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Title Number Date
Statistics; Subject Files; State Agency files; Foreign Trainee Files, 1941-53 NC1-300-83-01_SF115 04/19/2019
Office of Quality Control Federal-State Unemployment Insurance System N1-369-86-001_SF115 04/19/2019
Records of the Manpower Administration Program, 1963-1973 N1-369-90-001_SF115 04/19/2019
Records of the Congressionally Authorized Commission of the National Reconnaissance Office, 2000 series N1-220-01-002_SF115 04/19/2019
Federal Register Notice Files N1-399-07-014_SF115 04/19/2019
Agency-Wide Directives Files N1-399-07-015_SF115 04/19/2019
Public Affairs File N1-399-07-020_SF115 04/19/2019
Organizational Plans N1-399-07-024_SF115 04/19/2019
Maritime Project History Files DAA-0537-2018-0001_SF115 04/18/2019
U.S. Attorneys Historic Video Depositions - 1978 DAA-0118-2011-0002_SF115 04/18/2019
Comptroller of the Currency, Bank Liquidation Process Records, 1887-1967 N1-101-87-004_SF115 04/18/2019
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs N9-271-00-001_SF115 04/15/2019
Federal Employees' Compensation Case Files Reporting Lost Time and/or Death and OWCP Automated System for Imaging Services (OASIS) N1-271-00-001_SF115 04/15/2019
Area, District, and Field Stations NC1-100-82-01_SF115 04/15/2019
Office of Internal Audit N1-085-99-006_SF115 04/15/2019
Central Office Subject file 1957-74; 23/series 1929-44; Citizen Education addresses 1937-61; Hungarian refugees, 1956-57 N1-085-99-002_SF115 04/15/2019
Pre-Publication Review File DAA-0457-2017-0003_SF115 04/15/2019
Office for Justice for Victims of Overseas Terrorism (OVT) DAA-0060-2017-0012_SF115 04/15/2019
Women's Bureau Information Management System (WBIS) N1-086-10-001_SF115 04/15/2019
FBI Academy Training Division/Films/Videotapes 1960-86 N1-065-91-004_SF115 04/15/2019
U.S. Attorney District of South Carolina Project Seahawk N1-118-09-001_SF115 04/15/2019
Miscellaneous records 1944-73; Public dockets; Committee records; Inspection Case Files N1-100-90-001_SF115 04/12/2019
Performance Evaluation General Subject Files and Selection Board Promotion Panel Records N1-059-93-015_SF115 04/12/2019
Office of Protocal (S/CPR) N1-059-93-034_SF115 04/12/2019
Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of Opinion Analysis and Plans (PA/OAP) N1-059-96-021_SF115 04/12/2019
Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of the Historian (PA/HO) N1-059-94-015_SF115 04/12/2019
Agreement Country Files N1-059-95-007_SF115 04/12/2019
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, Office of Press and Public Affairs (ARA/P) N1-059-94-005_SF115 04/12/2019
War Crimes Files N1-059-96-027_SF115 04/12/2019
Information Management Training Program N1-059-96-002_SF115 04/12/2019
Bureau of African Affairs, Regional Desks N1-059-93-023_SF115 04/12/2019
Special Assistant for Atomic Energy Affairs (S/AE), Special Assistant to the Deputy Under Secretary for Political Affairs (M), and the Assistant Secretary for Congressional Relations (H), 1960-1963 N1-059-92-029_SF115 04/12/2019
Historical Visa Case Files N1-059-96-010_SF115 04/12/2019
FSH 6209-11, Chapter 40, 5000, 6000, 7000, including Native American Claims N1-095-10-008_SF115 04/08/2019
Office of the Comptroller NC1-059-81-04_SF115 04/08/2019
Grants N1-292-96-001_SF115 04/08/2019
Office of Training and Performance Support N1-059-07-001_SF115 04/08/2019
Civilian Employees Overseas Allowances NC1-059-80-02_SF115 04/08/2019
Peace Corps Partnership Program Project and Donor Tracking System N1-490-95-001_SF115 04/08/2019
FSH 6209.11, Chapter 40, 5000, 6000, 7000 N1-095-10-009_SF115 04/08/2019
Program and Training Systems Database (PATS) N1-490-95-003_SF115 04/08/2019
FSH 6209.11, Chapter 40 N1-095-10-010_SF115 04/08/2019
Grievance Staff, Bureau of Human Resources N1-059-00-015_SF115 04/05/2019
Policy Planning Staff (S/P) Files, 1963-1981 N1-059-91-032_SF115 04/05/2019
Education Files DAA-0330-2013-0012_SF115 04/05/2019
HR Records and Information Management Division (HR/EX/RIM) Historical Documentation DAA-0059-2016-0001_SF115 04/05/2019
Paper Records of the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, Associate Attorney General, and their program staffs from the administrations of Janet Reno (1993-2011), John Ashcroft (2001-2005), Alberto Gonzales (2005-2007), and Michael Mukasey (2007-2009) DAA-0060-2017-0003_SF115 04/05/2019
Water Resource Management DAA-0095-2018-0055_SF115 04/05/2019
Office of Personnel Policy Coordination, Bureau of Human Resources N1-059-00-012_SF115 04/05/2019
Office of the Executive Director, Bureau of Human Resources N1-059-00-008_SF115 04/05/2019
Office of Resource Management and Organization Analysis, Bureau of Human Resources N1-059-00-017_SF115 04/05/2019
Director General of Personnel, Bureau of Human Resources and Board of the Foreign Service N1-059-00-001_SF115 04/05/2019
Secretary of State N1-059-91-033_SF115 04/05/2019
Leace Application Files NC1-GRS-78-04_SF115 04/02/2019
Records Relating to Budget Allocations, 1941-1942 N1-059-90-012_SF115 04/02/2019
Enclosures and Other Additions to HQ Cases; Reference Material Incorporated into Central File NC1-065-76-04_SF115 04/02/2019
Documents Restricted by Statute N1-065-86-023_SF115 04/02/2019
Civil Liberties, Privacy and Transparency Office Files DAA-0457-2017-0005_SF115 04/02/2019
Assessment Files N1-103-90-001_SF115 04/02/2019
Office of Intelligence Support Reports and Briefs N1-059-91-010_SF115 04/02/2019
Liquidation Files of Closed Financial Institutions N1-103-90-002_SF115 04/02/2019
Internal Control Files and Workpapers N1-103-91-001_SF115 04/02/2019
Indemnity Account Records N1-103-92-001_SF115 04/02/2019
Examination Reference Files N1-103-92-003_SF115 04/02/2019
Accounting Ledgers and Appropriation Allotment NC1-GRS-83-05_SF115 04/02/2019
Aministrative Management Records NC1-GRS-81-07_SF115 04/02/2019
Administrative Mangement Records, Item 11 - Records Management Files NC1-GRS-80-06_SF115 04/02/2019
Sunshine Act Meetings NC1-GRS-83-03_SF115 04/02/2019
Inspector General Records NC1-GRS-85-01_SF115 04/02/2019
Records Disposition Division NC1-GRS-81-05_SF115 04/02/2019
Civilian Personnel Records NC1-GRS-81-10_SF115 04/02/2019
Retirement Files - Deduction Files NC1-GRS-80-02_SF115 04/02/2019
Emergency Planning Records NC1-GRS-81-01_SF115 04/02/2019
Security and Protective Service Records; Personnel Security Clearance Case Files NC1-GRS-78-03_SF115 04/02/2019
Nondisclosure Agreements NC1-GRS-83-07_SF115 04/02/2019
Administrative Management Records NC1-GRS-80-04_SF115 04/02/2019
Temporary Records Relating to Promotions NC1-GRS-79-02_SF115 04/02/2019
Accountable Officers Accounts Records NC1-GRS-81-12_SF115 04/02/2019
Audiovisual Records NC1-GRS-81-09_SF115 04/02/2019
Employee Performance File System Records Substitution for Performance Rating Records NC1-GRS-82-02_SF115 04/02/2019
Contractor's Statement of Contingent or Other Fees as Addition to General Records Schedule 3 NC1-GRS-83-01_SF115 04/02/2019
Payrolling and Pay Administration Records NC1-GRS-81-03_SF115 04/02/2019
Procurement, Supply and Grant Records - Item 19 - Contract Appeals Case Files NC1-GRS-80-05_SF115 04/02/2019
Civilian Personnel Records and Budget Preparation, Presentation, and Apportionment Records NC1-GRS-81-13_SF115 04/02/2019
Financial Disclosure Reports NC1-GRS-84-01_SF115 04/02/2019
Records Dispostion Division - Office and Administrative Files NC1-GRS-80-08_SF115 04/02/2019
Adminsitrative Management Records NC1-GRS-81-04_SF115 04/02/2019
Reports of On-Site Reviews of Affirmative Action Programs as Addition to General Records Schedule 1 NC1-GRS-83-02_SF115 04/02/2019
Security and Protective Services Records NC1-GRS-80-01_SF115 04/02/2019
Equal Employment Opportunity Records NC1-GRS-80-09_SF115 04/02/2019
Service Records Cards NC1-GRS-78-02_SF115 04/02/2019
Schedules of Daily Activities NC1-GRS-79-01_SF115 04/02/2019
Records Relating to the Participation in the National Security Council N1-059-91-012_SF115 04/02/2019
Security and Protective Service Records - Security Violations Records NC1-GRS-81-08_SF115 04/02/2019
Calendars and Schedules of Daily Activities NC1-GRS-83-06_SF115 04/02/2019
Administrative Management Records, Item 8 - Reports Control Files NC1-GRS-80-07_SF115 04/02/2019
General Record Schedule 20 Machine Readable Records NC1-GRS-81-06_SF115 04/02/2019
Examination and Certification of Applicants NC1-GRS-85-02_SF115 04/02/2019
Affirmative Action Reports, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) NC1-GRS-83-04_SF115 04/02/2019
General Records Schedule Number 24: Temporary Commissions, Committees, and Boards Records NC1-GRS-82-01_SF115 04/02/2019
Position Classification Standards Files NC1-GRS-81-11_SF115 04/02/2019
Conflict of Interest Case Files NC1-GRS-80-03_SF115 04/02/2019
Procurement Supply and Grant Records NC1-GRS-81-02_SF115 04/02/2019
Cooperative Forestry Assistance Reviews DAA-0095-2018-0074_SF115 04/01/2019
Office of the General Counsel Records at the Washington National Records Center (WNRC) NN-173-000189_SF115 04/01/2019
Machine-Readable Files of Antitrust Division, Antitrust Caseload Evaluation System (ACES) NC1-060-84-06_SF115 04/01/2019
Sanitation and Custodial Service Records (Table 91-5) NC1-AFU-83-072_SF115 03/28/2019
Contract Management Records N1-399-07-016_SF115 03/28/2019
Federal Railroad Administration Grants and Other Program Support Agreements N1-399-07-012_SF115 03/28/2019
Wildfire Response DAA-0095-2018-0021_SF115 03/28/2019
Office of Inspector General Audits DAA-0095-2018-0073_SF115 03/28/2019
Cooperative Forestry Assistance Reviews DAA-0095-2018-0074_SF115 03/28/2019
Visible lntermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) DAA-0560-2018-0001_SF115 03/28/2019
Industrial Engineering (Table 85-3) NC1-AFU-83-073_SF115 03/28/2019
Public Web Records DAA-0266-2013-0002_SF115 03/28/2019
Environmental Records N1-399-07-018_SF115 03/28/2019
Records of the Federal Railroad Administration, Non-Selected Applicant Reports DAA-0399-2012-0001_SF115 03/28/2019
Patient Register Cards and Name Index, 1906-1955 NC1-112-81-01_SF115 03/27/2019
SPARTACUS System DAA-0416-2015-0001_SF115 03/26/2019
Oscar Cox Papers (General Records), 1938-1941 N2-169-18-001_SF115 03/22/2019
Judgements in Cases of Impeachment N1-059-90-007_SF115 03/19/2019
Official Personnel Folders of Foreign National Employees N1-059-92-012_SF115 03/19/2019
South and Central Asian Affairs N1-059-08-009_SF115 03/19/2019
Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Research Chronological File N1-059-91-035_SF115 03/19/2019
Records Relating to United Nations and Regional Affairs, 1945-1962 N1-059-90-009_SF115 03/19/2019
Office of the Coordinator (IIP) N1-059-09-013_SF115 03/19/2019
Non-Sponsored Foreign Student Budget Files, 1963-1968 N1-059-91-021_SF115 03/19/2019
Labor Distribution Worksheet and Recap Sheet, and Official Joint Seal NC1-104-81-01_SF115 03/18/2019
Real Estate Management Files, AR 340-18, File Number 1504-08 NC1-AU-85-059_SF115 03/18/2019
Wildland Fire Management DAA-0095-2018-0017_SF115 03/18/2019
Wildfire Prevention DAA-0095-2018-0018_SF115 03/18/2019
Cooperators and Consultants Personnel Records DAA-0166-2018-0029_SF115 03/18/2019
Office of the Solicitor, General Chronological Reading File, 1936-1955 NC-174-75-002_SF115 03/18/2019
Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCC) NC1-174-76-04_SF115 03/18/2019
Office of the Secretary of Labor, Executive Secretariat, News Releases and Miscellaneous Subject Files, 1991 - 1993 N1-174-93-003_SF115 03/18/2019
Audit and Investigative Files NC1-174-76-03_SF115 03/18/2019
Language Training Textbooks N1-059-90-030_SF115 03/15/2019
Native American Educational Grant Files N1-381-93-002_SF115 03/12/2019
Case Files Expunged 134-7488; 100-344537-110 NC1-065-85-13_SF115 03/11/2019
Sealed File Containing 1969 Surveillance NC1-065-76-02_SF115 03/11/2019
Case File Expunged 70-46010 NC1-065-78-01_SF115 03/11/2019
Transmittal Documents from Field Office to Headquarters NC1-065-78-49_SF115 03/11/2019
Case File Expunged 137-11045 NC1-065-78-32_SF115 03/11/2019
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule: 1986 Update N1-065-87-011_SF115 03/11/2019
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Subject Files DAA-0364-2019-0001_SF115 03/06/2019
Training File of TVA Transmission Line Crews N1-142-92-019_SF115 03/04/2019
Compensation Case Records and Live Well Center Orientation Files N1-142-92-020_SF115 03/04/2019
Muscle Shoals Water Plant Operating Records N1-142-92-022_SF115 03/04/2019
Part A & Part B Medicate Claims Records Already Covered by BHI-G-40-2/2A & BHI-G-40-2/2B NC1-440-82-02_SF115 03/04/2019
Medicare Beneficiary Correspondence NC1-440-85-02_SF115 03/04/2019
Subject Files, 1940-1963 N1-059-90-003_SF115 02/27/2019
Consular Conference Files, 1967-1972 N1-059-90-006_SF115 02/27/2019
Public Debt Accounting and Reporting System (PARS) N1-053-99-002_SF115 02/27/2019
Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Country Files N1-059-89-001_SF115 02/27/2019
Performance Evaluation Records, 1924-1965 N1-059-90-004_SF115 02/27/2019
Occupational Safety Health and Environment DAA-0560-2017-0021_SF115 02/25/2019
Veterans Affairs Integrated Enterprise Workflow Solution (VIEWS) DAA-0015-2018-0002_SF115 02/25/2019
Technical Reports and Computerized Reports for Technical Reports and Computerized Index for Water Quality and Aquatic Biology Departments N1-142-92-015_SF115 02/22/2019
United States Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism Fund (USVSST Fund) DAA-0060-2018-0001_SF115 02/22/2019
Miscellaneous Records at the WNRC NC1-092-79-01_SF115 02/20/2019
Geographical Series of the Central Decimal Files of the Office of the Quartermaster General, 1955-61 NC1-092-79-02_SF115 02/20/2019
Miscellaneous Records at the WNRC NC1-092-79-03_SF115 02/20/2019
Reservoir Operations Scheduling Graphs and Procedures N1-142-92-010_SF115 02/20/2019
Maps and Surveys Correspondence Files (1933-88) N1-142-92-012_SF115 02/20/2019
Flood Protection N1-142-92-013_SF115 02/20/2019
Technical Suggestions N1-142-92-014_SF115 02/20/2019
Project Files of DC and QL Chemical Facility Design / Build Contract, U.S. Army Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas N1-142-92-016_SF115 02/20/2019
Engineering Drawings and Audio Tapes for the Ammonia from Coal Project N1-142-92-017_SF115 02/20/2019
Phosphate Development Works Records N1-142-92-018_SF115 02/20/2019
Advance Pricing Agreement and Mutual Agreement Program Case Files DAA-0058-2018-0009_SF115 02/15/2019
Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) Records at Base Level N1-AFU-90-016_SF115 02/13/2019
Office of the Assistant Commissioner (Collection) RCS 204 Comprehensive Schedule Revisions N1-058-90-003_SF115 02/08/2019
National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) DAA-0512-2014-0006_SF115 02/06/2019
Coporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Management Suite DAA-0416-2015-0009_SF115 02/06/2019
Clinical Care Administrative Support Records DAA-0443-2018-0002_SF115 02/06/2019
The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) DAA-0512-2017-0002_SF115 02/06/2019
Medical Staff Credentialing and Privileging Records DAA-0513-2018-0002_SF115 02/06/2019
Department of Justice Special Collections DAA-0060-2017-0034_SF115 02/06/2019
Voluntary Lateral Reassignment Program DAA-0560-2018-0015_SF115 02/06/2019
Hourly Water and Uncollectible Loan Records N1-142-92-009_SF115 02/04/2019
Plant Depreciation Records N1-142-92-008_SF115 02/04/2019
Power Accounting / General Accounting Correspondence File N1-142-92-007_SF115 02/04/2019
Medical Case Records Revisions N1-142-92-006_SF115 02/04/2019
Plant Journal Vouchers Revisions N1-142-92-005_SF115 02/04/2019
Central Files of the Office of the General Counsel Computerized Index N1-142-92-004_SF115 02/04/2019
Finance and Administration N1-142-92-003_SF115 02/04/2019
Quality Resources Project Files N1-142-91-017_SF115 02/04/2019
Retirement Membership Files and Integreated Retirement Information System (IRIS) N1-142-91-016_SF115 02/04/2019
Fixed Assets Accounting Group N1-142-91-014_SF115 02/04/2019
Employee Information System (EIS) Revisions N1-142-91-013_SF115 02/04/2019
Inspector General's Official Correspondence Files and Hotline Calls Database N1-142-91-011_SF115 02/04/2019
Atmospheric Science Records N1-142-91-010_SF115 02/04/2019
Public Safety Service Uniform Incident / Offense Report N1-142-91-009_SF115 02/04/2019
Bellafonte Nuclear Plant Repowering Task Force Study N1-142-91-007_SF115 02/04/2019
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-142-91-005_SF115 02/04/2019
Power Business Operations Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-142-91-004_SF115 02/04/2019
Labor Relations Records Revisions N1-142-91-003_SF115 02/04/2019
Environmental Compliance Program DAA-0095-2018-0075_SF115 02/04/2019
Radiation Safety DAA-0095-2018-0053_SF115 02/04/2019
Silvicultural Practices DAA-0095-2018-0052_SF115 02/04/2019
Safety and Occupational Health DAA-0095-2018-0050_SF115 02/04/2019
Accounting - Timber Sale and Associate Road Development Cost Analysis DAA-0095-2018-0046_SF115 02/04/2019
Documentation Concerning Prisoners of War / Missing in Action (POW/MIA) Casualties DAA-0059-2017-0003_SF115 02/04/2019
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs DAA-0059-2015-0010_SF115 02/04/2019
Aircraft Operations and Maintenance Records N1-GRS-04-006_SF115 02/04/2019
Construction Security Program File N1-084-93-010_SF115 01/29/2019
Record Books N1-084-96-001_SF115 01/29/2019
Historical Files, 1966-1974 N1-084-99-002_SF115 01/29/2019
Visa Program Files N1-084-97-006_SF115 01/29/2019
Treaty Claims Section N1-084-90-002_SF115 01/29/2019
U.S. Mission to the Organization of American States (ARA/USOAS) located in the Washington National Records Center (WNRC) N1-084-94-006_SF115 01/29/2019