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12027 Information concerning Mauthausen concentration camp; murders of Jews in Italy, atrocities at Mauthausen, and Ebensee extermination camp; information regarding about the Swiss being very severe about rejecting refugees. 8 pp. June 1945
12030 Safehaven report on various topics, including Osete's sale of looted French porcelains, Bayer liquidation, the Lloyd Aleman Insurance company, and Hans Dede's financial activities in Mallorca, Pablo Mitjan's transfer of Belgian valuables to Spain. 9 pp. June 1945
12031 Safehaven report on personnel and concerns in Spain having German connections. Provides information on German funds in Spanish banks. 7 pp. June 1945
12033 I.G. Farben patents and contracts. 3 pp. June 1945
12049 Report on Count Roger Raczynski, a German collaborator in Poland. His friend Konarek is in Spain, engaged in traffic in gold, bars and foreign exchange. 1 p. June 1945
12055 Safehaven report on German official and quasi-official mail in Spain, including a United States note to Spain asking for possession of this mail. 2 pp. June 1945
12064 Safehaven report on German influence in Barcelona, Spain hosiery trade, sale of German- owned property on Mallorca, sale by Becker of mine machinery, attempted property purchase by German interests in Barcelona and Bilbao, German commercial activities in the Bilbao area and in Valencia, sale of silver in Madrid to Germans in Lisbon, and German activities in hides and skins in Spain. 6 pp. June 1945
12165 I.G. Farben negotiations with the Japanese. 2 pp. May 1945; see also XL 16516 List of names of Japanese and Chinese firms with whom I.G. Farben had contracts. 5 pp. September 1945; XL 24192 Report on I.G. Farben's contracts with Japanese chemical firms. 2 pp. September 1945
12175 Safehaven report on payment of stock or cash dividends by blocked German-controlled Spanish companies. 2 pp. June 1945
12179 Safehaven report on alleged espionage activities of Otto Schneewind of Basel, Switzerland, owner of Otto Schneewind A.G. 2 pp. June 1945; see also XL 12222 Safehaven report on the alleged espionage of Schneewind. 4 pp. July 1945
12180 Safehaven report on Carlo von Wedekind and Cie. of Zug, Switzerland. 2 pp. June 1945
12217 German women want to marry Spaniards in order to settle in Spain. 1 p. May 1945
12219 Report on Germans registered with the Ministry of Labor, Spain, and on the Ministry's records and procedure. 6 pp. June 1945
12220 Safehaven report on Spanish labor permits held by Germans, giving information about Hans Amberg Schwanhauser (German intelligence agent and transfer agent for German treasure). 7 pp. June 1945; see also XL 13685 Safehaven report on issue of Spanish work permits to former members of the German Embassy in Madrid, Spain. Some of these permits may be for those going into their own account with looted funds. 2 pp. July 1945; XL 13896 Safehaven report about the lists which are being prepared of German holders of Spanish labor permits. 1 p. August 1945
12221 Safehaven report on Thomas de Pechy, director of Fabrique d'Articles en Metaux, d'armes et de Machines S.A. of Budapest, Hungary, concerning securities in Switzerland 5 pp. June 1945
12223 Safehaven report on two Germans active in the standstill arrangement with Switzerland. 1 p. June 1945
12225 Safehaven report on Equipo Bosch S.A. of Barcelona, Spain and its patent arrangements with the German Bosch Company. 5 pp. June 1945; see also XL 16529 Safehaven report on Equipo Bosch, S.A. 3 pp. August 1945; XL 20527 Information concerning Equipo Bosch S.A. 1 p. Sept. 1945; XL 23139 Report on Equipo Bosch S.A. 2 pp. October 1945; XL 12228 Safehaven report on the German connections of Socieded Espanola del Akummulador Tudor of Spain. 12 pp. June 1945
12234 Establishment of a plastics factory in Sweden by H. Helmert and another German. 1 p. June 1945
12270 Report that postwar Abwehr headquarters are reported to be in Switzerland. 3 pp. June 1945; see also XL 15372 Interrogation of Otto Kurrer of the Abwehr. 16 pp. August 1945; XL 19654 Information given by Kurrer on the operation and personnel of the Abwehr in Spain. 8 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 18547 Final interrogation report on Walter Oliver, alias Oltmann, of the Abwehr. Provides information on his special mission to Rome, Italy, to contact Basilius Sadathieraschwilli for the purpose of establishing a net of agents there. 10 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 29949 Personalities in Abwehr, including agents. 6 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 45696 Safehaven report regarding the official assets of the German Secret Service (Abwehr) in Spain. 38 pp. February 1946
12296 German-Far East economic relations. ca. 100 pp. March 1944
12306 Safehaven report on Deutsch Lufthansa's stock distribution. 1 p. July 1945
12311 Safehaven report on deposit at the United States Embassy, Madrid, Spain, of 1,000 gold sovereigns recovered from the German Embassy in Madrid. 1 p. July 1945
12343 Safehaven report on the financial activities of Curt Kadgiehn, a German in Switzerland, formerly associated with Goering. In 1944 he converted French into Swiss francs. 1 p. July 1945
12344 Safehaven report on Universal Buchhandlung Andreas Kapps in Turkey. 1 p. May 1945
12348 Safehaven case summaries from Sweden. 34 pp. June 1945
12361 Large roll of photostat from the Paris, France office of Schenker, giving receipts from Paris art firms (Maurice Govin, Galene Alice Mateau, E. Touizinaine, Raphael Girard, Pusey, Beaumont, Crassier, etc.) to individuals and museums of Dusseldorf, Wuppertal, Essen, etc., Germany, for paintings, ceramics, woodcarvings, and other works of art. July 1945
12389 Safehaven report on Baquera, Kusche and Martin S.A. in Spain. 3 pp. July 1945; see also XL 13247 Safehaven report on Baquera Kusche, and Martin (BAKUMAR), German- controlled Spanish customs and shipping agents; includes information on use of BAKUMAR by German intelligence. 37 pp. July 1945; XL 23982 Report on Baquera, Kusche & Martin, S.A., Spain. 4 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 24199 Report that Baquera, Kusche y Martin of Irun, Spain, owe Willers Engel & Co., of Hamburg, Germanty 840 RM. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 30649 Proposed sale of Bacuera, Kusche & Martin to Victor Oswald (Swiss) and Emilio Colon (Catalan). 1 p. November 1945
12394 Safehaven report on Herbert Marki [possibly Marti] of Zurich, Switezrland, who brought paintings to Switzerland from Germany. 1 p. July 1945
12395 Safehaven report on 4 Jean Baptiste Camille Corot paintings, in Switzerland, believed to be stolen from the Bernheim collection, which are in Switzerland held by Frau Voroguth (Note 10) for her son-in-law, Engbert Jannink (Note 11), of Paris, France.1 p. July 1945; see also XL 14046 Safehaven report on 4 Corot painting believed to have been stolen from the Bernheim collection. 2 pp. August 1945; XL 30239 Four Corot paintings believed to have been stolen from the Bernheim Collection, now in Switzerland. 1 p. November 1945
12405 Safehaven report on Theodor Gossen of Zurich, Switzerland, who suggested founding a German company in Switzerland. 2 pp. July 1945
12407 Safehaven report on Interkommercials, the SS financial concern in Zurich, Switzerland. 1 p. July 1945
12414 Gauguin's "Christ Jaune" formerly in the Rosenberg collection Paris, France is said to be stored in Geneva, Switzerland. 1 p. July 1945; see also XL 14045 "Christ Jaune" in Switzerland. It is identified as one of those missing from a collection in Bordeaux, France, after seizure by the Germans. The head of the German force, Baron Kurt Von Behr (Note 12), exchanged with a German dealer, Gustav Rochlitz (Note 13), who later made a trip to Switzerland. 1 p. August 1945; XL 16427 Safehaven report that "Christ Jaune" was stolen by the Germans from Paul Rosenberg, but that he apparently found it again in Paris, France. 1 p. September 1945
12415 Safehaven report on Vasco Burmester Ltda and the Agencia de Representacaos Agricolas Ltda in Portugal, in which Vasco Burmester Martins of Germany has large interests. 1 p. July 1945; see also XL 24201 Report that Vasco Burmester Martins of Portugal continues to figure as the controlling partner in the Agencia de Representacaos Agricolas Lda. 1 p. October 1945
12417 Safehaven report on the German position in the Turkish insurance and reinsurance market. 1 p. July 1945
12418 Safehaven report on Relojeria Maurer of Barcelona, Spain, a retail watch company owned by Germans. 1 p. July 1945
12419 Safehaven report on Beridze, in Lausanne, Switzerland, who describes Ipsa S.A.'s activities in Switzerland. 3 pp. July 1945
12410 Safehaven report on Talleres Hernani formerly owned by Erich Schroeder, and now made an S.A. with himself and Spainards in charge. 1 p. July 1945
12423 Safehaven report on German economic interests in Spain, including sale of life insurance by Lloyd Aleman, whose letter to Germans in Spain tells them to conceal their funds by taking out insurance policies. 9 pp. June 1945; see also XL 35535 Safehaven report regarding Lloyd Aleman, German insurance company. 6 pp. December 1945
12424 Safehaven report on Calvo Sotelo S.A. a Spanish petroleum company which negotiated for machinery with German and Swiss firms. 1 p. June 1945
12427 Safehaven report on the German legation in Bern, Switzerland. 1 p. July 1945
12438 Safehaven report on alleged German offer of Savoia planes to Switzerland for Swiss francs. Names of German and Swiss negotiators included. 1 p. July 1945
12475 Microfilm of Stahlwerke Verband A.G. files about iron and steel cartel arrangements in Asia and shipping lines in Asia. 1934-1943
12479 Daimler-Benz, Germany. July-November 1941; see also XL 22776 Daimler-Benz, Germany. August 1945
12501 Monthly report on financial aspects of Allied occupation of Germany, April 1945, discussing, among other things, the foreign assets of I.G. Farben and other companies, Safehaven activities, disposal of SS loot by the Reichsbank, collection and investigation of records, and report on treasure at Merkers. 89pp. May 1945
12502 Photostats of miscellaneous French and German documents; includes information on foreign labor in mines, and resistance against forced labor in Germany. 15 pp. July 1945
12509 Safehaven report concerning an intercepted communication addressed to Jean Faguet in Paris, France, concerning pictures looted by the Germans from the collection of M. Stern, ex-Minister for the Colonies (now in New York). 1 p. July 1945
12511 Safehaven report with translation of a Spanish economic questionnaire to be sent to all Germans in Spain. 3 pp. July 1945
12513 Safehaven report on a Constable, looted from France, which was offered to Wm. Kundig of Geneva, Switzerland, by two Frenchmen (Carcennin and Gilly), who later offered it to others. 1 p. July 1945; see also XL 21814 Safehaven report on a Constable painting which was reported to have been looted from France and was known at one time to be in Switzerland. 1 p. October 1945
12514 Safehaven report on Mr. Cemin of Montreux who received pictures and valuables from Germany and sent them to Spain and Portugal. 1 p. July 1945
12516 Safehaven report on Karl Streibel, former Reichsbahn representative in Paris, France, and Zurich, Switzerland, who was expelled from Switzerland in 1943 because of a penal charge, and on 3 truckloads of furniture, tapestries, etc., apparently looted and forwarded by Schenker and Co., of Paris, France. 2 pp. July 1945
12517 Safehaven report on proposed transfer of funds from accounts in Switzerland belonging to Maurice Rothman, Istanbul, Turkey, and S.A.R. de Transporture Eger, Bucharest, Rumania. 2 pp. July 1945
12519 Final interrogation report on Oberstubaf Arthur Scheidler describing Ernst Kaltenbrunner (Note 14), and the organization of the RSHA, together with his relations with      Himmler and Bormann. 24 pp. July 1945; see also XL 13274 Interrogation of a former SD agent about the RSHA; includes information on the SS and its leaders, the OUN (Organiation of Ukrainian Nationalists), mass burials in Lublin, the Chelin death camp, and possible war criminals. 18 pp. July 1945; XL 15135 Information on the personnel and organization of Amt II, RHSA, given by its head Ober Fuehrer Josef Spacil. Included is information on the financial channels of the RSHA and biographical notes on 31 personalities in addition to those mentioned in the text. 26 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 18564 Final interrogation report of Ingstraud Maria Rohde, clerk in the main office of the RSHA. 3 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 20142 Information regarding liaison between Abwehr II and other military offices, RSHA, SD, Gestapo, ministries and civil offices. Personalities described. 8 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 28074 Functions, organization, and personalities of Amt IV RSHA and its satellite agencies. 14 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 29954 Personalities of Amt IV RSHA. 4 pp. October 1945; XL 29956 Personalities and work of Amt A III. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 30306 Report on Hans Daufeldt's activities for SD in Lausanne, Switzerland, and as head of England and American Referate of Amt VI, with account of possible Safehaven work. 25 pp. Dec. 1945; XL 37698 Interrogation report on Hans Wilhelm Thost regarding Amt IV, German espionage, and other aspects of German intelligence. 15 pp. January 1946; XL 39390    Interrogation report regarding German intelligence, especially Referat III- Wi Amt, Prague, Czechoslovakia; includes some information regarding the hiding of valuables in enemy countries for future use. 39 pp. January 1946; XL 39779 Interrogation report regarding Amt IV of RSHA. 26 pp. January 1946;
12533 Statements by Dr. Bethke, managing director of Rowak Handelsgesellschaft, about that company's objectives and activities in promoting trade between German and Spain; also on Rowak's activities in Portugal, Iran, Afghanistran, Slovakia, and the Far East. Trade, clearings, and contracts between Germany and Portugal. Portuguese wolfram contracts. 10 pp. July 1945
12542 Dresdner Bank is said to be selling Siemens-Schuckert shares in Sweden. 2 pp. July 1945
12550 Safehaven report on Pierre Bigar of Geneva, Switzerland, who wants to send 8 pictures (formerly in France) to Georges Bigar of New York. 2 pp. July 1945
12552 Safehaven report on Teschendorff and Co., of Valencia, Spain, a wine firm founded by Germans. Spanish customers, who may be concealing assets, are listed. 3 pp. June 1945
12553 Report on assets of German insurance companies in Turkey. 6 pp. July 1945; see also XL 19892 Safehaven report on assets of German insurance firms in Turkey. 5 pp. September 1945.
12554 Safehaven report on Josef Bauer, Austrian in Montevideo, Uruguay, listing his assets. 1 p. July 1945
12555 Safehaven report on Semba Ltda of Montevideo, Uruguay, agents for the German Hansa automobiles, and allied with Robert Bosch A.G. 2 pp. July 1945
12556 Examination of I.G. Farben files. 2 pp. July 1945
12573 Safehaven report on Leonardo Som Mersguter, Montevideo, Uruguay Nazi partner of Solba Ltda. 2 pp. July 1945
12574 Safehaven report on Minerales Calaicos S.A. of Spain. 2 pp. July 1945
12575 List of German-controlled firms in Portugal and Portuguese possessions. 14 pp. July 1945
12577 Safehaven report on a painting allegedly sold by Juan Buxo Gottesleben to Santiago Marco of Barcelona, Spain. 1 p. July 1945
12593 Microfilm: Information concerning the German Cultural Institute, Madrid, Spain; archives of the German Ausland Institute; the Buenoes Aires, Argentina German Chamber of Commerce. July 1945
12595 List of Carl Zeiss products ordered from South America. List of the agents of the Military Department Carl Zeiss abroad; and a list of Carl Zeiss affiliated agencies in Central and South America. ca. 37 pp. July 1945; see also XL 13039 Safehaven report on Dr. Niemeyer, Carl Zeiss representative in Spain. 5 pp. July 1945; XL 20015 Notes on documents and papers removed from the Carl Zeiss Optical works at Jena, and from the Daimler-Benz plant at Stuttgart, showing collaboration between Germany and Japan. 1 p. September 1945
12606 Safehaven report on Ernesto C. Richter of Montevideo, Uruguay. 1 p. July 1945
12617 Safehaven report on Compania Alemana de Carbon y Sal Ltda of Montevideo, Uruguay. 2 pp. July 1945
12618 Safehaven report on Guasti of Milan, Italy, possible agent for German and Italian interests in Switzerland. 1 p. July 1945
12621 Safehaven memoranda listing Axis nationals in Spain whose names are to be taken off the list of blocked persons (as of the decree law of June 27, 1945). Also a list of 673 persons and firms with Axis connections, whom the Allies want to have investigated. Also a list of Spanish subsidiaries of German companies, whose funds should be blocked. 60 pp. July 1945
12623 Memo on Deutsche Maschinen Fabrik A.G. of Duisburg, Germany, listing subsidiaries. 5 pp. July 1945
12629 Report on the Neuengaumme camp near Hamburg, Germany, and letters found there of Oswald Pohl (Note 15), providing information on his dealings with Hitler and Himmler. 5 pp.   July 1945
12640 Safehaven report on Arnold R. Egli, German patent attorney in Switzerland. 1 p. July 1945
12641 Safehaven report on Contraves A.G. of Zurich, Switzerland. 2 pp. July 1945
12642 Safehaven report on F. Hoffmann La-Roche and Co. Ltd of Basel, Switzerland, and its connection with Hoffman La Roche chemical works. 6 pp. July 1945; see also XL 16527 Intercepted message concerning Georg E. Veiel, manager of Hoffmann-La Roche & Co., and Emile Barrell, a former director. 1 p. August 1945
12643 Safehaven translated text of Swedish laws about control of certain foreign property in Sweden, and restoration of certain property from occupied countries. 24 pp. July 1945
12644 Safehaven report on Wilhelm F. Millet of Madrid, Spain, German representative in Spain for munitions, availation, and related interests. 10 pp. July 1945
12654 Paris, France Black Market trading in Gold. 4 pp. July 1945
12665 Safehaven report on two employees of the Swiss legation in Berlin, Germany, who, upon repatriation to Switzerland, brought in large sums of money belonging to Germans, and deposited it in the Union des Banques Suisses. 1 p. June 1945
12672 Folder of untranslated German documents from Alfred Rosenberg's files about occupied Russia and eastern territories. ca. 300 pp. 1938-1945; see also XL 12674 Microfilm of untranslated German documents from Rosenberg's personal files, giving complete records from the SD of German mass murders in Russia, and memo about Martin Bormann's letter to Rosenberg concerning program for occupied eastern areas. July 1945; XL 12677 Untranslated German documents from the Rosenberg files about the eastern territories. 6 pp. Feb.-Mar. 1942; XL 12715 Untranslated German document form the Rosenberg files relating to Yugoslavia. 100 pp. Jan. 1945; XL 22939 Interrogation Report on Rosenberg on the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories. Its creations, organization, occupational problems, procurement of manpower for the Reich, etc. 8 pp. October 1945
12684 Safehaven report on two Austrian businessmen, Zajicek and Smaroan, believed to be in Switzerland. 1 p. July 1945
12696 Safehaven report concerning Adolf Schmid of Switzerland and art work (a Raphael Madonna). 15 pp. July 1945
12713 Untranslated German documents giving recommendations for the organization and work of Military Government for Belgium and northern France. ca. 30 pp. 1942
12723 1943 report of the Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta (insurance company), together with correspondence between Brazil, Argentina, and Italy about South American transactions, Italian insurance company reports on South America, etc. ca. 200 pp. 1939-1944
12733 Documents from the United States consulate and State Department in Berlin on German trade and agricultural conditions, 1936-1941. 259 pp.
12737 List of material found in private luggage stored at the vault in the I.G. Farben building. 25 pp. May 1945
12756 Report on Federico Pielhoff, a German who has invested a considerable sum of money in the Porcelena Industrial S.A. of Bilbao, Spain. 1 p. July 1945
12758 Safehaven report on "Casa Aleman" in Barcelona, Spain. which belongs to the Compania Immobiliaria del Centro. 4 pp. July 1945
12761 Connections between German and Swiss chemical companies. 1 p. July 1945
12763 Report on F.W. Keutgen, a German in Sweden, who is trying to be the northern Germany agent of Maison Prunier, Cognac, France, for the sale of brandy in Sweden. 1 p. July 1945
12776-12777 Vichy France reports on industrial production, including trade with Germany. ca. 1,100 pp. 1943-1944
12789 German Telefunken technicians are reported to be working clandestinely for Spanish Government observatory. 1 p. July 1945; see also XL 13522 Safehaven report on the Telefunken firm of Spain. 4 pp. July 1945; XL 13971 Safehaven report on Hans Jacob von Baeyer, Telefunken expert, who fled to Switzerland. 6 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 34028 Safehaven information regarding Telefunken Radio-Technico Iberica S.A. Spain. 6 pp. December 1945.
12801 Nordstroems, Stockholm, Sweden, has informed Vincke and Company, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, of proposed sale of motoships ordered and partially paid for by Germans. 1 p. July 1945
12802 Creation of Industrial Hercules S.A. an attempt to hide assets of Juan Rukauer, Bilbao, Spain. 1 p. July 1945; see also XL 17755 Information on Industrial Hercules S.A., Bilbao, and Bilbao Industrial, S.A. 1 p. August, 1945
12804 Agreement with Swedes possibly to reveal details of German interests in Svenska Kolimport AB 1 p. July 1945
12807 Report on further Safehaven developments in Tangier. 33 pp. June 1945; see also XL 14935 Safehaven report including a United States letter to Banque Jacob Alster in Tangier requesting accounts of listed persons and firms to be frozen. Also information about the Mixed Economic Commission, which had been established to investigate and control safehaven activities. 11 pp. August 1945; XL 14957 Property found at the German consulate at Tetuan, Spain; claims to German assets in Tangier; list of German assets. 3 pp. August 1945; XL 15891 Report containing information on German property remaining in Tangier. 7 pp. August 1945
12815 Places of hiding for paintings and art objects, including books, Church treasures, Antique furniture, etc. Packing lists, bills of sale. Photostatic copies of original captured documents (in French and German). 452 pp. 1941-1944
12854 Information on various Belgian, French, and Swiss firms in South America. 20 pp. September 1944
12861 Monthly report on the financial aspects of the Allied Occupation of Germany. Interrogations of Nazi officials (Walter Funk and Count Schwerin von Krosigk, Minister of Finance regarding gold, foreign currency, etc), German public finance, investigation of German foreign assets, financial institutions, recapitulation of I.G. Farben's foreign participation, etc. 60 pp. July 1945
12894 Information on 3 individuals in Spain, Catralina Claramunt Arnus who has interests in Germany; Karl Lenze, proprietor of a philatelic business in Madrid, Spain; and Herr Wedekind, a German banker interested in German banks in Spain. 2 pp. July 1945
12898 Safehaven report on Georg Manasse, believed to be a German citizen and now in the United States, and his efforts to export large sums of Reichsmarks, thus possibly aiding the German war effort. 7 pp. June 1945
12915 Transactions between Italian firms and banks with Latin American countries and the Far East. five folders. 19391-1945
12946 Safehaven report on the Hamburg-Amerikanische Packet-Fahrt A.G., Hamburg, Germany; foreign assets mainly in Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain. 7 pp. July 1945; see also XL 20486 Safehaven report on Luis Clasing, former Hamburg-Amerika Line represenative in Cuba. 2 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 23325 Declaration of Hamburg-Amerika Line regarding its foreign assets and liabilities. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 24203 Assets of Hamburg-Amerika Line in Switzerland. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 33661 Safehaven report regarding Hamburg-Amerika Line and sale of ships to Portugal. 2 pp. December 1945
12970 Captured German documents on microfilm: includes information about passports, refugees, regulations concerning Jews, etc. 1938-1942
12993 Connections between Swiss and German textile firms. 1 p. July 1945
12995 Biographical data concerning Robert Teschendorff, German resident of Malaga, Spain. 3 pp. July 1945
12998 Safehaven report on German external assets in Portugal, listing statistics. 3 pp. July 1945; see also XL 24947 German external assets in Portugal Revised Figure. 1 p. Oct. 1945
12999 Safehaven report on Gormann's relationship with Indian firms in Mozembique. 2 pp. July 1945
13000 Information on Schering A.G. Berlin, Germany, and its subsidiary in Switzerland, Schering-Kahlbaum, A.G. of Zurich, Switzerland,. 1 p. July 1945
13001 Allied efforts to identify Axis assets in Switzerland-possibility of the Swiss firm Schenker and Co. holding some 1 p. Aug. 1945; see also XL 16439 Safehaven report on Schenker and Company, its various branches, and persons connected with it. It has a number of Swiss interests. 2 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 32180 Schenker & Co. 1 p. November 1945
13002 Information on Antonio Pacetti, an Italian art dealer who had been working for the Axis throughout the war. 3 pp. July 1945; see also XL 14435 Safehaven report on Gobelin tapestries in Switzerland, in the possession of Pacetti of Zurich, Switzerland. 2 pp. August 1945; XL 28597 Safehaven report on Pacetti and Gobelin tapestries. 2 pp. November 1945
 13033 Information on Kurt DaLuege, former chief of the Ordnungspolizei; organiation and policy of Himmler in German police force; notes on Kaltenbrunner, Pruetzmann, K. H. Frank. 4 pp. June 1945
13034 Biographical information on Alfred Rosenberg (Note 16), including his removal from France of libraries, objects of art, furniture, etc., especially of Jews. 5 pp. June 1945; see also XL 13731 Detailed interrogation report on Driedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger, state secretary at the Reich Chancery, about various topics, including fund for foreign art purchases, Hermann Goering's art purchases, Rosenberg's organization for acquiring furniture, and futility of the Werewolves. 8 pp. July 1945; XL 15259 Reproduction of letter (in German) from Goering sanctioning Rosenberg's "booty staffs" and ordering Party, State, and Army assistance for confiscation of property of "Jews and other hostile elements and powers." Letter dated May 1, 1941; XL 15687 Information on the organization and activities of the Einsatzstab Rosenberg (ERR), whose aim was to organize the systematic looting of art treasures of France. (Note 17) Among its activities were      the inventory and looting of Jewish collections; many were sent to Switzerland for sakekeeping. The personnel in charge in Paris was headed by Bruno Lohse (Note 18) and von   Behr. List of the Parisian private collections and the antiquaries having been looted, and list of the whole personnel of the ERR in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels; also, alphabetical list of personnel in all occupied countries (in French). 21 pp. November 1943; XL 18055 Expose of the ERR. (in French) 18 pp. November 1943
13038 Taking over by the Allied Embassies in Madrid, Spain of 9 million pesetas from Dr. Wendel, head of the German Hospital. 1 p. August 1945
13040 Banque de Bruxelles's inventory of contents of safe (mostly silver articles), rented by Vecht Van Esso, is included in this report concerning Germans' transfer of these possessions from Banque de Bruxelles, Antwerp, Belgium to Verwalter Bauer, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1941. 3 pp. July 1945
13041 Safehaven report on Minerales Galaixos S.A., the Spanish subsidiary of Vereinigte Stahlwerke. 2 pp. July 1945; see also XL 13449 Information on the ownership of Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G., Dusseldorf, Germany, of Cia Mineira de Moncorvo, the shares being in possession of Wimmer Lisbon, Portugal, manager of the Portuguese concern. 1 p. Jul. 1945; XL 15215 Safehaven report on Berndorfe Kruppmetallwerke A.G. Lucerne, Switzerland, a subsidiary of Friedrich Krupp; and Eisen-U Metall A.G., Eisenag, Zurich, Switzerland, and Kohlenunion Geldner, Basel, subsidiaries of Vereinigte Stahlwerke. 2 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 15899 Safehaven report on Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G. and Friedrich Krupp A.G. and Swedish financial connections. 2 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 17118 Information on the transfer of American shares of Steel Union- Sheet Piling, Inc., owned by Germans and Dutch, to Aktiebolaget Pars in Sweden. The transfer was made by the Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G., Germany. 3 pp. August 1945; XL 18735 Examination report on Saur, head of Technisches Amt, his work at Thyssen Hutte A.G. and Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G. and personalities in the steel industry, the Speer Ministry, and steel researchers. 11 pp. July 1945; XL 19017 Information on Vereinigte Stahlwerke's assets in Switzerland. 4 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 19046 Report on Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G. Germany, 15 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 20848 Annual balance sheet (1942) of AB Pars, Stockholm, Sweden, and its connection with Vereinigte Stahlwerke and Central Handels-Vereeiniging (Cehandro), Rotterdam, Netherlands. 5 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 23715 Information that Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G., Dusseldorf, Germany, owned six important Swedish companies. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 24191 Report on Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G. in Sweden. 5 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 30230 Swedish assets of Vereinigte Stahlwerke and Mannesmannroehren Werke. 2 pp. November 1945; XL 34503 Safehaven report regarding sequestration of Aciers Marathon, and Vereinigte Stahlwerke, A.G., Germany. 1 p. December 1945; XL 36384 Swedish connections of Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G. and its subsidiaries. 4 pp. Jan. 1946
13042 Safehaven report on J.W. Burmester and Cia., Ltda of Porto, Portugal. 1 p. July 1945; see also XL 20479 Report on the J.W. Burmester & Cia, Ldt., of Porto. 2 pp. Sept. 1945
13044 Information on the Gesellschaft fur Elektrometallurgie, Heinz Gehm, Germany. 8 pp. July 1945; see also XL 13984 Interview with Gehm of Gesellschaft fur Elektrometallurgie, a firm taken over from its former Jewish owners. Wolfram trade with Portugal, by this and other German firms. Employment of foreign workers. 6 pp. July 1945; XL 20481 List of foreign patents belonging to Elektrometall GmbH. 6 pp. September 1945
13054 Interrogation of Hans von Winter, regarding affairs at the Julianka Farm, involving the Ribbentrops and other persons, and possibly large quantities of wine, cognac, and valuables, probably boxes of gold. 7 pp. July 1945
13146 Documents of the German Foreign Institute, including names of German institutions abroad, bibliographical material (in German). 460 pp. August 1945
13148 Interrogation of Hans Frank (Note 19) regarding the development of the SS and Himmler. 55 pp.   June 1945; see also XL 13602 Detailed interrogation report on Generaloberst Johannes Blaskowitz, describing his relations with Frank and the SS, the German occupation of Poland, persecution of the Jews, etc. 7 pp. July 1945; XL 16836 Information on Frank, including the American 3rd Army recovering Polish art treasures stolen by Frank. 2 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 17651 Biographical information on Frank. 7 pp. September 1945
13157 General report on German finances, including insurance, banking, and exchange and blocking control. 11 pp. November 1944
13163-13181 German documents captured in Rumania, mainly from the files of SS- Hauptsturmfuhrer Richter, the Advisor on Jewish Questions, at the Germany Embassy. Contains information on firms' unwillingness to discharge Jewish employees; pressure on firms; reports on attitudes of certain Germans to Nazi and Jewish questions; statistical reports on the Jews of Rumania; newspaper clippings on deportation of Jews to Transnistria; nature of arrests of Jews; reports on important Jewish personalities; deportation activities; Jewish questions in various countries; influence of Jews in the United States; excerpts from Rumanian newspapers of 1942 of anti-Semitic nature; people friendly to Jews; newspaper clippings of anti-Semitic nature; elimination of Jews and Jewish influence from all activities; Aryanization; reports on the smuggling of Jews from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia into Rumania; transfer of money by Jews; atrocities and other illegal action against Rumanian Jews; atrocities in Bessaracia, Transnistria and Poland; smuggling of Jews from Poland into Rumania; movement of money; biographical information on important Jewish personalities in Rumania, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, etc.; Rumanian anti-Jewish measures; information on Jews--former Germans, wealthy persons, etc., in whom the German SD, Embassy, etc. were interested; Jewish labor service in Transnistria; reports on important Jewish personalities; reports on atrocities in Poland; Jewish organizations; lists of Bucharest hostages; reports and statistical information on Jews in Rumania; solution of the Jewish problem; treatment of Rumanian Jews in Germany; special assessment of Jews; deportation of Jews from Transnistria to the East; anti-Jewish decrees; expatriation laws; Jewish influence in economic and cultural life in Rumania; lists and statistical information on Jews in Rumania Received August 1945; see also XL 13707 Files of Richter. ca. 250 pp. 1942-1943; XL 13708 Folder from the files of Richter, containing his dossiers on important Jews, and related matters, including Jewish refugee's report on atrocities in Poland. ca. 300 pp. 1930-1943; XL 13709 Folder from the files of Richter, including anti-Jewish propaganda, information on Jews in Rumania and Turkey, labor decrees for Jews, deportation data, and part of an alphabetical letter file about individual Jews (letters H-M). ca. 400 pp. 1941-1944; XL 13710 Folder from the files of Richter, on legal and illegal immigration permits and transit permits for Jews and an alphabetical file of individuals. ca. 100 pp. 1942-1944
13222 Safehaven report on the progress made in liquidating German investments in Guatemala. 13 pp. July 1945; see also XL 36786 Plans for a Guatemala German for business reconstruction. 1 p. October 1945
13226 Translation of a Spanish circular giving insurance regulations for Axis-owned or blocked firms. 3 pp. July 1945
13227 Uebersee Trust, Vachau, Liechtenstein, is a holding company controlled by Fritz Thyssen of Germany. 1 p. July 1945
13228 Instructions about appointment of Spanish government inspectors for the examination of German companies. 7 pp. July 1945
13229 Safehaven report on Mannesmann Rohrenwerke of Dusseldorf, Germany. 67 pp. July 1945; see also XL 13668 Report on Mannesmann-Export GmbH, the export sales office of Mannesmann Rohrenwerke of Dusselforf. 2 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 13693 Safehaven report on Moberg, a Swedish engineer seen at Mannessmann-Rohrenwerke A.G. of Dusseldorf. 1 p. July 1945; XL 15713 Safehaven report containing information on the interest of Mannesmann Rohrenwerke in Mannesmann A.G. and "Kox" Kohlenimport A.G. Zurich, Switzerland. 1 p. Aug. 1945; XL 17753 Safehaven report on Mannesmann Rohrenwerke. 7 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 18653 Safehaven report on the assets of the Mannesmann Rohrenwerke, Dusseldorf, and its subsidiaries. 33 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 20820 Information on the Mannesmann Rohrenwerke's affiliates in Brazil. Sept. 1945; XL 22806 Report concerning the investigation of Mannesmann Rohrenwerke, Dusseldorf, and affiliated companies, and their connections with Swedish companies and individuals. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 23718 Safehaven note on Mannesmann Rohrenwerke, Dusseldorf. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 26470 Preliminary report of investigation of Mannesmann Rohrenwerke and its affiliated companies. 20 pp. September 1945; XL 29748 Swedish patents and trade marks of Mannesmann Rohrenwerk, Dusseldorf. 1 p. Nov. 1945; XL 30230 Swedish assets of Vereinigte Stahlwerke and Mannesmann Rohrenwerke. 2 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 34488 Safehaven report regarding assets in Sweden of subsidiaries of Mannesmann Rohrenwerke A.G., Berlin, Germany. 2 pp. Dec. 1945; XL 36610 Safehaven report regarding investigation of the assets of Mannesmann Rohrenwerke, Dusseldorf. 2 pp. December 1945
13230 Safehaven report on the activities of Alfredo Radeke of Valencia, Spain, mentioning his bank accounts and financial transactions. 4 pp. July 1945
13233 A microfilm is being prepared of an inventory of the art objects and other valuables stored in Vienna, Austria, by Baroness Clarice de Rothschild, a British subject. She employs the Swiss Etude Clerc to prepare this inventory. 1 p. July 1945
13234 Safehaven report on Grimak A.G. of Basel, Switzerland, a holding company for an Austrian firm. 5 pp. July 1945
13235 Safehaven report with translation of an article from the Swedish newspaper Expressen containing information on Goering private plans regarding Sweden, and economic interests there. 3 pp. July 1945
13237 Safehaven report on Edouard G. Hofer of Zurich, Switzerland, and connection to C. Lorenz A.G. of Bern, Switzerland, and International Telephone and Telegraph. 1 p. July 1945; see also XL 17464 Study-German holdings of the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, New York (including non-German holdings held through German subsidiaries). 29 pp. July 1945
 13238 Safehaven report from official French records on German penetration into seventeen French industrial enterprises including the United States-owned Etablissement Helena Rubinstein. 11 pp. July 1945
13243 Safehaven report on Center Sport AB, Stockholm, Sweden. 1 p. July 1945
13244 Safehaven report on relations between Johan Bonthron of Sweden and Mr. Furstenau, head of the German Brassert Co. 2 pp. July 1945
13249 Report on the Knorr-Bremse Industrial Complex in Germany. 16 pp. May 1945
13251 Safehaven report on the art activities of Gerard Paget of Havana, Cuba, dealing with Dutch and Flemish masters for sale in Venezuela. 4 pp. August 1945
13252 Safehaven report on Bally's Shoe Factories of Switzerland 3 pp. July 1945; see also XL 20388 Bally's Shoe Factories Ltd. of Schoenenwerk, Switzerland, possibly holding large stocks of booty leather. 2 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 13253 Safehaven report giving a translated Swiss newspaper petition on "What will become of German Assets Blocked in Switzerland." It urges that Swiss citizens receive compensation for their losses in transactions with Germany. 2 pp. July 1945
13254 Safehaven report on Ciba Ltd. of Basel, Switzerland. 1 p. Aug. 1945; see also XL 16436 Safehaven report stating that Ciba, Buenos Aires, Argentina, informed Ciba Ltd. that they were transferring 500,000 francs by wire, half for Amilinas Alemanas S.A., and half for Farma Platense S. de R.L. Buenos Aires (both agents for German firms). 1 p. Aug. 1945; XL 21820 Letter from Ciba Ltd., in reply to an inquiry of the British Foreign Office concerning Argentine firms, and denying dealings with them. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 34356 Safehaven report concerning Ciba Ltd. 2 pp. December 1945
13256 Report that Georg Conrad von der Goltz is in Stockholm, Sweden, as representative of the Deutsche Bank. 1 p. July 1945
13257 Safehaven report listing all properties on Mallorca owned by Axis nationals. 4 pp. July 1945
13258 Miscellaneous information on German agencies and individuals in Spain: board of directors of Siemens Industria Electrica S.A.; activities of the German Embassy staff; German official funds in Spain and their manipulation; Germen press activities; traffic in gold; activities of the Spanish naval commandant at Pasajes; placing of Hungarian funds in Spain; transfer of money from German Embassy to German Consulate, Tetuan. 5 pp. July 1945.
13259 Information on German funds turned over to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 3 pp. July 1945
13260 Safehaven report on a group of Spanish financiers who propose to buy the German interest in the insurance company Plus Ultra Compania Anenima. 18 pp. July 1945; see also XL 17231 Safehaven report giving further information on the Plus Ultra Insurance Company of Spain. This is the German firm, controlled by the Allianz Company, which went thru a very complicated procedure to keep from falling into Allied hands. 6 pp. August 1945; XL 23165 Information on agent for Plus Ultra insurance company. 1 p. October 1945.
13263 Information about the political situation in the Netherlands, including list of industrialists and others who would be likely to collaborate with Germany. (In German) 12 pp. December 1940
13273 Report on the condition of the Steyer-Daimler-Puch Company of Linz, Austria. 24 pp. July 1945
13427 Information in German about Iron, Steel and Coal Industry of Germany and Austria. 9 folders. 1938-1945
13429 Report, on microfilm, regarding Schenker and Co.; confiscation of property of the Industrial Development and Financial Corporation-Delaware, by agents of Germany; and, SD agents in the German International travel promotion organization. Nov. 1944
13450 Safehaven report on Johann Kossler, a half-Jewish Austrian who organized companies in Belgium and Portugal. 5 pp. August 1945
13451 Notes on miscellaneous German-owned or controlled firms in Spain. 2 pp. July 1945
13456 Report that Frau May (Note 20), of Zurich, Switzerland, has a store of art works brought from Germany 1p. July 1945; see also XL 16926 Safehaven report concerning Mrs. Emili May-Wismer of Zurich, possible cloak 2 pp. September 1945
13518 Safehaven report concerning 32 Spanish enterprises having German interests. 12 pp. July 1945
13520 Safehaven report enclosing a Spanish order of July 13, 1945, for the regular inspection of German banks in Spain, and providing information on various banks. 16 pp. July 1945
13521 Safehaven report concerning request for information as to the individuals who now possess the shareholders interests of the former directors of A.G. fur Elektrische u. Industrielle Unternehmungern im Orient, of Zurich, Switzerland. 1 p. July 1945
13524 Joint British-United States memo to Spain asking for the reports which Spanish interventers in German-controlled insurance companies (in Spain) have been preparing. 2 pp. July 1945
13537 Prisoner interrogation report on labor control and wage control in Germany. 23 pp. July 1945
13599 Final interrogation of General von Horstenau on the life and death of the State of Croatia describing Pavelic, the Ustashi war crimes, etc. 12 pp. Aug. 1945; see also XL 19743 Interrogation report on Fredrich Miroslave Havratil, Minister of War and Commander of the former Croatian Army with brief notes on personalities associated with and suspected connections. 5 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 24981 Detailed interrogation report on Havratil, detailing his history and career; notes on the military developments of the Croatian State, etc. 12 pp. October 1945
13600 Final interrogation report on Karl Fischer, who worked in Kripo (Note 21) and the Gestapo. Names of SS leaders. History of SD (Note 22) Vichy. Alphabetical who's who of 38 officials.         11 pp. Aug. 1945; see also XL 29947 Peronalities in Kripo and Stapo work. 3 pp.   Septempber 1945
13629 Documents of the Deutsche Ausland-Institut in regard to German settlements in all parts of the world. (In German) 1939; see also XL 14930 Microfilm of Deutsches Auslands Institut card-file, representing people who were considered reliable by the Nazis, mostly in Latin America. Aug. 1945; XL 20139 The role of the Auslands organisation of the NSDAP and the Reichsfuehrung SS, and their influence on foreign policies. 5 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 20729 Location in Germany of some Deutsch Auslandsinstitut, Reichkanzlei and Windsor files. 7 pp. September 1945
13648 Untranslated German report on the credit situation of German agriculture in the business year 1941-1942, published by the Deutsche Rentenbank-Kreditanstalt, consisting mostly of statistical tables. 29 pp. 1943
13662 Safehaven report on the art activities of Jacob Frank of Havana, Cuba; information on the transfer of his art from Germany through France to the United States. 3 pp. August 1945; see also XL 13718 Frank and his art possessions. 2 pp. August 1945
13667 Report on Cebrunder Specht (shipping brokers) and the Deutsch American Shipping Co., of Bremen, Germany. 2 pp. and 10 pp. of lists August 1945
13675 Hornyphon AB, presumably of Stockholm, Sweden, is said to be a subsidiary of Akumulator Fabriks AB Tudor. 1 p. July 1945
13676 Safehaven report on Mannesmann AB and AB Adol of Stockholm, Sweden. 1 p. July 1945
13677 Safehaven report on Agamenms Holding A.G. and Wassermesserfabrik A.G. of Lucerne, Switzerland. 1 p. August 1945
13678 Safehaven report on Michel Szkolnikoff, an Argentine citizen. 1 p. August 1945
13679 Safehaven report on the Spanish assets of Tetzlaff and Wenzel in Barcelona, Spain. 1 p. August 1945
13680 Safehaven report on Aceros Finos Rochling S.A. in Barcelona, Spain. 1 p. August 1945; see also XL 37549 Safehaven report concerning Aceros Rochling S.A. 3 pp. December 1945
13683 Microfilm of various documents about banking transactions between Italy,     Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, mostly conducted through the French-Italian Bank of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Bancoa Comerciali di Milano, Italy. August 1945
13684 Safehaven report listing German enterprises in Spain with their censors and blocking services. 4 pp. July 1945
13686 Translation of the Spanish law of July 17, 1945, ratifying the decree law of May 5, 1945, about Spain's ratification of the Bretton Woods agreement. 3 pp. July 1945
13687 Safehaven report on 3 former German-leased properties in Spain. 4 pp. July 1945
13689 Safehaven report on Hansche Schriftgiesserei, a German-controlled firm of Munchenstein, Switzerland. 7 pp. August 1945
13690 Report on the effort to trace in Argentina the Hamburg, Germany, firm with which Franz Becker, German war prisoner, was connected. 1 p. July 1945
13694 Safehaven report on Maria Stiftung of Switzerland who has been sending money to Sweden through Svenska Handelsbank and Skandinaviskn Banken. 1 p. July 1945
13695 Safehaven report on Ludwig Kohlhammer and Julius Altheusen who in 1944 entered Switzerland as "refugees" though the former was a Nazi leader in Rumania and the latter a Poldihutte Co. director. 1 p. July 1945
13697 Safehaven report on Paublo Schleicher of Industrias Pablo Schleicher S.A. of Barcelona, Spain, a Nazi who saved his business by becoming a Spanish citizen. 1 p. July 1945
13699 List of Swiss newspapers and journalists which were German-controlled or pro-German. 1 p. August 1945
13702 Argentine information, including foreign policy, neutrality, Jews, financial relations with the United States and Great Britain, blacklisted firms, individual leaders, and foreign capital. ca. 500 pp. 1938-1944
13729 Safehaven report concerning Walter Wiss suspected of being a cloak for German funds in Switzerland 1 p. August 1945
13730 Germany's Financial Policy in Occupied and Quasi-Occupied Territories (Excluding Russia and Poland)-report based on an interrogation. 32 pp. July 1945
13735 Digest of captured documents about the storage of cultural objects from the museum and library of Aachen, and purchases of furniture in Paris, France, by the municipal authorities of Cologne, Germany. 4 pp. August 1945
13740 Report on Fritz Sauckel, Gauleiter of Thuringia, on procurement of foreign labor. 7 pp. August 1945
13741 Information on War Art Treasures taken from Warsaw, Poland, and personalities who were in charge of them. 2 pp. August 1945
13742 Report on Armin Eschenlehr, architect and Nazi cultural officer, who gives known and suspected locations of art treasures, and museum personalities concerned with the storage of art treasures. 3 pp. August 1945
13775 Final interrogation report on Oberst Paul Krueger about Kampf Gruppe Paul, which was to stay behind allied lines for guerrilla warfare. Also information about Werewolf training. 14 pp. July 1945
13780 One folder from the Prasidalkanzlei containing documents on employees insurance (correspondence, clippings of Government publications on law, etc. in German) 1938- 1942; see also XL 13786 Information (in German) on insurance laws for invalids and dependents. 1933-1944; XL 13788 Two folders from the Office of the Chancellery President, containing documents on employes insurance laws 1941-1944 (In German); XL 14857    One folder from the Chancellery of the Reich containing social security relief data in the Reich and the territories. Included are memos, legal notes, charts, plans, and paper clippings about insurance. (in German) 1944
13787 Information (in German) on cancellation of claims by the Reich. 1935-1944.
13789-13791 Information (in German) on tariff treaty and loan matters, social insurance, and laws regulating working hours. 1935-1944
13792 Seizure of possession and control of I.G. Farben (U.S.Zone). 27 pp. July 1945
13812 Report on Hauptausschuss Elektrotecnik and its records, listing the underground plants of the company. 6 pp. July 1945
13860 Safehaven report on Devisen Schutzkommando and Deutsches Revisions und A.G., which were the Belgian agencies of the German occupying authorities engaged in dealings in shares in Belgium. 2 pp. August 1945; see also XL 26232 Report on the assets in the Netherlands of the Deutsche Revisions und Treuhand A.G. (Treuarbeit), the Hague; list of securities and bank balances. 3 pp. October 1945; XL 28265 Administration by the Treuarbeit (Hague Branch) of seized enemy property in the Netherlands. 3 pp. October 1945
13864 Safehaven report on German purchases and seizures of Belgian shares in Holland through Lippmann Rosenthal of Amsterdam, who had been put under German management because of Jewish ownership. 1 p. August 1945
13866 Safehaven report on Paul Georg Fidrmuc and his deposits at the Banco Pinto e Sotto Mayor, of Lisbon, Portugal. 1 p. Aug. 1945; see also XL 26860 Safehaven report on activities of Fidrmuc in Spain and G. Bracker Traus Ltd. 2 pp. November 1945
13867 Safehaven report on G. Brucker-Traus Lda of Lisbon, Portugal, trading with Germany. 3 pp. August 1945
13871 Safehaven report on Otto Wolff of Cologne, Germany which may have an interest in AB Metall und Bergprodukter of Stockholm, Sweden, bought by Jacon Ettlinger German- Swedish Jew from Beer, Sondheim and Co., of Frankfurt, Germany. 1 p. August 1945
13873 Safehaven list of 149 Swedish companies in which considerable German interests are suspected. 9 pp. August 1945
13874 Fritz Warburg, German banker who is now in Sweden is an advisor to AB Trustee in Sweden, which is a purely Swedish firm. 2 pp. August 1945; see also XL 14363 Safehaven report regarding Warburg, of Hamburg, Germany and his connections with the banking firm of M.M. Warburg and Co. 4 pp. August 1945; XL 23531 Safehaven report on Warburg of Sweden, who was connected with AB Trustee, connected with Svenska Handelsbank. 2 pp. September 1945
13876 Safehaven report concerning M. Beridze of Lusanne, Switzerland, and dealings with Germans and French 3 pp. August 1945
13877 Safehaven report on German and Italian industrial and commercial interests in Colombia. 1 p. August 1945; see also XL 17233 Report on the Safehaven project for Colombia. 2 pp. August 1945; XL 23327 Safehaven report on expropriation of Axis funds in Colombia. 2 pp. October 1945; XL 24353 Safehaven note on German banking interests in Colombia. 1 p. October 1945
13878 German and Italian businesses in El Salvador. 1 p. August 1945
13881 Safehaven report on Osram Fabrica de Lamparas, from interrogation of Hans Preger, its director. Shares are believed to be still in Berlin, Germany or Switzerland. 4 pp. August 1945; see also XL 13893 Safehaven report on Osram Fabrica de Lamparas of Spain. 4 pp. August 1945; XL 20327 Deutsche Bank, Berlin, certified that they held the entire capital in custody of Osa Industrielle Metailigungen, A.G. Schaffhausen, Switzerland and of Osram GmbH Kommanditgesellschaft, Berlin, which has interests in Osram Fabrica de Lamparas S.A., Madrid, Spain. 1. p. September 1945
13882 Safehaven report on recovery of German official and quasi-official assets in Spain. 4 pp. Aug. 1945; see also XL 14054 Allied request for Spanish legal recognition of Allied title to former German official and quasi-official assets. 2 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 15755 Safehaven report on the policy and progress on German quasi-official and private assets in Spain. 3 pp. August 1945
13891 Safehaven report enclosing a memo from the United States to the British Embassy in Madrid, Spain, about 1,000 British pounds in paper notes from Adolf Braun of the German consulate at Tetuan, Spain, who obtained them from the SD section of the Germany Embassy in Madrid. 2 pp. August 1945
13892 Safehaven report on German nationals in Spain acquiring the "stateless" category. 1 p. August 1945
13894 Safehaven report on interview with Becker, former German embassy chancellor in Spain, about supplies of German war material to Spain and the resulting financial clearings. 3 pp. August 1945
13895 Safehaven report on the Banco Aleman Transatlantico. 4 pp. August 1945; see also XL 18860 Safehaven report regarding Banco Aleman Transatlanctico of Spain and Deutsch Ueberseeische Bank. 28 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 24240 Memorandum of a conversation on Banco Aleman Transatlantico of Spain. 3 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 34510 Balance sheets of Banco Aleman Transatlantico. 17 pp. December 1945
13898 Safehaven report giving the Allied embassies' memo to Spain about German contracts in Spain for various war materials. 3 pp. August 1945
13931 Safehaven report on Lahco A.G. of Baden, Switzerland, owned by Hans and Heinzelmann of Germany. 1 p. July 1945
13934 Konrad Fehr, Switzerland, is said to be holding funds belonging to an SS man Winkler. 1 p. August 1945
13936 Plinio Antonimi, Swiss National, is said to have hidden large sums of money in Switzerland for Italian Nazi and Fascist leaders. 1 p. August 1945
13937 Safehaven information on three Nazi party members residing in Switzerland. One has forwarded valuables, acquired in Germany, to Spain and Portugal. 1 p. August 1945
13938 Safehaven report on Eugen Lang, a German in Switzerland. 2 pp. July 1945
13941 Safehaven report on the Austrian Johann Kossler, who left Belgium for Portugal in 1940. 2 pp. July 1945
13958 Safehaven report on the Belgian investigation of German financial transactions in Belgium during the occupation. 15 pp. July 1945; see also XL 15220 Safehaven report on investigation of German transactions in Belgium. 1 p. August 1945
13960 Safehaven report on Siemens-Rieniger SA, Portuguese subsidiary of Siemens-Rieniger Werke A.G. of Germany. 3 pp. August 1945
13961 Safehaven report on Koreas, Lda., of Lisbon, Portugal. 3 pp. August 1945
13964 The Japanese in Southeast Asia are trying to convert their funds into forms which will escape Allied confiscation. Most popular forms are gold and jewelry, pre-invasion currency and transfer of Japanese-owned business to private ownership in the area where located. 6 pp. August 1945
13973 Safehaven report giving a list of alleged German investments in Hungarian business enterprises in 1935. 3 pp. August 1945
13975 Safehaven report listing stocks of paper and lumber stored in Sweden for German firms. 14 pp. August 1945
13976 Safehaven report enclosing a notice from the Spanish press about imports from Germany, and one on the Swiss disposition to return German assets and war loot in Switzerland. 1 p. August 1945
13977 Safehaven report on the blocking of Japanese assets in Switzerland. 5 pp. August 1945; see also XL 17388 Copy and translation of Swiss note to the American Minister at Bern regarding the blocking of Japanese assets in Switzerland. 3 pp. August 1945
13980 Safehaven report on Paul Schulz, a German recently permitted to enter Switzerland, who was intermediary between Hitler and Bruening in 1930-1932. 5 pp. August 1945
13984 Interview with Heinz Gehm of Gesellschaft fuer Elektrometallurgie, a firm taken over from its former Jewish owners. Wolfram trade with Portugal, by this and other German firms. Employment of foreign workers. 6 pp. July 1945
13992 Report on Bernhard Berghaus, German industrialists, and his light metal interests, financial arrangements with Great Britain and United States, negotiations with Sweden over patents, Austrian financial accounts, relations with Nazi leaders, and ownership of Ferjas di Alcala in Spain. 13 pp. June 1945
14007 Documents (in German) on visits of foreign envoys to Germany, including biographical sketches, copies of speeches, letters, newspaper clippings. 1939
14008 Correspondence (in German) exchanged between Hitler and heads of other countries. 1941
14021 Detailed report on the financial affairs of the Nazi Party Chancellory. 5 pp. August 1945
14048 Safehaven report on Hugo Engel (Note 23) of Paris, France, who bought stolen art objects from the Germans during the occupation, and resold them to Goering and high Nazi officials. 1 p. Aug. 1945; see also XL 34404 Safehaven report concerning Engel and faimily of Switzerland. 3 pp. December 1945
14051 Memo from the Stockholms Enskilda Bank about its interest in the American Bosch Corporation. (Note 24) 4 pp. August 1945
14052 Safehaven report on building stone quarried and stored in Sweden for the account of the German State Building Bureau. 2 pp. July 1945
14057 Safehaven report to the effect that Guenther Quandt, head of the Accumulatorenfabrik A.G., Berlin, Germany, may have the controlling interest in Accumulatorenfabrik Oerlikon, Zurich, Switzerland. 1 p. August 1945
14169 Weekly Military Government Report No. 3 on Land Hesse, including information on safeguarding of libraries and art works. 47 pp. August 1945
14180 Report on the gross national product of Germany, 1936-1944. 9 pp. August 1945
14209 Progress of the negotiations for the handing over to Syria and Lebanon of gold and various institutions which the Vichy government had seized. 1 p. August 1945
14334 Safehaven report regarding transactions between the Establissements Maurer S.A. of Switzerland and German and Japanese firms or governments. 2 pp. August 1945; see also XL 26093 Report on Machine tool shipments from Switzerland to the Japanese Navy. Etablissements Maurer, Charles Brandli A.G., and other Swiss firms were shipping substantial amounts of machine tools ostensibly for deliver to Sweden, but actually being diverted to Germany. Report on Japanese assets in Switzerland. 4 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 26582 Etablissements E. Maurer and Fritz Jeker, Geneva, Switzerland, are reported to have sent machinery and machine tools to Germany during the war. 1 p. November 1945
14337 Safehaven report on return of former German-leased properties in Bilbao, Spain, to their owners. 1 p. August 1945
14361 Safehaven report containing a translation of an article from the Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung, regarding the blocking of German assets in Switzerland. 2 pp. Aug. 1945; see also XL 14505 Safehaven report containing translations of certain excerpts from Swiss newspapers regarding German assets in Switzerland. 5 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 16892 Safehaven report. Translations of excerpts from the Swiss press Schaffhusser Zeitung and the Tribune de Geneve regarding German assets in Switzerland. 3 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 17074 Safehaven report containing translation of articles from the Arbeiter Zeitung and the Tribune de Geneve regarding German assets in Switzerland. 3 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 17133 Safehaven report containing translation of certain excerpts from Basler Nachrichten and Die Tat regarding German assets in Switzerland. 5 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 19160 Translations of excerpts from the Neue Zuercher Zeitung of Aug. 26, 1945, regarding German assets in Switzerland. Two points of view are presented. 6 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 18648 Translations of excerpts from Neue Zuercher Zeitung and Feuille Officielle Suisse du Commerce regarding the presence and blocking of German assets in Switzerland. 3 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 19267 Safehaven report containing translation of an excerpt from Neue Zuercher Zeitung regarding the status of German assets in Switzerland. 4 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 22031 Excerpts from the Swiss press regarding German assets in Switzerland. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 22173 Text of an article from the Berner Tagwacht on Black lists and the question of German assets in Switzerland. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 23783 Translated article from the Basler Hachrichten on German assets in Switzerland, urging that German rights be carefully protected. 3 pp. October 1945
14362 Safehaven target list of 21 German personnel (giving brief biographical data), including Walter Andreas Hofer, Bruno Lohse, and Hermann Voss, implicated in the looting of European art treasures, some of whom are potential war criminals. 3 pp. August 1945
14366 Safehaven report listing securities belonging to Norddeutsche Versicherungsgessellschaft, Hamburg, Germany, which are deposited in Sweden. 1 p. August 1945
14367 Safehaven report regarding the activities of W. Hartkopp and Th. Kruger, German nationals in Finland who are listed as subsidiaries and agencies of the German firm Rochlingstahl in Bern, Switzerland. 1 p. August 1945
14370 Safehaven report regarding request of Parke-Davis for trademark "Promin" which is so similar to the registered trademark "Prominal" which is owned by I.G. Farben. 1 p. August 1945; see also XL 25734 Information concerning I.G. Farben trademark "Prominal" and the application of Parke Davis & Co., to register the trademark "Promin" in Sweden. 5 pp. October 1945
14374 Copy of a German blacklist of forwarding agents in Belgium, Finland, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Norway, Portugal, Rumania, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, and Hungary. 24 pp. August 1945
14375 Interrogation of 5 officials of the German Ministry of Economics. All gold and foreign exchange resources were concentrated in the Reichsbank, mainly subject to the orders of the 4-year plan. Settlement of foreign clearings with Spain and Portugal through Rowak. Rumanian clearing records. Activities of the local Devisenstelle. 5 pp. June 1945
14376 Safehaven report on funds credited to the British and United States Embassy joint account in the Anglo-South American Bank in Spain, including Sofindus shares and Portuguese banknotes. 2 pp. August 1945
14425 Guide for investigation of Rochling family and businesses. 20 pp. May 1945
14426 Book giving statistics on Germany and her acquired territory. (in German) 1938
14432 Safehaven report on the reorganization of the Banco America do Sul, Ltda.12 pp. August 1945
14434 Safehaven report on lack of Safehaven control on traffic between France and Switzerland and Spain. 1 p. August 1945
14436 Report on purchase of pictures in France (during German occupation) by the Conde de Torrubia of Spain., etc. 6 pp. August 1945
14440 Safehaven report on the Swiss press reactions to Swiss banks, quoting in translation press articles from La Sentinelle and the Journal de Geneve about the Swiss banking law following difficulties of the Swiss banks with their German investments. 3 pp. August 1945
14506 Safehaven report on Hugo Stinnes Industries Inc. of Zurich, Switzerland. August 1945
14555 Definition of Safehaven Project; present Naval interest in Safehaven; means used in flight of Axis assets; present controls. 4 pp. March 1945
14570 Swiss-Japanese trade in machine tools. 2 pp. May 1945
14764 Italian labor in Germany. (in Italian) 11 pp. April 1945
14838 Safehaven report on Tristat A.G. and its alleged ownership of shares in Kalio Inc. of New York through Bank Wadonswil and Friedberg A.G. 9 pp. August 1945
14840 Safehaven report on Hasssche Schriftgiesserei A.G. A Swiss blacklisted company. 11 pp. August 1945
14841 Translations of articles from 2 Swiss papers on the financial repercussions upon Swiss banks of the German collapse. 2 pp. August 1945
14842 Safehaven report concerning Hungarian and Rumanian assets 10 pp. August 1945
14843 Safehaven report on Oskar Kiss, a Hungarian. 5 pp. August 1945; see also XL 20843 Report on iron goods formerly owned by a German, Kiss, and sold in Switzerland through Schneider, that were retained by the Swiss government and the money paid into the Swiss-German clearing account. 4 pp. August 1945
14866 Article on German assets most likely being in Latin America and with the European neutrals. 4 pp. August 1945
14867 Preliminary report on the assets of Friedrich Krupp, A.G. in foreign countries. 16 pp. Aug. 1945; see also XL 15215 Safehaven report on Berndorfar Kruppmetallwerke A.G. Lucerne, Switzerland, a subsidiary of Friedrich Krupp. 2 pp. August 1945; XL 15698 Safehaven report on Fabrica de Mineres S.A., Abiana, and La Maquinista Terrestre y Maritima of Barcelona, Spain, and their connections to Krupp of Essen, Germany. 1 p. July 1945; XL 15877 Safehaven report on the interest of Friedrich Krupp A.G. of Germany in the Swedish mining firms. 2 pp. August 1945; XL 15899 Safehaven report on Friedrich Krupp A.G. and Swedish financial connections. 2 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 19006 Information on Friedrich Krupp A.G. List of Krupp's interests in Europe, Latin America, Far and Near East and United States firms. 21 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 19891 Safehaven report on the relationship of Diamantwerkzeuge A.G., Voogeli & Wirz, A.G., Pantona A.G., with Friedrich Krupp. Translation of letters from Robert Zapp A.G. to Diamantwerkzeuge A.G. included. 8 pp. September 1945; XL 24239 Information on a Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee report containing information concerning patent rights held by Krupp in Sweden. 1 p. October 1945; XL 24950 Report on certain documents of Friedrich Krupp A.G. Includes information on foreign companies doing business with Krupp. 34 pp. July 1945; XL 29737 Agreements between Krupp and the Portuguese Government and between Krupp and Turkish firms. 8 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 29740 Balance of Friedrich Krupp A.G.'s account with Skandinaviska Banken, Stockholm, Sweden. 1 p. Nov. 1945; XL 34048 Assets in Sweden of Friedrich Krupp. 4pp. December 1945
14896 Report on a Swiss firm in Glarus, Switzerland. August 1945
14898 Memo on the approach to neutrals regarding Allied claims to German external assets, outlining the legal arguments which the neutrals may use to resist Allied claims. 6 pp. August 1945
14929 Four rolls of microfilm containing data on interior conditions of Latin American countries, diplomatic telegrams, I.G. Farben in Chile, etc. 4 rolls of film and 3 pp.   August 1945
14957 Property found at the German consulate at Tetuan, Spain; claims to German assets in Tangier; list of German assets. 3 pp. August 1945
14987 United States legation asks the Spanish in Morocco to force Derbert Richter (German consul in Tetuan) to surrender to the Allies, through the Spanish, certain German consular funds and property still held by him. 2 pp. August 1945
15019 United States Strategic Bombing Survey, Overall Economic Effects Division, Section II, on the German economy in perspective, and the supply and use of labor in Germany. ca. 100 pp. August 1945
15175 Information on the chief Germans involved in the artistic looting of France. Biographical data on them, their activities, the looting of Jewish collections. Many of the acquired pictures were sent to high Nazi officials for their private collections, or to German art galleries, or were sent to neutral countries for safe keeping (Document of the Office of Research of War Criminals of the French Government, in French). n.d., received September 1945
15208 Summary of manifests of Morddeutsches-Lloyd shipments to Latin American ports in the early summer of 1939; also blockade runner service in 1941. 60 pp.
15214 Safehaven report on the suspected appointment of Ernesto Kocherthaler of Switzerland to the board of directors of Institut International Financier of the Treuunternehmen Eschen. He may be a German seeking cover in Lichtenstein. 1 p. August 1945
15215 Safehaven report on Berndorfar Kruppmetallwerke A.G. Lucerne, Switzerland, a subsidiary of Friedrich Krupp; and Eisen-U Metall A.G., Eisenag, Zurich, Switzerland, and Kohlenunion Geldner, Basel, subsidiaries of Vereinigte Stahlwerke. 2 pp. August 1945
15216 Safehaven report on securities deposited by Munchmeyer & Co. on behalf of Nord- Deutsche Lebensversicherung, Hamburg, Germany in the Schweizerische Bankgesellschaft, Zurich, Switzerland. 1 p. August 1945
15218 Safehaven report on Alfred Kurzmeyer, now at the Hotel Savoy, Zurich, Switzerland, a director of the Deutsche Bank, and various financial connections of the bank. 1 p. August 1945
15277 Three folders from the Chancellery of the Reich with correspondence exchanged between Hitler and Foreign State heads and other personalities (1939, 1942-1943).(In German).
15395 Interrogation of Heinrich Putefisch, oil production expert of I.G. Farben, with information on Himmler's Circle of Friends and partial list of members given; also information on Walter Schellenberg's reorganization of the Security and Intelligence Service. July 1945
15461 Final interrogation report on Werner Langenberg, Ministerialrat, of the Reich Financial Administration. 7 pp. August 1945
15504 Report on German and Spanish delegations for regulation of Hispano-German trade and finance; notes on the Germany Ministry of Finance; NSDAP, SS, Gestapo, Nazi personalities; Gestapo and SS atrocities, etc. 11 pp. August 1945
15509 Information on the Gestapo office in Koblenz, Germany. 13 pp. August 1945
15523 Report concerning several connections which General W. Schellenberg had in Switzerland, specifically those involving the Swiss Army, police, and intelligence officers, as well as with "an American representative in Switzerland by name of Dulles." 2 pp. July 1945; see also XL 46527 Meeting in 1944 between Schellenberg and Swiss General Guisan and Colonel Roger Masson. (Note 25) 2 pp. March 1946; XL 48910 The Swiss Federal Council's March 8, 1946 communique concerning the investigation of the relations of Masson, former chief of the Swiss Army Intelligence Service, to Schellenberg. 13 pp. Mar. 1946; XL 49823 Report from Bern, Switzerland, of the contacts of Masson with Schellenberg. 3 pp. March 1946.
15591 Reports on the Rothschild interests in Austria. 48 pp. September 1945
15668 Safehaven report on the lists (not enclosed) of German nationals in Spain. 1 p. July 1945
15704 Safehaven report regarding German influence in Spanish industries 4 pp. August 1945
15714 Safehaven report on Sociedad Alemana Espanola de Immuebles, Madrid, Spain. 1 p. Aug. 1945; see also XL 17120 Safehaven report on transfer of properties in Spain with money sent from Germany, by the Sociedad Alemana Espanola de Immonbles, S.I., Madrid. 1 p. August 1945; XL 23791 Safehaven report on the Sociedad Alemana Espanola de Immueblos, a cover organization for a missionary group of the Evangelical Church. 1 p. October 1945; XL 32435 Application of Socieded Alemana Espanol Immuebles, S.L. for the unblocking of its funds. 3 pp. November 1945
15715 Information on miscellaneous individuals and concerns in Spain having German connections; some evidence of stolen goods, German businessmen in Spain; flight of German capital to Switzerland; German internees at Carranza Concentration Camp have hidden their valuables. 3 pp. August 1945
15717 Safehaven report on the presentation of the notes to the United States Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal, to the Portuguese Foreign Minister requesting the immediate application of Safehaven legislation embodied in the Portuguese decree law No. 34,600, to all public and private Japanese assets in Portugual and Portuguese territory, as well as to assets owned or controlled from all territory occupied by Japan or Japanese satellites. 3 pp. August 1945; see also XL 15751 Safehaven report containing text of Portuguese ministerial order making effective in the colonies the recent amendment to the Decree- law No. 34,600, providing for the immobilization and census of Japanese assets. 1 p. August 1945; XL 15754 Safehaven report regarding Japanese assets in Portugal. 4 pp. August 1945; XL 16031 Trucks filled with documents and cash have been removed from the Japanese Services in Lisbon, Portugual, and transferred to homes of Japanese in Lisbon. 1 p. August 1945
15752 Safehaven project in Paraguay. 3 pp. August 1945
15759 List of Portuguese firms which received German financial aid during the war. 2 pp. July 1945; See also XL 15760    List of firms and persons who acted as cloaks for transactions with the Germans during the war and which are reportedly still in Portugal. 4 pp. June 1945; XL 15765 Information on some real estate transactions by Germans in Portugal. 1 p. Aug. 1945; XL 15901 Camouflage of German capital and assets in Portugal. 3 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 16036 List of Portuguese firms representing German Chemical & Pharmaceutical companies. 2 pp. Aug. 1945; XL 16853 German clandestine activities in Portugal. 1 p. Aug. 1945; XL 20478 Information regarding German firms and individuals in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal. 4 pp. September 1945; XL 20831 Miscellaneous information on Portuguese individuals and firms alleged to be cloaking German capital. 4 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 20958 Report on the financial operations of the German Group in Portugal. 2 pp. September 1945
15766 Information on German funds placed in Switzerland for safekeeping, including information on S.A. Metal et Lurgi and S.A. Hoesch; Xaver Franz Schwarz; Messerschmitt family. Names of Swiss banks given. 2 pp. May 1945
15780 One folder from the Chancellery of the Reich with correspondence to and from various Ministers and State Secretaries about requisitions, cancellation of tariffs, credits, etc. (in German). December 1934
15846 Progress report of the Control Commission for Germany (British Element) containing information on named firms regarding inter-company relationships between German and Dutch companies. 6 pp. August 1945
15848 Safehaven report on the Vereinigte Glanzstoffe Fabrik (VGF) and the Algemeene Kunstzijde Unie N.Y. (AKU) and results of an interview with Abs. 3 pp. August 1945
15888 Safehaven report on Soteria A.G., Maienfeld, Switzerland. 1 p. August 1945
15889 Safehaven report on the ownership of Cuprum A.G. of Glarus, Switzerland. 1 p. August 1945
15896 Copy of note from United States Legation to Swiss Federal Political Department, requesting it to take action on a report that mortgages are about to be taken by third persons on German real estate in Switzerland. 2 pp. July 1945
15899 Safehaven report on Vereinigte Stahlewerke A.G. and Friedrich Krupp A.G. and Swedish financial connections. 2 pp. August 1945
15900 Information on Dr. Biedermann, also known as Dr. Felix Brozik, now a refugee in Switzerland, but formerly a lawyer for factories controlled by the Pratum A.G. 2 pp. ca. 400 pp. August 1945
15909 Compilation of German war criminals in France; includes information on persecution of the Jewish people. August 1945
15958 One folders from the Chancellery of the Reich about tariff settlements and wages, labor laws, clippings of newspapers pertaining to laws. (in German). January 1939
15959 Legal documents about the confiscation of the property of Count von Pless, because he was a Polish national. May 1944
15994 Brief report on the Ministry of Armaments and War production at Thuringen. Information on documents and books, including Reichsbank records found at Vacha and at Springen archives. Information on location of all deposits of the Prussian State Library. 1 p. May 1945
16009 List of eight firms in Spain, reported to have German connections. 2 pp. August 1945
16357 Safehaven report on cloaked interests in Switzerland of the Rheinisch-Westfalisches Eletricitatswrk A.G., Essen, Germany. 1 p. Aug. 1945; see also XL 20326 Report on foreign assets of Rheinisch-Westfalisches Elektrizitatswerk A.G., Germany. 2 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 23698 Curt Brunner of Zurich, Switzerland, suspected of being a cloak for German assets (Rheinische Westfalische Elektrizitatswerke) in Switzerland 1 p. July 1945; XL 23758 Safehaven report on the foreign assets of Rheinisch- Westfalisches Elektricitatswerk A.G. and Elektrizitats-Heteiligunge-Gesellschaft mbH, of Essen. 2 pp. October 1945; XL 28493 Safehaven report regarding Rheinish Westfalisches Elektrizitats A.G.'s foreign assets. 1 p. November 1945; XL 29741 Rheinisch-Westfalisches Elektrizitatswerke (RWE), A.G. interests in Switzerland. 4 pp. November 1945; XL 30234 Swedish patents held by Rheinische Westfalische Elektriaitatswerk Akt. R.W.E., Essen. 1 p. Nov. 1945; XL 33652 Safehaven reports regarding Swedish patents of Rheinische Westalische Elektrizitatswerk Akt. R.W.E., Essen, 1 p. December 1945
16359 Safehaven report on Definitive Kontroll-Buchhaltung A.G. Zurich,   Switzerland. 2 pp. August 1945
16363 Report on ten targets-name factories-in the Rhineland and Ruhr areas, mentioning transactions and connections with Japanese firms. 7 pp. September 1945
16424 Safehaven report on Boehringer S.A., Productos Quimicos Otto Beirutz, Barcelona, Spain. 5 pp. August 1945; see also XL 16815 Report on Boehringer Productos Quimicos Farmaceuticas S.A. Barcelona. 5 pp. August 1945
16425 Safehaven report containing list of foreign agents for Metallgesellschaft A.G., Frankfurt, Germany. 1 p. August 1945; see also XL 18991 Report on H.E. Woisin, Bilbao, Spain, agent for Metallgesellschaft A.G., Frankfurt. 1 p. September 1945
16426  Safehaven note confirming that Benigno Categno is the same as one Cateno, previously known to the Ministry of Economic Warfare. 1 p. September 1945
16435 Transmission of the United States note to the Swedish Foreign Office requesting freezing of Japanese assets. 2 pp. August 1945; see also XL 19263 Safehaven report giving a translation of the Royal Decree concerning the freezing of Japanese assets in Sweden. 2 pp. September 1945
16440 Safehaven notes on possible enemy interests in A.G. fur Elektrische Unternehmingen in Orient, Zurich, Switzerland. 1 p. August 1945
16477 Arthur Stuve, German Vice-Consul in Porto, Portugal, and the cloaking of his assets. 1 p. August 1945
16484 Notes on the alleged use of German funds to purchase the Hotel Imperio, Porto, Portugal, by Justino Teixeira de Oliveira Moura. 1 p. July 1945
16521 Translations of excerpts from both leftist and middle class papers commenting on the socialist and communist attack on the Swiss banking system following the difficulties experienced by Swiss banks (chiefly the Baseler Handelsbank and the Federal bank) as a result of the loss of their investments in Germany. 5 pp. August 1945
16522 Report of six German professors who were during the war propagandists for Germany in Portugal, now appointed to professorships at Portuguese universities. 4 pp. Sept. 1945
16523 Possible German cloaking of assets in Sweden. 1 p. August 1945
16524 Information on the German printing and distribution of Spanish banknotes, cancelling the debt of Spain to Germany and giving the German 4 billion pesetas to use as they liked. 2 pp. August 1945
16526 Notes on the connection of I.G. Farben with Swedish firms and a British firm. 1 p. August 1945; see also XL 34383 Safehaven report regarding investigation of the assets in Sweden of I.G. Farben. December 1945
16528 Three excerpts from minutes of Blacklist Committee concerning Diamantschleiferei Voegeli & Wirz, A.G., Diamantwerkeuge A.G., and Eugen Huber, and information about Alpwyn Oberholzer, a pro-Nazi Swiss whose present activities in behalf of the Germans are now concentrated on purchasing property in Portugal. 2 pp. Sept. 1945
16531 Safehaven report outlining the status of Fundici Tipografica Neufville S.A., Spain, and its connections with Bauersche Giesserei, Frankfurt, Germany. 3 pp. August 1945
16532 Information on Axis assets in Spain. 8 pp. August 1945
16739 American Government's recommendation that Portuguese Government not be approached concerning extension of Portuguese Decree-Law No. 34,600 to apply "freeze" regulations to formerly occupied countries with certain exceptions. 3 pp. August 1945
16922 Recommendation for the Statutory List of Suministros Vitri-Ceramicos SL, Barcelona, Spain. 1 p. July 1945
16927 Report business transactions in old paintings between Oslo, Norway and Saskatchawan, Canada. 1 p. September 1945
16929 Report containing additional information from Switzerland on Max Schneider, German- born but naturalized Swiss, of the Trade Trust of Schaan, Liechtenstein. 3 pp. September 1945
16930 Report on financial activities of German nationals in the north of Spain. 5 pp. Sept. 1945
16931 Consolidated preliminary report in chart form showing shares of several quasi-public German companies located in Spain. 1 chart. August 1945
16932 Report on Maquinas de Escribir Olympia S.A. of Madrid, Spain. 5 pp. Aug. 1945; see also XL 20483 Information on Maquinas de Escribir Olympia S.A. 1 p. August 1945; XL 20530 Information on Maquinas de Escribir Olympia S.A. 2 pp. September 1945
16933 Safehaven report on Flottman S.A., Spain. 2 pp. September 1945
16980 Interrogation (on microfilm) of several key-men of the Nazi economy, among them Hugo Stinnes, General Jodl. May 1945
17001 Reports on I.G. Farben. 21 pp. September 1945
17003 Safehaven report and list of paintings allegedly stolen by the Gestapo from Fritz D. Heinman, a Jewish art gallery owner, formerly of Munich, Germany, now in Lucerne, Switzerland. 3 pp. September 1945
17118 Information on the transfer of American shares of Steel Union-Sheet Piling, Inc., owned by Germans and Dutch, to Aktiebolaget Pars in Sweden. The transfer was made by the Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G., Germany. 3 pp. August 1945; see also XL 20848 Annual balance sheet (1942) of AB Pars, Stockholm, Sweden, and its connection with Vereinigte Stahlwerke and Central Handels-Vereiniging (Cehandro), Rotterdam, Netherlands. 5 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 23719 Safehaven note on AB Pars, Stockholm, Sweden. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 33653 Safehaven report concerning Swedish Foreign Office on AB Pars, Gothenburg, Sweden. 5 pp. December 1945
17121 List of paintings belonging to Bernard Gutman, of Holland, and which he has been compelled to sell, under pressure of a German art dealer. It is believed that they may now be in Bilbao, Spain. 2 pp. September 1945
17123 Safehaven report on Ing. Herbert Lickfett, a Swedish agent for Metallgesellschaft A.G. Frankfurt, Germany, and holder of German Bosch securities in Sweden. 1 p. Sept. 1945; see also 18643 Safehaven report on an account of Lickfett AB Stockholm with Schweizerischer Bankverein, Basel, Switzerland. 1 p. Sept. 1945; XL 23331 Herbert Lickfett is agent for Dynamit Nobel of Bratislava and firms are to place their enquiries through him. 1 p. October 1945
17126 Safehaven report regarding Luis O. Siebe (Proclaimed List) and his brother-in-law in Costa Rica. 2 pp. September 1945
17128 Draft of memo of demands to be made to the Turkish Government by the United Kingdom concerning Axis assets in Turkey. 3 pp. September 1945
17131 An article from the Swiss newspaper La Voix Ouvriere (The Worker's Voice) attacking the Swiss banking system of secrecy. (Note 26) The writer, besides being critical of Alfred Schaefer, director of the Union Bank of Switzerland, argues that secrecy had favored Germany's transfer of assets to Switzerland, a thing he maintained should not have happened in a so-called democratic country. 3 pp. September 1945; see also XL 20315 Translation of an article from the Swiss newspaper Vorwaerts, Sept. 13, 1945, concerning Socialist and Communist attack on Swiss banking system. 2 pp. Sept. 1945 XL 20487 Safehaven report concerning German assets in Switzerland; excerpts from an essay by Alfred Schaefer, general director of the Union Bank of Switzerland, on the social importance of bank secrecy, published in the Journal de Geneve. 2 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 23517 Criticism by the Swiss newspaper Voix Ouvriere of Swiss foreign policy followed by Federal Councillors Motta and Pilet-Golaz, and of the banks which have accepted German assets for deposits. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 23785 Translated article from the Appenzeller Zeitung on 214 German camouflaged firms in Switzerland. The author urges a free investigation but stresses that "legality" must be observed, since there are also many firms with branches in the United States. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 27857 La Voix Ouvriere has a very anti-Nazi attitude and approves the American Information Service to have published the list of 214 camouflaged German firms. La Suisse points out that it would be interesting to know of camouflaged assets of other countries. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 27845 La Voix Ouvriere deplores the fact that Switzerland has become one of the main centers of international traffic.
17132 Safehaven report on Baltimore and Ohio Railroad shares seized by the Germans in France. 1 p. September 1945
17165 Report on the increase of smuggling of Swiss francs. 1 p. September 1945
17186 Background report on Jaime Parlade, managing director of the Tangier Telephone Company. 4 pp. August 1945
17230 Information on Renania S.A. Barcelona, Spain, a German firm. 2 pp. August 1945
17286 Interrogation of Karl Werner Hermann Reimann, SS Account in charge of the entire bookkeeping department of the DWB (German Economic Management Corporation). Amstsstelle "W" was the official designation in the Waffen SS of the Deutsche Wirtschaftsbetriebe GmbH (DWB). Names of subsidiary concerns. Politically, the DWB was under Himmler. Pohl was in charge of the whole enterprise. Operation of DWB was carried out to a great extent by SS members who were taken into the firm. Descriptions of individual firms and operating executives are named. 9 pp. Sept. 1945
17387 Safehaven report transmitting joint memoranda from American and British embassies regarding unblocking of funds in Spain. 14 pp. August 1945; see also XL 17569 Safehaven report with memoranda from Allied Embassies in Spain concerning the unblocking of funds, and firms under direct German control. 11 pp. September 1945
17583 Safehaven report on German infiltration in Denmark. 54 pp. August 1945
17641 Safehaven report with information on Philipp Holzmann A.G. of Frankfurt, Germany. 5 pp. July 1945; see also XL 34824 Safehaven report regarding activities in Turkey of Philipp Holzmann A.G., Frankfurt. 1 p. December 1945
17643 Safehaven report on Nan Hiehaus (Proclaimed List). 2 pp. September 1945; see also XL 17644 Safehaven report on Niehaus and relatives. 2 pp. September 1945
17754 Safehaven report on Johannes Bernhardt and his chalet in Denia, Province of Alienante. 1 p. August 1945
17784 Study-The Miag Complex, manufacturers of flour-miling equipment, and during the war aircraft and aircraft components. 17 pp. July 1945
17785 Study-The Ballestrem Complex, coal, iron, steel complex. 30 pp. July 1945
17786 Study-The Locckner Complex, producers of coal, iron, steel, and a great variety of engineering products. 32 pp. July 1945
17787 Study-The Julius Pintsch Complex, gas industry. 34 pp. July 1945; see also XL 18995 Report regarding possible connection between Julius Pintsch K.G. Furstenwalde, Germany and Skandinaviaka Glodlamsfabriken Hykeping, Sweden. 1 p. Sept. 1945
17841 Banking situation on Darmstadt, Germany. 3 pp. September 1945
17885 Preliminary repatriation lists of German nationals from Spain, Tangier, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal, Portuguese East Africa, Portuguese West Africa, Madeira, Egypt, and Iran. Category of undesirability is shown. 90 pp. June 1945 [XL 16372 contains a replacement hectograph master sheets, August 1945]
18292 Recognition by Spanish Government of French as Co-trustees for Allied Property and Assets. 10 pp. August 1945
18294 Information concerning Leopold Egon Winkler and Charles Antoine Strakosch and their assets in Switzerland 7 pp. September 1945; see also XL 24355Safehaven notes on Strakosch and Winkler, and a list of jewelry and banknotes possessed by Winkler. 3 pp. September 1945; XL 24948 Report on Konrad Fehr of Bern, Switzerland, on Winkler and Hans Meissners propety in Switzerland. 1 p. October 1945
18302 Safehaven report for France, from March 1 to August 31, 1945. French legislation on the subject; organization and administration of French Intelligence Service; cooperation with the American Embassy in procurement of intelligence, and in negotiations with neutral countries. Attitude of the French Government. List of major enemy penetrations of French industry requiring elimination. List of request for information sent to Blocus. 13 pp. September 1945
18355 Part II-B of Treasury Investigative Request Argentina #28, on the interests of Alfredo Fortabat. 16 pp. November 1943
18461 German Military Government Over Europe: Economic Controls in Occupied Europe (R & A Report 2500.15) 155 pp. August 1945
18502 Final interrogation report on Wilhelm Stuckart, Ministry of the Interior, and SS and SD connections. 4 pp. September 1945
18503 Final interrogation report on Franz Seldte, former Reich Minister of Labor, on Germany's foreign labor procurement. 2 pp. September 1945
18519 Intermediate interrogation report of Georg Carl Keim, expert on Belgian affairs with the Political Department of the German Foreign Office. 2 pp. September 1945; see also XL 21086 Report on an interview of Keim, at one time commercial attache at the German Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, containing information on personalities in the Political Department of the Foreign Office, SS personalities who supplied information to the Belgium Bureau, and representatives of the Foreign Office in Belgium. 6 pp. September 1945 XL 21124 Interrogation of Keim, to provide information relative to Germany's foreign and commercial policies in Belgium. 11 pp. September 1945
18543 Final interrogation report on Ministerialdirektor Karl Wever, concerning the Reich Ministry of Finance. 10 pp. September 1945
18565 Final interrogation report of Hermann Breckenfeld, a financial adviser to industrial concerns. 3 pp. September 1945
18569 Final interrogation of Paul Mojert, fuel and oil administratior and banker. Served as general manager of Berlin, Germany, branches of the Deutsche Bank and director of Bank Mark Brandenburg, Germany. 5 pp. September 1945
18616 Safehaven report transmitting official translations of Swedish legislation concerning control of certain foreign property in Sweden and restoration of certain property removed from occupied countries. 27 pp. August 1945
18640 Safehaven report on Jarnhs Electriska AB (Proclaimed List), Stockholm, Sweden. 1 p. September 1945
18644 Safehaven report relating to transactions of the Skandinaviska Banken, Stockholm, Sweden, with German firms in Shanghai, China. 1 p. September 1945
18645 Safehaven report-excerpt from a letter written by B. Botkins, of Lausanne, Switzerland, to Max Elpern, New York, concerning paintings now located in Switzerland 1 p. September 1945
18646 Safehaven report concerning the Societe Industrielle de la Schappe, and German owned shares of this company--it is felt that the Swiss Government should insist upon being given the names of the German shareholders. 1 p. August 1945; see also XL 23705 Safehaven note on the Societe Industrielle pour la Schappe, Basel; Swiss banks have refused to divulge the names of their German shareholders. 1 p. October 1945
18651 Safehaven report on various firms, including Hugo Stinnes of Germany and A.R. Appelqvist Forvaltinings, AB Stockholm, Sweden. 6 pp. September
18716 Minutes of a meeting of the working committee of the I.G. Farben investigation held at Hoechst; members of the United States, United Kingdom, and France are named. Soviet representative was not present. 6 pp. September 1945
18737 Statement on "War Production and Foreign Trade" and "Black Foreign Exchange Accounts," by the Speer Ministry. 4 pp. September 1945
18739 Interrogation of Walther Schieber, head of Armaments Supply Office, on relations of the German government and industry before and after reorganization of production by Albert Speer. 9 pp. September 1945
18755 Report on Fritz Thyssen, particularly with respect to steel combines and cartels, the Vereinigte Stahlwerke; Thyssen's investments abroad. 7 pp. September 1945; see also XL 18761 Report on the examination of Thyssen, chiefly his relations with the Nazis. 19 pp. September 1945
18772 Report of correspondence between Siemens, Stockholm, Sweden, and Siemens, Zurich, Switzerland, concerning prices of various items of machinery from works Nuernberg, Germany. 1 p. July 1945
18817 Intermediate interrogation report on Dr. Karl Ritter, chief German foreign trade negotiation until 1937 and subsequently German ambassador to Brazil; finally liaison person between the German Foreign Office and the OKW. Most of the information relates to German trade relations. 12 pp. August 1945; see also XL 21123 Report of an interrogation of Ritter regarding the present reparations problem. 5 pp. Sept. 1945
18857 Safehaven report on individuals in Spain having German connections, and possible cloaking. 7 pp. August 1945
18861 Swedish Royal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in a letter to the American Legation, Stockholm, Sweden, clarifies the position of Sweden concerning German privately- owned property, and German State assets in that country. Sweden questions legality of power of any government, even occupying one, to take over or dispose of German- owned private property in other countries. Swedish Government has taken measures to immobilize German property in Sweden in accordance with Bretton Woods agreement. 2 pp. Aug. 1945; see also XL 19004  Safehaven report containing a copy of a memorandum entitled "Summary of Swedish Safehaven Legislation," covering freezing, census, and loot. 4 pp. September 1945
18862 Safehaven report transmitting British Foreign Office and Ministry of Economic Warfare press and broadcast unit reports regarding location and state of art treasures. Goering's collection, Hitler's and those other Nazis are mentioned. 24 pp. Sept. 1945
18917 Report on some personnel of the I.G. Farben company in and around Bitterfeld, also some documents in this area. Report on the Latin-Amerikanischer Verein, Hamburg, Germany; report on the Deutsche-Suedamericanische Bank, Hamburg, its personnel, foreign connections; other Hamburg banks engaged in foreign exchange with Latin America. 12 pp. May 1945
18987 Scintilla A.G., Solothurn, Switzerland, licensed to use Robert Bosch patents. 1 p. Sept.1945; see also XL 19271 Safehaven report on Scintilla A.G. and its subsidiaries, including Scintilla Magneto Co., Sidney, New York, and its financial relations, including those with Robert Bosch GmbH, Brown Boveri Co., etc. 8 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 20477 Information on Scintilla A.G., most of whose stock had been acquired Bosch of Germany. 10 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 34401 Safehaven report concerning Scintilla A.G. 13 pp. December 1945.
18989 Report on Medivete S.L. (Medicinal Veterinaria), Madrid, Spain. 1 p. Sept. 1945
18990 Information on some German-Spanish business connections. 1 p. September 1945
18997 Safehaven report concerning possibility of Spanish Government claims against German assets in Spain. 1 p. September 1945
18998 Safehaven report on Friedrich Flick K. G. Dusseldorf, Germany, with names of subsidiaries in other countries. 7 pp. September 1945
19000 Safehaven-related information from Spain. 2 pp. September 1945
19002 Sale by the German beneficiaries of "Securitas" (a Swiss family trust) of their shares to a Swiss banks and to some friends. 2 pp. September 1945
19003 Safehaven report concerning Swiss-German clearing and other financial matters. 2 pp. August 1945
19005 Copy of letter from British Embassy in Paris, France, reporting an estimate that German assets exported to Switzerland since 1940 amount to 2,000,000,000 Swiss francs. 2 pp. September 1945
19007 Information on Maison Sotirio Bulgari of Rome, Italy, who is involed with Achille Colombo in a scheme to remove assets from Italy to the United States in the form of jewels. 2 pp. June 1945
19014 Safehaven report on Frachtecenter GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, and its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. 4 pp. September 1945
19015 Report on the Reichswerke A.G. fur Berg-und Huttenbetriebe "Hermann Goering" (Montanbank), which was founded as a holding company for the mining and smelting industry of the Reichswerke. 7 pp. September 1945; see also XL 21318 Report on the Reichswerke A.G. fur Berg und Huttenbetriebe "Hermann Goering" (Montanblank), formed in 1941, as a holding company for the mining and melting industry of the Reichswerke. 7 pp. September 1945
19016 Safehaven report on Deutsches-Kohlen Depot GmbH, and subsidiary firms outside of Germany. 7 pp. September 1945
19022 Informnation on Hector Carlin, administrator of Petrofina and the Banque d'Anvers, who is under Belgian Government investigation for his activities during the German occupation. 2 pp. September 1945
19023 Information on the possible connection of Lurgi Gesellschaft fue Chemie und Huettenweze GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany, and Birger and Co. AB, Stockholm, Sweden. 1 p. Sept. 1945; see also XL 19277 Safehaven report concerning Lurgi Gesellschaften, a subsidiary of Metallgesellschaft, A.G. 1 p. Sept. 1945; XL 21810 List of the foreign representatives of the Lurgi companies in Europe, the United States, and the Far East. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 28492 Safehaven report concerning alleged ownership of patent rights by Lurgi Gesellschaft fur Chemie and Huttenwesen. 1 p. November 1945
19025 Report on the blocking in Switzerland of holdings of Geza Lovass,  a Hungarian businessman in Austria. 2 pp. September 1945
19031 Organization and functions of the German Reich Economic Ministery related by its head. Dr. Illgner. 8 pp. September 1945
19033 Report on Kali Syndikat GmbH. funds in Switzerland. The Kaligesellschaft A.G. was active not only in selling potash from German mines but also in concealing German assets in Switzerland. 4 pp. September 1945; see also XL 24750 Report that August Rostberg, one of the most influential members of the German Kali Syndikat, is a present residing in Stockholm, Sweden. 1 p. October 1945
19155 Safehaven report on Wilhelm F. Mallet, German residing in Spain. 4 pp. September 1945
19156 Information concerning the Safehaven importance of the fiscal and monetary decrees of the Belgian Government since September 1944. 8 pp. September 1945
19158 Recommendation that Wassermesser-Fabrik Altstetten A.G. (formerly Dreyer, Rosenkranz & Droop A.G.) be included in the Proclaimed List. One employee, Paul Ballin, a notorious Nazi, was expelled from Switzerland. Sole director and manager is Rudolf Lienert, a Swiss national. 1 p. September 1945
19159 Excerpts from a press report of the general meeting of the Swiss Federal Bank at which it was decided to carry out the proposed fusion with the Union Bank of Switzerland. 5 pp. September 1945
19228 Information on the German-Greek company Degriges. 12 pp. September 1945
19229 Report concerning a meeting with the head of the Swedish Flyktapitalbyro (Safehaven) administration, and discussion of measures desirable for investigating German investments in Sweden, etc. 5 pp. Sept. 1945; see also XL 20484 List of German- owned or controlled firms in Sweden being now investigated by Swedish officials appointed by the "Flight Capital Bureau" for Safehaven operations. 5 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 23137 List of firms in Sweden being investigated by the Swedish Flyktkapitalbyro in accordance with Swedish Safehaven legislation. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 26527 Memo on cases submitted to the Flyktapitalbyro by the British legation, Stockholm. 4 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 32650 Translations of Instructions and Agreements issued by Swedish Foreign Capital Control Office (Flyktapitalbyro). 13 pp. November 1945
19264 Safehaven report giving full text of the reply of the Swedish Foreign office to the Allied claim to title and control of German-owned and German-controlled assets located in Sweden. 2 pp. September 1945
19272 Enemy Assets in the Netherlands. 1 p. September 1945
19273 Report on art works in Argentina. 1 p. September 1945
19275 Report on the transfer of 420 tons of canned fish, property of the German Reich, to United States and British representatives by the Spanish Government. 9 pp. September 1945
19276 Safehaven report on C.F. Boehringer and Soehne, Lyd., of Germany and subsidiaries in Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany. 14 pp. September 1945
19280 Safehaven report on Sociedada Metropolitana o Colonial do Construcces, Ltd., Lisbon, Portugal. 2 pp. September 1945
19407 Information on the relationship between Allgemeine Electrizitats-Gesellschaft, of Germany, and General Electric Company of the United States. 30 pp. September 1945
19569 Latin-American files of the German Foreign Ministry in Marburg, Germany documents center. Contains information about monies invested in South America, I.G. Farben, Siemens, and Argentina helping the Germans break the blockade. 8 pp. Sept. 1945
19611 Report on interview with Franz Xaver Schwarz (Note 27) on financial matters, including the financial support of Nazi organizations concerned with foreign countries. 5 pp. September 1945
19879 Report on Baron Edmund Von Thermann, German Ambassador to Argentina, 1936-1942. 1 p. September 1945; see also XL 28674 Interrogation report on von Thermann. 39 pp. November 1945
19882 Interrogation of Fritz Kolbe (Note 28) on his activity as an Allied agent during the war; personalities and agencies in the Foreign Office; activities of Sofindus. 8 pp. September 1945
19887 Five reports prepared by the Safehaven Team of Heidelberg, Germany. 8 pp. Sept. 1945
19891 Safehaven report on the relationship of Diamantwerkzeuge A.G., Voogeli & Wirz, A.G., Pantona A.G., with Friedrich Krupp of Essen. Translation of letters from Robert Zapp A.G. to Diamantwerkzeuge A.G. included. 8 pp. September 1945
19980 Regulations and directives issued to banks and credit institutions in the Russian zone of Germany. 2 pp. August 1945; see also XL 26575 Russian bank control in Germany. 1 p. September 1945; XL 26761 Report on Russian policy in Germany with special reference to financial policies; explanation of reorganization of banking, monetary, and credit systems on Russian model; mention of various banks and bankers. 11 pp. November 1945
20015 Notes on documents and papers removed from the Carl Zeiss Optical works at Jena, and from the Daimler-Benz plant at Stuttgart, showing collaboration between Germany and Japan. 1 p. September 1945
20035 Information on the Skania Werke A.G.. 4 pp. September 1945
20040 Extract of report on Auer Gesellschaft, its activities (poison gas). 2 pp. Sept. 1945
20041 Information on R. Fuess, Berlin, Steglitz. 2 pp. September 1945
20137 The Haupttreudandstelle Ost (Main trusteeship agency east)-its organization, operations, confiscations of Polish property, etc. 10 pp. September 1945
20324 List of the Walzstahl-Verband GmbH, Germany, external claims and debts. 3 pp. September 1945
20325 Information on Otto Wolff K.G., of Cologne, Germany, and its branches in Germany and abroad. 5 pp. Sept. 1945; see also XL 30225 Swedish assets of Otto Wolff, Cologne. 1 p. Nov. 1945; XL 34712 Safehaven preliminary report of Swiss assets of Otto Wolff, Hamburg, Germany. 1 p. Dec. 1945; XL 36297 Investigations of assets in Sweden of Otto Wolff, Cologne. 1 p. Dec. 1945; XL 36646 Report with chart showing financial structure of Otto Wolff, Kommanditgesellschaft of Cologne. 5 pp. December 1945
20327 Deutsche Bank, Berlin, Germany, certified that they held the entire capital in custody of Osa Industrielle Metailigungen, A.G. Schaffhausen, Switzerland and of Osram GmbH Kommanditgesellschaft, Berlin, which has interests in Osram Fabrica de Lamparas S.A., Madrid, Spain. 1. p. September 1945
20328 Safehaven report on alleged transfer of Japanese funds to Lisbon, Portugal. 2 pp. September 1945
20329 Information on the Bank of Portugal; foreign currency balances held abroad as of Feb. 5, 1945; gold reserves; sales of gold on Apr. 5, 1945; clearing balances as of July 25, 1945. 2 pp. September 1945
20330 Report that A. Johnson & Co., Stockholm, Sweden is debtor to Badische Wolframers GmbH, Soellingen, Germany. 1 p. September 1945
20336 Report of an interrogation, by 3rd US Army, Interrogation Center, of Wilhelm Scheuermann, of the Speer Ministry, regarding the activities of Geheimrat Kreuter of Berlin, Germany, who was a president of the German Government corporation charged with the making of financial agreements with the Netherlands puppet government, and who formed several corporations in France. It is believed that he used his position to augment his personal fortunes. When the German Army withdrew from France the German shares in the corporations were taken over by American industrial interests which were close to the Vichy government and are still acting as trustees for Kreuter. 3 pp. August 1945
20357 Report on Gehemerat Ludwig Kastel and his connections with the Prudential Life Insurance Co. in Germany. 2 pp. June 1945
20389 Report on Bern, Switzerland, music dealer Alex. Krahenbuhl who was trying to sell a Rembrandt self-portrait and a Stradivarius violen to American dealers. 2 pp. Sept. 1945; see also XL 33881 Safehaven report regarding the alleged Rembrandt self- portrait offered for sale to Bauer Type Foundry Inc. of New York by Aduanas Pujol- Rubio S.A. Barcelona, Spain or Antonio Puigdellivol. 2 pp. December 1945
20390 Report on Hungarian owned-textiles stored in American Occupied Zone in Linz, Austria. Original owner, Goldberger, died in a German concentration camp. 2 pp. Sept. 1945
20392 Suspected foreign assets held by Hermann Goering. Report on art treasures collected for Goering by his friend and agent Alois Miedl, who acquired the Goudstikker Galleries in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and many collections. In summer of 1944 Goering commissioned Miedl to take 200 paintings to Spain, some are believed to be in San Sebastian. Alleged Goering funds in a Stockholm bank in the name of Dresden, Germany, industrialist; also funds in Argentina, names of Swedish individuals and firms assisting Goering with his assets. Mention of the Sofindus holdings and large holding companies which were in contact with Goering in Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. 6 pp. September 1945
20393 Information on German Shipping in Spain. 3 pp. September 1945; see also XL 33801 Safeahven report regarding camouflaging German shipping in Spain. 5 pp. Dec. 1945
20482 Information on changes in nationality status of German nationals in Spain. 1 p. Sept. 1945
20485 Letter from the Commercial Counselor of the British Legation in Stockholm, Sweden, concerning the result of Safehaven investigations in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce; cooperation of this organization; methods under which German firms in Sweden could do business; insurance; shipyards; Stinnes-Appelovist Group. 4 pp. September 1945
20520 List of vessels being built at Swedish wharves on German order. 3 pp. September 1945
20525 Information regarding 1,000 tons of tin and residues purchased during the war by the Bulgarian Consul in Lisbon, Portugal, for his Government. Dispute over ownership, since the German government claimed it after the Bulgarian collapse and had extended Bulgaria some credits in the Banco Aleman Transatlantico. 3 pp. September 1945
20526 Spanish Foreign Department has agreed to instruct the accountants investigating the books of German companies to make an additional trial    balance as of the date the final examination is made. 1 p. September 1945
20531 Information on two German-owned companies in Spain: Continental Fabrica Espanola de Caucho and Neumaticas Continental S.A., Cia, para la Venta de Articulos de Caucho. 2 pp. September 1945
20532 Information on Bauxit Trust A.G., Zurich, Switzerland; the majority of shares controlled by Hungarian and German groups. 1 p. September 1945
20537 Joint Memorandum from the American and British Embassies to the Director General of Political Economy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spain, regarding the immediate need for a census of German assets and for the examination of transactions of German nationals. 2 pp. June 1945
20538 Joint memorandum from the British and American Embassies to the Director General of Political Economy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spain, regarding German goods. 2 pp. May 1945
20809 Information on Schloemann A.G., Dusseldorf, Germany. 1 p. September 1945; see also XL 20832 Report that Gebruder Volkart, Wintherthur, Switzerland, owes large sums to A. Schloemann A.G. 1 p. September 1945; XL 23704 Safehaven report on the Spanish connections of Schloemann A.G. (large sums are owed to G. Pasch y Hermanos); and a declaration made by Ferrostaal A.G. Essen, regarding their interests in Spain. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 23709 Note on 3 Swedish patents held by Schloermann A.G. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 24204 Swiss interests in Schloemann A.G. 1 p. October 1945
20811 Report on Svenska Orion Forsaljnings AB, Sweden. 1 p. September 1945
20818 Report on German investments in Portuguese mines. 78 pp. Sept. 1945; see also XL 20845 Report on the German mining companies in Portugal. 6 pp. Sept. 1945
20822 Safehaven report on the ownership and subsidiaries of Gutehoffnungshutte Aktienverein fur Bergau und Huttenbetrieb. Also list of foreign assets and firms, many of which are in Sweden; some are in Latin Americ and in other European countries. Ferrostaal A.G., Essen, Germany, has many subsidiaries. Maschinenfabrik-Augusburg-Nurnberg A.G. information 18 pp. Sept. 1945; see also XL 23129 List of foreign assets and liabilities of Ferrostaal A.G. Essen, most of them being in Sweden. 1 p. October 1945; XL 23704 Safehaven report on the Spanish connections of Schloemann A.G. Dusseldorf, Germany (large sums are owed to G. Pasch y Hermanos); and a declaration made by Ferrostaal A.G. Essen, regarding their interests in Spain. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 23721 List of the Turkish debtors and creditors of Ferrostaal A.G. 3 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 23761 List of claims and liabilities in Switzerland of Ferrostaal A.G. 1 p. October 1945
20823 Possible attempts to get money out of Switzerland. 2 pp. August 1945
20829 Information on Renckwitz, a German furrier in Sweden. 1 p. September 1945
20833 Organization in Lisbon, Portugal and in Valencia, Spain, suspected of camouflaging German assets in Spain and Portugal. 2 pp. September 1945
20840 Safehaven report on the Universal Buchhandlung Andreas Kappas, Istanbul, Turkey. 1 p. September 1945
20841 Report on I.G. Farben patent office in New York, dated 1928. 9 pp. (in German). August 1945
20846 Information on Gustav Graf, of Stockholm, Sweden, of the Victor Berg AB, acted as cloak for Mannesmann Roehrenwerke's British subsidiary, Mannesmann Trading Co., London, and this company's subsidiaries throughout the British Empire; Rylander & Asplund, of Stockholm, Sweden, is more than 99% owned by Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G., of Germany. 3 pp. October 1945
20847 Information on Robert Zapp A.G., Dusseldorf, Germany. List of the Zapp foreign assets in Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. 4 pp. September 1945
20849 Report on Deutsche Linoleumwerke A.G., Bietigheim, Germany. 9 pp. Sept. 1945 see also XL 24194 Reports sent to the military Government by the Deutsch Linoleumwerke A.G., concerning firm's creditors and debtors abroad. 1 p. Oct. 1945
20850 Revised draft of decree vesting German external assets, prepared by Finance Directorate of Allied Control Council. 5 pp. Sept. 1945; see also XL 24189 British memoranda on United States draft decrees vesting German external assets. 16 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 26231 Proposed Allied Control Council Vesting Decree. 5 pp. October 1945
20851 Safehaven evidence of continued commercial activity by Robert Bosch, GmbH, licensees in France, Atelier de Construction Lavalette. 1 p. August 1945
20852 Report on the G. Vieira Limitada, Porto, Portugal; another firm, the Jupiter-Sociedade de Representacaoes Tecnicas e Comerials Limitada, Porto, constituted in 1941 to act as a cloak for the import of German goods by G. Vieira Lda. 2 pp. September 1945
20954 Draft of a note from the United States to the Irish Government requesting measures to conrol German assets and repatriate German officials. 10 pp. October 1945; see also XL 23865 Copies of notes presented by American, British, and French representatives to the Irish Government requesting freezing and census of enemy assets in Ireland. 6 pp. November 1945
20959 Information concerning Portuguese Bank transactions. 5 pp. September 1945
21051 Interrogation report of SS Standartenfuehrer Rudolph Mildner, Kommandeur der Sipo und des SD in Wien. Information given on Gestapo activities June 1941-February 1945. 29 pp. September 1945
21074 Interrogation of Dr. Karl Stroelin, on the structure and activities of the Deutsches Ausland-Institut. 22 pp. September 1945
21122 Interrogation report on Hans Rummel, member of the Board of management of the Deutsche Bank and in his capacity as trustee for the stockholders of his bank, represented his colleagues on the boards of directors of a number of industrial corporations. Report gives information on the bank reorganization and merger; Vorstand (Board of Management); foreign participations; financing the war production; the outlook; the Bayerische Motorenwerke, administration, finances, plants and operations, the outlook, undercover research; Daimler-Benz, A.G., administration, operations and finances; Vereinigte Kugellagerfabriken A.G., administration, operations, finances, and outlook. 16 pp. September 1945
21140 Report on the espionage case "Rote Kapelle" (Red Chapel), (Note 29) a Russian espionage ring. 6 pp. October 1945
21253 Neo-Nazi propaganda is being spread in Geneva, Switzerland by Moritz Eberhardi. 4 pp. April 1945
21304 Microfilm with miscellaneous German documents, including reports by Dresdner Bank concerning American capital in France and other European occupied countries. October 1945
21309 Swiss aide-memoire on legal situation in the Allied-Swiss economic agreements resulting from cessation of hostilities; minutes of the meeting of the Mixed Commission held on June 22, 1945. 7 pp. July 1945
21313 Information concerning A.G. fur Keramische Unternehmungen, Zug, Switzerland. Also a report pertaining to two American companies, the Rosenthal China Corporation and Continental Ceramics Corporation, subsidiaries of the Swiss concern which is believed to be controlled from Germany. 9 pp. August 1945
21315 Text of a letter from the British Embassy, Madrid, Spain, regarding goods of enemy interest stored in the Free Ports of Spain. 1 p. August 1945
21329 Information regarding the firm Industrias Pablo Schleicher, S.A., Barcelona, Spain. 2 pp. August 1945
21395 German officials offer assistance to the Allies in Spain to help recover former German government funds. 4 pp. August 1945
21406 Progress report for August 1945, of the Finance Division, Control Commission for Germany (British Element). It deals with specific investigations of German firms in the Dusseldorf and Frankfurt areas, the importance of Devisenstelle records, etc. 4 pp. September 1945
21428 Swiss Federal Councillor Walter Stampfli, Chief of Swiss Federal Department of Public Economy, charges that Allies are conducting economic war against Switzerland through use of black lists. 3 pp. Sept. 1945; see also XL 22030 Excerpts from an article in the Swiss press criticizing the supposed use of the proclaimed and statutory lists as a means of bringing pressure to bear in respect to the handing over of German assets in Switzerland. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 43362 Swiss article concerning Allied attempt to blackmail Switzerland into surrendering its German assets. 1 p. Feb. 1946
21454 Request for information on Karl Eberle-Birchler, Einslodoln, Switzerland, concerning cloaking 17 pp. July 1945
21456 Swiss Federal Council Decrees August 20, 1946, concerning precautionary measures in case legal actions brought regard property taken from its own in countries affected by war. 3 pp. August 1945
21521 Letter pertaining to transfer of German property which had been acquired under duress to Russia. 2 pp. September 1945
21524 Summary of displaced persons movement from and through Switzerland to September 21, 1945; displaced persons remaining in Switzerland. 2 pp. October 1945
21589 Text of Swiss Federal Council Communique concerning declaration of German assets. 19 pp. July 1945; see also XL 32815 Decree of the Swiss Federal Council concerning the obligation to declare assets in Switzerland. 4 pp. November 1945
21644 Swiss coal consumption. 2 pp. October 1945
21713 Microfilm, containing information about German iron and steel economy. October 1945
21809 Report on Willers, Engel & Co., Hamburg, Germany and sums paid to their credit in Lisbon, Portugal, collected by German Embassy, various firms and the Nord Deutsche Kredit Bank. 2 pp. October 1945; see also XL 26720 Safehaven report on the assets of Willers Engel & Co., Hamburg, in Switzerland. 1 p. Nov. 1945
21811 Information on Otto Elmenhorst, Zurich, Switzerland, a new firm which was founded solely to provide a safehaven for German goods. 3 pp. October 1945
21812 Article from the Manchester Guardian on "Methods of German Trusts"-spies on payrolls of I.G. Farben's subsidiaries abroad hidden as salesmen; tortuous methods of Metallgesellschaft in case of shares transferred to Rotopulsor A.G. Switzerland; and strange inter-office memorandum which followed it. 4 pp. September 1945
21813 Miscellaneous information on individuals in Spain (German and Spanish) who are active in intelligence work, German propaganda, contraband of currency, and works of art, passport traffic, business, cloaking of German assets. 18 pp. October 1945
21816 Safehaven report on the activities of W. L. Sentacheschum, Norwegian art dealer, who is possibly engaged in trafficking of looted paintings in Norway. 2 pp. October 1945
21817 Information on German properties in Spain. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; see also XL 22239 Report on several Spanish firms owned by German interests. 5 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 22750 Miscellaneous information concerning firms and concerns in Spain having German connections. 5 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 23132 Revised estimates of German holdings in Spain. 4 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 24942 Information on German citizens activities in Spain, and on firms owned by Germans. 3 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 25738 Report on German firms in Spain. 4 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 26586 Report on possible cloaking of German assets in Spain. 2 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 26956 Information concerning firms and property owned or controlled by Germans in Spain. 5 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 28282-28283 Information on several German connections in Spain. 8 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 28284 Information regarding German dealings in Spain. 3 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 29742 Safehaven report on German connections in Spain. 5 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 29745 Safehaven report concerning German munitions interests in Spain. 3 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 30219 Safehaven report on individuals and firms in Spain with German connections. Nov. 1945; XL 34033 Safehaven report regarding relations between a Spanish firm and German firm. 8 pp. December 1945
21818 Information on the Swiss connections of Mahle K.G. of Germany. 1 p. Oct. 1945
21819 Information on the Institut International Financier, founded in Switzerland by Spaniard, Oscar Kocherthaler--a holding company served to screen his foreign assets. 1 p. October 1945
21821 Information on the Algemeene Kunstzijde Unie. 4 pp. October 1945
21824 Information on the German firm Gebruder Oberpaur. 3 pp. September 1945
21827 Transmission of statement from Swiss Government regarding the enforcement of decrees blocking of German assets. The American authorities in Bern consider it inadequate, and it now appears that the Swiss are failing to meet their engagements toward the Allies. 9 pp. October 1945
21995 Letter pertaining to Hungarian propety taken by Germans, chiefly factory and transportation equipment. 5 pp. October 1945
22025 Report on Turk Maaden Sirketi, Istanbul, Turkey. 8 pp. October 1945
22026 Information on Homere C. Pisani of Sprinkenhof, Hamburg, Germany, and their foreign assets and connections abroad. 6 pp. October 1945
22027 Report that the entire share capital of Wassermesser-Fabrick Altstetten A.G. of Zurich, Switzerland, is held by Dreyer, Rosenkranz and Droop, A.G. of Hannover, Germany. 1 p. September 1945
22028 Letter from Ernst Walther, President of the Confidential Committee for the Expulsion of the Nazis from the Dornierwerke A.G., Altenrhein, St. Gallen, Switzerland. 2 pp. September 1945
22029 Report on Onaco, Officiul National de Comert S.A.R. of Rumania (National Office for Commerce), which is a actually a private company. 2 pp. October 1945
22033 Report on German looting in Denmark. 3 pp. October 1945
22036 List of German machinery and goods purchased by Spanish firms and stored in Spain. 7 pp. October 1945
22038 Comments on Paris, France, Office of Strategic Services Report to American Embassy in Madrid, Spain, concerning Safehaven matters. 3 pp. September 1945
22048 Safehaven report on the meeting of the Joint British-American Committee. Disposition of funds recovered from German sources; Sofindus affairs; Transportes Marion; mining companies; official buildings. 19 pp. September 1945
22167 Safehaven report on the Joint Trusteeship accounting for former Axis assets in Spain. Explanation of the acquisition of recovered currency, gold, etc. from various sources. 4 pp. Oct. 1945; see also XL 22168 Safehaven report concerning the British and American Joint Trustee Accounts, in the Anglo-American Bank, Ltd., which is changing its name to that of the parent organization Bank of London and South America, Ltd.1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 23002 Safehaven report covering the financial activities of the trusteeship for former Axis assets in Spain. 17 pp. October 1945; XL 25736 Spain's Safehaven report with Joint Trusteeship accounts for the month of Sept. 1945. 30 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 29746 Safehaven report containing minutes of Trusteeship meeting. Nov. 1945; XL 34397 Safehaven report on Trusteeship Accounts for the Axis assets. 2 pp. December 1945; XL 37080 Safehaven information concerning the Trusteeship Bank Account in the United States; deposit of $7,500 by the Royal Dutch Airlines. 1 p. December 1945
22170 Information on the firm Rafael, in Spain. 1 p. October 1945
22172 Robert Bosch GmbH safe deposit boxes in Switzerland. 3 pp. October 1945
22309 Safehaven report on the Continental Fabrica Espanola de Caucho and Neumaticos Continental S.A., and German connections (Continental Gummiwerke). 16 pp. September 1945
22439 I.G. Farben in Brazil. 12 pp. October 1945; see also XL 34025 Summary of information concerning I.G. Farben projects in Brazil. 11 pp. December 1945
22441 Report on Belgian officials opinion of the necessity and desirability of continuance of censorship to complete their program of uncovering and seizing German and collaborationist interests. 2 pp. October 1945
22443 Information regarding the possible transfer of German business records to Ernst Kellergsberger, Zurich, Switzerland, a banking concern. 2 pp.October 1945
22745 General interrogation brief. Otto Koecher, German Ambassador to Switzerland. 7 pp. October 1945
22749 First monthly report on Safehaven from Argentina. Census of foreign owned property, art treasures, current investigations. 6 pp. Oct. 1945; see also XL 26863Second monthly report on Safehaven from Argentina: census of foreign owned property, art treasures, current investigations, ACC vesting, Government decree amending Safehaven laws, etc. 7 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 30298 Translation of Argentine Foreign Office report on fulfillment of conditions of Mexico City Conference agreements, as to the suppression of Nazi activity and countermeasures against black-listed Germans and German and firms and associations. 17 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 36509 Copy of an Argentine decree further amending Safehaven census decrees. 2 pp. Jan. 1946; XL 39890 Information on the liquidation of enemy property in Argentina. 2 pp. January 1946
22807 Various documents in connection with Safehaven discussions with Swedish officials. 13 pp. October 1945
22823 The career of Heinrich Himmler. 69 pp. October 1945
22875 Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked National. Cumulative Supplement No. 7, containing additions, amendments, and deletions made since revision IX of February 28, 1945, in the following countries: Latin Ameria, Finland, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Morocco, Portugal and possessions, Spain and possessions, Fernando Po and Spanish Guinea, Sweden, Turkey, and Switzerland. 118 pp. October 1945
22917 Consolidated Interrogation Report on SIPO and SD Aussendienstelle Liege, and GIS personalities. 29 pp. October 1945
22947 Interrogation of Hermann Neubacher regarding German policies in southeastern Europe. 35 pp. October 1945
22953 Interrogation of Wilhelm Keppler. (Note 30) 25 pp. Oct. 1945; see also XL 28239 Interrogation of Keppler. Contains information on Nazi economic activities. 21 pp. November 1945
22954 Interrogation of Gerhard Johannes Georg Kleeberg (Note 31) on the functions and position of theGermany Embassy in Belgium during the occupation. 5 pp. October 1945
22956 Interrogation of Freiherr Constantin H. K. von Neurath (Note 32), on the general course of German relations with Great Britain, France, and Russia after 1933. 5 pp. Oct. 1945
22999 Information on German funds for clandestine activities in Peru. 3 pp. October 1945
23003 Information regarding Rowak Handelsgessellschaft, Berlin, Germany and Minero- Silvicola, Ltda, Portugal. 3 pp. Oct. 1945; see also XL 27553 Note from United States Embassy to Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs calling attention to reported unauthorized disposals of mining equipment by the German mining companies in Portugal and requesting preventive and punitive measures. Most of the companies are subsidiaries of Rowak Handelsgesellschaft. 3 pp. November 1945; XL 32528 Rowak Handelsgesellschaft GmbH mining properties in Portugal. 10 pp. December 1945
23020 Italian securities floated abroad, amounts and firms. 7 pp. September 1945
23021 Data on Italian expenditures and investments in Albania. 6 pp. September 1945
23022 Securities floated abroad whose declaration was required through Istcambi. 4 pp. Sept. 1945; see also XL 23023 Foreign securities owned by Istcambi; amounts and shares held in various firms. 9 pp. Sept. 1945; XL 23581 List of Istacambi-controlled bank balances and securities deposited with Italian banks. 50 pp. September 1945
23026 Italy's clearing cash balances, as of December 31, 1939, and October 31, 1944, by country--debits and credits. 18 pp. September 1945
23027 List of American-owned industrial and commercial firms sequestered under laws of war by Italian State. 22 pp. July 1945
23028 Italian investments and loans in Italian colonies. 28 pp. September 1945
23131 Report on the German Cable Company (DAT) in Vigo. 9 pp. October 1945
23135 Information concerning Ern y Cia, Spain. 1 p. October 1945
23136 Report on bank V. Ernst of Bern, Switzerland, transferring German capital out of Switzerland 1 p. October 1945
23143 Information on the Belgian Trading with the Enemy legislation. 1 p. October 1945
23144 Information on AB Kemiska Patenter, Landskrona, Sweden. 1 p. October 1945
23145 Information from Belgium that during the occupation Attilio Consalvo was in close connection with Tullio Benedetti, an Italian financier. 1 p. October 1945; see also XL 28491 Safehaven report involving investigation of Belgian authorities of Consalvo, suspected with his group of representing a safehaven for enemy capital. 1 p. November 1945
23146 Information on the Compagnie Bergougnan Belge, of Brussels, Belgium. 1 p. Oct. 1945
23147 Use of the American Proclaimed List by the National Bank of Belgium as a help to prevent any trading with the enemy. 1 p. October 1945
23148 Safehaven report concerning transfer of technical information and patents from Agfa A.G. to the Belgian film company, Gevaert. 1 p. October 1945; see also XL 28868 Report that Agfa Photo A.G. Zurich, Switzerland, has recently registered in its own name 51 trademarks previously registered in the name of I.G. Farben. 3 pp. November 1945
23149 Hellmuth W. Maurer, a German national, living in Stockholm, Sweden, owns gold coins in the Kantonal Bank, Zurich, Switzerland. Appears Maurer cooperated with the German SS in the traffic of looted property and that he was an officer of the German Intelligence Services. 2 pp.October 1945
23217 Book entitled War Finance and Consolidation of Debts, by Ludwig Erhard, head of the Institutue for Industrial Research, Berlin-Nurnberg, Germany. (in German) 268 pp. March 1944
23328 Report on August Beck, a German national in Portugal and representative there of several German firms. 1 p. October 1945
23329 Information regarding Leo Brand, a wealthy German industrialist. 3 pp. Oct. 1945; see also XL 27194 Information on Leo Brand of the Heinrich Brand GmbH of Hamburg and Berlin, Germany, Hans Schroeder owner of Cofinco S.A. and shareholder for Orbis, Frankfurt of Orbis, S.A. Bern, Switzerland. 6 pp. November 1945
23332 Notes on Safehaven cases submitted to the Swedish Government. 3 pp. October 1945
23333 List of Siemens und Halske investments in Switzerland. 1 p. Oct. 1945; see also XL 30481 List of Swiss firms in which German industry is interested, with special reference to Siemens & Halske. November 1945
23510 Report on Karl von Schumacher, von Senger, and other pro-and anti-Nazi Swiss personalities. 3 pp. October 1945
23513 Article of October 10, 1945 from the Tribune de Geneve, commenting on blocking of Swiss assets in the United States. 2 pp. October 1945
23515 Article in Swiss newspaper Die Tat (The Action), of October 6, 1945, regarding a petition signed by 219,695 people in behalf of the Rights of Repatriated Swiss and Creditors of foreign Countries whose funds are blocked in Switzerland. 1 p. October 1945
23530 Article of the Neue Zuercher Zeitung concerning the question of carrying out the payment of interest on bonds of the German-Swiss border power plants. 2 pp. November 1945
23533 Secret financial activities of two Germans in Switzerland. 2 pp. July 1945
23534 Report on the economic relationship between Germany and Switzerland. 5 pp. Oct. 1945
23535 Safehaven report on Hoesch A.G., Dortmund. 12 pp. October 1945
23536 Safehaven report on John T. Essberger & Co., Hamburg, Germany. 5 pp. October 1945
23537 Statement by Richard Haeussler concerning the financing of Turkish purchases of war material from Germany. 4 pp. October 1945
23582 Information on Kong, Smith & Co., Rotterdam, the Netherlands, a possible safehaven for assets of Heinrich Himmler. 1 p. October 1945
23583 Summary on Braunkohlen & Brikettwerke Roddergrube A.G., Bruehl-Koln and Wegge Trust Fund, Switzerland. 3 pp. October 1945
23584 A copy of the Diario de Governo of Portugal (Government Journal) of May 18, 1945, containing facsimiles of the questionnaires required to be used by nationals of Axis countries, nationals of countries occupied by the Axis, and possessors of assets belonging to Axis nationals. 6 pp. October 1945
23612 Economic situation in Switzerland: 4 banks have failed since the war ended, having extended heavy credit to firms doing business with Germany. The Swiss have numerous investments in countries now under Russian control. 1 p. October 1945
23674 Letters, involving a Swiss lawyer, concerning securities in an American trust. 11 pp. September 1945
23699 Safehaven report on the ownership of shares of Thomas Joseph Heimback & Co., Duren. 1 p. July 1945
23700 N.V. tot Financiering van Industrieele Ondernemingen (Pinindo), Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 1 p. October 1945
23701 N.V. Hollandsche Nasimachienehandel, the Netherlands. 1 p. October 1945
23702 S.A. Persil, of Belgium-half of shares of this German-owned or controlled sequestered company, are owned by Societe Uma, at Chur, Switzerland. The Belgians contend the Swiss firm is under German ownership or control. 1 p. October 1945
23703 Societe Commerciale des Engrais Potassiques (Socopotasse), Belgium. 1 p. October 1945
23710 Safehaven report concerning the German ownership of Enhornings Kemiskt-Teknicht AB, Stockholm, Sweden. 3 pp. October 1945
23720 Text of proposed note to the Portuguese Government referring to the Potsdam Communique on the confiscation and sale, for reparations and reconstruction, of German properties. 4 pp. October 1945
23757 Safehaven note on Carl Persson & Co., Sweden. 1 p. October 1945
23759 Safehaven report on credits of the Portuguese Government and official institutions against Germany. 2 pp. October 1945
23760 Safehaven note on Bieler Limitada, Silves. 1 p. October 1945
23763 Safehaven report on United States policy and progress on German private assets in Spain: Bayer, I.G. Farben and Banco Aleman Transatlantico in particular. 2 pp. October 1945
23765 Safehaven report on Hans Borchers, now in Madrid, Spain. 2 pp. October 1945
23766 Safehaven note on Johann Koessler, an Austrian, residing at Estoril, who has set up 2 companies in Portugal. 1 p. October 1945
23784 An article from the Swiss press in regard to the question of the right of disposal over the German railway property in Schaffhausen. 2 pp. October 1945
23787 Generale des Matieres Colorantes, G.M.C., Belgium. 1 p. October 1945
23788 S.A. Preparation Mechanique, Brussels, Belgium. 1 p. October 1945
23789 Amsterdamsche Maatschappij van Ongevallen Verzekering N.V., Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 1 p. October 1945
23790 Safehaven report AB Glasurit, Malmo, Sweden, which is a subsidiary of Glasoritwerken W. Winckleman A.G., Hamburg, Germany. 2 pp. October 1945
23858 Safehaven notes on Purator A.G. of Basel, Switzerland, and its subsidiary, Elemo Electromotore A.G. of Basel. Purator is owned by Vorax GmbH of Germany. 1 p. October 1945
24188 Information about the German Interests Office, and copy of a report on the known assets of the former German Legation in Bern, Switzerland. 5 pp. September 1945
24193 Report on the case of George K. Schiorring, of Denmark, Attorney to the Supreme Court, accused of collaborationist activities. 4 pp. October 1945
24195 Reports on the Bayerische Hypotheken und Wechselbank (Bavarian Mortgage and Exchange Bank) branches concerning credit balances of foreign banks. 1 p. Oct. 1945
24196 Information on Brown Boveri, of Germany, concerning their Swiss assets. 2 pp. October 1945; see also XL 50673 Report on undercover international banking activities conducted during the war between Switzerland and the Third Reich-mention of Brown Bovery A.G., a Swiss trust company, and possible cloaking of German assets. 2 pp. April 1946
24197 Report on A.G. Buderussche Eisenwerke Wetaler, from Germany, and its holdings abroad. 1 p. October 1945
24198 Credit account of Schaeffer GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, with the firm Plisseatelje Perfekt. 1 p. October 1945
24202 Felix Salzer, who died in Germany in March 1945, left his Dutch holdings (securities, cash, mortgage investments) to a French woman. 1 p. October 1945
24205 Swedish assets of Otto Heinrich Aldag, of Hamburg, Germany, in Stockholm and Gotenborg, Sweden, firms. 2 pp. October 1945; see also XL 26229 Foreign assets and liabilities of Aldag in the Skandinaviska Banken AB, Stockholm. 1 p. November 1945; XL 26960 Cash balances of Aldag in a Zurich, Switzerland, bank. 1 p. November 1945; XL 33651 Safehaven report regarding the connections between Enhorning Kemiskt-Teknist AB, Stockholm, (Proclaimed List) and Aldag, 4 pp. December 1945
24220 One folder of photostatic documents on I.G. Farben's prices, products, and basic materials, and output. (in German) 1936-1940
24235 Assets of Hapag in Spain. 1 p. October 1945
24341 Tobis Film Verlieh A.G. Zurich, Switzerland, until 1942 owned by Swiss, was orced to sell to U.F.A. Germany, which also owns Schmal Film A.G. and Nordisk A.G. of Zurich. 2 pp. October 1945
24342 Data on Emil Reinegger and Willy Wachtl, two German-born Swiss who bought Swiss theaters with German money. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; see also XL 24426 Further information on Wachtl, and Swiss film industry. 1 p. October 1945; XL 25743 Information on Reinigger and German films in Switzerland and France. 3 pp. October 1945
24344 Information on the Badische Bahnhoff, Switzerland. 1 p. October 1945
24346 Safehaven note on relationship between Pablo Mitjans and Wilhelm Pahl. 1 p. October 1945
24354 Safehaven report on suspected German assets in the Dutch firm of De Witts Bergings Mij. 1 p. July 1945
24427 Information on Richard Holtkott of Rhoendorf, Germany, a prime beneficiary of the Nazi regime-specialized in the acquisition of Jewish industrial and other properties and is to be the beneficial owner of J. Springr and Co. A.G. of Zurich, Switzerland. Nov. 1943
24501 Attitude of Swiss business men is very favorable to American interest, whose reputation exceeds that of the British. 2 pp. October 1945
24595 Report regarding Swiss evasiveness concerning blocking of German assets; sales of blocked assets being permitted to Swiss interests; freezing decrees and provisions for census of German assets inadequate; failure to keep promise to restore property looted by Nazis; recent rejection of Allied claim to title or control over German assets; split in Swiss press with right-wing newspapers opposing blocking and census; and, left wing supporting Allied position. 4 pp. October 1945; see also XL 26561 Aide-memoire relative to the measures taken by the Swiss Government for the blocking and census of German assets in Switzerland. 1 p. November 1945
 24749 Compagnie Coutellier of Brussels, Belgium, may have acted as cloak for German penetration of French industry. 1 p. October 1945
24751 Safehaven report on transactions of Siemens Halske, Argentina, and paintings which may be looted art in the possession of Enrique Berlowitz, Argentina. 2 pp. October 1945
24934 Shanghai, China: Report on the disposal of gold and property by Fuchs and others. 2 pp. October 1945
24939 "Report on the German Economic Situation, 1943-1944." 37 pp. October 1945
24941 Swiss firm DIXI S.A., which manufactures precision instruments worked for legation at Bern, Switzerland, supplying instruments for submaries; Paula Bulach; a German recently naturalized Swiss has just acquired the Alpenhof block of business premises in Zurich, Switzerland; investigation by Swiss police of the review La Mois Suisse report on Robert Eberle, a German SS, formerly Swiss citizen, who has hidden assets in Switzerland. 3 pp. October 1945
24946 Evidence of possible duress in transfer of funds by Etablissements Herzog, Logelbach, France, to the Banco Germanico, Berlin, Germany. 3 pp. October 1945
24964 Hans Pilder, leading German banker, tells of financial personalities. 7 pp. October 1945
24972 Interrogation report on Heinrich Maestle, of the German Consulate in Basel, Switzerland. 3 pp. October 1945
24990 Microfilm roll of the Handbook of the German Joint Stock companies. 1944.
25000 Purchase of Suez Canal stocks by German interests. 4 pp. September 1945
25019 Interview with Heinrich Friedmann, on the liquidation of Jewish-owned businesses in Nazi-occupied Holland. 19 pp. October 1945
25041 German aims and methods in the occupation of France. 8 pp. June 1945
25080 Interrogation report on Juergen Gru Stroops, HSSPf of Wehrkreis XII, carried out repressive police measures in Poland and Greece. 15 pp. October 1945
25104 Interview with Hans Thomsen, former Minister to Sweden, on German-Scandinavian relations, German military plans regarding Sweden, etc. 8 pp. October 1945
25105 Interrogation of Carl Berthold Franz Rekowski, concerning German-Hungarian relations, March to Sept. 1944, purchase of the Manfried Weiss works, the Jewish problem, etc. 7 pp. October 1945
25329 Information on future war-making plans of the Germans. In order to finance their operations, economic finagling has been carried out with the help of Swiss citizens. 3 pp. October 1945
25454 Biographical information on Alois Sielhengst, a Nazi from the early 1930's and an official responsible for replacing Jews with Aryans in Viennese, Austrian, jobs. 2 pp. November 1945
25600 "The German Uniform Accounting System as an Instrument of Allied Economic Control." 150 pp. October 1945
25740 Assets of Deutsch Asbestzement A.G., Berlin-Rudow, Germany, in Belgium, Italy, England, France, and Spain. 3 pp. November 1945
25742 Report on Albert Ruedi, of Zurich, Switzerland, who made several trips to Germany in 1945. 2 pp. November 1945
25745 Transcript of the Legation's account in he Banco Nacional Ultramarino in Lisbon, Portugal. Letter to Dr. Araujo from the Allied authorities concerning freezing of assets. 4 pp. October 1945
26090 Information on Signum A.G. Zurich, Switzerland, whose shares were 85 percent owned by three German firms. 5 pp. November 1945
26093 Report on Machine tool shipments from Switzerland to the Navy. Etablissements Maurer, Charles Brandli A.G., and other Swiss firms were shipping substantial amounts of machine tools ostensibly for delivery to Sweden, but actually being diverted to Germany. Report on assets in Switzerland. 4 pp. November 1945
26224 Report on Swedish ship-construction on order by Hugo Stinnes GmbH, Mulheim/Ruhr, Germany. 2 pp. October 1945; see also XL 30233 Swedish ship construction on order by Hugo Stinnes GmbH. 1 p. Nov. 1945
26225 Report on Intercommerz S.A., Zurich, a firm which is suspected of cloaking property for Hitler and on Holzach, a businesman connected with the evacuation of Nazi funds from Germany. 1 p. October 1945
26226 Report on AB Fundator, Stockholm, Sweden. 1 p. November 1945
26227 Report that the Getinge Mekaniska Verkstads AB, Sweden, is run by a Nazi, Direktor Steen. 1 p. November 1945
26228 Report on J. Steegmann, a suspected Nazi agent in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. 2 pp. Nov. 1945
26262 Report on work at Marburg Document Center concerning the files of the German Foreign Ministry relating to Latin America. 32 pp. November 1945
26343-26346 four rolls on German economic questions. November 1945
26358 Report on German agencies dealing with foreign trade. 3 pp. November 1945
26360 Report on German foreign trade control since 1931. 36 pp. November 1945
26569 List of auditors' report by the Deutsche Revisions und Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin, Germany, of many German firms. 54 pp. October 1945; Extract from this report (XL 26611) on the Deutsche Auslands Rundfunkgesellschaft Interradio, Berlin, for 1942 and its capital investments. 1 p. October 1945
26570 Report on Pierre Bourgois, a Swiss Army Lieutenant who as Ruscheweyh's secretary, invested all the latter's fortune in Swiss banks, and probably other German assets coming from Liechtenstein. 1 p. November 1945
26587 Report on Minas Aralar, S.A., Spain, whose equipment was sold to Spanish interests as soon as it became evident that Germany would surrender. 2 pp. November 1945
26588 Suspected disposition of German assets in Sweden through cloaked transfer in Switzerland. 2 pp. November 1945
26612 Report and statement of accounts of Financial Department of Traffic Ministry of Reich in relation to Military Government Law No. 53, concerning Foreign Exchange Control, tabling foreign exchange assets and liabilities of the railways. 4 pp. October 1945
26705 Trade negotiations between Switzerland and France. 2 pp. November 1945
26721 Safehaven report on Heinrich Flottmann GmbH, Herne, which owes Svenska Kraft & Arbeitsmaskiner AB, Stockholm, Sweden, 976 RM. 1 p. October 1945
26722 Safehaven report on the Friedrich Deckel Prazisionsmechanik und Machinenbau, Munich, Germany. 2 pp. October 1945
26728 Safehaven report on Consolidated Dyestuff Corporation, Ltd. 2 pp. November 1945
26730 Safehaven report on Paul F. Schmid and Victor A. Schmid and a fictitious Casimiro Martinez, in whose name they desposited securities in the United States to evade Swiss taxes, etc. 8 pp. November 1945
26855 List of Swedish companies thought to have considerable German interests. 8 pp. August 1945
26861 Excerpts from the Manchester Guardian in regard to German influence and industrial interests in Portugal. 1 p. October 1945
26958 Safehaven report on the German-Spanish debt. 9 pp. October 1945; see also XL 33796 Safehaven report containing information on the German-Spanish debt. 10 pp. Dec. 1945; XL 45869 Spanish Civil War Debt to Germany: Over-all Spanish debtor relationship vis-a-vis Germany. 35 pp. February 1946
26959 Information on Samuel and Renee Reichman of Tangier, Jewish refugees, who are suspected of traffic with the Germans in spite of their Red Cross activities and aid to refugees. 2 pp. November 1945
26961 Information on Aceros Marathon S.A., Bilbao, Spain. 1 p. November 1945
26964 Information on Jorgo Holte Eisner, Bilbao, Spain, a German subject. August 1945
27006 Safehaven report on Eduardo Gruner and Comercial Fotografica S.A., Barcelona, Spain, the latter being the firm to which Gruner transferred his property. 1 p. July 1945
27008 Report on Turkish Government bonds being deposited with the Deutsche Revisions und A.G., Berlin, Germany, in payment of deliveries made by Fockerwulf Flugzeugbau GmbH, Bremen-Hernelingem, Germany, to the Turkey Defense Ministry. 1 p. October 1945
27010 Kohlenunion Geldner, A.G. of Basel, Switzerland, is now buying as many coal firms as possible in Switzerland, under various names, to avoid confiscation of its German capital. November 1945
27196 Information on the stamp traffic in Tangier. 5 pp. November 1945
27200 Assets of the Nord-Deutsche Versicherungsgesellschaft deposited in Spain. August 1945
27402 Favorable Swiss reaction to Truman foreign policy address given on Navy Day as mirrored in an editorial in Neue Zurcher Zeitung. 3 pp. November 1945
27435 Currency exchange rates on the black market in Switzerland for French francs. 1 p. November 1945
27546 Interrogation of Fraulein Dr. Jochmus, concerning I.G. Farben. 5 pp. August 1945
27549 Safehaven report on Schweizerische Industriegas Gesellschaft A.G., Lucerne, Switzerland. 3 pp. October 1945
27552 Safehaven report on the reporting of Swiss claims and assets in Poland and Danzig. 1 p. November 1945
27559 List of paintings allegedly looted by the Germans in Hungary from the Weiss family. 2 pp. October 1945; see also XL 34364 Safehaven report concerning looted art belonging to the Weiss family, Budapest, Hungary. 2 pp. Dec. 1945
27848 Information on the problem of life insurance policies taken out with Swiss companies in Germany. The premiums paid by Swiss nationals in Germany remained there in marks for payment of indemnities and other expenses. Consequently there is no cover in Swiss francs for the persons who have gone back to Switzerland. 2 pp. Nov. 1945
27849-27852 L'Impartial hopes the Swiss Government will take energetic measures against German assets; Zurich see-Zeitung comments on the difficult Swiss-American relations; Basler Nachrichten criticizes Allied pressure on Swiss Government and compares it to former German pressure; St. Galler Tagblatt comments on the injustice of the Allied decisions concerning investigations of assets. 8 pp. Nov. 1945; see also XL 28483 Excerpt from Neue Zuercher Zeitung on the question of the right of disposal over German railroad property in Switzerland. 1 p. Nov. 1945; XL 28487 Excerpt from Journal de Geneve complaining of the Allies' attitude toward economic controls over Swiss assets and policy toward German nationals in Switzerland. 2 pp. Nov. 1945; XL 28488 Article from Journal de Geneve on precautions taken by Swiss corporations in payment of interest on Swiss securities which were uncollected due to causes of the war. 2 pp. November 1945
27945 Interview with Hermann Goering regarding German foreign policy. 18 pp. Nov. 1945
27963 Interrogation report of Friedrich Wilhelm Stengel, Consul General, Bern, Switzerland and also with the Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. 10 pp. Nov. 1945
28040 Report which gives evidence in a continued interest in Staudt and Company, Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Staudt, Germany. ca. 75 pp. October 1945
28238 Interrogation of Alexander Freiherr von Falkenhausen, Military Governor of Belgium and northern France from 1940 to mid-1944 on his duties as chief of occupation forces. 14 pp. October 1945
28278 Safehaven report on Champagner-Kollerei A.G., Sissach, whose stock is owned by Vinco A.G. (Proclaimed List), which is owned by the Henkel family. 1 p. November 1945
28280 Financial statement showing relationship between Abt.Keramische Farben and representatives in foreign countries. 2 pp. November 1945
28285 Information concerning Metallgesellschaft Mercury's contract with Mercurio Europeo, a mercury cartel consisting of the Spanish Government owned Minas Almaden and two Italian mines. 2 pp. August 1945
28432 Inventors of I.G. Farben. August 1945
28490 Safehaven report regarding transfer of records of Continentale Banque to Brussels, Belgium, authorized after being seen by American authorities. 1 p. November 1945
28534 Overall Economic Effects Division (USSBS) report on Germany. Includes information on the gross national product of Germany, 1936-1944. 140 pp. December 1945
28595 Investigation of Rhenus A.G. of Basel, Switzerland, a subsidiary of the German firm of the same name. 6 pp. December 1945
28596 Information regarding I.G. Farben's storage places. October 1945
28598 Safehaven report on Ewald Bertschmann, manager of Franz Haniekl, A.G., Basel, Switzerland, whose capital is largely held by Haniel & Co., of Duisberg. 2 pp. November 1945
28599 Friedrich Birrer and the diposal of German assets in Switzerland. 6 pp. December 1945
28610 Report on the German Economic Situation, 1944. 26 pp. October 1945
28753 Attitude of the Swiss people toward the United States, Russia, France, and Germany. 1 p. November 1945
28782 Fabrique Solvil, Geneva, Switzerland, watch manufacturers, are being blacklisted by other Swiss manufacturers because of the great amount of business they did with Germany during the war. 1 p. November 1945
28783 Information on a Swiss businessman, the Swiss watch industry; United States curtailment of purchases in Switzerland. 1 p. November 1945
28865 Information about companies in Spain. 1 p. November 1945
28866 List of German persons in Bahia and Sergipe who are considered for repatriation, with short biographical data. List of German-held assets in the two same cities. 23 pp. November 1945
29282 List of German properties abroad, giving name and address of owner, type of property, amount and location. 9 pp. December 1945
29364 Gettorf Film has registered patents in Spain. 1 p. March 1945
29711 Report on Gesellschaft fur Elektrische Unternehmung Aktiengesellschaft (Gesfurel) and Sofina. 1 p. November 1945
29727 Report on large German industrial organization in Berlin, Germany. 15 pp. October 1945
29743 Safehaven report on Erich Maier, Madrid, Spain. 9 pp. Nov. 1945; see also XL 34030 Safehaven information on Eric Maier and Werner K. Maier and their trade. 1 p. December 1945
29744 Safehaven report regarding machinery for Spanish hydro-electric project which is in Germany at the plant of the German company, Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nurnberg, Germany. 10 pp. November 1945
29747 Skandinaviska Banken accounts of Nundhmeyer & Co., Hamburg, Germany. 1 p. November 1945
29808 Firms suspected of espionage in Bremen, Germany shipping business, with account of financial dealings in Spain, possibly of Safehaven interest. 3 pp. October 1945
29948 Report on G. Wirsing, German journalist and intelligence officer. 3 pp. October 1945
29951 Gestapo personalities and notes on German espionage in Spain. 11 pp. October 1945
29953 Personalities of Gestapo Headquarters, Prague, Czechoslovakia. 4 pp. October 1945
29955 Organization and foreign connections of the German Potash Syndicate, including connections in neutral countries. 5 pp. October 1945
30209 Statistics on German exports and imports. 5 pp. October 1945
30221 Blocking of the Holzwarth-Gasturbinen A.G., Zug, Switzerland. 1 p. Nov. 1945; see also XL 34402 Safehaven report concerning Holzwarth-Gasturbinen A.G. of Zug, and its foreign patents. 7 pp. December 1945
 30222 Interests of German Siemens concern in Stockholm, Sweden, Siemens Elektriska AB. 11 pp. November 1945
30224 Information concerning Societe Tema, The Hague, a holding company for Societe Preparation Mecanique, Brussels, Belgium; Tema is owned by a German. 2 pp. November 1945
30226 Swedish accounts of Metallgesellschaft A.G., Frankfurt, Germany. 1 p. November 1945
30227 Swedish patents held by Metallgesellschaft A.G., Frankfurt, Germany. 1 p. Nov. 1945
30228 Information on Emil Vogel, a Zurich, Switzerland, importer for I.G. Farben. Nov. 1945
30229 Declaration of Coutinho and Co. of Hamburg, Germany, of their assets in Switzerland. Nov. 1945; see also XL 30231 Connections of Coutinho & Co., Hamburg with Swedish firms. 1 p. Nov. 1945; XL 36260 Invesigation of assets in Sweden of Coutinho & Co., Hamburg. 1 p. December 1945
30232 Possible connection betwen Salamanders Skoeff, Stockholms Skofabrik AB with Sigle & Co., Schufabrike, Stuttgart, Germany. 1 p. November 1945
30235 Investigation of various Swedish firms where German capital is invested. 10 pp. November 1945
30437 Lists of property believed looted by Germans from Norway. 3 pp. November 1945
30438 Assets of Knoll A.G., Ludwigshafen, Germany, in the United States. 1 p. November 1945
30455 Report that Germans leaving Salzburg for Germany are permitted to withdraw from their bank accounts as much money as they wish. 1 p. November 1945
30472 Swedish assets and liabilities of Muhlenbau und Industrie A.G., Brunswick, Germany. 1 p. November 1945
30474 Swedish assets of John T. Essberger, Hamburg, Germany. 2 pp. November 1945
30476 Assets of Hermann Goering Werke abroad. November 1945
30477 Transactions of Wilhelm Roossner, Bratislavia, Czechoslovakia and of S.A. Adria Export and Import, Chiasso, Switzerland. 4 pp. November 1945; see also XL 32647 Safehaven information concerning Roessner and S.A. Adria Export & Import, Chiasso. 2 pp. December 1945
30478 Allied policy concerning I.G. Farben. 3 pp. November 1945
30479 German Assets in Switzerland-articles from the Swiss press. 2 pp. Nov. 1945; see also XL 30484 German Assets in Switzerland-articles from the Swiss press. 2 pp. November 1945
30480 Attempt by Leon Breitlin S.A., La Chaux-de Ponds, to export chronographs to Argentina. November 1945
30482 Emil Puhl's negotiations with the Swiss during March-April 1945. 5 pp. November 1945
30483 United Incandescent Lamps and Electrical Company Ltd. Hungary. November 1945
30485-30488 Blocking of German assets in Switzerland. 6 pp. November 1945
30489 List of looted Yugoslav property in Austria. 4 pp. November 1945
30511 Munich, Germany resident under house arrest uses cover address and offers prints possibly belonging to confiscated collection stored near Mittenwald. 1 p. August 1945
30513 Nazi Party member transfers his banking account to his son. 1 p. October 1945
30614-30618 U.S. Civil Censorship (Germany) reports on German Property Abroad. November 1945; see also XL 30675    Numerous US Civil Censorhsip, Germany, reports. October 1945; XL 30694 Numerous U.S. Censorship (Germany) reports. Oct.-Nov. 1945; XL 31128 Various U.S. Civil Censorship (Germany) reports on financial matters.
30628 Munich, Germany woman transfer of securities-posible violation of Military Government Law No. 52. 1 p. October 1945
30651 Report on measures taken by the Luxemburg Government to uncover and seize German assets. 13 pp. August 1945
30733 Information on a German who has life insurance in Switzerland, German patents in Switzerland, German with property in Switzerland applies for Swiss visa, etc. October 1945
30852 German arms factory registers patent with Prague, Czechoslovakia Patents Office. 1 p. April 1945
30858 Various reports on German Property Abroad.
31066 86,000 Displaced persons have been returned to their respective countries; Jews are getting better treatment than other Displaced persons, etc., 1 p. November 1945
31070 Safehaven report on Manometer A.G. Zurich, Switzerland, has been found to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Schaffer and Budenberg GmbH of Germany. 3 pp. Nov. 1945; see also XL 33642 Safehaven report on Manometer A.G. 1 p. December 1945; XL 34346 Safehaven report concerning Manometer, A.G. 1 p. December 1945
31071 Safehaven report on reparation of war damage to Swiss abroad and transfer of property from abroad belonging to repatriated Swiss. 5 pp. November 1945
31072 List of firms and individuals authorized to continue to exercise of their normal business activities. 2 pp. November 1945
31154 Heringsdorf resident transfers money to avoid confiscation. 1 p. October 1945
31195 US Civil Censorship (Germany) reports on Germans having assets in Austria, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, etc. April 1945
31200 Prague, Czechoslovakian firm has safekeeping of valuable pictures of a Regensburg firm. 1 p. March 1945
31222 Evasion of Military Government Law No. 53 regarding handing in of silver coins. 1 p. October 1945
31223 Munich, Germany firm allegedly has post-check accounts abroad. 1 p. Oct. 1945
31228 Hamburg, Germany, firm has accounts abroad. 1 p. September 1945
31229 Plan to transport apparently confiscated furniture from Austria to Munich, Germany. 2 pp. September 1945
31281 German sells patent in Switzerland. 1 p. September 1945; see also XL 31692 German firms has patent in Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945; XL 32762 Nuremberg, Germany, firm orders registration of patent in Switzerland. 1 p. January 1945; XL 32769 German woman possesses patents in Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945
31312 German has three patents in Portugal. 1 p. April 1945; see also XL 31313 German firm applies for patent in Portugal. 1 p. March 1945; XL 32348 German firm registers patent in Portugal. 1 p. March 1945
31394 Possible transfer of funds-Switzerland and Japan. 1 p. November 1945
31488 German financial connections in Sweden and Portugal. 8 pp. November 1945
31502 Safehaven control in Denmark and unfreezing of funds. 3 pp. November 1945
31597 Frozen funds: Sweden to Tokyo, Japan. 1 p. November 1945
31612 Violation of regulations: Geneva, Switzerland to Tokyo, Japan. 1 p. Nov. 1945
31643 Bayerische Kohlenkontor GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany, may be trying to evade Military Government Law No. 52. 1 p. September 1945
31688 German property abroad: German firms owns postal checking account in Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945; see also XL 32349 German firm has postal checking account in Zurich, Switzerland. 1 p. February 1945; XL 32351 German firm has postal checking account in Switzerland. 1 p. March 1945; XL 32352 Munich, Germany publishers have postal checking accounts in six European towns. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 35005 Germans have postal checking accounts in Switzerland-list of accounts. 2 pp. Oct. 1945; XL 36090 Suspicious freeing of a blocked ccount and transfer of credit to postal savings account. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 36941 Munich firm has postal checking accounts in Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary. 1 p. Oct. 1945; XL 37019 Westphalian firm's postal checking account in Zurich. 1 p. October 1945
31689 German property abroad: German chemical firm sends vans of furniture to Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945
31710 Former Nazi Party member transfers considerable funds to evade Military Government Law No. 52. October 1945
31726 German firm registers three patents abroad. 1 p. February-March 1945
31755 Germans possess property abroad. 2 pp. October 1945
31815 Names of individuals and firms on the Proclaimed List in Bolivia. 3 pp. December 1945
32093 Statements of the French Military Attache and Swiss Secretary of War concerning the breadown of negotiations between the Russians and the Swiss and the departure of the Russian Mission from Switzerland. 2 pp. Dec. 1945; see also XL 33889 Safehaven report regarding Russian business relations with Switzerland. 4 pp. Dec. 1945; XL 46542 Fear among Swiss population that Switzerland will lose its international position due to the sevarence of Russian-Swiss diplomatic relations. 2 pp. March 1946
32107 Swiss assets and liability of MIAC (Muhlenbau und Industrie Aktiengesellschaft), Brunswick and Swiss connections. 1 p. November 1945
32125 Report that the Emil Koester Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin, Germany, is owned by New Jersey Industries, Incorporated. 1 p., November 1945
32149 German national instructs bank in China regarding disposition of his funds. 2 pp. November 1945
32171 Looted Chinese objects now in Kyoto and Nara, Japan. 1 p. November 1945
32176 Possible transfer of funds, Japan to Switzerland. 1 p. November 1945
32179 Siemens Greek Electrotechnical Corporation. 1 p. November 1945
32182 Greek Air Transport Co. 2 pp. November 1945
32184 The Greek Telephone Co. (Siemens Halske). 2 pp. November 1945
32269 The Gazette de Lausanne announces that 400 Swiss concerns have been removed from the Allied Black List--list not known yet. December 1945
32272 Report on Swiss military expenditures. December 1945
32345 Iran Embassy deposits money with Swiss bank for resident of Austria. 1 p. March 1945
32347 German owns estate in Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945
32366 Munich, Germany corporation protests against confiscation of foreign assets, claiming shareholders are all American citizens. 1 p. November 1945
32436 May 5, 1945 balance sheet for Elster S.A., Spain. 3 pp. November 1945
32438 Relation of Hijos de Carlos Ulzurrun to the Trade mark Odol. 2 pp. Nov. 1945
32441 Swedish Foreign Office on Gotlands Bank and Enskilda Bank relating to German transactions. 3 pp. November 1945
32449 Indication of transfer of funds from Korean branches to the head office of Gosho Kabushiki Kaisha, Osaka, Japan. November 1945
32529 Portugal's Dr. Salazar's Note of June 6, 1945, concerning official German assets.
32530 Proposed note to Portuguese Government referring to vesting decree. 2 pp. Nov. 1945
32595 Prospective transferral of money to Sweden from Karuisawa, Japan. 1 p. December 1945
32594 Transfer of funds from Zurich, Switzerland to Kobe, Japan. 1 p. December 1945
32646 Safehaven information concerning Gertrud Keutel, Switzerland, 1 p. December 1945
32648 Safehaven information concerning Hermann Kuhn, Swiss agent of the German firm Gebruder FEND, Pforzheim, Germany. 3 pp. December 1945
32691 Safehaven report regarding Kobenhavne Kul og Kogs Kompugni A.S. (KKKK), Denmark, 5 pp. November 1945
32760 German shipping concerns possesses assets and share capital in Switzerland. 1 p. March 1945
32761 German property abroad: attempt to sale German stamp collection in Austria. 1 p. April 1945
32764 German property abroad-Hanau firm applies for patent in Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945
32765 Swiss firm possibly controlled by German publishers. 1 p. March 1945
32768 German firms have property in Switzerland. Firms in Mannheim and Worms have patents in Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945
32768 German firms having Swiss accounts. 1 p. April 1945
32808 Information on the assets in Turkey of Lassen & Co., A.G., Hamburg, Germany. 1 p. December 1945
32809 Swedish assets of Dobbertin & Co., Hamburg, Germany. 1 p. December 1945
32810 Swedish assets and liabilities of Ernst Komrowski & Co., Hamburg, Germany. 1 p. December 1945
32811 Information regarding the movement of German funds in Portugal. 22 pp.
33041 Report on "The Golden Yen Savings Bloc" in Korea. 1 p. November 1945
33063 Evidence of transaction between Nichizui Trading Co., Ltd. and Sandoz, Ltd., Basel, Switzerland. 1 p. November 1945
33104 Safehaven information concerning Maschinenbau Hilti, Liechtenstein, and Mea Kunstharz Presswerk, Liechtenstein., and their possible connections with Maybach of Messerschmidt from Germany. 3 pp. December 1945
33107 Translation of report from newspaper Dagens Kyheter concerning action to remove German directors from Swedish companies. 2 pp. November 1945
33218 Report on German participation in international cartels. 59 pp. October 1945; see also XL 35656    The German potash Cartels and Combines, their origin, development and present status. 47 pp. October 1945
33361 Documentary material on Demag A.G. ca. 100 pp. November 1945
33481 Transfer of funds within Japan for bank in Manchuria from Bank of Fukui to Industrial Bank of Manchuria. 1 p. December 1945
33643 Safehaven report regarding proposed participation of R.V. Wright, Jr., in the Balkan & near East Tobacco Co., Ltd., Switzerland. 2 pp. December 1945
33644 Safehaven report on Emil Schaller, Schaffhausen, Switerland. 2 pp. December 1945
33645 Safehaven report concerning 170 motion picture projectors warehoused in Basel, Switzerland. 2 pp. December 1945
33654 Safehaven report regarding claims of Seercederei "Frigga" A.G. of  Hamburg, Germany, on Swedish shipbuilding company. 2 pp. December 1945
33656 Looted Yugoslav property (ships and barges) in Austria. 6 pp. November 1945
33657 Safehaven report on Belgian activities in uncovering German ownership or participation in Belgian industry and collaboration of Belgian nationals with the occupying forces. 5 pp. December 1945
33775 Safehaven report concerning interview with Wilhelm Pahl. 1 p. December 1945
33797 Swedish Foreign Office report on AB Imrico. 2 pp. December 1945
33798 Safehaven report on the suspected transfer of assets to Sweden by Danish subject named Koberg. 1 p. December 1945
33799 Safehaven report requesting investigation of Stockholm, Sweden firm E.S. Hammarlund. 1 p. December 1945
33800 Safehaven report of statement of amounts owed by various Swedish firms to Fuhlenbau und Industrie AB, Hamburg, Germany. 1 p. December 1945
33803 Safehaven report regarding the delivery to the British and American embassies of German funds in Spain. 9 pp. December 1945
33807 Safehaven report listing amounts owed by Facklams Jarnaktiebolag, Sweden, to Ernst Komrowski & Co., and Dobbertin & Co., Hamburg, Germany. 2 pp. November 1945
33808 Report listing amounts owed by Swedish debtors to Deutsche Werft Aktiengesellschaft, Hamburg, Germany. 2 pp. November 1945
33880 Safehaven report on Fabrica de Mieres S.A., Ovidedo, Spain. 4 pp. December 1945
33882 Safehaven report regarding a Spanish firm attempting to establish control over a German firm. 3 pp. December 1945
33883 German firms partly own Deposito de Carbones de Teneriffe. 3 pp. December 1945
33884 Claims of Spaniards against former German government or private German citizens in Germany. 1 p. November 1945
33885 Potash interests in Spain. 8 pp. November 1945
33890 Alfred Roehm and Company, Barcelona, Spain is owned entirely by German interests. 2 pp. November 1945
33899 Report on Geneva, Switzerland, elections and on Swiss resentment againt reported intention of Allied Control Council to control German assets in Switzerland. 2 pp. October 1945
34026 Safehaven information regarding Deutsche Lufthansa airplane claimed by Dutch KLM air lines as loot. 2 pp. December 1945
34027 Safehven report containing balance sheet of Productos Quimcos Gehe of Barcelona, Spain. 3 pp. December 1945
34029 Safehaven information pertaining to Henry Werlich, German Consular clerk in Spain. 2 pp. December 1945
34031 Safehaven information on Siemens Reinger Veifa S.A. Madrid, Spain. 8 pp. Dec. 1945
34051 Assets of Christine von Grimm-Gamet, a German national, held in Switzerland. 2 pp. December 1945
34068 Report on Axis-owned and looted art in Panama. 2 pp. December 1945
34069 Connections of Definitiv Kontroll-Buchhaltung, A.G. Zurich, Switzerland. 6 pp. December 1945
34070 Foreign assets of John T. Essberger & Co., Hamburg, Germany, in Sweden. 2 pp. December 1945
34193 The Camouflage of Assets of I.G. Farben in America through patents sales to Walter Duisberg. 3 pp. August 1945
34194 Powers of attorney at the I.G. Farben plants. 3 pp. August 1945
34195 I.G. Farben employees working abroad. 3 pp. August 1945
34347 Safehaven report concerning meeting of Allied representatives with officials of the Swiss Compensation Office, November 30, 1945. 7 pp.
34348 Safehaven report regarding correspondence showing financial dealings between Abteilung Keramische Farben and Elektriska Aktiebolget Helios.
34349 Safehaven report on patents of Productos Quimicos Schering, Madrid, Spain. 9 pp. December 1945
34353 Safehaven report concerning G.H. Keller's Tuchhandlung, Basel, Switzerland. 2 pp. December 1945
34382 Safehaven report regarding investigation of the firm I. Fahlstrom, Sweden. 1 pp. December 1945
34384 Safehaven report concerning transactions of C.G. Hallbergs Guldsmods AB and other Swedish firms with Diamantkonter GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany. 3 pp. December 1945
34385 Safehaven report regarding meeting of the Inter-Allied Committee for Control of the German Legation and German Government Property in Sweden. 6 pp. December 1945
34386 Report on Safehaven negotiations in Sweden. 29 pp. Dec. 1945; see also XL 34489 Safehaven report regarding Swedish views on Safehaven and Proclaimed List questions. 5 pp. Dec. 1945; XL 36611 Safehaven report regarding exemptions granted from general restraining order on German External Assets in Sweden. 10 pp. December 1945
34388 Safehaven report regarding Swedish companies subjected to Government supervision. 5 pp. December 1945
34390 Safehaven report concerning Export AB Franz Witte & Co. Gothenburg, Sweden.
34392 Safehaven report concerning the leasing of former German Ambassador's residence. Madrid, Spain. 3 pp. December 1945
34395 Safehaven report regarding Motores Deutsche Werke S.A., Barcelona, Spain. 3 pp. December 1945
34396 Safehaven report that Auer S.A.E. is a French company. 1 p. December 1945
34398 Safehaven report on Albingia and Multimar, German insurance companies. 9 pp. December 1945
34399 Safehaven report on Rosidero-Metalurgico de la Industria Espanola, Sevilla, Spain. 1 p. December 1945
34400 Safehaven report on German insurance companies in Spain. 13 pp. December 1945
34403 Safehaven report concerning Josef Angerer and Harold Fehrmann of Switzerland. 2 pp. December 1945
34405 Safehaven report concerning E. Virgil Neal, Tokalon Products of Geneva, Switzerland. 10 pp. December 1945; see also XL 35390 Safehaven report on Neal, Tokalon Products S.A. and affiliates in other countries. 7 pp. January 1946; XL 44672 Tokalon products S.A. Geneva-Tokalon products, Paris, France. 10 pp. March 1946
34482 Safehaven report on sale by Rederi AB Atlantides of the wreck of a tanker to Rederi AB Nordic. 2 pp. December 1945
34485 Safehaven report on 3,800 Kgs of Russian gold in Sweden since the days of the Tsarist Regime. 2 pp. Nov. 1945; see also XL 37551 Safehaven report concerning Swedish Supreme Court decision concerning disposition of Russian gold in Sweden. 10 pp. December 1945
34487 Safehaven report regarding investigation of AB Ekbatana, Sweden. 3 pp. December 1945
34490 Safehaven information concerning Nordstern Compania Alemana de Seguros, Spain. 5 pp. December 1945
34491 Safehaven information regarding Orenstein y Koppel, S.A., Spain. 5 pp. Dec. 1945
34494 Safehaven information regarding publication of the magazine Signal by Deutsch Verlag of Berlin, Germany. 4 pp. December 1945
34495 Safehaven report regarding financial relationship between Forsakings AB Fylgia och Valkyrian, Stockholm, Sweden, and Kolnische Ruckversicherunga Gesellschaft, Cologne, Germany. 1 p. December 1945
34496 Safehaven report regarding communication to Nordisj Transport & Speditions AB, Gotenburg, Sweden. 2 pp. December 1945
34501 Safehaven report concerning Nans Rinn, manager of the Dresdner Bank. 1 p. Dec. 1945
34504 Safehaven report regarding S.A. La Soie a Coudre Gutermann property of Iterfina A.G., Schaffhausen, Switzerland. 1 p. December 1945
34505 Safehaven report regarding Societe Anonyme Induschimie business dealings with Xrebs and Company of Zurich, Switzerland and other Krebs companies. December 1945
34506 Safehaven report regarding S.A. Produits Bios Coutellier Freres and its association with Bios of France and Bykguldenwerke, Chemische Fabrik. 1 p. December 1945
34507 Safehaven report listing German firms which were supplied from Belgium.
34508 German assets held by Gemperill & Bruman of Zurich. Switzerland. 2 pp. December 1945
34509 Criticism of Swiss safehaven legislation by Polish member of Swiss Bar. 17 pp. Dec. 1945
34511 Leo Bandi, Zurich, Switzerland, pro-Nazi. 2 pp. Dec. 1945; see also XL 42811 Report on Bandi, former member of the Bayer concern in Berlin, Germany, and an outspoken Nazi. 1 p. February 1946
34713 Safehaven report concerning assets of Heinrich Slottmann GmbH, Germany, in Switzerland. 1 p. December 1945
34715 Report on certain documents being used by Emil George Buhrle, head of Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik Oerlikon Buhrle and Cie in connection with his efforts to secure the deletion of his name and firms from the published lists in Switzerland. 2 pp. December 1945
34716 Safehaven report regarding agreement between P. Beiersdorf & Co., Hamburg, Germany and Widmann & Co., Istanbul, Turkey. 4 pp. December 1945
34777 Himmler's files from Hallein, large collection of documents relating to Germany's plans regarding Russia, SS organization and policies, Oshima's (Note 33) effort to develop espionage in Russia, etc. 32 pp. November 1945
34897 Report of the transfer of 140 million yen by the Seoul Branch of the Sanwa Bank to the Sanwa Bank, Osaka, Japan, between Aug. 20 and Sept. 8, 1945. 1 p. November 1945
34996 Munich, Germany doctor's Dresdner bank transfer RM 12,000 worth of securities to relative. 2 pp. October 1945
34997 German firm, Optische Werke, has accounts in Switzerland and Czechosloakia. 1 p. November 1945
35000 Illegal transmittance of French currency, Munich, Germany. November 1945
35034 Three Bavarians identified as owners of bank accounts in Salzburg, Austria. 1 p. September 1945
35055 Possible foreign banking accounts of Munich, Germany, publisher. 1 p. October 1945
35142 Safehaven report on assets of Gesellschaft fur Linde's Bismaschinen A.G., Wiesbaden, Germany. 1 p. December 1945
35143 Safehaven report concerning interest of Deutsche Auslands-Rundfunk Gesellschaft Interradio A.G. and Berlin-Steglitz in Interradio GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland. 1 p. December 1945
35149 Information on the Brusseler Gesellschaft, an organization appointed by the Germans in Brussels, Belgium, for the purpose of seizing the assets of "enemy nationals." They deposited the funds obtained at the Westbank. 3 pp. January 1946
35150 Safehaven report on transfer of gold from Switzerland to the Italian Government. 2 pp. January 1946
35196 Possible German interests in AB Br. Lindstedt, Malmo and Gothenborg, Sweden. 1 p. December 1945
35277 German from Saarbruecken opens up new account in Deutsche Bank, under new name probably to protect himself against future blocking. 1 p. October 1945
35279 Account of a French and Swiss firm in Germany. 1 p. Octobr 1945
35286 Swiss has assets in Germany. 1 p. September 1945
35287 Ukrainian Insurance company in liquidation. 1 p. November 1945
35337 Transfer of Gold from Tokyo, Japan to Moscow, Russia. 1 p. December 1945
35392 Safehaven report on Deutsches Heim, Basel, Switzerland. 1 p. January 1946
35393 Safehaven report concerning Industria Hormera S.A., Barcelona, Spain. 1 p. Dec. 1945
35394 Safehaven report concerning Talleres de Hernani S.A. Spain. 1 p. December 1945
35442 American authorities in Nicaragua are alert to the possibilities that works of art as well as currency looted by the enemy find its way into Nicaragua, but so far nothing has been found. 1 p. January 1946
35629 Plans to build up foreign credits outside of Germany. 1 p. October 1945
35768 Camouflaged German assets in Swiss banks. 2 pp. January 1946
35801 Attempt at illegal transfer of real estate, Frankfurt, Germany. 1 p. October 1945
35964 Possible attempts to avoid confiscation of capital. 1 p. October 1945
35976 Illegal courier service in Sweden-German firm De Trey Gesellschaft mbH has assets in Sweden. 2 pp. October 1945
35988 Evasion of Military Government Law No. 52. 1 p. October 1945
35999 Money invested in stamps because of inflation rumors. 1 p. October 1945
36002 Possible illegal transaction for purpose of evading Military Government Law No. 52. 1 p. November 1945
36005 Nazi Party member tries to avoid confiscation of farm by pretended deed of gift. 1 p. October 1945
36035 Reichbahn official expecting dismissal arranges disposal of money before account blocked. 1 p. October 1945
36060 Former Nazi party member tries to establish business in Kassel, Germany, in girl friend's name. 1 p. October 1945
36089 SA man owns foreign exchange. 1 p. October 1945
36169 Metallgiesserei & Armaturenfabrik, Lyss, Switzerland. 2 pp. January 1946
36171 Swedish Foreign Office on Linoleum AB Forshaga. 1 p. December 1945
36207 Siemens Schurchart in Spain. 3 pp. December 1945
36385 Safehaven report on German schools in Spain being taken over by the Allies. 15 pp. October 1945
36436 German transfers property to American citizen. 1 p. October 1945
36443 I.G. Farben trying to register patent in Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945
36451 Credits of German firms in Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945
36456 Possible illegal shares' transactions by Kempten resident. 1 p. October 1945
36508 Safehaven information on Electrica Hocht Pardo, Bilbao, Spain. 1 p. Janaury 1946
36583 Information taken from the personnel files of the German Legation of Portugal. Data on Germans in government or business positions in Portugal. 10 pp. January 1946
36605 Safehaven report regarding Catherina (Toto) Koopman, Gothenborg, Sweden, a Gestapo worker now in Sweden wants to borrow SF 25,000 for a trip to Switzerland. 1 p. January 1946
36607 Safehaven information on W.A. Moritz S.A., Barcelona, Spain. 3 pp.
36608 Safehaven information on La Vinicola Iberica S.A. Spain 3 pp.
36609 Safehaven information on Nijos de Pablo Zenker, Madrid, Spain. 4 pp.
36614 Safehaven report regarding Swedish Foreign Office on AB Rylander & Asplund, Stockholm, Sweden. 2 pp. January 1946
36615 Safehaven report regarding ownership by Germans of Swedish mining companies. 1 p.
36616 Safehaven information on Libreria Herder, Barcelona, Spain. 2 pp. January 1946
36620 Safehaven information on Einhart S. en. Co., Spain. 9 pp.
36624 Safehaven information on Gold and Pesetas; German assets held by Spanish Government. 6 pp. December 1945
36633 Safehaven information regarding printing of Spanish banknotes in Germany. 5 pp. January 1946
36635 Safehaven information on Derivados de Hidrogeneracion S.A. Barcelona, Spain. 2 pp.
36649 Report on German leather and shoe industries. 30 pp. December 1945
36661 Safehaven report concerning German securities held in Sweden; Insurance companies names. 1 p. January 1946
36686 Summary of Report issued by Swiss Federal Council on German activities against Switzerland from 1939 to 1945. 12 pp. October 1945
36851 German has property in Bern, Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945
36896 Metlingen firms owns Czech patent. 1 p. March-April 1945
36901 Swiss bank notifies man in Luebeck of deposits to account in another's name. 1 p. March 1945
36902 Berlin, Germany journalist has bank account in Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945
36903 Substantial shares deposit enhances Salzburg holdings of Bavarian Baroness. 1 p. April 1945
36904 Zurich resident registers patent in Switzerland. 1 p. March 1945
36905 Eutin citizen wires instructions about Swiss investments. 1 p. March 1945
36906 Resident in Neustadt has assets in Czechoslovakia. 1 p. April 1945
36908 Contemplated illegal transfer of money with help of American officer. 1 p. Nov. 1945
36929 Munich, Germany firm (Motorenfabrik) has banking account in Vienna, Austria. 1 p. October 1945
36932 Germany Property Abroad: list of names, addresses of owners, types of property, amounts and locations. 8 pp. November 1945
36933 Argentinian Consulate in Munich, Germany handles mail between Neuhaus, Bavaria and Buenos Aires, concerning possible move to Argentina. 2 pp. October 1945
36943 Hamburg, Germany forwarding firm has possible branch organization and bank account in the Netherlands. 1 p. October 1945
36944 Munich, Germany shoe firm has bank accounts in 5 different towns abroad. 1 p. Oct. 1945
36959 Bad Kissingen resident advised how to circumvent denazification law in his Munich, Germany business. 1 p. October 1945
36996 Munich, Germany Nazi involved in probable illegal business transfer to non-Nazi brother. 1 p. October 1945
37006 Munich, Germany firm's possible branch organization in Czechoslovakia (Winterling- China Factory, Ltd., Munich). 1 p. October 1945
37007 Spanish patent rights of Permutit A.G., and other Berlin, Germany firms. 1 p. April 1945
37009 Munich, Germany construction firm has establishment abroad. 1 p. October 1945
37014 United States firm furnishing Munich, Germany Nazi Party member with letter of recommendation. 1 p. October 1945
37106 Schering Corporation, Bloomfield, New Jersey and the Swiss Bank Corporation. 5 pp. January 1946
37266 Rosenheim resident sends silver coins to Schwarzwald. 1 p. November 1945
37542 Safehaven program in Denmark. 19 pp. December 1945
37550 Safehaven report concerning MAN Diesel Iberica, S.A., Spain. 1 p. December 1945
37553 Safehaven report concerning Swiss assests in the United States. 2 pp. January 1946
37555-37556 Swiss criticism of black list procedures. 4 pp. January 1946
37648 Report on Hungarian economic and political situation. 4 pp. December 1945
37824 United States resident Charaline Triar, of New York, owns properties in Germany. 1 p. October 1945
37843 Possible camouflaged ownership. 1 p. November 1945
37858 Probable German investment in the United States. 1 p. August 1945
37862 Firm orders destruction of records. 1 p. March 1945
38138 German-owned property in Austria. 1 p. October 1945
38352 German owns foreign bonds. 1 p. October 1945
38354 German bank sells Slovakian crowns. 1 p. October 1945
38358 Possible Reich assets known to bank. 1 p. October 1945
38360 Possible savings account of German who immigrated to the United States. 1 p. Oct. 1945
38363 Possibly undeclared Czech industrial shares. 1 p. October 1945
38377 Scheme for the evasion of regulations concerning Nazi property; destruction of suspicious documents of the DAF. 1 p. October 1945
38395 Possible Reich assets known to bank. 1 p. October 1945
38526 Existence of credit account in foreign country. 1 p. March 1945
38527 Swiss is possible shareholder of firm in Muehlheim A.D. Ruhr. 1 p. March 1945
38528 Swiss has credit account in Germany. 1p. March 1945
38530 Swiss citizen possesses priority blocked account in Reichsmark within Germany. 1 p. March 1945
38532 Individual requests transfer of account in order to evade Military Government Law No. 52. 1 p. September 1945
38585 Sale of valuable pictures suggested. 1 p. October 1945
38602 A number of Espana Libre, published in French, in Geneva, Switzerland, with report on the Spanish monarchists and Don Juan, Franco's claim of help to Jewish children, the Sofindus making bombs, etc. 4 pp. December 1945
39153 Transfer of funds from Korea to Japan. 2 pp. September 1945; see also XL 39188 Transfer of funds from Korea to Japan. 1 p. September 1945
39283 Transfer of funds from China to Japan. 2 pp. July 1945
39356 Soviets threatened seizure of Swiss bank accounts in Rumania. 2 pp. December 1945
39375 Interrogation report regarding SS matters, particularly air raid protection. 21 pp. January 1946
39467 Interrogation report regarding Gestapo activities, especially in Rumania. 20 pp. Jan. 1946
39596 Suggestion to evade possible confiscation of property. 1 p. October 1945
39597 Writer offers to act as front for carrying on business for a Nazi party member. 1 p. October 1945
39604 Evasion of Military Government Law No. 52, to save property of Nazi Party member. 1 p. November 1945
39611 Nazi party member negotiates recovery of considerable claims. 1 p. November 1945
39624 Ex-Nazi Party member transfers property to his daughter. 1 p. October 1945
39634 German has suspicious connections and dealings with Switzerland. 1 p. October 1945
39729 German intelligence and stay-behind preparations in Finland and Baltic countries. 8 pp. November 1945
40326 Foreign securities held by Germans. transfer of valuables and accounts. Oct.-Nov. 1945
42098 Information on refugee camps in Switzerland, before and after August 1942, providing information on working conditions, food shortages, etc. 2 pp. February 1946
42099 Biographical data on Pastor H.L. Henriot and Pastor Paul Vogt, of Geneva, Switzerland, who had been great benefactors of refugees. 1 p. Feb. 1946
42329 A cross section of international and Swiss public opinion on world affairs. 3 pp. February 1946; see also XL 43308 Bi-monthly interpretative report on Swiss press. 22 pp. February 1946
42782 Decentralization of payments traffic between Switzerland and France. 10 pp. January 1946
43079 Safehaven report on transfer of ownership of firm in the Netherlands and factory in Belgium to German interests. 2 pp. February 1946
43080 Activities of Lauchlin Currie and Melvin Fagen in Switzerland, concerning taking over of ex-enemy assets. 6 pp. February 1946
43181 Summary of Swiss article on American and British foreign policy. 2 pp. February 1946
43509 Information on alleged purchases of art for German account by Luis (Aloys) Rose, who was directly employed by the former German Naval Attache at Madrid, Spain. 1 p. February 1946
43677 Report on the seizure of coal mining property in Germany, and cash investors now  looking for other outlets and black market sales of gold and diamonds. 1 p. February 1946
44078 Safehaven report concerning Electro Tecnics Aleman in Spain. 2 pp. February 1946
44079 Safehaven report concerning funds in Switzerland in name of Clemens Ruer, Cologne, Germany, possibly cloaked for Goering. 1 p. January 1946
44477 Relations of Hermann Dorner to La Vinicola Iberica S.A. Spain. 2 pp. February 1946
44745 Safehaven report on Gustave Reder, Madrid, Spain and his laboratory. 2 pp.
44751 Criticisms in Argentina of the American Blue Book on Argentina. (Note 34) 14 pp. February 1946; see also XL 44926 Criticism of the American Blue Book on Argentina by the Argentine Minister to Costa Rica. 4 pp. February 1946; XL 45068 Reaction to the American Blue Book on Argentina in Honduras. 2 pp. March 1946
45075 Information on Rene Fonjallez, Swiss writer and sportsman, ex-collaborator of the French Fascist "Gringoire" and known for his pro-Nazi and Fascist ideas. 2 pp. March 1946
45347 An extensive summary of the public address "America and Switzerland in the post-War Economy," given by Lauchlin Currie on January 23, 1946, under auspices of the Zurich Public Economy Association. 8 pp. February 1946
45682 Safehaven repatriation candidates in Spain. 8 pp. March 1946
45695 Safehaven report regarding the official assets of the office of the former German Naval Attache in Madrid, Spain. 48 pp. January 1946
47327 Safehaven report regarding German munitions agents in Spain. 5 pp. Dec. 1945
47328 Walter Keller-Staub, Swiss lawyer in Zurich, Switzerland, connected with a large number of firms, some on the Proclaimed List. 22 pp. February 1946
47367 "Switzerland-Policy and Information Statement" setting forth current United States policy, relations of Switzerland with United Kingdom, USSR, and France, current trends, and Liechtenstein. 11 pp. April 1946
47714 Safehaven report concerning Otto Hahn, Lothar Maus, and Adolfo Mueller, Spain. 3 pp.
47818 Safehaven report containing minutes of meeting between representatives of the Spanish Foreign Office and those of the British and American embassies. 9 pp. March 1946
47882 Final report on Prussian Staatssekretaer F.W. Landfried, telling of German cartilzation policies, industrial organization, banking, financial aspects of Four year Plan, etc. 30 pp. February 1946
48253 War Department Special Staff report on German economic preparation and conduct of war. 53 pp. April 1946
48909 Speech by Federal Councillor Nobs concerning Problems of Reform of Swiss Federal Finance and Press comment thereon. 8 pp. March 1946
48951 An alleged American comment on the Washington negotiations with Switzerland concerning German assets in Switzerland. 2 pp. March 1946
49047 Chinese have been confiscating German property and cloaking German businesses in Tsingtao, reemploying the former owner as manager, whether a Nazi or not. 4 pp. March 1946
50013 Memorandum found in Berlin, Germany and written by Edgar Horn, brother-in-law of Rudolph Hess. (Note 35) Horn is believed to be in Switzerland or Spain and is looked for by American authorities for a Safehaven investigation. 3 pp. March 1946
50673 Report on undercover international banking activities conducted during the war between Switzerland and the Third Reich-mention of Brown Bovery A.G., a Swiss trust company, and possible cloaking of German assets. 2 pp. April 1946