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Office of Secretary, Internet Website Files N1-048-05-008_SF115 05/18/2022
Take Pride in America Program Records N1-048-05-012_SF115 05/18/2022
Office of Secretary, Public Information Files N1-048-05-007_SF115 05/18/2022
Information Budget Collection Guidance on the Web N1-048-05-010_SF115 05/18/2022
Photographic Records N1-048-05-004_SF115 05/17/2022
Audio-Visual Recordings File N1-048-05-003_SF115 05/17/2022
Office of the Chief Information Officer Y2K Records N1-048-01-003_SF115 05/17/2022
Regulation Files N1-048-05-002_SF115 05/17/2022
Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) Records Schedule 1 N1-317-89-001_SF115 05/16/2022
Construction Collective Bargaining Agreements and Related Records NC1-317-82-04_SF115 05/16/2022
Office of Labor-Management Standards Enforcement (LMSE), Regional and Area Office Records NC1-317-81-01_SF115 05/16/2022
Labor Organization Registration Reports 1956-59; Issuances 1959-76; Mediation of Labor Disputes 1962-68; Investigative Case Files, 1968-73 N1-317-91-001_SF115 05/16/2022
Original Questionnaires on BLS Form 2895 N1-317-86-001_SF115 05/16/2022
Commercial Vessel Activities for Various United States Ports During 1966 N1-317-86-002_SF115 05/16/2022
Labor-Management Standards Enforcement (LMSE) Filed Investigative Case Files NC1-317-78-02_SF115 05/16/2022
Redwood Employee Protection Program (REPP) N1-317-90-001_SF115 05/16/2022
Trafficking Victims Tracking System (TVTS) N1-292-10-001_SF115 05/11/2022
S-3 Aircraft Records N1-NU-07-006_SF115 05/11/2022
Investigative Case - Project Yellow Fruit N1-AU-12-001_SF115 05/11/2022
Court-Martial Files,1940-76, and Special Court-Martial Files with a Bad Conduct Discharge, 1940-76 N1-AU-10-051_SF115 05/11/2022
Case File: Secretary of Labor v. American Cyanamid Company N1-455-90-002_SF115 05/11/2022
Daily Activity Schedules for Air Force Acting Secretary, January 20, 2001 to June 5, 2001, and Under Secretary, 1999-2001 N1-AFU-03-002_SF115 05/11/2022
Certification and Compliance Management Information System (CCMIS) DAA-0237-2021-0006_SF115 05/11/2022
The Aviation Safety Voluntary Safety Reporting Program DAA-0237-2020-0028_SF115 05/11/2022
Federal Register Docket N1-166-02-002_SF115 05/11/2022
Budgeting Records DAA-0311-2021-0005_SF115 05/11/2022
Strategic Petroleum Reserve Program Records N1-434-01-006_SF115 05/05/2022
Investment Insurance and Finance Loan Case Files N1-420-99-001_SF115 05/05/2022
Tailhook 91 Investigation Case Files N1-509-93-003_SF115 05/05/2022
Joint Publication and Research Service (JPRS) Reports 1957-75 N1-422-04-001_SF115 05/05/2022
Budget Files N1-311-01-003_SF115 05/05/2022
Natural Gas Import / Export Cases N1-434-00-004_SF115 05/05/2022
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Office of U.S. Foreign Assistance Resources DAA-0059-2019-0017_SF115 05/05/2022
Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, Inspector General Records DAA-0220-2016-0003_SF115 05/04/2022
Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction N1-220-11-003_SF115 05/04/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedules Revisions N1-138-88-002_SF115 05/04/2022
Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) Records N1-305-02-001_SF115 05/04/2022
Helping to Enhance the Livelihood of People Around the Globe (HELP) Commission Records N1-148-08-001_SF115 05/04/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule Revision N1-305-07-001_SF115 05/04/2022
Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force N1-220-11-001_SF115 05/04/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-101-05-001_SF115 05/03/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule (16 BIAM) N1-075-89-001_SF115 05/03/2022
Treaty Information Management System (TIMS) N1-059-09-003_SF115 05/03/2022
Meteorological Records: Blue Hill Collection NC1-027-77-01_SF115 05/03/2022
River Station History Files, 1836-1964 N1-027-99-001_SF115 05/03/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-101-83-01_SF115 05/03/2022
Certification and Compliance Management Information System (CCMIS) N1-237-10-008_SF115 04/28/2022
Office of International Affairs (OIA) Case Files DAA-0266-2021-0009_SF115 04/22/2022
Office of People Analytics (OPA) Survey Files DAA-0330-2021-0008_SF115 04/22/2022
Office of National Laboratories Records DAA-0563-2019-0005_SF115 04/22/2022
Affidavits of Support or Exemption DAA-0566-2019-0033_SF115 04/22/2022
Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) and System Accuracy Tests (SAT) Records DAA-AFU-2017-0006_SF115 04/18/2022
Amendments to GRS 14 Information Services Records - FOIA records NC1-064-77-01_SF115 04/15/2022
Economic Stabilization Programs Records, 1971-74 NC-432-75-002_SF115 04/15/2022
Division of Enforcement Records DAA-0180-2012-0003_SF115 04/14/2022
Additions to GRS 2.7: Employee Health and Safety Records DAA-GRS-2021-0003_SF115 04/07/2022
Automatic and systematic declassification review program records (Revision of GRS 4.2, item 100) DAA-GRS-2020-0002_SF115 04/07/2022
GRS 5.6, Security Management Records DAA-GRS-2021-0001_SF115 04/07/2022
GRS 5.7 -Administrative Management and Oversight Records DAA-GRS-2020-0001_SF115 04/07/2022
Personnel Security Clearance and Misconduct Files N1-036-92-001_SF115 03/31/2022
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Tuberculosis Branch Records NN-174-000030_SF115 03/31/2022
Bureau of Accounts and Division of Bookkeeping and Warrants Records N1-425-87-001_SF115 03/31/2022
Miscellaneous Records NC1-425-81-04_SF115 03/31/2022
Silver Bullion Records, 1942-70 NC1-425-80-05_SF115 03/31/2022
Progress Sheets and Cards used in Accounting and Disbursing Operations NC1-425-80-01_SF115 03/31/2022
Emergency Relief Appropriation Act Records, 1935-41 N1-425-92-001_SF115 03/31/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-170-77-01_SF115 03/31/2022
Reconstruction Finance Corporation Section 409 and 302 Loan Case Files, 1950-1968 N1-425-89-001_SF115 03/31/2022
Railroad Files, 1920-58 NC1-425-80-07_SF115 03/31/2022
Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) Surveillence Database Records N1-442-91-001_SF115 03/31/2022
Appropriation and Investment Branch Records NC1-425-80-03_SF115 03/31/2022
Reconciliation Branch Records NC1-425-82-01_SF115 03/31/2022
Smallpox Eradication Program Records N1-442-99-001_SF115 03/31/2022
Paid and Reconciled United States Government Checks NC1-425-85-01_SF115 03/31/2022
Consolidated Financial Statements (CFS) Project NC1-425-84-02_SF115 03/31/2022
Agent Orange Project Files N1-442-90-005_SF115 03/31/2022
Accountable Officer's Accounts N1-442-90-003_SF115 03/31/2022
Bureau of Government Financial Operations Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-425-78-01_SF115 03/31/2022
Deposit Reconciliation Section Records NC1-425-83-01_SF115 03/31/2022
Longitudinal Study of Aging Records N1-442-99-002_SF115 03/31/2022
Funds Flow Division (FFD) N1-425-86-001_SF115 03/31/2022
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Records N1-442-05-003_SF115 03/31/2022
Miscellaneous Records NC1-425-80-04_SF115 03/31/2022
Special Agent Career Board Documentation and Recordings N1-065-04-001_SF115 03/30/2022
Police Training System N1-065-10-030_SF115 03/30/2022
Support Personnel (Non-Agent) Selection Documentation and Recordings N1-065-02-001_SF115 03/30/2022
Recovery, Accountability, and Transparency Board (RATB): Administrative Records N1-220-11-002_SF115 03/30/2022
Career Development Records N1-065-93-004_SF115 03/30/2022
Case File Expunged Columbia 288A-CO-26047 N1-065-07-005_SF115 03/30/2022
Publications and Printing Management NC1-361-80-09_SF115 03/25/2022
Commercial Activity Program Documentation Files NC1-361-84-06_SF115 03/25/2022
Procurement Contracts N1-361-89-004_SF115 03/25/2022
Orders and Publications Records Sets NC1-361-76-18_SF115 03/25/2022
Aircraft Sales Contracts NC1-361-81-05_SF115 03/25/2022
Master Files for Automated Information Systems N1-361-97-003_SF115 03/25/2022
Defense Automated Printing Service (DAPS) N1-361-98-002_SF115 03/25/2022
Complaint Investigative Case Files N1-361-95-003_SF115 03/25/2022
Defense Audit Service Audits Records NC1-361-80-15_SF115 03/25/2022
Bills of Lading NC1-361-82-04_SF115 03/25/2022
Fraud and Irregularities N1-361-86-005_SF115 03/25/2022
Publication Background Files N1-361-93-001_SF115 03/25/2022
DD Form 250 Files NC1-361-81-10_SF115 03/25/2022
Command Records N1-361-91-012_SF115 03/25/2022
Technical Analysis of Cost Proposals (TACPs) NC1-361-79-02_SF115 03/25/2022
Contract Case Files N1-361-86-001_SF115 03/25/2022
Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Files N1-361-93-009_SF115 03/25/2022
Adverse Action Files NC1-361-77-04_SF115 03/25/2022
Executive Level Position Files NC1-361-77-06_SF115 03/25/2022
Department of Defense (DOD) Wage Setting Division N1-AU-90-023_SF115 03/25/2022
Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) Database N1-361-98-001_SF115 03/25/2022
Visitors and Vehicle Temporary Passes and Permits Files NC1-361-80-07_SF115 03/25/2022
Flight Operations N1-361-93-002_SF115 03/25/2022
Civilian Employee Health Case Files NC1-361-82-01_SF115 03/25/2022
Environmental Quality and Resources Conservation Records NN-174-000075_SF115 03/25/2022
Equipment Evaluation Case Files, Publications and Printing Management NC1-361-76-15_SF115 03/25/2022
Master Files and Processing Files for Automated Information Systems N1-361-89-005_SF115 03/25/2022
Small Arms Serialization Program Records NC1-361-81-08_SF115 03/25/2022
Criminal Incident/Investigations Files N1-361-89-003_SF115 03/25/2022
General Accounting Office (GAO) Audits and Investigations Records NC1-361-80-14_SF115 03/25/2022
Construction Projects NC1-361-83-02_SF115 03/25/2022
Wage Rates N1-361-95-002_SF115 03/25/2022
Computer Access Records N1-361-96-001_SF115 03/25/2022
Hazardous Property Sales Contracts; Hazardous Waste Service Contracts N1-361-86-002_SF115 03/25/2022
National Critical Materials Council (NCMC) Subject Files N1-359-95-001_SF115 03/23/2022
Records of the C-4 Troopship Exchange Program, 1966-1969 N1-357-90-002_SF115 03/23/2022
Service of Licensed Officers and Seamen of the United States Merchant Marine: 1917-1949 NC1-357-78-01_SF115 03/23/2022
Small Claims and Rulemaking Dockets NC1-358-81-03_SF115 03/23/2022
Small Claims and Rulemaking Dockets N1-358-93-001_SF115 03/23/2022
Conference Tariffs (Foreign Commerce) Records NC1-358-81-01_SF115 03/23/2022
Inspector General Semiannual Reports to Congress N1-358-09-003_SF115 03/23/2022
Commission Meetings Records, 1963-70, and Certificates of Record Reports, 1960-68 N1-358-92-001_SF115 03/23/2022
Information Circulars (Form FMC-9) NC1-358-82-01_SF115 03/23/2022
Inspector General Records N1-358-08-002_SF115 03/23/2022
MMS - High Resolution (Shallow) Geophysical Records NC1-057-85-01_SF115 03/23/2022
General Files, 1940-46 N1-357-91-001_SF115 03/23/2022
Chapters 200 - Information Resources Management, 300 - Administrative Support, and 400 - Personnel Management, EEO, Payroll, and Time and Attendance Records N1-057-02-002_SF115 03/23/2022
Chapters 1100 - Audiovisual; 1200 - Geospatial, Cartographic, Remote Sensing, Architectural, and Engineering; and 1300 - Publishing N1-057-03-001_SF115 03/23/2022
Chapters 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, and 1300 N1-057-08-006_SF115 03/23/2022
Iran Working Group Records, 1978-81 and Grenada Task Force Records N1-353-90-003_SF115 03/23/2022
National Security Council Task Force on the Law of the Sea Records NC1-353-78-02_SF115 03/23/2022
Interdepartmental Committee on Trade Agreements (TAC) Records, 1934-61 N1-353-89-003_SF115 03/23/2022
Interdepartmental Committee on Foreign Economic Policy (ICFEP) Meeting Records, 1961-63 N1-353-90-001_SF115 03/23/2022
Technical Committee on Petroleum (TPC) and International Petroleum Policy Committee (PPC) Records, 1946-53 N1-353-94-001_SF115 03/23/2022
Council on International Economic Policy Records, 1971-76 N1-353-96-002_SF115 03/23/2022
MMS - International and Domestic Marine Mineral Activities N1-473-97-001_SF115 03/23/2022
Committee on Administrative Planning for Japan (CAPJ) Records, 1951-52 N1-353-93-001_SF115 03/23/2022
Inter-Agency Youth Committee Records, 1962-72 NC1-353-78-03_SF115 03/23/2022
Inter-Departmental and Intra-Departmental Committees, Task Forces, Working Groups and Boards Records, 1942-69 N1-353-90-002_SF115 03/23/2022
National Security Council Memos on Law of the Sea Conferences NC1-353-78-01_SF115 03/23/2022
Telecommunications Coordinating Committee (TCC) Records, 1945-60 N1-353-95-001_SF115 03/23/2022
MMS - Revisions to the Comprehensive Schedule N1-473-91-001_SF115 03/23/2022
MMS - Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project N1-473-99-001_SF115 03/23/2022
MMS - Revisions to Chapter 17 of the Comprehensive Schedule N1-473-91-002_SF115 03/23/2022
National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Policies, 1946-59 N1-353-87-002_SF115 03/23/2022
Council on Foreign Economic Policy (CFEP) Records, 1955-60 N1-353-87-003_SF115 03/23/2022
Military Information Control Subcommittee of the State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee and the State-Army-Navy-Air Force Coordinating Committee, The State-Defense Military Information Control Committee, and the National Disclosure Policy Committee, 1945-1969 N1-353-89-001_SF115 03/23/2022
State Army Committee on Transfer (SACOT) Records, 1946-49 N1-353-89-002_SF115 03/23/2022
Comments for the Dillon Round Negotiations, 1961 NC-174-000257_SF115 03/23/2022
Official Passports and Visas Records N1-057-11-001_SF115 03/23/2022
Data General (DG) Computer System Records Schedule (WordPerfect Applications Only) N1-364-97-001_SF115 03/23/2022
Trade Executive Committee, 1964; Miscellaneous Files of the Trade Staff Committee, 1970-72 NC1-364-80-02_SF115 03/23/2022
Voting Rights Program Records, 1965-83 N1-478-08-004_SF115 03/22/2022
Investigative Case Files N1-478-04-002_SF115 03/22/2022
International Affairs Correspondence and Visitor Files N1-478-91-001_SF115 03/22/2022
MMS - Comprehensive Schedule Revision NC1-057-83-02_SF115 03/22/2022
Railroad Retirement Board Microfilm from 1937-1959 DAA-0047-2019-0009_SF115 03/21/2022
Judge Advocate General (JAGMAN) Investigations N1-NU-01-001_SF115 03/21/2022
Visitant System DAA-0180-2013-0001_SF115 03/21/2022
Navy International Programs Office N1-NU-02-005_SF115 03/21/2022
Programs Department (CNO N09N34) N1-NU-03-002_SF115 03/21/2022
Records of the Office of Workforce Planning and Development DAA-0292-2016-0009_SF115 03/21/2022
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Preliminary Investigation Report (PIR) Records N1-NU-07-003_SF115 03/21/2022
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Counterintelligence Security Polygraphs (CSP) Records N1-NU-07-004_SF115 03/21/2022
Courts-Martial Trial Records N1-NU-09-006_SF115 03/21/2022
Automated Stopper and Referral System (ASARS) DAA-0330-2014-0021_SF115 03/21/2022
Records of Central Foreign Policy Files for P, and N, Microfilm Reels, 1980-1981 DAA-0059-2021-0001_SF115 03/21/2022
Publications and Reports of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with Continuing Historical Value DAA-0266-2018-0011_SF115 03/21/2022
Mobilization Common Operating Picture (MOBCOP) System Master File/RN 500-5e/ACRS 900 (TEMP) DAA-AU-2017-0022_SF115 03/21/2022
U.S. Attorneys Historic Video Depositions - 1978 DAA-0118-2011-0002_SF115 03/21/2022
Worldwide Individual Augmentation System (WIAS) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0077_SF115 03/21/2022
Performance and Injury Research Standalone Network (PIRSN) Master Files DAA-AU-2018-0008_SF115 03/21/2022
Official Personnel Folder (OPF) of Photographer Ansel Adams N1-146-88-001_SF115 03/18/2022
Year 2000 Records and Reports N1-478-02-001_SF115 03/18/2022
User Access Log N1-513-99-001_SF115 03/18/2022
Non-Record Copies of OSS Files NC1-226-81-01_SF115 03/18/2022
Research and Analysis Branch Reports N1-226-99-001_SF115 03/18/2022
User Access Log N1-512-99-001_SF115 03/17/2022
United States Army Alaska Records, 1941-66 NC1-338-81-01_SF115 03/16/2022
U.S. Army Missions Central and South America, 1930-64 NC1-338-82-04_SF115 03/16/2022
Subject Files of the Construction Section, 1963-70 N1-418-89-001_SF115 03/16/2022
Personally Owned Abandoned Property DAA-0361-2017-0001_SF115 03/16/2022
Seventh United States Army Records, 1951-65 NC1-338-81-05_SF115 03/16/2022
United States Army Facilities, 1953-65 NC1-338-83-03_SF115 03/16/2022
Barracks Records, 1951-62 NC1-338-82-02_SF115 03/16/2022
Eighth United States Army Records, 1951-63 NC1-338-81-03_SF115 03/16/2022
United States Army Activities, 1953-64 NC1-338-83-01_SF115 03/16/2022
National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) -Master Files DAA-0571-2020-0007_SF115 03/16/2022
Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS) DAA-0237-2019-0002_SF115 03/16/2022
United States Armed Forces Far East (USAFFE) Records, 1950-65 NC1-338-82-01_SF115 03/16/2022
United States Army Japan (USARJ) Records, 1957-63 NC1-338-81-02_SF115 03/16/2022
United States Army Disciplinary Barracks and Stockades Records, 1952-61 NC1-338-82-05_SF115 03/16/2022
United States Army Europe (USAREUR) Records, 1945-63 NC1-338-81-06_SF115 03/16/2022
United States Army Zones, 1948-65 NC1-338-84-01_SF115 03/16/2022
United States Army Posts, 1948-62 NC1-338-82-03_SF115 03/16/2022
United States Army Activities, 1951-66 NC1-338-83-02_SF115 03/16/2022
Budget, Personnel, Administrative Orders and Files, and Publications Backround Files, 1951-63 NC1-338-79-02_SF115 03/15/2022
United States Army Hawaii (USARHAW) Records, 1951-63 NC1-338-80-02_SF115 03/15/2022
U.S. Intersector Coordination Office (CISCO) N1-338-93-001_SF115 03/15/2022
Army Brigades, 1951-66 NC1-338-79-06_SF115 03/15/2022
Army Corps, 1951-65 NC1-338-79-04_SF115 03/15/2022
Zone of the Interior Armies, 1948-65 NC1-338-79-03_SF115 03/15/2022
United States Army Ryukyus Islands (USARYIS) Records, 1957-63 NC1-338-80-03_SF115 03/15/2022
Southeast Asia American Prisoners of War (POW) and Missing in Action (MIA) Records N1-338-94-001_SF115 03/15/2022
Groups and Regiments, 1951-65 NC1-338-79-07_SF115 03/15/2022
Army Divisions, 1951-65 NC1-338-79-05_SF115 03/15/2022
Army Facilities in Panama Architectural and Engineering Drawings; Construction Reports, 1915-41; Building Lists, 1915-52, 1960s N1-338-96-001_SF115 03/15/2022
United States Army Pacific (USARPAC) Records, 1949-64 NC1-338-80-01_SF115 03/15/2022
Raritan Arsenal Publication Background Files, 1942-60 and Organization Planning Files, 1960 NC1-338-79-01_SF115 03/15/2022
157 76 Routine Surveillance Recordings DAA-0361-2013-0003_SF115 03/15/2022
Work Simplification Proposals and Army Exchange Historical Files, ca. 1951-64 N1-338-86-002_SF115 03/14/2022
Depots, 1946-66 N1-338-86-003_SF115 03/14/2022
Army Commands, 1924-66 N1-338-86-005_SF115 03/14/2022
Ordnance Tank and Automotive Center/Command, 1941-63; Quartermaster Center/Command at Ft. Lee, 1951-64; Transportation Center/Command at Ft. Eustis, 1953-64 N1-338-86-008_SF115 03/14/2022
U.S. Army Refugee Reception Center at Camp Kilmer, 1956-57 N1-338-87-001_SF115 03/14/2022
Lend/Lease Records Created in the India-China-Burma Theatre, 1943-46 N1-338-87-007_SF115 03/14/2022
Office of the General Counsel N1-040-03-002_SF115 03/14/2022
Alaska Communication System (ACS), 1923-59; Alaska Petroleum Pipeline System (CANOL), 1942-57; Quartermaster Mortuary System, 1961-65 N1-338-87-010_SF115 03/14/2022
Confidential Producer Price Index Program Schedules NC1-257-85-01_SF115 03/14/2022
Office of the Associate Commissioner Records NC1-257-85-02_SF115 03/14/2022
Confidential Schedules of the Consumer Price Indexes Program N1-257-86-001_SF115 03/14/2022
Office of Safety and Health Working Conditions N1-257-93-003_SF115 03/14/2022
Office of Occupational Safety and Health Statistics- Fatality Data Disk and Tape Files N1-257-90-002_SF115 03/14/2022
Bureau of Labor Statistics, Regional and Area Offices Records N1-257-86-004_SF115 03/14/2022
Employment-Unemployment Statistics Program Records NC1-257-84-01_SF115 03/14/2022
Vietnam Surgical Team Subject Files, 1962-67 N1-090-00-001_SF115 03/10/2022
Research Files and Papers of Doctor Carl Eklund, National Institute of Health (NIH) Scientist, 1935-61 N1-443-92-001_SF115 03/10/2022
Budget Files N1-443-98-003_SF115 03/10/2022
Medical Research Films, ca. 1951-70 N1-443-90-001_SF115 03/10/2022
Subject Files, Directors Office N1-443-89-001_SF115 03/10/2022
Technology Transfer Agreements N1-443-01-001_SF115 03/10/2022
Office Files of Donald S. Federickson, Director, NIH, 1975-81 N1-443-88-001_SF115 03/10/2022
Diet-Heart-Study Records, 1963-72 N1-443-96-002_SF115 03/10/2022
National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness, National Institute of Child Health, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Records, 1946-67 N1-443-89-002_SF115 03/10/2022
Health Resources Administration (HRA) Program and Administrative Records NC1-090-76-04_SF115 03/10/2022
United States Cadet Nurse Corps Records, 1941-49 N1-090-88-004_SF115 03/10/2022
Office of Health Research, Statistics and Technology Records NC1-090-81-04_SF115 03/10/2022
Records of the Regional Partnership Grant -Evaluation Data System (RPG-EDS) DAA-0292-2019-0007_SF115 03/07/2022
Medical Records for Individuals Rejected for Volunteer Service DAA-0490-2021-0006_SF115 03/07/2022
Polygraph Records N1-436-05-002_SF115 03/04/2022
Polygraph Records N1-436-02-001_SF115 03/04/2022
Consolidated Schedule: Records of the Office of the Legal Adviser DAA-0059-2019-0014_SF115 03/03/2022
Official Files of the Office for Human Research Protections DAA-0514-2019-0001_SF115 03/03/2022
Administrative and Management Records: Internal Investigation Records DAA-0568-2018-0001_SF115 03/03/2022
Notice of Appeal of Decision Under Section 210 or 245A of the Immigration and Nationality Act DAA-0566-2021-0004_SF115 03/03/2022
Non - Selected Applicants Records DAA-0468-2011-0003_SF115 03/03/2022
Office of Chemical and Biological Controls and Treaty Compliance, Information Technology Team Records N1-476-00-001_SF115 03/03/2022
Historical Program N1-361-99-003_SF115 03/02/2022
Susquehanna River Basin Commission RG-220-SRBC_SF115 03/02/2022
Organization and Functions Evaluations N1-361-98-003_SF115 03/02/2022
United States Lake Survey Records N1-370-96-004_SF115 03/02/2022
International Affairs, Congressional Affairs, Legal Affairs, Corps, Visual Services, Motion Picture, Sea Grant, and Vessel Records NC-370-75-001_SF115 03/02/2022
Flight Operations and Specialized Safety NC1-361-81-13_SF115 03/02/2022
Pribilof Islands Program Records, 1870-1985 N1-370-95-001_SF115 03/02/2022
Compliance Coordination Records, Official Previous Participation Files NC-174-000128_SF115 03/01/2022
Dedicated Access Permits and Registered Buyer / Receiver Permits N1-370-06-003_SF115 03/01/2022
Labor Management Grants Administration Program N1-280-04-001_SF115 03/01/2022
Station Management Files N1-370-00-001_SF115 03/01/2022
The Commerce Working Group on Terrorism 1974-81 NC1-040-83-02_SF115 03/01/2022
Labor Dispute Case Files Punched Card Index N1-280-95-001_SF115 03/01/2022
Atomic Energy Labor-Relations Management Panel Records, 1949-84 N1-280-08-002_SF115 03/01/2022
Office of Education and Training Records N1-280-03-003_SF115 03/01/2022
Labor Management Grants Administration Program N1-280-07-001_SF115 03/01/2022
Office of Administrative Law Judge NC1-040-85-02_SF115 03/01/2022
Third-Party Liability Program Actions N1-361-97-001_SF115 03/01/2022
Debt Management Records N1-425-04-004_SF115 03/01/2022
Domestic and Foreign Banking Correspondence, 1941-76; and Lend Lease and Surplus Property Files, 1941-52 N1-425-04-002_SF115 03/01/2022
Amendment Number 1 to Job Number NN-172-000107 NC-174-000271_SF115 03/01/2022
International Monetary Fund Foreign Statistics for 1973 NC1-040-78-01_SF115 03/01/2022
Master Central Index (MCI) DAA-0087-2016-0002_SF115 02/28/2022
2001 Web Snapshot Initiative Records DAA-0064-2013-0001_SF115 02/28/2022
AT&T Special Investigation Files - 1934-1939 DAA-0173-2014-0001_SF115 02/28/2022
The environmental schedule relates to DLA's management of programs and actions pertinent to the production and enhancement of environmental quality DAA-0361-2021-0011_SF115 02/28/2022
Human Resource Management DAA-0361-2021-0022_SF115 02/28/2022
Email of the Obama Administration DAA-0580-2017-0001_SF115 02/28/2022
Summary Print and Publication Magnetic Tapes NC1-040-80-02_SF115 02/23/2022
Payroll and Individual Earning and Service Records NC1-040-82-01_SF115 02/23/2022
Ozarks Regional Commission, Medical Minutes Public Service Television Spots NC1-040-83-01_SF115 02/23/2022
Contracts and Conferences /Unscheduled Files of Harriet M. Sweet N1-040-91-001_SF115 02/18/2022
Pioneer Fund Files N1-040-97-001_SF115 02/18/2022
Washington National Record Center Project (Commerce) N1-040-92-002_SF115 02/18/2022
National Fish and Seafood Promotional Council N1-040-92-001_SF115 02/18/2022
Office of the General Counsel Legislative History Case Files N1-040-92-003_SF115 02/18/2022
Office of General Counsel Litigation Case Files N1-040-94-002_SF115 02/18/2022
Office of the Secretary, Environmental Affairs N1-040-92-004_SF115 02/18/2022
Invention Case Files N1-040-90-002_SF115 02/17/2022
Reference Files of E. E. Lewis N1-040-88-001_SF115 02/17/2022
Industrial Research and Development Division Records, 1946-49 N1-040-86-003_SF115 02/17/2022
Balkans Trade Mission Airline Crash N1-040-04-001_SF115 02/17/2022
Office of Technical Services N1-040-87-006_SF115 02/17/2022
Phonographic Recording N1-040-86-002_SF115 02/17/2022
Office of Basic Industries N1-040-87-005_SF115 02/17/2022
Office of the Secretary N1-040-89-001_SF115 02/17/2022
Office of the Secretary/World War II History File N1-040-90-001_SF115 02/17/2022
Workforce Assessment Database N1-040-05-001_SF115 02/17/2022
Central Decimal Files, 1941-46 NC1-336-80-01_SF115 02/17/2022
Records from the Office of J. C. Dockeray N1-040-87-008_SF115 02/17/2022