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Recently Approved and Updated Schedules

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Within the Past Ninety Days

Title Number Date
Office Inspector General Audit Records N1-040-00-001_SF115 10/15/2018
Bureau of Fiscal Service Fiscal Accounting Records DAA-0425-2017-0003_SF115 10/15/2018
Rural Forestry Assistance DAA-0095-2018-0010_SF115 10/15/2018
Forest Management Assistance DAA-0095-2018-0011_SF115 10/15/2018
Cooperative Nursery Production DAA-0095-2018-0012_SF115 10/15/2018
Exchanges (Land) DAA-0095-2018-0024_SF115 10/15/2018
Partial Land Interest General Program Administration DAA-0095-2018-0025_SF115 10/15/2018
Rights-of-Way Acquisition DAA-0095-2018-0026_SF115 10/15/2018
Sales, Grants, Special Acts DAA-0095-2018-0027_SF115 10/15/2018
Aviation Management DAA-0095-2018-0028_SF115 10/15/2018
Records Management DAA-0095-2018-0034_SF115 10/15/2018
Market Development Activities -FAS Cooperator Projects DAA-0166-2018-0028_SF115 10/15/2018
Cash Accounting and Reporting N1-425-03-002_SF115 10/15/2018
Office of Inspector General Inspections and Program Evaluations N1-040-01-002_SF115 10/15/2018
Federal Program - Government Accounting and Financial Reporting N1-425-09-003_SF115 10/10/2018
Refugee Access Verification Unit (RAVU) DAA-0566-2017-0028_SF115 10/10/2018
Installation Management: Series 210 Installations Schedule DAA-AU-2018-0021_SF115 10/10/2018
Refugee Access Verification Unit Records N1-563-04-005_SF115 10/10/2018
State and Private Forestry Program Administration DAA-0095-2018-0004_SF115 10/09/2018
Office of Worker's Compensation Program: Common office records DAA-0271-2017-0002_SF115 10/09/2018
LEO Use of Force Acknowledgements DAA-0560-2018-0003_SF115 10/09/2018
Senior FAM Program DAA-0560-2018-0004_SF115 10/09/2018
Radiology Records (Table 160-4) N1-AFU-89-018_SF115 10/05/2018
Government-Owned Telephone Service Records (Table 66-14) N1-AFU-89-019_SF115 10/05/2018
Communications Security (COMSEC) Systems and Accountability Records (Table 56-1) N1-AFU-89-021_SF115 10/05/2018
Individual Dental Health Records and X-Rays (Table 162-1) N1-AFU-89-023_SF115 10/05/2018
Unit, Organization and Material Control Supply Records (Table 67-3) N1-AFU-89-027_SF115 10/05/2018
Air Traffic Control (ATC) Records (Table 60-1, Rules 1 and 1.1) N1-AFU-89-029_SF115 10/05/2018
Contracting Records (Table 70-1) N1-AFU-89-031_SF115 10/05/2018
Claims Records (Table 112-1) N1-AFU-96-011_SF115 10/05/2018
Administrative Records (Table 11-2) NC-174-000151_SF115 10/05/2018
Military and Civilian Personnel Records (Table 30-1) NC-174-000177_SF115 10/05/2018
Administrative Records (11-2) NC-174-000196_SF115 10/05/2018
Peacetime Program Records (Table 27-1) NC-174-000252_SF115 10/05/2018
Documentation Management Records (Table 21-1) NN-173-000233_SF115 10/05/2018
Correspondence, Message, and Project Files (Table 10-1) NN-173-000327_SF115 10/05/2018
Military and Civilian Personnel Records (Table 30-1) NN-174-000004_SF115 10/05/2018
Air Force Microfilm Records NN-174-000014_SF115 10/05/2018
Administrative Communications Distribution Control Documentation (Table 10-2) NN-174-000080_SF115 10/05/2018
Missile System Records (Table 60-4, R 3.1) N1-AFU-89-011_SF115 10/05/2018
Food Service Records (Table 146-1, Rules 14-15, & 20) N1-AFU-89-013_SF115 10/05/2018
Equipment Maintenance Historial Records (Table 66-3, Rule 33) N1-AFU-89-014_SF115 10/05/2018
Contractor Independent Research & Development (IR&D) Program Records (Table 80-6) N1-AFU-89-015_SF115 10/05/2018
Equipment Maintenance Historical Records (Table 66-3, Rule 30) N1-AFU-89-016_SF115 10/05/2018
Updates to Comprehensive Records Schedule NN-170-000033_SF115 10/02/2018
Medical Quality Assurance Records (Table 44-7) N1-AFU-97-007_SF115 10/02/2018
Specialized Publications (Table 8-1) NC-174-000114_SF115 10/02/2018
DVAS Workplace Protection Records-Domestic Violence, Sexual Assualt and Stalking DAA-0064-2016-0009_SF115 09/26/2018
Safety and Mission Assurance DAA-0255-2016-0003_SF115 09/26/2018
Federal Railroad Administration Publications and Promotional Items N1-399-07-010_SF115 09/26/2018
Supervisor's Personnel Files N1-525-06-003_SF115 09/26/2018
Military Information Control Subcommittee of the State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee and the State-Army-Navy-Air Force Coordinating Committee, The State-Defense Military Information Control Committee, and the National Disclosure Policy Committee, 1945-1969 N1-353-89-001_SF115 09/20/2018
Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee on United States Soviet Relations (ICCUSA) N1-353-87-001_SF115 09/18/2018
National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies N1-353-87-002_SF115 09/18/2018
Records Relating to the Council on Foreign Economic Policy (CFEP) N1-353-87-003_SF115 09/18/2018
Federal Register Notice Files N1-399-07-014_SF115 09/18/2018
Agency-Wide Directives Files N1-399-07-015_SF115 09/18/2018
Public Affairs File N1-399-07-020_SF115 09/18/2018
Organizational Plans N1-399-07-024_SF115 09/18/2018
State Army Committee on Transfer (SACOT) N1-353-89-002_SF115 09/18/2018
General Records Schedule from the General Services Administration NC-174-000105_SF115 09/18/2018
Minor Bankruptcy Cases NN-167-000125_SF115 09/18/2018
Civilian Personnel Records NN-167-000128_SF115 09/18/2018
All Foreign Service Posts Records, 1949 -1963 NN-171-000096_SF115 09/18/2018
All Foreign Service Posts Records, 1936-1948 NN-171-000097_SF115 09/18/2018
Budget Files NC1-013-81-03_SF115 09/17/2018
Office of Technical Services NC-040-76-002_SF115 09/17/2018
Representation Cases, Files, and Lists N1-013-88-001_SF115 09/17/2018
Office of Telecommunications NC-040-76-001_SF115 09/17/2018
Administrative (Field Offices) NN-168-000102_SF115 09/17/2018
Proving Grounds N1-338-86-001_SF115 09/17/2018
Organizational Records N1-338-86-002_SF115 09/17/2018
Depots N1-338-86-003_SF115 09/17/2018
Installations N1-338-86-004_SF115 09/17/2018
United States Army Commands N1-338-86-005_SF115 09/17/2018
United States Army Centers N1-338-86-006_SF115 09/17/2018
Boards N1-338-86-007_SF115 09/17/2018
Ordnance Tank and Automotive Center / Command, the Quartermaster Center / Command at Ft. Lee, and the Transportation Center / Command at Ft. Eustis N1-338-86-008_SF115 09/17/2018
U.S. Army Refugee Reception Center at Camp Kilmer N1-338-87-001_SF115 09/17/2018
Bases N1-338-87-002_SF115 09/17/2018
Agencies N1-338-87-003_SF115 09/17/2018
Laws, Regulations and Order DAA-0095-2018-0001_SF115 09/17/2018
Stations N1-338-87-004_SF115 09/17/2018
SubAreas N1-338-87-005_SF115 09/17/2018
Forest Service Directive System Program Management DAA-0095-2018-0002_SF115 09/17/2018
U.S. Army Inter-American Geodetic Survey and its predecessor organizations N1-338-87-006_SF115 09/17/2018
Organization and Position Management DAA-0095-2018-0005_SF115 09/17/2018
Lend Lease Operations N1-338-87-007_SF115 09/17/2018
U.S. Army Armed Forces Institute N1-338-87-008_SF115 09/17/2018
Correspondence Record N2-169-18-002_SF115 09/17/2018
Districts N1-338-87-009_SF115 09/17/2018
Systems N1-338-87-010_SF115 09/17/2018
Terminals N1-338-87-011_SF115 09/17/2018
Army Pools and Points N1-338-88-001_SF115 09/17/2018
Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Summer Camp N1-338-88-002_SF115 09/17/2018
U.S. Army Burial and Cemeterial Organizations N1-338-88-003_SF115 09/17/2018
Provost Courts N1-338-88-004_SF115 09/17/2018
War Criminal Prison at Landsberg, Bavaria N1-338-88-005_SF115 09/17/2018
U.S. Army Biomedical Laboratory Human Volunteer Case Files, 1955-1975 N1-338-88-006_SF115 09/17/2018
National Railroad Adjustment Board and Predecessor Agencies NC1-013-81-02_SF115 09/17/2018
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services Grant and Audit Case Files N1-060-06-002_SF115 09/13/2018
Telecommunications Operations Center N1-457-91-001_SF115 09/13/2018
Installations and Logistics Organization N1-457-91-002_SF115 09/13/2018
Special Projects, Target and/or Crisis Records N1-457-91-003_SF115 09/13/2018
Original War Department Regular Military Pay Vouchers, 1922-35 NC1-217-76-04_SF115 09/13/2018
Office of Quality Assurance - Headquarters, General Program Administration NC1-047-76-25_SF115 09/12/2018
Title XVI Claims Folders NC1-047-76-20_SF115 09/12/2018
Bureau of Supplemental Security Income (Headquarters), General Program Administration NC1-047-76-17_SF115 09/12/2018
Supplemental Security Income Posteligibility Documents NC1-047-76-21_SF115 09/12/2018
Leave Records: Deviations from General Records Schedules 2 N1-082-97-001_SF115 09/11/2018
Office of Administration Division of Public Inquiries NC-174-000259_SF115 09/11/2018
RSI Claims Case Folders NC-174-000236_SF115 09/11/2018
Program Management Records (269.11) DAA-0269-2016-0006_SF115 09/10/2018
Integrated Weapons of Mass Destruction Toolset (IWMDT) DAA-0374-2017-0015_SF115 09/10/2018
Nuclear Management Information System (NUMIS) database DAA-0374-2017-0016_SF115 09/10/2018
Congressional Inquiries DAA-0446-2017-0003_SF115 09/10/2018
APHIS Cost Management System (ACMS) DAA-0463-2017-0002_SF115 09/10/2018
Office of Railroad Development Records N1-399-07-005_SF115 09/10/2018
Enterprise Architecture Framework Tool N1-399-10-002_SF115 09/10/2018
Schedules of Daily Activities N1-399-07-004_SF115 09/10/2018
Intermediary and Carrier Records NC-174-000175_SF115 09/06/2018
RSI Claims Case Folders NC-174-000126_SF115 09/06/2018
Division of Enforcment (ENF) Records N1-266-09-004_SF115 09/06/2018
Bureau of Data Processing NC-174-000234_SF115 09/06/2018
Bureau of District Office Operations NC-174-000176_SF115 09/06/2018
Policy and Procedural Instructions for the Office of PolicyNet and Program Support DAA-0047-2012-0002_SF115 09/06/2018
Bureau of Health Insurance Cost Report Files NC-174-000139_SF115 09/06/2018
Office of the Actuary General Program Administration NC-047-76-003_SF115 09/04/2018
Technology Transfer Records DAA-0443-2016-0002_SF115 08/31/2018
Disposition of Miscellaneous Unscheduled Records at the WNRC NC1-040-80-01_SF115 08/31/2018
Office of the Regional Director, Atlanta, Georgia DAA-0028-2018-0001_SF115 08/31/2018
Cyber Event Repository DAA-0082-2018-0001_SF115 08/31/2018
Secret Service Chaplain Program DAA-0087-2018-0001_SF115 08/31/2018
Communication Files DAA-0170-2017-0001_SF115 08/31/2018
Forensic Audit Files DAA-0436-2018-0001_SF115 08/31/2018
Passenger Complaints DAA-0560-2016-0006_SF115 08/31/2018
CCSLB Special Litigation Records DAA-0025-2018-0001_SF115 08/31/2018
Office of Information General Program Administration NC-047-75-024_SF115 08/30/2018
Social Security Claims File, Title II and Title XVI N1-047-03-001_SF115 08/30/2018
Office of Quality Assurance Field Offices NC-047-76-011_SF115 08/30/2018
Post-Entitlement Source Documents NC-174-000115_SF115 08/30/2018
Supplemental Security Income Program - Field, General Program Administration NC-047-76-004_SF115 08/30/2018
Bureau of Hearings and Appeals Field Offices NC-047-76-001_SF115 08/30/2018
Office of Management and Administration (OMA) Property Management Files, General Program Administration NC-047-76-010_SF115 08/30/2018
Disaster Relief Assistance Records DAA-0100-2018-0003_SF115 08/29/2018
Compliance Review Records DAA-0166-2018-0008_SF115 08/29/2018
Records of the Associate Director of Volunteer Recruitment and Selection {VRS) DAA-0490-2017-0009_SF115 08/29/2018
The Elderly Populations: Estimates by County NC1-439-80-02_SF115 08/20/2018
Regional Transmission Organization Filings (RT Docket Series) DAA-0138-2018-0006_SF115 08/17/2018
Import Program Records DAA-0166-2018-0017_SF115 08/17/2018
Outstanding American by Choice (ABC) Initiative DAA-0566-2018-0001_SF115 08/17/2018
Publications and Printing Management NC1-361-80-09_SF115 08/15/2018
Office of Internal Audit and Investigation NC1-413-80-01_SF115 08/15/2018
Saint Elizabeths Hospital NC1-418-77-02_SF115 08/15/2018
Supplement to Consumer Product Safety Commissions Records NC1-424-80-01_SF115 08/15/2018
Radon Daughter Exposure Records NC1-433-80-02_SF115 08/15/2018
Closed Case Files NC1-433-81-02_SF115 08/15/2018
Economic Regulatory Administration NC1-434-82-03_SF115 08/15/2018
Quality Assurance Records NC1-434-82-06_SF115 08/15/2018
Job Classification Manuals NC1-434-83-01_SF115 08/15/2018
Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project Management Office Oil Inventory Accounting Records NC1-434-85-04_SF115 08/15/2018
Regional Office Inmate Case Files NC-438-75-001_SF115 08/15/2018
Closed Meat and Poultry Inspection Compliance Violation Cases and Meat and Poultry Shipper's Certification NC1-462-83-01_SF115 08/15/2018
Administrative Subjects NC1-463-80-01_SF115 08/15/2018
Financial Management Air Reserve Pay and Allowance System (ARPAS) Documentation NN-174-000039_SF115 08/15/2018
International Accounting Records (DLT 177-3) NN-174-000046_SF115 08/15/2018
Joint Uniform Military Pay Systems (JUMPS) Documentation (Table 177-30) NN-174-000059_SF115 08/15/2018
PCAM Accounts Control Records (Table 177-16) NN-174-000081_SF115 08/15/2018
VA Sponsored Health Professionals Training Programs: Trainee Certificate of Completion Documentation DAA-0015-2018-0004_SF115 08/15/2018
Office of Investigations, OIG, DOC, Case Management System DAA-0040-2018-0001_SF115 08/15/2018
Comprehensive Schedule NC1-422-82-01_SF115 08/15/2018
Anchor Test Study Program N1-012-90-003_SF115 08/15/2018
International Programs DAA-0446-2016-0004_SF115 08/15/2018
Laboratory Records (Table 160-3) N1-AFU-91-002_SF115 08/15/2018
Health, Outpatient, and Psychiatric Clinic Records (Table 168-5) N1-AFU-91-007_SF115 08/15/2018
Standardization Records (Table 73-1) N1-AFU-91-009_SF115 08/15/2018
Supply Management Records (Table 67-1, Rule 8.1) N1-AFU-91-022_SF115 08/15/2018
Due-In Asset Management and Control Records (Table 67-2, Rules 11 & 12) N1-AFU-91-030_SF115 08/15/2018
Disaster Preparedness (Table 355-1, Rule 8) N1-AFU-91-036_SF115 08/15/2018
Housing Records (Table 90-1) N1-AFU-91-038_SF115 08/15/2018
Bids or Proposal Records ( Table 70-4) N1-AFU-91-041_SF115 08/15/2018
Private Vehicle Registration and Sale (Table 125-3) N1-AFU-91-042_SF115 08/15/2018
Special Diagnostic Records, Tumor Registry, and Medical Illustrations (Table 160-6) N1-AFU-92-005_SF115 08/15/2018
Interagency, and Intergovernmental Coordination of Land, Facility and Environmental Plans, Programs, Projects (Table 19-2) N1-AFU-92-009_SF115 08/15/2018
Reserve Forces (Table 45-1) N1-AFU-92-010_SF115 08/15/2018
Flight Operations (Table 60-3, Rule 2.3) N1-AFU-92-014_SF115 08/15/2018
Reserve Forces Training (Table 45-2, Rule 15) N1-AFU-92-016_SF115 08/15/2018
Mapping and Charting (Table 96-2) N1-AFU-92-017_SF115 08/15/2018
Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy (MC&G) Records (Table 96-1) N1-AFU-92-018_SF115 08/15/2018
Aeronautical Information (Table 96-3) N1-AFU-92-020_SF115 08/15/2018
Personnel Identification and Pass Records (Table 30-2) N1-AFU-92-021_SF115 08/15/2018
Reserve Forces (Table 45-1) N1-AFU-92-024_SF115 08/15/2018
Food Service Records (Table 146-1) N1-AFU-92-025_SF115 08/15/2018
Civil Defense Education Branch (1959-71) N1-012-90-004_SF115 08/15/2018
Publications Division Files, 1944-57 NC1-306-81-01_SF115 08/15/2018
Press Wireless Files, Samples NC1-306-81-02_SF115 08/15/2018
Periodic Reports from Regional Service Centers, 1967-70 NC1-306-81-03_SF115 08/15/2018
General Subject/Country Files and American and Foreign Grantee Files NC1-306-81-04_SF115 08/15/2018
Country Plans NC1-306-81-05_SF115 08/15/2018
Assistant Inspector General (TIGTA) for Management Services N1-056-01-006_SF115 08/10/2018
TIGTA Disclosure Section Files N1-056-05-002_SF115 08/10/2018
Conversion of Five Permanent Records to Microfilm NC1-026-78-03_SF115 08/10/2018
Veterans Health Administration, Public Affairs Office DAA-0015-2016-0003_SF115 08/10/2018
FBI Laboratory DNA Profiles Databases DAA-0065-2016-0004_SF115 08/10/2018
Real Property Case Files DAA-0145-2017-0025_SF115 08/10/2018
Leasing Records DAA-0145-2017-0027_SF115 08/10/2018
Organization Records DAA-0166-2018-0002_SF115 08/10/2018
Cooperators and Consultants Personnel Records DAA-0166-2018-0029_SF115 08/10/2018
Education Files DAA-0330-2013-0012_SF115 08/10/2018
Government-wide Purchase Card (GPC) Program N1-AFU-02-008_SF115 08/10/2018
Routine administrative and facilitative documents N2-131-15-001_SF115 08/10/2018
Education Files DAA-0330-2013-0012_SF115 08/10/2018
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) N1-056-01-005_SF115 08/10/2018
TIGTA Chief Counsel Files N1-056-01-008_SF115 08/10/2018
Department of Energy's (DOE) Nuclear Weapons Complex N1-434-96-005_SF115 08/07/2018
Records of the Office of the Victims Rights Ombudsman DAA-0118-2015-0001_SF115 08/02/2018
Agricultural Attaches Records DAA-0166-2018-0005_SF115 08/02/2018
Foreign Agricultural Services Budget Files DAA-0166-2018-0015_SF115 08/02/2018
Universal Service DAA-0173-2017-0001_SF115 08/02/2018
Registration Statement and Periodic Report Internal Work Products DAA-0266-2018-0004_SF115 08/02/2018
Planning and Resource Management DAA-0361-2018-0001_SF115 08/02/2018
Documents Maintained by the Chair, Commissioners, Chief of Staff DAA-0600-2017-0001_SF115 08/02/2018
Documents Maintained by the Office of the General Counsel DAA-0600-2017-0002_SF115 08/02/2018
Operations and Readiness DAA-NU-2015-0003_SF115 08/02/2018
Data Automation Program Records NC1-AFU-82-078_SF115 08/01/2018
Miscellaneous Updates to Comprehensive Schedule N1-525-02-001_SF115 08/01/2018
Executive Director's Monthly Calendar N1-474-11-001_SF115 08/01/2018
Miscellaneous Updates to Comprehensive Schedule N1-525-00-001_SF115 08/01/2018
Search and Rescue Mission Records N1-AFU-91-046_SF115 07/30/2018
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (Classification 183) DAA-0065-2018-0002_SF115 07/27/2018
FEMA Deployment Tracking System (DTS) DAA-0311-2018-0002_SF115 07/27/2018
Investment Records DAA-0474-2017-0005_SF115 07/27/2018
Form 1-407 Record of Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) Status DAA-0566-2017-0021_SF115 07/27/2018
USDA's Rural Development Business Cooperative Service DAA-0572-2017-0008_SF115 07/27/2018
Office of Administrative Adjudication Records DAA-0587-2017-0002_SF115 07/27/2018
Giglio Information System N1-436-08-007_SF115 07/27/2018
Statistical Report N1-474-12-001_SF115 07/27/2018
Investment and Subject Matter Files N1-474-12-005_SF115 07/27/2018
Fund Tracking Systems and Associated Spreadsheets N1-474-12-003_SF115 07/27/2018
Investment Performance Reports (Quarterly and Monthly) N1-474-12-004_SF115 07/27/2018
Office of Govermental, International, and Public Affairs DAA-0571-2014-0004_SF115 07/26/2018
Class 101: Mortgage and Lien Foreclosure Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Class 130: Federal Housing Act Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-002_SF115 07/25/2018
Visa Records N2-084-14-003_SF115 07/25/2018
Assorted Records of the United States Custom Service N2-036-15-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Petroleum Division and Program Country Files, 1950-1952 N2-070-14-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Non-Record Materials Relating to Record Group 84 N2-084-15-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Internal Disposal; Record Set of Department Circular Instructions N2-084-14-002_SF115 07/25/2018
Navy Records Accessioned from Holdings of the Naval Historical Center\'s Operational Archives Branch N2-038-91-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Class 52: Theft of Government Property Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-006_SF115 07/25/2018
Class 116: Farm Credit Administration Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-005_SF115 07/25/2018
National Meteorological Satellite System Mopix Films N2-370-95-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Multiple UD Entries N2-208-16-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Office of War Information N2-208-14-001_SF115 07/25/2018
State/Foreign Relations Cluster Related Holdings N2-064-15-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Multiple UD Entries N2-208-15-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Internal Disposal of Selected Records N2-306-13-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Community Services Administration - Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) - 1960 Print Files N2-381-03-001_SF115 07/25/2018
U.S. Savings Bond Records (Table 177-27) NC-174-000263_SF115 07/25/2018
Class 47: Impersonation of Federal Officer Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-008_SF115 07/25/2018
Class 17: War Risk Insurance Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-007_SF115 07/25/2018
Class 32: Federal Building Space Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Internal Disposal; Consulate Naples - Diplomatic Serial Microfilm N2-084-14-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Grant Case Files N2-288-12-001_SF115 07/25/2018
National Indian Gaming Commission Audit Reports and Financial Statements N2-220-13-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Class 136: Farmers Home Administration, Farm Security, Rural Rehabilitation Loans and Soil Conservations, Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act N2-060-14-004_SF115 07/25/2018
Land Satellite Imagery Files N2-077-01-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Class 142: Eviction and Delinquent Rentals Litigation Case Files N2-060-14-003_SF115 07/25/2018
Class 33: Federal Building Sites Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-004_SF115 07/25/2018
Records of the Rubber Reserve Company and the Metals Reserve Company of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation N2-234-93-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Reconstruction Finance Corporation Ledgers N2-234-13-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Cables, 1946; Foreign Service Regulations, 1945-1946 N2-166-14-002_SF115 07/25/2018
National Commission on the Observance of lntemational Women's Year Records Internal Disposal N2-220-17-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Class 3: Weeks Forestry Act Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-002_SF115 07/25/2018
Class 102: Fair Trade Act Litigation Case Files N2-060-13-003_SF115 07/25/2018
Higher Education - Civil Rights Survey (1976 and 1978) N2-441-02-001_SF115 07/25/2018
Employee Plan and Exempt Organization Inventory Control System (ERICS) N1-058-10-002_SF115 07/19/2018
Tax Professional System N1-058-11-025_SF115 07/19/2018
National Student Loan Data System N1-441-09-020_SF115 07/19/2018
Part 68 Terminal Equipment Certification/Registration DAA-0173-2016-0002_SF115 07/19/2018
Payrolling and Pay Administration Records N1-058-09-007_SF115 07/19/2018
Form I-600 N1-566-09-006_SF115 07/19/2018
Accounting and Finance NN-173-000166_SF115 07/19/2018
Financial Management N1-560-03-013_SF115 07/19/2018
Commodity Futures Trading Commission Comprehensive Schedule N1-180-00-001_SF115 07/19/2018
Ombudsman Records N1-560-03-004_SF115 07/19/2018
Correctional Programs Division, Correctional Services Branch N1-129-01-017_SF115 07/19/2018
Case Files for the United States Court of Federal Claims N1-502-11-001_SF115 07/19/2018
Training Communications and Learning Management N1-129-09-033_SF115 07/19/2018
LearnATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and LearnDOJ (Justice Management Division) N1-060-09-031_SF115 07/19/2018
Executive Correspondence Tracking Management System N1-563-07-001_SF115 07/19/2018
Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) Official Program Records N1-174-02-004_SF115 07/19/2018
United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, Commission Schedule N1-148-12-001_SF115 07/19/2018
Office of Attorney Management and Recruitment N1-060-10-032_SF115 07/19/2018
Federal Bridge Contract Authority N1-352-02-001_SF115 07/19/2018
Investigative Management Program and Case Tracking (IMPACT) DAA-0170-2013-0004_SF115 07/19/2018
Training Media Files DAA-0170-2015-0001_SF115 07/19/2018
Correctional Programs Division, Special Needs Offenders Coordinator N1-129-01-016_SF115 07/19/2018
Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service Mission Records NC1-AFU-79-03_SF115 07/19/2018
Pre-Approved for Conversions of Political Appointees to Career Positions Records DAA-0060-2011-0007_SF115 07/19/2018
National Indian Gaming Commission N1-220-97-006_SF115 07/19/2018
Records of the Information Assurance Directorate N1-457-13-001_SF115 07/19/2018
Enrollment and Practice, Office of Professional Responsibility N1-058-06-009_SF115 07/19/2018
Training and Professional Development, Leadership, and Policy Office Records N1-436-00-002_SF115 07/19/2018
Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA) Learning Management System N1-060-09-026_SF115 07/19/2018
Licensing and Insurance (L&I) System N1-557-01-001_SF115 07/19/2018
Briefing Materials N1-065-07-014_SF115 07/19/2018
Financial Data Files (USAFR/ANG) (177-33) NN-173-000069_SF115 07/18/2018
Financial Data Files (Active Duty) (177-32) NN-173-000070_SF115 07/18/2018
Employee-Management Relations N1-AFU-89-009_SF115 07/18/2018
Merged Accounting and Finance Reporting (MAFR) NN-173-000249_SF115 07/18/2018
Civilan Personnel Records N1-GRS-02-001_SF115 07/18/2018
Information Technology Operations and Management Records N1-GRS-03-001_SF115 07/18/2018
Ethics Program Records N1-GRS-01-001_SF115 07/18/2018