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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0138: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Title Number/Filename
Docket Sheets DAA-0138-2015-0003
Regional Transmission Organization Filings (RT Docket Series) DAA-0138-2018-0006
FERC Records Schedule II- Records of the Commission, Part V - Office of Enforcement, Item 6: Marketing Affiliates Tariff Filings under Order No. 497 (MT Docket series) DAA-0138-2018-0008
Annual Charges Records (AD Docket Series) DAA-0138-2019-0001
Hydropower Projects DAA-0138-2019-0005
Department of Energy, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0138-2018-0001
Monthly Review of Cost and Quality of Fuel for Steam-Electric Plants Inactive N1-138-00-003
Annual Power System Statements N1-138-00-004
Gas Forms and Reports -Defunct N1-138-00-006
Office of External Affairs Records N1-138-00-007
Interpretations and Advisory Opinions Inactive N1-138-02-001
Office of External Affairs Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Activities Inactive N1-138-02-002
Administrative Records Common to All Offices N1-138-03-001
Annual Report of Interlocking Positions Inactive N1-138-05-001
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Interlocking Positions Inactive N1-138-05-001
Commisson Meeting Transcripts and Digital Recordings Inactive N1-138-05-002
Pre-Filings Related to Gas Pipeline Certificates (PF Dockets) N1-138-06-001
Gas Pipeline Companies' Reports of Interrupted Service and Damaged Facilities N1-138-06-003
Index of Customers, Quarterly Gas Pipeline Filings N1-138-07-001
Meeting Minutes of Closed Commission Meetings N1-138-08-002
Reports, Statements, and Filings N1-138-09-001
Enforcement Investigation Files and Audits N1-138-09-002
Docketed Formal Case Files N1-138-09-004
Interlocking Positions Records N1-138-09-005
Hydropower Licensing N1-138-10-001
Freedom of Information Tracking System N1-138-10-002
Marketing Affiliates of Interstate Pipelines N1-138-10-003
Administrative Program Records N1-138-10-004
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Virtual Agenda System N1-138-11-001
Cultural Resource Records N1-138-11-002
Energy Market Oversight Internal Reports and Informational Products N1-138-11-003
Hydropower Licensing, Jurisdiction N1-138-12-001
Electronic Registration and Distribution Services N1-138-12-002
Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 Applications N1-138-88-001
Comprehensive Records Schedules Revisions N1-138-88-002
Report of Producer Expenditures, Exploration and Development Activity, Production, Reserve Additions and Revenue Inactive N1-138-88-003
Solicitor Litigation Files N1-138-90-001
Area Rate Investigations (AR Dockets) Electronic Data Inactive N1-138-90-002
Pipeline Valuation Records, 1934-60 Inactive N1-138-91-001
Hydropower Licensing Project Files N1-138-91-002
Commission Directives N1-138-91-003
Video Tapes of Commission Public Meetings Inactive N1-138-91-004
Official Commission Reports N1-138-91-005
Hydropower License Case Files Stored at WNRC N1-138-93-001
Automated System for Tariff Retrieval (FASTR) N1-138-97-001
Information Collection (IC) Dockets N1-138-98-002
Gas and Gas Pipeline Company Correspondence Files Inactive N1-138-98-004
Docketed Formal Case Files Additional Docket Series Inactive N1-138-98-006
Commission Issuance Posting System (CIPS) N1-138-98-007
Gas Pipeline Rates and Tariffs Inactive N1-138-98-008
Company Correspondence from Oil Producers and Oil Pipeline Companies Electronic Version Inactive N1-138-98-010
Gas Pipeline Service Agreements Electronic Version Inactive N1-138-98-011
Publications and Correspondence Tracking System (PACTS) N1-138-98-012
Investigation and Suspension Dockets (IS Dockets) Inactive N1-138-98-013
Annual Financial and Statistical Reports Inactive N1-138-98-014
Reports of Emergency Circumstances of Transmission Providers (EY Dockets) Inactive N1-138-98-015
Customer Satisfaction Survey N1-138-98-016
Requests for Approval by the Chief Accountant (AC Dockets), Requests for Commission Approval of Changes in Depreciation (AR Dockets) Inactive N1-138-98-017
Delegation of Authority Records N1-138-99-001
Commission Issuance Posting System Manager (CIPS Manager) N1-138-99-002
Organization Files N1-138-99-003
Management/Consulting Reports N1-138-99-004
Information Technology Systems Case Files N1-138-99-005
Commuter Support Program N1-138-99-006
Transmission Planning and Evaluation Reports N1-138-99-007
Commission Service Lists / Issuance System Inactive N1-138-99-008
Regional Assignments, Projects and Reports, 1920-50 Inactive N1-138-99-010
Email and Word Processing copies of Investigations, Natural Gas IN Dockets Inactive N9-138-00-001
Email and Word Processing copies of Formal Investigation IN Dockets Inactive N9-138-00-002
Tariffs, Wholesale Contracts, and Rate Schedules NC1-138-81-01
Interim and Retroactive Collection Filings, 1978-81 Inactive NC1-138-82-02
Report of New Non-Jurisdictional Sales of Natural Gas, 1975-79 Inactive NC1-138-82-03
Textual and Non-Textual Records of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) NC1-138-83-01
Annual Report of Oil Pipeline Companies NC1-138-85-01