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Refund Litigation Tax Returns and Related Case Materials DAA-0058-2021-0007_SF115 09/26/2022
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Office of Fine Arts (M/FA) DAA-0059-2020-0014_SF115 09/26/2022
Amendments to GRS 14 Information Services Records - FOIA records NC1-064-77-01_SF115 09/22/2022
State and City Files; Organization and Conference Files; Administrative and Policy Files; Government Files N1-379-91-001_SF115 09/22/2022
Registration Statement and Periodic Report Internal Work Products DAA-0266-2018-0004_SF115 09/20/2022
Records Associated with the Review and Processing of Registration Statements, Reports, Other Filings and Amendments DAA-0266-2022-0001_SF115 09/20/2022
Audit Logs of all Systems on Classified and Unclassified Networks DAA-0263-2022-0003_SF115 09/19/2022
Human Resources Command (HRC) Enterprise Data Warehouse (HEDW) Master File, RN 601-2100/ARCS 600E/0-6 DAA-AU-2020-0029_SF115 09/19/2022
NCA Geographic Information System (GIS) National Cemetery Boundary Information DAA-0015-2021-0009_SF115 09/19/2022
Office of Defects Investigation Records Schedule DAA-0416-2019-0003_SF115 09/19/2022
Technical Reconciliation Analysis Classification System (TRACS) N1-563-08-035_SF115 09/19/2022
Global Trade Patterns DAA-0263-2021-0012_SF115 09/19/2022
Electronic System Audit Logs N1-065-10-039_SF115 09/16/2022
National Crime Information Center (NCIC) N1-065-05-003_SF115 09/16/2022
FBI Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs) Dissemination System (FIDS) N1-065-10-025_SF115 09/16/2022
Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force (FTTTF) Data Mart N1-065-07-009_SF115 09/16/2022
Intergovernmental Liaison Records NC1-412-85-04_SF115 09/15/2022
Solid Waste Program Records NC1-412-85-07_SF115 09/15/2022
Assistance and Interagency Agreement Records NC1-412-85-25_SF115 09/15/2022
Office of Federal Activities Records NC1-412-84-01_SF115 09/15/2022
Air Quality Planning and Standards Records NC1-412-85-15_SF115 09/15/2022
Office of Pesticides Records NC1-412-85-24_SF115 09/15/2022
Regional Water Program Records NC1-412-85-17_SF115 09/15/2022
Regional Operations Records NC1-412-85-03_SF115 09/15/2022
Administrator and Deputy Administrator Speeches NC1-412-85-11_SF115 09/15/2022
Regional Enforcement Records NC1-412-85-20_SF115 09/15/2022
Regional Air and Hazardous Program Records NC1-412-83-04_SF115 09/15/2022
Administrative Law Judge Records NC1-412-85-02_SF115 09/15/2022
Personnel Records NC1-412-85-28_SF115 09/15/2022
Procurement/Contracts Records NC1-412-85-05_SF115 09/15/2022
Research and Development Laboratory Records NC1-412-85-23_SF115 09/15/2022
Regional Air and Hazardous Program State Implementation Plans NC1-412-83-07_SF115 09/15/2022
Emergency and Remedial Response Records NC1-412-85-10_SF115 09/15/2022
Office of General Counsel Records NC1-412-84-02_SF115 09/15/2022
Resources Systems Records NC1-412-85-01_SF115 09/15/2022
Inspector General Records NC1-412-83-03_SF115 09/15/2022
Financial Management Records NC1-412-85-27_SF115 09/15/2022
Research and Development Records NC1-412-85-22_SF115 09/15/2022
Registration Jackets, 1968-70 NC1-412-80-03_SF115 09/14/2022
Denver Commuting Habits Records NC1-412-82-01_SF115 09/14/2022
Office of Toxic Substances Records NC1-412-82-10_SF115 09/14/2022
National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permits, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Permits NC1-412-82-06_SF115 09/14/2022
Motion Picture Trims and Outtakes, 1971-75 NC1-412-78-01_SF115 09/14/2022
Region V Electronic Records NC1-412-82-03_SF115 09/14/2022
Noise Abatement and Control Program Standards, Regulations, and Guidelines Not Issued NC1-412-82-09_SF115 09/14/2022
Office of General Counsel Records NC1-412-83-02_SF115 09/14/2022
Research and Development Files NC1-412-77-05_SF115 09/14/2022
Civil Rights Records NC-412-75-008_SF115 09/14/2022
Administrative Law Judge Records NC1-412-77-02_SF115 09/14/2022
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Compliance Monitoring Records NC1-412-82-05_SF115 09/14/2022
Motion Picture Trims, Outakes, and Sound Tracks, 1965-77 NC1-412-78-09_SF115 09/14/2022
Personnel Security Clearance Files NC1-412-76-11_SF115 09/14/2022
Pesticides Program Registration Jackets NC1-412-82-14_SF115 09/14/2022
High Level Waste Calculations NC1-412-81-10_SF115 09/14/2022
309 Review and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Filing System Records NC1-412-81-09_SF115 09/14/2022
Pesticide Program Emergency Exemption Jackets NC1-412-81-14_SF115 09/14/2022
Regional Enforcement Program Records: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) NC1-412-82-13_SF115 09/14/2022
Pesticides Enforcement Case Files NC1-412-76-10_SF115 09/14/2022
Payroll, Pay Administration, and Accounting Records NC-412-76-002_SF115 09/14/2022
Pesticides Program Records NC1-412-80-01_SF115 09/14/2022
Region I Enforcement System NC1-412-82-02_SF115 09/14/2022
Office of Regional and Intergovernmental Operations Records NC1-412-78-02_SF115 09/14/2022
Pesticide and Toxic Substances Records NC1-412-81-17_SF115 09/14/2022
Regional Air and Hazardous Materials Program Records: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) NC1-412-82-11_SF115 09/14/2022
Noise Regulatory Assessment Activities NC1-412-81-11_SF115 09/14/2022
Remedial Site Files - Superfund Site Specific (Schedule 014) N1-412-99-023_SF115 09/13/2022
Administrative Management, Committee Records, Emergency Preparedness, Grants, and Procurement/Contract Records NC-174-000118_SF115 09/13/2022
Superfund Program Records N1-412-94-003_SF115 09/13/2022
Office of Pesticides Programs Records N1-412-95-002_SF115 09/13/2022
Quality Assurance Project Plans (Schedule 185) N1-412-99-022_SF115 09/13/2022
Schedules of Daily Activities, Privacy Act, Freedom of Information Act, and Office Administrative Files (Schedule 022) N1-412-86-002_SF115 09/13/2022
Media Neutrality for Schedules 276, 280, 282, 283, 289, and 658 N1-412-07-069_SF115 09/13/2022
Office of Toxic Substance /Toxic Releases Inventory System N1-412-88-003_SF115 09/13/2022
Mobile Source Air Pollution Control Program Records NC-412-75-005_SF115 09/13/2022
Enforcement and General Counsel Records NC-174-000255_SF115 09/13/2022
Office of Emergency and Remedial Response, Hazardous Waste Contracts, Interagency, and Cooperative Agreements N1-412-87-001_SF115 09/13/2022
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Program Records N1-412-94-005_SF115 09/13/2022
Inspector General Records N1-412-86-004_SF115 09/13/2022
Federal Register Notice Files (Schedule 356) N1-412-99-021_SF115 09/13/2022
Intra-Agency and Internal Committee Records (Schedule 187) N1-412-99-012_SF115 09/13/2022
Legislative Records N1-412-87-002_SF115 09/13/2022
New England New York Inter-Agency Committee (NENYIAC), 1950-55 N1-412-88-001_SF115 09/13/2022
Office of Radiation Programs Records (Schedule 011) N1-412-86-001_SF115 09/13/2022
Superfund Sampling and Analytical Data Files (Schedule 018) N1-412-95-006_SF115 09/13/2022
Alternate Test Procedure Applications (Schedule 449) N1-412-97-004_SF115 09/13/2022
Pilot Projects (Schedule 099) N1-412-99-015_SF115 09/13/2022
Freshwater-Based Recreation Survey (Schedule 450) N1-412-93-002_SF115 09/13/2022
Grant and Other Agreement Oversight Records (Schedule 183) N1-412-03-008_SF115 09/09/2022
Confidential Business Information (CBI) Access Records (Schedule 624) N1-412-03-020_SF115 09/09/2022
Media-Neutrality for Schedules 029, 105, 106, 134, 135, 149, 155, 204, 207, 294, 334, 461, and 518 N1-412-07-002_SF115 09/09/2022
Public Buildings Reform Board Comprehensive Records Schedule DAA-0220-2021-0001_SF115 09/09/2022
Revenue Stamps (RS), c.1860s-1960s -US, Philippines Islands, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands DAA-0318-2019-0002_SF115 09/09/2022
Simplified Trips on Project Software (STOPS) geospatial information DAA-0408-2020-0003_SF115 09/09/2022
Records relating to the ACHP's Internship Program and Award Program DAA-0536-2022-0001_SF115 09/09/2022
Records of the Naming Commission (Permanent) DAA-0148-2022-0002_SF115 09/09/2022
Pesticide Incident Data System (Schedule 352) N1-412-05-007_SF115 09/09/2022
Grants Information and Control System (Schedule 575) N1-412-00-004_SF115 09/09/2022
Communications and Distribution Strategy Files (Schedule 254); Regional Oversight and Coordination Files (Schedule 255) N1-412-07-010_SF115 09/09/2022
Office of Inspector General Simplified Records Schedule DAA-0441-2021-0001_SF115 09/06/2022
Records of International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) - Criminal and Non-Criminal Case Files N1-060-99-008_SF115 09/02/2022
Office of Professisonal Responsibility (OPR) N1-060-99-006_SF115 09/02/2022
Office of Inspector General Records N1-441-02-001_SF115 09/01/2022
Non-Education OIG Audit Reports N1-441-89-001_SF115 09/01/2022
Report of Producer Expenditures, Exploration and Development Activity, Production, Reserve Additions and Revenue N1-138-88-003_SF115 08/31/2022
Area Rate Investigations (AR Dockets) Electronic Data N1-138-90-002_SF115 08/31/2022
Interpretations and Advisory Opinions N1-138-02-001_SF115 08/31/2022
Monthly Review of Cost and Quality of Fuel for Steam-Electric Plants N1-138-00-003_SF115 08/31/2022
Gas Pipeline Rates and Tariffs N1-138-98-008_SF115 08/31/2022
Requests for Approval by the Chief Accountant (AC Dockets), Requests for Commission Approval of Changes in Depreciation (AR Dockets) N1-138-98-017_SF115 08/31/2022
Investigation and Suspension Dockets (IS Dockets) N1-138-98-013_SF115 08/31/2022
Gas and Gas Pipeline Company Correspondence Files N1-138-98-004_SF115 08/31/2022
Report of New Non-Jurisdictional Sales of Natural Gas, 1975-79 NC1-138-82-03_SF115 08/31/2022
Commission Service Lists / Issuance System N1-138-99-008_SF115 08/31/2022
Company Correspondence from Oil Producers and Oil Pipeline Companies Electronic Version N1-138-98-010_SF115 08/31/2022
Video Tapes of Commission Public Meetings N1-138-91-004_SF115 08/31/2022
Annual Financial and Statistical Reports N1-138-98-014_SF115 08/31/2022
Docketed Formal Case Files Additional Docket Series N1-138-98-006_SF115 08/31/2022
Commisson Meeting Transcripts and Digital Recordings N1-138-05-002_SF115 08/31/2022
Reports of Emergency Circumstances of Transmission Providers (EY Dockets) N1-138-98-015_SF115 08/31/2022
Interim and Retroactive Collection Filings, 1978-81 NC1-138-82-02_SF115 08/31/2022
Pipeline Valuation Records, 1934-60 N1-138-91-001_SF115 08/31/2022
Gas Pipeline Service Agreements Electronic Version N1-138-98-011_SF115 08/31/2022
Public Report of Extra Judicial Income NC1-116-79-01_SF115 08/30/2022
Engineering Records Filed Under the 7000 Series NC1-095-80-01_SF115 08/30/2022
Records of the Office of the Inspector General, Office of Counsel N1-040-10-001_SF115 08/30/2022
Office of Audit and Evaluation, OIG, DOC, Audit / Evaluation File Management System DAA-0040-2016-0001_SF115 08/30/2022
Forest Service Directive System NC1-095-78-04_SF115 08/30/2022
Management Review Report Working Papers N1-116-10-001_SF115 08/30/2022
Board of Certification Records, 1971-89 N1-116-90-001_SF115 08/30/2022
Proceeds From Lands or Resources of Lands Withdrawn for Native Selection NC1-095-81-09_SF115 08/30/2022
Computer Science Group, Administrative Management Staff Records NC-095-75-002_SF115 08/29/2022
Radio Procurement and Radio Frequency Records N1-095-91-002_SF115 08/29/2022
Landownership Adjustment Program Records NC1-095-78-02_SF115 08/29/2022
National Forest Supervisor's Office Records dated July 1, 1946 through June 30, 1959 N1-095-96-002_SF115 08/29/2022
Diaries and Daily Logs N1-095-94-004_SF115 08/29/2022
Motion Picture Production Records N1-095-86-001_SF115 08/29/2022
Automated Timber Sale Accounting (ATSA) System N1-095-90-002_SF115 08/29/2022
Regional Office Records Dated June 30, 1945 and Earlier/Regional Office Records Dated July 2, 1946 Through June 30, 1959 N1-095-94-001_SF115 08/29/2022
Financial Analysis for Non Successful Bidders N1-095-90-001_SF115 08/29/2022
Records of the Chief N1-095-86-007_SF115 08/29/2022
Forest Supervisor's Office Records and Forest Supervisor's Land Files N1-095-92-002_SF115 08/29/2022
Consent Decree Action in Region 5 of the Forest Service N1-095-91-003_SF115 08/29/2022
National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) Motion Picture Film and Soundtracks NC1-090-78-03(A)_SF115 08/26/2022
Division of Dentistry Records, 1935-72 N1-090-89-006_SF115 08/26/2022
Publications, Reports, and Directives, 1925-65 N1-090-89-004_SF115 08/26/2022
Photographs, 1919-1950's NC1-070-82-01_SF115 08/26/2022
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of the Director Records, 1947-56 N1-090-88-010_SF115 08/26/2022
San Francisco Regional Office Miscellaneous Records NC1-070-80-07_SF115 08/26/2022
Health Resources and Services Administration, Construction Grants and Loans Records NC1-090-85-01_SF115 08/26/2022
Ongoing Publications N1-070-88-002_SF115 08/26/2022
Records Concerning an Unpublished History of the Bureau of Mines, 1910-1960 NC1-070-80-02_SF115 08/26/2022
Press Copies of Vouchers, Cleveland Marine Hospital, 1899-1904 NC1-090-83-03_SF115 08/26/2022
Mineral Reports Files, 1939-1960 NC1-070-80-06_SF115 08/26/2022
Terminated Publications, 1911-1956 N1-070-88-001_SF115 08/26/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-070-80-04_SF115 08/26/2022
Miscellaneous Records, 1907-1945 NC1-070-82-02_SF115 08/26/2022
Vouchers, 1978-1979 NC1-070-80-08_SF115 08/26/2022
World War II History Project Records NC1-070-80-03_SF115 08/26/2022
Division of Hospital and Medical Facilities, General Subject Files, 1950-67, and Subject Files, 1948-61 N1-090-00-002_SF115 08/26/2022
National Health Survey Records, 1935-36 N1-090-88-002_SF115 08/26/2022
New York Quarantine Station Administrative Management Records, 1917-62 and 1966-70 N1-090-87-003_SF115 08/26/2022
Uncompensated Care Files NC1-090-85-02_SF115 08/26/2022
Work Measurement Reports NC1-085-78-05_SF115 08/26/2022
Lowell Historic Preservation Commission Records N1-079-07-001_SF115 08/26/2022
Acadia National Park Fiscal and Administration Files, 1929-1942 N1-079-86-002_SF115 08/26/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-079-77-01_SF115 08/26/2022
U.S. Manuscript Maps NC1-083-80-01_SF115 08/26/2022
National Office of Vital Statistics Records, 1940-50 N1-090-90-003_SF115 08/26/2022
Computer Reels and Processing Tapes, ca. 1951-76 N1-090-90-004_SF115 08/26/2022
Seamen's Fund and Retreat Records, Port of New York, 1831-82, and the U.S. Marine Hospital, Port of New York, 1879-1914 and 1924-30 N1-090-88-006_SF115 08/26/2022
Health Services Administration (HSA), Health Services and Mental Health Administration (HSMHA), and Predecessor Agencies Records, 1921-74 N1-090-89-005_SF115 08/26/2022
Drug Abuse Education Motion Picture Film and Soundtracks, ca. 1968-75 N1-090-90-006_SF115 08/26/2022
Construction Tracings and Blueprints, 1905-1964 N1-090-92-001_SF115 08/26/2022
Grant Case Files and Administrative Reference Files, 1962-67 N1-090-90-007_SF115 08/26/2022
Division of Air Pollution Records, 1961-1966 N1-090-90-008_SF115 08/26/2022
National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) Motion Picture Film and Soundtracks NC1-090-78-02_SF115 08/26/2022
U.S. Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board, General Accounting Ledgers, 1921-22 N1-090-89-003_SF115 08/26/2022
Bureau of Prisons Client Progress Report File NC1-090-78-11_SF115 08/26/2022
State Plans Files N1-090-91-001_SF115 08/26/2022
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Records N1-090-88-008_SF115 08/26/2022
Rhesus Monkey Certificates, 1956-78 NC1-090-79-05_SF115 08/26/2022
Fire Regimes for Fuels Management and Fire Use Databases (Systems), 1986-2000 N1-095-04-001_SF115 08/26/2022
Public Health Service (PHS) Records, 1895-1977 N1-090-99-001_SF115 08/26/2022
Miscellaneous Personnel Administration Files, 1904-1946 NC1-070-80-01_SF115 08/26/2022
Environmental Impact Statement Files NC1-070-84-01_SF115 08/26/2022
Mineral Property and Land Assessment Records N1-070-96-001_SF115 08/26/2022
Time and Attendance and Payroll Reports, 1976-1978 NC1-070-80-05_SF115 08/26/2022
NIH National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Disorders and Strokes (NINCDS) Collaborative Perinatal Project (NCPP) Records NC1-090-82-02_SF115 08/26/2022
Clinical Research Center Records, Lexington, KY N1-090-86-001_SF115 08/26/2022
Personal Services and Consultant Contracts NC1-142-84-04_SF115 08/24/2022
Environmental Impact Statements from Other Entities NC1-142-84-06_SF115 08/24/2022
Project/Tract and Land Voucher Files NC1-142-84-07_SF115 08/24/2022
Public Safety Service Records NC1-142-84-08_SF115 08/24/2022
Division of Personnel Records NC1-142-84-09_SF115 08/24/2022
Supervisory/Administrative Files NC1-142-84-10_SF115 08/24/2022
Flood Routing Studies NC1-142-85-07_SF115 08/24/2022
Forestry Relations Correspondence File NC1-142-85-03_SF115 08/24/2022
Electric Sales Statistical Data NC1-142-85-06_SF115 08/24/2022
Rehabilitation Casework Records NC1-142-85-02_SF115 08/24/2022
Document Control Logs and TVA Item Identification Code Logs NC1-142-85-11_SF115 08/24/2022
Board of Directors and General Manager Records NC1-142-85-09_SF115 08/24/2022
Reservoir Flood Information NC1-142-85-08_SF115 08/24/2022
Economic and Community Development Program Records NC1-142-85-05_SF115 08/24/2022
Tornado Missile Penetration Testing Records NC1-142-85-01_SF115 08/24/2022
Medical Records NC1-142-82-04_SF115 08/23/2022
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development, Activity and Progress Reports NC1-142-83-14_SF115 08/23/2022
Oral History Records NC1-142-83-15_SF115 08/23/2022
Office of Economic and Community Development Records NC1-142-83-16_SF115 08/23/2022
Forestry Relations Correspondence NC1-142-83-17_SF115 08/23/2022
Quality Assurance Records NC1-142-83-18_SF115 08/23/2022
Public Safety Services Records NC1-142-83-19_SF115 08/23/2022
Materials Management System (MAMS) Automated Data Processing Control Records NC1-142-84-02_SF115 08/23/2022
Employee Authorization Records NC1-142-81-21_SF115 08/23/2022
Procurement Document Records NC1-142-83-09_SF115 08/23/2022
Training Program Records NC1-142-82-19_SF115 08/23/2022
Personnel History Records NC1-142-81-25_SF115 08/23/2022
Quality Assurance Records on Procurement of Spare Parts for Equipment at Nuclear Generating Plants NC1-142-82-10_SF115 08/23/2022
Personnel Division Machine Readable Records NC1-142-83-05_SF115 08/23/2022
Position Vacancy Announcement Records NC1-142-81-20_SF115 08/23/2022
Agricultural, Chemical, and Fertilizer Research and Development Technical Reports and Publications NC1-142-82-01_SF115 08/23/2022
Knoxville International Visitors Center Records, 1963-68 NC1-142-81-07_SF115 08/23/2022
U.S. Nitrate Plant No. 2 Nitrate Negatives, 1918-19 NC1-142-82-18_SF115 08/23/2022
Work File of A.D. Spottswood, 1939-45 NC1-142-82-06_SF115 08/23/2022
Quality Assurance Records NC1-142-83-08_SF115 08/23/2022
Flood Relief Records NC1-142-81-16_SF115 08/23/2022
Subsidiary Ledgers NC1-142-81-08_SF115 08/23/2022
Home Insulation Program NC1-142-82-16_SF115 08/23/2022
Water Quality Data NC1-142-82-09_SF115 08/23/2022
Transmission Line Inspections NC1-142-82-14_SF115 08/23/2022
Petitions from Alabama Residents re Appointment of D.E. Lilienthal to Board of Directors NC1-142-81-17_SF115 08/23/2022
Air Quality Program Records NC1-142-81-06_SF115 08/23/2022
Analytical Reports Files NC1-142-83-04_SF115 08/23/2022
Tagged Equipment Accountability Records NC1-142-81-15_SF115 08/23/2022
Employment Application Records NC1-142-81-22_SF115 08/23/2022
Economic Analysis and Evaluation Data of Various Geographical Areas of the TVA NC1-142-82-05_SF115 08/23/2022
Division of Chemical Development Procurement Records NC1-142-81-13_SF115 08/23/2022
Water Temperature Data NC1-142-82-03_SF115 08/23/2022
Tennessee Electric Power Company (TEPCO) NC1-142-83-07_SF115 08/23/2022
Records of the Board of Directors NC1-142-81-27_SF115 08/23/2022
Compensation Case Records NC1-142-82-08_SF115 08/23/2022
Security and Suitability Investigative Files NC1-142-81-18_SF115 08/23/2022
Nuclear Power Recorder Charts NC1-142-83-03_SF115 08/23/2022
Employee Suggestion System Records NC1-142-81-05_SF115 08/23/2022
Division of Engineering Design Procurement Document File NC1-142-76-10_SF115 08/22/2022
Personnel History Records NC1-142-80-06_SF115 08/22/2022
Office of Engineering Design and Construction Records NC1-142-77-08_SF115 08/22/2022
Hartsville Nuclear Plant Access Railroad Study NC1-142-76-18_SF115 08/22/2022
Recording Instrument Charts - Hydro and Fossil Fuel Plants NC1-142-76-09_SF115 08/22/2022
Farm Surveys in Vicinty of TVA Nuclear Plants and Proposed Nuclear Plant Sites NC1-142-81-03_SF115 08/22/2022
Fertilizer Distribution Records NC1-142-80-04_SF115 08/22/2022
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development Research Notebooks NC1-142-79-04_SF115 08/22/2022
Medical Office and Health Station Field Office Records NC1-142-77-07_SF115 08/22/2022
Office of Power Automated Records Management System (ARMS) System Records NC1-142-78-06_SF115 08/22/2022
Reservoir and Stream Survey Data NC1-142-79-13_SF115 08/22/2022
Procurement Records for Design Branch NC1-142-80-12_SF115 08/22/2022
Radiographs NC1-142-77-02_SF115 08/22/2022
Control Laboratory Analytical Records NC1-142-79-03_SF115 08/22/2022
Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Cable Schedule Summary NC1-142-76-15_SF115 08/22/2022
Inspection and Testing Records Supporting the Verification of Nuclear Contractual Requirements NC1-142-76-21_SF115 08/22/2022
Forms Files NC1-142-80-08_SF115 08/22/2022
Annual Report of Municipalities and Cooperatives NC1-142-80-10_SF115 08/22/2022
Quality Records for the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Plant (CRBRP) Project NC1-142-80-01_SF115 08/22/2022
Hydroelectric Plant Ancillary Structures Records, 1934-40 NC1-142-79-12_SF115 08/22/2022
Released Fertilizer and Fertilizer By-Products Records NC1-142-79-08_SF115 08/22/2022
Design Records for Russian Power Plants, 1943-45 NC1-142-79-01_SF115 08/22/2022
Quality Assurance Records on Procurement of Spare Parts for Equipment at Nuclear Generating Plants NC1-142-77-03_SF115 08/22/2022
Air Quality Data and Meteorological Data NC1-142-78-02_SF115 08/22/2022
Environmental Impact Statements Records NC1-142-80-16_SF115 08/22/2022
Work Order and Project Final Cost Report Files NC1-142-80-09_SF115 08/22/2022
Division of Engineering Design Computations NC1-142-76-04_SF115 08/22/2022
David Lilienthal Files, 1943-46 NC1-142-80-07_SF115 08/22/2022
Division of Engineering Design Concrete Schedules NC1-142-76-20_SF115 08/22/2022
Agricultural Energy Applications Research Source Data NC1-142-81-04_SF115 08/22/2022
Construction Project Production Rate Records NC-142-75-002_SF115 08/22/2022
Estimates for Generating Stations Suborder Work NC-142-76-001_SF115 08/22/2022
Environmental Impact Statement File NC1-142-80-14_SF115 08/22/2022
Nuclear Safety Review Board Minutes, Structure Analyses, and Quality Assurance Procedures Records NC1-142-76-02_SF115 08/22/2022
Squad Check Form TVA 10502 NC1-142-76-19_SF115 08/22/2022
Maintenance Branch Equipment History Records NC1-142-79-07_SF115 08/22/2022
Division of Environmental Planning Administrative and Management Records NC1-142-76-28_SF115 08/22/2022
Payroll Time Reports NC1-142-80-05_SF115 08/22/2022
Administrative Releases and Announcements NC1-142-78-08_SF115 08/22/2022
Drawings and Sketches for Laboratory and Pilot Plant Apparatus and Equipment NC1-142-80-11_SF115 08/22/2022
Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliance Records N1-142-99-015_SF115 08/22/2022
Disposition of Accountable Items, and Inspection Reports for Acceptance of Completed Construction NC1-142-79-02_SF115 08/22/2022
Construction Services Equipment Records NC1-142-76-14_SF115 08/22/2022
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant - Certification Drawings NC1-142-76-05_SF115 08/22/2022
Woodland Resource Analysis Program NC1-142-79-11_SF115 08/22/2022
Ammonia Plant Operating Records NC-142-75-003_SF115 08/22/2022
Succession Planning Program Files N1-142-96-002_SF115 08/19/2022
Power Manager Files N1-142-97-018_SF115 08/19/2022
Valley Health Management Records N1-142-97-027_SF115 08/19/2022
Procurement Records N1-142-99-007_SF115 08/19/2022
Aircraft Historical Equipment Maintenance Records N1-142-97-009_SF115 08/19/2022
Photographs of TVA Substations and Related Locations N1-142-95-018_SF115 08/19/2022
River System Operations: Project Planning, Lab Testing and Development Audio Visual Records N1-142-99-014_SF115 08/19/2022
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Trading Agreements N1-142-98-015_SF115 08/19/2022
Orientation and Briefing Books N1-142-97-008_SF115 08/19/2022
Abstracts of Title Records N1-142-99-006_SF115 08/19/2022
Air/Water Quality Charts N1-142-97-007_SF115 08/19/2022
Investigative and Audit Files N1-142-99-005_SF115 08/19/2022
Records Management Correspondence N1-142-97-026_SF115 08/19/2022
Meteorological and Precipitation Data N1-142-97-012_SF115 08/19/2022
Nuclear Work Orders N1-142-99-010_SF115 08/19/2022
Newsletters, 1934-41 N1-142-95-014_SF115 08/19/2022
Executives and Upper Level Management Compensation Records N1-142-98-011_SF115 08/19/2022
U.S. Army Rocky Mountain Arsenal Mehtylphosphonic Dichloride Purification Project Records N1-142-97-021_SF115 08/19/2022
Engineering Services Correspondence N1-142-98-002_SF115 08/19/2022
Chief Engineer's Records N1-142-98-014_SF115 08/19/2022
Purchasing Correspondence Files N1-142-95-017_SF115 08/19/2022
Board Members' Calendars N1-142-97-015_SF115 08/19/2022
Wind Energy Files N1-142-96-004_SF115 08/19/2022
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Police N1-142-99-001_SF115 08/19/2022
Applications for Employment N1-142-98-005_SF115 08/19/2022
Fiftieth Anniversary Scrapbook N1-142-96-007_SF115 08/19/2022
Engineering Services Cross Section and Profiles Field Books N1-142-97-003_SF115 08/19/2022
Inside TVA (Newsletter) N1-142-99-004_SF115 08/19/2022
Position Vacancy Announcements N1-142-99-011_SF115 08/19/2022
Software Configuration Management Requests Forms; ADP Publications N1-142-97-013_SF115 08/19/2022
Newspaper Clippings about Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) N1-142-97-024_SF115 08/19/2022
Farm Detail Summary and Individual Farm Record Analysis Records N1-142-98-012_SF115 08/19/2022
Board Chairman and Directors Records N1-142-99-002_SF115 08/19/2022
Benefit Services Records N1-142-97-004_SF115 08/19/2022
Building Operating Manuals and Emergency Planning Records N1-142-96-005_SF115 08/19/2022
Nuclear Power Security Records N1-142-98-010_SF115 08/19/2022
Board Speeches N1-142-97-011_SF115 08/19/2022
Project Maintenance Records N1-142-98-003_SF115 08/19/2022
Facilities Services Correspondence N1-142-95-013_SF115 08/19/2022
Board Minutes N1-142-98-001_SF115 08/19/2022
Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Records N1-142-97-002_SF115 08/19/2022
Water Temperature Data N1-142-97-020_SF115 08/19/2022
Corporate Contributions File N1-142-97-019_SF115 08/19/2022
Employee History Files N1-142-96-001_SF115 08/19/2022
Quality Communities CD-ROM and Economic Edge N1-142-99-008_SF115 08/19/2022
Employee Relations Correspondence N1-142-97-017_SF115 08/19/2022
TVA Principles and Practices N1-142-95-019_SF115 08/19/2022
360 Degree Feedback Files N1-142-98-013_SF115 08/19/2022
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Discharge Monitoring Reports N1-142-97-014_SF115 08/19/2022
Construction Project Reports N1-142-95-016_SF115 08/19/2022
Synterprise Group: Correspondence File N1-142-99-012_SF115 08/19/2022
Waiver of Posting of Management/Specialist Position Request (Form 2446) N1-142-97-023_SF115 08/19/2022
Corporate Identity Job Records N1-142-96-006_SF115 08/19/2022
Human Resource Information System N1-142-95-012_SF115 08/19/2022
Field Operations Bureau Miscellaneous Records N1-173-87-003_SF115 08/18/2022
Cemetery Relocation Records N1-142-95-010_SF115 08/18/2022
Energy Resource Planning and Engineering Correspondence and Quantum Meter Outage Reports N1-142-95-001_SF115 08/18/2022
Nuclear Plants Design and Construction Drawings N1-142-95-009_SF115 08/18/2022
Power Manager's Records, 1934-78 N1-142-94-010_SF115 08/18/2022
Statements re Importation of Radio Frequency Devices (FCC Form 740) NC1-173-82-07_SF115 08/18/2022
Eliminated Land Tracts N1-142-95-008_SF115 08/18/2022
Resource Group Correspondence N1-142-95-006_SF115 08/18/2022
Resource Group Correspondence N1-142-95-004_SF115 08/18/2022
Identification Coverage and Waiver of Claims (TVA Form 13037) N1-142-95-011_SF115 08/18/2022
Heavy Equipment Contract Files N1-142-95-002_SF115 08/18/2022
Oscillogram and Transient Recorder Records N1-142-95-007_SF115 08/18/2022
Problem and Change Technical Assessment Meeting Records N1-142-94-008_SF115 08/18/2022
Business Credit Card Support Documents N1-142-93-005_SF115 08/17/2022
Radiation Exposure Computer Database N1-142-94-004_SF115 08/17/2022
General Managers' Calendars N1-142-93-012_SF115 08/17/2022
News Video Tapes N1-142-93-016_SF115 08/17/2022
News Releases N1-142-93-011_SF115 08/17/2022
Drawings, Maps, Sketches, Manufacturers' Prints, Data, and Aperture Cards N1-142-94-001_SF115 08/17/2022
Payroll Deduction and Allotment Forms N1-142-94-006_SF115 08/17/2022
Fossil and Hydro Power Miscellaneous Records N1-142-93-007_SF115 08/17/2022
Customer Development and Services Records N1-142-93-017_SF115 08/17/2022
Foreign Media Relations Records N1-142-93-008_SF115 08/17/2022
Correspondence/Project Files, Air and Water Resources Division Records N1-142-94-005_SF115 08/17/2022
Transmission Line Profile/Substation Contour Book and Topo Books N1-142-93-006_SF115 08/17/2022
Rehabilitation Case Files N1-142-93-013_SF115 08/17/2022
Test Farm and Tennessee Farm Records N1-142-93-014_SF115 08/17/2022
Media Release Films and Videotapes N1-142-90-021_SF115 08/16/2022
Forestry Photographs, 1930s-1970s N1-142-89-008_SF115 08/16/2022
TVA Energy Center Design, Plan, and Fabrication Records N1-142-91-002_SF115 08/16/2022
Water Quality and Aquatic Biology Mission Correspondence N1-142-89-017_SF115 08/16/2022
Recording Instruments Charts - Hydro and Fossil Fuel Plants N1-142-93-003_SF115 08/16/2022
Educational and Promotional Films N1-142-89-006_SF115 08/16/2022
Routine Procurement Files N1-142-89-015_SF115 08/16/2022
Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Records N1-142-89-016_SF115 08/16/2022
Reservoir Operations Support Files N1-142-90-002_SF115 08/16/2022
Washington Office Records N1-142-89-002_SF115 08/16/2022
Power Engineering and Construction Estimating Files N1-142-90-003_SF115 08/16/2022
Talley Sheets related to Maps on Forest Stands N1-142-93-002_SF115 08/16/2022
Purchasing Correspondence Files N1-142-90-004_SF115 08/16/2022
Data Systems Technical File N1-142-92-021_SF115 08/16/2022
TVA History Timeline and Database N1-142-90-007_SF115 08/16/2022
Discharge Monitoring Report Generating System N1-142-90-008_SF115 08/16/2022
Cost Allocations for Multipurpose Dams and Reservoirs N1-142-90-009_SF115 08/16/2022
Time-Reporting Records N1-142-90-010_SF115 08/16/2022
Workers' Compensation Case Records N1-142-89-011_SF115 08/16/2022
Discrimination Complaint Case Files N1-142-90-012_SF115 08/16/2022
Plant Depreciation Records N1-142-92-008_SF115 08/16/2022
Solar Pond Slides and Photographs N1-142-89-023_SF115 08/16/2022
Power Accounting/General Accounting Correspondence File N1-142-92-007_SF115 08/16/2022
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Records N1-142-90-014_SF115 08/16/2022
Hydrographs of the Daily Flow and Elevations of Water in the TVA Reservoir System N1-142-90-015_SF115 08/16/2022
Plant Journal Vouchers Revisions N1-142-92-005_SF115 08/16/2022
Flood Protection Correspondence, 1933-88 N1-142-90-016_SF115 08/16/2022
General Counsel Central File Computerized Index N1-142-92-004_SF115 08/16/2022
Management Financial and Statistical Reports and Accounting Records N1-142-92-003_SF115 08/16/2022
Commercial and Industrial Energy Survey Records N1-142-88-012_SF115 08/16/2022
Planning and Budget Correspondence, 1933-88 N1-142-90-020_SF115 08/16/2022
Corporate Services Manager and Vice President Correspondence N1-142-90-022_SF115 08/16/2022
Retirement Membership Files and Integrated Retirement Information System (IRIS) N1-142-91-016_SF115 08/16/2022
Plant Accounting Records N1-142-91-001_SF115 08/16/2022
Contractor History Record and Contract Information System N1-142-89-019_SF115 08/16/2022
Employee Information System N1-142-91-013_SF115 08/16/2022
Atmospheric Science Records N1-142-91-010_SF115 08/16/2022
Pre-ARMS records of the Division of Power System Operations (PSO) N1-142-90-005_SF115 08/16/2022
Bellafonte Nuclear Plant Repowering Task Force Study N1-142-91-007_SF115 08/16/2022
Recreation Resources Map File, 1933-Present N1-142-89-001_SF115 08/16/2022
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development Records N1-142-91-005_SF115 08/16/2022
General Ledgers and Trial Balances N1-142-88-013_SF115 08/16/2022
Area Dispatch and Control Center (ADCC) System Alarm Summary N1-142-92-002_SF115 08/16/2022
Water Leak Detection and Water Log Database N1-142-89-010_SF115 08/16/2022
Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Program Records N1-142-91-008_SF115 08/16/2022
Division of Reservoir Properties (DRP) Correspondence, 1937-79 N1-142-88-014_SF115 08/16/2022
Kodak Negative File N1-142-89-018_SF115 08/16/2022
Geological Data N1-142-91-012_SF115 08/16/2022
Industrial Development Staff Work Files on Tellico, 1965-84 N1-142-89-004_SF115 08/16/2022
Reservoir Operations Scheduling Graphs and Procedures N1-142-92-010_SF115 08/16/2022
Maps and Surveys Correspondence Files, 1933-88 N1-142-92-012_SF115 08/16/2022
Project Tract and Land Voucher Files N1-142-90-019_SF115 08/16/2022
Flood Protection Records N1-142-92-013_SF115 08/16/2022
Technical Reports and Computerized Index for Water Quality and Aquatic Biology Departments N1-142-92-015_SF115 08/16/2022
Chemical Facility Design/Build Contract, U.S. Army Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas N1-142-92-016_SF115 08/16/2022
Engineering Drawings and Audio Tapes for the Ammonia from Coal Project N1-142-92-017_SF115 08/16/2022
Phosphate Development Works Records N1-142-92-018_SF115 08/16/2022
Copy Machine Contract Records N1-142-89-013_SF115 08/16/2022
Transmission Line Crew Training Films N1-142-92-019_SF115 08/16/2022
Muscle Shoals Water Plant Operating Records N1-142-92-022_SF115 08/16/2022
Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS) DAA-0237-2019-0002_SF115 08/15/2022
One-time Disposition for Email in Legacy Repository DAA-0263-2022-0002_SF115 08/15/2022
Training Program Records N1-142-87-002_SF115 08/12/2022
Nuclear Plant Deferral Disposition Records N1-142-86-012_SF115 08/12/2022
Progress Reports of Land Transactions N1-142-87-011_SF115 08/12/2022
Travel Records N1-142-88-009_SF115 08/12/2022
Board's Events Planning Records N1-142-07-002_SF115 08/12/2022
Quality Assurance Training, Qualifications or Certification of Personnel N1-142-86-010_SF115 08/12/2022
Regional Studies Architectural Records, 1940-48 N1-142-87-008_SF115 08/12/2022
Eastern and Western Area Property and Supply Units Procurement Records N1-142-88-007_SF115 08/12/2022
Test Score Database N1-142-07-001_SF115 08/12/2022
Nuclear Quality Assurance, Vendor Document, and Recorder Charts N1-142-05-003_SF115 08/12/2022
Acquired Utility Property Records N1-142-87-004_SF115 08/12/2022
Townlift Program Records, 1963-83 N1-142-88-003_SF115 08/12/2022
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development (OACD) Still Picture Files N1-142-87-007_SF115 08/12/2022
Natural Resource Manager's Correspondence File N1-142-88-006_SF115 08/12/2022
Historic Photographs Promoting Use of Electricity N1-142-86-006_SF115 08/12/2022
Resource Development Group Data Systems Records N1-142-88-004_SF115 08/12/2022
TVA Today Newsletter N1-142-04-007_SF115 08/12/2022
Set-Up (Employee Newsletter) N1-142-87-005_SF115 08/12/2022
Technical Training Records N1-142-05-001_SF115 08/12/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-142-10-001_SF115 08/12/2022
Inventory Control System N1-142-88-002_SF115 08/12/2022
North Alabama Coal to Methanol Project Case Files N1-142-86-004_SF115 08/12/2022
Civil Works Administration Project Reports, 1934-35 N1-142-87-012_SF115 08/12/2022
Project Property Records N1-142-88-011_SF115 08/12/2022
Substation Maintenance Records N1-142-87-001_SF115 08/12/2022
Emergency Response Unit Weekly Inspection Sheets N1-142-86-013_SF115 08/12/2022
Methods of Billing for Transmission N1-142-88-008_SF115 08/12/2022
General Ledger Transaction Records N1-142-08-002_SF115 08/12/2022
Regulatory Compliance Workplace Inspections N1-142-04-006_SF115 08/12/2022
Power Function Construction and General Activities Photographs N1-142-87-009_SF115 08/12/2022
DOE 2.4: Employee Compensation and Benefits Records DAA-0434-2020-0013_SF115 08/12/2022
MAXIMO/EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) N1-142-09-004_SF115 08/12/2022
Report of Known or Suspected Occupation-Related Condition N1-142-88-005_SF115 08/12/2022
Analysis Study Reports N1-142-87-006_SF115 08/12/2022
Site Planting and Planning Drawings, 1951-75 N1-142-86-003_SF115 08/12/2022
Management Training and Development (Fast Track) Program Records N1-142-88-001_SF115 08/12/2022
Education and Training Records N1-142-00-001_SF115 08/11/2022
Analytical Reports, Division of Research, River Systems Operations N1-142-01-006_SF115 08/11/2022
Environmental Records N1-142-03-004_SF115 08/11/2022
Radiation Protection Program Files N1-142-04-003_SF115 08/11/2022
Recording Instrument Charts N1-142-00-007_SF115 08/11/2022
Education, Training, and Diversity Records N1-142-02-001_SF115 08/11/2022
Pipeline Records N1-142-00-006_SF115 08/11/2022
Design and Construction Drawings N1-142-03-003_SF115 08/11/2022
Medical Evaluation Data and Image Control System (MEDICS) N1-142-01-003_SF115 08/11/2022
Fossil Power Group Safety Records N1-142-02-002_SF115 08/11/2022
Key Indicators Files N1-142-00-002_SF115 08/11/2022
River System Operations and Environment: Maps and Surveys N1-142-02-003_SF115 08/11/2022
Dam Safety Inspection Reports N1-142-00-005_SF115 08/11/2022
Generating Plant Daily Operating Records N1-142-03-002_SF115 08/11/2022
Surveying Records N1-142-01-004_SF115 08/11/2022
Center for Tobacco Products Record Schedule DAA-0088-2020-0001_SF115 08/10/2022
Radiation Safety Records DAA-0255-2022-0004_SF115 08/10/2022
Internal Self-Inspection, Tracking and Evaluation (INSITE) Program DAA-0566-2022-0004_SF115 08/10/2022
Revision of Army Inspector General Agency Records Retention Periods for Army Regulation 20-1 DAA-AU-2020-0024_SF115 08/10/2022
Safety of Use Messaging Management System (SOUM MS) DAA-AU-2018-0015_SF115 08/10/2022
Resume and Pre-Publication Review N1-457-11-002_SF115 08/10/2022
Records of the Office of the Commissioner NC1-053-80-01_SF115 08/08/2022
Division of Securities Operations, Office of the Director Records NC1-053-82-02_SF115 08/08/2022
Division of Public Debt Accounting, Office of the Director Records NC1-053-83-03_SF115 08/08/2022
U.S. Savings Bonds Accounts and Ledgers, 1925-52 NC1-053-80-02_SF115 08/08/2022
Records of the Office of the Commissioner NC1-053-80-01_SF115 08/08/2022
Medical Case Files and Claims NC1-362-77-03_SF115 08/05/2022
Statistical Information for the Office of Cooperative Extension Work, 1950-70 NC1-033-83-01_SF115 08/03/2022
Correspondence Files of Senior Officials NC1-033-82-01_SF115 08/03/2022
State Extension Service Reports N1-033-89-001_SF115 08/03/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-033-77-01_SF115 08/03/2022
National 4-H Program Files N1-033-96-001_SF115 08/03/2022
National 4-H Program Still Picture Files N1-033-97-001_SF115 08/03/2022
Migratory Bird Stamps (MB), 1934-2002 DAA-0318-2021-0001_SF115 08/02/2022
Souvenir Cards, 1960-Present DAA-0318-2021-0002_SF115 08/02/2022
Customs Broker Licensing Exam -Remote Proctored Records DAA-0568-2022-0008_SF115 08/02/2022
Electronic Disaslity Evaluation System (EDES) Master File DAA-AU-2019-0017_SF115 08/02/2022
Commanders Risk Reduction Dashboard Increment II (CRRD INC II) Master File RN: 600-63b/ACRS 600A/6+ DAA-AU-2019-0026_SF115 08/02/2022
Inspector General Reports N1-207-91-002_SF115 07/29/2022
Audit and Investigation Record NC1-207-84-01_SF115 07/29/2022
Office of Defect Investigation Files N1-416-05-003_SF115 07/29/2022
Investigation Case Files N1-207-90-002_SF115 07/29/2022
Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board: General Counsel Records N1-220-04-008_SF115 07/27/2022
Military and Foreign Securities (M&FS) Records DAA-0318-2022-0001_SF115 07/25/2022
Time and Production Tracking Tools (TPTT) DAA-0566-2021-0007_SF115 07/25/2022
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Bureau of Energy Resources DAA-0059-2018-0004_SF115 07/25/2022
Office of Congressional Relations Legislative Files N1-478-08-003_SF115 07/22/2022
Legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Application for Card of Identification (DSP-52) DAA-0566-2016-0010_SF115 07/22/2022
Congressional Records DAA-0567-2015-0011_SF115 07/22/2022
Office of Professional Responsibility DAA-0567-2015-0012_SF115 07/22/2022
lntelligence Records DAA-0567-2016-0003_SF115 07/22/2022
Internal Disposal: General Records of the Department of State N2-059-19-001_SF115 07/22/2022
Partnership Agreements Records DAA-0255-2022-0002_SF115 07/14/2022
Partnership Agreements Records DAA-0255-2022-0002_SF115 07/14/2022
Technical Collection Records DAA-0263-2021-0011_SF115 07/14/2022
DOE 2.2: Employee Management Records DAA-0434-2020-0010_SF115 07/14/2022
Investigative Case Files on Anthrax DAA-AU-2022-0006_SF115 07/14/2022
Strategic Change and Project Management Files DAA-0237-2021-0002_SF115 07/14/2022
Office of Database Administration, Quality Review N1-241-92-003_SF115 07/07/2022
Assistant Commissioner for Patents Records N1-241-96-003_SF115 07/07/2022
Office of Enrollment and Discipline N1-241-92-002_SF115 07/07/2022
Susquehana River Basin Commission N1-220-96-011_SF115 07/07/2022
Patent and Trademark Office Records NC1-241-76-01_SF115 07/07/2022
Delaware River Basin Commission N1-220-96-012_SF115 07/07/2022
Loyalty Investigation Files, 1940-43 NC1-241-83-01_SF115 07/07/2022
Patent Files, 1918-1950 N1-241-91-001_SF115 07/07/2022
Routine Surveillance Recordings DAA-0048-2015-0002_SF115 07/07/2022
Office of Volunteer Recruitment and Selection (VRS), Volunteer Recruitment and Fingerprint Records DAA-0490-2016-0004_SF115 07/07/2022
Case Folders of Registered Attorneys and Agents N1-241-92-001_SF115 07/07/2022
Provisional Patent Applications N1-241-02-002_SF115 07/06/2022
Records of the Public Advisory Committees N1-241-01-003_SF115 07/06/2022
Chief Information Officer (CIO) Budget Files N1-241-03-001_SF115 07/06/2022
Invention Promoter Complaints N1-241-01-007_SF115 07/06/2022
Patent Application Capture and Review System (PACR), Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) N1-241-01-005_SF115 07/06/2022
Order Entry Management System (OEMS), Equal Employment Opportunity Case Management Retrieval System (EEOCMRS), Trademark Image Capture and Retrieval System (TICRS), Trademark Electronic Application Submission (TEAS), Trademark Application and Registration Retrieval (TARR) N1-241-01-001_SF115 07/06/2022
Licensing Files for Government Interests N1-241-90-001_SF115 07/06/2022
Fax Modem Pool (FMP) N1-241-01-006_SF115 07/06/2022
Internal Patent Examination and Certification Records N1-241-06-001_SF115 07/06/2022
Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Information System (ITABIS), Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), Trademark Data Entry and Update System (TRADEUPS), Trademark In-house Photocomposition System (TIPS) N1-241-01-002_SF115 07/06/2022
Alternative Dispute Resolution Case Files DAA-0339-2018-0003_SF115 06/30/2022
Public Relations Communication Records DAA-0490-2021-0004_SF115 06/30/2022
Working Files N1-263-03-002_SF115 06/30/2022