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"Regular" Intelligence Reports (Entry 16)

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Name and Subject Indexes to the "XL" and "L" Series [Entries 19, 21] (Entry 17)

These card indexes are arranged in three subseries (persons, countries or geographic areas, and subjects), each thereunder arranged alphabetically. The entries within each subseries follow the same numerical classification scheme as described for the name and subject indexes to the "regular" intelligence reports; the format and content of the card indexes also remains the same. Boxes 1-120

Box # Topics
1-10 Names of individuals and companies
11-16 Subjects
16-120 Countries
19 Argentina
20-21 Austria
21 Axis
22-23 Belgium
24-25 Bulgaria
33 Czechoslovakia
34 Denmark
36 Finland
36-43 France
43-65 Germany
70-71 Hungary
74-78 Italy
87 Liechtenstein
87 Luxembourg
90-92 Netherland
94 Norway
96-97 Poland
97-98 Portugal
98-100 Rumania
100-103 Russia
104-107 Spain
108 Sweden
108-109 Switzerland
111-112 Turkey
117 Vatican

Card Abstracts of Intelligence Reports ("regular," "L," and "XL" series) Relating to
Conditions and Events in European Countries 1942-1945 (Entry 24)

These card indexes are arranged by original dissemination number of report, which merely identify the internal OSS dissemination numbers for CID reports. Boxes 1-23

Formerly Security-Classified Intelligence Reports ("XL" Series) 1941-46 (Entry 19)

Similar in content to the "regular reports" (entry 16), this series is also arranged numerically (XL 1-51,494, with gaps), with some unnumbered documents appended to the end of the series. "XL" denoted more limited distribution than that governing "regular" intelligence reports: OSS staff members could borrow "XL" documents for use, but members of other agencies could not. The wide range of intelligence content, however, matches that of the principal series of intelligence reports, with the possible addition of more data for the 1945-1946 period. The distinguishing characteristic of this series lies in the large number of captured German documents, most of which constitute original copies.
Boxes 1-263, 265-470
Boxes 264, 471-474

Files identified below are based on a review of the index cards for Switzerland; the banking and insurance segments for both Germany and Italy; and "econoic." i.e., economic intelligence, as well as the first A-Z name portion of the index.

XL # File Title or Subject
833Civil Affairs Handbook for Germany. ca. 3,000 pp. May 1944
841Gestapo activity in southern France, including anti-Jewish activity. 18 pp. June 1944
873Information concerning Gestapo control of Hungarian Jews, Polish Jews are deported from Hungary to Poland, and other matters. 5 pp. June 1944
889Notes on the functions, and operations of Allied, American, and British intelligence agencies in London, England. Information on the organization of German government agencies concerned with the control and planning of war production. 28 pp. July 1944
986Information on method used by Germans to gain laborers from France for Germany, etc. 2 pp. July 1944
1063Information on various French-related subjects, including German importation of hungry Belgian and Dutch workers at French airfields. 6 pp. September 1943
1064Information about the Mannesman Tube Works. 3 pp. July 1944
1079An estimate of non-Jewish refugees from Poland in Iran, Palestine, India, Mexico, and Switzerland. 7 pp. July 1944
1099Interrogation of Albert Speer (1st session) about German economic planning before his secession to Todt's position and subsequent reorganization measures under Speer. 4 pp. June 1945; see also XL 16084 Information by Speer on the last days of the German Reich at the end of April 1945. 3 pp. July 1945; XL 16693 Information on labor supply in Germany during the war, as given by Speer. 7 pp. August 1945: XL 16742-16744 Interrogations of Speer. ca. 400 pp. May-June 1945; XL 17139 Interrogation of Speer concerning the Organization Todt. 3 pp. August 1945; XL 17220 Interrogation of Speer. 3 pp. June 1945; XL 17234 Interrogation of Speer on politicians and politics in Nazi Germany. 29 pp. August 1945; XL 17552 Report containing information from interrogations of Speer and others of the Reich Ministry for Armaments and War Production. Included is information on Organization Todt, labor issues, etc. 40 pp. June 1945; XL 17562 Report containing information from interrogations of Speer and others regarding production planning, etc. 10 pp. July 1945; 17553 Interrogation of Speer in regard to collaboration of the Central Labor Control Division of the Central Bureau with the Labor Ministry and the German Labor Front. 7 pp. July 1945; XL 17555-17556, 17559 Interrogations of Speer covering war production in Germany, the Ministry of Armaments and War Production, policies, SS in industry, etc. 19 pp. June 1945; XL 17561 Interrogation of Speer regarding personnel of his ministry. 10 pp. June 1945 XL 18738 Interrogation of Speer on German war production, especially in German-occupied countries. 9 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 18753 Interview with Speer on Nazi foreign policy and military leadership. 17 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 19872 Intelligence Report on the examination of Speer and others regarding the German motor vehicle industry during the war. 9 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 20261 Intelligence Report on the examination of Speer and members of the Reich Ministry of Armaments and War Production. 7 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 21908 Interrogation of Speer concerning Hitler. 27 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 22959 Interrogation of Speer about possible use of poison gas, last meeting with Hitler, etc. 29 pp. Oct. 1945
1144 Extracts from prisoner interrogation in Italy about German atrocities at concentration camps, German occupation methods in the Trento-Venezia Giulia area, German labor drafts in Italy, etc. 9 pp. May 1944
1154 Description of the character and structure of Italian insurance companies, of their foreign business, and of foreign companies operating in Italy. 108 pp. July 1944; see also XL 2854 Photostats of reports by the Allied Commission in Italy on various topics, including insurance, displaced persons, and preservation of monuments and art objects. 51 pp. October 1944; XL 5967 Ministry of Economic Warfare inquiry about Cepsa's payments to a Spanish bank for the account of two Italian insurance companies. 2 pp. Jan. 1945; XL 9906 Safehaven report listing Italian insurance companies with branches in neutral countries. 2 pp. May 1945; XL 10163 List of Italian and German insurance companies which have not complied with the new Spanish laws. 2 pp. May 1945; XL 12723 1943 report of the Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta (insurance company), together with correspondence between Brazil, Argentina, and Italy about South American transactions, Italian insurance company reports on South America, etc. ca. 200 pp. 1939-1944; XL 14921 Report on the Insurance business in Trieste. 10 pp. Jan. 1945; XL 34332 Italian insurance companies and other industries. 1 p. Oct. 1945
1310 N.V. Philips, Netherlands. 8 pp. August 1944; see also XL 2396 Philips Works, Netherlands. November 1944; XL 6195 N.V. Philips, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. 55 pp. November 1944; XL 8469 Philips Company, Germany. 4 pp. January 1945; XL 44782 Philips Company, Argentina. 3 pp. February 1945.
1446Functional Guide to Local German Administrative Authorities. 82 pp. July 1944
1449 Notes on German financial and fiscal problems. 5 pp. September 1944
1501Information on German-Turkish relations. 1 p. August 1944
1576Functional manual for labor specialist officers Allied Military Government Germany. Second Draft. 100 pp. September 1944
1619Short articles on various subjects, including attitudes in European neutral countries to recent Allied demands. May 1944
1691 Emil Wiehl, German official visiting Lisbon, Portugal, may be involved in concealing gold and other assets. 2 pp. September 1944
1714 United States Military Government Financial Manual for Germany. ca. 75 pp. Aug. 1944
1757Military Government-Germany: Legislation. 60 pp. October 1944
1775 European political report, containing information on Germany's clearing debts, and their post-war status, etc. 29 pp. October 1944
1859Report on development in French economic policy, including sequestration of collaborationists' property and confiscation of collaborationists' illegal gains. 8 pp. October 1944
1944Interview with Ernst von Mohen, German art expert in Rome, Italy about German art purchases in France. Includes information about Swiss art dealers, German purchasing agents, and art tastes of Nazi leaders. 6 pp. October 1944
1947Interrogation report from a German supply Major, captured in Paris, about German economic control. French and Luxembourg firms are briefly described with reference to their collaboration with Germany. 1 p. October 1944
1953Prisoner interrogation report on economic administration in Norway, anecdotes about Albert Speer, and other German economic items. 5 pp. September 1944

Prisoner interrogation report from a German officer on German banks and German financial control of credit institutions. Several banks are described, and Schwerin von Korsigk (Reich Finance Minister) is described. 3 pp. October 1944
1956Prisoner interrogation report from a German officer on the Bau and Boden Bank and its officers. Disposal of Jewish property is mentioned. 3 pp. October 1945
1962Brief biographical data on Mr. Regwagen, traffic manager of the F.W. Woolworth Company, Berlin, Germany, Gestapo member, and Kurt Panzen, Berlin, owner of the Bardeleben Fabrik, believed to be anti-Nazi. Informants: American citizens, who spent time in a concentration camp at Laufen, Bavaria, Germany. 1 p. October 1944
2049Information on Pope Pius XII, Vatican policies and related matters. 3 pp. Oct 1944; see also XL 5334 Pius XII's Christmas message. 2 pp. Jan. 1945; XL 7844 Information regarding a French Vatican statesman's views on Russia and France. 8 pp. April 1945, Oct. 1945; XL 10194 Vatican policies and Pius XII preferring Nazism to Communism. 4 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 11784 German contacts with the Vatican from Generaloberst Holder and Admiral Canaris (Note 121) through 3 liaison men who traveled often to Switzerland and Portugal as well as the Vatican. 4 pp. Sept.-Oct. 1944; XL 12579 Safehaven report on Profima S.A. (successor to Societe Immobiliers la Promenade), a Vatican holding company in Switzerland. Also Vatican relations with 2 French holding companies. 3 pp. July 1945; XL 24218 Information on Pius XII and the Vatican. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 27119 Personal information on Pius XII and others. 3 pp. July 1945
2176Interview with Julius Maier, giving information about a wide variety of subjects relating to southern Germany, including information about banks in Switzerland and France holding many German deposits. 5 pp. November 1944
2244Savings Banks controls in Germany. 4 pp. November 1944
2245 Organization of the German Reichsbank. 4 pp. 1938-1939; see also XL 8971 Report on HAPAG's transfer of funds to Skeppsbron from the Reichsbank's account with the Svenska Handelsbanken. 3 pp. April 1945; XL 10887 Biographical information on personalities in the economic and statistical department of the Reichsbank. 5 pp. June 1945; XL 11445 Interview with the Director of the Leipzig, Germany office of the Reichsbank, Dr. Greve. 3 pp. May 1945; XL 11778 Information on Hjalmar Schacht, Walter Funk, and other Reichsbank officials, as well as officials of other German banks. 3 pp. January 1945; XL 12501 Monthly report on financial aspects of Allied occupation of Germany, April 1945, discussing, among other things, disposal of SS loot by the Reichsbank. 89pp. May 1945; XL 14357 Interrogation of 5 officials of the German Ministry of Economics. All gold and foreign exchange resources were concentrated in the Reichsbank, mainly subject to the orders of the 4-year plan. Settlement of foreign clearings with Spain and Portugal through Rowak. Rumanian clearing records. Activities of the local Devisenstelle. 5 pp. June 1945; XL 15288 Report on an interrogation of Schacht. 20 pp. August 1945; XL 15309 Report on an interrogation of Schacht, includes information on the "aryanization" of private banking in Germany, transfer of German business and private funds abroad, etc. 6 pp. August 1945; XL 15531 Special interrogation of Schacht on the location of the archives pertaining to German activities in Latin America. 2 pp. August 1945; XL 15950 First Preliminary Report on Schacht. 14 pp. July 1945; XL 18741 Report on Schacht, his impressions of important Nazis, especially Hitler, Goering, Joachim von Ribbentrop (Note 122), Goebbels, Funk; German industrialists and bankers and their views; anti-Hitler plots; economic background to the war and Schacht's views of economic reconstruction. 37 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 18760 Examination of Schacht on the German secret war debts, expenditures for armaments, public banks, aryanization of banks, German property abroad. 5 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 19612 Interview with Schacht on various regarding Hitler and other Nazi leaders. 7 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 24954 Interrogation of Friedrich Ernst, giving biographical information on Schacht, Funk, and others in the economic branches of the Nazi government. 9 pp. November 1945; XL 43635 Safehaven report
concerning Schacht's conversations in Switzerland during war. 1 p. February 1946
2374 Notes on German printing of Portuguese currency to use in wolfram (the plates were seized in Holland, where Portugal's money had been printed); production and quality of German films have declined and the Swiss now boycott them; Swiss-German trade has ceased, and Switzerland gets little coal, relying on her forests and hydro-electric power; Basel, Switzerland's harbor was affected by the Allies bombing a German dam; etc. 5 pp. November 1944
2542Report on the Societe Francais de Enterprises Commercials et Industrielles (FECIT), France. 2 pp. November 1944
2771Two memos about Alois Miedl (Note 123), Goering's agent who is supposed to be selling paintings in Spain. 7 pp. December 1944; for other files relating to Miedl see XL 5615 Recent developments about Dutch paintings smuggled into Spain by Miedl. 2 pp. January 1945; XL 6604 Report on Miedl (supposed to have taken looted art to Spain) saying that he arrived in San Sebastian, Spain, from Berlin, Germany, with a German transport. 2 pp. Feb. 1945; XL 6650 Description (in Spanish) of the paintings deposited in the free port of Bilbao, Spain, by Miedl, smuggled from the Netherlands. 3 pp. Mar. 1945; XL 8897 Detailed report regarding the paintings smuggled into Spain from the Netherlands by Miedl, his associates, various German agents. General information on the problem of Axis disposition on the Spanish market of famous works of art. 20 pp. Feb. 1945; XL 9404 Interview with Nathan Katz, Dutch Jew, now in Basel, Switzerland, who escaped from Holland with aid from A. Weiderkehr (Note 124) and Walter Andreas Hofer (Note 125), in consideration of paintings handed over to German occupation authorities. Weiderkehr has at Zurich, Switzerland, some paintings probably looted from the Netherlands. Weiderkehr and Katz, both dealt with Miedl of Madrid, Spain, who is supposed to be selling looted art in Spain. 3 pp. May 1945; XL 9928 Safehaven report giving information about Nathan Katz, Hofer, Schmidlin, Hans Wendland (Note 126), Carl Buenming (Note 127), Wiederkehr, Miedl, Walter Feilchenfeldt, Lucien Basz Anger, and Baron von der Heydt (Note 128), all supposed to be engaged in the transfer of looted art from Germany 3 pp. May 1945; XL 10465 Cases of Dutch pictures for Miedl have reached Bilbao; Gen. Kramer, the air attache, is said to be handling their disposal on Goering's behalf. 3 pp. Jan. 1945; XL 12609 Information on the Miedl case. 4 pp. June 1945; XL 13972 Safehaven report on Miedl, who is going to try to prove his right to some of the pictures which he brought from Holland. 1 p. August 1945; XL 13974 Safehaven report on Miedl who has 4 cases of securities at the Aduana de Iran, and whose correspondence with banks indicates his intention to transfer funds to listed German-Spanish firms, which are named. 3 pp. August 1945; XL 20392 Suspected foreign assets held by Hermann Goering. Report on art treasures collected for Goering by his friend and agent Miedl, who acquired the Goudstikker Galleries in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and many collections. In summer of 1944 Goering commissioned Miedl to take 200 paintings to Spain, some are believed to be in San Sebastian. 6 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 24097 Report on paintings brought to Spain from the Netherlands by Miedl; evidence that four valuable ones from the Goudstikker collection, are in Bilbao. 4 pp. May 1945; Miedl also mentioned in XL 11366 Looted Art in Occupied Territories, Neutral Countries and Latin America. Foreign Economic Administration publication. 40 pp. May 1945.
2772Biographical sketch of H. Rost Van Tenningen, an important person in the Nazi hierarchy in the Netherlands. 2 pp. December 1944
2795Report containing Austrian intelligence, including terror purge of foreign workers, creation of a Nazi underground, Gestapo activities, German industrial holdings, trade, etc. 31 pp. October 1944
2854Photostats of reports by the Allied Commission in Italy on various topics, including insurance, displaced persons, and preservation of monuments and art objects. 51 pp. October 1944
2875 Margrethe Eisen (Mrs. Siflsa Duarte) is said to be cooperating with the Germans in selling diamonds in Portugal. She smuggled a painting by Titian into England. 2 pp. Dec. 1944; see also XL 6594 Otto Hahn (a black marketer in diamonds) sold Amsterdam diamonds in Madrid, Spain, through Adolfo Muller. Sterling banknotes from Germany and the Low Countries are sold in Spain. 3 pp. Feb. 1945; see also XL 11120 Safehaven report on Hahn and Muller, supposed to have dealt with looted diamonds in Spain. The real criminals are Mauss and Koch. 1 p. June 1945; XL 6798 Sale on diamonds in Stockholm, Sweden, by Count Ulf Hamilton, a Nazi who served with the German SS. 2 pp. Mar. 1945; see also XL 32643 Letter from Swedish Foreign Office concerning Hamilton. 2 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 7678 Report on Industridiamanter AB, Sweden. and the smuggling of diamonds from the United States to Sweden. 5 pp. Mar. 1945; XL 10676 Transport of Dutch diamonds from Germany to Sweden. 1 p. April 1945; XL 10680 Safehaven report on sale of looted diamonds in Sweden by the Germans. 1 p. Apr. 1945; XL 10681 Paul Meier said to have helped Nazis sells diamonds in Sweden. 1 p. Apr. 1945; XL 10682 Sale of Dutch diamonds. 1 p. April 1945; XL 11107 Safehaven report on Ruy Alfred d'Andrade (dealing in diamonds in Lisbon, Portugal for German account), Margarida Eisen (his associate), Roberts Wieheler Tesdhendorff of Grao de Valencia (listing his business interests), and I.G. Farben assets in Portugal. 1 p. June 1945; XL 11284 Harry Seidel of Hamburg, Germany, deposits Japanese-owned diamonds in Sweden for Smitt-Antwerp of Tokyo, Japan. Seidel fled from Rumania to Switzerland where he got money from Industridiamenter AB for his diamonds. 1 p. May 1945; XL 14055 Safehaven reports that Otto Decker of Hallbergs Guldmeds AB, Stockholm, has been dealing in diamonds obtains from Ernst Cremer, an official of Diamantkontoor GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany. Diamonds were originally looted from the Netherlands and Belgium. 1 p. Aug. 1945; XL 14372 Report on trade in smuggled diamonds and precious stones in Sweden. 4 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 15219 Information on German looting of diamonds from the Netherlands, mentioning names of persons thought to be involved. 1 p. Aug. 1945; XL 16525 List of 17 German diamonds taken from Stockholm, to Copenhagen, Denmark, by Voldemar Ludwig in June 1945. Aug. 1945; XL 26963 Smuggling of diamonds into Spain and blackmarket activities. Aug. 1945; XL 28867 Information on the German Government sale of Dutch diamonds in Stockholm. 1 p. October 1945; XL 35642 Trade in Diamonds-Frankfurt, 1 p. Nov. 1945; XL 43677 Report on the seizure of coal mining property in Germany, and cash investors now looking for other outlets and black market sales of gold and diamonds. 1 p. February 1946; XL 44544 Sale in Spain of diamonds received in Spain in March 1945. 11 pp. February 1946
2887List of enemy assets (of firms and individuals) in the territory south of the Save, prepared at Lourenco Marques, Mozambique. 7 pp. December 1944; see also XL 6799 Report on money from Mozambique owed to Maschinenfabrik Augsburg of Nurnberg, Germany. 3 pp. March 1945; XL 10562 Safehaven report on the assets of H. Gomann and Co., and other German nationals in Mozambique. 4 pp. May 1945
2888 Reports on Svenska Strebelwork AB of Sweden, two Swiss presses offered for sale (by Germans) in Turkey, the Itra Co. in Spain (agent for Henschel), German goods to be sent to German-controlled firms in Sweden, and export of French capital to Spain, including funds (supposedly for Pierre Laval) to be forwarded to Argentina. May-Dec. 1944. For other Laval financial-related files see XL 12997 Swiss Clearing House and Laval. 1 p. July 1945.
2889Jean-Pierre (Jean Paul, Juan Pedro) Radenac, a Frenchman, is chief owner of La Commerciale et Industrielle S.A. of Geneva, Switzerland and has been engaged in smuggling wines and furs from France to Spain in behalf of the Germans. 5 pp. Dec. 1944; other files on Radenac---XL 5629 Further correspondence about Radenac and his disposal in Spain of French wines and furs. 8 pp. Jan. 1945; XL 5929 Interview with Criado about his relations with Jose Fosch about French champagne brought to Spain by Radenac. 2 pp. Jan. 1945; XL 6219 Safehaven report on the disposal of wines and furs in Spain by Radenac. 4 pp. Feb. 1945; XL 6431 Safehaven-Spain- Recent developments concerning the disposition of furs and wines allegedly looted in France by Radenac. 14 pp. Jan. 1945; XL 6616 Report on Sofimer's import into Spain of Radenac's wines and champagnes at Barcelona, Spain. 2 pp. Mar. 1945; XL 6651 Correspondence about furs and wines supposedly looted in France by Radenac. 7 pp. Mar. 1945; XL 6655 Further correspondence about Radenac and the case of looted furs brought to Switzerland. 6 pp. Mar. 1945; XL 6965 Safehaven report on status of wines and furs allegedly looted from France by Radenac. Mar. 1945; XL 8673 Reply of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the effect that they had taken proper measures to avoid any illegal destination being given to certain Radenac wines and champagnes. The French Mission has sent in a note certifying that the wines were illegally obtained in France for German account and should be regarded as loot. 1 p. Apr. 1945; XL 8722 Safehaven report concerning Radenac wines, champagnes, cognac. 2 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 8901 Information on Radenac's French wines. 5 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 8922 Radenac's company sold furs to an official German buyer in Paris, France; and information on Radenac's methods of shipping wines to Spain. 5 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 10922 Documents concerning the Radenac furs in Switzerland. 11 pp. May 1945; XL 10988 Letters tending to show that the Union Vaudoise du Credit, Lausanne, Switzerland, has acquired some of the Radenac Armagnac, and that the firms Somatra of Geneva, and Rhenus of Basel, Switzerland, are involved in the transaction. 7 pp. May 1945; XL 11118 Safehaven report on Rocafort y Ballartes receipt of 449 furs from Radenac. 1 p. June 1945; XL 12393 Safehaven report on Radenac. 3 pp. July 1945
2892Otto Eckert, commercial counsellor at German legation, Lisbon, Portugal, ordered to get complete data on German holdings in Portugal. German firms, unable to send profits to Germany, depositing funds with Eckert. 2 pp. December 1944; see also XL 11347 Safehaven report on Eckert, trying to build up a reserve fund. He also eradicated Legation records of illegal transactions. 1 p. June 1945
2895Report on AB Broderna Sjunnesson, a German-controlled Swedish firm. 2 pp. Dec. 1944
2896 List of enemy assets in Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, and Egypt. 11 pp. Dec. 1944
5226 Report on the Hungarian Arrow Cross organization (Note 129), German plundering in Hungary,
and related matters. 3 pp. December 1944
5452 Safehaven report about allied investigation of German holding companies in Switzerland; contains information about Jewish fortunes. 4 pp. December 1944-January 1945
5493Intercepted messages between Hungary, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Mozambique, and Spain. Includes information on a dispute between 2 Swiss papers about the Swiss bank deposits of Italian leaders. 11 pp. December 1944
5494Intercepted messages between Sweden, Shanghai, Tokyo, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal,
and Germany, about credits, debits, and transfers of funds. 22 p. January 1945
5562Report on the persecution of Jews in Hungary, by Adolf Eichmann (Note 130) and others. Report that in June 1944 the rich Jewish industrialist families of Weiss, Kornfeld, Chorin, Mauthner, and Heinrich, some 43-47 persons in all, left together to go to Lisbon, Portugal with German permission. An agreement was made whereby they were to hand over all their holdings to the Germans. The families were detained in Vienna, Austria, for a month before being allowed to proceed to Lisbon. Only 33 members arrived. Others were held as hostages in Vienna. 3 pp. June 1944; see also XL 5913 Further correspondence between the Ministry of Economic Warfare the Bern, Switzerland Consulate about the assets of the Manfred Weiss family in Hungary. 10 pp. Jan. 1945; XL 5975 Information on the Kanitz and Manfred Weiss family interests. 2 pp. Jan. 1945 XL 6126 Information concerning Kanitz and the Weiss family, the transfer of funds and some baggage. 4 pp. Feb. 1945; XL 7348 Safehaven report transmitting further correspondence regarding Kanitz and transfer of assets of the Weiss family 7 pp. Mar. 1945; XL 7676 Possible liquidation of AB Banankompainiet, Sweden-connection with Weiss family interests. 2 pp. March 1945; XL 7811 Chroin and Kornfeld (Hungarian industrialists) and George Hoff (a Weiss attorney) are among the Weiss group of refugees in Lisbon. Hoff described the refugees' agreement with the Germans, violation of which would endanger hostages' lives. Effect of anti-Jewish legislation on Weiss factories. List of Hungarian companies in which German capital is invested. 3 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 8944 Further correspondence regarding Kanitz and the assets of the Weiss family. 32 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 8945 Further correspondence regarding Kanitz and the assets of the Weiss family, including Price Waterhouse and Co., Zurich, Switzerland undertaking audit. 19 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 10359 Report of Manfred Weiss negotiations with the Germans and the escape of the Weiss family to Lisbon, from Budapest, Hungary. 3 pp. May 1945; XL 11515 Further information on the Kantz concern and Weiss assets, and on transfers of funds between Switzerland and Portugal, giving balance sheets for various Swiss firms of the Kanitz group with itemized lists of transactions with firms and individuals. 11 p. June 1945; XL 12095 Safehaven report on Weiss properties in Hungary, describing the deal with the Gestapo by which the Weiss family was able to escape. 13 pp. July 1945; XL 22751 Safehaven report on the properties of the heirs of Manfred Weiss. 6 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 27559 List of paintings allegedly looted by the Germans in Hungary from the Weiss family. 2 pp. Oct. 1945: XL 34364 Safehaven report concerning looted art belonging to the Weiss family, Budapest. 2 pp. Dec. 1945
5614 Report on German seizure and disposal of French and Jewish property in Alsace, France, which had been occupied by Germany 1939-1944. 3 pp. January 1945
5621Correspondence about Paul Carl Gluck, a German national, who wants a Swiss visa, and has credits with the Swiss Bank Corporation and the Union de Banques Suisses. 6 pp. January 1945; see also XL 6428 Further correspondence about Gluck, who has credits with Swiss banks, and who may have made transfers to South America. 8 pp. February 1945; XL 12645 Safehaven report on possible flight of capital from Gluck's Swiss bank account to Brazil. 8 pp. July 1945
5622 Sale of German ships in Spain. 7 pp. Jan. 1945; see also XL 6447 Attempted sale of a ship by German insurance company, Casa Victoria, Madrid, Spain. 2 pp. March 1945; XL 6649 Safehaven report on the sale of a German ore boat in Spain. 5 pp. March 1945; XL 9926 Safehaven report on Anto Paukner's visit to Lisbon, Portugal, probably to arrange for the sale of two German ships, which are said to be in Spanish ports. May 1945; XL 10357 Report on German economic activity in Spain. Includes names of German ships at present in Spanish ports. 6 pp. May 1945; XL 11514 Safehaven report on the sale of German ships in Spain. 1 p. June 1945; XL 11570 Safehaven report on German ships interned in Spanish ports. 3 pp. June 1945; XL 11992 Safehaven report on German vessels in Spanish ports. 12 pp. June 1945; XL 23130 Information regarding sale of German ships in Spain. 8 pp. October 1945
5705 Notes on activities of Hans Thorsen, major quisling official in Norway, and recruiting for Norwegian labor for German enterprises in Norway. 1 p. Jan. 1945
5723 Report on Guido Marietta, Swiss Fascist, who was in Lisbon, Portugal, working for the International Red Cross 1 p. January 1945
5746 Report concerning cognac consignment from Madrid, Spain to Paris, France, before liberation and since returned to Spain for sale as German property. 2 pp. January 1945
5747 List of German-owned and controlled firms in Switzerland. 39 pp. Dec. 1944; see also XL 6484 Supplementary list of German-owned or controlled firms in Switzerland. 5 pp. Feb. 1945; XL 14340 Supplementary list of firms in Switzerland and Liechtenstein suspected of being German-owned or controlled. 32 pp. August 1945; XL 19889 Supplementary list of German-owned or controlled firms in Switzerland. 8 pp. September 1945
5830 List of enemy-owned or controlled firms in Spain. 16 pp. January 1945
5908 V-1 Manufacturing Plant, Thil, France and its workers. 8 pp. September 1944
5911Description of the Peugeot organization and dealings with the Germans. 7 pp. December 1944; see also XL 7904 Preliminary report on the activities of the Peugeot organization at Sochaux-Montbeliard. Names of German firms with equipment taken from Peugeot. 30 pp. December 1944
5928 Report on tobacco of Bulgarian origin in Switzerland held for the account of Fintra S.A. of Geneva, Switzerland. 3 pp. January 1945; see also XL 5960 Ministry of Economic Warfare (MEW)'s position concerning payment for tobacco of Bulgarian origin through the Bulgar-Swiss clearing. 12 pp. January 1945; XL 6125 MEW letter to the British legation at Bern, Switzerland, regarding tobacco and other Bulgarian goods in Switzerland. 2 pp. Feb. 1945; XL 6433 Inquiry regarding proposed purchase of Bulgarian tobacco in Switzerland. 2 pp. February 1945; XL 6657 Correspondence regarding tobacco of Bulgarian origin in Switzerland owned by Fintra S.A. and Gheneff. 2 pp. March 1945.
5930Safehaven information on the activities of Theodor Fischer (Note 131) of Galerie Fischer, Lucerne, Switzerland in regard to looted art, most of which was acquired from Walter Andreas Hofer. 5 pp. January 1945; see also XL 5963 Francisco Cambo, art collector in Argentina, and his dealings with Fischer of the Galerie Fischer. 2 pp. January 1945; XL 10214 Safehaven report on Cambo and his transactions with the Galerie Fischer. 1 p. May 1945; XL 10350 List of merchandise owned by Leopold Blunka stored with Galerie Fischer to be shipped through Basel, Switzerland, to Blunka's gallery in New York. Blunka is an Austria refugee who fled to Switzerland in February 1939 and left Switzerland for the United States in 1941. 4 pp. May 1945; XL 11745 Safehaven report Concerning the Galerie Fischer, giving additional list of paintings acquired by Fischer from French sources, and also naming buyers of pictures. Correspondence is in French, English, and German. 18 pp. May 1945; XL 11942 Safehaven report on the Galerie Fischer, naming some its art objects and transactions. June 1945; XL 12342 Safehaven report on Galerie Fischer. 3 pp. July 1945; XL 12416 Safehaven report on the Galerie Fischer. 1 p. July 1945; XL 12576 Report on Galerie Fischer, enclosing Hans Wendland's letter about paintings (listed) which he bought for Fischer in Paris, France, in 1941. 5 pp. July 1945; XL 14049 Safehaven report to the effect that the Galerie Fischer is dealing in looted paintings. 1 p. August 1945; XL 14433 Safehaven report suggesting interrogation of Birshanski (a Paris, France art dealer) about Galerie Fischer. 2 pp. August 1945; XL 18999 Report of suggestion sent to French authorities in Switzerland that they approach the Swiss Government with a view to freezing looted French pictures, held by Galerie Fischer. 1 p. September 1945; XL 29739 Birshanski and his connection with Galerie Fischer. 1 p. November 1945.
5931 Ministry of Economic Warfare request for a report on Robert Bendel of Zurich, Switzerland, who has banking connections with Budapest, Hungary and apparently with China. January 1945
5933Safehaven report on Michel Szkolnikov, Andre Gabison, Juan Coranted Rodgrigues, all of whom are suspected to being involved in the importation of looted goods in Spain. The first two are thought to have some connection with the Gestapo, and the collection of funds for the perpetuation of Gestapo work after the war. 8 pp. January 1945; see also XL 6605 Safehaven report on Szkolnikov, who, with Jean Carlakian and Nat Mario, engaged in smuggling dungaree material for Todt Organization workers, and jewels in payment. Mario is trying to sell two valuable paintings. 2 pp. February 1945; XL 7087 Notes on activities and background of Michel Skolnikow (Skolnikoff), who was a great collaborator during the occupation of France and one of the foremost black market dealers in Paris, France. He is reported to have purchased much property in southern France and is reported in Spain to be the head of the Gestapo organization for smuggling funds, jewels, etc., out of France for the purpose of creating a maintenance fund for the continuance of Gestapo work in Spain after the war. 2 pp. Mar. 1945; XL 8173 Safehaven-Portugal-Michael Skolnikow, Polish citizen with a German passport, at the time in Madrid, Spain. 1 p. April 1945; XL 22174 Safehaven report on Skolnikow, whose body has been identified near Madrid, having been done away with presumably by the Deuxieme Bureau. 1 p. October 1945
5934Safehaven report containing information concerning reported concealment of enemy assets in Turkey. 8 pp. Jan. 1945; see also XL 9932-9933 Concealment of German assets in Turkey. 4 pp. May 1945; XL 10100 Report on the concealment of German assets in Turkey. 1 p. May 1945; XL 10173-10174 Reports on the concealment of German assets in Turkey, including 500 gold pieces. Also the dismissal of Jewish employees in 1938 and 1939 at the suggestion of several German firms. 2 p. May 1945
5961Information on the German-owned and controlled firm of Limmer and Herman Stoltz Ltd. in Portugal, and on three German-owned and controlled firms in Switzerland. 3 pp. January 1945
5962 Ministry of Economic Warfare inquiry about the account of Habib Edib Teerhan of Istanbul, Turkey, with the Union Bank of Switzerland, Zurich, Switzerland. 2 pp. February 1945; see also XL 8998 Further report on Habib Edib Toerhan, and his deposits with the Swiss Bank Corporation. 2 pp. April 1945.
5965Ministry of Economic Warfare List of German-owned or controlled firms in Portugal, naming their parent firms in Germany. 5 pp. January 1945;
5968 Recommendation that either the sale of German-owned goods in Turkey be prohibited, or the proceeds of their sale blocked and not made available to the German owners or the Deutsche Bank. 2 pp. February 1945
5973 Possible enemy interest in men's clothing offered by Charles Meir Mattes, Zurich, Switzerland. 2 pp. January 1945; see also XL 7334 Mens clothing offered for sale by Mier-Mattes at Zurich, may have been purchased by an enemy; XL 9296 Safehaven report on Meier-Mattes, and his negotiation with Kammgaroweberei Bleiche A.G. of Zofingen. 1 p. May 1945
5977Information on the Puschendorf family of Nicaragua, some of whom have returned to Germany to work with the Nazis. 2 pp. January 1945; see also XL 5980 Information on persons who are suspected of being in possible radio communication with Germany from Nicaragua. 2 pp. January 1945
5983Ministry of Economic Warfare inquiries about various Swiss financial activities, art, Swedish firms, and other matters. 8 pp. January 1945
6058Interrogation notes on air raid damage to German archives, libraries, and agencies, also describing their removal to new locations. List of castles used for storage of archives. 20 pp. February 1945
6095Report concerning information on Dr. Quinke (previously referred to as Dr. Quirke), in Istanbul, Turkey, who is reported to be holding cash and gold belonging to Franz von Papen. 2 pp. Feb. 1945; see also XL 11122 Safehaven report on von Papen's alleged plan for establishing a financial and commercial paper in Turkey. 2 pp. June 1945; XL 22755 A sort of memoire by von Papen, written after his capture, giving information on the rise of Hitler, Nazism, and happenings in Germany and Austria in the early years. 54 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 25650 Report on the career of von Papen. 17 pp. November 1945
6096 Revised summaries concerning the firms Akomfina A.G. Zurich, Switzerland, and Bronner and Cie. Basel, Switzerland. 2 pp. February 1945
6097 Report from Mexico on the Safehaven Project. 6 pp. February 1945; see also XL 6803 Safehaven report on shipment of gold to Argentina from Mexico (by Leopoldo Blasques), and from Chile (for Saul Raichberg). 4 pp. March 1945
6098Notes on the Swiss Federal Arrete of December 20, 1944, freezing all Hungarian property in Switzerland. 2 pp. February 1945
6099 Information about the Swiss bank holdings of some 70 Italians including the royal family. 2 pp. February 1945; see also XL 8924 Safehaven report on alleged Swiss deposits of high Italian personages. 1 p. April 1945
6101List of German-owned warehouses in Spain. 3 pp. February 1945
6123Safehaven report containing two letters exchanged between the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the British Embassy in Paris, France, concerning the agreement between France and Monaco for the sequestration and control by the French Administration des Domaines of enemy property in Monaco. 2 pp. Feb. 1945; see also XL 8174 Report on Monaco as a Safehaven for enemy capital. 3 pp. March 1945; XL 10354 Safehaven report on Franco-Monegasuqe (Monaco) financial agreements. 15 pp. May 1945; XL 11738 Safehaven report on a firm in Monte Carlo, Monaco, owned by German interests. 1 p. June 1945; XL 20835 General information on investment of German capital in Monaco. 3 pp. September 1945
6124 Safehaven report listing enemy assets in neutral countries-mostly German and Italian assets in Argentina, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, Panama, and Spain. Contains information about 29 people and/or companies. 5 pp. February 1945
6130 Julio Mampey of Buenos Aires, Argentina, who had relations with the Banco Aleman Transatlantico. 1 p. January 1945
6131Comments on an Foreign Economic Administration report on I.G. Farben's activities in Bilbao, Spain and vicinity, prepared by the United States Embassy, Madrid, Spain. The report exaggerates German control and penetration. 6 pp. February 1945
6158Interrogation of Germans, mentioning Catholic law organizations, insurance for priests. 9 pp. Feb. 1945; see also XL 7143 Interrogation regarding Catholic lay organizations in Germany, including the Pax Insurance Company which insured priests and candidates to the ministry. 4 pp. February 1945
6206Report concerning Voegeli and Wirz, A.G., Bern, Switzerland. 2 pp. Feb. 1945
6216Safehaven report on enemy assets in Syria. 5 pp. February 1945
6217Discussion of the Skeppsbron case, in which German capital was loaned by HAPAG for the tactic purpose of getting the use of Swedish ships, although actual transfer of the ships was forbidden. 6 pp. January 1945
6218 List of funds belonging to enemy aliens as of June 30, 1944, now under the custody of the Alien Property Custodian in Panama. 8 pp. January 1945
6251 Economic Characteristics and Interdependence of the possible zones of occupation in Germany: Industry. 34 pp. January 1945
6262 List of German firms or organizations with Japanese connections, giving locations. February 1945
6329List of the most important industrial concerns and banks around Dusseldorf, Germany as of 1939. Officers of banks described. 4 pp. February 1945
6362Prisoner interrogation report on Junkers factories at Magdeburg and Niedersachswerfen, Germany. 10 pp. February 1945
6419 Safehaven report on Master List of Enemy Assets in Turkey. 3 pp. February 1945; see also XL 8918 Master list of enemy assets in Turkey. 7 pp. April 1945; XL 30220 Master list of enemy assets in Turkey. 7 pp. November 1945.
6422Further comments by Ministry of Economic Warfare regarding three articles in the Allied Labour News. 2 pp. February 1945
6424Iberian Airlines has been reported as being used as a means of communications and transportation of contraband by Axis agents in Spanish Morocco. 1 p. Feb. 1945
6425Comments by Ministry of Economic Warfare on 3 articles on the transfer of Axis wealth to Argentina. 3 pp. February 1945
6426Report on the preparation of Safehaven reports in Portugal, mentioning the types of information collected on German companies, refugees, and transfers of funds in Portugal. 10 pp. February 1945
6429 Possible sale of books, which may be Axis loot, in Madrid, Spain. 2 pp. February 1945
6439Review of Honduran freezing control and Proclaimed List developments during the period Jan. 15-Feb. 15, 1945, mentioning possible Spanish transfer of relief funds to Germans in Honduras. 6 pp. Feb. 1945; see also XL 11152 Safehaven survey of enemy persons and their activities in Honduras. 71 pp. May 1945
6444 Safehaven report on the possible purchase of a building in Lisbon, Portugal, by Camino de Ferro Alemaes, of Lisbon, with funds procured from Verkebrs Werburo, Berlin, Germany. 2 pp. February 1945
6446 Extract from letter about German plans to dominate the electrical goods market from hidden interests in Spanish firms which made goods under German patents. The Germans employ wealthy Portuguese to buy real estate (with money probably looted by the Germans). 3 pp. February 1945
6479Report containing correspondence regarding the amount and location of Yugoslav gold and silver in Switzerland. 6 pp. February 1945
6486List of enemy assets in neutral countries. 7 pp. February 1945
6488A German managing director and shareholder imply enemy interest in Cia de Azucares y Alcoholes Ebro of Madrid, Spain. 2 pp. Feb. 1945; see also XL 8166 Safehaven- Spain-Ebro, Cia. de Azucares y Alcoholez, S.A. 3 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 10097 Safehaven report concerning Ministry of Economic Warfare inquiry about Ebro. Cia Azucares y Alcoholes S.A.. 1 p. May 1945; XL 12345 Safehaven report on Ebro, Cia de Azucares y Alcoholes S.A. 1 p. July 1945
6536Report describing recent Swiss incidents involving American planes and the position taken by the United States. 13 pp. February 1945
6592Safehaven report giving supplementary information about Walter Scherk and the bonds which he sold to Haim Rabicew. 1 p. March 1945; see also XL 7347 Safehaven report containing further information regarding the origin of bonds sold by Scherk (Proclaimed List) to Rabicew. 2 pp. March 1945; XL 24236 Information concerning origin of bonds sold by Scherk to Rabicew, Spain. 5 pp. October 1945; XL 23673 Investigation of Scherk (Scherk) and disposition of looted assets. 2 pp. Sept. 1945
6593 Safehaven report on proposed purchase of champagne by Ibero-Helvetica of Madrid, Spain (a cloak for Italian firms said to be German buyers in France) from the (German) Transeuropa. 12 pp. February 1945; see also XL 10168 Safehaven report concerning champagne in Barcelona, Spain. 1 p. May 1945; XL 11577 Safehaven report on champagne held by Transeuropa S.A. Barcelona. 6 pp. June 1945
6595Correspondence about enemy holding companies in Glarus, Switzerland. 2 pp. Feb. 1945
6596Safehaven report on Walther Karl, the Lisbon representative of an Angola Firm, and a German, who has been known as an intermediary in forwarding correspondence of a personal and party nature between Angola and Germany. 1 p. March 1945; see also XL 9388 Safehaven report containing communications between Hamburg, Germany and Luis Pereira in Portugal about purchase of former German-owned plantations in Angola. 2 pp. April 1945; XL 11569 Safehaven report on a Portuguese of German connections, who is buying a plantation from Georg Kruger, Nazi official in Angola.
2 pp. June 1945
6598 Report on deposits in Switzerland belonging to Dino Grandi (Note 132) at the Banque Populaire Suisse, and on Count Ciano's (Note 133) annuity and other financial transactions. 5 pp. Feb. 1945; see also XL 9722 Assets belonging to Grandi, now in Lisbon, Portugal, were probably placed in safe deposit in the Banque Populaire Suisse. 1 p. May 1945; XL 9810 Safehaven report on investigation of report that Ciano took out an insurance policy from the Vita Life Insurance Company of Zurich, Switzerland. 1 p. May 1945; XL 11657 Safehaven report on Ciano's alleged life insurance policy in Switzerland, which is not at the Vita Company. 1 p. June 1945; XL 16706 Ciano's Diary (8 folders) (Note 134) Jan. 1939 through Feb. 8, 1943, with introductory notes written by Ciano in his cell in the prison in Verona, Italy, on Dec. 23, 1943; XL 53675 Mr. Vieli, former Swiss Minister to Rome, Italy, arranged the transfer of Ciano's capital to Switzerland. 1 p. February 1945
6599Safehaven report on relations between la Compania Hispano Americana de Seguros y Reaseguros and the Banco Popular de los Previsores del Porvenir. 6 pp. Feb. 1945
6602Report on the transfer by Gategno of Madrid, Spain to Salvador Benadon of Argentina, of the proceeds from the sale of French silks sent to Spain by Tissages Voiron-Chartreuse of Paris, France, owned by Gategno. 2 pp. February 1945
6603Report on German investment in AB Nordiska Armaturfabrikerna of Stockholm, Sweden. 2pp. February 1945
6606Report on smuggling of antique porcelain and china into Spain from France by Pierre Lottier (Note 135), who has been connected with the Gestapo in France and Spain. 2 pp. February 1945
6608Safehaven reports on various subjects, involving Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, and Sweden. 6 pp. February 1945
6612 List of firms and investments in Buenos Aires, Argentina, financed by Fritz Thyssen (Note 136) and other Nazis. 2 pp. March 1945; see also XL 6812 List of firms and investments in Buenos Aires, financed by Thyssen and other Nazis. 2 pp. March 1945
6618Safehaven report on withdrawals from the Deutsche Bank following severance of Turkish- German relations. 6 pp. January 1945
6631Gas plant in Aldsdorf, Germany, is owned by the Hungarian Baron Thyssen. 8 pp. February 1945
6658Letter from Ministry of Economic Warfare about three Swiss firms in Zug and one in Basel, Switzerland owned by German, Czech, Rumanian, and Hungarian interests. 2 pp. March 1945
6659Safehaven report on arrangements for crediting the account of Dr. Greuter at the Zurcher Kantonal Bank, Zurich, Switzerland, with payment emanating from the German Purchasing Organization in Spain (through the Banco Aleman, Madrid), and really intended for Sponholz & Co., Berlin, Germany. 2 pp. February 1945
6660 Report that old silver which was looted from Southern France chateaux during the Nazi occupation brought to Tangier. 1 p. March 1945
6663Information on Weskott y Cia (La Quimica Bayer)(Proclaimed List), Uruguay. 6 pp. March 1945; see also XL 10357 Report on German economic activity in Spain. Includes information about the possibility of credits being arranged between the Bayer- Quimica Parmaceutica of Madrid and Banco Aleman Transatlantico. 6 pp. May 1945; XL 12030 Safehaven report on various topics, including Bayer liquidation. 9 pp. June 1945; XL 15716 Safehaven report on La Quimica Farmaceutrica y Comercial (Bayer, Spain). 1 p. Aug. 1945; XL 23763 Safehaven report on United States policy and progress on German private assets in Spain: Bayer, I.G. Farben and Banco Aleman Transatlantico in particular. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 26719 Safehaven report on United States intervention in regard to the German pharmaceutical and chemical firms in Spain, particularly Bayer. 4 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 26957 Further information on La Quimica Farmaceutica y Comercial. 7 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 34493 Safehaven information regarding clandestine sale by Bayer, Spain. 2 pp. December 1945
6664 Safehaven report regarding the transfer of funds from Germany (chiefly by Italians) to their friends and relatives in Tangier and Spanish Morocco has been stopped. 1 p. March 1945
6668 Safehaven report on Mrs. Masker, employee of the Deutsche Bank in Istanbul, Turkey, who is said to know about unregistered funds in the Bank's vaults. 2 pp. March 1945
6673 Right of political refugees to asylum in non-belligerent countries. Discussed, among other issues, is United States policy towards refugees from Nazi countries; statements by Argentina, Eire, Portugal, and Spain on the subject of asylum for refugee Nazis are deemed unsatisfactory by the Allies-Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey are more amenable; and the Vatican shelters Fascists even now. 43 pp. (OSS R & A Report 2465) January 1946
6792 Safehaven report on Ernesto Quincke S.A. of Uruguay. 8 pp. March 1945
6794Report on Erich Quincke (Proclaimed List), a German prominent in Uruguayan business circles, and Treasurer of the German Chamber of Commerce. 2 pp. March 1945
6797Report on a supposedly French press bought by Dagsposten, Swedish newspaper, from Augsburg, Germany. 2 pp. March 1945; see also XL 11360 Safehaven report on Dagsposten, the pro-Nazi Swedish newspaper, which uses a press looted by the Germans from the French paper L'Humanite in Paris, France. 1 p. May 1945
6800Report on Ernesto Samstag, a German who has been manufacturing machinery under German patents in Spain. 1 pp. March 1945
6801 Safehaven report on German interest in a Spanish firm of Fabricacion Espanola de Fibras Textiles Artificiales S.A. (Fefasa), including possible relations with Phrix GmbH. 10 pp. March 1945; see also XL 9569 Further information regarding Guillermo Pelizaeus Ranz-Spanish representative of the German firm Phrix. 2 pp. May 1945; XL 10920 Safehaven report on Phrix Gesellschaft's relationship with the Fabricacion Espanola de Fibras Textiles Artificiales S.A. of Madrid, Spain. 2 pp. June 1945; XL 11482 Safehaven report on Fefasa in Spain. 3 pp. June 1945 XL 12176 Safehaven report on the relations between Fefasa and Phrix. 11 p. June 1945; XL 13243 Phrix- Fefasa relations. 3 pp. November 1945
6806Safehaven report on German patents registered in Sweden, giving statistics showing the great increase in Germans' patent registration there. 2 pp. March 1945; see also XL 6975 Safehaven report enclosing a report from the British Legation, Stockholm, Sweden, to the Ministry of Economic Warfare (MEW), commenting on reports that various German firms have been attempting to sell patents to Swedish firms. 3 pp. Mar. 1945; XL 7069 Memo regarding German patents in Sweden. 3 pp. March 1945; XL 7073 Analysis of German applications for patents in Sweden. 7 pp. March 1945; XL 8191 MEW correspondence about Nils Oleinikoff of Sweden who may be disposing of German patents in Sweden for I.G. Farben. 7 pp. April 1945; XL 10674 Gunnar Dellner is said to have collaborated with thee others in procuring German patents for use in Sweden by the German-owned Haksbergs Nya Ab and Smalands Taberg AB. 1 p. April 1945 (see files XL-10675 and XL-10689 for related information); XL 11283 Hans von Buler of the Biokemiska Institute may help the Germans to hide patents in Sweden. 1 p. May 1945; XL 13992 Report on Bernhard Berghaus, German industrialists, and his light metal interests, financial arrangements with Great Britain and United States, negotiations with Sweden over patents, Austrian financial accounts, relations with Nazi leaders, and ownership of Ferjas di Alcala in Spain. 13 pp. June 1945; XL 20830 German inventions are said to be in the safekeeping in Sweden of the Aniline Company, also patents which thrown on the market that in that country through Swedish "dummy" intermediaries. 1 p. Sept. 1945; XL 22442 German patents in Sweden. 11 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 32814 German patents issued in Sweden during first nine months of 1945. 2 pp. November 1945
6807Report on Otto C.A.M. Schachert, an active Nazi in Uruguay and a naturalized Argentine citizen. 1 p. March 1945
6808Report on Walter Endler, a German in Argentina and Uruguay, factory agent for Germany. 1 p. March 1945
6809Safehaven report on Jiminez Exeribano's relations with Olff, Kopke, and Co., Hamburg, Germany. 2 pp. March 1945
6811Safehaven report on investigation of Securities S.A., Tornquist, and Shaw Struppoe Cia., in Argentina. Argentina has not observed her commitments at the Rio Conference, and her banks accept Axis funds. 3 pp. March 1945
6813Information on Fritz Mandl, a German in Argentina, who received in Jan. 1945, several million pesos through the Banco de la Nacion from the State Bank of Spain, to invest for Goering, Goebbels, and Himmler. 1 p. Mar. 1945; see also XL 7337 Report on Mandl. Sept. 1944; XL 7571 Foreign Funds Control discussion on the advisability of examining books of Mandl's companies in Argentina and whether he has secreted Axis property. 9 pp. Nov. 1944; XL 7570 Information on investments of Mandl and his company SAFU in three Peruvian carbon companies. 2 pp. Oct. 1944; XL 7592-7593 Information on Mandl (Proclaimed List) 21 pp. Feb., Oct. 1945; XL 7922 Answer to a United States request on Mandl, Cia Comerciale Financiera S.A. Colombia, S.A. Monte Carlo S.A. Financiers Uruguay, and S.A. Sas Flores. Mandl's history, his holding company, his Swiss holdings, his United States interests, his Argentine interests, and his Uruguayan interests are discussed. 34 pp. March 1943; XL 7923 Further data on Mandl. 24 pp. July 1944; XL 7924 Further report on Mandl, of Switzerland, and the unblocking of his funds. 9 pp. July 1944; XL 7925 Information about Mandl and his holding company S.A. Financiera e Industrial Argentina. 3 pp. Aug. 1943; XL 7927 Further information on Mandl. 10 pp. June 1944; XL 7928 Supplementary information on Mandl. 10 pp. Nov. 1943; XL 8780 Mandl has acquired control of the Uruguayan corporation Sedalana S.A. Discussion of the financial and corporate structure of the firm. 3 pp. August 1943; XL 10979 Treasury Investigative request on Mandl, Alfred Fortabut y Pourtale, the Fortabut group of companies, and various Argentine business men who may be connected with these interests. 12 pp. Oct. 1943; XL 12806 I.M.P.A., Mandl, etc. 4 pp. June 1945; XL 13358 Information on Mandl and his Sociedad Anonima Financiera Uruguaya (SAFU). 9 pp. June 1943; XL 23000 Travels of Mandl. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 47786 Report on Mandl, a German industrialist in Peru, who has been put on the Statutory List. 2 pp. March 1946.
6814 Report on Lonza Elektrizitatswerke und Chemische Fabriken A.G. of Basel, Switzerland. 7 pp. March 1945
6817 Report concerning debts due to German companies by the Scandinavian Safety Razor Co. AB. 3 pp. January 1945
6830Safehaven report enclosing a copy, in Spanish, of the balance sheet for 1944 of the German insurance company, Victoria, Compania Anonima de Segures contra Incendice. 4 pp. March 1945
6833Safehaven report on Harry Seidel, Hamburg, Germany exporter and importer, and other safehaven information relating to stocks and looted jewelry. 2 pp. March 1945
6840 Concentration camps and civilian internees in Poland and Germany. 7 pp. March 1945; see also XL 7906 Medical targets in Strasbourg area. Includes information of investigation of German concentration camp at Natzweiler. (Note 137) 38 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 8521 Col. von Beck and Hinkelman, responsible for atrocities at Buchenwald concentration camp. 3 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 8883 Testimony of two escapees from Auschwitz-Birkenau (Note 138) extermination camps in Poland. 49 pp. May 1945; XL 11143 Information provided by Benno Martin regarding Flossenburg (Note 139) concentration camp and other matters. 29 pp. May-June 1945; XL 18023 Information on Concentration Camp "Dora" outside Headquarters for Buchenwald. 3 pp. Jan. 1943-Apr. 1944; XL 10827 Interrogation report mentioning Paul Helle, commander of the Amepsfoort concentration camp, who recruited Dutchmen for the SS. 1 pp. Sept. 1944; XL 12027 Information concerning Mauthausen (Note 140) concentration camp; murders of Jews in Italy, atrocities at Mauthausen, and Ebensee extermination camp; information regarding about the Swiss being very severe about rejecting refugees. 8 pp. June 1945; 14078 Background information on Colonel Gruenwald, Commandant of Dachau Concentration Camp, Fischer, Director of Dresdner Bank, etc. 3 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 14083 Report on concentration camps, execution of Jews by the Hilfspolizei, M-Aktion (Note 141) for confiscations, and related information. 14 pp. Aug 1945; XL 17880 Information about concentration camps and atrocities. 3 pp. Sept 1945; XL 18015 Information about Dachau, concentration camps, and related matters. 10 pp. May-June 1945; XL 18018 Information about Dachau concentration camp. 2 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 18021 Information about regarding atrocities in Germany and in concentration camps. 3 pp. June 1945; XL 18022 Statement about inhumane cruelty of the Gestapo and SS in the Concentration Camps of Germany. 9 pp. of translation and 7 pp. in German. Sept. 1945; XL 19122 Correspondence (in German) concerning the administration of concentration camp of Lenne, whose inmates were Jewish. (microfilm) 1944-1945; XL 27960 Interrogation report concerning activities of August Eigruber, Gauleiter of Upper Austria and information on concentration and extermination camps. 24 pp. November 1945
6893German Military Government Over Europe: France. Analysis of the political, economic, social, and military controls which the Nazis established for the government and exploitation of France. 113 pp. December 1944
6897 Location, description, and personalities connected with about 25 factories, Germany. 13 pp. March 1945
6982 Safehaven report on relations of Thunien (Infomes Union S.A.) of Seville, Spain, with Junkers Patent of Dessau, Germany. 2 pp. March 1945
6986Report on Foreign Funds Control investigation of the Bemberg and Bracht interests in Argentina. 3 pp. March 1945; see also XL 7814 Juan Enrique Martin, manager of the Bemberg interests in Argentina. 3 pp. April 1945
6988Report on French perfumes imported into Spain on a compensation basis by the Cedece firm. 2 pp. March 1945
7023Anti-American Sentiment and Propaganda in Portugal. 12 pp. (R & A Report 2951) March 1945
7044Detailed information on chemical, carbide, dyes, and other firms-possibilities of safehavens, financial backgrounds on the companies. 6 pp. March 1945
7045European Political Report; contains information on the Rochling combine (with a list of their enterprises) and on Gestapo arrests in the first half of 1944. 22 pp. March 1945
7063 Safehaven report on deposit of Swiss francs in blocked account with Bank Leu, Zurich, Switzerland, in favor of Iorgo of Arad, Rumania. 8 pp. March 1945
7064Safehaven report on various Hungarian and Rumanian assets in Switzerland. 3 pp. March 1945
7065Documents concerning Swedish control of enemy assets. 15 pp. March 1945
7066Report concerning the banks which participated in the refinancing of Fravricacion Nacional de Colorantes y Explosivos, A.A., Spain. 4 pp. March 1945
Obera, Argentina to the effect that a certain Raphael Madonna would be worth $1 million after the war. 1 p. March 1945
7085List of seven names of persons in private banks in Germany who are in the confidence of the Nazi Party and who are aiding in the shipment of Nazi funds abroad. 1 p. March 1945
7086Report on Paul Deuden (or Deudon), former French official, who is trying to sell undeclared stock shares in Lisbon, Portugal. 1 p. March 1945
7122Safehaven report-translated article from Liberation, a French newspaper which is published in Casablanca, Morocco, noting the transfer of funds from Germany to Spain, Portugal, and Argentina, by Nazi chiefs. Notes also on the Gestapo preparations for activity in Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal. 2 pp. March 1945
7151Interrogation of Emil Singer, chief treasurer of the Cardus Magnus mine. 2 pp. Dec. 1944
7152Interrogation of Herr Baumanns, of Ubach, and a pit manager at the Carolus Mangnus mine. He expressed regret for German treatment of the Jews. 2 pp. Dec. 1944; see also XL 7155 Interrogation of Wienand Ungermann, Burgermeister of Ubach. Discussion of money and methods of financing the town under occupation, exchange rates, the dislike of the Dutch. 3 pp. Dec. 1944; XL 7156 Interrogation of Frau Wienand, the tax official at Ubach. Discussion of the value of the Reichsmark, the activities of the tax office, and the Dutch. 2 pp. December 1944
7257Safehaven progress report on currency control in Haiti, listing foreign-owned companies, and discussing the flight of Axis capital thither. 14 pp. March 1945
7273 Safehaven problem in France: progress report for period Jan. 1-Mar. 1, 1945. United States Government's appraisal of French legislation affecting Safehaven and the French bureaus responsible for its administration and enforcement. French criticism of the Ministry of Justice for its failure to prosecute collaboration cases is given in an outline naming cartels, industries and individuals responsible for transfer of German assets. United States Government's effort to arrive at more extensive collaboration with French authorities concerning Safehaven are described. 15 pp. March 1945
7304 The Swedish attitude towards cartels. 8 pp. March 1945
7321 The Belgian Quisling Henry de Man is in Switzerland. 2 pp. March 1945
7333 Safehaven report on the Banque Charles case. 2 pp. March 1945; see also XL 8163 Safehaven-Spain-Information on Hans Dietrich Warsinski, August Gauseback, and the Banque Charles. 1 p. April 1945; XL 9539 Safehaven report on August Theodor Gauseneck, German banker in Barcelona, Spain, who may be implicated in the Banque Charles case. 2 pp. May 1945; XL 9622 Safehaven report containing further information on the Banque Charles case, including a brief biographical sketch dictated by Baron Johannes Charles. Charles has a personal fortune in Switzerland. 9 pp. May 1945; XL 11288 Report on Mrs. Florence Goulds participation in Banque Charles. 16 pp. March 1945; XL 20529 Information on Gausebeck, who wanted to open a branch of the Paris, France Banque Charles, in Barcelona. 1 p. Sept. 1945; XL 17229 Safehaven report on August T. Gausebeck, Barcelona, Spain. 1 p. August 1945
7336Safehaven report on Henry Aaron Fromer, then in Cuba, who may be involved in dealings
with German loot. 4 pp. April 1945
7546Safehaven Reports from Montevideo, Uruguay-Alfredo Goller, a German Nazi in Montevideo. 1 p. April 1945; XL 7548 Willy Haiber, a German Nazi in Montevideo. 1 p. April 1945; XL 7549 Hermann Knobloch, resident in Germany. 1 p. April 1945; XL 7550 Adolfo Buch, an Uruguayan Nazi. 2 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 7551 Buch y Cia, an Axis spearhead. 1 p. April 1945; XL 7552 Alicia Imhof de Hirt and her estate. 2 pp. April 1945; XL 7582 Arthur Schmidt Elskop, former Ambassador to Brazil from Germany. 2 pp. April 1945; XL 7583 Gustavo Vogelmann and his estate. 1 p. April 1945; XL 7584 Ilse Hirt de Olters, a native Uruguayan, partner with her mother in the firm Buch & Cia. 2 pp. April 1945; XL 7586 Otilie Kohler de Vida and her estate. 1 p. April 1945; XL 7594 Walter Endler and a patent. 1 p. April 1945; XL 7595 P.A. Rentrop AKT.GRS, Germany and patents. April 1945; XL 7596 Josef Muller and other Germans, resident in Germany. April 1945; XL 7597 Hans Katwinkel, naturalized Uruguayan. 1 p. April 1945
7553Report on the transactions of Heinrich Dede (German national in Lisbon, Portugal) about transfer of funds from Sweden and Switzerland to Portugal. 6 pp. April 1945; see also XL 8934 Safehaven report on transfer of funds from Sweden to Portugal for the
account of Dede. 1 p. May 1945
7565 Inquiry about Handelsbank's transfer of funds to the Banco de Lisbon. 2 pp. April 1945
7580Safehaven reports-Uruguay-Otto Herborn, resident in Germany. 3 pp. Apr 1945; XL 7793 Otto Rabe y Cia., S.C. Ltda. and assets. 2 pp. Apr. 1945; XL 7797 Santiago Garcia- Fuente Fernandez and German interests in Spain. 1 p. Apr. 1945; XL 7798 Enrique Guillermo Schneeberger, German citizen. 1 p. ca. Apr. 1945; XL 7803 Jacob Stahl, resident of Germany. 1 p. Apr. 1945; XL 7804 Wilhelm Barrtz and his estate. 1 p. Apr. 1945; XL 7835 Martha Schauricht de Sellner, resident in Germany. 2 pp. ca. April 1945
7588Safehaven-Spain-Barcelona firm of Viuda de Carlos J. Brenner, which represents German manufacturers of textile machinery. 1 p. April 1945
7591Beneficial ownership of shares in Oreal, Sofia, Bulgaria, by the Munich, Germany, Ruckversicherungs Gesellschaft, and their acquisition by a Swiss bank. 2 pp. March 1945
7598Safehaven reports-Uruguay-"Kabo" (Katwinkel and Bocksberger) Casa Tosca, an Axis spearhead firm. 1 p. April 1945; XL 7599 Walter Adolf Bocksberger, a German Nazi in Uruguay. ca. April 1945
7600Safehaven aspects of Franco-German dyestuffs cartel: The Francolor Case. 12 pp. April 1945
7601 Enemy assets in Cape Verde Islands. 2 pp. March 1945
7602 Safehaven-Portugal-German investment in Cia. Vidriera Nacional, "Covina," Lisbon, Portugal. 4 pp. March 1945; see also XL 11528 Safehaven report on Covina (Compania Vidreira Nacional, Ltda), whose Spanish component may be German- controlled. 1 p. June 1945
7603Josef Ell and Edith and Hans Wimmer of Lisbon, Portugal, have told Handelsbank in Sweden to transfer funds to the Banco Lisbon e Acores to be held in the name of a German club. 2 pp. March 1945; see also XL 8933 Safehaven report on transfer of funds by Hans and Edith Wimmer from Sweden to Portugal. 1 p. May 1945
7652 Report on relief and rescue work for Jewish refugees. Includes information on Jewish refugees in Spain, Casablanca, Tangier, Switzerland, and Turkey; Bulgarian Jews; Polish Jews; Anti-Semitism in French Morocco; Sufferings of Hungarian Jews; Jewish emigration from Rumania; and payments to Germany (through Switzerland) from United States Jews to Himmler for release of German Jews. 11 pp. March 1945
7675 Safehaven report concerning Afghanistan. 4 pp. March 1945
7677Safehaven report regarding Safehaven transactions involving Swiss banks. 10 pp. March
7713 Population Displacement of Selected European Counties as of January 1, 1945: Reichsdeutsche Abroad. Tables and accompanying comment showing the number of Reichsdeutsch in countries under German domination, in partly or wholly liberated countries, and in neutral or Allied countries. 24 pp. (OSS R & A Report 2887.3) March 1945
7755United States Army G-5 Weekly journal of information; includes information about the National Redout, administration of the Reich, etc. 31 pp. April 1945
7789Safehaven-Spain-Spanish interests in the German pharmaceutical firm of Schering. 9 pp. April 1945
7790Safehaven-Spain-purchase by Cia General de Carbones, Madrid, Spain, of Erection Gear owned by Demag, Germany. 7 pp. April 1945
7805 Safehaven-Spain-Graficolor Hartmann Hermanos, S.A. and Elster S.A., of Madrid, Spain. 7 pp. April 1945
7810 Safehaven-Portugal-Dr. Albin Eduard Andreas Beau, Archivist of the German Legation and his activities. 2 pp. April 1945
7813 Meeting to discuss draft of Safehaven note to Portuguese Government. 3 pp. April 1945
7816 Safehaven report-Uruguay-Brehmer y Cia., and trademarks registered. 1 p. April 1945
7817Safehaven report concerning securities and currency at Vadus, Switzerland. 5 pp. March 1945
7818Report on remittances to Albert Islaker, Kuhlmann agent in Switzerland, from the Banque Franco-Chinoise and various French individuals. 3 pp. March 1945
7819Report on sale of peas by Agraproduct S.A.R. of Bucharest, Rumania to Kunding and Co., of Switzerland. 2 pp. March 1945; see also XL 7820 Report on sale of Rumanian beans and pepper in Switzerland for Swiss francs, through Jacques Spagnoli in Switzerland whose relations with Anda S.A. of Bucharest, are described. 2 pp. March 1945
7821Safehaven report concerning the capitalization and officers of El Monte. S.A., Sion, Switzerland. 2 pp. March 1945
7823 Cochain, Kuhlmann agent in Shanghai, China, is said to have sent funds to Switzerland. 2 pp. April 1945
7827Report on the alleged smuggling of German medical goods into Sweden. 2 pp. April 1945
7832Safehaven report concerning shipment of furniture and objects d'art from Germany to Sweden, and power of attorney transferred from Georg Nathan, in Cuba, to Paula Nathan, Sweden. 3 pp. April 1945
7890Safehaven Project, Iceland. 4 pp. February 1945
7971 Weekly Civil Affairs Military Summary No. 27 (6th Army Group, G-5). Includes information on displaced persons, discovery of art objects, Jews, etc. 20 pp. Apr. 1945
7974Civil Affairs work reported, including monuments, fine arts, and archives. 19 pp. April 1945
8008 Statistics on the attendance at lectures and meetings organized by the Societe Allemande de Basle in 1943 and 1944, and information about recruitment of Swiss for the SS and Todt organizations. 1 p. March 1945
8161 Safehaven report on a meeting of Allied representatives with representatives of the Swiss Federal Political Department on safehaven problems, with special reference to Swiss purchases of German gold, and withdrawals by the German legation in Switzerland. 5 pp. April 1945
8162Safehaven report on the purchase of La Minera, S.A. (Proclaimed List/Statutory List), a German company in Spain, by Explotaciones Potasicas S.A., Madrid, Spain. 4 pp. April 1945; see also XL 10476 Safehaven report on Explotaciones Potasicas S.A., mentioning negotiations with the German-controlled La Minera S.A. 2 pp. May 1945
8165Safehaven-Portugal-19 miscellaneous Ministry of Economic Warfare reports from British secret sources. 7 pp. April 1945
8169Safehaven report concerning German investments in Hungarian Banking and Industrial Enterprises. 2 pp. April 1945
8170 Safehaven report on Basler Handelsbank of Basel, Switzerland, and its transactions with Germany and Portugal. 4 pp. Apr. 1945; see also XL 20323 Basler Handelsbank. 2 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 20488 J. M. Musy, director of the Basler Handelsbank. 2 pp. ept. 1945; XL 27198 Report on the Basler Handelsbank, being taken over by the Union Bank of Switzerland. November 1945
8171Safehaven report on great concentration of looted property and important Nazis in Milan, Italy--reported that some of the looted goods are to be shipped to Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945; 8917 Safehaven report that there is a great concentration of looted property and jewels in Milan, belonging to SS Obergruppenfuehrer Koch, and other
important Nazis. 1 p. April 1945
8172 Safehaven report of heavy Nazi truck movements at night into Salzkammergut, Northern Tyrol, and Voralberg, Austria, possibly carrying foodstuffs, looted property, machinery, etc. 1 p. April 21, 1945
8175Safehaven report concerning the offer from Hungarian Nazi for sale of one million meters of looted textiles to Swiss Consul at Bregens, Austria. 1 p. April 1945
8178 Enemy assets in the Canary, Islands, Spain. 4 pp. March 1945; see also XL 13979 Safehaven report listing Germans in the Canary Islands. 2 pp. July 1945; XL 17011- 7013, 7015-7017 Reports on Germans in the Canary Islands, one of whom worked for Plus Ultra Insurance Company. 12 pp. September 1945; XL 27011 Information on Germans in the Canary Islands, and the transferring of their property to Spanish interests. 3 pp. November 1945
8179Safehaven report on blocked foreign assets in Switzerland, enclosing a notes from the Federal Political Department in Switzerland, and a reply from the United States legation. 4 pp. April 1945
8182Information on newsprint and cellulose stored in Switzerland for the account of Italian firms. 2 pp. April 1945; see also XL 12406 Safehaven report on newsprint and cellulose stored in Switzerland by 3 firms for the benefit of Italian consignees. 6 pp. June 1945
8183Status of Anilinas Alemans (Proclaimed List), Uruguay, a firm which is financed by I.G. Farben, Germany. 2 pp. April 1945
8192Safehaven-Portugal-Hans Carl Weber (Heinz Weber) and the development of Tunsten- Alloys on the continent. 10 pp. April 1945
8193Safehaven-Portugal-Liquidation of Confiscated bonds. 4 pp. April 1945
8194 Safehaven report concerning the consignment of Mouth Organs to Accodna A.G. by a German firm. 2 pp. April 1945
8243 Safehaven report on Theodor Haefeli of Lucerne, Switzerland, who holds an invoice for cinema projections, perhaps obtained by the Germans in Paris, France, and consigned by Pathe Freres of Paris. 1 p. April 1945
8292 Report on ownership of AB Landsverk of Landskrona, Sweden and its subsidiary Carl Homsbergs Verkstats Mya AB, controlled by Gutenhoff-Nungshutte A.G. through Rollo of the Hague, the Netherlands. 3 pp. February-April 1945
8356 Information that Polish troops smuggle gold to Italy from Palestine and Egypt. Poles also smuggle hashish and jewels to Italy. 2 pp. April 1945
8393Notes on the whereabouts and activities of German diplomats in Switzerland. 2 pp. April 1945
8468 Gevaert Photographic Material Manufacturers, Antwerp, Belgium, closely associated with the Schering Corporation in Germany. 5 pp. February 1945
8486 Report on Hollerith and its machines. 24 pp. April 1945 see also XL 8731 Information on the Hollerith Record Machines, and the Machine Records Division of the Speer Ministry. 2 pp. May 1945; XL 10762 Report on the Deutsche Hollerith Machinen Gesellschaft, covering its history, present structure, staff, and war measures, including customers. 23 pp. June 1945
8721Text of letter from the British Embassy, Lisbon, Portugal, to the Ministry of Economic Warfare concerning an inquiry on report that Caminos de Ferro Alemaes has purchased a building in Lisbon with German funds. 1 p. April 1945
8723 Safehaven report on the possibilities of sale in Spain for Pforzheim jewelry. 1 p. Apr. 1945
8732 Report on activities of Safoci S.A. and La Industrial Hispanica S.A.. 8 pp. April 1945
8782, 8784, 8786-8788, 8790, 8909, 8911, 8913-8916, 8925, 8927, 8939-8942, 8966, 8968, 8973, 8978, 8994-8995, 9001-9003, 9005-9007, 9011-9012, 9281-9283, 9285, 9287-9291, 9298-9300, 9302, 9304-9306, 9308, 9312-9317, 9321-9323, 9330-9344, 9346-9366, 9376-9378, 9379,9383-9387, 9390, 9395-9400, 9401-9403, 9405, 9416, 9490-9494, 9496-9508, 9540-9556, 9559-9561, 9564-9565, 9568, 9570-9596, 9599, 9601-9608, 9612-9613, 9615, 9623-9632, 9623-9632, 9717, 9724-9727, 9780-9783, 9788-9800, 9802-9809, 9811-9814, 9816-9818, 9821-9840, 9843-9847, 9934-9936, 9939-9940, 10133-10137, 10145-10156, 10216-10217, 10229-10240, 10304,10306-10311, 10580-10581. German companies' trademarks in Uruguay. Almost all reports are one page each. April-May 1945; see also XL 8900 Safehaven report on the long list of trademarks registered in Uruguay by I.G. Farben, Germany. 4 pp. April 1945; XL 8923 Safehaven report on total survey of trademarks registered in Uruguay by entities domiciled in Germany and Japan, together with certain trademarks registered by entities domiciled in German-occupied countries. 3 pp. April 1945; XL 9303 E. Merck's and I.G. Farben A.G. trademarks in Uruguay. 2 pp. April 1945