of German workers. October 1941
1407 Economic and financial developments in Switzerland. Sept. 1941; see also 3112 Economic review of Switzerland for the quarter ended June 30, 1941 from the American Consulate. Sept. 1941; see also 3118 Economic and financial developments in Switzerland, fortnightly background report for period ended September 30, 1941, from American Legation. October 1941
1602 Report about general conditions in Spain and Switzerland. October 1941; see also 2635 Letter from Switzerland providing information on conditions in Switzerland, no date. October 1941
1683 Report on the apple and pear crops in Switzerland. September 1941; see also 3175 Condition of the grain and other agricultural crops in Switzerland. October 1941; 3477 Report on general situation in Switzerland, food, agriculture, and finance. July 1941; 18187 Survey of agricultural crops in Switzerland in 1941. January 1942
2027 Letter from Hercules Power Company, Wilmington, Delaware, to Ernst Sander A.G., Switzerland; writers are on Statutory List. (Note 60) February 1941
2341 Conditions in the Swiss cotton industry for July and August 1941. September 1941; see also 7082 Supply and distribution of raw cotton in Switzerland for the year ended July 31, 1941. November 1941; 120054 Report on 62 cotton factories in Switzerland. 14 pp. March 1945
2388 Letter from Biel, Switzerland, on Swiss action against Nazi activities; arrest of about a hundred persons. June 1941
2491 Prospective on German economic penetration into Tunisia. August 1941
2613 Extracts of letter from Switzerland about Nazi pressure on Switzerland, and demobilization of Swiss Army. August 1941
2717 Letter about a transaction between Ultramar A.G. Zurich, Switzerland branch in Argentina and the Texas Co., in the United States. August 1941
2781 Agreement concerning dollar transactions between Swiss National Bank and Swiss banks. September 1941
2811 Crop reports from several European nations. July 1941; see also 5105 Letter from Geneva, Switzerland to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on vegetable oil commerce and harvest prospects in Europe. July 1941
2820 Letter indicating that Hitler proposes and/or demands to employ as many Swiss as are willing to work in Germany. July 1941
2841 Letter from Zurich, Switzerland, indicating no post between Germany and Switzerland. July 1941
2850 Letter from Zurich indicating that Swiss workmen replacing Germans who have left for the Front, Germany supplying Switzerland with raw materials. July 1941
2873 Letter from Bern regarding lecture on the topic "The Position of Switzerland, 1941." May 1941
2950 Letter providing information on the formation of a Swiss merchant navy. June 1941; see also 8140 Letter reporting purchase of steamer Armando and her being renamed "St. Gotthard." April 1941; 69470 List of crew members of the Swiss ship "St. Gotthard" who are suspected of smuggling platinum. 1 p. April 1944; 8637 Letter from Geneva, Switzerland providing information about ships flying Swiss flag. August 1941; 17332 Report on the development by Switzerland of its own merchant marine due to withdrawal of foreign flag vessels from normal routes; her gross tonnage, chief fleet operations. 2 pp. June 1942; 24449 Study of Swiss shipping as controlled by various belligerent powers, mentioning the methods of control, and including names and cargo statistics on specific Swiss ships. 4 pp. Oct. 1942; 25915 Transfer of Italian ships in Canary Islands to Swiss Flag. 2 pp. Dec. 1942; 31789 Routing of Swiss ships in the Atlantic and German pressure in the route used by Swiss shipping. Twenty vessels now sail under the Swiss Flag. Their tonnage and routes are given. 3 pp. May 1943; 39895 Note on Swiss purchase of the former Finnish ship "Ergo," renamed the "Zurich," by its purchases, the Maritime Suisse S.A. 1 p. July 1943; 40485 Swiss- chartered Greek vessels. Britain has withdrawn navicert (Note 61) and ship warrant privileges from certain vessels, which are listed. Some of them have engaged in smuggling. They have been given bunkering privileges at Philadelphia. A list of Swiss-Greek vessels and of other Swiss vessels, a table of their routes, and notes on their Lisbon, Portugal activities are added. 4 pp. July 1943; 41620 Report on Switzerland's prosperity and its new merchant marine. Loss of the tourist trade is the chief Swiss economic difficulty. 4 pp. Aug. 1943; 42574 Swiss ships that used to run from Lisbon, Portugal to Marseille, France, were interned at Lisbon, by the British as it was discovered that they carried cargo for Germany. 2 pp. Sept. 1943; 42653 Report that Swiss shipping continues blocked by British and United States on account of terms of German Trade Agreement. A list of Swiss vessels and their locations are given. These ships are inactive due to British restrictive measures. These ships operate in a Lisbon, Portugal- Genoa, Italy shuttle service, and International Red Cross-operated vessels of Swiss registry are not affected by British restrictions. 2 pp. Sept. 1943; 43817 Report on the Swiss merchant marine, giving its history, its relation to Swiss price control, maritime insurance, difficulties caused by the African war and by transport across Spain and Portugal, etc. 3 pp. Aug. 1943; 58239 Finnish SS "Ergo," anchored at Lisbon, has been bought by Switzerland from the firm which had used her for smuggling things to Germany. The British stopped this trade. 1 p. Jan. 1944; 64189 Summary of intelligence on activities of enemy warships; includes information that Swiss merchant navy had acquired a new ship from Philadelphia. 6 pp. Feb. 1944 80830 Merchant Marine Summary, Jan.-June 1944, Switzerland. 3 pp. July 1944; 81391 Report on quinine smuggling to France on the Swiss ship "Albulla." 1 p. June 1944
2958 Letter from Zurich, Switzerland discussing manufacturer of rayon for German parachutes, general conditions of the business. July 1941
3018 Letter dealing with Communist activities in Switzerland. August 1941; see also 47307 Extracts from the Swiss left-wing press, with comments, on the merger of the Swiss Communist Party and Socialist Federation. Also included are comments on Swiss politics, poor Swiss treatment of refugees, etc. 53 pp. July 1943; 5814 Letter from Switzerland about anti-communist attacks in Swiss newspapers. Also mentions probable railroad losses of Germans because they are using freight cars (formerly French). August 1941; 9721 FBI to Donovan concerning Communist influence in Switzerland. January 1942; 13747 Measures were taken to suppress Communism in Switzerland, but communist activities continued in spite of the official dissolution on May 27, 1941. Real support of the Nazis are few in number in Switzerland. March 1942; 41816 Proposed collaboration of Swiss communists and Socialists. 3 pp. March 1943; 47255 Report on the proposed junction of the Swiss Communist Party, the Swiss Socialist Federation, and the Swiss Socialist Party. 3 pp. July 1943; 122045 Text of the Swiss Federal Council's decrees of February 27, 1945, which removed the war-time ban on the Swiss Communist Party and its affiliates, and on a number of National-Socialist or Fascist organizations as well. 3 pp. Mar. 1945; 126196 Statistics on Swiss police arrests for espionage, communist activity, and illegal crossing of the border. 1 p. Mar. 1945; 129962 Biographical information on Leon Nicole, Swiss Communist leader. 2 pp. May 1945
3113 Danish-Swiss capital clearing agreement. September 1941
3131 Letter from Washington, DC, about difficulty of getting export certificate from State Department for shipment of rubber and tires to Switzerland. July 1941; see also 12975 Swiss rubber goods production 1933-1941. February 1942; 18976 Swiss trade in rubber. 1 p. July 1942; 24094 Repair and conversion to gas fuel of enemy motor vehicles in Switzerland. Also information concerning the small amount of travel because of the rubber shortage. 6 pp. October 1942
3159 Report from British Embassy about Japanese shipments of gold to South America. October 1941; see also 3161 Letter apprising the Metals Reserve Co. of arrival of cargo of gold at Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Japan. October 1941
3193 German life insurance returns for the year 1940. October 1941
3304 Main items of Swiss imports from Germany. October 1941
3493 Letter states that overloading of trains in Switzerland causes accidents. September 1941
3670 Letter from Switzerland containing information on difficulty of importing food in Switzerland because of German priorities. September 1941
3676 Letter from Interlaken, Switzerland, regarding shortages of Swiss dairy production, and reduction of Swiss dairy products exported to Germany. September 1941; see also 5764 Production of canned milk and powdered milk, cheese, and butter in Switzerland. October 1941; 7691 Letter from Switzerland to Argentina, reporting the arrangements with Germany for manufacturing goods for Germany, and the food shortage, principally of milk, cheese, potatoes, and bread. October 1941
3706 Air raids damage two large electricity works in Rhineland. Swiss make up power deficit. September 1941
3750 Letter indicating that Swiss freighters traveling from Genoa, Italy to Gibraltar carry goods of German origin stamped "Made in Switzerland." August 1941
3756 Comments on situation in Switzerland. Letter gives criticism of American opinion of France, information about Dutch gold, and coal situation in Switzerland. August 1941
3898 Letter from Bern, Switzerland regarding German disapproval of Swiss neutrality. August 1941
3910 Correspondence with Foreign Funds Control on activities of Lazard Freres & Co., European connections. etc. August 1941
4058 Letter discussing Swiss aircraft factory near Lake Lucerne, owned by Pilatus Flugzeug Fabrik A.G. August 1941
4068 Letter discussing Swiss doctors and nurses on the German Front. September 1941
4081 Letter from Romont about readiness of Switzerland to resist invasion, and likelihood of invasion, food rationing, and British blockade. September 1941
4096 Conditions in Swiss labor camp near Vouvry described by German-Jewish refugee there. Letter dated September 28, 1941; see also 4161 Letter from Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding living conditions of Jewish refugees in Switzerland and attempts to send them to America. November 1941; 20730 Talk of wholesale arrests of all foreigners in Free France and of refugees fleeing into Switzerland and placed in concentration camps. 1 p. September 1942; 41822 Report on care for refugees in Switzerland, mentioning work camps and other camps. 1 p. April 1943; 47307 Extracts from the Swiss left-wing press, with comments, on the merger of the Swiss Communist Party and Socialist Federation. Also included are comments on Swiss politics, poor Swiss treatment of refugees, etc. 53 pp. July 1943
4138 Summary and digest of the weekly bulletins allegedly issued by the Swiss Office for the development of trade. November 1941
4163 Letter from FBI discussing winter needs of needy Belgian children in Switzerland. November 1941
4384 Letter from Swiss banker, giving opinion of German-Russian war and German situation. October 1941
4389 Letter from Zurich. Nazi attitude towards Switzerland. Anti-Semitism in Switzerland. June 1941
4409 Letter from Bern-precis of article by Swiss correspondent entitled "Switzerland and European Solidarity," intended for publication in the United States. August 1941
4455 Letter providing comment on German situation and Swiss defense measures. August 1941
4546 70,000 visit German exposition in Zurich, Switzerland. October 1941
4716 Report from American Embassy, Berlin, Germany, that the Nordstern Life Insurance Company has maintained its dividends. October 1941
4852 Article from C. Egmond D'Arcis, in Geneva, addressed to The Economist, London, on German-Swiss trade agreement and financial relations. August 1941; see also 7054 Letter from Bern, Switzerland to New York indicating a new economic arrangement with Germany will help provide Switzerland with vital materials; coal, mineral oils, and iron will be increased to Switzerland. July 1941; see also 19492 German coal for Switzerland in 1941. 2 pp. July 1942; 7348 Political pressure put on Switzerland by Germany discussed by Colombian Consul General who gives his opinion of the new commercial treaty between Switzerland and Germany. September 1941
4915 Letter from Philadelphia to Switzerland accusing the addressee, Baron Louis de Chollet, of being pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic. August 1941
5092 Letter from Zurich, Switzerland, providing information on reduced rations in Switzerland for recipients of food parcels. August 1941
5231 German-Rumanian clearing to be made for payment of debts between Rumania, on one hand, and Greece and Yugoslavia, on the other. November 1941
5268 British are encouraging Swiss to buy in Portugal, to forestall Germans buying there. November 1941
5330 Switzerland provides dowry for farm workers. October 1941
5366 Information about Geneva, Switzerland, under war conditions. November 1941
5374 New Swiss-Hungarian commercial treaty just signed; it is a combination of the former treaty with the changes and additions made in the last fifteen months added to it. October 1941
5427 Letter from Switzerland indicating Nestle assets in Italy blocked. September 1941
5484 Jews in German cities warned to be ready to evacuate homes on moment's notice; Jewish homes to become property of Himmler's agents (Note 62), etc. Oct.1941; see also 5789 Letter from Havana, Cuba from a newly arrived refugee telling of atrocities perpetrated against Jews in Germany. Oct. 1941; 6070 Letter from Cincinnati to Canada about condition of Jews in Germany. Sept. 1941; 6337 Report, "Experiences and Observations of a Jew in Germany, Aug. 1941." Nov. 1941; 6338 Letter from Swedish lady returned to Stockholm, after visiting Bavaria mentioning treatment of Jews in Germany and shortage of milk, butter, eggs, and meat in Sweden. Nov. 1941; 6339 Report from Hamburg, Germany about various matters, including poor treatment of the Jews. Nov. 1941; 8108 Letter from Geneva, Switzerland discussing the Jews in Europe. May 1941; 8329 Letter from Portugal to Chile, mentioning harsh working conditions and no pay for Jewish female factory worker in a military clothing factory in Berlin, Germany. June 1941; 9446 Detailed report from intercepted letters, covering morale, food shortage, general commodities shortage, labor problems, finance, the Jewish problem, and other matters relating to Germany. Dec. 1941; 10930 Description of Star of David insignia worn by Jews. Dec. 1941; 13541 FBI to Donovan regarding German citizenship decree of Dec. 1941, providing all property would be confiscated by the Reich and all pension rights canceled for Jews if they had permanent resident status abroad. March 1942; 14161 Mr. Bruce to Donovan regarding various German political and military matters, and including the movement for continued deportation of the Jews. March 1942
5518 Letter discussing munitions for Germany manufactured at Le Locle; "invites British bombing." September 1941
5523 Letter concerning the potato harvest in Switzerland. September 1941
5531 Letter from Zurich, Switzerland, about food shortages in France, about the effect of British air raids on Cologne, Germany, and about Swiss opinion of Germany's chances and propaganda. September 1941
5814 Letter from Switzerland about anti-communist attacks in Swiss newspapers. Also mentions probable railroad losses of Germans because they are using freight cars (formerly French). August 1941
6077 Letter from Switzerland to Argentina indicating grave food shortage and other privations in Switzerland. October 1941; see also 7697 Letter from Argentina to New York from a person who recently left Switzerland, about food shortage in Switzerland and the wide feeling of hate for the Germans. November 1941
6097 Letter from St. Gallan, Switzerland indicating Swiss lorry service between Spanish, Portuguese, and French frontiers. At present, owing to difficulties, no Swiss exports goods can be sent, so that for the time being the lorries travel empty. August 1941
6212 Argentine Military Attache in Madrid, Spain reports on armament and airplane manufacture in Spain and Geneva, Switzerland. November 1941
6314 Letter detailing the training of an auxiliary corps of women for behind-the-lines service in Switzerland. September 1941
6320 Letter regarding strained relations between Italians and Swiss. October 1941
6322 Letter, Swiss, "prisoners of Germany," manufacturing commodities for Germans, civil and military. English planes passing over toward Italy fired on. September 1941
6434 Letter from Italy to New York by a German traveling on continent states he is attempting to protect his private funds in Latin America from German government by subterfuge. October 1941
6456 Letter from Switzerland to Auburn, New York, Sulzer Brothers, producers of various patent devices in Winterthur, have summoned the addressee back to Switzerland to work for them-but instruct the addressee to declare he is not returning to Europe on his own initiative and not reveal any hint of being "summoned." October 1941; see also 22768 Information regarding Sulzer Brothers Plant, Winterthur, including the anti-Axis stand of the board members, history of the company, etc. 3 pp. September 1942; 51771 A contract was signed by Sulzer Bros. Ltd., and Brown, Boveri, & Co., Swiss firms, to furnish machinery and equipment for a new electric plant to be constructed in the near future near Beira. 1 p. November 1943
6494 Letter from Lisbon, Portugal to New York indicating shipments of film into Switzerland via France and through German control of traffic, France-Switzerland, so far not halted. July 1941
6617 Letter from Thun, Switzerland to Elsah, Illinois, noting Royal Air Forces (RAF) flight over Thun to Italy and the flak being in action. October 1941; see also 27660 Report that when the RAF bomb Italy and fly over Switzerland, Germany and Italy bring pressure to bear on Switzerland to protest against these violations of her neutrality, but when these violations are committed by the Axis planes, no one protests, not even the Allies. 1 p. Jan. 1943; 28134 German press accuses Swiss press of showing bad will by not protesting Allied occupation of Liberia, RAF flights over Switzerland and by not ordering blackouts of Swiss towns to prevent beacons for RAF. 1 p. Feb. 1943; 34195 Bombing survey information based upon captured mail. Included is a Swiss letter mentioning resentment at RAF flying over Swiss territory. 13 pp. April 1943
6624 Letter from Geneva, Switzerland, to New York. German incentive to speedier deliveries from Switzerland. Germans give Swiss watch factories franc bonuses for speedier deliveries. October 1941
6747 Letter from Winterthur, Switzerland to Lima, Peru, discussing the cessation of munitions making in Winterthur for the present for fear of bombardment. January 1942
6748 Letter from Zurich, Switzerland, to Detroit. Indicating that Switzerland is delivering a large amount of precision work to Germany which cannot be made in Germany because of the shortage of workmen. October 1941
6807 Letter from New York to Basel, Switzerland, about plans for a Swiss-Fokker Co., in Switzerland. October 1941
6923 Importance of the fruit crop in Switzerland. Information provided on the size of the crop estimated in tons and Swiss francs. November 1941
6964 Bulgarian foreign trade relations. November 1941
7253 Attempt of the Swiss military to purchase machine gun cameras in the United States blocked by refusal of the British to grant a Navicert. December 1941
7258 FBI to Donovan enclosing resume of weekly report of Swiss Office of Commercial Expansion, Lausanne, referring to shortages of steel and coal, and to Swiss shipping facilities. December 1941
7294 Negotiations undertaken by Count Volpi to obtain better organization of the German business enjoyed by Italian insurance companies. November 1941
7343 The Reichsmark on foreign markets. November 1941
7359 Views expressed regarding Switzerland and European solidarity expressed by a member of the Swiss Legation in Washington, D.C. The order of the day is strict neutrality on all sides, and is repeatedly impressed on the Swiss people by governing authorities. September 1941
7360 Switzerland's relations with Germany have apparently been much less strained for the last month and this change is a source of much anxiety to the Swiss government who do not know how to interpret it. August 1941
7702 Letter reporting on German trade delegations and telephone censorship in Switzerland. June 1941
8135 Letter from Zurich, Switzerland to New York, telling about the reorganization of Interphoto sales in Switzerland, and describes various difficulties connected with photo-news service in wartime. May 1941
8324 Letter from Italy to Pennsylvania, reporting that Italian agricultural workers and miners who were lured to Germany with fair promises are mistreated and deceived. May 1941
8339 Information on extent of German influence in Brazil. December 1941; see also 10387 Report on Brazil, the Axis, German nationals, etc. January 1942; 10990 FBI to Donovan concerning Brazil and Axis nationals. January 1942
8420 Account of the evidences of continued support of the United States by Panama, and of the measures taken since the declarations of war. December 1941; see also 13608 Report on Nazi, Fascist, Japanese, Spanish Nationalist, and Communist Activities in Panama. January 1942 55359 Special Situation Report: The Establishment of the De La Guardia Government in Panama. 8 pp. November 1941
8473 Letter from Zurich, Switzerland to New York mentioning the commodities shortages in Switzerland and the conscription in Switzerland by the Germans of Germans with Swiss mothers. October 1941
8519 Letter from Switzerland to New York stating the Swiss resent German UFA newsreels sent to them. November 1941
8531 Letter from Switzerland to Brazil mentioning work on a German power plant on the German-Swiss border, involving an inter-governmental agreement on the use of the Rhine. October 1941
8596 Axis demands on Spain. January 1942; see also 17566 Report on conditions in Spain, including relations generally between Spain and the Axis. 2 pp. June 1942; 17637 FBI to Donovan with information on Spanish-Axis relations. 3 pp. June 1942; 18793 Report on internal politics in Spain. 2 pp. June 1942; 18799 Comments on Current Events No. 150, covering Axis pressure on Spain to enter the war, war opinions in Spain and Portugal, mobilization of a Spanish armored division, arrivals of Stukas at Spanish airdromes. 3 pp. July 1942; 18877 Report on Spain covering Franco's attempt to remain neutral, the severe restriction of civilian use of gasoline by the Germans in Occupied France, and food shortage in Spain. 1 p. July 1942; see also 18922 Report containing information about Spanish intentions to stay neutral. 1 p. July 1942; 19355 Spain and international relations: with France, Great Britain, and the United States, and the Axis, and with Latin America. 3 pp. Aug. 1942; 22730 Information concerning Spain and international policies, including relations with Axis powers. 2 pp. September 1942; 25348 Report on Spain's Shift to Neutrality. 4 pp. December 1942
8602 FBI to Donovan providing information that owners of small businesses, garages, etc. in Switzerland are working for Germany. December 1941
8636 Letter from Zurich, Switzerland to Buenos Aires, Argentina, detailing Swiss mobilization and anti-aircraft defense, and description of the air raid on Zurich on December 12, 1940. September 1941; see also 8640 Letter from Switzerland to Argentina indicating Swiss Army plans for future development in east Switzerland. August 1941
8638 Letter from Switzerland to Sao Paulo, Brazil, indicating that in Switzerland there are German children convalescing, sick soldiers from France, and 40,000 interned Poles. August 1941
8639 Letter from Switzerland. Contains information on labor and economic conditions in Switzerland and work on Sundays to make use of the weekend electric-power. August 1941
8875 Report on exports from neutral countries to Axis and Axis-controlled countries during the period from January 1, 1940 to April 30, 1941. July 1941
9024 FBI to Donovan with attached report supposedly made by Adolfo Arnolds, Bolivian Consul, Lausanne, on Swiss industry in 1940. January 1942
9049 FBI to Donovan providing information on imports and exports from Ecuador to Switzerland; and notes on Ecuadorean tariffs imposed on Switzerland. Jan. 1942; see also 24422 Report on commerce between Ecuador and Switzerland. 7 pp. Nov. 1942
9086 FBI to Donovan about an Australian newspaper complaint that news of sailings and routes of supply ships were given to the enemy by Swiss insurance firms, and that similar reports have appeared in the American press. January 1942
9097 FBI to Donovan reporting on copper situation in Switzerland. January 1942; see also 72652 Swiss are probably shorter of copper than the Germans are. 2 pp. April 1944
9178 Report on a Colombian investigation of contraband trade, where large amounts of gold and platinum are shipped to Germany. Sept. 1941; see also 11474 FBI to Donovan about the firms of Emmermann & Hermann, Havana, Cuba, and Emil Busch A.G., Rathnow, Germany, are trafficking in platinum through the intermediary of Almacen Sanitas, Bogota, Colombia. Feb. 1942; 15511 FBI to Donovan, enclosing translations of newspaper clippings from Bogota concerning the production of gold and platinum in Colombia in Dec. 1941, and activities of pro-Nazis in Armero, Colombia. 4 pp. Apr. 1942; 15675 FBI to Donovan regarding situation in Colombia. 1 p. April 1942; 54035 Report on Colombia. Includes information on nationals of Axis powers, foreign trade, finance, political uncertainties, international relations, etc. 13 pp. October 1941
9212 Letter from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Switzerland discussing political unrest among the Swiss colony in Uruguay, many of whom are pro-Nazi. January 1942
9437 Swiss watch industry feels effects of involvement of the United States in the war, as the American watch market is curtailed. December 1941
9650 FBI to Donovan about prices in Denmark and German, and comment on the German system of price control. January 1942
9896 FBI to Donovan about Swiss exports of Aniline dyes to Argentina. January 1942; see also 10003 FBI to Donovan concerning list of goods dispatched by various consignors in Switzerland to consignees in Argentina during July 1941. January 1942; 10884 FBI to Donovan concerning Swiss-Argentine trade. January 1942
9924 Information concerning Costa Rican war measures. January 1942
9956 FBI to Donovan transmitting a memo covering shipments of barley, oats, and maize, from Argentina to Switzerland during August 1941. January 1942; see also 13290 FBI to Donovan, that the Swiss Legation in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was arranging to ship a cargo of maize and barley to Lisbon, Portugal on November 27, 1941, in transit to Switzerland. March 1942; 17970 FBI to Donovan regarding shipments of rice and sunflower oil from Buenos Aires to Switzerland prior to March 1942. 1 p. June 1942
9970 FBI to Donovan with attached memorandum containing information on the disposal of goods located in Dairen and probably headed for Switzerland and eventually Germany. January 1942
9975 FBI to Donovan concerning Ed. Pethoud of Lausanne, Switzerland, who spent large sums financing an engineer who invented a sprayer for heavy oil. January 1942
10145 Report on the efforts of the Swiss government to stimulate production of food stuff to reduce economic dependence on the Axis. Public opinion is strongly anti-Axis. January 1942
10161 FBI to Donovan with attached memorandum concerning economic developments in Switzerland, including trade relations with Portugal. January 1942
10282 FBI to Donovan regarding situation in Paraguay. Jan. 1942; see also 35346 Report from Argentina on various matters, including information that Paraguay, despite a break with the Axis, had made no attempt to clean up Axis elements there. 6 pp. April 1943
10685 FBI to Donovan concerning situation in Mexico. January 1942; see also 28972 Annual economic and financial review-Mexico, 1942. 54 pp. February 1943
11010 Colombian Consul General, Geneva, Switzerland, views on the economic scheme in Europe that would follow an Axis victory, including his belief that "physical gold" would continue to play a very important part in the future economy and international trade. January 1942
11012 Report on non-American activities in Argentina. January 1942; see also 11355 Argentine- Axis relations. January 1942; 12104 Report about relations between Argentina and Axis. January 1942
11026 Report on Axis penetration in Latin America. Report deals with each nation separately. January 1942; see also 14535 Survey of Axis influence in the American Republics. April 1942; 14924 FBI to Donovan, enclosing 35 pp. report entitled "Axis Aspirations through South America." April 1942; 15612 Report on Latin American situation. April 1942; 15879 Survey of Axis influence in the American Republics. 4 pp. May 1942; 17789 Survey of Axis Influence in the American Republics. 2 pp. June 1942; 22009 Report entitled "Vulnerability of Strategic Materials in Latin America." 21 pp. May 1942
11143 FBI to Donovan regarding the situation in Ecuador. February 1942; see also 15256-15257 FBI to Donovan regarding activities of Axis nationals in Ecuador. April 1942; 16846 FBI to Donovan regarding expulsion of Axis nationals from Ecuador. 28 pp. May 1942; 26347 Series of reports on foreign penetration in Ecuador. 31 pp. December 1942; 32904 Data on Axis suspects and Ecuadoran nationals in the Esmeraldas coastal area of Ecuador, giving names and details. 3 pp. January 1943
11297 FBI letter containing memo dealing with Swiss financial condition. February 1942
11361 Summary of the resolutions and conclusions of the Rio Conference. (Note 63) February 1942; see also 16543 FBI to Donovan, with "Summary of the Resolutions at the Rio de Janeiro Conference," giving regulations designed to prevent commercial dealings with the Axis powers and to implement Peruvian Government control of the economy. 3 pp. May 1942
11472 FBI to Donovan providing information concerning Swiss deliveries of agricultural products to Germany. February 1942
12009 FBI letter containing memo dealing with development of new chemicals in Switzerland, various new inventions now being produced by firms (named), successful test of a locomotive run by a gas turbine was made in September 1941. February 1942
12103 Report entitled "Attempt of Vatican to Discourage Breach of Relations by Bolivia with the Axis Powers." Jan. 1942; see also 12105 Report on Bolivia and the question of breaking diplomatic relations with the Axis powers. January 1942; 37836 Report that Bolivia may declare war on the Axis, and information on Chile. 6 pp. June 1943
12250 FBI to Donovan about Portugal's neutrality. February 1942
12269 FBI to Donovan with memorandum attached on Swiss efforts to gain popular support in the United States. February 1942
12288 In the recent conferences between the signatories of the Anti-Comintern pact (Note 64) differences in the conception and relations of nations as held by the Axis and Allied countries were made plain. The Swiss government and people cannot accept the Axis view, and still hold to the kind of internationalist view that was expressed in the League of Nations. February 1942
12469 Letter from Antonio Bettin Bella of the Argentine Legation, Bern, Switzerland, to a friend in Argentina, about the Argentine ambassador in Germany being very pro-German and the high cost of living in Switzerland. January 1942
12722 Report providing information on industry, labor, commodities shortage, and exchange in Germany, the agreement made between France and Italy, and the relations between Germany and Italy. February 1942
12757 FBI to Donovan with information about German ships running the British blockade and arriving at Brazilian ports. February 1942
12771 FBI to Donovan regarding Uruguayan favoring a break with the Axis. Feb. 1942; see also 13931 Report on Uruguayan opinion as respects various recent developments; Brazil's relations with Axis; etc. March 1942;
12808 FBI to Donovan concerning shipment of materials from Germany and Italy to Argentina via Lisbon, Portugal. Notes that shortage of rolling stock in Germany delays shipment. February 1942
12905 FBI to Donovan with information received from a Swiss metallurgist while under oath concerning Nazi domination of Swiss industry. February 1942
12933 Review of comment of Swiss press on an article by Dr. Josef Goebbels, in Das Reich of January 11, 1942, criticizing the neutrality of Sweden and Switzerland. Switzerland intends to maintain her neutrality at all costs. January 1942 (Note 65)
12967 Comparative statistics on overall war production program for United States, Allies, and Axis with comparative figures from the year 1940, to 1942. February 1942
12994 Report on the population of Switzerland as shown by the last census. January 1942
12995 Report of measures taken in Switzerland for the improvement of the general economic status of the country. January 1942
13249 FBI to Donovan, enclosing a memorandum concerning the 1942 economic agreement between Switzerland and Finland and Swiss import and export statistics. Mar. 1942
13315 FBI to Donovan enclosing a memorandum concerning trade relations between France and Switzerland. Swiss exports have increased while French deliveries have decreased. An agreement with the Axis Powers is necessary to maintain the exchange of goods with Europe, which is indispensable to Switzerland's economic existence. March 1942
13403 FBI to Donovan about Axis activities in Brazil. March 1942; see also 13897 FBI to Donovan with copy of a memo concerning Axis activities in Sao Paulo, Brazil; 14762 Reactions in Sao Paulo to severing of diplomatic relations with Axis powers. February 1942; 14777 Report on Axis activities in Brazil. March 1942; 16511 Information on political and subversive activity in Sao Paulo. 20 pp. April 1942; 26346 Fifteen reports dealing with Axis activities and firms in Brazil. 40 pp. Nov. 1942; 29791 Information on Brazil during 1942. 13 pp. Feb.1943; 37170 Report on Axis penetration in Brazil. 3 pp. May 1943; 50220 Survey of the Southern Region of Brazil. 204 pp. July 1943
13515 Report of meeting between Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Vice President of Argentina after the Rio Conference and their decision not to break off relations with the Axis for the time being. March 1942; see 14138 FBI to Donovan enclosing a memorandum regarding activities of Axis individuals in Santiago, Chile. March 1942 15216 for related information. March 1942; see also 16186 Question of diplomatic relations with Axis causes division in Chilean cabinet. 3 pp. May 1942; see also 16225 Report on individuals in Chile attempting to influence the government to break relations with the Axis. 1 p. May 1942; 22583 Report that Chile is prepared to declare war with the Axis. 1 p. July 1942; 24152 Report on Chile and probable break with the Axis. 1 p. Oct. 1942; 24156 Information concerning Spanish Embassy activities, Santiago, principally redoubled use of the Embassy for transmittal of Axis cables; instructions to Spanish nationals in Chile in the belief that Chilean-Axis relations will soon be broken. 1 p. Oct. 1942; 24158 Information on Axis and American sympathies in Chile. 2 pp. Oct. 1942; 25952 Information on various subjects, including possibilities of Chile severing relations with the Axis, Argentine economic pressure to maintain ties with Axis. 6 pp. Nov. 1942; 27121 Informal memo from Chile, chiefly concerned with imminent break with the Axis. 4 pp. Dec. 1942; 27245 Information about Chile's break with Axis powers. 6 pp. Jan. 1943; 27430 Letter from Santiago describing current rumors pro and con about a break with the Axis, names and activities of principal Nazi organizations, etc. 11 pp. Dec. 1942; 28947 Weekly report of current events in Chile. Contains information about the Axis in Chile. 2 pp. Jan. 1943; 29615 Report on developments subsequent to Chile's break with the Axis, relations with Argentina, and Argentina's gradual increase of economic control over Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and new Argentine attempts to boost business with Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela. The general economic position of Argentina is outlined, commercial interchange statistics in terms of money and tonnage, commodities supplies, and agricultural prospects. 7 pp. Jan. 1943; 36573 Information on political matters in Chile. 7 pp. June 1943; 37836 Report that Bolivia may declare war on the Axis, and information on Chile. 6 pp. June 1943; 55350 Factors Affecting Chile's Decision on Severance of Relations with the Axis. 4 pp. Feb. 1942; 114282 Factors Influencing Chile's Policy Toward the Axis. 11 pp. March 1942
13786 FBI to Donovan, referencing an article appearing in the Schweitzer Zeitung concerning Swiss activities at the Gotthard Pass. (Note 66) Also reports on shipping activities on this particular line. March 1942
13857 Report concerning the Swiss Medical Mission to the Russian Front. March 1942
13903 FBI to Donovan enclosing a monograph entitled "United States Dependency on South America," prepared by the FBI. March 1942
14137 FBI to Donovan, enclosing lists of foreign residents in El Salvador, with totalitarian tendencies and member of the Free Italian group. March 1942
14161 Mr. Bruce to Donovan regarding various German political and military matters, and including the movement for continued deportation of the Jews. March 1942
14211 A meeting of German and Axis personalities was held at Prague, Czechoslovakia on December 17, 1941, to listen to a lecture by Walther Funk. He discussed the German economic plans for a "new order." Mar. 1942; see also 17197 Role of the Reichsbank in the German War Economy-speech by Funk. 8 pp. May 1942
14229 Report on the Wahlen Plan in Switzerland; its essential purpose (food self-sufficiency for the Swiss); various measures taken to stimulate agriculture; land census; obtention of farm labor from industry and from the army; subjection of National Defense for the advancement of this project. March 1942; see also 18510 Copy of a report and pamphlet by Dr. Wahlen, Switzerland, on the Wahlen Plan, based on a lecture given by him to the Society of Swiss agriculturists on November 15, 1940. (Both are in German) 56 pp. May 1942
14287 Report on the administrative problems of the German war economy. July 1941
14427 FBI to Donovan, transmitting a monograph on "Axis Penetration in Nicaragua," prepared by the FBI. April 1942
14490 Quotation of statement made by a Spaniard to Marquis de Magay, Spanish Ambassador to Argentina, on the subjects of Swiss attitude towards the war, German belief about victory, and Japanese war aims. April 1942
14549 Discussion of German organization of foreign and domestic laborers, and forced laborers; of emergency finance and price regimination; general economic control and information, March 1942
14658 Information on oil wells in Switzerland and Italy. January 1942
14721 Translation of enclosure of I.G. Farben documents surveying the Sudetenland. Includes information on economic structure, industries, and the role of the Zivnosteinska Bank in the Greater German framework. March 1942
14741 Report on economic conditions in France and French colonies. March 1942; see also 16594 Economic Conditions in France and French Colonies, covering labor in France and Germany and footstuffs, etc. 6 pp. April 1942
14919 FBI to Donovan including statement of an Argentine senator on problems brought about by Argentine nuetrality; relations between Argentina and Chile, and Argentina's airplane and munitions requirements. April 1942
15055 Photostated copies of articles from German and Swiss newspapers, regarding food shortage and conservation in Europe, with other miscellaneous economic information. December 1941-Febraury 1942
15073 Preliminary Report on the Supply Position of Axis Europe. List of supply adequacies and deficiencies of the Axis, which deals with fuel, food, metal, chemicals, and petroleum. (same as 26114) March 1942
15087 Suspension of German coal deliveries to Switzerland and Italy since the beginning of 1942. April 1942
15100 Report on Switzerland: trade agreements with Italian government; with Turkey; rationing; vital statistics for first ten months of 1941; large electrification program anticipated at end of war; detailed account of the Swiss grain situation; bread not rationed; Swiss paper requirements; increase of farm salaries. April 1942
15165 FBI to Donovan regarding activities of Axis individuals in Peru. April 1942; see also 15166 FBI to Donovan regarding conditions in Peru. April 1942; 17684 Distribution of Enemy and other Agents in Peru. 19 pp. February 1942; 28332 Report on Axis influence and activities in Peru. 5 pp. January 1943; 55374 Review and analysis of the political situation in Peru. 6 pp. November 1941
15178 Summaries of economic relations between Switzerland and the Axis and the United States, the general characteristics of the Swiss economy, extent of collaboration with the Axis, and recommendations for an adjustment of United States trade policy towards Switzerland, including quotas on Swiss imports and a list of Swiss commodities to be bargained for. April 1942; see also 15866 Letter and memo on the financial problems involved in current Anglo-Swiss negotiations for mutual supplies and a new war trade agreement. 4 pp. April 1942; see also 15930 Report entitled "Anglo-Swiss Economic Discussions." It deals with Switzerland's economic relations with the United States and many other countries, both occupied and unoccupied. Several charts listing Switzerland's imports and exports to and from other countries. April 1942; 18340 Report on Anglo-American discussions with the Swiss relating to the present war trade negotiations. Minutes of the meeting; proposed amendments to the Anglo-Swiss Trade Agreement. 19 pp. June 1942; see also 18517 (5 pp. June 1942) and 18518 (3 pp. June 1942) on the Anglo-Swiss-American trade negotiations. 3 pp. June 1942; 18682 Import quotas to be offered to the Swiss trade delegation. 13 pp. July 1942; 22322 Information on economic relationship of Switzerland to the Axis, present United States policy on exports to Switzerland, Swiss trade with the United States, Swiss trade with the Axis, recommended quotas for Swiss imports from overseas sources, and Swiss commodities which might be bargained for. 31 pp. April 1942
15205 FBI to Donovan reporting efforts of German soldiers to acquire gold in Greece. April 1942
15353 Consideration of Swiss quota for oils and fats for soap-making. April 1942
15413 Report on Germany, including information on foreign laborers, wartime business of German insurance companies, etc. April 1942
15537 FBI to Donovan discussing Germans being able to censor mail from United States to Switzerland being carried on the Spanish air line Liberia. April 1942
15649 FBI to Donovan, with memo entitled "Axis Consuls in Honduras." April 1942; see also 16105 FBI to Donovan regarding control of Axis activities in Honduras. 2 pp. May 1942
15784 Report Swiss inability to export their food products. 2 pp. April 1942
15791 Brief bulletin, photostated, on the air shipment of gold from Africa to France. 20% allotment to Switzerland for the Bank of France; the rest is destined for the Axis powers. Polish intelligence report, thru the Coordinator of Information. Mar. 1942; see also 15927 Shipments of gold made to France from Algiers. 4 pp. April 1942
15947 Ministry of Economic Warfare Intelligence Weekly Report No. 6 for the week ending March 19, 1942, provides information on mass migration caused by Germany's effort to maintain the labor supply of her war machine. Conflict in Switzerland between the democratic sympathies of the population and the assistance which has to be rendered to Germany in order to relieve internal economic difficulties and to avoid prejudicing Swiss neutrality. 6 pp. April 1942
16091 20,000 Germans said to be in Basel, Switzerland. 1 p. May 1942
16097 FBI to Donovan containing a report on Portugal, Spain, France, and Switzerland. Report provides information of Swiss economic relations with Germany and policy of political neutrality. 15 pp. May 1942
16220 Information on various subjects including Switzerland's production of war materials for Germany, particularly magnetos. 2 pp. December 1941
16240 Report on psychological and sociological information on Switzerland; also information on exports and imports, and finance generally. Also description of relations with Germany and Italy. April 1942
16241 Measures to be taken against espionage and sedition in order for Switzerland to maintain her strictly neutral attitude in the war. Import and export figures for March 1942, and import and export articles. Trade with Turkey will depend on existing conditions. The ten-year plan for the building of hydroelectric plants has been accepted by the Bundesrat. 2 pp. April 1942; see also 23112 Information on the program of hydroelectric expansion in Switzerland. 5 pp. October 1942
16283 FBI to Donovan on evasion of regulations of the Nazi Government on price control and inflation. 1 p. May 1942
16603 Report containing information on German orders for guns and fuzes placed in Switzerland. 6 pp. May 1942; see also 16736 Ministry of Economic Warfare (MEW) Weekly Armaments Report for week ending April 25, 1942, dealing with various issues including production of guns and fuzes in Switzerland for Axis account. 7 pp. May 1942; see also 18531 MEW Weekly Armaments Report for week ending June 13, 1942, dealing with Axis orders. 5 pp. June 1942
16611 Miscellaneous information on Germany, including Jewish workers. 5 pp. April 1942
16653 Report on correspondence between the United States and German Occupied Territories, providing information on relations between German and American firms and individuals, apparently compiled from censorship. 56 pp. January 1942
16851 Articles from Swiss press (in German) on food conservation in Europe. Jan.-Feb. 1942
16907 Notes on agriculture in Switzerland, markets and prices, economic relations between France and Switzerland, and commodity shortages in Switzerland. 3 pp. May 1942
16979 Excerpts from a letter from Lucerne, Switzerland dated April 8, 1942, concerning conditions in Switzerland and Germany, relations between Switzerland and United Kingdom, and German morale. 3 pp. May 1942
17174 Report on German economic controls, distribution, and requirements. 34 pp. June 1942
17181 Information on the situation in Italy. 26 pp. June 1942
17185 Brief digest of intelligence from returning diplomats covering German control in Portugal, the Spanish Blue Division (Note 67), German morale, Greek food shortage, German control of Hungary, and subversive activity in France. 7 pp. June 1942
17229 Trade agreements-enemy and occupied territories up to August 15, 1941. 18 pp. June 1942
17234 Canton of Uri, Switzerland, loses 7,000 head of cattle that may have been poisoned. 2 pp. May 1942
17235 Extracts from the Bulletin of the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York, concerning political information in Switzerland, subversive activity, commodity shortage, agriculture, army, and labor. 5 pp. May 1942
17302 Brief biographical notes on 17 Swiss Army officers. 4 pp. June 1944; see also 55744 Biographical sketches of enemy and neutral military personages. 30 pp. Jan. 1944; 56857 Biographical notes on Russian, Bulgarian, Finnish, German, French, and Swiss Army personages. 50 pp. January 1944; 77428 Intelligence report on 14 Swiss Army officers. 4 pp. June 1944; 79749 Series of biographical sketches of Finnish, Swiss, and German military personalities. 38 pp. June 1944
17463 German War Law, Third Supplement, March 1940. 126 pp. June 1942
17496 Germans using Swiss rolling stock-German lubricating oil shortage. April 1942
17505 Speech of Dr. Eduard von Steiger [Swiss Minister of Justice and Police] on the subject of measures the Swiss government is taking on espionage by Germans and Swiss nationals in the pay of Germany. 2 pp. May 1942
17526 Copy of Swiss press articles (in German) about European agriculture, European commodities, and the conservation of such supplies. February-March 1942
17773 Report on labor and population in Bolivia, France, Great Britain, Japan, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and the USSR. Specific mention is made of finance in Germany, population in Switzerland, and forced labor in Russia. 9 pp. May 1942
17801 Miscellaneous report from Switzerland including the following information: International Red Cross Committee expenses have been covered by contributions from various governments; additional grants were made for the completion of the electrification of the Furka-Oberalp Railway; the 1941 agricultural report shows figures for hay, grain, potatoes, and fruit. 3 pp. June 1942
17802 Report on conditions in Switzerland including excess number of births over deaths in 1940 and 1941 by a total of over 37,000; 1,000 children from occupied France have arrived in Switzerland; silk, rayon, metal, machine, and watch industries report favorable business. Employment figures for 1929 and 1939 are given. 3 pp. May 1942
17841 Swiss and Austrian press excerpts, photostated, concerning agriculture and related information throughout Europe. 4 pp. Nov.-December 1941, March-April 1942
17849 Notes on the children's section of the Swiss Red Cross caring for children of other countries by send vitamins, medicine, milk products, and contributions; a years' prolonged of short-term bank credits with Germany concluded. Coal import from Germany must be regarded as satisfactory. 2 pp. June 1942
17889 Notes on supervision of Swiss passport and customs officials by German civilians; ban on export of medical supplies attributed to German pressure; attitudes of German-Swiss and French-Swiss, and of the Swiss press; sentences for subversion more severe for Swiss than for German citizens; food situation deterioration; efforts of Swiss Government to transport through Spain supplies from Portugal. 2 pp. May 1942
18181 Copy of a letter from the President of the Association of Professional Bankers in Paris, France, Roger Lehideux, concerning the action taken by the German Military Administration, on property, funds, and securities belonging to Americans in the Occupied Zone. 6 pp. January 1942
18243 Memo concerning the German grain markets during the last half of May 1942. 5 pp. June 1942
18266 FBI to Donovan memo entitled "European Situation." Conditions seem to indicate that an invasion of Spain, as a prelude to an attack on Gibraltar, is an Axis plan for the near future. Italian troops concentrated near the French border to give Pierre Laval (Note 68) support with his people for cooperating with Germany, and to invade Spain. 3 pp. July 1942
18291 Swiss economic delegation has gone to Rome, Italy, to adjust matters after Italy announced the termination of the January 1935 agreement due to present conditions. Food rations will be lowered due to large amount vegetables and fruit. Lead, zinc, cooper, and nickel deposits in Switzerland will be exploited more than ever now. About one-third of the increase agricultural acreage program has been completed. 2 pp. June 1942
18520 Report on blockade running between Germany and the Far East; German industry and raw material; the speeding up of recruitment of foreign workers; and related subjects. 17 pp. June 1942
18563 Report discussing the possibility of Chile and Argentina acting as mediators in bringing about a peace between the belligerent countries. 2 pp. March 1942
18636 "Foreign Labour in Germany." A paper summarizing information on occupation of civilian foreign workers in Germany; their approximate geographic distribution by nationalities. An appendix of statistical material, and a list of important factories employing foreign workers is given in Appendix II. 8 pp. September 1941
18698 Report from London to the effect that a powerful pro-Axis Fifth Column is being organized in Switzerland; has a plan of pretext for an invasion, and is ready to start activities at an appropriate time. Swiss Commanding General Guisan (Note 69) is believed to have substantiated this report in his recent statement. 1 p. July 1942; see also 18992 Report that Guisan believes a 5th column is being organized in Switzerland; Polish source believes invasion of Switzerland definitely decided upon. 3 pp. July-Oct. 1942; 20182 Report dated July 25, 1942, covering German designs on Switzerland and discussing periods of anxiety through which Switzerland has passed in the last three years, military preparations, and improbability of invasion. There are 150-200,000 Germans in Switzerland, of which 50,000 may be Fifth Columnists. 3 pp. Sept. 1942
18779 International air services in Switzerland. 1 p. June 1942
18835 Photostatic reports from F.A.M. Noelting, Switzerland, on the Rumanian rubber industry, French textile industry, and synthetic rubber industry in France. 4 pp. February 1942
18924 Report concerning shipping on the Rhine and Swiss imports. 1 p. May 1942
18947 Effect of scarcity of feeds on Swiss meat supply. 4 pp. July 1942; see also 19030 Conditions of the grain and other agricultural crops in Switzerland. 4 pp. July 1942; 19533 Notes dealing with the grain situation in Switzerland, bread consumption, cherry crop, mail service to France, textile rationing, livestock shortage and shortages of raw materials, coal and electricity in Switzerland. 4 pp. July 1942; 19904 Report on Switzerland giving information concerning milk deliveries in Apr. 1942, custom receipts, increased cost of raw materials, agriculture, and Swiss foreign trade in May 1942. 2 pp. Sept. 1942; 22509 Supply of Electricity in Switzerland. 5 pp. Sept. 1942
18974 Swiss trade in carbon black, lamp black, etc. Imports for 1936-1942 are given. 1 p. July 1942
19082 Report dealing with Swiss relations with the United States, markets and prices, wages, tobacco supplies, and minor economic information. 4 pp. July 1942
19112 Information concerning regulations, war industry, labor, food, bauxite, and methods of occupation by Germany, commodities in Belgium, food in Hungary, trade relations between Bulgaria and Germany, and petroleum in Rumania. 11 pp. May 1942
19131 Report on Axis shipping traffic to and from the Black Sea (excluding tankers) during 1941, especially the traffic between Turkey and enemy ports in the Black Sea. 6 pp. April 1942
19195 Description of war factories located in Germany and Switzerland which are vulnerable for air attack. 2 pp. August 1942
19276 Retail food prices in Great Britain, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Italy, and other European countries. 1 p. July 1942; see also 20394 Retail food prices for the United Kingdom, Germany, and all the European countries. 1 large page. July 1942; see also 22792 Food prices in relation to consumption in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Protectorate (Note 70), Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway, and covering consequences of the black market, food expenditures, rise in food prices, ration, food consumption in various countries, and changes in prices and expenditures. 17 pp. September 1942
19284 Information on the Reichswerke Hermann Goering. 14 pp. June 1942; see also 20760 Information on the Reichswerke Hermann Goering. 13 pp. August 1942; 40290 Report on the Hermann Goering Works as an instrument of Nazi economic penetration and consolidation. 24 pp. June 1943; 55006 Report on the Hermann Goering Works. 26 pp. June 1943; 58662 French notes on air raid damage in Germany, conditions for imported labor at the Hermann Goering factory in Berlin, Germany, etc. 6 pp. Feb. 1944; see also 67396 A report that there are about 170,000 Slovakian workers now employed in war industries in Germany. Most of these are on the payrolls of the Hermann Goering Concern. 1 p. March 1944; 82300 Notes and plans of the Goering aircraft plant at Watenstedt, Braunschweig. Discontent and mistreatment of foreign workers. German discontent, etc. 9 pp. December 1943
19301 Sweden's Agreements with Neutral and Enemy-Occupied Countries. Covers imports from and exports to Axis and neutral countries by Sweden as specified in her agreement of July 1, 1942. July 1942; see also 24746 The Enemy's Mercantile Marine Resources in Northern Waters on June 30, 1942. Also includes information on Swedish trade for the enemy. 21 pp. August 1942; 25170 Report on Swedish Trade with the Axis and the Allies. 28 pp. Nov. 1942; 27074 Review of Swedish shipping. 4 pp. Dec. 1942; 27361 Swedish-German Negotiations. 2 pp. December 1942; 28180 Information mostly relating to Swedish exports. Also included is information on Slovakian wood exports to Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium. 4 pp. October 1942
19302 Five memoranda regarding Axis traffic in supplies to and from Spain, Mediterranean and Atlantic ore trade, details on specific Axis importations, Portuguese trade with Germany. 16 pp. June-July 1942; see also 19797 Memorandum on enemy shipping, dealing with Spain, and Axis trade with Portugal. 3 pp. July 1942; 20540 Report on conditions in Spain and unoccupied France, particularly on traffic going across the border, largely destined for the Axis and on the German Army in France. 13 pp. August 1942; 21783 Reports from Spain on various matters, including shipments from Spain and Portugal to Germany and other countries and from Germany to Spain and Germany. 9 pp. October 1942
19313 Report on the intensification of cotton cultivation in Spain, on Spanish shipbuilding, rice culture, airplane construction, new industries, manganese production, and Spanish relations with Switzerland and Argentina. 2 pp. August 1942
19427 Enemy shipping to and from the Iberian Peninsula, concerning the shipment of ore, and information on supplies for Africa. 5 pp. July 1942
19534 Notes on a building fund to aid Swiss unemployed, Spanish-Swiss economic agreement, passenger traffic, income, working of iron ore mines in Switzerland, the mining industry employs 2,000, and interest in magnesium production. 4 pp. June 1942
19535 Notes dealing with the Swiss wholesale price index, cost of living index, imports, change of gasoline cars to use ersatz fuel, increase of Red Cross facilities over last war, reconstruction of Bern Railroad Station, gasoline tax revenue, embroidery export, cotton and woolen industries, numbers of people employed by the postal service and the telegraphic and telephone services. 4 pp. July 1942; see also 19539 Notes giving information on Switzerland with regards to politics, markets and prices, food conservation, commodity shortages, and industries in Switzerland. 3 pp. July 1942
19536 Notes on airplane producers in Switzerland; 25,000 Swiss workmen in Germany. 3 pp. July 1942
19538 Speech given by General Franco covering numerous issues, and pro-Axis statements. 3 pp. July 1942; see also 20175 Report concerning the Spanish's Government's efforts to influence public opinion towards the Axis. 1 p. September 1942
19805 Information concerning German commodities, European food, commodities, commodity shortages, agriculture, labor, finances, occupation of Europe by Germany. 22 pp. July- August 1942
19820 Report on the efforts of the Axis to make peace with the Vatican. 2 pp. August 1942; see also 23353 Report providing information on the Vatican's refusal to collaborate with the Nazis in the "re-establishment" of religion in the Ukraine, the effect of Pope Pius XII's neutrality upon the war effort, and religious topics. 11 pp. November 1942
19916 Swiss government is seeking new sources of revenue to cover the mobilization debt. 3 pp. August 1942
19952 Report on change of public opinion in Switzerland towards hope of an Allied victory, and information on German and Italian morale. 1 p. August 1942; see also 21723 Report made in August 1942, by a Swiss citizen dealing with the Swiss hopes for an English and American victory, expected hardships and commodity shortages. 1 p. Oct. 1942
19953 Report from Geneva, Switzerland, denouncing the attitude of Argentina, apparently towards the Axis. 2 pp. June 1942
19954 Report dealing with the failure of Laval in his relations with the Axis. 1 p. June 1942
20043 Report containing information on German orders for propellers in Switzerland, and related economic information. 11 pp. July 1942
20131 Summary of all available information concerning Spanish and Argentine shipping and consular collaboration with the Axis. 8 pp. July 1942
20184 Information covering German terrorism in Czechoslovakia; recruiting in Bern, Switzerland, for German defense industries; Sauckel's mission as Labor head of the Reich (Note 71); the Laval government's economic program; etc. 8 pp. March-June 1942
20187 FBI to Donovan regarding Max F. Veron, connected with the Swiss Legation in Caracas, Venezuela is alleged to be a dangerous Nazi. 1 p. August 1942
20284 Report on bad relations between foreign laborers and German population, by a Swiss who also discusses Swiss public opinion. 2 pp. August 1942
20327 Report that all Swiss males and females over 16 years of age can be called for spring planting and fall harvesting regardless of the type of work they are doing at the present. 2 pp. August 1942
20400 Notes on censorship extracts dealing with various subjects, including the Swiss Army. 4 pp. August 1942
20422 Strategic Resources and Routes in Algeria, including the flow of traffic to the Axis. 52 pp. June 1942
20550 Report concerning social insurance in Germany, and use of those funds for war purposes. 3 pp. September 1942
20608 Report on Antimony-Axis-Occupied and Neutral Europe. 13 pp. July 1942
20626 Ministry of Economic Warfare report concerning war material deliveries by the Swiss Oerlikon armaments firm to Germany and Italy during the period Mary 5-28, 1942. 6 pp. August 1942; see also 22078 Table of supplies of ammunition made by the Oerlikon works for Germany during June 1942, and data on specific Swiss industries working for Germany's war needs. 4 pp. Aug. 1942; 22423 Reports on Swiss exports to the Axis, July 3-28, 1942; on the officers, workers, and production of the Oerlikon armament and ammunition factory; on Germany food purchases in Switzerland; on Tavaro S.A. of Geneva making fuses for the Axis, and on deliveries of guns to Germany from the Oerlikon Works. 7 pp. June-Aug. 1942; 24629 Reports regarding supplies from Oerlikon Works in Switzerland for Germany, production of Anti-aircraft guns and ammunition was stopped due to lack of raw materials which are furnished by Germany. Information regarding Swiss war industry working for the Axis and the neutral countries, German purchases of food stuffs in Switzerland, Belgian Ford lorries fitted in Switzerland, appearance of new German tank wagons in Switzerland, a complete lack of German wagons during June and July, 1942, in Switzerland. Information regarding the Oerlikon Factory's personnel and production. 7 pp. Dec. 1942; 25259 Oerlikon, Switzerland, Factory production and deliveries to the Axis and satellites. 2 pp. Sept. 1942; 26572 Report regarding Swiss war industry, including list of material delivered by the Oerlikon Works to Germany in Sept. 1942; cancellation of leave permits for Swiss soldiers due on November 1942; Swiss soldiers being called up in increasing numbers; Germans exerting pressure on Switzerland to secure a maximum increase of transit railway traffic needed for German war material to Italy and to Germany from Italy-expected that Swiss will accept these German demands; strong German pressure to secure passage of German troop convoys through Switzerland to Italy expected; Swiss orders for strengthening of Swiss defense formations-- assumption that the Swiss not agree to the transit of German troops throughSwitzerlandd. The question of the occupation of Switzerland is being discussed in Germany. 2 pp. Oct.-Nov. 1942; 119639 Report on the production of munitions at the Oerlikon and Buhrle Works in Switzerland. 1 p. March 1945
20889 Report from Spain, on Axis ships at Vigo, including submarines. 2 pp. Sept. 1942
20963 Report of an investigation the Swiss capacity for producing syntheticfiberss. Production statistics of imports and exports for the years 1938 to 1942 are given. 3 pp. July 1942
20994 The oil supply position in Axis-Occupied Europe. 63 pp. July 1942; see also 21910 Report on the oil supply position in Axis-Occupied Europe. 63 pp. July 1942; 28166 Miscellaneous data regarding oil position in Axis and Axis-controlled countries. 4 pp. October 1942
21199 Report on sea and air transport between Japan and Axis Europe, and the effects of preclusive buying. 3 pp. September 1942
21200 Ministry of Economic Warfare statement to the press on Germany's economic position after three years of war, covering in particular labor and commodity shortage, the possibility of Germany breaking through the blockade and tying up with Japan, and related information. 3 pp. September 1942
21260 Portugal's transit trade in 1941 increase; Switzerland contributed more to the growth of this trade than any other country. 3 pp. September 1942
21391 Report from Polish intelligence concerning Switzerland and dealing with war industry working for Germany, production of aircraft for Germany, supplies for Germany and Rumania, use of Swiss transport for the Germans, war supplies for Germany and Italy. June-July 1942
21396 Report dealing mostly with Rumania and Hungary, but containing information on the purchase of armaments in Switzerland by Czechoslovakia. 12 pp. June-July 1942
21437 Report on Aluminum Correlations of Axis Supply and Demand for 1942 with Zinc, Copper, Magnesium , Lead, Stainless Steel, Tin, Gadmium, and Silver, Axis Occupied and Neutral Europe. Stocks, productions, consumption, substitution, and related facts are given with numerous figures and breakdowns. 9 pp. Nov. 1941; see also 21453 Report on Zinc in Germany, Axis-Occupied Europe, and Neutral Europe. 17 pp. Sept. 1941; 21454 Report on Cobalt in Germany, Axis-Occupied and Neutral Europe. 7 pp. Feb. 1942; 21455 Report on Tin in Germany, Axis-Occupied Europe, and Neutral Europe. 32 pp. Sept. 1941; 21456 Report on Nickel in Germany, Axis- Occupied Europe, and Neutral Europe. 22 pp. Sept. 1941; 21468 Report on Lead in Germany, Axis-Occupied Europe, and Neutral Europe. 16 pp. Sept. 1941; 21469 Report on Antimony in Germany, Axis-Occupied Europe, and Neutral Europe. 15 pp. Sept. 1941; 21470 Report on Aluminum in Germany, Axis-Occupied Europe, and Neutral Europe. 36 pp. Sept. 1941; 27908 Memorandum to go with the report on Cobalt. Covers production, consumption, stocks, principal war uses, refinery capacity, and sources. 1 p. October 1942
21464 A report on the German Motor Vehicle Industry, giving the number of vehicles in operation in Germany, rates of loss, productive capacity, industrial and labor requirements, and description of the motorcycle and tank industries, list of manufacturers and vulnerability of the industry. 55 pp. June 1942; see also 24646 Brief Outline of the German Motor Vehicle and Some of Its More Important Sources of Supply up to Sept. 1940; 52258 Report on some German automobile plants, giving types of shops comprising them together with area covered by these buildings, and an evaluation of the plants in Reichsmarks. Companies are listed. 6 pp. Nov. 1943; 55960 Information on location and products of five (listed) German plants manufacturing trucks and heavy automotive equipment. 1 p. Jan. 1944; 67702 List of motor vehicle manufacturers in Germany. This lists the various factories, production, capacity, and workers of Germany's motor vehicle manufacturers (named). March 1944; 84422 Report on assessment of production capacity of German automobile industry; information on number of vehicles in Germany in use for civilian purposes, for army uses, for air force uses; included are list of German factories with data on their automobile production. 6 pp. July 1944; 117753 Review of the development of the German Motor Vehicle industry. 17 pp. Mar. 1945; 118663 List of German motor vehicle and component manufacturers in Berlin, Germany, with particular products manufactured at each. 2 pp. Mar. 1945; 128394 The German motor vehicle industry in 1945, listing of plants, with locations, activities, and remarks on air raid damage. 15 pp. May 1945
21466 Index to European production of key machine tools, in Germany, Italy, occupied countries, Switzerland and Sweden. 46 pp. October 1942; see also 29883 Memorandum on importance of Swiss machine tools and precision instruments in European war economy. Germany gets the total Swiss exports of these tools, and relies almost entirely upon Switzerland for her supply of them. The most important tools are listed, with names of Axis factories (in Axis or occupied countries) which use them. Swiss manufacturers are mentioned. 10 pp. February 1943
21551 Report on North African economic conditions and sentiment. 10 pp. March 1942
21711 Report on shifting of industrial orders from Germany to factories in occupied territories of Europe. 12 pp. September 1942
21716 Report from Rome, Italy, July 1942, dealing with the visit to the Pope made by the Spanish Foreign Minister, and hints of a closer approach of Spain and Portugal to the Axis powers. 2 pp. October 1942
21737 Report on forced saving in Germany. Explanation of the parts played by price regulation, taxation, rationing, labor, covering the period 1933 to 1942. 37 pp. September 1942
21746 Switzerland's financial transactions on behalf of Germany and Axis countries; a study of Swiss finances and its necessary relations to Axis economy, including exchange, imports and exports, banking, and American dollars in Europe. 14 pp. March 1942
21780 Report regarding the movements of pyrite and other materials from Spain to Switzerland. 1 p. September 1942
21820 Report on a method of estimating production from balance sheets of German joint stock corporations. 21 pp. September 1942
21902 Notes on Switzerland expending 400,000,000 francs for benefits up to the present time in this war. A table is included showing retail price changes in Zurich. Stocks are dwindling, coal rations are to be reduced, the number of radios has increased and the grape harvest is good. Swiss soldiers have been exhorted to do their utmost in their duty to their country. 3 pp. September 1942
21954 Report, dated August 8, 1942, on the situation in Germany concerning such things as the morale, the Gestapo (Note 72), high rising prices, Jews, etc. 9 pp. Oct. 1942; see also 26736 Extracts from letters regarding German black market, the Gestapo, increased discouragement, labor and income, bank accounts flourishing because of commodity shortage, war industry in Alsace, etc. 4 pp. October 1942
21963 Report dated October 1, 1942, regarding conditions in Berlin, Germany. Morale is not good, account of arrest of Jews because of an explosion in Berlin and shooting 250 in the presence of leaders of the Jewish communities, etc. 3 pp. October 1942
22002 Information on Nuernberger Schraubem Fabrik. 5 pp. August 1942
22029 Swiss mining industry and war economy. 4 pp. September 1942
22031 Swiss Federal railways. 3 pp. September 1942
22044 Report on the decrease in the number of cattle in Switzerland during the second quarter of 1942, dependency on Germany for coal supplies, Switzerland's transportation problem, food, unemployment, and other economic conditions. 3 pp. September 1942
22045 Report containing a list as of December 31, 1938, of the largest German and Austrian corporations arranged in descending order according to capital. 5 pp. Sept. 1942
22086 Information concerning the supply of Rumanian grain to Germany and Italy, and transportation and shipping in Rumania. 2 pp. June-July 1942; see also 26254 Report dated December 23, 1942, on German debt to Rumania. Germany is draining Rumania without supplying in exchange the much needed machinery and war materials. 1 p.
22095 Information concerning French North Africa, mainly economic and industrial, and information about German dependence on Swiss currencies at the disposal of the Reichsbank for the purchase of raw materials and war equipment. 5 pp. August 1942
22117 Notes regarding business in Switzerland, future prospects for various industries, acquisition of new and improved land, improvements planned for unemployed, restrictions on businesses, increase in agricultural employment, and additional points for ration cards. 3 pp. September 1942
22129 Report dealing with conditions in Austria, including economic situation of the workers. 3 pp. October 1942
22202 Notes in a Chile newspaper on German morale, persecution of the Jews, etc., in Germany and food shortages, etc., in Italy. 4 pp. February 1943
22238 German members of Peat Import Corporation. 4 pp. September 1942
22270 Information on Stanley Works GmbH, Germany. 4 pp. August 1942; see also 22643 Information on Stanley Works GmbH. 4 pp. August 1942
22325 Information on measures taken and contemplated by Venezuela to curb activities of Germany, Italy, and Japan, or nationals of those countries. 2 pp. December 1941
22421 Cargo of tin, destined for Germany but financed through Switzerland, is at Bayonne. Swiss banking firms which act as intermediaries are named. 1 p. August 1942
22508 Efforts of the City of Zurich, Switzerland, to increase area under cultivation in order to produce more home-grown food. 3 pp. September 1942
22538 Report containing information regarding allocation of foreign workers in Germany, method of employment in the factories, wages, social insurance, taxations, hours of work, contracts, restrictions on change of employment, absenteeism and breaking of contracts, living conditions, restrictions on movement, foreign works in agriculture, and prisoners of war, their working conditions and wages. 7 pp. October 1942
22577 Report of an interview with Siegbert Littauer who was a director of the Wolf Netter & Jacobi Werke in Berlin, Germany, for 15 years and who escaped from a concentration camp in France in 1941. Information regarding German steel plants, etc., is provided. 4 pp. May 1942
22629 Compulsory surrender of tires and tubes in Switzerland. 3 pp. October 1942
22854 Information concerning Croatia and Slovakia--purchase of armaments in Switzerland. 1 p. July 1942
22865 Information concerning Switzerland's war industry-report on various plants in Switzerland including number of workers, types of material manufactured, type and quantity of supplies sent to Germany and Italy. 9 pp. May 1942
22914 Notes on dealing with economic conditions in Switzerland, including methods of meeting shortages in various commodities. 3 pp. October 1942
22974 Reconstruction and Expansion of Industry in German-Occupied, Controlled and Allied Countries-Supplement I. 8 pp. October 1942; see also 26151 for similiar information. 7 pp. October 1942
22988 Report from Switzerland states that 30 German soldiers from a division ordered to Russia had deserted and escaped to Switzerland. 2 pp. See also 25150 Report regarding of German officers and men deserting from France and going into Switzerland where they are interned. 3 pp. October-November 1942; 51004 Report that German soldiers are said to be fleeing to Switzerland for internment. 2 pp. December 1943
23066 Franco-Swiss Alcohol (for Swiss Army)-Condensed Milk (for French children) barter. 3 pp. October 1942; see also 23108 Report on the proposed exchange of Swiss milk for French alcohol. 2 pp. October 1942
23087 During the week commencing August 3, and ending August 10, 1942, 231 trains with coal for Italy and 26 trains of coal for Switzerland passed through Basel. 1 p. August 1942
23090 Information pertaining to war supplies for Italy from Switzerland, manufacture of guns for Italy, passage of war supplies through Switzerland from Germany destined for Italy, passage of coal trains through Switzerland from Germany to Italy, and arrival of coal trains from Germany intended for Switzeland. 2 pp. July-August 1942
23091 The German SS (Note 73) purchasing of foodstuffs and goods in Switzerland and Spain. Additional information on Spanish and Swiss dealings with Germany. 1 p. August 1942
23111 Examination of means used and extent of control gained by the Axis in the banking systems of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Rumania. 12 pp. October 1942
23209 Report that the management of Fascio of Geneva, Switzerland, asked for volunteers to go to Italy and of the 2,000 members of the group only 21 persons volunteered. 1 p. September 1942
23295 Reports covering German war industries, Germany's iron and steel supply, German morale, food supply and markets and prices. 5 pp. September 1942
23293 Eighteen reports covering German military activities, including military policy regarding Africa, Italy, Switzerland (espionage in the latter). 26 pp. August-October 1942
23318 Report on the activities of an anti-Nazi German in Geneva, Switzerland, who operates under the name "Rudy." 15 pp. October 1942
23370 Report on Norway's power and nitrate plants, including information on ownership of Norsk Hydro by a Swiss holding company for the German I.G. Farben. 23 pp. June 1942
23381 Information about Standard Electrica S.A. transaction with French, Belgium, and German International Telephone and Telegraph for the supply of telephone material to Spain. 5 pp. May 1942
23420 Weekly Notes on Current Economic Information. Includes information on secrecy in corporate reports in Germany, German exploitation of Russian areas, German policy toward French industry, Japanese exploitation of Burman, etc. 10 pp. November 1942
23450 Information regarding preclusive purchasing program in the Near East. 37 pp. Aug. 1942
23470 Translation of an article on Germany which appeared in a weekly news sheet printed in Bern, Switzerland, on September 28, 1942, about conditions in Germany. 3 pp. November 1942
23517 Confidential Report-Observations in South America, November-December 1940. 67 pp. November 1942
23537 Interview with former American directors of the Opel Werke, Germany. Covers the production of motors, labor supply, technological factors, and the conservation of clothing, military conditions, and German occupation of Belgium. 27 pp. Jan.1942; see also 28426 Report on Opel Plant of General Motors Corporation at Brandenburg, Germany. This supplies army trucks for the German Army. The plant and its products are briefly described. 4 pp. Aug. 1942; 28541 Supplement to report on Opel Russelsheim plant in Germany-interview with William J. Epstein to find out what airplane parts are manufactured there. Tools from Fokker in Amsterdam and from Swiss and other German factories. Epstein not very specific. 3 pp. Feb. 1943; 37336 Report on Opel Works, Russelheim. Its general history is given; buildings are identified in a list; the gas an water supplies are described; transportation facilities are indicated; a table is given of the plant's gas consumption; vulnerable objectives are listed. 9 pp. May 1943; 50809 Report on Automotive Transmission and Steering Gear Industries in Germany. This is largely in the hands of two companies (named), although Opel and Ford make their own transmission equipment. 11 pp. Nov. 1943; 51185 Report on Opel Truck Works, Brandenburg. Location, layout, production, equipment, and distribution of products are given. 3 pp. Dec. 1943; 86696 Information on the Russelheim area of Germany, giving special note to the Opel Plant, car manufacturers. 3 pp. July 1944; 109825 Bomb damage at the Opel plant, Russelheim. 1 p. Nov. 1944; 115268 Manual for Economic Investigation of Opel, Brandenburg, Germany. 9 pp. Feb. 1945; 118664 Report concerning the effect of the loss of the Greater Berlin area on the German motor transport supply situation, with notes on production at Daimler-Benz, Opel, and Bussing-NAG factories. 2 pp. March 1945; 118987 Information on the Adam Opel A.G. Werke, Brandenburg. 1 p. March 1945; 126731 Report on an inspection of the Opel works at Russelsheim. 1 p. April 1945; 132487 Intelligence notes on Adam Opel of Russelsheim, and other commercial concerns. 7 pp. April 1945; 135515 Report on Adam Opel A.G. Russelheim. 5 pp. June 1945
23545 Current report on the German Transportation Situation. 37 pp. Oct. 1942; see also 28491 Report dealing with transportation problems in Germany and occupied-Europe. 6 pp. December 1943
23621 German Tractor Manufacturers and Confidential Report August 13, 1942, International Harvester Company (German Tractor Manufacturers). 11 pp. August 1942
23632 Summary of report of the Societe Anonyme pour l'Industrie de l'Aluminium, providing information on the expansion of the company's factories, extent of exploiting bauxite in France, Italy, and Croatia, and general picture of the aluminum production at the company's various plants. 2 pp. October 1942
23708 Conditions of grain and other agricultural crops in Switzerland. 4 pp. Oct. 1942; see also 23891 Switzerland worries about its daily bread. 5 pp. Oct. 1942; 23964 Translation of article from National Zeitung, Basel Switzerland, providing information on commodity rationing and shortages. 4 pp. Oct. 1942; 23729 Translated copies of various lectures pertaining to Swiss agricultural policies, food stocks and requirements, labor resources (both obligatory and otherwise), with allusions to Swiss- European relations. 91 pp. September 1941
23755 Information Affecting Enemy Deficiency: German Europe and the Far East-No. 3. Report based on intercepts giving the following information: Iran exports cotton to the Axis, Switzerland is intermediary for Axis tin imports, Spanish mercury and soap are being shipped to Germany, Mozambique has stores of German cotton, Sweden has an abundant supply of wool, German iron ore shortages are being replenished from Ukrainian mines and sulphuric acids by France. There is a shortage of antimony and industrial diamonds in Germany; pulp transport from Balearic Isles considered of great importance. 6 pp. October 1942; see also 26566 Report concerning Axis pressure in Spain to allow them full use of the Balearic Islands. 1 p. January 1943
23806 Quotation of a cablegram telling of coal shortage in Germany with corresponding increase in hours of mining; also changes in wages. 1 p. November 1942
23809 Report regarding Portuguese-Spanish relations vis a vis the Axis. 1 p. November 1942
23840 Report on Switzerland's foreign trade, including a summary of Swiss foreign trade 1938- 1942, import trends, export trends, changes, Swiss foreign trade by commodity groups, methods of German economic pressure, etc. 41 pp. November 1942; see also 25162 Maximum potential contribution of Swiss industry to the Axis, covering supply of labor, pattern of Swiss war-time production, Swiss trade with European Axis, migration of Swiss labor to Germany and Swiss exports. 13 pp. October 1942
23901 Intercepted messages indicate considerable activity on the part of firms in Switzerland in the purchase of raw materials abroad, especially in the Iberian Peninsula, which apparently are ultimately destined to Axis territory. 14 pp. October 1942
24089 Report on food prices in relation to consumption for the United Kingdom, Germany, the Protectorate, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway. 4 pp. October 1942; see also 27806 Food Consumption in German Europe. 23 pp. Jan. 1943
24093 Economic Warfare (Black List) (Note 74) Series No. 92. Detailed report. 11 pp. October. 1942
24121 Information concerning Swiss deliveries of aluminum to Germany with a list of the German companies receiving them. 2 pp. December 1942
24142 A report prepared early in October 1942, illustrative of German finance, markets, and prices in relation to the stagnation of the German stock exchange. 1 p. Nov. 1942
24146 Price problem in German-European trade. 3 pp. November 1942
24156 Information concerning Spanish Embassy activities, Santiago, Chile, principally redoubled use of the Embassy for transmittal of Axis cables; instructions to Spanish nationals in Chile in the belief that Chilean-Axis relations will soon be broken. 1 p. October 1942; see also 24159 Information that the Spanish Embassy, consulates, and officials in Chile provide communication facilities for Axis agents. 1 p. October 1942
24194 Report containing information on magnesium production in France and Switzerland. 12 pp. November 1942
24195 News report dealing with Swiss food conditions, rations, clearing agreements, retail cigar prices, cement production, coal imports, electricity, housing and radio owners and listeners. 4 pp. Nov. 1942; see also 24376 Notes on Switzerland, including number of unemployed, wage increases in the building industries, labor laws, increase in hotel guests, the refugee problem, meat rationing, increase in the personnel of the Swiss Federal Railways, truck imports from Portugal, the number of emigrants, and the increased production of certain food stuffs. 2 pp. Nov. 1942; 25013 Notes on Swiss refugee problem, finance, agriculture, control of electricity, treason cases, the new Japanese ambassador in Bern, defense costs, and a table of figures for the Dec. 1, 1941 census. 3 pp. Nov. 1942; 25633 Report covering the situation in Switzerland, including such things as Swiss newspapers reaction to German control, railway traffic for September 1942, Swiss foreign trade shortages of milk, food rationing and coal production figures. 3 pp. November 1942
24336 United States efforts to obtain samples and data on German Ersatz products in Switzerland. 2 pp. October 1942
24366 Brief report on German economic activities in Switzerland, giving the rate of exchange at which the Germans offered French francs for Swiss on November 19, 1942. Names of Germans are included. 1 p. November 1942
24384 Report on the daily worries of Germans. 6 pp. December 1942
24446 Report on conditions in Latvia during September 1942, with information on labor service in Germany. 5 pp. October 1942
24475 Interview with Erwin Spiegel, who was formerly a hardware merchant in Switzerland in which details are included concerning companies from which he bought his goods such as sheet metal and machine tools. 4 pp. October 1942
24489 Summary of articles in German economic journals, giving author's name, title of material, and a resume of subject matter. 18 pp. August 1942
24508 Axis Activities in Western Mediterranean up to August 1941. 1 p. August 1942
24538 Information on the morale of the German people, propaganda, and insurance. 2 pp. November 1941
24619 Information concerning Germany, including textile industry and shortages; war industries; economic shortages; labor shortages; raw materials shortage; specific companies; transportation difficulties; steel industry in Poland and companies involved; trade between Germany and Italy via Switzerland and Brenner, giving Italian imports and exports; etc. 27 pp. November 1941-October 1942
24632 French, German information, including financial negotiations through Switzerland, labor recruiting for Germany. 15 pp. August 1942
24661 A source in Bern, Switzerland, dated October 31, 1942, gives information on various issues, including delay in importation of French workers to Germany, economic conditions in Switzerland, and the generally good morale there. 3 pp. November 1942
24669 Report consists of a translation of an article in the Swiss newspaper Der Bund, October 20, 1942, concerned with German efforts to establish the Reichsmark as the standard European currency. Discussion of debts and exchange difficulties of Germany and complicated European monetary exchange system, resulting in great confusion. 3 pp. November 1942
24808 Report concerning the situation in Malaga, Spain, as of early October 1942. Includes information on the cancellation of olive oil contract with the United States as a result of Axis protests. 2 pp. December 1942
24873 Study on the "European Photographic Industry." 9 pp. October 1942; see also 30081 Report on Eastman Kodak's four manufacturing plants in Axis Europe (two in Germany, one each in France and Hungary). 3 pp. April 1942; 37159 Report on photographic paper. 6 pp. May 1943
24884 Report on Lombardo Toledano's answers to all Axis arguments concerning the break of Latin American diplomatic relations with the Axis. 3 pp. October 1942
24919 Report giving information on economic conditions in Mozambique, strengthening of her hold on Mozambique market by Portugal, importance of the port of Mozambique, important of transit trade, German interests, Swiss purchases, intercept information indicating that shipments of raw materials proceeding from Mozambique to Portugal are actually the property of Axis interests, offer of commodities to Allied Countries, political feeling, port of Lourenco Marques, ships in port, population, economy of Mozambique, foreign trade, communication facilities, agricultural production, etc. 15 pp. Dec. 1942; see also 26779 Report regarding activities of various enemy agents in Portuguese East Africa. 3 pp. Oct. 1942; 29826 Report on attitude of Mozambique towards the Allies and Axis. 1 p. Jan. 1943; 36043 Reports on Portuguese East Africa, including Axis activities in Mozambique. 15 pp. Apr. 1943; 42724 Information on Mozambique. 5 pp. Sept. 1943; 43406 Report listing Portuguese and other nationals in Mozambique who are known to be or who are suspected of being sympathetic to the Axis cause. Biographical data given. 3 pp. June 1943; 43410-43411 Information regarding Mozambique, including information regarding pro-Allied and pro-Axis factions. 3 pp. Apr. 1943; 45449 Activities of Axis residents of Northern Portuguese East Africa. 6 pp. September 1943
24983 Report on specific cargo shipments from French North Africa and West Africa into French Mediterranean ports. 10 pp. November 1942
25005 Pro-Axis Activity in Angola. 1 p. Oct. 1942; see also 25405 Incomplete List of German Residents in Angola. 14 pp. Oct. 1942; 25619 Report on miscellaneous information of West Africa, including Angola. 11 pp. Nov. 1942; 46685 Report on the activities of the Axis powers in the Foreign-Owned areas of the West Coast of Africa. 7 pp. June 1943
25139 Report on Germany's inter-continental debt situation, giving balance figures for Germany with Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and South East Europe, with explanatory notes. 3 pp. December 1942
25241 List of shipments, October 10-19, 1942, (in Spanish) by gross weight from Portugal to Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, and Bohemia via Irun, Spain. Dec. 1942; see also 25943 Report from Spain, dated December 4, 1942, regarding shipments by rail from Portugal to Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain, and shipments from Germany and Spain to Portugal, listing remitters of goods. 4 pp.
25269 Weekly Notes on Current Economic Information. Includes information on extension of Japanese banking and insurance into Malaya and Sumatra, Japanese exploitation of other occupied territories, German casualty figures, German replacement of copper wire with steel; property seizure in Belgium, France, and Rumanian; industry and German contracts, transfer of French refining equipment to the Ukraine, etc. 7 pp. December 1942
25324 Information on German material available in New York office of the Military Intelligence Service. 24 pp. November 1942
25360 Information on types of power and the exporting of power from Austria and Switzerland to Germany. 1 p. November 1942
25502 Report covering collaboration of Satellite Axis powers, especially Balkan and Mediterranean countries, military objectives in Southeastern Europe stressing Axis oil supply sources, chiefly Rumanian. 18 pp. November 1942
25573 Switzerland's position in light of the German occupation of Unoccupied France. Swiss opinion on Axis military status; preparation of Swiss Army; tightened control over Axis nationals; increased economic dependence on Germany. 1 p. November 1942
25638 Report on Iskenderun, Turkey. Relations with the United Kingdom Germany, Italy, the United States, and Greece are summarized, noting subversive Axis activities. 15 pp. November 1942
25727 List of German factories, employing French workmen, working on orders for the German Navy. 4 pp. October 1942
25760 Elimination of Nazi-Inspired Laws in Algiers and Morocco. 7 pp. November 1942
25809 Report on the situation in Tangier. 1 p. December 1942
25869 Summary of all known enemy imports of ores, metals, and ferro-alloys from neutral European countries, Jan.-Nov. 1942. 6 pp. Dec. 1942; see also 26500 Table showing Axis imports of ores, metals, and ferro-alloys from Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and French North Africa, giving tonnage and routes for shipments of Aug.-Nov. 1942. 7 pp. Dec. 1942; 26931 Enemy imports of ores, metals, and ferro alloys, Jan.-Nov. 1942, with a series of tables listing commodities, country of origin, route by which imported, and quantity for each month. 6 pp. Dec. 1942; 27042 Estimate of the amount of iron ore obtained from French North Africa. 3 pp. Dec. 1942; 27801 Axis imports of iron ore from Africa are cut off; those from neutral countries have declined. This decline coincides with increased steel demand. 3 pp. December 1942