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25903 Memo for Donovan by Lithgrow Osborne. Material deals with a conversation with Thomas H. McKittrick, president of the Bank for International Settlements, at Basel. Discussion of BIS and post-war problems; and numerous other topics, including information on Hjalmar Schacht, (Note 75) Swiss Right of Asylum, Swiss defense. 7 pp. December 1942
25924 Information about Bulgaria, including adherence to Axis policy, economic policy, relations with other European countries and Russia. 13 pp. December 1942; see 25926 for related information. 14 pp. December 1942; see also 30378 Information on Bulgaria's role in the Axis. 2 pp. February 1943
25940 Dates of train arrivals at Canfranc from France and freight carried. Also, merchandise arriving at Canfranc from Spain and/or Portugal, en route to Switzerland. 3 pp. Dec. 1942; see also 48051 Lists of rail shipments of material and supplies between Pau and Canfranc, Sept. 10-29, 1943, most of which go to or from Switzerland and Spain.
25952 Information on various subjects, including possibilities of Chile severing relations with the Axis, Argentine economic pressure to maintain ties with Axis. 6 pp. November 1942
25981 Military Objectives in Germany and in France suitable for bombing operations. Notes on factories, including conditions, output, treatment of prisoners and workers. 13 pp. December 1942
26153 Detailed reports, based on extracts from censored letters, on the N.V. Philips of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies. 46 pp. Oct. 1942; see also 27667 Report that Radio Philips, Chauxdefonds, is producing only for home market in Switzerland. Autophon A.G. is working on 600 to 800 sets of transmitting apparatus for the Germans. These sets can be used for military or civilian purposes, including submarine signaling. 1 p. Jan. 1943; 46353 Report on the Continental Manufacturing Companies affiliated with the International General Electric Company, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, and N.V. Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken. A list of reports on these companies is followed by lists of affiliates of the International General Electric Co., and of the other two companies in Axis Europe. 22 pp. Sept. 1943; 134915 Information concerning C.F.F. Muller A.G., Hamburg-Fuhlsbuttel, part of the Philips organization. 5 pp. June 1945
26228 Report from Bern, Switzerland, dated December 22, 1942, stating that 100 carloads of Spanish oranges and mandarins awaiting transportation to Switzerland across France have been held at Cerbere. At the same time Germans suspended purchase of Spanish oranges, and are requisitioning all available rolling stock and locomotives. German railcars are insufficiently lubricated. Hundreds of dwellings with broken windows in Turin and Milan, Italy, remain uninhabitable due to window glass shortage. 1 p.
26239 Rail shipments though Port Bou, Nov. 23-27, 1942, with information on number of railroad cars, products shipped, and destinations. 6 pp. Dec. 1942; see also 26451 Report, dated Dec. 12, 1942, on shipments through Port Bou from Spain to Switzerland, to France, to Germany, to Finland, to Italy, and to Sweden. Commodities exported listed. 4 pp. Jan. 1943; 26523 Statement that between Dec. 7 and 15, 1942, 1550 tons of oranges left for Switzerland from Port Bou. 1 p. Jan. 1943; 37130 Exports by rail from the free warehouse at Barcelona, Spain, to Switzerland, via Port Bou, listing commodities, and exporting firm, and exports from the warehouse at Barcelona to Spain (likewise listing commodities and companies). 3 pp. June 1943; 41974 With reference to the possibility of there being cement from Spain in Marseilles, France, it has been reported that this material was exported in large quantities from Port Bou, with Switzerland as its apparent destination. 1 p. August 1943
26271 Informal account of Argentine economic deterioration and possibilities for Argentina to remain in neutral security. 7 pp. December 1942; see also 27124 Series of letters from Argentina discussing informally but in some detail Argentine political affairs, including information on neutrality, foreign policy, seeds of anti-Semitism, Nazis at work in the country, crisis in Axis relations, etc. 78 pp. April-November 1942
26461 Weekly notes on current economic information contains information on German machine construction production, Rumanian oil movements to Italy, Yugoslav copper production, Norwegian aluminum industry, German exchange, prices in Occupied territories, etc. 10 pp. December 1942
26515 Report on the Opium Situation in Germany, Italy, and the Axis-Occupied or Dominated Countries of Europe. 12 pp. November 1942
26526 Report about Greek-Axis relationship. 1 p. January 1943
26572 Report regarding Swiss war industry, including list of material delivered by the Oerlikon Works to Germany in Sept. 1942; cancellation of leave permits for Swiss soldiers due on Nov. 1942; Swiss soldiers being called up in increasing numbers; Germans exerting pressure on Switzerland to secure a maximum increase of transit railway traffic needed for German war material to Italy and to Germany from Italy-expected that Swiss will accept these German demands; strong German pressure to secure passage of German troop convoys through Switzerland to Italy expected; Swiss orders for strengthening of Swiss defense formations-- assumption that the Swiss not agree to the transit of German troops through Switzerland. The question of the occupation of Switzerland is being discussed in Germany. 2 pp. October-November 1942
26602 Materials Inventory of the European Axis: Beryllium. 6 pp. November 1942
26662 Madame Dr. Trbojevic, alleged German agent, is in Switzerland on the pretext of taking a rest cure. 1 p. December 1942
26680 Information regarding the recalling of the Italian and German ambassadors at Madrid, Spain. 1 p. January 1943
26708 List of personnel of Axis Diplomatic Agencies in Turkey. 7 pp. January 1943
26715 Railroad production information in Axis Europe, including the neutrals. 6 pp. Dec. 1942
26826 Report on food production in Switzerland. Portuguese decree forbidding vessels from carrying goods to or from belligerent countries, as a result of the sinking of a Portuguese ship by a submarine in October 1941. 2 pp. October 1941
26850 Report regarding Germany's foreign exchange position, indicating that Germany is experiencing foreign exchange difficulties and that these will increase as a result of increased disinclination of the neutrals to make financial concessions, and inability of Germany to make use of French gold stocks at Dakar. French West Africa, or to realize financial assets in South America. Discussion of the attitude of neutrals, the gold problem, the French back door, and signs of Axis lack of foreign currency. 5 pp. Dec. 1942; see also 28770 French gold is stored in West Africa. 3 pp. January 1943
26892 Foreign Notes Part II. Includes information on Axis-Egyptian relation, Axis activity in Rio de Oro and Spanish Morocco, Rumanian affairs, Axis atrocities, Axis shipping, Italo- Turkish relations, Berlin-Rome differences, governmental control of Nazi activity in Portugal, imported labor in Germany, German occupation methods, Portuguese- Spanish news, etc. 41 pp. January 1943
26895 Informal memo from Bern, Switzerland, about Italo-Swiss relations. 4 pp. Sept. 1942
26896 Memorandum on Portugal's refugee problem; five photostatic pages dated June 28 and July 24, 1942, are attached dealing with Germany's ruthless persecution, aiming at extermination of Jews all through the Greater Reich, occupied Russia, and Poland; the center of atrocities is the Ghetto of Warsaw. 10 pp. Sept. 1942; see also 80227 Items from German war prisoners in Italy, on various subjects including extermination of Polish Jews, black market in Vienna, Austria, German apathy. 3 pp. June 1944
27110 Germany and Axis-Occupied Europe, Industrial Bottlenecks and their Economic Importance, covering various industries, German electric power, German aircraft production, and locomotive production in various European countries. 27 pp. December 1942
27196 Results of an interview with the Finnish Charge d'Affairs in Lisbon, Portugal concerning the Spanish-Portuguese situation; possibilities of German invasion; Spanish-Swiss air route, and other information relating to Finland. 3 pp. Dec.1942
27272 Special News Service bulletin concerning Switzerland's position in relation to the Axis. 2 pp. November 1942
27275 Nazi Extermination of Jews--Part II. 6 pp. November 1942; see also 27428 Third article from this German Frontier source on Nazi extermination of Jews. 6 pp. Nov. 1942
27354 Report indicating that Spain hopes to keep out of the war and that Germany rejected Spain's request for war supplies. 3 pp. Jan. 1943; see also 27506 Information on the recent commercial agreement between Spain and Germany. 3 pp. Jan. 1943; 27823 Report on Spanish politics, growing influence of the Vatican in Spanish politics, Franco's definite decision to stay out of the war, relations with the Axis, etc. 3 pp. Jan. 1943; 29031 Report on Spanish policy, vis a vis the Axis and neutral status. 3 pp. Feb. 1943; 34763 Report that Spain intends to stay neutral; resistance would be offered to any invader. Survey of Spanish-Axis relations. 3 pp. January 1943
27352 Report from Switzerland that Swiss find radio equipment difficult to obtain and doubt that Axis is receiving any substantial exports from them. 1 p. January 1943
27437 Extracts from Iraq press and direct and indirect sources about Iraq. 56 pp. October 16- December 9, 1942
27466 Report from Switzerland, dated Jan. 21, 1943, that Brown Boveri stated that they are making no electrical radio equipment of the kind indicated for the Axis. Some experimental work is being done on portable high frequency radio transmitters which Germany wants but the experiments will not be finished before the end of the war. 1 p. Jan. 1943; see also 29629 Siemmens was about to begin building a new factory at Zurich, Switzerland; valve work in the Baden factory of Brown, Boveri and Cie., is also mentioned. 2 pp. Feb. 1943; 30137 Report on Generator and Electrical Machinery Plant of Norsk Elektrick and Brown Boverie A/S (subsidiary of Swiss Brown Boverie Cie Ltd.) at Skyen, Noway. 13 pp. Feb. 1943; 57203 Report on the export of anthracite to Switzerland from Spain, consigned to Brown Boveri Company. 1 p. Feb. 1944; 60501 Spanish group tries to purchase telephone and radio equipment from Brown-Bovery in Switzerland. 1 p. Feb. 1944; 61090 Report on Swiss railways mentioning passenger traffic, tunnel sabotage, budget, and building of locomotives (by Brown-Boveri). 2 pp. Feb. 1944; 77505 Brown Boveri of Switzerland wants to buy Yugoslav chromium. Steaua Romana offers oil to Switzerland. Three Swiss firms try to buy Rumanian vegetable oils. 1 p. June 1944; 136100 Report on Tecnomasio Italiano Brown Boverie of Milan, Italy, mentioning Swiss financial connections and German efforts to get its machinery. 3 pp. June 1945
27427 Special News Service items, giving account of certain commodity shortages in Italy, anecdotes illustrative of Axis relationship with Switzerland, German scouring of France for scrap metal, etc. 4 pp. November 1942
27702 Production of steatite for high frequency insulation in Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland. 7 pp. January 1943
27752 Report from Bern, Switzerland, on the drop in civilian oil consumption in Rumania, on the decline of Rumanian oil shipments to Switzerland, and on the use of German oil for German trucks repaired in Switzerland. 1 p. October 1942; see also 27810 Rumania: Reported exports of petroleum and petroleum products May-October 1942. 12 pp. December 1942
27790 Rubber Inventory of the European Axis. 4 pp. January 1943; see also 64676 Materials Inventory of the European Axis: Rubber. 4 pp. January 1943
27805 Enclosure with despatch No. 6861 (American Embassy, London) discusses the financial situation of the Axis in relation to neutral countries and trade agreements. The signs indicate that Germany is becoming short of foreign exchange. She has had adequate supplies of gold until now, but will feel a serious shortage in being cut off from the North African source of supply. Also, with the turn of the war, neutral countries, such as Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, are taking up stiffer resistance to Axis demands for exports. The break between France and many South American republics will deprive Germany of a back door to the western Hemisphere, and it is important that French North Africa shall be kept free of such use, as well. 3 pp. December 1942
27813 Conditions in Occupied Territories. The penetration of German capital into Europe. This is an outline of Germany's financial control of banks and industries (named) in occupied countries, and her financial penetration into the banks and industries of neutral countries. Each country is discussed. 32 pp. October 1942; see also 36119 "Selective Bibliography of Nazi Economic Techniques." Includes various sections, including international trade, economies of penetration, occupation, and exploitation. 37 pp. May 1943
27844 Texts of Hitler's proclamations and of speeches of Goebbels (Note 76) and Goering on tenth anniversary of German power. Vituperations on subjects of Russia, Communists, and Jews. 36 pp. February 1943
27863 A study on the most vulnerable German war industries. 6 pp. January 1943
27871 Justification for Swiss requirements under the Compensation Agreement, which was signed by the Governments of the United States and the United Kingdom on one side and Switzerland on the other providing for import into Switzerland during the first four months of 1943 of $600,000 worth of critical materials from the United States for the sole use of the Swiss Army. 2 pp. January 1943
27906 Report on declaration by British Foreign Office deploring Argentine neutrality policy. 1 p. January 1943
27969 Brief notes on Axis activities in various Latin American countries. 2 pp. Feb. 1943; see also 28454 Weekly survey of Axis influence in the American Republics. 2 pp. February 1943; 29110 Reports relating to Axis individuals and activities in Latin America. 2 pp. February 1943
28047 Brief notes from various countries, including information that Hjalmar Schacht had been reinstated, etc. 8 pp. April 1943
28072 Excerpts concerning concentration of German armed forces and equipment in Southern France and along the Spanish border. Telephone communication between Switzerland and Spain has been interrupted since December 10, 1942. Telephone communication between Germany and Spain is also interrupted. February 1943
28145 Securities and Exchange Commission (Note 77) -produced list of certain registered domestic corporations and their foreign subsidiaries outside the Western Hemisphere. 40 pp. January 1943
28164 List of Axis sources of tungsten, with estimated tonnage from each. 4 pp. January 1943
28180 Information mostly relating to Swedish exports. Also included is information on Slovakian wood exports to Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium. 4 pp. Oct. 1942
28183 Report on the Georg Fischer Steel and Iron Works at Schaffhausen, Switzerland, which had been put on the Confidential List because of their exports to Germany. Reports shows that they have curtailed such exports and remodeled their plant; it recommends that they be dropped from the Confidential List. Statistics about the company's personnel, products, and recent German dealings are given. 6 pp. August 1942
28192 Report on Spanish commerce with Germany, debts paid in material. It is believed that most of material sent to Spain by Germany will be taken from France. Axis agreement on disposal of French merchant marine. 1 p. February 1943; see also 28256 Lists of Portuguese imports and exports to and from German firms. Names of German and of Portuguese firms are given, and the kind of merchandise specified. 66 pp. February 1943; 28270 Report of imports into Spain and Portugal through Irun, Spain, for the month of Dec. 1942, from Germany, Finland, France, and Italy. 3 pp. February 1943; 28388 Report on German expectations of supplying Spain with chemical fertilizers being made at the ammonium sulphate factory at Toulouse. Spanish orange sellers refuse to ship until they are paid. German armament shipments to Spain. The Swiss arranged to sell quinine to Spain, but the Germans refused to let it pass (hoping to get it, themselves). 1 p. January 1943; 29406 Report on Spanish-German commercial negotiations. 3 pp. February 1943; 31185 Report giving list of declared shipments of merchandise through Spain between Portugal and German-occupied countries for the period from Jan. 25-Feb. 16, 1943, via frontier station Marvao Valencia de Alcantara. 3 pp. March 1943
28193 Account of Axis use of forged pesetas in Spain. Bank of Spain trying to avoid public scandal. 2 pp. February 1943
28246 Report that Silva Laires, Ltda., Lisbon, Portugal, is trying to do, business with the Italians and the Germans. 1 p. February 1943
28313 Information on blockade runners between Dutch East Indies and Germany. 1 p. Jan. 1943; see also 30304 Report on smuggling between South American and neutral European countries. Anglo-American cooperation has been arranged to prevent this leakage of needed products to the Axis. 2 pp. Feb. 1943; 36318 Notes on current developments in blockade running from German-occupied Europe to the Far East. 6 pp. May 1943; 37189 Notes on current developments in blockade running from German occupied Europe to the Far East. Swiss exports to Japan have declined 75%. 3 pp. May 1943; 41461 Blockade Enforcement Manual. The geography of Latin American smuggling, and popular attitude towards it are described. Platinum is similarly described. A list is given of commodities covered by government agreements. Vessels engaged in blockade evasion are listed (they are Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, or Latin American). Axis-dominated cartels in Latin America (especially the Irelli Co., of Italy) are outlined. 89 pp. June 1943 (another copy in 41484); 43365 Current developments in blockade-running to the Far East. Also included is enemy requirements of rubber and tungsten and list of trade developments. 4 pp. Aug. 1943; 44451 Blockade Runners and Raiders. 6 pp. Sept. 1943; 52162 Blockade-running and the Azores. 2 pp. February 1944
28374 The Food Situation in Axis Europe. 3 pp. January 1943
28377 Certain Nazis try to keep informed through Swiss newspapers, and other matters pertaining to Germany, including Anti-Swiss feeling being kept alive in neighboring German provinces by the press. 12 pp. October 1942
28378 Materials Inventory of the European Axis: Manila Hemp. 7 pp. February 1943
28409 Paper describing the history and operations of the currency technique employed by the Germans in subjected countries. The instruments used are the Reichskreditkasses, special mobile banks. Individual countries are treated. 25 pp. January 1943
28679 Report on Argentina, including the blacklisting of Argentine firms. 2 pp. February 1943
28962 1940 consumption and production of electric power in Italy; estimate of Italian domestic consumption and production and imports from Switzerland. 2 pp. Jan. 1941
28988 Materials Inventory of the European Axis: Sulphur and Sulphur Bearing Ores. 7 pp. February 1943
29009 Report on the economic and political situation in Europe. 33 pp. February 1943
29105 Report on the magneto industry in enemy-occupied countries. 10 pp. February 1943
29186 List of movements of merchant ships in Scandinavian and German waters. List is alphabetical by countries and (within each country) by name of ship. Information also on cargoes and route of voyage. 12 pp. November 1943
29248 List of Portuguese exports through Spain to France and Switzerland, January 1-10, 1942. 2 pp. February 1943
29249 Price list for packages to Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, by Portuguese firm. 6 pp. February 1943
29262 Livestock statistics and wool production estimates for 1940 and 1941 in Germany, Austria, the Protectorate, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, and Switzerland.
29349 Survey entitled Austria under German Domination. 71 pp. January 1943; see also 37294 Information provided by POW regarding restrictions on Jews in Italy, food and rations in Austria, labor conscription, Austrian morale, hatred of Germans, etc. 7 pp. May 1943; 38898 News form Austria. Included is information on the extermination of Jews, prices, wages, food rationing, black market, atrocities, etc. 28 pp. May 1943; 39239 Labor conditions and resistance in Austria. 6 pp. July 1943; 45461 Report on conditions in Austria, including information foreign workers. 16 pp. Oct. 1943; 45463 Conditions in Austria. 14 pp. Oct. 1943; 65836 Conditions in Vienna up to Sept. 1941. Note that Jews and anti-Nazis had to pay special taxes before they were allowed to leave the country. Germans often got property from emigrants. 4 pp. April 1944
29496 Report that Pierre Laval has promised to send 300,000 more workmen to Germany immediately. 1 p. February 1943
29499 Report on Axis control of North African Phosphate. 20 pp. February 1943
29615 Report on developments subsequent to Chile's break with the Axis, relations with Argentina, and Argentina's gradual increase of economic control over Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and new Argentine attempts to boost business with Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela. The general economic position of Argentina is outlined, commercial interchange statistics in terms of money and tonnage, commodities supplies, and agricultural prospects. 7 pp. January 1943
29735 Report from Portugal, dated January 30, 1943, on merchant ship movements and cargo, including references to Swiss ship "Maloja." 1 p. March 1943
29788 Capacity and location of "quality" alloy steel production facilities in Axis Europe. 42 pp. February 1943
30056 Two tables, with translated table, giving "old" and "new" clearings for Axis and occupied countries, January-May 1942, listing amounts paid, amounts received, amounts outstanding (May 31) and debts (May 31). 4 pp. November 1942
30083 Report on Germany's organization of wartime production. 5 pp. March 1943
30084 Month-by-month table of the various commodities exports from Switzerland to Portugal, Jan.-Nov. 1942, estimating weight or pieces. A short table for values of the exports is added. 9 pp. February 1943; see also 30085, same, but Swiss exports to Spain. 7 pp. February 1943
30103 Interview with the manager of the Foreign Department of the Corn Products Refining Co., concerning the direct and indirect properties of the company in German Europe, Switzerland, and Korea. 4 pp. March 1942
30267 Report on religious activity in Spain vis a vis the Falange, Axis, and Russia. 3 pp. February 1943
30297 Report from Tangier on arrival of French francs from Switzerland via the Spanish post office for the French zone in Africa. 1 p. December 1942
30322 Report, dated March 10, 1943, emanating from Berlin, Germany, regarding the arrest in homes and factories of 15,000 Jews. Friends are sheltering about 18,000 Jews. It is expected that these methods will be extended to other regions in Germany soon. The new policy is to kill the Jews on the spot rather than deporting them to Poland for killing there. 1 p. March 1943
30330 Analysis of the Axis copper situation in Europe. 37 pp. January 1943
30352 Report on the inland waterways of Western Europe. 10 pp. February 1943
30359 Report on the Swiss-German credit and gold position. There is an unused balance of credit granted by Switzerland to Germany, but the Swiss will not renew their pact with Germany. Little or no German gold has gone to Switzerland, but gold was going to Germany from occupied areas and from North Africa. Forged American dollars are used by Germany. Germany finances some foreign deals with Swiss francs, draining gold from Switzerland. Coffee-gold exchange with Switzerland. Smuggling of Swiss gold to France and Italy led to Swiss restrictions. 5 pp. January 1943
30468 Report on Axis diplomatic chiefs in Afghanistan. 7 pp. February 1943
30511 Information on the plants of L'Air Liquide, Societe Anonyme pour l'Etude et l'Exploitation des Procedes Georges Claude, and other related-companies, in France, Axis countries, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and the Far East. 28 pp. March 1943
30646 Electrification of Swiss railroads. 90 pp. 13 maps and charts. March 1943
30660 Report from Switzerland on French refugees in the Savore mountains, with some escaping to Switzerland. 1 p. March 1943
30734 Report on foreign crew members of Portuguese ships under Swiss registry engaged in Red Cross service. Several were on Rhine ships and may have Nazi leanings. 3 pp. February 1943
31001 Germany threatens a Swiss invasion. 2 pp. March 1943; see also 33164 Information on various subjects, including the Swiss government taking precautions against invasion. 3 pp. April 1943; 34064 Report of increased German activity along the border of Switzerland. Sources state that in the event of disaffection in Italy the German High Command plans to go through Switzerland. 1 p. August 1943
31336 Report on Grebler's offer to exchange Swiss francs for escudos. 1 p. March 1943
31337 Report that Volkswagenwerke is now producing jeeps and light tanks at full capacity. Housing for workers at Fallersleben, Germany. 1 p. April 1943; see also 64806 An interview on Germany, revealing data on the Volkswagon Werke plant, its location, production, factory details, source of raw materials, and general manager, etc. 2 pp. March 1944; 70488 Information on Volkswagon Werke 3 pp. April 1944; 135209 Detailed interrogation report on personalities of Volkswagonwerk Stadt des KDF Wagens. 19 pp. June 1945
31370 Report on the attitude of the Eire Government (Note 78) towards the Axis, etc. 15 pp. April 1943; see also 38657 Report on Axis and Occupied-Countries' diplomats in Eire. 2 pp. June 1943; 46096 Notes on Eire, including neutrality, sketches of leading Axis residents, foreign propaganda in, sketches of political leaders, public opinion, anti-Semitism, etc. 41 pp. September 1943; 84448 List of diplomatic representatives of Ireland abroad and the diplomatic corps in Dublin. 6 pp. July 1944
31539 Intelligence summary on Axis Europe, including Italian industry; Italian-Swedish trade pact; Finnish paper exports to Germany; Finnish food and clothing supplies; Finnish opposition to government control; Finnish morale; Slovakian agriculture and declining industrial efficiency; Swiss-Slovak trade pact; Rumanian-Slovak trade pact; Hungarian-German relations; Hungarian-Norwegian pact; Hungarian shortages; Rumanian delegation to Berlin, Germany; Bulgarian food requisitioning by Germany; French and Belgian industrial control by Germany; Belgian resistance; Dutch war industry; police reforms; and invasion measures; German pressure on Denmark; Danish-Spanish pact; ship repairs in Norway; Vidkun Quisling's problems (Note 79); transport shortages; Polish labor and shortages; German control of the Ostland (Note 80); Greek- German and Italian relations; Piraeus traffic; Croatian guerrillas, etc. 21 pp. March 1943
32187 Report on Spain's requirements of vegetable oils from Brazil, Argentina, and the Portuguese colonies for 1942. Also statistics on vegetable oils and soap in Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal, noting the negotiations for procuring supplies. 5 pp. January 1943
32240 Principal methods of German financial exploitation in Europe. 2 pp. February 1943
32745 Interview with Andre de Blonay, Swiss citizen, on the gradual inter-penetration of Germans and Russians. 2 pp. April 1943
33186 Listing of companies which have been placed in charge of production in Occupied Eastern Territories. The purpose of their activity and the sphere of their activity are given. 5 pp. March 1943
33202 Report on the German machine needle industry. 18 pp. April 1943; see also 65089 Information on the German manufacture and Export of Hand Sewing Needles. 2 pp. March 1944
33252 Tables showing transit traffic between Italy and Germany over the Chiasso, Switzerland, route only. The commodities are listed, with number of tons of each carried per month from January to July 1942. 6 pp. September 1942
33292 Report of various financial transactions in Portugal. This consists of a list of various Portuguese banks where deposits were made by foreign banks and companies (principally Swiss banks). 2 pp. May 1943
33403 Translation of an address by Hans Bauer, Central president of the Europa-Union and one of the editors of one the leading Swiss liberal newspapers. 15 pp. November 1942
33427 The Extraordinary Swiss Federal Budget for 1943. This is a special Swiss budget due to the war. The Swiss financial situation has steadily grown worse; new taxes are proposed. 1 p. November 1942
33474 Report on Dutch workers in southern Germany escaping to Switzerland and France. 2 pp. May 1943
33759 Table of statistics on enemy aliens, detainees, and refugees in Tanganyika. 3 pp. January 1943
33834 Report on Gebruder Junghaus A.G., the largest German watch and clock manufacturing company. 1 p. April 1943
33859 List of requests made by Axis-controlled firms (named) in Portugal to the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. 3 pp. May 1943
33948 The Banco Frances o Italiano para la America del Sur has changed into the hands of a financing group under the Holy See. Officials are named. This is presumably an Italian device to save the bank from confiscation by the Allies, and to get it off the Black List. 1 p. May 1943
34088 German's notes to Switzerland asked the Swiss to take adequate defense measures in case of an Allied invasion and asked if Switzerland was strong enough for this. Switzerland answered that she would defend her soil, and that she was fully mobilized. 1 p. May 1943; see also 35943 Swiss attitude toward present conditions-mobilization, following a request from the German Government that Switzerland outline its course of conduct in the event of an Allied invasion through Italy. Cancellation of British navicerts and German prior claim on Swiss labor. 1 p. May 1943
34128 Report on attempts to reestablish interzonal trade between French and Spanish Morocco, hindered by the fear that commodities from the Spanish zone may go to the Axis. 3 pp. April 1943
34130 Announcement of the French government's denunciation of the Geneva Convention on the International Status of Refugees. 3 pp. December 1942
34364 Note on Mannerheim's (Note 81) visit to Switzerland, where it is said he did no negotiating. He may meet Hitler later. 1 p. May 1943
34408 Report on a barter between Spain and Switzerland of raisins, purchased with Spanish pesetas by Switzerland. 1 p. May 1943
34477 Information regarding the internal relations of the Axis. 3 pp. March 1943
34532 Alsatian press review. Includes information on Alsatian deportations to Germany; deportation of Belgian Jews; escape of young Alsatians to Switzerland. 3 pp. November 1943
34797 Notes on various subjects, including the Thonet-Mundas bentwood furniture Company, operated from Switzerland with factories in Axis countries. 6 pp. January 1941
34826 Summary and tabulation of cabled intelligence from Turkey, consisting largely of monitoring of broadcasts and reading of press received from southeastern Europe, and other reports. 5 pp. May 1943
34887 Report on Spanish shipments of food, war materials, and quicksilver to France via Irun. 1 p. May 1943
34997 Financial Developments in German Europe Monthly Report No. 4 April 1943. Germany has lowered the price of armaments and raised the excess profits tax. German public debt accumulation was temporarily retarded. Insurance companies have been consolidated. Compulsory loans in Bulgaria and Finland, a new bank law in Rumania, Belgian bank deposit increases, and further Germanization of the tax system are mentioned. 16 pp. April 1943
35016 German press article on "German Trade in the East." 6 pp. April 1943
35018 Report on Finnish trade with Axis Europe. 13 pp. April 1943
35033 Exports to Zurich, Switzerland, by Sociedade Exportadora de Norte, Ltda., Lisbon, Portugal, of ergot of rye consigned to Andaklphin S.A. 1 p. May 1943
35156 Gold sold by the Reichsbank to the Banco de Portugal. Its value in escudos and marks. 1 p. May 1943
35161 Report concerning the exportation of food from Portugal, which is now forbidden since cases of eggs were smuggled perhaps into Spain and then sent to Germany. 1 p. May 1943
35182 Location and structure of labor and heavy industry in Germany. 22 pp. May 1943
35399 Eyewitness account of Germany, mentioning state of discontent with and hatred for the Nazi regime, shattered moral, commodities shortages, forced labor, anti-Semitism, etc. 5 pp. April 1943
35445 "Switzerland and post-War International Cooperation"-translation of an article in the Journal des Juristes Suisse suggesting the Swiss jurists study the status of Switzerland in Europe after the war and be ready to enunciate its own doctrine. Comments by other Swiss newspapers. Large gold reserve and the value of the Swiss franc. 4 pp. February 1943
35546 Swiss war-time decrees concerning the delivery to the Government of grain, fodder, potatoes, and meat. Rationing and Government-control of livestock slaughtering. 3 pp. February 1943
35592 Items from Axis Sources (April 1943). Includes information on the economic exploitation of the Protectorate, coal rationing, food rations in May, 1943 performance of Russian workers in German factories, Ukrainian agriculture, milk production, fertilizer shortage, German-Turkish trade pact, French rations for May, Belgian-Italian exchange of glass for food, increased oil ration, French banking profits, Croatian soy beans, Vitamin C distribution, shortages in Denmark, Turkish chromium deliveries, German fat supply, etc. 25 pp. June 1943
35593 Information from the European Press. No. 18. Contains information on the Spanish Blue Division, Swiss spies, etc. 15 pp. May 1943
35601 Reports on Belgium, including Belgian factories, Belgian industry, Belgian finance, labor deportations to Germany, rationing, etc. 174 pp. May 1943; see also 45204 Information dealing with German "labor hunting" in Belgium. 25 pp. Oct. 1943
35637 Report on German conditions, noting lack of purchable commodities, high prices, foreign workers (who get no food unless they produce), Russian prisoners used for sentry duty, etc. 2 pp. May 1943
35644 Gold bought and sold as commodity in Lebanon; price of gold and other commodities rising, and other information on Lebanon. 3 pp. May 1943; see also 53656 Report on the selling of gold in Lebanon: from August until about Sept. 1944, the price of gold rose constantly but in the last four months has been stabilized. 3 pp. January 1944; 60457 Gold prices have been fairly stable in the Beirut market. Price fluctuations and bank activity there are described. Iranian gold pounds have been smuggled into the Levant States, so have gold bars from Palestine. 2 pp. Feb. 1944; 61232 Price of gold currency has remained relatively unchanged in Syria and Lebanon. 1 p. Feb. 1944; 69138 Information on individuals smuggling gold from Palestine into Lebanon. 1 p. March 1944
35740 Information on three German companies which made shell turning lathes in 1938 are given. In addition, an American machine company sold lathes to 9 other companies in the Balkans, France, Belgium, and Switzerland. These are listed. 3 pp. May 1943
35750 Information from the European press, giving reports on France, returning Spanish troops from Russia, labor, Dresdner Bank, Finnish labor, Italian wages, Luxembourg's administration, black market, Croatian affairs, etc. 22 pp. May 1943
35773 Jews employed at forced labor in the I.G. Farben warehouse in Germany. 1 p. May 1943
35789 General report on the war materials position of the European Axis. 8 pp. April 1943
35812 Report on the oil situation in Europe and the Far East. 8 pp. May 1943
35942 Request in a Portuguese newspaper for "pyrites for a Swiss firm." Some pyrites can be used for the preparation of poisoned gas. 1 p. May 1943
35978 Report on changes in efficiency of German labor before and since the outbreak of war, covering information on various plants, foreign workers, shortages of food and clothing. 26 pp. May 1943
35986 Information regarding Portuguese exports and imports by Greek, Swiss, Spanish, Irish, and Portuguese ships. 3 pp. April-May 1943
36088 Report on the Canary Islands, including information regarding fueling of German submarines and transhipment of materials for the Axis. 4 pp. March 1943; see also 42168 Report on the use by Axis subjects of Spanish military planes in the Canary Islands. 2 pp. July 1943; 70946 Commercial traffic between the Canary Islands and Germany. Swiss concerns which trade with concerns in these islands. 1 p. March 1944
36240 Report on Ford Werke A.G. The importance of the plant as a truck-producer to Germany is stressed. The history, production, capacity, establishments (with locations, equipment, descriptions, power supply, defenses, airports, etc.), employees, transportation facilities, etc., of the company are described. The chief automotive- parts-suppliers of Germany are listed under the various parts which they supply. 60 pp. May 1943; see also37037 The manager of the Ford plant at Cologne, Germany, R. N. Schmdit and his assistant, Carl Paul, paid a visit to the Ford Lusitana plant in Lisbon, Portugal ostensibly to develop the spare parts business, but more than likely to obtain exchange. Schmidt appears to be the supervisor of the entire Ford organization in enemy territory. He claims he wants to keep the name of Ford alive in the automobile business and is opposed to turning Ford plants over to the manufacture of war materials. Numerous statements made by Schmidt in regard to damage by bombing, factory working hours, machine tool trade, shortage of wolfram, food rations issued to factory workers, taught languages by plant instructors when men are off duty, shortage of automobile batteries and paint and Schmidt's personal opinion of synthetic gasoline are mentioned. 4 pp. June 1943; 50809 Report on Automotive Transmission and Steering Gear Industries in Germany. This is largely in the hands of two companies (named), although Opel and Ford make their own transmission equipment. 11 pp. Nov. 1943; 74534 Report on Ford works and other German firms. 3 pp. May 1944; 80684 Ford organization in continental Europe. This supplied 17 countries, 12 of which had motor production facilities. Ford-Cologne and Matford in France were the only companies making complete vehicles; the others were merely makers of service parts of assembly plants. Ford production in Axis Europe is now controlled by Ford-Werke A.G. Tables give the pre-war Ford plants in Europe, their present organization and production, and a list of the chief types of motor transport used by the German Army. 7 pp. June 1944; 115065 Factory brief on the undamaged Ford Werke A.G. of Cologne, giving production statistics for trucks. Officials are named. The labor supply is described. 2 pp. Feb. 1945; 129327 Report on the Ford Motor Co. A.G. at Cologne-Niehl, covering air raid damage, shelters, dispersal, foreign workers, and information on personnel. 3 pp. March 1945
36337 Report of conversation with Swiss who has heard from Switzerland that producers there have excess stocks of aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets for the first time in years. 1 p. May 1943
36444 Report from American merchant recently returned from Lisbon, Portugal. There he was approached by Swiss watch and clock manufacturers. In view of the fact that products cannot leave Switzerland without knowledge and approval of Axis, the eventual sale on watches, etc., in America may constitute an attempt on the part of the Axis to acquire foreign exchange through Swiss manufacturers. 1 p. May 1943
36449 List of important German key industries, with names of their products. 2 pp. May 1943
36476 Report on Germany's debt to Spain, which is to be paid in war materials. 1 p. June 1943; see also 36481 List of carloads sent by rail from Spain to France. Also of Belgian coal arriving from Spain. Also of empty carloads or carloads of machinery arriving from Germany for Portugal or Argentina. Spain's exports are most food or minerals. 4 pp. June 1943; 37990 Report on Spanish firms exporting to Germany and Italy (with goods frequently imported from Portugal, ostensibly for Spanish use), and on cotton planting in Spain. 1 p. July 1943; see also 39601 Report that Spanish ships bound for America must be authorized to sail by Axis authorities. 1 p. May 1943; 42211 Report on salted fish ready for export in Spain, listing companies and their war sympathies, and the buying agents in Spain and Germany. 3 pp. Aug. 1943; 42212 List of imports into Spain from the Axis and Switzerland through Irun, Spain during July 1943. 1 p. Aug. 1943; 56738 Statistical tables of Spanish imports and exports for the first three months of 1943. A short summary of Spanish trade with the Axis is prefixed. 45 pp. July 1943
36528 Report on hate campaign in Germany. 2 pp. June 1943
36569 Yugoslav press notes on various subjects, including Croatian trade pacts with France and Switzerland, the Croatian State Bank, and new Croatian enterprises. 5 pp. May 1943; see also 52483 Report on food conditions in Croatia. Shortages, high prices, government measures, rationing, Swiss Red Cross supplies, plight of Serajevo, and official steps to step up production are mentioned. 5 pp. December 1943
36622 Article from a Swedish newspaper about the financial and economic situation in Denmark. 8 pp. April 1943
36862 European press reports on various subjects, including labor conscription in France and the Netherlands, German electricity control, Hungarian agriculture, industry in the Ukraine, Bulgarian regulation of Jews and black marketers. Also Axis officer identifications and political personalities. 17 pp. June 1943
36872 Study of abrasive products in Axis Europe. 35 pp. March 1943
36906 Comparison of Exports to Axis Europe from Turkey (1941 and 1942) and from Spain (1942). Commodities and metric tons in tabulated form. 4 pp. May 1943
36924 Report by a former Swiss who returned to Switzerland from France about conditions in France. Refugees, being non-Swiss, were probably sent to internment camps. 2 pp. February 1943
36982 Germans maintaining prohibition on exports of raw stock to Switzerland in the hope of effecting a reduction in the screening of American films and of breaking down the Swiss Government's position with regard to the international film chamber. Motion picture raw stock needed in Switzerland and repeated inquiries have been made as to the possibility of importing it from the United States. 1 p. June 1943
37115 Report on German and Swiss deposits at a Lisbon, Portugal, bank, listing the amounts and the names of the depositing companies. 1 p. June 1943
37122 Report on Portuguese trainloads of wolfram for Germany, and chromium for Switzerland. Companies in all three countries are mentioned. 1 p. June 1943; see also 38005 Report on Portuguese sympathy with the Axis or Allies. High prices for wolfram are good Axis propaganda; wolfram is smuggled. Axis propaganda is spread especially along the Beira Alta railway. 2 pp. July 1943
37228 Report on freight car movements at the Sant Apolonia Quay, Lisbon, Portugal, consisting mostly of carloads of iron and tin from the Spanish frontier, and loadings of tobacco for Switzerland. 2 pp. June 1943
37233 Report on Portuguese shipments of potassium chlorate, oil, inflammable liquid, yellow pitch, and wheat to Germany, naming Portuguese and German companies. 1 p. June 1943; see also 37916 Report on railroad shipments from Portugal through Spain to Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland, listing commodities with amounts and destinations. 3 pp. July 1943; 38004 Report on railroad cars, with commodities in Portuguese stations. Axis control, by Vivas Bros., of the Beira Alta Railways. Trade with Axis and Allies is described. Axis exports to Portugal have decline since the Tunisian victory, but tin-plate from Germany has arrived. 5 pp. July 1943; 38187 List, covering the period April 26-May 22, 1943, of Portuguese imports from Germany, Portuguese exports for the Germans, and merchandise sent out of Lisbon. Portuguese shippers and agents, French and German shippers and consignees, etc., are named. 10 pp. July 1943; 40533 Report on Portuguese political matters and that Portugal is sending rice, sugar, tobacco, etc., to the Germans and Italians. 1 p. August 1943; 51909 List of Portuguese firms which have exported merchandise under the compensation system to Axis countries in 1942. 2 pp. November 1943
37286 Information on the frontiers of Switzerland, French-German, and Spanish and their defenses. 1 p. May 1943
37292 Information provided by POW regarding concentration camps, morale, names and locations of German factories, textile shortages, etc. 8 pp. May 1943
37418 Statistics of the German insurance companies show that high mortality has caused an insurance crisis in Germany. 4 pp. June 1943
37473 Information on synthetic rubber and the Axis. 4 pp. April 1943
37479 Report on the sudden shift in the sentiments of the previously pro-Axis Swiss citizen, Mr. Ehrenhold, head of the International Red Cross (IRC) at Marseille. He was previously said to be doing counter-espionage for the Axis, and stealing (from the IRC) for himself. He is said to be pro-Ally. None of these rumors have been proved. 2 pp. June 1943; see also 80695 Swiss radio has announced that members of the IRC traveled about 189,000 kilometers in 1943 to visit 297 military and civilian camps in Germany. 1 p. June 1944; 107818 Letter from Maz Huber of the IRC regretting that his organization cannot effectively intervene to protect Jews in certain countries, as requested by the War Refugee Board. 4 pp. May 1944
37516 Preliminary report on Axis-controlled manufacturers of high-pressure gas compressors. 16 pp. June 1943
37524 Report on European transportation. 3 pp. June 1943; see also 41300 Germany and German-occupied Countries: Transportation. 6 pp. August 1943
37537 Recent information on life in Greece, including economic information. 5 pp. June 1943; see also 40846 Greece, May 1943, After Two Years of German Occupation, II- Economic. 7 pp. June 1943; 52231 Reports on Greek finance, taxes, occupation, expenses, currency, gold prices, and other prices, food, agriculture, and industrial and commercial stagnation. Also on Bulgarian river traffic used by the Germans for Rumanian petroleum, on German requisitions of shipping, and aviation gasoline in Bulgarian and Rumania (in exchange for drugs), and on shipment of aviation gasoline to Germany by plane. 7 pp. November 1943; see also 52640 Report on economic and financial conditions in Greece, including deterioration in currency, grasping activity by the Axis, rising prices, shortage of supplies, forcible seizures of private stores, German negotiations with the banks, forced circulation, gold prices, and food prices (listed). 6 pp. Dec. 1943; 63351 Prices and Exchange In Athens, Greece: bread ration, food prices, value of gold pound in drachmas, government inflation control measures--sale of gold. 2 pp. Jan. 1944; 71991 Information on German efforts to strip Greece of every agricultural product. 1 p. Apr. 1944; 73160 Activities of the German Chamber of Commerce in Athens, are described, naming many members and the German companies which they represent. 2 pp. Apr. 1944; 74445 Information various factories in Greece giving their location and other information concerning them. 1 p. May 1944; 78407 Appeal by Greek political leaders to the Swiss government for increased relief work in Greece. 5 pp. January 1944
37566 Information from the European press. Includes information on French labor conscription and workers in Germany, Slovakian electricity, Italian food and industry, French, Italian, and German officers and political personalities, etc. 20 pp. June 1943
37718 Report on metals and coffee purchased by Germany in Portugal through various French, Portuguese, and Swiss companies. 1 p. June 1943
37732 Report that tobacco is one of the Turkish products which the belligerents do not require. Therefore they buy tobacco only when they want to conciliate Turkey; If the Allies take all Turkey's tobacco, Turkey will no longer be subservient to the Axis. Three methods of purchase are suggested. 7 pp. June 1943
37833 Justification for minimum essential requirements of European neutrals on the United States for the 18 month period ending December 31, 1943. The United States will export certain goods to Spain and Portugal only with an understanding about the limitation of Spanish and Portuguese products sent to the enemy. United States political relations with French North Africa make estimates difficult to formulate. At present there is no trade between French West Africa and the United States. We may be called upon to fill some essential needs of Madagascar. A small bulk of precision instruments is reaching the United States from Switzerland. Swiss and Swedish requirements are based mainly on exports from the United States during the first six months of 1942. The requirements of the neutral European countries are tabulated. 31 pp. July 1943
37882 Report on aircraft work for Italy and Germany at the Factoria Hispano-Suiza S.A. and Factoria Construcciones Aeronauticas S.A. in Spain. 1 p. June 1943
37885 Report on activity of the Banco de Espana's manager, Emilio Sanz, to lower the exchange of Allied currency against the peseta. The pesetas are smuggled into Tangier and the Spanish zone, thus lowering their value. The Reichsbank connives at this exchange policy of concerning the peseta, but the people are impoverished, unlike the French North Africans to whom the Allies guarantee a fixed currency. 1 p. June 1943
37906 Interview with a former Austrian diplomat on Switzerland and the Balkans. Switzerland collaborates 90% with the Axis, due to pressure and popular feeling. The Allies must cut down Switzerland's imports without endangering Red Cross and G-2 Intelligence work in Switzerland. Swiss trade with Germany justifies bombing her; stopping of Italian-Swiss rail traffic would cut off Italy's coal imports. England should not be apologetic about flying over Switzerland. Neutrals who trade with the Axis should be threatened with post-war reprisals. Men should be drawn out of enemy countries by fictitious exchange with neutrals. Possible Bulgarian-Turkish deal. Boris III's (Note 82) bribes from Germany. 8 pp. July 1943
37946 Political and General Intelligence Summary. Contains information Hitler-Pavelic (Note 83) talks and Hitler and Pierre Laval talks, German-Italian coal trade, German-Rumanian trade, Bulgarian shortages, Greek unrest, Turkish coal shortage, Japan exploitation of conquests, etc., and appendices on Rumanian oil, Turkish-German trade, and blockade-running. 40 pp. June 1943
38006 Report on Portuguese mines. Notes that the Bejanca mines are Axis-controlled; Ore is smuggled at high prices; lists of mining companies are given, with notes on their sales to the Allies or to the Axis. Names are given, including those of Axis sympathizers. 8 pp. July 1943
38020 Minutes of the Meetings of the Anglo-Swedish Joint Standing Commission at Stockholm from July 24, 1942, to April 28, 1943. Each day the commission discussed certain humanitarian maaters, and then examined the granting of Swedish export licenses for various commodities destined for Axis Europe. 84 pp. May 1943
38024 Preclusive purchase of cotton waste in Turkey. 2 pp. April 1943
38028 Translated article discusses Denmark's imports to and exports from Germany, and trade with other countries of Axis Europe, and with the neutral countries. 10 pp. April 1943
38100 List of payments made to Japanese nationals by the Banco de Lisboa e Acores, Lisbon, Portugal, listing amounts, payees, and intermediary Swiss or Axis banks. 2 pp. July 1943; see also 39709 List of Japanese payments made through the Bank of Lisbon and Azores through the Reichsbank, Berlin, Germany. Also transfer of Japanese funds from an Italian bank to a Portuguese one. 1 p. July 1943
38128 Report on Swiss railways as Axis connections. Tunnels described in detail. 20 photographs and two maps. 20 pp. July 1943
38318 Prisoner of war report on German war industries, rations, insurance, Italian morale and politics, Czechoslovakian war industry, etc. 12 pp. June 1943
38321 Information from the European press. Included is information on German mobilization of French labor, report of the occupation authority in Belgium, German restrictions, German food and agriculture, administration of occupied eastern areas, Italian black market, Axis troop and officer identifications and political personalities. 21 pp. July 1943
38375 Series of biographical sketches of leaders in Spain and Spanish Morocco, and their views on the Axis and Allies. Also information that Spain's recovery from the Civil War was retarded by her indebtedness to the Axis, and the German's ambassador's activities. 14 pp. June 1943
38393 Report on metallurgical industry and agricultural laborers who went from Italy to Germany during the first half of April 1943. Swiss exports for March 1943, including sugar and benzine. Coal sent from Germany to Italy. 1 p. May 1943
38394 Institutions subordinate to the German National Bank have extended credit for the purchase of goods from Hungary. German company has ordered coal gas generators from Switzerland. Transactions in Zurich, Switzerland between Japan and Spain for the purchase of mercury. Discussion in connection with this matter of freeing Swiss dues frozen in Spain. 1 p. May 1943
38395 Report on French aluminum industry from the Swiss government, on composition of aluminum and deliveries to Germany. 2 pp. May 1943
38403 Information on a variety of subjects, including negotiations proceeding in Zurich, Switzerland, for financing shipments of mercury to Japan by Spain. 1 p. June 1943
38502 Information about the appalling conditions in work and concentration camps in Poland. 5 pp. June 1943
38590 Report on Germany from Sweden, mentioning food rationing, anti-Jewish feelings, French workers, German conscription of French labor, etc. 3 pp. June 1943
38625 Report on Turkish copper. 19 pp. June 1943
38744 Materials Inventory of the European Axis: Strategic Grade Quartz Crystals. 11 pp. June 1943
38749 Report on Wood-Pulp Industry in Germany. 36 pp. June 1943
38779 German banking penetration in Northern and Western Europe. 11 pp. May 1943
38814 Bank of Portugal has a monopoly of gold import, export, and re-export. it sometimes sells to individuals. There is smuggling along the Spanish border. Gold prices by the Bank of Portugal and the banco Espirito Santo. 2 pp. June 1943; see also 48105 Details on the Italian Legation's financial position in Lisbon. Their gold was privately sold. 4 pp. November 1943; Notes on prices and other aspects of the gold, silver, and platinum markets and commerce in Portugal. 3 pp. March 1944; 75739 Scheelite and wolfram transfers in Portugal by individuals (named) are listed. Ore and gold bars are smuggled to Spain. Arnaldo, a banco Borges and Irmao employee, formerly arrested in Spain was seen at San Gergorio. 1 p. April 1944; 93585 Antonio Joaquim Esteves, merchant at Melgaco, Portugal, sent gold bars to Spain. 1 p. August 1944
38817 Report on the general situation in Western Europe. Contains information on Spanish politics, Argentine developments pro-Ally, German morale, and a report that Sweden was expected to be forced into the war on the Allied side before the end of the summer of 1943. 15 pp. June 1943
38876 Report on Swedish attitude and general conditions in Germany. 5 pp. July 1943
39012 Information from Lisbon, Portugal, including the German Army at the Pyrenees is not considered a threat; the Portuguese like the British the best; Trans-shipment of goods to the Axis through Portugal is shown by commodities shortage despite imports. 4 pp. July 1943
39082 Report on Herbert Constam, commander, 5th Division, Swiss Army,. 3 pp. June 1943
39186 Report on the internal fight in Yugoslavia. Report that General Draza Mihajlovic (Note 84) turned against the Partisans and delivered them to the Germans who put them in concentration camps where many of them died. 7 pp. July 1943
39269 Report listing major rayon and staple fibre plants in Austria, Belgium, Spain, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, and Turkey. 21 pp. June 1943
39273 Supplemental Report on Axis Aircraft Valve Industry. 6 pp. April 1943
39327 Employment conditions in the Reich of Workers from Eastern Europe. Compiled from German press sources. 9 pp. May 1943; see also 39586 Report on foreign workers in Germany, including conditions, lack of food, and the fact that the laborers are paid in francs which are of no use in Germany. 3 pp. Aug. 1943; 49863 Special Report on Foreign Workers in Germany (principally Italian). In addition to data on numbers, working conditions, food allotments, material is included on the general economic situation in Germany, transfer of war factories to Moravia, Bohemia, and Austria due to air raid danger. 6 pp. November 1943
39422 The Simplon (Note 85) and St. Gotthard, Switzerland, routes supply Italy with coal. the St. Gotthard line and tunnel, and its electrification, are described in detail. The Loetschberg-Simplon Route, linked with the St. Gotthard by Furka-Oberlap Railway, is likewise described. Other railways and their rolling stock and tunnels. 20 pp. July 1943; see also 53524 Statistics on the 1942 record of the Bern-Loetschberg-Simplon Railway Co., compared with that of previous years. Financial returns, number of passengers, and amount of freight are estimated. 2 pp. December 1943; 56003 Notes on double-track sections of the Gotthard route in Switzerland. 1 p. Jan. 1944; 59603 Details of the Simplon route. 6 pp. February 1944
39432 Information about Japanese-German trade based on material found in the files of Okura & Co. 41 pp. July 1943; see also 41153-41154, 41453,41455, 41458 Material found in the files of Okura & Co. 706 pp. July-August 1943
39467 Information on the Hochofenwerk Lubeck A.G., including information about its workers from occupied countries and prisoners of war. 5 pp. July 1943
39492 Repatriation of German nationals groups from various European areas. 13 pp. May 1943
39516 Report on low Swiss imports and exports for February 1943, followed by a slight improvement in March. 2 pp. July 1943
39542 Sidelights on Swedish Lumber Export to Axis-Controlled Countries. 2 pp. June 1943
39699 Swiss police return fleeing Fascists to Italy or stop them at the border. 1 p. July 1943
39744 Financial Developments in German Europe. Germany: Treasury difficulties, further expansion in note circulation, rate of war expenditure, sale of Government-owned machines, credit facilities, reform in price control, simplified wage of land work, Dr. Funk against barter trade, issues of 5RM notes, development of Bank of Germany labor; Italy: borrowing more expensive, taxation changes, interest liability; France: new loan, small note to ameliorate coin shortage, speculation in lottery tickets; the Netherlands: new stock exchange regulations, foreign currency called in, decreases in dividends; Belgium: estimated revenue and deficit for 1943, change in German-Belgian clearing; Denmark: proposed anti-inflationary measures; Protectorate: rationalization of banking system; Greece: resistance to Axis penetration, compensation for German war losses; Slovakia: institution of price equalization funds; Bulgarian; withdrawal of large notes. 16 pp. June 1943
39745 Paper summarizing information on the changes in currency circulation of countries in German Europe. Exchange rates given. 24 pp. June 1943
39750 Note on industrial installations in Thuringia, Germany. A listing of certain important towns, their population, and the factories to be found there as well as the product manufactured. 3 pp. July 1943
39835 German propaganda leaflet regarding the Katyn Massacre. (Note 86) 10 pp. June 1943
39874 Report on Axis fuel injection. 36 pp. April 1943
39896 Financial statements of three Italian banks, translated from the German. Data on these and other Italian banks are added. 2 pp. July 1943
39912 Comments on Current Events. No. 116. Report on Axis financial interest in Iberia Airlines, air traffic between Spain and her island and colonies, etc. 4 pp. July 1943
40401-40402 Information on politics in Argentina. 1 pp. July 1943; 47965 Report on political situation in Argentina. 5 pp. October 1943
40408 Notes on Swiss-Italian negotiations for a pipeline from Genoa, Italy to Switzerland. 1 p. July 1943
40436 Report on Comptoir General de Rasoirs de Surete, Paris, France, and its subsidiary in Berlin, Germany. This is a Gillette Safety Razor Co. subsidiary. 7 pp. July 1943; see also 41475 Report on Comptoir de Rasoirs de Surete, Paris, and its subsidiary in Berlin. 5 pp. July 1943
40515 Civil Affairs Handbook on Germany-Labor. 140 pp. August 1943; see also 43447 Report on the general labor shortage in Germany. 3 pp. August 1943
40973 Swiss financial position in 1942. Contains information on situation of gold, liquidation of foreign exchange by Swiss National Bank to buy gold, gold regulations, and related financial information. 3 pp. July 1943
40980 Civil Affairs Handbook on Germany, on Government Finance. 29 pp. August 1943
41215 Adjustments to Rumanian agricultural production to war needs so as to permit exports to the Axis. 11 pp. July 1943; see also 42632 Report on the political alignments in Rumania. 2 pp. Aug. 1943; 45239 Report on the political situation in Rumania. 9 pp. Sept. 1943; 46107 Summary of a report on Rumania's war imports, showing that she is very lacking in most military equipment and that she gets little from Germany so that she is forced to import from other Axis-dominated countries and from Switzerland. 1 p. Sept. 1943; 49409 Current Rumanian domestic propaganda to maintain Axis relations. 6 pp. Nov. 1943; 53191 Report on the situation Rumania in early Oct. 1943. 5 pp. Nov. 1943; 58466 Installations furnished by Germany to Rumania for war production are reported to exceed the amount of Germany's debt to Rumania. 1 p. February 1944
41237 Question of German occupation of Switzerland is much discussed in Sweden. 1 p. August 1943
41262 Overseas Shipping Traffic in Port Istanbul, Turkey for April 1943. This is a list of Axis and Turkish ships and cargoes. 1 p. June 1943; see also 42372 Report on ship, motor boat, and rail trade between Istanbul, and Europe for the month of July 1943. ca. 30 pp. July 1943; 45496 Table showing key commodities exported by Turkey to the Axis and neutral countries in the first half of 1943. 2 pp. Sept. 1943; 45268 Key commodities shipped from Turkey to Germany are now going almost entirely by rail. The reason is the effectiveness of Russian submarine operations in the Black Sea. 2 pp. Sept. 1943; 46619 Turkey is ordering German planes from the Junkers factory in return for copper, cotton, and acorns. A plane is ordered for the President's special use. 1 p. Oct. 1943; 48359 List of ships and shipments from Izmir, Turkey to enemy firms, enemy ports, or possible enemy destinations. The consignors are named. 3 pp. Sept. 1943; 49670 Statistics on ship, motor, boat, and rail shipments between Istanbul, and Axis countries, occupied countries, and certain neutrals. 19 pp. Dec. 1943; 51623 Information on Turkish shipping and shipments to the Axis Sept. 1-15, 1943. 2 pp. Oct. 1943; 52758 for Sept. 16-30, 1943. 3 pp. Oct. 1943; 51847 Information on Turkish maritime traffic August-September 1943. 2 pp. October 1943
41268 Report on the situation in Hungary as of the end of May 1943. 7 pp. August 1943; see also 44321 Rumor that Hungary is about to break with the Axis. 1 p. August 1943; see also 45462 Current information from Hungary. Included is information about foreign trade, German control of Hungarian industry, census figures, anti-Semitic decrees, wages and prices, shortages, etc. 18 pp. October 1943
41470 Economics of Continental European Transportation. 98 pp. February 1943
41589 List of vessels owned by the Carranza brothers, carrying contraband to the Axis from Spanish Morocco via Spain. 1 p. August 1943
41620 Report on Switzerland's prosperity and its new merchant marine. Loss of the tourist trade is the chief Swiss economic difficulty. 4 pp. August 1945
41717 Report on difficulties of train travel in Germany, on lowered German morale, crop prospects, black market prices, and on new oil resources in Austria and Hungary. 4 pp. July 1943
41821 Controversy in Switzerland in regard to Leon Nicole (Note 87) and the Swiss Socialist Federation. 5 pp. April 1943; see also 41823 New programs of Swiss political parties. 6 pp. April 1943; 42645 Report on the summer session of the Swiss Parliament. 2 pp. June 1943; 53125 Resolutions of the Swiss Socialist Party. 1 p. September 1943; 62447 Report on the election of Ernst Nobs, Mayor of Zurich, as the first Socialist member of the Swiss Federal Council. 2 pp. December 1943
42230 Axis Penetration of European Insurance. German and Italian insurance companies have monopolized European insurance, by replacing Allied companies and by leaving only the poorer risks to local companies. This is a peaceful and orderly penetration. The pre-war state of Axis insurance companies is described (including their foreign activities). Their operation after the occupation is described, with data on each occupied country. 64 pp. June 1943; see also 46592 "The Consequences of an Italian Defeat on the Axis and European Insurance Structure." The three largest Italian insurance companies are named and briefly described. Organization tables are given. The interrelation between Italian, German, occupied, and neutral insurance interests are discussed, and the members of the Italian-German Insurance Commission are listed by name. The archives of the Italian insurance companies should be good source of information, and to repercussions of an Italian defeat will be especially severe in Spain and Latin America. Swiss insurance and the Munich, Germany Cartel will probably be affected also. 27 pp. July 1943; 47824 Handbook on Italy: Section Five on Money and Banking. Includes information also on insurance companies. 155 pp. Nov. 1943; 50426 "Private insurance in Italy: Recommendations and Guide." A Report making recommendations for action to be taken by Allied authorities in the field of private Italian insurance. 24 pp. Nov. 1943; 69375 Civil Affairs Handbook Germany. Section 5. Money and Banking [and insurance]. 312 pp. Apr. 1944; 71612 Formation of committee of insurance interest in Naples, Italy, to act as representative body with which Finance Sub-Commission can deal; information on attempts to reconstitute Italian insurance companies; information on meeting of shipowners and marine insurance officials in Naples; payment of social insurance should be resumed; Italians working for Allied forces cause problem to Italian social insurance. 5 pp. April 1944; 77575 Series of translated summaries of German laws about the control of insurance. 91 pp. Mar. 1944; 91895 Report on the Instituto Nazionale della Assicurazione, the Italian national insurance company, giving its history and financial statistics. 8 pp. Aug. 1944; 101837 Legal and economic outline of private insurance in Germany. 75 pp. Oct. 1944; 108402 Study on Insurance-Germany. 4 pp. October 1944; 123359 German Penetration into European Insurance. German pre-war interest in European insurance and war-time developments are discussed, describing the penetration of individual German companies and long-term German plans. Changes in the occupied areas and in satellite countries. Extracts from statutes. German and Italian insurance companies known to have operated in German-occupied and Allied countries. Distribution of German insurance companies' foreign business. 24 pp. March 1945; 124060 Information on insurance companies in Germany, and a list of the semi-public associations. 2 pp. March 1945; 135220 An account of life insurance and property insurance, public and private, in wartime Germany. 20 pp. June 1945; 136648 German insurance developments in wartime. The Russian campaign and its large casualties put German life insurance in a difficult position. Special measures were used to meet the additional strain. Insurance companies had to invest more and more in Reich securities. 20 pp. June 1945
42655 List of German, Italian, Japanese, Rumanian, and Hungarian diplomatic officials in Portugal, with brief sketches of their personalities. 8 pp. July 1943
42661 Report on Spanish fear of Communism, on improved food conditions and on black market prices, on French citizens in Spain, on Allied and Axis bidding for Spain's tungsten, and on patrol rationing in Spain. 2 pp. August 1943
42736 Report on air raid results in Germany. Reference made to Jewish nurses and doctors being used. 1 p. September 1943
43031 List of train traffic of food and supplies between Spain, Switzerland, and Germany. 3 pp. May-June 1943
43365 Current developments in blockade-running to the Far East. Also included is enemy requirements of rubber and tungsten and list of trade developments. 4 pp. August 1943
43451 Report that every man in Switzerland is expected to be a soldier in 24 hours, and that numerous allied prisoners released by Italians in northern Italy are seeking refuge there. 1 p. September 1943; see also 43799 Varied notes on conditions in Italy, including references to the movement of prisoners from Italy to Switzerland. 2 pp. September 1943
43464 Report states regular railway transportation in France is practically at a standstill. The door to the Swiss French border is closed. 1 p. September 1943
43486 Report on deposits in Lisbon, Portugal banks for Axis companies or individuals. 2 pp. September 1943
43537 Civil Affairs Guide on the Italian Fishing Industry. 43 pp. September 1943
43847 The Migration of Axis Industry into Poland. 13 pp. June 1943; see also 44774 Short accounts of the expansion and decentralization of German industry to the East. Includes tables showing the companies transferred to each of the eastern and Balkan occupied areas. 176 pp. July 1943
43936 Report on Turkish export permits for soap to go to the Axis; primarily to Hungary. 1 p. August 1943
43965 Statistics concerning the number of foreigners resident in Spain. 7 pp. Aug. 1943
44171 Conditions in Albania. Includes information about the Serb-Albanian situation and activities in Kosovo. 9 pp. Sept.1943; see also 63796 Booklet translated from the Albanian, entitled "Progress of the Mitrovica Government." Contains considerable historical background material, as well as information about the Albanian Government under Regep Metrovica between September and December 1943. 12 pp. Dec. 1943
44256 Report on increase in German gold movements to Turkey, not through the Deutsche Bank. 1 p. Sept. 1943; see also 46524 List of gold sales on the Turkish market by Axis agencies (listed) Aug. 1-Sept. 15, 1943. 1 p. Sept. 1943; 53486 Turkish paper money in circulation has been increased from 230 million Turkish Pounds before the war to 776 million Turkish Pounds. The Turkish financial situation is very good. The Central Bank now has 143 tons of gold which includes 55.5 tons given by the Allies. 1 p. Dec. 1943; 57498 List of transactions in gold sold by Germans and their allies in Turkey Aug. 1-Sept. 15, 1943. Sales are composed of Gold Napoleons, bar gold, etc. 1 p.; 59585 Reports that Germany is continuing to send large amounts of gold to Turkey, to pay for the merchandise which it is acquiring there, and for maintenance of its widespread organizations in that country. 2 pp. Feb. 1944; 61314 Statistics on sale of gold by Axis officials in Turkey. 1 p. Dec. 1943; 63204 List of arrivals of gold in Turkey by plane for a German bank from Germany and Switzerland. Balbanov, Bulgarian minister, withdrew funds from this bank. 1 p. Feb. 1944; 87258 Information on importation of German gold into Turkey and on price at which this gold was sold; information on arrival of number of passenger cars from Rumania in Turkey. 2 pp. July 1944
44324 Report on political conditions in Bulgaria. Information that Nazi youth organizations persecute the Jews. Also included is a list of reports on Bulgaria and summaries of censorship intercepts. 15 pp. Aug. 1945; see also 46251 Report on politics in Bulgaria. 4 pp. Oct. 1943; 46801 Report on political situation in Bulgaria. 5 pp. Oct. 1943; 46865 Summary of conditions in Bulgaria. 13 pp. Oct. 1943; 51115 Report that Bulgarian newspapermen are transferring vast funds belonging to Bulgarian businessmen and industrialists to Switzerland. 1 p. December 1943
44709 Note on arrest of two French Moroccan bank managers for smuggling gold to the Germans. 1 p. August 1943
44984 Report on unrest in Lebanon over rationing, on prices, on gold prices in Syria, on Axis broadcasts, and on Axis spies. 4 pp. September 1943
45042 Rumor from Angola on Portugal's possible entry into the war. 1 p. October 1943; see also 46246 Report on Angolan opinion on Portugal's relations with the Axis and the possibilities of a declaration of war against Germany and Japan. 1 p. October 1943; 48181 Rumors in Mozambique of Portugal's participation in the war. 3 pp. Oct. 1943
45084 Statement from the Swiss Federal Councillor Pilet-Golaz on the liability of Swiss citizens in the United States to perform military service. 5 pp. June 1943
45088 Allegations regarding Russia's foreign policy and post-war aspirations. Information may possibly be of German origin. On the basis of this information M. Rene Payot published an editorial comment in the Journal de Geneve of May 26, 1943. A translation and original is enclosed. 6 pp. June 1943
45366 Iron and Steel Industry of Turkey. 18 pp. August 1943
45468 Materials Inventory of the European Axis: Quinine. 10 pp. July 1943
45602 Report on un-neutral activities of Spanish ships (listed). 2 pp. October 1943; see also 47342 List of vessels (over 500 tons) operating in enemy interests between Spanish ports and French and Italian ones. Also list of Spanish and Portuguese shipping, notes on German shipping in Spain, organization of Axis shipping services in the Norwegian coast, and a duplicate of 46862. 21 pp. October 1943
45631 Report regarding rumors on Hitler's possible offensive in Italy, and the new problems of Swiss neutrality created by the transport of stolen goods from Italy through Switzerland to Germany. 1 p. October 1943
45722 Report on textile plants in Ciromagny, France, one of which, is owned by the Swiss Tarbouche interests, is managed by the anti-Nazi Jean Lauffer. 1 p. Sept. 1943
45769 Reports on Spain's onion crop and exports to Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, and Switzerland. Spain dreads having her exports of perishable foods to the Axis cut off by the Allies. 2 pp. October 1943
45845 Daimler-Benz (Note 88) Plant, Gaggenau, Germany. Brief history, geographical data, operations at Gaggenau and other plants, power lines, and a bibliography of books, articles and maps dealing with Daimler-Benz A.G., and with Gaggenau, Germany. 5 pp. Sept. 1943; see also 71639 Information on Daimler-Benz Co. at Stuttgart, including information on the delay in shipment of automobile parts to Spain, lost of records, etc. the Spanish government is pressing for information on the situation. 1 p. May 1944; 85665 Interview with Martin Gerhard Goldner on various topics relating to Germany, including the Daimler Automobile works at Gaggenau, etc. 4 pp. July 1944; 101168 Report on the Daimler-Benz, Bosch and other German plants for aircraft engines and component parts. 3 pp. March 1944; 110393 Report on the Daimler-Benz factories near Stuttgart, which have evacuated material into an old mine after being bombed out. Personnel, production, etc. are mentioned. 2 pp. Nov. 1944; 115176 Information on Daimler-Benz. 1 p. Mar. 1945; 118664 Report concerning the effect of the loss of the Greater Berlin area on the German motor transport supply situation, with notes on production at Daimler-Benz, Opel, and Bussing-NAG factories. 2 pp. March 1945; 123295 Notes on the Daimler-Benz factory in Stuttgart area. 2 pp. March 1945
45875 Rising prices and scarce goods are noticed in Germany, Italy, and the Balkans. The Axis fears a return of post-war inflation. 7 pp. September 1943
45882 Note on smuggling and blackmarket activity on the Pyrenees border, which is mostly in German hands. United States-made goods from Switzerland are highly prized. 1 p. October 1943
45907 Materials Inventory in the European Axis: Tin. 22 pp. July 1943
46182 Report that many safes have been rented in a Swiss bank at Interlaken, Switzerland, by Germans, to store funds. 1 p. October 1943
46341 Report containing information on transportation of goods from Italy to Germany though Switzerland via railroad, with request that trans-shipment be expedited by Switzerland. 1 p. Oct. 1943; see also 47613 Railway traffic, Italy, to Germany via Switzerland since Oct. 15, 1943. 1 p. Nov. 1943; 60023 Statistics of German-Italian transit traffic through Switzerland for Feb. 1-10, 1944, giving tonnage of commodities. 2 pp. February 1944
46352 Report on European Iron and Steel Cartel Members in South America. When the war came, Nazi steel firms arranged for their New York branches to ship steel to their South American firms. Three United States firms are now operating in South America to preserve the markets of their Nazi-dominated affiliates. European interests in the South American steel markets are described, naming firms. 56 pp. September 1943
46590 Memorandum on Kurt Juhnki and information submitted by him. Among other notes is the fact that he is in Spain as a representative of the Deutsche HandelsAktiengesellshaft (DEHAG), Germany buying firm. 31 pp. Sept. 1943
46635 Black market in Berlin, Germany, and the price of gold is quoted. 1 p. October 1943
46659 Alleged Anglo-American Difference on Views on Rescue of Jews. 2 pp. Sept. 1943
46684 Switzerland has refused Germany's demand to send trains of goods and material through Switzerland to Italy. 1 p. September 1943
46694 Note on probable preparation of the gold supplies of the German Ambassador and Consul at Istanbul, Turkey, for a quick flight out of the country. 1 p. October 1943; see also 47090 Report that the gold of the German Ambassador and the Consul in Turkey has been put in small boxes, sealed, to be ready in case of a sudden departure. 13,000 gold Napoleons and guldens, as well as 26 kgs. gold bars arrived from Vienna on September 24, 1943. 56 kgs. are still to come. 1 p. October 1943
46845 Report on transportation problems (internal and for export) of Spain's 1943-1944 orange and lemon crop. Shipping and railroad routes to France are discussed, rolling stock is estimated, and special export to Switzerland is described. A coal shortage may cause losses. 2 pp. October 1943
46853 Report by a Swiss on the difficulties of leaving Switzerland, on various other subjects including Swiss morale, rationing, fuel shortages, and determination not to give Germany any transit rights. 2 pp. October 1943
46881 Two reports to the New Republic from Stockholm, Sweden. One discusses Hungary's anti-Nazi stand and resistance to Germany's demands for oppression of the Jews. 7 pp. September 1943
46940 Routing of Swiss destined freight. 1 p. October 1943
47305 The President's statement regarding granting by neutral countries of asylum to war criminals, and a statement by the British to the same effect which were transmitted to the Swiss government on July 31, 1943. 5 pp. August 1943
47321 Report by a French worker (escaped from Germany) on the Ruhr-Chemie, Mercedes- Benz, Auto-Union plants in Germany, mentioning rations, treatment of foreign workers, and lowered production. 3 pp. July 1943
47332 Report on the Edmund Jaeger factory near Paris, France, making aeronautic and automobile equipment for Germany. It is a Swiss firm, and some workers are Swiss. 1 p. July 1943
47580 Information on the expansion and decentralization of German industry to the East. 112 pp. October 1943
47824 Handbook on Italy: Section Five on Money and Banking. Includes information also on insurance companies. 155 pp. November 1943; see also 55467 Biographical sketches are given of leading Italian bankers; other bank personnel are listed under the names of the banks and branch banks. Index of names and of banks. 33 pp. August 1943
48068 Swiss reaction to Moscow Agreements. (Note 89) 2 pp. November 1943
48114 Discussion of food and other commodity shortages and poor morale in Berlin, Germany. Unbelievable prices are paid for black market goods, housing conditions are very bad, and no one believes any longer in victory. 2 pp. November 1943; see also 50297 Report of a recent traveler from Berlin, Germany, noting air raid damages, removal to concentration camps of 75% of Italian works in Germany, etc. 3 pp. November 1943
48189 Portuguese African Colonies-Current Events during the fortnight ending October 15, 1943. 1 p.
48358 Report regarding damage to German industries caused by Allied air raids. 1 p. Sept. 1943
48447 Report that the German press is beginning to threaten Switzerland regarding its attitude toward the Badoglio (Note 90) government. If they recognize its minister to Switzerland they would set themselves up in opposition to Germany and "certain consequences would follow." 1 p. November 1943
48450 The astounding successes of the Russians are bringing about a subtle change in sentiment in certain Swiss quarters which is somewhat reacting in favor of Germany. Some are afraid German defeat will come too soon, before the Allies are firmly on the continent. 1 p. November 1943; see also 50126 Swiss fears of Russia. 2 pp. December 1943
48755 Information on the Spanish economic situation. 2 pp. August 1943
48833 Information on Schenker & Co. (Note 91), German espionage Network. Information via a former employee in the Czechoslovakian Branch on this German government forwarding agency, operating at one time throughout Europe and in the United States. 3 pp. November 1943
48914 Food and clothing in France and Germany. 23 pp. November 1943
48966 Extracts from captured German letters. Included is information about Swiss restrictions on German travel. 7 pp. November 1943
49511 Report of Dante Bertolini, Italian worker in Germany for 18 months, regarding conditions of life for foreign workers, clothes, food, wages, working hours, German morale in the Ruhr, atrocities against the Russians, etc. 4 pp. December 1943
49534 International coal trade information. 21 pp. May 1943
49547 List of three deposits made at the Banco Nacional Ultramariono and the Banco Lisboa e Acores at Lisbon, Portugal, to the credit of Swiss and German banks and one Hans A. Zickermann. 1 p. November 1943; see also 50592 List of several deposits made in Portugal by order of various Swiss Banks. Hans A. Zickermann is the recipient of a cheque drawn by the German legation. 1 p. December 1943
49726 Translated official document explaining Hungary's foreign policy since the first World War. 23 pp. October 1943
49802 Transmittal of a photostatic copy and a translation of a report on Swiss economic matters that is sent monthly to different addresses in South America. 12 pp. Sept. 1943
49902 Names and political sympathies or activities of German, Italian, French, Argentine, Spanish, Turkish, etc., diplomatic representatives in Japan, Occupied-China, including Manchuria. 5 pp. October 1943
50106 Report on the political situation in Palestine. 33 pp. November 1943
50191 Two new railway systems formed in Switzerland. 2 pp. November 1943
50381 Report on gold prices in the Turkish market, as affected by rumors that Turkey might enter the war. 1 p. November 1943; see also 52416 Gold prices rise in Turkey; war is expected. 1 p. December 1943
50474 Information regarding exodus of Germans and Japanese from Portugal, German-Spanish relations, etc. 3 pp. Dec. 1943; see also 52799 Text of new year's messages sent by Franco to Hitler and Hirohito--he also sent messages to the Axis satellites. No message was sent to Roosevelt. 1 p. Jan. 1944; 53075 Report on the internal situation in Spain. 4 pp. Dec. 1943; 54658 Political information about Spain. 9 pp. Dec. 1943
50787 Report on Swiss "iron tax" instituted by the Federal Department for National Economy, which permits the old iron industry to pay its taxes in iron instead of money. This is one result of the severe shortage of raw materials for Swiss heavy industries. 1 p. November 1943
50809 Report on Automotive Transmission and Steering Gear Industries in Germany. This is largely in the hands of two companies (named), although Opel and Ford make their own transmission equipment. 11 pp. November 1943
50814 Gold prices in Egypt, Switzerland, Iran, Spain, and elsewhere have dropped, due to faith in Allied victory. Hoarders are trying to disgorge. 1 p. December 1943
50894 Report on efforts to destroy Germany's ball and roller bearing industry. Production was substantially cut through the bombing of Schweinfurt. In order to prevent Germany from making up for these losses by outside purchae, the British have bought up a large percentage of stocks in Sweden and Switzerland. 3 pp. Nov. 1943; see also 82877 Current situation of Axis ball-bearing industry at June 1, 1944. 27 pp. June 1944; 122127 Report on the Axis-Europe ball-bearing production, including information on imports from Sweden and Switzerland, and history of leading producers in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and Czechoslovakia. 25 pp. January 1945
50960 Statistics on number of radio receiving sets in Switzerland, which has 8 radio stations. 2 pp. Nov. 1943; see also 53526 Notes on changes in the Swiss radio system and on number of radio licenses there. 1 p. January 1944; 62915 Number of licenses for radio receiving sets at the end of Sept. 1943 is given. 1 p. Mar. 1944; 68235 Review of Swiss radio licenses and listeners for 1942, and wired and wireless broadcasting 1933- 1942; number of licenses at the end of October 1943. 1 p. April 1944; Number of Swiss radio licenses is given. 1 p. April 1944
51059 Observations on Germany, mentioning Finnish-German trade negotiations, morale, decline of anti-Semitism, prisoners of war use in labor projects, food situation, etc. 4 pp. December 1943
51177 Hispano-Swiss train traffic suspended because of heave traffic jam in southeast France. This jam is said to be an excuse by the Germans to put pressure on Switzerland by causing delay in shipments of merchandise. 2 pp. November 1943
51407 Footwear rationing in Europe. 24 pp. November 1943
51667 Supplement to a previous report on Bohler Bros., of Switzerland, which operates units in Austria and Germany through its Swiss holding company. 1 p. Dec.1943
51770 Advertisement of Walter Weiss & Co., Swiss import-export firm, in Portuguese newspaper, offering metals, rugs, and machine tools for sale. 1 p. November 1943
51983 Report on the town of Mulheim in the Ruhr, where the Hutte Plant (Thyssen), making war material, employed foreign workers whose living conditions were abominable. 22 pp. November 1943
51262 Report indicating Portugal is recalling its diplomats from Axis Europe. 6 pp. Nov. 1943
52077 Report on the gold situation in Palestine, where gold formerly kept in the Treasury is now publicly bought and sold. Britain now finds it profitable to sell gold. Reasons for buying gold are listed. 2 pp. Dec. 1943; see also 117276 Information on prices of the gold sovereign and fluctuations in the gold market in Palestine, chiefly caused by speculation and the desire to hoard something sound and indestructible. 1 p. Feb. 1945; 120211 Selling price of the British gold pound in Palestine. There is much speculating in gold and buying of it for long-term hoarding. 1 p. Feb.-Mar. 1945; 125121 Report on the Palestine gold market quoting prices, exchange rate of British sovereigns, bond prices, noting the drop in the price of gold. 2 pp. March-April 1945
52263 Information concerning location, etc., of Hirsch Kupfer und Messingwerke A.G. brass and copper foundry, a canal, and three hydro-electric plants in Germany. 2 pp. Nov. 1943
52328 Reported that Italian Snia Viscosa monopoly, rayon manufacturing concern, will be transferred to Spain; shipment of machinery is imminent. Control will, be vested in Berlin, Germany, with dummy control in Switzerland with Societa Nautilus. 1 p. Dec. 1943; see also 53998 Sofindus, Spanish finance company, is involved in transfer of Snia Viscosa's machinery from northern Italy to Spain. Sofindus is said to be sponsoring the Nautilus Holding Company of Switzerland. 1 p. Dec. 1943; 145040 Safehaven information on Somar and Flururose, Spanish Sofindus affiliates. 8 pp. December 1945
52461 News of shipments of Spanish mercury to Germany-names of organizations and persons connected with the transactions. 1 pp. December 1943; see also 55659 Report on shipments of Spanish mercury to Axis countries. 1 p. January 1944
52529 Materials Inventory of Enemy Europe: Cadmium. 9 pp. December 1943
52540 Copy of the Swiss decree of August 6, 1943, setting forth the coordinator's authority and responsibilities in carrying out the Zipfel plan for meeting the unemployment problem in the post-war economy. 13 pp. Sept. 1943; see also 52541 Translation of an article in Neue Zurcher Zeitung regarding the Zipfel plan, dealing with unemployment. 4 pp. August 1943
52647 Report on bomb damage to German factories and the decentralization of German industry. 2 pp. December 1943
52656 Financial analysis of Axis occupational costs as compared with benefits gained by military and economic control thereof. 15 pp. November 1943
52665 Allied air raids on German railroad transportation have caused Germans to set up definite system of railroad car requisitioning for Spanish fruit shippers. Order affects future shipments from Spain to all Continental countries. It is rumored that Germans have declared economic blockade on Switzerland. 1 p. November 1943
52787 Censorship of letters furnish quotations from two letters originating from Switzerland and referring to recent increases of the Swiss border fortifications and additions to the armed forces guarding these borders, also fuel shortages. 2 pp. December 1943
52817 Report on the industrial and military installations in Western Germany, especially in the Cologne and Siegen areas. 4 pp. December 1943
53003 Comprehensive Survey of German Plundering of Norway. All expenses of the occupation are covered from Norwegian public funds. Norge Bank must finance German industrial schemes, insurance companies, gold, foreign exchange, treatment of securities and insurance policies, control of industry, seizure of private property as well as public property, forests, land and houses, patents, copyrights, etc., vessels captures and requisitioned, requisitioning of foodstuffs, exports to Germany and imports from Germany, etc., temporary regulations concerning foreign means of payment, claims, securities, etc. 73 pp. November 1943
53051 Report on the Insulin Supply Position in Enemy and Enemy-Occupied Europe. Nov. 1943
53495 Information on Turkish-Axis relations and closer ties to the Allies. 2 pp. November 1943
53510 Italian Banco di Roma has moved from Rome to Milan, Italy. 1 p. November 1943; see also 58949 Report on conditions in North Italy, including information that the main office of Banca d'Italia has been moved to Meina. 1 p. January 1944
53814 Transmittal of copy of Joint British-American Memorandum submitted to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, protesting continued "high level of Swedish exports of iron ore to enemy countries and enemy-occupied countries." 4 pp. Dec. 1943; see also 60736 Swedish credit agreements with Germany. 2 pp. Jan. 1944; 70383 Statistical data on exports from and imports to Axis Europe from Sweden. 2 pp. Apr. 1944; 72037 Table showing Swedish exports to Axis Europe in the 3rd quarter of 1943, and total exports Jan.-Sept. 1943, and limitations (by agreement with the United States and Great Britain) on Swedish exports of individual commodities in 1943. 10 pp. February 1944
53965 Analysis of insecurities in Mexico. 11 pp. January 1944
54108 German connections with the Maltepe shipyard in Turkey. 3 pp. November 1943
54581 Spanish Army has requisitioned all aluminum consigned for shipment to Switzerland and has demanded cancellation of the import licenses held by Lipperheide y Guzman S.A., etc. 1 p. January 1944
54633 Outline plans for construction of a through canal system from Switzerland to the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. 5 pp. January 1944
54641 Report on the conservation of rolling stock in Switzerland. 1 p. January 1944
54675 Deliveries of Maag machines (Swiss) to Germany; secret plants of the Zahnrad Fabrik Thueringen and Koellman works in Germany are recipients of the Swiss machines. 1 p. January 1944
54922 List of rail shipments of various commodities reaching Turkey from Europe, Dec. 5-11, 1943. 1 p. December 1943
55130 Report on the Bank Melli-e-Iran's interest in regular United States gold shipments to Iran. Its purposes are listed; see also 55131 Statistical table, with covering page, showing gold sales and exchange proceedings in Iran. Nov. 1943; 61431 Press summary for the first week of Feb. 1944, Iran-gold agreements on credits and gold imports made with Russian and United Kingdom and the Allies. 8 pp. Feb. 1944; 69227 Report on Iran's gold reserves. 1 p. April 1944; 117644 Demand for Iranian gold mainly from exporters' agents) continues. 2 pp. January 1945
55234 Chart and explanation thereof showing Swiss exports of arms, ammunition and high priority machinery to Axis Europe from 1938 to present time. 1 p. and 1 chart. January 1944
55330 Deutsche Bank of Berlin, Germany, has asked that agents send signatures of directors and proxies of bank representing them. Copies of accounts cannot be sent since air raids have destroyed everything. 1 p. December 1943. Similar information provided, as well as a report that the Uberseeische Bank, Berlin, has requested the sending of new lists of signatures, in 60336 1 p. January 1944
55341 Survey of the Elements of Instability in the Latin American Sector. 39 pp. January 1942
55362 Brief account of Portugal under Antonio de Oliveria Salazar from 1928 to 1944. 15 pp. January 1944; see also 62248 Report on Salazar and Portugal and the Axis. 2 pp. February 1944 (Note 92)
55397 Report indicating that part of the Spanish Blue Division retained by Germans in Central Europe and that Spain has placed restrictions on air travel for Axis representatives. 1 p. December 1943
55449 Materials Inventory of Enemy Europe: Vanadium. 21 pp. October 1943
55606 Report on wireless receiving sets in Europe. 129 pp. December 1943
55666 Report regarding activity of the German Askania Company in Spain. 1 p. January 1944
55694 A Portuguese shipment of turpentine to Switzerland is mentioned, naming Portuguese dealers. 1 p. January 1944
55785 Information on recent Swiss-German negotiations involving the German offer to ship a number of Italian planes to Switzerland to be paid for in unblocked Swiss francs without the intervention of a bank. 1 p. March 1945
55786 Baron Eberhard von Stohrer, former Minister of the Reich to Spain, is reported to be in Switzerland on 2-month sick leave. 1 p. April 1945
55883 List of aircraft factories in greater Germany where French prisoners are working. 14 pp. January 1944
55933 Croatian trade agreements with other Axis powers and Switzerland; Yugoslav chrome production, population movements in Greece, and related information pertaining to Yugoslavia and Greece. 28 pp. January 1942
55987 Report on restricted or prohibited travel (controlled by Germany), between Switzerland and northern Italy after the Italian armistice. 1 p. January 1944
56000 Lonza A.G. has put a new motor fuel called paraldehyde on the Swiss market. 1 p. January 1944
56021 Report on economic conditions in Turkey during 1943. Includes information on industry, agricultural, public works, credits and collections, budget, banking and finance, and foreign trade. 14 pp. January 1944
56088 Air raids have greatly injured Italy's transportation facilities, but Germany now has shorter supply lines and does not have to supply the Italians as she used to do the Germans now overload their railroad cars (except when crossing Switzerland) without ill effects. The Brenner line and its electrification are described. Swiss rolling stock restrictions are discussed. 9 pp. January 1944
56146 Current developments in enemy and neutral shipping. 31 pp. October 1943
56191 Information on war industry in former Czechoslovakia. 4 pp. January 1944
56260 News from German national in Argentina, concerning German notifications from their commercial and banking representatives in Buenos Aires, following Argentina's announcement of diplomatic rupture with the Axis. 1 p. January 1944
56344 Report on the production of mercury in Turkey, and its market position. 14 pp. Dec. 1944
56345 Switzerland is outside the control of the Middle East Supply Center. Swiss exports to the Near East have declined since the war, due to a decreased demand for Swiss watches, but exports other than watches have increased. Allied control is ineffective. Statistical tables are given of Swiss exports and imports to and from the Near East. 19 pp. January 1944
56482 Information about Rumanian-Hungarian relations. 43 pp. February 1944; see also 61194 Report on negotiations between Hungary and Rumania. 2 pp. Nov. 1943
56536 There is an important traffic in "blue seal" dollar bills in Tangier, going towards Switzerland. 3 pp. January 1944
56594 Report on traffic and finances of the Swiss Chemin de Fer Regional du Val de Travers, for 1942. 1 p. January 1944
56722 Statistical data on expansion of trade between Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, and Slovakia and European neutrals vis a vis sending goods to Germany for which they get no better payment than the highly doubtful German credit. 5 pp. December 1943; see also 66727 Trade between southeastern countries and European neutrals has been on the increase since the satellite countries would rather trade their goods against the good currency of the neutrals than against the doubtful credit of Germany. Figures are given for trade between Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, and Slovakia and the neutral countries for the years 1939-1942. 6 pp. December 1943
56902 Bulk of the Swiss people is preoccupied with the country's economic difficulties; the press reflects little ideology of peace aims; the government is refraining from sponsorship of discussions of the subject until after elections. However, names of Swiss organizations undertaking independent studies of various phases of Switzerland's place in the post- war world are listed, as are the names of a series of works recently published in Switzerland by the Editions Baconniere, Neuchatel. 3 pp. October 1943
56939 Eye witness information from Munich, Germany, including information that the Bavarians are sure that Germany has lost the war; Gestapo terrorism reigns, military and labor conscription increases, black market flourishes, Jews are without food cards, but are fed by charity, etc. 10 pp. Nov. 1943; see also 57501 Black market in Germany. 1 p. August-September 1943
57044 The Deutsche Kredit und Export Bank of Berlin, Germany, has asked for copies of all correspondence and documents held by its Lisbon correspondences, the Banco Lisboa e Acores, to replace archives destroyed by air raids. 1 p. December 1943 (same information is supplied in 56024 1 p. January 1944)
57155 Comparison of food rations in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium. 11 pp. April 1942; see also 60110 Report on German rationing system and organization. 12 pp. February 1944
57311 The Spanish FEFASA (Fabricacion Espanola de Ferrocariles y Automoviles), the German Phrix Company, and an unidentified company are negotiating. 1 p. Feb. 1944; see also 59584 Report on the Phrix Works (Hamburg, Germany)-Spanish connection. 1 p. Feb. 1944; 143100 Safehaven report listing German firms making the machinery which Fefasa in Spain ordered through Phrix in Germany. 2 pp. August 1945
57479 Names of German firms covering the German-Turkish commercial pact of December 31, 1942 are listed. Goods are sent by rail or by motoboats (named), but transportation is difficult, and payments are delayed. 1 p. September-October 1943
57594 List of German imports of Turkish chrome for factories (named). 1 p. Dec. 1943; see also 68212 Information on cessation of chrome deliveries to Germany by Turkey. 2 pp. April 1944
57624 Information that the Siemens-Halske engineering company at Berlin, Germany, has requested its business connections to send copies of correspondence, to replace its damaged files. 1 p. December 1943
57674 Report on the Deutsche Lufthansa A.G., giving a list of officers, a history of its activity and foreign relations, a list of its subsidies, accounts of its subsidiaries in South America and Germany, and its routes as of 1939, 1941, 1942, and 1943. Financial tables and bibliography. 23 pp. January 1944
57677 Report that heavy snows in Switzerland have caused big slides on the Gotthard and have held up traffic which not help the Germans in getting their war material over the mountain passes down to Italy. The market for lira banknotes in Switzerland has had a tremendous decline over the past two months. 2 pp. February 1944
57868 Information about the medical profession in Berlin, Germany, where about half of the physicians before Hitler came to power were Jewish. 2 pp. February 1944
58040 Short descriptions of eleven cases in which United States or Latin American agents (named) smuggled platinum, diamonds, medicine, and other contraband to Spain and Portugal for the Axis. 16 pp. December 1943
58069 Civil Affairs Handbook. Austria. Section 5: Money and Banking. 112 pp. Nov. 1943; see also 83227 Preliminary draft reports on laws relating to the Austrian National Bank and laws pertaining to the Austrian monetary system. 98 pp. March 1944; 83228 Preliminary draft report on laws relating to Austrian Exchange Control. 57 pp. March 1944; 83229 Preliminary draft report on laws relating to Austrian export and import control. 16 pp. March 1944; 83230 Preliminary draft report on law relating to price controls in Austria. 33 pp. March 1944
58109 German negotiations for Moroccan wheat. 1 p. February 1944
58454 Summary of intercepts for week ending January 15, 1944-report on supplies and prices for clothing, machinery, food, rubber, minerals, chemicals, and other commodities in Spain and Portugal, as mentioned in intercepted communications with the Axis and Switzerland. 8 pp. February 1944
58480 American radio equipment in France and Germany-tubes, sets, and scientific journals can be bought in Portugal or Switzerland. The Germans are taking advantage of this. 2 pp. January 1944
58516 Spanish, German and Japanese reaction to Salazar's permission for the British to use the Azores. British have encouraged the Portuguese police to round up Axis agents and saboteurs. 3 pp. October 1943
58850 Civil Affairs Handbook on Germany regarding internal economic controls in Germany. 171 pp. February 1944
59057 The Fabrica de Armas Star of Eibar (Spain) has offered to sell arms to Bulgaria. 1 p. February 1944
59200 Gossip from the Reichs Luft Ministerium, including belief that Allied bombing will bring Germany to her knees in three months. 2 pp. January 1944
59228 Information on railroads, roads, and telegraph lines between France and Spain. Included also is a list of Spanish, Portuguese, and Swiss intermediaries: gives their sympathies, address, and remarks on them. 112 pp. February 1944
59457 Information on Belgian railroad traffic, information on Belgian imports and exports, and on German debts. 13 pp. February 1944
59493 Report on Bendix-Siemens agreement. 25 pp. January 1944
59536 List of Turkish firms which have Nazi employees. Some of these employees are named, and the commercial relations of the firms with Germany are described. 4 pp. Jan. 1944
59822 Report of a Belgian refugee who escaped from Belgium, in July 1943: detailed information on German police, Gestapo, etc. He worked for three months in the German Junkers factory at Leipzig which is described. The Germans, he reports, know they have lost the war, but can see no other alternative than to fight to the end. 124 pp. March 1944
59844 Miscellaneous information on German war industries and shipping. 5 pp. January 1944
59910 Seizure of Italian gold reserves by the German bank is without the Reichsbank's knowledge. It was done by Veltjen, one of Goering's collaborators in economic matters. He went to Rome with vault-breaking experts. 2 pp. February 1944
60024 Interruptions of telegraphic and telephonic communications between Berlin, Germany and Vienna, Austria, and between Spain and Switzerland. 1 p. Feb. 1944
60116 Known exports from neutral European countries, Turkey, and French possessions to enemy Europe during 1941 and 1942, giving statistical tables with yearly exports of commodities (listed) from Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and French possessions to Germany and Axis Europe. 12 pp. November 1943
60129 Effects of air raids on German economy: banks are overworked because they have to make separate copies of all their records, use of cheques is curtailed, interest is paid only once a year, bank not circulation increased enormously, German public debt has soared and taxes are huge. Effects of air raids on railways, higher power consumption is required, the housing crisis and its effect on construction activity, insurance companies did a huge business, but a decree limited their activities, industry decentralized, more wood was consumed, and crops were burned. 8 pp. Dec. 1943
60145 Short item on the routing of a shipment of silver from Spain to Switzerland. Names of two Swiss companies involved in the shipping transaction. 1 p. February 1944
60211 Information on German economic matters, including workers' rations. 2 pp. October 1941-January 1944
60309 Survey of the pulp and paper industry of Sweden. 29 pp. November 1943
60326 Madrid, Spain firm, with ties to the Germans, interested in buying mobile artillery from Swiss firm. 1 p. February 1944