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Jefferson Proving Ground Environmental Records DAA-AU-2023-0002_SF115 03/01/2024
SSIC 5219 Publications Management DAA-0026-2013-0009_SF115 02/29/2024
Marine Mammal Commission DAA-0592-2022-0001_SF115 02/27/2024
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STRR) Case Files DAA-0255-2023-0002_SF115 02/27/2024
Corrupt PST DAA-0058-2023-0003_SF115 02/23/2024
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Cincinnati and Morgantown Operations, Electronic Records Systems and Related Records N1-442-91-011_SF115 02/14/2024
Office of Health Maintenance Organizations (OASH) Records NC1-090-81-03_SF115 02/14/2024
Exports/Imports Forms N1-029-99-006_SF115 02/14/2024
Bureau of the Census Records, 1920, 1925, 1935, 1939-47 NC1-029-83-02_SF115 02/14/2024
1990 Decennial Census Computer Plot Tapes N1-029-91-002_SF115 02/14/2024
Population Division, 1950 Decennial Census Data N1-029-93-002_SF115 02/14/2024
Survey of Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Business Enterprises Questionnaires N1-029-99-004_SF115 02/14/2024
Bureau of the Census Records in Accession at the Washington National Records Center (WNRC) NC1-029-83-03_SF115 02/14/2024
Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), 1979 and Thereafter NC1-029-85-01_SF115 02/14/2024
Bureau Utilization Records and Reports and Machine Operations Logs (BURR System Logs) NC1-029-78-05_SF115 02/14/2024
GPO Form 78 Entry/Departure Register N1-149-96-002_SF115 02/14/2024
Audio Recordings of Technical Advisory Commitee Meetings, ca. 1980-84 N1-476-95-001_SF115 02/14/2024
Automated Reporting Management Information System (ARMIS) DAA-0173-2021-0030_SF115 02/14/2024
43-05 Automated Reporting and Management Information System (ARMIS) Service Quality Report N1-173-09-002_SF115 02/14/2024
43-07 Automated Reporting and Management Information System (ARMIS) Infrastructure Report N1-173-09-004_SF115 02/14/2024
43-06 Automated Reporting and Management Information System (ARMIS) Customer Satisfaction Report N1-173-09-003_SF115 02/14/2024
43-08 Automated Reporting and Management Information System (ARMIS) Operating Data Report N1-173-09-005_SF115 02/14/2024
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES I) Epidemiological Follow Up Study Records (NHFES) N1-442-90-001_SF115 02/14/2024
Automated Reporting and Management Information System (ARMIS) N1-173-97-001_SF115 02/14/2024
USCIS Naturalization Petition Briefs, Admitted Slips (1906-1929)and Naturalization Field Petition Files, and Vertical Files (aka PFILES) (1929-1950) DAA-0566-2023-0002_SF115 02/12/2024
Asylum and NACARA benefit applications when not accepted for being incomplete or otherwise improperly filed DAA-0566-2022-0026_SF115 02/12/2024
Trade Allegation Records DAA-0568-2019-0004_SF115 02/12/2024
Credit Card Program Account Maintenance Change Forms N1-058-05-008_SF115 02/12/2024
Annual Report of Interlocking Positions N1-138-05-001_SF115 02/12/2024
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-364-88-001_SF115 02/07/2024
Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Program Master File and Documentation N1-364-99-001_SF115 02/07/2024
Electronic Records Schedule Covering E-mail Records Created After July 14, 1994 N1-364-00-002_SF115 02/07/2024
Administrative Management Records N1-145-95-001_SF115 02/05/2024
Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board: General Counsel Records N1-220-04-008_SF115 02/05/2024
Air Force (AF) Form 4031 N1-AFU-00-011_SF115 02/01/2024
Cable Price Survey Data and Databases N1-173-08-008_SF115 02/01/2024
Social Security Administration Surveillance Recordings DAA-0047-2012-0001_SF115 01/31/2024
Electronic Patient Medical Records N1-015-02-003_SF115 01/30/2024
Civilian/Contractor Personnel Service Review Cards Defenders of Wake Island During World War II and Others NC1-NU-85-003_SF115 01/25/2024
Part A & Part B Medicate Claims Records Already Covered by BHI-G-40-2/2A & BHI-G-40-2/2B NC1-440-82-02_SF115 01/19/2024
Claims against Cuba under the Secretary of State's Letter of Referral dated July 15, 2005 DAA-0299-2018-0002_SF115 01/19/2024
National Institute for Occupational Safety (NIOSH) Epidemiological Studies, Employee Exposure and Medical Records N1-442-98-001_SF115 01/19/2024
Quarantine Project Files N1-442-90-004_SF115 01/19/2024
Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) Database, Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome (SUDS) Database, and Medical Examiner/Coroner Information Sharing Program Database (MECISP) N1-442-91-003_SF115 01/19/2024
Cable Price Survey DAA-0173-2021-0031_SF115 01/19/2024
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) Comprehensive Schedule N1-442-93-001_SF115 01/19/2024
Public Health Practice Program Office Records N1-442-91-007_SF115 01/19/2024
Medical Record Case Files of Patients of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center NC1-090-78-04_SF115 01/19/2024
Research and Investigation Grants Final Reports from the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration (1969-1993) N1-511-94-002_SF115 01/19/2024
Poliomyelitis and Vaccine Files (1950-1985) N1-442-91-008_SF115 01/19/2024
Human Immunodeficiency Virus /Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) Database Records N1-442-91-004_SF115 01/19/2024
National Vital Statistics Registration System - Induced Terminations of Pregnancy N1-442-91-013_SF115 01/19/2024
Epidemiologic Databases N1-442-91-002_SF115 01/19/2024
Infant Screening Quality Assurance Database N1-442-95-002_SF115 01/19/2024
Bicentennial of the United States Constitution Celebration Records, 1987 N1-468-88-001_SF115 01/19/2024
Availability Cards, 1980-1995 N1-468-95-003_SF115 01/19/2024
Schedules of Medical Supplies, 1897-1912 N1-468-99-003_SF115 01/19/2024
Financing of Graduate Medical Education Study Files, 1980-85 N1-468-95-001_SF115 01/19/2024
Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Library Collections N1-468-88-002_SF115 01/19/2024
Survey Forms, 1962 N1-468-94-001_SF115 01/19/2024
Baby Doe Project Files, 1982-86 N1-468-92-003_SF115 01/19/2024
Appointment Books, Calendars, and Telephone Logs of Thomas McFee and Eugene Kinlow N1-468-98-003_SF115 01/19/2024
Letters From the Public on Health Care Reform N1-468-96-001_SF115 01/19/2024
User Access Log N1-510-99-003_SF115 01/19/2024
User Access Log N1-510-99-002_SF115 01/19/2024
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Project Officers Files NC1-090-83-04_SF115 01/19/2024
Foreign Language Printed Versions of The NIH Story NC1-443-77-01_SF115 01/19/2024
Medicare A and B Claim Files N1-440-89-001_SF115 01/19/2024
Demonstrations Files N1-440-98-001_SF115 01/19/2024
Internal Review Control Task Force Subject Files N1-440-89-005_SF115 01/19/2024
Medicare Claims Records Already Covered by BHI-G-40-2/2A and BHI-G-40-2/2B NC1-440-82-01_SF115 01/19/2024
Medicare Claims Files NC1-440-81-02_SF115 01/19/2024
Part B Medicare Claims Records NC1-440-83-02_SF115 01/19/2024
Regulatory Reform Task Force Materials N1-440-89-003_SF115 01/19/2024
Research and Development Case Files N1-440-89-002_SF115 01/19/2024
Intermediary Accounting Data, 1976-79 N1-440-86-001_SF115 01/19/2024
Employment-Unemployment Statistics Program Records NC1-257-84-01_SF115 12/21/2023
Audiovisual Records NC1-371-83-01_SF115 12/15/2023
Military Personnel Records NC1-026-82-01_SF115 12/15/2023
Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) Decision Records NC1-056-82-04_SF115 12/15/2023
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Interlocking Positions N1-138-05-001_SF115 12/14/2023
Real Property, Published Maps DAA-0022-2023-0001_SF115 12/14/2023
Employee Plans-Exempt Organizations Determination System (EDS) Data DAA-0058-2022-0008_SF115 12/14/2023
Modern Examination and Risk Identification Tool (MERIT) DAA-0413-2022-0002_SF115 12/14/2023
Industrial Security Case Files DAA-0446-2017-0001_SF115 12/12/2023
Miscellaneous Records, 1781-1981 N1-104-91-001_SF115 12/12/2023
Cadet Command Information Management Module (CCIMM) Master File, RN 145-1s1/ARCS 600E/0-6 DAA-AU-2021-0012_SF115 12/12/2023
Speeches of Attorney General William Barr DAA-0060-2023-0003_SF115 12/12/2023
DOE 2.7 - Employee Health and Safety Records DAA-0434-2020-0015_SF115 12/12/2023
Records of the Associate Director of Volunteer Recruitment and Selection {VRS) DAA-0490-2017-0009_SF115 12/08/2023
Office of Global Operations Program Files DAA-0490-2017-0002_SF115 12/08/2023
Board of Correction of Military Records N1-398-86-002_SF115 12/08/2023
Public Affairs Records NC1-406-80-02_SF115 12/08/2023
Incident-Activated Audio/Video Recordings Records DAA-0568-2015-0002_SF115 12/08/2023
Traffic Studies for Form 499-Q DAA-0173-2016-0006_SF115 12/08/2023
Video and Audio Surveillance Recordings DAA-0567-2023-0002_SF115 12/08/2023
Non-evidentiary Video/Audio Recordings DAA-0567-2021-0001_SF115 12/08/2023
Urban Rates Survey DAA-0173-2015-0007_SF115 12/08/2023