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60459 The Axis governments (especially Germany), and also Switzerland, for some time have been sending gold into Turkey via their diplomatic pouches. Turks are paying a small premium for gold. The real profit comes when it is smuggled back into Bulgaria, Rumania, and Hungary. In these countries, faith in paper money is notably lacking. Sovereign can be bought in Istanbul for ltq 36, and sold in Bulgaria for 7,000 levas. There is a ring of smugglers who deal with the diplomats. It is noticeable that all Axis, Swiss, and Swedish government employees in Turkey live beyond their known means. 1 p. Feb. 1944; see also 60811 List of persons and foreign representative bodies in Turkey who made sizable sales of gold in Istanbul. The values are given. Size of gold shipment which recently arrived in Turkey from Germany also given. 1 p. Feb. 1944; 63204 List of arrivals of gold in Turkey by plane for a German bank from Germany and Switzerland. Balbanov, Bulgarian minister, withdrew funds from this bank. 1 p. Feb. 1944; 61314 Statistics on sale of gold by Axis officials in Turkey. 1 p. Dec. 1943; 62947 Report about gold bars sold in Istanbul against live stock sold in Syria. 1 p. Jan. 1944; 63434 Commercial transactions of the Deutsche Bank in Istanbul. A list of sales of gold during the week ending Feb. 19, 1944. Also a list of sales of dry salted goat skins and sheep skins, and mohair. Loans were made on the sale of soya beans, hemp seed, fish, sunflower seed, and linseed. 2 pp. Feb. 1944; 65216 Financial Report from Turkey: Weekly statement of Central Bank of Turkish Republic Feb. 5-12, 1944; gold and currency situation; agricultural news; the mining industry; production of other industries; trade with various European countries. 7 pp. Feb. 1944; 66799 Weekly reports of Central Bank of Turkish Republic for Feb. 19-26, 1944. Gold price and supplies noted. Prices of gold in Swiss banks given; relations between Switzerland and Germany on the gold market noted. Agricultural products' prices given. Information on shipping, mining, industry, and trade relations with various countries. 6 pp. Mar. 1944; 70014 Collection of weekly reports of Istanbul exchange in which the price of gold and the price of foreign currencies (black market) are dealt with. 11 pp. Mar. 1944; 70025 Report containing lists of commercial transactions by the Deutsche Bank in Istanbul, showing commodities sent by Turkish firms (named) to German firms (named). Also lists of gold transactions for the weeks ending Jan. 15, Feb. 3, and Mar. 18, 1944 and a note on illegal gold exports to Sofia, Bulgaria. Prominent Germans in Turkey are said to be buying gold coins. Jan.-March 1944; 70131 Report on sales of British gold in Turkey. It is thought that this gold is smuggled into Turkey through Gazi Antep. 1 p. Dec. 1943; 77646 List of gold sales and purchases by the Deutsche Bank of Istanbul for the week ending June 3, 1944, naming purchasers and sellers. 2 pp. June 1944; 117900 Information on the relative cost of living in Turkey during Nov. 1944 and before the war, mentioning percentage of rise in food prices and average price of gold. 1 p. February 1945
60748 Information on Egyptian-Swiss pact and other Egyptian information. 8 pp. February 1944
61087 Report that Turkey hopes to preserve her neutrality. 1 p. February 1944
61093 Further German credit is reported to be opened in the Bank of Portugal. German credit is said to be extended to the Minero Silvicola, and gold ingots are said to be coming to Portugal from Germany. 1 p. February 1944
61097 Comments on current events includes Edda Ciano and other refugees in Switzerland. 4 pp. Feb. 1944; see also 63146 A reply to the leftists who have been condemning the Swiss government for harboring Countess Ciano and M. Alfieri. The article notes that political refugees are very few, but wars against accepting too many refugees of any type since the drain upon the country, especially in the event that Switzerland goes to war, will be almost too much. The article appeared in the Geneva Journal. 2 pp. Jan. 1944; 72130 Extract from an article in the Journal De Geneve on political refugees and the right of asylum. Most refugees in Switzerland deny that they are political. Switzerland should, for security reasons, be careful about admitting refugees indiscriminately. Post-war unemployment in Switzerland may ensue. 3 pp. April 1944; 110646 Information on the Swiss being very hospitable to Italian political refugees, and notes on political parties in Italy, and among refugees in Switzerland. 3 pp. July- September 1943
61137 Report on the relationship between Secours Suisse and French farmers in La Hille, on French farming conditions, water shortages, and German troops. 3 pp. Feb. 1944
61142 Axis, Swiss, and Turks acquiring United States Dollars. 2 pp. February 1944
61145 Information on Spanish Morocco, including Spanish-German collaboration at Tangier. 6 pp. February 1944
61156 Tanning factory of Henrique Rodrigues des Santos at Sacaven, Portugal, sends kid pull- overs to Germany via Switzerland through S. Vidal. 1 p. January 1944
61162 Report on a Portuguese rice husking factory at Sacavem which sends rice and beans by barge to Lisbon, Portugal, for trans-shipment on Swiss ships to Germany. 1 p. January 1944
61164 Sociedade Zickermann has requested price and stock lists of asbestos for export to Germany. Ateliers de Constructio Oerlikon of Zurich, Switzerland, has also asked about asbestos. 1 p. February 1944
61212 Translation and summary of a report on German-Italian trade relations in 1942, written by an Italian bank in January 1943. The Italo-German trade is estimated and statistical tables are given. Lists of German and Italian exporting organizations for various commodities are added. 10 pp. February 1944
61452 Information on Germany from intercepted letters. Included is information that living conditions are but not impossible, great manpower shortage, commodity shortages increase, food is adequate but health declines, lowered morale, increased propaganda, clothes are made out of old curtains, etc. 15 pp. Feb. 1944; see also 61777 Information about economic matters in Germany, including breakdown in German customs service, morale, evacuation of population, laborers poorly paid and fed in Wengoring Hansen Foundry of Tilsitt; also note that most Germans consider war lost but hang on because they think they will lose all anyway. 5 pp. Jan. 1944; 61848 Report on situation in Germany, including foreign labor at war plants, shortages of raw materials, Gestapo control, German morale, etc. 9 pp. Feb. 1944; 63116 Swiss liberal weekly Weltwoche comments on German morale, indicating that Germany has practically lost the war, thus making explanation of continued resistance difficult. 1 p. Mar. 1944; 67109 Feeling amongst Germans in general is that the war is lost; food is scarce, extensive black market, etc. 2 pp. Jan.-Feb. 1944; 67417 Miscellaneous information about Germany derived from personal observation of a Spaniard who escaped from forced labor there. Topics covered in the report are wages, prices, black market, rationing of food and clothing, German war industry, German morale and opinion, shortage of raw material, foreign workers in Germany, Spanish economic aid to Germany, and Gestapo activities. 9 pp. Apr. 1944; 69980 Report by an Iranian civilian returned from Germany about conditions in Germany, including morale, fear of Russians, and Germans hiding Jews. 8 pp. April 1944
61486 Secret Report on the political situation (August 1943) is principally concerned with the Italian separate peace and the Badoglio regime. It described German-Italian negotiations, Mussolini's attitude, and the events leading up to the armistice. A brief biographical sketch of Marshal Badoglio is included. The effect of the Italian capitulation on Spain, Portugal, and France is discussed at length. Report on Vatican attempts to mediate between the Axis and the Allies. 12 pp. March 1944
61647 Report on the German firm of Schenker and Co., in Turkey, which may be engaged in espionage. Biographical sketches of its German, Italian, and other employees are given. 4 pp. Feb. 1944; see also 70706 Fasting, of Schenker & Co. A.G., Istanbul, Turkey, buys up scrap rubber and delivers them to firm of Uc Halka Turk Ltd. The manager of this firm exports this rubber to Germany and Hungary being financed by Krupps. The transportation is usually under the direction of Turkish military authorities. 1 p. April 1944
61680 Report containing information about banking connections between Axis and neutral countries. 1 p. Mar. 1944; see also 63660 Participation and representation of German banks in Europe, This report lists the branches of the various German banks in European countries with their capital. European banks under German control are also listed (in Italian) 16 pp. Mar. 1944; 71375 Report on German banks mentions their infiltration, expansion, controlling interests, branches and subsidiaries in the banking organizations of occupied, satellite, and other countries. Chief officers of the various banks are named. 63 pp. Nov. 1943; 94908 German Banking Penetration in Continental Europe. Preliminary Draft. 91 pp. September 1944
61779 Since January 15, 1944, only one car of goods has arrived at the Turkish border from Sofia via railway. Bulgarian authorities have unloaded cars containing Swiss goods to be used in aiding the evacuation of Sofia. 1 p. January 1944
61788 Information shipping movements in Turkish commercial ports. 3 pp. November 1943
61849 Ingebord Engelhardt of Switzerland is suspected of being a mail-forwarding agent. 4 pp. November 1943
62050 Preliminary Report on Societe Generale De Belgique and African Metals Corporation. 64 pp. September 1943
62094 Hungary: Resume of trade balances, imports, and exports. Mention is made of amount of trade with Germany and Italy. 2 pp. October 1943; see also 62610 Hungary's trade and financial situation: Germany's clearing debt to Hungary; Hungarian note circulation; Hungarian export of oil products and bauxite. 1 p. March 1944; 62946 Exports of valuables were denied by Hungary to all but neutral countries, which were permitted (in principle) to receive payments in foreign exchange. An export license was nevertheless refused for payments to Switzerland. 1 p. July 1943; 63114 Communication between Hungary and Switzerland was cut on March 18, 1944. 1 p. March 1944; 63385 Current Situation in Hungary, including information that Switzerland is easily cut off from communications from Hungary by Germany. 2 pp. March 1944; see also 63575 Recent political developments in Hungary. The Hungarian Minister in Switzerland has stated that he would consider the new government as illegal, and would not accept any instructions from it. If the Swiss government recognizes the puppet government, the Hungarian Minister plans to resign in protest. Most of the Hungarian colony and the newspapermen are anti-German in Switzerland. 2 pp. March 1944; 66801 Hungarian diplomatic representation in Switzerland. 1 p. April 1944
62189 Report on the economic significance of the entry of Turkey into the war. 8 pp. Dec. 1943; see also 67352 Impact of Turkey's entry into the war. Included are tables on Turkish exports to and imports from Enemy Europe, 1941-1943. 26 pp. March 1944
62250 Report on organization of automobile and spare parts distribution in Occupied Countries. Motor factories in Holland, Belgium, and France are named. Officers of General Motors in France, Belgium, and Germany are named. 3 pp. February 1944
62301 Madrid, Spain firms are interested in selling wool blankets to Switzerland. 1 p. Mar. 1944
62303 Recent information on rail, highway, and water transportation in the Balkan area. 4 pp. January 1944
62445 Report on the eventual resumption of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and the Soviet Union. 3 pp. December 1943
62486 Circular letter from the War Transport Office at Bern, Switzerland, to forwarding agents on regulations for Swiss-Turkish trade. 1 p. February 1944
62489 Egyptian and German agents met in Istanbul, Turkey, to arrange the shipment of Egyptian cotton, actually to the German firm of Barth and Konnenhamp, but supposedly to the Swiss firm of Dr. Robert Thyll. 1 p. February 1944
62490 List of numbers of Swiss franc notes sent to Germany through the diplomatic pouch from Turkey. 1 p. February 1944
62641 Report on Tenacedur, a hardening product for use in the armament industry. It is a Swiss discovery owned by two individuals and the Societe Suisse de Metallurgie. 3 pp. May 1942
62644 Translation of an article in the Neue Zuricher Zeitung about the Ipsa A.G. fur Petroleum Industrie (a new Swiss refining company). 7 pp. June 1942
62648 Information on German-Turkish trade. 1 p. January 1944; see also 62958 Details of the exchange of commodities between Germany and Turkey (including occupied territory), with names of commercial concerns and some of their representatives involved in the negotiations. Occasional banking business, such as the establishment of credits, is reported. 42 pp. Dec. 1943-Feb. 1944; 63031 Notes on ships passing through Turkey to or from Axis countries. 2 pp. Dec. 1943; 63203 Turkey and Germany have concluded an agreement for enlarging the paper factory at Izmit. Four German firms (named) are represented. 1 p. Feb. 1944; 64504 Table of Turkish goods shipped to Axis countries Dec. 10, 1943-Jan. 5, 1944. 5 pp. February 1944; 66763 Tonnage figures for Turkish trade with the Axis, both import and export, during the year 1943; also table of monthly totals expressed in tons and Turkish pounds. 2 pp. March 1944; 67743 Information on German exports to Turkey. 2 pp. March 1944
62705 Copy of Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, containing various articles on present and future domestic economy; United States oil imperialism in Mexico; break with Argentina; and Swiss exports. 1 p. March 1944
62773 Information about a projected construction of chemical plants in Spain, with German and Italian manufacturers assistance. 1 p. March 1944
62776 List of German firms employing forced labor, and other economic information. 5 pp. February 1944; see also 68573 Report on various German industries, forced labor centers, etc. 4 pp. April 1944
62866 Locations and shifts of war plants, Germany. 1 p. February 1944
62933 Spanish financial transactions with Germany, giving amounts and organizations concerned. 1 p. March 1944
62957 Information about Turkish governmental pressure exerted on British firms in Turkey, to induce them to make boracite stocks available to local import-export firms for sale to Germany, German-occupied, or neutral European countries. 3 pp. January 1944
63018 Deutsche Orientbank, Turkey, told Dresdner Bank, Berlin, Germany, that Anatolian Railway Shares, Inc., will pay a dividend to be credited to the latter's bank's blocked account. 1 p. February 1944
63019 Correspondence between Deutsche Orientbank, Turkey, and Schweizerischen Bankverein, Zurich, Switzerland, involve cotton consignments to Bucharest, Rumania. 1 p. February. 1944; see also 63422 Exchange transactions of the Deutsche Orient Bank of Istanbul, with the Schweizerischer Bankverein and Schweizerische Bankgesellschaft of Zurich, for the Hungarian legation in Socia and the Swedish one in Istanbul. 1 p. February 1944
63032 Notes on trade between Switzerland and Turkey. 4 pp. February 1944; see also 63564 Turkish group is interested in purchasing arms and ammunition from the Swiss firm of Outil. 1 p. March 1944; 70011 Information on transactions in commodities between Turkey and Switzerland. 2 pp. March 1944
63110 Reports that strategic materials believed to be metals are smuggled though Spain to Germany via Swiss trucks. 2 pp. February 1944
63258 Miscellaneous information on Italy, including price of gold. 2 pp. February 1944
63366 Portuguese money transfers and deposits to banks in Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, and Sweden. 2 pp. February 1944
63382 Political controversies in Yugoslav-internee camps in Switzerland. 1 p. March 1944
63402 Information on German statistical (economic) research organizations. 5 pp. February 1944
63424 Air raids have destroyed many German printing presses and great stocks of books. The German press in Switzerland will therefore be increasingly valuable. 1 p. Jan. 1944; see also 96684 Swiss book publishers expect a business boom as a result of air raid damage to the German publishing center of Leipzig. 8 pp. June 1944; 112593 German book trade at the end of 1944. 2 pp. January 1945
63723 Amounts are given for money transfers and deposits in Portuguese banks from Argentina, Morocco, Switzerland, and Germany. 1 p. March 1944
63938 Preliminary Draft: Germany, Money and Banking. The history of traditional German banking is summarized, and the growth of totalitarian banking is traced. The present system is described with emphasis on the Reichsbank and its subsidiaries. Credit institutions, commercial banks, insurance companies, and the stock exchange are also discussed. Many statistics are given. Currency and exchange control are included. 312 pp. Feb. 1944; see also 67958 List of political appointments to the management of German banks. banks and individuals are listed. 3 pp. Mar. 1944; 69375 Civil Affairs Handbook Germany. Section 5. Money and Banking [and insurance]. 312 pp. April 1944; 77504 Series of translated summaries of German laws for the control of banking. Individual banks are named and balance sheets are copied. 125 pp. March 1944; 80691 German Reichsbank policy and control. 21 pp. June 1944; 81290 Elimination of Nazis from the German Banking Structure. Report on the various German banking and credit institutions and their key positions are discussed, and a list of German financial leaders and their positions is added. 30 pp. June 1944; 81616 Germany. Basic Handbook. Economic Survey Section T. Currency, Finance, and Banking. 37 pp. May 1944; 82703 Translated decrees relating to German currency, exchange control, foreign trade control, discriminatory laws, foreign and enemy property control, banking and insurance. This is Vol. II of a larger report. 604 pp. May 1944; 84835 Report on German commercial banking in wartime. 19 pp. July 1944 113432 Germany. Money and Banking (Revised). 313 pp. Feb. 1945; 114945 Military Government Handbook on Germany dealing with the German banking system. 314 pp. Feb. 1945; 127191 Detailed interrogation report on banking and finance in Germany, mentioning bank control, Nazi influence, leading banks, the financial manipulations of prominent Nazis (named), currency, and investments, as well as leading personalities. 11 pp. Apr. 1945; 124455 Reichsbank's organization is described, and its relations with independent and affiliated bodies are discussed. Descriptions or personalities. 54 pp. Aug. 1944; 131779 German Banking in 1944: A resume of German changes in banking control and supervision, wartime legislation, reorganization of the trade group for private banking, abolition of the Reich Supervisory Board, balance sheet of Berliner Handels-Gesellschaft, and general developments in credit banks and savings banks (named). 14 pp. May 1945; 132504 German Banking in 1944: Changes in banking control and supervision, abolition. 12 pp. May 1945
63967 Note on the manner of life of foreigners in Germany, providing information about the special discrimination against Jews and Poles, special ration restrictions, housing in camps, German occupation methods in Norway, etc. A blank labor-conscription order from France is included. 9 pp. February 1944
64015 Report on Axis merchant ships. 2 pp. February 1944
64080 Notes on prices and availability of consumer goods in Axis Europe. 47 pp. Feb. 1944
64123 Report on labor conditions in Austria. 3 pp. February 1944; see also 65149 Report on conditions in Vienna, Austria, mentioning moral, treatment of Jews, black market, etc. 2 pp. Mar. 1944; 65692 Conditions in Austria. 7 pp. Mar. 1944; 65874 Conditions in Austria. 14 pp. Feb. 1944; 68205 Conditions in Austria, including information on increasing severity of Nazi restrictions in Austria shown by a number of instances of very harsh treatment meted out to civilians and military. 2 pp. April 1944; 74544 Conditions in Vienna, with information Gestapo executions. 1 p. May 1944; 76693 Situation in Vienna. Includes information on Gestapo terror, note that Vienna is full of valuable art treasures looted by the Nazis from Jews in Hungary, black market activities, etc. 1 p. June 1944; 78199 Conditions in Austria, including information on Gestapo activities, clothing shortages, black market activities, prices, and on number of Jews left and treatment accorded them. 2 pp. May 1944; 80227 Items from German war prisoners in Italy, on various subjects including extermination of Polish Jews, black market in Vienna, German apathy. 3 pp. June 1944; 92285 Political situation and living conditions in Austria. 3 pp. September 1944
64136 Particulars of German negotiations with the Swiss Company Schwizer Lokomotiv-und Maschinem Fabrik for the delivery of locomotives to Germany. 6 pp. March 1944
64278 British report on Switzerland's strategic, military, political, economic, and sociological significance. 22 pp. 1942
64288 Weekly Digest of Turkish Newspaper Comment, March 7-13, 1943. 2 pp.; see also 68661 Report on Turkish policy and public opinion. 1 p. March 1944
64514 Report on the German Edible Oil Industry. 9 pp. March 1944
64521 Reports on transactions carried on between Marcus & Harting, a German firm, and the Banco de Portugal. 1 p. February 1944
64568 G. A. Bernard, a Swiss national, is en route to Spain and Portugal. He is thought to be working with Germans through his connections with French interests. 1 p. Feb. 1944
64599 Report on various financial transactions which took place at Lisbon, Portugal. The Banco Nacional Ultramarino deposited sums at the Banco Lisboa e Azores and at the Banco Espirito e Comercial de Lisboa to the credit of Swiss and German banks. 1 p. March 1944; see also 74422 Report on transactions between the Banco National Ultramarino, the Banco Fonsecas Sentos & Viana, the Banco Espirito Santo e Comercial de Lisboa, the Banco Borges e Irmao, and various Swiss banks (named), and Dr. Wolfgang Krehl and the Allgemeine Financierung Gesellschaft. These deposits and transfers took place in Portugal. 2 pp. April 1944
64671 Materials Inventory of the European Axis: Iron and Steel. 12 pp. March 1945
64709 Contraband shipments of cotton to Italy from the United States were organized through a Portuguese factory and through the Swiss firm of Wild and Co. 2 pp. March 1944
64720 Summary of intercepts covering Spanish and Portuguese trade for the week ending March 11, 1944. Most of this report is concerned with German-Portuguese, Swiss- Spanish, and German-Spanish trade. 4 pp. March 1944; see also 65054 Report on Spanish raisin negotiations with Sweden and Switzerland; also information on Spanish railway difficulties in delivering items to Germany. 1 p. February 1944; 67673 List of Portuguese steel products imports from Axis and neutral countries during January 1944, by supplier, product, and quantity. 2 pp. March 1944; 72388 Portuguese exports to the Axis and to neutrals, classified by commodities. United States and British statistics are compared. 1 p. April 1944; 72686 Cocoa shipments from Portugal to Switzerland. 1 p. April 1944; see also 73548 Cocoa shipment from Switzerland to Lisbon, and copra shipment from Portugal to Switzerland. 1 p. April 1944
64830 Report on Allied prisoners in the Udine area, who escape frequently to Switzerland. 1 p. March 1944
64899 Among certain assets which the Hungarian Government has in Switzerland, are 30,000,000 francs gold. 1 p. March 1944
65007 Note on the Russian attitude towards the Gold Standard. 1 p. February 1944; see also 71702 Gold Industry in USSR. 3 pp. May 1944; 86474 A report on the tin-tungsten and gold ore distribution in the Est Kazakstan areas of Russia. 2 pp. June 1944
65119 Results of allied accidental "air raid" on Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Fifty people were killed and about 100 wounded. various buildings were also destroyed. As is understandable there is very great bitterness against the United States in the city. 1 p. April 1944; see also 109843 Copies of notes exchanged between United States and Swiss authorities over the bombing of Schaffhausen, by United States planes. 8 pp. April 1944 (Note 93)
65131 Report on preparations by Axis nationals for leaving Tangier, Spanish Morocco. 1 p. February 1944
65312 List of smugglers and Axis agents in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Spanish Morocco, Angola, and Curaco. A list of couriers (mostly ships' employees) is also given. 98 pp. February 1944
65541 Information on the situation in northern Spain. 4 pp. March 1944
65551 Information on Swiss railway operations. 2 pp. March 1944; see also 66625 Minor developments of Swiss railways. 2 pp. March 1944
65555 Increases and reconstruction of fares and rates of the Swiss Federal Railways administration. The increase does not seem to be necessitated by financial difficulties. 1 p. March 1944; see also 77276 Raising of age limits for half fare travelers, and percentage of increase in fares, in season ticks and in goods rates on the Swiss railways. 2 pp. June 1944
65730 Spanish shipping summary March 1944. 3 pp. April 1944; see also 68594 List of Spanish vessels under 500 tons suspects of operating in the interest of the enemy. 8 pp. March 1944
65783 Import of aluminum spools by Turkey from Switzerland. 1 p. April 1944
65848 A concentration camp of Jews and foreigners provide forced labor at Auschwitz. (Note 94) 1 p. Feb. 1944; see also 72872 Speech made by Erich Rosenberg at a course given by the American-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, describing the Westerbork concentration camp in the Netherlands and German persecution of Jews. German concentration camps are also described, and tortures are mentioned. The prisoners who survived became mere automata leading animal existences and repeating Nazi slogans. Rehabilitation of such prisoners is discussed. 20 pp. May 1944; 88254 Information on conditions in concentration camp at Lwow in Poland; this was mostly for French prisoners. (Note 95) Information also on massacres of Jews carried out by Germans in this region. 5 pp. Sept. 1943; 95011 Interview with a former resident of Baden, Germany. Interviewee is Jewish and spent some time in the concentration camp at Dachau. (Note 96) Description of miseries of Jewish inmates of this camp, German atrocities, various war industries, etc. 6 pp. Sept. 1944; 97724 Concentration camps in Germany- -a factual description. 42 pp. Oct. 1944; 102832 Information on German execution of Jews in Occupied Russia, and information about concentration camps and noting spoliation by German police officers of all belongings of any value. 5 pp. August 1944; 104562 Poland and Germany-location of 166 concentration camps; also forced labor camp in Lithuania and one in Norway. 3 pp. Nov. 1944; 127776 Basic Handbook. Axis Concentration Camps and Detention Centers. 58 pp. May 1945; 135595 Prisoner interrogation information on German war criminals, naming men responsible for atrocities, burning of synagogues, and concentration camp horrors. 22 pp. June 1945
65858 Banque de l'Indochine has acquired telegraphic registration in Bern, Switzerland and prepares to open a branch at Algiers. It may assist French reconstruction by means of blocked funds in the United States. It acquired Aryanized enterprises in France. Activities of its representatives in the United States are traced. So far, the United States has kept it from getting control of blocked funds. 18 pp. April 1944
65954 Information on European railway situation, including information of traffic to Italy through France and Switzerland. 6 pp. March 1944
66036 Langbegn (or Langbei), the lawyer, has been condemned to death for heading a passport- forging ring which helped Jews and anti-Nazis to escape from Germany. Langbei's friendship with Himmler had previously preserved him 2 pp. Feb. 1944
66073 Information on Nazis in Chile. 15 pp. March 1944
66352 Credits possessed by the Reichskreditkasse at the Bank of France have been exhausted. 1 p. January 1944
66577 Article from the London Times on Switzerland, covering food situation, industry, and exports to Germany. 2 pp. March 1944
66732 Estimates of civilian workers and war prisoners in Germany as of March 1, 1944. 1 p. Mar. 1944; see also 69238 Statistical tables showing the number of foreign workers in the various German areas, naming the firms for which they work and the occupations which they pursue. 22 pp. May 1944; see also 70188 German is full of foreign workers; Allied bombings have caused numerous evacuations, within Germany, and towards other countries. Statistics of foreign workers and working prisoners in Germany and Austria are given, naming the companies employing them and the capacities in which they are employed. 54 pp. May 1944; 76104 Estimate of war prisoners and foreign workers of various nations (listed in Germany. 5 pp. June 1944
66824 Notes on Current Economic Information contains information on probable economic consequences to Germany of the loss of the Baltic states, etc. 20 pp. Feb. 1944
66854 Information extracted from a newspaper, January 1942-April 1943, regarding Greek olive oil production and exports, cotton prices, brown coal (lignite), crops and markets, transport regulations, mineral resources, agreements with Germany and Italy, and silk culture. 3 pp. March 1944; 67707 contains similar information. 2 pp. Mar. 1944
66980 Georges Bonnet, long a collaborator with the Germans, has sneaked across the frontier and is now in Geneva, where he hopes to take the place of the recently deceased French ambassador. The Swiss government does not appear disposed to accept a new ambassador, even if he was appointed personally by Marshal Petain. 1 p. April 1944
67045 Paper on consideration affecting post-war control of Germany. 25 pp. April 1944
67069 Reports on German industries including the Zeiss Optical Works, the Bayern Motor Works, Siemens, etc. 8 pp. April 1944; see also 68701 Detailed information on the Zeiss Corporation. 39 pp. April 1944; 70276 Report on various German war industries, including AEG (Allgemeine Elekrizitaetsgesllschaft), Zeiss Iron Works, Bayrische Motorenwerke, etc. 1 p. April 1944; 140027 Report on the Carl Zeiss industries in Germany, listing the directors, products, financial status, describing the plants, methods of operation, and estimate of war damage. 9 pp. August 1945
67273 Pope Pius XII letters to German bishops, one of which he berates the anti-Christian "and even Godless ideas" of the present German administration. 2 pp. April 1944; see also 99104 Allied and Axis relations with the Vatican. 3 pp. Oct. 1944; 105549 Notes on the countries and diplomats accredited to the Vatican, mentioning those inside and outside the Vatican City. 2 pp. Nov. 1944; 133009 The Concordat Between the Vatican and Germany. 6 pp. April-May 1945; 140333 Brief reference to relations between the the Vatican and Germany. 1 p. July 1945
67299 Rumanian trade agreement with Germany, including Rumanian exports to Switzerland (to secure Swiss francs). 2 pp. March 1944; see also 69024 Report that a certain F.F. Schmidt, representing the ORAP firm, is about to leave Rumania for Switzerland to place an important order for shoes for the Rumanian Army. 1 p. April 1944
67766 Sources of Yugoslavia's electric equipment (from Germany and Switzerland) are named. 3 pp. April 1944
67985 A bottleneck has developed in Bulgarian-German freight movements. The Schencker and Intercontinentale companies compete for moving merchandise from Bulgaria to Germany, and the Germany army tries to clear shipments through Ferrostahl. 1 p. April 1944
67988 Krupp and Messerschmitt are continuing together with other German firms to supply machinery to Spain. 1 p. April 1944
68164 The Marquis continue to mop up the Swiss frontier of France, where German garrisons flee to Switzerland. 1 p. August 1944
68574 Report on German war industries and assessment of damage done by Allied air raids. 4 pp. April 1944; see also 69438 Location of various German war industries is given together with other information concerning them; also information on German morale. 6 pp. April 1944; 70809 Information on various plants engaged in war manufacturing in Germany and in German-occupied Europe. 2 pp. April 1944; 76031 Prisoner interrogation report on 26 war plants in Germany, Austria, and Yugoslavia, mentioning buildings, labor, and output. 12 pp. June 1944; 81911 Descriptions of various war plants and industries in southern Germany, listing names, production and labor, etc. 5 pp. July 1944; 82996 Discussion of activities of the various factories and war industries in the Bohemian-Moravian Protectorate. 2 pp. July 1944; 83891 List of German factories engaged in war production; information German conscription of labor in Alsace. 10 pp. January 1944; 84255 Information on various German industries connected with the German war effort. Location, size, and manufacture of various factories are noted. 4 pp. July 1944; 104214 Output, damage, products, capacity of some 10 German (named) factories which are engaged in war production. 2 pp. October 1944
68580 Information on Japanese occupation of and military activities in Manila, Philippines, including banking, Japanese exploitation of industries, etc. 17 pp. March 1944
68607 Notes about transfer of German funds to Minero Silvicola through the Banco Espirito Santo and the Bank of Portugal probably for wolfram purchases. Swiss intermediaries are involved. 2 pp. March 1944
68693 European political report. Included is information on Belgian-German financial deals, German morale, Dutch labor for Germany, Spanish-United States wolfram negotiations, Sweden's trade with Germany. April 1944; see also 69533 Europe political report, containing information on United States demands, Spanish wolfram concessions, Swedish-Allied feeling about ball-bearing exports, etc. 35 pp. April 1944; 81235 Report advising allied pressure on neutral governments to stop their shipments of vital materials to Germany. This report puts special emphasis on wolfram shipments from Spain (which are continuing illegally despite assurances to the contrary by the Spanish Government), ball-bearings shipments from Sweden, and ball-bearing and machinery shipments from Switzerland. 3 pp. June 1944
68697 Annual statement of the National bank of Albania for 1939. 52 pp. April 1940
68734 The German cigarette company, Reemtama, wants to buy tobacco from the Bulgarian Tobacco Trading Corporation. The terms are described. 1 p. April 1944
68928 Bulletins giving information about various people who, in many instances, are suspected of being German agents, including those in Turkey, Portugal, etc. 22 pp. April 1944
69005 Employment of Foreigners in the German Army. II. Volunteers and Conscripts of other Foreign Nationalities. Also includes information about foreign workers, Jews, and gypsies. 25 pp. April 1944
69056 A Turkish firm identified only as Couremitis is considering sending merchandise to Germany by parcel post. The German principal is Spanholz Banking Company. 1 p. April 1944
69061 Fearing of closing of Franco-Spanish border due to invasion is disturbing factor in trade relations between Spain and Germany. 1 p. April 1944
69176 Description of the Groupe Worms (naming members) and of the Banque Worms of Worms et Cie, mentioning activities in France and North Africa. 11 pp. March 1944
69192 Allied plans for occupation of Germany and its impact on the Swiss public opinion. 2 pp. May 1944
69218 Report that the credit balance of the Reichsbank account with the Banco de Portugal on January 27, 1944, was 2,968,111.15 escudos. 1 p. March 1944; see also 69737 On March 20, 1944, the Reichsbank requested the Banco Lisboa and Azores to buy 300,000 Swiss francs. 1 p. March 1944
69381 Text of statement issued by the Chinese Minister of Finance to the effect that the Chinese Government would not recognize the transfer of title to looted gold which the Axis Powers at any time hold or have disposed of in the world market. 3 pp. March 1944
69489 Statistics on the Greek merchant fleet under British and United States control, under Swiss charter, and under Axis control. 2 pp. April 1944; see also 82202 Greek Shipping Movements. 2 pp. June 1944; 82205 contains similar information. 9 pp. June 1944
69581 German propaganda activities in Tetuan, Spanish Morocco, by representative in Tetuan of the Berlin, Germany firm of Cal Lindstroem A.G. 1 p. April 1944
69598 Report on tin production and consumption in Germany, axis-occupied countries, and neutral Europe. 28 pp. Sept. 1943; see also 75711 F. Frade, a Lisbon, Portugal firm, works with Mr. Azancot, to get an export license to send tin ostensibly to Sweden, but really to the German firm Albert O. Petersen. Portuguese intermediaries are named. The tin was sent by parcels post. Railroad arrangements are described. 2 pp. Apr. 1944
69725 The Danube is supposedly closed to German-Turkish commercial shipments though materials still move from Bratislava. 1 p. April 1944
69834 Location and information given on number of firms engaged in various types of manufacturing in Germany. 2 pp. April 1944
70013 Information on commerce between Turkey and Czechoslovakia in various commodities. 4 pp. January 1944; see also 70017 Information dealings between Boehmische Escomptebank, Prague, Czechoslovakia, and Deutsche Orientbank, Istanbul, Turkey, concerning trade between Turkey and Czechoslovakia. 1 p. January 1944; 70018 Information on sales and shipment of fish between Turkey and Czechoslovakia. Deutsche Orientbank, Istanbul, and Boehmische Escompte Bank, Prague, Czechoslovakia, handled the dealings. 1 p. February 1944
70025 Lists of commercial transactions by the Deutsche Bank in Istanbul, Turkey, showing commodities sent by Turkish firms (named) to German firms (named). Also lists of gold transactions for the weeks ending January 15, February 3, and March 18, 1944, and a note on illegal gold exports to Sofia, Bulgaria. Prominent Germans in Turkey are said to be buying gold coins. January-March 1944
70026 Brief reports on Turkish-German traffic in various commodities by German and Turkish companies (named), mentioning financial clearings. 29 pp. Jan.-April 1944; see also 70028 List of carloads of commodities from Bulgarian companies (named) of Axis and neutral Europe to Turkey. 5 pp. March 1944; 70029 List of carloads of commodities shipped by Turkish companies (named) to Axis and neutral Europe. 4 pp. March 1944; 70056 List of loaded railroad cars reaching Turkey from Europe in March 1944. 1 p. April 1944; 73135 Statistics on Turkish exports to Axis and Axis-occupied countries for 1942, 1943, 1944. 5 pp. April 1944; 77889 Traffic between Central Europe and Turkey. 1 p. May 1944
70203 List of Berlin, Germany black market prices as they stood at the end of March 1944. 1 p. Apr. 1944; see also 70628 Wholesale, retail, and black market prices for fuels, building materials, pulp and paper, and clothing for France, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. 12 pp. Mar. 1944; 73426 Information about various subjects, including morale and black market prices in Germany. 3 pp. April 1944; 75020 Extracts from Interrogation Reports covering German morale, the Brussels, Belgium black market, etc. May 1944
70214 A stoppage of Hungarian-Swiss commerce and a partial break in Hungarian-Turkish communications seem imminent. 1 p. May 1944
70233 Balkan transportation difficulties prevent Turkish shipments of copper through Bulgaria, but copper has been sent up the Danube on barges. The Schenker Transport Co. arranges Swedish lumber shipments to Bucharest, Rumania, but the stoppage may require shipment of the lumber to Prague, Czechoslovakia. 1 p. May 1944; see also 73405 A consignment of some 400,000 kilograms of crude copper has been dispatched by sea from Istanbul, Turkey, to the Bulgarian port of Burgas, to be forwarded via Ruse to the Schenker Transport Co. 1 p. May 1944
70281 Report on Germany's travel restrictions for Swiss citizens going to Spain, on Germany's control of Swiss watch exports, on German finance, on improbability of a German collapse, etc. 4 pp. April 1944
70311 Report on concealed assets of I.G. Farben in Switzerland (e.g., I.G. Chemie Company), the United States (e.g., General Aniline and Film Corporation), Latin America, and Dutch East Indies. 64 pp. May 1944; see also 77006 Information about the relationship of I.G. Farben and I.G. Chemie of Basel. Article in Moscow, Russia, newspaper accuses certain international trusts in Allied countries of cooperating with the enemy. 4 pp. June 1944
70347 Shipping in Oslo, Norway, Harbor. 2 pp. March 1944
70657 Switzerland and Sweden may import Rumanian petroleum. 1 p. April 1944
70707 Turkey intends to export cotton to Axis countries outside the existing Trade Agreements in view of their large surplus; moreover, the political disputes with Allies have given impetus to Turkey's trade with Axis; information on amount of secret textile stocks in Istanbul. 1 p. April 1944
70712 Information on the Banque Francaise et Italienne por l'Amerique du Sud (SUDAMERIS) 17 pp. May 1944
70795 Cobalt study. 30 pp. April 1944
71120 Miscellaneous information from Germany: Persecutions against the Jews, black market prices, morale, German leaders except Goering are hated, Antonescu's visit to Hitler, Germans sending troops to Bulgaria, etc. 2 pp. April 1944
71157 Report regarding export from Switzerland of lead and machinery to Rumania. 1 p. May 1944; see also 72401 Note on the frequency of lead exports from Switzerland to Rumania. 1 p. May 1944
71254 Review of the German press. Includes information German relations with Rumania, bombardment of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and foreign workers in Germany. 12 pp. Apr. 1944; see also 72339 Various intelligence information including Swiss resentment at the Schaffhausen raid, failure of latest German conscription of French labor, correspondence of French prisoners and workers in Germany. 29 pp. May 1944
71344 Report of lack of German peoples' confidence in the Reichsmark, preferring the French franc to the Reichsmark whenever the exchange is available. 1 p. April 1944
71454 Morphine Production From Poppy Straw in Enemy and Enemy-Occupied Europe. 8 pp. April 1944
71513 Letter on treatment of Dutch workers in Germany, giving names of Dutchmen who died in Germany and naming the factories where they worked. 4 pp. May 1944
71614 Analysis begun of Italian foreign exchange, foreign trade and trading with enemy decrees in connection with blocking and other financial controls. 2 pp. April 1944
71632 Information on Allied and Italian measures taken to expedite and disentangle the matter of foreign exchange. 7 pp. April 1944
71637 Report that the Nazis are still moving industrial factories to Czechoslovakia on a considerable scale. 2 pp. May 1944
71914 A Spanish government agency is interested in buying motors or motorcycles from the Deutz Works at Cologne, Germany. 1 p. May 1944; see also 73435 A report that a Spanish group is interested in purchasing 20 alternating current electric generators from the Deutz Motor Company. 1 p. May 1944
72141 Report on the Chancy-Pougay power station in Switzerland on the French border. 2 pp. May 1944
72269 Report on the present controls of the German war economy. 58 pp. April 1944
72459 Turkish branch of the Banca Commerciale Italiana has been taken over by the German Government. it still maintains contact with the Milan, Italy Office. 1 p. May 1944
72651 Brief mention of Germany's pacts with Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Rumania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey. 2 pp. August 1943- April 1944
72654 Hungary's bauxite was formerly sent to Germany and Switzerland for refining. Then a government syndicate built an aluminum plant at Dunaalmas. Electric power was provided; Hungary contributed coal mines, and equipment was ordered from the Swiss firm Escher-Wyss. Production began in 1941. 2 pp. May 1944
72735 Report on conditions in the Oranienburg concentration camp, Germany. German atrocities toward old prisoners. Krupp factory near the camp. 3 pp. May 1944; see also 115239 Manual for Economic Investigation of Friedrich Krupp, A.G., Essen, Germany. 6 pp. October 1944; see also 137644 Report on the Krupp Konzern at Essen, describing munitions output, Nazi affiliations of its officers (named), employment of foreign labor (with statistics), wages, prisoner employment, rations, costs of foreign workers, contributions to the Party, war profits, foreign business in wartime, etc. 12 pp. June 1945; 126224 Information regarding the Anrath concentration camp, foreign workers in the Krupp factory at Rheinhausen, food for foreign workers, wages, social services, and ownership of the Krupp Works. 3 pp. March 1945
72842 Payment of money in favor of Jungo Sakura, Japanese legation Lisbon, Portugal, by order of Banque Federal S.A. of Zurich, Switzerland and for account of Junshir Makiyama, Zurich. Payment of money in favor of Christoph Mangiold by order of Banque Federal S.A., Zurich for account of Goth Co., Basel, Switzerland. 1 p. March 1944
72941 Report that only about 50% of cotton shipped to Portugal finds its way to mills approved by British; other 50% goes on black market and finds its way to mills that eventually ship the products to the Axis countries. 1 p. March 1944; see also 73106 Steamship "Nazim" docked at Istanbul, Turkey, with large shipment of cotton which was transferred to Axis freight cars which then set out for Bulgaria. 1 p. May 1944
73134 Information on export of castor beans from Turkey to Germany and Bulgaria. 1 p. April 1944; see also 81562 Information Axis purchases of castor bean; imports of castor beans into Portugal. 1 p. June 1944
73404 Report relations between Calvo Sotelo (Empresa Nacional Calvo Sotelo de Combustibles Liquidos de Carburantes y Lubricantes) with Masschinen Fabrik Augsburg at Nurnberg, Germany. 1 p. May 1944; see also 73907 Further conferences on Calvo Sotelo projects are scheduled to be held in Germany, this time with Lurgi Gesellschaft and I.G. Farben 1 p. May 1944
73414 One hundred tons of Spanish pig iron are scheduled for delivery to Roheisen Verband GmbH at Essen, Germany during the month of June 1944. 1 p. May 1944
73442 Information on Spanish import of German machines. 1 p. June 1944
73721 Socided de Minerios do Sul de Portugal, Lda., sold manganese ore to Spanish and Italian firms, and now tries to sell its mines to a German-financed Spanish firm. 1 p. April 1944
73722 Siemens, Companhia de Electricidade, represents foreign firms dealing in electrical products in Portugal. Its three partners are named, and its capital, history, and Lisbon address are given. April 1944
73764 Report that Metallbank at Frankfurt, Germany, finance division of Metallgesellschaft, acts as intermediary in the sale to Sweden of lead exported from Bilbao, Spain, by the Spanish branch of lurgi Gesellschaft. 1 p. May 1944
73913 Report that the Spanish Air Ministry intends to purchase German-built planes. 1 p. May 1944
74038 Changes of personnel in the German legation in Bern, Switzerland to make it more definitely Nazi-SS in character. 1 p. June 1944
74197 List of resumes of German chemical patents, naming companies. 11 pp. Feb.-March 1944
74213 General Summary concerning the banks in the District of Marche, Italy. 22 pp. June 1944
74393 Need for farm tractors in Spain; information on number of tractors and type on hand at Fiat Co., also data on price. 1 p. May 1944
74394 Information on shipment of silver from Madrid to Switzerland. 1 p. May 1944
74402 Information on smuggling from Portugal to Spain, and thence to France. 1 p. April 1944
74413 Report on Portuguese export licenses for mica for January-March 1944, for shipments by Sociedade Insulana de transporte Maritimo, representing the Schenker firm. 1 p. April 1944
74431 Information on payments to Portuguese institutions from Germany and Switzerland. 2 pp. April 1944
74499 Survey of Italian Foreign Trade in 1941 and 1942. 2 pp. February 1944
74756 Norwegian imports and exports from and to Germany, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Hungary, Italy, Yugoslavia, and Sweden. 37 pp. April-May 1944; see also 77091 Lists of Norwegian imports from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, the Low Countries, Italy, Finland, Denmark, and France, specifying commodities, quantities, and values. 15 pp. June 1944; 77092 Lists of Norwegian exports to Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, the Low Countries, Finland, Italy, Denmark, and France, specifying commodities, quantities, and values. 13 pp. May 1944
74760 Old Age and Invalidity Insurance in Germany. 17 pp. May 1944
74842 Report on Portuguese smuggling of aluminum, platinum, nickel, and wolfram by the Uniao de Sucatas, the Sociedade Zickermann, the Empressa Mineira Lisbonense, and the Companhia de Caminhos de Ferro da Beira Alta (owned by the Vivas firm, whose subsidiaries are listed). 2 pp. April 1944
74887 As a result of the invasion of France Germany will probably tighten up the approaches to Switzerland. 1 p. June 1944
75224 List of financial payments ordered by the Reichsbank's telegrams in Portugal by order of German firms (named) for Portuguese persons and firms. 1 p. April 1944
75251 Who's Who in Occupied and Satellite Europe (Excluding France). This gives indexes of names by country and by alphabetical order, and short biographical sketches of over 500 individuals. There is a brief table of abbreviations. 81 pp. May 1944
75469 The Expansion and Decentralization of German Industry within Germany. Supplementary Report #2. 27 pp. 1944
75499 Report on Austria's economic conquest by the Hermann Goering Trust, mentioning its appropriation of banks, mining companies, oil companies, etc., many of which are named, with their leaders. 3 pp. May 1944
75700 List of anti-American groups in Argentina sponsored by Argentineans, Germans, Italians, and Japanese. 2 pp. March 1944
75559 The Maquis have been very active near the Swiss frontier since the Allied invasion of France. All rolling stock at Bellegarde was destroyed, and the Swiss may send trains and railway men to rescue their goods. 1 p. June 1944
75738 G. Goncalves, Ltda. of Lisbon, Portugal is agent for the (German) Mercedes Typewriter Company and is a German-owned subsidiary of the (United States) Underwood, Elliott & Fisher. It receives United States supplies. 1 p. May 1944
75758 Ernst Schoen and Ludwig Roessinger buy ore and cork in Lisbon, Portugal for the (German) Kuhne and Nagel. They belong to a commercial Portuguese group, headed by Feliu, which works for Germany. 1 p. April 1944
75871 List of Germany's estimated debts to occupied, satellite, and neutral European countries. In a few countries there is a small German credit balance. 1 p. April 1944; see also 83446 Germany's debt to Rumania for petroleum and petroleum products, grain, and other materials as of June 1, 1944, was 120 billion lei. 1 p. June 1944; 98573 Translated article from Yugoslavian newspaper about Germany's debt to Yugoslavia. 8 pp. August 1944
75873 Price list of steel products in Germany, France, and Belgium. 1 p. April 1944
75874 Position of Diesel Engine Manufacture in German Europe. 1 p. April 1944; see also 84420 Information on production of diesel engines in Germany. 3 pp. July 1944
75954 Report on oil supplies available to Germany in Continental Europe, excluding Russia, Spain, and Portugal. 14 pp. December 1941
76058 Series of short discussions of commodities, arranged alphabetically, showing the production, uses, stocks, shortages, sources of supply, requirements, and 1944 prospects for each in Axis Europe. 54 pp. February 1944
76372 List of German, Swiss, Swedish, and Finnish plants producing sugar and ethyl alcohol from wood. 3 pp. November 1943
76542 Translated article discussing the problems of small neutral states in maintaining their independence and resisting political and economic pressure from aggressor states. 3 pp. May 1944
76666 Swiss identification markings on Spanish vessels. 1 p. June 1944
76694 German industrial enterprises recently have taken steps to enlarge their commercial representation in Spain. Various companies who are sending additional men to Spain are mentioned. 1 p. June 1944
76696 German factory has offered to cut prices on a diesel tractor in order to expand exploitation of the Turkish market. 1 p. June 1944
76697 Freight difficulties in southeast Europe have been aggravated. Turkish and Balkan deals with German firms (named) are delayed. Strategic Balkan products (mostly petroleum) roll towards Germany. 1 p. June 1944
76762 Brief summary of credit institutions in each province of Liguria, Italy. 17 pp. June 1944
76941 Information on imports of various types of commodities, mostly machines and munitions, into Rumania and Hungary from Germany and Switzerland. 1 p. June 1944
76950 Swiss have mobilized more men. Reasons for this given. 1 p. June 1944; see also 78998 Report that Germany is said to be intending to invade Switzerland. 2 pp. May 1944
76853 Elimination of Fundamental Nazi Political Laws in Germany. 46 pp. June 1944
76884 Report on Germany's wood supply. 21 pp. June 1944
77026 Price problems in Germany's foreign trade. 14 pp. May 1944; see also 82603 Report on price problems in Germany's foreign trade. 13 pp. June 1944
77121 Walther Stampfil (Note 97), President of Switzeland, addressed Swiss students on Switzeland's post-war problems. 5 pp. January 1944
77134 River and rail freight movements through southeastern Europe. 1 p. June 1944
77333 Information on the uncovering plot to smuggle Brazilian metals to the Axis. 1 p. May 1944
77354 Report on Latin America's gold and foreign exchange assets, led by Argentina and Brazil. 3 pp. May 1944
77357 Report on the situation in Bolivia. 4 pp. May 1944; see also 77770 Information regarding reaction to deportation of Axis nationals, Bolivia. 2 pp. May 1944; 97298 Report on the situation in Bolivia. 3 pp. September 1943
77495 List of financial transactions of the Banco Lisboa and Acores with Portuguese, Swiss, and German companies (named), including payments to Japanese individuals. 2 pp. April 1944; see also 79131 Financial transactions of the Banco Lisboa e Acores, Portugal. Payments and credits in favor of Axis organizations and firms, and others. 2 pp. May 1944
77608 Wages, hours and working conditions of industrial labor in Germany. 28 pp. May 1944
77802 Fats ration has been reduced in Switzerland; imports of edible and industrial oils and fats have greatly decreased; prices for edible oils and fats are given. 2 pp. February 1944
77855 Bank for International Settlements 13th Annual Report April 1, 1942-March 31, 1943, covering exchange rates, foreign trade, commodity prices, supply and movements of gold, European clearing, banking, and currency developments, bank's current activities and related information. 332 pp. 1943
77946 Statistics on Axis shipping tonnage (including that of occupied-countries) in ports south of Dover. The iron ore traffic from Spain may be reduced by sinkings of ships (named). 2 pp. June 1944
77958 Extracts from BBC News Bulletins on Near East trade, agriculture, air-mail service, communications, finances, Arab cultural movement, flood damage, Turkish chrome (denied to the Axis and sent to the Allies), medicine, industry, rations, black market prices, currency, industrial development, etc. 15 pp. March 7-May 14, 1944
77980 Information on order placed by Turkish Ministry of National Defense with Germany. 1 p. June 1944
78386 1,400 kg of gold were exported from the Slovakian National Bank. Part of this amount was sent to Sweden in payment for roller bearings. 1 p. June 1944
78433 Study on zinc In Axis Europe. 27 pp. June 1944
78544 Censorship report on North Africa and other information, including Swiss opinion, Argentina's rupture with Vichy, and North Africa industry, food, transportation, finance, labor, and wages. 14 pp. May 1944
78702 Effect of anti-Semitic legislation in Germany had on the women's underwear industry in Germany. 5 pp. June 1944; see also 78703 Additional information on the consequences of anti-Jewish legislation on the women's underwear industry. 5 pp. June 1944; 78704 Consequences of anti-Jewish legislation on the German specialty store industry. 5 pp. June 1944; 78705 Consequences of anti-Jewish legislation on the German shirt manufacturing industry. 3 pp. June 1944; 78706 Consequence of anti-Jewish legislation on the German men's shirts industry. 5 pp. June 1944; 82729 Notes on Ignatz Meumann, German manufacturer of men's clothing. Following anti- Jewish legislation the firm was taken over by Aryans. 3 pp. July 1944; 82730 Report on German clothing manufacturers, noting that this industry was largely in Jewish hands until the rise of the Nazis. 4 pp. July 1944; 82731 Report on German manufacture of ready-made clothing, noting Jews owned much of the business. 3 pp. July 1944; List of some leading German men's clothing manufacturers prior to the outbreak of World War II, giving names, addresses, types of output, and Semitic ownership. 13 pp. July 1944; 87825-87826, 87828 Reports on women's clothing industry in Germany, mentioning production centers, wholesale and retail price scales, control by large firms, organization of production, exports, equipment, Jewish commination of the industries, and consequences of anti-Jewish laws. Some of the leading manufacturers are named. 14 pp. August 1944
78716 Information on Spain, trans-shipments of goods received by Spain from Allied countries to the Axis countries; high cost of living, black market, war industries, political matters, etc. 6 pp. June 1944
78900 Fruit shipments from Candia, Spain to the Axis have been stopped. 1 p. June 1944
78958 List of ships entering Bilbao, Spain, in April 1944, naming ships, ports of origin, and cargoes. 5 pp. April 1944
79313 Civil, Commercial, and Family Law and Procedure in Germany. 55 pp. May 1944; see also 80874 Preliminary compilation of selected laws, decrees, and regulations on personal injuries, damages sustained by Jews, damage to securities, damages procedure for Non-Germans, and establishment of a German war damage department. 50 pp. March 1944; 84493 Report on laws concerning religion and churches in Germany. 25 pp. June 1944; 96810 Memorandum on German Racial Laws in the Field of Domestic Relations. 39 pp. June 1944; 100957 Report on the German Amtsgericht. 23 pp. September 1944
79531 List of freight movements to and from Spain through Canfranc, listing commodities by carloads. 6 pp. March 30-April 29, 1944
79648 Germans try to satisfy the Finns by sending food, but Norway's food grows more scarce and expensive. 1 p. May 1944
79662 Miscellaneous information including Reichsbank quotations of Allied exchange. 5 pp. May 1944
80000 Report on typhoid and paratyphoid fevers in Europe, giving statistical tables for the various Axis-controlled countries. 8 pp. June 1944
80130 Report on German penetration of corporate holdings in Serbia. 55 pp. May 1944
80234 Rumored that favored Nazi are being "converted" into Jews in order to escape.1 p. June 1944
80254 Information on Rumanian oil shipments to Spain ceases, Rumanian-Axis trade, Bulgarian- Axis trade, Hungarian Jewish restrictions, Hungarian trade with the Axis, Spanish communications to Axis countries, German propaganda in Spain, Spanish-German electric deal, German marine engines for Spanish Navy, Spanish-French border, Turkish-Bulgarian border, Hungarian-Rumanian border, etc. 6 pp. July 1944
80273 List of Spanish imports and exports through Figueras, Spain, for foreign countries, listing commodities and carloads. 3 pp. April 20-May 3, 1944
80381 Spanish ore shipments to the Axis. 1 p. June 1944; see also 80383 Report on Spanish ore traffic with the enemy in the Mediterranean, mentioning also the cessation of the orange trade. 1 p. June 1944
80542 Activities of DEMAG. The history of this engineering firm is traced, naming its various subsidiaries and equipment. 4 pp. June 1944
80686 German industrial control is widespread in France and Belgium, but actual share ownership by Germans of French and Belgian companies is slight, except in areas annexed to Germany. Some French, German, and Belgian companies are named, and their interrelations are described. 1 p. June 1944
80875 Reports from France on the German debt, price control, the black market, German plunder, German decentralization of French industry, deportations, etc. 7 pp. October 1943
80975 The merger of two Swiss railways into the Simmental Railway. 1 p. June 1944
81040 Information on the industrial fortune of the Austrian Schoeller family, that collaborated with the Nazis in order to hold on to their possessions. 1 pp. June 1944
81056 Report on Iranian exports. 4 pp. June 1944
81296 Survey of banking and credit institutions in Lazio province. 26 pp. 1942-1943
81556 Switzerland has suspended mail service to France and beyond. Postal communications were later reestablished to Italy, with certain restrictions. 1 p. June 1944
81700-1 Civil Affairs Guide: Preservation and Use of Key Records in Germany. 95 pp. June 1944
81700-9 Information Guide. German Economic Penetration and Exploitation of Southeastern Europe. 23 pp. May 1944
81812 List of movements of Swedish, German, and Swiss (Red Cross) ships at Marseille, France. 2 pp. March 1944
81983 Resumption of gold and silver shipments across the Spanish-French frontier. This follows a three-month suspension. Shipment by truck and train. Silver was sent from France to Switzerland. 1 p. June 1944
82136 Operational airfield map showing locations of airfields, landing grounds and seaplane bases in southern Germany, eastern France, Italy, Switzerland, Corsica, Sardinia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Albania, and parts of Rumania and Greece. 1 map. 5 pp. April 1944
82221 Syrian and Lebanese concerns about Allied-Turkish relations. 2 pp. May-June 1944
82258 Information showing Amex, Ltda. and Unibra Trading Corp. of Brazil were smuggling semi-precious stones and probably diamonds, and that they violate United States regulations about foreign funds. 12 pp. July 1944
82504 Name and location of various types of factories given for 25 German towns. Transport lines are mentioned. 5 pp. June 1944
82520 Regional Distribution of Major Branches of European Axis Industry. ca. 400 pp. June 1943
82618 German commercial handbook for 1943, containing statistics of German finance, industry, and commerce. 70 pp. 1943
82646 Survey of food prices and food price control in German Europe; divided into regional reports on central, southeastern, southern, western, and northern Europe. Statistical appendices on prices are added. 43 pp. June 1944; see also 96867 Legal outline of the German price-control system. 28 pp. Aug. 1944; 137668 Europe wartime food price controls experience. 38 pp. Dec. 1944; 138900 Food prices and food price control in German Europe in the Fifth Year of the War. 36 pp. July 1945; 142002 Preliminary interrogation report on Walther Mosthaf, Reich Commissar for Price Control. 2 pp. August 1945
82737 Information on Japan's Gold Policy. 9 pp. April 1944
82865 Britain's gold sales in Egypt and the Middle East were stopped, because gold prices were higher there than in England or the United States. 3 pp. June 1944
82916 Notes on production of various factories in Belgium and Germany. 10 pp. July 1944
82958 Price of gold drops in French Morocco as large influx continues. Air personnel route used to smuggle gold into this area. 2 pp. June 1944
83048 Information on Telefunken factory located in Wittenberg, Germany, including information on manpower, working hours, shortages of material, etc. 2 pp. July 1944; see also 84907 Interrogation regarding the location and production of Telefunken, Berlin, Germany. 2 pp. July 1944
83068 How Swiss press evaluates Turkish situation. 1 p. July 1944
83150 Miscellaneous information from Germany, including treatment of foreign workers, bad food situation, black market, and morale of Belgian workers and German people. 5 pp. Apr. 1944; see also 83714 Reports on German factories (named) and their foreign workers. Also accounts of conditions of foreign workers in Germany and other information. 11 pp. Jan.-Feb. 1944; 85433 Report on the treatment of foreign workers in Germany. 2 pp. Oct. 1943; 90915 Report on conditions for Dutch workers in Germany. 26 pp. Mar. 1944; 92606 Treatment and "education" of foreign workers in Germany. 7 pp. October 1943
83237 Statistics on gold sales and prices in Iraq for the quarter ending December 31, 1943. 3 pp. March 1944; see also 116183 Information on the status of Iraqi and Syrian currency, fluctuations of the pound sterling, and the sale of gold and smuggling of gold and silver. 1 p. February 1945
83241 Report in French (with translation) on Italian assets in Turkey, naming Italian banks, insurance companies, etc, with assets in Turkey. 7 pp. March 1944
83263 Preliminary Study of Financial Organizations and Industries of Italy. 51 pp. May 1944
83325 Political information about Argentina. 9 pp. July 1944; see also 84912 Political information about Argentina. 7 pp. July 1944; 114045, 114047-114050. Brazilian articles on Argentina. 16 pp. February 1945
83713 Report on the horrors of the Politz concentration camp near Stettin. List of German firms requesting workers. Steel production in Luxembourg. German and Luxembourg factories and their production. 11 pp. February 1943
83720 Cartagena, Spain shipyard receives machinery from Switzerland. 2 pp. June 1944
83849 Agricultural cooperatives and credit in Southern Germany. 6 pp. July 1944
83975 Report containing information that Allied airmen interned in Switzerland are treated very well. (Note 98) 2 pp. June 1944
84011 List of goods arriving in Turkey from Axis countries during the first two weeks of June 1944. 1 p. June 1944; see also 84159 List of shipments made from Turkey to Germany through the Kuchen und Nagel Export Co., Istanbul, Turkey. 2 pp. July 1944; 85041 Information on new trade agreement between Turkey and Germany; Germany intends to set the prices much higher than the 1939 level. 1 p. July 1944; 87203 List of Turkish exports to Germany, specifying commodities, weight, exporters, purchasers, sellers, and route of transportation. 2 pp. July 1944; 87748 Statistics on Turkish imports from Axis Europe. 2 pp. July 1944; 87749 Statistics on Turkish exports to Axis Europe. 2 pp. July 1944; 88557 Statistical on Turkish imports from Axis Europe. 5 pp. July 1944; 89921 Imports from Axis Europe on July 24, 1944, to Turkey. 2 pp. August 1944; 92869 List of Turkish freight shipments to the Axis in July and August 1944, through Edirne. Commodities and carloads are listed. 3 pp. August 1944; 108987 Turkey: Reported Imports from Enemy and Neutral Europe. No. 6. Table of commodities, giving country of origin and quantities for the period July-September 1944. 13 pp. December 1944
84457 Civil Affairs Handbook: Germany: Recent Trends in German Foreign Trade. Series of tables showing imports of principal commodities for consumption, exports of principal commodities, trade with the following during war time: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and Yugoslavia. 111 pp. July 1944
84672 Report on how to handle the problem of restoring the rightful owners property that has been confiscated during Nazi regime in Germany and Austria. 16 pp. June 1944
84797 Information about attempts to smuggle gold out of Cuba and send it to Spain. 3 pp. July 1944
84963 The plant of the Compania Electrica de Corrientes S.A., Argentina, taken over without warning by the Argentine Government. Majority of stock owned by Swiss. 2 pp. July 1944
85344 Germany, Basic Handbook-Part II, Administration. Detailed account of German Central Government, economic administration, the German fiscal system, police and security (including the SS), Nazi Party and organization, foreign workers, etc. Leaders are named for various government branches, political affiliations of German large-scale industry, the Jewish Community, anti-Semitism, etc. 619 pp. April 1944
85561 Rumanian government has taken measures to transfer Rumanian money, including that of the National Bank of Rumania, to Spain, Portugal, and Turkey. In Switzerland there is already a deposit. 2 pp. June 1944
85568 Notes on the food rationing system in Germany and a list of basic foods with legal and black market prices and their availability during March 1944. 3 pp. July 1944
85743 Basic Handbook, Germany-Economic Survey Section R, Labor and Working Conditions. 45 pp. June 1944
86325 Summary of Recent Indications of Dispersions in the Axis Aircraft Industry. 36 pp. July 1944
86380 Medical and sanitary data on Switzerland. 24 pp. June 1944
87268 Exhaustive study of Germany's 100 greatest industrial concerns, with statistics, names of officers, and financial data. Banks, electrical concerns, and shipping companies are included. An index of persons is added. 234 pp. July 1944; see also 95304 Control, Ownership and International Relationships of some 30 Leading German Combines. 79 pp. Sept. 1944; 96852 Study of several hundred of the more important cartels in the various branches of German industry, with names of principal member corporations, personnel, and brief statements concerning the development and activities of the principal organizations. 305 pp. July 1944; 101602 Aspects of German economic warfare as prelude to military aggression. Includes information on the steel cartels in 1926-1933, Nazi economic warfare, the international cartels, subjugation of France, and outposts in South America. Appendices give data on international agreements and syndicates. 161 pp. Oct. 1944; 101834 Synopsis of combines in German industry, providing information on different types of cartels, syndicates, holding companies, cooperatives, trusts, credit organizations, and other combines. 23 pp. Oct. 1944; 106196 Series of outlines of German firms, alphabetically arranged, giving names of United States companies interested in them, and names of United States and German officials. 397 pp. October 1944
87278 Information regarding Axis property in Latin America. 45 pp. August 1944; see also 105538 Information regarding the treatment to be accorded by Brazil to property of Axis nationals. 2 pp. November 1944; 105350 Information on El Salvador, including information on the government being anti-Semitic, Axis property remains untouched though leading pro-Nazis were expelled. 12 pp. December 1944
87654 Report on the general situation in Denmark during June, 1944. Included is information on the Danish trade agreement with Switzerland. 4 pp. June 1944; see also 111222 Situation in Denmark in November 1944. 5 pp. December 1944
88102 Statistics on movement of goods between Italy and Axis and neutral Europe. January 8- August 20, 1943, giving credit and debit balances. 3 pp. August 1944
88421 Report listing Spanish order of Junkers aircraft plants, probably for Spanish construction of Junkers bombers in Spain. 1 p. August 1944
89113 Information that von Papen and most of the German colony are leaving Turkey, but that it was not expected that Turkey would break relations with the Axis. 1 p. August 1944
89240 Transfer of gold and credits by the Deutsche Bank, Istanbul, Turkey, to the Deutsche Bank, Berlin, Germany. Deposits of gold in the Credit Suisse at Interlaken, Switzerland. Gold withdrawn from the Deutsche Bank, Istanbul, Turkey. 1 p. August 1944
89482 Information about Germany, including reports on war production, living and working conditions in Hamburg, Ukrainian women are working as stevedores in the port of Hamburg, etc. 4 pp. July 1944; see also 91236 Information from Germany on various subjects, including the concealment of Jews and public opinion toward the Nazi Party. 4 pp. July 1944; 93664 Conditions in Germany, August 2, 1944. Included is information on a variety of subjects including black market prices, lack of clothing, Gestapo and police activities. 1 p. Sept. 1944; see also 94636 Notes on German rations, tobacco shortage, and black market prices. 1 p. September. 1944
89628 Displacement of population from the Netherlands. Statistics and maps showing displaced Dutch population, including deported workers, deported Jews, war prisoners, and refugees. 30 pp. June 1944
89817 Current Swiss policy does not allow passage of war materials used for operational purposes. This ban includes motor vehicles, ball-bearings, plunder from Italy, sealed cars, etc. Some 360,000 tons a month go southward, while 58,000 tons a month travel northward. 1 p. August 1944
90293 Report on the Rhineland, mentioning Jewish restrictions. 11 pp. August 1944
90298 Brief biographical sketch of Oscar Robert Henschel, President and owner of Henschel Werke. 3 pp. August 1944
90310 Report regarding movements of neutral ships traveling between the United States and certain European ports. 1 p. August 1944
90387 Miscellaneous information from Germany regarding moral, prices, black market, morals, air raid results. 2 pp. March 1943
90495 Swiss correspondent in Turkey evaluates Balkan developments, including the breaking of economic relations with Turkey, the loss of Rumanian petroleum and of the Danube traffic artery, mean for Germany a new tightening of the blockade which cannot fail to produce immediate war and economic effects. For Turkey these events will result in a complete cutting off from Europe. Turkish-Swiss and Turkish-Balkan trade is at a standstill. Allied purchases in Turkey have increased. 2 pp. August 1944
90633 Vincenzo Azzolini of the Bank of Italy, shipped five tons of gold to Switzerland in April 1943. Two cables about the transaction have been revealed. It may be part of Mussolini's attempt for a secret attempt for a secret peace with Britain. The British refused to deal with anybody but the Princess of Piedmont, and the King shut her up. Azzolini then the gold out, because confidence in Mussolini was lost. 1 p. April 1943
92096 Reports on Lufthansa air service between Spain and Germany. 2 pp. Sept. 1944; see also 93598 Report that the German airline Lufthansa plans to continue it services to Spain and Portugal in spite of the Allied occupation of France, taking a route through Switzerland and northern Italy. German official circles in Lisbon, Portugal, regard Germany's contact with the Iberian Peninsula as extremely essential. 1 p. Aug. 1944; 96902 Conversations concerning the Stuttgart-Madrid-Cadiz run of Lufthansa. 2 pp. Sept. 1944; 97066 Summary of Lufthansa flights between Barcelona, Spain, and Stuttgart, Germany, Aug. 25-Sept. 13, 1944, naming passengers, and describing cargoes. 4 pp. Sept. 1944; 100682 Strained relations between the Iberia and Lufthansa airlines. 1 p. Sept. 1944; 118657 Information regarding Lufthansa operations between Spain and Germany, including passenger lists and cargos, for the period Feb. 10-15, 1945. 2 pp. February 1945;
92209 Exchange rates for the gold pound at Athens, Greece. 1 p. August 1944; see also 116012 Notes on the price of the gold pound in Athens. 1 p. July 1944; 123579 The drachma is falling, as people fear another period of inflation soon. Many persons are buying gold. Greek government has forbidden trade in gold, in an effort to check the fall of the drachma. 1 p. March 1945
92229 An analysis of the political and social organization, communications, economic controls, agriculture, food, mineral resources, manufacturing and transportation facilities in central Germany, mentioning police, religion, education, insurance, health service, utilities, and terrain. Companies are named. 603 pp. August 1944
92585 Summaries of articles in Swiss newspapers on German propaganda, flight of German troops to Switzerland, Pierre Laval's transfer of funds to New York, exclusion of German Rhine barge men from Swiss ports, and disrupted railroad conditions in western Germany. 2 pp. September 1944
92852 Known imports of food by neutrals from Axis Europe during 1943 and expectations for 1944; possible exportable food surpluses of neutrals for crop year 1943-1944, and known exports by neutrals to Axis Europe to August 1944. 11 pp. Sept. 1944
93105 Swiss banks are embarrassed to have much stolen gold, and are trying to sell it. Three banks which have received Nazi stolen gold, and bonds are named (S.A. Leu & Co., Credit Suisse, and Societe de Banque Suisse). 1 p. Sept. 1944
93584 Notes on Spanish, German, Swiss, and Argentine banking transactions at Lisbon, Portugal banks (named). 2 pp. August 1944
94057 Report indicating transfer of funds from neutral Europe to banks in Argentina and also that most of the money is coming from Germany and is being shipped out before Germany loses the war. 1 p. September 1944
94070 Short review of the agricultural and economic situation in the Reich Commissariat Ostland (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania). 10 pp. June 1944
94254 Note on the types of aircraft used by the Germans on the mail run to Portugal and Spain and on the transporting of gold and other "loot" out of Germany and France by plane. 2 pp. September 1944
94735 Nazification of Germany's Medical Profession. 18 pp. September 1944
95069 Finished steel and scrap situation in Germany and occupied Europe. 11 pp. Sept. 1944
95165 Elimination of Nazi Laws and Structure in Austria, and Preparation for Austrian Independence. 50 pp. July 1944; see also 97368 Law and Institutions in Austria before and after the annexation: Their coordination with the corresponding AMG sections. 112 pp. Oct. 1944; 101342 Report on Criminal Procedure in Pre-1936 Austria. 17 pp. Sept. 1944; 101836 Outline of repressive legislation in Austria (1933-1938). 10 pp. Sept. 1944; 105870 Discriminatory Nazi laws introduced into Austrian commercial law, civil law, and civil procedure. 30 pp. October 1944
95596 Nazis are evacuating whole factories to Switzerland, and are sending materials there for re-export to Spain. Goering representatives make deposits in Swiss banks (named), but Swiss bankers are told to be watchful about attempts to deposit looted wealth. The Nazis withdraw money from a German bank. Freiburg bankers place money and securities in the Swedish consulate at Karlsruhe. 2 pp. October 1944
95597 There are workers camps for the Nagold synthetic oil factory. The output of various German war plans is described. 1 p. October 1944
95684 Japanese confiscation of gold in Chinese-occupied premises and arrest of holders. 2 pp. Sept. 1944; see also 143555 On Aug. 20, 1945, the Japanese commander in Canton took gold from the Formosa Bank there and shipped it off. 1 p. Aug. 1945; 143752 Japanese in China are selling their assets and turning the proceeds into gold. Price of gold. Exchange rates. Methods by which the Japanese controlled the price of gold. 2 pp. Sept. 1945; 143866 Economic and general information on China. Japanese are selling assets. Japanese are turning Allied assets over to the Chinese. 2 pp. Sept. 1945
95798 Study on magnesium. German production is especially described. Also production in occupied countries, Italy, Japan, Sweden, and Switzerland. 25 pp. Sept. 1944
95865 Spanish firms still place orders with the Skoda Works. Spanish negotiations with Germany and Hungary for magnesite are mentioned, and Spain wants to import German drilling machinery. 1 p. September 1944
96750 Interrogation report on five French escapees describing workers' camps, etc. 2 pp. September 1944
96804 Survey of Axis fermentation of anti-Semitism as a major phase of political infiltration in to Latin America since 1933. 110 pp. August 1944
97245 Report on activities of German and Italian firms in Southern Spain. Lists of German and Italian firms and individuals who are on the Proclaimed (Note 99) and Confidential Lists are added. 13 pp. October 1944
97823 Report on a trip in Germany, Poland, and Austria, at the end of 1943, covering morale, evacuations, popular reaction to propaganda, preparations for reprisals, factories, decentralization of industry, German police in Vienna, Austria, and general air raid damage to German industry. 22 pp. November-December 1943
97941 Report on various foreign relation issues, including Ireland's relations with the Allies over war criminals; Allied-Portuguese relations over German planes; Swiss trade; Argentine-United States and Argentine-British relations. 32 pp. Oct. 1944
98025 Notes on German factories, power and gas works, bridges and railroads. Various Nazi officials and leaders are named. 3 pp. October 1944
98657 Notes on German morale, army conscription of Todt (Note 100) and Speer workers (to be replaced by Belgians), attacks on Eugene Borzee (alleged collaborator in Belgium), and German condemnations there. 4 pp. February 1944
98675 Germans accelerate looting of livestock and food in Italy, dispatching them to Germany by Switzerland and the Brenner and Tarvisio lines. 1 p. October 1944
98686 Tentative estimate of the National wealth of East Prussia and Opole Silesia. 24 pp. October 1944
98713 Burnier (the Swiss consul at Tangier) is the weak, pro-Axis tool of Criblex, the Swiss Consul at Casablanca, who in turned is dominated by Pilet-Golaz, pro-German candidate for the Swiss presidency. Criblez smuggles; he and Burnier are intimate with all the anti-Ally Swiss in Tangier. Burnier failed to try to protect Paul Haggnemacher. 1 p. September 1944
98723 Notes on Siemens Works, Heinkel-Werke GmbH, etc., all in Germany, mentioning output, workers, and air raid damage. 3 pp. September 1944
98760 Report on Belgium's scrap iron exports, trade with Vereinigte Stahlwerke, names and addresses of merchants, firms, and metallurgical activity. 2 pp. December 1943
99139 Notes on merchandise traffic and on traffic restrictions in Germany and Austria. No railroad cars carrying merchandise of French or Belgian origin are allowed at Basel, Switzerland to enter or pass through Switzerland. 1 p. October 1944
99561 Note on the Potfurdo Oil Refinery in Hungary, its air raid damage and orders of Swiss equipment. 1 p. October 1944
99682 Notes on the Institute for Industrial Research in Zurich, Switzerland, and on the laboratory at the University of Zurich, naming leaders. 1 p. October 1944
99691 Report on I.G. Farben and the Explosives Industry. Oct. 1944; see also 99827 Report on I.G. Farben and the German Synthetic Rubber Industry. 46 pp. October 1944
99721 German Basic Handbook. 1,016 pp. Nov. 1944; see also 99728 German Basic Handbook Zone VII Southwestern Germany and Zone VIII Southeastern Germany. 194 pp. Nov. 1944; 99729 Germany: Zone Handbook No. IV. Northwestern Germany. 406 pp. Nov. 1944; 106410 Survey of South Germany. Vol. II, on economic controls, finance, banking, etc. 238 pp. Sept. 1944; see also 106411 Survey of South Germany's industries, imports, exports, and fuels. 264 pp. Sept. 1944; 111029 Germany. Zone Handbook No. VI. The Heggen Region. Part I-People and Administration. ca. 120 pp. Sept. 1944; 119374 Survey of Land Wurttenberg and Prussian Hohenzollern, Germany. 101 pp. July 1944
99856 Information of German scuttling in French waters of all the small former ore boats (seized from the Dutch) which had operated under German flag in the Bay of Biscay. 1 p. October 1944
99903 Memorandum of the views of the Comite Central Israelita del Uruguay on proper solution of Jewish problem in Europe, indemnities, punish of atrocities, Zionist aims for Palestine, etc. 8 pp. September 1944
100279 Report on inflation in Germany. 72 pp. October 1944
101259 Notes on various subjects, including trade with Germany, Albanian oil, Germany's clearing debt to Bulgaria, sheepskin deliveries. 5 pp. October 1944
101479 Report that the Nazis are secretly moving material into Switzerland from northern Italy with a view of establishing headquarters for Nazi marquis there. 1 p. October 1944
101570 Report on the two ways that German subjects in Turkey are known to have transferred money from Istanbul. Julius Baer & Co. and Union de Banques Suisse in Switzerland have received transferred funds. 1 p. October 1944
101862 Amortization of the Turkish debt is described, mentioning negotiations with the Swiss, French, Germans, and British. 10 pp. August 1944
102228 Report on Bulgarian-German trade relations. 7 pp. October 1944
102430 Japanese intelligence targets in Germany, listing firms, banks, insurance companies, and agents in Germany which may have files of Japanese material from their Far Eastern trade. 12 pp. Nov. 1944; see also 106806 for similar information. 13 pp. Nov. 1944; 110064 List of German firms which are Japanese intelligence targets, including also a few Czech one, describing them and their subsidiaries and affiliates in the Far East. 146 pp. Sept. 1944; 116613 Report on additional Japanese intelligence targets in Germany. 14 pp. October 1944
103157 Shipping, war production, and bomb damage, Germany. Includes information about a concentration camp for German political prisoners near the Braga Werke, move of the Siemens Electric Works from Berlin to Nurnberg, etc. 2 pp. September-October 1944
103235 Report on visit of two Foreign Economic Administration representatives to assist in the carrying out of Resolution No. VI of the Bretton Woods Monetary and Financial Conference in Tangier. 2 pp. Oct. 1944; see also 103717 Text of Bretton Woods Resolution No. VI, has been forwarded to the Spanish Foreign Office in Madrid, and the Spanish have been called upon to institute measures as will fulfill aims of the United Nations as therein expressed. Translation of a note from the Roayal Italian Embassy in Madrid to the Spanish Foreign Office regarding gold looted by the Germans in Rome. The Allies are seeking information regarding 1944 transfers of German capital; present German Government assets in Spain; German bank and insurance assets in Spain; the disposition of funds obtained from currentling occurring German sales of property; and semi-Government German and "spear-head" firms. The older well established German-interest firms will probably not be vulnerable to any future actions. Action for the present will consist of exchange of information and consulation with Madrid representatives. 3 pp. Oct. 1944; 105397 Reference to a Note addressed by the Netherlands Government to the governments of Eire, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey, and to the Charge d'Affaires of the Argentina of the Argentine Republic near the Netherlands government, concerning the safe-guarding of property looted by the enemy in connection with Resolution VI. 1 p. Nov. 1944; 115662 Canadian declaration with respect to looted gold, warning neutrals to beware of accepting Axis loot. 3 pp. Jan. 1945; 119959 Liberian Government pledged to fulfill terms of Resolution No. VI. 2 pp. Jan. 1945; 125491 The Bretton Woods pact for measures to keep Axis loot out of neutral countries is outlined. Argentina, Sweden, and Switzerland responded to these overtures, and Portuguese action is pending. 5 pp. March 1945; 128543 Reply of Costa Rican Government concerning the adherence to the declaration with respect to looted gold. 3 pp. April 1945; 141936 Safehaven report enclosing memoranda to Spain from the United States and British embassies asking for an inventory of German goods in Spanish free ports, approving of the Spanish declaration about Bretton Woods, requesting Spain to punish firms with German interest which do not file declarations, and listing 231 persons and firms with Axis connections. 27 pp. Aug. 1945; 141938 Safehaven report including joint memoranda from the United States and British embassies in Spain permitting the exemption of various firms and individuals (named) from the blocking of Axis assets. 18 pp. July 1945
103600 Conversation about possible return of Jewish refugees to their homeland. German Jews talk of returning but they must realize that Germany will still be anti-Semitic. Czech Jews could not bring any property, and want to return home. Polish ghetto Jews have no wish to return to Poland, but wealthier Polish Jews expect to get their property back. Some Hungarian Jews want to return to Hungary, while others do not. 4 pp. October 1944
103858 Public revenue from other than tax sources and the status of public-owned enterprises in Germany. 15 pp. October 1944
103911 German efforts to maintain research and development establishments in Turkey. 6 pp. November 1944
104280 Account of present state of affairs of members of the Manfred Weiss family and their financial interests and holdings. The report is as well the testimony of Kanitz and several others on the above, including Kanitz and the Cherin family, concerning their relations with Nazi Germany and their assets abroad as all of this affects their status on the Black List. Their financial interests involve relations with numerous companies, persons and countries (all named), especially CODAF and Sactra of Switzerland, holdings in the United States and Portugal. The report relates the transfer of the Weiss plant to the Hermann Goering Works and the influence of the Weiss family as a restraint upon the Germans in treatment of the Hungarian Jews. Most of the Weiss family now reside in Portugal. 70 pp. November 1944
104281 German insurance companies in Spain. 10 pp. November 1944; see also 137178 Safehaven report giving further information about German insurance companies in Spain, giving balance sheets, and naming Germans active in this field in Spain. Report on the Albingia group. 16 pp. June 1945; 142365 Instructions given to Spanish inspectors of German insurance companies (in Spanish). 8 pp. Aug. 1945
104964 Berlin, Germany, according to a Swedish diplomat is a virtual graveyard, with little city transportation, most of the electric power out of commission, food shortage; people want peace; prices are controlled, but there is a black market. 3 pp. November 1944
104695 Axis economic penetration of North Africa. 3 pp. November 1944
105119 List of censorship intercepts on commercial transactions between Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary, the Asiatic Axis, and the European Axis. 35 pp. November 1944
105321 German post-war plans to insure the defense of Germany and Nazi Party interests. It is claimed that the large chemical and electrical trusts, particularly I.G. Farben, are procuring foreign currency to finance Nazi activities abroad. 1 p. October 1944
105401 Report that two members of the Swiss diplomatic service in Ankara, Turkey, are under suspicion by their home government of undue collaboration with Germans in Ankara. 2 pp. November 1944
105438 List of the funds deposited to accounts of Japanese nationals in Lisbon, Portugal, during the second half of August 1944, and the month of September. These deposits were made chiefly by banks in Berlin, Germany, and Budapest, Hungary, to the accounts of Japanese nationals (named) attached to the Japanese Legation in Lisbon (and a few in Madrid, Spain). 5 pp. November 1944
105604 A Hungarian physician in Chile said that Kurt Stern of Switzerland offered to rescue his Jewish parents from Hungary on the receipt of money. 1 p. October 1944
105640 Relations between Germany and Japan. 3 pp. December 1944
105743 Review of the effects of anti-shipping operations in northern waters, January-September 1944. Description of Allied attempts to limit Scandinavian supplies to German economy. 4 pp. October 1944
105812 Report on Greek tobacco conditions during the occupation, mentioning Axis requisitions and regulations. A list of German orders is added. Tobacco merchants are named and described, and the German Reemtsma Co. is described. 9 pp. November 1944
105839 List of German insurance companies operating in Greece. 2 pp. November 1944
105884 Incomplete report on the activities in Switzerland of persons trying to ameliorate the aid of German Jews. 1 p. September 1944
106012 List of patents granted in Portugal to German firms in June 1944. 2 pp. Dec. 1944
106145 Gunther Quandt, German industrialist and former husband of Frau Goebbels has deposits in Bankverein Zurich, Switzerland. 2 pp. December 1944
106146 Information on meeting of principal German industrialists with interests in France held in Strasbourg, France--list of some of those present and companies represented. Plans outlined for the contact of German industrialists with foreign countries; considerable money would have to be borrowed. The necessity of American companies (named) working with German companies because of joint patent relations would provide for useful penetration. At another meeting plans were outlined showing how the Nazi Party after defeat would be able to effect strategic placing of technical personnel in German industry; the new Nazi policy provides for as much exportation of German capital as possible. 4 pp. November 1944
106226 Note to Swiss Federal Political Department protesting against attack by Swiss planes on an American bomber flying over Swiss territory. The bomber was obviously in distress, and moreover the attack was in contravention of instructions issued by the Swiss military authorities. (Note 101) 3 pp. June 1944
106287 Statistics on population losses and survivors among European Jews. Conditions in Germany, Czechoslovakia, the Balkans, and Hungary are briefly described, and refugees in Turkey, Sweden, and Latin America are discussed; also United States visas for children. 8 pp. November 1944
106291 Report on German insurance companies closed in Turkey. 2 pp. November 1944; see also 114727 Liquidation of German insurance companies in Turkey. 4 pp. January 1945
106454 Report on the United States mission to Spanish Morocco to discuss with other Allied representatives the possible flight of Axis capital. 2 pp. October 1944
106586 Report on German financial transactions with Portugal and Sweden, naming Portuguese banks and companies. German Jewish refugees ransomed themselves by arranging to transfer funds abroad. 6 pp. November 1944
106587 Report on enemy assets in Turkey, naming German and Turkish firms and business officials, German ships, and commodities exchanged between the two countries. Messages are quoted. 7 pp. Nov. 1944; see also 107255 Master list of Enemy Assets Report Concealed in Turkey, containing list of Turkish and German firms, with data on deposits by the latter with the former. 7 pp. Dec. 1944; 110361 List of German- owned and controlled firms in Turkey, naming parent German firms and listing Germans now or formerly in Turkey on business. 21 pp. Oct. 1944; 117501 Master List of Enemy Assets in Turkey. List of firms, giving the nature of their assets and the place in Turkey where they are held. 4 pp. January 1945
106637 Notes on the Swiss firms of Transkrit A.G. Maschinen A.G., and Lanova A.G. in which there may be German interests. 4 pp. November 1944
106638 Report on the sale of Lisbon, Portugal's Sociedade de Lavandaria a Vapor dos Anjos, Ltda to Germans. Notes on the flight of German capital to Spain, Bauer's visit to San Sebastian, Spain. Transfer of German mining interests in Portugal to Portuguese individuals. German purchases of property in north Portugal. Three German agents there. Transfers of funds from Rumania to Switzerland. Flight of German capital to Sweden. Swiss deposits by Goering agents. Sale of commodities by German patent firms to Swedish branches. Transfer of German-owned property in Turkey. 11 pp. December 1944
106685 Report on the Fahrwerke at Gottmadingen mentioning foundries, workers, and electric power from Switzerland. 2 pp. November 1944
106837 Notes on German factories (named) and transfer of factories. 1 p. November 1944
106845 Japanese intend to transfer their intelligence, propaganda, and other services to Switzerland rather than Sweden. Submarine liaison is now maintained with Genoa, Italy. 1 p. Dec. 1944; see also 110657 All Japanese residents in Germany have shifted their funds and accounts to neutral European countries, principally Switzerland. Japanese diplomats now in Ankara, Turkey, have also transferred their funds to Switzerland. 1 p. Dec. 1944; 113041 Transfer of Japanese diplomatic and Domei services from Germany to Switzerland. 1 p. Dec. 1944; see also 127683 The Japanese legation in Switzerland has moved to new quarters-address is given. 1 p. April 1945
106857 Summary of oil shipments from Rumania (handled by Schencker and Co., Bucharest), to destinations in Germany and German-occupied Europe. The names of these companies are given. 22 pp. October 1944
106974 Letter from Francis Gardy of Geneva, Switzerland to the British consulate there regarding the liquidation of Valmobil S.A., a German-owned Swiss company with assets in the United States. 2 pp. December 1944
107256 Report on German and Axis-Occupied Europe Railway Organization. 61 pp. September 1944; see also 114904 Strategic survey of German railroads. 96 pp. February 1943
107265 I.G. Farben and other chemical firms press Swedish firms to buy at once all the chemicals they can take, since traffic through Denmark may case. 2 pp. December 1944
107887 Switzerland provides Germany with electric power in the summer and Germany supplies Switzerland with electric power for household heating in the winter. 1 p. Nov. 1944; 113615 The Aarewerke at Brugg, Switzerland, discontinued on January 1, 1945, the transmission of electric power to Germany, allegedly because of the failure on the part of German industrialists to deliver coal to Switzerland in accordance with the terms of their contracts. The Aarewerke is owned jointly by the Germans and a number of Swiss electric companies. The major portion of the electric energy produced was sold to the Germans. 1 p. January 1945
107900 The Profession of Patent Agent, Germany. 10 pp. December 1944
107926 Death of German Jews from ill-treatment at the aluminum works at Lautawerk, Germany. 1 p. December 1944