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108338 Clippings, reports, and transcripts of broadcasts about the destruction or preservation of artistic and historic monuments in war areas of Europe. A German press article describes storing of Italian art treasures in the Vatican. Most of the clippings are German or Swiss press articles (or broadcasts) about air raid damage to German, Finnish, and French churches and art objects. German evacuation of Estonia's art treasures, and German seizure of Strasbourg's Cathedral's treasures are protested. 30 pp. January 1945
108417 German banks in Turkey. 3 pp. December 1944; see also 114985 Further developments in the liquidation of German banks in Turkey. 2 pp. January 1945
108936 Dresdner Bank is said to be negotiating the sale of Siemens-Schuckert shares in Sweden. 2 pp. December 1944
108937 German firms are said to have offered to sell patents to Swedish firms. Schering and I.G. Farben have offered patents to Astra. Bosch and Mannesmann Rohrenwerke are said to be doing likewise. 2 pp. December 1944
108988 Second Interim Report on Italy's Foreign Exchange Position. Report on Italy's relations with other currencies, on her gold holdings and international finance. 192 pp. and roll of film. October 1944
109178 Report on foreign workers in Germany. 3 pp. October 1944
109181 Notes on French petroleum firms, and Austrian and Hungarian oil production. 9 pp. October 1944
109538 Military Government. Germany. Technical Manual for Officers. A handbook on German labor, manpower, and labor offices, wages, hours, working conditions, labor relations, social insurance, war pensions, health insurance, buildings, and town planning. 102 pp. December 1944
109779 Radio intercepts of commercial messages between Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary, and Switzerland. 3 pp. December 1944
109991 Economic Survey of Germany. Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food Industries. 119 pp. August 1944
110339 Information on the AGFA factory at Premnitz, Germany, and other German factories. 4 pp. March 1945
110177 List of recommendations of the Combined Food Board and Combined Raw Materials Board to December 1, 1944, arranged by commodities. Also a list of trade programs with Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Congo. List of decisions about those countries, India, Madagascar, and North Africa. 29 pp. December 1944
110304 Buchenwald concentration camp (Note 102). 4 pp. December 1944; see also 127249 Names and activities of SS/SD (Note 103) personnel in the concentration camps of Buchenwald and Lublin (Note 104). Data on treatment of Jews and atrocities. 16 pp. May 1945; 132194 Report on Buchenwald concentration camp. 35 pp. April 1945
110359 List of German-owned or controlled firms in Sweden, naming parent companies. 27 pp. November 1944
110362 List of German-owned or controlled firms in Portugal, naming parent German firms. 11 pp. October 1944
110915 Economic Survey of Germany. Section S. Standard of Living and Rationing. 43 pp. August 1944
111333 War Damage Compensation in Germany: this is an outline of the types of war damage, private insurance assessment and payment, the position of foreigners, Jews, and evacuees, etc. 48 pp. January 1945
111892 Austrian police. 35 pp. January 1945; see also 118348 Austria's police 7 pp. March 1945
112120 Current events in France and Switzerland, including information that the Tavaro Munitions factory at Geneva, Switzerland, clandestinely shipped explosives to Germany. 2 pp. January 1945
112133 Information on the banking connections of German chemical firms. Names of the firms and their banking connections are listed. 4 pp. January 1945
112202 Handbook for Military Government in Germany covering currency, finance, exchange, property control, documents, records, displaced persons, etc. December 1944
112324 Report on Austria's judiciary. 18 pp. January 1945
112547 Germans are expected to start a new offensive on the western front at the end of February 1945, violating Swiss neutrality. 1 p. January 1945
112587 The German New Order in Europe, The purposes of the Nazi new order are analyzed, and propaganda examined. Economic, military, commercial, and agricultural plans are outlined. The program of resettlement and Germanization is described. 82 pp. and 9 maps. March 1942
112727 Estimated population of Provinces and Lander of Germany by Regierungs Bezierke as of July 1, 1944. Population figures, birth and death rate figures, battle and medical casualties and missing, air raid casualties, deported German Jews, the number of foreign workers and working prisoners of war, etc. 3 pp. August 1944
112935 Germany (Altreich) furniture and piano industries. 33 pp. January 1945
113334 Reports in German (untranslated) captured in Strasbourg, being mostly correspondence from the SD in Konstanz about a castle for Goering and Goebbels near the Swiss border, and out gold, savings, credit, inflation, the black market, raising of taxes, etc. 12 pp. November 1944
113487 Methods of strengthening of the German war economy. 17 pp. July 1942
113565 List of German firms in Kobe and Osaka, Japan. List of banks, agents, and companies in Haiphong, and list of German firms in Teintsin, China. 3 pp. 1942; see also 134355 List of German firms which had business dealing with Japan, naming managers of the plants, describing business transactions, and licenses given to the Japanese. 4 pp. April-May 1945; 134692 Information on German-Japanese trade. ca. 100 pp. March 1945
113944 News sheet published by the Belgian legation in Egypt, containing numerous articles relating to Belgium, including a Belgian-Swiss accord. 16 pp. Dec. 1944
113977 Jewish refugees cannot be received in Palestine because the quota is almost exhausted. 2 pp. January 1945
114176 Food supplies are collected in the Austrian and Bavarian Alps for Nazi inner fortresses, and underground factories. The Basel Nationalizing says that imminent collapse forces Germany to such Marquis preparations. 2 pp. February 1945
114834 Jean-Marie Musy, Swiss ex-Federal Councillor, has made a trip to Berlin, Germany, with a blackmailing scheme which the Nazis will attempt to use against the Allies. 2 pp. January 1945
114841 Information on new type motor developed by Escher-Wyss, Switzerland. 2 pp. Jan. 1945
114903 Survey of Greater Germany: appendices to Polish group inside Greater Germany, 1942, wage scales, labor front organization, location of foreign workers, higher police authorities, etc. 37 pp. February 1943
115066 Manual for Economic Investigation of Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart and Feuerbach, Germany. 10 pp. October 1944; see also 135214 Detailed interrogation report on Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart. 5 pp. June 1945; 138339 Reports on German external assets including reports on or by Robert Bosch GmbH and I.G. Farben about their foreign activities, patent arrangements with Standard Oil of New Jersey, concealment of ownership and plans for the "New Order" in European economy. 199 pp. July 1945
115068 Manual for Economic Investigation of Mannesmannrohren-Werke, Dusselfdorf, Germany. 2 pp. October 1944
115216 Manual for Economic Investigation of Ernst Leitz Optical Instrument Plant, Wetzlar, Germany. 2 pp. October 1944
115218 Manual for Economic Investigation of Messerschmitt, Augsburg, Germany. 7 pp. September 1944
115227 Manual for Economic Investigation of Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke, Heddernherm, Germany. 3 pp. September 1944
115228 Manual for Economic Investigation of Focke Wolf, Sorau, and the Focke Wolf Eastern Complex. 12 pp. September 1944
115233 Manual for economic investigation of Bussing-Nag Vereinizte Nutzkraftwagen, Brunswick, Germany. Background of the German Motor Transport Industry, description of the plant, truck production, air attacks on this plant, etc. Oct. 1944
115590 Reichsbank gold has been transferred from Berlin, Germany. One Reichsbank official is in Switzerland. Two others are expected to return there shortly. 1 p. February 1945
116000 Information on the German stock exchanges and War industry bonds. 1 p. February 1945
116009 Information concerning German surveillance on Lake Constance, Switzerland. 3 pp. March 1945
116626 Information from Helmut Schuimemann, an anti-Nazi German judge, about various matters including the fate of the Jews after the war. 19 pp. February 1945; See also 119067 Additional information provided by Schuenemann, mentioning persecution of Jews. 20 pp. February 1945
116840 Interview giving additional information on German audience of foreign broadcasts, especially the Swiss sender Beromuenster. The Germans were not able to win the sympathies of the foreign worker. The Germans exploited the foreign workers and now they are afraid of their revenge. 2 pp. September 1944
116841 German interrogation report, Hamburg area: Information on a variety of subjects, including foreign workers and people blaming the Jews for everything. 2 pp. Feb. 1945
116842 Interrogation report giving sentiments of German population regarding Nazis, Hitler, outcome of war, Allied war aims, and Jews. Also information on general living conditions, health situation, SS and other Nazi leaders will attempt guerilla warfare in the event of defeat, foreign workers, etc. 4 pp. February 1945
117065 Notes on the Todt Organization. 8 pp. February 1945
117382 Information on interruptions in German radio, telegraph, and telephone communications with Spain and Switzerland. 1 p. March 1945
117437 Interview with Juan Pedro Radenac about furs and wines allegedly looted in France and taken to Spain. Some of the furs are in Switzerland. 4 pp. Feb. 1945
117502 Impending crisis in the distribution of bread grain and flour in Germany-Supplement. 2 pp. February 1945
117750 Data on production at the more important firms in Germany engaged in the production of cars, trucks, etc. 4 pp. March 1945
117789 Estimate of Jewish population in Munich, Berlin, Vienna, and Budapest as of 1933; Munich first in denunciation of Jews; discrimination of Jews in Austria began in 1938; deprivation and sufferings of Jews in Germany, Austria, and Hungary; and German propaganda against the Jews. 3 pp. Feb. 1945; see also 125265 Copies (in English) of teletype messages from Heydrich (Note 105) and other SS leaders, giving instructions for the "spontaneous actions" against the Jews on November 10, 1938, following the attack on Von Rath (Note 106) in Paris, France. 6 pp. see also 68601 Sidelights on the von Rath affair. 2 pp. April 1944; 143161 Extracts from Gestapo files captured in Dusseldorf, Germany, showing how people were taken into "protective custody," and then transferred to concentration camps, or (in the case of Jews) advised to emigrate. A mass arrest was planned for March, 1938, but postponed. The extracts are not translated. 6 pp. March 21-September 12, 1939
118052 ABC of German administration and public service,. 126 pp. December 1944
118161 Summary of significant events in the Middle East during Feb. 1945. 7 pp. March 1945
118202 Plans are under way for the structural reorganization of the Nazi Party, foreign agents will be transferred, money has been paid to the agents' accounts in neutral countries. High Nazi officials are withdrawing their deposits from German banks and transferring large sums to Swiss banks and to the Swedish Consulate at Karlsruhe, Germany. 2 pp. January 1945
118249 Italian and Swiss press reports state that many leading Italians have banked large sums in Swiss francs in banks in Switzerland and other countries. 1 p. February 1945
118378 Interviews of German prisoners of war regarding the Edelweiss, the Jewish questions, political attitudes, etc. 18 pp. February 1945
118587 Interrogation (in French) of workmen returned from Germany. 1 p. February 1945
118664 Report concerning the effect of the loss of the Greater Berlin area on the German motor transport supply situation, with notes on production at Daimler-Benz, Opel, and Bussing-NAG factories. 2 pp. March 1945
119025 Monitored radio messages reflecting conditions within the Reich. Includes information on halting Vienna, Austria bank withdrawals, Nazis trying to sell a Van Dyck painting which may have belonged to a church, return of German mission from Switzerland, oil transport to and from Italy, and transportation difficulties, etc. 119 pp. February- March 1945
119449 Information on judiciary, public safety, and civil service in Austria and Sudetenland. 30 pp. March 1945
119507 Interrogation of a German black market dealer from Aachen. Indicates rush to get rid of foreign money. 2 pp. February 1945
119622 Industrial information on Still, Recklinghausen and Pieker, Oberhuldingen-Bodensee, Germany. Information foreign workers and names and descriptions of several members of the Gestapo. 6 pp. March 1945
119703 List of the principal quarrying firms of southwest Germany. 2 pp. March 1945; see also 124502 List of the chief quarrying firms of southwest Germany. 1 p. March 1945; 126241 Outline of names, products, and equipment of chief quarrying firms of western Germany. 5 pp. March 1945
119830 List of sanatoria in Switzerland that are now reported as being receiving centers for German "patients." 1 p. March 1945
119862 Information on the removal of factory installations from Berlin, Germany. 2 pp. March 1945; see also 122307 Berlin factories; those removed and those still functioning. 1 p. February 1945
120571 German mechanized office equipment situation. 2 pp. February 1945
120587 Organization of the German precision and optical instruments industry. 15 pp. Mar. 1945
120656 Report on conditions in Germany regarding the supply of metal alloys and machinery. 2 pp. January 1945
120657 Report on the German dispersal of industry. 1 p. January 1945; see also 122129 Notes on the location, dispersal, and managers of various named factories in Germany. 2 pp. March 1945; 122800 Prisoner interrogation report on various subjects, including war factories, popular opinion in South Germany, and factory dispersal. 36 pp. Mar. 1945
120674 Names and locations of various war plants in Germany, two railroad stations, a coal mine and an airfield. 4 pp. March 1945
120810 Prisoner intelligence about various subjects, including Austrian ball-bearing plants, Schering chemical works, the Todt Organization, and, total mobilization. 24 pp. March 1945
121071 Note about collaboration of United States and British officials in Cuba with regard to transfer of Axis loot. 1 p. December 1944
121204 Report on Dynamit A.G., Demog, Rheinmetall Borsig, the Robert Kliny ball-bearings plant, Bohler and Co. (in Austria) and other German factories, naming leading personalities, control of eastern workers, transferred factories, etc. 4 pp. March 1945
121228 Weekly journal of information No. 4 on German transportation disruption, reduced rations, Berlin strikes, reduced industrial resources (listed), Himmler's reprisal plan, German regional industrial control and armaments inspectorates, operation of Postsparkasse (Note 107), liquidation of foreign assets, western German railways, tattooing of SS men, evacuation of art treasures, etc. 32 pp. Mar. 1945; see also 121606 Weekly journal of information No. 5. Germany's transport difficulties aggravates coal and food shortages; movement of German supplies into the Nazi Redoubt; black market prices in Berlin; etc. 19 pp. Mar. 1945; 124186 Miscellaneous information from Germany, including some on banks, refugees, displaced persons, labor, etc. 9 pp. Mar. 1945; 122248 List of messages (translated) sent from Germany or German-occupied sections, reflecting conditions within the Reich. Most senders and receivers are commercial enterprises (named) and the confused state of German industry is indicated. 15 pp. Mar. 1945 124538 Weekly intelligence report on German capabilities, evacuation of German war plants, Todt Organization, finance, a bank at Dusseldorf, foreign exchange regulation for refugees, the Reichsbank report for 1944, German price levels, new currency, German care of displaced persons, food shortages, supervision of foreign workers, French Vichyite refugees in Germany, etc. 22 pp. Feb. 1945; 124635 Weekly survey of information on unoccupied Germany. Includes information on rationing breaking down, German administration, morale, etc. 24 pp. Apr. 1945; 125039 Interrogation of a Belgian electrician returned from work in Germany and Lorraine, mentioning workers' conditions, black market, food and clothing, wages, morale, etc. 8 pp. May 1945
121272 Information on various subjects including Russian-Swiss friction and anti-Fascist and pro- Jewish pronouncements by the Vatican. 7 pp. December 1944
121405 Information on food rations allotted to foreign workers in Germany. Black market prices for food and clothing are listed. 2 pp. March 1945
121523 Notes on a paper factory and other factories and utilities in Frankfurt, Germany and vicinity. 3 pp. March 1945
121524 Report on a metal cable factory, potash mines and processing plants, ammunition factory and machine shops (named) in Germany. 5 pp. March 1945
121709 Ordinance in Germany is reported which requires all joint stock companies to be transformed into limited stock companies. 2 pp. March 1945
121809 Internal situation in Austria, February 28-March 13, 1945. 5 pp. March 1945; see also 131847 Survey of Austrian conditions. 27 pp. May 1945; see also 132969 Survey of Austrian conditions. 18 pp. June 1945
121841 Table of salaries for German and foreign workers. 1 p. April 1945
122216 Interrogation of the manager of Woodworking Trade Groups in Andernach, Germany. 1 p. March 1945
122292 Report on the German evacuation of materials from Italy following the Italian armistice. Raw materials, food and machinery are reported to have been looted and transferred to Germany. Various industrial plants (named) are said to have had much of their machinery removed to Germany. Following the imposition of restrictions regarding the transport of such loot through Switzerland by the Swiss, much of the traffic was diverted to the Brenner route. 1 p. March 1945
122409 Thomas Pechy, Hungarian arms factory manager, arrived in Zurich with securities. SS Obergruffenfuhren Becker of Vienna, Austria, arranged his trip. Pechy tries to sell German copper (now held in Regensburg as Swiss property). 1 p. April 1945
122965 Portuguese Decree regarding certain movable property proven to have been despoiled, by acts of military occupation and confiscations, imported into the country, etc.. 3 pp. March 1945
122928 Military Government. Germany. Financial and property control technical manual. 271 pp. April 1945
123201 Fortification along the German-Swiss border continues feverishly. This defense line is to aid thousands of Nazis escape into Switzerland. 1 p. April 1945; see also 125162 on the fortifications. 1 p. April 1945
123307 Norwegian war-risk insurance underwriters will no longer insure goods during transport in Germany, but the old regulations are in force for goods transported to and from Germany. 2 pp. February 1945
123532 Summary of miscellaneous economic information from Germany. Notes on Siemens Schuickert A.G. at Dusseldorf and other German and Austrian war factories. 4 pp. March 1945
123533 Prisoner interrogation information on Bremen and Wesermuende, Germany, including information on foreign workers. 12 pp. March 1945
123929 Notes on the transfer of enemy assets in France to the Treuhandstelle of the German military commander, mentioning the role of the German Aero-Bank, and the Devisenschutzkommando are described. 5 pp. April 1945
123936 Notes from prisoner interrogation about the BMW Werke VII at Berlin-Spandau, its foreign workers, etc. 1 p. March 1945; see also 125400 Map with legend showing Allach concentration camp, BMW factory at Allach, locations of a camp for foreign workers, and a camp for Russian POWs. 1 p. and 1 map. April 1945
124051 German administration of Austria. 23 pp. October 1944
124097 Prisoner interrogation report on the Heinkel Works at Rostock and Barth, Germany, mentioning SS guards, prisoner workers, etc. 2 pp. April 1945
124099 Notes on German purchases of foreign and German securities, Sperrmark, foreign currency, and gold, in Paris, France, as divulged by war prisoners. Details of specific transactions are listed, naming companies. Some agents (French and German) are named. 8 pp. April 1945
124100 Report on Berlines Handelsgesellschaft, the Deutsche Bank und Diskonto-Gesellschaft, the stock market credit transactions, foreign exchange business, and the post office savings bank. List of credit institutions in Berlin, Germany. List of personalities in German banking. 31 pp. April 1945
124139 Leading Dutch Nazis are named. 2 pp. March 1945
124169 Report on financial conditions in Germany, including financial assets in Argentina, business activities of the Nazi Party, banking conditions during the war, currency problems, securities and investments, the effect of air raid damage on commercial insurance, tax payments, Hamburg banking institutions and personalities, and Nazi personalities of the Hamburg stock exchange. 7 pp. April 1945
124218 Report on the Deutsche Cetriebe Gesellschaft GmbH which secretly employed Jews. 4 pp. March 1945
124389 Report on the Deutsche Werkschutz (German factory security police). 8 pp. March 1945
124420 Index map to German, Danish, Austrian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Dutch, Belgian, Swiss, Luxembourg, Northern French, and Northern Italian railways as treated in a map series. March 1945
124433 Survey of labor, hours, and wages in the Cologne-Aachen area of Germany, obtained by prisoner interrogation. Wage scales in the metal and chemical industries are discussed. Biographical data on 39 individuals, including government and business officials. 16 pp. April 1945
124434 Weekly report on displaced persons operations. Includes estimates of displaced persons in Switzerland, Denmark, and Greece. 28 pp. April 1945
124439 Report derived from a study of the papers found in the Paris, France office of Schenker International Transporte on accessions to German museums and galleries during the occupation of France (the Schenker Papers, part I). Report provides information on acquisitions of French art, giving names of dealers, descriptions of art objects, and the purchase prices. Also included is a list with 47 names and addresses of Paris art dealers and individuals who sold art works to the German museums and galleries. 15 pp. April 1945
124458 Descriptions of 124 German industrial personalities and names of firms with which they are affiliated. 28 pp. April 1945
124537 Weekly intelligence summary on German administration. 16 pp. February 1945
125323 Aliens in Germany, 1939. 18 pp. November 1944
125409 Interrogation of German prisoners about German price control and its organization, Cartels are discussed. Personalities are listed. Price control in Germany-occupied Poland, describing more personalities. 32 pp. February 1945
125473 Notes on sources of fuel and power requirements of engineering and armaments works in Germany. 1 p. April 1945
125475 Notes on interconnections of German ship-building firms. 2 pp. April 1945
125565 Comparison of the Austrian criminal code and the German criminal code by sections, and digest of subject matter. 54 pp. February 1945
125736 Information on various German factories and the use of foreign laborers. 2 pp. April 1945
125858 Information on area of National Redoubt area. 11 pp. March 1945
125988 Germany's gold holdings, including acquisitions from Austria, Czechoslovakia, Danzig, and the Netherlands are estimated. Gold exports to Rumania, Slovakia, Greece, and neutral countries. Italian and Hungarian gold in German custody. Belgian gold seized in France by Germany, Polish gold is safe in West Africa. 5 pp. April 1945
126009 Lourenco Marques, Portuguese East Africa is a hotbed of both German and Japanese agents. 2 pp. April 1945
126033 Detailed interrogation report on the German (military) railway system, describing railroad troops, Organization Todt construction units, railway installations, German attempts to use the Swiss railways, German railroad command in Italy. Biographical sketches of officers. 8 pp. April 1945
126130 Detailed interrogation report on Rheinmetall-Borsig, Sommerda: its production, control, raw materials, power, labor, wages, personalities, etc. 20 pp. April 1945
126160 Information on the industrial dispersal of the plants of Carl Zeiss, Jean and notes on personalities at the plants. 8 pp. April 1945
126522 Economic survey of Germany. Section I. The Engineering Industries. 237 pp. Jan. 1945
126794 Swiss Military Attache at Istanbul, Turkey, thinks the Germans will collapse quickly but that intensive guerrilla resistance will continue for some time in the south of Germany. 1 p. April 1945
126829 Information about underground German factories near Breganz, Swiss deliveries of electric power to Germany, shortages of materials in the Tyrol for Redoubt construction, dismissal of Swiss workers by the Reichsbahn, etc. 4 pp. April 1945
126900 Nazi Party smuggled by diplomatic courier to Stockholm Sweden, large sums of money which were later transferred to Bern, Switzerland. Intermediaries were Kurt Silbermann, Karl Vogt, and Hans Papenfuss. 1 p. April 1945
127032 Gen. Queipop de Llano has transferred considerable gold to Bendrao in Tangier, fearing Franco's dislike. 1 p. April 1945
127290 Information about relationships between Swiss and German firms, giving names of leading business families, charts showing organization of various industries and a bibliography. 150 pp. 1944
127601 Notes on the German timber industry. 24 pp. April 1945
127666 Article which appeared in the Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Switzerland, summarizing information which already appeared in German publications on preliminary arrangements for the German Reduit. 4 pp. April 1945
128301 Detailed manpower estimates for the Reich, the Altreich, and proposed zones of occupation, together with summary estimates for other European countries. 28 pp. April 1945
128674 Carloads of clover and vegetable seeds are stalled on the railroad near Passau en route to Switzerland for storage or sale. 1 p. May 1945
128710 Information on the Swiss limiting Italian traffic through the St. Gotthard route. 13 pp. April 1945
129320 Interviews with civilians in evacuation centers and in small towns around Aachen, Germany. Information about the sense of guilt about the Jews, all blame placed on Hitler and the Nazis, war guilt, phobia regarding the Russians, foreign workers, the Gestapo, post-war Nazi underground, etc. 13 pp. December 1944
129353 General list of archives in the Berlin, Germany area in government offices, companies, and public institutions. 11 pp. 1945
129385 Untranslated extracts from Italian newspaper concerning financial and economic matters. ca. 125 pp. October 25-November 25, 1943
129419 Report on the Reichskreditgesellschaft. Descriptions of personalities. 10 pp. May 1945
130038 Report on smuggling of money across the border between Switzerland and Germany. 2 pp. September 1944
131164 Analysis of the size and composition of the German civilian labor force, including foreigners, prisoners of war, and civilians. 19 pp. April 1945
131495 Report on the conditions in Thessally, Greece. 2 pp. May 1945
131504 Comments of the American, British, and Canadian Embassies on the Memorandum submitted by the Chilean Controls Commission. Contains recent developments, with data on Axis firms and enterprises. 14 pp. February 1945; see also 131505 Information requested by the United States Embassy from the Chilean Controls Commission regard progress made in carrying out the liquidation of Axis firms, and transmitting certain information on the controls program. Summary of the activities of the economic control commission, and resignation of the commission.(in English and Spanish). 22 pp. January 1945; 131506 Copies of recent Chilean Government decrees issued in conjunction with the local controls program. 12 pp. February 1945; 131507 Information covering most recent developments in the local economic controls program in Chile. Information regarding 12 German firms involved. 12 pp. February 1945; 131509 Memorandum of the Controls Commission in Chile, in reply to a joint memorandum by the Allied Embassies, in regard to the Chilean control program, and firms on the Proclaimed Lists. List of Axis or pro-Axis firms whose liquidation is decreed. Blocking of assets and tracing or patents and trademarks. 23 pp. Jan 1945; 131507 Information covering most recent developments in the local economic controls program [of Axis assets] in Chile. 12 pp. February 1945
131508 Report on then development, status and evaluation of the Colombian government's freezing controls of Axis assets, with special reference to the Proclaimed List. Lists of decrees and of Proclaimed List nationals interned or intervened by the Colombian government. 10 pp. January 1945
131582 Prisoner interrogation report on plans to blow up the Basel, Switzerland bridges by means of Flusskampfer units. 2 pp. May 1945
131765 Detailed interrogation report on the organization of the German aircraft industry. 20 pp. May 1945
131801 Possible hideouts for War Criminals in the Austrian Alps. 2 pp. May 1945
131874 Report on libraries and art objects hidden in the salt mines at Hallein, and in other places in the Salzburg area. A list of collections and objects of artistic value and historical interest located in this region is given, and guardians of this collection are named. 1 p. June 1945
132184 Portuguese Decree Law No. 34,600 has been extended to all Portuguese colonies. 1 p. May 1945; see also 132649 Safehaven report, clarifying Article IV of the Portuguese Decree Law making inalienable the funds, not only of Germans, but of other Axis and Occupied Country nationals, in Portugal. 1 p. June 1945; 133255 Free translation of Decree Law No. 34,632 which extended the deadline for filing declarations concerning German-owned assets held in Portugal. Free translation of Ministerial resolution of May 29, 1945, by which it was decreed that "stateless" individuals who had lost their nationality subsequent to Sept. 1, 1939, shall be considered, for the purpose of Decree Law No. 34,600, as being of the nationality which they had on Sept. 1, 1939. 3 pp. June 1945; 142403 Safehaven report giving a supplemental list of Portuguese firms and individuals authorized to continue their normal activities under Decree Law No. 34,600. 2 pp. August 1945
132234 Information concerning a report a Van Dyck painting which it is said was brought from Dresden, Germany to Switzerland by Hermann Voss. (Note 108) It is reported that Voss is absolutely anti-Nazi and it is not believed that Voss would ever have besmirched his name by handling pictures whose origin was not absolutely above board. 2 pp. May 1945
132235 Safehaven notes on the decree blocking Axis funds in Spain, quoting a note sent by the French Embassy to the Spanish Foreign Office requesting a distinction between Axis funds and those of French nationals. Also a United States note to the Spanish government about procedure for exempting funds of Allied nationals. 8 pp. May 1945
132237 Safehaven report on increase in the share capital of Covina (Companhia Vidreira Nacional Ltds), of Lisbon, Portugal. Octav Bordan was a Nazi forwarder of goods from Portugal to Hungary. Feteira is interested in setting up a cyanamide factory and glass plant. Nagy's credit of Swiss francs. Dissolution of the Sociedade Luso-Hungara. 5 pp. May 1945
132238 Account of an interview with Frau Dr. A. Schwegler-Torre (Note 109) with regard to articles brought into Switzerland by her from Germany, and her association with Galleries Schmidlin. 2 pp. May 1945
132446 Civil affairs report No. 2 on Austria, covering political situation, public safety, finance, food, agriculture, public health, transport, labor, utilities, monuments, fine arts, displaced persons, legislation, and legal control. 9 pp. May 1945
132478 Safehaven report on the (Belgian) Urphacolor (paints and varnishes company), renamed by the Germans from Les Fils Levy Finger when they took it over. 1 p. May 1945
132479 Safehaven report on Ladislau Toth, a German holding company in Budapest, Hungary, which owns a holding company in Glarus, Switzerland. 1 p. May 1945
132480 Safehaven report on Henkel and Co. of Dusseldorf and its relations with Henkel and Cie Konsortial-Fonds of Switzerland, and other Swiss and German firms; also Basler Handelsbank. 1 p. May 1945
132481 Correspondence about Allied collaboration regarding an inventory of goods lying in neutral European free ports. 1 p. May 1945
132482 Safehaven report on an intercepted communication from an unknown individual in New York to Jean Faguel of Paris, France, about art work stolen from the former's collection in Bordeaux, France. 1 p. May 1945
132483 Safehaven report on Nathan Katz (Note 110) of Basel, Switzerland, who handed over a Rembrandt to the Germans to get his family liberated. 1 p. May 1945; see also 132590 Information on Kurt Walter Bachstitz (Note 111), a German art dealer in Basel, who, it is believed, should have information on Katz and his dealings with the Germans. 1 p. May 1945; 134936 Safehaven report on Katz, said to have received a Van Dyck stolen from the Cook Collection. 1 p. June 1945
132511 Safehaven notes to the Portuguese Government from the French Legation, the Netherlands, Belgian Legation, urging that action be taken to prevent illicit financial action by the enemy. 8 pp. May 1945
132552 List of important German aircraft factories in the Occupied countries, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Yugoslavia, and names of important personalities who are connected with these firms. 52 pp. May 1945
132589 Report that a Feuerbach painting, "Iphigenie," is located in Geneva, Switzerland. 1 p. May 1945
132717 Resume of Danish finance, outlining the money and credit system in 1939, and under the German occupation, with discussions of currency, banks (named), and insurance companies. Leaders' names and many statistical tables are given. 155 pp. June 1945
132773 Report on the Langenburg (Crailshom) section of the Statistisches Reichsamt, with a description of its organization and functions, a list of office personnel, and numerous appendices on the organization of German statistics, production statistics, German national income and Axis and Allied armament production (1942-1944). 87 pp. May 1945
132845 Safehaven report on Cenoviswerke GmbH of Munich, Germany, and its participation in Swiss companies (named). 1 p. May 1945
132883 Report on the Swiss situation as of May 15, 1945. Statistics on refugees crossing the border, rupture of diplomatic relations with Germany, etc. 1 p. May 1945
133144 France. Bi-monthly report on prisoners and deportees, giving statistics on French war prisoners and foreign workers in Axis areas for the second half of March, 1945, describing their living conditions, morale, supplies, and transfers from camp to camp. April 1945
133180 Germany. Basic Handbook. Part II. Annex VIII. Social Security. 28 pp. May 1945
133254 Report of a proposed sale to the public of iron imported from Germany to Portugal, to be made by the Metals Trade Regulation Commission, is groundless. All the iron received from Germany, in harmony with contracts of compensation made with the Portuguese Government, was stored in general warehouses and is being distributed within the system laid down for supplies to the iron market. This iron was received a long time ago, for Germany has long ago stopped sending important shipments to Portugal. For the time being the Commission has no intention of opening stores for direct sales to the public. The Commission is endeavoring to intensify sales of tin and wolfram. 2 pp. June 1945
133358 Sociedad Anonima Financiers Uruguaya (SAFU) is suggested for blocking because it is controlled by Fritz Mandl of Buenos Aires, Argentina. SAFU's directors are named. Relations with other companies and banks (giving balance sheet). 9 pp. June 1945
133369 Price Waterhouse and Co.'s examination of the records of S.A. Pour le Commerce de Transit in Bern, Switzerland, listing assets in the Chase Bank in New York. 34 pp. December 1944
133690 Guide for investigation of Vereinigte Glanzstoff-Fabriken A.G. of Wuppertal Fiberfeld, Germany, listing subsidiary plants, naming officers and describing international relations and subsidiaries (especially in Hungary and Czechoslovakia). Biographical data on German members of the (Dutch) Allegemeine Kunstzyde Uni N.V. 43 pp. June 1945
133724 Information on the German firm of Societe de Recherches Scientifiques, S.A. Monte Carlo, Monaco (known as SORES), the principal shareholders of which were the von den Steinen people of Hamburg, Germany. This company is a trustee for important Nazi capital. 1 p. May 1945
133750 Information on Askania Werke, Berlin, Germany. 28 pp. May 1945
133787 Information on the German (Altreich) veneer and plywood industries, exports and imports, list of firms and factories. 16 pp. May 1945; see also 136655 List of German manufacturers of veneer and plywood. 19 pp. May 1945
133864 Safehaven report on Fabrica Lusitana de Corantes e Productors Quimicos "Lusacor" of Lisbon, Portugal, which is connected, through Sociedade de Anilinas Ltda, with I.G. Farben, naming some Spanish officials. Seebohm probably was indirectly concerned. 2 pp. June 1945
134033 Interrogation of Robert Ley. (Note 112) Provides some of his ideas on labor, on the Jewish question, on concentration camps, on Hitler, Himmler, and Martin Bormann (Note 113), on Russia and Stalin, on the East and West. 3 pp. May 1945
134034 Interrogation of German movie producer Leni Riefenstahl. (Note 114) Only had vague knowledge of the persecution of Jews and concentration camps. 4 pp. May 1945
134041 Interrogation of Fritz Sauckel, Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter of Thuringia, SS- Gruppenfuhrer. Provides information on the Jewish Question, concentration camps, and maintains that Buchenwald concentration camp was established against his will. 3 pp. June 1945
134198 Report that Allgemeine Treuhand Gesellschaft states that it never received any pictures for sale, not is anyone by the name of Bense known to the company. 1 p. June 1945
134224 Communications between United States and British Foreign Office on subject of discontinuing censorship between Europe and Latin America. Foreign Office note on continuation of the Navicert system after defeat of Germany, opposing the United States position that it should be continued. 15 pp. June 1945
134535 Report that one of the Swiss companies with which Degussa is affiliated is the Leukon A.G. of Zurich. Most of the Degussa patents and technical secrets had been brought to Leukon for safekeeping. Notes on the future of Degussa, the branches, and the personnel. 2 pp. April 1945
134593 Comparison of English and German laws for the collection of debts by clearing offices. German-Swiss clearing agreement. 4 pp. May 1945
134615 Information on the Sonderauschuss Lokomtiven. 3 pp. June 1945
134693 File of copies of Der ost-Express (in German), with articles on Russian and Rumanian oil industry, Swedish shipping, Japanese control of Chinese economics., etc. 1939-1944
134736 Report on the foreign investments and activities of the Metallgesellschaft, Frankfurt, Germany. 1 p. October 1943
134935 Safehaven report on Erich van Kreibig (Note 115) of Ascona, Switzerland, a Nazi who deals in pictures for Germans (including Goering) and is concerned with Paul Lindpaintner (Note 116) of Lucerne, Switzerland. Count Alexander von Frey (Note 117), formerly in Paris, France, but now in Switzerland, says that the Germans stole art objects from his Paris collection. 2 pp. June 1945
134943 Press review of Die Nation in latter May 1945. Reports on NSDAP members and followers and Nazi organizational activities in Zurich, Switzerland and environs. Leading Croatian-Utashi, in order to save their lives and bring their stolen property into safety, have sought and found a place of refuge in Switzerland. 2 pp. June 1945
135128 Letter from Virgilio Biondi of Ansaldo enclosing answers to a questionnaire about Ansaldo representatives in Latin America, and Ansaldo relations with those countries. 7 pp. June 1945
135185 List of Hungarian political groups now active in Switzerland. 2 pp. June 1945
135212 Detailed interrogation report on Junkers of Dessau, Germany. 11 pp. June 1945
135284 Report containing information on the Scheiss A.G. of Dusseldorf, Germany, including subsidiaries domiciled outside of Germany. 12 pp. March 1945
135303 Untranslated German documents on the structure of the VDA (Volksbund fur das Deurschsum im Ausland), which is the national association of Germans overseas, listing addresses of offices in Greater Germany, names of officials, and accounts of Volksdeutsch in the Balkans, Hungary, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, and Transnistria. 32 pp. 1934-1942
135437 Notes on Swiss-German economic relations as indicated in an article in the Swiss labor periodical (Verband der Handels-Transport-und Lebensmittslarbeiter. 2 pp. May 1945
135509 Evaluation report on interrogation of Herbert Ludwig of Klockner Humbold Deritz about the Reichswirtschaft Miniserium, naming officials (some of which are anti-Nazi) and describing foreign exchange procurement and recompense for war loses. Klockner's finances were handled by Specht, who can describe any escape of capital. 4 pp. June 1945
135591 File of Italian documents on the Pierelli company's business relations with Japan. 54 pp. June 1945
135610, 135614-135615 Table of refugee war industries by name, with camouflage destinations and old and new locations in Germany, Austria, and occupied countries. 10 pp. July 1945
135707 Supplements to interrogation of Albert Speer about German industrial control, factory sites and code names, blockade running, Speer's archives, list of Speer's subordinates, industrial planning, smuggling from Spain and Portugal, SS industries, Manfred Weiss, concentration camp labor, Saur, Sauckel, Bormann, Himmler, sabotage of scorched-earth plans, Hitler's last days, etc. 42 pp. June 1945
135883 Safehaven report on the expulsion of national socialists from Switzerland, discussing problems of right of appeal, amount of currency which may be taken, the number of suspects, and the care of destitute dependents. 3 pp. June 1945; see also 145268 Swiss policies on purge of Axis supporters. 31 pp. December 1945
136038 Bibliography of documents on Argentina and Paraguay, on occupation groups, politics and post-war committees in the former, and on labor, legislation, strikes, wages, education, and politics in the latter. 5 pp. July 1945
136042 Bank balances for chief Buenos Aires, Argentina banks at the close of business, January 31, 1945. Axis banks are included. 1 p. January 1945
136253 Discussion and comparative charts on the world production of munitions at the end of the war in Europe. 18 pp. June 1945
136326 Aspects of Administration of Criminal Justice in Germany. 39 pp. September 1944
136411 Description of the penetration of Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Poland, and Rumania by German firms (named), also discussing the local affiliates of those firms. Statistics and table of currency are given. 54 pp. June 1945
136415 List of Portuguese bonds looted in the Netherlands. 23 pp. June 1945
136650 Report on Jean Monnet who tried to agree with Schenley's to create a monopoly of French wines and champagnes. He is political and friend of Bonnet. He has gone to Paris, France, but returns to New York. 2 pp. June 1945
136735 Extra-territorial effect of economic measures taken by occupying powers in Germany. problems of recognition and enforcement in neutral countries. Law suits. 87 pp. May 1945
136745 Report on German assets in Iceland, including Finnish, Italian, and German claims in the custody of the Landsbanki Islands at Reykjavik. Amounts and their owners are listed. 17 pp. June 1945
136753 List of officers of Gas und Wasseresserfabrik A.G of Lucerene. All are Swiss. 1 p. June 1945
136879 Four folders of data and correspondence about the Italian Fiat Company, describing relations with Argentina, Venezuela, and Paraguay (in Italian and Spanish). ca. 500 pp. 1938-1941
137428 German Military Government Report mentioning the Gutenberg Museum and collections of archives. 10 pp. June 1945
137436 Notes on activities of Wolfgang Krehl, and Joao de Camara who have been in contact with German representatives in Portugal. Lists of deposits in the account of Krehl in Lisbon, Portugal. 3 pp. July 1945
137589 Report on the flight of capital from Algeria to France, which has increased as result of the native disturbances. 1 p. June 1945
137704 Notes on Cristobal de Acevado, an Ecuadorian citizen who made ten trips in and out of Portugal from 1940 to 1944. It is not known that he has been in Portugal since November 1944. 1 p. July 1945
137811 Interrogation of Hugo Stinnes, about labor problems, foreign workers, exclusion of Jews, fear of Communism, etc. 8 pp. May 1945
137892 Safehaven report on Hans Bernhard Rohrbach, arrested in Portugal for trying to import looted Belgian diamonds. 5 pp. June 1945
137893 Report that Louis Willy Braun had been commissioned shortly after his arrival to Portugal from Germany to design and supervise the modernization and remodeling of two motion picture theaters recently acquired by reported German interests. 2 pp. July 1945
137978 Records of the German enemy property custodian, captured by the Allies at Berneck, describing the office and its operation, and citing government decrees and Jewish property decrees. Lists of employees of the Reichskommissar of enemy property. 76 pp. May 1945
137979 Monthly report on financial aspects of the Allied occupation of Germany, including investigation of German foreign assets, disintegration of German foreign exchange machinery, foreign exchange and blocking control, denazification, public finance, German counterfeiting of Allied currency, financial statistics and inflation trends, Reichsbank disposition of SS loot, banking, the National Bank of Hungary, audits, accounts, and organization, analysis of I.G. Farben documents. 103 pp. May 1945
138339 Reports on German external assets including reports on or by Robert Bosch GmbH and I.G. Farben about their foreign activities, patent arrangements with Standard Oil of New Jersey, concealment of ownership and plans for the "New Order" in European economy. 199 pp. July 1945
138562 Friedrich Wilhem Stengel, German Consul General in Bern, Switzerland, denies being an SD agent. 1 p. July 1945
138734 Interrogation report on Josef Glasser, chief of the German Economic Control Bureau in Basel, Switzerland. 1 p. July 1945
138812 Evaluation of the coal situation in northwest Europe, including output and requirements in Germany, France, and the Low Countries, and requirements in Scandinavia, Switzerland, and Italy. 48 pp. May 1945
138894 Economic situation in Germany. 11 pp. June 1945
139043 Safehaven report on the movement of Nazi looted valuables through Milan, Italy, with a statement regarding some silver bars which were taken by the Germans; another statement regarding jewels, gold, and silver which were taken by the Germans. Names of some German officers and SS men. 5 pp. July 1945
139644 Economic Survey of Germany. Section K. Armaments and Munitions. 183 pp. May 1945
139651 Exploitation of patents by Longa A.G., Basel, Switzerland, is indicated in three specific items concerning patents for chemicals belonging to Giulio Hatta, Naples, Italy, and Alexander Wacker, Gesellschaft fur Elektrochemische Industrie mbH, Munich, Germany. 1 p. July 1945
140033 Materials form the working files of the Reichsgruppe Industrie (statistical data in millions of Reichsmarks) on production and value of sales from the years 1936 to 1943. 1 p. August 1945
140053 Information on the Swiss Federal Decree instituting the blocking of assets belonging to expelled persons. 4 pp. July 1945
140364 Report on the organization of Germany transport, with notes on many personalities connected with the transport organization in Germany. 63 pp. July 1945
140365 Report on interrogation of Karl Schnurre, Trade Treaty negotiator in the German Foreign Office. Thirty-one German Foreign Office personalities are named and described. Thirteen German Foreign Mission Chiefs are also named and described. 8 pp. July 1945
140955 Werewolves' (Note 118) activity in the Upper Adige, occupation of Austria, return of Polish and Dutch rolling stock, German funds are still transferred to Swiss bank; Von Halem, German ambassador to Portugal, hid papers and valuables which had come from Germany; German-controlled enterprises in Sweden; etc. 6 pp. July 1945
141436 Information on organization of two companies: Marti S.A., Tangier, organized to acquire real estate in Tangier; and Societe Marocaine de Procedes Industriels et Brevets d'Invention, incorporated by Rene Mars, in Tangier. This is the third company Mars has incorporated from June 10 to July 2, 1945. 1 p. July 1945
141489 Supplemental list of German firms and individuals in Portugal which are authorized to continue normal exercise of their activities. 2 pp. July 1945
141515 Sale of the Netherlands Consulate General building, Tangier, to a group of Spaniards represented by Francisco Carrion, in spite of instructions from the French Government forbidding sale of Tangier property to foreigners. 1 p. July 1945
141587 Who's Who in Germany and Austria. Part I. Administrative directory containing names of Central authorities and regional authorities, covering the following groups: state, party, armed forces, cultural, and economic leaders. List of important firms. Leaders in Occupied countries. Police officials. Glossary containing translations or explanations of a number of current German ranks, titles and technical terms. List of abbreviations. Table of place name equivalents. Table of Ranks. and Comparative Table of ranks in German Civil Service. 143 pp. March 1945
141744 Preliminary interrogation report on Erich Muller, Austrian SD agent. Mentions wealthy Jews were permitted to leave after being fleeced by the Nazis. 2 pp. August 1945
141904 The Finca la Caja in Costa Rica, formerly the property of the German firm Hubbe Hijos, has been sold to the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social. 1 p. January 1945
141926 Report on the economics of Continental European Transportation. Part II. Rolling Stock. 23 pp. March 1945
142222 Translation of an article in Neue Zuercher Zeitung on blocked German assets in Switzerland, opposing their confiscation as a violation of the rights of private property. 5 pp. August 1945
142290 Press clippings from British papers concerning report by Orvis Schmidt, head of Foreign Funds Control, on the danger of German funds in safehaven in Switzerland and other neutral countries. 2 pp. July 1945
142299 Interview on Swiss politics. 4 pp. August 1945
142401 Translation of a Portuguese decree-law permitting arriving and departing travelers to possess foreign banknotes up to a certain amount. 3 pp. August 1945
142602 Report on the German state-owned mines in Spain (iron, tungsten, tin, and lead). 1 p. August 1945
142604 Minutes on the technical organization of Productos Quimicos Schering S.A., which began as a mere distributing center for the parent house in Berlin, Germany, and later manufactured some products sold by Schering. Index of patent medicines of Schering S.A. of Madrid, Spain. 3 pp. August 1945; see also 145180 Safehaven report concerning Quimico Farmacuetrica Lda of Portugal, owned by E. Merck, Darmstadt, Germany. 2 pp. December 1945
142660 Information on banking institutions in Fiume, and their control by the Yugoslavs. 1 p. August 1945
142762 Safehaven report, enclosing a translation from the Cully Chronique de Lavaux, objecting to Swiss concessions to Allied economic investigations and interference in Switzerland. 3 pp. August 1945
143087 Discussion of the use and importance of aluminum, operation of the industry in Germany, materials and labor, and aluminum consumption, giving statistics and a list of plants in Axis Europe. 13 pp. August 1945
143320 Consumer outlay in the Altreich 1936-1944, in billions of 1938RM, on numerous commodities. 1 p. September 1945
143407 Father Boniglio applied at the French Embassy to the Vatican to exchange 21 million francs which Dafnand had entrusted to him. The Embassy refused to exchange them 1 p. August 1945
143429 Report on Jean Eduard Leopold van de Casteele, one of the leading German counter- espionage agents operating in France during the occupation. He headed several business enterprises along with his other work and was busy with black market activities which brought him a considerable amount of foreign currency, much of which he invested in neutral countries. List of his agents, one of the principal one being Jose Carvalho da Silva, through whom the Germans were able to obtain the first phial of penicillin to arrive in Europe. Van de Casteele had many shares in Sofina and Libby-Owens. 3 pp. August 1945
143499 Report on legal and illegal expropriation under the Nazis. Seizure of Communists' and other party members' property, church properties, Jew's. 40 pp. August 1945
143597 List of 22 Belgian, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, and Swiss valuers, auctioneers, and auction firms advertising in the Kunstpreiverzeichnis (1940-1941), Berlin, Germany 1943. 4 pp. July 1945
143599 A list of 11 Hungarian, Portuguese, Swiss, Russian, Belgian, and Norwegian art dealers who are believed to have traded with the enemy. 4 pp. July 1945
143686 Translation of an article in the Journal de Geneve attacking Switzerland's position as a center of international finance. It is by Pierre Beguin. 2 pp. August 1945
143688 Report on Japanese assets in Switzerland. Commission has been appointed to seek out capital transferred from Japan to Switzerland in the past few years. Action may disrupt the financial conditions of some banks. 1 p. August 1945
143689 Germany: total sales of individual industries November 1942. Industries are named and statistics are listed. 1 p. November 1942
143854 German's external economic relations. 17 pp. October 1944
144509 Report on properties belonging to the Reich which were leased directly or indirectly to and operated by I.G. Farben. 5 pp. August 1945
144165 Safehaven report on the Kohlenunion Geldner A.G. Switzerland, which represents the German firm, Raab-Karcher GmbH and is on the Proclaimed List. 1 p. August 1945
144730 Interim report on Hans Martin Zeidler, Chief of Amt VI Wi of RSHA (Note 119), explaining organization of his department and methods of collecting and dissemination economic intelligence, and names many important intelligence personalities. 9 pp. October 1945; see also 144737 Third interim report on Zeidler, containing notes regarding economic intelligence, especially on Standard Electric, Berlin, Germany; foreign exchange dealings connected with intelligence; Schellenberg's (Note 120) desire to contact Dulles in Switzerland; and miscellaneous intelligence matters. 4 pp. Nov. 1945
144767 Final interrogation report on Oblt George Bernhard Kaden, regarding factories making water materials for Germany in areas of Frankfurt and Angers, and possible safehaven activities of Major d R Hans Harold Berger, Leiter of Ast Angers, and names of some of his agents. 12 pp. November 1945
144771 Interrogation report dealing with construction of fishing cutters for Germany in Sweden; activities of German Naval Attache in Stockholm, Sweden; information on Swedish naval personalities; and neutral and Axis diplomats in Sweden. 11 pp. November 1945
144954 Observations of supposed Safehaven operations in Luxembourg concerning ARBED, and its general manager, Aloys Meyer. 3 pp. December 1945
144959 Safehaven report containing newspaper extracts on the German assets in Switzerland. 4 pp. Dec. 1945; see also 144960 Safehaven report on German assets in Switzerland. 2 pp. Dec. 1945; 144962 Safehaven report on German assets in Switzerland. 1 p. Dec. 1945 144963 Safehaven report on newspapers extracts on the German assets in Switzerland. 3 pp. Dec. 1945; 144976 Safehaven report that German assets amounting to one billion francs are in Switzerland; clippings from Swiss newspapers. 4 pp. November 1945
145005-14009 Safehaven reports from Portugal. 13 pp. December 1945
145036 Safehaven information regarding investigation of the German School of Bilbao, Spain. 22 pp. December 1945
145158 Deutsche Revisions und Treuhand A.G.'s Special auditor's reports. 35 pp. October 1945
145181 Ordinance of Swiss Federal Department of Public Economy of December 7, 1945, in regard to payments traffic with Belgium/Luxembourg. Possible safehaven reference. 3 pp. December 1945
145184 Safehaven report concerning the purchase by Portuguese of German ships of the Norddeutscher Lloyd, Packetfahrt A.G. and Robert Bornhofen Navigation Company. 2 pp. December 1945; see also 145194 Safehaven report regarding Portuguese purchase of German ships of different German companies. 6 pp. January 1946
145188 Safehaven report on Swiss press comment on economic conflicts between the United States and Switzerland. 2 pp. January 1946
145190 Safehaven report on blocked Swiss assets in the United States. 3 pp. Jan. 1946
145213 Swiss press identifies American intervention concerning Swiss-Italian agreement; Swiss watch exports and German assets in Switzerland as economic war. 2 pp. Dec. 1945