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Personnel Security Clearance and Misconduct Files N1-036-92-001_SF115 10/20/2020
Time and Attendance Overtime Records NC1-036-80-01_SF115 10/20/2020
Miscellaneous Records, 1867-1931 NC1-036-77-03_SF115 10/20/2020
CF 328 CAS-5 Case Activity Reports N1-036-87-001_SF115 10/20/2020
CF 4790 Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments N1-036-86-002_SF115 10/20/2020
Ledgers, Requisitions, and Belvoir, VA Records N2-036-15-001_SF115 10/20/2020
U.S. Customs Service Records, 1828-1965 N1-036-99-001_SF115 10/20/2020
Ruling Cases: National Office NC1-036-82-02_SF115 10/20/2020
Warehouse and Rewarehouse Entry and Withdrawal Records NC1-036-83-01_SF115 10/20/2020
Vessel Manifests and Cargo Declarations N1-036-00-001_SF115 10/20/2020
Treasury Enforcement Communications System Audit Tapes, 1975-87 N1-036-90-001_SF115 10/20/2020
Audiovisual Records N1-036-98-001_SF115 10/20/2020
Consumption Entry Records NC1-036-77-01_SF115 10/20/2020
Audiovisual Records N1-036-98-005_SF115 10/20/2020
Individual Training Records DAA-0263-2020-0001_SF115 10/19/2020
Disruptive Behavior Reporting System (DBRS) DAA-0015-2020-0002_SF115 10/19/2020
Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science DAA-0167-2020-0002_SF115 10/19/2020
Implementation of Contract Labor Files 1946 - 1955 NC1-085-76-02_SF115 10/16/2020
Management, Human Resources, and Program Records N1-523-04-001_SF115 10/16/2020
Speeches and Liasion Records N1-523-06-001_SF115 10/16/2020
Digital Evidence Laboratory Case Files; Digital Evidence Laboratory Derivative Evidence Files N1-523-09-001_SF115 10/16/2020
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Office of Global Criminal Justice DAA-0059-2019-0018_SF115 10/16/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-523-94-001_SF115 10/16/2020
Inspection Files DAA-0571-2020-0008_SF115 10/16/2020
Software Licensing Agreement and Disclaimer Files N1-523-03-001_SF115 10/16/2020
Project Records N1-523-12-001_SF115 10/16/2020
Contract Audit Case Files and Services DAA-0372-2020-0022_SF115 10/15/2020
Power Sales and Marketing DAA-0201-2020-0001_SF115 10/15/2020
Transmission Infrastructure Program Records DAA-0201-2020-0002_SF115 10/15/2020
Engineering, Design, and Construction DAA-0201-2020-0003_SF115 10/15/2020
Meetings, Fire Arms Training, and Training Materials N1-523-02-001_SF115 10/14/2020
Policy Records and MOU Agreements N1-523-02-002_SF115 10/14/2020
Economic Stabilization Programs Records, 1971-74 NC-432-75-002_SF115 10/14/2020
Computer Tapes and Printouts of the Economic Stabilization Programs, 1971-74 NC1-432-78-01_SF115 10/14/2020
Case Files of the Economic Stabilization Program, 1971-74 NC-432-75-001_SF115 10/14/2020
Office of Civil Rights Records NC1-235-84-02_SF115 10/13/2020
Labor-Management Relations Agreements and Case Files NC1-235-83-03_SF115 10/13/2020
Cuban Refugee Assistance Program Records NN-173-000349_SF115 10/13/2020
Ticket Orgin and Destination Survey (Data Bank IB) N1-398-99-001_SF115 10/13/2020
Cemetery Files, 1964-70 NC1-410-84-01_SF115 10/13/2020
Cemeteries Case Files, 1963-64; Contracts for the Care of Remains, 1962-64; Disposition of Remains, 1963-64; Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services, 1962-63; Property Disposal, 1963; Headstone Branch Correspondence, 1963-64 NC1-410-78-01_SF115 10/13/2020
Bureau of Naval Weapons stored at the Washington National Records Center (WNRC), 1959-66 N1-402-89-001_SF115 10/13/2020
Office of Defense Mobilization Central Subject Files, 1950-53, and Alphabetical Addressee Files, 1950-52 NC1-304-82-01_SF115 10/13/2020
Federal Civil Defense Administration Central Subject Files and Alphabetical Addressee Files, 1950-58 NC1-304-83-01_SF115 10/13/2020
Research Project Grant Records NC1-419-79-02_SF115 10/13/2020
Audiovisual Records Produced by the Capital Film Laboratories, Inc. NC1-235-82-02_SF115 10/13/2020
Personnel-Related Records NC1-235-83-01_SF115 10/13/2020
Products Catalog Production Records, 1976 NC1-419-78-01_SF115 10/13/2020
Safe School Study Data Files NC1-419-78-02_SF115 10/13/2020
Office of the Secretary (OS) Records NC1-235-82-01_SF115 10/13/2020
National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Records NC1-419-79-01_SF115 10/13/2020
Office of Community Services Records NC1-235-84-01_SF115 10/13/2020
Subject Files of the Construction Section, 1963-70 N1-418-89-001_SF115 10/13/2020
Routine Administrative and Personnel Records of U.S. Army Posts, 1870-1940 N2-393-87-001_SF115 10/13/2020
Executive Committee, Subcommittee on Communications Subject Files, 1962-63 N1-273-91-001_SF115 10/13/2020
Miscellaneous Temporary Records N1-273-90-002_SF115 10/13/2020
Climatological Fallout Maps, 1956-61 N1-397-91-002_SF115 10/13/2020
Defense Civil Defense Agency Staff College Records, 1962-81 N1-397-91-001_SF115 10/13/2020
NSC Representative on Internal Security, 1949-69; Net Evaluation Subcommittees, 1954-63; Miscellaneous Material, 1947-69 N1-273-90-003_SF115 10/13/2020
Miscellaneous Permanent Records, 1947-89 N1-273-90-001_SF115 10/13/2020
Federal Civil Defense Administration, Defense Production Administration, and President's Committee on Scientists and Engineers Records, 1937-62 N1-304-92-001_SF115 10/13/2020
Region 1 Disaster Reports, Regional Studies, Reports and Publications, Meetings and Conferences, 1950-61 N1-304-91-001_SF115 10/13/2020
Tax Amoritization Cases, 1950-59 NC-174-000179_SF115 10/13/2020
Philippine Archives Collection, 1937-66 NC1-407-84-01_SF115 10/13/2020
Individual Name Correspondence Files, 1951-62 NC1-407-79-01_SF115 10/13/2020
Seized Records of Alien Companies, 1920-45 N1-131-86-025_SF115 10/09/2020
Pay Cards, 1927-1963 NC-235-75-003_SF115 10/09/2020
Proposed Insolvent Estate Debt Claim Determinations, 1951-59 N1-131-86-007_SF115 10/09/2020
Seized Records of Japanese Banks and Trading Companies in the United States NC1-131-81-01_SF115 10/09/2020
Litigation Case File Index, 1942-87, and Valueless Seized Securities, 1942-90 N1-131-93-001_SF115 10/09/2020
Litigation and Administrative Hearings Case Files NC1-235-81-01_SF115 10/09/2020
Decimal File, Cross Reference Sheets, and Accounting Files, 1919-48 NC1-203-83-01_SF115 10/09/2020
Environmental Records NC1-235-79-02_SF115 10/09/2020
Personnel-Related Records NC1-235-78-01_SF115 10/09/2020
Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) Records, 1937-1981 N1-235-99-001_SF115 10/09/2020
Computer Tapes from the Data Processing Unit, ca. 1960-70 N1-235-90-001_SF115 10/09/2020
Completed Job Satisfaction Survey Forms, 1971 N1-235-93-001_SF115 10/09/2020
Social Security Division, Litigation Records of the Office of the General Counsel NC1-235-77-01_SF115 10/09/2020
Federal Security Agency Records N1-235-93-002_SF115 10/09/2020
Office of the Secretary Records NC1-235-80-01_SF115 10/09/2020
Invoice Level Drug Price Data NC1-235-78-02_SF115 10/09/2020
Official Correspondence Records of the Secretary NC1-235-79-01_SF115 10/09/2020
Individual Personnel Security Files for Persons Who Have Died or Have Reached their Seventieth Birthday NC-235-76-001_SF115 10/09/2020
Individual Personnel Security Files of Applicants for the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Program, 1956-1967 NC-235-75-002_SF115 10/09/2020
Grant Appeals Records NC1-235-79-05_SF115 10/09/2020
Explosives Research Laboratory Records, 1941-47 NC1-227-77-01_SF115 10/09/2020
Congressional Investigations, 1952-53, and Financial Reports and Budget Statements, 1944-65 N1-131-86-017_SF115 10/09/2020
Vesting, Divesting, and Bar Orders, 1942-63 N1-131-86-008_SF115 10/09/2020
San Francisco Field Office Case Files, Accounting Records, 1942-58 N1-131-86-026_SF115 10/09/2020
Copyright License Agreements, Cases, and Correspondence, 1942-67 N1-131-86-013_SF115 10/09/2020
Philippine Vested Property Claims Committee Findings, 1948-51, and Miscellaneous Philippine Claims Files, 1951-59 N1-131-86-022_SF115 10/09/2020
U.S. Army Plants and Works Records, 1941-70 N1-156-86-001_SF115 10/09/2020
Central Decimal, 1955-61, and Administrative, Accounting, Legislation, and Legal Subject Files, 1948-62 NC1-156-85-01_SF115 10/09/2020
Government Transportation Requests, 1942-47, and Vouchers, 1942-60 N1-131-86-011_SF115 10/09/2020
World War I and II Miscellaneous Records, 1932-82 N1-131-87-001_SF115 10/09/2020
Estate and Trust Records, 1917-64 N1-131-86-020_SF115 10/09/2020
Patent Records, 1942-61 N1-131-86-019_SF115 10/09/2020
World War I Related Records, 1918-57 N1-131-86-028_SF115 10/09/2020
Looted Securities Claim Ledgers, 1948-58, and A (Patent) Claim Ledgers, 1947-57 N1-131-86-015_SF115 10/09/2020
Claim Ledgers, 1946-59 N1-131-86-006_SF115 10/09/2020
Interhandel Case Records, 1902-64 N1-131-86-024_SF115 10/09/2020
Cancelled Checks, 1923-56 N1-131-86-010_SF115 10/09/2020
Motion Picture License Case Files, 1942-68, List of Vested Motion Pictures, 1952-53, and Motion Picture Subject and Policy Files, 1942-59 N1-131-86-018_SF115 10/09/2020
Litigation Records, 1941-65 N1-131-86-027_SF115 10/09/2020
Alien Account Case Files, 1942-66, and Voluntary Safekeeping Account Files, 1943-57 N1-131-86-009_SF115 10/09/2020
Jewish Restitution Successor Organization Claim Ledgers, 1955-59 N1-131-86-014_SF115 10/09/2020
Philippine Alien Property Administration Records, 1945-64 N1-131-86-023_SF115 10/09/2020
Audit Reports, 1940-66 N1-131-86-005_SF115 10/09/2020
Copyright Licenses Sales Case Files, 1943-66 N1-131-86-012_SF115 10/09/2020
Miscellaneous Records, 1936-1966 N1-131-86-030_SF115 10/09/2020
Supervisory, General, and Dissolution Orders, 1942-71 N1-131-86-029_SF115 10/09/2020
Foreign Funds Control Subject Files. 1940-47. Enforcement Division Investigative Case Files, 1940-47, and Field Office Investigative Case Files. 1940-47 N1-131-86-016_SF115 10/09/2020
Certificates Extending Corporate Existence 1882-1922, Certificates Re-extending Corporate Charters 1902-1922 N1-101-87-003_SF115 10/08/2020
Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration (ADAMHA) Records Schedule NC1-090-76-05_SF115 10/08/2020
Foreign Currency Reports, 1984-89 N1-101-90-003_SF115 10/08/2020
Daily Reports, 1886-1964, Number of National Banks in Each State, Territory, and Reserve City, 1903-1961 N1-101-87-001_SF115 10/08/2020
Financial Analysis and Reporting System (FARS) N1-056-08-003_SF115 10/08/2020
Final Receipts for Perfect Deliveries Other Than National Bank Currency, 1924-57 N1-318-86-001_SF115 10/08/2020
Final Receipts for Perfect Deliveries Other Than National Bank Currency, 1924-57 N1-318-95-001_SF115 10/08/2020
Annual Financial Statement of Common Trust Funds NC1-101-77-01_SF115 10/08/2020
Miscellaneous Records for Immediate Destruction, 1937-66 NC1-101-77-02_SF115 10/08/2020
Electronic Mail System Records N1-318-93-007_SF115 10/08/2020
Treasury Department Circulars N1-318-86-002_SF115 10/08/2020
Bureau Form 8333 Schedule of Delivery of Mutilated Paper Records NC1-318-79-01_SF115 10/08/2020
Foreign Funds Control License, 1940-54; San Juan Power of Attorney Affidavits and Indices, 1942-45 N1-131-86-004_SF115 10/08/2020
Subject Files, Orders, Proposed Legislation, and Reports of the World War II Allen Property Program, 1942-80 N1-131-08-002_SF115 10/08/2020
Office of Population Affairs, Grants Case Files N1-090-90-009_SF115 10/08/2020
Personnel Records, Reference Files, Records Relating to Tax Liabilities, and Field Office Mailing Lists, 1942-58 N1-131-86-002_SF115 10/08/2020
Vested Property Case Files, Claim Files, Orders, Organizational and Procedural Documentation, Management Information, Tracking, and Finding-Aid Cards, 1942-68 N1-131-08-004_SF115 10/08/2020
Reference Files, Chronological Files, Forms, Non-Record Copies of Two German Diaries, 1937-48 N1-131-86-001_SF115 10/08/2020
Munich Field Office Records, 1945-83 N1-131-08-003_SF115 10/08/2020
Bank Liquidation Process Records, 1887-1967 N1-101-87-004_SF115 10/08/2020
Foreign Bank Examination Records, 1946-65 N1-101-11-001_SF115 10/08/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-101-90-002_SF115 10/08/2020
NIH National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Disorders and Strokes (NINCDS) Collaborative Perinatal Project (NCPP) Records NC1-090-82-02_SF115 10/08/2020
Financial Reports, 1940-51 N1-131-86-003_SF115 10/08/2020
Miscellaneous Subject, Administrative, and Financial Files of the World War I Alien Property Program, 1917-56 N1-131-08-001_SF115 10/08/2020
Indian Health Service (IHS) Hospital Discharge, Ambulatory Patient Care, and Vital Statistics Tabulations Records NC-090-75-001_SF115 10/08/2020
National Institutes of Health (NIH), Routine Procurement Records NC1-090-83-01_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) Motion Picture Film and Soundtracks NC1-090-78-03(A)_SF115 10/07/2020
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) NOHS Data Projection System and Coal Miner Information Processing System NC1-090-79-04_SF115 10/07/2020
Division of Dentistry Records, 1935-72 N1-090-89-006_SF115 10/07/2020
Health Services Administration (HSA) International Health Program Records NC1-090-82-08_SF115 10/07/2020
Publications, Reports, and Directives, 1925-65 N1-090-89-004_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institute of Health Audiovisual Service, Computer Research and Technology, Research Services, and National Library of Medicine Records NC1-090-78-12_SF115 10/07/2020
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Administrative and Support Services Records NC1-090-82-04_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of the Director Records, 1947-56 N1-090-88-010_SF115 10/07/2020
HRSA & IHS Medical Records of Non-Uniformed Patients, 1959-80 NC1-090-84-02_SF115 10/07/2020
Health Resources and Services Administration, Construction Grants and Loans Records NC1-090-85-01_SF115 10/07/2020
Health Services Administration (HSA) Records NC1-090-81-05_SF115 10/07/2020
Press Copies of Vouchers, Cleveland Marine Hospital, 1899-1904 NC1-090-83-03_SF115 10/07/2020
Regional Offices Records NC-090-76-002_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Center for Population Research Records NC1-090-78-07_SF115 10/07/2020
National Center for Health Services Research Grant Records NC1-090-79-06_SF115 10/07/2020
Committee Records of the Task Force on Investigational New Drugs (TFID), 1979-84 N1-090-88-009_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Audit Report Case Files NC1-090-79-07_SF115 10/07/2020
Division of Emergency Health Services Records NN-173-000323_SF115 10/07/2020
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration, Client Oriented Data Acquisition Process (CODAP) System and National Drug Abuse Treatment Utilization Survey System (N-DATUS) NC1-090-84-03_SF115 10/07/2020
Health Resources Administration (HRA) Program and Administrative Records NC1-090-82-05_SF115 10/07/2020
Regional Offices, Individual Case Files on Unsuccessful Grant Applications NC1-090-77-01_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Project Officers Files NC1-090-83-04_SF115 10/07/2020
Hospital Facilities Project Files NC1-090-82-01_SF115 10/07/2020
Contract Procurement Records NC1-090-82-10_SF115 10/07/2020
Medical Record Case Files of Patients of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center NC1-090-78-04_SF115 10/07/2020
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Tuberculosis Branch Records NN-174-000030_SF115 10/07/2020
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration, Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) Records NC1-090-82-09_SF115 10/07/2020
Special Investigative Services Records N1-129-97-003_SF115 10/07/2020
Bureau of Census Ombudsman Records Schedule DAA-0029-2020-0001_SF115 10/07/2020
Agreement Files DAA-0307-2020-0004_SF115 10/07/2020
Excess Personal Property Records Case Files NC1-016-80-03_SF115 10/07/2020
General Correspondence, 1941-72 N1-131-00-002_SF115 10/07/2020
Vesting Orders and Related Records; Indices to World War I and II Claims; Closed Claims; Valueless Seized Securities, 1942-90 N1-131-01-001_SF115 10/07/2020
Cemetery Records, Contracts for Care and Disposition of Remains, Property Disposal, Laundry and Dry Cleaning Facilities, 1958-62 NC1-092-78-01_SF115 10/07/2020
National Office of Vital Statistics Records, 1940-50 N1-090-90-003_SF115 10/07/2020
Computer Reels and Processing Tapes, ca. 1951-76 N1-090-90-004_SF115 10/07/2020
Health Services Administration (HSA), Health Services and Mental Health Administration (HSMHA), and Predecessor Agencies Records, 1921-74 N1-090-89-005_SF115 10/07/2020
Schedules of Daily Activities of High Level Officials N1-090-90-005_SF115 10/07/2020
Food and Drug Administration Administrative Files NC1-090-79-03_SF115 10/07/2020
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Laboratory Test Files NC-174-000194_SF115 10/07/2020
Drug Abuse Education Motion Picture Film and Soundtracks, ca. 1968-75 N1-090-90-006_SF115 10/07/2020
Health Resources Administration (HRA) Grants, Contracts, and Cooperative Agreements Records NC1-090-80-01_SF115 10/07/2020
Construction Tracings and Blueprints, 1905-1964 N1-090-92-001_SF115 10/07/2020
Grant Case Files and Administrative Reference Files, 1962-67 N1-090-90-007_SF115 10/07/2020
Construction Loan Programs Records and Assurance Records for Grants or Loans NC1-090-79-10_SF115 10/07/2020
Division of Air Pollution Records, 1961-1966 N1-090-90-008_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) Motion Picture Film and Soundtracks NC1-090-78-02_SF115 10/07/2020
Health Resources Administration (HRA) Program and Administrative Records NC1-090-76-04_SF115 10/07/2020
Memorial Division, 1962, Maintnence and Manufacturing Branch, 1959-62; Item Mobilization Procurement Plans, 1950-60; Acquisition of ADP Systems, 1960-61 NC1-092-79-01_SF115 10/07/2020
U.S. Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board, General Accounting Ledgers, 1921-22 N1-090-89-003_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institute of Mental Health, Official Grant Case Files NC1-090-83-06_SF115 10/07/2020
Health Services Administration (HSA) Program and Administrative Records NC1-090-77-03_SF115 10/07/2020
Hospital and Medical Facilities Construction Records NC1-090-79-01_SF115 10/07/2020
Health Resources and Services Administration, Miscellaneous Cytology, Autopsy, and Surgical Cards and Books, 1963-70 NC1-090-84-01_SF115 10/07/2020
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration, Biometric and Epidemiologic Records NC1-090-82-03_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institute for Health (NIH) Extramural Program, Grant Files NC-090-76-001_SF115 10/07/2020
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Communicable Disease Case Study Files NC1-090-83-02_SF115 10/07/2020
Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Case Files N1-090-89-007_SF115 10/07/2020
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Occupational Hazard Studies Records NC1-090-78-03(B)_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center Records NC1-090-78-09_SF115 10/07/2020
Abstracts of Burials in Communes and Photograph Lists, ca. 1917-21 N1-092-86-001_SF115 10/07/2020
Public Health Service (PHS) Records, 1895-1977 N1-090-99-001_SF115 10/07/2020
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health Records NC1-090-76-03_SF115 10/07/2020
Center for Disease Control (CDC) Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-090-78-01_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institute on Drug Abuse, Client Oriented Data Acquisition Process (CODAP) Completed Forms NC1-090-78-10_SF115 10/07/2020
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Grantee Development Files NC1-090-83-05_SF115 10/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records, 1941-67 N1-131-00-001_SF115 10/07/2020
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Administrative and Program Records NC1-090-77-02_SF115 10/07/2020
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Medical Examination Records of Visa Applicants NN-173-000337_SF115 10/07/2020
Office of Health Maintenance Organizations (OASH) Records NC1-090-81-03_SF115 10/07/2020
Vietnam Surgical Team Subject Files, 1962-67 N1-090-00-001_SF115 10/06/2020
Interagency and Intra-agency Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding N1-090-86-003_SF115 10/06/2020
Stand Files for HANES N1-090-88-001_SF115 10/06/2020
Miscellaneous Records, 1940-48 NC1-080-79-01_SF115 10/06/2020
Operation CROSSROADS Photographic Negatives, 1946 N1-080-89-001_SF115 10/06/2020
Commission on Evidence-Based Policy Making: Records of Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking DAA-0220-2017-0013_SF115 10/06/2020
Foreign Student Program Forms; I-94, I-17, I-17A, I-17B, I-20, I-20A, I-20M, I-102, I-506, I-530, I-538, I-702, I-721 NC1-085-85-01_SF115 10/06/2020
Division of Hospital and Medical Facilities, General Subject Files, 1950-67, and Subject Files 1948-61 N1-090-00-002_SF115 10/06/2020
Privacy Act Records N1-090-86-004_SF115 10/06/2020
National Health Survey Records, 1935-36 N1-090-88-002_SF115 10/06/2020
New York Quaratine Station Administrative Management Records, 1917-62 and 1966-70 N1-090-87-003_SF115 10/06/2020
Inspector's Visa Log and Daily Control Sheet Form I704 N1-085-87-001_SF115 10/06/2020
Central Office Forms for Microfilming NC-085-76-001_SF115 10/06/2020
Investigation Files, 1948-85 N1-085-94-003_SF115 10/06/2020
Bureau of Ordnance Records, 1902-59 N1-074-88-001_SF115 10/06/2020
Notification of Arrival; Head Tax Forms 535; Correspondence; Notice to Detain Crew Members; Changes of Crew; Notice to Payoff or Discharge Crew Member, 1918-54 NN-173-000329_SF115 10/06/2020
Statistical Reporting System on Individuals Entering or Departing the United States NC1-085-79-01_SF115 10/06/2020
Central Office Subject File, 1957-74; 23/Series, 1929-44; Citizen Education Addresses, 1937-61; Hungarian Refugees, 1956-57 N1-085-99-002_SF115 10/06/2020
Application for Cards of Identification, 1943-56 NC1-085-79-04_SF115 10/06/2020
Central Office Subject Correspondence Files,1906-57; Counterfeit and Fradulent Reentry Permits, 1925-48; Administrative Letters, Commissioner Decisions, Adjudication Office Decisions, General Counsel Opinions, Public Health Service Foreign Quarantive Field Memorandums, 1909-56 N1-085-86-001_SF115 10/06/2020
Application for Employment Authorization Form I-765 N1-085-94-002_SF115 10/06/2020
Automated Documents Information System (AIS) Change Management Requests, Tactical Plan and Planning Dcouments N1-085-90-006_SF115 10/06/2020
United States Citizen's Identification/Border Crossing Cards, 1924-45 N1-085-91-005_SF115 10/06/2020
Claims for Overtime Payments, 1947-54; Overtime Payments, 1931-40; Chines Certificates of Identity, 1904-42; Military Naturalization Indices, 1918; Registrations under the Alien Registration Act of 1940 NC1-085-83-10_SF115 10/06/2020
Deportation Investigation Case of San Francisco Labor Activist Harry Bridges N1-085-90-002_SF115 10/06/2020
Petition for Alien Relative and Petition to Classify Alien on Basis of Profession or Occupation, Form I-130, I-130A, I-140, and I-140A N1-085-88-001_SF115 10/06/2020
Forms I-20b, I-94, I-213, I-506a, I-530, I-538a, I-539a; Non-immigrant Arrivals in, Status in, and Departures from the United States NC1-085-83-03_SF115 10/06/2020
Form I-418 Crew Lists and Associated Forms N1-085-97-001_SF115 10/06/2020
I-102 Application by Non-Immigrant Alien for Replacement of Arrival Document N1-085-90-004_SF115 10/06/2020
Contact Cards (G-598) NC1-085-79-02_SF115 10/06/2020
Nonimmigrant Arrival and Departure Documents and Index NC1-085-78-03_SF115 10/06/2020
Naval Medical Facilities Clinical Records, 1914-39 NC-052-76-001_SF115 10/06/2020
Seamen's Fund and Retreat Records, Port of New York, 1831-82, and the U.S. Marine Hospital, Port of New York, 1879-1914 and 1924-30 N1-090-88-006_SF115 10/06/2020
Hospital Corps Rosters and Patient Records, 1889-1910 NC-052-76-002_SF115 10/06/2020
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Records N1-090-88-008_SF115 10/06/2020
Quota Immigrant Visa Files NC1-085-81-02_SF115 10/06/2020
Comprehensive Bureau Records, 1921-59 NC1-072-84-01_SF115 10/06/2020
Litigation Cases, Legislative Monitoring, and Legislative History Records N1-085-90-005_SF115 10/06/2020
Form I-95 AB - D1/D2 Crewman's Landing Permits N1-085-93-002_SF115 10/06/2020
I-791 Visa Waiver Pilot Information Form; 1-775 Visa Waiver Program Agreement; 1-736 Guam Visa Waiver Information Form; 1-760 Agreement N1-085-90-001_SF115 10/06/2020
National Health Service Corps Scholarship Applications N1-090-86-005_SF115 10/06/2020
Clinical Research Center Records, Lexington, KY N1-090-86-001_SF115 10/06/2020
Employee Medical Folders and Applicant Medical Records N1-028-90-001_SF115 10/05/2020
Personnel Security Clearance Files N1-311-94-001_SF115 10/05/2020
Claims Files and Policy Files of the Flood Insurace and Crime Insurance Programs NC1-311-82-01_SF115 10/05/2020
Investigative Case Files N1-311-92-003_SF115 10/05/2020
Alternative Dispute and Resolution (ADR) Case Files N1-311-02-004_SF115 10/05/2020
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs Records N1-271-02-001_SF115 10/05/2020
Division of Energy's Employee's Occupational Illness Compensation Records N1-271-06-001_SF115 10/05/2020
Office of Worker's Compensation Program (OWCP) Records NC1-028-83-03_SF115 10/05/2020
Money Order Records NC1-028-85-01_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-028-91-007_SF115 10/05/2020
Payroll Records of Personal Services, 1946-53 NC1-028-76-01_SF115 10/05/2020
Westerly, Rhode Island Post Office Miscellaneous Records NC1-028-82-04_SF115 10/05/2020
Directives, Management Surveys, Press Releases, and Records Management Records N1-028-87-002_SF115 10/05/2020
In-Office Cost System (IOCS) Records NC1-028-84-02_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records, 1880-1955 NC1-028-81-01_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-028-80-02_SF115 10/05/2020
Parcel Bill Receipt and Dispatch Records NC1-028-77-04_SF115 10/05/2020
Human Resources Records NC1-028-79-02_SF115 10/05/2020
First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) Records DAA-0417-2018-0002_SF115 10/05/2020
ITS CodeHub DAA-0406-2020-0001_SF115 10/05/2020
U.S. Fire Administration, Office of General Counsel, and Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant Records, 1985-89 N1-311-90-003_SF115 10/05/2020
National Flood Insurance Claims Files and Related Records, 1976 and Earlier NC1-311-83-01_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records (Revision of NC1-028-82-02) NC1-028-82-08_SF115 10/05/2020
Payroll Data Center Records NC1-028-84-06_SF115 10/05/2020
Motion Picture Outtakes, 1965-73 NC1-028-78-03_SF115 10/05/2020
Budget and Cost Study Records N1-028-91-001_SF115 10/05/2020
Motion Pictures of Postal Equipment Tests and Demonstrations, 1964-65 N1-028-91-010_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records including Zip+4 Expansion Development and Implementation NC1-028-83-05_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records, 1851-1984 N1-028-91-009_SF115 10/05/2020
Finance and Planning Group Financial Records N1-028-87-004_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records (Revision of NC1-028-82-02) NC1-028-82-06_SF115 10/05/2020
Electronic Copies of Payroll Preparation and Processing Records N1-311-99-003_SF115 10/05/2020
Individual Payroll Vouchers, 1920 and Prior NC1-028-78-01_SF115 10/05/2020
Postmaster General's Subject Files NC1-028-83-01_SF115 10/05/2020
National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Planning and Opening Records N1-311-92-002_SF115 10/05/2020
Pre-Employment Investigative Records and Revenue, Pieces, and Weights Data Collection Forms NC1-028-80-04_SF115 10/05/2020
Postal Inspection Service Records NC1-028-77-06_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-028-79-04_SF115 10/05/2020
Crime Laboratory Records NC1-028-78-05_SF115 10/05/2020
Facilities Management, Vehicle Procurement, and Equipment Records N1-028-91-008_SF115 10/05/2020
Correspondence on Mail Forwarding Decisions (Bankruptcies and Disputes) NC1-028-83-04_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-028-77-01_SF115 10/05/2020
Post Office Closings and Consolidations Records NC1-028-84-03_SF115 10/05/2020
Unclaimed Postal Savings Accounts, 1957-67 N1-028-88-002_SF115 10/05/2020
Equipment and Process Improvement Records, 1950s NC1-028-82-05_SF115 10/05/2020
Postal Inspection Service Audit and Investigation Records N1-028-86-004_SF115 10/05/2020
Postal Inspection Service Audit and Investigation Records N1-028-87-003_SF115 10/05/2020
Financial Records NC1-028-81-02_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-028-80-03_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-028-82-01_SF115 10/05/2020
Multiple Names Personnel Action Files, 1869-1955 NC1-028-79-03_SF115 10/05/2020
International Country Files, 1919-59 NC1-028-77-05_SF115 10/05/2020
Legal Review Files 1983-84; Inspector General Reports, 1967-74; Naval District Roster Reports and Orders 1946-54; Dental Officer Personnel Ledgers 1938-44; Research and Historical Files 1945-83 N1-052-90-001_SF115 10/05/2020
Second Assistant Postmaster General Records, 1873-1965 NC1-028-82-09_SF115 10/05/2020
Rural Routes, Market Research Studies, Federal Agency Reporting, Systems Architecture, and Stamp Posters N1-028-89-005_SF115 10/05/2020
Support Services Miscellaneous Records N1-028-91-011_SF115 10/05/2020
Project Authorization Control System (PACS) NC1-028-79-01_SF115 10/05/2020
Origin Destination Information System (ODIS) NC1-028-77-03_SF115 10/05/2020
Rural Route and Carrier Cards, 1900-75 NC1-028-78-02_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records at WNRC for Immediate Disposal, 1915-66 NC1-028-84-05_SF115 10/05/2020
Finance and Planning Group General Counsel Records N1-028-87-005_SF115 10/05/2020
Research and Development Laboratory Case Files NC1-028-82-07_SF115 10/05/2020
Human Resources and Safety Miscellaneous Records N1-028-91-006_SF115 10/05/2020
San Francisco Regional Office and Post Office Miscellaneous Records, 1942-63 N1-028-96-001_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-028-83-02_SF115 10/05/2020
Bureau of Ships (BUSHIPS) Disposition List, 1940-66 N1-019-87-001_SF115 10/05/2020
Manuscript Copies of Handbooks and Publications NC1-028-82-03_SF115 10/05/2020
Groettum Case Records NC1-028-79-05_SF115 10/05/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-028-78-06_SF115 10/05/2020
Finance Group Miscellaneous Records N1-028-90-004_SF115 10/05/2020
Postal Inspection Service Miscellaneous Records, 1832-1970 N1-028-92-001_SF115 10/05/2020
Reports Control Files N1-311-03-002_SF115 10/02/2020
President's Commission on Foreign Language & International Studies N1-012-95-002_SF115 09/30/2020
Research and Analysis Branch Reports N1-226-99-001_SF115 09/30/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-226-79-01_SF115 09/30/2020
Systems/Technology Files (1300 Series) N1-537-99-002_SF115 09/30/2020
Legal Services (400 Series) N1-537-98-003_SF115 09/30/2020
Liaison Files (212 Series) N1-537-03-001_SF115 09/30/2020
Individual Procurement Appointment Files N1-537-02-002_SF115 09/30/2020
Planning Files (203 Series) N1-537-03-018_SF115 09/30/2020
Inspector General Files (1500 Series) N1-537-09-003_SF115 09/30/2020
Hydrographic, Bathymetric, and Navigational Files Files (806 Series) N1-537-03-009_SF115 09/30/2020
Distribution and Storage Files (811 Series) N1-537-03-014_SF115 09/30/2020
Geospatial Specification and Design Files (802 Series) N1-537-03-005_SF115 09/30/2020
Intelligence Files (704 Series) N1-537-05-003_SF115 09/30/2020
Geomagnetic Files (809 Series) N1-537-03-012_SF115 09/30/2020
Imagery and Intelligence Program Files (701 Series) N1-537-04-002_SF115 09/30/2020
Imagery Files (702 Series) N1-537-05-001_SF115 09/30/2020
Manpower Resources and Utilization Files (208 Series) N1-537-03-003_SF115 09/30/2020
Records Management Files (205 Series) N1-537-03-016_SF115 09/30/2020
Geographic Names Files (804 Series) N1-537-03-007_SF115 09/30/2020
Contract and Systems Engineering Files N1-537-09-001_SF115 09/30/2020
Office Administrative Files (100 Series) N1-537-98-001_SF115 09/30/2020
Geodetic Files (808 Series) N1-537-03-011_SF115 09/30/2020
Agency Historical Materials (207 Series) N1-537-02-003_SF115 09/30/2020
Common Mission Files (201 Series) N1-537-04-001_SF115 09/30/2020
Geospatial General Files (801 Series) N1-537-03-002_SF115 09/30/2020
Policy Documents and Forms Management Files (206 Series) N1-537-03-015_SF115 09/30/2020
Imagery Policy Files (705 Series) N1-537-05-004_SF115 09/30/2020
Collection/Acquisition Files (803 Series) N1-537-03-006_SF115 09/30/2020
Geospatial Policy and Arrangements (810 Series) N1-537-03-013_SF115 09/30/2020
Imagery Analysis Files (703 Series) N1-537-05-002_SF115 09/30/2020
Inspector General Files (210 Series) N1-537-03-004_SF115 09/30/2020
Travel Activities Databases and Preliminary Inquiries N1-537-06-001_SF115 09/30/2020
Printing, Copier, and Distribution Management (209 Series) N1-537-03-017_SF115 09/30/2020
Aeronautical Charting and Flight Information Files (805 Series) N1-537-03-008_SF115 09/30/2020
Systems/Technologies Files (1300 Series) N1-537-09-002_SF115 09/30/2020
Training Files (1000 Series) N1-537-98-002_SF115 09/30/2020
Documents Loaned to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission) N1-457-04-001_SF115 09/30/2020
Human Resources and Training Records (Multi-Agency Records Schedule 200) N1-525-13-002_SF115 09/29/2020
Alderson Institution Inmate Files NC1-129-77-06_SF115 09/29/2020
Pre-1920 Atlanta Institution Inmate Files NC1-129-77-07_SF115 09/29/2020
Pre-1920 McNeil Island Institution Inmate Files NC1-129-77-08_SF115 09/29/2020
Pre-1920 Leavenworth Institution Inmate Files NC1-129-77-09_SF115 09/29/2020
Families of Children with Special Needs Program DAA-0457-2017-0001_SF115 09/29/2020
Records of the Federal Interagency Committee on Education, 1964-1981 N1-012-89-007_SF115 09/29/2020
Institutional Inmate Case Files NC-129-75-002_SF115 09/29/2020
Institution Inmate Files NC1-129-77-11_SF115 09/29/2020
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Operations N1-457-88-007 09/29/2020
National Advisory Council on Equality of Education N1-012-95-001_SF115 09/29/2020
COMSEC Acquisition Records N1-457-89-004 09/29/2020
Central Office Inmate Case Files NC-129-75-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Communications Records (1100 Series) N1-537-00-004_SF115 09/29/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-525-95-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Absconders Data Collection Systems DAA-0566-2020-0001_SF115 09/29/2020
Federal Correctional Facilities: Warden's Office Records N1-129-00-003_SF115 09/29/2020
Security and Counterintelligence Records (700 Series) N1-525-12-007_SF115 09/29/2020
Indigent Notifications from State and Territorial Public-Assistance Granting Entities DAA-0566-2020-0003_SF115 09/29/2020
Human Resources Records (600 Series) N1-537-00-002_SF115 09/29/2020
Police K9 (Canine) Files DAA-0537-2014-0004_SF115 09/29/2020
Logistics, Supply Maintenance, and Transportation Files (1200 Series) N1-537-01-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Paper Records Maintained Separately from the Recordkeeping System N1-537-00-005_SF115 09/29/2020
Safety, Health, and Environment Files (900 Series) N1-537-01-004_SF115 09/29/2020
Security Files (500 Series) N1-537-00-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Public Cryptographic Suggestion File, 1931-55 N1-457-94-006_SF115 09/29/2020
Civilian Personnel Suitability Information Files NC1-457-78-01_SF115 09/29/2020
Airport Access Authorization to Commercial Establishments Beyond the Screening Checkpoint (AAACE) Program N1-560-07-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Facilities Records (1400 Series) N1-537-01-002_SF115 09/29/2020
Budget, Finance, and Accounting Files (300 Series) N1-537-00-003_SF115 09/29/2020
Executive Level Files and Governance Records (500 Series) N1-525-12-005_SF115 09/29/2020
Overseas Differential and Allowance Files N1-537-02-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Reconnaissance and Mission Records (600 Series) N1-525-12-006_SF115 09/29/2020
Information Assurance (Cybersecurity Mission) Records N1-457-13-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Original and Sanitized Copies of Permanent Records Held by the NSA NC1-457-80-02_SF115 09/29/2020
WWII Historical Signal Intelligence Materials (Continuation of NC1-457-80-02) NC1-457-81-01_SF115 09/29/2020
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Records N1-457-08-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Administrative Grievance, Adverse Action, and Counseling Records N1-457-97-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Red Machine Collection: Japanese Diplomatic Messages, 1934-38 N1-457-94-004_SF115 09/29/2020
Time and Attendance Cards NC1-457-78-02_SF115 09/29/2020
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Program N1-560-12-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Oversight Records (400 Series) N1-525-12-004_SF115 09/29/2020
Information Technology, Information Assurance, Information Management and Audiovisual Records (Multi-Agency Records Schedule 500) N1-525-14-002_SF115 09/29/2020
German Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Cryptologic Services Collection, 1939-45 N1-457-95-002_SF115 09/29/2020
Security Files: Applicants that Terminate Before Investigations are Initiated N1-457-94-003_SF115 09/29/2020
Russian Ciphers and Codes, 1907-31 N1-457-94-005_SF115 09/29/2020
Magic Far East Summaries, 1944-45 N1-457-95-004_SF115 09/29/2020
Security and CounterIntelligence Records (Multi-Agency Records Schedule 600) N1-525-14-004_SF115 09/29/2020
Budget, Finance, Contracts and Procurement Records (200 Series) N1-525-12-002_SF115 09/29/2020
Budget, Finance, Contracts, and Procurement (Multi-Agency Records Schedule 400) N1-525-13-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Facilities, Logistics, and Environmental Safety, Health and Wellness Records (Multi-Agency Records Schedule 700) N1-525-14-003_SF115 09/29/2020
Information Technology, Communications, Architecture and Collaboration Records N1-525-14-001_SF115 09/29/2020
Information Technology and Communications (300 Series) N1-525-12-003_SF115 09/29/2020
Unscheduled Records at East Point FRC N1-270-90-001_SF115 09/28/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-270-88-001_SF115 09/28/2020
Radon Daughter Exposure Records, 1974-79 NC1-433-80-02_SF115 09/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC-322-76-001_SF115 09/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-322-77-01_SF115 09/28/2020
National Youth Administration Records found among Internal Revenue Service Records N1-069-88-001_SF115 09/28/2020
National Youth Administration Records found among National Park Service Records N1-069-88-002_SF115 09/28/2020
Comprehensive Schedule N1-447-97-001_SF115 09/28/2020
Equality of Educational Opportunity Study NC1-012-84-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Selected Film Titles Disposal N1-012-87-001_SF115 09/28/2020
Bureau of Handicapped Education: Miscellaneous Records N1-012-89-003_SF115 09/28/2020
Expenditure Administrative and Progam Accounts after FY77 NC1-012-79-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Cohort III Entering Kindergarten Analytic Data Sets - Follow Through Evaluation Study NC1-012-80-01_SF115 09/28/2020
International Educational Relations Branch Records at Washington National Records Center N1-012-98-001_SF115 09/28/2020
Color Films and Soundtrack; Campaign Footage of Senator Frank Church NC1-012-77-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Still Photos, 1936-1959 N1-012-89-001_SF115 09/28/2020
Budget Preparation Records N1-012-90-001_SF115 09/28/2020
Miscellaneous Audio/Video Materials From the Office of the Commissioner N1-012-89-005_SF115 09/28/2020
Master Set of Audit Reports on Office of Education Programs NC1-012-76-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Office of International Education: Files of Oliver J. Caldwell N1-012-88-005_SF115 09/28/2020
Miscellaneous Still Pictures From the Office of the Commissioner N1-012-89-004_SF115 09/28/2020
Certification of Right to Construct, Maintain and Operate Facilities NC1-012-78-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Alaska Railroad Fiscal Records NC1-322-78-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Records of the Assistant Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) N1-012-89-002_SF115 09/28/2020
Office of Management: Training Films, 1944-1945 N1-012-88-003_SF115 09/28/2020
Bureau of Employment Security Records in Washington National Record Center (WNRC) N1-012-90-002_SF115 09/28/2020
Records Control Schedule NC-012-75-001_SF115 09/28/2020
Publications, Printed Materials, Legislation Publications, Office Working Papers, Administrative Materials, and Reference Materials of the United States Department of Education NC1-012-82-02_SF115 09/28/2020
Anchor Test Study Program N1-012-90-003_SF115 09/28/2020
National Fire Prevention and Control Administration (NFPCA) Records Control Schedule NC1-437-78-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Records Relating to Plant Introduction Field Stations NC1-007-79-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Cotton Gin Survey List 1955-1956 NC1-007-81-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Port Determination Slips, 1912-1955, and Inspection Reports, 1919-1940 NC1-007-78-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Policy and Administrative Records (Multi-Agency Records Schedule 100) N1-525-11-001_SF115 09/28/2020
Civil Defense Education Branch (1959-71) N1-012-90-004_SF115 09/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule Revisions NC1-433-85-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Employee Grievance Files and Supervisor's Personnel Files N1-525-02-002_SF115 09/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule Revisions NC1-433-81-01_SF115 09/28/2020
Administration (100 Series) N1-525-12-001_SF115 09/28/2020
FOIA, Privacy Act, and Mandatory Declassification Access Request Records N1-525-10-003_SF115 09/28/2020
Director of Defense Intelligence Records NC1-330-77-09_SF115 09/24/2020
Denver Payroll System Records NC1-433-78-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Civilian Requirements and Analysis Records NC1-330-83-02_SF115 09/24/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-433-77-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Metal/Nonmetal Impoundment Tracking System (MITS) Records N1-433-94-001_SF115 09/24/2020
Office of Surface Mining Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-433-80-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Elementary School Records NC1-330-81-04_SF115 09/24/2020
CHAMPUS Contractor Claims Records NC1-330-77-16_SF115 09/24/2020
National Guard and Reserve Manpower Strengths and Statistics Reports, 1974-77 NC1-330-77-07_SF115 09/24/2020
Freedom of Information and Security Review Records NC1-330-79-10_SF115 09/24/2020
Public Affairs Records NC1-330-77-12_SF115 09/24/2020
CHAMPUS Provider Authorization Files NC1-330-81-08_SF115 09/24/2020
Comptroller Records NC1-330-80-10_SF115 09/24/2020
Public Affairs Records NC1-330-81-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Force on Evaluation of Audit, Inspection and Investigative Components Special Studies NC1-330-80-11_SF115 09/24/2020
Developmental Engineering (62 Series) Manufacturing Methods (T62-01) DAA-AFU-2019-0001_SF115 09/24/2020
Defense Energy Information System (DEIS) Records NC1-330-81-09_SF115 09/24/2020
Records of Prime Contracts Awards over $10,000 NC1-330-78-12_SF115 09/24/2020
Drug & Alcohol Management Information System (DAMIS) Annual Reports DAA-0557-2019-0007_SF115 09/24/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-403-79-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Defense Audiovisual Agency Civilian Personnel Records NC1-330-84-02_SF115 09/24/2020
Administrative Closure and Decision Files NC1-403-78-02_SF115 09/24/2020
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act Litigation Records NC1-330-85-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Reports of Former Military and DoD Employees who Accept New Positions with Defense Contractors NC1-330-81-05_SF115 09/24/2020
Legislative Affairs Records NC1-330-77-08_SF115 09/24/2020
Panama Canal College, Elementary, and Secondary School Records NC1-330-81-03_SF115 09/24/2020
Budget Report Files NC1-330-83-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Director of Telecommunications and Command and Control Records NC1-330-77-06_SF115 09/24/2020
Charge Control Files NC1-403-82-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Civilian Employees Health Unit Records NC1-330-81-07_SF115 09/24/2020
Rejected Charge Files and Administrative Closure Files NC1-403-76-06_SF115 09/24/2020
General Counsel Records NC1-403-77-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Legislative Affairs Records N1-403-09-001_SF115 09/24/2020
Commission Records NC1-403-81-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Inspector General Records N1-403-08-001_SF115 09/24/2020
Public Affairs, Compliance, and Legal and Legislative Records NC1-403-81-03_SF115 09/24/2020
Affirmative Action Program Reports NC1-403-83-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Nonappropriated Fund Employee Personnel Records NC1-330-80-03_SF115 09/24/2020
Review and Oversight Records NC1-330-82-01_SF115 09/24/2020
Medical Readiness and Health Affairs Records NC1-330-80-12_SF115 09/24/2020
Source Data for Prime Contract Files NC1-330-81-02_SF115 09/24/2020
Procurement Records NC1-330-78-13_SF115 09/24/2020
Comptroller Records NC1-330-80-07_SF115 09/24/2020
Manpower and Reserve Affairs Records NC1-330-77-10_SF115 09/24/2020
Directives System N1-433-00-001_SF115 09/24/2020
Unsolicited Proposals Records NC1-330-81-06_SF115 09/24/2020
Faculty Curriculum Vitae Files N1-330-95-002_SF115 09/23/2020
Policy Records N1-330-93-001_SF115 09/23/2020
Administrative Records NC1-330-77-04_SF115 09/23/2020
COMIREX Automated Management System Processing Segment (CAMS P/S) 2 Records N1-330-95-003_SF115 09/23/2020
Radiation Experiments Command Center (RECC) Information System N1-330-97-001_SF115 09/23/2020
Safety and Occupational Health Office Records N1-330-93-007_SF115 09/23/2020
CHAMPUS Medical Care Grievance Case Files N1-330-94-001_SF115 09/23/2020
Requests for Financial Information NC1-047-81-18_SF115 09/22/2020
Program Service Center Records NC1-047-81-19_SF115 09/22/2020
Stephen Cambone, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI) Special Collections, 2001-06 N1-330-08-011_SF115 09/22/2020
Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) Joint Commission Support Directorate Foreign Records N1-330-09-001_SF115 09/22/2020
Office of Field Operations Records NC1-047-83-06_SF115 09/22/2020
CHAMPUS Case Files N1-330-86-002_SF115 09/22/2020
Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) Records N1-330-87-001_SF115 09/22/2020
Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) DAA-0330-2014-0011_SF115 09/22/2020
Counterintelligence Management Information System (CIMIS) DAA-0330-2014-0019_SF115 09/22/2020
Theater Medical Data Store (TMDS) DAA-0330-2014-0006_SF115 09/22/2020
Department of Defense Inspector General (DoD IG) Records N1-330-88-004_SF115 09/22/2020
Tow Appeal Records DAA-0330-2013-0016_SF115 09/22/2020
Title II (Disability Insurance) Claims NC1-047-80-09_SF115 09/22/2020
SMART Information Management System (SIMS) N1-330-09-003_SF115 09/22/2020
Tax Waiver Exemption Records NC1-047-80-16_SF115 09/22/2020
Reciept and Transmittal Forms NC1-047-85-02_SF115 09/22/2020
Office of Regulations Records NC1-047-80-07_SF115 09/22/2020
Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation (DLHWC) DAA-0271-2017-0005_SF115 09/22/2020
DoD Nonmilitary Health Records N1-330-88-005_SF115 09/22/2020
Division of Energy Employees' Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC) DAA-0271-2017-0006_SF115 09/22/2020
Agency Compliance and Evaluation (ACE) DAA-0478-2019-0001_SF115 09/22/2020
Defense Technical Information Center's Administration, Management, and Policy Records DAA-0569-2018-0010_SF115 09/22/2020
Defense Medical Human Resource System - Internet (DMHRSi) DAA-0330-2016-0014_SF115 09/22/2020
Transportation Command Regulating Command and Control Evacuation System (TRAC2ES) DAA-0330-2014-0012_SF115 09/22/2020
Defense and Veterans Eye Injury and Vision Registry (DVEIVR) DAA-0330-2013-0008_SF115 09/22/2020
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Atomic Energy) (Chemical Matters) Records N1-330-87-002_SF115 09/22/2020
Internal Management Control Program Records N1-330-86-003_SF115 09/22/2020
Office of Assessment Records NC1-047-84-07_SF115 09/22/2020
Current Medicare Survey (CMS) Statistics, Supplementary Medical Insurance Sample (Part B) NN-173-000234_SF115 09/22/2020
CHAMPUS Records N1-330-86-001_SF115 09/22/2020
Inspector General Records N1-330-92-004_SF115 09/22/2020
DoD Breach Reports DAA-0330-2013-0002_SF115 09/22/2020
Retirement and Survivors Insurance (RSI) Claims Case Files NC1-047-83-03_SF115 09/22/2020
Joint Advertising, Market Research & Studies (JAMRS) Survey Database DAA-0330-2014-0009_SF115 09/22/2020
Statement of Support Program Records DAA-0330-2016-0016_SF115 09/22/2020
Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA) and Clinical Information System (CIS) N1-330-11-001_SF115 09/22/2020
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Student Records N1-330-88-003_SF115 09/22/2020
US Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs Chemical and Biological Warfare Exposure System DAA-0330-2013-0015_SF115 09/22/2020
Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) Records N1-330-10-002_SF115 09/22/2020
Aspen Student Information System (ASPEN SIS) DAA-0330-2012-0007_SF115 09/22/2020
Secretary of Defense and Principal Staff Assistants Administrative Records N1-330-11-010_SF115 09/22/2020
Medical Records N1-330-01-002_SF115 09/22/2020
Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) Technical Investigation Files N1-330-11-009_SF115 09/22/2020
Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) Records N1-330-90-002_SF115 09/22/2020
Nutrition Management Information System (NMIS) DAA-0330-2013-0010_SF115 09/22/2020
Current News Analysis and Research Service Records N1-330-92-003_SF115 09/22/2020
Bureau of Data Processing Records NN-174-000019_SF115 09/22/2020
Continuous Information Management Engine (CIME) DAA-0330-2013-0018_SF115 09/22/2020
Joint Advertising, Market Research & Studies (JAMRS) Recruiting Database DAA-0330-2014-0008_SF115 09/22/2020
Retirement and Survivors Insurance (RSI) Program Records NN-173-000182_SF115 09/22/2020
District Office Operations Records NN-174-000073_SF115 09/22/2020
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission) Documents N1-330-04-002_SF115 09/22/2020
Office of Assessment Data Input Files NC1-047-82-12_SF115 09/22/2020
Office of Central Operations Records NC1-047-81-07_SF115 09/22/2020
Legislative Material - Distribution Control Files NC1-047-83-05_SF115 09/22/2020
Program-related Forms NC1-047-82-03_SF115 09/22/2020
DoD Visual Information Schedule DAA-0330-2013-0014_SF115 09/22/2020
Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) Special Education Records N1-330-89-001_SF115 09/22/2020
Defense Protective Service Records N1-330-88-002_SF115 09/22/2020
Continuous Evaluation Information System DAA-0330-2014-0013_SF115 09/22/2020
Administrative Sanctions (AS) Claims Development and Management Information System N1-047-00-003_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of Hearings and Appeals, Court Transcript Files NC1-047-80-01_SF115 09/21/2020
Posters N1-047-92-001_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Cartographic, Aerial Photographic, Architectural, and Engineering Records N1-434-98-020_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of Information Records NC-047-75-024_SF115 09/21/2020
Nevada Operations Office (DOE/NV) Joint Verification Experiment (JVE) Program Records N1-434-96-013_SF115 09/21/2020
Disability Advisory Council Records, 1986-88 N1-047-88-004_SF115 09/21/2020
Economic Regulatory Administration (ERA) Petroleum Pricing Litigation Files NC1-434-82-02_SF115 09/21/2020
Economic Regulatory Administration (ERA) Fuel Litigation and Allocation Case Files NC1-434-82-03_SF115 09/21/2020
Labor Relations Files NC1-047-77-06_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records N1-434-98-006_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of Quality Assurance Headquarters Records NC1-047-76-25_SF115 09/21/2020
Program-Related Forms NC1-047-79-13_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Audit/Investigative Records N1-434-98-024_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Communications Records N1-434-98-015_SF115 09/21/2020
Program Operations Records NC1-047-77-15_SF115 09/21/2020
Special Veterans Benefits (SVB) Claims System N1-047-06-001_SF115 09/21/2020
District and Branch Office Operations Records NC-174-000176_SF115 09/21/2020
Regional Office General Program Administration Records NC1-047-78-20_SF115 09/21/2020
Hearing and Appeals Case Files NC1-434-82-01_SF115 09/21/2020
Citizen Mail, 1977 NC1-434-85-02_SF115 09/21/2020
State Agency Budget and Financial Report Files NC1-047-76-19_SF115 09/21/2020
Total Resource and Information Management System (TRIM) NC1-047-77-01_SF115 09/21/2020
Office Personnel, Reference and Management Records NC-047-75-022_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of the Actuary Records NC-047-76-003_SF115 09/21/2020
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Title XVI Claims Folders and Medical Evidence Records N1-047-89-001_SF115 09/21/2020
Retirement and Survivors Insurance Central Office Records NC-174-000174_SF115 09/21/2020
Form SSA-6233-BK Representative Payee Report of Benefits and Dedicated Account N1-047-98-001_SF115 09/21/2020
Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUP) DAA-0237-2019-0010_SF115 09/21/2020
Computer Matching Agreement and By-product Records N1-047-95-004_SF115 09/21/2020
Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) DAA-0237-2019-0011_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of the Chief Actuary Records DAA-0047-2013-0001_SF115 09/21/2020
Regional Office Records NC1-047-76-33_SF115 09/21/2020
Employee Counseling Case Files and Disability Retirement Files NC1-047-77-05_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of the Commissioner Correspondence Control Logs NC1-047-79-03_SF115 09/21/2020
Congressional and Public Inquiries Records NC-174-000259_SF115 09/21/2020
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Post Eligibility Documents NC1-047-76-18_SF115 09/21/2020
Design and Construction Drawings and Related Records NC1-434-78-02_SF115 09/21/2020
Bureau of Hearings and Appeals Records NC-047-75-003_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Travel and Transportation Records N1-434-98-012_SF115 09/21/2020
Social Security Administration Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs Files DAA-0047-2012-0005_SF115 09/21/2020
Defense Programs, Nuclear Weapons Records N1-434-98-027_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Accountable Officers' Accounts Records N1-434-98-009_SF115 09/21/2020
Economic Regulatory Administration (ERA) Petroleum Regulations, 1974-81 NC1-434-82-05_SF115 09/21/2020
District and Branch Officesí Hearing Decision Files NC1-047-80-06_SF115 09/21/2020
Miscellaneous Records at the Washington National Records Center (WNRC), 1935-76 N1-047-00-001_SF115 09/21/2020
Savannah River Site (SRS)/Westinghouse Savannah River Corporation (WSRC) Records N1-434-96-012_SF115 09/21/2020
Economic Regulatory Administration Audit Files and Regional Office Applications Records NC1-434-81-02_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of the Commissioner Records NC-047-76-006_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of Administration Records NC-047-75-007_SF115 09/21/2020
Area Directors' Records, General Program Administration NC1-047-78-12_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Audiovisual Records N1-434-98-023_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Payroll and Pay Administration N1-434-98-005_SF115 09/21/2020
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Post Eligibility Documents NC-047-75-025_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Office Administrative Files and Records of High Level Officials N1-434-98-025_SF115 09/21/2020
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Legal Office N1-434-99-004_SF115 09/21/2020
Office Personnel Files NC-047-76-015_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Space and Maintenance Records N1-434-98-014_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Informational Services Records N1-434-98-017_SF115 09/21/2020
Research and Development (R&D) Records N1-434-96-009_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Budget Preparation, Presentation, and Apportionment Records N1-434-98-008_SF115 09/21/2020
Management and Operations (M&O) Contractor Records at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site (RFETS) N1-434-98-026_SF115 09/21/2020
Disability Insurance Program Records NC-174-000258_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of Research and Statistics Records NC1-047-78-21_SF115 09/21/2020
Economic Regulatory Administration (ERA) Audit Files of Petroleum Companies, 1974-82 NC1-434-84-01_SF115 09/21/2020
Pinellas Plant Internal Publications, 1961-97 N1-434-97-001_SF115 09/21/2020
Recipient Characteristics Study NC1-047-79-14_SF115 09/21/2020
Federal Energy Administration, Official Fuel Allocation Case Records NC1-434-76-01_SF115 09/21/2020
Savannah River Site (SRS)/Westinghouse Savannah River Corporation (WSRC) Historical Records N1-434-96-011_SF115 09/21/2020
Program Policy and Planning Records NC1-047-77-16_SF115 09/21/2020
Bureau of Supplemental Security Income Headquarters Records NC1-047-76-17_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Security, Emergency Planning, and Safety Records N1-434-98-021_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of Program Evaluation and Planning Correspondence Files NC-047-76-009_SF115 09/21/2020
Employee Training Records NC-047-75-005_SF115 09/21/2020
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program Field Office Records NC-047-76-004_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Personnel N1-434-98-004_SF115 09/21/2020
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Conversion Data Forms (SSA-2670 & SSA-267l) NC-047-75-002_SF115 09/21/2020
Vocational Rehabilitation Reimbursement Case Processing System Records N1-047-87-004_SF115 09/21/2020
Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program; Pittsburgh Naval Reactors Office N1-434-99-003_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Electronic Records N1-434-98-022_SF115 09/21/2020
Health Insurance for the Aged and Disabled Program (Medicare) Records NC-047-75-023_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of Research and Statistics Records NC-174-000172_SF115 09/21/2020
Balancing Discrepanices Listings NC1-047-80-05_SF115 09/21/2020
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Post Eligibility Documents NC1-047-76-21_SF115 09/21/2020
Administrative Records, Administrative Management Records N1-434-98-019_SF115 09/21/2020
Office of Management and Administration (OMA) Property Management Files NC-047-76-010_SF115 09/21/2020
Constituent Agencies Records NC1-434-78-01_SF115 09/21/2020
Basalt Waste Isolation and Salt Repository Project Planning and Design Files, 1982-87 N1-434-89-011_SF115 09/18/2020
Seismogram Records of the Idaho Operations Office N1-434-02-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Bureau of Mines, Synthetic Liquid-Fuels Intrabureau Reports, 1945-57 N1-434-89-002_SF115 09/18/2020
Licensing Support Network (LSN) Collection N1-434-11-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Environmental Contamination Measurement Records N1-434-91-005_SF115 09/18/2020
Albuquerque Operations Office, Waste Isolation Pilot Project N1-434-90-006_SF115 09/18/2020
Las Vegas Contractor Schedule 1 Personnel/Human Resources Records N1-434-92-004_SF115 09/18/2020
Safety Analysis Reports, Community Environmental Surveillance Program Reports, and Environmental Program Support Files N1-434-00-007_SF115 09/18/2020
Research and Development (R&D) Technical Report Files N1-434-06-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Oil and Gas Division Central Files, 1946-53 N1-434-89-006_SF115 09/18/2020
Clinch River Breeder Reactor Illustrations, Charts, and Diagrams N1-434-87-002_SF115 09/18/2020
Continuity of Operations (COOP) Records N1-584-11-002_SF115 09/18/2020
Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Food Safety Campaign Records N1-584-11-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Employees Compensation Appeals Board Records NC1-386-81-01_SF115 09/18/2020
Washington National Record Center (WNRC Project) - Neighborhood Youth Corps (Labor) N1-390-90-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Licensing Support Network (LSN) Collection and Supporting Documentation N1-434-11-002_SF115 09/18/2020
Security Clearance/Access Authorization Case Records DAA-0434-2015-0005_SF115 09/18/2020
Classified Documents Receipts, Certificates, and Inventory Records N1-434-89-003_SF115 09/18/2020
Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves, Naval Petroleum Reserve Number Three and Four Records, ca. 1921-74 N1-434-89-009_SF115 09/18/2020
Research and Development (R&D) Individual Researchers Collections N1-434-08-002_SF115 09/18/2020
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Vehicle Technology Office Comprehensive Records Schedule DAA-0434-2015-0012_SF115 09/18/2020
Natural Gas Import/Export Cases DAA-0434-2017-0001_SF115 09/18/2020
Energy Science and Technology Software Center (ESTSC) Records N1-434-93-002_SF115 09/18/2020
Office of Scientific and Technical Information, Unclassified Research and Development (R&D) Technical Information Cumulative Index N1-434-91-004_SF115 09/18/2020
Debarment Case Files N1-434-05-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Training Films and Videotapes about How to Operate a Small Business NC1-309-84-02_SF115 09/18/2020
Rural Utilities Service Program Accounting and Regulatory Analysis Records N1-572-12-002_SF115 09/18/2020
Oil Import Administration Records, 1957-71 N1-434-89-005_SF115 09/18/2020
Research and Development (R&D) Raw Data and Equipment Data Records N1-434-07-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Research & Development (R&D) Project Files N1-434-89-008_SF115 09/18/2020
Internal Publications; Conference and Convention Records N1-434-01-008_SF115 09/18/2020
Time and Attendance Records N1-309-87-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Office of Human Radiation Experiments (OHRE) Records N1-434-96-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Energy Information Administration (EIA) Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-434-96-002_SF115 09/18/2020
Oak Ridge Operations Office, Comparative Animal Research Laboratory (CARL) Photographic Records N1-434-90-007_SF115 09/18/2020
Voucher and Schedule of Payments Forms, Time and Attendance Records, Fiscal Loan Case Files NC1-309-79-01_SF115 09/18/2020
Rural Utilities Policy Analysis and Risk Management (PARM) N1-572-12-003_SF115 09/18/2020
Audit/Investigative Records, Potential Audits N1-434-09-003_SF115 09/18/2020
Department of Interior (DOI) Legacy Records, ca. 1895-1971 N1-434-02-002_SF115 09/18/2020
Security Clearance/Access Authorization Case Records N1-434-03-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Grand Junction Projects Office Records N1-434-96-006_SF115 09/18/2020
Nuclear Weapons Complex N1-434-96-005_SF115 09/18/2020
Crude Oil Overcharge/Reimbursement Records, 1973-81 N1-434-04-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Annual Certifications; Conflict of Interest N1-434-01-004_SF115 09/18/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-592-12-001_SF115 09/18/2020
Oil Imports Appeal Board Records, ca. 1956-75 N1-434-89-004_SF115 09/18/2020
Safety Enforcement Cases and Seaman Appeal Cases NC1-400-77-02_SF115 09/18/2020
Elk Hills Field Equity Re-determination of Shallow Oil Zone Records N1-434-08-003_SF115 09/18/2020
Accident Reports NC1-400-77-01_SF115 09/18/2020
Work for Others, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), and Cost Sharing Agreements N1-434-95-005_SF115 09/18/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records and Media Neutrality N9-372-00-001_SF115 09/17/2020
Community Facilities Direct Loan Program DAA-0572-2017-0004_SF115 09/15/2020
Law (51 Series) -Claims Records (T51-04) DAA-AFU-2019-0023_SF115 09/14/2020
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking-in-Persons DAA-0059-2019-0019_SF115 09/14/2020
Meat and Poultry Shipper's Certification NC1-462-83-01_SF115 09/09/2020
Plant Pest Projects Files NC1-463-84-01_SF115 09/09/2020
Administrative Records NC1-463-80-01_SF115 09/09/2020
Biotechnology Regulation Records N1-463-96-001_SF115 09/09/2020
Website Records N1-463-10-003_SF115 09/09/2020
Laboratory Analysis and Testing Records NC1-463-83-01_SF115 09/09/2020
Animal Diseases Records (ADIS) NC1-463-82-02_SF115 09/09/2020
Export Certificates NC1-463-84-02_SF115 09/09/2020
Investigative Case Files NC1-462-80-04_SF115 09/09/2020
Office of Extramural Programs, Policy and Oversight Records N1-540-07-003_SF115 09/09/2020
Research, Education, and Economics Information System (REEIS) N1-540-06-004_SF115 09/09/2020
Newsletters, Institutional Files and 4-H Authorization Records N1-540-06-002_SF115 09/09/2020
Cooperative State, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) Program Records N1-540-06-005_SF115 09/09/2020
Office of Communications Records N1-540-07-006_SF115 09/09/2020
Grant Records N1-540-06-003_SF115 09/09/2020
4-H Clubs of America Records N1-540-08-001_SF115 09/09/2020
Invention and Patent Records, Peer Review Panel Administration Records, and Routine Meeting Minutes N1-540-07-002_SF115 09/09/2020
Denver Wildlife Research Center, Policies and Procedures for Conducting Research N1-463-95-003_SF115 09/09/2020
Event Logs and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Video Tapes N1-463-97-001_SF115 09/09/2020
Correspondence on Regulations and Administrative Analysis Review Reports NC1-462-80-02_SF115 09/09/2020
Regulations Records NC1-462-80-05_SF115 09/09/2020
Food and Nutrition Service Records NC1-462-84-01_SF115 09/09/2020
Animal Damage Control (ADC) and Environmental Quality (ENQL) Program Records N1-463-92-001_SF115 09/09/2020
Fruit and Vegetable Quality Division and Meat Quality Division Records NC1-462-80-07_SF115 09/09/2020
Regulation and Inspection of Meat and Poultry Records NC1-462-80-03_SF115 09/09/2020
Veterinary Biologics (VEB) Records NC1-463-85-02_SF115 09/09/2020
Office of the Surgeon General -Commissioned Corps Officers Records DAA-0514-2018-0001_SF115 09/08/2020
Claims Files for Agent Orange Litigation Cases N1-AFU-91-023_SF115 09/08/2020
Select Agent Records Schedules DAA-0057-2019-0001_SF115 09/04/2020
Records of the Tribal Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program DAA-0292-2019-0012_SF115 09/04/2020
Records of the OHSEPR Electronic Case Management Records System (ECMRS) DAA-0292-2019-0001_SF115 09/04/2020
Website Records N1-462-09-013_SF115 09/03/2020
Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Records NC1-462-79-02_SF115 09/03/2020
Systems Testing for Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliance Records N1-462-01-001_SF115 09/03/2020
Meat Quality Division Records NC1-462-79-03_SF115 09/03/2020
Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, Inspector General Records DAA-0220-2016-0003_SF115 09/02/2020
Compliance Program Records N1-462-93-003_SF115 09/01/2020
Regulations Records N1-462-95-001_SF115 09/01/2020
Performance Based Inspection System (PBIS) N1-462-91-001_SF115 09/01/2020
Codex Alimentarius Commission Records N1-462-08-001_SF115 09/01/2020
Human Nutrition Project Records N1-462-95-003_SF115 09/01/2020
Evaluation Incidents Records N1-462-93-001_SF115 09/01/2020
ASK Karen Online Conversational Tool N1-462-09-004_SF115 09/01/2020
AssureNet Web-based System N1-462-07-001_SF115 09/01/2020
Pathogen Reduction Enforcement Program (PREP) System N1-462-04-022_SF115 09/01/2020
Planned Compliance Program (PCP) System N1-462-95-002_SF115 09/01/2020
Environmental, Health and Safety Branch Emergency Planning Records N1-462-05-007_SF115 09/01/2020
Records Freezes and Holds Case Files N1-462-10-001_SF115 09/01/2020
Inspection Records N1-462-94-001_SF115 09/01/2020
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Retailer Records N1-462-09-005_SF115 09/01/2020
Office of Corporate Credit Unions N1-413-01-003_SF115 08/28/2020
Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee DAA-0266-2019-0004_SF115 08/27/2020
Department of Defense (DoD) Hotline Referral Files N1-446-92-001_SF115 08/26/2020
Civil Rights Field Office Records NC1-406-85-04_SF115 08/26/2020
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Staff interpretations DAA-0266-2019-0005_SF115 08/26/2020
Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) Administration Records N1-414-03-001_SF115 08/24/2020
Miscellaneous University Programs Records N1-490-95-007_SF115 08/24/2020
Environmental Function Field Office Records NC1-406-85-02_SF115 08/24/2020
Crisis Corps Records N1-490-02-003_SF115 08/24/2020
Federal Highway Administration Accessions at the Washington National Records Center NC1-406-82-01_SF115 08/24/2020
National Highway Institute (NHI) Records NC1-406-80-03_SF115 08/24/2020
Direct Construction Project Files NC1-406-79-03_SF115 08/24/2020
Chief Counsel Records NC1-406-80-01_SF115 08/24/2020
Research and Development Records; Budget Estimates and Justifications Records NC1-406-79-01_SF115 08/24/2020
Research and Development Records NC1-406-80-09_SF115 08/24/2020
Combined Federal Campaign Application Files N1-146-90-001_SF115 08/24/2020
Accident Reports File NC-406-76-001_SF115 08/24/2020
Federal-Aid Project Files; Route Reports and Route Maps NC-406-75-002_SF115 08/24/2020
Foreign Country Highway Project Files NC1-406-84-01_SF115 08/24/2020
Administrator and Executive Director Records NC1-406-80-05_SF115 08/24/2020
Motor Carrier and Highway Safety Field Office Records NC1-406-85-08_SF115 08/24/2020
Research and Technology Transfer Function Field Office Records NC1-406-85-09_SF115 08/24/2020
Federal-Aid Interstate Systems Project Records NC-406-76-002_SF115 08/24/2020
Structures Field Office Records NC1-406-85-05_SF115 08/24/2020
Central Correspondence Records NC1-406-79-02_SF115 08/24/2020
Monthly Management Reports N1-413-01-004_SF115 08/24/2020
Credit Union Liquidation Files N1-413-94-001_SF115 08/24/2020
Chairman and Commissioners Records N1-431-97-001_SF115 08/24/2020
Allegation Case Files N1-431-96-002_SF115 08/24/2020
General Counsel Litigation, Miscellaneous Claims, and Miscellaneous Legal Files N1-490-95-008_SF115 08/24/2020
Federal Lands Highway Program Project Records N1-406-99-001_SF115 08/24/2020
Inspector General Country Reports, Investigative Files, and Semi-Annual Reports N1-490-95-006_SF115 08/24/2020
Federal-Aid Beautification Hearing Records; Right-of-Way Procedures and Inspection Records NC1-406-78-01_SF115 08/24/2020
High Profile Retirement Records Case Files N1-478-03-001_SF115 08/24/2020
Drinking Driver and Traffic Safety Project Records, 1968 NC1-406-83-01_SF115 08/24/2020
Right-of-Way Field Office Records NC1-406-85-07_SF115 08/24/2020
Federal Aid and Other Highway Systems Records; Personnel Cards NC1-406-79-04_SF115 08/24/2020
Interstate Project Documentation NC1-406-78-05_SF115 08/24/2020
Motor Carrier, Water Carrier, and Frieght Forwarders Certificates N1-406-97-002_SF115 08/21/2020
Bureau of Public Roads Aerial Survey Maps and Unarranged Photographs of Road Construction, 1936-59 N1-406-89-001_SF115 08/21/2020
Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey Records N1-406-04-002_SF115 08/21/2020
Fiscal Management Information System N1-406-90-003_SF115 08/21/2020
Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Database N1-406-09-012_SF115 08/21/2020
Public Roads Magazine N1-406-92-001_SF115 08/21/2020
Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) N1-406-09-013_SF115 08/21/2020
National Advisory Committee on Outdoor Advertising N1-406-89-002_SF115 08/21/2020
Administrator, Deputy Administrator, and Executive Director Correspondence Records N1-406-95-001_SF115 08/21/2020
Courtesy Letters NC1-446-77-01_SF115 08/20/2020
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security DAA-0059-2018-0003_SF115 08/20/2020
Directive Files, Notices N1-406-04-001_SF115 08/20/2020
Fast Antimicrobial Screen Testing Program (FAST) Database N1-462-04-012_SF115 08/20/2020
Regional Office Administered Programs (ROAP) System N1-462-04-003_SF115 08/20/2020
Tailhook 91 Investigation Electronic Case Files N1-509-96-001_SF115 08/20/2020
Competition in Contracting and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Program Records N1-374-89-011_SF115 08/20/2020
Strategic Plans and Performance Reports N1-462-01-002_SF115 08/20/2020
General and Civilian Conservation Corps Correspondence, 1927-1953 N1-079-92-001_SF115 08/20/2020
On-Site Inspection Agency - Treaty Inspection Manpower Management System (TIMMS) N1-330-93-005_SF115 08/20/2020
Subject Files of the Assistant Secretary for Employee Standards Administration (ESA) N1-448-01-001_SF115 08/20/2020
Non-Hired Applicant Psychological Evaluation N1-457-95-001_SF115 08/20/2020
Label Approval Records N1-462-03-002_SF115 08/20/2020
Meat and Poultry Hotline Database N1-462-04-010_SF115 08/20/2020
Swab Test on Premises (STOP) System N1-462-04-008_SF115 08/20/2020
Investigative Case Files N1-462-01-003_SF115 08/20/2020
State Meat and Poultry Inspection Program Records N1-462-03-001_SF115 08/20/2020
Invitations Received by the Attorney General NC1-060-80-05_SF115 08/20/2020
Family Economics and Nutrition Review Journal Records N1-462-04-002_SF115 08/20/2020
Economics, Statistics and Cooperative Service (ESCS) Statistics Administrative Records NC1-354-78-01_SF115 08/19/2020
Economics, Statistics, and Cooperatives Service (ESCS) Economics Records NC1-354-79-01_SF115 08/19/2020
Administrative and Program Records N1-354-09-001_SF115 08/19/2020
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Economics (ASE) and Economic Analysis Staff (EAS), Administrative and Program Records N1-354-89-001_SF115 08/19/2020
1998 Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey (FRIS) Questionnaires N1-355-05-001_SF115 08/19/2020
Administrative Records N1-355-90-001_SF115 08/19/2020
Common Use Records DAA-0560-2017-0022_SF115 08/19/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-355-07-001_SF115 08/19/2020
Economic Research Service Records, 1950-70 N1-354-99-001_SF115 08/19/2020
Portland Commodity Office, Fleet Storage Records NC1-161-83-01_SF115 08/19/2020
Office of the Inspector General Audit and Investigation Files N1-462-00-001_SF115 08/19/2020
General Council Advisory Opinions N1-474-00-001_SF115 08/19/2020
State Systems' Comprehensive Outlook and Unified Tracker (SCOUT) DAA-0462-2013-0001_SF115 08/19/2020
Operations and Readiness DAA-NU-2019-0010_SF115 08/18/2020
Correspondence Management System for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response DAA-0468-2019-0004_SF115 08/18/2020
NODIS Telegrams DAA-0059-2020-0023_SF115 08/18/2020
Form 8973, Certified Professional Employer Organization/Customer Reporting Agreement DAA-0058-2020-0002_SF115 08/18/2020
Records of the Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) DAA-0026-2020-0001_SF115 08/18/2020
General Counsel Records DAA-0474-2018-0009_SF115 08/18/2020
Label Submission and Approval System (LSAS) DAA-0584-2019-0005_SF115 08/18/2020
Board and Employee Thrift Advisory Council (ETAC) records N1-474-96-001_SF115 08/18/2020
Federal Judiciary Appelate and District Courts, Attorney Admission and Disbarment, Circuit Judicial Conference, and Appellate Judicial Assignment and Designation Records N1-116-00-001_SF115 08/18/2020
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Non-trusted Plan Cases NC1-174-78-01_SF115 08/18/2020
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Non-trusted Plan Cases and Annual Premium Filing Forms NC1-174-79-01_SF115 08/18/2020
Federal Retirement and Health Benefits Program NC1-146-84-05_SF115 08/14/2020
U.S. Merit System Protection Board NC1-146-85-02_SF115 08/14/2020
Veterans Preference Files, 1890-1956 and Noncompetitive Actions Files, 1887-1943 N1-146-88-002_SF115 08/14/2020
Examining and Recruiting Test Material Records N1-146-87-003_SF115 08/14/2020
Central Personnel Data File (CPDF) N1-146-89-001_SF115 08/14/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-146-77-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Investigative Case Files NC1-146-83-04_SF115 08/14/2020
Civil Service Retirement and Group Life Insurance and Health Benefits Programs NC1-146-84-03_SF115 08/14/2020
Civil Service Retirement Annuity Award Cards (1920-1948) NC1-146-85-06_SF115 08/14/2020
Application Processing System Tapes NC1-146-78-07_SF115 08/14/2020
Retirement Annuity Roll Questionnaire N1-146-87-002_SF115 08/14/2020
U.S. Merit System Protection Board Record Schedule for the Office of Special Counsel NC1-146-85-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Official Personnel Folder (OPF) of Photographer Ansel Adams N1-146-88-001_SF115 08/14/2020
Budget and Finance (BUF) NC1-146-84-02_SF115 08/14/2020
Documents Relating to the Government-Wide Investigative Program NC1-146-81-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Executive Personnel Records NC1-146-83-07_SF115 08/14/2020
Investigative Case Files NC1-146-78-03_SF115 08/14/2020
President's Commission on Fund Raising, 1956-61 N1-146-90-002_SF115 08/14/2020
Medical Section NC1-146-83-05_SF115 08/14/2020
Budget and Finance Records NC1-146-85-03_SF115 08/14/2020
Presidential Management Intern Files N1-146-89-002_SF115 08/14/2020
Investigations Records NC1-146-84-04_SF115 08/14/2020
Advisory Case Memoranda NC1-146-83-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Office of the General Counsel and Regional Offices Federal Service Impasses Panel N1-146-86-001_SF115 08/14/2020
Retirement Records NC1-146-82-02_SF115 08/14/2020
Oaths of Office, Personnel Affidavits, and Declarations by Civilian Employees, 1900-50 NC1-146-78-05_SF115 08/14/2020
Office of Domestic Operations Records N1-151-91-002_SF115 08/14/2020
Monthly Performance Reports of Countries Under Restraints N1-151-92-001_SF115 08/14/2020
World Trade Directory Reports NC1-151-80-01_SF115 08/14/2020
President's Export Council Records N1-151-90-003_SF115 08/14/2020
Director of Administration Records NC1-151-82-07_SF115 08/14/2020
Heating Equipment Industry Analyst's Subject Files N1-151-87-014_SF115 08/14/2020
Far Eastern Financial Notes, 1936, 1937, and 1940 N1-151-88-004_SF115 08/14/2020
Agenda and Meeting Minutes of the Publications Clearance Committee and the Clearance Committee for Internal Operating Procedures, 1952-59 N1-151-87-005_SF115 08/14/2020
Agent/ Distributor Services (ADS) Application File NC1-151-83-06_SF115 08/14/2020
Technical Study Group, World Trade Conference, and Import and Export Advisory Councils Records, 1948-56 NC1-151-82-03_SF115 08/14/2020
Reports on Export Conferences and Manuscripts File, 1963-65 NC1-151-84-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Hearing Commissioner Records NC1-151-80-05_SF115 08/14/2020
Office of Canada Commercial Programs Records N1-151-92-005_SF115 08/14/2020
Records Created by the Near East, Far East, and African Divisions of the Economic Affairs Division N1-151-87-010_SF115 08/14/2020
Records of the Western International Trade Group (WITG) NC1-151-81-04_SF115 08/14/2020
Tariff Records N1-151-86-002_SF115 08/14/2020
National Export Expansion Council Records 1960-1973 NC1-151-83-02_SF115 08/14/2020
Approved Warehouses DAA-0161-2016-0003_SF115 08/14/2020
Commodity Stabilization Service, Grain Branch Records N1-161-86-001_SF115 08/14/2020
Warehouse Records NC1-161-85-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Tobacco Programs DAA-0161-2015-0001_SF115 08/14/2020
Titles I and III of PL-480 Case Files NC1-161-84-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals Subject Files, 1938-60, and Country Files, 1942-45 N1-151-88-008_SF115 08/14/2020
National Production Authority (NPA) and the Business and Defense Services Administration (BDSA) Central Files, 1950-66 N1-151-87-009_SF115 08/14/2020
Treaty File and Related Publications, 1846-1958 NC1-151-82-01_SF115 08/14/2020
United States and Foreign Commercial Service District Offices Records N1-151-90-005_SF115 08/14/2020
Records of the Congressional Relations Staff NC1-151-80-03_SF115 08/14/2020
International Trade Data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) N1-151-92-003_SF115 08/14/2020
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Import Administration NC1-151-81-02_SF115 08/14/2020
Director General for the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Services Records NC1-151-82-09_SF115 08/14/2020
International Trade Administration General Administration Records N1-151-87-016_SF115 08/14/2020
Import and Export Licensing Records N1-151-87-007_SF115 08/14/2020
Selected Documents from Office of International Trade (OIT)/ Bureau of Foreign Commerce (BFC) N1-151-88-006_SF115 08/14/2020
General Administration Records NC1-151-82-05_SF115 08/14/2020
Central Files of the Office of International Trade and Successor Bureaus, 1945-49 and 1953-71 NC1-151-80-07_SF115 08/14/2020
International Trade Administration N1-151-92-007_SF115 08/14/2020
Customs Release Files N1-151-87-012_SF115 08/14/2020
International Trade Administration IInformation Resources Policy and Planning Division Records N1-151-88-011_SF115 08/14/2020
United States v. International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. Discovery Files, 1957-75 NC1-151-84-03_SF115 08/14/2020
Trade Adjustment Assistance Records NC1-151-85-02_SF115 08/14/2020
National Production Authority Records, 1950-57 N1-151-87-003_SF115 08/14/2020
1982 Knoxville International Energy Exposition, 1984 Louisiana World Exposition, and Priorities and Allocation Division Records N1-151-89-001_SF115 08/14/2020
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Adjustment Asisstance Records N1-151-88-002_SF115 08/14/2020
Projects and Economic and Industrial Studies, Alaska Files, 1964-65 N1-151-86-004_SF115 08/14/2020
British Token Import Plan Records, 1946-59 NC1-151-83-04_SF115 08/14/2020
Office of World Fairs and International Expositions N1-151-90-001_SF115 08/14/2020
Compliance Proceedings, 1948-60 NC1-151-80-02_SF115 08/14/2020
Office of Canada, FTA Binational Secretariat Records N1-151-92-002_SF115 08/14/2020
International Economic Policy Office of the Near East N1-151-90-004_SF115 08/14/2020
Office of Organization and Management Support Records N1-151-91-003_SF115 08/14/2020
Records Related to the China Trade Act NC1-151-81-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Salvage and Scrap Division Records of the National Production Authority N1-151-87-015_SF115 08/14/2020
North China National Defense Information Files, October 1944-August 1945 N1-151-88-005_SF115 08/14/2020
Director for Export Supply, Procedures and Publications Branch Records, 1942-49 N1-151-87-006_SF115 08/14/2020
Electronic Records of Sales Transactions from Foreign Countries, Companies, and Products N1-151-92-006_SF115 08/14/2020
National and Regional Export Expansion Council Records NC1-151-80-06_SF115 08/14/2020
World Trade Reports File NC1-151-84-02_SF115 08/14/2020
United States-Israel Free Trade Area Agreement (FTAA) Files N1-151-88-010_SF115 08/14/2020
Applicant Data Sheet (Form A1) and Occupational Supplement (Form B) NC1-146-78-06_SF115 08/14/2020
Preclearance Program Case Files NC1-151-82-04_SF115 08/14/2020
Addressee-Index File N1-146-87-001_SF115 08/14/2020
Export Licensing Records NC1-151-83-03_SF115 08/14/2020
Bureau of Foreign Commerce Files N1-151-86-003_SF115 08/14/2020
Examining and Recruiting Section Records NC1-146-83-02_SF115 08/14/2020
Strategic Information Program Subject Files N1-151-88-001_SF115 08/14/2020
Miscellaneous Records of the International Trade Administration NC1-151-85-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Classification and Compensation (CLC) NC1-146-84-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Textile Trade Briefing Books, March-April 1964 N1-151-87-002_SF115 08/14/2020
Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Personnel Management Evaluation Program NC1-146-82-03_SF115 08/14/2020
Color Slides and Photographs of Overseas United States Trade Fairs, 1956-73 N1-151-88-009_SF115 08/14/2020
Japan United Overseas Development Assistance Program Records N1-151-92-004_SF115 08/14/2020
Executive Personnel Records N1-146-89-003_SF115 08/14/2020
Records of the Office of Trade Promotion NC1-151-80-04_SF115 08/14/2020
Written Test Answer Sheets NC1-146-85-04_SF115 08/14/2020
Trade Opportunities Files, 1962-72, and Chronological Files, 1962-69 NC1-151-82-02_SF115 08/14/2020
Summary Rating Sheets and Individual Rating Sheets NC1-146-79-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Import and Export Data Printouts NC1-151-83-01_SF115 08/14/2020
Federal Recurring Payments NC1-146-83-06_SF115 08/14/2020
Records of the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the United States Commercial Service NC1-151-81-03_SF115 08/14/2020
Tariffs Records, 1930-56 N1-151-86-001_SF115 08/14/2020
Records Relating to Technical Advisory Committees N1-151-87-008_SF115 08/14/2020
Deputy Director of Operations Records N1-151-88-007_SF115 08/14/2020
Commercial News USA Product Background Files N1-151-88-012_SF115 08/14/2020
Budget Submissions NC1-151-84-04_SF115 08/14/2020
Salvage and Scrap Program Records, 1951-54 N1-151-87-013_SF115 08/14/2020
Canadian Lumber Program Records N1-151-92-008_SF115 08/14/2020
ADP User Group Agendas and Minutes of Meetings NC1-151-83-05_SF115 08/14/2020
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Textiles and Apparel N1-151-89-002_SF115 08/14/2020
International Expositions Records NC1-151-85-03_SF115 08/14/2020
Foreign Tariffs Division Country Files N1-151-88-003_SF115 08/14/2020
IC (Integrated Circuits) Customs Documents N1-151-90-002_SF115 08/14/2020
Office of Japan Records N1-151-91-001_SF115 08/14/2020
INSight Information Management System N1-563-08-027_SF115 08/13/2020
Master File Data of the National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS) DAA-0563-2015-0008_SF115 08/13/2020
Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT) N1-563-08-034_SF115 08/13/2020
Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network (CWIN) N1-563-07-008_SF115 08/13/2020
Office of Cyber Security and Communications (CS&C) Program Records N1-563-08-030_SF115 08/13/2020
Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) N1-563-07-007_SF115 08/13/2020
Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Records, 1949-57 N1-151-87-001_SF115 08/13/2020
Priority Telecommunications Service (PTS) System N1-563-07-012_SF115 08/13/2020
Technical Resource for Incident Prevention Portal (TRIPwire) N1-563-08-028_SF115 08/13/2020
Master Station Log (MSL) N1-563-07-010_SF115 08/13/2020
Technical Reconciliation Analysis Classification System (TRACS) N1-563-08-035_SF115 08/13/2020
Priority Telecommunications System (PTS) N1-563-07-009_SF115 08/13/2020
National Capabilities Analysis Database (NCAD) N1-563-08-026_SF115 08/13/2020
Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) Program Records N1-563-08-031_SF115 08/13/2020
National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS) DAA-0563-2013-0008_SF115 08/13/2020
Infrastructure Information Collection Program (IICP), Asset and Facility Data N1-563-08-014_SF115 08/13/2020
Communication Assets Survey and Mapping Tool (CASM) N1-563-08-032_SF115 08/13/2020
Protected Critical Infrastructure Information Management System (PCIIMS) Records N1-563-08-036_SF115 08/13/2020
Office of Technical Services (Defunct) Records NC1-151-79-02_SF115 08/13/2020
United States Marshals Service Witness Security Files NC1-118-84-01_SF115 08/12/2020
Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) General Council Case Management System N1-060-09-038_SF115 08/12/2020
Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys Manual (USAM), Bulletins (USAB), and Procedures (USAPs) N1-060-09-019_SF115 08/12/2020
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Entry Summary System (ESS) N1-563-03-004_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Computer Linked Application Information Management System (CLAIMS 3) N1-563-04-003_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Asylum Pre-Screening System (APSS) N1-563-04-007_SF115 08/12/2020
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Customs Declaration N1-563-03-003_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Enforcement Integrated Database (EID) N1-563-04-002_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Refugee, Asylum and Parole System (RAPS) N1-563-04-006_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Computer Linked Application Information Management System (CLAIMS 4) N1-563-04-004_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Rulemaking Docket Files N1-563-03-005_SF115 08/12/2020
Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys Litigation Technology Service Center (LTSC) Data Systems N1-060-09-040_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services ANNIE N1-563-04-008_SF115 08/12/2020
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement National Automated Immigration Lookout System (NAILS) N1-563-03-001_SF115 08/12/2020
Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys Annual Statistical Reports N1-060-09-018_SF115 08/12/2020
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) N1-563-04-001_SF115 08/12/2020
Executive Office for Immigration Review: Board of Immigration Appeals Decisions NC1-060-84-03_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Refugee Access Verification Unit Records N1-563-04-005_SF115 08/12/2020
Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys: Attorney Nominations and Appointments N1-060-09-009_SF115 08/12/2020
Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) Learning Management System N1-060-09-026_SF115 08/12/2020
Executive Office for Immigration Review: Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (OCAHO) Case Files N1-060-89-009_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Marshals Service Monthly Activity Report Source Documents NC1-118-79-02_SF115 08/12/2020
Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) Immigration Judge Complaint Files N1-060-09-006_SF115 08/12/2020
Case Access System for Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) (CASE) N1-060-08-007_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Marshals Service Special Assignment Files, 1968-71 N1-118-89-001_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Marshals Service Manual NC1-118-76-02_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Marshals Service Investigation of Allegations of Misconduct by Employees NC1-118-80-01_SF115 08/12/2020
United States Marshals Service Criminal Warrants N1-118-91-002_SF115 08/12/2020
Utilization Research and Develepment Program Records, 1942-65 N1-310-86-001_SF115 08/11/2020
4-H Emblem Authorization Case Files NC1-310-83-01_SF115 08/11/2020
Pesticide/Commodity Analysis Files N1-310-98-002_SF115 08/11/2020
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Administrative and Program Functional Records NC1-310-77-02_SF115 08/11/2020
Insect Identification Slips (NER Form 253) N1-310-91-001_SF115 08/11/2020
Office of Chief Counsel (PHC) DAA-0571-2018-0006_SF115 08/11/2020
Program Directives/Policies DAA-0571-2016-0001_SF115 08/11/2020
Risk Management Agency (RMA) Acurarial Program Records N1-258-09-005_SF115 08/11/2020
Revisions to court schedules for media neutrality DAA-0021-2019-0003_SF115 08/11/2020
Risk Management Agency (RMA) Pilot Program Specific Contract Files N1-258-08-011_SF115 08/11/2020
Risk Management Agency (RMA) Accounting Systems Records N1-258-08-019_SF115 08/11/2020
Contract Folders and Program Reference Files NC1-258-76-02_SF115 08/11/2020
Audit and Investigation Records NC1-258-77-01_SF115 08/11/2020
Risk Management Agency (RMA) Directives N1-258-03-002_SF115 08/11/2020
Reading Files and Adjuster Reports NC1-258-76-05_SF115 08/11/2020
Risk Management Agency (RMA) Legal Records N1-258-08-014_SF115 08/11/2020
Handbooks and Bulletins N1-258-08-010_SF115 08/11/2020
Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) Records NC1-258-76-01_SF115 08/11/2020
Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) Board Documentation N1-258-08-009_SF115 08/11/2020
Risk Management Agency (RMA) Insurance Program Records N1-258-09-006_SF115 08/11/2020
Risk Management Agency (RMA) Program Compliance System N1-258-09-011_SF115 08/11/2020
Work Performance Records and Program Reference Files NC1-258-76-03_SF115 08/11/2020
Contract Files NC1-258-77-02_SF115 08/11/2020
Administrator's Correspondence Tracking Database N1-310-08-003_SF115 08/11/2020
Bureau of Animal Industry (Defunct) - Animal Husbandry Activities Records, 1916-55 N1-310-86-003_SF115 08/11/2020
Precipitation Charts, 1938-82 NC1-310-84-02_SF115 08/11/2020
Fur-bearing Animals Investigation and Research Records, 1920s-1960s NC1-310-76-01_SF115 08/11/2020
Defunct Agencies Research Records NC1-310-85-01_SF115 08/11/2020
Case Files and Registers for the Former Remount Service, 1918-54 NC-174-000192_SF115 08/11/2020
Public Website Records N1-310-09-004_SF115 08/11/2020
Science and Education Administration (SEA) Records NC1-310-80-02_SF115 08/11/2020
Agricultural Research Service Records at Washington National Records Center (WNRC) NC1-310-84-01_SF115 08/11/2020
Watershed Research Unit - Unpublished Research Data, 1938-69 N1-310-87-001_SF115 08/11/2020
Bureau of Animal Industry (Defunct) - Grant Case Files, 1924-53 N1-310-86-002_SF115 08/11/2020
Laboratory Notebooks NC1-310-77-03_SF115 08/11/2020
Laboratory Notebooks NC1-310-76-02_SF115 08/11/2020
General Services Division, Information Systems Staff - Safety and Health Records N1-310-89-001_SF115 08/11/2020
Current Research Information System (CRIS) N1-310-97-002_SF115 08/11/2020
Budget Files NC1-310-77-01_SF115 08/11/2020
U.S. National Arboretum Individual Volunteer Files N1-310-09-001_SF115 08/11/2020
Engineering Drawings, 1929-72 NC-174-000225_SF115 08/11/2020
Risk Management Agency (RMA) Investigative and Audit Case Files N1-258-03-001_SF115 08/11/2020
Administrative Records NC1-258-76-04_SF115 08/11/2020
Risk Management Agency (RMA) Organization Analysis and Planning Records N1-258-08-013_SF115 08/11/2020
Risk Management Agency (RMA) Legal Proceedings Involving Employees N1-258-08-022_SF115 08/11/2020
Office of International Cooperation and Development Records NC1-166-84-01_SF115 08/11/2020
Overseas Office Records NC1-166-78-02_SF115 08/11/2020
Risk Management Compliance Case Files N1-258-96-001_SF115 08/11/2020
Federal Regulations DAA-0258-2014-0002_SF115 08/11/2020
Headquarters Records NC1-166-78-01_SF115 08/11/2020
United States Agricultural Trade System Records NC1-166-81-01_SF115 08/11/2020
Office of Regional Records Services Regional Records Facilities N1-064-08-010_SF115 08/10/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule Revisions N1-064-90-001_SF115 08/10/2020
ElectronFederal Register Electronic Editing and Publishing System (eDOCS) System N1-064-06-003_SF115 08/10/2020
First Preserver Program Records N1-064-09-001_SF115 08/10/2020
National Archives Trust Fund Order Fulfillment Records N1-064-07-003_SF115 08/10/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule Revisions N1-064-96-002_SF115 08/10/2020
Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) Records N1-064-06-004_SF115 08/10/2020
General Counsel Records N1-064-96-003_SF115 08/10/2020
U.S. Agricultural Trade System History File N1-166-90-001_SF115 08/10/2020
Procurement Policy Information Files N1-064-92-002_SF115 08/10/2020
Regulations, Directives and Legislation Case Files N1-064-93-002_SF115 08/10/2020
Records Documenting the Transfer of Records of the Polish Foreign Ministry, 1918-40, to Poland, 1992 N1-064-93-001_SF115 08/10/2020
Department of Justice Litigation Case Files Appraisal Project N1-064-90-003_SF115 08/10/2020
National Archives Trust Fund Operations Service Orders N1-064-92-001_SF115 08/10/2020
Office of Regional Records Services Regional Records Facilities N1-064-07-005_SF115 08/10/2020
Presidential Proclamations, Executive Orders, Public Laws and Resolutions, Rules, Proposed Rules, Notices Submitted for Publication in Federal Register NC1-064-79-01_SF115 08/10/2020
Safety and Occupational Health Program Records N1-064-11-002_SF115 08/10/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule Revisions N1-064-95-002_SF115 08/10/2020
Integrated Property Management (IPM) System N1-064-08-008_SF115 08/10/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-064-87-001_SF115 08/10/2020
Office of Records Administration Subject Files N1-064-91-001_SF115 08/10/2020
Declaration of Independence Bicentennial Vigil Visitor Sign-In Sheets N1-064-90-002_SF115 08/10/2020
Office of Government Information Services (OGIS) Access System (OAS) N1-064-11-001_SF115 08/10/2020
Military Personnel-Related Records used by the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) for Records Reconstruction NC1-064-83-01_SF115 08/10/2020
Conference on the Use of Audiovisual Archives as Original Source Material, 1972 N1-064-95-001_SF115 08/10/2020
Federal Women's Program Committee (FWPC) Records, 1976-84 N1-064-92-004_SF115 08/10/2020
Archival Research Catalog (ARC) Records N1-064-08-007_SF115 08/10/2020
Website Production Records N1-064-06-001_SF115 08/07/2020
DVSAS Workplace Protection Records - Domestic Violence, Sexual Assualt, and Stalking (DVSAS) DAA-0064-2016-0009_SF115 08/07/2020
Web Function Records N1-064-03-006_SF115 08/07/2020
Military Personnel-Related Records used by the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) for Records Reconstruction N1-064-04-005_SF115 08/07/2020
Targeted Assistance Projects and Federal Register Notice Comments N1-064-00-009_SF115 08/07/2020
Lifecycle Coordination Management Records N1-064-05-005_SF115 08/07/2020
National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) Unsuccessful Grant Application Files N1-064-00-001_SF115 08/07/2020
Case Management and Reporting System (CMRS) N1-064-03-007_SF115 08/07/2020
Federal Register Publication Papers and Document Control Files N1-064-01-001_SF115 08/07/2020
Records of the Office of Audit DAA-0064-2016-0011_SF115 08/07/2020
Liaison/Custodial Functions for the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collections N1-064-05-008_SF115 08/07/2020
Researcher Application and Authorization Records N1-064-02-003_SF115 08/07/2020
National Archives Trust Fund Financial Transaction Records N1-064-04-001_SF115 08/07/2020
NARA Human Captial Assessment and Accountbility Program Records DAA-0064-2016-0007_SF115 08/07/2020
Legal Records N1-064-05-001_SF115 08/07/2020
Year 2000 (Y2K) Records N1-064-00-006_SF115 08/07/2020
Federal Register Proposed Rules Records N1-064-02-004_SF115 08/07/2020
Liaison/Custodial Functions for Special Prosecutor and Independent Counsel Records N1-064-05-007_SF115 08/07/2020
Record Copies of Publications N1-064-02-006_SF115 08/07/2020
Website Program Operation Records N1-064-06-002_SF115 08/07/2020
National Archives Experience Development and Fundraising Records N1-064-04-004_SF115 08/07/2020
Policy and Planning Records N1-064-00-008_SF115 08/07/2020
Decal Transponder Online Procurement System (DTOPS) Records DAA-0568-2019-0005_SF115 08/07/2020
Electronic Messaging Records DAA-0064-2019-0006_SF115 08/07/2020
Professional Conferences, Symposia, Ceremonies, and Events N1-064-02-001_SF115 08/07/2020
Human Resources Records N1-064-01-002_SF115 08/07/2020
Records of Inquiry into the Disposal of Records of the Naval Research Laboratory Stored at the Washington National Records Center (WNRC) N1-064-04-003_SF115 08/07/2020
Administrative and Management Records: Training and Certfication Records DAA-0568-2017-0011_SF115 08/06/2020
Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) - Abandoned Draft Account and/or Draft Benefit Request Data N1-566-11-002_SF115 08/06/2020
FD 258 MAINFRAME (FD258MF) System N1-566-09-003_SF115 08/06/2020
Computer Linked Application Information Management System 3 Main Frame (CLAIMS 3 MF) N1-566-08-013_SF115 08/06/2020
Old Law Index to Pre-1906 Naturalizations in Courts within the INS Denver District N1-566-07-001_SF115 08/06/2020
Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) Temporary Accounts N1-566-12-005_SF115 08/06/2020
Computer Linked Application Information Management System 3 Local Area Network (CLAIMS 3 LAN) N1-566-08-012_SF115 08/06/2020
Medical Program Clinical Records N1-567-08-001_SF115 08/06/2020
Form I-600: Petition to Classify an Orphan as an Immediate Relative N1-566-09-006_SF115 08/06/2020
Administrative and Management Records: Law Enforcement Instructor Training Records DAA-0568-2017-0014_SF115 08/06/2020
Security Pattern and Information Collaboration Sharing System (DPICS2) N1-567-09-004_SF115 08/06/2020
Federal Air Marshal (FAMS) Tactical Information Sharing System (TISS) N1-567-05-002_SF115 08/06/2020
Visa Security Program Tracking System - NET (VSPTS-NET) N1-567-10-005_SF115 08/06/2020
ICE Child Exploitation Tracking System (ICECETS) N1-567-10-014_SF115 08/06/2020
ICE Subpoena System (ISS) N1-567-11-011_SF115 08/06/2020
ICE Gangs System N1-567-10-007_SF115 08/06/2020
Pathfinder System N1-567-10-016_SF115 08/06/2020
Immigration Receipt Files Scanned into Department of State (DoS) Consular Consolidated Database (CCD) N1-566-12-003_SF115 08/06/2020
President's Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism N1-220-90-002_SF115 08/05/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): US Library Data Sources and Analysis N1-220-06-003_SF115 08/05/2020
Registry Files, March 2, 1929-March 31, 1944, Official Immigrant Arrival Records N1-566-04-004_SF115 08/05/2020
Form I-102, Application for Replacement/Initial Nonimmigrant Arrival-Departure Document DAA-0566-2017-0008_SF115 08/05/2020
Legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Application for Card of Identification (DSP-52) DAA-0566-2016-0010_SF115 08/05/2020
USCIS Generated Benefit/Request Documents and Non-Card Documents DAA-0566-2014-0005_SF115 08/05/2020
[Quota] Immigrant Visa Files, July 1, 1929-March 31, 1944, Official Immigrant Arrival Records N1-566-04-003_SF115 08/05/2020
Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (TRIP) System N1-563-09-008_SF115 08/05/2020
Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) Nominee Records N1-563-08-016_SF115 08/05/2020
Employee Communications and Engagement DAA-0566-2017-0033_SF115 08/05/2020
Office of General Counsel, Informational Law and Intellectual Property Records N1-563-09-006_SF115 08/05/2020
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) AccessGate System N1-563-09-002_SF115 08/05/2020
Special Program for Cuban Migration (SPCM) - Cuban Lottery Program (bombo) DAA-0566-2014-0003_SF115 08/05/2020
Department of Homeland Security Headquarters Records Common to All Offices N1-563-08-003_SF115 08/05/2020
National Operations Center (NOC) Senior Watch Officer (SWO) Tracker Logs N1-563-11-010_SF115 08/05/2020
Documents Prepared for use by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (the 9/11 Commission) N1-563-05-001_SF115 08/05/2020
Functional Committees, Task Forces and Working Groups Records N1-563-08-006_SF115 08/05/2020
Domestic Terrorism/Ideologically Based Violence Tracking Records N1-563-08-024_SF115 08/05/2020
Intranet Quorum (IQ) Correspondence and Document Management System N1-563-07-001_SF115 08/05/2020
Investigative Case Files and Investigations Data Management System (IDMS) N1-563-07-005_SF115 08/05/2020
SAFETY Act System N1-563-07-023_SF115 08/05/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-565-12-001_SF115 08/05/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Academic Library Survey, 1990-2001 N1-220-02-026_SF115 08/05/2020
Communications Monitoring Records N1-563-08-005_SF115 08/05/2020
Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Case Files/Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (CRCL) Hawk System N1-563-07-006_SF115 08/05/2020
Korean War Veterans Memorial Advisory Board, 1986-95 N1-220-95-008_SF115 08/05/2020
Classification Management Records N1-563-08-010_SF115 08/05/2020
Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CISOMB) System N1-563-08-001_SF115 08/05/2020
Biosurvellience Common Operating Network (BCON) N1-563-08-018_SF115 08/05/2020
Form I-539 Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status and Supplement A DAA-0566-2017-0009_SF115 08/05/2020
Computer Linked Application Information Management System - CLAIMS 4 (C-4) DAA-0566-2017-0017_SF115 08/05/2020
Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS), Office of the Director Records N1-560-06-004_SF115 08/04/2020
Legislative Affairs Records N1-560-04-006_SF115 08/04/2020
Canine Web-based Systems N1-560-11-008_SF115 08/04/2020
Background Investigation Tracking System, Credentialing and Badging Records, Adjudication and Threat Analysis Records N1-560-04-015_SF115 08/04/2020
Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP)/Certified Cargo Screening Facilities (CCSF) Applications and Case Files N1-560-11-004_SF115 08/04/2020
Office of Information Technology (INFOTEC) Program Review, Correspondence and Reference Files N1-560-03-012_SF115 08/04/2020
Office of Strategic Management and Analysis (SMA) Records N1-560-04-002_SF115 08/04/2020
Transportation Security Operations Center Records N1-560-05-001_SF115 08/04/2020
Behavior Detection and Analysis (BDA) Program Records N1-560-12-012_SF115 08/04/2020
Administrative Management Records N1-560-08-001_SF115 08/04/2020
Office of Revenue Records N1-560-04-005_SF115 08/04/2020
Federal Air Marshals Service (FAMS), System Operations Control Division (SOCD) Records N1-560-05-004_SF115 08/04/2020
Operation Integration and Program Planning and Management Records N1-560-04-014_SF115 08/04/2020
Administrative Records N1-560-03-015_SF115 08/04/2020
Risk-based Management and Analysis Systems (e.g., Safety Information System - (SIS)) DAA-0560-2013-0004_SF115 08/04/2020
CISOMB Correspondence, Information Collection and Processing Activities DAA-0563-2019-0004_SF115 08/04/2020
Workshop Program Records and Mediation Files N1-560-04-009_SF115 08/04/2020
Office of Civil Rights (CLVR) Records N1-560-03-011_SF115 08/04/2020
Administrative and Program Records N1-560-03-002_SF115 08/04/2020
Acquisition Policy, Procedure, Regulations and Operating Records N1-560-04-001_SF115 08/04/2020
International Programs Records N1-560-04-007_SF115 08/04/2020
Secure Flight Program Records N1-560-08-003_SF115 08/04/2020
Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) Activity Reports, Report of Investigation (ROI), and Special Mission Coverage Files N1-560-06-005_SF115 08/04/2020
Purchase Card/Check Audits DAA-0560-2017-0005_SF115 08/04/2020
Web-Based Training and Tracking System (WTTS) N1-560-12-004_SF115 08/04/2020
Intelligence Case Files, Reports and Assessments, Briefings and Speeches, Watch Lists and Logs N1-560-04-012_SF115 08/04/2020
Common Use Records N1-560-06-001_SF115 08/04/2020
United States Secret Service Protective Mission Panel (USSSPMP) Records DAA-0563-2015-0001_SF115 08/04/2020
Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) Training Requests Files N1-560-12-014_SF115 08/04/2020
Finance Records (Schedule 170) N1-558-10-008_SF115 08/04/2020
Human Resources and Pay Administration Records (Schedule 130) N1-558-10-004_SF115 08/04/2020
Budget Preparation and Execution Records N1-560-03-014_SF115 08/04/2020
Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing (TTAC) Records N1-560-06-006_SF115 08/04/2020
Web-based Emergency Operation Coordination System (WebEOC) N1-560-12-009_SF115 08/04/2020
Federal Air Marshals Service (FAMS) Program Records N1-560-10-003_SF115 08/04/2020
Physical Security, Law Enforcement, Safety and Health Records (Schedule 110) N1-558-10-002_SF115 08/04/2020
Routine Audiovisual, Cartographic, Aerial Photographic, Architectural, and Engineering Records (Schedule 150) N1-558-10-006_SF115 08/04/2020
Finance DAA-0558-2013-0005_SF115 08/04/2020
Contract Administration Service Records (Schedule 800) N1-558-10-010_SF115 08/04/2020
Common Office and Administrative Management Records (Schedule 100) N1-558-10-001_SF115 08/04/2020
Corporate Operations and Core Mission Program Management Planning and Oversight Records (Schedule 400) N1-558-10-009_SF115 08/04/2020
Electronic Systems Development, Implementation, and Sustainment Records (Schedule 140) N1-558-10-005_SF115 08/04/2020
Congressional and Public Affairs, FOIA, Privacy, Ethics and Standards of Conduct, General Counsel Records (Schedule 120) N1-558-10-003_SF115 08/04/2020
Property, Housing, Facility and Vehicle Management, and Travel and Transportation Records (Schedule 160) N1-558-10-007_SF115 08/04/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) Budget Files N1-220-04-005_SF115 08/03/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Slide Presentations N1-220-04-014_SF115 08/03/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Audiovisual Records N1-220-07-001_SF115 08/03/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Administrative Records N1-220-04-004_SF115 08/03/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Sisters Library Program N1-220-04-006_SF115 08/03/2020
Federal Regional Councils Records NC1-414-84-01_SF115 07/31/2020
Federal Paperwork Commission: Project Reference Papers, 1975-77 NC1-220-78-01_SF115 07/31/2020
United States Study Commission - Texas, 1958-62 NC1-414-76-01_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program State Library Agency Survey, 1988-2001 N1-220-02-027_SF115 07/31/2020
Presidential Adviory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses, 1995-97 N1-220-97-001_SF115 07/31/2020
Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for Spanish Speaking People NC-174-000103_SF115 07/31/2020
Interagency Task Force on Refugee Assistance: Elgin Air Force Base Vietnamese Refugee Camp NC-220-76-002_SF115 07/31/2020
National Counterintelligence Center N1-220-97-007 07/31/2020
Civil Liberties Public Education Fund (CLPEF), 1995-1998 N1-220-98-008_SF115 07/31/2020
President's War Relief Control Board: General Files, 1939-46 N1-220-88-004_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on Reducing and Protecting Government Secrecy N1-220-97-008_SF115 07/31/2020
Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women NC1-220-79-02_SF115 07/31/2020
National Gambling Impact Study Commission N1-220-99-003_SF115 07/31/2020
Air Coordinating Committee, 1942-60 N1-220-94-008_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program School Library Media Center Survey, 1988-99 N1-220-02-030_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on the Organization of the Government of the District of Columbia, 1971-72 NC1-220-78-03_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program National Center for Education Statistics Forums, 1993-97 N1-220-02-029_SF115 07/31/2020
National Skill Standards Board N1-220-04-009_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island NC1-220-80-02_SF115 07/31/2020
White House Conference on Small Business, 1978-80 NC1-220-81-01_SF115 07/31/2020
White House Conference for Children and Youth, 1980-81 NC1-220-83-02_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on the Organization of the Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy, Records of Foreign Policy Interviews NC-220-76-001_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on Postal Service: Contractor Survey Records, 1977 NC1-220-80-05_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Committee on Consumer Interests, 1965-68 N1-220-93-013_SF115 07/31/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - New Lands N1-220-02-006_SF115 07/31/2020
Presidential Advisory Board on Ambassadorial Appointments, 1977-80 N1-220-96-009_SF115 07/31/2020
Privacy Protection Study Commission, 1975-77 NC1-220-77-07_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year: State Grant Records NC1-220-78-06_SF115 07/31/2020
White House Conference on Aging N1-220-92-009_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Restructuring the Internal Revenue Service, 1995-1997 N1-220-98-003_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year: Artwork, 1977 NC1-220-78-02_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Employment and Unemployment Statistics, 1977-79 NC1-220-80-01_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Library Cooperatives Survey, 1993-98 N1-220-02-028_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Committee on Consumer Interests: Consumer Correspondence Files, 1969-70 N1-220-95-013_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels (CDSL), 1994-1997 N1-220-98-010_SF115 07/31/2020
Congressional Commission on Servicemembers and Veterans Transition Assistance N1-220-98-009_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Sciences (NCLIS): Publications, 1971-2006 N1-220-00-006_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Commission on Crime in the District of Columbia: Computer Tape of Felony Cases, 1950-65 NC1-220-77-05_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity: Percy H. Williams Records, 1961-65 NC1-220-78-04_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Federal-State Cooperative System Public Library Survey, 1987-2001 N1-220-02-031_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on State Workmen's Compensation Laws NN-174-000015_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on Population Growth and the American Future: Copy and Negatives used in Publications NC1-220-82-01_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Social Security - General Correspondence Files NC1-220-81-02_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): White House Conference, 1976-80 NC1-220-83-01_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Committee for Traffic Safety, 1964-67 N1-220-95-001_SF115 07/31/2020
White House Conference on the Industrial World Ahead - A Look at Business in 1990 NC1-220-82-02_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped NC-220-75-001_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on the Review of the National Policy Toward Gambling NC1-220-77-06_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Federal-State Cooperative System Public Library Data Memos, 1988-97 N1-220-02-032_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Commission on Mental Health, 1977-78 NC1-220-78-05_SF115 07/31/2020
National Bankruptcy Review Commission (NBRC), 1995-1997 N1-220-98-002_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission for the Review of Federal and State Laws Relating to Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance, 1968-73 NC1-220-77-02_SF115 07/31/2020
Presidential Adviory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses: Meeting Records and Publications, 1995-97 N1-220-97-003_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Water Quality, 1973-76 NC1-220-76-03_SF115 07/31/2020
Final Course Grade Sheets NC1-461-85-03_SF115 07/30/2020
Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) Records N1-507-09-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Corporate Human Resources Information System (CHRIS) N1-506-09-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Administrative Records NC1-461-82-15_SF115 07/30/2020
Electronic Mail and Words Processing System Copies, and other Miscellaneous Items N1-507-02-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Sequestered Jury Forms Package N1-527-04-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Tractical and Strategic Planning Records N1-527-02-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Audit Reports and Work Papers N1-527-97-009_SF115 07/30/2020
Special United States Marshals Deputations Records N1-527-97-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Strategic Plan DAA-0527-2013-0022_SF115 07/30/2020
Commission on Family and Medical Leave, 1993-95 N1-220-96-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Meat Cutting and Central Meat Processing Plant (CMPP) Systems N1-506-09-004_SF115 07/30/2020
Personnel and Legal Matters Records N1-506-02-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Physician Payment Review Commission N1-220-95-012_SF115 07/30/2020
Media Neutrality for Existing Schedule Items N1-507-11-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Subpoena Program and Policy Files N1-509-03-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule for Accounting Records N1-507-97-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Defense Audit Management Information System (DAMIS) N1-509-04-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Records of the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service DAA-0220-2020-0001_SF115 07/30/2020
Records of Former Army, Navy, Air Force, and Defense Logistics Agency Accounting Activities N1-507-93-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Records of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission DAA-0220-2020-0018_SF115 07/30/2020
Information Report Files and Hotline Referral Files N1-509-93-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Travel Charge Card Individual Cardholder Files N1-507-06-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Investigations of Missing U.S. Central Command Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Desk Logs N1-509-00-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Foreign Military Sales Collection and Disbursement Vouchers N1-507-12-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Congressional Hearings, Adminstrative Investigations, and Internal Investigations N1-509-97-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Daily Transaction Listings and Registers N1-507-10-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule except for Accounting Records N1-507-93-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Program Records N1-524-96-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Recommendations to Department of Energy, Annual Report to Congress, and Meeting Files N1-524-93-001_SF115 07/30/2020
White House Conference on Small Business N1-220-95-016_SF115 07/30/2020
Century Date Conversion (Y2K) Records and Reports N1-527-00-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Records Related to Prisoners in Federal Custody N1-527-99-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Investigative Case Files N1-527-00-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Central European Small Business Enterprise Development Commission, 1990-95 N1-220-96-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Research and Evaluation Records NC1-461-82-14_SF115 07/30/2020
Tailhook 91 Investigation Case Files N1-509-93-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Academic Training Records NC1-461-82-17_SF115 07/30/2020
Records Documenting Threats to Federal Courts and Judicial Officials N1-527-00-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Participant and Employer Appeals Department Records NC1-465-84-01_SF115 07/30/2020
Inspector General Program Correspondence N1-509-00-006_SF115 07/30/2020
Financial Operations Department Records N1-465-96-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Criminal Investigation Case Files N1-509-93-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Organization Review and Analysis Department Records N1-465-94-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Administrative, Mission, and Policy Big Bucket Records Schedule N1-465-09-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-465-85-02_SF115 07/30/2020
General Counsel Records N1-465-95-004_SF115 07/30/2020
Participant Files N1-465-01-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-465-81-01_SF115 07/30/2020
Agency Ethics Program Questionnaire Records, Training Plans, and Training Program Records N1-522-98-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Participant and Employer Appeals Department Records N1-465-93-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Special Deputy United States Marshals Files DAA-0527-2013-0003_SF115 07/30/2020
Program Review Division Audit Reports and Work Papers N1-522-97-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Case Operations and Compliance Department Records N1-465-95-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Corporate Finance and Negotiations Department Records N1-465-95-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Inspector General Records N1-465-01-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Operations, Orders and Procedure Manuals, ca. 1946-94 N1-527-97-004_SF115 07/30/2020
General Counsel and Legal Policy Records N1-522-96-001_SF115 07/30/2020
U.S. Commission of Child and Family Welfare, 1992-95 N1-220-95-015_SF115 07/30/2020
Single-Issue Review Records N1-522-02-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Videotapes for Training Federal Employees on Government Ethics N1-522-93-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Semiannual Expense Reports for Non-Federally Funded Travel N1-522-02-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Office of Education Records N1-522-96-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Public Use Permit, Litigation, and Penalty Mail Files N1-220-96-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Inspector General Inspection and Investigation Records N1-506-02-006_SF115 07/30/2020
Safety Records N1-506-07-010_SF115 07/30/2020
General Correspondence Files N1-506-09-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Operations Files N1-506-07-005_SF115 07/30/2020
Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community: Tracking Database, 1994-96 N1-220-96-008_SF115 07/30/2020
Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments: Records Created Using Lotus Notes N1-220-95-009_SF115 07/30/2020
Athletic Training Records NC1-461-82-16_SF115 07/30/2020
Presidential Task Force on Los Angeles Recovery, 1992-93 N1-220-96-004_SF115 07/30/2020
Curriculum Handbooks and Academy Catalogs NC1-461-85-02_SF115 07/30/2020
Flying Training Records NC1-461-82-04_SF115 07/29/2020
Report of Cadet Separations to Washington and Congress NC1-461-82-08_SF115 07/29/2020
Cadet Personnel Records NC1-461-82-06_SF115 07/29/2020
Attrition Information NC1-461-82-11_SF115 07/29/2020
Chaplain Cadet Counseling Records NC1-461-82-02_SF115 07/29/2020
Advisory Committee on Federal Pay N1-220-91-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on the Social Security Notch Issue, 1992-95 N1-220-95-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Farm Credit System Assistance Board N1-220-91-007_SF115 07/29/2020
Closed Out, Rejected, and Withdrawn Projects; Accounting Files NC1-454-85-01_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on Railroad Retirement Reform, 1987-90 N1-220-90-008_SF115 07/29/2020
Motion Pictures and Videotapes N1-454-93-001_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission to Prevent Infant Mortality N1-220-94-004_SF115 07/29/2020
Summer Training Records NC1-461-79-01_SF115 07/29/2020
National Council on Public Works Improvement, 1984-1988 N1-220-89-008_SF115 07/29/2020
Glass Ceiling Commission N1-220-95-007_SF115 07/29/2020
National Advisory Council on Public Service N1-220-93-018_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Commission on the American Outdoors N1-220-89-004_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Commission on Privatization, 1987-88 N1-220-88-005_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commision on American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Housing N1-220-93-010_SF115 07/29/2020
Advisory Commission on Conferences in Ocean Shipping, 1991-92 N1-220-92-011_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on the Ukraine Famine N1-220-90-004_SF115 07/29/2020
White House Conference on Library & Information Services N1-220-92-002_SF115 07/29/2020
Eisenhower Centennial Commission, 1987-91 N1-220-91-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces N1-220-93-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission for the Improvement of Federal Crop Insurance N1-220-90-007_SF115 07/29/2020
Closed Out, Rejected, and Withdrawn Projects NC1-454-84-01_SF115 07/29/2020
Thomas Jefferson Commemoration Commission, 1992-94 N1-220-95-002_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Commission on Executive Exchange N1-220-91-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Civil Liberties, Privacy and Transparency Office Correspondence and Complaints Files DAA-0457-2017-0005_SF115 07/29/2020
Presidential Commission on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic (AIDS Commission) N1-220-88-008_SF115 07/29/2020
International Air Transport Study Group, 1961-62 N1-220-94-007_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission to Promote Investment in America's Infrastructure, 1991-93 N1-220-93-008_SF115 07/29/2020
Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform, 1993-95 N1-220-95-006_SF115 07/29/2020
National Advisory Council on Adult Education, 1971-88 N1-220-89-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Civil War Sites Advisory Commission N1-220-93-017_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Migrant Education N1-220-92-010_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution N1-220-92-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Lower Mississippi Delta Development Commission, 1989-90 N1-220-90-003_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Commission on Federal Appointment Process N1-220-91-002_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Committee on Manpower, 1964-66 N1-220-93-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Office of the Nuclear Waste Negotiator, 1987-95 N1-220-95-004_SF115 07/29/2020
Independent Commission on the National Endowment for the Arts Grant Making Procedures, 1989-90 N1-220-90-009_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing N1-220-92-007_SF115 07/29/2020
National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs N1-220-89-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Monitored Retrievable Storage Review Commission N1-220-90-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Academic Review Committee (ARC) Records N1-461-92-002_SF115 07/29/2020
National Bipartisan Commission on Central America (Kissinger Commission), 1983-84 N1-220-89-009_SF115 07/29/2020
Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) Records N1-461-92-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Academic Advisor Records N1-461-92-004_SF115 07/29/2020
Website Content and Design Records N1-455-11-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-455-76-01_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Manufactured Housing N1-220-94-009_SF115 07/29/2020
Case File: Secretary of Labor v. American Cyanamid Company N1-455-90-002_SF115 07/29/2020
Aviation Safety Commission N1-220-88-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Inspection Case Files N1-455-90-001_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Commission on Federal Ethics Law Reform N1-220-89-005_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission Meeting Audio Tapes N1-455-98-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-455-87-001_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Judicial Discipline and Removal, 1991-93 N1-220-93-011_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Intermodal Transportation N1-220-94-010_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on Agricultural Workers, 1986-93 N1-220-93-002_SF115 07/29/2020
United States International Cultural and Trade Center Commission N1-220-92-003_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on AIDS N1-220-92-004_SF115 07/29/2020
Interagency Council on the Homeless, 1987-93 N1-220-94-002_SF115 07/29/2020
Presidential Commission on Catastrophic Nuclear Accidents N1-220-90-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission for the Study of International Migration and Cooperative Economic Development N1-220-90-005_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Children N1-220-93-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations N1-220-91-005_SF115 07/29/2020
United States Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the United Nations N1-220-93-012_SF115 07/29/2020
Precandidate/Candidate Records NC1-461-82-12_SF115 07/29/2020
Curriculum Committee and Academy Board Records N1-461-92-005_SF115 07/29/2020
Thomas D. White National Defense Award Records NC1-461-82-03_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on Education of the Deaf N1-220-88-007_SF115 07/29/2020
National Economic Commission N1-220-89-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on Broadcasting to the Peoples Republic of China, 1992 N1-220-94-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on Minority Business Development N1-220-92-008_SF115 07/29/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-458-96-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network: Intelligence Report Case Files N1-056-00-001_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on America's Urban Families, 1992-93 N1-220-95-005_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Responsibilities for Financing Postsecondary Education, 1986-93 N1-220-93-007_SF115 07/29/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-458-12-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-458-96-004_SF115 07/29/2020
Cadet Uniform Records NC1-461-82-07_SF115 07/29/2020
Faculty/Cadet Records NC1-461-82-05_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement N1-220-93-016_SF115 07/29/2020
Cadet Injury/Illness Reports NC1-461-82-10_SF115 07/29/2020
Cadet Pay Records NC1-461-82-01_SF115 07/29/2020
Military Training Records NC1-461-82-09_SF115 07/29/2020
Mustering Out Payments Files NC1-428-77-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-446-76-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Commission Appellate Adjudication Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-009_SF115 07/28/2020
North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO) Records and Logs and Miscellaneous Intelligence Materials NC1-446-83-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Workoad and Performance Records N1-446-86-001_SF115 07/28/2020
SSIC 5211 2 Pnvacy Act Records DAA-0428-2011-0001_SF115 07/28/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Second White House Conference on Libraries and Information Services, 1989-92 N1-220-04-007_SF115 07/28/2020
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) COSMIC Top Secret Control Files N1-446-09-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Military Payroll Accounting Records NC1-428-79-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Inspector General Records N1-431-10-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Credentials Records NC1-446-77-02_SF115 07/28/2020
License Compliance Inspection and Enforcement Case Files NC1-431-78-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Investigations Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-012_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Records at Washington National Records Center (WNRC), 1957-69 N1-453-95-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Voice Recordings of Unusual Occurences at Nuclear Power Plants NC1-431-83-05_SF115 07/28/2020
Regional Offices Improper Action Records (Hard copy) N1-431-00-021_SF115 07/28/2020
Training Division Course Records DAA-0446-2013-0001_SF115 07/28/2020
Secretary of the Commission Records (Hard copy) N1-431-02-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Export Licenses N1-446-92-003_SF115 07/28/2020
Incident Response Operations Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-003_SF115 07/28/2020
Industrial Security Facility Case Files N1-446-09-005_SF115 07/28/2020
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission Records N1-148-95-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Secretary of the Commission Records (ADAMS) N1-431-01-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Hard Copies of Microfilmed Temporary Investigative Files NC1-446-76-02_SF115 07/28/2020
Visit Notifications NC1-446-84-03_SF115 07/28/2020
Defense Investigative Service Clearance Office (DISCO) Miscellaneous Records N1-446-87-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-453-81-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Personnel Monitoring Report Files N1-431-89-006_SF115 07/28/2020
Courtesy Letters NC1-446-84-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-453-12-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-016_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-453-76-02_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Investigative Records NC1-446-80-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement, 1996-99 N1-220-00-001_SF115 07/28/2020
President's Commission on Equal Opportunity: Budget Files, 1955-65 N1-220-87-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-220-88-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Corrections Trustee (District of Columbia Department of Corrections Financial Oversight) N1-220-02-025_SF115 07/28/2020
National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission N1-220-08-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Commission to Access the Threat to the United States (US) from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack N1-220-04-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Jamestown 400th Commemoration Commission N1-220-13-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce: Website Records N1-220-00-004_SF115 07/28/2020
Small Business and Civil Rights Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-005_SF115 07/28/2020
Chief Financial Officer Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-007_SF115 07/28/2020
Nuclear Reactor Regulation Docket Files N1-431-92-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-451-95-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Audiovisual and Electronic Records N1-451-96-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Licensing and Non-licensing Project Files; and Emergency Planning Files NC1-431-81-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Congressional Affairs and International Programs Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-014_SF115 07/28/2020
International Programs Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-003_SF115 07/28/2020
Supserseded Special Purpose Programs Records N1-431-04-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Enforcement Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-005_SF115 07/28/2020
Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Organizational Files N1-148-11-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-010_SF115 07/28/2020
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission) Comprehensive Schedule N1-148-04-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Inspector General Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Kaho'olawe Island Conveyance Commission N1-220-00-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-431-81-05_SF115 07/28/2020
MD-715 Database (Personnel Demographic Information) N1-431-08-010_SF115 07/28/2020
Judicial Review Commission on Foreign Asset Control, 1999-2001 N1-220-01-001_SF115 07/28/2020
General Counsel Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-018_SF115 07/28/2020
Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-009_SF115 07/28/2020
License and Inspection Case Files NC1-431-80-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Investigative Files NC1-431-84-05_SF115 07/28/2020
Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-013_SF115 07/28/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Drawings N1-220-87-003_SF115 07/28/2020
License Compliance Inspection and Enforcement Case Files NC1-431-79-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Nuclear Security and Incident Response Records (ADAMS) N1-431-03-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Administration Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-004_SF115 07/28/2020
Commissioners' Records (Hard copy) N1-431-02-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Office of Investigations Records NC1-431-83-06_SF115 07/28/2020
Congressional Affairs Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-002_SF115 07/28/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Miscellaneous Records N1-220-08-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Synthesized Interim Nuclear Documents System (NUDOCS) N1-431-96-001_SF115 07/28/2020
National Prison Rape Elimination Commission N1-220-09-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Chief Information Officer Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-017_SF115 07/28/2020
Nuclear Reactor Regulation Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-008_SF115 07/28/2020
Public Affairs Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-006_SF115 07/28/2020
Machine Readable Records NC1-431-81-02_SF115 07/28/2020
Human Resources Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-015_SF115 07/28/2020
Research Records N1-431-89-005_SF115 07/28/2020
Executive Director for Operations Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-006_SF115 07/28/2020
Commission on Affordable Housing and Health Facility Needs for Seniors in the 21st Century N1-220-03-003_SF115 07/28/2020
State Programs Programs Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-004_SF115 07/28/2020
Confidential Source Files (Hard copy) N1-431-00-011_SF115 07/28/2020
Inspector General Investigation Case Files (Hard copy) N1-431-00-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Regional Offices Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-020_SF115 07/28/2020
Performance Appraisal Records NC1-431-77-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Nuclear Regulatory Research Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-019_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Records (WNRC Project) N1-431-99-008_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Investigation Management Records NC1-446-78-03_SF115 07/28/2020
Special Intelligence/Special Activities Security Management Records NC1-446-77-04_SF115 07/28/2020
Congressional Inquiries and Automotive Maintenance Files NC1-446-81-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-446-92-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-446-85-01_SF115 07/28/2020
DSS Web Records DAA-0446-2013-0004_SF115 07/28/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Real Estate Records N1-220-86-001_SF115 07/28/2020
White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance N1-220-04-003_SF115 07/28/2020
National Drought Policy Commission, 1998-2000 N1-220-00-007_SF115 07/28/2020
National Bioethics Advisory Commission N1-220-01-006_SF115 07/28/2020
Waiver Requests for Erroneous Payments NC1-428-78-03_SF115 07/28/2020
Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce N1-220-00-003_SF115 07/28/2020
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms: Basic Files of Establishments Requalified as of July 1, 1959 NC-056-75-003_SF115 07/28/2020
(JAGPERS) The Judge Advocate General Personnel System DAA-0428-2014-0001_SF115 07/28/2020
Military Pay Records NC1-428-78-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Department of Defense (DoD) Key Facilities List NC1-446-84-02_SF115 07/28/2020
Audit and Investigation Reports NC1-413-80-01_SF115 07/27/2020
International Activities Records NC1-412-85-16_SF115 07/27/2020
Assistance and Interagency Agreement Records NC1-412-85-25_SF115 07/27/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-420-93-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Information Technology Operations and Management Records N1-420-03-002_SF115 07/27/2020
Investment Insurance and Finance Loan Case Files N1-420-00-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Investment Insurance and Finance Loan Case Files N1-420-99-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-420-77-01_SF115 07/27/2020
Separating Employee Clearance Files N1-420-03-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Directives, Subject Files, Chronological Files, and Working Files N1-413-02-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Corporate Examination Program System N1-413-02-005_SF115 07/27/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-413-76-01_SF115 07/27/2020
Community Development Revolving Loan Fund Appropriations Files N1-413-01-005_SF115 07/27/2020
System Security and Disaster Recovery Records N1-425-07-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Mortgage Servicing Records N1-425-03-005_SF115 07/27/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-425-81-04_SF115 07/27/2020
Silver Bullion Records, 1942-70 NC1-425-80-05_SF115 07/27/2020
Government Accounting and Financial Reporting Records N1-425-09-003_SF115 07/27/2020
Progress Sheets and Cards used in Accounting and Disbursing Operations NC1-425-80-01_SF115 07/27/2020
Emergency Relief Appropriation Act Records, 1935-41 N1-425-92-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Check Truncation Program Paid and Reconciled United States Government Checks on Microfilm NC1-425-78-02_SF115 07/27/2020
Debt Services Division Records N1-425-03-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Debt Collection Policy and Management Records N1-425-09-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Three Digit Check Issue Information Records N1-425-90-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Railroad Files, 1920-58 NC1-425-80-07_SF115 07/27/2020
Collections, Payments, and Claims Records N1-425-09-005_SF115 07/27/2020
Domestic and Foreign Banking Correspondence, 1941-76; and Lend Lease and Surplus Property Files, 1941-52 N1-425-04-002_SF115 07/27/2020
Courtesy Disbursement Records N1-425-03-006_SF115 07/27/2020
Litigation Case Files and Gifts to the United States N1-425-88-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-425-80-06_SF115 07/27/2020
Check Truncation Program Records NC1-425-80-02_SF115 07/27/2020
Learning Management System Records N1-425-04-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-425-91-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Bureau of Government Financial Operations Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-425-78-01_SF115 07/27/2020
Enforcement and Compliance Monitoring Records NC1-412-85-13_SF115 07/27/2020
Statement of Transactions, Disbursement Schedules, and Vouchers Records NC1-425-81-03_SF115 07/27/2020
Paid and Reconciled United States Government Checks NC-425-75-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Facilities and Support Services Records NC1-412-85-26_SF115 07/27/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-425-80-04_SF115 07/27/2020
Research and Development Records NC1-412-85-22_SF115 07/27/2020
Citation, Injunction, Seizure, Criminal, Prosecution and Consent Negotiation Order Files and Related Records N1-424-92-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Registration Jackets, 1968-70 NC1-412-80-03_SF115 07/23/2020
Solid Waste Management Program Records NC-412-75-006_SF115 07/23/2020
Remedial Site Files - Superfund Site Specific (Schedule 014) N1-412-99-023_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrative Management, Committee Records, Emergency Preparedness, Grants, and Procurement/Contract Records NC-174-000118_SF115 07/23/2020
Denver Commuting Habits Records NC1-412-82-01_SF115 07/23/2020
Air Quality Records NC1-412-81-08_SF115 07/23/2020
Ann Arbor In-Use Test Data System (IUTD) (Schedule 493) N1-412-99-005_SF115 07/23/2020
Intergovernmental Liaison Records NC1-412-85-04_SF115 07/23/2020
Solid Waste Program Records NC1-412-85-07_SF115 07/23/2020
Electronic Records (Additions to 30 Schedules) N1-412-96-001_SF115 07/23/2020
Office of Toxic Substances Records NC1-412-82-10_SF115 07/23/2020
Appointee Clearance and Vetting Files and Laboratory Performance Evaluation Studies Proficiency Testing (Schedules 100 and 586) N1-412-99-014_SF115 07/23/2020
Enforcement Records NC1-412-81-13_SF115 07/23/2020
Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET) Records (Schedule 242) N1-412-08-017_SF115 07/23/2020
Claims Records NC1-412-78-04_SF115 07/23/2020
National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permits, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Permits NC1-412-82-06_SF115 07/23/2020
Environmental Appeals Board Records (Schedule 083) N1-412-97-006_SF115 07/23/2020
Ann Arbor Recall and In-Use Testing Records (Schedule 483) N1-412-99-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Water Pollution Lab Performance Evaluation Studies (Schedule 479) N1-412-97-003_SF115 07/23/2020
Permit Appeal Files (Schedule 236) N1-412-98-005_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrative Records - Permits (Schedule 210) N1-412-07-036_SF115 07/23/2020
Motion Picture Trims and Outtakes, 1971-75 NC1-412-78-01_SF115 07/23/2020
Noise Abatement and Control Program Standards, Regulations, and Guidelines Not Issued NC1-412-82-09_SF115 07/23/2020
Audiovisual Records (Schedules 710, 711, 719, 722, and 730) N1-412-95-005_SF115 07/23/2020
Quality Assurance Project Plans (Schedule 185) N1-412-99-022_SF115 07/23/2020
Radiological Emergency Planning Records (Schedule 222) N1-412-98-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Headquarters Records N1-412-94-006_SF115 07/23/2020
Toxic Substances Records NC1-412-85-12_SF115 07/23/2020
Source Data Files Relating to In-House Radiological Research (Schedule 472) N1-412-96-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Company Transfer Correspondence Files (Schedule 362) N1-412-99-013_SF115 07/23/2020
Emergency and Remedial Response Records: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) NC1-412-82-12_SF115 07/23/2020
Public Awareness Program PEMAP/PEYA Merit Awards Project Records NC1-412-82-15_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Operations Records NC1-412-85-03_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrator and Deputy Administrator Records NC1-412-78-06_SF115 07/23/2020
Trends Report (TRRP) (Schedule 494) N1-412-99-006_SF115 07/23/2020
Office of Toxic Substances Records NC1-412-76-15_SF115 07/23/2020
Water Program Records NC1-412-85-06_SF115 07/23/2020
Civil Rights Records NC-412-75-008_SF115 07/23/2020
Allowance Tracking System (ATS), Emissions Tracking System (ETS) (Schedules 549 and 550) N1-412-99-010_SF115 07/23/2020
Municipal Waste Water Systems NC-174-000273_SF115 07/23/2020
Criminal Enforcement Counsel and Criminal Investigation Records (Schedules 683 and 208) N1-412-99-024_SF115 07/23/2020
Office of Water Records (Schedules 368, 414, 429, 432, 443, 444, 445, and 446) N1-412-95-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrative Law Judge Records NC1-412-77-02_SF115 07/23/2020
Certification of Waste Isolation Pilot Plants (WIPP) Records (Schedule 464) N1-412-97-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Office of Pollution, Prevention, and Toxics Records (Schedules 265, 269, 271, and 273) N1-412-96-003_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrator and Deputy Administrator Speeches NC1-412-85-11_SF115 07/23/2020
National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Pollutants (NESHAPS) Radiation Facility/Site Files (Schedule 220) N1-412-98-001_SF115 07/23/2020
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Program Records N1-412-94-005_SF115 07/23/2020
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Compliance Monitoring Records NC1-412-82-05_SF115 07/23/2020
Motion Picture Trims, Outakes, and Sound Tracks, 1965-77 NC1-412-78-09_SF115 07/23/2020
Emission Factors Program (EFP) Test Records (Schedule 498) N1-412-99-009_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrative Law Judge Records NC1-412-85-02_SF115 07/23/2020
Pesticides Program Registration Jackets NC1-412-82-14_SF115 07/23/2020
Aeromatic Information Retrieval System (AIRS) (Schedule 496) N1-412-99-008_SF115 07/23/2020
International Activities and Agreements (Schedule 461) N1-412-99-017_SF115 07/23/2020
Civil Rights Records NC1-412-80-02_SF115 07/23/2020
High Level Waste Calculations NC1-412-81-10_SF115 07/23/2020
Federal Register Notice Files (Schedule 356) N1-412-99-021_SF115 07/23/2020
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Headquarters Solid Waste Program Records NC1-412-82-08_SF115 07/23/2020
Permits Records (Except Superfund) (Schedule 210) N1-412-98-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Research and Development Laboratory Records NC1-412-78-03_SF115 07/23/2020
Employee Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation Records (Schedule 499) N1-412-97-005_SF115 07/23/2020
Miscellaneous Additions (Schedules 205, 211, 224, 029, 207, and 306) N1-412-95-007_SF115 07/23/2020
Procurement/Contracts Records NC1-412-85-05_SF115 07/23/2020
309 Review and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Filing System Records NC1-412-81-09_SF115 07/23/2020
Noise Abatement and Control Records NC-412-75-007_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Air and Hazardous Program State Implementation Plans NC1-412-83-07_SF115 07/23/2020
Intra-Agency and Internal Committee Records (Schedule 187) N1-412-99-012_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Administrator, Staff Offices, Ancillary Programs; Air and Hazardous Materials Program; Water Program; Enforcement Program; and Surveillance and Analysis Program Records NC1-412-76-01_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Program Records N1-412-94-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Information Collection Reports (Schedule 199) N1-412-96-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Hazardous Waste Database and Corrective Action Reporting System N1-412-95-003_SF115 07/23/2020
Permit Compliance System and Audit Resolution Records (Schedules 419 and 658) N1-412-97-001_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Enforcement Program Records: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) NC1-412-82-13_SF115 07/23/2020
Payroll, Pay Administration, and Accounting Records NC-412-76-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Resources Systems Records NC1-412-85-01_SF115 07/23/2020
RadNet (formerly Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System(ERAMS)) (Schedule 495) N1-412-99-007_SF115 07/23/2020
Library System Records NC1-412-78-07_SF115 07/23/2020
Budget Operations Records NC1-412-85-09_SF115 07/23/2020
Pesticides Program Records NC1-412-80-01_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrative Records Pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (Schedule 294) N1-412-99-016_SF115 07/23/2020
Communication/Distribution Strategy Files (Schedule 254) N1-412-99-019_SF115 07/23/2020
Legislation Records NC-412-75-010_SF115 07/23/2020
National Pesticides Survey (NPS) (Schedule 367) N1-412-93-003_SF115 07/23/2020
Research and Development Records NC1-412-81-12_SF115 07/23/2020
Pesticide Document Management System (PDMS) Registrant Registered Studies Records (Schedule 335) N1-412-98-003_SF115 07/23/2020
Miscellaneous Additions to 49 Schedules N1-412-94-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Preparation Files, and 309 Review and Comment Files (Schedules 133, 134, and 135) N1-412-99-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Superfund Sampling and Analytical Data Files (Schedule 018) N1-412-95-006_SF115 07/23/2020
Alternate Test Procedure Applications (Schedule 449) N1-412-97-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Office of Regional and Intergovernmental Operations Records NC1-412-78-02_SF115 07/23/2020
Pesticide and Toxic Substances Records NC1-412-81-17_SF115 07/23/2020
Pilot Projects (Schedule 099) N1-412-99-015_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Air and Hazardous Materials Program Records: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) NC1-412-82-11_SF115 07/23/2020
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS) Records (Schedule 385) N1-412-99-020_SF115 07/23/2020
Safety Records NC1-412-85-08_SF115 07/23/2020
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Program Management and Waste Records NC1-412-82-07_SF115 07/23/2020
Noise Regulatory Assessment Activities NC1-412-81-11_SF115 07/23/2020
Freshwater-Based Recreation Survey (Schedule 450) N1-412-93-002_SF115 07/23/2020