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Flight Service for the 21st Century DAA-0237-2020-0027_SF115 10/19/2021
Flight Activity and Crew Tracking System (FACTS) DAA-0237-2020-0029_SF115 10/19/2021
Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Voluntary Safety Reporting Programs DAA-0237-2021-0019_SF115 10/19/2021
Compliance Actions Against Individuals and Entities DAA-0237-2021-0010_SF115 10/19/2021
Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board Records NC1-439-77-02_SF115 10/18/2021
Export Control Program Records N1-255-04-002_SF115 10/18/2021
Records of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence DAA-0220-2021-0003_SF115 10/18/2021
AHRQ Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and SystemsTM (CAHPS) and Surveys on Patient Safety Culture TM (SOPS) DAA-0510-2019-0002_SF115 10/18/2021
Peer Review Records DAA-0443-2021-0001_SF115 10/18/2021
Records within the Office of Refugee Resettlement DAA-0292-2016-0012_SF115 10/18/2021
Pinellas Plant Internal Publications, 1961-97 N1-434-97-001_SF115 10/18/2021
Y2K Task Force - Y2K Related Records, 1996-2000 N1-442-00-002_SF115 10/18/2021
Data General (DG) Computer System Records Schedule (Except WordPerfect Applications) N1-364-97-002_SF115 10/18/2021
Information Technology (IT) Project Management Files N1-064-05-002_SF115 10/15/2021
Pretrial Real-Time Information System Manager DAA-0562-2013-0026_SF115 10/15/2021
Worthless Stock Record Cards, 1955-65 NC1-058-85-09_SF115 10/15/2021
Unscheduled Records at the Washington National Records Center, 1883-1971 N1-173-98-009_SF115 10/15/2021
Copies of Income Tax Returns NC1-281-80-01_SF115 10/15/2021
Year 2000 (Y2K) Records N1-064-00-006_SF115 10/15/2021
NARANet System Backups N1-064-02-002_SF115 10/15/2021
Records Cleanup Campaign Photos, ca. 1953 N1-058-91-002_SF115 10/15/2021
Historian's Records not Protected by 6103 N1-058-97-015_SF115 10/15/2021
Waterfowl Conditions Maps, 1927-29, and Game Season Bulletins, 1905, 1910 and 1912 N1-057-97-001_SF115 10/15/2021
Recapitulation For List Narcotics Registraints, 1968-71 N1-058-91-003_SF115 10/15/2021
Disposition of Sensitive Case Files Including Correspondence Containing Confidential Information NC-058-75-008_SF115 10/15/2021
Revisions of Records Control Schedules 202, 204, and 206 NC1-058-78-02_SF115 10/15/2021
Records Transferred from the Bureau of Public Debt (Addition to Records Control Schedule 206) NC1-058-81-01_SF115 10/15/2021
System Acceptability Test Documentation (Addition to Records Control Schedule 118: New Schedule 10) N1-058-99-002_SF115 10/15/2021
AM Radio Station Location Maps, 1940s-1990s N1-173-99-001_SF115 10/15/2021
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Photos N1-058-96-007_SF115 10/15/2021
Site Visit Files, 1917-49 N1-057-97-002_SF115 10/15/2021
Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research Files, 1949-70 N1-057-01-001_SF115 10/15/2021
Department of Commerce Broadcast History Cards, 1920-33 N1-173-03-001_SF115 10/15/2021
District Director's List of Narcotic Registrants, 1968-71 N1-058-91-004_SF115 10/15/2021
Employee/Independent Contractor Compliance Study Records NC1-058-81-09_SF115 10/15/2021
Directives and Manuals, 1861-1953 N1-058-97-014_SF115 10/15/2021
Program Records DAA-0524-2019-0003_SF115 10/15/2021
Pretrial Automated Records and Information System DAA-0562-2021-0001_SF115 10/15/2021
Committees, Task Forces, and Working Groups DAA-0563-2019-0003_SF115 10/15/2021
Non-evidentiary Video/Audio Recordings DAA-0567-2021-0001_SF115 10/15/2021
Flight Activity Crew Tracking System (FACTS) N1-237-10-011_SF115 10/15/2021
Records of the OTIP Shepherd v1 .0 IT System DAA-0292-2020-0001_SF115 10/15/2021
Records of the Office of Refugee Resettlement Unaccompanied Alien Children Program and Refugee Program DAA-0292-2019-0009_SF115 10/15/2021
Statistical Reports, 1959-75 NC1-058-85-16_SF115 10/15/2021
Necessity Certificates, 1951-1954 N1-058-91-005_SF115 10/15/2021
Impact (TVA Newsletter), 1978-88 N1-142-97-022_SF115 10/15/2021
Year 2000 (Y2K) Validation Records N1-142-00-004_SF115 10/15/2021
Correspondence File for Office of Minority Resources, 1990-1994 N1-142-01-001_SF115 10/15/2021
Aircraft Maintenance Inventory Tracking System N1-237-09-003_SF115 10/15/2021
Office of the Undersecretay of Food Safety Records, 1997-2001 N1-016-02-001_SF115 10/15/2021
Senior Executive Services (SES) and Human Resource Subject Files N1-064-02-009_SF115 10/15/2021
Judicial Conference Publications N1-116-07-001_SF115 10/15/2021
Miscellaneous Records of the Historian N1-058-99-001_SF115 10/15/2021
Miscelleaneous Records of the Tax Adminstration Advisory Services Division, 1965-75 NC-058-76-003_SF115 10/15/2021
Damaged NASA Headquarters Still Photograph Collection N1-255-03-001_SF115 10/15/2021
Office of Modernization Administrative Records, 1991-96 N1-058-97-011_SF115 10/15/2021
Records of Inquiry into the Disposal of Records of the Naval Research Laboratory Stored at the Washington National Records Center (WNRC) N1-064-04-003_SF115 10/15/2021
Test Material Inventory Files NC-AU-75-0038_SF115 10/14/2021
General Accounting Office Audit Reporting Files NC-AU-76-0004_SF115 10/14/2021
Baptism, Marriage, and Funeral Files NC-AU-75-0035_SF115 10/14/2021
Appeal and Grievance Log Files NC-AU-76-0005_SF115 10/14/2021
Repromotion Eligibility Files NC-AU-76-0006_SF115 10/14/2021
100% Penalty Case Files (Revision of Records Control Schedule 204) NC1-058-85-01_SF115 10/14/2021
Data Processing Register and Schedule Files NC-AU-76-0007_SF115 10/14/2021
Prisoner Admission Files NC-AU-75-0034_SF115 10/14/2021
United States Military Academy Entrance Examination Result Files NC-AU-75-0042_SF115 10/14/2021
Criminal Investigation Case Files NC-AU-76-0013_SF115 10/14/2021
Program and Budget Guidance Files NC-AU-76-0001_SF115 10/14/2021
Separation Statistical Files NC-AU-75-0041_SF115 10/14/2021
Test Background Data and Specimen Test Material Files NC-AU-75-0033_SF115 10/14/2021
Incident Management Case Files DAA-0058-2021-0009_SF115 10/14/2021
Requests for waivers and exemptions from federal securities law requirements DAA-0266-2021-0005_SF115 10/14/2021
Trip Instruction and Assistance Reports DAA-0311-2021-0002_SF115 10/14/2021
Reserve Officers' Training Corps Scholarship Selected Applicant Files NC-AU-76-0010_SF115 10/14/2021
Individual Academic and Collateral Training Records 1892 - 1946 NC-AU-76-0008_SF115 10/14/2021
Test Material Stock Control Files NC-AU-75-0037_SF115 10/14/2021
Utilities Contract Files NC-AU-76-0002_SF115 10/14/2021
Principal Project Cost Files NC-AU-76-0003_SF115 10/14/2021
Army Emergency Relief Organization Files NC-AU-76-0009_SF115 10/14/2021
Military Police Investigator Certification and Consideration Files NC-AU-75-0040_SF115 10/14/2021
Army Audit Agency (AAA) Audit Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0036_SF115 10/14/2021
Bandsman Evaluation Board Planning Files NC-AU-76-0011_SF115 10/14/2021
Vehicle Registration and Driver Record Files NC-AU-76-0012_SF115 10/14/2021
Qualification Test Answer Files NC-AU-75-0039_SF115 10/14/2021
Chemical Agents and Munitions Training Attendance Records N1-AU-06-003_SF115 10/13/2021
Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) Master File N1-AU-11-029_SF115 10/13/2021
Individual Aircrew Training Folder (IATF), Aircraft Weight and Balance Files, Mission Schedule/Brief (DA Form 5484) N1-AU-07-003_SF115 10/13/2021
Fort Amador Local Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Security Files NC-AU-75-0002_SF115 10/13/2021
United States Army Communications Command NC-AU-75-0003_SF115 10/13/2021
Forms Composing the Individual Flight Record and Flight Certificate NC-AU-75-0004_SF115 10/13/2021
Birth Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0005_SF115 10/13/2021
Veterinary Activities Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0006_SF115 10/13/2021
Scientific and Professional Article Files NC-AU-75-0008_SF115 10/13/2021
Remote Area Designation Files NC-AU-75-0009_SF115 10/13/2021
Medical Records Access Files NC-AU-75-0010_SF115 10/13/2021
Blood Program Files NC-AU-75-0011_SF115 10/13/2021
Medical Information Release Files NC-AU-75-0012_SF115 10/13/2021
Microforms Document and Information System NC-AU-75-0014_SF115 10/13/2021
Command Health Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0015_SF115 10/13/2021
Electroencephalographic Tracing Files NC-AU-75-0016_SF115 10/13/2021
Criminal Investigator Accreditation Files NC-AU-75-0017_SF115 10/13/2021
Organization Planning Files NC-AU-75-0018_SF115 10/13/2021
List of Selected File Numbers Designated for Microfilming NC-AU-75-0019_SF115 10/13/2021
Counterintelligence Survey and Inspection Files NC-AU-75-0020_SF115 10/13/2021
Serious Incident Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0021_SF115 10/13/2021
Birth and Death Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0022_SF115 10/13/2021
Civil Disturbance Task Force Operation and Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0023_SF115 10/13/2021
Oversea Base Right Files, Army Planning Files, Mobilization Plans, Emergency Test and Exercise Files, and Unconventional Warfare Files NC-AU-75-0024_SF115 10/13/2021
United States Military Academy Cadet Files NC-AU-75-0025_SF115 10/13/2021
Foreign Jurisdiction Case Files NC-AU-75-0026_SF115 10/13/2021
Military Real Property Record Drawing Files NC-AU-75-0027_SF115 10/13/2021
Organizational History Files NC-AU-75-0028_SF115 10/13/2021
Medical Statistical Machine Tabulation Files NC-AU-75-0029_SF115 10/13/2021
Individual Deceased Personnel Files, Gravesite Files, Cemetery Reporting, and Burial Register Files NC-AU-75-0030_SF115 10/13/2021
Military Personnel Procurement Planning Files NC-AU-75-0031_SF115 10/13/2021
Military Occupational Specialities Information Files NC-AU-75-0032_SF115 10/13/2021
Asset Management System (AMS) Records N1-AU-03-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Court Martial and Disciplinary Information Management Systems (CDIMS) N1-AU-88-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Army Selection Board System (ASBS) Master File N1-AU-10-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Numerical Files (Internal) N1-AU-95-003_SF115 10/07/2021
American University Chemical Experiment Station Records, 1917-1918 N1-AU-96-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Resource Management On-Line Master File N1-AU-11-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Military Affiliated Radio System (MARS) Member Files N1-AU-97-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Fitzsimons Army Medical Center (FAMC) Records, 1986-96 N1-AU-00-002_SF115 10/07/2021
Judge Advocate General Legal Services Files N1-AU-00-005_SF115 10/07/2021
Information Systems Security Monitoring Files N1-AU-00-007_SF115 10/07/2021
Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Employee Benefits and Insurance Files N1-AU-00-008_SF115 10/07/2021
Security Assistance Programs N1-AU-00-009_SF115 10/07/2021
Army Respiratory Protection Program Records N1-AU-00-010_SF115 10/07/2021
Test Material Inventories N1-AU-00-011_SF115 10/07/2021
Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) N1-AU-00-012_SF115 10/07/2021
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): National Guard, Army Reserve, Reserve Officer Training Corps, and Emergency Employment N1-AU-00-013_SF115 10/07/2021
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Petroleum Management, Inventory Management, and Maintenance Management Records N1-AU-00-014_SF115 10/07/2021
Modern Army Recordkeeping System (MARKS): Food Program, and Clothing and Textile Materiel Records N1-AU-00-015_SF115 10/07/2021
Rosters of Readiness Training (REDTRAIN) Management Files N1-AU-00-016_SF115 10/07/2021
Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW) Files N1-AU-00-017_SF115 10/07/2021
U.S. Army Security Affairs Command Foreign Military Sales Cases N1-AU-00-018_SF115 10/07/2021
Individual Academic Records N1-AU-00-019_SF115 10/07/2021
Laundry and Drycleaning Operations N1-AU-90-003_SF115 10/07/2021
The Army Corrections System N1-AU-04-003_SF115 10/07/2021
News Media and Release Files N1-AU-86-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Central United States Registry NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Documents, 1949-2002 N1-AU-05-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Electronic Records Created During the War in Southeast Asia by Headquarters, Pacific Command (PACOM) N1-AU-91-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Environmental Compliance Assessment System (ECAS) Records N1-AU-01-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Individual Mobilization Augmentation (IMA) Program N1-AU-98-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Authorization for Early Disposal of Short Term Records Accumulated by Closing Bases N1-AU-92-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Foreign National Personnel Training Files N1-AU-99-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Military Mapping and Geodetic Program Files NC1-AU-85-035_SF115 10/07/2021
Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MERPS) Data Source Files and Health Care Cost, Workload, and Performance Reports and Files N1-AU-93-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Supporting Strategy (SS), Supportability Analysis (SA)/Logistics Management N1-AU-08-003_SF115 10/07/2021
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Accounting and Control Records N1-AU-01-029_SF115 10/07/2021
Enlisted Promotion Model (EPM) System N1-AU-08-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program (ADAPCP) Clinical Certification N1-AU-94-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Environmental Pollution Abatement Records N1-AU-02-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Project Management Planning Files N1-AU-87-003_SF115 10/07/2021
Mapping and Geodetic Study Files NC1-AU-85-037_SF115 10/06/2021
Manpower Statistical Data NC1-AU-85-076_SF115 10/06/2021
Civil Works Plant Data Files NC1-AU-85-044_SF115 10/06/2021
Manpower Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-077_SF115 10/06/2021
Telecommunications Center Message Files NC1-AU-85-058_SF115 10/06/2021
Unfunded Study Files NC1-AU-85-073_SF115 10/06/2021
Flood Plain Management Assistance Files NC1-AU-85-018_SF115 10/06/2021
Real Estate Management Files NC1-AU-85-059_SF115 10/06/2021
Quality of Life Administrative Files NC1-AU-85-015_SF115 10/06/2021
Top Secret Material Accountability Files NC1-AU-85-028_SF115 10/06/2021
Traffic Engineering Survey and Study Files NC1-AU-85-030_SF115 10/06/2021
Commercial Film Certificates NC1-AU-85-032_SF115 10/06/2021
Unsatisfactory Subsistence Files NC1-AU-85-045_SF115 10/06/2021
Army Science Board (ASB) NC1-AU-85-064_SF115 10/06/2021
Korean National Direct Hire Individual Pay Record NC1-AU-85-013_SF115 10/06/2021
Withholding Tax Files NC1-AU-85-012_SF115 10/06/2021
Environmental Pollution Abatement Files NC1-AU-85-009_SF115 10/06/2021
Reserve Component Evaluation Files NC1-AU-85-046_SF115 10/06/2021
Reserve Unit Attendance Files NC1-AU-79-003_SF115 10/06/2021
Receipt for Petty Cash and Change Fund Files NC1-AU-85-033_SF115 10/06/2021
Interstate Highway System Files NC1-AU-85-031_SF115 10/06/2021
Commercial Food Establishment Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-050_SF115 10/06/2021
Competition Advocacy Files NC1-AU-85-063_SF115 10/06/2021
Chief of Engineers Survey Report Files NC1-AU-85-027_SF115 10/06/2021
Corps of Engineers Post Action Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-003_SF115 10/06/2021
Quarters Terminations NC1-AU-85-069_SF115 10/06/2021
NPRC (Military) Various Organizational Files, 1947-63 NC1-AU-85-024_SF115 10/06/2021
Committee Files NC1-AU-85-014_SF115 10/06/2021
U.S. Army Arsenals Records Held at NPRC (Military) and WNRC NC1-AU-85-022_SF115 10/06/2021
Commercial Activities Files NC1-AU-85-060_SF115 10/06/2021
Mapping Intermediate Manuscript Files NC1-AU-85-041_SF115 10/06/2021
Processing of Oversea Replacement (POR) Files NC1-AU-85-021_SF115 10/06/2021
Geographic Position and Universal Transverse Mercator Coordinate Files NC1-AU-85-042_SF115 10/06/2021
Collateral Individual Training Record Files from the Judge Advocate General's School and Course Publications Files Held by West Point, the Army War College, and Joint Colleges NC1-AU-81-003_SF115 10/06/2021
Manpower Requirements Criteria Development Files NC1-AU-85-078_SF115 10/06/2021
Corps of Engineers Investigational Project Files NC1-AU-85-006_SF115 10/06/2021
Mapping and Geodetic Conference Files NC1-AU-85-040_SF115 10/06/2021
Commissioned Officer Aviation Position Criteria Files NC1-AU-85-079_SF115 10/06/2021
Questionnaire Survey Files NC1-AU-85-038_SF115 10/06/2021
Freight Rate Negotiation Files NC1-AU-82-003_SF115 10/06/2021
Army Service School Records, 1917-67 NC1-AU-85-023_SF115 10/06/2021
Standardization Documents NC1-AU-85-070_SF115 10/06/2021
Manpower Staffing Standard NC1-AU-85-075_SF115 10/06/2021
Internal Distribution Scheme Files NC1-AU-85-034_SF115 10/06/2021
Corps of Engineers Louisville District Photographic Negative Files NC1-AU-85-016_SF115 10/06/2021
Unit Award Case Files NC1-AU-85-017_SF115 10/06/2021
Material Engineering Case Files NC1-AU-85-066_SF115 10/06/2021
Patient Condition Reporting Files NC1-AU-84-030_SF115 10/06/2021
Veterinary Sanitation Inspection of Animal Facilities NC1-AU-85-071_SF115 10/06/2021
Flood Plain Management Data Files NC1-AU-85-020_SF115 10/06/2021
Loan and Grant Administration Files NC1-AU-85-047_SF115 10/06/2021
Commitment Document Files NC1-AU-85-048_SF115 10/06/2021
Road Test Research Files NC1-AU-85-029_SF115 10/06/2021
Personnel Action Suspense Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-001_SF115 10/06/2021
United States Military Academy (USMA) Admission Files NC1-AU-85-065_SF115 10/06/2021
Joint Airborne/ Air Transportability Training Files NC1-AU-85-062_SF115 10/06/2021
Internal Control Systems Files NC1-AU-84-003_SF115 10/06/2021
Conservation of Natural Resources Files NC1-AU-83-003_SF115 10/06/2021
Army War Crimes Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-043_SF115 10/06/2021
Harbor Line Approval Files NC1-AU-85-002_SF115 10/06/2021
Communicable Disease Reporting Files NC1-AU-85-067_SF115 10/06/2021
Civil Works Projects Project and Index Map Files NC1-AU-85-019_SF115 10/06/2021
Flood Plain Management Services Study Files NC1-AU-85-026_SF115 10/06/2021
Preventative Medicine Survey Files NC1-AU-85-049_SF115 10/06/2021
NPRC (Military) Hospital Records, 1946-65 NC1-AU-85-025_SF115 10/06/2021
Aircraft Maintenance Records NC1-AU-85-080_SF115 10/06/2021
Mapping Agreement Files NC1-AU-85-036_SF115 10/06/2021
Economic Data Files NC1-AU-85-008_SF115 10/06/2021
Technical Report Record Files NC1-AU-85-072_SF115 10/06/2021
Personnel Management Study Files NC1-AU-85-061_SF115 10/06/2021
Federal Tax Deposit (FTD) Alerts (Revision of Records Control Schedule 204) NC1-058-84-13_SF115 10/04/2021
Assistant Commissioner for Compliance Staff Meetings, 1966-72 NC1-058-84-09_SF115 10/04/2021
Questionable Form W-4 Program and Request for Copy of Tax Form (Form 4506) (Additions to Records Control Schedule 206) NC1-058-84-01_SF115 10/04/2021
National Inspection (Revisions of Records Control Schedule 105) NC1-058-82-04_SF115 10/04/2021
Office of Chief Counsel Records NC1-058-82-13_SF115 10/04/2021
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Interface Disclosure Consent Form NC1-058-84-11_SF115 10/04/2021
Certificates of Necessity, 1958 and prior, at Laguna Niguel Records Center NC1-058-80-15_SF115 10/04/2021
Case Files Concerning Tax Credits Allowed by the Renegotiation Board, 1940s NC1-058-83-08_SF115 10/04/2021
Validation Certificates of Prior American Ownership and Interest Equalization Tax Compliance (Revision of Records Control Schedule 206) NC1-058-84-16_SF115 10/04/2021
Miscellaenous Records of the Oklahoma City IRS Office, 1899-1916 NC1-058-84-07_SF115 10/04/2021
Appeals Reports and Information Retrieval Activity Tables, 1967-68 NC1-058-82-08_SF115 10/04/2021
Miscellaenous Records of the Austin IRS Office, 1870-1926 NC1-058-84-06_SF115 10/04/2021
Inspection - National Office (Additions to Records Control Schedule 105) NC1-058-84-17_SF115 10/04/2021
Miscellaneous Records of the Returns Processing and Accounting Division, 1930-60 NC1-058-82-10_SF115 10/04/2021
Monthly Internal Revenue Receipt Stubs, District of Minnesota, 1864-65 NC1-058-84-08_SF115 10/04/2021
Miscellaneous Records of the Collection Division (Additions to Records Control Schedule 204) NC1-058-82-02_SF115 10/04/2021
National Office Appeals (Records Control Schedule 103) NC1-058-82-06_SF115 10/04/2021
Intelligence Information Gathering and Retrieval System (Project IGRS) NC1-058-83-04_SF115 10/04/2021
Gift Tax Information Index Cards (Revision of Records Control Schedule 206) NC1-058-84-04_SF115 10/04/2021
General Assistance Program Determination Records (Addition to Records Control Schedule 204) NC1-058-81-06_SF115 10/04/2021
Administrative Manuals and Reports, 1864-1962 NC1-058-82-15_SF115 10/04/2021
Audit Division Records, 1918-66, at Fort Worth Records Center NC1-058-80-14_SF115 09/30/2021
Special Questionnaire Mailout Project (Additions to Records Control Schedule 203) NC1-058-80-10_SF115 09/30/2021
Collection Management System Data Entry Records NC1-058-78-11_SF115 09/30/2021
Files Pertaining to Investigation of Alleged Criminal Violations of Tax Laws NC1-058-78-03_SF115 09/30/2021
Quarterly Transmittal of Tax Withheld at Source (Form 4277) NC1-058-79-02_SF115 09/30/2021
Practitioner Attitude Survey Records NC1-058-80-12_SF115 09/30/2021
Waiver Certificates to Collect Social Security Coverage (Form 2031), 1955-60 N1-058-87-008_SF115 09/30/2021
Income Tax Returns Filed by Individuals, Partnerships and Fiduciaries (Revision of Records Control Schedule 206) NC1-058-79-04_SF115 09/30/2021
Old Law Plans Accumulated Prior to 1970 (Revisions of Records Control Schedule 203) NC1-058-78-08_SF115 09/30/2021
Disposal of Duplicate Files NC1-058-78-05_SF115 09/30/2021
Form 3673, Approval of Self-Employed Pension or Profit-Sharing Plan (Addition to Records Control Schedule 202) NC1-058-76-06_SF115 09/30/2021
Internal Audit Reports (Revision of Records Control Schedules 102, 103, 105, 107, 109, 110, 111, 112, 116, 202, 205) NC1-058-77-03_SF115 09/30/2021
Wage and Salary Stabilization Case Files, 1942-47 NC1-058-77-05_SF115 09/30/2021
Mint Project Records N1-058-89-001_SF115 09/30/2021
Federal Tax Deposit Forms (Revisions of Records Control Schedule 206) NC1-058-77-06_SF115 09/30/2021
Income Tax Returns Filed by Individuals, Partnerships and Fiduciaries (Revision of Records Control Schedule 206) NC1-058-78-01_SF115 09/30/2021
Exempt Organization District Determination Letters (Revision of Records Control Schedule 110) NC1-058-77-09_SF115 09/30/2021
Joint Compliance Program Documents (Addition to Records Control Schedule 202) NC1-058-77-11_SF115 09/30/2021
Records From Study on Returns Filing and Retrieval N1-058-89-007_SF115 09/30/2021
SSIC 5360 Death and Funeral Records DAA-0024-2013-0002_SF115 09/29/2021
Generate Electronic Filing Letters (ELFL) System (Addition to Records Control Schedule 29) N1-058-09-034_SF115 09/29/2021
Personnel Records (Schedule 3) NC1-184-78-04_SF115 09/29/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-184-79-03_SF115 09/29/2021
Employer's Supply Requisition Forms NC1-184-82-01_SF115 09/29/2021
Office of Examination Planning and Research Project Files N1-058-86-002_SF115 09/29/2021
SSIC 3760 Flight Records and Reports DAA-NU-2011-0124_SF115 09/29/2021
Railroad Industry Supply Requisition Forms NC1-184-83-02_SF115 09/29/2021
Bureau of Unemployment and Sickness Insurance Records (Schedule 13) NC1-184-79-01_SF115 09/29/2021
Obsolete Records, 1940-79 NC1-184-79-02_SF115 09/29/2021
Employee Work Measurement Records NC1-184-78-03_SF115 09/29/2021
Documentary and Training Films, 1943-1974 N1-087-92-001_SF115 09/29/2021
Substance Abuse Treatment Information System (SATIS) DAA-0562-2013-0027_SF115 09/29/2021
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Security Training, Assistance, Assessment Team (STAAT) Vulnerability Assessments DAA-0526-2010-0001_SF115 09/29/2021
Marine Safety Council Records NC1-026-78-03_SF115 09/28/2021
Accounting and Budget Records (Schedule 7) NC1-184-78-02_SF115 09/28/2021
Family Support Programs Records DAA-0428-2012-0004_SF115 09/22/2021
Case Management Tracking Information System (CMTIS) DAA-0428-2014-0002_SF115 09/22/2021
Vital Event Records DAA-0513-2016-0002_SF115 09/22/2021
Comprehensive Schedule N1-122-09-001_SF115 09/22/2021
Records of the Immediate Office of the Inspector General (IG) of Health and Human Services DAA-0468-2013-0008_SF115 09/22/2021
Audit Information Management System (AIMS) DAA-0513-2012-0007_SF115 09/22/2021
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Records Schedule DAA-0512-2014-0004_SF115 09/22/2021
NIH Intramural Research Records DAA-0443-2012-0007_SF115 09/22/2021
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) - Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) Program Records Schedule DAA-0434-2015-0011_SF115 09/22/2021
Disaster Recovery/Contingency Plans, Computer Security Plan, and Computer Security Training Booklets N1-184-93-011_SF115 09/21/2021
Grievant Petitions and Related Records N1-184-94-001_SF115 09/21/2021
Actuarial Valuation Data Summaries N1-184-93-002_SF115 09/21/2021
Financial Interchange Determination Records, Tabulations, Listings, and Worksheets NC-184-76-001_SF115 09/21/2021
Employee and Beneficiary Data Listing N1-184-93-003_SF115 09/21/2021
Miscellaneous Records NC1-184-78-01_SF115 09/21/2021
Records of the Employee Labor Relations Tracking System (ELERTS) N1-048-09-008_SF115 09/17/2021
Records Documenting Electronic Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Tracking System N1-048-09-013_SF115 09/17/2021
Federal Consulting Group Files N1-048-09-009_SF115 09/17/2021
Curriculum Material Used in Training Courses N1-048-09-011_SF115 09/17/2021
Quarters Management Information System N1-048-08-018_SF115 09/16/2021
Planning and Performance Management Records N1-048-08-027_SF115 09/16/2021
Office of the Secretary (OS) Travel Management System N1-048-08-017_SF115 09/16/2021
Federal Financial System Records N1-048-08-026_SF115 09/16/2021
Library System Electronic Records N1-048-09-003_SF115 09/16/2021
Smart Card System (SCS) Records N1-048-08-020_SF115 09/16/2021
Government Performance and Results Act System Files N1-048-08-024_SF115 09/16/2021
Master Data Files of Inter-Agency Aviation Training System (IAT) N1-048-09-002_SF115 09/16/2021
Federal Register Comments on a Proposed Regulation (WNRC Project) N1-441-99-002_SF115 09/15/2021
Willy Burgdorfer Papers N1-443-07-001_SF115 09/15/2021
Briefing Papers of the Secretary, 1972, 1979-83, 1987, 1989 N1-468-98-002_SF115 09/15/2021
Planning and Implementation Records, 1977-1985 N1-468-98-001_SF115 09/15/2021
Systems Testing for Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliance Records N1-462-01-001_SF115 09/15/2021
Contracts, Correspondence, and Projects Files N1-514-99-001_SF115 09/15/2021
Health Standards and Quality Bureau, Office of the Director, Congressional and Public Correspondence Files, 1980 N1-440-99-003_SF115 09/14/2021
Electronic Sound Recordings of Hearings N1-021-11-002_SF115 09/14/2021
Publications, Brochures, Posters, Speeches, and Press Releases N1-087-97-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Former Taxation Branch Records, 1943-56 N1-196-98-002_SF115 09/14/2021
Statistics Branch Subject Files, 1938-68 N1-196-99-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Special Assistant to the Commissioner for Congressional Liaison Records, 1942-62 N1-196-97-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Foreign Subpoenas N1-021-00-002_SF115 09/14/2021
Public Affairs Branch Records, 1937-64 N1-196-97-002_SF115 09/14/2021
D.C. Circuit Task Force Special Study - Gender, Race, And Ethnic Bias N1-021-05-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Commissioner's Correspondence and Subject Files, 1952-63 N1-196-98-001_SF115 09/14/2021
District Court in and for the Canal Zone Cash Books, 1927-42, and Judicial Instruction Book, 1920-25 N1-021-00-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Registration Records N1-147-06-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Master or Reproduction Copy Files, ca. 1870-1911 N1-241-04-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Item 40Sb Enforcement Case Files N1-180-07-002_SF115 09/14/2021
Continuity Assessment Record and Evaluation (CARE) Assessments N1-440-10-002_SF115 09/14/2021
Aviation Management Financial System N1-048-08-010_SF115 09/14/2021
Office of the Inspector General Case Files N1-145-00-001_SF115 09/14/2021
World War II Merchant Marine Records, 1941-47 N1-026-08-004_SF115 09/14/2021
Declined and Withdrawn Proposal Case Files - Electronic Jacket N1-307-03-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Maximo Advantage System N1-048-08-014_SF115 09/14/2021
Management and Accountability Records N1-079-08-009_SF115 09/14/2021
American Community Survey Records, 1996- N1-029-98-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Evaluation, Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) System Microfiche N1-266-97-002_SF115 09/14/2021
SSIC 1710.5 Marine Corps Marathon Races and Events Series Database DAA-0127-2014-0023_SF115 09/14/2021
Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project Records N1-266-99-002_SF115 09/14/2021
SSIC 5090.6 Camp Lejeune Historic Drinking Water Notification Database DAA-0127-2014-0022_SF115 09/14/2021
Congressional Document Production Files N1-048-05-005_SF115 09/14/2021
Corp of Engineers / Mapping Contract Specifications Files N1-AU-86-031_SF115 09/14/2021
Records of Mitchell Ray Geasler, Special Assistant U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), 1992-1999 N1-016-00-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Modernization of Administrative Processes Files, 1991-1997 N1-016-97-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Talent Management System (DOl Learn) N1-048-08-016_SF115 09/14/2021
Corp of Engineers / Cartographic Reference Files N1-AU-86-035_SF115 09/14/2021
Management Initiatives Tracking System N1-048-08-015_SF115 09/14/2021
Corp of Engineers / Map Distribution Policy Files N1-AU-86-036_SF115 09/14/2021
Corp of Engineers / Marginal Data Files N1-AU-86-037_SF115 09/14/2021
Records of the Consolidated Financial Statement System (CFS) N1-048-08-012_SF115 09/14/2021
Corp of Engineers / Geodetic Reference Files N1-AU-86-040_SF115 09/14/2021
Photographer to the Secretary of the Interior N1-048-01-002_SF115 09/14/2021
Appeals and Litigation Group Case Files N1-145-02-001_SF115 09/14/2021
Corp of Engineers / Mapping, Charting, and Geodetic Publication Record N1-AU-86-045_SF115 09/14/2021
Grombach Organization Files, 1943-1955 N1-263-07-008_SF115 09/14/2021
Corp of Engineers / Field Recovery Note Files N1-AU-86-048_SF115 09/14/2021
Corp of Engineers / Topographic Symbol Files N1-AU-86-049_SF115 09/14/2021
Ship Deck Logs DAA-0313-2011-0002_SF115 09/14/2021
Emergency Programs for Disaster Assistance N1-145-05-002_SF115 09/14/2021
Census Transportation Truck Inventory, Use Survey of 1977, and Commodity Transporation Survey of 1977 N1-029-00-003_SF115 09/14/2021
Papers of Joyce Ancillio, and 1950 Indian Reservation Schedules N1-029-99-001_SF115 09/14/2021
American Community Survey 2005 Records N1-029-05-002_SF115 09/14/2021
Regional Assignments, Projects and Reports, 1920-50 N1-138-99-010_SF115 09/14/2021
Corp of Engineers / Mapping Program Priority Files N1-AU-86-026_SF115 09/13/2021
Corp of Engineers / Map Format Files N1-AU-86-028_SF115 09/13/2021
Corp of Engineers / Map Accuracy Files N1-AU-86-029_SF115 09/13/2021
Corp of Engineers / Map Identification Files N1-AU-86-030_SF115 09/13/2021
Website Production Records N1-064-06-001_SF115 09/10/2021
Web Function Records N1-064-03-006_SF115 09/10/2021
Customer Management Information System (CMIS) N1-566-08-008_SF115 09/10/2021
Narcotics Division and Federal Bureau of Narcotics, 1915-46 N1-170-91-001_SF115 09/10/2021
Numbered Investigative Case Files NC-170-75-001_SF115 09/10/2021
Equal Employment Opportunity, Incentive Awards, Vehicle Identification Plate, and Reports Control Files NC1-170-81-03_SF115 09/10/2021
Record Copies of Publications N1-064-02-006_SF115 09/10/2021
Website Program Operation Records N1-064-06-002_SF115 09/10/2021
Records Management Files N1-064-03-005_SF115 09/10/2021
Medical Logistics -Records of Personal Property Left at Closing Bases N1-AFU-94-011_SF115 09/10/2021
Supply Management Records -Records of Personal Property Left at Closing Bases N1-AFU-94-012_SF115 09/10/2021
Chemical Transaction Analysis System (CTRANS) N1-170-06-001_SF115 09/10/2021
Internal Security, Personnel Security Clearance, and Physical Security Survey Files NC1-170-81-01_SF115 09/10/2021
Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) Records - Analysis and Evaluation Records (Table 66-4) NC1-AFU-77-027_SF115 09/10/2021
Recurring Inspection Reports on Traffic Control and Landing Systems (TRACALS) Equipment (Rule 3.12) and Ground Weapons (Rule 8.1) NC1-AFU-77-028_SF115 09/10/2021
Physical Security Records N1-170-01-003_SF115 09/10/2021
DEA Form 9 NC1-170-79-01_SF115 09/10/2021
Request for Information Technological Services (RITS) System N1-170-03-005_SF115 09/10/2021
Numbered Investigative Case Files, General Investigative Case Files, and Cooperating Individual Files NC1-170-81-02_SF115 09/10/2021
Accountable Personal Property Files N1-170-12-003_SF115 09/10/2021
Inspection and Audit Files N1-170-04-002_SF115 09/10/2021
Radon Daughter Exposure Records, 1974-79 NC1-433-80-02_SF115 09/09/2021
Soil Conservation Service Comprehensive Records NC1-114-83-01_SF115 09/09/2021
Customer Complaint System and Customer Complaint Call Center System N1-101-06-001_SF115 09/09/2021
Denver Payroll System Records NC1-433-78-01_SF115 09/08/2021
SSIC 5291 VI Productions, Products and Services Records MDI Security System DAA-0127-2014-0014_SF115 09/08/2021
Connected Care Pilot Program/COVID-19 Telehealth Program DAA-0173-2020-0006_SF115 09/07/2021
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Bureau of Counterterrorism and Countering Violent Extremism (CT) DAA-0059-2019-0003_SF115 09/07/2021
Special Investigations (71-Series) DAA-AFU-2020-0008_SF115 09/07/2021
SSIC 1080.5 Personnel Accounting Records DAA-0024-2013-0001_SF115 09/07/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-471-89-001_SF115 09/07/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-049-85-02_SF115 09/07/2021
Construction Management Information System (CMIS) DAA-0127-2013-0013_SF115 09/07/2021
Miscellaneous Collections DAA-0048-2012-0003_SF115 09/07/2021
Special Land Use Permits NC1-049-81-02_SF115 09/03/2021
Law Enforcement Files NC1-049-84-01_SF115 09/03/2021
Arizona Strip Grazing Records, Grazing District Diaries, 1941-1957 NC1-049-85-04_SF115 09/03/2021
Mining Claim Recordation Public Law 94-579 NC1-049-79-01_SF115 09/03/2021
Fire Records, DI 1201 - Non-Serialized NN-174-000017_SF115 09/03/2021
Vegetative Material Sales NC1-049-81-03_SF115 09/03/2021
Applications to Practice as Attorney Before Land Office, 1888-1937 NC1-049-85-03_SF115 09/03/2021
Aircraft Use Files N1-049-96-004_SF115 09/03/2021
Serialized Allowed Land And Mineral Entry Cases- Cancelled or Relinquished NC-174-000212_SF115 09/03/2021
Individual Fire Records (DI-1201) Class NC-174-000246_SF115 09/03/2021
Office of Preparedness and Response Records N1-439-09-003_SF115 09/02/2021
Government Credit Card Files N1-064-08-013_SF115 09/02/2021
Safety Health and Environmental Records N1-084-94-003_SF115 09/02/2021
World Wise Schools Automated Files N1-490-95-002_SF115 09/02/2021
Trans-Alaska Pipeline Photographic Records, 1969-1982 N1-049-87-001_SF115 09/01/2021
Texas Acquired Minerals Project (TAMP) Records, 1994-98 N1-049-91-002_SF115 09/01/2021
General Land Office (GLO) Records, 1879-1972 N1-049-86-001_SF115 09/01/2021
Various Minerals Management Records, 1906-68 N1-049-91-001_SF115 09/01/2021
Grant Management Information System (GMIS) N1-408-95-001_SF115 08/30/2021
Grant Project Records NC1-408-83-01_SF115 08/30/2021
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Records N1-408-11-009_SF115 08/30/2021
National Transit Database (NTD) N1-408-95-002_SF115 08/30/2021
Urban Mass Transit Administration Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-408-80-01_SF115 08/30/2021
Financial Management System N1-408-12-001_SF115 08/30/2021
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act Litigation Records NC1-330-85-01_SF115 08/30/2021
Combat Area Casualties File NC1-330-78-08_SF115 08/27/2021
Automated Register, Request and Receive Ballot Process (R3) N1-330-09-007_SF115 08/27/2021
Faculty Curriculum Vitae Files N1-330-95-002_SF115 08/27/2021
National Guard and Reserve Manpower Strengths and Statistics Reports, 1974-77 NC1-330-77-07_SF115 08/27/2021
Employment Application, Grievance Appeals File, and Adverse Action Files NC1-330-80-09_SF115 08/27/2021
Freedom of Information Program Case File and Department of Defense Text Review NC1-330-78-02_SF115 08/27/2021
Annual Inventory of Commercial or Industrial Activities NC1-330-78-11_SF115 08/27/2021
Research Protocols and Grants N1-330-98-003_SF115 08/27/2021
Department of Defense Civilian Employees Health Unit Records NC1-330-79-09_SF115 08/27/2021
Force on Evaluation of Audit, Inspection and Investigative Components Special Studies NC1-330-80-11_SF115 08/27/2021
Living Disaster Recovery Planning System (LDRPS) N1-330-13-001_SF115 08/27/2021
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Summary Reports to Congress N1-330-08-009_SF115 08/27/2021
Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) N1-330-88-001_SF115 08/27/2021
Casualty Records of Southeast Asia and Korea N1-330-96-002_SF115 08/27/2021
COMIREX Automated Management System Processing Segment (CAMS P/S) 2 Records N1-330-95-003_SF115 08/27/2021
Personnel N1-330-94-002_SF115 08/27/2021
Retirees Personnel Master File and Survivor Beneficiaries Master File NC1-330-78-01_SF115 08/27/2021
Elementary School Student Record Files N1-330-99-001_SF115 08/27/2021
Continuing Nursing Education Program Records and Continuing Medical Education Program Records N1-330-98-002_SF115 08/27/2021
International Balance of Payments NC1-330-78-10_SF115 08/27/2021
Refugees / Air Summary File / Rural Hamlet Derived File / Questions Hamlet Evaluation System 1970 NC1-330-77-02_SF115 08/27/2021
Procurement Records NC1-330-78-13_SF115 08/27/2021
Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) Special Education Records N1-330-89-001_SF115 08/27/2021
Individual Volunteer Files N1-330-98-001_SF115 08/27/2021
Casualty Records (Korea) N1-330-97-002_SF115 08/27/2021
Student Records N1-330-00-001_SF115 08/26/2021
Routine Correspondence Prepared Without File Yellow Record System Justice/FBI-005 N1-065-87-005_SF115 08/25/2021
Research, Development, and Technology Records N1-318-93-005_SF115 08/25/2021
Routine Correspondence Prepared Without File Yellow N1-065-86-014_SF115 08/25/2021
Consumer Hotline N1-237-96-002_SF115 08/25/2021
Safety, Health, Environment, and Security Division (SAF) Records N1-545-08-007_SF115 08/25/2021
Public and Intranet Websites Records N1-545-09-001_SF115 08/25/2021
Government Travel Card System Records N1-545-08-019_SF115 08/25/2021
Rejected Grant Proposal Files N1-487-91-002_SF115 08/25/2021
Grant Records N1-487-98-001_SF115 08/25/2021
Budget Policy, Planning, Management and Review Records NC1-398-78-01_SF115 08/20/2021
Political Appointee Files N1-398-97-001_SF115 08/20/2021
Grant Case Files (WNRC project) NC1-398-83-03_SF115 08/20/2021
Office of Automated Systems Policy, Administrative Correspondence Files NC1-398-80-02_SF115 08/20/2021
John A. Volpe's Miscellaneous Records, 1967-73 NC1-398-81-01_SF115 08/20/2021
Accident Report Files, 1966-1972 NC1-398-83-04_SF115 08/20/2021
Contract Appeals Board Case Files NC-398-76-003_SF115 08/20/2021
Inspector General Records NC1-398-82-01_SF115 08/20/2021
Miscellaneous Records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs (WNRC project) NC1-398-81-02_SF115 08/20/2021
National Transportation Policy Files, 1989-93 N1-398-94-002_SF115 08/20/2021
Landmark Events DAA-0180-2021-0001_SF115 08/19/2021
Aeronautical and Astronautical Material Records DAA-NU-2020-0001_SF115 08/19/2021
Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry Data DAA-0587-2021-0001_SF115 08/19/2021
Federal Select Agent Program DAA-0463-2021-0007_SF115 08/19/2021
Board for Correction of Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Records DAA-0468-2020-0001_SF115 08/19/2021
Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1940-56, at Atlanta FRC N1-234-12-004_SF115 08/18/2021
Office of Inspector General Records N1-398-00-001_SF115 08/17/2021
Employee Fitness Center Records N1-398-93-001_SF115 08/17/2021
Election of District Farm Credit Board Directors and the Central Bank for Cooperatives Board Directors; Litigation Case Files; Reports Relating to Farm Credit Administration Bond Issuances N1-103-87-004_SF115 08/17/2021
Coal Fee Collection Management System (CFCMS) N1-471-10-003_SF115 08/16/2021
Office of the Solicitor, Counsel for International Affairs Records NN-174-000090_SF115 08/12/2021
Office of the Solicitor Occupational Safety and Health Records NN-174-000089_SF115 08/12/2021
Operating Manuals N1-306-05-001_SF115 08/12/2021
Office of the Solicitor Division of Labor Relations and Civil Rights Records NN-174-000094_SF115 08/12/2021
Office of the Solicitor Records, 1936-55 NC-174-75-002_SF115 08/12/2021
Office of the Solicitor Division of Legislation and Legal Counsel Records NN-174-000088_SF115 08/12/2021
Office of the Solicitor Counsel for Enforcement and Regulations Records NN-174-000093_SF115 08/12/2021
Office of the Solicitor, Division of Fair Labor Standards Records NN-174-000091_SF115 08/12/2021
Office of the Solicitor Division of Employee Benefits Records NN-174-000086_SF115 08/12/2021
Office of the Solicitor Division of Manpower Records NN-174-000095_SF115 08/12/2021
Office of Plans Records, 1953-61 N1-306-97-001_SF115 08/12/2021
Office of the Solicitor Construction Wage Standards Records NN-174-000092_SF115 08/12/2021
Office of the Solicitor, Chronological Reading Files N1-174-96-005_SF115 08/10/2021
Solicitor of Labor Subject and Chronological Files, 1968-80 NC1-174-83-03_SF115 08/10/2021
Correspondence Files of Assistant Secretaries of Labor for Labor Management Relations, 1969-76 NC1-174-81-01_SF115 08/10/2021
Bicentennial Director Records, 1973-77 NC1-174-82-03_SF115 08/10/2021
Office of the Solicitor Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-174-02-002_SF115 08/10/2021
Commission on Workforce Quality and Labor Market Efficiency, 1988-89 N1-174-90-001_SF115 08/10/2021
Office of the Solicitor (SOL) Records NC1-174-81-02_SF115 08/10/2021
Engineering and Research Center Specifications NC1-115-80-01_SF115 08/10/2021
Movable Property System (MPS) N1-115-09-003_SF115 08/10/2021
Design Data Records, Preconstruction Activities NC1-115-79-01_SF115 08/10/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-115-82-01_SF115 08/10/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-115-77-01_SF115 08/10/2021
Construction Specification Records, 1903-1992 N1-115-93-001_SF115 08/10/2021
Time and Attendance Reports Microfilm NC1-115-76-01_SF115 08/10/2021
Documents Relating to Examinations and Recruitment NC1-115-82-02_SF115 08/10/2021
Reels: Arizona Employment and Unemployment Data Set 1957-1972, Pennsylvania Continuous Wage and Benefit History 1966-1970 N1-174-86-001_SF115 08/10/2021
Office of Administrative Law Judges (OALJ) Records NC1-174-81-03_SF115 08/10/2021
Electronic Time and Attendance System (ETAS) N1-115-09-002_SF115 08/10/2021
Executive Secretariat News Releases; Lynn Martin Briefings 1991-93; Subject Files 1991-93 N1-174-93-003_SF115 08/10/2021
Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project (Labor) N1-174-91-001_SF115 08/10/2021
GRS 6.6 Rulemaking Records DAA-GRS-2017-0012_SF115 08/03/2021
Comparison of U S, German, and Japanese Export Price Indexes DAA-0257-2012-0001_SF115 08/03/2021
The Hoffenberg Records, The Inter-industry Relations Study for 1947 (History and Theory), Dates are inclusive through 1970 DAA-0257-2015-0002_SF115 08/03/2021
Acknowledgement Form File DAA-0257-2013-0002_SF115 08/03/2021
The Hoffenberg Records, The Interindustry Relations Study for 1947 (History and Theory) DAA-0257-2010-0004_SF115 08/03/2021
BLS Economic Working Papers DAA-0257-2013-0001_SF115 08/03/2021
Publication Record Set DAA-0057-2020-0007_SF115 08/03/2021
Administrator Gilbert Carmichael's Files, 1989-92 N1-399-94-001_SF115 08/02/2021
President's Advisory Board on Race, 1997-98 N1-220-99-001_SF115 08/02/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-520-95-001_SF115 08/02/2021
System Security and Disaster Recovery Records N1-425-07-001_SF115 08/02/2021
Northeast Corridor Improvement Project (NECIP) Procurement Files NC1-399-80-01_SF115 08/02/2021
Miscellaneous Accident, Incident, Injury and Illness Systems N1-399-93-001_SF115 08/02/2021
Stenographic Notes (Investigative Case Files) NC1-266-84-01_SF115 08/02/2021
Regional Institution-Related Records N1-483-04-001_SF115 08/02/2021
Year 2000 (Y2K) Records N1-483-06-001_SF115 08/02/2021
Federal Occupational Injuries and Illness Files; Accident, Injury, Occupational Illness and Fire Reports NC-015-76-009_SF115 07/29/2021
Official Mail Cost N1-372-02-009_SF115 07/29/2021
Beneficiary Identification And Records Locator Subsystem Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000238_SF115 07/29/2021
Government Purchase Cards N1-372-02-001_SF115 07/29/2021
Usage Reports for Leased Office Equipment N1-372-02-003_SF115 07/29/2021
Internal Management Control Files N1-372-96-001_SF115 07/29/2021
Web Site Records N1-372-01-003_SF115 07/29/2021
Summary Hospital Information Patient System Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000100_SF115 07/29/2021
Sanitation of Computer Hard Drives Records N1-372-01-005_SF115 07/29/2021
Hand Receipts N1-372-02-004_SF115 07/29/2021
Telecommunications Files N1-372-94-003_SF115 07/29/2021
Central Office Finance Data Records Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000242_SF115 07/29/2021
Inactive United States Government Life Insurance Folders, 1919-55 NC-174-000233_SF115 07/29/2021
Counseling Folders NC-174-000123_SF115 07/29/2021
Chief Attorney Automated Diary and Index Tape / Disk System Magnetic Tape Files NC-174-000204_SF115 07/29/2021
Nonconverted Lapsed War Risk Term Insurance Folders, 1917-21 NC-174-000213_SF115 07/29/2021
Inactive Disability Insurance Claims Folders, 1918-58 NC-174-000232_SF115 07/29/2021
Gravesite Reservation System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files NC-015-75-002_SF115 07/28/2021
Automated Clinical Laboratory System Computerized and Magnetic Tape Files NC-015-75-001_SF115 07/28/2021
Computer Console Change Documentation Files NN-174-000018_SF115 07/28/2021
Payment History File - Microfilm NC-015-75-005_SF115 07/28/2021
Contract Administration Files DAA-0558-2013-0003_SF115 07/28/2021
Fiscal Records NC-015-75-003_SF115 07/28/2021
Committee On Waivers and Compromises Report NN-173-000336_SF115 07/28/2021
Automated Management Information System (AMIS) Magnetic Tape and Disk Pack Data NC-015-76-003_SF115 07/28/2021
Geographic Card File NC-015-75-004_SF115 07/28/2021
Property Management Folders NC1-015-85-18_SF115 07/28/2021
Counseling/Evaluation/Rehabilitation (CER) Folders NC1-015-84-10_SF115 07/27/2021
Procurement Storage and Distribution Log NC1-015-81-22_SF115 07/27/2021
Veterans Appeals Records Management System (VARMS) Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-82-12_SF115 07/27/2021
Outreach Counseling Folder File NC1-015-84-18_SF115 07/27/2021
College of Police Science, Eastern Career School, and the National Training College Investigation Records NC1-015-84-05_SF115 07/27/2021
Veterans Administration Change of Address Request or Notices NC1-015-82-02_SF115 07/27/2021
United States Postal Service Forms NC1-015-84-17_SF115 07/27/2021
Dependents' Educational Assistance Folders NC1-015-82-06_SF115 07/27/2021
Spinal Cord Injury Service Records NC1-015-85-03_SF115 07/27/2021
Nuclear Scan Files NC1-015-81-25_SF115 07/27/2021
Centralized Accounting System for Construction Appropriations (CASCA) NC1-015-82-08_SF115 07/27/2021
Electrocardiograph Tracing File (EKG) NC1-015-83-16_SF115 07/27/2021
Recruitment Bulletin System NC1-015-83-07_SF115 07/27/2021
Counseling Folders NC1-015-82-09_SF115 07/27/2021
Listing of Veterans Denied Delimiting Date Extensions NC1-015-84-16_SF115 07/27/2021
Entrance and Separation X-Rays NC1-015-82-04_SF115 07/27/2021
Report of Education Overpayments by Facility Code NC1-015-84-21_SF115 07/27/2021
Agent Orange Registry System (AGO) (Formerly Herbicides Exposure Examination Registry System (HEX)) NC1-015-81-24_SF115 07/27/2021
Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling Systematic Analyses of Operations NC1-015-83-03_SF115 07/27/2021
System Workload Statistics Magnetic Tape and Auxiliary Records NC1-015-81-23_SF115 07/27/2021
Target System Transaction Reports (Printouts) NC1-015-83-04_SF115 07/27/2021
Electroencephalograph Records NC1-015-84-11_SF115 07/27/2021
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Hospital Review Cases Maintained in the RCCMS DAA-0058-2021-0001_SF115 07/26/2021
Office of Research Integrity Records N1-468-99-004_SF115 07/26/2021
Office of Research Integrity Files DAA-0514-2020-0001_SF115 07/26/2021
Supply Fund Quarterly Inventory Management Analysis Report NC1-015-81-21_SF115 07/23/2021
Centralized Accounting for Local Management (CALM) NC1-015-81-16_SF115 07/23/2021
Supply Fund Profit and Loss System NC1-015-81-20_SF115 07/23/2021
Title Papers, 1950-70 NC1-015-81-19_SF115 07/23/2021
Insurance Premium Billing Tapes (14032) NC1-015-81-15_SF115 07/23/2021
Insurance Award Output Tape 25026-1 NC1-015-81-14_SF115 07/23/2021