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Railroad Finance Ballots, 1939-47 NC1-134-80-02_SF115 05/06/2021
Carrier Annual Reports NC1-134-85-01_SF115 05/06/2021
Interstate Commerce Commission General Records Schedule NC1-134-83-03_SF115 05/06/2021
Motor Carrier Protests NC1-134-80-01_SF115 05/06/2021
General Counsel Records NC1-134-84-01_SF115 05/06/2021
Miscellaneous Records for Immediate Disposal, 1887-1970 NN-174-000084_SF115 05/06/2021
Economic Analyses Research Records / Publications NC1-134-77-05_SF115 05/06/2021
New York Quarantine Station Administrative Management Records, 1917-62 and 1966-70 N1-090-87-003_SF115 05/05/2021
Budget Estimates of Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), 1940-95 N1-134-11-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Operating Rights Dockets Case Files N1-134-99-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Rail, Motor, and Water Contracts and Agreements, 1888-1954 NC-134-75-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Tariff Files and United States Postal Service Contracts N1-134-93-003_SF115 05/05/2021
Official Tariff Files NC-174-000149_SF115 05/05/2021
Public Dockets N1-134-83-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Fee Waiver Files N1-134-11-002_SF115 05/05/2021
Depreciation Files N1-134-87-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Bureau of Valuation Permanent Records N1-134-90-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Bureau of Valuation Temporary Records N1-134-90-002_SF115 05/05/2021
Motor and Water Carrier Temporary Authority and Emergency Temporary Authority Docket Files N1-134-95-001_SF115 05/05/2021
Rate Bureau Agreements N1-134-96-003_SF115 05/05/2021
Office of the General Counsel NC1-134-77-01_SF115 05/05/2021
Valuation Maps Updates N1-134-99-004_SF115 05/05/2021
Railroad Density Files DAA-0399-2013-0001_SF115 05/04/2021
Administrative Records DAA-0180-2018-0005_SF115 05/04/2021
Internal Committees, Management Studies, & Mission Policies DAA-0180-2012-0002_SF115 05/04/2021
The Office of Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD) DAA-0015-2017-0003_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Records Common to Most Offices N9-025-01-001_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Planning and Management Records N9-025-01-002_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Administrative Support Records N9-025-01-003_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Systems Planning and Development Records N9-047-00-025_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Personnel Management Records N9-025-01-004_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Information and Public Relations Records N9-025-01-005_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Financial Management Records N9-025-01-006_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Contracting and Procurement Records N9-025-01-007_SF115 05/04/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Program Records N9-025-01-008_SF115 05/04/2021
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of the Office of Managing Director Records N9-173-00-006_SF115 05/03/2021
Political Appointee Work Folders of Trump Administration DAA-0580-2021-0001_SF115 05/03/2021
Trump Administration Political Appointee Work Folders DAA-0364-2021-0001_SF115 05/03/2021
ASPR Technical Resources, Assistance Center, and Information Exchange System (ASPR TRACIE) DAA-0468-2019-0003_SF115 05/03/2021
EEO Audits DAA-0173-2020-0003_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Administrative Management Records N9-478-02-001_SF115 05/03/2021
Certificates of Confidentiality DAA-0511-2021-0001_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Administrative Services Records N9-478-02-002_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Budget and Finance Records N9-478-02-004_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Employee Appeals Case Files N9-478-02-003_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Organization and Administrative Records N9-255-00-001_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Legal and Technical Records N9-255-00-002_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Human Resources Records N9-255-00-003_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Property and Supply, Industrial Relations and Procurement, Transportation, and Program Formulation Records N9-255-00-004_SF115 05/03/2021
Email and Word Processing Copies of Program Management, and Financial Management and Inspector General Audits Records N9-255-00-005_SF115 05/03/2021
Casualty Reporting Notification, and Assistance Records (Table 30-3) NC1-AFU-77-026_SF115 04/30/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Clinical Center Records N9-443-01-001_SF115 04/30/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Program Records N9-271-00-001_SF115 04/30/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Office of Enforcement Investigative and Primary Case Files N9-317-00-002_SF115 04/30/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Office of Labor-Management Standards Records N9-317-00-004_SF115 04/30/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Investigations, Natural Gas IN Dockets N9-138-00-001_SF115 04/29/2021
Email and Word Processing copies of Formal Investigation IN Dockets N9-138-00-002_SF115 04/29/2021
Formal Directives N1-116-90-002_SF115 04/26/2021
Miscellaneous Program and Administrative Files N1-116-90-003_SF115 04/26/2021
Unclassified Central Correspondence, 1964-87 N1-347-92-001_SF115 04/23/2021
16 mm and 35 mm Film of Development, Testing, and Deployment of Air and Sea Power, 1966-80 N1-343-90-001_SF115 04/23/2021
General Correspondence Files - Wage and Hour Division N1-155-96-001_SF115 04/23/2021
Walsh-Healy and Fair Labor Standard Case Files NC1-155-84-01_SF115 04/23/2021
Service Contract Act of 1965 and Davis-Bacon and Related Acts N1-155-90-001_SF115 04/23/2021
Service Contract Act Wage Determinations and Prevailing Wage Determinations NC1-155-82-01_SF115 04/23/2021
Subject Files of the Division of Research and Statistics Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Division 1938-1956. N1-155-99-001_SF115 04/23/2021
Certification, Sheltered Workshop, Patient Worker Program NC-155-75-001_SF115 04/23/2021
U.S. Citizen Encounter Photos DAA-0568-2019-0002_SF115 04/20/2021
Internal Disposal: Unedited U.S. Marine Corps Motion Picture Film Footage, ca. 1940-56 NC2-127-85-01_SF115 04/19/2021
Administrative Files (1946-1958) NC1-127-85-01_SF115 04/19/2021
Sex Offender Data System DAA-0129-2019-0006_SF115 04/15/2021
Website Records DAA-0220-2021-0002_SF115 04/15/2021
Employee Training Records DAA-0269-2020-0010_SF115 04/15/2021
269.6 -Professional Services To and With Other Agencies DAA-0269-2020-0005_SF115 04/15/2021
American Baptist Church Settlement -Administrative Documents and Documents with no Alien Number DAA-0566-2021-0001_SF115 04/15/2021
Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) Records DAA-0568-2019-0009_SF115 04/15/2021
Soil Conservation Service, Soils Records NC1-114-76-01_SF115 04/15/2021
Files of S.C.S. Regional Engineer John G. Sutton, 1925-39, H.D. Abbot, Assistant to the Chief, 1930-40 NC1-114-77-02_SF115 04/15/2021
Soil Conservation Service, Watershed Records NC-114-75-001_SF115 04/15/2021
Mustering-Out Pay Records Cards, 1944-53 NC1-127-77-01_SF115 04/15/2021
Management Records of the Soil Conservation Service NC-174-000165_SF115 04/15/2021
Sedimentation Division Records, 1936-43 NC1-114-78-01_SF115 04/15/2021
Aerial Film of the Soil Conservation Service NC1-114-82-01_SF115 04/15/2021
Woodland Records of the United States Soil Conservation Service NC-174-000164_SF115 04/15/2021
Records of the Soil Conservation Service, 1935-1952 N1-114-89-001_SF115 04/15/2021
Soil Conservation Service Records; 1935-75 N1-114-98-001_SF115 04/15/2021
Records of the Soil Conservation Service, 1930-1951 N1-114-90-001_SF115 04/15/2021
Soil Conservation Service Engineering Records NC-114-75-002_SF115 04/15/2021
Executive Director Records N1-474-97-004_SF115 04/15/2021
Department of Labor Database Extract Reports N1-474-98-003_SF115 04/15/2021
Portland Commodity Office, Fleet Storage Records NC1-161-83-01_SF115 04/15/2021
Commodity Stabilization Service, Grain Branch Records N1-161-86-001_SF115 04/15/2021
Post and Station Newspapers, 1926-1977 N1-127-88-002_SF115 04/15/2021
Military Pay Records of Deceased Marine Corps Reserve and Retired Personnel NC1-127-79-01_SF115 04/15/2021
Annual Inspector General Act Report N1-474-12-012_SF115 04/15/2021
International Wheat Council N1-161-89-001_SF115 04/15/2021
Thrift Savings Plan Participant Forms N1-474-95-001_SF115 04/15/2021
Capitalize Tracking Systems N1-474-98-002_SF115 04/15/2021
Canal Zone Vehicle, Motorboat, and Launch Registration, 1970-1979 NC1-185-85-01_SF115 04/15/2021
Miscellaneous Records NC-362-75-001_SF115 04/14/2021
United States Circuit, District, Bankruptcy, and Other Federal Court - Records of the Federal Courts N1-021-86-001_SF115 04/12/2021
Cape Environmental (CE) Hazardous Material Database Master File DAA-AU-2017-0015_SF115 04/06/2021
Facilities Engineering DAA-AU-2016-0062_SF115 04/05/2021
Scholarship Processing DAA-AU-2016-0072_SF115 04/05/2021
Training DAA-AU-2016-0055_SF115 04/05/2021
Army Geospatial Center Imagery Access Solution (JAGWIRE) Master File, RN 115-11rr/ACRS 1200A/6+ DAA-AU-2016-0057_SF115 04/05/2021
Investigative Case Files of Significant Cases that Resulted in National Media Attention, Congressional Investigation, and/or Substantive Changes in Army Policy or Procedures DAA-AU-2013-0010_SF115 04/02/2021
Army Military Human Resource Records Management, AR 600-8-104 DAA-AU-2014-0029_SF115 04/02/2021
Procurement DAA-AU-2016-0032_SF115 04/02/2021
Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System New Technology (WARS-NT) DAA-AU-2014-0032_SF115 04/02/2021
SSIC 3760 Flight Records and Reports DAA-NU-2011-0124_SF115 04/02/2021
Civilian Personnel DAA-AU-2016-0033_SF115 04/02/2021
General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) Master File DAA-AU-2016-0050_SF115 04/02/2021
Standard Depot System (SDS) DAA-AU-2015-0024_SF115 04/02/2021
Arlington National Cemetery and the United States Soldiers' & Airmen's Home National Case Files DAA-AU-2015-0014_SF115 04/02/2021
Oil Analysis Standard Inter-Service (OASIS) - RN 700-132a DAA-AU-2014-0025_SF115 04/02/2021
Non-Army Managed Item - Supply Discrepancy Report (NAMI-SDR) System Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0008_SF115 04/02/2021
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (IWTP) Control System DAA-AU-2016-0021_SF115 04/02/2021
Army Regulation 190-11, Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives - Key Control System Master File DAA-AU-2012-0009_SF115 04/02/2021
Force Management DAA-AU-2016-0051_SF115 04/02/2021
Logistics DAA-AU-2016-0045_SF115 04/02/2021
Personnel Procurement DAA-AU-2016-0042_SF115 04/02/2021
Passport Files - Visa Passport System (VPAS) DAA-AU-2016-0023_SF115 04/02/2021
United States Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM) Integrated Resource System (MIRS) also referred to as MIRS (MEPCOM lngergared Resource System) DAA-AU-2015-0010_SF115 04/02/2021
D(2) Bankruptcy Administrator Program Records DAA-0578-2013-0002_SF115 04/02/2021
RDS-2 A(15) Other Bankruptcy Records DAA-0578-2013-0001_SF115 04/02/2021
Life Cycle Management Solutions for Rockets, Missile, and Launcher System (LCMS-RMLS) DAA-AU-2014-0031_SF115 04/02/2021
Inventory Management DAA-AU-2016-0052_SF115 04/02/2021
SSIC 11011 - Real Estate Records/Real Property DAA-NU-2011-0002_SF115 04/02/2021
Personnel - General DAA-AU-2016-0034_SF115 04/02/2021
Joint Electronic Type Designed Automated System (JETDAS) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0035_SF115 04/02/2021
Individual Deceased Personnel Files (IDPF) DAA-AU-2013-0014_SF115 04/02/2021
Pro Bono Representative Files DAA-0582-2016-0001_SF115 04/02/2021
TMDE Integrated Material Management System (TIMMS) DAA-AU-2015-0012_SF115 04/02/2021
Personnel Procurement DAA-AU-2016-0007_SF115 04/02/2021
Performance Review Interface for Managers and Employees (PRIME) DAA-AU-2015-0036_SF115 04/02/2021
Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory - IMS (FTDTL-IMS) DAA-AU-2015-0035_SF115 04/02/2021
Army Regulation 380-40, Policy for Safeguarding and Controlling Communications Security (COMSEC) Material, Communication Security (COMSEC) Incident Management Monitoring System (CIMMS) and Secure File Management System (SFMS) Master Files DAA-AU-2012-0010_SF115 04/02/2021
AR 702-16 - Chemical Materiel Stockpile Reliability Program, and AR 740-3 -Stock Readiness, Chemical Biological Defense Materiel Surveillance Program (CBDMSP) Records DAA-AU-2016-0025_SF115 04/02/2021
Medical Electronic Data for Care History and Readiness Tracking (MED-CHART) DAA-AU-2016-0006_SF115 04/02/2021
PH1 Records Schedule DAA-0571-2014-0008_SF115 03/30/2021
FMCSA Use of HHS/ACF Grants Center of Excellence System DAA-0557-2013-0001_SF115 03/30/2021
SAFETYNET DAA-0557-2015-0009_SF115 03/30/2021
PHMSA Internet and Intranet DAA-0571-2015-0001_SF115 03/30/2021
SENTRI (Safety Enforcement Tracking and Investigation System) DAA-0557-2015-0002_SF115 03/30/2021
Self Determination DAA-0513-2016-0001_SF115 03/30/2021
Health Information DAA-0513-2014-0003_SF115 03/30/2021
Associate Administrator - PHH-1 International Correspondence Files DAA-0571-2015-0018_SF115 03/30/2021
Staging Project Files DAA-0490-2017-0001_SF115 03/30/2021
PHG Records Schedule DAA-0571-2014-0004_SF115 03/30/2021
Headquarters-Wide Monitoring, Evaluation, and Training Records DAA-0490-2016-0002_SF115 03/30/2021
Office of Strategic Information, Research, and Planning (OSIRP) Program Records DAA-0490-2017-0004_SF115 03/30/2021
Office of 3rd Goal, Return Volunteer Services, and World Wise Schools Records DAA-0490-2016-0007_SF115 03/30/2021
Global Health Services Partnership Program Records DAA-0490-2017-0007_SF115 03/30/2021
Correspondence and Subject Files of the Office of the Chief Judge of the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA) DAA-0468-2012-0003_SF115 03/30/2021
Correspondence Control Management System DAA-0468-2016-0002_SF115 03/30/2021
Emergency Preparedness Activities Records DAA-0468-2012-0004_SF115 03/30/2021
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System DAA-0557-2015-0006_SF115 03/30/2021
ED 072 - FSA Application, Origination, and Disbursement Records DAA-0441-2013-0002_SF115 03/29/2021
Subject and Schedule of Daily Activities Records of the Director of the National Institutes of Health DAA-0443-2017-0003_SF115 03/29/2021
NIH Intramural Research Records that Support Intellectural Property Rights DAA-0443-2016-0001_SF115 03/29/2021
Medicare Carrier/Contractor Agreement Files DAA-0440-2013-0008_SF115 03/23/2021
ED 273 - FSA Access and Identity Management System (AIMS) DAA-0441-2015-0001_SF115 03/23/2021
Accountable Care Organizations Pioneer-Medicare Shared Savings Program (ACO Pioneer-MSSP) DAA-0440-2012-0014_SF115 03/23/2021
Medicaid State Plans DAA-0440-2012-0008_SF115 03/23/2021
Learning Management System DAA-0440-2012-0006_SF115 03/23/2021
Significant Program Publications / Outreach Material DAA-0440-2012-0016_SF115 03/23/2021
ED 254 - Grant Administration and Management Records DAA-0441-2013-0001_SF115 03/23/2021
Bucket 8 - Public Outreach and Engagement DAA-0440-2015-0011_SF115 03/23/2021
International Economic Accounts Directorate, Direct Investment Division DAA-0375-2013-0003_SF115 03/22/2021
Firearms Marking Variance DAA-0436-2016-0002_SF115 03/22/2021
1402.27 Strategic Plans DAA-0374-2014-0030_SF115 03/22/2021
Records for the Regional Income Division DAA-0375-2014-0003_SF115 03/22/2021
1404.06 Preservation and Packing DAA-0374-2014-0036_SF115 03/22/2021
Balance of Payments Divisional Records DAA-0375-2013-0002_SF115 03/22/2021
1405.04 Standardization Reporting DAA-0374-2014-0041_SF115 03/22/2021
Records Schedule for OIG DAA-0398-2013-0001_SF115 03/22/2021
Meeting Minutes and ATF Policy and Procedures Files DAA-0436-2012-0008_SF115 03/22/2021
213.04 Nuclear Accident Training Exercise (NUWAIX) DAA-0374-2014-0023_SF115 03/22/2021
1404.02 Priority Rating Cases DAA-0374-2014-0032_SF115 03/22/2021
1404.04 Manufacturing Quality Control DAA-0374-2014-0034_SF115 03/22/2021
1404.05 Tool Drawings DAA-0374-2014-0035_SF115 03/22/2021
1406.18a Nuclear Inventory Management and Cataloging System (NIMACS) DAA-0374-2014-0043_SF115 03/22/2021
1102.14 Meteorological Observations DAA-0374-2014-0025_SF115 03/22/2021
1201.02 Transportation Officer Appointment Files DAA-0374-2014-0026_SF115 03/22/2021
1406.18b Nuclear Inventory Management System (NIMS) DAA-0374-2014-0044_SF115 03/22/2021
Industry Correspondence DAA-0436-2016-0003_SF115 03/22/2021
1405.02 Standardization Document Formulation DAA-0374-2014-0039_SF115 03/22/2021
1504.06 Enewetak Records Collection DAA-0374-2014-0047_SF115 03/22/2021
213.02 Emergency Planning and Reporting (Natural Disasters) DAA-0374-2014-0029_SF115 03/22/2021
213.03 Nuclear Accident Response Capability DAA-0374-2014-0022_SF115 03/22/2021
1405.03 Military Supply Standards DAA-0374-2014-0040_SF115 03/22/2021
1404.01 Controlled Materials Allocation and Reporting DAA-0374-2014-0031_SF115 03/22/2021
National Integrated BallIstic Information Network (NIBIN) System DAA-0436-2018-0004_SF115 03/22/2021
1404.07 Materiel Quality Control DAA-0374-2014-0037_SF115 03/22/2021
1503.02 Projects Control Register DAA-0374-2014-0046_SF115 03/22/2021
1406.08 Due-In Documents DAA-0374-2014-0042_SF115 03/22/2021
1404.03 Material Stockpile References DAA-0374-2014-0033_SF115 03/22/2021
Trump Administration Political Appointee Work Folders DAA-0581-2021-0001_SF115 03/22/2021
Political Appointee Work Folders of Trump Administration DAA-0359-2021-0001_SF115 03/22/2021
Garnishment Database DAA-0064-2010-0005_SF115 03/22/2021
Electronic Security Systems DAA-0082-2013-0001_SF115 03/19/2021
FAA Hotline Tips, complaints and Reporting Systems DAA-0237-2019-0012_SF115 03/17/2021
Aeronautical Survey Files (Red Jacket/Cahiers) DAA-0370-2015-0002_SF115 03/16/2021
SSIC 8027, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Records DAA-0344-2012-0001_SF115 03/16/2021
212.02a Stockpile Program Planning DAA-0374-2014-0009_SF115 03/16/2021
212.02b Stockpile Program Planning - Unique Issues DAA-0374-2014-0010_SF115 03/16/2021
National Marine Fisheries Service, Office of Law Enforcement, Electronic Case Management System (CMS) DAA-0370-2017-0002_SF115 03/16/2021
212.07a Stockpile Emergency Verification (SEV) Instructions DAA-0374-2014-0016_SF115 03/16/2021
210.02 Organizational Charts DAA-0374-2014-0007_SF115 03/16/2021
212.09b Nuclear Surety Program - QA DAA-0374-2014-0019_SF115 03/16/2021
FERC Records Schedule II- Records of the Commission, Part V - Office of Enforcement, Item 6: Marketing Affiliates Tariff Filings under Order No. 497 (MT Docket series) DAA-0138-2018-0008_SF115 03/16/2021
210.01 b Policy and Precedence - Administrative DAA-0374-2014-0006_SF115 03/16/2021
212.06 Emergency Relocation Site Administration DAA-0374-2014-0015_SF115 03/16/2021
Records specific to the Program Office of Child Care DAA-0292-2018-0004_SF115 03/11/2021
Records of the Native American Division DAA-0292-2016-0011_SF115 03/11/2021
Records for the Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary/Executive Secretariat DAA-0292-2016-0008_SF115 03/11/2021
Records for the Chief Medical Officer DAA-0292-2016-0007_SF115 03/11/2021
Head Start Files, 1980 to Present DAA-0292-2013-0002_SF115 03/11/2021
Records for the Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response DAA-0292-2016-0003_SF115 03/11/2021
Public Building Service Records DAA-0121-2015-0001_SF115 03/11/2021
Records within the Office of Refugee Resettlement DAA-0292-2016-0012_SF115 03/11/2021
3800.15 Topographic Production Capability Family of Systems (TPC FoS) DAA-0127-2014-0003_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 1760.2 Marine Corps Wounded, Ill and Injured Tracking System (MCWIITS) DAA-0127-2014-0016_SF115 03/11/2021
Records for the Office of Child Support Enforcement DAA-0292-2016-0010_SF115 03/11/2021
Integrate Mobilization Information Management System (IMIS) and Reserve and National Guard Personnel Records DAA-0147-2014-0001_SF115 03/11/2021
Records of the Office of Legislative Affairs and Budget DAA-0292-2016-0005_SF115 03/11/2021
Global Risk DAA-0180-2014-0001_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 4000-4999 Logistics Records Maintenance Center Production Application System (MCPAS) DAA-0127-2015-0004_SF115 03/11/2021
Records of the USITC Office of the General Counsel DAA-0081-2017-0004_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 5291 VI Productions, Products and Services Records MDI Security System DAA-0127-2014-0014_SF115 03/11/2021
Tactical Exploitation Group Records DAA-0127-2015-0013_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 1710.5 Marine Corps Marathon Races and Events Series Database DAA-0127-2014-0023_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 4082 Logistics Support Requirements Common Logistics Command and Control System (CLC2S) DAA-0127-2014-0005_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 3800 Distributed Common Ground/Surface System - Marine Corps (DCGS-MC) DAA-0127-2014-0001_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 1100 Marine Corps Recruiting Information Support System (MCRISS) DAA-0127-2013-0014_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 5090.6 Camp Lejeune Historic Drinking Water Notification Database DAA-0127-2014-0022_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 1080.12b Requirements, Transition and Manpower Management System DAA-0127-2015-0007_SF115 03/11/2021
Media Exploitation Set-Light (MEDEX-L) SSIC 3820 Intelligence Collection Records DAA-0127-2013-0025_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 4082 Electronic Maintenance Support System (EMSS) DAA-0127-2014-0006_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 3800 Identity Dominance System - Marine Corps (IDS-MC) DAA-0127-2015-0014_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 3104 Combat Camera Operations Records DAA-0127-2014-0024_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 3058 Enterprise Management System (EMS) DAA-0127-2013-0030_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 1754.4 Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) DAA-0127-2014-0020_SF115 03/11/2021
SSIC 3800 MAGTF Secondary Imagery Dissemination System (MSIDS) DAA-0127-2015-0009_SF115 03/11/2021
Records of the USITC Office of the Secretary to the Commission DAA-0081-2017-0003_SF115 03/11/2021
Amtrak OTP Public DAA-0134-2013-0013_SF115 03/11/2021
Records created by the Department of Labor Co-Chair Council in Support of Executive Order 13509 and Executive Order 13578 DAA-0174-2014-0009_SF115 03/11/2021
Records of the Office of Child Support Enforcement Office of Audit DAA-0292-2016-0015_SF115 03/11/2021
Records for the Office of Family Assistance DAA-0292-2016-0006_SF115 03/11/2021
Records of the USTIC Office of the General Counsel - Records of Statutory Gift Acceptance DAA-0081-2018-0001_SF115 03/11/2021
Project Head Start/Head Start Files, 1964-1979 DAA-0292-2013-0001_SF115 03/11/2021
Post Decision CN/EJE Complaints/Comments DAA-0134-2013-0001_SF115 03/11/2021
System Data and Content for Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP) TAPSpace Micro Web Site DAA-0058-2016-0017_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, DS Office of Public Affairs Records DAA-0059-2012-0002_SF115 03/10/2021
Records Pertaining to Declassification Review Process Regarding Foreign Relations of United States (FRUS) Volumes DAA-0059-2015-0017_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Special Investigations Division Records Responsibily (DS/ICI/SID) DAA-0059-2011-0010_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of English Language Programs (ECA/A/L) Records DAA-0059-2011-0015_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Weapons of Mass Destruction Records DAA-0059-2011-0003_SF115 03/10/2021
ECA Office of Global Educational Programs Records for the Educational Information & Resources Branch, Humphrey Fellowships Branch and Teacher Exchange Branch DAA-0059-2012-0003_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Iraq Economic and Assistance Affairs Records (NEA/I/ECON/ASST) DAA-0059-2011-0013_SF115 03/10/2021
Records of the Front Office of the Bureau of Counterterrorism (CT/FO) DAA-0059-2014-0024_SF115 03/10/2021
Records Enterprise Data Warehouse System (EDW) of IRM System Integration Office DAA-0059-2012-0008_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Information Security Records (DS/SI/IS) DAA-0059-2011-0016_SF115 03/10/2021
User Agreements DAA-0058-2013-0001_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Records of the Office of Policy DAA-0059-2015-0005_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Foreign Missions (DS/OFM) DAA-0059-2011-0009_SF115 03/10/2021
Records A/LM State Assistance Management System (SAMS) DAA-0059-2012-0007_SF115 03/10/2021
System of records for Secretary of State and Principal Officers, EVEREST DAA-0059-2014-0015_SF115 03/10/2021
SSIC 5219 Publications Management DAA-0026-2013-0009_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Public Affairs, U S Diplomacy Center Records DAA-0059-2011-0007_SF115 03/10/2021
Item 508, Other than Accepted Offers DAA-0058-2014-0001_SF115 03/10/2021
Updates to Records Control Schedule 29, Item 69(5) Direct Debit Installment Agreements DAA-0058-2012-0006_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, Records for Conflict and Stabilization Operations Front Office DAA-0059-2014-0019_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Certification, Accreditation and Transit Security Records DAA-0059-2011-0008_SF115 03/10/2021
Addendum to the Permanent Records for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), Office of Financial Stability DAA-0056-2020-0001_SF115 03/10/2021
A/GIS/IPS Staff Assistants Records Schedule DAA-0059-2012-0005_SF115 03/10/2021
Records for the Office of Management Policy, Rightsizing and Innovation (M/PRI) DAA-0059-2015-0015_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, DS Deputy Executive Director and Management Services Records DAA-0059-2011-0006_SF115 03/10/2021
Records for the Office of Energy Diplomacy Regional Offices Europe, Western Hemishphere, Africa (EWA) & Middle East, Asia (MEA) DAA-0059-2015-0002_SF115 03/10/2021
United States Department of the Treasury (Treasury) Trusted Agent FISMA (TAF) System (Media Neutral) DAA-0056-2012-0002_SF115 03/10/2021
Bureau of International Organizations, Office of Policy, Regional, and Functional Organizations Records (IO/PRF) DAA-0059-2011-0014_SF115 03/10/2021
Records for the Office of Middle East Partnership Initiative - MEPI in Near Eastern Affairs DAA-0059-2012-0010_SF115 03/10/2021
Title 31 Non-Banking Financial Institution Database (Title 31), Bank Secrecy Act DAA-0058-2012-0007_SF115 03/10/2021
Records Schedule for the Risk Analysis and Management (RAM) System DAA-0059-2012-0004_SF115 03/10/2021
Records Maintained by Enterprise Programming & Integration Division (IRM/OPS/SIO/EPI) DAA-0059-2014-0002_SF115 03/10/2021
USDA Records Control Schedule for Scientific Integrity and Research Misconduct Case Records DAA-0016-2016-0003_SF115 03/09/2021
SSIC 5360 Death and Funeral Records DAA-0024-2013-0002_SF115 03/09/2021
Environment of Care (EOC) Master File/Database EOC Assessment and Compliance Tool DAA-0015-2014-0002_SF115 03/09/2021
SSIC 1080.5 Personnel Accounting Records DAA-0024-2013-0001_SF115 03/09/2021
Revisions to Court Schedules for Media Neutrality DAA-0021-2019-0003_SF115 03/09/2021
A(6) Non-Electronic Criminal Case Files, including Transcripts and Minutes DAA-0021-2013-0005_SF115 03/09/2021
D(1) Federal Public Defender Records DAA-0021-2013-0006_SF115 03/09/2021
VHA Office of Research Oversight Research Case Files DAA-0015-2014-0001_SF115 03/09/2021
Social Media DAA-0016-2017-0001_SF115 03/09/2021
Office of the Attorney General NC1-060-81-08_SF115 03/09/2021
Office of the Ombudsperson Records DAA-0016-2016-0002_SF115 03/09/2021
Government Accountability Office (GAO) (formerly the Government Accounting Office) Audit/Performance Review Files DAA-0015-2014-0003_SF115 03/09/2021
NXGEN Electronic Case Management System DAA-0025-2017-0001_SF115 03/09/2021
Request for a change to disposition of OIG Records DAA-0015-2013-0004_SF115 03/09/2021
Published Nautical Maps and Charts DAA-0370-2020-0002_SF115 03/08/2021
Non-Criminal, Judicial Criminal, and Interception, Monitoring, and Recording of Wire and Oral Communication Case Files N1-087-93-001_SF115 03/03/2021
Routine Administrative Records NC1-087-83-03_SF115 03/03/2021
Federal Judge Nominations NC1-060-79-04_SF115 03/03/2021
Century Date Conversion (Y2K) Records and Reports N1-087-00-001_SF115 03/03/2021
Employee Personnel Security Files N1-087-86-001_SF115 03/03/2021
Final Report/Files of Intradepartmental Committee to Review the Marshals Office NC1-060-78-05_SF115 03/03/2021
Timekeeper Copies of Time and Attendance Reports NC1-060-84-08_SF115 03/03/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, DS Research and Development Records DAA-0059-2011-0005_SF115 03/03/2021
Documentary and Training Slides, 1973-85 N1-087-94-002_SF115 03/03/2021
Time and Attendance Records NC1-087-82-02_SF115 03/03/2021
Newspaper Preservation Act Files NC1-060-85-04_SF115 03/03/2021
Routine Audio Tapes of Presidential and Vice-Presidential Trips N1-087-99-001_SF115 03/03/2021
Department of Justice Files of the Associate Attorney General NC1-060-84-05_SF115 03/03/2021
Executive Office for the United States Trustees Meetings of Creditors and Equity Security Holders NC1-060-80-09_SF115 03/03/2021
Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978 (PL-598) NC1-060-82-06_SF115 03/03/2021
Judicial District Administrative Files NC1-060-82-07_SF115 03/03/2021
Grand Jury Court Reporter Clearances NC1-060-80-08_SF115 03/03/2021
General Name Index Cards from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Central Files NC1-060-80-01_SF115 03/03/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, DS Human Resources Management Records DAA-0059-2011-0004_SF115 03/03/2021
Honor Program Applications NC1-060-81-16_SF115 03/03/2021
The Stocks and Bonds Intelligence Control Card File System NC1-060-80-10_SF115 03/03/2021
Anti-Trust Division Submitted Documents NC1-060-79-08_SF115 03/03/2021
Department of Justice: Interpol NC1-060-82-10_SF115 03/03/2021
Young American Award Records NC1-060-81-02_SF115 03/03/2021
Special Assistant to the Attorney General Marvin Wall Records NC1-060-80-12_SF115 03/03/2021
Administrative Support Records of the Committee on the Selection of the Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) NC1-060-80-03_SF115 03/03/2021
Pre-Appointment Investigation Reports of Judges NC1-060-80-11_SF115 03/03/2021
Files of the Department of Justice (DOJ) 1976 Bicentennial Commemoration NC1-060-81-01_SF115 03/03/2021
Files and Correspondence of Deputy/Associate Deputy Attorney General NC1-060-79-03_SF115 03/03/2021
Task Force to Review the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Martin Luther King, Junior, Security and Assassination Investigations NC1-060-80-02_SF115 03/03/2021
Protection Records NC1-087-78-02_SF115 03/03/2021
Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) NC1-060-81-09_SF115 03/03/2021
Tax Division: Classification Locator Unit (CLU) NC1-060-82-09_SF115 03/03/2021
Inter-Division Information Unit Records NC1-060-79-02_SF115 03/03/2021
Office of the Deputy Attorney General Records of the Office of Criminal Justice, 1969-1973 NC1-060-82-14_SF115 03/03/2021
Task Force on Violent Crime NC1-060-82-08_SF115 03/03/2021
Information on Individuals Proposed for Nomination as a Federal Judge NC1-060-81-06_SF115 03/03/2021
Straight Number Files NC1-060-83-04_SF115 03/03/2021
Machine-Readable Files of Antitrust Division, Antitrust Caseload Evaluation System (ACES) NC1-060-84-06_SF115 03/03/2021
Subject Files of the Assistant Attorneys General Tax NC1-060-80-07_SF115 03/03/2021
Indices of Correspondence NC1-060-83-03_SF115 03/03/2021
Legislative and Congressional Files in the Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs (OLIGA) NC1-060-85-01_SF115 03/03/2021
Inventory of Information Systems and Sources NC1-060-81-15_SF115 03/03/2021
Tax Division Case Files NC1-060-81-05_SF115 03/03/2021
Office of the Deputy Attorney General Public Opinion Mail, 1972 NC1-060-82-13_SF115 03/03/2021
Department of Justice: Numbered Memorandum NC1-060-82-04_SF115 03/03/2021
Requests to Dispose of Weekly Statistical Reports NC1-060-84-02_SF115 03/03/2021
Deputy Attorney General Files NC1-060-81-14_SF115 03/03/2021
Administrative Management Records NC1-060-80-06_SF115 03/03/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Chief Technology Officer Documents DAA-0059-2011-0002_SF115 03/03/2021
Records of the Assistant Attorney General for Administration NC1-060-82-12_SF115 03/03/2021
Executive Office for the United States Trustees Meetings of Creditors and Equity Security Holders NC1-060-83-01_SF115 03/03/2021
Organized Crime & Racketeering Section Systems NC1-060-79-06_SF115 03/03/2021
Records of the Assistant Attorney General, Tax Division NC1-060-82-11_SF115 03/03/2021
Occupational Health Physical Fitness Program Files (OHPFP) NC1-060-83-02_SF115 03/03/2021
International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) Case Files NC1-060-81-03_SF115 03/03/2021
Claims for Death, Personal Injury, or Damages Resulting from the Swine Flu Vaccination Program of 1976 NC1-060-84-01_SF115 03/03/2021
Records of the Office of Protective Operations N1-087-89-001_SF115 03/03/2021
Background Checks: United States Judges, Attorneys, Marshals NC1-060-79-05_SF115 03/03/2021
Department Contact Records N1-060-04-003_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services Grant and Audit Case Files N1-060-06-002_SF115 03/02/2021
Civil Rights - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Grant Cases N1-060-96-008_SF115 03/02/2021
United States (U.S.) Versus Felt, et. al. (177-16-33) Records N1-060-89-006_SF115 03/02/2021
Executive Secretariat Correspondence Index System N1-060-95-006_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of the Inspector General Investigation Case Files N1-060-97-004_SF115 03/02/2021
Federal Employee Transportation Pre-Tax Benefit Records N1-060-01-002_SF115 03/02/2021
Documents of Mitchell Rogovin, Assistant Attorney General, Tax Division: 1960-1967 NC1-060-77-02_SF115 03/02/2021
Records Removal Request for Departing Employees N1-060-98-003_SF115 03/02/2021
Legislative History Files NC1-060-76-12_SF115 03/02/2021
Documents Relating to Commission on International Rules of Judicial Procedure NC1-060-77-03_SF115 03/02/2021
Swine Flu Claim System N1-060-95-005_SF115 03/02/2021
Daily Worker, 1922-1955 N1-060-89-002_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of Liaison Services Correspondence and Program Files N1-060-87-004_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of the Inspector General Clearance Tracking Database N1-060-11-001_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of Alien Property Mlscellaneous Classified Records, 1941-63 N1-060-99-010_SF115 03/02/2021
Class 236539 - International Prisoner Transfer N1-060-93-016_SF115 03/02/2021
Criminal Division Case Files NC1-060-78-01_SF115 03/02/2021
Government Accountability Office (GAO) Final ReportsTracking System N1-060-08-004_SF115 03/02/2021
Environment and Natural Resources Division Index Cards N1-060-99-009_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of Inspector General (OIG) Management & Planning (M&P) Customer Satisfaction Survey System N1-060-10-028_SF115 03/02/2021
Civil Rights Division- Docket Cards, Criminal Section N1-060-90-005_SF115 03/02/2021
Executive Secretariat / Congressional Records N1-060-91-004_SF115 03/02/2021
Deputy and Associate Attorneys General - Classified Files N1-060-93-011_SF115 03/02/2021
Audiovisual Media Section Still Photography N1-060-00-006_SF115 03/02/2021
Dallas Bank Fraud Task Force Dallas, Texas N1-060-05-008_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of Attorney Management and Recruitment N1-060-10-032_SF115 03/02/2021
Criminal Division Organized Crime and Racketeering Section Index Cards, 1961-72 NC1-060-77-05_SF115 03/02/2021
September 11 Commission Documents N1-060-05-001_SF115 03/02/2021
Racketeer Profile Information NC1-060-78-04_SF115 03/02/2021
Management Division Personnel Index Card Tracking System N1-060-05-010_SF115 03/02/2021
Federal Debt Recovery Act Debt Collection Management Records N1-060-89-005_SF115 03/02/2021
Executive Secretariat / Attorney General's Records N1-060-88-014_SF115 03/02/2021
New England Bank Fraud Cases N1-060-96-003_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Program - Successful Grant Applications N1-060-99-003_SF115 03/02/2021
Call Detail Records N1-060-94-008_SF115 03/02/2021
Internal Audits and EEO Investigationsing Office NC1-060-76-11_SF115 03/02/2021
Criminal Division, International Criminal Investigation Training Assistant Program N1-060-98-001_SF115 03/02/2021
NIH Intramural Research Records DAA-0443-2012-0007_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of Planning and Evaluation Planning, Programming and Budgeting (PPB) Files N1-060-89-004_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of Policy Development / Congressional Records N1-060-91-008_SF115 03/02/2021
Racketeer Profile Data NC1-060-78-03_SF115 03/02/2021
Records of the Economic Warfare Section, 1940-1946 NC1-060-77-01_SF115 03/02/2021
Associate Attorney General Internal Review Committee Examining the Environmental Crimes Program N1-060-99-012_SF115 03/02/2021
Department of Justice (DOJ) Fact Witness Program- Special Authorization N1-060-10-022_SF115 03/02/2021
Computer Systems Activity and Access Records N1-060-00-001_SF115 03/02/2021
Dallas Bank Fraud Task Force N1-060-93-015_SF115 03/02/2021
Computer Security Records N1-060-97-001_SF115 03/02/2021
Master and Duplicate Copies: Press Releases, Official Speeches, Testimonials, Court Findings NC1-060-76-10_SF115 03/02/2021
Tax Division Settlement Memoranda N1-060-09-001_SF115 03/02/2021
Office on Violence Against Women Grant Case Files N1-060-05-005_SF115 03/02/2021
Murder (Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald N1-060-90-001_SF115 03/02/2021
Computer Matching/Privacy Protection Act Program Agency Agreements N1-060-10-008_SF115 03/02/2021
Civil Rights Division Classification Cards N1-060-90-007_SF115 03/02/2021
Official Records of the Attorney General N1-060-94-002_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Audits, Evaluations and Inspections, and Investigations N1-060-09-025_SF115 03/02/2021
Case Management System in the Office of Community Oriented Policing (COPS) N1-060-09-007_SF115 03/02/2021
International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) - United States National Central Bureau (USNCB) Case File Revisions N1-060-87-001_SF115 03/02/2021
Office of Professisonal Responsibility (OPR) N1-060-99-006_SF115 03/02/2021
Case Files of Investigations of Allegations of Misconduct NC1-060-77-06_SF115 03/02/2021
Ship Designs and Material DAA-NU-2015-0009_SF115 03/01/2021
Internal Disposal: Administrative Office of the United States Courts, Bankruptcy Case Files N2-021-88-001_SF115 02/26/2021
Internal Disposal: Bankruptcy Case Files N2-021-88-002_SF115 02/26/2021
Internal Disposal: Research Grant Proposals and Awards Case Files N2-307-18-001_SF115 02/26/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Records, 1918-22 N2-191-93-001_SF115 02/26/2021
Internal Disposal: World War I Provost Marshal General Office Files 1, 178, and 1000 NC2-163-78-01_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: Provost Marshal General's Office of the War Department Records, 1917-18 NC2-163-79-01_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: Provost Marshal General's Office of the War Department Records, 1917-18 NC2-163-79-02_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: Origin and Destination Records NC2-197-78-001_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: G-2 (Intelligence) Personal Name Files NC2-319-81-001_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: Three Dimensional Artifacts Transferred to the Smithsonian Institution NC2-243-79-01_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: European Survey, Duplicate Microfilm, 1940-45 NC2-243-77-01_SF115 02/24/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy and Marine Corps Records Covered by the GRS N2-NU-95-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: 1116 Reels of Film N2-428-81-002_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention Records N2-429-85-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Executive Secretariat Records N2-432-78-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Health Records N2-432-78-002_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Offices Concerned with Congressional Relations N2-432-79-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: James W. McLane Records N2-432-79-002_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Records NC2-107-80-01_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Photographs of the G-2 (Intelligence Section), 1917-23 NC2-120-81-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Special Training Division Language Training Recordings, ca. 1945 NC2-160-81-001_SF115 02/23/2021
Security Records (269.17) DAA-0269-2016-0010_SF115 02/23/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFN Antarctic Aerial Photographs N2-324-85-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Records for the Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission DAA-0220-2020-0017_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Records Covered by the GRS N2-AU-92-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Political Appointees Work Folders of Trump Administration DAA-0607-2021-0001_SF115 02/22/2021
Trump Administration Political Appointee Work Folders DAA-0051-2021-0001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Within-Grade Increase Denials (337.40) N2-361-78-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Defense Logistics Company, Statistical Reports Emanating from the Federal Catalog System or Defense Integrated Data System (DIDS) (730.55) N2-361-78-002_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Accessioned Records Eligible for Disposal N2-AFU-95-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Files under 155 (50, 52, 55, 57, 69, 60, 62, 64, and 66) N2-361-78-004_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Contractor Transportation Performance Records (600.40) N2-361-78-005_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Industrial Personnel Security Program Records (155.07, 155.68, and 155.70) N2-361-78-007_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Orders Records Sets N2-361-78-008_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Publications Record Sets and Background Papers (237.12 & 13) N2-361-78-009_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Program Development Records (220.20) N2-361-78-010_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Temporary Administrative Records N2-361-78-011_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Economic Opportunity Black and White Film N2-381-81-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Background Investigations N2-389-84-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Continental Commands Artifacts N2-393-79-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: U. S. Army Continental Commands Records, 1920-42 N2-394-77-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: U. S. Overseas Operations and Commands Records N2-395-77-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: White Studio Collection N2-404-83-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Adjutant General's Office Records, 1917 N2-407-77-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Adjutant General's Office Records, 1917 N2-407-77-002_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Adjutant General's Office, Microfilm of Control Records N2-407-77-003_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Alcatraz Prisoners Personnel Records, 1885-1935 N2-407-83-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy Photographic Cross-Reference Subject Cards, 1941-65 N2-428-93-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Audiotapes of Psychology Department Meetings of Saint Elizabeth's Hospital, April 20, 1957 N2-418-77-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Law Enforcement Assistance Administration Audio Taxes N2-423-82-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: DMA-NGA Reels 2006 Accession N2-456-16-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Records Covered by the General Records Schedule and Copies/Reference Files N2-469-16-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Higher Education Civil Rights Survey, 1976-78 N2-441-02-001_SF115 02/22/2021
Internal Disposal: Photographs in Hold File and Outsize Print Files, 1948-58 N2-306-77-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the National Archives N2-313-77-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Center of Military History Microfilm of Thomas File N2-319-78-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Staff Artifacts N2-319-79-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Audio Disc Recordings (Interviews) by Military Intelligence Service and Recordings of Traditional Japanese Songs N2-319-83-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: 52 Sound Recordings N2-326-79-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: DAVA Miscellaneous Navy Motion Picture Reels and Cards N2-330-82-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: DAVA Miscellaneous Pearl Harbor Aerial Photographs N2-330-82-002_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) Microfilm of Control Records N2-331-77-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Allied Control Commission (Italy) Records N2-331-78-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: NNM Tokugawa Diaries N2-331-85-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Armed Forces Day Choral Program Sound Recordings, 1951 N2-335-79-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Secretary of the Army Press Reference Sheets, 1947-64 N2-335-83-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Secretary of the Army, Miscellaneous Records N2-335-84-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Travel Vouchers and Correspondence Records N2-340-84-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Air Force Correction Board C/F N2-340-86-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations Office for Assistant for Atomic Energy, Technical Flight Data N2-341-77-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Orders and Miscellaneous Records N2-341-80-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Air Force Chaplains Records, 1949-55 N2-341-83-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Obsolete Microfilm of Unit Histories and Supporting Documents from Albert F. Simpson Historical Research Center N2-342-77-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: National Operational Meteorological Satellite System Motion Picture Film N2-370-95-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Putman Aggregate Print Files, 1960 N2-381-03-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Disposable Motion Picture Footage N2-362-92-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Routine Administrative and Personnel Records of U.S. Army Posts, 1870-1940 N2-393-87-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Justice Programs, National Criminal Justice Reference Service Videotapes N2-423-87-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) Photographs N2-237-81-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Strategic Bombing Survey N2-238-79-001_SF115 02/18/2021
Internal Disposal: Foreign Records Seized Herta Children, 1940-44 Photographs N2-242-80-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics Research and Development Records N2-255-77-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Records N2-255-79-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: United States Occupation Headquarters Records, World War II N2-260-79-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: United States Occupation Headquarters, Miscellaneous Records N2-260-80-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Assets and Property Records N2-260-82-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Military Government for Germany, Bavarian Personnel Records, 1932-46 N2-260-84-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Registration Statements N2-266-80-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFN National Production Authority Index N2-277-84-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: White House Conference on Families, Voting Records, 1976-80 N2-220-05-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Monitored Retrievable Storage Review Commission Obsolete Databases N2-220-91-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Administrative and Legal Records Deemed Disposable N2-227-87-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Patent and Invention Files, 1934-61; NACA Site Selection Data, 1940; Apollo 204 Review Board Miscellaneous Records; Theory and Analysis Branch Oscillographs and other Records, 1955-59 N2-255-93-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Tektite II Program Data Tapes, 1970-71 N2-255-93-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Collective Bargaining Agreement Records N2-257-03-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Correspondence Logs, 1956-57; Grievance Cases, 1984-85 N2-306-13-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: U.S. Civil Administration Ryukyu Islands (USCAR), Motion Pictures, 1944-61 N2-260-96-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Institutional Investor Study (IIS), 1969-71 N2-266-93-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Registration and Offering Statistics Records N2-266-93-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of International Training Records and U.S. Mission to Sudan Records Determined to be Temporary N2-286-01-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Routine Records, 1877-1964 N2-318-97-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Motion Picture Production Elements, 1950s-1970s N2-326-92-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Engineering Construction Project Files of Construction of Facilities at AEC and DOD Test Sites in the Pacific Ocean Area and Nevada N2-326-96-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Army Records Deemed Temporary N2-338-88-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: International Trade Data from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 1961-71 N2-354-93-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Federal Correctional Facilities: Warden's Office Records N1-129-00-003_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Grant Case Files N2-288-12-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Killed in Action N2-330-86-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Indian Gaming Commission: Audit Reports and Financial Statements N2-220-13-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: U.S. Naval Support Force, Antarctica (USNSFA), 1956-60 N2-313-88-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: NNM General Accounting Office, Office of Third Auditor Records N2-217-81-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Presidential Commission On School Finance Records N2-220-77-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Archives and Records Service, Office of the National Archives N2-220-77-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Metals Reserve Company and Rubber Reserve Company Records, 1940-55, at Atlanta FRC N2-234-93-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse Records N2-220-77-003_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Metals Reserve Company and Rubber Reserve Company Ledgers, 1940-55, at Atlanta FRC N2-234-13-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Study Commission on Records and Documents of Federal Officials N2-220-78-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse Records N2-220-78-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Commissioner on Fire Prevention and Control Records N2-220-79-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: NNF - PCHH N2-220-80-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal N2-220-82-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: National Commission on the Observance of lntemational Women's Year, 1974-78 N2-220-17-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: President's Commission on Financial Structure and Regulation Records N2-220-85-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: President's Commission on Income Maintenance Programs Records N2-220-85-002_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: President's Commission on Postal Organization Records, 1967-68 N2-220-85-003_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Chronological Files N2-227-80-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Defense Plant Corporation Records N2-234-79-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Gallaudet College Records N2-235-82-001_SF115 02/17/2021
Internal Disposal: Investigative and Suspense Cases, 1910-34 N2-134-01-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Correspondence Records, 1926-44, Statistical Reports, 1943-46, and Ledgers, 1910-1926 N2-143-93-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: New Farm Legislation Training Sound Recordings, 1965-70 N2-145-94-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Motion Picture Film Relating to Trade, 1939-65 N2-151-88-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Imports and Exports History File, 1967-79 N2-166-90-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Account Books, 1887-1942 N2-168-92-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Telegrams, Reference Files, Card Files, Clippings, and License Files N2-169-92-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Ship Data Bank System Historic Data, 1974-99 N2-185-03-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Glass Plate Negatives of Photos Taken for Registering Individuals as Silver Roll Employees, 1917-45 N2-185-07-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Passenger Origin and Destination Surveys N2-197-99-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Oscar Cox Papers (General Records), 1938-41 N2-169-18-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Duplicate Copies of Accessioned Records, 1942-45 N2-208-16-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: FBIS Daily Report Foreign Radio Broadcasts, 1945; Copies of Victory, 1942 N2-208-14-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Propaganda, Received Publications, and Press Intelligence and Telegrams/Airgrams N2-208-15-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Chief Signal Officer Artifacts N2-111-79-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFJ C.O. Inmate Case Files N2-129-83-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Trading Companies Records, 1941-42 N2-131-78-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: United States Branches of Japanese Banks, 1941-42 N2-131-78-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Alien Property Records N2-131-81-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Alien Property Records N2-131-82-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: NNG Office of Alien Property Records N2-131-82-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9NC-S Yokohama Special Forces of Hawaii Records N2-131-82-003_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9NC-S California State Banking Department Records N2-131-82-004_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9NC-S Pacific Bank of Hawaii Records N2-131-82-005_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9NC-S Trading Companies Records, Hawaii N2-131-82-006_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9NC-S Administrative Records N2-131-82-007_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: 9KRS Office of Alien Property Records N2-131-83-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Federal Coordinator of Transportation Records N2-133-78-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Non-record Materials N2-147-79-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the Chief of Ordnance Records N2-156-77-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Correspondence Record Slips N2-169-18-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Officers, Students and Enlisted Men Records, 1918-21 N2-156-78-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Chief of Ordnance Artifacts N2-156-79-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Photographs of Armor Plate Tests, 1971-74 N2-156-79-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: War Department General and Special Staffs Records N2-165-77-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Shorthand Notebooks of the Secretary of General George C. Marshall N2-165-77-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Army Staff,G-2 Registers to Correspondence N2-165-82-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Investigative Files N2-170-80-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Solicitors Records, 1931-45, and Country Files, 1941-47 N2-174-79-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: War Product Board Press Releases, 1940-47 N2-179-83-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: War Product Board Records N2-179-84-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Boston Naval Yard Commodant's Office Records N2-181-85-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Boston Naval Yard, Steam Engineering Records N2-181-85-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy Records at 1NN N2-181-86-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy Records at 1NN (Portsmouth) N2-181-86-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Magazine Abstracts, 1937-42 N2-208-18-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy Records at 1NN (Brunswich) N2-181-86-003_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Navy Records at 1NN (New London) N2-181-86-004_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of Price Administration Records N2-188-78-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Deletion, Revisions, and Additions to Comprehensive Records Schedule N2-197-78-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: War Department Claims Board Records N2-199-77-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Records, 1918-22 N2-199-93-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: National Conference on Citizenship Records N2-200-79-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: American Heritage Foundation Records N2-200-79-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: New Farm Legislation Training Sound Recordings, 1965-70 N2-145-92-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Universal Newsreels Collection N2-200-81-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: NNSM St. Common Mental Health / Child N2-200-84-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: NNS National Broadcasting Company and American Broadcasting Company News Records N2-200-84-002_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: General Maxwell D. Taylor Records N2-200-86-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Press Clippings and Intelligence Bulletins N2-208-80-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Ledgers; Receipt, Sales, or Imported Commodities of Skins and Crude Rubber; and Miscellaneous Statistical Compilations, 1917-21 N2-182-94-001_SF115 02/16/2021
Internal Disposal: Cables, 1946; Foreign Service Regulations, 1945-46 N2-166-14-002_SF115 02/16/2021
U.S. District Courts, Court of Claims, Bankruptcy Courts, and the Territorial District Courts Records NC1-021-80-05_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Routine Correspondence of German Railroads Information Office, 1938-41, Photographs of Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation and Synthetic Nitrogen Products Corporation N2-131-94-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Original Notes of Proceedings Before a Court NN-173-000325_SF115 02/11/2021
Temporary Civil Case files for U.S. District Courts, Court of Claims, Bankruptcy Courts, and Territorial District Courts Records NC1-021-82-01_SF115 02/11/2021
U.S. District Courts, Court of Claims, Bankruptcy Courts, and Territorial District Courts Records NC1-021-81-02_SF115 02/11/2021
Bankruptcy Cases Involving Judgements or Orders Affecting Title to Real Property NC1-021-84-02_SF115 02/11/2021
Inspections DAA-0170-2017-0007_SF115 02/11/2021
Traffic Resolution Advisory Monitoring System (TRAMS) DAA-0237-2020-0009_SF115 02/11/2021
Designee Case Files DAA-0237-2020-0013_SF115 02/11/2021
Quality Performance Management System DAA-0237-2020-0010_SF115 02/11/2021
Office of Human Resources -Records of Senior Officials and Their Designees DAA-0266-2020-0001_SF115 02/11/2021
FHWA Oversight Construction Project Files (in field Federal-aid Division Offices) DAA-0406-2020-0004_SF115 02/11/2021
Case, Case-Associated, and Administrative Records NC1-021-83-01_SF115 02/11/2021
DOE Records Disposition Schedule 1.3: Budgeting Records DAA-0434-2020-0008_SF115 02/11/2021
Legal Records DAA-0563-2019-0010_SF115 02/11/2021
Courts of Appeals, Court of Customs and Patent Appeals, Circuit Judicial Councils, and Circuit Judicial Conferences Records NC1-276-80-01_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Confederate States Record Artifacts N2-105-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Chief Signal Officer Artifacts N2-109-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the Surgeon General of the Army Records N2-112-77-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Records of the Federal Courts NC1-276-83-01_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the Surgeon General of the Army Records N2-112-77-002_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: (duplicate job number issued) Admission Registers, London General Hospital N2-112-78-001-1_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: (duplicate job number issued) Office of the Surgeon General of the Army Records N2-112-78-001-2_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Daily Weather Observations N2-114-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Federal Courts Records NC1-123-83-01_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Project Specifications Records N2-115-81-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Dockets 1KRA N2-118-83-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: American Expeditionary Forces Records (World War I), 1917-23 N2-120-77-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-321-83-01_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: American Expeditionary Forces Records (World War I), 1917-24 N2-120-77-002_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: American Expeditionary Forces General Headquarters Records N2-120-78-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Judge Advocate General Artifacts N2-120-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous World War I Records N2-120-84-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: 6NN Public Broadcasting Service, Real Property Disposal Subject Files, 1957-58 N2-121-86-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Judge Advocate General Artifacts N2-125-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Parole Files N2-129-79-001_SF115 02/11/2021
Construction of Buildings Used as Housing for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games 1979-1981 / Official Files of William Blanton 1967-1971 N1-129-91-003_SF115 02/11/2021
Bureau of Administration, Records of Parking Permit and Car Pool Records Information Systems of General Services Management DAA-0059-2013-0005_SF115 02/11/2021
Minor Traffic Violation Notices NN-173-000247_SF115 02/11/2021
Minor Petty Offense Violation Notices NN-174-000055_SF115 02/11/2021
Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Records of Computerized Management Maintenance System (CMMS) DAA-0059-2013-0004_SF115 02/11/2021
Internal Disposal: Re-Entry Permits NNFJ N2-085-82-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Alien Registry Case Files NNFJ N2-085-83-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Public Health Services, National Board of Health Records, 1879-84 N2-090-78-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Savings of Health Service Litigation Records, 1963 and 1970 N2-090-78-002_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Health Resources Administration Records N2-090-79-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Office of the Quartermaster General Artifacts N2-092-79-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Glass Negatives of Revolutionary War Documents N2-093-78-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Adjutant General's Office Artifacts N2-094-79-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Division of Operations N2-095-78-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Freedman's Bureau Artifacts N2-098-79-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Assistant Secretary John H. Stender Correspondence Records N2-100-77-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFJ Index Records N2-102-84-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Exam Reports N2-103-81-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: 9KRS Bureau of the Mint Records N2-104-83-001_SF115 02/10/2021
Internal Disposal: Glass Plate Negatives of Federal Buildings N2-121-93-001_SF115 02/09/2021
Internal Disposal: Foreign Service Posts N2-084-80-001_SF115 02/09/2021
Internal Disposal: Routine Administrative and Facilitative Documents N2-131-15-001_SF115 02/09/2021
Internal Disposal: Card Record of External Disposal Transactions, 1935-62 N2-064-81-001_SF115 02/09/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Indian Affairs Artifacts N2-075-78-003_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Alaska Reindeer Service Records N2-075-80-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Selected Decimal Files of Foreign Service Posts, 1936-48 N2-084-91-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Disposable Records Under Comprehensive Records Schedule N2-075-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Administrative Records, 1853-1946 N2-107-94-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Crow Indian Agency N2-075-81-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Pierre Indian School N2-075-81-003_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 6NCN Rapid City Indian School N2-075-81-004_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 6NCN Flaneau Indian School N2-075-81-005_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 6NCN Pine Ridge Agency N2-075-81-006_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Indian Affairs Records N2-075-82-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Miami Agency N2-075-82-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Miami Agency (Freeze) N2-075-82-003_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 7KRA Jones Academy, 1911-67 N2-075-83-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 7RKA Carter Seminary, 1911-43 N2-075-83-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 7RKA Shawnee Agency N2-075-83-003_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: 7KRA Shawnee Agency Frozen N2-075-83-004_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Wahpeton Indian School N2-075-84-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Pierre Indian School, Cash and Check Remittances Records N2-075-85-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Corps of Engineers Tide Gauge Records N2-077-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Press Copy Books N2-080-77-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Department of the Navy Artifacts N2-080-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
International Cooperation Administration, 1950s, PAS and PIO N2-084-15-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: U.S. Consulate, Confidential Circulars, 1934-36 N2-084-19-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Chief of Naval Operations, Messages and Dispatches, 1941-45 N2-038-80-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Insolvent Banks Records, 1914-47 N2-101-93-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Ronne Antarctic Aerial Photography N2-038-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Chief of Naval Operations, Duplicate Intelligence Report C N2-038-81-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: NNSM Audio Cassettes N2-040-84-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Film from Hemis-Fair, 1968 N2-043-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Land Management, Nevada N2-049-78-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Land Management, Nevada N2-049-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Quarterly Expense Vouchers N2-049-79-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Officers Medical Records, 1884-99 N2-052-78-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFJ Treasury General Records N2-056-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Department of State Artifacts N2-059-78-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: NNFD Department of State Press Copies, 1855-1906 N2-059-80-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: General Records N2-060-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case Files 65-39323 and 105-79527 N2-065-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case File 140-41000 N2-065-79-002_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case File 100-465217 N2-065-79-003_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case File 25-559121 N2-065-79-004_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case File 44-25739 N2-065-79-005_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Case Files 140-36211 and 100-438269 N2-065-79-006_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Federal Theatre Project N2-069-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: NNG Bureau of Mines N2-070-81-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Correspondence and Microprints N2-072-84-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Bureau of Ordnance Artifacts N2-074-79-001_SF115 02/08/2021
Internal Disposal: Osage Agency, 1913-57 N2-075-78-002_SF115 02/08/2021