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Ship Designs and Material DAA-NU-2015-0009_SF115 03/01/2021
Internal Disposal: Administrative Office of the United States Courts, Bankruptcy Case Files N2-021-88-001_SF115 02/26/2021
Internal Disposal: Bankruptcy Case Files N2-021-88-002_SF115 02/26/2021
Internal Disposal: Research Grant Proposals and Awards Case Files N2-307-18-001_SF115 02/26/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Records, 1918-22 N2-191-93-001_SF115 02/26/2021
Internal Disposal: Unedited U.S. Marine Corps Motion Picture Film Footage, ca. 1940-56 NC2-127-85-01_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: World War I Provost Marshal General Office Files 1, 178, and 1000 NC2-163-78-01_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: Provost Marshal General's Office of the War Department Records, 1917-18 NC2-163-79-01_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: Provost Marshal General's Office of the War Department Records, 1917-18 NC2-163-79-02_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: Origin and Destination Records NC2-197-78-001_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: G-2 (Intelligence) Personal Name Files NC2-319-81-001_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: Three Dimensional Artifacts Transferred to the Smithsonian Institution NC2-243-79-01_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: European Survey, Duplicate Microfilm, 1940-45 NC2-243-77-01_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy and Marine Corps Records Covered by the GRS N2-NU-95-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: 1116 Reels of Film N2-428-81-002_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention Records N2-429-85-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Executive Secretariat Records N2-432-78-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Health Records N2-432-78-002_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Offices Concerned with Congressional Relations N2-432-79-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: James W. McLane Records N2-432-79-002_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Records NC2-107-80-01_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Photographs of the G-2 (Intelligence Section), 1917-23 NC2-120-81-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Special Training Division Language Training Recordings, ca. 1945 NC2-160-81-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Security Records (269.17) DAA-0269-2016-0010_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFN Antarctic Aerial Photographs N2-324-85-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Records for the Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission DAA-0220-2020-0017_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Records Covered by the GRS N2-AU-92-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Political Appointees Work Folders of Trump Administration DAA-0607-2021-0001_SF115 02/22/2021
Trump Administration Political Appointee Work Folders DAA-0051-2021-0001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Within-Grade Increase Denials (337.40) N2-361-78-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Defense Logistics Company, Statistical Reports Emanating from the Federal Catalog System or Defense Integrated Data System (DIDS) (730.55) N2-361-78-002_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Accessioned Records Eligible for Disposal N2-AFU-95-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Files under 155 (50, 52, 55, 57, 69, 60, 62, 64, and 66) N2-361-78-004_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Contractor Transportation Performance Records (600.40) N2-361-78-005_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Industrial Personnel Security Program Records (155.07, 155.68, and 155.70) N2-361-78-007_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Orders Records Sets N2-361-78-008_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Publications Record Sets and Background Papers (237.12 & 13) N2-361-78-009_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Program Development Records (220.20) N2-361-78-010_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Temporary Administrative Records N2-361-78-011_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Economic Opportunity Black and White Film N2-381-81-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Background Investigations N2-389-84-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Continental Commands Artifacts N2-393-79-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: U. S. Army Continental Commands Records, 1920-42 N2-394-77-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: U. S. Overseas Operations and Commands Records N2-395-77-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: White Studio Collection N2-404-83-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Adjutant General's Office Records, 1917 N2-407-77-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Adjutant General's Office Records, 1917 N2-407-77-002_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Adjutant General's Office, Microfilm of Control Records N2-407-77-003_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Alcatraz Prisoners Personnel Records, 1885-1935 N2-407-83-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy Photographic Cross-Reference Subject Cards, 1941-65 N2-428-93-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Audiotapes of Psychology Department Meetings of Saint Elizabeth's Hospital, April 20, 1957 N2-418-77-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Law Enforcement Assistance Administration Audio Taxes N2-423-82-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: DMA-NGA Reels 2006 Accession N2-456-16-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Records Covered by the General Records Schedule and Copies/Reference Files N2-469-16-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Higher Education Civil Rights Survey, 1976-78 N2-441-02-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Photographs in Hold File and Outsize Print Files, 1948-58 N2-306-77-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the National Archives N2-313-77-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Center of Military History Microfilm of Thomas File N2-319-78-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Staff Artifacts N2-319-79-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Audio Disc Recordings (Interviews) by Military Intelligence Service and Recordings of Traditional Japanese Songs N2-319-83-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: 52 Sound Recordings N2-326-79-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: DAVA Miscellaneous Navy Motion Picture Reels and Cards N2-330-82-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: DAVA Miscellaneous Pearl Harbor Aerial Photographs N2-330-82-002_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) Microfilm of Control Records N2-331-77-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Allied Control Commission (Italy) Records N2-331-78-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: NNM Tokugawa Diaries N2-331-85-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Armed Forces Day Choral Program Sound Recordings, 1951 N2-335-79-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Secretary of the Army Press Reference Sheets, 1947-64 N2-335-83-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Secretary of the Army, Miscellaneous Records N2-335-84-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Travel Vouchers and Correspondence Records N2-340-84-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Air Force Correction Board C/F N2-340-86-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations Office for Assistant for Atomic Energy, Technical Flight Data N2-341-77-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Orders and Miscellaneous Records N2-341-80-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Air Force Chaplains Records, 1949-55 N2-341-83-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Obsolete Microfilm of Unit Histories and Supporting Documents from Albert F. Simpson Historical Research Center N2-342-77-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: National Operational Meteorological Satellite System Motion Picture Film N2-370-95-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Putman Aggregate Print Files, 1960 N2-381-03-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Disposable Motion Picture Footage N2-362-92-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Routine Administrative and Personnel Records of U.S. Army Posts, 1870-1940 N2-393-87-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Justice Programs, National Criminal Justice Reference Service Videotapes N2-423-87-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) Photographs N2-237-81-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Strategic Bombing Survey N2-238-79-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Foreign Records Seized Herta Children, 1940-44 Photographs N2-242-80-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics Research and Development Records N2-255-77-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Records N2-255-79-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: United States Occupation Headquarters Records, World War II N2-260-79-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: United States Occupation Headquarters, Miscellaneous Records N2-260-80-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Assets and Property Records N2-260-82-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Military Government for Germany, Bavarian Personnel Records, 1932-46 N2-260-84-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Registration Statements N2-266-80-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFN National Production Authority Index N2-277-84-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: White House Conference on Families, Voting Records, 1976-80 N2-220-05-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Monitored Retrievable Storage Review Commission Obsolete Databases N2-220-91-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Administrative and Legal Records Deemed Disposable N2-227-87-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Patent and Invention Files, 1934-61; NACA Site Selection Data, 1940; Apollo 204 Review Board Miscellaneous Records; Theory and Analysis Branch Oscillographs and other Records, 1955-59 N2-255-93-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Tektite II Program Data Tapes, 1970-71 N2-255-93-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Collective Bargaining Agreement Records N2-257-03-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Correspondence Logs, 1956-57; Grievance Cases, 1984-85 N2-306-13-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: U.S. Civil Administration Ryukyu Islands (USCAR), Motion Pictures, 1944-61 N2-260-96-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Institutional Investor Study (IIS), 1969-71 N2-266-93-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Registration and Offering Statistics Records N2-266-93-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of International Training Records and U.S. Mission to Sudan Records Determined to be Temporary N2-286-01-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Routine Records, 1877-1964 N2-318-97-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Motion Picture Production Elements, 1950s-1970s N2-326-92-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Engineering Construction Project Files of Construction of Facilities at AEC and DOD Test Sites in the Pacific Ocean Area and Nevada N2-326-96-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Army Records Deemed Temporary N2-338-88-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: International Trade Data from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 1961-71 N2-354-93-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Federal Correctional Facilities: Warden's Office Records N1-129-00-003_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Grant Case Files N2-288-12-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Killed in Action N2-330-86-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Indian Gaming Commission: Audit Reports and Financial Statements N2-220-13-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: U.S. Naval Support Force, Antarctica (USNSFA), 1956-60 N2-313-88-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: NNM General Accounting Office, Office of Third Auditor Records N2-217-81-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Presidential Commission On School Finance Records N2-220-77-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Archives and Records Service, Office of the National Archives N2-220-77-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Metals Reserve Company and Rubber Reserve Company Records, 1940-55, at Atlanta FRC N2-234-93-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse Records N2-220-77-003_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Metals Reserve Company and Rubber Reserve Company Ledgers, 1940-55, at Atlanta FRC N2-234-13-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Study Commission on Records and Documents of Federal Officials N2-220-78-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse Records N2-220-78-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Commissioner on Fire Prevention and Control Records N2-220-79-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: NNF - PCHH N2-220-80-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal N2-220-82-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Commission on the Observance of lntemational Women's Year, 1974-78 N2-220-17-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: President's Commission on Financial Structure and Regulation Records N2-220-85-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: President's Commission on Income Maintenance Programs Records N2-220-85-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: President's Commission on Postal Organization Records, 1967-68 N2-220-85-003_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Chronological Files N2-227-80-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Defense Plant Corporation Records N2-234-79-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Gallaudet College Records N2-235-82-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Investigative and Suspense Cases, 1910-34 N2-134-01-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Correspondence Records, 1926-44, Statistical Reports, 1943-46, and Ledgers, 1910-1926 N2-143-93-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: New Farm Legislation Training Sound Recordings, 1965-70 N2-145-94-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Motion Picture Film Relating to Trade, 1939-65 N2-151-88-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Imports and Exports History File, 1967-79 N2-166-90-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Account Books, 1887-1942 N2-168-92-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Telegrams, Reference Files, Card Files, Clippings, and License Files N2-169-92-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Ship Data Bank System Historic Data, 1974-99 N2-185-03-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Glass Plate Negatives of Photos Taken for Registering Individuals as Silver Roll Employees, 1917-45 N2-185-07-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Passenger Origin and Destination Surveys N2-197-99-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Oscar Cox Papers (General Records), 1938-41 N2-169-18-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Duplicate Copies of Accessioned Records, 1942-45 N2-208-16-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: FBIS Daily Report Foreign Radio Broadcasts, 1945; Copies of Victory, 1942 N2-208-14-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Propaganda, Received Publications, and Press Intelligence and Telegrams/Airgrams N2-208-15-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Chief Signal Officer Artifacts N2-111-79-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFJ C.O. Inmate Case Files N2-129-83-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Trading Companies Records, 1941-42 N2-131-78-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: United States Branches of Japanese Banks, 1941-42 N2-131-78-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Alien Property Records N2-131-81-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Alien Property Records N2-131-82-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: NNG Office of Alien Property Records N2-131-82-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9NC-S Yokohama Special Forces of Hawaii Records N2-131-82-003_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9NC-S California State Banking Department Records N2-131-82-004_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9NC-S Pacific Bank of Hawaii Records N2-131-82-005_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9NC-S Trading Companies Records, Hawaii N2-131-82-006_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9NC-S Administrative Records N2-131-82-007_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9KRS Office of Alien Property Records N2-131-83-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Federal Coordinator of Transportation Records N2-133-78-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Non-record Materials N2-147-79-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the Chief of Ordnance Records N2-156-77-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Correspondence Record Slips N2-169-18-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Officers, Students and Enlisted Men Records, 1918-21 N2-156-78-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Chief of Ordnance Artifacts N2-156-79-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Photographs of Armor Plate Tests, 1971-74 N2-156-79-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: War Department General and Special Staffs Records N2-165-77-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Shorthand Notebooks of the Secretary of General George C. Marshall N2-165-77-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Staff,G-2 Registers to Correspondence N2-165-82-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Investigative Files N2-170-80-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Solicitors Records, 1931-45, and Country Files, 1941-47 N2-174-79-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: War Product Board Press Releases, 1940-47 N2-179-83-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: War Product Board Records N2-179-84-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Boston Naval Yard Commodant's Office Records N2-181-85-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Boston Naval Yard, Steam Engineering Records N2-181-85-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy Records at 1NN N2-181-86-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy Records at 1NN (Portsmouth) N2-181-86-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Magazine Abstracts, 1937-42 N2-208-18-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy Records at 1NN (Brunswich) N2-181-86-003_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy Records at 1NN (New London) N2-181-86-004_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Price Administration Records N2-188-78-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Deletion, Revisions, and Additions to Comprehensive Records Schedule N2-197-78-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: War Department Claims Board Records N2-199-77-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Records, 1918-22 N2-199-93-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: National Conference on Citizenship Records N2-200-79-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: American Heritage Foundation Records N2-200-79-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: New Farm Legislation Training Sound Recordings, 1965-70 N2-145-92-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Universal Newsreels Collection N2-200-81-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: NNSM St. Common Mental Health / Child N2-200-84-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: NNS National Broadcasting Company and American Broadcasting Company News Records N2-200-84-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: General Maxwell D. Taylor Records N2-200-86-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Press Clippings and Intelligence Bulletins N2-208-80-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Ledgers; Receipt, Sales, or Imported Commodities of Skins and Crude Rubber; and Miscellaneous Statistical Compilations, 1917-21 N2-182-94-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Cables, 1946; Foreign Service Regulations, 1945-46 N2-166-14-002_SF115 02/16/2021
U.S. District Courts, Court of Claims, Bankruptcy Courts, and the Territorial District Courts Records NC1-021-80-05_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Routine Correspondence of German Railroads Information Office, 1938-41, Photographs of Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation and Synthetic Nitrogen Products Corporation N2-131-94-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Original Notes of Proceedings Before a Court NN-173-000325_SF115 02/11/2021
Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Iraq Economic and Assistance Affairs DAA-0059-2011-0013_SF115 02/11/2021
Temporary Civil Case files for U.S. District Courts, Court of Claims, Bankruptcy Courts, and Territorial District Courts Records NC1-021-82-01_SF115 02/11/2021
U.S. District Courts, Court of Claims, Bankruptcy Courts, and Territorial District Courts Records NC1-021-81-02_SF115 02/11/2021
Bankruptcy Cases Involving Judgements or Orders Affecting Title to Real Property NC1-021-84-02_SF115 02/11/2021
Inspections DAA-0170-2017-0007_SF115 02/11/2021
Traffic Resolution Advisory Monitoring System (TRAMS) DAA-0237-2020-0009_SF115 02/11/2021
Designee Case Files DAA-0237-2020-0013_SF115 02/11/2021
Quality Performance Management System DAA-0237-2020-0010_SF115 02/11/2021
Office of Human Resources -Records of Senior Officials and Their Designees DAA-0266-2020-0001_SF115 02/11/2021
FHWA Oversight Construction Project Files (in field Federal-aid Division Offices) DAA-0406-2020-0004_SF115 02/11/2021
Case, Case-Associated, and Administrative Records NC1-021-83-01_SF115 02/11/2021
DOE Records Disposition Schedule 1.3: Budgeting Records DAA-0434-2020-0008_SF115 02/11/2021
Legal Records DAA-0563-2019-0010_SF115 02/11/2021
Courts of Appeals, Court of Customs and Patent Appeals, Circuit Judicial Councils, and Circuit Judicial Conferences Records NC1-276-80-01_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Confederate States Record Artifacts N2-105-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Chief Signal Officer Artifacts N2-109-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the Surgeon General of the Army Records N2-112-77-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Records of the Federal Courts NC1-276-83-01_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the Surgeon General of the Army Records N2-112-77-002_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: (duplicate job number issued) Admission Registers, London General Hospital N2-112-78-001-1_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: (duplicate job number issued) Office of the Surgeon General of the Army Records N2-112-78-001-2_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Daily Weather Observations N2-114-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Federal Courts Records NC1-123-83-01_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Project Specifications Records N2-115-81-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Dockets 1KRA N2-118-83-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: American Expeditionary Forces Records (World War I), 1917-23 N2-120-77-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-321-83-01_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: American Expeditionary Forces Records (World War I), 1917-24 N2-120-77-002_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: American Expeditionary Forces General Headquarters Records N2-120-78-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Judge Advocate General Artifacts N2-120-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous World War I Records N2-120-84-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: 6NN Public Broadcasting Service, Real Property Disposal Subject Files, 1957-58 N2-121-86-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Judge Advocate General Artifacts N2-125-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Parole Files N2-129-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Construction of Buildings Used as Housing for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games 1979-1981 / Official Files of William Blanton 1967-1971 N1-129-91-003_SF115 02/11/2021
Bureau of Administration, Records of Parking Permit and Car Pool Records Information Systems of General Services Management DAA-0059-2013-0005_SF115 02/11/2021
Minor Traffic Violation Notices NN-173-000247_SF115 02/11/2021
Minor Petty Offense Violation Notices NN-174-000055_SF115 02/11/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Records of Computerized Management Maintenance System (CMMS) DAA-0059-2013-0004_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Re-Entry Permits NNFJ N2-085-82-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Alien Registry Case Files NNFJ N2-085-83-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Public Health Services, National Board of Health Records, 1879-84 N2-090-78-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Savings of Health Service Litigation Records, 1963 and 1970 N2-090-78-002_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Health Resources Administration Records N2-090-79-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the Quartermaster General Artifacts N2-092-79-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Glass Negatives of Revolutionary War Documents N2-093-78-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Adjutant General's Office Artifacts N2-094-79-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Division of Operations N2-095-78-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Freedman's Bureau Artifacts N2-098-79-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Assistant Secretary John H. Stender Correspondence Records N2-100-77-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFJ Index Records N2-102-84-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Exam Reports N2-103-81-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: 9KRS Bureau of the Mint Records N2-104-83-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Glass Plate Negatives of Federal Buildings N2-121-93-001_SF115 02/09/2021
Internal Disposal: Foreign Service Posts N2-084-80-001_SF115 02/09/2021
Internal Disposal: Routine Administrative and Facilitative Documents N2-131-15-001_SF115 02/09/2021
Internal Disposal: Card Record of External Disposal Transactions, 1935-62 N2-064-81-001_SF115 02/09/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Indian Affairs Artifacts N2-075-78-003_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Alaska Reindeer Service Records N2-075-80-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Selected Decimal Files of Foreign Service Posts, 1936-48 N2-084-91-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Disposable Records Under Comprehensive Records Schedule N2-075-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Administrative Records, 1853-1946 N2-107-94-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Crow Indian Agency N2-075-81-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Pierre Indian School N2-075-81-003_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 6NCN Rapid City Indian School N2-075-81-004_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 6NCN Flaneau Indian School N2-075-81-005_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 6NCN Pine Ridge Agency N2-075-81-006_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Indian Affairs Records N2-075-82-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Miami Agency N2-075-82-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Miami Agency (Freeze) N2-075-82-003_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 7KRA Jones Academy, 1911-67 N2-075-83-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 7RKA Carter Seminary, 1911-43 N2-075-83-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 7RKA Shawnee Agency N2-075-83-003_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 7KRA Shawnee Agency Frozen N2-075-83-004_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Wahpeton Indian School N2-075-84-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Pierre Indian School, Cash and Check Remittances Records N2-075-85-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Corps of Engineers Tide Gauge Records N2-077-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Press Copy Books N2-080-77-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Department of the Navy Artifacts N2-080-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
International Cooperation Administration, 1950s, PAS and PIO N2-084-15-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: U.S. Consulate, Confidential Circulars, 1934-36 N2-084-19-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Chief of Naval Operations, Messages and Dispatches, 1941-45 N2-038-80-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Insolvent Banks Records, 1914-47 N2-101-93-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Ronne Antarctic Aerial Photography N2-038-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Chief of Naval Operations, Duplicate Intelligence Report C N2-038-81-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: NNSM Audio Cassettes N2-040-84-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Film from Hemis-Fair, 1968 N2-043-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Land Management, Nevada N2-049-78-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Land Management, Nevada N2-049-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Quarterly Expense Vouchers N2-049-79-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Officers Medical Records, 1884-99 N2-052-78-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFJ Treasury General Records N2-056-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Department of State Artifacts N2-059-78-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFD Department of State Press Copies, 1855-1906 N2-059-80-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: General Records N2-060-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case Files 65-39323 and 105-79527 N2-065-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case File 140-41000 N2-065-79-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case File 100-465217 N2-065-79-003_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case File 25-559121 N2-065-79-004_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case File 44-25739 N2-065-79-005_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case Files 140-36211 and 100-438269 N2-065-79-006_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Federal Theatre Project N2-069-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: NNG Bureau of Mines N2-070-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Correspondence and Microprints N2-072-84-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Ordnance Artifacts N2-074-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Osage Agency, 1913-57 N2-075-78-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Summary Statistics for the Census of Agriculture, 1949, 1959, 1964 N2-077-93-002_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 101: Mortgage and Lien Foreclosure Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Purchase Orders and Correspondence, 1917-29 N2-080-87-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 130: Federal Housing Act Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-002_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Visa Records N2-084-14-003_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Petroleum Division and Program Country Files, 1910-1952 N2-070-14-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Passport Decimal Files N2-059-18-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Record Set of Department Circular Instructions N2-084-14-002_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Manuscripts Submitted for Security Review, 1944-48; Monographs and Periodicals about Eurofpean History and Foreign Affairs, 1940s; Photographic Prints and Negatives N2-038-91-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 52: Theft of Government Property Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-006_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 116: Farm Credit Administration Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-005_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: State/Foreign Relations Cluster Related Holdings N2-064-15-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 47: Impersonation of Federal Officer Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-008_SF115 02/05/2021
Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCC) Records NC1-174-76-04_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 17: War Risk Insurance Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-007_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 32: Federal Building Space Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Consulate Naples - Diplomatic Serial Microfilm N2-084-14-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Card Files N2-043-19-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Humanitarian Benefits DAA-0566-2019-0032_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Reference Copies of Intelligence Surveys and Reports and Regulations N2-059-16-002_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Air Forces Records N2-018-77-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: United States District Court Records, Connecticut N2-021-82-002_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Indexes to Naturalization Petition N2-021-82-003_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: 3KRA Western District of Pennsylvania N2-021-83-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: 1KRA District Court of New Hampshire N2-021-83-002_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: United States District Court, Connecticut, Administrative Records N2-021-84-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: United States District Court, Massachusetts, Admiinistrative and Fin Records N2-021-84-002_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: NNF United States Fish Commission and Bureau of Fisheries N2-022-80-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Record Cards of Enlisted Men, 1917-19 N2-024-78-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: United States Coast Guard Artifacts N2-026-78-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: 5NCN National Weather Service Records N2-027-82-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: NNF United States Postal Service N2-028-80-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the Chief Clerk Records N2-028-81-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Postmasters Acounts, 1862-74 N2-028-85-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Microfilm Copies of Non Population Schedule for Massachusetts, 1850-70 N2-029-77-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: 1880 Soundex Cards N2-029-78-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: NNF United States Shipping Board N2-032-80-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 136: Farmers Home Administration, Farm Security, Rural Rehabilitation Loans and Soil Conservations, and Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act Records N2-060-14-004_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 142: Eviction and Delinquent Rentals Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-003_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 33: Federal Building Sites Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-004_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Accountability Records, 1957-62 N2-059-13-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Executive Orders Affecting the Department of State, 1874-1955; Code of Federal Regulations Records, 1945-77 N2-059-16-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Code of Federal Regulations Records N2-059-14-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Surety Bonds, 1916-25 and Certificates of Deposit, 1832-94 N2-039-91-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Motion Picture and Sound Records used for Training Aids and Public Programs, 1960s-1970s N2-047-92-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Telephone Conversation Records, 1942-46 N2-071-93-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Voucher Files, 1920-42, Monthly Transaction Journals, 1937, Administrative Mission Correspondence Files, 1946-47 N2-075-89-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Administrative and Financial Records Determined Disposable, 1903-54 N2-075-89-002_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: SIPRE and CRREL Motion Picture Records N2-077-87-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 3: Weeks Forestry Act Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-002_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Class 102: Fair Trade Act Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-003_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Glass Plate Negatives of Maps, Chart, and Drawings of Mississippi River Improvements, 1897-1910 N2-077-93-001_SF115 02/05/2021
Internal Disposal: Claims Folders used by the Notice of Death (NOD) Unit N2-015-83-001_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: Rehabilitation Division Records, Veterans Bureau, 1918-28 N2-015-84-001_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: Surgeon General of Veterans Affairs, 1862-1935 N2-015-84-002_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: Law Division, Bureau of Pensions N2-015-84-003_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the Secretary of Agriculture, Photographs N2-016-78-001_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: Nitrate Motion Picture Film N2-016-78-002_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: NNG Office of the Secretary Records N2-016-80-001_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: NNF Office of the Secretary Records N2-016-80-002_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: General Services Administration N2-018-77-002_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: United States Army Air Forces Training Films N2-018-81-001_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Records N2-019-83-001_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: General Correspondence Bureau of Ships, 1940-45 N2-019-85-002_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: United States District for Maryland N2-021-78-001_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: United States District Court, INC-N N2-021-78-002_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: Selected United States District Court Records N2-021-79-001_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: United States District Court, Boston N2-021-79-002_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: District of Delaware, Password Applications, 1916-47 N2-021-79-003_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: Orders, Reports, and Dockets N2-021-80-001_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: NNR Bankruptcy Case Files N2-021-80-002_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: United States District Courts Records, 1912-79 N2-021-80-003_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: United States District Court, Western District of Oklahoma Records N2-021-80-004_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: United States District Court Records, Maine N2-021-80-005_SF115 02/04/2021
Information held in the Tribal Information Management System (TIMS) database DAA-0600-2020-0001_SF115 02/04/2021
Asset Planning and Management Program DAA-0201-2020-0009_SF115 02/04/2021
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) -Personnel Vetting Records System DAA-0446-2020-0003_SF115 02/04/2021
Adjudication Records DAA-0446-2020-0001_SF115 02/04/2021
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Office of the Executive Secretariat (S/ES) DAA-0059-2020-0020_SF115 02/04/2021
Internal Disposal: Ledgers, Requisitions, and Belvoir, VA Records N2-036-15-001_SF115 02/03/2021
Internal Disposal: International Ice Patrol, Lantern Slides, 1913-45 N2-026-07-001_SF115 02/03/2021
Internal Disposal: Purchase Orders, Semi-monthly Reports, and Rental Housing Statements, 1917-20 N2-032-93-001_SF115 02/03/2021
Internal Disposal: OMEGA Transmitter Station Strip Charts, 1973-84 N2-026-03-001_SF115 02/03/2021
Internal Disposal: Courts Martial Records, 1950-73, Lighthouse Station Visitor Registers, 1892-1940 N2-026-91-001_SF115 02/03/2021
Internal Disposal: List of Officer Personnel, 1915-37 N2-026-92-001_SF115 02/03/2021
Internal Disposal: Search and Rescue Logs and Loran Records Charts N2-026-93-001_SF115 02/03/2021
Internal Disposal: Maryland Division Office and War Materials Surplus Division Records N2-030-92-001_SF115 02/03/2021
Internal Disposal: National Center for Education Statistics, Anchor Test Study Data Tapes and Documentation N2-012-93-001_SF115 02/02/2021
Internal Disposal: Microfilm of VA Form 10-2593 (Record of Hospitalization), 1918-57 N2-015-05-001_SF115 02/02/2021
Internal Disposal: Hull and Machinery Allowance Lists, 1911-45 N2-019-87-001_SF115 02/02/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFS - National War Labor Board N2-002-80-001_SF115 02/02/2021
Internal Disposal: Federal Register Documents, 1936-76 N2-011-79-001_SF115 02/02/2021
Internal Disposal: Accounting and Bookkeeping Records N2-014-80-001_SF115 02/02/2021
Internal Disposal: News Clippings, Changes in Part I of the Report on Prohibition Enforcement, and Paid Vouchers N2-010-91-001_SF115 02/02/2021
Corps of Engineering Planning DAA-AU-2016-0018_SF115 01/28/2021
Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) N1-266-11-004_SF115 01/27/2021
Swine Contract Library System N1-545-11-003_SF115 01/27/2021
Grain Inspection and Weighing Information System (GIWIS) Records N1-545-11-001_SF115 01/27/2021
Federal Grain Inspection Service OnLine (FGIS) System Records N1-545-11-004_SF115 01/27/2021
Public and Intranet Websites Records N1-545-09-001_SF115 01/27/2021
Export Grain Information System (EGIS) Records N1-545-10-001_SF115 01/27/2021
Training Division (TRN) Records N1-545-08-023_SF115 01/26/2021
Official Agencies Services (OAS) Records N1-545-08-001_SF115 01/26/2021
Committees and Teams (CAT) Records N1-545-08-009_SF115 01/26/2021
Safety, Health, Environment, and Security Division (SAF) Records N1-545-08-007_SF115 01/26/2021
Departmental Initiatives and International Affairs Division (DIIA) Records N1-545-08-012_SF115 01/26/2021
Budget and Financial Records N1-545-08-003_SF115 01/26/2021
Legislative and Legal (LEG) Division Records N1-545-08-021_SF115 01/26/2021
Field Management Division Policies, Procedures, and Market Analysis (PP&MA) Records N1-545-08-024_SF115 01/26/2021
Official Services Division (OS) Records N1-545-08-011_SF115 01/26/2021
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program Records N1-545-08-020_SF115 01/26/2021
Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs Records N1-545-08-002_SF115 01/26/2021
Government Travel Card System Records N1-545-08-019_SF115 01/26/2021
Technical Services Division Methods Development (MD) Records N1-545-08-022_SF115 01/26/2021
Communications and Information Dissemination Records N1-545-08-004_SF115 01/26/2021
Chillicothe Institution Inmate Files NC1-129-78-01_SF115 01/22/2021
Inmates Confined in State and Local Institutions, 1961-68 N1-129-89-002_SF115 01/22/2021
Records of McNeil Island Penitentiary NC1-129-83-01_SF115 01/22/2021
Atlanta Penitentiary Inmate Case Files NC1-129-85-01_SF115 01/22/2021
Central Administrative File Routine Correspondence, 1965-67 NC1-129-84-02_SF115 01/22/2021
Surveys of State Penal Systems N1-129-89-004_SF115 01/22/2021
McNeil Island Penitentiary Xrays NC1-129-83-02_SF115 01/22/2021
Sound Recording of Radio Broadcast Launching of Ship ~Jarden Johnson, 1945 NC1-129-84-01_SF115 01/22/2021
Parole Docket Books N1-129-89-003_SF115 01/22/2021
McNeil Island Penitentiary Logs, 1966-81 NC1-129-83-04_SF115 01/22/2021
Alcatraz Island Penitentiary Sea Transport Logbooks, 1946-59 NC1-129-84-03_SF115 01/22/2021
McNeil Island Penitentiary Photographic Negatives (Mug Shots), 1936-68 N1-129-89-001_SF115 01/22/2021
McNeil Island Penitentiary Xrays, Building Project Files, and Employee Association Financial Records NC1-129-83-08_SF115 01/22/2021
Regulatory Rulemaking Documents DAA-0433-2020-0004_SF115 01/21/2021
Federal Home Loan Banks Office of Finance Records N1-485-99-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Technical Support DAA-0433-2015-0002_SF115 01/21/2021
Federal Home Loan Banks Office of Finance Records N1-485-91-001_SF115 01/21/2021
District Banks Information Management System (DBIMS) Records N1-485-95-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Logistics DAA-NU-2019-0014_SF115 01/21/2021
Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB), Data Processing and Management Information Systems Records N1-483-92-009_SF115 01/21/2021
Supervisory Operations Records N1-483-93-008_SF115 01/21/2021
Electronic Examination Data Systems Records N1-483-93-026_SF115 01/21/2021
National Application Tracking System (NATS) Records N1-483-93-017_SF115 01/21/2021
Regional Institution-Related Records N1-483-91-002_SF115 01/21/2021
Miscellaneous Permanent Records N1-483-07-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Regulatory Plan/Profile Data System Records N1-483-93-013_SF115 01/21/2021
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Database Records N1-483-93-022_SF115 01/21/2021
Public Affairs Records N1-483-93-004_SF115 01/21/2021
Branch Office Survey System (BOSS) Report Comment Sheets N1-483-96-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Qualified Thrift Lender (QTL) Test System Data N1-483-93-019_SF115 01/21/2021
Director's Office Records N1-483-93-011_SF115 01/21/2021
Cost of Funds System Records N1-483-94-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Facility Construction and Management Records N1-483-91-004_SF115 01/21/2021
Regulatory Action Data (RAD) Systems Records N1-483-93-015_SF115 01/21/2021
Branch Office Survey System and Financial Reporting System Extracted and Summarized Information Records N1-483-10-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Thrift Financial Systems Records N1-483-93-024_SF115 01/21/2021
Controller's Records N1-483-92-007_SF115 01/21/2021
Deputy Director for Regional Operations Records N1-483-93-006_SF115 01/21/2021
Regional Institution-Related Records N1-483-04-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Policy Records N1-483-93-009_SF115 01/21/2021
Branch Office Survey System (BOSS) Records N1-483-93-018_SF115 01/21/2021
Financial Analysis and Planning Records N1-483-93-010_SF115 01/21/2021
Corporate Records N1-483-93-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Budget Records N1-483-91-003_SF115 01/21/2021
Chief Counsel Records N1-483-07-002_SF115 01/21/2021
Miscellaneous Temporary Records N1-483-08-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Consumer Complaints and Certificates of Charter Records N1-483-06-003_SF115 01/21/2021
Confidential Individual Information System (CIIS) Records N1-483-93-014_SF115 01/21/2021
Payroll/Personnel data base N1-483-92-006_SF115 01/21/2021
Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation Financial Assistance, Asset Liquidation, and Default Prevention Records, 1979-89 N1-483-97-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Year 2000 (Y2K) Records N1-483-06-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Holding Company Universe System Records N1-483-93-012_SF115 01/21/2021
Office of Thrift Supervision Library N1-483-95-001_SF115 01/21/2021
Congressional Affairs Records N1-483-93-003_SF115 01/21/2021
Correspondence Tracking System Records N1-483-93-021_SF115 01/21/2021
Universe System Records N1-483-93-016_SF115 01/21/2021
Deputy Director for Washington Operations Records N1-483-93-007_SF115 01/21/2021
Consumer Complaints Records N1-483-92-008_SF115 01/21/2021
Miscellaneous Records, 1974-1979 NC1-464-81-01_SF115 01/19/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-464-81-03_SF115 01/19/2021
General Records, 1974-1978 NC1-464-81-02_SF115 01/19/2021
Case Tracking Records and Sampled Litigation Records, 1974-1981 N1-464-92-001_SF115 01/19/2021
Area Development Assistance Planning Grants Case Files NC1-445-84-01_SF115 01/19/2021
United States' Element to the Tripartite I.G. Farben Control Group (TRIFCOG), 1945-53; Office of the General Counsel; and Combined Travel Board Records N1-466-91-002_SF115 01/19/2021
Administrative and Program Records NC1-448-76-01_SF115 01/19/2021
Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), Employment Discrimination Reviews NC1-448-79-01_SF115 01/19/2021
Office of Management, Administration and Planning (OMAP) Records N1-448-92-001_SF115 01/19/2021
Office of Information, Motion Picture Films and Photographs NC1-448-77-01_SF115 01/19/2021
Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) Records N1-448-93-001_SF115 01/19/2021
Assistant Secretary for Employee Standards Administration (ESA) Subject Files, 1993-2000 N1-448-01-001_SF115 01/19/2021
Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grant Program Records N1-467-01-001_SF115 01/19/2021
Hazardous Materials Enforcement Civil Penalty Records N1-467-00-002_SF115 01/19/2021
Records of Assistant Secretary Donald Elisburg NC1-448-82-02_SF115 01/19/2021
T-100 and T-100(f) Domestic and International Market Data, Airline Statistics N1-467-94-001_SF115 01/19/2021
Combined Service Segment and T-9 Data (Domestic and International Airline Statistics), 1984-89 N1-467-93-002_SF115 01/19/2021
T-100 and T-100(f) Domestic and International Segment Data, Airline Statistics N1-467-93-004_SF115 01/19/2021
Exemption Records N1-467-02-001_SF115 01/19/2021
Airline Service Quality Performance Records N1-467-93-001_SF115 01/19/2021
Hazardous Materials and Pipeline Safety Rulemaking Dockets and Program Records N1-467-97-001_SF115 01/19/2021
Rural Development Service (RDS) Administrative and Program Records NC1-445-77-01_SF115 01/19/2021
Property Disposal Case Files NC-430-76-005_SF115 01/14/2021
Organizational Surveys and Study Reports, Activity and Status Reports, and Program Records NC1-430-77-03_SF115 01/14/2021
Miscellaneous Records NC-430-76-001_SF115 01/14/2021
Budget Records NC1-430-76-08_SF115 01/14/2021
Policy, Standards and Procedures; Classification-Declassification Review Records NC1-430-77-07_SF115 01/14/2021
Visit Approval Requests, Advisory and Other Committee Records NC1-430-77-05_SF115 01/14/2021
Miscellaneous Records NC-430-76-003_SF115 01/14/2021
Division of Safeguards and Security, Persons of Interest Records NC1-430-76-11_SF115 01/14/2021
Personnel Security Clearance Case Files NC1-430-77-09_SF115 01/14/2021
Miscellaneous Records NC1-430-77-04_SF115 01/14/2021
Security Classification-Declassification Review Records NC1-430-76-10_SF115 01/14/2021
Scientific and Technical Reports, Contractor Facility Maintenance, and Fire Related Investigations Records NC-430-76-002_SF115 01/14/2021
Mission Records NC1-430-76-09_SF115 01/14/2021
Property Procurement and Disposal Records NC1-430-77-08_SF115 01/14/2021
Hazardous Material Shipping Records NC1-430-76-07_SF115 01/14/2021
Information Releases NC1-430-77-06_SF115 01/14/2021
Project Case Files NC1-430-77-02_SF115 01/14/2021
Biological Laboratory Records; Particle Accelerator Experiment Records NC-430-76-004_SF115 01/14/2021
Library Information Records and Director's Records N1-444-95-001_SF115 01/14/2021
Director's Special and Proposed Priority Project Records N1-444-95-002_SF115 01/14/2021
Quality Assurance Records NC1-430-76-06_SF115 01/14/2021
Office of Telecommunications Policy, International Division Records, 1952-72 N1-429-02-003_SF115 01/14/2021
Office of Administration Records NC1-429-79-02_SF115 01/14/2021
Council on International Economic Policy (CIEP) Records NC1-429-77-01_SF115 01/13/2021
Office of Administration OASIS ALL-IN-1 and other VAX Cluster Applications N1-429-95-002_SF115 01/13/2021
National Space Council Records N1-429-93-002_SF115 01/13/2021
National Space Council (NSpC) Records, 1992-93 N1-429-98-001_SF115 01/13/2021
Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention Records NC-429-75-001_SF115 01/13/2021
Emergency Planning Records, 1955-79 N1-396-88-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Unscheduled Records in the Washington National Records Center (WNRC), 1948-73 N1-396-92-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Flexitime Attendance Records NC1-362-83-02_SF115 01/12/2021
Volunteer Application Files N1-362-87-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Domestic and Peace Corps Volunteer Personnel Files NC-362-76-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Service Record Card NC1-362-84-01_SF115 01/12/2021
Motion Picture Films and Video Tapes N1-362-90-003_SF115 01/12/2021
Director of Administration Records NC1-151-82-07_SF115 01/12/2021
Agent/ Distributor Services (ADS) Application File NC1-151-83-06_SF115 01/12/2021
Technical Study Group, World Trade Conference, and Import and Export Advisory Councils Records, 1948-56 NC1-151-82-03_SF115 01/12/2021
Reports on Export Conferences and Manuscripts File, 1963-65 NC1-151-84-01_SF115 01/12/2021
Records of the Western International Trade Group (WITG) NC1-151-81-04_SF115 01/12/2021
National Export Expansion Council Records 1960-1973 NC1-151-83-02_SF115 01/12/2021
Volunteer Death and Early Terminee Records NC1-362-76-04_SF115 01/12/2021
Foreign Affairs Administrative Files N1-362-90-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Overseas Peace Corps Office Payment Records with Backup Vouchers NC-362-75-004_SF115 01/12/2021
Volunteer Description of Service N1-362-88-002_SF115 01/12/2021
Formula Grants and Related Records N1-288-97-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Grant Case Files N1-288-93-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Flexitime Attendance Records NC1-362-84-03_SF115 01/12/2021
Institute of Museum Services (IMS) History Database N1-288-94-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Volunteer and Trainee X-Rays N1-362-88-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Internal Audit Case Files NC1-362-83-03_SF115 01/12/2021
Automated Personnel Management Information System NC1-362-84-02_SF115 01/12/2021
Peace Corps Applicant Case Files NC1-362-81-01_SF115 01/12/2021
State Program Report System (SPR) N1-288-11-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Applications and Awards Management System (AAMS) N1-288-09-002_SF115 01/12/2021
Peace Corps Volunteer Psychiatric Records NC1-362-78-03_SF115 01/12/2021
Unscheduled Records at Washington National Records Center (WNRC) N1-362-91-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Recruitment, Anniversary, Partnership Program and other Promotional Posters N1-362-90-002_SF115 01/12/2021
Grant Records for Discretionary Programs Working Files N1-288-97-002_SF115 01/12/2021
Reports and Notes Database Yearbook (RANDY) N1-288-09-001_SF115 01/12/2021
Volunteer Conference Reports, 1962-75 N1-362-88-003_SF115 01/12/2021
Peace Corps Volunteers Medical Records and X-Ray Examination Files NC1-362-77-02_SF115 01/12/2021
Overseas Office Records NC1-362-76-03_SF115 01/12/2021
Unused Peace Corps Applicant References NC1-362-81-03_SF115 01/12/2021
Treaty File and Related Publications, 1846-1958 NC1-151-82-01_SF115 01/12/2021
Volunteer Employment History Records NC1-362-83-01_SF115 01/12/2021
Applicant Folders NC1-362-82-02_SF115 01/12/2021
Office of Administration OASIS ALL-IN-1 (Bush 41 Administration Email) N1-429-00-002_SF115 01/12/2021
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Import Administration NC1-151-81-02_SF115 01/12/2021
Director General for the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Services Records NC1-151-82-09_SF115 01/12/2021
Miscellaneous Records NC1-362-85-01_SF115 01/12/2021
Public Affairs Records NC1-362-85-02_SF115 01/12/2021
General Administration Records NC1-151-82-05_SF115 01/12/2021
Office of Administration Professional Office System (PROFS--Reagan Administration Email) N1-429-00-001_SF115 01/12/2021
United States v. International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. Discovery Files, 1957-75 NC1-151-84-03_SF115 01/12/2021
Office of Administration OASIS ALL-IN-1 (Clinton Administration Email pre-July 15, 1994) N1-429-00-003_SF115 01/12/2021
Trade Adjustment Assistance Records NC1-151-85-02_SF115 01/12/2021
British Token Import Plan Records, 1946-59 NC1-151-83-04_SF115 01/12/2021
Records Related to the China Trade Act NC1-151-81-01_SF115 01/12/2021
World Trade Reports File NC1-151-84-02_SF115 01/12/2021
Preclearance Program Case Files NC1-151-82-04_SF115 01/12/2021
Export Licensing Records NC1-151-83-03_SF115 01/12/2021
Miscellaneous Records of the International Trade Administration NC1-151-85-01_SF115 01/12/2021
Trade Opportunities Files, 1962-72, and Chronological Files, 1962-69 NC1-151-82-02_SF115 01/12/2021
Import and Export Data Printouts NC1-151-83-01_SF115 01/12/2021
Records of the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the United States Commercial Service NC1-151-81-03_SF115 01/12/2021
Commercial News USA Product Background Files N1-151-88-012_SF115 01/12/2021
Budget Submissions NC1-151-84-04_SF115 01/12/2021
ADP User Group Agendas and Minutes of Meetings NC1-151-83-05_SF115 01/12/2021
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Non-trusted Plan Cases NC1-174-78-01_SF115 01/12/2021
International Expositions Records NC1-151-85-03_SF115 01/12/2021
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Non-trusted Plan Cases and Annual Premium Filing Forms NC1-174-79-01_SF115 01/12/2021
Office of Domestic Operations Records N1-151-91-002_SF115 01/11/2021
Monthly Performance Reports of Countries Under Restraints N1-151-92-001_SF115 01/11/2021
World Trade Directory Reports NC1-151-80-01_SF115 01/11/2021
President's Export Council Records N1-151-90-003_SF115 01/11/2021
Heating Equipment Industry Analyst's Subject Files N1-151-87-014_SF115 01/11/2021
Far Eastern Financial Notes, 1936, 1937, and 1940 N1-151-88-004_SF115 01/11/2021
Agenda and Meeting Minutes of the Publications Clearance Committee and the Clearance Committee for Internal Operating Procedures, 1952-59 N1-151-87-005_SF115 01/11/2021
Hearing Commissioner Records NC1-151-80-05_SF115 01/11/2021
Office of Canada Commercial Programs Records N1-151-92-005_SF115 01/11/2021
Records Created by the Near East, Far East, and African Divisions of the Economic Affairs Division N1-151-87-010_SF115 01/11/2021
Proclaimed List of Certain Blocked Nationals Subject Files, 1938-60, and Country Files, 1942-45 N1-151-88-008_SF115 01/11/2021
National Production Authority (NPA) and the Business and Defense Services Administration (BDSA) Central Files, 1950-66 N1-151-87-009_SF115 01/11/2021
United States and Foreign Commercial Service District Offices Records N1-151-90-005_SF115 01/11/2021
Records of the Congressional Relations Staff NC1-151-80-03_SF115 01/11/2021
International Trade Data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) N1-151-92-003_SF115 01/11/2021
International Trade Administration General Administration Records N1-151-87-016_SF115 01/11/2021
Import and Export Licensing Records N1-151-87-007_SF115 01/11/2021
Selected Documents from Office of International Trade (OIT)/ Bureau of Foreign Commerce (BFC) N1-151-88-006_SF115 01/11/2021
Central Files of the Office of International Trade and Successor Bureaus, 1945-49 and 1953-71 NC1-151-80-07_SF115 01/11/2021
International Trade Administration N1-151-92-007_SF115 01/11/2021
Customs Release Files N1-151-87-012_SF115 01/11/2021
International Trade Administration IInformation Resources Policy and Planning Division Records N1-151-88-011_SF115 01/11/2021
National Production Authority Records, 1950-57 N1-151-87-003_SF115 01/11/2021
1982 Knoxville International Energy Exposition, 1984 Louisiana World Exposition, and Priorities and Allocation Division Records N1-151-89-001_SF115 01/11/2021
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Adjustment Asisstance Records N1-151-88-002_SF115 01/11/2021
Office of World Fairs and International Expositions N1-151-90-001_SF115 01/11/2021
Compliance Proceedings, 1948-60 NC1-151-80-02_SF115 01/11/2021
Office of Canada, FTA Binational Secretariat Records N1-151-92-002_SF115 01/11/2021
International Economic Policy Office of the Near East N1-151-90-004_SF115 01/11/2021
Office of Organization and Management Support Records N1-151-91-003_SF115 01/11/2021
Salvage and Scrap Division Records of the National Production Authority N1-151-87-015_SF115 01/11/2021
North China National Defense Information Files, October 1944-August 1945 N1-151-88-005_SF115 01/11/2021
United States Marshals Service Monthly Activity Report Source Documents NC1-118-79-02_SF115 01/11/2021
Director for Export Supply, Procedures and Publications Branch Records, 1942-49 N1-151-87-006_SF115 01/11/2021
Electronic Records of Sales Transactions from Foreign Countries, Companies, and Products N1-151-92-006_SF115 01/11/2021
National and Regional Export Expansion Council Records NC1-151-80-06_SF115 01/11/2021
United States-Israel Free Trade Area Agreement (FTAA) Files N1-151-88-010_SF115 01/11/2021
Strategic Information Program Subject Files N1-151-88-001_SF115 01/11/2021
Textile Trade Briefing Books, March-April 1964 N1-151-87-002_SF115 01/11/2021
Color Slides and Photographs of Overseas United States Trade Fairs, 1956-73 N1-151-88-009_SF115 01/11/2021
Japan United Overseas Development Assistance Program Records N1-151-92-004_SF115 01/11/2021
Records of the Office of Trade Promotion NC1-151-80-04_SF115 01/11/2021
Records Relating to Technical Advisory Committees N1-151-87-008_SF115 01/11/2021
Deputy Director of Operations Records N1-151-88-007_SF115 01/11/2021
Salvage and Scrap Program Records, 1951-54 N1-151-87-013_SF115 01/11/2021
United States Marshals Service Manual NC1-118-76-02_SF115 01/11/2021
Canadian Lumber Program Records N1-151-92-008_SF115 01/11/2021
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Textiles and Apparel N1-151-89-002_SF115 01/11/2021
Foreign Tariffs Division Country Files N1-151-88-003_SF115 01/11/2021
IC (Integrated Circuits) Customs Documents N1-151-90-002_SF115 01/11/2021
Office of Japan Records N1-151-91-001_SF115 01/11/2021
Board and Employee Thrift Advisory Council (ETAC) records N1-474-96-001_SF115 01/08/2021
United States Marshals Service Witness Security Files NC1-118-84-01_SF115 01/07/2021
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Records NC1-056-78-03_SF115 01/07/2021
National Indian Gaming Commission: General Counsel Records N1-220-09-002_SF115 01/07/2021
Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) General Council Case Management System N1-060-09-038_SF115 01/07/2021
Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys Manual (USAM), Bulletins (USAB), and Procedures (USAPs) N1-060-09-019_SF115 01/07/2021
U.S. Merit System Protection Board NC1-146-85-02_SF115 01/07/2021
INSight Information Management System N1-563-08-027_SF115 01/07/2021
U.S. Merit System Protection Board Record Schedule for the Office of Special Counsel NC1-146-85-01_SF115 01/07/2021
National Indian Gaming Commission: Audit Reports and Management Letters N1-220-12-002_SF115 01/07/2021
Master File Data of the National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS) DAA-0563-2015-0008_SF115 01/07/2021
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Entry Summary System (ESS) N1-563-03-004_SF115 01/07/2021
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Computer Linked Application Information Management System (CLAIMS 3) N1-563-04-003_SF115 01/07/2021
Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT) N1-563-08-034_SF115 01/07/2021
National Indian Gaming Commission: Audit Databases N1-220-09-004_SF115 01/07/2021
Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network (CWIN) N1-563-07-008_SF115 01/07/2021
Advisory Case Memoranda NC1-146-83-01_SF115 01/07/2021
Office of Cyber Security and Communications (CS&C) Program Records N1-563-08-030_SF115 01/07/2021
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Asylum Pre-Screening System (APSS) N1-563-04-007_SF115 01/07/2021
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Customs Declaration N1-563-03-003_SF115 01/07/2021
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Enforcement Integrated Database (EID) N1-563-04-002_SF115 01/07/2021
Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) N1-563-07-007_SF115 01/07/2021
Tariff Records N1-151-86-002_SF115 01/07/2021
Priority Telecommunications Service (PTS) System N1-563-07-012_SF115 01/07/2021
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Refugee, Asylum and Parole System (RAPS) N1-563-04-006_SF115 01/07/2021
Technical Resource for Incident Prevention Portal (TRIPwire) N1-563-08-028_SF115 01/07/2021
Master Station Log (MSL) N1-563-07-010_SF115 01/07/2021
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Computer Linked Application Information Management System (CLAIMS 4) N1-563-04-004_SF115 01/07/2021
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Rulemaking Docket Files N1-563-03-005_SF115 01/07/2021
Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys Litigation Technology Service Center (LTSC) Data Systems N1-060-09-040_SF115 01/07/2021
Technical Reconciliation Analysis Classification System (TRACS) N1-563-08-035_SF115 01/07/2021
National Indian Gaming Commission: Division of Administration N1-220-09-003_SF115 01/07/2021
Priority Telecommunications System (PTS) N1-563-07-009_SF115 01/07/2021
National Capabilities Analysis Database (NCAD) N1-563-08-026_SF115 01/07/2021
Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) Program Records N1-563-08-031_SF115 01/07/2021
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services ANNIE N1-563-04-008_SF115 01/07/2021
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement National Automated Immigration Lookout System (NAILS) N1-563-03-001_SF115 01/07/2021
Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys Annual Statistical Reports N1-060-09-018_SF115 01/07/2021
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) N1-563-04-001_SF115 01/07/2021
National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS) DAA-0563-2013-0008_SF115 01/07/2021
Infrastructure Information Collection Program (IICP), Asset and Facility Data N1-563-08-014_SF115 01/07/2021
Communication Assets Survey and Mapping Tool (CASM) N1-563-08-032_SF115 01/07/2021
National Indian Gaming Commission: Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-220-97-006_SF115 01/07/2021
Executive Office for Immigration Review: Board of Immigration Appeals Decisions NC1-060-84-03_SF115 01/07/2021
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Refugee Access Verification Unit Records N1-563-04-005_SF115 01/07/2021
Protected Critical Infrastructure Information Management System (PCIIMS) Records N1-563-08-036_SF115 01/07/2021
Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys: Attorney Nominations and Appointments N1-060-09-009_SF115 01/07/2021
Projects and Economic and Industrial Studies, Alaska Files, 1964-65 N1-151-86-004_SF115 01/07/2021
Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) Learning Management System N1-060-09-026_SF115 01/07/2021
Executive Office for Immigration Review: Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (OCAHO) Case Files N1-060-89-009_SF115 01/07/2021
Bureau of Foreign Commerce Files N1-151-86-003_SF115 01/07/2021
Tariffs Records, 1930-56 N1-151-86-001_SF115 01/07/2021
Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) Immigration Judge Complaint Files N1-060-09-006_SF115 01/07/2021
Case Access System for Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) (CASE) N1-060-08-007_SF115 01/07/2021
United States Marshals Service Special Assignment Files, 1968-71 N1-118-89-001_SF115 01/07/2021
United States Marshals Service Investigation of Allegations of Misconduct by Employees NC1-118-80-01_SF115 01/07/2021
United States Marshals Service Criminal Warrants N1-118-91-002_SF115 01/07/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program State Library Agency Survey, 1988-2001 N1-220-02-027_SF115 01/06/2021
Interagency Task Force on Refugee Assistance: Elgin Air Force Base Vietnamese Refugee Camp NC-220-76-002_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): US Library Data Sources and Analysis N1-220-06-003_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) Budget Files N1-220-04-005_SF115 01/06/2021
Federal Retirement and Health Benefits Program NC1-146-84-05_SF115 01/06/2021
President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports N1-220-97-005_SF115 01/06/2021
Combined Federal Campaign Application Files N1-146-90-001_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Slide Presentations N1-220-04-014_SF115 01/06/2021
Veterans Preference Files, 1890-1956 and Noncompetitive Actions Files, 1887-1943 N1-146-88-002_SF115 01/06/2021
Examining and Recruiting Test Material Records N1-146-87-003_SF115 01/06/2021
Central Personnel Data File (CPDF) N1-146-89-001_SF115 01/06/2021
Investigative Case Files NC1-146-83-04_SF115 01/06/2021
Civil Service Retirement and Group Life Insurance and Health Benefits Programs NC1-146-84-03_SF115 01/06/2021
Rural Electrification Administration (REA) NC1-221-80-01_SF115 01/06/2021
Council on Environmental Quality Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-429-79-01_SF115 01/06/2021
Civil Service Retirement Annuity Award Cards (1920-1948) NC1-146-85-06_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program School Library Media Center Survey, 1988-99 N1-220-02-030_SF115 01/06/2021
Retirement Annuity Roll Questionnaire N1-146-87-002_SF115 01/06/2021
Official Personnel Folder (OPF) of Photographer Ansel Adams N1-146-88-001_SF115 01/06/2021
Budget and Finance (BUF) NC1-146-84-02_SF115 01/06/2021
Documents Relating to the Government-Wide Investigative Program NC1-146-81-01_SF115 01/06/2021
Executive Personnel Records NC1-146-83-07_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program National Center for Education Statistics Forums, 1993-97 N1-220-02-029_SF115 01/06/2021
President's Commission on Fund Raising, 1956-61 N1-146-90-002_SF115 01/06/2021
Medical Section NC1-146-83-05_SF115 01/06/2021
Budget and Finance Records NC1-146-85-03_SF115 01/06/2021
Presidential Management Intern Files N1-146-89-002_SF115 01/06/2021
Investigations Records NC1-146-84-04_SF115 01/06/2021
Borrowers Case Files and Correspondence Files NC-221-75-001_SF115 01/06/2021
Correctional Services Records DAA-0129-2019-0004_SF115 01/06/2021
Rural Utilities Service Loan Servicing System (RULSS) N1-221-06-001_SF115 01/06/2021
Office of the General Counsel and Regional Offices Federal Service Impasses Panel N1-146-86-001_SF115 01/06/2021
Telecommunications Programs N1-221-08-001_SF115 01/06/2021
Retirement Records NC1-146-82-02_SF115 01/06/2021
White House Conference for Children and Youth, 1980-81 NC1-220-83-02_SF115 01/06/2021
Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect, 1988-96 N1-220-96-010_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Audiovisual Records N1-220-07-001_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Administrative Records N1-220-04-004_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Program Records N1-220-04-013_SF115 01/06/2021
White House Conference on Aging N1-220-92-009_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Library Cooperatives Survey, 1993-98 N1-220-02-028_SF115 01/06/2021
President's Commission on Model State Drug Laws (PCMSDL) Subject Files N1-429-02-002_SF115 01/06/2021
Council on Environmental Quality Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) Records, 1970-77 NC1-429-81-04_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Miscellaneous Records N1-220-08-002_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Sisters Library Program N1-220-04-006_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Academic Library Survey, 1990-2001 N1-220-02-026_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Sciences (NCLIS): Publications, 1971-2006 N1-220-00-006_SF115 01/06/2021
National Women's Business Council N1-220-96-007_SF115 01/06/2021
National Drug Policy Board Records, 1985-89 N1-429-90-001_SF115 01/06/2021
Office of National Drug Control Policy Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-429-01-001_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Federal-State Cooperative System Public Library Survey, 1987-2001 N1-220-02-031_SF115 01/06/2021
Council on Environmental Quality, Computer Printouts of Background Material for the Drinking Water Study and for the 50 Cities Study, 1976-77 NC1-429-80-02_SF115 01/06/2021
National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors, 1990-92 N1-429-93-001_SF115 01/06/2021
Office of National Drug Control Policy Correspondence Records N1-429-93-003_SF115 01/06/2021
Office of National Drug Control Policy Records, 1989-93 N1-429-95-001_SF115 01/06/2021
President's Drug Advisory Council (PDAC) Subject and Audio/Visual Records N1-429-02-001_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): White House Conference, 1976-80 NC1-220-83-01_SF115 01/06/2021
Addressee-Index File N1-146-87-001_SF115 01/06/2021
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Federal-State Cooperative System Public Library Data Memos, 1988-97 N1-220-02-032_SF115 01/06/2021
Examining and Recruiting Section Records NC1-146-83-02_SF115 01/06/2021
Classification and Compensation (CLC) NC1-146-84-01_SF115 01/06/2021
Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Personnel Management Evaluation Program NC1-146-82-03_SF115 01/06/2021
Executive Personnel Records N1-146-89-003_SF115 01/06/2021
Written Test Answer Sheets NC1-146-85-04_SF115 01/06/2021
Summary Rating Sheets and Individual Rating Sheets NC1-146-79-01_SF115 01/06/2021
Federal Recurring Payments NC1-146-83-06_SF115 01/06/2021
Office of the Federal Inspector for the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (OFI) N1-434-93-007_SF115 01/06/2021
Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) Administration Records N1-414-03-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Ticket Orgin and Destination Survey (Data Bank IB) N1-398-99-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center N1-056-02-002_SF115 01/05/2021
Federal Employees' Compensation Case Files Reporting Lost Time and/or Death and OWCP Automated System for Imaging Services (OASIS) N1-271-00-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Inventory Reports Examination of West Berlin Stockpile Goods, 1964-72 N1-084-87-002_SF115 01/05/2021
Data of Oak Ridge Directed Operations and Facilities as of June 1, 1948 N1-326-88-002_SF115 01/05/2021
Prague Claims Files, 1960-83 N1-084-96-003_SF115 01/05/2021
Director Ronald H. Lehman Records, 1986-93 N1-383-93-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Office of Administration Records NC1-383-81-01_SF115 01/05/2021
Jonestown Consular Case Files/People's Temple Files, 1978-80 N1-084-89-001_SF115 01/05/2021
William C. Foster Records, 1958-January 1969 NC1-383-80-02_SF115 01/05/2021
Airgram Log, 1971-83 N1-059-04-007_SF115 01/05/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule Updates N1-383-97-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Office of the Director, Deputy Director, and Other Offices Closed Series, 1945-79 NC1-383-85-01_SF115 01/05/2021
Bureau of Weapons Evaluation and Control; Bureau of International Security Affairs; Bureau of Multinational Affairs; and Bureauof Non-Proliferation Records NC1-383-81-03_SF115 01/05/2021
United States - Soviet Union Lend Lease Settlement Committee, 1945-61 N1-353-07-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Office of Public Affairs Records NC1-383-78-01_SF115 01/05/2021
Iran Working Group Records, 1978-81 and Grenada Task Force Records N1-353-90-003_SF115 01/05/2021
Arms Control Research Network (ACORN), Automated Recourse to Electronic Negotiation Archives (ARENA), Processor for Arms Control Treaties (PACTS), Seismic (SEISMIC) Database, and World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfer (WHEAT) Database N1-383-94-001_SF115 01/05/2021
National Security Council Task Force on the Law of the Sea Records NC1-353-78-02_SF115 01/05/2021
Office of Congressional Affairs Chronological Files, 1988-January 30, 1993 N1-383-97-002_SF115 01/05/2021
Budget Background and Travel Records, 1962-72 NC1-383-80-01_SF115 01/05/2021
General Advisory Committee Files and Reports; Administrative Files; Minutes of Meetings of the U.S. Representative to the Conference of the Committee on Disarmament NC1-383-78-02_SF115 01/05/2021
Interdepartmental Committee on Trade Agreements (TAC) Records, 1934-61 N1-353-89-003_SF115 01/05/2021
Ambassador at Large and Special Representative for Central America N1-059-01-004_SF115 01/05/2021
Interdepartmental Committee on Foreign Economic Policy (ICFEP) Meeting Records, 1961-63 N1-353-90-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Technical Committee on Petroleum (TPC) and International Petroleum Policy Committee (PPC) Records, 1946-53 N1-353-94-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Council on International Economic Policy Records, 1971-76 N1-353-96-002_SF115 01/05/2021
Iran-Contra Hearing Video Tapes N1-059-01-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Committee on Administrative Planning for Japan (CAPJ) Records, 1951-52 N1-353-93-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Inter-Agency Youth Committee Records, 1962-72 NC1-353-78-03_SF115 01/05/2021
Inter-Departmental and Intra-Departmental Committees, Task Forces, Working Groups and Boards Records, 1942-69 N1-353-90-002_SF115 01/05/2021
Telecommunications Coordinating Committee (TCC) Records, 1945-60 N1-353-95-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Visa Subject File N1-084-94-002_SF115 01/05/2021
Sino-American Joint Session Files, 1960-1963 N1-084-95-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Rome Treaty Claims Section and Bonn Parole and Clemency Board, 1947-62 N1-084-90-002_SF115 01/05/2021
Various 1967-1975 Disposable Lot Files N1-059-00-003_SF115 01/05/2021
National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies, 1946-59 N1-353-87-002_SF115 01/05/2021
Management Directives Case Files NN-173-000251_SF115 01/05/2021
Council on Foreign Economic Policy (CFEP) Records, 1955-60 N1-353-87-003_SF115 01/05/2021
Occurrence Investigation Files NC-326-75-002_SF115 01/05/2021
Nuclear Power Plant Docket Records NC-174-000231_SF115 01/05/2021
Program Subject Correspondence and Conference Records NN-173-000301_SF115 01/05/2021
State Army Committee on Transfer (SACOT) Records, 1946-49 N1-353-89-002_SF115 01/05/2021
Contractor Project Management and Reporting Records NC-326-75-004_SF115 01/05/2021
Contracting and Procurement Financial Records NC-326-75-003_SF115 01/05/2021
Revenue-producing Contracts, Transfer of Material Records, and Lease Agreements NC-326-75-001_SF115 01/05/2021
Oak Ridge Operations Office, Comparative Animal Research Laboratory (CARL) Photographic Records N1-434-90-007_SF115 01/05/2021
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) N1-434-93-008_SF115 01/05/2021
Rumsfeld Middle East Negotiations, 1983-84 N1-059-01-005_SF115 01/05/2021
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Records N1-056-95-003_SF115 01/05/2021
Oak Ridge Operations Office - Manhattan Engineer District (MED) - Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Records N1-434-90-002_SF115 01/05/2021
President's Committee on Arts and Humanities N1-220-96-013_SF115 01/05/2021
World Agricultural Outlook Board (WAOB) NC1-354-83-01_SF115 01/04/2021
Economics, Statistics and Cooperative Service (ESCS) Statistics Administrative Records NC1-354-78-01_SF115 01/04/2021
Closed Series at Washington National Record Center (WNRC), 1956-95 N1-342-01-001_SF115 01/04/2021
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs Loss of Time and/or Death and No Loss of Time Cases NC-271-75-001_SF115 01/04/2021
Maritime Analytic Support System (MASS) DAA-0026-2019-0003_SF115 01/04/2021
Records of the Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB) N1-051-99-001_SF115 01/04/2021
Atmospheric Nuclear Testing Program Official Photography, 1946-58 N1-374-93-001_SF115 01/04/2021
Munich Field Office Records, 1945-83 N1-131-08-003_SF115 01/04/2021
American Revolutionary Bicentennial Celebration Records, 1970-76 NC1-306-81-06_SF115 12/23/2020
Associate Director for Educational and Cultural Affairs Records NC1-306-81-07_SF115 12/23/2020
German Newspaper Comments on U.S. Information Center, 1950 NC1-306-81-09_SF115 12/23/2020
Correspondence Control Cards, 1961-64 NC1-306-81-10_SF115 12/23/2020
Editorial Service Division Feature Articles, Packets, and Air Bulletins, 1949-58 and Periodic Progress Reports, 1952-53 NC1-306-81-11_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of Research Records NC1-306-80-01_SF115 12/23/2020
Photographic Prints and Negatives, 1945-67 NC1-306-79-01_SF115 12/23/2020
Personnel Records NC1-306-78-02_SF115 12/23/2020
Photographs Used in Production of House Publications N1-306-95-006_SF115 12/23/2020
Offices of Information Center Service Records, 1943-68 N1-306-98-003_SF115 12/23/2020
Foreign Media Reaction Documentation and Source Data NC-306-76-001_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of Emergency Planning Records, 1953-68 N1-306-95-002_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of Personnel Subject and Chronological Files N1-306-94-003_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of Private Cooperation Records, 1950-67 N1-306-96-001_SF115 12/23/2020
Motion Picture Films, Video Tapes, Kinescope Films, and Title Control Files NC1-306-79-05_SF115 12/23/2020
Spanish and English Audiotapes of Voice of America Programs NC1-306-77-02_SF115 12/23/2020
Motion Picture Service, Television Service, and Screen Service Records, 1946-77 N1-306-98-002_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of Policy and Plans Records, 1948-76 N1-306-96-004_SF115 12/23/2020
Information Center Service Program Development Service Correspondence and Thematic Programs Records NC-306-75-001_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of Administration, Operations Divisions, Services Division Subject and Chronological Files N1-306-95-001_SF115 12/23/2020
Commissioner General's Office Canadian World Exhibition (IME) Records, 1964-71 N1-306-94-002_SF115 12/23/2020
Foreign Press Centers Records NC1-306-80-04_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of Security Records NC1-306-79-04_SF115 12/23/2020
Surveys Conducted in Foreign Countries NC1-306-79-02_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of the General Counsel Records N1-306-95-007_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of the Director Subject and Chronological Files, 1953-78 NC1-306-81-08_SF115 12/23/2020
Management Plan and Analysis Records N1-306-94-004_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of Personnel and Training (IPT) Records, 1957-67 N1-306-96-002_SF115 12/23/2020
Budget Files, 1948-64 N1-306-95-003_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of Plans Records, 1953-61 N1-306-97-001_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of Private Sector Committees International Council Conference Records N1-306-88-020_SF115 12/23/2020
Office of Research (and Predecessors) Records, 1950-77 N1-306-96-003_SF115 12/23/2020
Movie Scripts, 1942-67; Voice of America Files; USIE/IIA Newsletter, June 1951-December 1952; News of the Day, 1956-63; The U.S.A. News Review, December 31, 1951-January 29, 1953 N1-306-94-005_SF115 12/23/2020
Broadcasting Service Records, 1948-74 N1-306-97-002_SF115 12/23/2020
American National Exhibition in Moscow Records, 1958-61 N1-306-95-004_SF115 12/23/2020
Bureau of Broadcasting Records N1-306-94-001_SF115 12/23/2020
Educational and Cultural Programs General Subject/Country Files and American and Foreign Grantee Files NC1-306-81-04_SF115 12/23/2020
Public Diplomacy Query (PDQ) Database Records N1-306-92-001_SF115 12/22/2020
Soviet Newsreels, Documentaries, Cartoons, and Feature Films N1-306-90-003_SF115 12/22/2020
Photographs of the Opera The Consul, 1970 Jordan Relief Operation, African Sculpture, Historical Events and Personalities, and for Topic 70 N1-306-89-012_SF115 12/22/2020
Bureau of Management Records N1-306-93-004_SF115 12/22/2020
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs Office of the Associate Director and Deputy Associate Director Records N1-306-91-001_SF115 12/22/2020
Time and Attendance Reports and Central Guard Logs N1-306-92-004_SF115 12/22/2020
Training Program Files N1-170-86-002_SF115 12/22/2020
Bureau of Broadcasting Records N1-306-90-004_SF115 12/22/2020
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Cultural Centers and Resources Records N1-306-89-010_SF115 12/22/2020
Access Control System (ACS) Records N1-306-92-003_SF115 12/22/2020
Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training Records, 1935-70 N1-300-90-001_SF115 12/21/2020
Statistics; Subject Files; State Agency Files; Foreign Trainee Files, 1941-53 NC1-300-83-01_SF115 12/21/2020
Register of Operations Files; Medical Facility Incident Reporting Files NN-174-000005_SF115 12/21/2020
Operating Manuals N1-306-05-001_SF115 12/21/2020
Office of the Director Operations Center Records N1-306-88-015_SF115 12/21/2020
Worldnet Daily Feeds Recordings and Associated Records N1-306-86-006_SF115 12/21/2020
Executive Office Records N1-306-88-004_SF115 12/21/2020
Executive Secretariat Records N1-306-88-013_SF115 12/21/2020
Board of Foreign Scholarships Records N1-306-86-002_SF115 12/21/2020
Film Festivals Staff Participation Records N1-306-87-001_SF115 12/21/2020
Office of the Director Subject and Chronological Files N1-306-87-009_SF115 12/21/2020
Office of the Associate Director and Deputy Associate Director Records N1-306-88-003_SF115 12/21/2020
Voice of America (VOA) Tape Library N1-306-86-005_SF115 12/21/2020
Office of the Counselor Administrative and Subject Files N1-306-88-012_SF115 12/21/2020
Photograph Library N1-306-86-001_SF115 12/21/2020
Press and Publications Service Records N1-306-88-007_SF115 12/21/2020
Office of Research Program Records N1-306-87-008_SF115 12/21/2020
President's United States Soviet Exchange Initiative Coordinator Records N1-306-88-016_SF115 12/21/2020
United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy Records N1-306-87-006_SF115 12/21/2020
Presidential Clemency Board Records Deemed Temporary NC-429-76-001_SF115 12/21/2020
Office of Program Coordination and Development Records N1-306-88-005_SF115 12/21/2020
Deputy Director's Office Records N1-306-88-014_SF115 12/21/2020
Geographic Area Offices Records N1-306-87-002_SF115 12/21/2020
Program Files for Agreement for Facilitating the International Circulation of Visual and Auditory Materials of an Educational, Scientific and Cultural Character (Beirut Agreement of 1948) N1-306-86-003_SF115 12/21/2020
Office of German-American Contacts Records N1-306-88-018_SF115 12/21/2020
Railroad and Airline Wage Board, Employer Reports (Form WS-6a) NC1-293-81-05_SF115 12/21/2020
Office of Private Sector Committees Records N1-306-88-019_SF115 12/21/2020
Joint United States Public Affairs Office (JUSPAO) Records, 1966-75 N1-306-87-003_SF115 12/21/2020
Voice of America (VoA) Radio Marti Program Records N1-306-89-001_SF115 12/21/2020
USIA Records Maintained by Office of International Information Programs N1-306-01-001_SF115 12/21/2020
Special Collections Branch (E/CLS) Records, 1952-59 N1-306-88-011_SF115 12/21/2020
Office of the General Counsel Records N1-306-87-007_SF115 12/21/2020
Exhibit Service Records N1-306-88-006_SF115 12/21/2020
Civil Aeromedical Institute - Aeromedical Certification Records N1-237-86-006_SF115 12/18/2020
Wage Mariner Pay Schedules DAA-0370-2020-0003_SF115 12/17/2020
Legislation Reviewed by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration DAA-0056-2018-0009_SF115 12/17/2020
Records of the Office of the Inspector General of the Federal Trade Commission DAA-0122-2020-0001_SF115 12/17/2020
Comprehensive Schedule N1-122-09-001_SF115 12/17/2020
Maintenance Program Records DAA-0201-2020-0007_SF115 12/14/2020
Power Operations Program Records DAA-0201-2020-0008_SF115 12/14/2020
Certification Program Records DAA-0446-2020-0004_SF115 12/14/2020
Nicaro Project Records, 1941-63 N1-291-86-001_SF115 12/14/2020
Jewel Bearing Production Study Records, Turtle Mountain Plant in Rolla, North Dakota, 1952-63 N1-291-91-001_SF115 12/14/2020
Nicaro Project Records, 1949-60 N1-291-87-001_SF115 12/14/2020
Real Property Utilization Survey Case Files N1-291-86-002_SF115 12/14/2020
Property Disposal Program Records N1-291-91-002_SF115 12/14/2020
Claimant Correspondence Card Files, 1950-61 and Register of Claims Payments, 1948-50 N1-268-88-001_SF115 12/14/2020
Central Correspondence Files and Private and Public Claims, 1947-50 NC1-268-77-01_SF115 12/14/2020
Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science DAA-0167-2020-0002_SF115 12/14/2020
Legal Information and Reference Service Records NC1-217-84-01_SF115 12/14/2020
Displaced Persons Commission Records, 1948-52 NC1-278-76-01_SF115 12/14/2020
Statistical and Narrative Reports, Orders, and Publications, 1942-45 NC1-219-78-01_SF115 12/14/2020
GAO Disbursing Officers' Settlement Accounts Relating to Military and Civilian Pay, Department of War (Army), 1935-53 NC1-217-78-07_SF115 12/11/2020
Files Related to Miller Act, 40 U.S.C. 270a-d NC1-217-76-01_SF115 12/11/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-217-88-001_SF115 12/11/2020
Ledger Cards (GAO Form 4022) of Debts Referred to General Accounting Office for Collection NC1-217-80-02_SF115 12/11/2020
Settled Accounts of Accountable Officers NC1-217-78-03_SF115 12/11/2020
Negatives Created During the Process of Printing GAO Publications NC1-217-78-01_SF115 12/11/2020
Miscellaneous Records (WNRC Project), 1815-1948 N1-217-99-001_SF115 12/11/2020
Civilian Personnel Payroll Accounts, Army Overseas Units, 1963-67 NC-217-75-001_SF115 12/11/2020
Bureau of Budget Circulars, Court of Claims Case Files, and Work Reports, 1918-28 NC1-217-82-02_SF115 12/11/2020
Disbursing Officers Settlement Accounts Records, 1923-37 NC1-217-83-01_SF115 12/11/2020
Comptroller of the Treasury Legal Decisions, 1878-1921 N1-217-90-001_SF115 12/11/2020
Designated General Accounting Office Copies of Contracts and Related Papers NC-217-75-004_SF115 12/11/2020
Designated General Accounting Office Copies of Contracts and Related Papers NC1-217-76-02_SF115 12/11/2020
Security and Safety Records NC1-217-85-02_SF115 12/11/2020
Elimination of Bureau of Reclamation Exemptions from Previous Schedules NC-174-000241_SF115 12/11/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-217-82-01_SF115 12/11/2020
Copies of Contracts for General Accounting Office Audits, up through 1975 NC1-217-81-02_SF115 12/11/2020
Miscellaneous Records, 1918-61 NC1-217-78-04_SF115 12/11/2020
Case Files of Statistical Plans and Forms Submitted for Clearance, 1973-75 NC1-217-80-01_SF115 12/11/2020
Final Statements of Pay for Emergency Conservation Work Enrollees (WD Form 370), 1933-35 NC1-217-78-02_SF115 12/11/2020
Original Navy and Marine Corps Payroll Records, 1916-48 NC-174-000193_SF115 12/11/2020
ADP Procurement Files NC1-217-85-04_SF115 12/11/2020
Disbursing Officers' Settlement Accounts for New Deal Programs, 1933-44 NC1-217-79-01_SF115 12/11/2020
Certificates of Transfer Settlements, 1923-47 NC-217-75-002_SF115 12/11/2020
Numerical Forms Files N1-217-87-001_SF115 12/11/2020
Work Papers, Audit Programs and Reports NC1-217-78-06_SF115 12/11/2020
Subsidy Mail Rates Files and Military Rates Files NC-174-000181_SF115 12/11/2020
Select Agents and Toxins DAA-0442-2019-0001_SF115 12/10/2020
External Regulatory Guidance, Internal Regulatory Review, Legal Support, Oversight and Compliance DAA-0180-2018-0006_SF115 12/10/2020
Administrative Procedures Program Directives DAA-0433-2020-0001_SF115 12/10/2020
Program Development PHH-60 DAA-0571-2020-0006_SF115 12/10/2020
PHMSA Records Schedule covers records from Office of Pipeline Safety and Office of Hazardous Materials Safety DAA-0571-2016-0004_SF115 12/10/2020
Program Records of the Office of Military Commissions DAA-0330-2014-0005_SF115 12/10/2020
Former Taxation Branch Records, 1943-56 N1-196-98-002_SF115 12/10/2020
Statistics Branch Subject Files, 1938-68 N1-196-99-001_SF115 12/10/2020
Low Rent Public Housing Correspondence Files, 1958-72 NN-173-000246_SF115 12/10/2020
Industry Data Division Records NC1-195-78-04_SF115 12/10/2020
Government Stock Subscription Files, 1935-50 NC1-195-80-03_SF115 12/10/2020
International Division AID Files and Economic Studies NC1-195-78-03_SF115 12/10/2020
Registered Home Service Program Records, 1936-42 NC1-195-84-02_SF115 12/10/2020
General Legal Opinions Files, 1937-71 N1-196-95-001_SF115 12/10/2020
Office of Assistant Commissioner for Administration, Administrative Files, 1944-60 NC1-196-80-02_SF115 12/10/2020
Housing Project Blueprints and Drawings, 1913-50 NC1-196-81-01_SF115 12/10/2020
War Housing and Title V Reuse Program Records, 1940-57 N1-196-88-001_SF115 12/10/2020
Legal Division Records, 1934-63 NC1-196-82-04_SF115 12/10/2020
Special Assistant to the Commissioner for Congressional Liaison Records, 1942-62 N1-196-97-001_SF115 12/10/2020
Former Washington Regional Office Project Engineer's Records, 1952-58 NC1-196-82-03_SF115 12/10/2020
Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner Records N1-196-96-001_SF115 12/10/2020
Project Files NC1-196-82-01_SF115 12/10/2020
Disposition Docket File Records, 1941-60 NC1-196-82-05_SF115 12/10/2020
Public Affairs Branch Records, 1937-64 N1-196-97-002_SF115 12/10/2020
Commissioner's Correspondence and Subject Files, 1952-63 N1-196-98-001_SF115 12/10/2020
ADP Records NC1-197-76-02_SF115 12/10/2020
Mail Rates Case Files and Loan Files NC-174-000145_SF115 12/10/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC-174-000136_SF115 12/10/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-197-82-01_SF115 12/10/2020
Route Case Files NC-174-000185_SF115 12/10/2020
Dockets, Index and Micrographics Branch Records NC1-195-79-01_SF115 12/10/2020
General Counsel Compliance Division, Precedence Subject Files NC1-195-78-02_SF115 12/10/2020
Board Meeting Records NC1-197-78-02_SF115 12/10/2020
Emergency Charter Reports NC-174-000183_SF115 12/10/2020
Office of Audits Records NN-174-000083_SF115 12/10/2020
Applications for Special Authority NC-174-000134_SF115 12/10/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC-197-76-001_SF115 12/10/2020
Chicago Office of the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation Administrative Records, 1974 NC1-195-84-01_SF115 12/10/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC-174-000146_SF115 12/10/2020
Commuter Flight Schedules NC-174-000182_SF115 12/10/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-197-83-01_SF115 12/10/2020
Travel Group Charter Passenger Lists NC-174-000184_SF115 12/10/2020
Closed Court Cases NC-174-000144_SF115 12/10/2020
Inter-Carrier Agreements, Stock-Ownership Reports, and Aircraft Lease/Purchase Contracts NC-174-000135_SF115 12/10/2020
Obsolete Directives and Management Studies NN-174-000060_SF115 12/10/2020
Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity, Foreign Air Carrier Permits NC1-197-85-01_SF115 12/10/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-195-77-26_SF115 12/04/2020
Financial Management Division Records NC1-195-78-01_SF115 12/04/2020
Office of Examinations and Supervision, Chief Accountant Records NC1-195-77-04_SF115 12/04/2020
Information Systems Division Records NC1-195-77-20_SF115 12/04/2020
Printing and Reproduction Branch Records NC1-195-77-21_SF115 12/04/2020
Personnel Management Division Records NC1-195-77-22_SF115 12/04/2020
Office of Housing and Urban Affairs Records NC1-195-77-24_SF115 12/04/2020
Office of Economic Research Records NC1-195-77-25_SF115 12/04/2020
Office of Management Systems and Administration Records NC1-195-77-28_SF115 12/04/2020
Management Systems Records NC1-195-77-29_SF115 12/04/2020
Financial Management Division Records NC1-195-77-30_SF115 12/04/2020
Monthly Reports to Director and Director's Subject Files NC1-195-77-31_SF115 12/04/2020
Files and Dockets Section, Minute Exhibits, 1933-67 NC1-195-77-32_SF115 12/04/2020
Equal Employment Opportunity Records NC1-195-77-05_SF115 12/03/2020
Office of General Counsel, Legislative Division History Files and Proposals NC1-195-77-18_SF115 12/03/2020
Office of Industry Development Records NC1-195-77-19_SF115 12/03/2020
Division of Select Agents and Toxins, Office for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response (COTPER) Records N1-442-06-001_SF115 12/02/2020