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Within the Past Ninety Days

Title Number Date
Pre-ARMS records of the Division of Power System Operations (PSO) N1-142-90-005_SF115 12/07/2018
Management of Contractor Data (Table 310-1) NC1-AFU-83-010_SF115 12/07/2018
Agency Inspector General Records DAA-0446-2018-0003_SF115 12/07/2018
Pesticide Use, Management and Coordination DAA-0095-2018-0015_SF115 12/07/2018
Grazing and Livestock Use Fee Permit System DAA-0095-2018-0030_SF115 12/07/2018
Market Development Programs - Market Access Program and Foreign Market Development Program DAA-0166-2018-0049_SF115 12/07/2018
FAS Trade Programs DAA-0166-2018-0050_SF115 12/07/2018
Section 108 Foreign Currency Program DAA-0166-2018-0051_SF115 12/07/2018
Inspector General Records DAA-0358-2017-0003_SF115 12/07/2018
Honors and Awards (Table 900-1) NC1-AFU-83-011_SF115 12/07/2018
C-E Operation, System, and Facility Evaluation Records (Table 100-11) NC1-AFU-82-082_SF115 11/30/2018
Committee and Board Records (Table 25-3) NC1-AFU-83-002_SF115 11/30/2018
Military and Civilian Personnel (Table 30-1) NC1-AFU-83-003_SF115 11/30/2018
Equal Opportunity Correspondence Files N1-142-90-006_SF115 11/30/2018
Manpower and Organization (Table 26-1) NC1-AFU-83-004_SF115 11/30/2018
Civil Engineer Design Data (Table 88-2) NC1-AFU-83-007_SF115 11/30/2018
American Forces Radio and Television (AFRT) Records (Table 190-3) NC1-AFU-83-009_SF115 11/30/2018
Training Materials (Table 50-4) NC1-AFU-83-005_SF115 11/30/2018
Records Relating to Plant Introduction Field Stations NC1-007-79-01_SF115 11/29/2018
Routine Administrative and Facilitative Documents N2-131-15-001_SF115 11/26/2018
Case Files on Southeast Asian Refugees NC1-084-85-01_SF115 11/21/2018
Documents Relative to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) NC1-087-85-01_SF115 11/21/2018
Division of Energy Use and Distributor Relations N1-142-87-010_SF115 11/21/2018
Radiation Safety and Control Items N1-142-90-001_SF115 11/21/2018
Additions to Resource Development's Comprehensive Records Schedule under River Basin Operations Reservoir Operations Support Files N1-142-90-002_SF115 11/21/2018
Power Engineering and Construction Estimating Files N1-142-90-003_SF115 11/21/2018
Purchasing Correspondence Files N1-142-90-004_SF115 11/21/2018
TVA History Timeline and Database N1-142-90-007_SF115 11/21/2018
Discharge Monitoring Report Generating System N1-142-90-008_SF115 11/21/2018
Cost Allocations for Multipurpose Dams and Reservoirs N1-142-90-009_SF115 11/21/2018
Time-Reporting Records N1-142-90-010_SF115 11/21/2018
Discrimination Complaint Case Files N1-142-90-012_SF115 11/21/2018
Live Well Program in Medical Services N1-142-90-013_SF115 11/21/2018
Nuclear Power Comprehensive Records Schedule for Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant N1-142-90-014_SF115 11/21/2018
Hydrographs of the Daily Flow and Elevations of Water in the TVA Reservoir System N1-142-90-015_SF115 11/21/2018
Correspondence File for Flood Protection (1933-88) N1-142-90-016_SF115 11/21/2018
Land Between the Lakes Records N1-142-90-017_SF115 11/21/2018
Office of Planning and Budget Correspondence Files N1-142-90-020_SF115 11/21/2018
Correspondence for the Office of Corporate Services Manager's Office & Services, Vice President's Office N1-142-90-022_SF115 11/21/2018
Plant Accounting Records Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-91-001_SF115 11/21/2018
General Files from 1940-1946 N1-357-91-001_SF115 11/19/2018
Cooperative Fire Protection DAA-0095-2018-0007_SF115 11/16/2018
Office of Rent Stabilization DAA-0252-2018-0001_SF115 11/16/2018
Range Improvements DAA-0095-2018-0031_SF115 11/16/2018
Finance and Accounting DAA-0095-2018-0044_SF115 11/16/2018
Commercial Timber Sales DAA-0095-2018-0045_SF115 11/16/2018
Designating, Cruising, Scaling, and Accountability DAA-0095-2018-0047_SF115 11/16/2018
Systems Management -National and Departmental Standards DAA-0095-2018-0048_SF115 11/16/2018
Timber Sale Contract Administration DAA-0095-2018-0049_SF115 11/16/2018
Inspections Records System DAA-0100-2018-0002_SF115 11/16/2018
Maps of Federal and State Highways and Roads DAA-0406-2018-0002_SF115 11/16/2018
Temporary Commissions, Boards, Councils and Committees N1-GRS-04-001_SF115 11/16/2018
Implementation of Contract Labor Files 1946 - 1955 NC1-085-76-02_SF115 11/14/2018
Renogotiation Case Files NC1-308-78-01_SF115 11/14/2018
Insect Collection, 1931-1977 NC1-310-78-01_SF115 11/14/2018
Farmer Cooperative Service (FCS), Cooperative Assocation Files NC1-314-78-01_SF115 11/14/2018
Immigration Arrival And Departure Records NC1-085-85-01_SF115 11/14/2018
Demographic Fields Area and Economic Fields Area NC1-029-79-16_SF115 11/14/2018
Recall and Compliance Division Section 37 Case Files N1-424-02-001_SF115 11/14/2018
Reasonable Accommodation Request (RAR) N1-GRS-04-002_SF115 11/13/2018
Link and Learn Taxes System Data DAA-0058-2017-0003_SF115 11/13/2018
Private Debt Collection Program N1-058-09-040_SF115 11/13/2018
Revision to General Record Schedule (GRS) 23, Item 7 N1-GRS-04-005_SF115 11/13/2018
Alternative Dispute Resolution N1-GRS-03-002_SF115 11/13/2018
General Record Schedule (GRS) for Chief Information Officers N1-GRS-04-004_SF115 11/13/2018
Revisions to General Record Schedule (GRS) 26, Item 2 N1-GRS-07-005_SF115 11/13/2018
Form 1-102, Application for Replacement/Initial Non immigrant Arrival/DepartureDocument DAA-0566-2017-0008_SF115 11/07/2018
Extreme Fire Situation Program DAA-0095-2018-0008_SF115 11/06/2018
Records, Reports, Studies, and Publications (Cooperative Wildfire Program) DAA-0095-2018-0009_SF115 11/06/2018
Energy Management DAA-0095-2018-0029_SF115 11/06/2018
Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros DAA-0095-2018-0033_SF115 11/06/2018
Publicly Managed Recreation Opportunities DAA-0095-2018-0038_SF115 11/06/2018
Trail, River, and Similar Recreation Opportunities DAA-0095-2018-0040_SF115 11/06/2018
National Tunnel Inventory (NTI) DAA-0406-2017-0001_SF115 11/06/2018
Selected Litigation Case Files DAA-0237-2018-0003_SF115 11/06/2018
Domestic Security Records (Classification 100) DAA-0065-2018-0004_SF115 11/06/2018
Suitability Requirements, Training, and Standards DAA-0095-2018-0022_SF115 11/06/2018
Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Acquisition DAA-0095-2018-0041_SF115 11/06/2018
Applications, Amendments, Exemptions, Filings, and Submissions Processing DAA-0266-2018-0007_SF115 11/06/2018
Administrative and Management Records: Human Resources Records DAA-0568-2017-0010_SF115 11/06/2018
TEST Approved NA-1005 Capstone GRS-6-1-0047-2017-0001_SF115 11/05/2018
U.S. Mission to the United Nations NN-173-000126_SF115 11/02/2018
Service Contract Act of 1965 and Davis-Bacon and Related Acts N1-155-90-001_SF115 11/02/2018
Classified N1-059-91-018_SF115 11/01/2018
Classified N1-059-92-009_SF115 11/01/2018
Cataloging Records (Table 72-1) N1-AFU-90-049_SF115 10/29/2018
Environmental Planning (Table 19-1) N1-AFU-90-053_SF115 10/29/2018
Resources Conservation (RECON) Program Records, Cost Reduction Reports, 1963-1968 N1-AFU-90-036_SF115 10/29/2018
Non-Electronic Civil Case Files DAA-0021-2017-0001_SF115 10/29/2018
Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Media DAA-0065-2016-0001_SF115 10/29/2018
Rural Development DAA-0095-2018-0013_SF115 10/29/2018
Correspondence Management DAA-0095-2018-0032_SF115 10/29/2018
Recreation, Wilderness, and Related Resource Management DAA-0095-2018-0036_SF115 10/29/2018
Procurement Program Management DAA-0095-2018-0037_SF115 10/29/2018
Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment Activities DAA-0095-2018-0092_SF115 10/29/2018
Audit Liaison and Follow-up Files for Reports on Mission Units DAA-0266-2017-0011_SF115 10/29/2018
Postal Regulatory Commission-Specific Records DAA-0458-2018-0001_SF115 10/29/2018
Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) DAA-0478-2018-0003_SF115 10/29/2018
Air Force Costs DAA-AFU-2017-0002_SF115 10/29/2018
Bureau of Fiscal Service Fiscal Accounting Records DAA-0425-2017-0003_SF115 10/22/2018
Real Property Accountable Records (Table 87-5) N1-AFU-89-032_SF115 10/22/2018
Physiological Training / Therapy Records (Table 161-2) N1-AFU-89-033_SF115 10/22/2018
Equipment Maintenance (Table 66-8) N1-AFU-90-001_SF115 10/22/2018
Pharmacy Records (Table 168-7) N1-AFU-90-002_SF115 10/22/2018
Communications Security (COMSEC) Policy, Plans, Reports, and Collateral Data (Table 56-3) N1-AFU-90-012_SF115 10/22/2018
Logistics Command Aeronautical Depot Maintenance Industrial Technology Program (Table 66-13) N1-AFU-90-013_SF115 10/22/2018
Cemetery and Burial Records (Table 143-1) N1-AFU-90-022_SF115 10/22/2018
Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR) (Table 66-15) N1-AFU-90-025_SF115 10/22/2018
Operations Resource Management Systems (AFORMS) (Table 60-5) N1-AFU-90-026_SF115 10/22/2018
Administrative Patient Records (Table 168-3) N1-AFU-90-027_SF115 10/22/2018
Operations Research Management Systems (AFORMS) (Table 60-5) N1-AFU-90-031_SF115 10/22/2018
Special Diagnostic Records, Tumor Registry, and Medical Illustrations (Table 44-4) N1-AFU-96-019_SF115 10/22/2018
On / Off - Base Housing Records (Table 90-3) N1-AFU-86-069_SF115 10/22/2018
Flight Operations (Table 60-3) N1-AFU-87-034_SF115 10/22/2018
Technical Support Operations (Table 124-5) N1-AFU-87-036_SF115 10/22/2018
Security Police (Table 125-1) N1-AFU-90-038_SF115 10/22/2018
Military and Civillian Personnel (Table 30-1) N1-AFU-90-040_SF115 10/22/2018
Promotion and Demotion Records (Table 35-8) N1-AFU-87-035_SF115 10/19/2018
Family Support Centers (Table 30-7) N1-AFU-90-042_SF115 10/19/2018
Staffing (Table 40-2) N1-AFU-90-051_SF115 10/19/2018
Employee Career Development (Table 40-3) N1-AFU-90-050_SF115 10/19/2018
Museum Program Records (Table 210-2) N1-AFU-87-032_SF115 10/19/2018
Individual Military Personnel Records (Table 35-1) N1-AFU-90-048_SF115 10/19/2018
Table of Allowance / Authorization Records (Table 67-5) N1-AFU-86-058_SF115 10/19/2018
Military Personnel Testing System (Table 35-6) N1-AFU-87-013_SF115 10/19/2018
Citizen's Advisory Council on the Status of Women NC3-220-79-02_SF115 10/19/2018
Honors and Awards (Table 900-1) N1-AFU-87-022_SF115 10/19/2018
Program Administration (Table 50-1) N1-AFU-87-006_SF115 10/19/2018
Equipment Management System (Table 67-11) N1-AFU-87-027_SF115 10/19/2018
Flying Status Records (Table 35-7) N1-AFU-86-064_SF115 10/19/2018
Classification and Assignment Records (Table 35-4) N1-AFU-89-026_SF115 10/17/2018
Health, Outpatient, and Psychiatric Clinic Records (Table 41-12) N1-AFU-97-008_SF115 10/17/2018
Family Support Centers (Table 36-7) N1-AFU-96-017_SF115 10/17/2018
Training Instructor Evaluation Records (Table 36-37) N1-AFU-99-006_SF115 10/17/2018
Applications for Educational Programs (Table 53-2) N1-AFU-89-024_SF115 10/17/2018
Community College of the Air Force Records (Table 36-48) N1-AFU-98-001_SF115 10/17/2018
Architectural and Engineering Records of U.S. Air Force Installations in Panama, 1920-Present N1-AFU-99-005_SF115 10/17/2018
Health, Outpatient, and Psychiatric Clinic Records (Table 41-12) N1-AFU-97-002_SF115 10/17/2018
Classified (internal RCS only) NC1-263-77-012 10/17/2018
Administrative Orders (Table 37-13) N1-AFU-96-020_SF115 10/17/2018
Fire Protection (Table 32-35) N1-AFU-96-012_SF115 10/17/2018
Employee-Management Relations (Table 40-4) N1-AFU-90-017_SF115 10/17/2018
Administrative Orders (Table 10-3) N1-AFU-90-035_SF115 10/17/2018
Policy, General Authority and General Management (Table 40-1) N1-AFU-90-006_SF115 10/17/2018
Morale, Welfare and Recreation (Table 215-1) N1-AFU-90-004_SF115 10/17/2018
Correspondence, Messages, and Project Files (Table 10-1) N1-AFU-90-032_SF115 10/17/2018
Table of Allowance / Authorization Records (Table 67-5) N1-AFU-90-014_SF115 10/17/2018
Individual Military Personnel Records (Table 35-1) N1-AFU-90-015_SF115 10/17/2018
Equipment Management System (Table 67-11) N1-AFU-90-030_SF115 10/17/2018
Individual Military Personnel Records (Table 35-1) N1-AFU-90-033_SF115 10/17/2018
Honors and Awards (Table 900-1) N1-AFU-89-030_SF115 10/17/2018
Obsolete Publications N1-AFU-90-029_SF115 10/17/2018
Training Instructor Records (Table 36-37) N1-AFU-99-003_SF115 10/17/2018
Environmental Planning (Table 32-1) N1-AFU-99-009_SF115 10/17/2018
Publications and Forms Requirements and Distribution (Table 7-1) N1-AFU-90-011_SF115 10/17/2018
Administrative Patient Records (Table 41-10) N1-AFU-97-004_SF115 10/17/2018
Visual Information (VI) Library Services (Table 700-24) N1-AFU-89-012_SF115 10/17/2018
Military Justice Records (Table 51-3) N1-AFU-96-013_SF115 10/17/2018
Performance Reporting and Quality Control Records (Table 36-16) N1-AFU-96-014_SF115 10/17/2018
Individual Military Personnel Records (Table 35-1) N1-AFU-90-028_SF115 10/17/2018
Medical Statistical, and Related Reports (Table 41-13) N1-AFU-96-018_SF115 10/17/2018
Office Inspector General Audit Records N1-040-00-001_SF115 10/15/2018
Rural Forestry Assistance DAA-0095-2018-0010_SF115 10/15/2018
Forest Management Assistance DAA-0095-2018-0011_SF115 10/15/2018
Cooperative Nursery Production DAA-0095-2018-0012_SF115 10/15/2018
Exchanges (Land) DAA-0095-2018-0024_SF115 10/15/2018
Partial Land Interest General Program Administration DAA-0095-2018-0025_SF115 10/15/2018
Rights-of-Way Acquisition DAA-0095-2018-0026_SF115 10/15/2018
Sales, Grants, Special Acts DAA-0095-2018-0027_SF115 10/15/2018
Aviation Management DAA-0095-2018-0028_SF115 10/15/2018
Records Management DAA-0095-2018-0034_SF115 10/15/2018
Market Development Activities -FAS Cooperator Projects DAA-0166-2018-0028_SF115 10/15/2018
Cash Accounting and Reporting N1-425-03-002_SF115 10/15/2018
Office of Inspector General Inspections and Program Evaluations N1-040-01-002_SF115 10/15/2018
Federal Program - Government Accounting and Financial Reporting N1-425-09-003_SF115 10/10/2018
Refugee Access Verification Unit (RAVU) DAA-0566-2017-0028_SF115 10/10/2018
Installation Management: Series 210 Installations Schedule DAA-AU-2018-0021_SF115 10/10/2018
Refugee Access Verification Unit Records N1-563-04-005_SF115 10/10/2018
State and Private Forestry Program Administration DAA-0095-2018-0004_SF115 10/09/2018
Office of Worker's Compensation Program: Common office records DAA-0271-2017-0002_SF115 10/09/2018
LEO Use of Force Acknowledgements DAA-0560-2018-0003_SF115 10/09/2018
Senior FAM Program DAA-0560-2018-0004_SF115 10/09/2018
Radiology Records (Table 160-4) N1-AFU-89-018_SF115 10/05/2018
Government-Owned Telephone Service Records (Table 66-14) N1-AFU-89-019_SF115 10/05/2018
Communications Security (COMSEC) Systems and Accountability Records (Table 56-1) N1-AFU-89-021_SF115 10/05/2018
Individual Dental Health Records and X-Rays (Table 162-1) N1-AFU-89-023_SF115 10/05/2018
Unit, Organization and Material Control Supply Records (Table 67-3) N1-AFU-89-027_SF115 10/05/2018
Air Traffic Control (ATC) Records (Table 60-1, Rules 1 and 1.1) N1-AFU-89-029_SF115 10/05/2018
Contracting Records (Table 70-1) N1-AFU-89-031_SF115 10/05/2018
Claims Records (Table 112-1) N1-AFU-96-011_SF115 10/05/2018
Administrative Records (Table 11-2) NC-174-000151_SF115 10/05/2018
Military and Civilian Personnel Records (Table 30-1) NC-174-000177_SF115 10/05/2018
Administrative Records (11-2) NC-174-000196_SF115 10/05/2018
Peacetime Program Records (Table 27-1) NC-174-000252_SF115 10/05/2018
Documentation Management Records (Table 21-1) NN-173-000233_SF115 10/05/2018
Correspondence, Message, and Project Files (Table 10-1) NN-173-000327_SF115 10/05/2018
Military and Civilian Personnel Records (Table 30-1) NN-174-000004_SF115 10/05/2018
Air Force Microfilm Records NN-174-000014_SF115 10/05/2018
Administrative Communications Distribution Control Documentation (Table 10-2) NN-174-000080_SF115 10/05/2018
Missile System Records (Table 60-4, R 3.1) N1-AFU-89-011_SF115 10/05/2018
Food Service Records (Table 146-1, Rules 14-15, & 20) N1-AFU-89-013_SF115 10/05/2018
Equipment Maintenance Historial Records (Table 66-3, Rule 33) N1-AFU-89-014_SF115 10/05/2018
Contractor Independent Research & Development (IR&D) Program Records (Table 80-6) N1-AFU-89-015_SF115 10/05/2018
Equipment Maintenance Historical Records (Table 66-3, Rule 30) N1-AFU-89-016_SF115 10/05/2018
Updates to Comprehensive Records Schedule NN-170-000033_SF115 10/02/2018
Medical Quality Assurance Records (Table 44-7) N1-AFU-97-007_SF115 10/02/2018
Specialized Publications (Table 8-1) NC-174-000114_SF115 10/02/2018
DVAS Workplace Protection Records-Domestic Violence, Sexual Assualt and Stalking DAA-0064-2016-0009_SF115 09/26/2018
Safety and Mission Assurance DAA-0255-2016-0003_SF115 09/26/2018
Federal Railroad Administration Publications and Promotional Items N1-399-07-010_SF115 09/26/2018
Supervisor's Personnel Files N1-525-06-003_SF115 09/26/2018
Military Information Control Subcommittee of the State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee and the State-Army-Navy-Air Force Coordinating Committee, The State-Defense Military Information Control Committee, and the National Disclosure Policy Committee, 1945-1969 N1-353-89-001_SF115 09/20/2018
Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee on United States Soviet Relations (ICCUSA) N1-353-87-001_SF115 09/18/2018
National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies N1-353-87-002_SF115 09/18/2018
Records Relating to the Council on Foreign Economic Policy (CFEP) N1-353-87-003_SF115 09/18/2018
Federal Register Notice Files N1-399-07-014_SF115 09/18/2018
Agency-Wide Directives Files N1-399-07-015_SF115 09/18/2018
Public Affairs File N1-399-07-020_SF115 09/18/2018
Organizational Plans N1-399-07-024_SF115 09/18/2018
State Army Committee on Transfer (SACOT) N1-353-89-002_SF115 09/18/2018
General Records Schedule from the General Services Administration NC-174-000105_SF115 09/18/2018
Minor Bankruptcy Cases NN-167-000125_SF115 09/18/2018
Civilian Personnel Records NN-167-000128_SF115 09/18/2018
All Foreign Service Posts Records, 1949 -1963 NN-171-000096_SF115 09/18/2018
All Foreign Service Posts Records, 1936-1948 NN-171-000097_SF115 09/18/2018
Budget Files NC1-013-81-03_SF115 09/17/2018
Office of Technical Services NC-040-76-002_SF115 09/17/2018
Representation Cases, Files, and Lists N1-013-88-001_SF115 09/17/2018
Office of Telecommunications NC-040-76-001_SF115 09/17/2018
Administrative (Field Offices) NN-168-000102_SF115 09/17/2018
Proving Grounds N1-338-86-001_SF115 09/17/2018
Organizational Records N1-338-86-002_SF115 09/17/2018
Depots N1-338-86-003_SF115 09/17/2018
Installations N1-338-86-004_SF115 09/17/2018
United States Army Commands N1-338-86-005_SF115 09/17/2018
United States Army Centers N1-338-86-006_SF115 09/17/2018
Boards N1-338-86-007_SF115 09/17/2018
Ordnance Tank and Automotive Center / Command, the Quartermaster Center / Command at Ft. Lee, and the Transportation Center / Command at Ft. Eustis N1-338-86-008_SF115 09/17/2018
U.S. Army Refugee Reception Center at Camp Kilmer N1-338-87-001_SF115 09/17/2018
Bases N1-338-87-002_SF115 09/17/2018
Agencies N1-338-87-003_SF115 09/17/2018
Laws, Regulations and Order DAA-0095-2018-0001_SF115 09/17/2018
Stations N1-338-87-004_SF115 09/17/2018
SubAreas N1-338-87-005_SF115 09/17/2018
Forest Service Directive System Program Management DAA-0095-2018-0002_SF115 09/17/2018
U.S. Army Inter-American Geodetic Survey and its predecessor organizations N1-338-87-006_SF115 09/17/2018
Organization and Position Management DAA-0095-2018-0005_SF115 09/17/2018
Lend Lease Operations N1-338-87-007_SF115 09/17/2018
U.S. Army Armed Forces Institute N1-338-87-008_SF115 09/17/2018
Correspondence Record N2-169-18-002_SF115 09/17/2018
Districts N1-338-87-009_SF115 09/17/2018
Systems N1-338-87-010_SF115 09/17/2018
Terminals N1-338-87-011_SF115 09/17/2018
Army Pools and Points N1-338-88-001_SF115 09/17/2018
Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Summer Camp N1-338-88-002_SF115 09/17/2018
U.S. Army Burial and Cemeterial Organizations N1-338-88-003_SF115 09/17/2018
Provost Courts N1-338-88-004_SF115 09/17/2018
War Criminal Prison at Landsberg, Bavaria N1-338-88-005_SF115 09/17/2018
U.S. Army Biomedical Laboratory Human Volunteer Case Files, 1955-1975 N1-338-88-006_SF115 09/17/2018
National Railroad Adjustment Board and Predecessor Agencies NC1-013-81-02_SF115 09/17/2018