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eAuthentication (Addition to Records Control Schedule 17) N1-058-12-006_SF115 06/18/2024
Old Law Index to Pre-1906 Naturalizations in Courts within the INS Denver District N1-566-07-001_SF115 06/17/2024
Selected Foreign Service Posts Visa Case Files, 1928-56 NC1-084-83-02_SF115 06/17/2024
World War II Central Files, Part Two N1-077-87-001_SF115 06/17/2024
Miscellaneous Historical Records, 1921-1964 N1-406-04-003_SF115 06/17/2024
Security and Intelligence Records DAA-0372-2022-0001_SF115 06/17/2024
Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) Cases that Resulted from the 9/11/2001 Attack on the Pentagon DAA-0330-2022-0015_SF115 06/17/2024
Plum Island Animal Disease Center Facility and Historical Records DAA-0563-2024-0003_SF115 06/17/2024
Nonemployee payment records DAA-0263-2022-0007_SF115 06/17/2024
GRS 2.2: Employee Management Records - Revision DAA-GRS-2023-0002_SF115 06/14/2024
GRS 2.3: Employee Relations Records - Revision DAA-GRS-2023-0003_SF115 06/14/2024
GRS 2.4: Employee Compensation and Benefits Records - Revision DAA-GRS-2023-0004_SF115 06/14/2024
GRS 2.6: Employee Training Records - Revision DAA-GRS-2023-0005_SF115 06/14/2024
GRS 5.4: Facility, Equipment, Vehicle, Property, and Supply Records - Revision DAA-GRS-2023-0006_SF115 06/14/2024
GRS 5.6: Security Management Records - Revision DAA-GRS-2023-0007_SF115 06/14/2024
Duplicate Certificate of Election for Vermont, 1913-68 NC1-021-79-01_SF115 06/13/2024
Duplicate Certificate of Election for Pennsylvania, 1932-72 NC1-021-76-01_SF115 06/13/2024
Soil Conservation Service Records; 1947-86 N1-114-90-002_SF115 06/13/2024
Year 2000 (Y2K) Records N1-462-04-016_SF115 06/13/2024
Records of McNeil Island Penitentiary NC1-129-83-03_SF115 06/13/2024
Nautical Chart Source Standards N1-370-96-008_SF115 06/13/2024
Geography Division Records, ca. 1910-70 N1-029-89-001_SF115 06/13/2024
Financial and Other Program Records Relating to the New Communities of Flower Mound, Texas and Harbison, South Carolina N1-207-87-003_SF115 06/13/2024
Rejected Applicant Case Files, 1970-1974 NC1-207-77-03_SF115 06/13/2024
Cost Accounting Files, 1881-1944; Budget and Estimates; Certificate of Settlement; Accident Case Reports; Bills of Lading, 1914-39 NC-077-75-001_SF115 06/13/2024
Naval Operations for Logistics, Reference Copies, 1941-58 NC1-038-77-02_SF115 06/13/2024
Albert Rose Reference Material, 1920s-1950s NC1-406-81-01_SF115 06/13/2024
Project Files, 1946-48 N1-162-86-001_SF115 06/13/2024
Grant Files NC1-370-85-02_SF115 06/13/2024
Mission and Organization DAA-0117-2023-0007_SF115 06/13/2024
Employee Training Records DAA-0434-2020-0014_SF115 06/13/2024
Continuity of Operation Plan (COOP) Records DAA-0611-2023-0016_SF115 06/13/2024
International Program DAA-0611-2023-0020_SF115 06/13/2024
User Access Log N1-439-99-001_SF115 06/11/2024
Pre-Conference Reporting System N1-439-96-002_SF115 06/11/2024
Official Enforcement Case Files of the Office for Civil Rights DAA-0468-2023-0001_SF115 06/11/2024
Records Declassification, Presidential Libraries, Federal Archives, Records Management, and Technical Services NC1-064-77-04_SF115 06/07/2024
Pre-Grant Clearance Reviews Records N1-468-97-001_SF115 06/07/2024
Discrimination Case Files and Age Discrimination Mediation Referral Files N1-468-92-002_SF115 06/07/2024
Baby Doe Project Files, 1982-86 N1-468-92-003_SF115 06/07/2024
User Access Logs N1-440-99-001_SF115 06/07/2024
Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) Grant Files NC1-440-80-03_SF115 06/07/2024
User Access Logs N1-443-99-005_SF115 06/07/2024
Program Evaluation Reports and Related Records, 1971-1974 N1-102-93-001_SF115 06/07/2024
Official Grant Case Files N1-511-94-001_SF115 06/07/2024
National Medical Expenditure Survey N1-090-88-003_SF115 06/07/2024
1973 Import and Export Summaries and Shipping Data Files on III-A Tapes NC1-029-78-24_SF115 06/07/2024
Program Information Management System (PIMS) DAA-0468-2015-0002_SF115 05/30/2024
Office of Pricing and Living Conditions Consumer Price Index (CPI) N1-257-92-002_SF115 05/22/2024
Agency Inspector General Records DAA-0446-2018-0003_SF115 05/21/2024
Basic Steel Industry Materials N1-257-88-002_SF115 05/20/2024
Time Use Diary Survey Records, 1997 N1-257-98-001_SF115 05/20/2024
DoD Hotline Referral Files DAA-0446-2018-0001_SF115 05/20/2024
Child Care Program Records N1-026-88-003_SF115 05/17/2024
Forms Master Files NC1-026-80-02_SF115 05/17/2024
Weight and Physical Fitness Standards Program Records N1-026-07-005_SF115 05/17/2024
Environmental Pollution Abatement Files NC1-AU-85-009_SF115 05/17/2024
Ammunition, Guided Missile, and Rocket Status Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-049_SF115 05/17/2024
Key Facilities List File NC1-AU-79-014_SF115 05/17/2024
Housing Referral Service, Realtor Listing, Specific Rental Actions Files NC1-AU-78-073_SF115 05/17/2024
Mainframe Benchmark Records N1-257-93-001_SF115 05/17/2024
Examining and Certification Records N1-257-00-001_SF115 05/17/2024
Office of Survey Methods Research (OSMR) Records N1-257-09-002_SF115 05/17/2024
Survey of Employer Provided Training Program (SEPT) N1-257-93-002_SF115 05/17/2024
Confidential Private and Public Establishment Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Files N1-257-09-001_SF115 05/17/2024
Occupational Outlook Technical Memoranda N1-257-01-001_SF115 05/17/2024
Accounting Documents N1-AU-86-055_SF115 05/17/2024
Cemetery Maintenance and Facilities DAA-0117-2023-0001_SF115 05/17/2024
Heritage Assets DAA-0117-2023-0005_SF115 05/17/2024
Subject and Country Files DAA-0117-2023-0006_SF115 05/17/2024
Federal Emergency Management Agency Analog Aerial Photographs used for Managing Risk DAA-0311-2024-0004_SF115 05/17/2024
Department of Energy (DOE) 1.1: Financial Management and Reporting Records DAA-0434-2021-0001_SF115 05/17/2024
Certificate of Non-Existence DAA-0566-2017-0036_SF115 05/13/2024
Certificates of Nonexistence DAA-0566-2022-0006_SF115 05/13/2024
Governance Board Policy Records DAA-0058-2023-0001_SF115 05/13/2024
Unauthorized records access DAA-0058-2023-0002_SF115 05/13/2024
The Transit Integrated Appian Development (TrIAD) platform update DAA-0408-2021-0001_SF115 05/13/2024
Social Media and Electronic Message Records DAA-AU-2022-0001_SF115 05/13/2024
NOAA Oral Histories Archives Database DAA-0370-2024-0002_SF115 05/10/2024
Production and Value Engineering DAA-0361-2021-0019_SF115 05/10/2024
Career Board Records DAA-0065-2022-0001_SF115 05/10/2024
Technology Transfer Records DAA-0088-2024-0001_SF115 05/10/2024
The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Aviation and Space Education (AVSED) Program Airport Design Challenge Records DAA-0237-2024-0005_SF115 05/10/2024
Human Subject Research Protection DAA-0512-2023-0001_SF115 05/10/2024
Investigative Case Files from the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) DAA-0514-2024-0001_SF115 05/10/2024
PHEMCE Confidentiality Commitment Form DAA-0611-2023-0004_SF115 05/10/2024
Strategic National Stockpile Non-Disclosure Agreements DAA-0611-2023-0018_SF115 05/10/2024
National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Admission Applications and Student Stipend Agreements N1-311-88-002_SF115 05/03/2024
Summer Shelter Survey Program Records N1-311-89-001_SF115 05/03/2024
National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Admission Applications and Transcripts N1-311-08-002_SF115 05/03/2024
Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Training Records N1-311-93-001_SF115 05/03/2024
Authorization to Use Personal Materials Agreement DAA-0490-2023-0002_SF115 04/30/2024
National Council on Disability N1-220-94-005_SF115 04/29/2024
Navy Individual Service Review Board (ISRB) Proceedings and Civilian/Contractor Personnel Service Review Cards Defenders of Wake Island during World War II NC1-NU-85-001_SF115 04/29/2024
Laundry and Drycleaning Operations N1-AU-90-003_SF115 04/29/2024
Original Record Drawings and As-Built Drawings N1-NU-90-003_SF115 04/29/2024
Investigations Conducted Per Manual of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy (JAGMAN)/Reports/Records/Case Files N1-NU-96-007_SF115 04/29/2024
Information Manager Designations/Appointments N1-AU-87-004_SF115 04/25/2024
Clothing Issue/Sales Stores N1-AU-89-011_SF115 04/25/2024
Vending Facility for the Blind on Federal Property Files N1-AU-89-012_SF115 04/25/2024
Internal Review and Audit Compliance (IRAC) N1-AU-89-019_SF115 04/25/2024
Materiel Fielding Files N1-AU-90-004_SF115 04/25/2024
Passenger Standing Routing Orders N1-AU-90-014_SF115 04/25/2024
Report of Discrepancy (ROD) - Foreign Military Sales (FMS) N1-AU-90-015_SF115 04/25/2024
Register Number Files N1-AU-91-002_SF115 04/25/2024
Accommodation of Religious Practices Files N1-AU-91-013_SF115 04/25/2024
Army Health Promotion Files N1-AU-94-001_SF115 04/25/2024
Provisioning Army Systems Documentation N1-AU-94-007_SF115 04/25/2024
Patient Treatment Film N1-AU-94-018_SF115 04/25/2024
Quality File Test Reporting Files N1-AU-94-027_SF115 04/25/2024
Wetlands Delineator Certification Program N1-AU-94-029_SF115 04/25/2024
Corps of Engineers Civilian Uniform Records Files N1-AU-94-031_SF115 04/25/2024
Leased Bachelor Housing Files N1-AU-94-033_SF115 04/25/2024
Inspector General (IG) Inspections N1-AU-97-014_SF115 04/25/2024
Family Support, Child Custody, and Paternity Information Inquiries and Operations N1-AU-97-021_SF115 04/25/2024
Non Appropriated Fund Employment Applications N1-AU-90-007_SF115 04/25/2024
Museums and Historical Properties N1-AU-97-023_SF115 04/25/2024
Recovery Coordination Records DAA-0468-2013-0005_SF115 04/24/2024
Public Health Policy Records DAA-0468-2015-0001_SF115 04/24/2024
Board Docket System DAA-0184-2018-0009_SF115 04/24/2024
Board Imaging Database DAA-0184-2018-0008_SF115 04/24/2024
Transaction Monitoring DAA-0457-2015-0001_SF115 04/23/2024
Records of the Board DAA-0184-2023-0001_SF115 04/23/2024
Mission Training Records DAA-0311-2022-0001_SF115 04/23/2024
License Compliance Inspection and Enforcement Case Files NC1-431-78-01_SF115 04/18/2024
Inspector General Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-001_SF115 04/18/2024
License and Inspection Case Files NC1-431-80-01_SF115 04/18/2024
License Compliance Inspection and Enforcement Case Files NC1-431-79-01_SF115 04/18/2024
Abnormal Occurance Case Files N1-431-87-001_SF115 04/18/2024
Official Correspondence Files of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services DAA-0468-2011-0006_SF115 04/17/2024
Official Briefing Books of the High-Level Officials in the Immediate Office of the Secretary DAA-0468-2011-0004_SF115 04/17/2024
Conservation Reserve Program Files N1-145-88-001_SF115 04/17/2024
Aerial Photography Files NC1-145-82-04_SF115 04/17/2024
Control and Accounting for Sight Drafts Records NC1-145-81-03_SF115 04/17/2024
Livestock and Dairy Division N1-145-86-001_SF115 04/17/2024
Rural Environmental Programs Case Files NC1-145-84-01_SF115 04/17/2024
Federal Register Notice and Rule Making Case Files NC1-145-82-03_SF115 04/17/2024
Correspondence and Subject Files of the Office of the Chief Judge of the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA) DAA-0468-2012-0003_SF115 04/17/2024
Mission Related Data DAA-0263-2018-0001_SF115 04/17/2024
The Office of Information Technology DAA-0408-2020-0002_SF115 04/17/2024
Official Correspondence Files of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services DAA-0468-2023-0002_SF115 04/17/2024
OMHA Administrative Law Judge and Attorneys Files DAA-0468-2023-0003_SF115 04/17/2024
Buprenorphine Waiver Notification System (BWNS) DAA-0511-2024-0001_SF115 04/17/2024
Statement of Transactions, Disbursement Schedules, and Vouchers Records NC1-425-81-03_SF115 04/16/2024
Run-out Log and Contraband Property Records N1-087-00-003_SF115 04/16/2024
Dining Facility Operations Files and Field Ration Issue and Delivery Files NC1-AU-76-057_SF115 04/16/2024
Command Health Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0015_SF115 04/16/2024
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-197-82-01_SF115 04/16/2024
Department of Treasury - Transfer and Loan of Paid and Reconciled United States Government Checks NC1-425-84-01_SF115 04/15/2024
Military Personnel Records NC1-026-82-01_SF115 04/15/2024
Applicant Polygraph Examination Records N1-087-90-003_SF115 04/15/2024
Protective Intelligence Division Trip File N1-087-88-002_SF115 04/15/2024
Employee Investigative Files and Office Inspection Reports N1-087-05-002_SF115 04/15/2024
Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Records N1-087-10-006_SF115 04/15/2024
Identification Cases NC1-087-83-01_SF115 04/15/2024
Single Criminal Fingerprint Cards for Individuals Born Before 1921 N1-065-98-001_SF115 04/15/2024
Manual Fingerprint Cards For Individuals With Multiple Arrests N1-065-00-002_SF115 04/15/2024
Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division Identification Records N1-065-95-003_SF115 04/15/2024
Military Construction Project Files NC1-AU-78-092_SF115 04/15/2024
Claim Journal and Index Files NC1-AU-83-043_SF115 04/15/2024
Army Club/NAF Activity Membership Files NC1-AU-84-006_SF115 04/15/2024
Unsatisfactory Subsistence Files NC1-AU-85-045_SF115 04/15/2024
Correction of Military Records Case Files NC1-AU-83-009_SF115 04/15/2024
Vehicle Registration and Driver Record Files NC1-AU-84-031_SF115 04/15/2024
Claim Reporting Files NC1-AU-83-041_SF115 04/15/2024
Processing of Oversea Replacement (POR) Files NC1-AU-85-021_SF115 04/15/2024
Relief from Responsibility (Liability Admitted) Files NC1-AU-83-039_SF115 04/15/2024
ROTC Scholarship Non-Selected Applicant Files NC1-AU-83-048_SF115 04/15/2024
Commissioned Officer Aviation Position Criteria Files NC1-AU-85-079_SF115 04/15/2024
Veterinary Sanitation Inspection of Animal Facilities NC1-AU-85-071_SF115 04/15/2024
Aircraft Maintenance Records NC1-AU-85-080_SF115 04/15/2024
Special Measurement and Orthopedic Footwear Files NC1-361-81-01_SF115 04/15/2024
Promissory Notes DAA-0568-2023-0003_SF115 04/15/2024
Personnel Processing Checklists and Worksheets N1-026-11-003_SF115 04/12/2024
Biological Monitoring - Spore Testing Records N1-026-07-007_SF115 04/12/2024
Laboratory Tests Records and Logs N1-026-05-023_SF115 04/12/2024
United States Marshals Service Special Assignment Files, 1968-71 N1-118-89-001_SF115 04/12/2024
Civil Division Working Files Waco Investigation N1-060-01-008_SF115 04/12/2024
Background Technical Files, Radiation Compensation Litigation N1-060-99-005_SF115 04/12/2024
Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project - Conscientious Objectors N1-060-98-009_SF115 04/12/2024
Civil Division - Class 9 - War Matters Miscellaneous Unscheduled Records N1-060-07-001_SF115 04/12/2024
Carter Warehouse and Billy Carter Gas Station Records N1-060-88-004_SF115 04/12/2024
Standardization Document Formulation Files NC1-AU-77-075_SF115 04/12/2024
Recreation Services Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-066_SF115 04/12/2024
Atmospheric Annual Graph Files NC1-AU-77-147_SF115 04/12/2024
Emergency Planning Files NC1-AU-77-022_SF115 04/12/2024
Prisoner Admission Files NC-AU-75-0034_SF115 04/12/2024
Official Military Personnel Folder Files NC1-AU-76-014_SF115 04/12/2024
Bid Experience Files NC1-AU-77-079_SF115 04/12/2024
Bandsman Evaluation Board Planning Files NC-AU-76-0011_SF115 04/12/2024
Cataloging Activity Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-044_SF115 04/12/2024
Test Material Inventory Files NC-AU-75-0038_SF115 04/12/2024
Security Assistance Program Files NC1-AU-77-026_SF115 04/12/2024
Coordinated Procurement Program Reporting Files NC1-AU-77-062_SF115 04/12/2024
Permanent Order Record Set Files NC1-AU-76-036_SF115 04/12/2024
Contractors Insurance Files NC1-AU-77-059_SF115 04/12/2024
Congressional Correspondence Files NC1-AU-77-015_SF115 04/12/2024
Tactical or Combat Telecommunications Project Files NC1-AU-77-020_SF115 04/12/2024
Maintenance Technical Assistance Files NC1-AU-77-046_SF115 04/12/2024
Security Assistance Organizations Files NC1-AU-77-028_SF115 04/12/2024
Criminal Investigation Status Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-004_SF115 04/12/2024
Food Program Project Files NC1-AU-77-050_SF115 04/12/2024
United States Prisoner of War/Missing in Action/Detainee Intelligence Files NC1-AU-77-010_SF115 04/12/2024
Qualification Test Answer Files NC-AU-75-0039_SF115 04/12/2024
Maintenance Summary and Management Files NC1-AU-77-045_SF115 04/12/2024
Production Equipment History Files NC1-AU-77-069_SF115 04/12/2024
Reserve Officers' Training Corps Scholarship Selected Applicant Files NC-AU-76-0010_SF115 04/12/2024
Test Material Stock Control Files NC-AU-75-0037_SF115 04/12/2024
Army Emergency Relief Organization Files NC-AU-76-0009_SF115 04/12/2024
CID Fund Files NC1-AU-77-120_SF115 04/12/2024
National Stockpile Shipping Files NC1-AU-77-047_SF115 04/12/2024
Secretary of Air Force F. Whitten Peters Schedules of Daily Activities N1-AFU-02-001_SF115 04/12/2024
Energy Conservation Activities NC1-AU-77-164_SF115 04/12/2024
Serious Incident Reporting Files NC-AU-75-0021_SF115 04/12/2024
Military Real Property Record Drawing Files NC-AU-75-0027_SF115 04/12/2024
Military Occupational Specialities Information Files NC-AU-75-0032_SF115 04/12/2024
FDA Inspector Credential Records DAA-0088-2024-0004_SF115 04/12/2024
SEC Policies Relating to the Use of Alcoholic Beverages in SEC Offices and Buildings and Related Records DAA-0266-2024-0001_SF115 04/12/2024
Historical Records from SAMHSA and Predecessor Agencies DAA-0511-2024-0002_SF115 04/12/2024
Final and approved Directives, Policies, Handbooks and Manuals DAA-0543-2023-0002_SF115 04/12/2024
Teacher training for citizenship education DAA-0566-2022-0002_SF115 04/12/2024
Transaction Monitoring DAA-0457-2024-0001_SF115 04/12/2024
The Advocate DAA-0562-2020-0001_SF115 04/12/2024
Plum Island Animal Disease Center Facility and Historical Records DAA-0310-2024-0001_SF115 04/12/2024
Telecommunications and Information Technology DAA-NU-2019-0009_SF115 04/12/2024
SSIC 13000, General Aeronautical and Astronautical Material Records DAA-0343-2012-0001_SF115 04/11/2024
Conflict Records Research Center (CRRC) DAA-0330-2023-0001_SF115 04/02/2024
Grants Files (Grants On-Line) N1-370-07-003_SF115 03/28/2024
Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) and Registered Buyer Permits N1-370-02-002_SF115 03/28/2024
Audit Case Files N1-370-99-006_SF115 03/28/2024
Unidentified and Deteriorated Medical X-Rays N1-434-01-001_SF115 03/28/2024
Personnel Radiation Exposure Dose Records N1-434-96-004_SF115 03/28/2024
Miscellaneous Records NC1-197-83-01_SF115 03/28/2024
Mental Health Services DAA-0015-2015-0005_SF115 03/27/2024
Photograph Identification Files NC1-AU-78-083_SF115 03/25/2024
Command Reporting NC1-AU-78-065_SF115 03/25/2024
United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-002_SF115 03/25/2024
Ammunition Lot History Files NC1-AU-80-028_SF115 03/25/2024
Housing Files NC1-AU-79-077_SF115 03/25/2024
Disposal and Disposal Reporting Files NC1-AU-78-122_SF115 03/25/2024
Privately Owned Animal Record Files NC1-AU-79-013_SF115 03/25/2024
Investigative Activities Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-044_SF115 03/25/2024
Flight Information Files, Installation Flight Rules Files, Rule-Making Airspace Case Files, Rule-Making Airspace Comment Files, and Warning and Controlled Firing Area Files NC1-AU-78-108_SF115 03/25/2024
Intellectual Property Clause Deviation Files NC1-AU-79-053_SF115 03/25/2024
Energy Survey and Study Files NC1-AU-78-090_SF115 03/25/2024
Numerical Files NC1-AU-79-017_SF115 03/25/2024
Foreign Personnel and Organizational Files NC1-AU-78-075_SF115 03/25/2024
Surface Meteorological Observation Files NC1-AU-79-012_SF115 03/25/2024
Test Scheduling Files NC1-AU-78-107_SF115 03/25/2024
Dental Worksheet and Tabulation Files NC1-AU-79-067_SF115 03/25/2024
Army Aircraft Inventory, Status, and Flying Time Reporting Files NC1-AU-79-049_SF115 03/25/2024
New Equipment Training Program Development Files NC1-AU-80-018_SF115 03/25/2024
Publication Approval Files and Printing Plant Establishment Files NC1-AU-78-109_SF115 03/25/2024
Inspector General Complaint Files NC1-AU-79-009_SF115 03/25/2024
Practitioner Credentialing Files NC1-AU-79-018_SF115 03/25/2024
U.S. Secret Service Investigative Records DAA-0087-2021-0001_SF115 03/25/2024
Agency-wide Directives, Handbooks, Notices and Operating Manuals DAA-0015-2023-0001_SF115 03/25/2024
Official Agency Communications, Congressional Relations, and Publications DAA-0543-2023-0001_SF115 03/22/2024