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Federal Lands Highway Office Records N1-406-09-001_SF115 05/21/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Civil Rights Records N1-406-09-018_SF115 05/21/2020
Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) System N1-406-09-014_SF115 05/21/2020
Research, Development, and Technology Miscellaenous Records N1-406-08-006_SF115 05/21/2020
Motor Vehicle Smart System and Drivers License Smart System Records N1-406-09-005_SF115 05/21/2020
Office of Administration Records N1-406-09-003_SF115 05/21/2020
Office of Infrastructure Records N1-406-09-007_SF115 05/21/2020
Policy and Government Affairs Program Records N1-406-08-008_SF115 05/21/2020
Chief Financial Officer Records N1-406-08-010_SF115 05/21/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Administrative Records N1-406-09-017_SF115 05/21/2020
9-11 Emergency Relief Files N1-406-09-008_SF115 05/21/2020
Public Affairs Program Records N1-406-08-009_SF115 05/21/2020
Office of Operations Records N1-406-09-004_SF115 05/21/2020
Miscellaenous Administrative Records N1-406-08-005_SF115 05/21/2020
Electronic messaging records DAA-0064-2019-0006_SF115 05/21/2020
Diversion Control Division DAA-0170-2017-0006_SF115 05/21/2020
Sanitation Facilities Construction DAA-0513-2019-0001_SF115 05/21/2020
General Supply Control Program Files NC1-137-80-02_SF115 05/21/2020
Federal Lands Highway Division Field Office Records N1-406-09-002_SF115 05/21/2020
Office of Planning, Environment and Realty Records N1-406-09-006_SF115 05/21/2020
Chief Counsel Records N1-406-08-011_SF115 05/21/2020
Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Project (Big Dig) Records, 1986-2007 N1-406-09-010_SF115 05/21/2020
Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey Records N1-406-04-002_SF115 05/20/2020
Office of Civil Rights Program Records N1-406-08-004_SF115 05/20/2020
Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act NC1-036-80-02_SF115 05/20/2020
State Infrastructure Banks (SIBs) Program Files; Section 129 Loan Files; Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle (GARVEE) Files DAA-0406-2014-0002_SF115 05/20/2020
Flexitime Attendance Records NC1-362-83-02_SF115 05/20/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-406-06-002_SF115 05/20/2020
Publications and Inspector General Records N1-362-94-003_SF115 05/20/2020
Interstate System Planning and Designation Files N1-406-04-005_SF115 05/20/2020
Central Office Congressional Correspondence NC1-085-78-06_SF115 05/20/2020
Directive Files, Notices N1-406-04-001_SF115 05/20/2020
Alien Registry Case Files, 1930-44 NC1-085-83-02_SF115 05/20/2020
Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service NC-085-76-001_SF115 05/20/2020
Camera Cards N1-085-91-006_SF115 05/20/2020
Service Case Files NC1-085-80-05_SF115 05/20/2020
Forensic Document Laboratory Case Files N1-085-99-005_SF115 05/20/2020
Address Report NC-085-75-001_SF115 05/20/2020
NC1-085-83-05_SF115 05/20/2020
Volunteer Death and Early Terminee Records NC1-362-76-04_SF115 05/20/2020
Bond Management Information System (BMIS) N1-085-98-002_SF115 05/20/2020
Clinical Records of Detainees N1-085-99-001_SF115 05/20/2020
Federal Insurance Programs NC1-207-79-04_SF115 05/20/2020
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Master Index N1-085-91-003_SF115 05/20/2020
Routine Correspondence NC-362-75-003_SF115 05/20/2020
Internal Audit Case Files NC1-362-83-03_SF115 05/20/2020
Applicant Folders NC1-362-82-02_SF115 05/20/2020
Automated Master Index System NC1-085-79-03_SF115 05/20/2020
Visas Issued to Aliens by American Consular Officers NC1-085-81-02_SF115 05/20/2020
Nonimmigrant Visa Petition Files NC1-085-79-07_SF115 05/20/2020
NC1-085-83-04_SF115 05/20/2020
Forensic Document Laboratory Case File N1-085-88-002_SF115 05/20/2020
Safety Program Records N1-406-08-002_SF115 05/20/2020
Federal Lands Highways Program Records N1-406-06-004_SF115 05/20/2020
GAO Audit Reporting and Non-Appropriated Fund Audits Records NC1-374-81-14_SF115 05/18/2020
Library Voucher Files NC1-374-81-52_SF115 05/18/2020
Accounting Classification Audit Files NC1-374-81-15_SF115 05/18/2020
Records Management and Publications NC1-374-81-07_SF115 05/18/2020
Intellectual Properly Opinion Files NC1-374-81-18_SF115 05/18/2020
Congressional Liaison Files NC1-374-81-19_SF115 05/18/2020
Annual Historical Summary and Installation Historical Files NC1-374-81-09_SF115 05/18/2020
Occupational Health Nurse Facility Investigations and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Records NC1-374-81-36_SF115 05/18/2020
Civilian Personnel Program and Inspection Files NC1-374-81-29_SF115 05/18/2020
Conservation of Natural Resources Files NC1-374-81-59_SF115 05/18/2020
Official Personnel Folders and Related Records NC1-374-81-32_SF115 05/18/2020
Classified Information Dissemination, Safekeeping, and Control Records NC1-374-81-24_SF115 05/18/2020
Signal Communication Files NC1-374-81-39_SF115 05/18/2020
Joint Atomic Information Exchange Group (JAIEG) Records NC1-374-84-01_SF115 05/18/2020
Telephone Services Records NC1-374-81-40_SF115 05/18/2020
Petroleum Supply Reporting Files NC1-374-81-53_SF115 05/18/2020
Joint Audit Management Enterprise System (JAMES) N1-056-11-001_SF115 05/15/2020
Defense Integration and Management of Nuclear Data Service (DIAMONDS) Database DAA-0374-2017-0013_SF115 05/15/2020
Censuses of Blocked Nations' Assets N1-265-89-001_SF115 05/15/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-265-79-01_SF115 05/15/2020
Safety and Health Records N1-374-02-005_SF115 05/15/2020
Classification Review Files N1-374-89-015_SF115 05/15/2020
Bureau Forms Record Books - 1923 NC1-318-77-02_SF115 05/15/2020
Interservice Nuclear Weapons School Records N1-374-95-001_SF115 05/15/2020
Congressional Hearings N1-374-89-028_SF115 05/15/2020
Nuclear Management Information System (NUMIS) Database DAA-0374-2017-0016_SF115 05/15/2020
Common Mission Files NC1-374-78-01_SF115 05/15/2020
Competition in Contracting and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Program Records N1-374-89-011_SF115 05/15/2020
Personnel Movement and Travel Records N1-374-89-031_SF115 05/15/2020
Procurement Operations Records N1-374-89-004_SF115 05/15/2020
Training Records N1-374-89-023_SF115 05/15/2020
Operational Manuals N1-374-89-022_SF115 05/15/2020
Military History Program and Operations Files N1-374-89-041_SF115 05/15/2020
210.07 Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE) Documentation DAA-0374-2014-0008_SF115 05/15/2020
Nuclear Test Personnel Review (NTPR) and Veteran Board Dose Review (VBDR) Records N1-374-09-004_SF115 05/15/2020
Atmospheric Nuclear Testing Program Official Photography, 1946-58 N1-374-93-001_SF115 05/15/2020
Publications Distribution Records N1-374-89-035_SF115 05/15/2020
Defense Nuclear Weapons School Records N1-374-02-007_SF115 05/15/2020
1405.01 Materiel Standardization Plans DAA-0374-2014-0038_SF115 05/15/2020
Radiation Experiments Command Center (RECC) Records N1-374-02-008_SF115 05/15/2020
Data Archival and Retrieval Enhancement (DARE) and STI Archival and Retrieval System N1-374-05-004_SF115 05/15/2020
Security Briefings and Debriefings N1-374-89-017_SF115 05/15/2020
Manpower On-Line Management (MOM) Electronic Information System N1-374-09-001_SF115 05/15/2020
Record of Domestic and Foreign Dies Used, Mutilated, and Destroyed, 1965-74 NC1-104-77-01_SF115 05/15/2020
Defense Nuclear Surety Inspection Conducted by FCDNA N1-374-95-004_SF115 05/15/2020
Publications Review Board -PRB DAA-0263-2016-0003_SF115 05/15/2020
DODIG Audit Reporting Files N1-374-89-010_SF115 05/15/2020
Civilian Personnel Management Records N1-374-89-034_SF115 05/15/2020
Research and Development Testing Activities N1-374-02-006_SF115 05/15/2020
Base Operations at Johnson Atoll N1-374-95-002_SF115 05/15/2020
Emergency Action Files N1-374-89-038_SF115 05/15/2020
Personnel Files N1-374-89-029_SF115 05/15/2020
Administrative Files NC1-374-78-02_SF115 05/15/2020
Committee and Conference Files N1-374-89-003_SF115 05/15/2020
Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (AFSWP) General Correspondence, ca. 1952-57 N1-374-88-004_SF115 05/15/2020
System Administration Records N1-374-89-030_SF115 05/15/2020
Inspector General Records N1-104-03-004_SF115 05/15/2020
Office of the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs (OASIA) Records, 1934-78 N1-056-86-003_SF115 05/15/2020
Manpower Summaries, November 1966-June 1968 NC1-373-84-02_SF115 05/14/2020
File Series 700 Records NC1-373-76-05_SF115 05/14/2020
Security Policies and Program Records NC1-373-77-04_SF115 05/14/2020
Case Files NC1-204-76-01_SF115 05/14/2020
Case Files N1-204-91-001_SF115 05/14/2020
Publications, 1954-55 NC1-373-82-01_SF115 05/14/2020
Procurement Records NC1-373-77-09_SF115 05/14/2020
Inpector General Audits Records N1-373-96-003_SF115 05/14/2020
Administrative Publications and Defense Intelligence Special Career Automated System NC1-373-77-07_SF115 05/14/2020
Bomb Damage Assessment Reports for North Vietnam, 1965-69 NC1-373-84-01_SF115 05/14/2020
Office Reference Publications, Inspections, Indications and Warning Studies N1-373-96-001_SF115 05/14/2020
Personnel Policies and Procedures Records NC1-373-77-03_SF115 05/14/2020
Name Index Cards NC1-373-82-02_SF115 05/14/2020
Records Managment Files NC-373-75-001_SF115 05/14/2020
Intelligence Collection Records N1-373-99-001_SF115 05/14/2020
Accounting and Financial Records NC1-373-77-02_SF115 05/14/2020
Orders Records NC1-373-77-08_SF115 05/14/2020
Joint Military Intelligence College Records N1-373-88-010_SF115 05/13/2020
Communist Insurgency in El Salvador, Early 1980s -1990 N1-373-93-001_SF115 05/13/2020
ACTION International Operations Planning Group Records NC-174-000188_SF115 05/13/2020
ACTION Comprehensive Records Schedule NC-174-000189_SF115 05/13/2020
Deployment Information Records N1-373-12-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Produced Intelligence Products N1-373-88-005_SF115 05/13/2020
Ocean Transportation Intermediaries License Transmittal (OLTD) Database N1-358-09-005_SF115 05/13/2020
Equal Employment Opportunity Case Files NC-362-75-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Audit Administration, Management, Policy, Guidance, and Direction Records N1-372-90-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Orientation and Briefing Files and Agency Training Records N1-373-88-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Internal Review Directorate Records N1-372-11-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Manpower Administration Regional Records NC-369-76-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Medical Case Files and Claims NC1-362-77-03_SF115 05/13/2020
Legal Opinions Records N1-372-01-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Chronological File N1-372-99-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Quality Assurance Records N1-372-00-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Intra-Agency Committee Files N1-372-93-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Usage Reports for Leased Office Equipment N1-372-02-003_SF115 05/13/2020
Foreign Labor Certification Records N1-369-11-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Internal Management Control Files N1-372-96-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance Records N1-369-99-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Job Corps IBM Cards, 1969-70 N1-369-91-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Blueprints and Building Specifications, 1963-75 N1-369-90-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Enterprise Business Support System (EBSS) Records N1-369-09-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Office of Apprenticeship Records N1-369-06-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Drug-Free Federal Workplace Program Records N1-372-89-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Quality of Work Life Programs Records N1-372-01-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Employment Training Administration and Predecessor Agency Records, 1964-78 N1-369-98-001_SF115 05/13/2020
DCAI Courses Records N1-372-94-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Sanitation of Computer Hard Drives Records N1-372-01-005_SF115 05/13/2020
Office of Policy Development and Research Records N1-369-09-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS), 1990-92 N1-369-92-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits Quality Control (SQC) System N1-369-94-003_SF115 05/13/2020
Manpower Administration Records NC-369-76-001_SF115 05/13/2020
ACTION Inspector General Records NC1-362-82-01_SF115 05/13/2020
ACTION Regional Office Records NC-174-000187_SF115 05/13/2020
Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) Training Records, 1965-71 N1-362-93-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Inspector General Records N1-362-99-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Contracting Records N1-373-88-006_SF115 05/13/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC-362-75-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-373-94-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Personnel Management Systems N1-373-89-009_SF115 05/13/2020
Defense Attache System Records N1-373-90-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Intelligence Information Reports N1-373-88-011_SF115 05/13/2020
Intelligence and External Affairs Records N1-373-89-010_SF115 05/13/2020
Administrative Housekeeping Operations Records N1-373-88-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Data General (DG) Computer System Records Schedule (Except WordPerfect Applications) N1-364-97-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Comments for the Dillon Round Negotiations, 1961 NC-174-000257_SF115 05/13/2020
Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom Captured Documents, 2003-11 N1-373-12-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Logistics and Engineering Records N1-373-88-004_SF115 05/13/2020
Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Program Master File and Documentation N1-364-99-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-364-88-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Data General (DG) Computer System Records Schedule (WordPerfect Applications Only) N1-364-97-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Trade Executive Committee, 1964; Miscellaneous Files of the Trade Staff Committee, 1970-72 NC1-364-80-02_SF115 05/13/2020
Captured German Records, 1941-46 N1-373-90-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Employee Training Database N1-358-11-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Communications Records N1-373-88-003_SF115 05/13/2020
Direct Loan and Financial Guarantee Case Files NC1-275-83-01_SF115 05/12/2020
Aircrew Personal Authentication System Documents NN-173-000305_SF115 05/12/2020
Safety Program Coordination Letters NN-173-000341_SF115 05/12/2020
Unclassified Central Correspondence, 1964-87 N1-347-92-001_SF115 05/12/2020
Closed Series at Washington National Record Center (WNRC), 1956-95 N1-342-01-001_SF115 05/12/2020
Construction and Engineer Project Control Files Stored at Washington National Record Center (WNRC) N1-342-98-001_SF115 05/12/2020
General Correspondence Files, Government Bills of Lading, Utilities Systems Operations, Reports of Survey, and Classified Document Accountability for Forbes Air Force Base NN-174-000045_SF115 05/12/2020
Employment and Financial Interest Statements NC1-275-80-01_SF115 05/12/2020
Training Records NN-174-000057_SF115 05/12/2020
Case Files Documenting Transactions Administered by the Export-Import Bank NN-173-000322_SF115 05/12/2020
Financial Data Files NN-173-000245_SF115 05/12/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-358-95-001_SF115 05/12/2020
Small Claims and Rulemaking Dockets NC1-358-81-03_SF115 05/12/2020
Electronic Form FMC-I, Organization Information Records N1-358-08-005_SF115 05/12/2020
Bureau of Enforcement Case Miscellaneous Records N1-358-07-006_SF115 05/12/2020
Passenger Vessel Operator (PVO) Database N1-358-09-004_SF115 05/12/2020
Small Claims and Rulemaking Dockets N1-358-93-001_SF115 05/12/2020
Conference Tariffs (Foreign Commerce) Records NC1-358-81-01_SF115 05/12/2020
Miscellaneous Records NN-173-000321_SF115 05/12/2020
Inspector General Semiannual Reports to Congress N1-358-09-003_SF115 05/12/2020
Commission Meetings Records, 1963-70, and Certificates of Record Reports, 1960-68 N1-358-92-001_SF115 05/12/2020
Information Circulars (Form FMC-9) NC1-358-82-01_SF115 05/12/2020
Bureau of Trade Analysis Miscellaneous Records N1-358-08-006_SF115 05/12/2020
SSIC 9210, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information Records DAA-0344-2012-0002_SF115 05/12/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-358-81-02_SF115 05/12/2020
Inspector General Records N1-358-08-002_SF115 05/12/2020
Shipyard Prepared Manuals, Procedures and Test Documents NC1-344-78-01_SF115 05/12/2020
Bureau of Trade Analysis Miscellaneous Records N1-358-07-001_SF115 05/12/2020
Miscellaneous Program Records N1-362-91-002_SF115 05/12/2020
Bureau of Certification and Licensing Miscellaneous Records N1-358-07-002_SF115 05/12/2020
Bureau of Enforcement General Indices System N1-358-07-004_SF115 05/12/2020
Bureau of Enforcement Case Tracking System N1-358-07-005_SF115 05/12/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-339-80-01_SF115 05/12/2020
16 mm and 35 mm Film of Development, Testing, and Deployment of Air and Sea Power, 1966-80 N1-343-90-001_SF115 05/12/2020
Inspector General Records N1-339-08-001_SF115 05/12/2020
Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) Information System N1-352-02-001_SF115 05/12/2020
Automated Data Processing (ADP) Agreements and Delegations Records NC1-352-83-01_SF115 05/12/2020
Automated Data Processing (ADP) Management Services Program Records NC1-352-81-02_SF115 05/12/2020
Procurement Office Records N1-362-98-003_SF115 05/12/2020
Records Management Systems Program Survey Records NC1-352-84-01_SF115 05/12/2020
United States Army Facilities, 1953-65 NC1-338-83-03_SF115 05/12/2020
Regional Offices Records of the Manpower Administration NN-173-000130_SF115 05/12/2020
Accessiblity Certifications, Special Emphasis Committee, and Special Observance Records N1-362-94-005_SF115 05/12/2020
Barracks Records, 1951-62 NC1-338-82-02_SF115 05/12/2020
United States Army Activities, 1953-64 NC1-338-83-01_SF115 05/12/2020
Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) Training Records, 1964-71 N1-362-93-002_SF115 05/12/2020
Anniversary Records and Interagency Agreements N1-362-91-004_SF115 05/12/2020
United States Army Elements, 1951-64 NC1-338-84-04_SF115 05/12/2020
Grant Appeals of Disallowed Cost Records and Program Directories N1-362-94-004_SF115 05/12/2020
United States Army Disciplinary Barracks and Stockades Records, 1952-61 NC1-338-82-05_SF115 05/12/2020
Student Community Service Grant Project and Loan Deferment Files N1-362-91-003_SF115 05/12/2020
United States Army Zones, 1948-65 NC1-338-84-01_SF115 05/12/2020
United States Army Activities, 1951-66 NC1-338-83-02_SF115 05/12/2020
Program Evaluations and Civil Rights Policy Statements N1-362-94-006_SF115 05/12/2020
SSIC 13000, General Aeronautical and Astronautical Material Records DAA-0343-2012-0001_SF115 05/12/2020
Regulated Persons Index (RPI) System N1-358-07-003_SF115 05/12/2020
Managing Director Reading, Subject, and Commission Meeting Files N1-358-10-002_SF115 05/12/2020
Director's Office and Performance Records N1-358-08-003_SF115 05/12/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-358-91-001_SF115 05/12/2020
Dispute Resolution and Complaints Records and Complaints and Dispute Resolution Services (CADRS) Database N1-358-09-006_SF115 05/12/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-358-86-001_SF115 05/12/2020
Bureau of Trade Analysis Agreement Files, Subject Files, and Special Reports and Studies N1-358-08-007_SF115 05/12/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-359-80-01_SF115 05/12/2020
Budget, Personnel, Administrative Orders and Files, and Publications Backround Files, 1951-63 NC1-338-79-02_SF115 05/11/2020
United States Army Hawaii (USARHAW) Records, 1951-63 NC1-338-80-02_SF115 05/11/2020
United States Army Alaska Records, 1941-66 NC1-338-81-01_SF115 05/11/2020
Army Brigades, 1951-66 NC1-338-79-06_SF115 05/11/2020
Work Simplification Proposals and Army Exchange Historical Files, ca. 1951-64 N1-338-86-002_SF115 05/11/2020
Depots, 1946-66 N1-338-86-003_SF115 05/11/2020
Ordnance Tank and Automotive Center/Command, 1941-63; Quartermaster Center/Command at Ft. Lee, 1951-64; Transportation Center/Command at Ft. Eustis, 1953-64 N1-338-86-008_SF115 05/11/2020
Clinical Investigation Files NN-174-000006_SF115 05/11/2020
Paid Dividend Checks on Insolvent Banks NN-174-000063_SF115 05/11/2020
Official Case Files of Applications and Awards, Appeals, and Litigation Records for Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Other Transaction Activities DAA-0443-2019-0008_SF115 05/11/2020
Seventh United States Army Records, 1951-65 NC1-338-81-05_SF115 05/11/2020
Army Corps, 1951-65 NC1-338-79-04_SF115 05/11/2020
Eighth United States Army Records, 1951-63 NC1-338-81-03_SF115 05/11/2020
Army Posts, 1949-65 NC1-338-79-08_SF115 05/11/2020
Zone of the Interior Armies, 1948-65 NC1-338-79-03_SF115 05/11/2020
United States Army Ryukyus Islands (USARYIS) Records, 1957-63 NC1-338-80-03_SF115 05/11/2020
United States Armed Forces Far East (USAFFE) Records, 1950-65 NC1-338-82-01_SF115 05/11/2020
Southeast Asia American Prisoners of War (POW) and Missing in Action (MIA) Records N1-338-94-001_SF115 05/11/2020
United States Army Japan (USARJ) Records, 1957-63 NC1-338-81-02_SF115 05/11/2020
Groups and Regiments, 1951-65 NC1-338-79-07_SF115 05/11/2020
United States Army Europe (USAREUR) Records, 1945-63 NC1-338-81-06_SF115 05/11/2020
Army Divisions, 1951-65 NC1-338-79-05_SF115 05/11/2020
United States Army Caribbean (USARCARIB) Records, 1914-63 NC1-338-81-04_SF115 05/11/2020
Army Facilities in Panama Architectural and Engineering Drawings; Construction Reports, 1915-41; Building Lists, 1915-52, 1960s N1-338-96-001_SF115 05/11/2020
United States Army Pacific (USARPAC) Records, 1949-64 NC1-338-80-01_SF115 05/11/2020
Raritan Arsenal Publication Background Files, 1942-60 and Organization Planning Files, 1960 NC1-338-79-01_SF115 05/11/2020
Central Decimal Files, 1941-46 NC1-336-80-01_SF115 05/11/2020
Central Decimal Files, Subject Files, and Administrative Publications N1-336-98-001_SF115 05/11/2020
Automatic Data Processing Branch Records NN-173-000332_SF115 05/08/2020
Parking Violations, Weely Application of Audit Time, and Merchandise and Vendor Files NC1-334-82-03_SF115 05/08/2020
Postal Records and Mailroom Receipts NC-174-000200_SF115 05/07/2020
Individual Accounts Receivable Records N1-334-88-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-76-01_SF115 05/07/2020
Personal Property Shipment Records N1-334-97-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-81-05_SF115 05/07/2020
Catalog Sales Files NC1-334-80-02_SF115 05/07/2020
Marketing Research Records NC1-334-81-01_SF115 05/07/2020
District of Columbia Zoning Case Records N1-328-90-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Website and Program Records N1-328-10-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Temporary Records N9-167-00-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Permanent Program Records N1-328-87-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-328-91-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Official Meeting Records NC1-328-81-01_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of Engineering and Technology Records N9-173-00-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records of the American Section, Permanent International Association of Navigational Congresses, 1900-26 NC1-333-78-01_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of the Assistant Secretary Records N9-317-00-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Transportation Contract Advice, Personnel Travel, and Design Analysis and Cost Estimates Records N1-334-86-002_SF115 05/07/2020
Potential Legal Cases, Account Registers, AAFES Health and Beauty Aids, Inventory Variances, Military Exercise Reports, and Contractor's Performance N1-334-87-002_SF115 05/07/2020
Inventory Investment, Replenishment Authority Forecast; Control Files, and Delegations; Designations of Authority and Additional Duty Assignments NC1-334-79-02_SF115 05/07/2020
Employee Benefits Statements N1-334-91-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Paid Check List Files NC1-334-76-03_SF115 05/07/2020
System Log, Fixed Asset Writeoff Files, and Fixed Asset Official Inventory Files NC1-334-78-01_SF115 05/07/2020
Criminal Investigation Reports and Memorandum of Inquiry Records N1-334-89-003_SF115 05/07/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-321-83-01_SF115 05/07/2020
1203-04 Procurement Customs Clearance Entry Files and Duty Drawback Files DAA-0334-2014-0001_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-334-86-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records NN-174-000067_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-82-02_SF115 05/07/2020
Audit Files, Inspections, Inspector General Complaint Case Files NC1-334-80-04_SF115 05/07/2020
Payroll Activities Records NC1-334-81-03_SF115 05/07/2020
1307-02 Diamond Trade Ups DAA-0334-2013-0002_SF115 05/07/2020
Committee Management Files, Commander Trip Files, and Incoming/Outgoing Message Files NC1-334-83-01_SF115 05/07/2020
Weekly Activity Report, Library Acquisition Files, and Organizational Membership Files NC1-334-78-05_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Records N9-462-00-002_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-478-02-003_SF115 05/07/2020
Reading or Chronological Files NC1-334-84-03_SF115 05/07/2020
Personnel Records N1-334-88-002_SF115 05/07/2020
Inspector General Records N1-334-10-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Criminal Activities, OSHA Activities, and Personnel Security Status Records NC1-334-80-03_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-82-01_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records NN-174-000066_SF115 05/07/2020
1408-04 - Found Property Files DAA-0334-2013-0001_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC-174-000133_SF115 05/07/2020
Food Quality Control Records NC1-334-81-02_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-80-01_SF115 05/07/2020
Criminal Investigation Report Files N1-334-09-003_SF115 05/07/2020
Vehicle Management Projects, Computer Abuse Control Files, and Marketing Research Studies/Surveys Records N1-334-92-001_SF115 05/07/2020
Cash Register Report Files and Daily Cash and Sales Report Files NC1-334-78-02_SF115 05/07/2020
Training Records, Management Surveys - Motor Vehicle/Distribution, and Price Change Voucher Files NN-173-000300_SF115 05/07/2020
Field Courses Given by the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 1948-60 NC1-334-79-01_SF115 05/07/2020
Quality Assurance Records NC1-334-80-05_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of General (Cross-Cutting) Program Files N9-047-00-007_SF115 05/07/2020
Executive Management Records NC1-334-84-01_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Disability Insurance Files N9-047-00-002_SF115 05/07/2020
Committee Files, Management Improvement Project Control, and Paperwork Management Surveys Records NC-334-75-002_SF115 05/07/2020
Internal Control Checklists and Affirmations, Motion Picture Booking and Theater Operations, Operations Research Study Files NC1-334-83-02_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Enumeration and Registration Files N9-047-00-003_SF115 05/07/2020
1307-03 Refunds, Repairs and Store-Owned Fine Jewelry/Watch Merchandise DAA-0334-2013-0003_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Earnings Files N9-047-00-004_SF115 05/07/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-334-81-04_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Financial Management Files N9-047-00-005_SF115 05/07/2020
POS Transaction Logs - Containing PCI Data DAA-0334-2015-0001_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Common Files N9-047-00-006_SF115 05/07/2020
Correspondence with Participating Medical Schools, 1952-69 NC1-334-79-05_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Information Resources Management Records N9-047-00-009_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Motor Vehicle Records N9-047-00-010_SF115 05/07/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-174-00-002_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of Public Affairs Records N9-174-99-001_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Labor Racketeering Investigation Case Files N9-174-99-002_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of lnspector General Semiannual Report to Congress N9-174-99-003_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Exemption Petition Files (OED) N9-317-00-003_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-372-00-001_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of the Assistant Secretary Records N9-448-00-001_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of Management, Administration and Planning (OMAP) Records N9-448-00-002_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) Records N9-448-00-003_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of Public Information Records N9-455-00-001_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-478-02-001_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-478-02-002_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Budget and Finance Records N9-478-02-004_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Classification and Compensation Records N9-478-02-005_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Committee Management Records N9-478-02-006_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Employee Development and Utilization Records N9-478-02-007_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Employment Records N9-478-02-008_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Employee Relations and Services Records N9-478-02-009_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Evaluations Records N9-478-02-010_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Examining and Recruiting Records N9-478-02-011_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Executive Personnel Records N9-478-02-012_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Information Services Records N9-478-02-013_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Insurance Records N9-478-02-014_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Investigations Records N9-478-02-015_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Intergovernmental Personnel Programs Records N9-478-02-016_SF115 05/06/2020
Public Inspection Files of Offers in Compromise DAA-0058-2019-0004_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Medical Records N9-478-02-017_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Personnel Records N9-478-02-018_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Retirement Records N9-478-02-019_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Legal Records N9-478-02-020_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-509-00-001_SF115 05/06/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Archives, Presidential Records and Donated Materials Records N9-064-99-014_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Federal Register Records N9-064-99-015_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Public Programs and Exhibits Records N9-064-99-016_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of National Historic Publication and Records Commission (NHPRC) Records N9-064-99-017_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of National Archives Trust Fund Records N9-064-99-018_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-081-00-001_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-086-00-001_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-087-00-001_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-103-99-001_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-136-01-001_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-142-99-001_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-155-00-001_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Permanent Records N9-167-00-002_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Mass Media Bureau Records N9-173-00-002_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Common Carrier Bureau Records N9-173-00-003_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Compliance and Information Bureau Records N9-173-00-005_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Wireless Bureau Records N9-173-00-004_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-173-00-006_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of Public Affairs Records N9-173-00-007_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of General Council Records N9-173-00-008_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs Records N9-173-00-009_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of Plans and Policy Records N9-173-00-010_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of Administrative Law Judges Record N9-173-00-011_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Public Information Records N9-064-99-010_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Legal Records N9-064-99-011_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Audits and Investigations Records N9-064-99-012_SF115 05/05/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Federal Agencies and Records N9-064-99-013_SF115 05/05/2020
Office of the Commissioner Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-001_SF115 05/04/2020
Hearing and Appeals Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-008_SF115 05/04/2020
Office of the General Counsel Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-011_SF115 05/04/2020
Office of Inspector General Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-012_SF115 05/04/2020
Program Issuance Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-013_SF115 05/04/2020
Personnel Management Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-014_SF115 05/04/2020
Policy Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-015_SF115 05/04/2020
Property Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-016_SF115 05/04/2020
Procurement Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-017_SF115 05/04/2020
Payroll and Time and Attendance Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-018_SF115 05/04/2020
Office of Quality Assurance and Performance Assessment (OQUMPA) Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-019_SF115 05/04/2020
Regulations Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-047-00-020_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Research and Statistics Records N9-047-00-021_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Retirement and Survivors Insurance Records N9-047-00-022_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Occupational Safety and Health Records N9-047-00-023_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Security Records N9-047-00-024_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Systems Planning and Development Records N9-047-00-025_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Supplement Security Income Records N9-047-00-026_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Training and Career Development Records N9-047-00-027_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Communications Records N9-047-00-028_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Mission and Organization Records N9-064-99-001_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of General Administration Records N9-064-99-002_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Personnel Records N9-064-99-003_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Budget, Accounting, and Financial Management Records N9-064-99-004_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Property and Procurement Records N9-064-99-005_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Facilities Records N9-064-99-006_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Facilities Records N9-064-99-006_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Travel and Transportation Records N9-064-99-007_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-064-99-008_SF115 05/04/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Legislative and Congressional Relations Records N9-064-99-009_SF115 05/04/2020
Draft Transaction Agreements N1-275-98-001_SF115 05/01/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-275-76-01_SF115 05/01/2020
Fiscal, Budget, and Accounting Files, 1947-65 NC1-319-80-01_SF115 04/30/2020
Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations Records, 1957-63 NC1-319-79-01_SF115 04/30/2020
Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ASCI), 1940-63 N1-319-88-004_SF115 04/30/2020
Foreign Training Data, 1954-64 NC1-319-79-04_SF115 04/30/2020
Railroad Timetables and Foreign Telephone Directories, 1946-62 NC1-319-80-04_SF115 04/30/2020
Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ASCI), 1940-65 N1-319-88-003_SF115 04/30/2020
Office of the Chief of Research and Development (OCRD) Records, 1956-62 NC1-319-80-06_SF115 04/30/2020
Historical Records of Fort Lawton, Washington State, 1908-67 N1-319-88-001_SF115 04/30/2020
Wherry Project Records, 1949-56; Real Property Administrative Files, 1964; Army Emergency Facilities Depreciation Board Cases, 1953-61 NC1-319-79-02_SF115 04/30/2020
Final Receipts for Perfect Deliveries Other Than National Bank Currency, 1924-57 N1-318-95-001_SF115 04/30/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-318-78-01_SF115 04/30/2020
Electronic Mail System Records N1-318-93-007_SF115 04/30/2020
Research, Development, and Technology Records N1-318-93-005_SF115 04/30/2020
Counterfeit Case Files NC1-318-79-02_SF115 04/30/2020
Federal Reserve Note Process Sheets and Currency Assignment Tag Records NC1-318-84-01_SF115 04/30/2020
Currency Standards Records N1-318-93-004_SF115 04/30/2020
Plate History Cards, 1878- NC1-318-80-01_SF115 04/30/2020
Bureau Form 8333 Schedule of Delivery of Mutilated Paper Records NC1-318-79-01_SF115 04/30/2020
Daily Record of Number of Employees, 1896-1933; Appointments and Separations Records, 1942-54 NC1-318-77-01_SF115 04/30/2020
Plate History Cards, 1878-1960 N1-318-98-001_SF115 04/30/2020
Legal Subject Files, Ethics Files, and Interagency Agreements N1-318-93-002_SF115 04/30/2020
Western Currency Production Facility Construction Records N1-318-94-001_SF115 04/30/2020
Common Electronic Records N9-361-00-002_SF115 04/30/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-386-00-001_SF115 04/30/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-443-00-001_SF115 04/30/2020
Electronic Clinical Center Records N9-443-01-001_SF115 04/30/2020
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records N9-510-01-001_SF115 04/30/2020
Ombudsman Records N1-309-11-001_SF115 04/30/2020
Directory of File Folder Tracking System N1-309-05-017_SF115 04/30/2020
Supply Records, 1961-64 NC1-319-79-03_SF115 04/30/2020
Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Investigative Case Files and Intelligence (Zero) Files NC1-317-85-02_SF115 04/30/2020
Pension and Welfare Benefit Programs Records NC1-317-82-01_SF115 04/28/2020
Labor Organization Reports, Cases, Publications, and Databases N1-317-94-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Construction Collective Bargaining Agreements and Related Records NC1-317-82-04_SF115 04/28/2020
Exemption Petition File for Prohibited Transactions N1-317-93-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Labor Organization Registration Reports 1956-59; Issuances 1959-76; Mediation of Labor Disputes 1962-68; Investigative Case Files, 1968-73 N1-317-91-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Filing Acceptance System (EFAST2) Records N1-317-11-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Final Receipts for Perfect Deliveries Other Than National Bank Currency, 1924-57 N1-318-86-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Labor-Management Services Administration Schedule Number 6 NC-317-75-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Management Control and Accountability Records N1-318-04-025_SF115 04/28/2020
Postage Stamp, Special Product Printing and Processing Records N1-318-04-018_SF115 04/28/2020
Closed Grant and Proposal Files Maintained in the Division of Financial Management N1-307-97-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Harry C. Kelly Subject Files, 1951-62 N1-307-88-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Science and Engineering Analytical Reports and Surveys N1-307-93-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Budget Formulation Records N1-318-04-004_SF115 04/28/2020
Online Payments and Collections, Internet Payments and Collections (OPAC/IPAC) System Records N1-309-05-002_SF115 04/28/2020
Declined and Withdrawn Proposal Case Files - Electronic Jackets N1-307-06-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Former and Current Office of Disaster Assistance Employees Form 145 N1-309-95-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule Additions N1-309-90-002_SF115 04/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC-174-000222_SF115 04/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-307-82-01_SF115 04/28/2020
Surety Bond Guarantee/Preferred Surety Bond Guarantee (SBGIPSB) System Records N1-309-04-007_SF115 04/28/2020
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Grant Case Files N2-288-12-001_SF115 04/28/2020
State Program Report System (SPR) N1-288-11-001_SF115 04/28/2020
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Comprehensive Schedule NC1-288-82-01_SF115 04/28/2020
Entrepreneurial Development Management Information System (EDMIS) Records N1-309-03-006_SF115 04/28/2020
Treasury Transaction System Records N1-309-05-004_SF115 04/28/2020
Field Cashiering System (FCS) Records N1-309-04-005_SF115 04/28/2020
Training Films and Videotapes about How to Operate a Small Business NC1-309-84-02_SF115 04/28/2020
Automated Information Systems Records N1-309-87-002_SF115 04/28/2020
Office of Labor-Management Policy Development Records NC-317-76-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Miscellaneous Loan Records N1-309-04-009_SF115 04/28/2020
Office of Employee Benefits Security Records NC-317-75-002_SF115 04/28/2020
Employee Pension Benefit Plans Annual Reports N1-317-92-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Investment Division - Windows Information System (ID Information System) Funding Records N1-309-04-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Labor-Management Standards Enforcement (LMSE) Filed Investigative Case Files NC1-317-78-02_SF115 04/28/2020
Controlled Correspondence Tracking System N1-309-07-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Procurement Marketing and Access Network (PRO-Net) Records N1-309-03-005_SF115 04/28/2020
Partner Identification and Management System N1-309-05-021_SF115 04/28/2020
Collateral Files and Loan Liquidation Records N1-309-95-002_SF115 04/28/2020
Time and Attendance Records N1-309-87-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Unscheduled Records of Small Business Administration and Predecessor Agencies at Washington National Records Center (WNRC), 1951-75 NC1-309-84-01_SF115 04/28/2020
Liquidation/Litigation Tracking System, Prime Contracts Regional Information System, and Procurement Career Management Program Data System Records N1-309-90-003_SF115 04/28/2020
Key West Force Administrative Files, 1948-51 N1-313-86-002_SF115 04/28/2020
Directory of Licensees System N1-309-05-016_SF115 04/28/2020
Certification Tracking System (CTS) N1-309-03-009_SF115 04/28/2020
SUB-Net Application Records N1-309-04-008_SF115 04/28/2020
Voucher and Schedule of Payments Forms, Time and Attendance Records, Fiscal Loan Case Files NC1-309-79-01_SF115 04/28/2020
Small Business Investment Corporations (SBIC) Receivership Records N1-309-90-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Ships Movements Caribbean Area Charts, 1959-60 N1-313-86-004_SF115 04/28/2020
Investment Division Participating Securities Database N1-309-03-007_SF115 04/28/2020
Ship Deck Logs DAA-0313-2011-0002_SF115 04/28/2020
Atlantic Fleet Administrative Files, 1951-56 N1-313-86-003_SF115 04/28/2020
General Subject Correspondence Files and Notices N1-309-87-003_SF115 04/28/2020
Notices and Checklists N1-309-94-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Office of Hearings and Appeals Records N1-309-04-002_SF115 04/28/2020
Government Online Agency Link System (GOALS) Records N1-309-05-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Collective Bargaining Agreements N1-317-09-001_SF115 04/28/2020
Agency Activities, Policies and Procedures Relating to the Training of Foreign Nationals of Recipient Countries of U.S. Foreign Aid Records NC1-286-76-03_SF115 04/27/2020
Bureau for Africa, Office of Project Development - Director's Miscellaneous Records NC1-286-83-14_SF115 04/27/2020
Temporary Records Damaged by Hurricane N1-286-89-002_SF115 04/27/2020
Office of Program Management Resources - Executive Management Miscellaneous Records NC1-286-83-05_SF115 04/27/2020
Demographic and Health Survey Program Records N1-286-91-001_SF115 04/27/2020
Labor Distribution Worksheet and Recap Sheet, and Official Joint Seal NC1-104-81-01_SF115 04/27/2020
Office of Policy Plans and Programs Program Subject Files NC1-286-85-07_SF115 04/27/2020
Handbook Files NC1-286-83-01_SF115 04/27/2020
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Operation Homecoming Submission and Related Records N1-288-08-001_SF115 04/27/2020
Headquarters Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-286-86-001_SF115 04/27/2020
Target Vision Design Studio Services DAA-0104-2013-0005_SF115 04/27/2020
Formula Grants and Related Records N1-288-97-001_SF115 04/27/2020
Grant Case Files N1-288-93-001_SF115 04/27/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-286-82-02_SF115 04/27/2020
Bureau for Africa, Office of Technical Resources - Director's Miscellaneous Records NC1-286-83-16_SF115 04/27/2020
Records Created by Predecessor Agencies, 1948-61 NC1-286-85-05_SF115 04/27/2020
Investigation and Audit Files N1-286-99-003_SF115 04/27/2020
Office of Regional Affairs - Technical Staff Miscellaneous Records NC1-286-83-07_SF115 04/27/2020
Records of Closed Project Files Not Microfiched N1-286-93-001_SF115 04/27/2020
Institute of Museum Services (IMS) History Database N1-288-94-001_SF115 04/27/2020
Miscellaneous Records, 1948-61 NC1-286-85-01_SF115 04/27/2020
Office of Program Management Resources - Director's Miscellaneous Records NC1-286-83-03_SF115 04/27/2020
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Comprehensive Schedule NC1-288-80-02_SF115 04/27/2020
Applications and Awards Management System (AAMS) N1-288-09-002_SF115 04/27/2020
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Grant Related Permanent Records N1-288-95-001_SF115 04/27/2020
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Folk Arts Grant Case Files and Audiovisual Final Products of Documentation of Traditional Arts Grants NC1-288-83-01_SF115 04/27/2020
Grant Records for Discretionary Programs Working Files N1-288-97-002_SF115 04/27/2020
Reports and Notes Database Yearbook (RANDY) N1-288-09-001_SF115 04/27/2020
Economic Cooperation Administration Records, 1948-51, and the Mutual Security Agency Records, 1951-53 NC1-286-76-04_SF115 04/27/2020
Bureau for Africa, Office of Project Development - Program Support Miscellaneous Records NC1-286-83-15_SF115 04/27/2020
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-288-93-002_SF115 04/27/2020
Office of Regional Affairs - Director's Miscellaneous Records NC1-286-83-06_SF115 04/27/2020
Nancy Hanks Records, Second Chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) NC1-288-80-01_SF115 04/27/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-286-85-04_SF115 04/27/2020
Science and Technology Project Files N1-286-91-002_SF115 04/27/2020
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Grant Case Files N1-288-87-001_SF115 04/27/2020
Disaster Assistance System Records NC1-286-80-01_SF115 04/27/2020
Records Created by Predecessor Agencies NC1-286-85-08_SF115 04/27/2020
Audit Program Files of the General Services Administration NC-174-000169_SF115 04/27/2020
Assistant Administrator Reference Files NC1-286-83-02_SF115 04/27/2020
Unemployment Compensation Processing System N1-104-03-007_SF115 04/27/2020
Year 2000 (Y2K) Records N1-104-05-003_SF115 04/27/2020
Numismatic Order Process Records NC1-104-80-01_SF115 04/27/2020
Records Created by Predecessor Agencies NC1-286-85-06_SF115 04/27/2020
Comprehensive Personnel Program Files of the General Services Administration NC-174-000142_SF115 04/27/2020
Foreign Disaster Assistance Records NC1-286-82-01_SF115 04/27/2020
Audit Workpapers, 1954-70 NC1-104-77-02_SF115 04/27/2020
Audio Visual Files N1-286-90-001_SF115 04/27/2020
Office of Program Management Resources - Regional Controller's Miscellaneous Records NC1-286-83-04_SF115 04/27/2020
Europe and New Independent State Records N1-286-96-003_SF115 04/27/2020
Miscellaneous Records of the Philadelphia Mint NC1-104-85-01_SF115 04/27/2020
United States Overseas Missions Records, 1948-61 NC1-286-85-02_SF115 04/27/2020
Films not Reflecting on AID Programs or Functions N1-286-86-004_SF115 04/27/2020
Accessions of Papers from Individuals' Offices in the Washington National Records Center (WNRC) NC1-266-83-07_SF115 04/24/2020
Records to be Converted to Microfilm NC1-266-79-02_SF115 04/24/2020
Financial Issuer Notification System and SEC Form 144 Records N1-266-99-003_SF115 04/24/2020
Duplicate Files and Miscellaneous General Correspondence, 1962-74 NC1-266-81-01_SF115 04/24/2020
Study of Investment Trusts and Companies Records, 1935-38 N1-266-93-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Field Support System (FS-AID) and Working Capital Fund Tracking System (WCF-TS) N1-286-09-002_SF115 04/24/2020
Evaluation, Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) System N1-266-96-002_SF115 04/24/2020
Records of the Office of the Secretary DAA-0266-2016-0002_SF115 04/24/2020
Official Commission Orders NC1-266-84-02_SF115 04/24/2020
Inspector General Records N1-266-05-002_SF115 04/24/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-266-94-002_SF115 04/24/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-266-91-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-266-77-02_SF115 04/24/2020
Miscellaneous SEC File Numbers NC1-266-83-05_SF115 04/24/2020
Inspector General Investigation and Audit Records N1-266-99-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Evaluation, Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) System Project Management Records N1-266-97-003_SF115 04/24/2020
Employee Reports of Securities Transactions Records N1-266-11-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Case Files of Requests from Companies for Confidential Treatment, 1935-55 NC1-266-83-08_SF115 04/24/2020
Reports on Stabilizing Activities (SEC File 17-00-1) NC1-266-81-02_SF115 04/24/2020
Tucker Corporation Investigation Records, 1946-59 N1-266-93-002_SF115 04/24/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-266-94-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Miscellaneous SEC File Numbers NC1-266-82-01_SF115 04/24/2020
Chairman's Subject and Chronological Files N1-266-90-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Evaluation, Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) System Microfiche N1-266-97-002_SF115 04/24/2020
Office of International Affairs, Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, and Miscellaenous Records N1-266-98-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Evaluation, Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) System N1-266-96-003_SF115 04/24/2020
Filings Complying with the Securities Act of 1933, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and Investment Company Act of 1940 NC1-266-77-01_SF115 04/24/2020
Miscellaneous SEC File Numbers NC1-266-83-04_SF115 04/24/2020
Disgorgement Records DAA-0266-2017-0009_SF115 04/24/2020
Public Affairs Records N1-266-10-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Office of International Affairs Miscellaneous Records N1-266-96-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Exemptions from Registration and Suspension of Trading of Securities Other Than National Securities Exchange NC1-266-82-03_SF115 04/24/2020
Agency Notice Intranet Database Management System N1-286-00-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Investigative Case Files N1-266-91-002_SF115 04/24/2020
Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project Records N1-266-99-002_SF115 04/24/2020
Chairmen's Case Files, 1934-72; Commissioners' and Chairmen's Subject and Chronological Files NC1-266-83-06_SF115 04/24/2020
Ethics and Standards of Conduct FIles N1-266-11-002_SF115 04/24/2020
Risk, Strategy and Financial Innovation (RSFI) Records N1-266-12-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Statistical Program Offices Aggregate Bucket Records Schedule N1-257-11-001_SF115 04/24/2020
Delegations of Authority DAA-0266-2018-0001_SF115 04/24/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Legislative History N1-220-02-018_SF115 04/23/2020
Tips, Complaints, and Referrals (TCR) Intake and Resolution System DAA-0266-2014-0009_SF115 04/23/2020
Office of the Commissioner Records, 1867-1971 N1-257-88-005_SF115 04/23/2020
Offices of the Commissioner, Field Operations, Productivity and Technology, Survey Processing, Administration, Technology and Operations Review, Publications, and Research and Evaluation Records N1-257-88-001_SF115 04/23/2020
Office of Productivity and Technology and Office of Economic Growth and Employment Projections Records N1-257-86-003_SF115 04/23/2020
SEC Internal Website (The Insider) DAA-0266-2015-0001_SF115 04/23/2020
Records of the SEC Chair and Her/His Staff DAA-0266-2014-0011_SF115 04/23/2020
The Hoffenberg Records, The Inter-industry Relations Study for 1947 (History and Theory), Dates are inclusive through 1970 DAA-0257-2015-0002_SF115 04/23/2020
Office of Employment and Unemployment Statistics Records, 1917-74 N1-257-88-007_SF115 04/23/2020
Longshore Study Records, 1963-66; New Jersey Engineers Engineering Study Records, 1966 N1-257-89-002_SF115 04/23/2020
Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses N1-257-99-001_SF115 04/23/2020
Office of Producer Prices and Price Indexes Wholesale Price Program Records, 1960-75 N1-257-88-006_SF115 04/23/2020
Construction Labor Requirements for Multi-Family Housing (CLMRS) Survey Data Tape, 1971-72 N1-257-90-001_SF115 04/23/2020
Consumer Expenditure Surveys, 1928-71 N1-257-89-001_SF115 04/23/2020
Time Use Diary Survey Records, 1997 N1-257-98-001_SF115 04/23/2020
Wages and Industrial Relations Statistics Program Records N1-257-86-002_SF115 04/23/2020
Miscellaneous Records at the Washington National Records Center (WNRC), 1934-72 N1-257-90-003_SF115 04/23/2020
Office of Survey Processing and Predecessor Organizations Miscellaneous Records, 1957-66 N1-257-89-003_SF115 04/23/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Home Maintenance Training Records N1-220-02-010_SF115 04/22/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - New Lands Video and Brochure N1-220-02-009_SF115 04/22/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Slide Presentations N1-220-04-014_SF115 04/22/2020
Audit Reports and Management Letters N1-220-12-002_SF115 04/22/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Program Records N1-220-04-013_SF115 04/22/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Planning, Research, and Evaluation Files N1-220-03-001_SF115 04/22/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Client Information Systems N1-220-02-011_SF115 04/22/2020
Comparison of U S, German, and Japanese Export Price Indexes DAA-0257-2012-0001_SF115 04/22/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Accomodation Agreement N1-220-02-019_SF115 04/22/2020
Aviation Medicine Records N1-237-01-002_SF115 04/22/2020
Senior Training Officer Files, 1940-54 N3-142-86-010_SF115 04/22/2020
Forms Numerical Files NN-173-000307_SF115 04/22/2020
Personnel Management and Training Records NC-237-75-003_SF115 04/22/2020
Time and Attendance Report Files NC1-237-84-02_SF115 04/22/2020
Civil Rights Records NC-174-000147_SF115 04/22/2020
Transfer of Program Responsibilities and Records from the Civil Aeronautic Board N1-237-97-001_SF115 04/22/2020
Loan Guarantee Program Records NC1-237-85-01_SF115 04/22/2020
Civil Penalty Hearing Dockets N1-237-00-001_SF115 04/22/2020
Air Coordinating Committee, Airspace Subcommittee, and Correspondence Records, 1942-60 NC1-237-81-01_SF115 04/22/2020
Disposable Records at Washington National Records Center, 1939-49 NC1-237-78-03_SF115 04/22/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-237-77-04_SF115 04/22/2020
Aeronautical Charts N1-237-02-003_SF115 04/22/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-237-79-02_SF115 04/22/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-237-77-07_SF115 04/22/2020
Labor Relations Records NC-174-000102_SF115 04/22/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC-174-000227_SF115 04/22/2020
Regional Commissioner and Economic Analysis and Information Staff, Chartbooks and Speeches N1-257-06-001_SF115 04/22/2020
Commercial Space Transportation Program (Transfer from Deptartment of Transportation) N1-237-96-001_SF115 04/22/2020
Acknowledgement Form File DAA-0257-2013-0002_SF115 04/22/2020
Office of Survey Methods Research (OSMR) Records N1-257-09-002_SF115 04/22/2020
General Correspondence Files, General Accounting Office Reports, and Follow-Up Files NC-174-000124_SF115 04/22/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): White House Conference, 1976-80 NC1-220-83-01_SF115 04/22/2020
BLS Economic Working Papers DAA-0257-2013-0001_SF115 04/22/2020
Airport Proceedings Docket Records N1-237-03-001_SF115 04/22/2020
Suspected Unapproved Parts Investigations Records N1-237-02-002_SF115 04/22/2020
Confidential Private and Public Establishment Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Files N1-257-09-001_SF115 04/22/2020
Reference Files of Bureau of Air Commerce International Section, 1934-39 NC1-237-79-01_SF115 04/22/2020
Engineering Drawings for National Airspace System (NAS) Building and Facilities N1-237-10-012_SF115 04/22/2020
Audio Visual Records N1-237-95-006_SF115 04/22/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-237-77-03_SF115 04/22/2020
Air Traffic Records NC-237-75-004_SF115 04/22/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Housing Repair Program Files, 1982-87 N1-220-03-004_SF115 04/22/2020
Special One-Time Surveys Subject Files N1-257-03-001_SF115 04/22/2020
Air Traffic Evaluations and Investigations Records N1-237-02-005_SF115 04/22/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-237-77-06_SF115 04/22/2020
Aircraft Request and Use Forms NC1-237-82-01_SF115 04/22/2020
Property Management Records NC-174-000163_SF115 04/22/2020
Time and Attendance Report Files NC1-237-81-02_SF115 04/22/2020
Labor-Management Relations Records NN-173-000178_SF115 04/22/2020
Security Programs Correspondence and Investigations Records NC-237-75-001_SF115 04/22/2020
Legal Enforcement Case Files N1-237-92-004_SF115 04/22/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-237-79-03_SF115 04/22/2020
Administrator's Hotline Records N1-237-95-001_SF115 04/22/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-237-83-01_SF115 04/22/2020
Civil Aviation Security Operations Liaison Records NC1-237-77-05_SF115 04/22/2020
National Airspace System (NAS) Software Configuration Management N1-237-10-014_SF115 04/22/2020
Records Inherited from Civil Aeronautics Administration, Civil Aeronautics Authority, and Bureau of Air Commerce, 1935-60 N1-237-91-001_SF115 04/22/2020
Internal Flight Standards Evaluation Reports, Aeromedical Certification Records NC1-237-78-01_SF115 04/22/2020
Watergate Breakin Litigation Case Files NC3-021-79-03_SF115 04/21/2020
Seismograms from Federal Seismograph Network, ca. 1920-66 NC3-023-81-01_SF115 04/21/2020
Administrative and Program Correspondence, 1945-46 NC3-176-81-04_SF115 04/21/2020
Ewan Claque Records N3-200-86-008_SF115 04/21/2020
Channing Dooley Records N3-200-86-010_SF115 04/21/2020
Regional Director Robert J. Newell's Records N3-200-86-011_SF115 04/21/2020
Geographical Areas Branches, Budget Records, 1949-60 NC3-306-80-08_SF115 04/21/2020
U.S. Board of General Appraisers, 1890-1914 NC3-321-85-01_SF115 04/21/2020
Research Room Reference Service Files--White Pull Slips DAA-0064-2019-0009_SF115 04/20/2020
General Correspondence Files N1-AU-02-022_SF115 04/17/2020
Assasination of President John F. Kennedy Official Case Files NC3-087-79-01_SF115 04/17/2020
Waiver for Enlistment N1-AU-06-007_SF115 04/17/2020
Recording of a Speech made by Robert H. Hinkley, Assistant Secretary of Commerce, January 20, 1942 N3-040-86-002_SF115 04/16/2020
Telephone Message Books, 1981-85 and Appointment Books for the Under Secretaries, 1982-85 N3-040-86-003_SF115 04/16/2020
Forecast of Manufacturing Water Use, 1975-78 N3-040-87-001_SF115 04/16/2020
Trans-Alaska Pipeline Photographic Records, 1969-82 N3-049-86-001_SF115 04/16/2020
General Land Office Original Book of Entry for Advance Deposits made by Railroads N3-049-87-002_SF115 04/16/2020
U.S. Savings Bond Division Records, 1941-63 N3-056-86-001_SF115 04/16/2020
National Commission on the Cost of Higher Education, 1997-98 N1-220-98-005_SF115 04/16/2020
Federal Paperwork Commission: Project Reference Papers, 1975-77 NC1-220-78-01_SF115 04/15/2020
Presidential Adviory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses, 1995-97 N1-220-97-001_SF115 04/15/2020
Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for Spanish Speaking People NC-174-000103_SF115 04/15/2020
Interagency Task Force on Refugee Assistance: Elgin Air Force Base Vietnamese Refugee Camp NC-220-76-002_SF115 04/15/2020
Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) Records NC-174-000170_SF115 04/15/2020
Official Personnel Folders, 1891-1919 N3-017-87-001_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports N1-220-97-005_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Advisory Board on Race, 1997-98 N1-220-99-001_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Council on Sustainable Development N1-220-97-009_SF115 04/15/2020
Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women NC1-220-79-02_SF115 04/15/2020
Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community, 1994-96 N1-220-96-006_SF115 04/15/2020
Commission on the Organization of the Government of the District of Columbia, 1971-72 NC1-220-78-03_SF115 04/15/2020
Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island NC1-220-80-02_SF115 04/15/2020
White House Conference on Small Business, 1978-80 NC1-220-81-01_SF115 04/15/2020
White House Conference for Children and Youth, 1980-81 NC1-220-83-02_SF115 04/15/2020
Commission on Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Salaries NC1-220-84-01_SF115 04/15/2020
Commission on Postal Service: Contractor Survey Records, 1977 NC1-220-80-05_SF115 04/15/2020
Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect, 1988-96 N1-220-96-010_SF115 04/15/2020
National Counterintelligence Center (NACIC): Nonelectronic Records N1-220-97-004_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Crime Prevention Council, 1994-98 N1-220-98-007_SF115 04/15/2020
Presidential Advisory Board on Ambassadorial Appointments, 1977-80 N1-220-96-009_SF115 04/15/2020
Privacy Protection Study Commission, 1975-77 NC1-220-77-07_SF115 04/15/2020
National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year: State Grant Records NC1-220-78-06_SF115 04/15/2020
Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board N1-220-96-005_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Commission on Crime in the District of Columbia NC1-220-77-03_SF115 04/15/2020
National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year: Artwork, 1977 NC1-220-78-02_SF115 04/15/2020
National Commission on Employment and Unemployment Statistics, 1977-79 NC1-220-80-01_SF115 04/15/2020
Commission on the Review of the National Policy Toward Gambling, 1973-76 NC1-220-77-01_SF115 04/15/2020
Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission, 1984-96 N1-220-97-002_SF115 04/15/2020
Audit Reports and Financial Statements N2-220-13-001_SF115 04/15/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-220-97-006_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Commission on Crime in the District of Columbia: Computer Tape of Felony Cases, 1950-65 NC1-220-77-05_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity: Percy H. Williams Records, 1961-65 NC1-220-78-04_SF115 04/15/2020
Commission on Population Growth and the American Future: Copy and Negatives used in Publications NC1-220-82-01_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Commission on White House Fellowships NC1-220-80-04_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped NC-220-75-001_SF115 04/15/2020
Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community: Tracking Database, 1994-96 N1-220-96-008_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry, 1997-98 N1-220-98-006_SF115 04/15/2020
National Commission on the Review of the National Policy Toward Gambling NC1-220-77-06_SF115 04/15/2020
Citizens Advisory Committee on the Status of Women, 1963-77 NC3-220-79-02_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Commission on Mental Health, 1977-78 NC1-220-78-05_SF115 04/15/2020
National Commission on the Observance of lntemational Women's Year, 1974-78 N2-220-17-001_SF115 04/15/2020
Presidential Task Force on Los Angeles Recovery, 1992-93 N1-220-96-004_SF115 04/15/2020
National Commission for the Review of Federal and State Laws Relating to Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance, 1968-73 NC1-220-77-02_SF115 04/15/2020
Presidential Adviory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses: Meeting Records and Publications, 1995-97 N1-220-97-003_SF115 04/15/2020
Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped: Workshop Files NC1-220-85-03_SF115 04/15/2020
National Commission on Water Quality, 1973-76 NC1-220-76-03_SF115 04/15/2020
President's Committee on Arts and Humanities N1-220-96-013_SF115 04/15/2020
Commission on the Social Security Notch Issue, 1992-95 N1-220-95-003_SF115 04/14/2020
Commission on Family and Medical Leave, 1993-95 N1-220-96-002_SF115 04/14/2020
National Security Training Commission, 1951-57 N1-220-92-006_SF115 04/14/2020
Commission on Railroad Retirement Reform, 1987-90 N1-220-90-008_SF115 04/14/2020
President's Commission on White House Fellowships: Education Program N1-220-93-014_SF115 04/14/2020
Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission, 1984-93 N1-220-93-009_SF115 04/14/2020
Air Coordinating Committee, 1942-60 N1-220-94-008_SF115 04/14/2020
White House Conference on Small Business N1-220-95-016_SF115 04/14/2020
National Commision on American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Housing N1-220-93-010_SF115 04/14/2020
Advisory Commission on Conferences in Ocean Shipping, 1991-92 N1-220-92-011_SF115 04/14/2020
Eisenhower Centennial Commission, 1987-91 N1-220-91-003_SF115 04/14/2020
Commission for the Improvement of Federal Crop Insurance N1-220-90-007_SF115 04/14/2020
Central European Small Business Enterprise Development Commission, 1990-95 N1-220-96-001_SF115 04/14/2020
Presidential Commission on the Management of Agency for International Development (AID) Programs, 1991-92 N1-220-92-005_SF115 04/14/2020
Thomas Jefferson Commemoration Commission, 1992-94 N1-220-95-002_SF115 04/14/2020
Commission on Interstate Child Support, 1990-92 N1-220-93-004_SF115 04/14/2020
President's Committee on Consumer Interests, 1965-68 N1-220-93-013_SF115 04/14/2020
Presidential Commission on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic (AIDS Commission) N1-220-88-008_SF115 04/14/2020
International Air Transport Study Group, 1961-62 N1-220-94-007_SF115 04/14/2020
Commission to Promote Investment in America's Infrastructure, 1991-93 N1-220-93-008_SF115 04/14/2020
Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform, 1993-95 N1-220-95-006_SF115 04/14/2020
U.S. Commission of Child and Family Welfare, 1992-95 N1-220-95-015_SF115 04/14/2020
Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution N1-220-92-001_SF115 04/14/2020
President's Committee on Manpower, 1964-66 N1-220-93-006_SF115 04/14/2020
Office of the Nuclear Waste Negotiator, 1987-95 N1-220-95-004_SF115 04/14/2020
Independent Commission on the National Endowment for the Arts Grant Making Procedures, 1989-90 N1-220-90-009_SF115 04/14/2020
National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing N1-220-92-007_SF115 04/14/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Public Use Permit, Litigation, and Penalty Mail Files N1-220-96-003_SF115 04/14/2020
White House Commission on Presidential Scholars N1-220-93-015_SF115 04/14/2020
President's Committee on Consumer Interests: Consumer Correspondence Files, 1969-70 N1-220-95-013_SF115 04/14/2020
Census Monitoring Board, Congressional, 1998-2002 N1-220-01-005_SF115 04/14/2020
Korean War Veterans Memorial Advisory Board, 1986-95 N1-220-95-008_SF115 04/14/2020
National Commission on Judicial Discipline and Removal, 1991-93 N1-220-93-011_SF115 04/14/2020
Regulatory Information Service Center: Publication Case Files, Unified Agenda of Federal Regulations and Regulatory Program of the U.S. Government N1-220-91-004_SF115 04/14/2020
Commission on Agricultural Workers, 1986-93 N1-220-93-002_SF115 04/14/2020
National Commission to Ensure a Strong Airline Industry, 1992-93 N1-220-94-001_SF115 04/14/2020
Interagency Council on the Homeless, 1987-93 N1-220-94-002_SF115 04/14/2020
Presidential Commission on Catastrophic Nuclear Accidents N1-220-90-006_SF115 04/14/2020
President's Committee for Traffic Safety, 1964-67 N1-220-95-001_SF115 04/14/2020
United States Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the United Nations N1-220-93-012_SF115 04/14/2020
Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments: Records Created Using Lotus Notes N1-220-95-009_SF115 04/14/2020
Commission on Broadcasting to the Peoples Republic of China, 1992 N1-220-94-006_SF115 04/14/2020
Commission on Minority Business Development N1-220-92-008_SF115 04/14/2020
National Commission on America's Urban Families, 1992-93 N1-220-95-005_SF115 04/14/2020
National Commission on Responsibilities for Financing Postsecondary Education, 1986-93 N1-220-93-007_SF115 04/14/2020
National Commission on Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement N1-220-93-016_SF115 04/14/2020
Domestic Branch and Customer-Bank Communication Terminal (CBCT) Files N1-101-88-002_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Food Marketing, 1964-66 N1-220-89-002_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program State Library Agency Survey, 1988-2001 N1-220-02-027_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Second White House Conference on Libraries and Information Services, 1989-92 N1-220-04-007_SF115 04/10/2020
General Counsel Records N1-220-09-002_SF115 04/10/2020
Annual Oaths of National Bank Directors N1-101-88-004_SF115 04/10/2020
President's Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism N1-220-90-002_SF115 04/10/2020
Corporate Licensing Files N1-101-86-002_SF115 04/10/2020
President's Commission on Equal Opportunity: Budget Files, 1955-65 N1-220-87-002_SF115 04/10/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-220-88-001_SF115 04/10/2020
Corrections Trustee (District of Columbia Department of Corrections Financial Oversight) N1-220-02-025_SF115 04/10/2020
President's War Relief Control Board: General Files, 1939-46 N1-220-88-004_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): US Library Data Sources and Analysis N1-220-06-003_SF115 04/10/2020
National Council on Public Works Improvement, 1984-1988 N1-220-89-008_SF115 04/10/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Public Hearing Audio Recordings, 1979-83 N1-220-02-021_SF115 04/10/2020
Census Monitoring Board, Presidential, 1998-2001 N1-220-01-004_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program School Library Media Center Survey, 1988-99 N1-220-02-030_SF115 04/10/2020
Jamestown 400th Commemoration Commission N1-220-13-001_SF115 04/10/2020
PPresident's Commission on Privatization, 1987-88 N1-220-88-005_SF115 04/10/2020
Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction N1-220-11-003_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program National Center for Education Statistics Forums, 1993-97 N1-220-02-029_SF115 04/10/2020
Audit Databases N1-220-09-004_SF115 04/10/2020
National Skill Standards Board N1-220-04-009_SF115 04/10/2020
Commission on the Ukraine Famine N1-220-90-004_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Audiovisual Records N1-220-07-001_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Administrative Records N1-220-04-004_SF115 04/10/2020
James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation N1-220-06-002_SF115 04/10/2020
Millenial Housing Commission N1-220-02-024_SF115 04/10/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Accounting Information System N1-220-02-015_SF115 04/10/2020
National Advisory Council on Adult Education, 1971-88 N1-220-89-003_SF115 04/10/2020
Recovery, Accountability, and Transparency Board (RATB): Administrative Records N1-220-11-002_SF115 04/10/2020
Division of Administration N1-220-09-003_SF115 04/10/2020
United States Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board: General Counsel Records N1-220-04-008_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Library Cooperatives Survey, 1993-98 N1-220-02-028_SF115 04/10/2020
Lower Mississippi Delta Development Commission, 1989-90 N1-220-90-003_SF115 04/10/2020
Judicial Review Commission on Foreign Asset Control, 1999-2001 N1-220-01-001_SF115 04/10/2020
Recovery, Accountability, and Transparency Board (RATB): Recovery Act Section 1512 Data (federalreporting.gov) DAA-0220-2015-0003_SF115 04/10/2020
National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs N1-220-89-001_SF115 04/10/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Drawings N1-220-87-003_SF115 04/10/2020
Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission N1-220-10-001_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Miscellaneous Records N1-220-08-002_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Sisters Library Program N1-220-04-006_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Academic Library Survey, 1990-2001 N1-220-02-026_SF115 04/10/2020
National Bipartisan Commission on Central America (Kissinger Commission), 1983-84 N1-220-89-009_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Sciences (NCLIS): Publications, 1971-2006 N1-220-00-006_SF115 04/10/2020
Congressionally Authorized Commission of the National Reconnaissance Office N1-220-01-002_SF115 04/10/2020
Centennial of Flight Commission N1-220-04-002_SF115 04/10/2020
Commission on Affordable Housing and Health Facility Needs for Seniors in the 21st Century N1-220-03-003_SF115 04/10/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Field Outreach Records, 1977-82 N1-220-02-022_SF115 04/10/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Plans and Specifications of Relocation Houses N1-220-04-011_SF115 04/10/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Web Site N1-220-11-004_SF115 04/10/2020
Aviation Safety Commission N1-220-88-006_SF115 04/10/2020
Commission on Long Term Care N1-220-14-001_SF115 04/10/2020
Reports of Supervisory Activity (Reports of Examination) N1-101-88-001_SF115 04/10/2020
Security Disclosure Files N1-101-87-002_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Federal-State Cooperative System Public Library Survey, 1987-2001 N1-220-02-031_SF115 04/10/2020
Country Exposure Reports N1-101-88-005_SF115 04/10/2020
Commission for the Study of International Migration and Cooperative Economic Development N1-220-90-005_SF115 04/10/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Real Estate Records N1-220-86-001_SF115 04/10/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Kabinto Lists (Navajo Tribe Member Names) N1-220-02-023_SF115 04/10/2020
White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance N1-220-04-003_SF115 04/10/2020
National Drought Policy Commission, 1998-2000 N1-220-00-007_SF115 04/10/2020
Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board N1-220-05-002_SF115 04/10/2020
National Bioethics Advisory Commission N1-220-01-006_SF115 04/10/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Federal-State Cooperative System Public Library Data Memos, 1988-97 N1-220-02-032_SF115 04/10/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Vendor Files N1-220-02-014_SF115 04/10/2020
Commission on Education of the Deaf N1-220-88-007_SF115 04/10/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - Nahata Dzill' Chapter Database N1-220-04-012_SF115 04/10/2020
Miscellaneous Changes to the Comprehensive Schedule N1-101-88-003_SF115 04/10/2020
Reports of the United States Banking System 1917-28 N1-101-86-001_SF115 04/10/2020
Inspector General DAA-0220-2016-0003_SF115 04/09/2020
Ship and Ship System Safety N1-NU-00-002_SF115 04/09/2020
Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement, 1996-99 N1-220-00-001_SF115 04/09/2020
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Incident Reports N1-NU-01-002_SF115 04/09/2020
Administrative Waivers, Duty Designation, and Agreement Records N1-NU-01-004_SF115 04/09/2020
Electronic/Digital Shipboard Operations Monitoring Records N1-NU-10-003_SF115 04/09/2020
Medicare Claims Files N1-047-05-002_SF115 04/09/2020
Counterintelligence Records N1-NU-02-002_SF115 04/09/2020
Office of the Inspector General - Audit / Inspection Files N1-060-99-011_SF115 04/09/2020
International Agreement Records N1-NU-02-003_SF115 04/09/2020
Clearance Adjudications Records N1-NU-03-001_SF115 04/09/2020
Psychological Autopsy Records N1-NU-04-002_SF115 04/09/2020
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Internal Personnel Inquiries About NCIS Personnel N1-NU-06-001_SF115 04/09/2020
Pre-Publication Security Review N1-NU-06-004_SF115 04/09/2020
Limited Access Authorizations N1-NU-06-005_SF115 04/09/2020
Counterintelligence, Law Enforcement N1-NU-06-006_SF115 04/09/2020
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Criminal Intelligence Reports N1-NU-07-005_SF115 04/09/2020
United States Marine Corps Traumatic Injury Protection Program N1-NU-07-009_SF115 04/09/2020
United States Marine Corps Legal Case Management System N1-NU-07-012_SF115 04/09/2020
Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce: Website Records N1-220-00-004_SF115 04/09/2020
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Unsolicited Letters Database N1-NU-08-002_SF115 04/09/2020
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Multi-Threat Analysis Center (MTAC) Data and Records N1-NU-08-003_SF115 04/09/2020
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Investigations Records N1-NU-08-004_SF115 04/09/2020
Navy Base Security and Military Police Records N1-NU-08-005_SF115 04/09/2020
Department of the Navy Criminal Justice Information System (DONCJIS) N1-NU-09-001_SF115 04/09/2020
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Agent Applications N1-NU-09-003_SF115 04/09/2020
Polygraph Technical Records N1-NU-09-005_SF115 04/09/2020
Drug Intelligence Asset Repository N1-523-08-005_SF115 04/09/2020
Casualities and Survivor's Benefit Records N1-NU-09-008_SF115 04/09/2020
Confinement Records Case Files for Courts-Martial Prisoners and Confinement Imposed by Non-Judicial Punishment N1-NU-10-001_SF115 04/09/2020
Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board: Website DAA-0220-2014-0013_SF115 04/09/2020
Bureau of Prisons - Management and Specialty Training Center N1-129-99-015_SF115 04/09/2020
Marine Corps University Student Individual Research Papers from Command & Staff College, Amphibious Warfare School, School of Advanced Warfighting, and Command and Control System School N1-127-01-001_SF115 04/09/2020
Surveillance Recordings N1-047-04-001_SF115 04/09/2020
Medicare Claims Files N1-047-07-001_SF115 04/09/2020
Low Income Public Housing and Renewal Assistance, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Indian Program System N1-207-96-007_SF115 04/08/2020
Low Income Public Housing and Rental Assistance Program Records N1-207-95-008_SF115 04/08/2020
Financial Accounting Records NC1-207-82-09_SF115 04/08/2020
Visual Arts Branch Photograph Library Audiovisual Records N1-207-97-006_SF115 04/08/2020
Inspector General Reports N1-207-91-002_SF115 04/08/2020
Comprehensive Planning Assistance Final Grant Reports Automated Electronic Index N1-207-92-001_SF115 04/08/2020
Federal Disaster Assistance Administration and Federal Insurance Administration Records N1-207-90-003_SF115 04/08/2020
Federal Insurance Administration Flood Insurance Records NC-207-75-006_SF115 04/08/2020
Rehabilitation Loans and Grants Records NC1-207-78-08_SF115 04/08/2020
Multifamily Insured Programs, Monthly Subsidy Billings/Documentation N1-207-88-004_SF115 04/08/2020
Policy Issuance Case History Files N1-207-10-003_SF115 04/08/2020
Family Home Mortgage Insurance Program Records N1-207-89-003_SF115 04/08/2020
Field Policy Management N1-207-10-001_SF115 04/08/2020
HUD Board of Contract Appeals Records NC1-207-79-01_SF115 04/08/2020
Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity (EMA) Audiovisual Records N1-207-95-006_SF115 04/08/2020
Regional Employee Time Reporting System (RETRS) Output Reports NC1-207-82-07_SF115 04/08/2020
Audiovisual Records of New Communities Administration and other Defunct HUD Programs N1-207-97-004_SF115 04/08/2020
Property Disposition Records NC1-207-83-04_SF115 04/08/2020
Low Income Housing and Rental Assistance Records, Multifamily Tenant Characteristics System (MFCS) N1-207-96-005_SF115 04/08/2020
IDEAS Case Files N1-207-89-001_SF115 04/08/2020
Lanham Act Correspondence N1-207-88-002_SF115 04/08/2020
Office of International Affairs Records NC-207-75-004_SF115 04/08/2020
Workable Program for Community Improvement Program Records NC-174-000226_SF115 04/08/2020
Claims Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT) Case Files N1-207-94-005_SF115 04/08/2020
Government National Mortgage Association Records NC1-207-83-02_SF115 04/08/2020
Office of Lead and Hazard Control (LHC) Files N1-207-97-002_SF115 04/08/2020
Construction Drawings, Specifications, and Plans NC-207-76-001_SF115 04/08/2020
Single Family Home Mortgage Insurance Program Records N1-207-87-001_SF115 04/08/2020
Pre-Foreclosure Sale Case Files (PFS) N1-207-95-004_SF115 04/08/2020
Office of Procurement and Contracts Management Information System (OPCMIS) NC1-207-81-04_SF115 04/08/2020
Committees, Boards, Conferences, Task Forces and Special Initiatives Records N1-207-96-010_SF115 04/08/2020
Numerical Forms History Files NC1-207-82-03_SF115 04/08/2020
Legal Records N1-207-94-001_SF115 04/08/2020
Comptroller Records NC1-207-82-01_SF115 04/08/2020
Official Files of Executive Secretariat N1-207-93-002_SF115 04/08/2020
Finance and Accounting Automated System Files N1-207-89-005_SF115 04/08/2020
Policy Development and Research Records NC1-207-78-06_SF115 04/08/2020
General Counsel Records NC1-173-84-05_SF115 04/08/2020
Pre-Applications, Applications & Correspondence for New Communities Development NC-174-000120_SF115 04/08/2020
Office of Procurement and Contracts Contract and Grant Activities N1-207-91-001_SF115 04/08/2020
Interagency Council on the Homeless Records N1-207-89-002_SF115 04/08/2020
Standard Reinsurance Contracts NC1-207-77-02_SF115 04/08/2020
Legal Records N1-207-10-002_SF115 04/08/2020
Interstate Land and Sales Registration Records NC1-207-78-10_SF115 04/08/2020
Technical Support Records NC1-207-78-01_SF115 04/08/2020
Multifamily Insured Program Records N1-207-94-006_SF115 04/08/2020
Office of Departmental Equal Employment Opportunity Program Records N1-207-98-002_SF115 04/08/2020
Consolidated Single Family Statistical System (CSFSS) N1-207-96-004_SF115 04/08/2020
Procedure Manuals and Orders of the Community Facilities Administration, 1933-52 N1-207-95-005_SF115 04/08/2020
Regional Employee Time Reporting System (RETRS) NC1-207-82-06_SF115 04/08/2020
Office of Legislation and Congressional Relations J1 Waiver Files N1-207-97-003_SF115 04/08/2020
Interstate Land Sales Registration Records NC1-207-83-01_SF115 04/08/2020
Export Import Files NC-207-75-001_SF115 04/08/2020
Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Records N1-207-86-001_SF115 04/08/2020
Property Disposition Records NC1-207-79-13_SF115 04/08/2020
Single Family Home Mortgage Insurance Program Records, Lenders' Files N1-207-93-001_SF115 04/08/2020
Comprehensive Planning Assistance 1954 Housing Act, Section 701 Final Grant Reports N1-207-92-002_SF115 04/08/2020
Comprehensive Planning Assistance (701) Program N1-207-88-005_SF115 04/08/2020
Labor Relations Functions Records NC1-207-77-04_SF115 04/08/2020
Single Family Home Non-Insured Case Binder Files NC1-207-84-06_SF115 04/08/2020
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Statistical Tabulations and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Budget Files N1-207-98-004_SF115 04/08/2020
Community Planning and Development Grant Records, Homeless Assistance Management Information System (HAMIS) N1-207-96-006_SF115 04/08/2020
Housing Development Grant Records N1-207-86-003_SF115 04/08/2020
Single Family Home Mortgage Insurance Program Records N1-207-88-001_SF115 04/08/2020
Area and Insuring Office Records NC1-207-84-02_SF115 04/08/2020
Community Planning and Development Grant Records NC1-207-80-06_SF115 04/08/2020
Administrative Records Investigative Case Files N1-207-93-005_SF115 04/08/2020
Motion Picture Films Documenting Federal Housing and Urban Planning N1-207-97-001_SF115 04/08/2020
Secretary and Under Secretary Records NC1-207-82-04_SF115 04/08/2020
Investigation Records NC1-207-76-09_SF115 04/08/2020
Dockets Branch Hearings and Motions Calendars, 1939-81 NC1-173-83-06_SF115 04/07/2020
Forfeiture, Miscellaneous Enforcement, Revocation, and Cease and Desist Case Files NC1-173-84-03_SF115 04/07/2020
Field Operations Bureau Records NC1-173-83-04_SF115 04/07/2020
FAMS LEOs Actions Case Files DAA-0560-2019-0002_SF115 04/07/2020
Records of Commissioner Tyrone Brown, 1975-81 NC1-173-81-06_SF115 04/07/2020
Network Inquiry Special Staff Records, 1978-80 NC1-173-81-02_SF115 04/07/2020
Real Estate Settlement and Interstate Land Sales Registration Files N1-207-05-001_SF115 04/07/2020
Mark-to-Market (M2M) Electronic Information System N1-207-08-004_SF115 04/07/2020
Records of Commissioner Abbott Washburn, 1974-82 NC1-173-84-02_SF115 04/07/2020
Equipment Registration Files NC1-173-85-01_SF115 04/07/2020
Building Construction Records DAA-0513-2015-0007_SF115 04/07/2020
Records of Commissioner Robert E. Lee, 1954-81 NC1-173-81-05_SF115 04/07/2020
International Training, 1951-80 NC1-173-81-01_SF115 04/07/2020
Task Force Investigation of American Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1974-76 NC1-173-82-08_SF115 04/07/2020
HUD Client Information and Policy System (HUDCLIPS) N1-207-09-007_SF115 04/07/2020
Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations (OCIR) N1-207-00-002_SF115 04/07/2020
Cellular Radio Service Applications NC1-173-84-01_SF115 04/07/2020
Certification of Electrical Equipment and Type Acceptance Files NC1-173-82-03_SF115 04/07/2020
Legal Records Enterprise Tracking System N1-207-09-005_SF115 04/07/2020
Certification of Electrical Equipment (Type Approval) Files NC1-173-83-02_SF115 04/07/2020
Public Affairs Records NC1-173-81-04_SF115 04/07/2020
Commission Minutes NC1-173-82-06_SF115 04/07/2020
Private Radio Bureau, Licensing Division Records NC1-173-84-04_SF115 04/07/2020
Community Planning and Development Grant Records N1-207-07-001_SF115 04/07/2020
Direct Loans and Capital Advances for Ederly and Persons with Disabilities Records N1-207-05-003_SF115 04/07/2020
Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS) N1-207-06-002_SF115 04/07/2020
Radio Operator Services Records NC1-173-85-03_SF115 04/07/2020
Common Carrier Bureau Central Files and Case Files, 1934-71 NC1-173-83-05_SF115 04/07/2020
Statements re Importation of Radio Frequency Devices (FCC Form 740) NC1-173-82-07_SF115 04/07/2020
Plans and Policy Records NC1-173-80-04_SF115 04/07/2020
Rulemaking Records and Published Reports NC1-173-83-01_SF115 04/07/2020
Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Special Applications Center Records N1-207-02-005_SF115 04/07/2020
Departmental Grants Financial Assistance Records N1-207-04-003_SF115 04/07/2020
Interstate Land Sales Registration/Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) Compliance Tracking System N1-207-09-004_SF115 04/07/2020
Fair Housing FHIP/FHAP Support Division Records N1-207-02-003_SF115 04/07/2020
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) Title VIII Automated Paperles Office Tracking System (TEAPOTS) N1-207-03-002_SF115 04/07/2020
Community Planning and Development Title V Records N1-207-00-001_SF115 04/07/2020
Financial Management Information Systems N1-207-06-003_SF115 04/07/2020
Office of Public and Indian Housing Program Records N1-207-07-002_SF115 04/07/2020
Applications for Canadian CB Operators (FCC Form 410B) NC1-173-79-01_SF115 04/03/2020
Unscheduled Records at the Washington National Records Center, 1883-1971 N1-173-98-009_SF115 04/03/2020
Applications for Class C or D Station Licenses in the Citizens Radio Services (FCC Form 505) NC1-173-77-01_SF115 04/03/2020
Network Study Committee Records, 1953-62 N1-173-92-003_SF115 04/03/2020
Equipment Certification, Type Acceptance, and Type Approval Records N1-173-94-001_SF115 04/03/2020
Field Operations Bureau Records NC1-173-80-03_SF115 04/03/2020
Broadcast Bureau Records NC1-173-79-03_SF115 04/03/2020
Chairman and Commissioners Records N1-173-98-008_SF115 04/03/2020
Automated Reporting and Management Information System (ARMIS) N1-173-97-001_SF115 04/03/2020
Common Carrier Bureau Records NC1-173-80-02_SF115 04/03/2020
Unscheduled Records at the Washington National Records Center, 1927-52 N1-173-93-001_SF115 04/03/2020
Call Center Control and Tracking System Files N1-173-98-007_SF115 04/03/2020
Field Operations Bureau Records NC1-173-78-03_SF115 04/03/2020
Returned Broadcast Applications N1-173-98-004_SF115 04/03/2020
General Counsel Records NC1-173-79-02_SF115 04/03/2020
Letters of Protest and Endorsement Regarding Standards for Licensing Educational Stations NC-173-76-001_SF115 04/03/2020
Cable Television Bureau Records NC-174-000154_SF115 04/03/2020
Administrative Law Judges Records NC1-173-80-01_SF115 04/03/2020
AM Radio Station Location Maps, 1940s-1990s N1-173-99-001_SF115 04/03/2020
Dismissed Broadcast Applications N1-173-98-003_SF115 04/03/2020
Safety and Special Radio Services Bureau Records NC1-173-78-02_SF115 04/03/2020
Informal Complaint and Inquiry Files N1-173-95-001_SF115 04/03/2020
Cable Television Bureau Records NC-173-75-001_SF115 04/03/2020
Common Carrier Bureau Records N1-173-87-005_SF115 04/02/2020
Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) Miscellaneous Records N1-173-88-004_SF115 04/02/2020
Records of Chairman Mark Fowler, 1981-87 N1-173-88-002_SF115 04/02/2020
Field Operations Bureau Miscellaneous Records N1-173-87-003_SF115 04/02/2020
Broadcast Station History Cards, 1920-81 N1-173-89-001_SF115 04/02/2020
Unarranged Still Pictures, 1978-86 N1-173-91-004_SF115 04/02/2020
Extra Copies of Commission Meeting Material and Minutes N1-173-87-007_SF115 04/02/2020
Information Releases N1-173-88-001_SF115 04/02/2020
Accounting and Audits Division Records N1-173-86-003_SF115 04/02/2020
Budget Estimates and Justifications N1-173-87-002_SF115 04/02/2020
Unscheduled Telephone Company Records at the Washington National Records Center, 1900-60 N1-173-91-003_SF115 04/02/2020
Office of Legislative Affairs Records N1-173-92-002_SF115 04/02/2020
Formal Hearing Dockets and Rulemaking Proceedings N1-173-90-004_SF115 04/02/2020
Television Network Study Files, 1956; Political Broadcasting Surveys/Reports, 1966 and 1972 N1-173-88-005_SF115 04/02/2020
Recordings of Open Meetings and Associated Finding Aids N1-173-87-006_SF115 04/02/2020
Unscheduled Records at the Washington National Records Center, 1912-55 N1-173-90-002_SF115 04/02/2020
General Counsel Records N1-173-91-001_SF115 04/02/2020
Mass Media Bureau Records N1-173-86-002_SF115 04/02/2020
Office of the Secretary and its Branches Records N1-173-91-002_SF115 04/02/2020
Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) Records N1-173-87-004_SF115 04/02/2020
Cellular Radio Service Applications N1-173-89-002_SF115 04/02/2020
Survey of Horse Racing Results Broadcasts, 1962-66; Political Broadcast Surveys, 1960-68 N1-173-91-005_SF115 04/02/2020
Certification of Franchising Authority to Regulate Basic Cable Service Rates and Initial Finding of Lack of Effective Competition (FCC Form 328) N1-173-11-002_SF115 04/01/2020
Webpage Content and Administrative Records N1-173-09-001_SF115 04/01/2020
Traffic Studies for Form 499-Q DAA-0173-2016-0006_SF115 04/01/2020
Narcotics Division and Federal Bureau of Narcotics, 1915-46 N1-170-91-001_SF115 04/01/2020
Numbered Investigative Case Files NC-170-75-001_SF115 04/01/2020
Personnel and Administrative Files N1-170-86-001_SF115 04/01/2020
Equal Employment Opportunity, Incentive Awards, Vehicle Identification Plate, and Reports Control Files NC1-170-81-03_SF115 04/01/2020
Section 43.62 -Annual International Reporting Requirements DAA-0173-2015-0009_SF115 04/01/2020
Children's Television Programming Report (FCC Form 398) N1-173-11-003_SF115 04/01/2020
Cable Price Survey Data and Databases N1-173-08-008_SF115 04/01/2020
Office of Engineering and Technology Knowledgebase System N1-173-08-004_SF115 04/01/2020
AT&T Special Investigation Files - 1934-1939 DAA-0173-2014-0001_SF115 04/01/2020
Chemical Transaction Analysis System (CTRANS) N1-170-06-001_SF115 04/01/2020
Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement (CALEA) Miscellaneous Records N1-173-08-007_SF115 04/01/2020
Internal Security, Personnel Security Clearance, and Physical Security Survey Files NC1-170-81-01_SF115 04/01/2020
Certification for Open Video Systems (FCC Form 1275) N1-173-11-005_SF115 04/01/2020
Special Agent Career Management Files N1-170-88-001_SF115 04/01/2020
DEA Form 9 NC1-170-79-01_SF115 04/01/2020
Training Program Files N1-170-86-002_SF115 04/01/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-170-89-001_SF115 04/01/2020
Records Schedule and Retention Plan NC1-170-77-01_SF115 04/01/2020
Case File Expunged 29-63467-1; 29-79062-1 NC1-065-83-24_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 52-93689 NC1-065-85-04_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged 44-0-56899; 32-2972-22804 NC1-065-84-14_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 77-118151-21 NC1-065-83-25_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 70-34981 NC1-065-84-05_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged 62-112954-2 NC1-065-85-05_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 157-12446-1 NC1-065-83-16_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 116-433406 NC1-065-84-06_SF115 03/31/2020
Diversion Electronic Commerce Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) N1-170-04-007_SF115 03/31/2020
13 Case Files Expunged Eastern District, Michigan NC1-065-83-15_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged 157-24090; 105-165706-4374 NC1-065-85-14_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged 9-65938-1 NC1-065-85-02_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 25-598913; 32-34-149, -150 NC1-065-84-13_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 123-15024-5 NC1-065-83-22_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Administration Division Finance Branch Records N1-129-00-034_SF115 03/31/2020
Inmates Confined in State and Local Institutions, 1961-68 N1-129-89-002_SF115 03/31/2020
Alcatraz Island Penitentiary Inmate Files and Prison Operations Records NC1-129-84-04_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 9-48031 NC1-065-85-03_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 88-84095-3 NC1-065-83-23_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 52-94781-308 NC1-065-84-12_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged 157-758-60, -41; 100-7060-24 NC1-065-85-11_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Clinical Guidelines Records N1-129-05-013_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged 62-119643; Atlanta 62-3203 NC1-065-83-14_SF115 03/31/2020
Inmate Accident Compensation Claim Files N1-129-86-001_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 77-108477-12 NC1-065-84-03_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged 63-2406-7; 62-105546-1; 62-105546-2; 63-0-32849, -X, -X1; 100-146964-239 NC1-065-83-13_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 140-26457-1, -3 NC1-065-85-12_SF115 03/31/2020
Leavenworth Records, 1904-90 N1-129-00-001_SF115 03/31/2020
Atlanta Penitentiary Inmate Case Files NC1-129-85-01_SF115 03/31/2020
Regional Safety Administrator - Workman's Compensation Files N1-129-07-013_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 62-103487 NC1-065-84-04_SF115 03/31/2020
Enhanced Non-Drug Evidence Database System (ENEDS) N1-170-04-009_SF115 03/31/2020
UNICOR - Decision Support System N1-129-05-006_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Administrative File Routine Correspondence, 1965-67 NC1-129-84-02_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Administration Division Budget Development Branch Records N1-129-00-029_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Budget Execution Branch Records N1-129-07-015_SF115 03/31/2020
Special Investigative Services Records N1-129-97-003_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Office of the Assistant Director and General Counsel Records N1-129-00-021_SF115 03/31/2020
Polygraph Information Tracking System (PITS) N1-170-04-008_SF115 03/31/2020
UNICOR - Professional Business System N1-129-04-009_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 62-109060-5912 NC1-065-85-06_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Inmate Systems Branch Records N1-129-01-013_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Administration Division Capacity Planning Branch Records N1-129-00-032_SF115 03/31/2020
Hazardous Waste Disposal System (HWDS) N1-170-03-003_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Psychology Service Branch Records N1-129-05-012_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged 52-94781-243, -244, -252, -253, -255, -261, -270, -283 NC1-065-85-07_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Administration Division Procurement and Property Branch Records N1-129-00-035_SF115 03/31/2020
Hazardous Waste Disposal System (HWDS) N1-170-00-002_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 121-26792 NC1-065-83-19_SF115 03/31/2020
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Sample Guidelines for Restricted Nonpublic or Set Aside Investigative Cases NC1-065-84-07_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Design and Construction Files N1-129-05-003_SF115 03/31/2020
McNeil Island Penitentiary Xrays NC1-129-83-02_SF115 03/31/2020
Sound Recording of Radio Broadcast Launching of Ship ~Jarden Johnson, 1945 NC1-129-84-01_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 77-110827-8 NC1-065-83-17_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 105-160224-5, -7 NC1-065-84-09_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 25-559067 NC1-065-83-18_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Telephone Monitoring Systems N1-129-05-016_SF115 03/31/2020
Assistant Director for Administration Records N1-129-91-002_SF115 03/31/2020
UNICOR - Millennium (SAP/R3) System & Business Warehouse Module N1-129-04-008_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 46-67012 NC1-065-84-08_SF115 03/31/2020
Alcatraz Employee Pay Cards, 1948, 1958-60 NC1-129-83-06_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged 52-102317-5; 67-495675-174; 97-5507-9, -44, -99, -106; 134-13734-119; 5 183-582-5 NC1-065-85-08_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Administration Division Budget Execution Branch Records N1-129-00-031_SF115 03/31/2020
Federal Correctional Facilities - Inmate Systems N1-129-01-012_SF115 03/31/2020
National Institute of Corrections Director and Deputy Director Records N1-129-10-003_SF115 03/31/2020
Atlanta Penitentiary Photographs, 1901-54, Inmate Fingerprints, 1902-39 NC1-129-84-05_SF115 03/31/2020
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Rectify a Discrepancy in a Sub-Item Related to the Central Records System NC1-065-83-20_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged 52-94781-259, -264, -303, -305, -307, -313, -316, -317, -318, -319 NC1-065-85-09_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Health Services Medical Staff Records N1-129-05-014_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged Albuquerque 139-85-4 ; Charlotte 100-9943-149 NC1-065-84-10_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Administration Division Trust Fund Records N1-129-00-028_SF115 03/31/2020
UNICOR - Product Support Center eDrawing System N1-129-09-001_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged 73-16904; 26-167152; 32-2980-2837, -3223, -3224, -3225, -3287, -3288, -3296, -3360, -3661 NC1-065-84-11_SF115 03/31/2020
UNICOR - Product Waiver System N1-129-05-005_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 100-357240 NC1-065-83-21_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 100-234791 NC1-065-84-01_SF115 03/31/2020
Regional Office - Correctional Services Administrator (CSA) Records N1-129-00-020_SF115 03/31/2020
McNeil Island Penitentiary Logs, 1966-81 NC1-129-83-04_SF115 03/31/2020
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Statutorily Restricted Material, Field Office Files, and General Corrections NC1-065-85-01_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Administration Division Site Selection Branch Records N1-129-01-001_SF115 03/31/2020
Alcatraz Island Penitentiary Sea Transport Logbooks, 1946-59 NC1-129-84-03_SF115 03/31/2020
McNeil Island Penitentiary Photographic Negatives (Mug Shots), 1936-68 N1-129-89-001_SF115 03/31/2020
Case Files Expunged Jacksonville 87-137995 87-15172 NC1-065-84-02_SF115 03/31/2020
Correctional Services Records for Individual Institutions N1-129-94-001_SF115 03/31/2020
Case File Expunged 62-62736-2-6594 NC1-065-85-10_SF115 03/31/2020
McNeil Island Penitentiary Xrays, Building Project Files, and Employee Association Financial Records NC1-129-83-08_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Total Maintenance System N1-129-05-001_SF115 03/31/2020
Central Office - Administration Division Facilities Management Branch Records N1-129-00-033_SF115 03/31/2020
81 Case Files Expunged NC1-065-83-07_SF115 03/30/2020
Hoover Memorabilia, 1924-72 NC1-065-83-10_SF115 03/30/2020
Case File Expunged Detroit 100-39767 NC1-065-82-20_SF115 03/30/2020
21 Case Files Expunged NC1-065-83-09_SF115 03/30/2020
26 Case Files Expunged NC1-065-83-08_SF115 03/30/2020
Case File Expunged 100-456095-15 NC1-065-83-12_SF115 03/30/2020
Case File Expunged 157-29245 NC1-065-81-10_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 100-471687 NC1-065-81-08_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged 65-800; 65-46310;, 77-9361; 121-13297 NC1-065-82-16_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged 100-24628-2159, -2160; 100-33049-34-15X1 NC1-065-83-06_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 100-364440 NC1-065-81-09_SF115 03/27/2020
Press Clippings Maintained in the Director's Office, 1920-72; Hoover Congratulatory Letters and Replies, 1924-72; Photographs Accumulated by J. Edgar Hoover, 1930-72 NC1-065-82-25_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged 44-32016; 65-63925 NC1-065-82-08_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 46-14772 NC1-065-82-07_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged 183-2237; Jackson 183-127 NC1-065-82-26_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged District of Massachusetts 105-174403; 140-29382; 151-913 NC1-065-82-14_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged 9-46155; 29-41881; 63-16319; 92-5585; 122-3308; 161-6573 NC1-065-81-06_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged Norfolk 105-1711; 105-0-26112x NC1-065-83-05_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged Butte 44-647 NC1-065-82-15_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 100-432667-3 NC1-065-83-04_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 1-10088 NC1-065-81-07_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 100-343490 NC1-065-82-06_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 46-11190 (WFO) NC1-065-82-23_SF115 03/27/2020
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Address and Resolve Dispositions of Records in Legal Attache Offices NC1-065-82-24_SF115 03/27/2020
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Modifications and Clarifications NC1-065-82-05_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 100-472562 NC1-065-82-10_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 100-181812 NC1-065-81-02_SF115 03/27/2020
InveCase Files Expunged 105-55030-55, -56, -57; 105-195696-413, -440,-453, -576, -583, -608, -724 NC1-065-83-01_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 9-29114 NC1-065-82-11_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 157-21874 NC1-065-81-03_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged 70-67428; 65-0-10069; 70-72524; 70-72515 NC1-065-82-02_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 100-192690 NC1-065-81-11_SF115 03/27/2020
Certain Offenses Which Appear in Copies of Identification Records NC1-065-82-01_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 100-484211 NC1-065-81-12_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged 105-73247; Detroit 100-26571 NC1-065-82-27_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 25-455835 NC1-065-82-19_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged 61-7341-37-122; 62-39749-1101; 62-62736-1125; 62-64210-120; 65-4389-28; 65-8946-1521 NC1-065-82-29_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 105-171585 NC1-065-82-09_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged 161-16107-7, -10, -13, -20, -21; Albuquerque 161-626; Washington Field Office 161-15589 NC1-065-82-28_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 100-463450 NC1-065-81-04_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 151-464 NC1-065-82-12_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged 100-457751-1008; 100-457751-1324 NC1-065-83-02_SF115 03/27/2020
Case Files Expunged 44-0-41418; 44-0-52931; 44-0-54458; 44-0-56315; 44-0-59385 NC1-065-83-03_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 105-254262 NC1-065-81-13_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 47-54412 NC1-065-81-05_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 91-18389 NC1-065-82-21_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 196-2306 NC1-065-82-13_SF115 03/27/2020
Answer Sheets Forms for Special Agent Applicants NC1-065-82-03_SF115 03/27/2020
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule per American Friends Service Committee, et al., v. William H. Wetster, et al. NC1-065-82-04_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 42-340020 NC1-065-82-22_SF115 03/27/2020
Expungement of 71 Names and Related Index Cards NC1-065-81-01_SF115 03/27/2020
Case File Expunged 25-555801 NC1-065-78-29_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 44-15527 NC1-065-79-27_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 100-454318; 62-112228-10-71; 88-50450-506; 100-158790-135; 100-439048-10-90; 158 NC1-065-78-38_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 65-39323; 105-79527 NC1-065-79-01_SF115 03/26/2020
Headquarters Classification 95 NC1-065-80-02_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-463409 NC1-065-79-20_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 140-41000 NC1-065-79-02_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 62-66356 NC1-065-78-30_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged New York 134-21350; 174-2211 NC1-065-80-09_SF115 03/26/2020
Field Office Cases NC1-065-79-10_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 100-351684; 121-44244 NC1-065-78-21_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 170-4939 NC1-065-78-20_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged Buffalo 100-20606; Chicago 100-49801 NC1-065-78-26_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-415617 NC1-065-79-17_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 157-13181 NC1-065-78-45_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-450778 NC1-065-79-16_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 94-4 sub 1949 NC1-065-78-44_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 116-259769 NC1-065-78-27_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 140-38564 NC1-065-79-07_SF115 03/26/2020
Log Tapes of National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and NCIC Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Transactions NC1-065-78-35_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 151-1857 NC1-065-78-18_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 77-72330 NC1-065-79-26_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-194990 NC1-065-79-08_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-450467 NC1-065-79-25_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged Baltimore 157-5624 NC1-065-78-17_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files or Contents in Conflict with the Privacy Act N1-065-88-003_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 116-348607; 121-35349 NC1-065-80-07_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-475493 NC1-065-80-08_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-474577 NC1-065-78-48_SF115 03/26/2020
Transmittal Documents from Field Office to Headquarters NC1-065-78-49_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-461283 NC1-065-78-39_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 121-13228; 64-40198 NC1-065-79-29_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged Detroit 100-34073 NC1-065-80-04_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-465217 NC1-065-79-03_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 58-2557 NC1-065-78-31_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged Albany 100-22355 NC1-065-79-21_SF115 03/26/2020
Witness Protection Program Headquarters (File 62-113932) and Field Office NC1-065-79-22_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 94-4 Sub 2289 NC1-065-79-12_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 25-559121 NC1-065-79-04_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 92-11600 NC1-065-78-40_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-392430 NC1-065-78-24_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 100-379270 NC1-065-79-30_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 26-382357 NC1-065-78-23_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 70-70715 NC1-065-78-42_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 100-450714 NC1-065-79-31_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 120-9893 NC1-065-78-22_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 42-73328 NC1-065-79-14_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 46-61260 NC1-065-78-41_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 43-16048 NC1-065-78-43_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-459635 NC1-065-79-13_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 77-32419 NC1-065-79-15_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 140-26716 NC1-065-78-33_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 44-25739 NC1-065-79-05_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 128-1884; 138-3120 NC1-065-78-07_SF115 03/26/2020
Headquarters Copies of Past Issues of The Congressional Record and Components File Number 66-1731 NC1-065-79-23_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 62-105431; 105-43104 NC1-065-78-25_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-459492 NC1-065-79-24_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 140-36211; 100-438269 NC1-065-79-06_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-445198 NC1-065-78-34_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 124-8851 NC1-065-80-05_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 100-402086; 140-18772 NC1-065-78-28_SF115 03/26/2020
Personnel Records NC1-065-80-10_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 26-52806 NC1-065-80-06_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 95-183438 NC1-065-78-46_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 100-459610 NC1-065-79-18_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 62-111441 NC1-065-78-47_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged Seattle 100-31435 NC1-065-80-01_SF115 03/26/2020
Case Files Expunged 49-21837; 147-12628 NC1-065-79-19_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 31-91645 NC1-065-79-09_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 121-26020 NC1-065-78-19_SF115 03/26/2020
Case File Expunged 116-82462 NC1-065-77-04_SF115 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 105-264215 NC1-065-78-11_SF115 03/25/2020
National Counterintelligence Center N1-220-97-007 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 100-456174 NC1-065-78-02_SF115 03/25/2020
Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations (Regional and District Offices) Microfilmed Records NC1-058-82-12_SF115 03/25/2020
Case Files Expunged 100-448681; 62-0-72622 NC1-065-78-03_SF115 03/25/2020
Personnel Database N1-103-94-001_SF115 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 26-143074 NC1-065-78-09_SF115 03/25/2020
Funding Approval Records N1-103-94-008_SF115 03/25/2020
Appointee Clearance and Vetting Files N1-103-96-001_SF115 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 100-433657 NC1-065-77-09_SF115 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 105-174253 NC1-065-78-10_SF115 03/25/2020
Racial Matters Incidents Case File, 1971-74 NC1-065-77-01_SF115 03/25/2020
Liquidation Files of Closed Financial Institutions N1-103-90-002_SF115 03/25/2020
Internal Control Files and Workpapers N1-103-91-001_SF115 03/25/2020
Examination Reference Files N1-103-92-003_SF115 03/25/2020
Field Office Criminal Classifications NC1-065-77-11_SF115 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 63-207 NC1-065-77-10_SF115 03/25/2020
Administrative and Non-investigative Field Office Records NC-065-75-001_SF115 03/25/2020
Director William Session's E-Mail Printouts, 1992-93 N1-065-94-001_SF115 03/25/2020
Classification 252 Violent Crime Apprehension Program at Quantico, Virginia N1-065-94-002_SF115 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 157-17412 NC1-065-78-14_SF115 03/25/2020
Case Files Expunged 26-143127; 76-18343 NC1-065-77-06_SF115 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 100-444154 NC1-065-77-05_SF115 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 100-472913 NC1-065-78-13_SF115 03/25/2020
Microfilmed Records Covered by Records Control Schedule 104 NC1-058-84-03_SF115 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 70-62339 NC1-065-78-04_SF115 03/25/2020
Erroneous Information in a Fraud Against the Government Investigation NC1-065-76-07_SF115 03/25/2020
Case Files Expunged 100-454458; 77-0-29191; 100-446761-10-85; 100-463701-80X; 62-112128-9 NC1-065-78-06_SF115 03/25/2020
Administrative Memoranda in Headquarters Divisional and Field Office Inspection Files NC1-065-76-06_SF115 03/25/2020
Association Correspondence Files N1-103-91-003_SF115 03/25/2020
Case Files Expunged 105-34074; 105-12189 NC1-065-78-05_SF115 03/25/2020
Litigation Case Files and Criminal Referrals N1-103-94-007_SF115 03/25/2020
Case Files Expunged 44-10547, 44-16906, 9-36585,9-27477, 9-34826; 9-37554 NC1-065-78-15_SF115 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 100-478363 NC1-065-77-07_SF115 03/25/2020
Case Files Expunged 62-109869; 94-53867 NC1-065-77-08_SF115 03/25/2020
Case File Expunged 52-89053 NC1-065-78-16_SF115 03/25/2020
Field Office Records of Cases not Prosecuted or Otherwise not Followed Up NC-065-75-002_SF115 03/25/2020
District of Massachusetts Case Files Expunged 62-5900-20; 62-5900--21 N1-065-86-021_SF115 03/25/2020
Special Service Contact (SSC) Contact, 1941-55 N1-065-96-001_SF115 03/25/2020
Field Office and Quantico Training Administrative Files N1-065-95-002_SF115 03/25/2020
Fingerprint Cards NC-065-75-003_SF115 03/25/2020
Employee Plans Application Case Files N1-058-87-003_SF115 03/25/2020
Inactive Criminal Fingerprint Cards NC1-065-76-01_SF115 03/25/2020
Employee Plans Examination Reports and Files (Revisions of Records Control Schedule 203) NC1-058-84-12_SF115 03/25/2020
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule: Exceptional Case File Update N1-065-96-002_SF115 03/25/2020
Employee Plans/Exempt Organizations Regional and District Office Records (Revisions of Records Control Schedule 203) NC1-058-77-10_SF115 03/25/2020
Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division Identification Records N1-065-95-003_SF115 03/25/2020
Headquarters Zero 0 Administration Files - Permanent and Temporary N1-065-11-028_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 29C-SL-185340; 29J-SL-187240; 29K-SL-187135 N1-065-08-005_SF115 03/24/2020
Testing Records for Leadership Skills Assessment (LSA) , Special Agent Selection System (SASS), and Police Officer Selection System (POSS); POSS Database N1-065-11-029_SF115 03/24/2020
Routine Correspondence Prepared Without File Yellow Record System Justice/FBI-005 N1-065-87-005_SF115 03/24/2020
Las Vegas Field Division Office of Origin Case File Expunged 198-LV-35676 N1-065-07-015_SF115 03/24/2020
Office of Planning, Evaluations and Audits Work Papers/Final Reports N1-065-90-004_SF115 03/24/2020
Field Office Special Surveillance Groups (SSG) Daily Worksheets N1-065-91-003_SF115 03/24/2020
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Field Office 00 Files, Interesting Files, Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Index and Abstracts N1-065-86-025_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 105-79285-137; 134-11845-NR; 105-104335-NR N1-065-86-024_SF115 03/24/2020
Classification 301 Missing Persons Case Files N1-065-10-022_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 62-115530-11214x2; 87-70295-33; Detroit 87-11576 N1-065-87-006_SF115 03/24/2020
Audio and Video Tapes of Speeches of William Webster, 1980-86 N1-065-89-004_SF115 03/24/2020
Original Cartoons Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of J. Edgar Hoover as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) N1-065-88-005_SF115 03/24/2020
Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) N1-065-10-012_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged 77-148121-1, - 9 N1-065-87-014_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 9-47550, 32-7367-366, 32-7367-367, 32-7367-489, 32-7367-490; 197-122-131 N1-065-86-007_SF115 03/24/2020
Investigative Data Warehouse (IDW) System N1-065-10-031_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 32-15346-1648; 32-15346-1649; 32-15346-1657; 32-15346-1658; 32-15346-1658; 32-15346-1689; 32-15346-1690; 63-0-63436 N1-065-87-015_SF115 03/24/2020
Sensitive Source Reporting Program (SSRP) Printouts N1-065-10-013_SF115 03/24/2020
Classification 300A Counterterrorism Preparedness Special Events N1-065-11-012_SF115 03/24/2020
Regime Crimes Liaison Office (RCLO) Iraqi Special Tribunal (IST) Database Synergy Application N1-065-08-002_SF115 03/24/2020
Classification 293 Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) N1-065-10-019_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged Oklahoma City 29J-OC-63713 N1-065-08-020_SF115 03/24/2020
Foreign Language Program Records in Classification 321E and Filed Separately N1-065-11-017_SF115 03/24/2020
Strategic Information and Operations Center (SIOC) N1-065-08-021_SF115 03/24/2020
Classification 800R Intelligence Program Management Potential Confidential Human Source Value N1-065-10-037_SF115 03/24/2020
Classifications 259 and 260 Files N1-065-09-002_SF115 03/24/2020
Classification 308 Evidence Response Team Matters N1-065-10-009_SF115 03/24/2020
Headquarters Zero 0 Administrative Files - Permanent N1-065-11-027_SF115 03/24/2020
Laboratory Division's Fingerprint Certification and Related Training Records N1-065-09-010_SF115 03/24/2020
New Agent Development and Logbooks Intelligence Analyst (IA) Logbooks N1-065-11-026_SF115 03/24/2020
Office of Public Affairs Videotapes, 1978-86 N1-065-91-001_SF115 03/24/2020
Document Control (FD-501) System N1-065-08-012_SF115 03/24/2020
Automated Headquarters General Index System N1-065-90-002_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged New Orleans Case 9-3510 N1-065-86-004_SF115 03/24/2020
Major Bombing Photographs and Photograph Collections of Other FBI Cases N1-065-10-001_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Middle District of Pennsylvania Expunged 32-8449-7956, -7957 N1-065-87-003_SF115 03/24/2020
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule Amendment: Tax and Tax Return Information, Grand Jury, and Title III Materials N1-065-86-023_SF115 03/24/2020
Reference Materials About J. Edgar Hoover (JEH) from Crime Division, 1920-81 N1-065-89-001_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged 105-139862 N1-065-86-022_SF115 03/24/2020
DELTA System for Implemantation of Confidential Human Source Policy Manual N1-065-09-027_SF115 03/24/2020
Informant and Informant-Related Case Files N1-065-91-008_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 190-17518-10; 65-18753-4; 65-51229-1; 100-397379-6; 100-345865-1; 100-359834-8, -16 N1-065-89-002_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Middle District of Pennsylvania Expunged 32-8449-7956, -7957 N1-065-87-004_SF115 03/24/2020
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule: 1991 Update N1-065-93-006_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 105-0-29033; Richmond 105-6899; Richmond 203-0-3 N1-065-87-012_SF115 03/24/2020
Non-Disclosure Statement for Selection Tests and Interviews Signed by FBI Applicants N1-065-09-019_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 44-48327-2, -NR;2 47-4680-1 (SF), -3, -5; 65-63183-18; 190-1254-x4, -x3, -xl, -2 (SF report), -5; 47-4680-2 (SF); 190-1254-5 N1-065-87-013_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged San Antonio Case 100-11912-1 N1-065-86-001_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 29J-BF-32354; 29C-MP-56276 N1-065-08-015_SF115 03/24/2020
FBI Academy Training Division Films and Videotapes, 1960-86 N1-065-91-004_SF115 03/24/2020
Human Resources Records (67Q ) Part Two N1-065-09-014_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged Springfield Division Office of Origin 265A-SI-52450 N1-065-08-016_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 62-120068; 87-157681; 191-122-210 N1-065-86-010_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged 105-2011 N1-065-88-006_SF115 03/24/2020
Office of Public Affairs Still Photography, 1930-85 N1-065-91-005_SF115 03/24/2020
Headquarters Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Indices Records N1-065-93-003_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged Southern District of New York 197-122-127; 179-1713 N1-065-86-008_SF115 03/24/2020
11 Case Files Expunged N1-065-89-005_SF115 03/24/2020
Security Risk Assessment (SRA) N1-065-10-024_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 100-411752; 62-60527-38711; 61-7341-31-39; 61-7341-31-75X; 61-7341-31-82; 140-6055-10 N1-065-87-007_SF115 03/24/2020
Classification 63 Miscellaneous Non-Subversive Files N1-065-11-022_SF115 03/24/2020
10 Case Files Expunged District Court for D.C. N1-065-86-009_SF115 03/24/2020
Temporary Files, Index Cards and Related Material N1-065-88-007_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 62-5-32809; 62-5-32813 N1-065-87-008_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged Detroit 100-451694-673 N1-065-86-017_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged Portland 62-0-100860; 62-0-100860 A and B; 62-0-100693; 62-0-100693 A thru Z; 62-0-100693 AA thru KK; 105-6498-5 N1-065-89-006_SF115 03/24/2020
Classification 292 Domestic Emergency Support Team (DEST) N1-065-10-014_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged Eastern District of Pennsylvania 32-8449-7958, -7959; 67-732032-98; 89-0-2895x; 89-0--2910; 89-0-2916; 89-457; 89-R-1 N1-065-86-019_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged 100-462483-1129 N1-065-86-018_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 26-279725; 62-5-38830 N1-065-87-009_SF115 03/24/2020
HQ Classification 62 Surveillance Submission forms and Field Office Classification 66 Forms N1-065-10-032_SF115 03/24/2020
Classification 333 Legal Matters N1-065-10-015_SF115 03/24/2020
17 Case Files Expunged N1-065-88-008_SF115 03/24/2020
FBI Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs) Dissemination System (FIDS) N1-065-10-025_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged 157-15152-2, -6 N1-065-87-001_SF115 03/24/2020
Special Operations Group (321C and 66I) and Bureau Aircraft Operations Program (321D and 66H) Records N1-065-11-025_SF115 03/24/2020
Laboratory Division's (Lab's) Quality Assurance and Training Unit's (QATU's) Training Records N1-065-09-007_SF115 03/24/2020
Classification 323 Hazardous Material Response Team Matters N1-065-10-026_SF115 03/24/2020
Indianapolis Case File Expunged 270F-IP-90916 N1-065-07-011_SF115 03/24/2020
Classification 278 President's Intelligence Oversight Board (PIOB) Matters N1-065-10-008_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 47-57335; 62-5-49931x30 N1-065-86-002_SF115 03/24/2020
San Francisco Case File Expunged 29J-SF-118302; Tampa Case File Expunged 164B-TP-63625 N1-065-08-008_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged Omaha 100-8855; Omaha 100-8755-45; NR 10/27/85; NR 11/7/85 N1-065-86-020_SF115 03/24/2020
Guardian Threat Tracking System (Guardian) N1-065-09-016_SF115 03/24/2020
Classification 62 Miscellaneous Subversive Files N1-065-13-001_SF115 03/24/2020
Key Survey Application for Training N1-065-09-026_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged 67-815026-4 N1-065-87-002_SF115 03/24/2020
Human Resources Records (67Q) Part One N1-065-09-008_SF115 03/24/2020
Motion Pictures and Videotapes for Law Enforcement, Recruitment, Interviews with Officials, and Media Coverage N1-065-91-006_SF115 03/24/2020
Case Files Expunged 44-23907-NR N1-065-86-003_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged Pittsburgh 29J-PG-70390 N1-065-08-017_SF115 03/24/2020
11 Case Files Expunged Western District of Oklahoma N1-065-86-011_SF115 03/24/2020
STROHL System for Continuity of Operations (COOP) N1-065-09-034_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged 77-143716-29, -30, -33 N1-065-88-001_SF115 03/24/2020
National Stolen Art File (NSAF) N1-065-09-017_SF115 03/24/2020
Human Resources Records (67Q) N1-065-08-022_SF115 03/24/2020
Case File Expunged Dallas 46B-DL-87279 N1-065-08-018_SF115 03/24/2020
Law Enforcement System Supporting Audit Findings Data N1-065-11-019_SF115 03/24/2020
Director and Senior Staff Briefing Materials N1-065-07-014_SF115 03/24/2020
Office of Integrity and Compliance (OIC) Internal Compliance Records N1-065-09-012_SF115 03/24/2020
InfraGard System and Website N1-065-08-013_SF115 03/24/2020
Newark Case File Expunged 281A-NK-92575 N1-065-06-016_SF115 03/23/2020
Regional Office Inmate Case Files NC-438-75-001_SF115 03/23/2020
Special Agent Career Board Documentation and Recordings N1-065-04-001_SF115 03/23/2020
Internet Web Site N1-065-04-006_SF115 03/23/2020
Policies, Procedures, Guidance, and Technical Manuals N1-065-06-013_SF115 03/23/2020
Case File Expunged Portland Field Division Office of Origin 175-130 N1-065-06-014_SF115 03/23/2020
Support Personnel (Non-Agent) Selection Documentation and Recordings N1-065-02-001_SF115 03/23/2020
Director and Senior Officials' Files N1-065-07-001_SF115 03/23/2020
Auxiliary Office Case Files (1991-10/15/95)/Office Of Origin Case Files (10/16/95-Ongoing) N1-065-04-004_SF115 03/23/2020
Field Office Switchboard Recordings N1-065-05-001_SF115 03/23/2020
Inspection Division, Work Papers and Final Reports N1-065-03-004_SF115 03/23/2020
Criminal Justice Information Services Division Fingerprint Cards and Related Indices N1-065-02-004_SF115 03/23/2020
Fugitive Felon Program Operation Joint Venture N1-065-07-002_SF115 03/23/2020
Department Order 556-73, Sufficient Request Records N1-065-06-003_SF115 03/23/2020
Case File Expunged Columbia 288A-CO-26047 N1-065-07-005_SF115 03/23/2020
Evidence Reference and Standards Information System N1-065-06-006_SF115 03/23/2020
Oklahoma City Field Division Office of Origin File 70C-OC-58332 N1-065-06-015_SF115 03/23/2020
Special Assistant to the Attorney General Marvin Wall Records NC1-060-80-12_SF115 03/20/2020
Office of the Chief Immigration Judge Record of Proceedings Case Files NC1-060-84-07_SF115 03/20/2020
Comprehensive Classification Records Schedule: 1997 Update N1-065-00-007_SF115 03/20/2020
Tax Division Case Files NC1-060-81-05_SF115 03/20/2020
Office of the Deputy Attorney General Public Opinion Mail, 1972 NC1-060-82-13_SF115 03/20/2020
Director's Office Records DAA-0065-2015-0001_SF115 03/20/2020
Executive Office for the United States Trustees Meetings of Creditors and Equity Security Holders NC1-060-83-01_SF115 03/20/2020
Charters Folders, 1863-1980 DAA-0101-2020-0003_SF115 03/19/2020
Public Affairs Records NC1-362-85-02_SF115 03/19/2020
Marine Operations Records DAA-0370-2019-0001_SF115 03/18/2020
Audits and Investigations DAA-0572-2019-0001_SF115 03/18/2020
Federal Judge Nominations NC1-060-79-04_SF115 03/18/2020
Executive Office for the United States Trustees Meetings of Creditors and Equity Security Holders NC1-060-80-09_SF115 03/18/2020
Anti-Trust Division Submitted Documents NC1-060-79-08_SF115 03/18/2020
Confidential Treatment Request (CTR) Materials DAA-0266-2016-0001_SF115 03/18/2020
Pre-Appointment Investigation Reports of Judges NC1-060-80-11_SF115 03/18/2020
Confidential Treatment Request (CTR) Materials DAA-0266-2014-0001_SF115 03/18/2020
Task Force to Review the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Martin Luther King, Junior, Security and Assassination Investigations NC1-060-80-02_SF115 03/18/2020
Executive Director Records N1-470-09-001_SF115 03/18/2020
Organized Crime & Racketeering Section Systems NC1-060-79-06_SF115 03/18/2020
Policy and Legislation DAA-0060-2018-0005_SF115 03/18/2020
Confidential Treatment Materials DAA-0266-2019-0002_SF115 03/18/2020
National Security Division Files of High Level Officials N1-060-10-034_SF115 03/17/2020
Civil Rights Division Online Investigative Management Tool N1-060-09-059_SF115 03/17/2020
Justice Management Division Organization and Management Review Group N1-060-10-006_SF115 03/17/2020
Justice Management Division Management Studies and Projects N1-060-10-007_SF115 03/17/2020
Land and Natural Resources Division Attorney Time Reporting Records N1-060-88-008_SF115 03/17/2020
Antitrust Division Class Action Fairness Act (CAFAD) Database N1-060-11-005_SF115 03/17/2020
U.S. Trustee Automated Trustee System N1-060-09-073_SF115 03/17/2020
Controlled Substances Act Files in Multiple Offices NC1-060-79-01_SF115 03/17/2020
ENRD's Internal Website (ENRDNet) N1-060-09-037_SF115 03/17/2020
Class 44 Files NC1-060-78-02_SF115 03/17/2020
Office of the Inspector General Clearance Tracking Database N1-060-11-001_SF115 03/17/2020
Office of the Inspector General Clearance Employee Database N1-060-11-002_SF115 03/17/2020
Office of Alien Property Mlscellaneous Classified Records, 1941-63 N1-060-99-010_SF115 03/17/2020
Criminal Division Case Files NC1-060-78-01_SF115 03/17/2020
Deputy and Associate Attorneys General - Classified Files N1-060-93-011_SF115 03/17/2020
Office of the International Tribunal Support Records N1-060-99-004_SF115 03/17/2020
Civil Rights Division The Insider N1-060-09-058_SF115 03/17/2020
Criminal Division Organized Crime and Racketeering Section Index Cards, 1961-72 NC1-060-77-05_SF115 03/17/2020
Board of Immigration Appeals Case Index Cards or Logs NC1-060-77-04_SF115 03/17/2020
Office of the Inspector General Information Tracking System N1-060-09-067_SF115 03/17/2020
Tax Division Human Resources Information System N1-060-09-057_SF115 03/17/2020
Internal Audits and EEO Investigationsing Office NC1-060-76-11_SF115 03/17/2020
Land & Natural Resources Division Assistant Attorney General Records N1-060-89-010_SF115 03/17/2020
Inter-Division Information Unit Records NC1-060-79-02_SF115 03/17/2020
Office of the Inspector General Project Proposal Database N1-060-11-003_SF115 03/17/2020
Racketeer Profile Data NC1-060-78-03_SF115 03/17/2020
Associate Attorney General Internal Review Committee Examining the Environmental Crimes Program N1-060-99-012_SF115 03/17/2020
Office of the Inspector General Audit Management System N1-060-09-072_SF115 03/17/2020
U.S. Trustees Means Test Review Management System N1-060-09-063_SF115 03/17/2020
U.S. Trustees Professional Timekeeping System N1-060-09-071_SF115 03/17/2020
U.S. Trustees Credit Counseling and Debtor Education System N1-060-09-053_SF115 03/17/2020
Civil Division, Japanese Internment During World War II Records N1-060-90-008_SF115 03/17/2020
Routine Legacy Video Recordings N1-060-11-008_SF115 03/17/2020
Civil Division Assistant Attorney General and Special Assistants N1-060-88-009_SF115 03/17/2020
U.S. Trustees Chapter 11 Quarterly Fee Information Collection System N1-060-09-052_SF115 03/17/2020
Office of the Inspector General Audits, Evaluations and Inspections, and Investigations N1-060-10-017_SF115 03/17/2020
U.S. Trustee Field Office Records N1-060-92-005_SF115 03/17/2020
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act Recurring Reports N1-060-92-004_SF115 03/17/2020
U.S. Trustees Significant Accomplishments Reporting System N1-060-09-051_SF115 03/17/2020
Civil Rights Division Complaint Adjudication Office N1-060-09-060_SF115 03/17/2020
Case Files of Investigations of Allegations of Misconduct NC1-060-77-06_SF115 03/17/2020
Program Files N1-013-88-001_SF115 03/16/2020
Board Member Howard G. Gamser, 1955-69 N1-013-90-001_SF115 03/16/2020
Civil Rights Division, Office of Special Counsel for Immigration, Employment Information System (EIS) N1-060-09-003_SF115 03/16/2020
National Security Division Committee on Foreign Assets in the United States N1-060-07-005_SF115 03/16/2020
National Security Division FISA Litigation Materials N1-060-07-004_SF115 03/16/2020
Criminal Division: Title III Tracking System N1-060-08-015_SF115 03/16/2020
Management Division Performance and Accountability Reports N1-060-03-002_SF115 03/16/2020
Management Division Personnel Index Card Tracking System N1-060-05-010_SF115 03/16/2020
Customer Feedback Survey System DAA-0060-2012-0027_SF115 03/16/2020
U.S. Trustees Automated Case Management System N1-060-09-036_SF115 03/16/2020
U.S. Trustees Criminal Enforcement Tracking System (CETS) N1-060-09-035_SF115 03/16/2020
Criminal Division: Phone Log Tracking N1-060-08-018_SF115 03/16/2020
Citizen/Public Correspondence DAA-0060-2014-0004_SF115 03/16/2020
Records of IT Infrastructure for Coordination between Law Enforcement and Tribal Nations DAA-0060-2017-0005_SF115 03/16/2020
Class 211 - Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) of 2000 Case Files DAA-0060-2017-0014_SF115 03/16/2020
National Security Division DOJ Intelligence Materials N1-060-07-003_SF115 03/16/2020
Office on Violence Against Women Grant Case Files N1-060-05-005_SF115 03/16/2020
Criminal Division Non Litigative Correspondence N1-060-00-009_SF115 03/16/2020
Civil Division Working Files Waco Investigation N1-060-01-008_SF115 03/16/2020
Executive Office of U.S. Trustees Debtor Audit System (DAS) N1-060-09-033_SF115 03/16/2020
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs Records N9-271-00-001_SF115 03/12/2020
Records Common to Most Offices N9-025-01-001_SF115 03/12/2020
Planning and Management Records N9-025-01-002_SF115 03/12/2020
Administrative Support Records N9-025-01-003_SF115 03/12/2020
Personnel Management Records N9-025-01-004_SF115 03/12/2020
Information and Public Relations Records N9-025-01-005_SF115 03/12/2020
Financial Management Records N9-025-01-006_SF115 03/12/2020
Contracting and Procurement Records N9-025-01-007_SF115 03/12/2020
Program Records N9-025-01-008_SF115 03/12/2020
Investigations, Natural Gas IN Dockets N9-138-00-001_SF115 03/12/2020
Formal Investigation IN Dockets N9-138-00-002_SF115 03/12/2020
Organization and Administrative Records N9-255-00-001_SF115 03/12/2020
Legal and Technical Records N9-255-00-002_SF115 03/12/2020
Human Resources Records N9-255-00-003_SF115 03/12/2020
Property and Supply, Industrial Relations and Procurement, Transportation, and Program Formulation Records N9-255-00-004_SF115 03/12/2020
Program Management, and Financial Management and Inspector General Audits Records N9-255-00-005_SF115 03/12/2020
Program Records N9-311-01-001_SF115 03/12/2020
Office of Enforcement Investigative and Primary Case Files N9-317-00-002_SF115 03/12/2020
Office of Labor-Management Standards Records N9-317-00-004_SF115 03/12/2020
Miscellaneous University Programs Records N1-490-95-007_SF115 03/11/2020
Crisis Corps Records N1-490-02-003_SF115 03/11/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-265-80-01_SF115 03/11/2020
Domestic and Peace Corps Volunteer Personnel Files NC-362-76-001_SF115 03/11/2020
Service Record Card NC1-362-84-01_SF115 03/11/2020
Miscellaneous Unscheduled Records at WNRC N1-265-91-001_SF115 03/11/2020
Inspector General Records N1-490-02-004_SF115 03/11/2020
Program Correspondence N1-490-92-003_SF115 03/11/2020
Project Files, El Salvador and Honduras, 1965-67 N1-490-93-002_SF115 03/11/2020
Post-Produced Training Materials N1-490-12-007_SF115 03/11/2020
Overseas Peace Corps Office Payment Records with Backup Vouchers NC-362-75-004_SF115 03/11/2020
Flexitime Attendance Records NC1-362-84-03_SF115 03/11/2020
Automated Personnel Management Information System NC1-362-84-02_SF115 03/11/2020
Peace Corps Applicant Case Files NC1-362-81-01_SF115 03/11/2020
Peace Corps Volunteer Psychiatric Records NC1-362-78-03_SF115 03/11/2020
Peace Corps Volunteers Medical Records and X-Ray Examination Files NC1-362-77-02_SF115 03/11/2020
Overseas Office Records NC1-362-76-03_SF115 03/11/2020
Unused Peace Corps Applicant References NC1-362-81-03_SF115 03/11/2020
Abstracts, 1914-1952 DAA-0101-2020-0004_SF115 03/11/2020
Volunteer Employment History Records NC1-362-83-01_SF115 03/11/2020
Benefits and Program Analysis Records N1-474-97-002_SF115 03/11/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-362-85-01_SF115 03/11/2020
Automated Systems Records N1-474-97-001_SF115 03/11/2020
Congressional Correspondence and Hearings Records N1-490-10-001_SF115 03/11/2020
Women in Development Program Records N1-490-92-001_SF115 03/11/2020
Inspector General Country Reports, Investigative Files, and Semi-Annual Reports N1-490-95-006_SF115 03/11/2020
Volunteer/Trainee Death Case Files and other Volunteer Records N1-490-95-009_SF115 03/11/2020
Policy Development Files and Policy Manual N1-490-92-004_SF115 03/11/2020
Management Evaluations; Staff Epidemiologist Reports and Studies N1-490-94-002_SF115 03/11/2020
Medical Technical Guidelines and Memoranda of Understanding with other Governments and Private Sector Institutions N1-490-95-010_SF115 03/11/2020
United Nations Volunteers, World Wise Schools, Small Business Development, and Staging Program Records N1-490-91-001_SF115 03/11/2020
Administrative Law Judge Qualifications Files N1-478-02-002_SF115 03/11/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-490-94-004_SF115 03/11/2020
Office of Workers Compensation Programs Claims Files N1-490-97-001_SF115 03/11/2020
Daily Activities Schedules of High Level Officials N1-490-95-012_SF115 03/11/2020
Still Photography N1-490-92-002_SF115 03/11/2020
Voting Rights Program Records, 1965-83 N1-478-08-004_SF115 03/10/2020
Public Key Infrastructure Subscriber and Registration Official Certificates N1-371-03-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Scholarship for Service System (SFS) N1-478-10-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Volunteer Application Files N1-362-87-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Investigative Case Files N1-478-04-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Agreement Subject Files N1-475-89-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Motion Picture Films and Video Tapes N1-362-90-003_SF115 03/10/2020
General Subject, Administration, and Personnel Files N1-475-89-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Investigator Notes and Related Records N1-478-04-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee N1-478-93-001_SF115 03/10/2020
International Affairs Correspondence and Visitor Files N1-478-91-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Offices of Examination and Credit and Operations Records NC-103-76-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Federal Executive Institute Records N1-478-95-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Regulatory Statement Review (RSR) System N1-180-09-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Stressing Positions at Risk (SPARK) System N1-180-09-004_SF115 03/10/2020
Public Key Infrastructure Registration Certificates N1-371-02-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Statistical Reports N1-474-12-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Thrift Savings Plan Participant Bankruptcy Petitions N1-474-00-004_SF115 03/10/2020
Executive Director Records N1-474-97-004_SF115 03/10/2020
Accounting Records N1-474-96-005_SF115 03/10/2020
Department of Labor Database Extract Reports N1-474-98-003_SF115 03/10/2020
Foreign Affairs Administrative Files N1-362-90-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Volunteer Description of Service N1-362-88-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Volunteer and Trainee X-Rays N1-362-88-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Unscheduled Records at Washington National Records Center (WNRC) N1-362-91-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Recruitment, Anniversary, Partnership Program and other Promotional Posters N1-362-90-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Volunteer Conference Reports, 1962-75 N1-362-88-003_SF115 03/10/2020
Commissioning Files N1-103-93-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Participant Forms and Documents N1-474-97-006_SF115 03/10/2020
Website Feedback and Website Utilization Statistical Reports N1-474-01-001_SF115 03/10/2020
External Affairs Records N1-474-96-003_SF115 03/10/2020
Web Site Records N1-474-98-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Unemployment Compensation Records N1-474-12-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Management Support Records DAA-0443-2019-0005_SF115 03/10/2020
Administration Records N1-474-97-005_SF115 03/10/2020
NIH Intramural Research Records DAA-0443-2012-0007_SF115 03/10/2020
Administrative Law Judge Records N1-470-09-003_SF115 03/10/2020
Investment and Interfund Policy Records N1-474-12-006_SF115 03/10/2020
General Counsel Records N1-474-96-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Seed Grain Loans N1-103-89-005_SF115 03/10/2020
General Council Advisory Opinions N1-474-00-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Investment Performance Reports N1-474-12-004_SF115 03/10/2020
Thrift Savings Plan Participant Forms N1-474-95-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Communications Records N1-474-97-003_SF115 03/10/2020
Capitalize Tracking Systems N1-474-98-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Administrative Law Judge Records N1-470-98-001_SF115 03/10/2020
Investment Records N1-474-96-004_SF115 03/10/2020
Chairman, Commissioners, and Counsel Records N1-470-09-005_SF115 03/10/2020
Chronological Reading Files N1-474-01-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Chairman, Commissioners, and Legal Counsel Records N1-470-96-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Thrift Savings Plan Customer Service Representative Telephone Tapes N1-474-00-003_SF115 03/10/2020
General Counsel Records N1-470-09-004_SF115 03/10/2020
Docket Office Records N1-470-09-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Presidential Management Intern Database N1-478-95-002_SF115 03/10/2020
Front Office Records N1-576-11-002_SF115 03/09/2020
Deputy Director for Analysis N1-576-09-003_SF115 03/09/2020
Appeal and Case Files N1-479-93-001_SF115 03/09/2020
Acquisition, Technology, and Facilities Records N1-576-11-006_SF115 03/09/2020
National Counter Terrorism Center N1-576-08-001_SF115 03/09/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-481-90-001_SF115 03/09/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-481-03-001_SF115 03/09/2020
Assistant Secretary for Labor Management Relations Case Files N1-480-93-001_SF115 03/09/2020
Inspector General Records N1-480-01-001_SF115 03/09/2020
Civil Liberties and Privacy Records N1-576-11-007_SF115 03/09/2020
President's Daily Briefing Records N1-576-11-012_SF115 03/09/2020
Human Capital Records N1-576-11-003_SF115 03/09/2020
Intelligence Advanced Research Project Activity Records N1-576-12-002_SF115 03/09/2020
Rejected Grant Proposal Files N1-487-91-002_SF115 03/09/2020
Grant Records N1-487-98-001_SF115 03/09/2020
Research and Evaluation Records N1-487-91-003_SF115 03/09/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-487-93-001_SF115 03/09/2020
Photographs, Videos and Subject Files N1-487-91-001_SF115 03/09/2020
General Counsel Records N1-576-10-002_SF115 03/09/2020
Systems and Resource Analyses Records N1-576-11-001_SF115 03/09/2020
Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Records N1-576-11-009_SF115 03/09/2020
Legislative Affairs Records N1-576-11-005_SF115 03/09/2020
Assistant Director of National Intelligence and Chief Information Officer Records N1-576-10-001_SF115 03/09/2020
Terrorist Identity Records N1-576-09-001_SF115 03/09/2020
Public Affairs Records N1-576-11-004_SF115 03/09/2020
Deputy Director for Policy, Plans and Requirements N1-576-09-005_SF115 03/09/2020
Office of Worker's Compensation Program: Common Office Records DAA-0271-2017-0002_SF115 03/06/2020
Lost Time and No Lost Time Compensation Case Files, 1934-42 NC1-271-81-01_SF115 03/06/2020
Policy and Mission-Specific Records N1-297-06-001_SF115 03/06/2020
Jukebox Applications (Forms JB, JB/CON and JB/R), 1978 - ; Statements of Account (Forms CS/SA-1, CS/SA-2 and CS/SA-3), 1978- ; Cable Initial Notices of Identity; Notices of Change of Ownership; Notices of Change of Signal Carriage Complement and Related Correspondence, 1977 - N1-297-86-001_SF115 03/06/2020
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs Records N1-271-02-001_SF115 03/06/2020
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs Loss of Time and/or Death and No Loss of Time Cases NC-271-75-001_SF115 03/06/2020
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation (DCMWC) N1-271-86-001_SF115 03/06/2020
Development DAA-0297-2014-0013_SF115 03/06/2020
Longshoremen's and Harbor Worker's Lost Time Cases N1-271-95-001_SF115 03/06/2020
Personnel DAA-0297-2014-0004_SF115 03/06/2020
Workers' Compensation and Predecessor Programs, 1927-71 N1-271-90-001_SF115 03/06/2020
Security DAA-0297-2014-0008_SF115 03/06/2020
Office of Workers Compensation Programs Division of Federal Employees Records NC1-271-82-01_SF115 03/06/2020
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP) Records NC1-271-80-01_SF115 03/06/2020
Office of Workers' Compensation Comprehensive Schedule Updates N1-271-92-001_SF115 03/06/2020
508 Notification Forms N1-297-07-001_SF115 03/06/2020
Naval Intelligence Support Center (NISC) Cluster Spice Mission and Test Analog Records, 1971-79 NC1-289-85-01_SF115 03/06/2020
Electronic Records Maintained by Government Printing Office (GPO) on GPO Access N1-287-03-001_SF115 03/06/2020
Government Publications N1-287-88-001_SF115 03/06/2020
Updates to Chapter 25 NC-269-75-001_SF115 03/06/2020
Amendments to GRS 14 Information Services Records - FOIA records NC1-064-77-01_SF115 03/03/2020
Inventory Reports Examination of West Berlin Stockpile Goods, 1964-72 N1-084-87-002_SF115 03/03/2020
Indian Accounting File, 1904-35; Grazing Service, 1915-45; Instructional Memos, 1956-65; Negotiated Sales Reports to Congress, 1963-76; and Oil and Gas Reports, 1925-79 N1-049-99-004_SF115 03/03/2020
Defense Minerals Exploration Administration, Exploration Program Reports and Audit Working Papers NC1-057-82-03_SF115 03/03/2020
Soil Conservation Service, Soils Records NC1-114-76-01_SF115 03/03/2020
Files of S.C.S. Regional Engineer John G. Sutton, 1925-39, H.D. Abbot, Assistant to the Chief, 1930-40 NC1-114-77-02_SF115 03/03/2020
Sedimentation Division Records, 1936-43 NC1-114-78-01_SF115 03/03/2020
Aerial Film of the Soil Conservation Service NC1-114-82-01_SF115 03/03/2020
Parking and Transportation Records NC1-269-81-02_SF115 03/03/2020
Information Program NC1-269-80-12_SF115 03/03/2020
Disbursing Officer Vouchers, 1917-19, Lists of Personnel, 1917-19 NC1-163-77-01_SF115 03/03/2020
GRS 20 Electronic Records - Automatic Data Processing Records NN-172-000020_SF115 03/03/2020
GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Copies of Correspondence NN-167-000128_SF115 03/03/2020
Amendments to GRS 6 Accountable Officers' Accounts Records-Administrative Correspondence and Reports NC-174-000119_SF115 03/03/2020
GAO Audit Records NC-174-000161_SF115 03/03/2020
Accounts Payable Files NC1-269-80-01_SF115 03/03/2020
Forms Maintenance and Issuance Creation NC-269-76-001_SF115 03/03/2020
Legal Services Representation Files NC1-269-84-01_SF115 03/03/2020
Fifth Naval District Port Director Activities N1-181-90-003_SF115 03/03/2020
Public Building Services Personnel Investigations and Field Activity Audits N1-269-04-001_SF115 03/03/2020
Personal and Real Property N1-269-93-001_SF115 03/03/2020
Files Common to Most Offices NC1-269-80-02_SF115 03/03/2020
Examiner Review System N1-101-01-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Miscellaneous Records for Immediate Destruction NC1-101-78-01_SF115 03/02/2020
Miscellaneous Records of Guardian National Bank and First National Bank, Detroit; 1925-48 NC-174-000111_SF115 03/02/2020
Comprehensive Schedule N1-101-05-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Licensing Cards of Nationally Chartered Banks, 1890s-1930s N1-101-12-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Additional Bank Operations and Trust Department Records NC1-101-80-01_SF115 03/02/2020
Foreign Currency Reports, 1984-89 N1-101-90-003_SF115 03/02/2020
Retiree Files and Database N1-101-06-002_SF115 03/02/2020
U. S. Missions to International Organizations NC1-084-76-03_SF115 03/02/2020
U.S. Mission to the International Civil Aviation Organization Administrative Files NC1-084-78-07_SF115 03/02/2020
Public Diplomacy Records N1-084-08-001_SF115 03/02/2020
U.S. Mission to the United Nations, Non-Public Issued Documents N1-084-93-005_SF115 03/02/2020
U.S. Missions to the United Nations Public Inquiries and Requests for Information and Service Record Cards NC1-084-80-06_SF115 03/02/2020
Local Personnel Investigative Files and Security Investigation Card Files NC1-084-82-04_SF115 03/02/2020
China Relief Mission Shipping Documents, 1947-48 NC1-084-81-01_SF115 03/02/2020
VIsa Refusal Cases of Living Applicants N1-084-92-002_SF115 03/02/2020
Regional and Area Offices Administrative Files NC1-100-77-01_SF115 03/02/2020
Bangkok ODP's Affidavits of Relationship (AOR) Case Flies N1-084-90-004_SF115 03/02/2020
Miscellaneous Records 1944-73; Public Dockets; Committee Records; Inspection Case Files N1-100-90-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Temporary Subject Files NC1-084-80-02_SF115 03/02/2020
Field Federal Safety and Health Councils (FFSHC) N1-100-08-002_SF115 03/02/2020
Issued and Refused Visas N1-084-03-002_SF115 03/02/2020
U.S. Mission to the United Nations, 1948-68 N1-084-99-003_SF115 03/02/2020
Moscow Nazi War Crimes Investigations Files, 1983-93 N1-084-97-005_SF115 03/02/2020
U.S. Mission to the International Civil Aviation Organization Subject Files NC1-084-78-06_SF115 03/02/2020
International Cooperation Administration, 1950s, PAS and PIO N2-084-15-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Voluntary Protection Program and OSHA Strategic Partnership Program (OSPP) N1-100-07-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Foreign Service Posts that include Principal, Deputy Principal, Political, and Economic Officers/Sections DAA-0084-2015-0001_SF115 03/02/2020
Mission Subject and Chronological Files N1-084-87-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Personnel Folders and Service Record Cards of Foreign Service National Employees NC1-084-80-05_SF115 03/02/2020
Visa Services Records N1-084-91-002_SF115 03/02/2020
U.S. Mission to the Organization of American States Loyalty Notification Files NC-084-76-002_SF115 03/02/2020
Madrid Scientific And Cooperative Research Grants and Reports N1-084-90-003_SF115 03/02/2020
Royalty Accounting Schedule NC1-057-82-06_SF115 03/02/2020
MMS - High Resolution (Shallow) Geophysical Records NC1-057-85-01_SF115 03/02/2020
Annual Financial Statement of Common Trust Funds NC1-101-77-01_SF115 03/02/2020
Moscow Historical Files, 1966-74 N1-084-99-002_SF115 03/02/2020
Waterfowl Conditions Maps, 1927-29, and Game Season Bulletins, 1905, 1910 and 1912 N1-057-97-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Miscellaneous Records for Immediate Destruction, 1937-66 NC1-101-77-02_SF115 03/02/2020
Refugee Coordinator Files N1-084-08-002_SF115 03/02/2020
Property Management N1-084-94-005_SF115 03/02/2020
Soil Conservation Service, Watershed Records NC-114-75-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Prague Claims Files, 1960-83 N1-084-96-003_SF115 03/02/2020
Vehicle Files NC1-084-80-07_SF115 03/02/2020
Soil Conservation Service Records; 1947-86 N1-114-90-002_SF115 03/02/2020
Jonestown Consular Case Files/People's Temple Files, 1978-80 N1-084-89-001_SF115 03/02/2020
MMS - Comprehensive Schedule Revision NC1-057-83-02_SF115 03/02/2020
Soil Conservation Service Records; 1935-75 N1-114-98-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Natural Resources Information, Inventory, and Assessment System (NRIIA) N1-114-08-002_SF115 03/02/2020
Manila Approved Visa Petitions Based on Relatives or Profession NC1-084-82-01_SF115 03/02/2020
Soil Conservation Service Records NC1-114-78-02_SF115 03/02/2020
National Mapping Division Manuscript and Photogrammetric Drawings NC1-057-84-03_SF115 03/02/2020
MMS - Comprehensive Schedule NC1-057-84-07_SF115 03/02/2020
Visa Forms for Issued Non-Immigrant Visas NC1-084-77-02_SF115 03/02/2020
Board Digest and Board Actions, Information Requests, and Management, Organizational and Other Special Studies Working Papers N1-103-06-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Architectural and Engineering Drawings of Denver Mint, 1897-1979 N1-104-94-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Call Reports, Examinations, and Receivership/Liquidation Files N1-103-99-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Election of District Farm Credit Board Directors and the Central Bank for Cooperatives Board Directors; Litigation Case Files; Reports Relating to PCA Bond Issuances N1-103-87-004_SF115 03/02/2020
Central Files, 1960-88 N1-104-90-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Rome Treaty Claims Section and Bonn Parole and Clemency Board, 1947-62 N1-084-90-002_SF115 03/02/2020
U.S. Mission Berlin N1-084-91-001_SF115 03/02/2020
U.S. Mission to the Organization of American States N1-084-94-006_SF115 03/02/2020
U.S. Mission to the United Nations Employment Files NC1-084-78-02_SF115 03/02/2020
Services for Americans Abroad NC1-084-78-09_SF115 03/02/2020
Bogota Officially Decentralized Political and/or Economic Files NC1-084-79-01_SF115 03/02/2020
U.S. Mission to Berlin Fiscal Records NC1-084-79-02_SF115 03/02/2020
Financial and Statistical Reports and Loan Performance Report N1-103-00-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Regional Finance and Data Processing Centers Adminstrative Records NC1-084-79-04_SF115 03/02/2020
Board Member Records, FC Administration and System Correspondence and Subject Files, Indices to Central File N1-103-89-004_SF115 03/02/2020
Bank Supervision Policy Various E-Systems N1-101-97-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Case Files, Board Activities, FCA Examination Databse, and FCA Network Accounts N1-103-99-002_SF115 03/02/2020
Conflict of Interest Case Files NC1-101-85-01_SF115 03/02/2020
Farm Credit System Banks and Associations, Pre 1957 N1-103-88-004_SF115 03/02/2020
Association Correspondence, Organization Papers of FCA Institutions, Stockholder Disclosure, Annual and Quarterly Reports N1-103-89-003_SF115 03/02/2020
Audio Tapes, Stockholder Petitions, Uniform Call Reports, and Unsolicited Comments on FCA Rules N1-103-91-002_SF115 03/02/2020
Photographic Zenith Tube Notebooks, 1915-62, and LORAN Roll Charts, 1960-67 N1-078-89-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Organization and Position Management Records N1-104-09-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Regional Office Records NC1-101-80-02_SF115 03/02/2020
Annual Reports of the Director of the Mint, 1876-1996 N1-104-96-001_SF115 03/02/2020
A-76 and Special Procurement Files N1-104-03-005_SF115 03/02/2020
Insolvent Banks Records, 1914-47 N2-101-93-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Field Offices Comprehensive Schedule NC1-104-79-01_SF115 03/02/2020
Police Force Records N1-104-03-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Financial Planning and Analysis Records N1-104-99-002_SF115 03/02/2020
Old San Francisco Mint Records, 1887-1978 N1-104-95-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Legal Records N1-104-06-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Audit Records N1-104-99-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Miscellaneous Records, 1781-1981 N1-104-91-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Human Resources Program and Employee Advocate Records N1-104-03-008_SF115 03/02/2020
Coin, Medal and Other Product Records N1-104-00-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Safety and Health Records N1-104-03-006_SF115 03/02/2020
Asbestos Abatement, Monitoring and Testing Records N1-104-99-003_SF115 03/02/2020
Financial Operations Reports N1-104-03-002_SF115 03/02/2020
Office of the Director Records NC1-104-80-02_SF115 03/02/2020
Federal Farm Credit Banks Security Accounting System NC1-103-79-01_SF115 03/02/2020
Bank Liquidation Process Records, 1887-1967 N1-101-87-004_SF115 03/02/2020
Foreign Bank Examination Records, 1946-65 N1-101-11-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Reports, Correspondence, and Audits NC1-103-80-01_SF115 03/02/2020
Alphabetical List of National Banks by States, 1879-1941 N1-101-95-001_SF115 03/02/2020
Comprehensive Schedule NC1-101-83-01_SF115 03/02/2020
Bank Supervision Operations Various E-Systems N1-101-97-002_SF115 03/02/2020
District of Rhode Island Naturalization Certificates of Loyalty (Form N-438), 1940-48 NC1-021-83-02_SF115 02/28/2020
U.S. District Courts, Court of Claims, Bankruptcy Courts, and the Territorial District Courts Records NC1-021-80-05_SF115 02/28/2020
Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) System, Paper Inputs, 1998-2006 N1-021-07-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Electronic Sound Recordings of Hearings N1-021-11-002_SF115 02/28/2020
Duplicate Certificate of Election for Vermont, 1913-68 NC1-021-79-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Eastern District of California Bankruptcy Court Case Indices N1-021-89-003_SF115 02/28/2020
Non-Electronic Civil Case Files, Including Transcripts and Minutes DAA-0021-2013-0007_SF115 02/28/2020
District of Massachusetts Clerk Records, 1835-1945 NC1-021-80-01_SF115 02/28/2020
International Affairs Divisions Records NC1-051-79-02_SF115 02/28/2020
Collaborative Authoring Tool N1-051-04-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB) Disclosure Statements N1-051-00-001_SF115 02/28/2020
General Land Records Automation System (GLORAS) N1-049-09-005_SF115 02/28/2020
Public Lands and Resources Property Use Records N1-049-90-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Courtroom Routine and Security Incident Surveillance Video Recordings N1-021-10-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Representation Cases and Lists NC1-013-77-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Foreign Subpoenas N1-021-00-002_SF115 02/28/2020
Western District of Wisconsin Magistrate's Criminal Case Files N1-021-90-001_SF115 02/28/2020
D.C. Circuit Task Force Special Study - Gender, Race, And Ethnic Bias N1-021-05-001_SF115 02/28/2020
District of Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court Records, 1898-1954 NC1-021-80-03_SF115 02/28/2020
Amendments to Chapters 100-400 N1-057-08-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Temporary Civil Case files for U.S. District Courts, Court of Claims, Bankruptcy Courts, and Territorial District Courts Records NC1-021-82-01_SF115 02/28/2020
U.S. District Courts, Court of Claims, Bankruptcy Courts, and Territorial District Courts Records NC1-021-81-02_SF115 02/28/2020
Directives, Regulatory Reviews, Labor Management, and Contracting Officer Files N1-057-87-002_SF115 02/28/2020
RDS 2 Item (18) Records of Hearings DAA-0021-2013-0004_SF115 02/28/2020
Seismic Records N1-057-88-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Atlanta Regional Office of the Bureau of Biological Survey, 1931-39, and Boston Regional Office of its successor the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1939-50 N1-022-88-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Digital Asset Management Systems N1-022-08-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Duplicate Certificate of Election for Pennsylvania, 1932-72 NC1-021-76-01_SF115 02/28/2020
District Court in and for the Canal Zone Cash Books, 1927-42, and Judicial Instruction Book, 1920-25 N1-021-00-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Office of the Secretary Records NC1-040-79-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Bankruptcy Cases Involving Judgements or Orders Affecting Title to Real Property NC1-021-84-02_SF115 02/28/2020
Congressional Correspondence Files N1-040-03-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Territorial District Courts DAA-0021-2013-0008_SF115 02/28/2020
Emergency Steel Loan Guarantee Board and Emergency Oil and Gas Loan Guarantee Board Records N1-040-01-003_SF115 02/28/2020
Forth Division District of Minnesota, Witnesses for Naturalization Applicants, 1929-56 NC1-021-81-01_SF115 02/28/2020
District of Alaska Chattel Mortgages, 1915-51, and Conditional Sale Contracts, 1917-54 N1-021-89-002_SF115 02/28/2020
District of Columbia Mental Health Case Files, District Training School Case Files, Adoption Case Files, Guardianship Case Files, and Others N1-021-99-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Analog and Digital Magnetogram Records N1-057-89-004_SF115 02/28/2020
Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) System N1-021-06-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Human Resources DAA-0021-2014-0001_SF115 02/28/2020
Bankruptcy Case Files N2-021-88-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Northern District, Dallas Texas, Judgements and Orders, 1970-94 N1-021-95-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Chapter 100, Planning and Administrative Management Records N1-057-01-004_SF115 02/28/2020
District of Massachusetts Commissioners Records, 1892-1951 NC1-021-80-04_SF115 02/28/2020
Chapters 500, 600, and 700 N1-057-02-003_SF115 02/28/2020
Bankruptcy Case Files N2-021-88-002_SF115 02/28/2020
U.S. Claims Court Case Files N1-021-86-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Case, Case-Associated, and Administrative Records NC1-021-83-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Budget Data Files N1-051-95-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Office of the Inspector General N1-025-01-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Chapters 200, 300, and 400 N1-057-02-002_SF115 02/28/2020
Case Activity Tracking System N1-025-09-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Chapters 1100, 1200, and 1300 N1-057-03-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Youth and Young Adult Conservation Corp Inter-agency Agreements and Annual Reports NC1-048-82-06_SF115 02/28/2020
Amendments to Chapters 500-800 N1-057-08-002_SF115 02/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-025-81-01_SF115 02/28/2020
New England New York Inter-Agency Committee (NENYIAC) Correspondence Files, 1950-56 N1-057-88-002_SF115 02/28/2020
Directives and Schedules of Daily Activities Records N1-057-89-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Site Visit Files, 1917-49 N1-057-97-002_SF115 02/28/2020
Chapters 900-1300 N1-057-08-006_SF115 02/28/2020
Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism (WMD Commission) Records N1-148-09-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Chapters 800, 900, and 1000 N1-057-02-004_SF115 02/28/2020
Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Records NC1-051-84-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Defense Solid Fuels Administration and Office of Minerals Mobilization Records NC1-048-81-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Collection Data Sheet, Form 1370-35 NC1-049-76-02_SF115 02/28/2020
Agency Responses to OMB Bulletins on Analyses of Increased Pay Costs NC1-051-79-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Revenue Receipt Records for Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act NC1-049-81-04_SF115 02/28/2020
Office of Native Hawaiian Relations Oversight Case Files N1-048-10-007_SF115 02/28/2020
Law Enforcement Files NC1-049-84-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Office of Coal Research Records NN-174-000062_SF115 02/28/2020
Texas Acquired Minerals Project (TAMP) Records, 1994-98 N1-049-91-002_SF115 02/28/2020
Mining Claim Recordation Public Law 94-579 NC1-049-79-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Fire Records, DI 1201 - Non-Serialized NN-174-000017_SF115 02/28/2020
General Land Office (GLO) Records, 1879-1972 N1-049-86-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Individual Payroll Records Corrective and Preventive Action Review Files N1-048-09-012_SF115 02/28/2020
Land and Realty Authorizations System (LRAM) N1-049-09-015_SF115 02/28/2020
Examinations and Recruitment Programs Records NC1-049-82-02_SF115 02/28/2020
Various Minerals Management Records, 1906-68 N1-049-91-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Range Improvement Project System (RIPS) N1-049-09-011_SF115 02/28/2020
Program Case Files NC1-049-76-03_SF115 02/28/2020
Geographic Information Systems and Electronic Resources Inventory and Survey Files N1-049-98-002_SF115 02/28/2020
Aircraft Use Files N1-049-96-004_SF115 02/28/2020
KATIE Property System N1-048-08-011_SF115 02/28/2020
Machine Readable Records NC1-049-85-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Personnel and Financial Records NC1-049-76-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Mining Claim Recordation Public Law 94-579 NC1-049-81-01_SF115 02/28/2020
Real Property Appraisal Services Records N1-048-06-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Trans-Alaska Pipeline Liability Fund N1-048-01-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Talent Management System (DOl Learn) N1-048-08-016_SF115 02/28/2020
Unfair Labor Practice Charges/Complaints and Labor Agreements NC1-048-81-06_SF115 02/28/2020
Youth and Young Adult Conservation Corp Project Case Files NC1-048-82-05_SF115 02/28/2020
Miscellaneous Collections DAA-0048-2012-0003_SF115 02/28/2020
Curriculum Material Used in Training Courses N1-048-09-011_SF115 02/28/2020
Youth and Young Adult Conservation Corp Personnel and Fitness Folders NC1-048-82-01_SF115 02/28/2020
lllinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor Commission Records, 1985-2004 N1-048-05-009_SF115 02/28/2020
World War II Records NC1-048-81-07_SF115 02/28/2020
Photographer to the Secretary of the Interior N1-048-01-002_SF115 02/28/2020
Information Budget Collection Guidance on the Web N1-048-05-010_SF115 02/28/2020
Minor Traffic Violation Notices NN-173-000247_SF115 02/28/2020
Minor Petty Offense Violation Notices NN-174-000055_SF115 02/28/2020
Connally Act Compliance Records, 1933-66 N1-057-86-001_SF115 02/28/2020
Non-Electronic Civil Case Files, Including Transcripts and Minutes DAA-0021-2019-0004_SF115 02/28/2020
Photos, Indices, and Portraits Records N1-057-93-003_SF115 02/28/2020
Health and Safety Reports DAA-0562-2013-0028_SF115 02/27/2020
Physical Sciences and Engineering Division Subject Files N1-359-99-001_SF115 02/27/2020
National Critical Materials Council (NCMC) Subject Files N1-359-95-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Comprehensive Schedule N1-543-11-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Finance and Administration Director and Deputy Director Records N1-543-00-009_SF115 02/27/2020
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission Records N1-148-95-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-543-00-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Human Resources Records N1-543-00-010_SF115 02/27/2020
Risk Analysis and Model Development Records N1-543-00-005_SF115 02/27/2020
Public Affairs Records N1-517-05-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Policy Analysis and Research Records N1-543-00-004_SF115 02/27/2020
General Counsel Records N1-543-00-002_SF115 02/27/2020
Finance and Administration Director and Deputy Director Chronological Files N1-543-01-001_SF115 02/27/2020
International Broadcasting Bureau Lithuanian Audio Recordings N1-517-07-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Comprehensive Schedule N1-517-92-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Inspector General Records N1-517-93-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Chief Counsel Records N1-559-07-001_SF115 02/27/2020
FinCEN Policy, Enforcement, and Outreach Records N1-559-12-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Comprehensive Schedule N1-561-08-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Electronic Systems and Website Records N1-561-08-002_SF115 02/27/2020
Comprehensive Schedule N1-559-05-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Director's Records N1-559-11-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Web Content Files N1-564-09-003_SF115 02/27/2020
COLAs (Certificates of Label Approval) Online Records N1-564-09-012_SF115 02/27/2020
Intranet Content Files N1-564-09-007_SF115 02/27/2020
Courts of Appeals, Court of Customs and Patent Appeals, Circuit Judicial Councils, and Circuit Judicial Conferences Records NC1-276-80-01_SF115 02/27/2020
GPO Form 78 Entry/Departure Register N1-149-96-002_SF115 02/27/2020
Attorney Mediators Records DAA-0276-2013-0003_SF115 02/27/2020
Integrated Revenue Information System (IRIS) N1-564-09-010_SF115 02/27/2020
Non-Electronic Appellate Court Case Files N1-276-09-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Briefs, Appendices, and Case Files N1-276-89-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Briefs, Appendices, and Case Files N1-276-93-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Judicial Conference Committee Records, 1938-72 N1-276-99-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Lablynx Laboratory Information Management System (Lablynx LIMS) N1-564-09-008_SF115 02/27/2020
COLAs (Certificates of Label Approval) Formula Modernization (CFM) Records N1-564-09-006_SF115 02/27/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-520-12-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Crow Canyon (Sunflower) System N1-564-09-002_SF115 02/27/2020
National Commission for the Review of the Research and Development Programs of the U.S. Intelligence Community Records N1-148-13-002_SF115 02/27/2020
United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) Records N1-148-15-002_SF115 02/27/2020
Helping to Enhance the Livelihood of People Around the Globe (HELP) Commission Records N1-148-08-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Electronic Database Records N1-516-92-001_SF115 02/27/2020
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission) Comprehensive Schedule N1-148-04-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Special Industry Committee Files and Prevailing Wage Determinations NC-155-75-002_SF115 02/27/2020
Service Contract Act Wage Determinations and Prevailing Wage Determinations NC1-155-82-01_SF115 02/27/2020
Certification, Sheltered Workshop, Patient Worker Program NC-155-75-001_SF115 02/27/2020
No-Papered Interview Files N1-562-09-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Office of Education and Preservation Assistance Publications and Related Records N1-536-97-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Records of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation DAA-0536-2013-0007_SF115 02/27/2020
External Relations Records N1-543-02-001_SF115 02/27/2020
Examination Handbook and Examination Guidance Documents N1-543-01-002_SF115 02/27/2020
Revisions to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records - Microform Inspection Records N1-GRS-91-004_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendment to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Equal Employment Opportunity Records NC1-064-76-04_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 2 Payrolling and Pay Administration Records - Lease Application Files NC1-GRS-78-04_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS14 Information Services Records - Mandatory Review For Declassification N1-GRS-87-007_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 14 Information Services Records - FOIA Requests NC1-064-76-03_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records - Information Collection Budget Files N1-GRS-87-016_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 18 Security and Protective Services Records -Security Clearance Files NC-064-76-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 3 Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records-Contracts and Requisition NC-064-75-004_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendment to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Equal Employment Opportunity Records NC-064-75-003_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 2,3,5,7,and 8 - Fiscal Records NC-064-75-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Amends the GRS to apply to records created before 1921 -Once they have been appraised by NARA NC-064-75-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Semiannual Expense Reports for Non-Federally Funded Travel N1-GRS-97-003_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 12 Communications Records - Telephone Records N1-GRS-96-004_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 6 Accountable Officers' Accounts Records - Administrative Claims Files N1-GRS-87-013_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 1,3,9,14,16-18,21 and 23 - Removal of Indefinite disposition statement N1-GRS-98-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records NC1-GRS-81-07_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 23 Records Common to Most Offices Within Agencies - Word Processing Files N1-GRS-87-019_SF115 02/26/2020
Revision to GRS 12 Communications Records - Express Mail N1-GRS-87-002_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 6 Accountable Officers' Accounts Records N1-GRS-88-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records -Records Management Files NC1-GRS-80-06_SF115 02/26/2020
Revision of GRS 6 Accountable Officer's Accounts Records N1-GRS-86-003_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records -Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act (FEPCA) N1-GRS-96-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Revision of GRS 4 Property Disposal Records - Surplus Property Case Files N1-GRS-87-011_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 2 Payrolling and Pay Administration - Time and Attendance N1-GRS-92-006_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records -Sunshine Act Meetings NC1-GRS-83-03_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Alternate Worksite Records N1-GRS-97-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records- Employee Performance File System Records N1-GRS-95-003_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 13 Publication files, GRS 14 Public Relations Records, and GRS 16 Formal Directives NC1-GRS-81-05_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Personnel Correspondence NC1-GRS-81-10_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 2 Payrolling and Pay Administration Records -Retirement Files NC1-GRS-80-02_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 20 Electronic Records and GRS 23 Records Common to Most Offices Within Agencies N1-GRS-92-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 6 Accountable Officers' Accounts Records and GRS 9 Travel and Transportation Records N1-GRS-91-003_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 18 Security and Protective Services Records - Classified Document Container N1-GRS-93-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendment to GRS 18 Security and Protective Services Records - Emergency Planning Records NC1-GRS-81-01_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 14 Information Services Records N1-GRS-89-004_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Occupational Injury and Illness Files N1-GRS-87-006_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 18 Personnel Security Clearance Files NC1-GRS-78-03_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Official Personnel Folders (OPFs) N1-GRS-06-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 17 Cartographic, Aerial Photographic, Architectural, and Engineering Records N1-GRS-88-005_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 3 Procurement, Supply and Grant Records N1-GRS-05-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records - Documents published in the Federal Register N1-GRS-87-017_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records - IRM Triennial Review Files N1-GRS-87-015_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 3 Supply and Grant Files - Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) N1-GRS-87-008_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records -Applicant Certification and Examination N1-GRS-86-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Program Management Files DAA-0560-2019-0001_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records-Records Holdings NC1-GRS-80-04_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records-Promotion Records NC1-GRS-79-02_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 6 Accountable Officers' Accounts Records NC1-GRS-81-12_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 21 Audiovisual Records NC1-GRS-81-09_SF115 02/26/2020
Engineering And Research PHP-80 DAA-0571-2015-0015_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Employee Performance File System Records NC1-GRS-82-02_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 9 Travel and Transportation Records N1-GRS-87-018_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Employee Performance File N1-GRS-93-003_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 3 Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records - Procurement, Supply, and Grants NC1-GRS-83-01_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 18 Security and Protective Services Records - Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreements N1-GRS-95-001_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 26 Temporary Comissions, Boards, Councils and Committees N1-GRS-07-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records - Internal Control Records (OMB Circular A-123) N1-GRS-91-005_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 2 Payrolling and Pay Administration N1-GRS-92-004_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 3 Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records - Contract Appeals N1-GRS-87-009_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendment to GRS 2 Payrolling and Pay Administration Records NC1-GRS-81-03_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 3 Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records - Contract Bids and Proposals N1-GRS-86-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Change / Additions to Implement Media Neutrality (MN) N1-GRS-07-004_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 3 Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records - Contract Appeals Case Files NC1-GRS-80-05_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 9 Travel and Transportation Records - Official Passports N1-GRS-91-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records and GRS 5 Budget Preparation NC1-GRS-81-13_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Federal Workplace Drug Testing N1-GRS-90-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 23 Records Common to Most Offices NC1-GRS-80-08_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Former Non-SES Employees N1-GRS-88-003_SF115 02/26/2020
Changes to GRS 14 Information Services Records - Freedom of Information Act {FOIA) Requests N1-GRS-87-004_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendment to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records -Forms Files NC1-GRS-81-04_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 20 Electronic Records N1-GRS-95-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 14 Information Services Records - Erroneous Release Files N1-GRS-89-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records -Affirmative Action Programs NC1-GRS-83-02_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Federal Workplace Drug Testing N1-GRS-93-004_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 11 Space and Maintenance Records N1-GRS-96-001_SF115 02/26/2020
National Defense Executive Reserve (NDER) N1-GRS-87-010_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Donated Leave N1-GRS-92-005_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 18-Security and Protective Services Records NC1-GRS-80-01_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Administrative Grievance N1-GRS-92-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Position Descriptions N1-GRS-88-004_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendment to GRS 18 Security and Protective Services Records - Emergency Planning Records NC1-GRS-80-09_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 20 Electronic Records and GRS 23 Records Common to Most Offices Within Agencies N1-GRS-89-003_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 6 Accountable Officers' Accounts Records-Collection and Deposit of Funds NC-174-000105_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Service Records Cards NC1-GRS-78-02_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 20 Electronic Records N1-GRS-87-005_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 23 Records Common to Most Offices Within Agencies -Schedules of Daily Activities NC1-GRS-79-01_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 18 Security and Protective Service Records NC1-GRS-81-08_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Temporary Individual Employee Records N1-GRS-97-004_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 1-16, 18, and 23 - Email and Word Processing N1-GRS-98-003_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 3 Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records - Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Files N1-GRS-87-014_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Position Classification N1-GRS-90-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records N1-GRS-89-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records - Microfilm Inspection N1-GRS-87-003_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 16 Administrative Management Records - Reports Control Files NC1-GRS-80-07_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Employee Medical Folder (EMF) N1-GRS-86-004_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Former Spouse Health Benefits N1-GRS-88-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1-Equal Employment Opportunlty (EEO) Case Files NC-174-000166_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records-Personal Injury Files NC1-064-77-13_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 20 Machine Readable Records NC1-GRS-81-06_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 22 Design and Construction Drawings NC1-064-77-12_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program Files N1-GRS-98-001_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions GRS 6 Accountable Officers' Accounts Records NC1-064-77-11_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Official Personnel Folders (OPF) N1-GRS-87-012_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 21 Audiovisual Records -Accessioned Audio Visual Records Lacking Value N1-GRS-96-003_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records NC1-064-77-09_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 3 Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records - Routine Procurement Files N1-GRS-95-004_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions GRS 16 Administrative Management Records NC1-064-77-08_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 9 Travel and Transportation Records - Federal Employee Transportation Subsidy Records N1-GRS-97-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions GRS 2 Payrolling and Pay Administration Records NC1-064-77-07_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 24 Temporary Commissions, Committees, and Boards Records NC1-GRS-82-01_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Position Classification NC1-GRS-81-11_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions GRS 17 Cartographic, Remote Sensing Records NC1-064-77-06_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendments to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records -Conflict of Interest Case Files NC1-GRS-80-03_SF115 02/26/2020
Amendment to GRS 3 Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records -Solicited and Unsolicited Bids NC1-GRS-81-02_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 3 Procurement, Supply and Grant Records Revised NC1-064-77-05_SF115 02/26/2020
Revisions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Equal Employment Records N1-GRS-92-003_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 21 Audiovisual Records NC1-064-77-03_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act (FEPCA) N1-GRS-94-001_SF115 02/26/2020
GRS 20 Machine-Readable Records NC1-064-77-02_SF115 02/26/2020
Additions to GRS 1 Civilian Personnel Records - Handicapped Case Files N1-GRS-93-002_SF115 02/26/2020
Division of Nuclear Power Workplan Records NC1-142-83-10_SF115 02/25/2020
Labor Relations Records NC1-142-83-11_SF115 02/25/2020
Employee Concern Special Program Records N1-142-97-001_SF115 02/25/2020
Forestry Relations Correspondence NC1-142-83-17_SF115 02/25/2020
Power Manager Files N1-142-97-018_SF115 02/25/2020
Subsidiary Ledgers NC1-142-79-06_SF115 02/25/2020
Materials Management System (MAMS) Automated Data Processing Control Records NC1-142-84-02_SF115 02/25/2020
Valley Health Management Records N1-142-97-027_SF115 02/25/2020
Occupational Health Branch Work Assignment Files NC1-142-84-05_SF115 02/25/2020
Environmental Impact Statements from Other Entities NC1-142-84-06_SF115 02/25/2020
Aircraft Historical Equipment Maintenance Records N1-142-97-009_SF115 02/25/2020
Office of Power Union/Management Meeting Records NC1-142-76-27_SF115 02/25/2020
Fossil and Hydro Plant Procedures Records N1-142-98-008_SF115 02/25/2020
Supervisory/Administrative Files NC1-142-84-10_SF115 02/25/2020
Farm Surveys in Vicinty of TVA Nuclear Plants and Proposed Nuclear Plant Sites NC1-142-81-03_SF115 02/25/2020
Miscellaneous TVA Forms and Reports: Purchasing, Construction, Power, and Marketing NC-142-75-001_SF115 02/25/2020
Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project Quality Records NC1-142-82-02_SF115 02/25/2020
Substation and Communication General Specifications Records NC-174-000230_SF115 02/25/2020
Water Management and Environmental Chemistry Data Systems Records N1-142-97-016_SF115 02/25/2020
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Trading Agreements N1-142-98-015_SF115 02/25/2020
Drawings and Sketches for Laboratory and Pilot Plants N1-142-97-025_SF115 02/25/2020
Division of Occupational Health and Safety Records NC1-142-85-16_SF115 02/25/2020
Medical Office and Health Station Field Office Records NC1-142-77-07_SF115 02/25/2020
Health Services Correspondence Files N1-142-96-008_SF115 02/25/2020
Orientation and Briefing Books N1-142-97-008_SF115 02/25/2020
Policy Study Conference Records N1-142-98-006_SF115 02/25/2020
Office of Power Automated Records Management System (ARMS) System Records NC1-142-78-06_SF115 02/25/2020
Abstracts of Title Records N1-142-99-006_SF115 02/25/2020
Dispatcher Logger Tapes N1-142-98-007_SF115 02/25/2020
Division of Environmental Planning, Central Services Staff, Water Quality and Ecology Branch Miscellaneous Records NC1-142-79-14_SF115 02/25/2020
Air/Water Quality Charts N1-142-97-007_SF115 02/25/2020
Records Management Correspondence N1-142-97-026_SF115 02/25/2020
Meteorological and Precipitation Data N1-142-97-012_SF115 02/25/2020
Coal Sample Identification Form TVA 7413 NC1-142-76-08_SF115 02/25/2020
Nuclear Work Orders N1-142-99-010_SF115 02/25/2020
Executives and Upper Level Management Compensation Records N1-142-98-011_SF115 02/25/2020
Personnel Division Machine Readable Records NC1-142-83-05_SF115 02/25/2020
Radiographs NC1-142-77-02_SF115 02/25/2020
Power System Forms NC-142-75-005_SF115 02/25/2020
Knoxville International Visitors Center Records, 1963-68 NC1-142-81-07_SF115 02/25/2020
Work File of A. D. Spottswood, 1939-45 NC1-142-82-06_SF115 02/25/2020
U.S. Army Rocky Mountain Arsenal Mehtylphosphonic Dichloride Purification Project Records N1-142-97-021_SF115 02/25/2020
Engineering Services Correspondence N1-142-98-002_SF115 02/25/2020
Power Program Function Records NC1-142-85-12_SF115 02/25/2020
Board Members' Calendars N1-142-97-015_SF115 02/25/2020
Wind Energy Files N1-142-96-004_SF115 02/25/2020
Hydroelectric Plant Ancillary Structures Records, 1934-40 NC1-142-79-12_SF115 02/25/2020
Plant Accounting Branch Records NC1-142-78-01_SF115 02/25/2020
Division of Purchasing Records NC1-142-85-15_SF115 02/25/2020
Tennessee Valley Authority Act Records and Legal Opinions NC1-142-76-24_SF115 02/25/2020
Engineering Services Cross Section and Profiles Field Books N1-142-97-003_SF115 02/25/2020
Inside TVA (Newsletter) N1-142-99-004_SF115 02/25/2020
Released Fertilizer and Fertilizer By-Products Records NC1-142-79-08_SF115 02/25/2020
Periodic Inspection and Maintenance Reports of Hydro Plant Generating Units NC1-142-76-13_SF115 02/25/2020
Confrontational Situations Database N1-142-97-006_SF115 02/25/2020
Design Records for Russian Power Plants, 1943-45 NC1-142-79-01_SF115 02/25/2020
Coal Inventory Receipts by Contract Records (TVA Form 4199A) NC1-142-76-06_SF115 02/25/2020
Software Configuration Management Requests Forms; ADP Publications N1-142-97-013_SF115 02/25/2020
Quality Assurance Records on Procurement of Spare Parts for Equipment at Nuclear Generating Plants NC1-142-77-03_SF115 02/25/2020
Farm Detail Summary and Individual Farm Record Analysis Records N1-142-98-012_SF115 02/25/2020
Board Chairman and Directors Records N1-142-99-002_SF115 02/25/2020
Petitions from Alabama Residents re Appointment of D. E. Lilienthal to Board of Directors NC1-142-81-17_SF115 02/25/2020
Air Quality Program Records NC1-142-81-06_SF115 02/25/2020
Division of Property and Services Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Formal Applications, and Inquiries Records NC1-142-76-22_SF115 02/25/2020
Environmental Impact Statements Records NC1-142-80-16_SF115 02/25/2020
Building Operating Manuals and Emergency Planning Records N1-142-96-005_SF115 02/25/2020
Nuclear Power Security Records N1-142-98-010_SF115 02/25/2020
Board Speeches N1-142-97-011_SF115 02/25/2020
Plant Maintenance Records N1-142-98-003_SF115 02/25/2020
David Lilienthal Files, 1943-46 NC1-142-80-07_SF115 02/25/2020
Impact (TVA Newsletter), 1978-88 N1-142-97-022_SF115 02/25/2020
Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Records N1-142-97-002_SF115 02/25/2020
Construction Project Production Rate Records NC-142-75-002_SF115 02/25/2020
Water Temperature Data N1-142-97-020_SF115 02/25/2020
Economic Analysis and Evaluation Data of Various Geographical Areas of the TVA NC1-142-82-05_SF115 02/25/2020
Nuclear Safety Review Board Minutes, Structure Analyses, and Quality Assurance Procedures Records NC1-142-76-02_SF115 02/25/2020
Squad Check Form TVA 10502 NC1-142-76-19_SF115 02/25/2020
Maintenance Branch Equipment History Records NC1-142-79-07_SF115 02/25/2020
Corporate Contributions N1-142-97-019_SF115 02/25/2020
Quality Communities CD-ROM and Economic Edge N1-142-99-008_SF115 02/25/2020
Records of Relocation of Transmission Facilities for State Highway Departments and Other Parties NC1-142-79-05_SF115 02/25/2020
Employee Relations Correspondence N1-142-97-017_SF115 02/25/2020
Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliance Records N1-142-99-015_SF115 02/25/2020
Comprehensive Schedule N1-585-12-001_SF115 02/25/2020
360 Degree Feedback Files N1-142-98-013_SF115 02/25/2020
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Discharge Monitoring Reports N1-142-97-014_SF115 02/25/2020
Disposition of Accountable Items, and Inspection Reports for Acceptance of Completed Construction NC1-142-79-02_SF115 02/25/2020
Comprehensive Schedule N1-590-12-001_SF115 02/25/2020
Construction Services Equipment Records NC1-142-76-14_SF115 02/25/2020
Waiver of Posting of Management/Specialist Position Request (Form 2446) N1-142-97-023_SF115 02/25/2020
Office of Power Miscellaneous Records NC1-142-78-03_SF115 02/25/2020
Security and Suitability Investigative Files NC1-142-81-18_SF115 02/25/2020
E-Mail and Word Processing Records N1-142-99-003_SF115 02/25/2020
Meeting, Communication and Program Records N1-583-12-001_SF115 02/25/2020
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) N1-142-98-004_SF115 02/25/2020
Division of Management Systems Records NC1-142-85-14_SF115 02/25/2020
Nuclear Power Recorder Charts NC1-142-83-03_SF115 02/25/2020
Communications Correspondence N1-142-97-010_SF115 02/25/2020