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Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs Records NC1-056-79-09_SF115 06/08/2023
Individual Income Tax Model Control Stream and Data Sample NC1-056-78-10_SF115 06/08/2023
U.S. Savings Bond Promotion Films, 1952-75 NC1-056-83-02_SF115 06/08/2023
Program Files N1-013-88-001_SF115 06/08/2023
Video Tapes and Motion Picture or Cinescope Films NC-306-76-002_SF115 06/08/2023
Transitory Photographic Files - Alaska Region - Photographs of Local Interest Only (1942-1972) NC1-237-83-02_SF115 06/08/2023
Civil Aeromedical Institute - Aeromedical Certification Records N1-237-86-006_SF115 06/08/2023
Emergency Loan Guarantee Board (ELGB) Records NC1-056-79-06_SF115 06/08/2023
District of Rhode Island Naturalization Certificates of Loyalty (Form N-438), 1940-48 NC1-021-83-02_SF115 06/07/2023
United States-Saudi Arabian Joint Commission Records N1-056-95-002_SF115 06/07/2023
Gold License Case Files, 1933-75 NC-056-76-001_SF115 06/07/2023
District of Massachusetts Clerk Records, 1835-1945 NC1-021-80-01_SF115 06/07/2023
Synthetic Fuels Corporation/Budget Files N1-056-92-001_SF115 06/07/2023
Records Relating to Participation in the National Security Council, 1969-77 N1-056-90-002_SF115 06/07/2023
Office of the Field Director, War Finance Division Records, 1941-47 N1-056-89-002_SF115 06/07/2023
District of Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court Records, 1898-1954 NC1-021-80-03_SF115 06/07/2023
U.S. District Court, Boston, MA, Commissioners Papers, 1892-1949 NC1-021-80-02_SF115 06/07/2023
Forth Division District of Minnesota, Witnesses for Naturalization Applicants, 1929-56 NC1-021-81-01_SF115 06/07/2023
District of Alaska Chattel Mortgages, 1915-51, and Conditional Sale Contracts, 1917-54 N1-021-89-002_SF115 06/07/2023
District of Massachusetts Commissioners Records, 1892-1951 NC1-021-80-04_SF115 06/07/2023
Air Coordinating Committee, Airspace Subcommittee, and Correspondence Records, 1942-60 NC1-237-81-01_SF115 06/07/2023
Miscellaneous Records of the U.S. Savings Bonds Division, 1941-73 N1-056-89-003_SF115 06/07/2023
Commission on Long Term Care N1-220-14-001_SF115 06/07/2023
Scrapbooks of the Second Liberty Loan Campaign, 1917 N1-056-89-001_SF115 06/07/2023
Office of Administration Records, 1936-73 N1-056-89-005_SF115 06/07/2023
Compromise Case Files, 1935-1960 N1-056-90-008_SF115 06/07/2023
Energy Petroleum Supply Committee Files, 1973- 1975 N1-056-91-003_SF115 06/07/2023
Reportable Event Cases Closed as Non-Trusted Plans and Annual Premium Filing Form NC1-174-79-01_SF115 06/07/2023
Muster Cards, 1941 - 1946 NC1-024-79-02_SF115 06/05/2023
Miscellaneous Reference Records Documenting World War II and Korean Conflict Demobilization NC1-024-77-01_SF115 06/05/2023
Navy Automated Civilian Management Information System (NACMIS) N1-024-89-001_SF115 06/05/2023
Enlisted Personnel - Pre-Enlistment and Enlistment Papers NC1-024-80-01_SF115 06/05/2023
Navy Hour Radio Program Records 1945- 1968 N1-024-92-001_SF115 06/05/2023
Grant and Contract Records N1-307-88-002_SF115 05/10/2023
Information Security N1-457-89-004_SF115 05/08/2023
Office of Foreign Assets Control N1-056-02-004_SF115 05/03/2023
Civil Division / Comments Relating to the N1-060-02-007_SF115 05/02/2023
Student Evaluation and Administrative Records DAA-0263-2022-0004_SF115 04/25/2023
Student Evaluation and Administrative Records DAA-0263-2022-0004_SF115 04/25/2023
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), Office of Audit, TeamMate Audit Management System DAA-0056-2012-0001_SF115 04/24/2023
Smallpox Eradication Program Records N1-442-99-001_SF115 04/19/2023
Headquarters Classification 95 NC1-065-80-02_SF115 04/06/2023
Audio and Video Tapes of Speeches of William Webster, 1980-86 N1-065-89-004_SF115 04/06/2023
Original Cartoons Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of J. Edgar Hoover as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) N1-065-88-005_SF115 04/06/2023
Field Office Cases NC1-065-79-10_SF115 04/06/2023
Press Clippings Maintained in the Director's Office, 1920-72; Hoover Congratulatory Letters and Replies, 1924-72; Photographs Accumulated by J. Edgar Hoover, 1930-72 NC1-065-82-25_SF115 04/06/2023
Enclosures and Other Additions to HQ Cases; Reference Material Incorporated into Central File NC1-065-76-04_SF115 04/06/2023
Log Tapes of National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and NCIC Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Transactions NC1-065-78-35_SF115 04/06/2023
Disposal of Closed Field Records NC1-065-76-03_SF115 04/06/2023
Field Office Criminal Classifications NC1-065-77-11_SF115 04/06/2023
Administrative and Non-investigative Field Office Records NC-065-75-001_SF115 04/06/2023
FBI Academy Training Division Films and Videotapes, 1960-86 N1-065-91-004_SF115 04/06/2023
Office of Public Affairs Still Photography, 1930-85 N1-065-91-005_SF115 04/06/2023
Witness Protection Program Headquarters (File 62-113932) and Field Office NC1-065-79-22_SF115 04/06/2023
Case File Expunged 100-444154 NC1-065-77-05_SF115 04/06/2023
Administrative Memoranda in Headquarters Divisional and Field Office Inspection Files NC1-065-76-06_SF115 04/06/2023
Field Office Records of Cases not Prosecuted or Otherwise not Followed Up NC-065-75-002_SF115 04/06/2023
Fingerprint Cards NC-065-75-003_SF115 04/06/2023
Inactive Criminal Fingerprint Cards NC1-065-76-01_SF115 04/06/2023
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Non-Trusted Plans NC1-174-78-01_SF115 03/30/2023
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - New Lands N1-220-02-006_SF115 03/29/2023
Records of the Office of the Commissioner NC1-053-80-01_SF115 03/22/2023