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2011-048-Records of the 9-11 Commission

Location: Center for Legislative Archives, National Archives and Records Administration

(October 1, 2013- September 30, 2014)- Released 9/29/2014

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Document Title or Subject [PDF] Document
Creator Appeal
Interview of MSgt. Steven Citino 2004/01/20 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc1
Interview of Lt. Col. Dawne Deskins 2004/01/21 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc2
Interviews of MSgt. Dooley, Shelly Watson and Stacia Rountree 2003/10/27 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc3
Interview of Maj. Fox 2003/10/29 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc4
Interview with Capt. Steve Hedrick 2004/01/21 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc5
Colonel Robert Marr Briefing 2004/01/23 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc6
Interview of Master Sgt. Joe McCain 2003/10/28 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc7
Interview of Kevin Nasypany 2004/01/22 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc8
Interview of Lt. (Former Sgt.) Powell 2003/10/27 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc9
Interviews of Stacia Rountree and SSgt Larry Thronton 2004/01/21 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc10
Interviews of Major James Fox and Captain Daniel L. Warnock 2003/10/29 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc11
Interview of Lt. Col. Tim Duffy 2004/01/07 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc13
Interview of Major Nash 2003/10/15 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc14
Interview with Tech. Sgt. Michael Kelly 2003/10/14 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc15
Interviews with Lt. Col. Maggie Quenneville and Brigadier General Donald J. Quenneville 2003/10/14 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc16
Afternoon Briefing By Col. Worcester 2003/10/14 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc17
[Interview of] Lt. Col. John Sims, U.S. Army, 2004/05/12 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc18
[Interview of] Lt. Col. Ryan Gonsalves 2004/05/14 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc19
[Interview of] Commander Gardner 2004/05/05 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc20
[Interview of] Col. Kuehl 2004/04/02 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc21
Interview of Lt. Colonel Steven O'Brien, USAF 133rd Air Lift Wing 2004/05/06 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc22
Steve Marra, Air Traffic Controller at Andrews AFB TRACON [Terminal Radar Approach Control] 2004/03/11 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc23
SRA [Senior Airman] Raymond A. Halford 2003/12/01 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc24
AC1 [Air Controlman First Class] A. W. Barcas 2004/01/13 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc26
Senior Chief Petty Officer Darren Clipper, Air Traffic Control Leading 2003/12/03 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc27
ATCM Michael John Defeo, the Air Traffic Control Division Officer on 9/11 2003/12/03 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc28
[Interview of] M.J. Klug 2004/01/14 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc29
[Interview of] Captain Craig Borgstrom, Trail (3d Man) for the Quit scramble on 9/11 2003/12/01 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc30
Major Brad Derrig, Wingman for the Quit Scramble on 9/11 2003/12/01 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc31
Major Dean Eckmann, Flight Lead for the Quit Scramble on 9/11 2003/12/01 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc32
Interview with Major Don Arias 2004/02/04 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc33
Interview with General Arnold 2004/02/03 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc34
Interview with General McKinley 2004/02/05 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc35
Interview with Colonel Alan Scott 2004/02/04 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc36
Ken Merchant Interview 2003/11/14 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc37
Kevin's NORAD HQ Notes. Lieutenant General Findley (CF) 2004/03/01 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc38
Interview with Reggie Settles 2004/07/08 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc39
Interview with General Eberhard 2004/03/01 9-11 Commission 2011-048-doc40


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