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Federal Occupational Injuries and Illness Files; Accident, Injury, Occupational Illness and Fire Reports NC-015-76-009_SF115 07/29/2021
Official Mail Cost N1-372-02-009_SF115 07/29/2021
Beneficiary Identification And Records Locator Subsystem Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000238_SF115 07/29/2021
Government Purchase Cards N1-372-02-001_SF115 07/29/2021
Usage Reports for Leased Office Equipment N1-372-02-003_SF115 07/29/2021
Internal Management Control Files N1-372-96-001_SF115 07/29/2021
Web Site Records N1-372-01-003_SF115 07/29/2021
Summary Hospital Information Patient System Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000100_SF115 07/29/2021
Sanitation of Computer Hard Drives Records N1-372-01-005_SF115 07/29/2021
Hand Receipts N1-372-02-004_SF115 07/29/2021
Telecommunications Files N1-372-94-003_SF115 07/29/2021
Central Office Finance Data Records Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000242_SF115 07/29/2021
Inactive United States Government Life Insurance Folders, 1919-55 NC-174-000233_SF115 07/29/2021
Counseling Folders NC-174-000123_SF115 07/29/2021
Chief Attorney Automated Diary and Index Tape / Disk System Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000204_SF115 07/29/2021
Nonconverted Lapsed War Risk Term Insurance Folders, 1917-21 NC-174-000213_SF115 07/29/2021
Inactive Disability Insurance Claims Folders, 1918-58 NC-174-000232_SF115 07/29/2021
Gravesite Reservation System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files NC-015-75-002_SF115 07/28/2021
Automated Clinical Laboratory System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files NC-015-75-001_SF115 07/28/2021
Computer Console Change Documentation Files NN-174-000018_SF115 07/28/2021
Payment History File - Microfilm NC-015-75-005_SF115 07/28/2021
Contract Administration Files DAA-0558-2013-0003_SF115 07/28/2021
Fiscal Records NC-015-75-003_SF115 07/28/2021
Committee On Waivers and Compromises Report NN-173-000336_SF115 07/28/2021
Automated Management Information System (AMIS) Magnetic Tape and Disk Pack Data NC-015-76-003_SF115 07/28/2021
Geographic Card File NC-015-75-004_SF115 07/28/2021
Property Management Folders NC1-015-85-18_SF115 07/28/2021
Counseling/Evaluation/Rehabilitation (CER) Folders NC1-015-84-10_SF115 07/27/2021
Procurement Storage and Distribution Log NC1-015-81-22_SF115 07/27/2021
Veterans Appeals Records Management System (VARMS) Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-82-12_SF115 07/27/2021
Outreach Counseling Folder File NC1-015-84-18_SF115 07/27/2021
College of Police Science, Eastern Career School, and the National Training College Investigation Records NC1-015-84-05_SF115 07/27/2021
Veterans Administration Change of Address Request or Notices NC1-015-82-02_SF115 07/27/2021
United States Postal Service Forms NC1-015-84-17_SF115 07/27/2021
Dependents' Educational Assistance Folders NC1-015-82-06_SF115 07/27/2021
Spinal Cord Injury Service Records NC1-015-85-03_SF115 07/27/2021
Nuclear Scan Files NC1-015-81-25_SF115 07/27/2021
Centralized Accounting System for Construction Appropriations (CASCA) NC1-015-82-08_SF115 07/27/2021
Electrocardiograph Tracing File (EKG) NC1-015-83-16_SF115 07/27/2021
Recruitment Bulletin System NC1-015-83-07_SF115 07/27/2021
Counseling Folders NC1-015-82-09_SF115 07/27/2021
Listing of Veterans Denied Delimiting Date Extensions NC1-015-84-16_SF115 07/27/2021
Entrance and Separation X-Rays NC1-015-82-04_SF115 07/27/2021
Report of Education Overpayments by Facility Code NC1-015-84-21_SF115 07/27/2021
Agent Orange Registry System (AGO) (Formerly Herbicides Exposure Examination Registry System (HEX)) NC1-015-81-24_SF115 07/27/2021
Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling Systematic Analyses of Operations NC1-015-83-03_SF115 07/27/2021
System Workload Statistics Magnetic Tape and Auxiliary Records NC1-015-81-23_SF115 07/27/2021
Target System Transaction Reports (Printouts) NC1-015-83-04_SF115 07/27/2021
Electroencephalograph Records NC1-015-84-11_SF115 07/27/2021
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Hospital Review Cases Maintained in the RCCMS DAA-0058-2021-0001_SF115 07/26/2021
Office of Research Integrity Records N1-468-99-004_SF115 07/26/2021
Office of Research Integrity Files DAA-0514-2020-0001_SF115 07/26/2021
Supply Fund Quarterly Inventory Management Analysis Report NC1-015-81-21_SF115 07/23/2021
Centralized Accounting for Local Management (CALM) NC1-015-81-16_SF115 07/23/2021
Supply Fund Profit and Loss System NC1-015-81-20_SF115 07/23/2021
Title Papers, 1950-70 NC1-015-81-19_SF115 07/23/2021
Insurance Premium Billing Tapes (14032) NC1-015-81-15_SF115 07/23/2021
Insurance Award Output Tape 25026-1 NC1-015-81-14_SF115 07/23/2021
Pacific Branch, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, Sawtelle, California: Miscellaneous Records, 1889-1954 NC1-015-78-07_SF115 07/21/2021
Insurance In-Force State of Residence Report Magnetic Tape File NC1-015-78-08_SF115 07/21/2021
Administrative Service Security Violations and Data Log NC1-015-79-16_SF115 07/21/2021
Negotiated Contracts and Schedules NC1-015-79-07_SF115 07/21/2021
Annual Income Questionnaire Magnetic Tape File Data NC1-015-80-05_SF115 07/21/2021
Transition File of the President NC1-015-79-14_SF115 07/21/2021
Wage Automated Generated Evaluation System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files Data NC1-015-78-06_SF115 07/21/2021
Adjudication End Products NC1-015-79-10_SF115 07/21/2021
Transaction Registers NC1-015-78-02_SF115 07/21/2021
Liquidation and Claims System Tape Files NC1-015-78-11_SF115 07/21/2021
Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Statistical System NC1-015-81-08_SF115 07/21/2021
Education Inactive System NC1-015-79-01_SF115 07/21/2021
Construction History Information System NC1-015-79-06_SF115 07/21/2021
Recruitment Bulletin System Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-10_SF115 07/21/2021
Domiciliary Payroll Records NC1-015-80-22_SF115 07/21/2021
Data Processing Center (DPC) Staffing/Address List Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-01_SF115 07/21/2021
Radiology Service Reporting System (RADS) 01G9 NC1-015-81-12_SF115 07/21/2021
Engineering Management Information System NC1-015-80-04_SF115 07/21/2021
Detailed Payment Listings NC1-015-80-13_SF115 07/21/2021
Drug Dependence Clinical Support System NC1-015-78-05_SF115 07/21/2021
Loan Guaranty Folders NC1-015-79-13_SF115 07/21/2021
Resources System NC1-015-79-04_SF115 07/21/2021
Constuction Managenent Information System (CMIS) NC1-015-78-10_SF115 07/21/2021
Annual Report of Training Expenses NC1-015-80-20_SF115 07/21/2021
Construction Management Information System Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-02_SF115 07/21/2021
Social Work Service Workload Reporting System (SWS) NC1-015-81-10_SF115 07/21/2021
XC Folders NC1-015-80-17_SF115 07/21/2021
Books and Periodicals ADP System NC1-015-78-09_SF115 07/21/2021
Centralized Accounts Receivable System NC1-015-79-08_SF115 07/21/2021
Social Work Service Workload Reporting System NC1-015-78-03_SF115 07/21/2021
Architect-Engineer Check Prints, Specifications and Calculations NC1-015-79-02_SF115 07/21/2021
Veterans Appeals Records Management System Magnetic Tape Files Data NC1-015-78-04_SF115 07/21/2021
Books and Periodicals Subsystems NC1-015-81-09_SF115 07/21/2021
World War I Bonus Finance Cards, 1924-40 NC1-015-79-12_SF115 07/21/2021
Annual Report of Training NC1-015-80-19_SF115 07/21/2021
Loan Guaranty Service NC1-015-79-03_SF115 07/21/2021
Insurance Subsystem Reconciliation Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-06_SF115 07/21/2021
Insurance Subsystem Rates Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-07_SF115 07/21/2021
Insurance Subsystem (V Premium Waiver Study) Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-08_SF115 07/21/2021
General Accounting Office Liaison Staff Files NC1-015-80-16_SF115 07/21/2021
Bicentennial Tree Planting Files NC1-015-79-15_SF115 07/21/2021
Inpatient Discharge Data System (IDDS), 1963-69 N1-015-95-004_SF115 07/20/2021
Political Appointee Files N1-015-97-002_SF115 07/20/2021
Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) - Alphabetical Folder File NC1-015-77-09_SF115 07/20/2021
Special Evaluation Pension (SEP) Folders N1-015-86-011_SF115 07/20/2021
History Files for Special Salary Rates N1-015-96-001_SF115 07/20/2021
Telegraphic Messages N1-015-94-003_SF115 07/20/2021
Loan Guaranty Index and County Analysis Reports NC1-015-77-07_SF115 07/20/2021
Fiscal Records - Microfiche Files of Centralized Accounts Receivable System (CARS) NC1-015-77-12_SF115 07/20/2021
Federal Register Submission Files, 1936-52, and Original Manuscripts of Regulations and Procedures, 1931-78 N1-015-89-003_SF115 07/20/2021
Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans Administration (CHAMPVA) Sponsor Record Folders N1-015-87-005_SF115 07/20/2021
Quality Management Records N1-015-97-004_SF115 07/20/2021
Health Eligibility Center (HEC) Records N1-015-98-003_SF115 07/20/2021
Fiscal Records NC1-015-76-18_SF115 07/20/2021
Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty Educational Assistance Program Records N1-015-91-002_SF115 07/20/2021
Veterans Job Training Act Payment Folders -- Houston Office N1-015-90-006_SF115 07/20/2021
Medical Inspector Investigation Records N1-015-92-004_SF115 07/20/2021
Machine Utilization and Cost Report Files NC1-015-77-15_SF115 07/20/2021
Fiscal Records NC1-015-76-25_SF115 07/20/2021
Summary Hospital Information Patient System (SHIPS) Computer Tapes NC1-015-77-11_SF115 07/20/2021
Fiscal Records - Centralized Accounting System for Construction Appropriations (CASCA) Paid Voucher Files and Microfilm Copies NC1-015-78-01_SF115 07/20/2021
Geographic Card File and Loan Management Folders NC1-015-76-21_SF115 07/20/2021
Government Information Locator Service - Electronic System N1-015-99-001_SF115 07/20/2021
National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study (NVVRS) Records N1-015-97-003_SF115 07/20/2021
Loan Guaranty Records NC1-015-76-12_SF115 07/20/2021
1983 Survey of Aging Veterans Data File and Documentation N1-015-98-002_SF115 07/20/2021
Data Dictionary System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-77-13_SF115 07/20/2021
Health Care Provider Credentialing and Privileging Records on VA Employees N1-015-92-003_SF115 07/20/2021
Navy and Marine Corps Diagnostic X-Rays, 1953-70 NC1-015-76-14_SF115 07/20/2021
Fiscal Records - Centralized Accounting for Local Management (CALM) Paid Voucher Cards and Microfilm Copies of PAID Voucher Files NC1-015-77-05_SF115 07/20/2021
Data Integrity Board and Computer Matching Agreements Files N1-015-97-006_SF115 07/20/2021
Claims Paid Loan Guaranty Folders N1-015-87-003_SF115 07/20/2021
Transmittal Lists of Award Actions - Receipted Copies NC1-015-77-10_SF115 07/20/2021
Patient Care Subsystem Inpatient Data Systems Tape Files NC1-015-77-17_SF115 07/20/2021
Financial Management Branch - Division of Management and Budget Records NC1-292-84-01_SF115 07/15/2021
Automated Safety Incident Surveillance and Tracking System N1-015-05-003_SF115 07/15/2021
Tissue Banking Records for Transplantation N1-015-12-001_SF115 07/15/2021
Offense File Records N1-015-02-002_SF115 07/15/2021
Disaster Emergency Medical Personnel System (DEMPS) N1-015-00-004_SF115 07/15/2021
Office of Research Oversight Investigation Case Files N1-015-06-001_SF115 07/15/2021
Web Application System Development Records N1-015-01-002_SF115 07/15/2021
Veterans Health Administration (VHA)/Voluntary Service Records N1-015-00-003_SF115 07/15/2021
Electronic Patient Medical Records N1-015-02-003_SF115 07/15/2021
Voluntary Service Program Records N1-015-86-008_SF115 07/15/2021
Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHAMPVA) Records N1-015-01-001_SF115 07/15/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-383-87-001_SF115 07/14/2021
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Insurance Provider Fee (IPF) DAA-0058-2021-0002_SF115 07/14/2021
lntelPlus Analytical Database DAA-0065-2020-0001_SF115 07/14/2021
Registration Application Files DAA-0170-2014-0004_SF115 07/12/2021
Non-Evidentiary Audio/Video Files DAA-0056-2018-0001_SF115 07/12/2021
QI/WP/WT Application and Account Management System records DAA-0058-2020-0003_SF115 07/12/2021
Electronic Monitoring Data DAA-0370-2020-0001_SF115 07/12/2021
Social and Rehabilitation Service (SRS) Records N1-363-93-001_SF115 07/09/2021
Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) Records NC-174-000170_SF115 07/09/2021
Briefs, Appendices, and Case Files N1-276-89-001_SF115 07/09/2021
Judicial Conference Committee Records, 1938-72 N1-276-99-001_SF115 07/09/2021
Executive Committee, Subcommittee on Communications Subject Files, 1962-63 N1-273-91-001_SF115 07/09/2021
Miscellaneous Temporary Records N1-273-90-002_SF115 07/09/2021
NSC Representative on Internal Security, 1949-69; Net Evaluation Subcommittees, 1954-63; Miscellaneous Material, 1947-69 N1-273-90-003_SF115 07/09/2021
Miscellaneous Permanent Records, 1947-89 N1-273-90-001_SF115 07/09/2021
Case Files Expunged 29C-SL-185340; 29J-SL-187240; 29K-SL-187135 N1-065-08-005_SF115 07/08/2021
Las Vegas Field Division Office of Origin Case File Expunged 198-LV-35676 N1-065-07-015_SF115 07/08/2021
Newark Case File Expunged 281A-NK-92575 N1-065-06-016_SF115 07/08/2021
Data Extraction and Extension Project (DEEP) N1-065-08-014_SF115 07/08/2021
Vessel Manifests and Cargo Declarations N1-036-00-001_SF115 07/08/2021
Soviet and World War II Miscellaneous Series N1-299-90-001_SF115 07/08/2021
Program and Administrative Records N1-013-05-001_SF115 07/08/2021
Case File Expunged Oklahoma City 29J-OC-63713 N1-065-08-020_SF115 07/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Duplicate Copies of Accessioned Records, 1942-45 N2-208-16-001_SF115 07/08/2021
Case File Expunged Portland Field Division Office of Origin 175-130 N1-065-06-014_SF115 07/08/2021
Internal Disposal: FBIS Daily Report Foreign Radio Broadcasts, 1945; Copies of Victory, 1942 N2-208-14-001_SF115 07/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Propaganda, Received Publications, and Press Intelligence and Telegrams/Airgrams N2-208-15-001_SF115 07/08/2021
Criminal Investigation Case Files N1-509-93-002_SF115 07/08/2021
Case Files Expunged 29J-BF-32354; 29C-MP-56276 N1-065-08-015_SF115 07/08/2021
Case File Expunged Springfield Division Office of Origin 265A-SI-52450 N1-065-08-016_SF115 07/08/2021
Taxpayer Assistance Recorded Quality Control Records (Addition to Records Control Schedule 31) N1-058-04-006_SF115 07/08/2021
Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations (Records Control Schedule 104) NC1-058-82-11_SF115 07/08/2021
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Annual Report to Congress N1-048-10-006_SF115 07/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Magazine Abstracts, 1937-42 N2-208-18-001_SF115 07/08/2021
Indianapolis Case File Expunged 270F-IP-90916 N1-065-07-011_SF115 07/08/2021
San Francisco Case File Expunged 29J-SF-118302; Tampa Case File Expunged 164B-TP-63625 N1-065-08-008_SF115 07/08/2021
Financial Planning System (Addition to Records Control Schedule 17) N1-058-10-011_SF115 07/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Press Clippings and Intelligence Bulletins N2-208-80-001_SF115 07/08/2021
Case File Expunged Pittsburgh 29J-PG-70390 N1-065-08-017_SF115 07/08/2021
Statistical and Narrative Reports, Orders, and Publications, 1942-45 NC1-219-78-01_SF115 07/08/2021
Audiovisual Records N1-036-98-001_SF115 07/08/2021
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) N1-142-98-004_SF115 07/08/2021
Case File Expunged Dallas 46B-DL-87279 N1-065-08-018_SF115 07/08/2021
Customer Complaint System and Customer Complaint Call Center System N1-101-06-001_SF115 07/08/2021
Oklahoma City Field Division Office of Origin File 70C-OC-58332 N1-065-06-015_SF115 07/08/2021
Closed Matter Summary Records DAA-0180-2015-0003_SF115 07/07/2021
Official Minutes, Technical Committee Minutes, and Completed Case Report and Agreement Files DAA-0281-2015-0001_SF115 07/07/2021
Information Technology (IT) Procurement, Operations, and Management Records, Series 1000 N1-218-00-011_SF115 07/07/2021
International, Series 0800 N1-218-00-009_SF115 07/07/2021
Information Strategy Portal (IS Portal) Master Files N1-218-09-006_SF115 07/07/2021
Closed Matter Summary Records DAA-0180-2021-0002_SF115 07/07/2021
Twitter Content of the Chairperson and Commissioners DAA-0122-2021-0001_SF115 07/07/2021
Security and Protective Services (General Records Schedule 18) Records NC1-058-81-03_SF115 07/06/2021
Czech and Vietnam Claim Programs N1-299-86-001_SF115 07/01/2021
Administrative, Legislative, and Legal Records, 1947-70 N1-299-89-006_SF115 07/01/2021
Micronesian World War II Claims, Background Material, and Original Decisions N1-299-89-002_SF115 07/01/2021
Background and Working Papers for War Claims Act; International War Claims Settlement Act of 1949; Philippine War Damage Commission Supplemental Awards N1-299-91-001_SF115 07/01/2021
East German Registrations, 1946-77; Micronesian Claims, 1944-80; War Claims Commission Meetings; War Claims Commission Records, 1948-54 N1-299-88-001_SF115 07/01/2021
Panamanian Claims and Background Material N1-299-89-004_SF115 07/01/2021
Duplicate Folders To Various Claims Programs NC1-299-80-02_SF115 07/01/2021
Classified Claim Files of U.S. Armed Forces Held As Korean Conflict Prisoners of War NC-299-76-001_SF115 07/01/2021
People's Republic of China Correspondence, 1949-79; Cuba Program, 1959-64 N1-299-89-003_SF115 07/01/2021
World War II Philippine Sequestration Claims and Religious Relief Claims and Related Indexes NC1-299-80-01_SF115 07/01/2021
Polish, General War Claims, Germany, Balkans, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union Claims 1930s-60s; International Claims Commission Minutes and Reports December, 1952-54 N1-299-90-003_SF115 07/01/2021
Holocaust Survivors Claims Program N1-299-01-001_SF115 07/01/2021
Ethiopian Claims N1-299-88-002_SF115 07/01/2021
Soviet Claims, 1913-52 N1-299-89-001_SF115 07/01/2021
Micronesian Claims Commission N1-299-89-005_SF115 07/01/2021
Bond Backlog Management Tool (BBMT) N1-567-11-001_SF115 07/01/2021
Detention and Removal Information Management System (DRIMS) N1-567-10-019_SF115 07/01/2021
Customs Automated Inventory and Maintenance Tracking System (CAMITS) N1-568-09-002_SF115 07/01/2021
Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) Training Records, 1964-71 N1-362-93-002_SF115 07/01/2021
Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) Training Records, 1965-71 N1-362-93-001_SF115 07/01/2021
Federal Women's Program Committee Records NC1-362-78-01_SF115 07/01/2021
Miscellaneous Records of the International Trade Administration NC1-151-85-01_SF115 07/01/2021
Seaman Disposition of Passport Applications, Correspondence, Index Cards NC1-036-78-02_SF115 06/30/2021
Miscellaneous Records, 1867-1931 NC1-036-77-03_SF115 06/30/2021
Administrative Records NC1-036-84-01_SF115 06/30/2021
U.S. Customs Service Records, 1828-1965 N1-036-99-001_SF115 06/30/2021
Veterans Preference Files, 1890-1956 and Noncompetitive Actions Files, 1887-1943 N1-146-88-002_SF115 06/30/2021
Budget Files NC1-013-81-03_SF115 06/30/2021
Presidential Emergency Board Case Files and Reports N1-013-11-001_SF115 06/30/2021
Implementation of Contract Labor Files 1946 - 1955 NC1-085-76-02_SF115 06/30/2021
Policy Files, 1898 - 1953 N1-146-94-001_SF115 06/30/2021
Records of the U.S. Civil Service Commission Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project - 1999 N1-146-00-001_SF115 06/30/2021
Records of the Job Evaluation & Pay Review Task Force N1-146-96-002_SF115 06/30/2021
President's Commission on Fund Raising, 1956-61 N1-146-90-002_SF115 06/30/2021
World Trade Directory Reports NC1-151-80-01_SF115 06/30/2021
Foreign Service Conversion Processing Files NN-174-000033_SF115 06/30/2021
Heating Equipment Industry Analyst's Subject Files N1-151-87-014_SF115 06/30/2021
Far Eastern Financial Notes, 1936, 1937, and 1940 N1-151-88-004_SF115 06/30/2021
Agenda and Meeting Minutes of the Publications Clearance Committee and the Clearance Committee for Internal Operating Procedures, 1952-59 N1-151-87-005_SF115 06/30/2021
Central Foreign Policy File NN-173-000304_SF115 06/30/2021
Technical Study Group, World Trade Conference, and Import and Export Advisory Councils Records, 1948-56 NC1-151-82-03_SF115 06/30/2021
Reports on Export Conferences and Manuscripts File, 1963-65 NC1-151-84-01_SF115 06/30/2021
Records Created by the Near East, Far East, and African Divisions of the Economic Affairs Division N1-151-87-010_SF115 06/30/2021
Records of the Western International Trade Group (WITG) NC1-151-81-04_SF115 06/30/2021
Tariff Records N1-151-86-002_SF115 06/30/2021
Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Records, 1949-57 N1-151-87-001_SF115 06/30/2021
National Export Expansion Council Records 1960-1973 NC1-151-83-02_SF115 06/30/2021
Central Office Subject Correspondence Files, 1906-32 NC1-085-84-01_SF115 06/30/2021
Temporary Records in Foreign Service Performance Folders NN-174-000024_SF115 06/30/2021
Notification of Arrival; Head Tax Forms 535; Correspondence; Notice to Detain Crew Members; Changes of Crew; Notice to Payoff or Discharge Crew Member, 1918-54 NN-173-000329_SF115 06/30/2021
Central Office Subject File, 1957-74; 23/Series, 1929-44; Citizen Education Addresses, 1937-61; Hungarian Refugees, 1956-57 N1-085-99-002_SF115 06/30/2021
Application for Cards of Identification, 1943-56 NC1-085-79-04_SF115 06/30/2021
Central Office Subject Correspondence Files,1906-57; Counterfeit and Fradulent Reentry Permits, 1925-48; Administrative Letters, Commissioner Decisions, Adjudication Office Decisions, General Counsel Opinions, Public Health Service Foreign Quarantive Field Memorandums, 1909-56 N1-085-86-001_SF115 06/30/2021
Immigration and Naturalization Service Re-entry Permits, 1929-44 NC1-085-83-01_SF115 06/30/2021
Application for Employment Authorization Form I-765 N1-085-94-002_SF115 06/30/2021
United States Citizen's Identification/Border Crossing Cards, 1924-45 N1-085-91-005_SF115 06/30/2021
Claims for Overtime Payments, 1947-54; Overtime Payments, 1931-40; Chines Certificates of Identity, 1904-42; Military Naturalization Indices, 1918; Registrations under the Alien Registration Act of 1940 NC1-085-83-10_SF115 06/30/2021
Refugee Relief Case Files NN-173-000303_SF115 06/30/2021
Deportation Investigation Case of San Francisco Labor Activist Harry Bridges N1-085-90-002_SF115 06/30/2021
Foreign Service Grievance Files NN-174-000025_SF115 06/30/2021
FD 258 Fingerprint Card Tracking System N1-085-00-001_SF115 06/30/2021
Form I-92 - Aircraft/Vessel Report NC1-085-84-02_SF115 06/30/2021
Replenishment Agricultural Worker (RAW) Program N1-085-91-007_SF115 06/30/2021
Priority Automated Commuter Entry System (PACES) N1-085-93-001_SF115 06/30/2021
Protocol Registration Microfilm Reels N1-085-92-002_SF115 06/30/2021
I-102 Application by Non-Immigrant Alien for Replacement of Arrival Document N1-085-90-004_SF115 06/30/2021
Immigration and Naturalization Service Central Office Identification Index NC1-085-83-07_SF115 06/30/2021
Medical Case Files NN-173-000236_SF115 06/30/2021
Office of Budget and Finance International Travel File NN-173-000335_SF115 06/30/2021
Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals Subject Files, 1938-60, and Country Files, 1942-45 N1-151-88-008_SF115 06/30/2021
National Production Authority (NPA) and the Business and Defense Services Administration (BDSA) Central Files, 1950-66 N1-151-87-009_SF115 06/30/2021
Central Files of the Office of International Trade and Successor Bureaus, 1945-49 and 1953-71 NC1-151-80-07_SF115 06/30/2021
Customs Release Files N1-151-87-012_SF115 06/30/2021
United States v. International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. Discovery Files, 1957-75 NC1-151-84-03_SF115 06/30/2021
National Production Authority Records, 1950-57 N1-151-87-003_SF115 06/30/2021
Projects and Economic and Industrial Studies, Alaska Files, 1964-65 N1-151-86-004_SF115 06/30/2021
British Token Import Plan Records, 1946-59 NC1-151-83-04_SF115 06/30/2021
Compliance Proceedings, 1948-60 NC1-151-80-02_SF115 06/30/2021
Veterans Health Administration Spinal Cord Dysfunction Registry N1-015-05-001_SF115 06/30/2021
Records Related to the China Trade Act NC1-151-81-01_SF115 06/30/2021
Salvage and Scrap Division Records of the National Production Authority N1-151-87-015_SF115 06/30/2021
Office of Technical Services (Defunct) Records NC1-151-79-02_SF115 06/30/2021
Director for Export Supply, Procedures and Publications Branch Records, 1942-49 N1-151-87-006_SF115 06/30/2021
National and Regional Export Expansion Council Records NC1-151-80-06_SF115 06/30/2021
Clippings and Other Records from N1-151-87-011_SF115 06/30/2021
United States-Israel Free Trade Area Agreement (FTAA) Files N1-151-88-010_SF115 06/30/2021
Service Lookout Book NC1-085-78-04_SF115 06/30/2021
Bureau of Foreign Commerce Files N1-151-86-003_SF115 06/30/2021
Strategic Information Program Subject Files N1-151-88-001_SF115 06/30/2021
Performance Evaluation Case Files NN-174-000027_SF115 06/30/2021
Textile Trade Briefing Books, March-April 1964 N1-151-87-002_SF115 06/30/2021
Retirement File - Foreign Service NN-174-000026_SF115 06/30/2021
Treasury Enforcement Communications System Audit Tapes, 1975-87 N1-036-90-001_SF115 06/30/2021
Records of the Office of Trade Promotion NC1-151-80-04_SF115 06/30/2021
Trade Opportunities Files, 1962-72, and Chronological Files, 1962-69 NC1-151-82-02_SF115 06/30/2021
Alien Registration Microfilm Reels N1-085-91-004_SF115 06/30/2021
Tariffs Records, 1930-56 N1-151-86-001_SF115 06/30/2021
Deputy Director of Operations Records N1-151-88-007_SF115 06/30/2021
Salvage and Scrap Program Records, 1951-54 N1-151-87-013_SF115 06/30/2021
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Textiles and Apparel N1-151-89-002_SF115 06/30/2021
Foreign Affairs Document and Reference Center Authentications and Copies of Standard Form 219, Certificate of Deposit NC-059-75-018_SF115 06/29/2021
Budget and Finance Employee Fiscal Folder and Pay Cards NN-173-000226_SF115 06/29/2021
Inspector General, Foreign Service Inspection Reports Departmental and Foreign Service NC-059-76-005_SF115 06/29/2021
Card Index to Central Foreign Policy Files, 1960-73 NC-059-76-004_SF115 06/29/2021
Foreign Dignitaries Visit Files NC-059-76-003_SF115 06/29/2021
Texts/Background Information on Treaties and International Agreements of United States: 1778- NC-059-75-015_SF115 06/29/2021
Service Record Cards Covering Separated Departmental Personnel: Civil and Foreign Service NC-059-75-016_SF115 06/29/2021
Statements and Related Documents Covering Reimbursable Logistical Support 1950-1962 NC-059-75-013_SF115 06/29/2021
Foreign Affairs Document and Reference Center Publications, Issuances and Regulations, and Organizational Charts NC-059-75-014_SF115 06/29/2021
Medical X-Rays NC-174-000122_SF115 06/29/2021
Foreign Affairs Document and Reference Center NC-059-75-017_SF115 06/29/2021
International Organizations Employee Loyalty Notification NC-059-75-020_SF115 06/29/2021
Congressional Travel Documents NC-174-000265_SF115 06/29/2021
Office of Protocol Customs Clearance Requests NC-174-000247_SF115 06/29/2021
Department of State Employee Campaigns and Incentives Branch NC-059-75-008_SF115 06/28/2021
Foreign Service Mustang Program Files and Grievance Files NC-059-75-009_SF115 06/28/2021
Personnel and Applicant Security Clearance Case Files NC-059-75-011_SF115 06/28/2021
Personnel Data Services Division General Subject Files NC-059-75-006_SF115 06/28/2021
Congressional Travel Documents NC-059-75-004_SF115 06/28/2021
Office of Personnel, Personnel Statistics and Employee Reports NC-059-75-007_SF115 06/28/2021
Passport and Visa Investigative Case Files NC1-059-76-18_SF115 06/25/2021
Development Appraisal Reports for Foreign Service Officers, 1964-70 NC1-059-77-14_SF115 06/25/2021
Director General of the Foreign Service Presidential Appointments Staff NN-173-000225_SF115 06/25/2021
Bureau Work/Study Employee Files NC1-059-77-15_SF115 06/25/2021
Office of Aviation Country/Subject Files NC1-059-82-09_SF115 06/25/2021
Office of Security Domestic Field Office Records NC1-059-78-07_SF115 06/25/2021
Security Surveys of U.S. Government-Owned Facilities Abroad NC1-059-80-03_SF115 06/25/2021
Office of Budget Allotment and Apportionment Controls NC1-059-79-15_SF115 06/25/2021
Miscellaneous Lot Files, 1933-49 NC1-059-80-01_SF115 06/25/2021
Consular Services Reports Dated 1956-1971 NC1-059-78-05_SF115 06/25/2021
Library of the Department of State NC1-059-80-21_SF115 06/25/2021
Director General of Foreign Service Messages to Posts NC1-059-79-09_SF115 06/25/2021
Miscellaneous Lots, 1949-67 N1-059-97-016_SF115 06/25/2021
Miscellaneous Records of the Office of Foreign Liquidation Commission NC1-059-82-01_SF115 06/25/2021
Background Press Conferences of Senior Officers of the Department NC1-059-82-02_SF115 06/25/2021
Examination Card Record for Economist, Consular, and Diplomatic Examinations, 1924 and prior NC1-059-80-12_SF115 06/25/2021
Office of Security General Investigative Case Files NC1-059-80-22_SF115 06/25/2021
Civil Service Upward Mobility Program Files NC1-059-84-02_SF115 06/25/2021
Designated Exchange Visitor Case Files, 1950-1973 N1-059-99-019_SF115 06/25/2021
Claims for Employee Compensation from Injuries NC1-059-80-06_SF115 06/25/2021
Vietnam War Prisoner of War (POW)/Missing in Action (MIA), 1966-76 NC1-059-80-10_SF115 06/25/2021
International Civil Aviation Organization and Conference File NC1-059-82-10_SF115 06/25/2021
FSRU Applicants Ineligible for Conversion Files, 1971-73 NC1-059-79-07_SF115 06/25/2021
Sinai Support Mission Files NC1-059-84-05_SF115 06/25/2021
Cuban Refugee Airlift Files, 1966-72 NC1-059-77-09_SF115 06/25/2021
Office of Inspector General Case Files on Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement Allegations NC1-059-81-03_SF115 06/25/2021
International Merchant Purchase Authorization Card (I.M.P.A.C.) Files N1-059-96-029_SF115 06/25/2021
Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee - Telecommunications Records, 1943-1959 NC1-059-79-16_SF115 06/25/2021
Medical X-Ray Films N1-059-97-019_SF115 06/25/2021
Grievance and Suitability Files for Civil and Foreign Service Employees; Foreign Service Performance Evaluation Files; Administrative Clearances for Separation NC1-059-77-18_SF115 06/25/2021
Bureau of Human Rights & Humanitarian Affairs NC1-059-82-07_SF115 06/25/2021
Place Survey Files and Secretary of State Protective Security Files NC1-059-80-07_SF115 06/25/2021
Bureau of African Affairs, 1945-66 N1-059-96-012_SF115 06/25/2021
Family Liaison Office Files NC1-059-84-03_SF115 06/25/2021
Presidential and Foreign Service Appointments NC1-059-77-19_SF115 06/25/2021
Combined Food Board Records, 1942-43 NC1-059-79-17_SF115 06/25/2021
Overseas Citizen Services Automated Retrieval (OSCAR) N1-059-96-030_SF115 06/25/2021
Foreign Service Officer Personnel Records NC1-059-83-06_SF115 06/25/2021
Office of the Inspector General; Conduct of Relations (COR): Inspection, Domestic Inspection and Audit Working Papers NC1-059-76-13_SF115 06/25/2021
Correspondence Files- Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs NC1-059-80-19_SF115 06/25/2021
Preprint Material for Recruiting Films NC1-059-77-04_SF115 06/25/2021
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Security: Investigative Case Files for Other Agencies, Intelligence Reports, Personnel Security Files NC1-059-77-01_SF115 06/25/2021
Service Record Cards, 1948- NC1-059-80-16_SF115 06/25/2021
GATT Trade Negotiations Files, 1960-67 NC1-059-83-07_SF115 06/25/2021
Munitions Control Records NC1-059-78-12_SF115 06/25/2021
Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs Passport Office, 1958-67 N1-059-96-013_SF115 06/25/2021
United Nations Truth Commission, El Salvador N1-059-95-022_SF115 06/25/2021
Privacy Act Requests Files NC1-059-77-21_SF115 06/25/2021
Passport and Visa Fraud Investigation Cases N1-059-97-004_SF115 06/25/2021
General Subject Files of the Office of Management Operations NC1-059-84-04_SF115 06/25/2021
Under Secretary for Management Office of Management, Policy and Planning Mission and Bureau Program Plans N1-059-97-002_SF115 06/25/2021
United States Information Agency, 1945-53 N1-059-96-006_SF115 06/25/2021
Private Enterprise Cooperation Staff Subject Files, 1941-1953 N1-059-96-004_SF115 06/25/2021
Office of Munitions Control NC1-059-76-14_SF115 06/25/2021
Medical Case Files; Records of Retired Case Files NC1-059-76-12_SF115 06/25/2021
Ardelia Hall Historical Collection, 1945-60 NC1-059-85-02_SF115 06/25/2021
Asylum Applications NC1-059-85-03_SF115 06/25/2021
International Information Administration Records, 1947-53 N1-059-98-001_SF115 06/25/2021
Media Dated 1964-1968 Recommended for Disposal Due to Poor Quality NC1-059-77-25_SF115 06/25/2021
Presidential Appointments Case and Subject Files NC1-059-77-13_SF115 06/25/2021
Department of State Records Transferred to U.S. Information Agency (USIA), 1949-54 N1-059-97-003_SF115 06/25/2021
United States Information Agency Amerika Magazine, 1941-42 N1-059-96-009_SF115 06/25/2021
Department of State record set of National Intelligence Estimates, Special Estimates and Special National Intelligence Estimates, 1950-1954 NC1-059-82-08_SF115 06/25/2021
International Information Program (IIA) International Broadcasting Service (IBS), 1946-53 N1-059-99-001_SF115 06/25/2021
Special Communications Support for Secretary's Trips and Visits NC1-059-76-17_SF115 06/25/2021
Central Foreign Policy Files and Card Indexes, 1950-73 NC1-059-80-17_SF115 06/25/2021
Office of the Inspector General, Foreign Service: Conduct of Relations (COR) Inspection, Domestic Inspection, and Domestic Audit Working Papers NC1-059-77-02_SF115 06/25/2021
Office of Soviet Union Affairs Subject Files of Bilateral Political Relations, 1921-73 NC1-059-79-11_SF115 06/25/2021
Department of State, Office of Recruitment, Examination and Employment NC1-059-80-20_SF115 06/25/2021
Records of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R) Section, 1917-1946 NC1-059-79-14_SF115 06/25/2021
Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs Nuclear Risk Reduction Center N1-059-96-018_SF115 06/25/2021
Office of the Inspector General Case Files on Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement Allegations NC1-059-82-13_SF115 06/25/2021
Official and State Functions Files NC1-059-76-15_SF115 06/25/2021
United States Ship (U.S.S.) Liberty Claims Files, 1967-69 N1-059-95-021_SF115 06/25/2021
Merit Promotion Announcement Files NC1-059-80-15_SF115 06/25/2021
Freedom of Information Case Files NC1-059-77-16_SF115 06/25/2021
Press Guidance used for daily briefings NC1-059-83-03_SF115 06/25/2021
Investigative Case Files of Investigations Conducted for Other Agencies NC1-059-77-05_SF115 06/25/2021
Credit Card Files Foreign Service Institute (FSI) N1-059-99-022_SF115 06/25/2021
Congressional Committee Travel Abroad NC1-059-78-14_SF115 06/25/2021
Bureau of Personnel, Office of Recruitment, Examination and Employment NC1-059-80-05_SF115 06/25/2021
Merit Promotion Announcement and Applicant Files NC1-059-78-13_SF115 06/25/2021
Hearings / Proceedings of Advisory Committee on the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, 1971-72 NC1-059-77-06_SF115 06/25/2021
Bureau of Administration Property Management N1-059-96-016_SF115 06/25/2021
International Visitors Program NC1-059-77-08_SF115 06/25/2021
Verbatim Transcripts of Proceedings of Departmental, Inter-Departmental, and National Meetings and Conferences, 1952-62 NC1-059-82-03_SF115 06/25/2021
Foreign Service Institute Language Laboratory NC1-059-76-16_SF115 06/25/2021
National Communications Systems (NCS) Liaison Files & General Subject Files NC1-059-84-07_SF115 06/25/2021
Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs Daily Activity Reports N1-059-96-008_SF115 06/25/2021
Personnel Security Cases NC1-059-78-04_SF115 06/25/2021
Freedom of Information Act Request and Appeal Files NC1-059-77-24_SF115 06/25/2021
Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board Records N1-220-87-004_SF115 06/22/2021
James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation N1-220-06-002_SF115 06/22/2021
Program and policy records of the Archivist and Deputy Archivist DAA-0064-2013-0002_SF115 06/21/2021
Photographs of Iranian Hostages N1-059-94-039_SF115 06/17/2021
Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, 1932-74 N1-059-94-037_SF115 06/17/2021
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs/Office of Cultural Presentations (CU/CP), 1955-72 N1-059-93-004_SF115 06/17/2021
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs Dating Through 1963 N1-059-92-041_SF115 06/17/2021
Bureau of African Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-93-011_SF115 06/17/2021
Bureau of Economic Affairs Transportation Records, 1926-72 N1-059-95-002_SF115 06/17/2021
Miscellaneous Lot Files, 1939-63 N1-059-94-011_SF115 06/17/2021
Records Relating to Cabinet Meetings, 1953-65 N1-059-93-012_SF115 06/17/2021
Moscow Embassy Building Control Office N1-059-93-017_SF115 06/17/2021
Office of Defense Controls Compliance Tracking N1-059-94-002_SF115 06/17/2021
Office of UNESCO and Scientific Programs Education and Scientific Grant and Contribution Case Files N1-059-95-001_SF115 06/17/2021
Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs Office of Special Coordinator (PM/SC) Proposals N1-059-93-003_SF115 06/17/2021
Berlin Publication Files, 1940-73 N1-059-93-035_SF115 06/17/2021
Foreign Service Officers Performance Evaluation Subject Files and Selection Board Promotion Panel Records N1-059-93-015_SF115 06/17/2021
Miscellaneous Lot Files, 1923-68 N1-059-95-014_SF115 06/17/2021
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Politico-Military Affairs (G/PMl), 1940-64 N1-059-93-006_SF115 06/17/2021
U.S. Advisory Commission on Educational Exchange, 1948-61; Advisory Committee on the Arts 1951-61; East-West Exchange Files, 1957-60 N1-059-93-007_SF115 06/17/2021
Overseas School Country Files N1-059-95-005_SF115 06/17/2021
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs/International Educational Exchange Service (CU/IES), 1955-69 N1-059-93-005_SF115 06/17/2021
Office of Economic Sanctions Policy Export Control Case Files N1-059-94-029_SF115 06/17/2021
Property Management Report of Excess Equipment Returned N1-059-94-017_SF115 06/17/2021
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs (ARA), 1925-68 N1-059-93-041_SF115 06/17/2021
Teletype Conferences, 1945-1956 N1-059-94-038_SF115 06/17/2021
Office of Foreign Missions Motor Vehicle Correspondence Files N1-059-94-012_SF115 06/17/2021
The Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Foundation Records N1-508-05-001_SF115 06/16/2021
Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation Records N1-508-14-001_SF115 06/16/2021
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation Scholar Files N1-508-09-001_SF115 06/16/2021
James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation Records N1-508-15-001_SF115 06/16/2021
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation Records N1-508-91-001_SF115 06/16/2021
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation Records N1-508-08-001_SF115 06/16/2021
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation Records N1-508-93-001_SF115 06/16/2021
Atomic Energy Affairs, Political Affairs, Congressional Relations: Country and Subject Files, 1950-63 N1-059-92-029_SF115 06/16/2021
Vietnam Education Foundation Records DAA-0508-2017-0001_SF115 06/15/2021
Email of the Obama Administration DAA-0581-2016-0002_SF115 06/14/2021
Email of the Obama Administration DAA-0051-2017-0001_SF115 06/14/2021
Foreign Military Sales N1-361-95-001_SF115 06/14/2021
Environmental Policies and Procedures DAA-0095-2020-0001_SF115 06/14/2021
Personnel Records DAA-0116-2019-0001_SF115 06/14/2021
Records of the Security Features Design and Development, Research and Testing DAA-0318-2020-0003_SF115 06/14/2021
International Affairs and Foreign Military Sales DAA-0361-2020-0001_SF115 06/14/2021
DLA Criminal Incident Reporting System (DCIRS) DAA-0361-2021-0021_SF115 06/14/2021
Action/Operations Files DAA-0374-2020-0003_SF115 06/14/2021
Classified Responses to Background Check Requests DAA-0566-2017-0032_SF115 06/14/2021
Bureau of Intelligence and Research Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-92-028_SF115 06/08/2021
Office of the Legal Adviser: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-92-023_SF115 06/07/2021
Employee Retirement Security System Act (ERISA) Filing Acceptance System (EFAST) N1-317-02-001_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (IR, PRS, and SP), 1952-68 N1-059-91-006_SF115 06/07/2021
Records Relating to Lee Harvey Oswald and the Warren Commission Report, 1959-1964 N1-059-89-026_SF115 06/07/2021
Subject Files of the Office of Munitions Control N1-059-89-024_SF115 06/07/2021
Participation in the Operations Coordinating Board, 1953-61; Participation in the National Security Council, 1947-63 N1-059-91-013_SF115 06/07/2021
Budget Allocations Records, 1941-42 N1-059-90-012_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Intelligence and Research, 1920-65 N1-059-91-034_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (MPP, OCE, PDE PDS), 1930-67 N1-059-91-022_SF115 06/07/2021
The Daily Economic Summary, Jan 1961-Mar 1970, and E Staff Meeting Minutes, Jan 1960-June 1969 N1-059-91-020_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, 1947-66 N1-059-90-021_SF115 06/07/2021
Protective Security Files for the President, Vice President, Secretary of State and other VIPs, 1949-60, and Security Records, 1955-66 N1-059-90-017_SF115 06/07/2021
Office of Operations, 1946-62, Historical Office, 1959, African Affairs, 1960-70 N1-059-90-015_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Economic Affairs Mutual Defense Assistance Control Staff (E/MDAC) Records, 1950-63 N1-059-90-005_SF115 06/07/2021
Director General Personnel Operations Division Subject Files, 1940-63 N1-059-90-003_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of the Historian (PA/HO), 1944-83 N1-059-92-015_SF115 06/07/2021
Loyalty Security Files Relating to John Paton Davies, 1942 -56 N1-059-90-010_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of International Scientific and Technological Affairs, 1947-69 N1-059-91-002_SF115 06/07/2021
Under Secretary for Political Affairs, 1953-61 N1-059-91-014_SF115 06/07/2021
Consular Conference Files,1967-72, and Prisoner of War Committee and International Red Cross Conferences, 1945-57 N1-059-90-006_SF115 06/07/2021
Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs N1-059-89-036_SF115 06/07/2021
Records Relating to Lee Harvey Oswald, 1961-1964 N1-059-89-027_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of International Organization Affairs Subject, Country and Program Files N1-059-92-022_SF115 06/07/2021
Executive Secretary's Paperwork Retrieval, Imaging, and Tracking (ESPRIT) System Files (1992-1999) N1-383-03-002_SF115 06/07/2021
Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs, 1954-78 N1-059-90-001_SF115 06/07/2021
Records Relating to the Eric Johnston Mission and Jordan River Waters, 1945-59 N1-059-90-011_SF115 06/07/2021
International Exchange of Persons, 1941-59 N1-059-90-018_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Economic Affairs Coordinator for Foreign Aid and Assistance Subject Files and Program Reviews, 1948-50 N1-059-90-002_SF115 06/07/2021
Legal Adviser, 1939-73 N1-059-91-001_SF115 06/07/2021
Records Relating to the Bricker Amendment, 1952-1960 N1-059-89-028_SF115 06/07/2021
Office of Cultural Presentations, 1960-68 N1-059-90-020_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, 1949-68 N1-059-90-029_SF115 06/07/2021
Assistant Secretary for Economic Affairs Labor Adviser Subject Files, 1944-54 N1-059-89-030_SF115 06/07/2021
Emergency Planning Files & Records Relating to Operation Alert, 1954-1965 N1-059-89-031_SF115 06/07/2021
Organization Files, 1945-1960 N1-059-90-027_SF115 06/07/2021
Files of John Foster Dulles, 1946-49, and Karl L. Rankin, 1932-60 N1-059-91-029_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs, 1946-56 N1-059-90-019_SF115 06/07/2021
Economic and Business Affairs Teletype Messages N1-059-92-008_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of European Affairs, 1930-76 N1-059-92-007_SF115 06/07/2021
Special Assistant for Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, 1955-62 N1-059-89-013_SF115 06/07/2021
Project Records N1-523-12-001_SF115 06/07/2021
Records Relating to United Nations and Regional Affairs, 1945-1962 N1-059-90-009_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Intelligence & Research Subject Files, 1945-1960 N1-059-91-009_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1961; Bureau of Public Affairs Dating Through 1962 N1-059-92-026_SF115 06/07/2021
Migratory Species Convention Documents, 1977-1979 N1-059-89-016_SF115 06/07/2021
Central Treaty Organization (CTO), 1956-64, Paris Conference on Tangier, August 1945 N1-059-90-028_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (FE, EX and FS), 1950-70 N1-059-91-007_SF115 06/07/2021
Multilateral Force (MLF) Records, 1960-65 N1-059-89-022_SF115 06/07/2021
Special Assistant for Fisheries and Wildlife Coordinator of Ocean Affairs, 1937-70 N1-059-89-034_SF115 06/07/2021
Incoming and Outgoing Telegrams, 1945-60 N1-059-90-008_SF115 06/07/2021
Collective Bargaining Agreements N1-257-04-002_SF115 06/07/2021
Special Coordinator on Relief to Civilian Victims of the Nigerian Civil War (U/CF) N1-059-89-014_SF115 06/07/2021
Policy Planning Staff of the National Security Council. 1947-61; Carlton Savage Files, 1937-62 N1-059-91-012_SF115 06/07/2021
Gift Fund and Capital Program Fund Files N1-059-92-006_SF115 06/07/2021
Publications Prepared by the Bureau of Public Affiars, Office of Public Communications N1-059-92-011_SF115 06/07/2021
Mexican Affairs Subject Files, 1978-81 N1-059-91-025_SF115 06/07/2021
U.S.-USSR Joint Commission on Korea 1946-48; Afro-Asian Bandung Conference, 1955-56; Italian Colonies, 1947-49 N1-059-91-003_SF115 06/07/2021
Appraisals and Program Analysis, 1946-73 N1-059-90-026_SF115 06/07/2021
Office of the Secretary: Subject, Country, and Program Files Dating Through 1963 N1-059-92-024_SF115 06/07/2021
Investigation by Special Mission of Certain Pacific Islands In Connection With National Defense (primarily) and Commercial Air Bases and Routes, 1943-1944 N1-059-89-032_SF115 06/07/2021
Performance Evaluation Records, 1924-1965 N1-059-90-004_SF115 06/07/2021
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (NFSP, PRS,and UCS), 1945-68 N1-059-91-021_SF115 06/07/2021
General Records -Ambassador Graham A. Martin 1975-1977 N1-059-92-020_SF115 06/07/2021
Educational and Cultural Affairs (EUR and IVF), 1957-68 N1-059-91-015_SF115 06/07/2021
National Defense Executive Reserve Files, 1956-61, Personnel Records, 1945-61, Files of Ben H. Thibodeaux, 1949-57, Files of William T. Nunley, 1951-63 N1-059-90-016_SF115 06/07/2021
Historical Collection Relating to the Formulation of the European Recovery Program, 1947-1950 N1-059-89-033_SF115 06/07/2021
Special Assistant for East-West Exchanges General Records, 1955-61 N1-059-89-035_SF115 06/07/2021
Civil Rights Records NC1-406-80-04_SF115 06/07/2021
Records on Philippines Nuclear Power Plant, 1977-1980 N1-059-89-015_SF115 06/07/2021
Files of Loy W. Henderson & Elbridge Durbrow N1-059-91-024_SF115 06/07/2021
Personnel From Side (PERFS) N1-059-88-016_SF115 06/04/2021
Task Force on Latin America, 1961 N1-059-89-005_SF115 06/04/2021
Files on Korea-Gate Investigations, 1963-1979 N1-059-89-008_SF115 06/04/2021
Office of Supply and Transportation N1-059-88-027_SF115 06/04/2021
2001 Web Snapshot Initiative Records DAA-0064-2013-0001_SF115 06/04/2021
Miscellaneous Lot Files in the Records Service Center N1-059-88-025_SF115 06/04/2021
Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration and the Office of International Financial ans Development Affairs (OFD) Records N1-059-88-039_SF115 06/04/2021
Nonproliferation Matters (S/AS) Subject Files, 1977-80 N1-059-89-003_SF115 06/04/2021
OIG Special Reports and Inquiry Files N1-059-88-028_SF115 06/04/2021
Philippine Rehabilitation Program, 1946-1951 N1-059-88-040_SF115 06/04/2021
International Science Conferences 1949-58 N1-059-89-009_SF115 06/04/2021
International Boundary Water Commission U.S. and Mexico and General Subject Files N1-059-88-004_SF115 06/04/2021
Intelligence Files - Departmental 1942-1951 N1-059-88-031_SF115 06/04/2021
Verbatim Transcripts of the Language Services Division N1-059-88-020_SF115 06/04/2021
Bureau of Public Affairs, 1942-53 N1-059-88-002_SF115 06/04/2021
Mutual Security Program Subject Files and Transcripts of Hearings, 1952-59 N1-059-89-002_SF115 06/04/2021
Inspector General of Foreign Assistance, 1957-61 N1-059-89-012_SF115 06/04/2021
Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Country Files N1-059-89-001_SF115 06/04/2021
Office of Munitions Control N1-059-88-032_SF115 06/04/2021
Community Liaison Office (CLO) N1-059-88-013_SF115 06/04/2021
Bureau for Management: Moscow Microwave, Interagency Committee, Manpower Utilization Progress Files N1-059-88-021_SF115 06/04/2021
Background and History E.O. 10422 Files N1-059-88-014_SF115 06/04/2021
Position Control System (PCS) N1-059-88-011_SF115 06/04/2021
Office of International Conferences, United Nations 1943-60 N1-059-89-010_SF115 06/04/2021
Master File of Documents of the Organization of European Economic Cooperation, 1948-1959 N1-059-89-011_SF115 06/04/2021
Name Files for Drug Traffickers and Suspect Files, 1927-42, Narcotic Subject Files, 1903-41 N1-059-88-005_SF115 06/04/2021
Special Assistant for Mutual Security Coordination Program Books, 1959-60 N1-059-89-004_SF115 06/04/2021
Overseas Presence USg (OPUS I and OPUS II) N1-059-88-010_SF115 06/04/2021
Foreign Service National (FSN) Claims N1-059-88-030_SF115 06/04/2021
Automated Personnel Transaction System (APTS) N1-059-88-015_SF115 06/04/2021
Miscellaneous Office, Studies on Foreign Aid, Background Files on Legislation, 1945-1959 N1-059-88-034_SF115 06/04/2021
War Trade Intelligence & Civilian Internee Files, 1941-1946 N1-059-88-033_SF115 06/04/2021
Reports on Travel Regulations 1972-1975 for Eastern European Countries N1-059-88-018_SF115 06/04/2021
Foreign Relations of the United States: Copies of Dispatches, Memos, Memos of Conversation, Correspondence, Gallery Sheets and Checklists N1-059-88-006_SF115 06/04/2021
Foreign Service Employees Conduct, Suitability, and Discipline N1-059-86-008_SF115 06/03/2021
Lend-Lease and Surplus Property Files, 1941-1968 N1-059-87-008_SF115 06/03/2021
Chief Special Agency, 1927-53 N1-059-05-010_SF115 06/03/2021
Foreign Affairs Meetings Legal Adviser for Europe, 1959-60 N1-059-87-007_SF115 06/03/2021
Office of the Executive Director (ECA-IIP/EX) N1-059-05-013_SF115 06/03/2021
Motion Picture Service, 1946-52, and Office of International Information, 1944-50 N1-059-06-010_SF115 06/03/2021
Aircraft Incidents, 1944-62, TREVI, 1945-59, and Legislation on Un-American Activities, 1939-40 N1-059-88-001_SF115 06/03/2021
Assorted Temporary Lot Files N1-059-05-009_SF115 06/03/2021
Overseas Buildings Operation Iraq Project N1-059-07-008_SF115 06/03/2021
Foreign Service Grievance Board Records of Proceedings N1-059-86-001_SF115 06/03/2021
Conflict and Stabilization Operations - Front Office (G/CSO) N1-059-10-003_SF115 06/03/2021
Bureau of Public Affairs and Information Centers Service N1-059-05-014_SF115 06/03/2021
Bureau of International Information Programs, Office of Web Management N1-059-11-002_SF115 06/03/2021
United States National Commission for United Nations Films N1-059-86-004_SF115 06/03/2021
Records Relating to the Special Group (CI) N1-059-87-004_SF115 06/03/2021
Foreign Service Institute Orientation and Training Films & Speaker Card Catalogue Index N1-059-87-003_SF115 06/03/2021
Contracting Officer Appointment File (Warrant) DAA-0015-2021-0001_SF115 06/03/2021
Bureau of Administration, Office of Emergency Management (A/OEM)-Centralized Emergency Notification Systems (CENS) N1-059-10-013_SF115 06/03/2021
Special Hungarian Project Records, 1956-57 N1-059-87-013_SF115 06/03/2021
Commissary and Recreation Financial Statements N1-059-87-012_SF115 06/03/2021
Subject File of the Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs Viet Nam Working Group N1-059-87-006_SF115 06/03/2021
A/OASIS Study (A Statistical Method for the Objective Analysis for Reporting and Staff Efficiency) N1-059-87-016_SF115 06/03/2021
Comprehensive Files of the Office of Foreign Missions N1-059-87-009_SF115 06/03/2021
Real Estate Management System (REMS) N1-059-87-011_SF115 06/03/2021
Office of Civil Rights Notables Files N1-059-07-010_SF115 06/03/2021
Course Presentation File of the School of Professional Studies N1-059-87-001_SF115 06/03/2021
Nairobi Bombing Claims Forms N1-059-03-009_SF115 06/02/2021
September 11 Commission Documents N1-059-04-006_SF115 06/02/2021
Secretariat Control Registers and Logs, 1950-69 N1-059-03-008_SF115 06/02/2021
Airgram Log, 1971-83 N1-059-04-007_SF115 06/02/2021
Non-Employee Fellowship Records DAA-0443-2020-0001_SF115 06/02/2021
Visiting Fellow and Visiting Scientist Immigration and Work Authorization Records DAA-0443-2020-0002_SF115 06/02/2021
Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) files DAA-0122-2020-0002_SF115 06/02/2021
Sexual Risk Avoidance Youth Outreach Records DAA-0292-2020-0004_SF115 06/02/2021
Waiver Requests in support of Applications, Petitions, or Requests DAA-0566-2019-0027_SF115 06/02/2021
Notice of Appeal or Motion DAA-0566-2020-0013_SF115 06/02/2021
Iran-Contra Hearing Video Tapes N1-059-01-001_SF115 06/02/2021
Engagement and Public Affairs Records DAA-0064-2018-0008_SF115 06/02/2021
Leadership and Operations Management DAA-0064-2020-0001_SF115 06/02/2021
American Section of the Anglo-American Caribbean Commission/Caribbean Commission, 1940-48 N1-043-88-001_SF115 06/02/2021
Vesting, Divesting, and Bar Orders, 1942-63 N1-131-86-008_SF115 06/02/2021
Various 1967-1975 Disposable Lot Files N1-059-00-003_SF115 06/02/2021
World War I and II Miscellaneous Records, 1932-82 N1-131-87-001_SF115 06/02/2021
The Office of Foreign Missions Information System (TOMIS) N1-059-04-003_SF115 06/02/2021
Accounting and Financial Records, Liquidation Records, Closed Claim Case Files, Litigation Case Files for J. Robert Bonnar, Office Administration Records N1-131-88-003_SF115 06/02/2021
Seized Records of Alien Companies, 1920-45 N1-131-86-025_SF115 06/01/2021
Proposed Insolvent Estate Debt Claim Determinations, 1951-59 N1-131-86-007_SF115 06/01/2021
Seized Records of Japanese Banks and Trading Companies in the United States NC1-131-81-01_SF115 06/01/2021
Litigation Case File Index, 1942-87, and Valueless Seized Securities, 1942-90 N1-131-93-001_SF115 06/01/2021
Congressional Investigations, 1952-53, and Financial Reports and Budget Statements, 1944-65 N1-131-86-017_SF115 06/01/2021
San Francisco Field Office Case Files, Accounting Records, 1942-58 N1-131-86-026_SF115 06/01/2021
Copyright License Agreements, Cases, and Correspondence, 1942-67 N1-131-86-013_SF115 06/01/2021
Jewish Restitution Successor Organization Claims 1955-1959 N1-131-88-002_SF115 06/01/2021
Foreign Funds Control License, 1940-54; San Juan Power of Attorney Affidavits and Indices, 1942-45 N1-131-86-004_SF115 06/01/2021
Looted Securities Claim Case Files 1943-1959 N1-131-87-003_SF115 06/01/2021
Philippine Vested Property Claims Committee Findings, 1948-51, and Miscellaneous Philippine Claims Files, 1951-59 N1-131-86-022_SF115 06/01/2021
Personnel Records, Reference Files, Records Relating to Tax Liabilities, and Field Office Mailing Lists, 1942-58 N1-131-86-002_SF115 06/01/2021
Estate and Trust Records, 1917-64 N1-131-86-020_SF115 06/01/2021
Patent Records, 1942-61 N1-131-86-019_SF115 06/01/2021
World War I Related Records, 1918-57 N1-131-86-028_SF115 06/01/2021
Looted Securities Claim Ledgers, 1948-58, and A (Patent) Claim Ledgers, 1947-57 N1-131-86-015_SF115 06/01/2021
Claim Ledgers, 1946-59 N1-131-86-006_SF115 06/01/2021
Interhandel Case Records, 1902-64 N1-131-86-024_SF115 06/01/2021
Cancelled Checks, 1923-56 N1-131-86-010_SF115 06/01/2021
Reference Files, Chronological Files, Forms, Non-Record Copies of Two German Diaries, 1937-48 N1-131-86-001_SF115 06/01/2021
Motion Picture License Case Files, 1942-68, List of Vested Motion Pictures, 1952-53, and Motion Picture Subject and Policy Files, 1942-59 N1-131-86-018_SF115 06/01/2021
Litigation Records, 1941-65 N1-131-86-027_SF115 06/01/2021
Alien Account Case Files, 1942-66, and Voluntary Safekeeping Account Files, 1943-57 N1-131-86-009_SF115 06/01/2021
Jewish Restitution Successor Organization Claim Ledgers, 1955-59 N1-131-86-014_SF115 06/01/2021
Philippine Alien Property Administration Records, 1945-64 N1-131-86-023_SF115 06/01/2021
Audit Reports, 1940-66 N1-131-86-005_SF115 06/01/2021
Copyright Licenses Sales Case Files, 1943-66 N1-131-86-012_SF115 06/01/2021
Miscellaneous Records, 1936-1966 N1-131-86-030_SF115 06/01/2021
Trademark Files, 1942-63 N1-131-86-021_SF115 06/01/2021
Intercustodial Bank Files, General Correspondence 1960-1964, Vested Asset Report Case Files N1-131-87-002_SF115 06/01/2021
Accounting and Financial Records, Accounting Ledgers, Indices to Office of Alien Property (OAP) Claim Case Files from World War I N1-131-88-001_SF115 06/01/2021
Financial Reports, 1940-51 N1-131-86-003_SF115 06/01/2021
Supervisory, General, and Dissolution Orders, 1942-71 N1-131-86-029_SF115 06/01/2021
Foreign Funds Control Subject Files. 1940-47. Enforcement Division Investigative Case Files, 1940-47, and Field Office Investigative Case Files. 1940-47 N1-131-86-016_SF115 06/01/2021
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) DAA-0408-2013-0007_SF115 05/27/2021
Vital Statistics Registration Books, 1907-1950 N1-185-01-001_SF115 05/19/2021
Premerger Notification (PMN) and Report Files N1-122-92-001_SF115 05/19/2021
Disbursement Vouchers and Employee Record Sheets, 1890-1918 N1-185-06-002_SF115 05/19/2021
Library Information Records and Director's Records N1-444-95-001_SF115 05/19/2021
Director's Special and Proposed Priority Project Records N1-444-95-002_SF115 05/19/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-444-94-001_SF115 05/19/2021
Cartographic Records, 1930-2004 N1-185-04-001_SF115 05/19/2021
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program Records N1-167-92-002_SF115 05/18/2021
National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program Records N1-167-09-004_SF115 05/18/2021
Classified Document Receipts NC-174-000141_SF115 05/18/2021
Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program Competition Proposals N1-167-97-001_SF115 05/18/2021
National Bureau of Standards Test, Research and Development Records NC1-167-83-01_SF115 05/18/2021
Papers of Dr. Deane Brewster Judd - 1930-1972 NC-167-75-001_SF115 05/18/2021
Audiovisual Records N1-167-90-002_SF115 05/18/2021
National Inventors Council Records, 1940 - 1953 N1-167-99-001_SF115 05/18/2021
National Bureau of Standards Library Records, 1955-1971 N1-167-98-002_SF115 05/18/2021
National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program Records N1-167-98-001_SF115 05/18/2021
Motion Picture Film and Public Service Announcements (SPOTS) N1-167-87-001_SF115 05/18/2021
Technology Innovation Program Records N1-167-09-003_SF115 05/18/2021
Unidentified Magnetic Tapes, 1960 N1-167-99-002_SF115 05/18/2021
NIST Construction Grant Program (NCGP) Records Schedules N1-167-11-002_SF115 05/18/2021
MMS - High Resolution (Shallow) Geophysical Records NC1-057-85-01_SF115 05/17/2021
MMS - Comprehensive Schedule Revision NC1-057-83-02_SF115 05/17/2021
MMS - Comprehensive Schedule NC1-057-84-07_SF115 05/17/2021
Miscellaneous Records, 1891-1976 N1-134-93-001_SF115 05/17/2021
Railroad Finance Ballots, 1939-47 NC1-134-80-02_SF115 05/06/2021
Carrier Annual Reports NC1-134-85-01_SF115 05/06/2021
Interstate Commerce Commission General Records Schedule NC1-134-83-03_SF115 05/06/2021
Motor Carrier Protests NC1-134-80-01_SF115 05/06/2021
General Counsel Records NC1-134-84-01_SF115 05/06/2021
Miscellaneous Records for Immediate Disposal, 1887-1970 NN-174-000084_SF115 05/06/2021
Economic Analyses Research Records / Publications NC1-134-77-05_SF115 05/06/2021
New York Quarantine Station Administrative Management Records, 1917-62 and 1966-70 N1-090-87-003_SF115 05/05/2021
Budget Estimates of Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), 1940-95 N1-134-11-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Operating Rights Dockets Case Files N1-134-99-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Rail, Motor, and Water Contracts and Agreements, 1888-1954 NC-134-75-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Tariff Files and United States Postal Service Contracts N1-134-93-003_SF115 05/05/2021
Official Tariff Files NC-174-000149_SF115 05/05/2021
Public Dockets N1-134-83-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Fee Waiver Files N1-134-11-002_SF115 05/05/2021
Depreciation Files N1-134-87-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Bureau of Valuation Permanent Records N1-134-90-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Bureau of Valuation Temporary Records N1-134-90-002_SF115 05/05/2021
Motor and Water Carrier Temporary Authority and Emergency Temporary Authority Docket Files N1-134-95-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Rate Bureau Agreements N1-134-96-003_SF115 05/05/2021
Office of the General Counsel NC1-134-77-01_SF115 05/05/2021
Valuation Maps Updates N1-134-99-004_SF115 05/05/2021
Railroad Density Files DAA-0399-2013-0001_SF115 05/04/2021
Administrative Records DAA-0180-2018-0005_SF115 05/04/2021
Internal Committees, Management Studies, & Mission Policies DAA-0180-2012-0002_SF115 05/04/2021
The Office of Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD) DAA-0015-2017-0003_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Records Common to Most Offices N9-025-01-001_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Planning and Management Records N9-025-01-002_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Administrative Support Records N9-025-01-003_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Systems Planning and Development Records N9-047-00-025_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Personnel Management Records N9-025-01-004_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Information and Public Relations Records N9-025-01-005_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Financial Management Records N9-025-01-006_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Contracting and Procurement Records N9-025-01-007_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Program Records N9-025-01-008_SF115 05/04/2021
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of Managing Director Records N9-173-00-006_SF115 05/03/2021
Political Appointee Work Folders of Trump Administration DAA-0580-2021-0001_SF115 05/03/2021
Trump Administration Political Appointee Work Folders DAA-0364-2021-0001_SF115 05/03/2021
ASPR Technical Resources, Assistance Center, and Information Exchange System (ASPR TRACIE) DAA-0468-2019-0003_SF115 05/03/2021
EEO Audits DAA-0173-2020-0003_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Administrative Management Records N9-478-02-001_SF115 05/03/2021
Certificates of Confidentiality DAA-0511-2021-0001_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Administrative Services Records N9-478-02-002_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Budget and Finance Records N9-478-02-004_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Employee Appeals Case Files N9-478-02-003_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Organization and Administrative Records N9-255-00-001_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Legal and Technical Records N9-255-00-002_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Human Resources Records N9-255-00-003_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Property and Supply, Industrial Relations and Procurement, Transportation, and Program Formulation Records N9-255-00-004_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Program Management, and Financial Management and Inspector General Audits Records N9-255-00-005_SF115 05/03/2021