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Title Number Approved
Risk-based Management and Analysis Systems (e.g., Safety Information System - (SIS)) DAA-0560-2013-0004_SF115 08/04/2020
Administrative and Program Records N1-560-03-002_SF115 08/04/2020
Purchase Card/Check Audits DAA-0560-2017-0005_SF115 08/04/2020
Finance Records (Schedule 170) N1-558-10-008_SF115 08/04/2020
Human Resources and Pay Administration Records (Schedule 130) N1-558-10-004_SF115 08/04/2020
Physical Security, Law Enforcement, Safety and Health Records (Schedule 110) N1-558-10-002_SF115 08/04/2020
Routine Audiovisual, Cartographic, Aerial Photographic, Architectural, and Engineering Records (Schedule 150) N1-558-10-006_SF115 08/04/2020
Finance DAA-0558-2013-0005_SF115 08/04/2020
Contract Administration Service Records (Schedule 800) N1-558-10-010_SF115 08/04/2020
Common Office and Administrative Management Records (Schedule 100) N1-558-10-001_SF115 08/04/2020
Corporate Operations and Core Mission Program Management Planning and Oversight Records (Schedule 400) N1-558-10-009_SF115 08/04/2020
Electronic Systems Development, Implementation, and Sustainment Records (Schedule 140) N1-558-10-005_SF115 08/04/2020
Congressional and Public Affairs, FOIA, Privacy, Ethics and Standards of Conduct, General Counsel Records (Schedule 120) N1-558-10-003_SF115 08/04/2020
Property, Housing, Facility and Vehicle Management, and Travel and Transportation Records (Schedule 160) N1-558-10-007_SF115 08/04/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) Budget Files N1-220-04-005_SF115 08/03/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Slide Presentations N1-220-04-014_SF115 08/03/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Audiovisual Records N1-220-07-001_SF115 08/03/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Administrative Records N1-220-04-004_SF115 08/03/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Sisters Library Program N1-220-04-006_SF115 08/03/2020
Federal Regional Councils Records NC1-414-84-01_SF115 07/31/2020
Federal Paperwork Commission: Project Reference Papers, 1975-77 NC1-220-78-01_SF115 07/31/2020
United States Study Commission - Texas, 1958-62 NC1-414-76-01_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program State Library Agency Survey, 1988-2001 N1-220-02-027_SF115 07/31/2020
Presidential Adviory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses, 1995-97 N1-220-97-001_SF115 07/31/2020
Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for Spanish Speaking People NC-174-000103_SF115 07/31/2020
Interagency Task Force on Refugee Assistance: Elgin Air Force Base Vietnamese Refugee Camp NC-220-76-002_SF115 07/31/2020
National Counterintelligence Center N1-220-97-007 07/31/2020
Civil Liberties Public Education Fund (CLPEF), 1995-1998 N1-220-98-008_SF115 07/31/2020
President's War Relief Control Board: General Files, 1939-46 N1-220-88-004_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on Reducing and Protecting Government Secrecy N1-220-97-008_SF115 07/31/2020
Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women NC1-220-79-02_SF115 07/31/2020
National Gambling Impact Study Commission N1-220-99-003_SF115 07/31/2020
Air Coordinating Committee, 1942-60 N1-220-94-008_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program School Library Media Center Survey, 1988-99 N1-220-02-030_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on the Organization of the Government of the District of Columbia, 1971-72 NC1-220-78-03_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program National Center for Education Statistics Forums, 1993-97 N1-220-02-029_SF115 07/31/2020
National Skill Standards Board N1-220-04-009_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island NC1-220-80-02_SF115 07/31/2020
White House Conference on Small Business, 1978-80 NC1-220-81-01_SF115 07/31/2020
White House Conference for Children and Youth, 1980-81 NC1-220-83-02_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on the Organization of the Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy, Records of Foreign Policy Interviews NC-220-76-001_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on Postal Service: Contractor Survey Records, 1977 NC1-220-80-05_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Committee on Consumer Interests, 1965-68 N1-220-93-013_SF115 07/31/2020
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission - New Lands N1-220-02-006_SF115 07/31/2020
Presidential Advisory Board on Ambassadorial Appointments, 1977-80 N1-220-96-009_SF115 07/31/2020
Privacy Protection Study Commission, 1975-77 NC1-220-77-07_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year: State Grant Records NC1-220-78-06_SF115 07/31/2020
White House Conference on Aging N1-220-92-009_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Restructuring the Internal Revenue Service, 1995-1997 N1-220-98-003_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year: Artwork, 1977 NC1-220-78-02_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Employment and Unemployment Statistics, 1977-79 NC1-220-80-01_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Library Cooperatives Survey, 1993-98 N1-220-02-028_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Committee on Consumer Interests: Consumer Correspondence Files, 1969-70 N1-220-95-013_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels (CDSL), 1994-1997 N1-220-98-010_SF115 07/31/2020
Congressional Commission on Servicemembers and Veterans Transition Assistance N1-220-98-009_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Sciences (NCLIS): Publications, 1971-2006 N1-220-00-006_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Commission on Crime in the District of Columbia: Computer Tape of Felony Cases, 1950-65 NC1-220-77-05_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity: Percy H. Williams Records, 1961-65 NC1-220-78-04_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Federal-State Cooperative System Public Library Survey, 1987-2001 N1-220-02-031_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on State Workmen's Compensation Laws NN-174-000015_SF115 07/31/2020
Commission on Population Growth and the American Future: Copy and Negatives used in Publications NC1-220-82-01_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Social Security - General Correspondence Files NC1-220-81-02_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): White House Conference, 1976-80 NC1-220-83-01_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Committee for Traffic Safety, 1964-67 N1-220-95-001_SF115 07/31/2020
White House Conference on the Industrial World Ahead - A Look at Business in 1990 NC1-220-82-02_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped NC-220-75-001_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on the Review of the National Policy Toward Gambling NC1-220-77-06_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Library Statistics Cooperative Program Federal-State Cooperative System Public Library Data Memos, 1988-97 N1-220-02-032_SF115 07/31/2020
President's Commission on Mental Health, 1977-78 NC1-220-78-05_SF115 07/31/2020
National Bankruptcy Review Commission (NBRC), 1995-1997 N1-220-98-002_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission for the Review of Federal and State Laws Relating to Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance, 1968-73 NC1-220-77-02_SF115 07/31/2020
Presidential Adviory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses: Meeting Records and Publications, 1995-97 N1-220-97-003_SF115 07/31/2020
National Commission on Water Quality, 1973-76 NC1-220-76-03_SF115 07/31/2020
Final Course Grade Sheets NC1-461-85-03_SF115 07/30/2020
Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) Records N1-507-09-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Corporate Human Resources Information System (CHRIS) N1-506-09-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Administrative Records NC1-461-82-15_SF115 07/30/2020
Electronic Mail and Words Processing System Copies, and other Miscellaneous Items N1-507-02-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Sequestered Jury Forms Package N1-527-04-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Tractical and Strategic Planning Records N1-527-02-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Audit Reports and Work Papers N1-527-97-009_SF115 07/30/2020
Special United States Marshals Deputations Records N1-527-97-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Strategic Plan DAA-0527-2013-0022_SF115 07/30/2020
Commission on Family and Medical Leave, 1993-95 N1-220-96-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Meat Cutting and Central Meat Processing Plant (CMPP) Systems N1-506-09-004_SF115 07/30/2020
Personnel and Legal Matters Records N1-506-02-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Physician Payment Review Commission N1-220-95-012_SF115 07/30/2020
Media Neutrality for Existing Schedule Items N1-507-11-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Subpoena Program and Policy Files N1-509-03-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule for Accounting Records N1-507-97-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Defense Audit Management Information System (DAMIS) N1-509-04-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Records of the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service DAA-0220-2020-0001_SF115 07/30/2020
Records of Former Army, Navy, Air Force, and Defense Logistics Agency Accounting Activities N1-507-93-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Records of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission DAA-0220-2020-0018_SF115 07/30/2020
Information Report Files and Hotline Referral Files N1-509-93-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Travel Charge Card Individual Cardholder Files N1-507-06-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Investigations of Missing U.S. Central Command Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Desk Logs N1-509-00-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Foreign Military Sales Collection and Disbursement Vouchers N1-507-12-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Congressional Hearings, Adminstrative Investigations, and Internal Investigations N1-509-97-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Daily Transaction Listings and Registers N1-507-10-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule except for Accounting Records N1-507-93-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Program Records N1-524-96-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Recommendations to Department of Energy, Annual Report to Congress, and Meeting Files N1-524-93-001_SF115 07/30/2020
White House Conference on Small Business N1-220-95-016_SF115 07/30/2020
Century Date Conversion (Y2K) Records and Reports N1-527-00-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Records Related to Prisoners in Federal Custody N1-527-99-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Investigative Case Files N1-527-00-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Central European Small Business Enterprise Development Commission, 1990-95 N1-220-96-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Research and Evaluation Records NC1-461-82-14_SF115 07/30/2020
Tailhook 91 Investigation Case Files N1-509-93-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Academic Training Records NC1-461-82-17_SF115 07/30/2020
Records Documenting Threats to Federal Courts and Judicial Officials N1-527-00-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Participant and Employer Appeals Department Records NC1-465-84-01_SF115 07/30/2020
Inspector General Program Correspondence N1-509-00-006_SF115 07/30/2020
Financial Operations Department Records N1-465-96-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Criminal Investigation Case Files N1-509-93-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Organization Review and Analysis Department Records N1-465-94-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Administrative, Mission, and Policy Big Bucket Records Schedule N1-465-09-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-465-85-02_SF115 07/30/2020
General Counsel Records N1-465-95-004_SF115 07/30/2020
Participant Files N1-465-01-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-465-81-01_SF115 07/30/2020
Agency Ethics Program Questionnaire Records, Training Plans, and Training Program Records N1-522-98-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Participant and Employer Appeals Department Records N1-465-93-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Special Deputy United States Marshals Files DAA-0527-2013-0003_SF115 07/30/2020
Tailhook 91 Investigation Electronic Case Files N1-509-96-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Program Review Division Audit Reports and Work Papers N1-522-97-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Case Operations and Compliance Department Records N1-465-95-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Corporate Finance and Negotiations Department Records N1-465-95-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Inspector General Records N1-465-01-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Operations, Orders and Procedure Manuals, ca. 1946-94 N1-527-97-004_SF115 07/30/2020
General Counsel and Legal Policy Records N1-522-96-001_SF115 07/30/2020
U.S. Commission of Child and Family Welfare, 1992-95 N1-220-95-015_SF115 07/30/2020
Single-Issue Review Records N1-522-02-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Videotapes for Training Federal Employees on Government Ethics N1-522-93-001_SF115 07/30/2020
Semiannual Expense Reports for Non-Federally Funded Travel N1-522-02-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Office of Education Records N1-522-96-002_SF115 07/30/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Public Use Permit, Litigation, and Penalty Mail Files N1-220-96-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Korean War Veterans Memorial Advisory Board, 1986-95 N1-220-95-008_SF115 07/30/2020
Inspector General Inspection and Investigation Records N1-506-02-006_SF115 07/30/2020
Safety Records N1-506-07-010_SF115 07/30/2020
General Correspondence Files N1-506-09-003_SF115 07/30/2020
Operations Files N1-506-07-005_SF115 07/30/2020
Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community: Tracking Database, 1994-96 N1-220-96-008_SF115 07/30/2020
Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments: Records Created Using Lotus Notes N1-220-95-009_SF115 07/30/2020
Athletic Training Records NC1-461-82-16_SF115 07/30/2020
Presidential Task Force on Los Angeles Recovery, 1992-93 N1-220-96-004_SF115 07/30/2020
Curriculum Handbooks and Academy Catalogs NC1-461-85-02_SF115 07/30/2020
Flying Training Records NC1-461-82-04_SF115 07/29/2020
Report of Cadet Separations to Washington and Congress NC1-461-82-08_SF115 07/29/2020
Cadet Personnel Records NC1-461-82-06_SF115 07/29/2020
Attrition Information NC1-461-82-11_SF115 07/29/2020
Chaplain Cadet Counseling Records NC1-461-82-02_SF115 07/29/2020
Advisory Committee on Federal Pay N1-220-91-001_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism N1-220-90-002_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on the Social Security Notch Issue, 1992-95 N1-220-95-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Farm Credit System Assistance Board N1-220-91-007_SF115 07/29/2020
Closed Out, Rejected, and Withdrawn Projects; Accounting Files NC1-454-85-01_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on Railroad Retirement Reform, 1987-90 N1-220-90-008_SF115 07/29/2020
Motion Pictures and Videotapes N1-454-93-001_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission to Prevent Infant Mortality N1-220-94-004_SF115 07/29/2020
Summer Training Records NC1-461-79-01_SF115 07/29/2020
National Council on Public Works Improvement, 1984-1988 N1-220-89-008_SF115 07/29/2020
Glass Ceiling Commission N1-220-95-007_SF115 07/29/2020
National Advisory Council on Public Service N1-220-93-018_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Commission on the American Outdoors N1-220-89-004_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Commission on Privatization, 1987-88 N1-220-88-005_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commision on American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Housing N1-220-93-010_SF115 07/29/2020
Advisory Commission on Conferences in Ocean Shipping, 1991-92 N1-220-92-011_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on the Ukraine Famine N1-220-90-004_SF115 07/29/2020
White House Conference on Library & Information Services N1-220-92-002_SF115 07/29/2020
Eisenhower Centennial Commission, 1987-91 N1-220-91-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces N1-220-93-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission for the Improvement of Federal Crop Insurance N1-220-90-007_SF115 07/29/2020
Closed Out, Rejected, and Withdrawn Projects NC1-454-84-01_SF115 07/29/2020
Thomas Jefferson Commemoration Commission, 1992-94 N1-220-95-002_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Commission on Executive Exchange N1-220-91-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Civil Liberties, Privacy and Transparency Office Correspondence and Complaints Files DAA-0457-2017-0005_SF115 07/29/2020
Presidential Commission on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic (AIDS Commission) N1-220-88-008_SF115 07/29/2020
International Air Transport Study Group, 1961-62 N1-220-94-007_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission to Promote Investment in America's Infrastructure, 1991-93 N1-220-93-008_SF115 07/29/2020
Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform, 1993-95 N1-220-95-006_SF115 07/29/2020
National Advisory Council on Adult Education, 1971-88 N1-220-89-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Civil War Sites Advisory Commission N1-220-93-017_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Migrant Education N1-220-92-010_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution N1-220-92-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Lower Mississippi Delta Development Commission, 1989-90 N1-220-90-003_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Commission on Federal Appointment Process N1-220-91-002_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Committee on Manpower, 1964-66 N1-220-93-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Office of the Nuclear Waste Negotiator, 1987-95 N1-220-95-004_SF115 07/29/2020
Independent Commission on the National Endowment for the Arts Grant Making Procedures, 1989-90 N1-220-90-009_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing N1-220-92-007_SF115 07/29/2020
National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs N1-220-89-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Monitored Retrievable Storage Review Commission N1-220-90-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Academic Review Committee (ARC) Records N1-461-92-002_SF115 07/29/2020
National Bipartisan Commission on Central America (Kissinger Commission), 1983-84 N1-220-89-009_SF115 07/29/2020
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Records N1-457-06-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) Records N1-461-92-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Academic Advisor Records N1-461-92-004_SF115 07/29/2020
Website Content and Design Records N1-455-11-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-455-76-01_SF115 07/29/2020
Documents Loaned to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States ( N1-457-04-001_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Manufactured Housing N1-220-94-009_SF115 07/29/2020
Case File: Secretary of Labor v. American Cyanamid Company N1-455-90-002_SF115 07/29/2020
Aviation Safety Commission N1-220-88-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Inspection Case Files N1-455-90-001_SF115 07/29/2020
President's Commission on Federal Ethics Law Reform N1-220-89-005_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission Meeting Audio Tapes N1-455-98-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-455-87-001_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Judicial Discipline and Removal, 1991-93 N1-220-93-011_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Intermodal Transportation N1-220-94-010_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on Agricultural Workers, 1986-93 N1-220-93-002_SF115 07/29/2020
United States International Cultural and Trade Center Commission N1-220-92-003_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on AIDS N1-220-92-004_SF115 07/29/2020
Interagency Council on the Homeless, 1987-93 N1-220-94-002_SF115 07/29/2020
Presidential Commission on Catastrophic Nuclear Accidents N1-220-90-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission for the Study of International Migration and Cooperative Economic Development N1-220-90-005_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Children N1-220-93-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations N1-220-91-005_SF115 07/29/2020
United States Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the United Nations N1-220-93-012_SF115 07/29/2020
Precandidate/Candidate Records NC1-461-82-12_SF115 07/29/2020
Curriculum Committee and Academy Board Records N1-461-92-005_SF115 07/29/2020
Thomas D. White National Defense Award Records NC1-461-82-03_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on Education of the Deaf N1-220-88-007_SF115 07/29/2020
National Economic Commission N1-220-89-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on Broadcasting to the Peoples Republic of China, 1992 N1-220-94-006_SF115 07/29/2020
Commission on Minority Business Development N1-220-92-008_SF115 07/29/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-458-96-003_SF115 07/29/2020
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network: Intelligence Report Case Files N1-056-00-001_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on America's Urban Families, 1992-93 N1-220-95-005_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Responsibilities for Financing Postsecondary Education, 1986-93 N1-220-93-007_SF115 07/29/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-458-12-001_SF115 07/29/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-458-96-004_SF115 07/29/2020
Cadet Uniform Records NC1-461-82-07_SF115 07/29/2020
Faculty/Cadet Records NC1-461-82-05_SF115 07/29/2020
National Commission on Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement N1-220-93-016_SF115 07/29/2020
Cadet Injury/Illness Reports NC1-461-82-10_SF115 07/29/2020
Cadet Pay Records NC1-461-82-01_SF115 07/29/2020
Military Training Records NC1-461-82-09_SF115 07/29/2020
Mustering Out Payments Files NC1-428-77-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-446-76-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Commission Appellate Adjudication Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-009_SF115 07/28/2020
North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO) Records and Logs and Miscellaneous Intelligence Materials NC1-446-83-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Workoad and Performance Records N1-446-86-001_SF115 07/28/2020
SSIC 5211 2 Pnvacy Act Records DAA-0428-2011-0001_SF115 07/28/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Second White House Conference on Libraries and Information Services, 1989-92 N1-220-04-007_SF115 07/28/2020
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) COSMIC Top Secret Control Files N1-446-09-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Military Payroll Accounting Records NC1-428-79-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Inspector General Records N1-431-10-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Credentials Records NC1-446-77-02_SF115 07/28/2020
License Compliance Inspection and Enforcement Case Files NC1-431-78-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Investigations Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-012_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Records at Washington National Records Center (WNRC), 1957-69 N1-453-95-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Voice Recordings of Unusual Occurences at Nuclear Power Plants NC1-431-83-05_SF115 07/28/2020
Regional Offices Improper Action Records (Hard copy) N1-431-00-021_SF115 07/28/2020
Training Division Course Records DAA-0446-2013-0001_SF115 07/28/2020
Secretary of the Commission Records (Hard copy) N1-431-02-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Export Licenses N1-446-92-003_SF115 07/28/2020
Incident Response Operations Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-003_SF115 07/28/2020
Industrial Security Facility Case Files N1-446-09-005_SF115 07/28/2020
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission Records N1-148-95-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Secretary of the Commission Records (ADAMS) N1-431-01-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Hard Copies of Microfilmed Temporary Investigative Files NC1-446-76-02_SF115 07/28/2020
Visit Notifications NC1-446-84-03_SF115 07/28/2020
Defense Investigative Service Clearance Office (DISCO) Miscellaneous Records N1-446-87-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-453-81-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Personnel Monitoring Report Files N1-431-89-006_SF115 07/28/2020
Courtesy Letters NC1-446-84-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-453-12-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-016_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-453-76-02_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Investigative Records NC1-446-80-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement, 1996-99 N1-220-00-001_SF115 07/28/2020
President's Commission on Equal Opportunity: Budget Files, 1955-65 N1-220-87-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-220-88-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Corrections Trustee (District of Columbia Department of Corrections Financial Oversight) N1-220-02-025_SF115 07/28/2020
National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission N1-220-08-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Commission to Access the Threat to the United States (US) from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack N1-220-04-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Jamestown 400th Commemoration Commission N1-220-13-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce: Website Records N1-220-00-004_SF115 07/28/2020
Small Business and Civil Rights Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-005_SF115 07/28/2020
Chief Financial Officer Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-007_SF115 07/28/2020
Nuclear Reactor Regulation Docket Files N1-431-92-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-451-95-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Audiovisual and Electronic Records N1-451-96-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Licensing and Non-licensing Project Files; and Emergency Planning Files NC1-431-81-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Congressional Affairs and International Programs Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-014_SF115 07/28/2020
International Programs Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-003_SF115 07/28/2020
Supserseded Special Purpose Programs Records N1-431-04-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Enforcement Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-005_SF115 07/28/2020
Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Organizational Files N1-148-11-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-010_SF115 07/28/2020
Chairman and Commissioners Records N1-431-97-001_SF115 07/28/2020
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission) Comprehensive Schedule N1-148-04-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Inspector General Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Kaho'olawe Island Conveyance Commission N1-220-00-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-431-81-05_SF115 07/28/2020
MD-715 Database (Personnel Demographic Information) N1-431-08-010_SF115 07/28/2020
Judicial Review Commission on Foreign Asset Control, 1999-2001 N1-220-01-001_SF115 07/28/2020
General Counsel Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-018_SF115 07/28/2020
Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-009_SF115 07/28/2020
License and Inspection Case Files NC1-431-80-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Investigative Files NC1-431-84-05_SF115 07/28/2020
Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-013_SF115 07/28/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Drawings N1-220-87-003_SF115 07/28/2020
License Compliance Inspection and Enforcement Case Files NC1-431-79-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Nuclear Security and Incident Response Records (ADAMS) N1-431-03-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Administration Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-004_SF115 07/28/2020
Commissioners' Records (Hard copy) N1-431-02-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Office of Investigations Records NC1-431-83-06_SF115 07/28/2020
Congressional Affairs Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-002_SF115 07/28/2020
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS): Miscellaneous Records N1-220-08-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Synthesized Interim Nuclear Documents System (NUDOCS) N1-431-96-001_SF115 07/28/2020
National Prison Rape Elimination Commission N1-220-09-001_SF115 07/28/2020
Chief Information Officer Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-017_SF115 07/28/2020
Nuclear Reactor Regulation Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-008_SF115 07/28/2020
Public Affairs Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-006_SF115 07/28/2020
Machine Readable Records NC1-431-81-02_SF115 07/28/2020
Human Resources Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-015_SF115 07/28/2020
Research Records N1-431-89-005_SF115 07/28/2020
Executive Director for Operations Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-006_SF115 07/28/2020
Commission on Affordable Housing and Health Facility Needs for Seniors in the 21st Century N1-220-03-003_SF115 07/28/2020
State Programs Programs Records (ADAMS) N1-431-99-004_SF115 07/28/2020
Confidential Source Files (Hard copy) N1-431-00-011_SF115 07/28/2020
Inspector General Investigation Case Files (Hard copy) N1-431-00-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Regional Offices Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-020_SF115 07/28/2020
Performance Appraisal Records NC1-431-77-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Nuclear Regulatory Research Records (ADAMS) N1-431-00-019_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Records (WNRC Project) N1-431-99-008_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Investigation Management Records NC1-446-78-03_SF115 07/28/2020
Special Intelligence/Special Activities Security Management Records NC1-446-77-04_SF115 07/28/2020
Congressional Inquiries and Automotive Maintenance Files NC1-446-81-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-446-92-002_SF115 07/28/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-446-85-01_SF115 07/28/2020
DSS Web Records DAA-0446-2013-0004_SF115 07/28/2020
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation: Real Estate Records N1-220-86-001_SF115 07/28/2020
White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance N1-220-04-003_SF115 07/28/2020
National Drought Policy Commission, 1998-2000 N1-220-00-007_SF115 07/28/2020
National Bioethics Advisory Commission N1-220-01-006_SF115 07/28/2020
Waiver Requests for Erroneous Payments NC1-428-78-03_SF115 07/28/2020
Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce N1-220-00-003_SF115 07/28/2020
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms: Basic Files of Establishments Requalified as of July 1, 1959 NC-056-75-003_SF115 07/28/2020
(JAGPERS) The Judge Advocate General Personnel System DAA-0428-2014-0001_SF115 07/28/2020
Military Pay Records NC1-428-78-01_SF115 07/28/2020
Department of Defense (DoD) Key Facilities List NC1-446-84-02_SF115 07/28/2020
Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) Administration Records N1-414-03-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Audit and Investigation Reports NC1-413-80-01_SF115 07/27/2020
International Activities Records NC1-412-85-16_SF115 07/27/2020
Assistance and Interagency Agreement Records NC1-412-85-25_SF115 07/27/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-420-93-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Information Technology Operations and Management Records N1-420-03-002_SF115 07/27/2020
Investment Insurance and Finance Loan Case Files N1-420-00-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Investment Insurance and Finance Loan Case Files N1-420-99-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-420-77-01_SF115 07/27/2020
Separating Employee Clearance Files N1-420-03-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Directives, Subject Files, Chronological Files, and Working Files N1-413-02-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Corporate Examination Program System N1-413-02-005_SF115 07/27/2020
Monthly Management Reports N1-413-01-004_SF115 07/27/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-413-76-01_SF115 07/27/2020
Community Development Revolving Loan Fund Appropriations Files N1-413-01-005_SF115 07/27/2020
System Security and Disaster Recovery Records N1-425-07-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Mortgage Servicing Records N1-425-03-005_SF115 07/27/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-425-81-04_SF115 07/27/2020
Silver Bullion Records, 1942-70 NC1-425-80-05_SF115 07/27/2020
Government Accounting and Financial Reporting Records N1-425-09-003_SF115 07/27/2020
Progress Sheets and Cards used in Accounting and Disbursing Operations NC1-425-80-01_SF115 07/27/2020
Emergency Relief Appropriation Act Records, 1935-41 N1-425-92-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Check Truncation Program Paid and Reconciled United States Government Checks on Microfilm NC1-425-78-02_SF115 07/27/2020
Debt Services Division Records N1-425-03-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Debt Collection Policy and Management Records N1-425-09-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Three Digit Check Issue Information Records N1-425-90-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Railroad Files, 1920-58 NC1-425-80-07_SF115 07/27/2020
Collections, Payments, and Claims Records N1-425-09-005_SF115 07/27/2020
Domestic and Foreign Banking Correspondence, 1941-76; and Lend Lease and Surplus Property Files, 1941-52 N1-425-04-002_SF115 07/27/2020
Courtesy Disbursement Records N1-425-03-006_SF115 07/27/2020
Litigation Case Files and Gifts to the United States N1-425-88-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-425-80-06_SF115 07/27/2020
Check Truncation Program Records NC1-425-80-02_SF115 07/27/2020
Learning Management System Records N1-425-04-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-425-91-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Bureau of Government Financial Operations Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-425-78-01_SF115 07/27/2020
Enforcement and Compliance Monitoring Records NC1-412-85-13_SF115 07/27/2020
Statement of Transactions, Disbursement Schedules, and Vouchers Records NC1-425-81-03_SF115 07/27/2020
Paid and Reconciled United States Government Checks NC-425-75-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Facilities and Support Services Records NC1-412-85-26_SF115 07/27/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-425-80-04_SF115 07/27/2020
Research and Development Records NC1-412-85-22_SF115 07/27/2020
Citation, Injunction, Seizure, Criminal, Prosecution and Consent Negotiation Order Files and Related Records N1-424-92-001_SF115 07/27/2020
Closed Staff College/Directors subject file 1951-83 N1-397-91-001_SF115 07/24/2020
Records of the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization for the United States General Services Administration NC-174-000179_SF115 07/24/2020
Registration Jackets, 1968-70 NC1-412-80-03_SF115 07/23/2020
Solid Waste Management Program Records NC-412-75-006_SF115 07/23/2020
Remedial Site Files - Superfund Site Specific (Schedule 014) N1-412-99-023_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrative Management, Committee Records, Emergency Preparedness, Grants, and Procurement/Contract Records NC-174-000118_SF115 07/23/2020
Denver Commuting Habits Records NC1-412-82-01_SF115 07/23/2020
Air Quality Records NC1-412-81-08_SF115 07/23/2020
Ann Arbor In-Use Test Data System (IUTD) (Schedule 493) N1-412-99-005_SF115 07/23/2020
Intergovernmental Liaison Records NC1-412-85-04_SF115 07/23/2020
Solid Waste Program Records NC1-412-85-07_SF115 07/23/2020
Electronic Records (Additions to 30 Schedules) N1-412-96-001_SF115 07/23/2020
Office of Toxic Substances Records NC1-412-82-10_SF115 07/23/2020
Appointee Clearance and Vetting Files and Laboratory Performance Evaluation Studies Proficiency Testing (Schedules 100 and 586) N1-412-99-014_SF115 07/23/2020
Enforcement Records NC1-412-81-13_SF115 07/23/2020
Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET) Records (Schedule 242) N1-412-08-017_SF115 07/23/2020
Claims Records NC1-412-78-04_SF115 07/23/2020
National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permits, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Permits NC1-412-82-06_SF115 07/23/2020
Environmental Appeals Board Records (Schedule 083) N1-412-97-006_SF115 07/23/2020
Ann Arbor Recall and In-Use Testing Records (Schedule 483) N1-412-99-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Water Pollution Lab Performance Evaluation Studies (Schedule 479) N1-412-97-003_SF115 07/23/2020
Permit Appeal Files (Schedule 236) N1-412-98-005_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrative Records - Permits (Schedule 210) N1-412-07-036_SF115 07/23/2020
Motion Picture Trims and Outtakes, 1971-75 NC1-412-78-01_SF115 07/23/2020
Noise Abatement and Control Program Standards, Regulations, and Guidelines Not Issued NC1-412-82-09_SF115 07/23/2020
Audiovisual Records (Schedules 710, 711, 719, 722, and 730) N1-412-95-005_SF115 07/23/2020
Quality Assurance Project Plans (Schedule 185) N1-412-99-022_SF115 07/23/2020
Radiological Emergency Planning Records (Schedule 222) N1-412-98-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Headquarters Records N1-412-94-006_SF115 07/23/2020
Toxic Substances Records NC1-412-85-12_SF115 07/23/2020
Source Data Files Relating to In-House Radiological Research (Schedule 472) N1-412-96-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Company Transfer Correspondence Files (Schedule 362) N1-412-99-013_SF115 07/23/2020
Emergency and Remedial Response Records: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) NC1-412-82-12_SF115 07/23/2020
Public Awareness Program PEMAP/PEYA Merit Awards Project Records NC1-412-82-15_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Operations Records NC1-412-85-03_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrator and Deputy Administrator Records NC1-412-78-06_SF115 07/23/2020
Trends Report (TRRP) (Schedule 494) N1-412-99-006_SF115 07/23/2020
Office of Toxic Substances Records NC1-412-76-15_SF115 07/23/2020
Water Program Records NC1-412-85-06_SF115 07/23/2020
Civil Rights Records NC-412-75-008_SF115 07/23/2020
Allowance Tracking System (ATS), Emissions Tracking System (ETS) (Schedules 549 and 550) N1-412-99-010_SF115 07/23/2020
Municipal Waste Water Systems NC-174-000273_SF115 07/23/2020
Criminal Enforcement Counsel and Criminal Investigation Records (Schedules 683 and 208) N1-412-99-024_SF115 07/23/2020
Office of Water Records (Schedules 368, 414, 429, 432, 443, 444, 445, and 446) N1-412-95-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrative Law Judge Records NC1-412-77-02_SF115 07/23/2020
Certification of Waste Isolation Pilot Plants (WIPP) Records (Schedule 464) N1-412-97-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Office of Pollution, Prevention, and Toxics Records (Schedules 265, 269, 271, and 273) N1-412-96-003_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrator and Deputy Administrator Speeches NC1-412-85-11_SF115 07/23/2020
National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Pollutants (NESHAPS) Radiation Facility/Site Files (Schedule 220) N1-412-98-001_SF115 07/23/2020
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Program Records N1-412-94-005_SF115 07/23/2020
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Compliance Monitoring Records NC1-412-82-05_SF115 07/23/2020
Motion Picture Trims, Outakes, and Sound Tracks, 1965-77 NC1-412-78-09_SF115 07/23/2020
Emission Factors Program (EFP) Test Records (Schedule 498) N1-412-99-009_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrative Law Judge Records NC1-412-85-02_SF115 07/23/2020
Pesticides Program Registration Jackets NC1-412-82-14_SF115 07/23/2020
Aeromatic Information Retrieval System (AIRS) (Schedule 496) N1-412-99-008_SF115 07/23/2020
International Activities and Agreements (Schedule 461) N1-412-99-017_SF115 07/23/2020
Civil Rights Records NC1-412-80-02_SF115 07/23/2020
High Level Waste Calculations NC1-412-81-10_SF115 07/23/2020
Federal Register Notice Files (Schedule 356) N1-412-99-021_SF115 07/23/2020
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Headquarters Solid Waste Program Records NC1-412-82-08_SF115 07/23/2020
Permits Records (Except Superfund) (Schedule 210) N1-412-98-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Research and Development Laboratory Records NC1-412-78-03_SF115 07/23/2020
Employee Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation Records (Schedule 499) N1-412-97-005_SF115 07/23/2020
Miscellaneous Additions (Schedules 205, 211, 224, 029, 207, and 306) N1-412-95-007_SF115 07/23/2020
Procurement/Contracts Records NC1-412-85-05_SF115 07/23/2020
309 Review and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Filing System Records NC1-412-81-09_SF115 07/23/2020
Noise Abatement and Control Records NC-412-75-007_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Air and Hazardous Program State Implementation Plans NC1-412-83-07_SF115 07/23/2020
Intra-Agency and Internal Committee Records (Schedule 187) N1-412-99-012_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Administrator, Staff Offices, Ancillary Programs; Air and Hazardous Materials Program; Water Program; Enforcement Program; and Surveillance and Analysis Program Records NC1-412-76-01_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Program Records N1-412-94-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Information Collection Reports (Schedule 199) N1-412-96-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Hazardous Waste Database and Corrective Action Reporting System N1-412-95-003_SF115 07/23/2020
Permit Compliance System and Audit Resolution Records (Schedules 419 and 658) N1-412-97-001_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Enforcement Program Records: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) NC1-412-82-13_SF115 07/23/2020
Payroll, Pay Administration, and Accounting Records NC-412-76-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Resources Systems Records NC1-412-85-01_SF115 07/23/2020
RadNet (formerly Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System(ERAMS)) (Schedule 495) N1-412-99-007_SF115 07/23/2020
Library System Records NC1-412-78-07_SF115 07/23/2020
Budget Operations Records NC1-412-85-09_SF115 07/23/2020
Pesticides Program Records NC1-412-80-01_SF115 07/23/2020
Administrative Records Pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (Schedule 294) N1-412-99-016_SF115 07/23/2020
Communication/Distribution Strategy Files (Schedule 254) N1-412-99-019_SF115 07/23/2020
Legislation Records NC-412-75-010_SF115 07/23/2020
National Pesticides Survey (NPS) (Schedule 367) N1-412-93-003_SF115 07/23/2020
Research and Development Records NC1-412-81-12_SF115 07/23/2020
Pesticide Document Management System (PDMS) Registrant Registered Studies Records (Schedule 335) N1-412-98-003_SF115 07/23/2020
Miscellaneous Additions to 49 Schedules N1-412-94-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Preparation Files, and 309 Review and Comment Files (Schedules 133, 134, and 135) N1-412-99-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Superfund Sampling and Analytical Data Files (Schedule 018) N1-412-95-006_SF115 07/23/2020
Alternate Test Procedure Applications (Schedule 449) N1-412-97-004_SF115 07/23/2020
Office of Regional and Intergovernmental Operations Records NC1-412-78-02_SF115 07/23/2020
Pesticide and Toxic Substances Records NC1-412-81-17_SF115 07/23/2020
Pilot Projects (Schedule 099) N1-412-99-015_SF115 07/23/2020
Regional Air and Hazardous Materials Program Records: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) NC1-412-82-11_SF115 07/23/2020
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS) Records (Schedule 385) N1-412-99-020_SF115 07/23/2020
Safety Records NC1-412-85-08_SF115 07/23/2020
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Program Management and Waste Records NC1-412-82-07_SF115 07/23/2020
Noise Regulatory Assessment Activities NC1-412-81-11_SF115 07/23/2020
Freshwater-Based Recreation Survey (Schedule 450) N1-412-93-002_SF115 07/23/2020
Chemical Disposal Rccords (Schedule 151) N1-412-92-003_SF115 07/22/2020
Water Quality Standards Database (WQSDB) (Schedule 750) N1-412-09-014_SF115 07/22/2020
Information Quality Guidelines (IQC) Requests for Correction (RFC) and Reconsideration (RFR) (Schedule 147) N1-412-10-003_SF115 07/22/2020
Public Affairs Records N1-412-87-005_SF115 07/22/2020
Asbestos School Hazards Abatement Program Agreements N1-412-89-003_SF115 07/22/2020
Pesticides Registration Information System (PRISM) (Schedule 329) N1-412-09-016_SF115 07/22/2020
Environmental Awards (Schedule 533) N1-412-09-005_SF115 07/22/2020
High Production Volume Information System (HPVIS) (Schedule 241) N1-412-09-019_SF115 07/22/2020
Schedules of Daily Activities, Privacy Act, Freedom of Information Act, and Office Administrative Files (Schedule 022) N1-412-86-002_SF115 07/22/2020
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) (Schedule 062) N1-412-09-007_SF115 07/22/2020
Asbestos School Hazards Abatement Program Records N1-412-89-002_SF115 07/22/2020
Office of Emergency and Remedial Response, Hazardous Waste Contracts, Interagency, and Cooperative Agreements N1-412-87-001_SF115 07/22/2020
Environmental Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program Case Files (Schedule 751) N1-412-10-002_SF115 07/22/2020
Planning and Evaluations and Program Reporting Records N1-412-87-004_SF115 07/22/2020
Beach Advisory and Closing On-Line Notification (BEACON) (Schedule 744) N1-412-09-018_SF115 07/22/2020
Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT)/Best Available Control Technology (BACT)/Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER) Clearinghouse (RBLC) (Schedule 747) N1-412-09-002_SF115 07/22/2020
Air Quality System (AQS) (Schedule 496) N1-412-08-012_SF115 07/22/2020
Contracts Management System (Schedule 055) N1-412-09-011_SF115 07/22/2020
Office of Civil Rights Records N1-412-87-003_SF115 07/22/2020
Toxic Release Inventory Processing System (TRIPS) (Schedule 153) N1-412-10-001_SF115 07/22/2020
Inspector General Records N1-412-86-004_SF115 07/22/2020
Budget Automation System (BAS) (Schedule 299) N1-412-09-001_SF115 07/22/2020
Criminal Case Reporting System (CCRS) (Schedule 684) N1-412-09-010_SF115 07/22/2020
Office of Toxic Substances--Elimination of Requirement to Microfilm N1-412-90-001_SF115 07/22/2020
Integrated Data for Enforcement Analysis (Schedule 022) N1-412-08-011_SF115 07/22/2020
Office of Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste Generators and Hazardous Waste TSDR Facilities Surveys (Schedule 102) N1-412-92-002_SF115 07/22/2020
Collections of Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (Schedule 492) N1-412-08-014_SF115 07/22/2020
Fuel Reporting System (DCF Fuels) (Schedule 158) N1-412-09-004_SF115 07/22/2020
Vehicles and Engines Compliance Information System (Schedule 485) N1-412-09-017_SF115 07/22/2020
Data Marts and Data Warehouses (Schedule 098) N1-412-09-008_SF115 07/22/2020
Information and Resources Management Records N1-412-86-003_SF115 07/22/2020
New England New York Inter-Agency Committee (NENYIAC), 1950-55 N1-412-88-001_SF115 07/22/2020
Storage and Retrieval of Water Quality Information (STORET) (Schedule 400) N1-412-09-012_SF115 07/22/2020
Imported Vehicle Nononformity Motor Vehicle Case Files (Schedule 101) N1-412-92-001_SF115 07/22/2020
Transportation Plans (Schedule 218) N1-412-08-013_SF115 07/22/2020
309 Review and Comment Files (Schedule 135) N1-412-08-016_SF115 07/22/2020
Stationary Source Audit Program (SSAP) (Schedule 746) N1-412-09-003_SF115 07/22/2020
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) National Information Management System (DWNIMS) (Schedule 752) N1-412-09-015_SF115 07/22/2020
Office of Radiation Programs Records (Schedule 011) N1-412-86-001_SF115 07/22/2020
Bulletins Live System (Schedule 318) N1-412-09-006_SF115 07/22/2020
Data Standards and Registry Services Records (Schedule 096) N1-412-08-015_SF115 07/22/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 698, 699, 700, 701, 702, and 703 N1-412-07-070_SF115 07/21/2020
Grants and Other Program Support Agreements Records (Schedule 003) N1-412-07-034_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substance Control Act Section 8 Information and Reporting Files (Schedule 372) N1-412-06-026_SF115 07/21/2020
Disaster Response Records (Schedule 233) N1-412-07-061_SF115 07/21/2020
Superfund and Brownfield Site Assessment Records (Schedule 010) N1-412-07-025_SF115 07/21/2020
Controlled and Major Correspondence Records (Schedule 141) N1-412-06-010_SF115 07/21/2020
Enforcement Actions Records - Oil Site-Specific (Schedule 480) N1-412-07-007_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substance Control Act Section 12(b) Notice of Export Files (Schedule 292) N1-412-05-009_SF115 07/21/2020
Water Program Enforcement Records (Schedule 689) N1-412-07-018_SF115 07/21/2020
Test Method Evaluation Records (Schedule 339) N1-412-07-043_SF115 07/21/2020
Enforcement Actions - Superfund Site-Specific (Schedule 025) N1-412-06-019_SF115 07/21/2020
Permit Files (Schedule 205) N1-412-08-006_SF115 07/21/2020
Speeches and Testimony (Schedule 140) N1-412-06-008_SF115 07/21/2020
Pesticides Registration Documents (Schedule 315) N1-412-07-039_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 080, 084, 085, 087, 091, 206, 602, and 603 N1-412-07-054_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substances Control Act Section 5 Biotechnology Files (Schedule 296) N1-412-07-027_SF115 07/21/2020
Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substance (OPPTS) Scientific Project Files (Schedule 739) N1-412-07-057_SF115 07/21/2020
Environmental Appeals Board Case Files (Schedule 083) N1-412-06-028_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 578, 581, 582, and 584 N1-412-07-063_SF115 07/21/2020
Pesticide Registration Maintenance Fee Records (Schedule 357) N1-412-07-045_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 276, 280, 282, 283, 289, and 658 N1-412-07-069_SF115 07/21/2020
Websites Records (Schedule 095) N1-412-08-008_SF115 07/21/2020
Administrator's Meeting Files (Schedule 523) N1-412-07-009_SF115 07/21/2020
Pesticide Special Accident Investigations and Case Files (Schedule 364) N1-412-07-048_SF115 07/21/2020
Purchase Card System (Schedule 042) N1-412-06-020_SF115 07/21/2020
Administrative Data Warehouse (ADW) (Schedule 021) N1-412-05-010_SF115 07/21/2020
Pesticide Registration Maintenance Fee Records (Schedule 357) N1-412-06-002_SF115 07/21/2020
Media-Neutrality for Schedules 005, 082, 132, 137, 147, 154, 185, 187, 203, 211, 259, 356, 533, 624, and 679 N1-412-07-001_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 375, 376, 378, 379, 380, 381, 382, 383, 384, 385, 386, 387, 388, 390, 391, and 392 N1-412-07-066_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 131, 133, 515, 516, 517, and 585 N1-412-07-056_SF115 07/21/2020
Calendars, Schedules, and Logs of Daily Activities (Schedule 111) N1-412-06-005_SF115 07/21/2020
Pesticides Special Review Files (Schedule 324) N1-412-07-040_SF115 07/21/2020
Import and Export Notifications (Schedule 256) N1-412-08-003_SF115 07/21/2020
Media-Neutrality for Schedules 086, 092, and 093 N1-412-07-004_SF115 07/21/2020
State Plans for Applicator Certification (Schedule 314) N1-412-07-038_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 625, 631, 640, 667, 668, and 669 N1-412-07-065_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 223, 229, and 236 N1-412-07-022_SF115 07/21/2020
Remedial Site Files - Superfund Site-Specific (Schedule 014) N1-412-06-014_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substances Control Act Section 5 New Chemical Files (Schedule 261) N1-412-07-029_SF115 07/21/2020
Privacy Act Reports Files (Schedule 313) N1-412-07-013_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substances Control Act Section 6 Regulation of Hazardous Substances and Mixtures Files (Schedule 247) N1-412-07-031_SF115 07/21/2020
Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS) (Schedule 363) N1-412-07-047_SF115 07/21/2020
Travel Records (Schedule 028) N1-412-06-022_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 683, 692, 694, 695, and 696 N1-412-07-021_SF115 07/21/2020
Grant and Other Agreement Oversight Records (Schedule 183) N1-412-07-003_SF115 07/21/2020
Environmental Photographic Interpretation Center (EPIC) Aerial Photographs (Schedule 720) N1-412-06-004_SF115 07/21/2020
National Contaminant Occurrence Database (NCOD) (Schedule 436) N1-412-08-002_SF115 07/21/2020
Underground Injection Control Databases (Schedule 234) N1-412-06-031_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substances Control Act Section 21 Citizens Petitions (Schedule 260) N1-412-07-030_SF115 07/21/2020
Library Program Records (Schedule 548) N1-412-07-012_SF115 07/21/2020
Defense Communications Agency (DCA) Headquarters and Area Correspondence, 1960-65; Automatic Secure Voice Communications (AUTOSEVOCOM) System Project Management Files, 1970-72 N1-371-99-001_SF115 07/21/2020
Removal Records - Superfund Site-Specific (Schedule 013) N1-412-06-013_SF115 07/21/2020
Integrated Grants Management System (Schedule 009) N1-412-07-033_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substances Program Enforcement Records (Schedule 693) N1-412-07-015_SF115 07/21/2020
Administration Records - Superfund Site-Specific (Schedule 019) N1-412-06-016_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Section 12(b) Notice of Export Files and Administrative Tracking and Control Records (Schedules 292 and 295) N1-412-07-051_SF115 07/21/2020
Clean Air Markets Division Business System (CAMDBS) (Schedule 041) N1-412-05-008_SF115 07/21/2020
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Generators, Transporters, and Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TSD) Facilities Records (Schedule 478) N1-412-07-006_SF115 07/21/2020
Directives and Policy Guidance Documents Issued by Specific Programs and Regions (Schedule 007) N1-412-06-007_SF115 07/21/2020
Laboratory Approval and Analytical Method Development Supporting Direct Implementation of Drinking Water Regulations (Schedule 741) N1-412-08-005_SF115 07/21/2020
Pesticide Document Management System (PDMS), Registrant Registered Studies (Schedule 335) N1-412-07-042_SF115 07/21/2020
Information Collection Requests and Reports (Schedule 199) N1-412-07-024_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 219, 220, 222, 464, 489, 490, and 491 N1-412-07-060_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 101, 216, 217, 228, 237, 482, 483, 484, 486, and 498 N1-412-07-059_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 508, 509, 510, 519, 497, 525, 526, 527, 528, 529, 530, 531, 532, 081, 536, 190, 192, 193, 194, and 195 N1-412-07-068_SF115 07/21/2020
Correspondence Management System (CMS) (Schedule 077) N1-412-07-037_SF115 07/21/2020
Hazardous Waste Program Enforcement Records (Schedule 690) N1-412-07-019_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 015, 044, 048, 201, and 215 N1-412-07-055_SF115 07/21/2020
Newsroom Database (Schedule 537) N1-412-08-009_SF115 07/21/2020
Scientific Data Reviews (Schedule 361) N1-412-07-046_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substances Control Act Section 4 Chemical Test Program Results Records (Schedule 262) N1-412-07-028_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 290, 600, and 601 N1-412-07-064_SF115 07/21/2020
Program Development Files (Schedule 145) N1-412-06-029_SF115 07/21/2020
Media-Neutrality for Schedules 029, 105, 106, 134, 135, 149, 155, 204, 207, 294, 334, 461, and 518 N1-412-07-002_SF115 07/21/2020
Safe Drinking Water Accession and Review System (SDWARS) (Schedule 253) N1-412-08-001_SF115 07/21/2020
Mobile Source Program Enforcement Records (Schedule 691) N1-412-07-020_SF115 07/21/2020
Office of Research and Development Management Information System (OMIS) (Schedule 467) N1-412-06-021_SF115 07/21/2020
National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) Compliance Documentation (Schedule 399) N1-412-07-014_SF115 07/21/2020
Regulatory Impact Analyses Under Executive Order 12866 (Schedule 332) N1-412-07-011_SF115 07/21/2020
Air Facility System (AFS) (Schedule 743) N1-412-08-010_SF115 07/21/2020
Grants and Other Program Support Agreements - Superfund Site-Specific (Schedule 001) N1-412-06-012_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 157, 316, 317, 319, 320, 325, 327, 337, 350, 351, 354, 359, 362, and 365 N1-412-07-050_SF115 07/21/2020
Sampling and Analytical Data Files - Superfund Site-Specific (Schedule 018) N1-412-06-015_SF115 07/21/2020
Waste Water Construction and State Revolving Fund Grants Records (Schedule 232) N1-412-06-030_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substances Files (Schedule 227) N1-412-07-032_SF115 07/21/2020
Pesticides Records (Schedules 225, 226, and 227) N1-412-07-035_SF115 07/21/2020
Quality and Information Council Records (Schedule 188) N1-412-07-023_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 451, 452, 453, 454, 455, 456, 458, 460, 472, 499, 501, 502, 503, 504, 506, 507, and 586 N1-412-07-071_SF115 07/21/2020
Federal Docket Management System (FDMS) (Schedule 152) N1-412-06-024_SF115 07/21/2020
Public Hearings Files (Schedule 230) N1-412-08-004_SF115 07/21/2020
Pesticides Re-registration Eligibility Decision (RED) Case Files (Schedule 326) N1-412-07-041_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 656, 657, 674, 675, 676, 677, and 678 N1-412-07-053_SF115 07/21/2020
Media-Neutrality for Schedules 003, 006, 099, 127, 202, 249, 459, and 680 N1-412-06-006_SF115 07/21/2020
Pesticide Incident Data System (Schedule 352) N1-412-05-007_SF115 07/21/2020
Cost Recovery Records - Superfund Site-Specific (Schedule 024) N1-412-06-018_SF115 07/21/2020
Federal Agency Hazardous Waste Compliance Site Files (Schedule 012) N1-412-07-005_SF115 07/21/2020
Air Program Enforcement Records (Schedule 688) N1-412-07-017_SF115 07/21/2020
Water Quality Planning and Management Files, and Drinking Water Management and Direct Implementation Files (Schedules 213 and 214) N1-412-08-007_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 405, 411, 412, 414, 426, 428, 429, 434, 449, and 514 N1-412-07-058_SF115 07/21/2020
Pesticide Usage Survey Data and Documentation (Schedule 348) N1-412-07-044_SF115 07/21/2020
Publications and Promotional Items (Schedule 250) N1-412-06-009_SF115 07/21/2020
Training Materials (Schedule 200) N1-412-06-011_SF115 07/21/2020
Removal Records - Oil Site-Specific (Schedule 481) N1-412-07-008_SF115 07/21/2020
Communications and Distribution Strategy Files (Schedule 254); Regional Oversight and Coordination Files (Schedule 255) N1-412-07-010_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 100, 118, 554, 563, and 570 N1-412-07-062_SF115 07/21/2020
Final Deliverables and Reports (Schedule 258) N1-412-06-027_SF115 07/21/2020
Contract Management Records - Superfund Site-Specific (Schedule 020) N1-412-06-017_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substances Control Act Section 13 Imports Records (Schedule 248) N1-412-07-026_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Inventory Files (Schedule 371) N1-412-07-052_SF115 07/21/2020
Media Neutrality for Schedules 208, 322, and 347 N1-412-07-067_SF115 07/21/2020
Development and Enforcement of Air and Water Standards Records by States (Schedule 686) N1-412-07-016_SF115 07/21/2020
Crandon Mine Records (Schedule 442) N1-412-06-001_SF115 07/21/2020
Toxic Substance Control Act Biotechnology Files (Schedule 296) N1-412-01-006_SF115 07/20/2020
System for Risk Management Plans (SRMP) (Schedule 047) N1-412-05-002_SF115 07/20/2020
Signal Corps World War I Photo Listing NC1-111-79-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Information Collections Requests and Reports (Schedule 199) N1-412-03-004_SF115 07/20/2020
Signal Corps Publications Agency NC1-111-79-02_SF115 07/20/2020
Toxic Substance Control Act Section 13 Imports (Schedule 248) N1-412-01-012_SF115 07/20/2020
Security DAA-0412-2013-0001_SF115 07/20/2020
Emergency Planning Files N1-396-88-001_SF115 07/20/2020
International Travel Records (Schedule 392) N1-412-03-010_SF115 07/20/2020
Inspector General Management Assessment Reviews and Program Evaluations (Schedule 699) N1-412-02-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Cemetery Files NC1-410-84-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Records Relating to Cemeteries, 1963-1964 NC1-410-78-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Compliance Activity Tracking System (Schedule 235) N1-412-00-003_SF115 07/20/2020
Office of the Chief of Finance NC1-203-83-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Toxic Substance Control Act New Chemical Files (Schedule 261) N1-412-01-002_SF115 07/20/2020
MIT and Harvard University under Contract to OSRD (temporary) NC1-227-78-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Discrimination Complaints - External Records (Schedule 497) N1-412-03-021_SF115 07/20/2020
National Compliance Database (Pesticides) (Schedule 420) N1-412-03-003_SF115 07/20/2020
Toxic Substance Control Act Information and Reporting Files (Schedule 372) N1-412-01-005_SF115 07/20/2020
Office of Defense Mobilization NC1-304-82-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Inspector General Operations and Reporting Systems (IGOR) (Schedule 707) N1-412-04-002_SF115 07/20/2020
Export Notices of Unregistered Pesticides (Schedule 350) N1-412-02-004_SF115 07/20/2020
Federal Civil Defense Administration NC1-304-83-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Motion Picture Film N1-363-90-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Speeches and Articles, 1936-1963 NC1-363-77-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Records of the Bureau of Home Nutrition and Home Economics NC1-176-81-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Information and Technology Management DAA-0412-2013-0009_SF115 07/20/2020
Former Bureau of Home Economics Records NC1-176-85-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Government Accounting Office Contract Bid Protest Cases (Schedule 657) N1-412-01-014_SF115 07/20/2020
Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics NC1-176-84-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Child Resistant Packaging (CRP) Files (Schedule 323) N1-412-02-006_SF115 07/20/2020
Toxic Substance Control Act Section 6 Regulations of Hazardous Chemical Substances and Mixtures Files (Schedule 247) N1-412-01-011_SF115 07/20/2020
Dockets Records (Schedule 150) N1-412-04-004_SF115 07/20/2020
Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks NC1-042-76-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Toxics Release Inventory System (TRI) (Schedule 153) N1-412-04-011_SF115 07/20/2020
Risk-Management Plans (RMP) Implementation Records (Schedule 044) N1-412-05-003_SF115 07/20/2020
Toxic Substance Control Act Citizens Petitions (Schedule 260) N1-412-01-007_SF115 07/20/2020
Certification Records (Schedule 482) N1-412-02-009_SF115 07/20/2020
Scientific Research Project Files Related to Basic, Exploratory Research (Schedule 503) N1-412-04-007_SF115 07/20/2020
Integrated Risk Information System and IRIS Documentation Files (Schedules 460 and 468) N1-412-01-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Grant and Other Agreement Oversight Records (Schedule 183) N1-412-03-008_SF115 07/20/2020
Chemical Reviews Records (Schedule 157) N1-412-05-006_SF115 07/20/2020
Central Data Exchange (CDX) System (Schedule 097) N1-412-03-017_SF115 07/20/2020
Toxic Substance Control Act Administrative Tracking and Control Records (Schedule 295) N1-412-01-010_SF115 07/20/2020
Merit Selection Files N1-411-88-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Agricultural Research Service (ARS) N1-176-87-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Explosives Research Laboratory NC1-227-77-01_SF115 07/20/2020
General Administration Files NC1-279-78-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Manuscripts Copies and Indexes NC1-279-79-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) (Schedule 027) N1-412-05-005_SF115 07/20/2020
Office of Inspector General Investigative Case Files (Schedule 698) N1-412-01-009_SF115 07/20/2020
Environmental Data Registry (EDR) (Schedule 096) N1-412-03-007_SF115 07/20/2020
Certification and Fuel Economy Information System (CFEIS) (Schedule 485) N1-412-02-008_SF115 07/20/2020
Legal Support Services Branch Case Files N1-411-89-002_SF115 07/20/2020
Scientific Research Project Files Related to Rulemaking (Schedule 501) N1-412-04-006_SF115 07/20/2020
Historical Records, 1897-1947 N1-411-99-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Directives Records N1-411-95-002_SF115 07/20/2020
Facility Registry System (FRS) (Schedule 079) N1-412-03-016_SF115 07/20/2020
Office of Price Stablization Records, 1951-1955 N1-295-91-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Action Case Files, General Subject Files, and Closed Litigation Case Files NC1-295-82-02_SF115 07/20/2020
Miscellaneous Administrative and Program Records NC1-371-81-03_SF115 07/20/2020
Miscellaneous Records of the Office of Price Stabilization NC1-295-82-03_SF115 07/20/2020
Divisions and Branches Operations Files and Industry Accounting Survey Files, 1951-1953 NC1-295-82-01_SF115 07/20/2020
190 50 Web 2.0 Social Media Program Records DAA-0361-2013-0006_SF115 07/20/2020
Environmental Information Management System (EIMS) (Schedule 469) N1-412-04-009_SF115 07/20/2020
Records of the Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry NC1-097-76-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Aerial Photographs (Schedule 720) N1-412-01-004_SF115 07/20/2020
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide (FIFRA)/Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Tracking System (Schedule 421) N1-412-03-002_SF115 07/20/2020
Section Seven Tracking System (Schedule 264) N1-412-02-003_SF115 07/20/2020
Child Care Tuition Assistance Program Records (Schedule 118) N1-412-04-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Office of Civil Defense/Climatological Fallout N1-397-91-002_SF115 07/20/2020
Schedules of Daily Activities for HIgh Level Officials N1-411-90-006_SF115 07/20/2020
Confidential Business Information (CBI) Access Records (Schedule 624) N1-412-03-020_SF115 07/20/2020
Architectural Records - Blueprint Drawings N1-411-90-010_SF115 07/20/2020
Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Fraud Hotline Records N1-411-91-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Directives Records, 1940-69 N1-411-91-002_SF115 07/20/2020
Board of Contract Appeals Cases (Schedule 656) N1-412-01-013_SF115 07/20/2020
Cost Recovery Records (Schedule 024) N1-412-03-011_SF115 07/20/2020
Environmental Impact Assessments of Nongovermental Activities in Antarctica (Schedule 131) N1-412-04-010_SF115 07/20/2020
Time and Attendance Report Files N1-411-95-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Envirofacts (Schedule 098) N1-412-00-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Adjutant General Center NC1-092-78-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Railroad and Airline Wage Board (RAWB) Records NC1-293-81-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Safe Drinking Water Information System (Schedule 413) N1-412-03-006_SF115 07/20/2020
Information Quality Guideline (IQG) Case Files - Requests for Correction and Reconsideration (Schedule 147) N1-412-05-004_SF115 07/20/2020
Toxic Substance Control Act Chemical Test Program Results (Schedule 262) N1-412-01-008_SF115 07/20/2020
Program Development Files (Schedule 145) N1-412-04-005_SF115 07/20/2020
Railroad and Airline Wage and Salary Board Stabilization Records NC1-293-81-05_SF115 07/20/2020
National Enforcement Commission Files NC1-293-82-02_SF115 07/20/2020
Electronic Forms System (Schedule 004) N1-412-02-007_SF115 07/20/2020
WNRC Project - Civil and Defense Mobilization N1-304-92-001_SF115 07/20/2020
State and City Files; Organization and Conference Files; Administrative and Policy Files; Government Files N1-379-91-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Office of Salary Stabilization Records NC1-293-81-03_SF115 07/20/2020
Wage and Salary Stabilization Boards of the Economic Stabilization Agency Records, 1951-1953 NC1-293-82-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Construction Industry Stabilization Commission (CISC) Files NC1-293-81-02_SF115 07/20/2020
Washington National Record Center (WNRC Project) - Economic Stabilization Agency N1-293-90-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Region 1/Disaster Relief & Civilization N1-304-91-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Records of the Wage and Salary Stabilization Boards of the Economic Stabilization Agency NC1-293-81-04_SF115 07/20/2020
Miscellaneous Records at the WNRC NC1-092-79-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Instrument Logbooks (Schedule 502) N1-412-03-018_SF115 07/20/2020
Geographical Series of the Central Decimal Files of the Office of the Quartermaster General, 1955-61 NC1-092-79-02_SF115 07/20/2020
Plants and Works Creating Records Maintained at National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) N1-156-86-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Miscellaneous Records at the WNRC NC1-092-79-03_SF115 07/20/2020
Office of the Chief of Ordnance NC1-156-85-01_SF115 07/20/2020
World War II Prisoner of War (POW) and Civilian Internee Records, 1941-47 N1-389-89-001_SF115 07/20/2020
National Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Information System (Schedule 257) N1-412-04-008_SF115 07/20/2020
Civilian Perversion Case Files: 1950-1952 NC1-389-77-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Individual Name Correspondence Files NC1-407-79-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Washington National Records Center Project (Bureau of Employment Security) N1-183-91-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Administrators' and Deputy Administrators' Speeches Databases (Schedule 537) N1-412-03-009_SF115 07/20/2020
Bureau of Employment Security Records in Washington National Record Center (WNRC) N1-183-03-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Medical Records, 1867-1926 NC1-405-77-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Abstracts of Burials in Communes, ca. 1917-1921 N1-092-86-001_SF115 07/20/2020
Fiscal Aspects of the Army's Operation of Montgomery Ward and Company - 1944-1946 NC1-160-85-01_SF115 07/20/2020
Grants Information and Control System (Schedule 575) N1-412-00-004_SF115 07/20/2020
Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Test Method Evaluation Records (Schedule 339) N1-412-04-013_SF115 07/20/2020
Inspector General Hotline Files (Schedule 703) N1-412-02-002_SF115 07/20/2020
Toxic Substances Control Act Test Submissions (TSCATS) (Schedule 373) N1-412-03-014_SF115 07/20/2020
Emissions Inventory System (Schedule 261) N1-412-01-003_SF115 07/20/2020
Imported Nonconforming Motor Vehicle Case Files (Schedule 101) N1-412-00-007_SF115 07/20/2020
Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) Records (Schedule 015) N1-412-04-003_SF115 07/20/2020
Treaty Negotiation Files DAA-0059-2020-0001_SF115 07/17/2020
Records of St. Elizabeths Hospital DAA-0418-2017-0001_SF115 07/17/2020
Washington National Record Center (WNRC Project - Apprenticeship & Training) (Labor) N1-300-90-001_SF115 07/17/2020
Statistics; Subject Files; State Agency files; Foreign Trainee Files, 1941-53 NC1-300-83-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Telecommunication Allocations and Configurations Records NC-371-75-002_SF115 07/17/2020
Correspondence, 1945-61; Land Acquisition, 1789-1958; Forms and Reference Files, 1945-56; Publications, Atomic Bomb attacks on Japan, Camouflage Files, 1943-63 N1-071-88-001_SF115 07/17/2020
Records Relating to Contractors, Pacific Naval Air Bases, 1941-1955 NC1-071-79-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Bureau of Supplies and Accounts Records Maintained in Naval Supply Systems Command, 1942-82 N1-143-86-001_SF115 07/17/2020
Claims Files and Policy Files of the Flood Insurace and Crime Insurance Programs NC1-311-82-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Correspondence, Subject, Case Files, Project Files, Publications, and Reports, 1893-1967 NC1-143-85-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Performance Partnership Agreements (PPAs) and Cooperative Agreements (CA) Records N1-311-99-004_SF115 07/17/2020
Records of the War Ballot Office; 1944-1946 NC1-080-79-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Navy Photographic Center/Crossroads Photography N1-080-89-001_SF115 07/17/2020
Sales Contracts for Disposal of Combatant Vessel, Aircraft, Hazardous and Scrap Property DAA-0361-2017-0005_SF115 07/17/2020
Small Arms Control File (Active/Inactive) DAA-0361-2017-0003_SF115 07/17/2020
Submarine and Surface Ship Photographs, 1960-1965 N1-384-90-001_SF115 07/17/2020
Change 6 to Defense Communications Agency Instructions NC-371-76-005_SF115 07/17/2020
ADA Programming Language Files, FY 1983-98 N1-371-02-007_SF115 07/17/2020
Administrative Services and Assorted Communication Functions Records NC-371-75-003_SF115 07/17/2020
Comprehensive Program and Budget Records NC-174-000218_SF115 07/17/2020
Electronic Information System (EIS) - Distribution Standard System (DSS) DAA-0361-2017-0012_SF115 07/17/2020
Non-NSS Test Plans and Reports DAA-0371-2014-0016_SF115 07/17/2020
Records of the Philippine War Damage Commission (PWDC) N1-268-88-001_SF115 07/17/2020
Central Correspondence Files (1947-1950) NC1-268-77-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Planning and Developing Engineering Guidelines NC-174-000113_SF115 07/17/2020
Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIRS) Criminal Incidents/Investigations, Hotline Program, and Contract Fraud Case Files N1-361-08-003_SF115 07/17/2020
Office of Political Affairs - Travel Control Division - Passport Control and Security Sections Files N1-466-91-002_SF115 07/17/2020
Host-Nation Agreement Files NC-174-000180_SF115 07/17/2020
Civilian and Military Personnel Statistics NC-371-75-001_SF115 07/17/2020
DLA Energy Records DAA-0361-2015-0004_SF115 07/17/2020
240.28 - Defense Information System for Security (DISS) DAA-0361-2014-0014_SF115 07/17/2020
Model Installation Program (MIP) Records N1-361-86-003_SF115 07/17/2020
Storage Facility Program, Defense Materials and Equipment, DNSC Disposal Program, and Grant Records N1-361-89-002_SF115 07/17/2020
157.55 Firearms Registration DAA-0361-2014-0003_SF115 07/17/2020
Washington National Record Center (WNRC Project) - Neighborhood Youth Corps (Labor) N1-390-90-001_SF115 07/17/2020
Fraud and Irregularities N1-361-86-005_SF115 07/17/2020
Office of Inspector General Audit and Investigation Case Files N1-311-99-006_SF115 07/17/2020
Still Photography and Mission Activities Photographs N1-311-06-002_SF115 07/17/2020
240 45 Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) DAA-0361-2013-0002_SF115 07/17/2020
831.25 Contracting Officer File DAA-0361-2014-0001_SF115 07/17/2020
Contract Case Files N1-361-86-001_SF115 07/17/2020
240.35 Equipment Management and Control System (EMACS) DAA-0361-2013-0011_SF115 07/17/2020
Interagency Agreements, and Administrative Management Regulations NC1-380-82-01_SF115 07/17/2020
National Flood Insurance Claims Files and Related Records, 1976 and Earlier NC1-311-83-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Military Clothing Database N1-361-06-001_SF115 07/17/2020
Program Docket Books DAA-0299-2018-0001_SF115 07/17/2020
Installation Services Records N1-361-90-001_SF115 07/17/2020
Electronic Information System (EIS) - Fuels Manager Defense (FMD) DAA-0361-2017-0011_SF115 07/17/2020
Internal Control Program Files N1-361-86-004_SF115 07/17/2020
Automated Data and Telecommunications; Planning and Management; Quality Assurance; Transportation Policy; Securlty Program; Protective Servlces; and Public Affairs Records N1-361-88-002_SF115 07/17/2020
Electronic Copies of Payroll Preparation and Processing Records N1-311-99-003_SF115 07/17/2020
283 20 Disposition of Unclassified DoD Computer Hard Drives DAA-0361-2013-0009_SF115 07/17/2020
110.36c Schedule of Daily Activities - High Level Management Officials DAA-0361-2014-0008_SF115 07/17/2020
Master Files and Processing Files for Automated Information Systems N1-361-89-005_SF115 07/17/2020
Documents of the Displaced Persons Commission (RG 278) NC1-278-76-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Plans for Alaska Public Works Projects NC1-126-82-05_SF115 07/17/2020
Department of Transportation (DOT) Library NC1-030-80-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Alaska Public Works Files, 1950-1959 NC1-126-82-10_SF115 07/17/2020
Department of Transportation (DOT) Library NC1-030-80-02_SF115 07/17/2020
Portions of the Public Works Project Files NC1-126-82-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, Bureau of Public Roads NC1-030-83-01_SF115 07/17/2020
212.90 Strategic Network Optimization (SNO) Files DAA-0361-2013-0007_SF115 07/17/2020
Headquarters Electronic Request Service (HERS) Records N1-361-03-001_SF115 07/17/2020
Office and Administrative Records DAA-0361-2015-0005_SF115 07/17/2020
Alaska Public Works Project Files NC1-126-82-09_SF115 07/17/2020
Comprehensive Records of the Office of Defense Transportation, 1942-1945 NC1-219-78-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Project Files and Administrative Correspondence Files NC1-126-82-07_SF115 07/17/2020
Draft Correspondence/ Public Works Files NC1-126-82-03_SF115 07/17/2020
Criminal Incident/Investigations Files N1-361-89-003_SF115 07/17/2020
Alaska Public Works Project Plans and Blueprints, 1950-1959 NC1-126-82-06_SF115 07/17/2020
Island Trading Company of Micronesia, 1946-1948 N1-126-86-001_SF115 07/17/2020
Electronic Document Access System (EDA) DAA-0361-2014-0006_SF115 07/17/2020
Payroll Vouchers/ Status Reports/ Accounting Reports NC1-126-82-02_SF115 07/17/2020
Miscellaneous Records Found to be Disposable NC1-126-81-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Alaska Public Works Project Files NC1-126-82-08_SF115 07/17/2020
Alaska Public Works Files, 1950-1959 NC1-126-82-04_SF115 07/17/2020
157 76 Routine Surveillance Recordings DAA-0361-2013-0003_SF115 07/17/2020
Descriptions of Records of the Bureau of Aeronautics Dating Through 1959 NC1-072-84-01_SF115 07/17/2020
Hazardous Property Sales Contracts; Hazardous Waste Service Contracts N1-361-86-002_SF115 07/17/2020
610.25 Property Demilitarization DAA-0361-2014-0002_SF115 07/17/2020
Aerial Photography, ca. 1956 NC1-145-80-01_SF115 07/16/2020
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) Administrative Records NC1-145-79-01_SF115 07/16/2020
Handbooks/Directives and Notices DAA-0145-2015-0005_SF115 07/16/2020
County Committee Elections DAA-0145-2016-0004_SF115 07/16/2020
International Affairs Files N1-311-04-002_SF115 07/16/2020
Alternative Dispute and Resolution (ADR) Case Files N1-311-02-004_SF115 07/16/2020
Year 2000 (Y2K) Conversion Records N1-311-01-005_SF115 07/16/2020
Radiological Defense Program Database (RADPRO) N1-311-92-007_SF115 07/16/2020
External Committees and Conference Files N1-311-97-002_SF115 07/16/2020
Legislative Files N1-311-01-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Renegotiation Case Files NC1-308-78-01_SF115 07/16/2020
National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Admission Applications and Student Stipend Agreements N1-311-88-002_SF115 07/16/2020
Summer Shelter Survey Program Records N1-311-89-001_SF115 07/16/2020
National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Admission Applications and Transcripts N1-311-08-002_SF115 07/16/2020
Office of the Inspector General Case Files N1-145-00-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS), State and County Offices Records NC1-145-81-05_SF115 07/16/2020
Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Records N1-145-87-002_SF115 07/16/2020
Control and Accounting of Checks Records N1-145-90-004_SF115 07/16/2020
Organic Certification Cost Share Program Records DAA-0145-2017-0001_SF115 07/16/2020
Color 35 mm Slides Used to Assure Compliance to Agricultural Regulations NC1-145-80-02_SF115 07/16/2020
Rural Environmental Programs and Defense Activities Records NC1-145-79-02_SF115 07/16/2020
National Fire Academy Board of Visitors Files, Meeting Minutes and Working Papers N1-311-90-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Report Files and History Program Files N1-311-92-005_SF115 07/16/2020
Hazard Mitigation Grant and Technical Assistance Records N1-311-01-007_SF115 07/16/2020
Budget Files N1-311-01-003_SF115 07/16/2020
Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities Records N1-311-12-001_SF115 07/16/2020
U.S. Fire Administration, Office of General Counsel, and Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant Records, 1985-89 N1-311-90-003_SF115 07/16/2020
U.S. Fire Administration Grant Files N1-311-95-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-311-86-001_SF115 07/16/2020
National Disaster Medical System Patient and Veterinary Care Files N1-311-04-003_SF115 07/16/2020
Flood Hazard Case Files N1-311-01-002_SF115 07/16/2020
National Flood Insurance Program Records N1-311-02-001_SF115 07/16/2020
National Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Response System Records N1-311-99-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Informal Legal Opinion Records N1-311-10-002_SF115 07/16/2020
Information Files and Speeches N1-311-90-002_SF115 07/16/2020
Capability and Hazard Identification Program (CHIP) Database N1-311-92-006_SF115 07/16/2020
Special Collections of Historically Significant Events Records N1-311-04-005_SF115 07/16/2020
Non-Disaster Related Assistance Grants Records N1-311-01-008_SF115 07/16/2020
International and Other Agreements N1-311-02-003_SF115 07/16/2020
Electronic Grant Files N1-311-04-001_SF115 07/16/2020
National Performance Review (NPR) and Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) Records N1-311-01-004_SF115 07/16/2020
National Shelter Survey Program Database N1-311-92-011_SF115 07/16/2020
National Emergency Training Center (NETC) Planning and Opening Records N1-311-92-002_SF115 07/16/2020
Legal Affairs DAA-0145-2015-0015_SF115 07/16/2020
State and County Office Automation Project (SCOAP) Software/ File Releases/Transmittals Case Files N1-145-91-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Issuance of and Accounting for Checks or Certificates Records N1-145-90-002_SF115 07/16/2020
Appeals and Litigation Group Case Files N1-145-02-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Administration and Financial Applications Office (AFAO) Check Writing System N1-145-11-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Control and Accounting for Sight Drafts Records NC1-145-81-03_SF115 07/16/2020
Forestry Incentive Program/Forest Land Enhancement Program DAA-0145-2016-0016_SF115 07/16/2020
Geospatial Information (Aerial Photography) DAA-0145-2017-0020_SF115 07/16/2020
Settled and Small Tax Case Files NC1-308-81-01_SF115 07/16/2020
Emergency Programs for Disaster Assistance N1-145-05-002_SF115 07/16/2020
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) Records N1-145-90-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Tax Court Records NC-308-76-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Court Dockets N1-308-92-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Docket Records NC1-308-79-01_SF115 07/16/2020
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) Records N1-145-98-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS), County Offices, Pre-1960 Employment Case Files NC1-145-77-01_SF115 07/16/2020
Meeting Minutes for State, County and Community Committee Meetings NC1-145-81-02_SF115 07/16/2020
Small Tax Case Files NC-174-000121_SF115 07/16/2020
Claim Records for FSA and CCC DAA-0145-2016-0015_SF115 07/16/2020
Office of the Clerk of the Court Records NC1-308-77-01_SF115 07/16/2020
Settled and Dismissed Case Files NC-174-000116_SF115 07/16/2020
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-308-97-001_SF115 07/16/2020
Records of Infrastructure Maintenance, Support, and Security DAA-0434-2015-0007_SF115 07/15/2020
Unclaimed Volunteer Vital Records for Peace Corps Passport Applications DAA-0490-2020-0001_SF115 07/15/2020
Banknote Equipment Manufacturer Support Division Records DAA-0318-2020-0002_SF115 07/15/2020
Operation Reports, Determinations, Review & Deconfliction Records DAA-0567-2016-0004_SF115 07/15/2020
Livestock Mandatory Price Reporting System (LMPRS) Records N1-136-06-003_SF115 07/15/2020
Inspection Records NN-174-000070_SF115 07/15/2020
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Products Standards Staff/Labels and Packaging Staff Records NC-136-76-002_SF115 07/15/2020
Packers and Stockyards Administration (P&SA) Records NN-174-000069_SF115 07/15/2020
Meat and Poultry Inspection Program Records NC-136-75-003_SF115 07/15/2020
Dairy Grading and Standardization Records NC1-136-85-01_SF115 07/15/2020
Management Information System (MIS) Records N1-136-06-007_SF115 07/15/2020
Office of Transportation Records NC1-136-81-01_SF115 07/15/2020
Poultry Division, Grading Branch Records NC-136-75-007_SF115 07/15/2020
Training Information Portal (TRIP) DAA-0512-2017-0004_SF115 07/15/2020
Packers and Stockyards Program, Litigation Case Files NC1-136-79-02_SF115 07/15/2020
Veritas Enterprise Vault (EMAIL) N1-136-06-005_SF115 07/15/2020
Meat and Poultry Inspection Program, Forms and Reports NC1-136-76-03_SF115 07/15/2020
Poultry and Poultry Products Trade Label Records NC-136-75-005_SF115 07/15/2020
Science and Technology Program Records N1-136-10-002_SF115 07/15/2020
Poultry Division, Inspection Branch, Shell Egg Surveillance Records NC-174-000138_SF115 07/15/2020
Shell Eggs and Egg Products Labels Case Files NC1-136-77-02_SF115 07/15/2020
Federal Grain and Inspection Service (FGIS) Directive and Docket Files N1-136-86-001_SF115 07/15/2020
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Labor Relations Records NC-136-75-001_SF115 07/15/2020
Poultry Grading Certificates and Related Records N1-136-94-002_SF115 07/15/2020
Packers and Stockyards Administration (P&SA) Records NC1-136-83-01_SF115 07/15/2020
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development System (OECD) Records N1-136-06-004_SF115 07/15/2020
Speed Regulatory and Testing Information System (SRTIS) Records N1-136-06-013_SF115 07/15/2020
Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Websites N1-136-10-001_SF115 07/15/2020
Meat and Poultry Inspection Program, Forms and Reports NC-136-76-003_SF115 07/15/2020
Dairy Division, Order Enforcement Branch Records NC-136-75-004_SF115 07/15/2020
Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration Licensing and Investigation Files N1-136-98-001_SF115 07/15/2020
Shipping Point Inspection Certificates and Worksheets NC-174-000223_SF115 07/15/2020
Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS) Program Administration Files NC1-136-82-01_SF115 07/15/2020
Market News Information System (MNIS) Records N1-136-06-008_SF115 07/15/2020
Market Research and Development Division Records NC1-136-81-02_SF115 07/15/2020
Fruit and Vegetable Division Records NC1-136-80-01_SF115 07/15/2020
Plant Variety and Protection Office (PVPO) Records N1-136-06-006_SF115 07/15/2020
Meat and Poultry Inspection Program, Forms and Reports NC-136-75-006_SF115 07/15/2020
Agricultural Marketing Service Records NC1-136-79-01_SF115 07/15/2020
Agricultural Research Service, Market Quality Research Division, Line Project Files, 1953-64 N1-136-86-002_SF115 07/15/2020
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Records Management Section, Forms and Reports Records NC-136-76-001_SF115 07/15/2020
Administrative Management, Poultry and Commodity Procurement Records NC1-136-83-02_SF115 07/15/2020
Fruit, Vegetable and Science Division Case Files N1-136-96-001_SF115 07/15/2020
Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Special Projects, Organizational Records NC1-116-84-05_SF115 07/15/2020
Fresh Electronic Inspection Resource/Reporting System (FEIRS) N1-136-05-003_SF115 07/14/2020
Billing and Inspection Information System (BIIS) N1-136-05-004_SF115 07/14/2020
Lab Works ES Information System (LIMS) N1-136-05-008_SF115 07/14/2020
Poultry Grading Information System (PGIS) N1-136-06-001_SF115 07/14/2020
Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) Database N1-136-05-001_SF115 07/14/2020
Pesticide Data Program Database (PDP) N1-136-05-007_SF115 07/14/2020
Shell Egg Surveillance Information System (SESIS) N1-136-06-002_SF115 07/14/2020
Office of Court Reporting and Interpreting Services Records NC1-116-84-04_SF115 07/14/2020
Cooperative Forestry Assistance Reviews N1-095-87-011_SF115 07/14/2020
Office of General Counsel, Legal Opinion Subject Files and Files Documenting Lawsuits NC1-116-85-07_SF115 07/14/2020
Office of Management Review Records NC1-116-84-02_SF115 07/14/2020
Personnel Division, Service Record Cards NC1-116-85-01_SF115 07/14/2020
Machine-readable Court Case Files, Trial Files, and Payroll Master Files NC1-116-82-01_SF115 07/14/2020
Probation Division Records NC1-116-85-06_SF115 07/14/2020
Administrative Services Division, Property Disposal Case Files and Health Unit Records NC1-116-85-02_SF115 07/14/2020
Regional Office Records Dated June 30, 1945 and Earlier/Regional Office Records Dated July 2, 1946 Through June 30, 1959 N1-095-94-001_SF115 07/14/2020
Systems Management Records N1-095-87-006_SF115 07/14/2020
Policy and Direction on Pesticide Use Records N1-095-87-020_SF115 07/13/2020
7000 Engineering File Series NC1-095-81-04_SF115 07/13/2020
Timber Management Staff Plans and Studies N1-095-87-010_SF115 07/13/2020
ADVENT Printouts N1-095-86-006_SF115 07/13/2020
Research Programs Records N1-095-12-001_SF115 07/13/2020
Annual Forestry Plans of Work NC1-095-85-04_SF115 07/13/2020
Cooperative Watershed Records NC1-095-83-09_SF115 07/13/2020
Appellate Information Management System (AIMS) Records N1-116-96-004_SF115 07/13/2020
Judge's Official Personnel Files (OPF) N1-116-02-001_SF115 07/13/2020
National Forest Supervisor's Office Records dated July 1, 1946 through June 30, 1959 N1-095-96-002_SF115 07/13/2020
Various Records in the 2200 File Series NC1-095-81-05_SF115 07/13/2020
Energy Mangement and Research Programs for Forest Products as Energy Sources N1-095-87-017_SF115 07/13/2020
Special Interest Areas (Recreation) Records NC1-095-81-03_SF115 07/13/2020
Site Plans for Publicly Managed Recreation Sites and Visitor Information Sites N1-095-94-002_SF115 07/13/2020
Courtran Computer Output Microfiche, 1978-93 N1-116-96-006_SF115 07/13/2020
Economic and Social Analysis Records N1-095-87-004_SF115 07/13/2020
Civil/Criminal Integrated Case Management System and Jury Modernizaton System Records N1-116-96-002_SF115 07/13/2020
Federal Judiciary Appelate and District Courts, Attorney Admission and Disbarment, Circuit Judicial Conference, and Appellate Judicial Assignment and Designation Records N1-116-00-001_SF115 07/13/2020
Miscellaneous Program and Administrative Files N1-116-90-003_SF115 07/13/2020
7490 File Series Sanitiation Standards for Food Including Permits, Licenses, and Inspections NC1-095-81-07_SF115 07/13/2020
Appeals and Litigation Records NC1-095-85-03_SF115 07/13/2020
General Counsel Legal Precedent Subject Files, Tort Claims Files, and Citizens and Prisoners Correspondence Files N1-116-02-002_SF115 07/13/2020
Defense and Emergency Operations Records NC1-095-83-05_SF115 07/13/2020
Corrections and Supervision Division Systems N1-116-96-005_SF115 07/13/2020
Watershed Records N1-095-87-016_SF115 07/13/2020
Statistical Division Systems Records N1-116-96-001_SF115 07/13/2020
Research Programs Records N1-095-12-003_SF115 07/13/2020
Special Collection of Probation Case Files for Former Inmates of Alcatraz N1-116-00-002_SF115 07/13/2020
Grants and Agreements Records NC1-095-81-02_SF115 07/13/2020
Board of Certification Records, 1971-89 N1-116-90-001_SF115 07/13/2020
Financial Analysis for Non Successful Bidders N1-095-90-001_SF115 07/13/2020
Interdepartmental Agreement Working Papers N1-095-87-015_SF115 07/13/2020
Proceeds From Lands or Resources of Lands Withdrawn for Native Selection NC1-095-81-09_SF115 07/13/2020
Research Facilities and Areas Records N1-095-12-002_SF115 07/13/2020
Land Adjustment Records NC1-095-82-14_SF115 07/13/2020
New Series and Revsions to Existing Series N1-095-10-010_SF115 07/13/2020
Range Management Ecosystem, Classification, Interpretation, and Application Records N1-095-87-012_SF115 07/13/2020
Special Use Permits Case Files N1-095-93-001_SF115 07/13/2020
1900 Series Planning for the Washington Office and Field Units NC1-095-81-06_SF115 07/13/2020
5000, 6000, and 7000 File Series N1-095-10-008_SF115 07/09/2020
Washington Office Correspondence N1-095-05-003_SF115 07/09/2020
New 5000, 6000, and 7000 File Series N1-095-10-007_SF115 07/09/2020
New Items in 1000, 2000, and 3000 File Series N1-095-10-003_SF115 07/09/2020
Base Medical Stock Record Accounts NN-173-000342_SF115 07/09/2020
Revisions to 1000, 2000, and 3000 File Series N1-095-10-006_SF115 07/09/2020
Revisions to 1000, 2000, and 3000 File Series N1-095-10-002_SF115 07/09/2020
Revisions to Permanent 1000, 2000, and 3000 File Series N1-095-10-005_SF115 07/09/2020
Revisions to 5000, 6000, and 7000 File Series N1-095-10-009_SF115 07/09/2020
Revisions to Temporary 1000, 2000, and 3000 File Series N1-095-10-004_SF115 07/09/2020
Disaster and Emergency Operations, Homeland Security DAA-0095-2014-0003_SF115 07/08/2020
Management and Conservation of Land Records NN-173-000316_SF115 07/08/2020
Marine Masters Operation and Maintenance Logs NN-174-000009_SF115 07/08/2020
Decorations to Individuals (Military and Civilian) NC1-AFU-85-037_SF115 07/08/2020
Family Housing Survey and Programming Records NN-173-000344_SF115 07/08/2020
Intern and Resident Training Records NN-173-000343_SF115 07/08/2020
Foreign Miltary Sales Billing Documentation NN-174-000046_SF115 07/08/2020
Joint Uniform Military Pay Systems (JUMPS) Documentation Accumulated at Base Level NN-174-000059_SF115 07/08/2020
PCAM Accounts Control Records NN-174-000081_SF115 07/08/2020
Veterinary Food Inspection Stamp Records NN-174-000071_SF115 07/08/2020
Joint Travel Documentation NC1-AFU-85-036_SF115 07/08/2020
Motor Vehicle Records NN-173-000244_SF115 07/08/2020
Command Control and Communications Programs Background Source and Feeder Material NC1-AFU-82-058_SF115 07/08/2020
Commissary Selection Committee Records NN-174-000035_SF115 07/08/2020
Status Reports of Systems Circuits and Equipment NN-173-000242_SF115 07/08/2020
Nuclear Weapons Movement Off-Base NC1-AFU-85-034_SF115 07/08/2020
Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Evaporative Cooling and Mechanical Ventilation Records NC1-AFU-85-027_SF115 07/08/2020
Claims Records NN-173-000338_SF115 07/08/2020
Communications Security (COMSEC) Systems and Accountability Records NN-173-000319_SF115 07/08/2020
Hospital Incidents or Unusual Occurrences NN-173-000348_SF115 07/08/2020
Laws, Regulations and Orders DAA-0095-2018-0001_SF115 07/08/2020
Tissue and Cytology Examination Records NC1-AFU-85-030_SF115 07/08/2020
PRIME BEEF (PB-Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force) Records NC1-AFU-85-035_SF115 07/08/2020
Applicants to Service Academy/ROTC Scholarship Program/Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences NC1-AFU-85-038_SF115 07/08/2020
Congressional Budget Hearing Documentation NN-173-000340_SF115 07/08/2020
Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Records NC1-AFU-85-029_SF115 07/08/2020
Signature and Tally Records, REPSHIP Messages and Tracer Actions on Classified or Sensitive Materials NN-174-000047_SF115 07/08/2020
Communications Security (COMSEC) Education Program (CSEP) Records NN-174-000050_SF115 07/08/2020
Personnel Action Forms NC1-AFU-85-032_SF115 07/08/2020
Operating Room Schedules NN-173-000345_SF115 07/08/2020
Claims Records NN-173-000331_SF115 07/08/2020
Master Military Personnel Records NN-174-000042_SF115 07/08/2020
Personal Property Movement and Storage Records NN-173-000312_SF115 07/08/2020
Military Airlift Cargo and Passenger Scheduling Records NN-173-000311_SF115 07/08/2020
Armed Forces Courier Service (ARFCOS) Authorization Records NC1-AFU-85-041_SF115 07/08/2020
Staff Meetings and Conferences Records NN-173-000327_SF115 07/08/2020
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Control Case Files NN-174-000004_SF115 07/08/2020
Weapons System Pouch (WSP) Service Records NN-174-000080_SF115 07/08/2020
Office of the Secretary Files DAA-0358-2017-0007_SF115 07/07/2020
Service Number Register Files, 1947-69 NC1-AFU-84-009_SF115 07/07/2020
Fort Crook Medical Records, 1906-08, 1922-34, and 1938-45 NC1-AFU-84-028_SF115 07/07/2020
General Officer Promotion Records NC1-AFU-84-008_SF115 07/07/2020
Digest Files on Officers NC1-AFU-83-082_SF115 07/07/2020
Financial Audits and Reviews of Private Organizations NC1-AFU-83-093_SF115 07/07/2020
Recruiting Enlistment Case Files, Market Surveys, and Commissioning Case Files NC1-AFU-85-007_SF115 07/07/2020
Review Board Corrections of Military Records of Officers and Airmen NC1-AFU-84-019_SF115 07/07/2020
Air War College Materials Used in Formal Training NC1-AFU-83-055_SF115 07/07/2020
Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Specialized Crime Reports and Studies NC1-AFU-83-049_SF115 07/07/2020
Environmental Planning Records NC1-AFU-83-050_SF115 07/07/2020
Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC) Tool/Equipment Control and Accountability Program NC1-AFU-83-052_SF115 07/07/2020
International Flight Plan Form 1801 NC1-AFU-83-053_SF115 07/07/2020
Manpower Standards Application and Reapplication Records NC1-AFU-83-054_SF115 07/07/2020
Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) Decertification Action Records NC1-AFU-84-010_SF115 07/07/2020
Equipment Maintenance Records NC1-AFU-83-057_SF115 07/07/2020
Commercial Services - Financial Documentation Cancelled Commitments and Obligations NC1-AFU-84-035_SF115 07/07/2020
Ground Weapons Training and Maintenance Records NC1-AFU-83-059_SF115 07/07/2020
Applicants to Service Academy/ROTC Scholarship Program/Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences NC1-AFU-83-060_SF115 07/07/2020
Personnel Radiation Exposure Documentation NC1-AFU-83-061_SF115 07/07/2020
Nuclear Ordnance Shipping Schedules (NOSS) NC1-AFU-83-081_SF115 07/07/2020
Commercial Activities Cost Comparison Studies NC1-AFU-83-062_SF115 07/07/2020
General Correspondence (Permanent) NC1-AFU-85-020_SF115 07/07/2020
Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) at Base Level Management Cases and Permanent Change of Station NC1-AFU-83-103_SF115 07/07/2020
U.S. Federal Magistrate Court Completed Criminal Case Files NC1-AFU-83-067_SF115 07/07/2020
Civil Engineer Design Data NC1-AFU-83-088_SF115 07/07/2020
Information Security Program Records NC1-AFU-83-069_SF115 07/07/2020
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Surveys NC1-AFU-84-030_SF115 07/07/2020
Civil Engineering Awards Program Records NC1-AFU-84-033_SF115 07/07/2020
Standard Base Supply Systems Coversion Audit List NC1-AFU-84-034_SF115 07/07/2020
Intern and Resident Training Records NC1-AFU-83-101_SF115 07/07/2020
Commercial Activity Inventory and Program Records NC1-AFU-83-089_SF115 07/07/2020
Prisoner Reports and Rosters NC1-AFU-80-42_SF115 07/07/2020
Unit Records from Air Force Technical Applications Center Geographically Separated Units NC1-AFU-84-037_SF115 07/07/2020
Missile Crew Logs NC1-AFU-84-038_SF115 07/07/2020
Productivity Enhancing Capital Investments Records NC1-AFU-84-003_SF115 07/07/2020
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Interagency Group International Aviation (IGIA) Documents and Related Papers NC1-AFU-84-040_SF115 07/07/2020
Semiautomatic Ground Environment (SAGE)/Backup Intercept Control (BUIC) System Technical Manuals NC1-AFU-84-006_SF115 07/07/2020
Strategic Air Command Personnel Quality Control Inspection/Evaluation Records NC1-AFU-84-041_SF115 07/07/2020
Security Police Inspection Reports NC1-AFU-84-042_SF115 07/07/2020
Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) Records NC1-AFU-84-012_SF115 07/07/2020
Individual Consent Forms for Influenza Immunizations NC1-AFU-84-043_SF115 07/07/2020
Security Police Property Receipts NC1-AFU-84-015_SF115 07/07/2020
Food Inspections and Food Service Medical Evaluation Records NC1-AFU-85-002_SF115 07/07/2020
Roster of Very Seriousluy Ill and Clearance Checklists at Hospitals NC1-AFU-84-016_SF115 07/07/2020
Diagnostic X-Rays NC1-AFU-85-005_SF115 07/07/2020
Space Defense Tactical Operations Room Activity Logs NC1-AFU-84-017_SF115 07/07/2020
Air Force Occupational And Environmental Health Laboratory Radiation Exposure Data NC1-AFU-85-006_SF115 07/07/2020
ICBM Code/Targeting System NC1-AFU-85-008_SF115 07/07/2020
Union and/or Associations Recognition and Official Time Usage Records NC1-AFU-83-100_SF115 07/07/2020
Weight Management and Fitness Evaluations NC1-AFU-83-097_SF115 07/07/2020
Aviation Fuel and Ground Petroleum and Cryogenic Products, and Test Records NC1-AFU-85-010_SF115 07/07/2020
Military Construction Program and Budget Authorization Records NC1-AFU-85-021_SF115 07/07/2020
Environmental Quality Awards Records NC1-AFU-83-077_SF115 07/07/2020
Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) Records NC1-AFU-85-015_SF115 07/07/2020
Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC) Tool/Equipment Control and Accountability Program Records NC1-AFU-84-021_SF115 07/07/2020
Vehicle Dispatch Documents NC1-AFU-85-024_SF115 07/07/2020
Sensitive Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreements (NDA) NC1-AFU-84-022_SF115 07/07/2020
On/Off Base Housing Records NC1-AFU-84-023_SF115 07/07/2020
Excess Aircraft Disposal Under Air Force Special Defense Property Disposal Account NC1-AFU-84-027_SF115 07/07/2020
Officer Quality Force Management Records NC1-AFU-85-014_SF115 07/07/2020
Air Attache Informational Personnel Records NC1-AFU-83-051_SF115 07/07/2020
Assessment Screening Records for High Risk Jobs NC1-AFU-84-007_SF115 07/07/2020
Air Force Administration Awards Records NC1-AFU-84-039_SF115 07/07/2020
Counseling Records Regarding Defense-Related Employment NC1-AFU-84-005_SF115 07/07/2020
Base Stock Accountable Registers NC1-AFU-85-013_SF115 07/07/2020
Annual Base Level Plans for Current and Future Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Programs NC1-AFU-85-012_SF115 07/07/2020
Civilian Pay Gross-to-Net Register NC1-AFU-83-104_SF115 07/07/2020
Faculty Board Proceedings and Adminstrative Disenrollments NC1-AFU-84-031_SF115 07/07/2020
Air War College Materials Training Prgress Records of Non-Resident Students NC1-AFU-85-022_SF115 07/07/2020
Correction of Military Records of Officers and Airmen NC1-AFU-84-029_SF115 07/07/2020
Semi-Annual or Other Inventories of Test Material NC1-AFU-84-004_SF115 07/07/2020
Personnel Data System Records at HQ AFMPC NC1-AFU-85-026_SF115 07/07/2020
Air Force Engineering and Services Center (AFESC) Techdata and Services Letters NC1-AFU-85-023_SF115 07/07/2020
Corporate Self-Estimate of Coming Year Taxes NC1-056-81-01_SF115 07/06/2020
Air Force Medical Material Letters NC1-AFU-83-047_SF115 07/06/2020
Small Parcel Shipment Records NC1-AFU-82-049_SF115 07/06/2020
National Advisory Council (NAC) Staff Drafts. 1945-62 NC1-056-79-11_SF115 07/06/2020
Morning Reports and Indexes, 1947-66 NC1-AFU-83-029_SF115 07/06/2020
Miscellaneous Records of the Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy NC1-056-79-08_SF115 07/06/2020
Miscellaneous Records of the Office of Law Enforcement, 1934-64 N1-056-91-001_SF115 07/06/2020
Advanced Academic Degree Requirements NC1-AFU-83-046_SF115 07/06/2020
Stipulation with Vendor-advertiser and Agreement to Cease and Desist NC1-122-78-01_SF115 07/06/2020
Bicentennial Program Development and Implementation, 1970-76 NC1-056-78-02_SF115 07/06/2020
Office of the Special Assistant to the Secretary for Enforcement Records, 1962-69 N1-056-90-011_SF115 07/06/2020
Still Photographs, Negatives, and Proofs of Presidents and Others, 1918-52 NC1-056-78-09_SF115 07/06/2020
Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) Property Records NC1-AFU-81-76_SF115 07/06/2020
Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Evidence Logs NC1-AFU-82-029_SF115 07/06/2020
Emergency Information for Active Duty Personnel NC1-AFU-83-037_SF115 07/06/2020
Initial Spares Support Lists (!SSL) NC1-AFU-83-015_SF115 07/06/2020
Trials of U.S. Personnel in Foreign Countries NC1-AFU-82-033_SF115 07/06/2020
Electronic Warfare Reports NC1-AFU-82-034_SF115 07/06/2020
Electrical Utility Distribution Systems Operations Records NC1-AFU-82-037_SF115 07/06/2020
Office of Law Enforcement Miscellaneous Training Records, 1927-72 N1-056-90-006_SF115 07/06/2020
Air Force Established Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Graduate Associations NC1-AFU-82-038_SF115 07/06/2020
U.S. Savings Bond Division Records N1-056-86-001_SF115 07/06/2020
Propulsion Centralized Accounting Records NC1-AFU-82-041_SF115 07/06/2020
Nuclear Weapons Stock Record Accounts NC1-AFU-81-67_SF115 07/06/2020
Informal History Sheets NC1-122-82-01_SF115 07/06/2020
Community Service Program Records NC1-AFU-83-021_SF115 07/06/2020
Consent Case Files N1-122-96-003_SF115 07/06/2020
Local Purchase Receipt Documents NC1-AFU-83-023_SF115 07/06/2020
Sonic Boom Data NC1-AFU-82-043_SF115 07/06/2020
Weapons and COMSEC Equipment Control Files NC1-AFU-82-075_SF115 07/06/2020
Architect-Engineer Contract Awards NC1-AFU-83-024_SF115 07/06/2020
Automated Data Processing Systems (ADPS) Entry Control Records NC1-AFU-82-044_SF115 07/06/2020
Security Police Competition Records NC1-AFU-81-74_SF115 07/06/2020
Allowance/Authorization Records NC1-AFU-83-038_SF115 07/06/2020
Child Care Operations Records NC1-AFU-82-032_SF115 07/06/2020
Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Fraud Evaluations NC1-AFU-83-025_SF115 07/06/2020
Air Force Inventory of Real Property NC1-AFU-82-045_SF115 07/06/2020
U.S. Savings Bond Division Motion Picture Films NC1-056-84-01_SF115 07/06/2020
Data Elements and Code Standardization Records NC1-AFU-83-027_SF115 07/06/2020
Trials of U.S. Personnel in Foreign Countries NC1-AFU-82-046_SF115 07/06/2020
Inventory and Spot Checks of Master and Functional Publication Libraries NC1-AFU-83-031_SF115 07/06/2020
U.S. Savings Bond Division Exhibit Case Files, 1962-67 NC1-056-84-03_SF115 07/06/2020
National Emergency Family Registry and Locator System (NEFRLS) N1-311-09-001_SF115 07/06/2020
Audiometric Exams NC1-AFU-83-028_SF115 07/06/2020
Emergerncy Generation Inventory Records NC1-AFU-82-050_SF115 07/06/2020
Physiological Training Records NC1-AFU-83-032_SF115 07/06/2020
Facilities Board Meeting Minutes NC1-AFU-82-053_SF115 07/06/2020
Disclosure of Military Information to Foreign Governments and International Organizations NC1-AFU-83-033_SF115 07/06/2020
Enlistment Records for the Air Force Reserve NC1-AFU-82-054_SF115 07/06/2020
Emergency Room Records NC1-AFU-83-034_SF115 07/06/2020
Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) Annual Status Reports NC1-AFU-82-056_SF115 07/06/2020
Unit, Organization, and Material Control Supply Customer Complaints/Inquires NC1-AFU-82-059_SF115 07/06/2020
Investigatory Case Files (7 Digit Case Files) N1-122-96-001_SF115 07/06/2020
Munitions Allowances NC1-AFU-81-65_SF115 07/06/2020
Investigation of Coffee Prices, 1954 N1-122-95-002_SF115 07/06/2020
Comprehensive Schedule NC1-122-79-01_SF115 07/06/2020
Federal Trade Commission Office of Policy Planning and Evaluation, 1971-1981 N1-122-96-005_SF115 07/06/2020
ICBM Code/Targeting System and Missile Crew Logs NC1-AFU-82-074_SF115 07/06/2020
Consumer Protection Coordinating Committees Complaints, 1970-73 NN-173-000315_SF115 07/06/2020
Surveys of Commercial Facilities and Commissary Stores NC1-AFU-82-077_SF115 07/06/2020
Antibiotic Study N1-122-95-001_SF115 07/06/2020
Docket Case Files N1-122-96-004_SF115 07/06/2020
Congressional Correspondence N1-122-96-002_SF115 07/06/2020
Allowance/Authorization Offices Custodian Receipts and Designation Letters NC1-AFU-82-055_SF115 07/06/2020
Civilian Personnel Performance Appraisals NC1-AFU-82-012_SF115 07/06/2020
Investigation into the Fertilizer Industry, 1938-1950 N1-122-95-003_SF115 07/06/2020
Civilian Personnel SES Performance Appraisals NC1-AFU-82-013_SF115 07/06/2020
Pay Allotment Documentation Dependency Folders NC1-AFU-82-031_SF115 07/06/2020
Control Logs of Microfilmed Documents NC1-AFU-83-022_SF115 07/06/2020
Informational Personnel Records NC1-AFU-82-022_SF115 07/06/2020
Intergovernmental Personal Act (IPA) Assignments NC1-AFU-82-021_SF115 07/06/2020
Air Force Maintenance Awards Records NC1-AFU-82-069_SF115 07/06/2020
Non-Resident Students Training Progress NC1-AFU-82-020_SF115 07/06/2020
C-E Operation, System, and Facility Evaluation Studies and Related Records NC1-AFU-82-082_SF115 07/06/2020
Committee Management Officers' Control Files NC1-AFU-83-002_SF115 07/06/2020
Symposia, Conferences, Exhibits, Scientific and Technical Convention Records NC1-AFU-83-003_SF115 07/06/2020
Manpower Change Requests NC1-AFU-83-004_SF115 07/06/2020
Individual Annual Physical Fitness Tests and Weight Control Forms NC1-AFU-82-036_SF115 07/06/2020
Civil Engineer Design Data Exceptions NC1-AFU-83-007_SF115 07/06/2020
Basic Policies and Procedures Pertaining to Air Force Information Requirements Management Program NC1-AFU-82-072_SF115 07/06/2020
Cost Estimating Relationship/Cost Factor Program Records NC1-AFU-82-068_SF115 07/06/2020
Hospital Incidents or Unusual Occurrences Records NC1-AFU-81-64_SF115 07/06/2020
Foreign Credits Report Forms NC1-056-77-03_SF115 07/06/2020
Personnel Data System - Civilian (PDS-C) NC1-AFU-82-018_SF115 07/06/2020
U. S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) Physical Aptitude Exam (PAE) Testing Records NC1-AFU-82-016_SF115 07/06/2020
Miscellaneous Records, 1948-73 NC1-056-78-08_SF115 07/06/2020
Grant in Aid Application Forms (SF 240) N1-056-90-010_SF115 07/06/2020
Civilian/Military Service Review Cards NC1-AFU-82-052_SF115 07/06/2020
Environmental Quality Awards Records NC1-AFU-83-011_SF115 07/06/2020
Miscellaneous Records of the Division of Research and Statistics, 1926-49 N1-056-90-009_SF115 07/06/2020
Newsclippings NC1-AFU-82-057_SF115 07/06/2020
407L/412L Computer Systems Program Data NC1-AFU-83-006_SF115 07/06/2020
Fiscal Assistant Secretary Records, 1930-84 NC1-056-85-02_SF115 07/06/2020
Student Critiques of Training, Base Support Facilities and Services and School Squadron Support Records NC1-AFU-82-024_SF115 07/06/2020
Charles Walker, Under Secretary Files, 1969-1971 N1-056-91-004_SF115 07/06/2020
National Scouting Organizations Records NC1-AFU-81-72_SF115 07/06/2020
Selective Reenlistment and Retention Records NC1-AFU-83-014_SF115 07/06/2020
Identification Codes for Aerospace Systems Security Records NC1-AFU-81-73_SF115 07/06/2020
Child Care Operations Registration and Daily Registers NC1-AFU-82-051_SF115 07/06/2020
Personnel Reliablity Program Decertification Actions and Certificates NC1-AFU-82-060_SF115 07/06/2020
Zero Overpricing Records NC1-AFU-81-71_SF115 07/06/2020
Training Aids Activity Case Files NC1-AFU-83-005_SF115 07/06/2020
Panama Official Decals/Military Vehicles Control Register Records NC1-AFU-82-003_SF115 07/06/2020
Space Defense and Missile Warning Logs NC1-AFU-82-005_SF115 07/06/2020
Ammunition and Explosive Material Inspections Records NC1-AFU-82-006_SF115 07/06/2020
Premerger Notification Files NC1-122-80-01_SF115 07/06/2020
Compromise Case Files, 1935-1960 N1-056-90-008_SF115 07/06/2020
History Tapes of Originated and Received Messages NC1-AFU-82-017_SF115 07/06/2020
National Advisory Council to the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs Records NC1-056-85-01_SF115 07/06/2020
Budgetary Analyses Records NC1-AFU-83-016_SF115 07/06/2020
Postal Directory NC1-AFU-82-048_SF115 07/06/2020
Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Reports of Investigations NC1-AFU-82-019_SF115 07/06/2020
Foreign Government Gifts Records NC1-AFU-81-75_SF115 07/06/2020
Correspondence in Auxilary Files NC-122-75-001_SF115 07/06/2020
Pollution Monitoring and Abatement Plans NC1-AFU-81-58_SF115 07/02/2020
Enlisted Aide Assignments NC1-AFU-81-59_SF115 07/02/2020
Commercial or Industrial (CI) and Contract Service (CS) Data System Records NC1-AFU-80-49_SF115 07/02/2020
Disposition of Remains of Deceased Personnel Military Honors Checklist NC1-AFU-81-56_SF115 07/02/2020
Administrative Systems Studies NC1-AFU-81-24_SF115 07/02/2020
Personnel Identification and Pass Applications NC1-AFU-81-49_SF115 07/02/2020
Equipment Requirements Central Secondary Item Stratification (CSIS) Records NC1-AFU-80-52_SF115 07/02/2020
Equipment Custodian Files NC1-AFU-81-60_SF115 07/02/2020
Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) Records NC1-AFU-81-23_SF115 07/02/2020
Service Contract Standardization and Improvement Records NC1-AFU-81-29_SF115 07/02/2020
Management Studies and Reports NC1-AFU-81-15_SF115 07/02/2020
Designating and Naming Defense Equipment NC1-AFU-81-04_SF115 07/02/2020
Military Working Dog Records NC1-AFU-80-43_SF115 07/02/2020
Congressional Travel Records NC1-AFU-81-41_SF115 07/02/2020
Union and/or Associations of Supervisors and Management Officials Management Records NC1-AFU-81-47_SF115 07/02/2020
Management Studies and Reports NC1-AFU-80-50_SF115 07/02/2020
Communications Security Education Program (CSEP) Records NC1-AFU-81-32_SF115 07/02/2020
Alcohol Abuse Control Case Files NC1-AFU-80-41_SF115 07/02/2020
Privacy Act Reports NC1-AFU-81-02_SF115 07/02/2020
Staffing Documentation NC1-AFU-81-50_SF115 07/02/2020
Routine Congressional Inquires NC1-AFU-81-21_SF115 07/02/2020
Characteristics Guides of Weapons Systems NC1-AFU-81-11_SF115 07/02/2020
Documentation Management Reports NC1-AFU-81-30_SF115 07/02/2020
Internal and Self Inspection Checklists and Inventories NC1-AFU-80-40_SF115 07/02/2020
Engineering Evaluations NC1-AFU-81-10_SF115 07/02/2020
Private Vehicle Registrations NC1-AFU-81-27_SF115 07/02/2020
Material Safety Data Sheets NC1-AFU-81-28_SF115 07/02/2020
Interagency and Intergovernmental Coordination of Land, Facility, and Environmental Plans, Programs, and Projects NC1-AFU-81-19_SF115 07/02/2020
Forms Registers NC1-AFU-81-62_SF115 07/02/2020
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Case Files NC1-AFU-81-55_SF115 07/02/2020
Greek Customs Records, Area Clearances for Overseas Theaters, Travel Orders and Authorizations NC1-AFU-81-09_SF115 07/02/2020
Security Police Pick Up/Restriction Orders NC1-AFU-81-61_SF115 07/02/2020
Energy Monitoring and Control Systems Records NC1-AFU-81-53_SF115 07/02/2020
Position Descriptions and Surveys NC1-AFU-81-43_SF115 07/02/2020
Individual Dental Health Records for Non-Military Persons NC1-AFU-80-45_SF115 07/02/2020
Dependent Care Responsibilities NC1-AFU-81-25_SF115 07/02/2020
Forensic Hypnosis Interviews NC1-AFU-81-54_SF115 07/02/2020
Postage Meter Operations and Permit Imprint Mailing Statements NC1-AFU-80-44_SF115 07/02/2020
Non-destructive Inspection Radiographs NC1-AFU-81-35_SF115 07/02/2020
Personal Financial Records NC1-AFU-80-46_SF115 07/02/2020
Disaster Response Records DAA-0016-2020-0001_SF115 07/02/2020
U.S. Government National Credit Card Records NC1-AFU-80-34_SF115 07/01/2020
Training Records for Foreign Trainees NC1-AFU-80-16_SF115 07/01/2020
Educational Support Documentation and Student Research Theses NC1-AFU-80-15_SF115 07/01/2020
Prisoner Reports and Rosters NC1-AFU-80-39_SF115 07/01/2020
Security Police Patrol Records NC1-AFU-80-07_SF115 07/01/2020
Food Quality Assurance Records NC1-AFU-80-33_SF115 07/01/2020
Nonappropriated Fund Personnel Records for Filipino and Turkish Employees NC1-AFU-80-05_SF115 07/01/2020
Small Parcel Shipment Records NC1-AFU-80-24_SF115 07/01/2020
Security Police Patrol Records NC1-AFU-80-25_SF115 07/01/2020
Aircraft Maintenance Weight and Balance Records NC1-AFU-80-06_SF115 07/01/2020
Major Air Command Drug Abuse Control Data NC1-AFU-80-30_SF115 07/01/2020
Child Care Operations Records NC1-AFU-80-31_SF115 07/01/2020
Research Animal Service Records NC1-AFU-80-22_SF115 07/01/2020
Duty Status Change Messages and Relocation Records NC1-AFU-80-03_SF115 07/01/2020
Government Owned Telephone Service Monthly Battery Storage Records NC1-AFU-80-01_SF115 07/01/2020
Air Force Manual 300-4 NC1-AFU-80-20_SF115 07/01/2020
Messages Sent to Personnel Offices NC1-AFU-80-38_SF115 07/01/2020
Air Force Fraud and Criminal Briefing Program Records NC1-AFU-80-02_SF115 07/01/2020
Household Goods Non-temporary Storage Accounts System (NOTEMPS) Records NC1-AFU-80-36_SF115 07/01/2020
Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) Pay Records Accessibility Roster NC1-AFU-80-09_SF115 07/01/2020
Equipment Maintenance Records for Planes, Missiles, Communications, Meteorological Equipment NC1-AFU-80-17_SF115 07/01/2020
Air Traffic Handling Records NC1-AFU-80-26_SF115 07/01/2020
Equipment Custodian Files NC1-AFU-80-27_SF115 07/01/2020
Listing of Permanent Records Series NC1-AFU-80-08_SF115 07/01/2020
Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS)(T17-05) DAA-AFU-2019-0010_SF115 07/01/2020
Rulemaking Record for Regulations DAA-0370-2019-0006_SF115 07/01/2020
Records of the USITC Office of Inspector General DAA-0081-2020-0001_SF115 07/01/2020
Coast Energy Impact Program (CEIP) Loan Files DAA-0370-2019-0003_SF115 07/01/2020
Manpower Standards Study Report Schedules NC1-AFU-77-088_SF115 06/30/2020
Industrial Equipment Historical Files NC1-AFU-79-52_SF115 06/30/2020
Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) Entitlements NC1-AFU-79-15_SF115 06/30/2020
Installation Private Vehicle Registration Identification Records NC1-AFU-78-42_SF115 06/30/2020
United States Air Force Academy Cadet Personal Information Forms NC1-AFU-77-091_SF115 06/30/2020
Nonappropriated Funds (NAF) Recreational Services Membership Records NC1-AFU-78-43_SF115 06/30/2020
United States Air Force Academy Programmed Activities Records NC1-AFU-77-092_SF115 06/30/2020
Data Automation Program Records NC1-AFU-79-14_SF115 06/30/2020
Base Materiel/Supply Automated System Records NC1-AFU-78-44_SF115 06/30/2020
Pollution Documentation NC1-AFU-77-093_SF115 06/30/2020
United States Air Force Academy Teachers and Applicants for Air Force Institute of Technology Training NC1-AFU-77-094_SF115 06/30/2020
Air Force Communications Service (AFCS) at Richards-Gebaur AFB, MO NC1-AFU-77-095_SF115 06/30/2020
Passports and Visas Records NC1-AFU-77-096_SF115 06/30/2020
Public Exhibits Cases NC1-AFU-79-50_SF115 06/30/2020
Data Automation Analysis Source Data NC1-AFU-77-097_SF115 06/30/2020
Private Motor Vehicles Records NC1-AFU-77-098_SF115 06/30/2020
Histopathology Reports NC1-AFU-79-33_SF115 06/30/2020
Health Consent Forms NC1-AFU-78-35_SF115 06/30/2020
Security Police Records Project Identification Participation Notice NC1-AFU-78-61_SF115 06/30/2020
Animal Clinical Records NC1-AFU-78-33_SF115 06/30/2020
Military Leave and Earning Statements and Extracts NC1-AFU-78-41_SF115 06/30/2020
Biographical Files of Retired General Officers NC1-AFU-78-17_SF115 06/30/2020
Temporary Master Audiotapes NC1-AFU-79-13_SF115 06/30/2020
Aviation Fuel and Ground Petroleum and Cryogenic Products Records NC1-AFU-79-25_SF115 06/30/2020
Communications Security (COMSEC) Policy Planning and Reporting Records and Collateral Data NC1-AFU-78-05_SF115 06/30/2020
Welder Qualifications Records NC1-AFU-79-41_SF115 06/30/2020
Security Classification Guides NC1-AFU-79-06_SF115 06/30/2020
Child Advocacy Records NC1-AFU-78-34_SF115 06/30/2020
Relay Center Operations Control Records NC1-AFU-79-42_SF115 06/30/2020
Switchboard Confidentiality Statements NC1-AFU-78-50_SF115 06/30/2020
United States Air Force Academy Board Records NC1-AFU-77-105_SF115 06/30/2020
Contractor Technical Representative Personnel Records NC1-AFU-79-22_SF115 06/30/2020
Fuels Management Reports NC1-AFU-78-15_SF115 06/30/2020
Administrative Internal Inspections/Inventories NC1-AFU-78-68_SF115 06/30/2020
Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special Operational Duty Logs NC1-AFU-79-40_SF115 06/30/2020
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Control Case Files NC1-AFU-78-32_SF115 06/30/2020
Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) Voucher Balancing/Reconciliation NC1-AFU-78-59_SF115 06/30/2020
Emergency Room Records NC1-AFU-79-38_SF115 06/30/2020
Fetal Monitor Strips and Locator Cards NC1-AFU-78-28_SF115 06/30/2020
Air/Ground Communications Records NC1-AFU-79-55_SF115 06/30/2020
Legal Administration Records NC1-AFU-79-47_SF115 06/30/2020
Aeronautical Information Publications NC1-AFU-78-47_SF115 06/30/2020
Customer Integrated Automated Procurement System Bidder's Mailing List Applications NC1-AFU-79-18_SF115 06/30/2020
Patient or Clinical Service Questionnaires/Surveys NC1-AFU-78-58_SF115 06/30/2020
Extension Course AFU Institute (ECI) Testing and USAF Job Inventory Program NC1-AFU-78-29_SF115 06/30/2020
Basic Allowance for Quarters (BAQ) Adjustment and Pay Adjustment Authorizations NC1-AFU-78-39_SF115 06/30/2020
Aerospace Engine Analysis and Evaluation Records NC1-AFU-79-48_SF115 06/30/2020
Requests for Retaining/Laterial Training Records NC1-AFU-78-37_SF115 06/30/2020
Pocket Dosimeter Results Log NC1-AFU-78-56_SF115 06/30/2020
Voting Assistance Records NC1-AFU-79-28_SF115 06/30/2020
Security Police Inspection Reports NC1-AFU-79-17_SF115 06/30/2020
Historical Records NC1-AFU-79-45_SF115 06/30/2020
Inspection Documents for Bulk Fuel Storage Systems NC1-AFU-78-38_SF115 06/30/2020
Inspector General Semiannual Reports NC1-AFU-79-53_SF115 06/30/2020
Labor Relations Records NC1-AFU-79-27_SF115 06/30/2020
Strategic Air Command Civil Engineering Manuals (SAC CEMS) NC1-AFU-78-19_SF115 06/30/2020
Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Pay Records NC1-AFU-78-09_SF115 06/30/2020
Public Dockets for Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) International Cases NC1-AFU-78-63_SF115 06/30/2020
Budget Documents NC1-AFU-79-01_SF115 06/30/2020
Individual Modification Records for Air Force Weapons Systems NC1-AFU-77-103_SF115 06/30/2020
Instructor's Flight/Dive Records NC1-AFU-79-26_SF115 06/30/2020
Counterterrorism Services, Briefings, and Training Records NC1-AFU-77-104_SF115 06/30/2020
Operation Readiness Plans NC1-AFU-78-54_SF115 06/30/2020
Ground C-E Facility Cancelled Programming Records NC1-AFU-78-04_SF115 06/30/2020
Space Defense Logs NC1-AFU-78-18_SF115 06/30/2020
Automated Data Procession (ADP) Management Information System, Computer Systems Program Records NC1-AFU-78-30_SF115 06/30/2020
Maintenance Inspection Records NC1-AFU-79-44_SF115 06/30/2020
National Communications Security COMSEC/EMSEC Policy, Guidance, and Planning Records NC1-AFU-78-40_SF115 06/30/2020
Communications Security Certification Records NC1-AFU-78-36_SF115 06/30/2020
Educational Services Program Records NC1-AFU-79-10_SF115 06/30/2020
Personnel Status Reports NC1-AFU-78-10_SF115 06/30/2020
Security Police Firearm/Ammunition Inventory Records NC1-AFU-78-20_SF115 06/30/2020
Information Releases NC1-AFU-78-01_SF115 06/30/2020
TEMPEST Policy Planning and Engineering Technical and Analysis Records NC1-AFU-78-03_SF115 06/30/2020
Communications Trouble and Restoral Records and MINUTEMAN Communications Cable Affairs Records NC1-AFU-79-34_SF115 06/30/2020
Professional Credentials Review Files of Medical Staff Members NC1-AFU-77-082_SF115 06/30/2020
Quality Control Records for Personal Property Movement and Storage NC1-AFU-78-62_SF115 06/30/2020
Forensic Service Provided by an Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Regional Forensic Consultant NC1-AFU-77-083_SF115 06/30/2020
Article 138 (UCMJ) Complaints NC1-AFU-77-084_SF115 06/30/2020
Supply Management Mission Capability (MICAP) Daily Summaries NC1-AFU-79-51_SF115 06/30/2020
Article 138 (UCMJ) Complaints NC1-AFU-77-084_SF115 06/30/2020
Army Air Corps Officer Personnel Reports, 1917-33 NC1-AFU-77-085_SF115 06/30/2020
Veterinary Origin (Class 3) Inspection Files NC1-AFU-77-086_SF115 06/30/2020
Revolving Fund Air Force Stock Fund and Financial Statements NC1-AFU-78-60_SF115 06/30/2020
Statement of Designated Depository Account Records NC1-AFU-78-07_SF115 06/30/2020
Public Vouchers of Medical Services NC1-AFU-78-08_SF115 06/30/2020
Wherry and Capehart Act Housing Records NC1-AFU-77-081_SF115 06/29/2020
Legal Opinions which Establish Precedents NC1-AFU-77-018_SF115 06/29/2020
Materiel/Equipment Individual Historical Files and Ground Weapons Historical Data NC1-AFU-77-035_SF115 06/29/2020
Supervisory Appraisals NC1-AFU-77-036_SF115 06/29/2020
Real Property Case Files NC1-AFU-77-038_SF115 06/29/2020
Blood Transfusion and Blood Donor Records NC1-AFU-77-040_SF115 06/29/2020
Base Wire Communications System (BWCS) Program Data NC1-AFU-77-042_SF115 06/29/2020
Flight Plans for all Air Force Aircraft NC1-AFU-77-043_SF115 06/29/2020
Base Wire Cables Installed under Commercial Contract Records NC1-AFU-77-044_SF115 06/29/2020
Waiver of Discharge Processing and Recruiting Prospect Card Records NC1-AFU-77-045_SF115 06/29/2020
Chaplain Professional and Religious Facility Utilization Reports NC1-AFU-77-046_SF115 06/29/2020
Not Operationally Ready Supply (NORS) Summary Listings NC1-AFU-77-047_SF115 06/29/2020
Equipment Management Reporting Organizational Files (ROF) NC1-AFU-77-048_SF115 06/29/2020
System Acquisition Program Files and Selected Acquisition Reports NC1-AFU-77-049_SF115 06/29/2020
Personnel Selected for Relocation and Out-Processing Forms for Basic Military Training Graduates NC1-AFU-77-050_SF115 06/29/2020
Wherry and Capehart Act Housing Records NC1-AFU-77-053_SF115 06/29/2020
Consolidated Financial Statements and Reports NC1-AFU-77-057_SF115 06/29/2020
Revolving Fund Financial Statements NC1-AFU-77-058_SF115 06/29/2020
U.S. Air Force Academy Athletes and Football Program Covers NC1-AFU-77-060_SF115 06/29/2020
U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Athlete Case Files NC1-AFU-77-062_SF115 06/29/2020
Nuclear Weapons Stock Record Accounts NC1-AFU-77-064_SF115 06/29/2020
Federal Employees Compensation Act Log and Case Files NC1-AFU-77-066_SF115 06/29/2020
Lecturer Case Files NC1-AFU-77-070_SF115 06/29/2020
Accountable Communications Control Records NC1-AFU-77-073_SF115 06/29/2020
Accreditation of Air Force Technical Training Schools' Courses and Memoranda of Understanding with Universities and Colleges NC1-AFU-77-074_SF115 06/29/2020
Operational Support Airlift Records NC1-AFU-77-075_SF115 06/29/2020
Security Container Check Records NC1-AFU-77-080_SF115 06/29/2020
Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Records NC1-AFU-76-44_SF115 06/24/2020
Political Appointee Clearance Files N1-527-97-005_SF115 06/24/2020
Speeches and Congressional Testimony N1-527-99-003_SF115 06/24/2020
Research and Development Independent Research Fund Records NC1-AFU-76-45_SF115 06/24/2020
Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) Records NC1-AFU-76-25_SF115 06/24/2020
Ocean Terminal and Inland Linehaul Cargo Reports NC1-AFU-76-72_SF115 06/24/2020
Rapid Engineering Deployable Heavy Operations Repair Squadrons, Engineering (RED HORSE) Program Records NC1-AFU-76-36_SF115 06/24/2020
Motor Vehicle Operator's Inspection Guide and Trouble Report Forms NC1-AFU-76-37_SF115 06/24/2020
Manpower Change Requests NC1-AFU-76-35_SF115 06/24/2020
Contract Performance Records for Civil Air Carrier Records NC1-AFU-76-54_SF115 06/24/2020
FICA Wages for Military Staff NC1-AFU-76-34_SF115 06/24/2020
Access Requests from Foreign Nationals NC-AFU-76-011_SF115 06/24/2020
Prisoner and Witness Movement Records N1-527-97-003_SF115 06/24/2020
Seized and Forfeited Assets N1-527-97-012_SF115 06/24/2020
Basic Information Activities Records NC1-AFU-77-001_SF115 06/24/2020
Office of Internal Affairs N1-527-99-004_SF115 06/24/2020
Position Identification Guides for Positions Requiring Continuing Access to SIOP Material NC-AFU-76-010_SF115 06/24/2020
Materiel/Equipment Individual Historical Records NC1-AFU-77-004_SF115 06/24/2020
U.S. Air Force Academy Academic Waivers and Textbook Requirement Records NC1-AFU-77-005_SF115 06/24/2020
Aircraft Operations and Maintenance Records N1-527-98-001_SF115 06/24/2020
Equal Opportunity Files NC1-AFU-77-007_SF115 06/24/2020
Legal Opinion Review Files and Civil Litigation Files N1-527-97-011_SF115 06/24/2020
Cargo/Passenger Manifests NC1-AFU-76-16_SF115 06/24/2020
Special Assignments Files N1-527-97-008_SF115 06/24/2020
Exchange Privilege Authorization Letters for Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard Members NC1-AFU-77-010_SF115 06/24/2020
Documentation of Requests for Student Dependent School Records NC1-AFU-77-012_SF115 06/24/2020
Witness Security Program N1-527-99-002_SF115 06/24/2020
Losses of Appropriated Funds NC1-AFU-76-69_SF115 06/24/2020
General Ledgers and Reconciliation Listings NC1-AFU-76-68_SF115 06/24/2020
Daily Air Force Strength Data NC1-AFU-77-016_SF115 06/24/2020
Leave Certifications and Servicemen's Group Life Insurance Elections or Declinations NC1-AFU-76-84_SF115 06/24/2020
Disbursements, Reimbursements, Collection and Contract Records NC1-AFU-76-67_SF115 06/24/2020
Designation and Termination of Contracting Officials NC1-AFU-77-021_SF115 06/24/2020
Foreign Military Sales Cases NC1-AFU-77-025_SF115 06/24/2020
Defense Contract Financing Program Guaranteed Loan Contract Negotiations Records NC1-AFU-76-66_SF115 06/24/2020
Foreign Military Sales Records NC1-AFU-77-027_SF115 06/24/2020
Foreign Military Sales Case Files NC1-AFU-77-028_SF115 06/24/2020
Individual Case Folders for FHA Mortgages NC1-AFU-76-77_SF115 06/24/2020
Non-destructive X-ray Inspections and Battery Inspections Records NC1-AFU-77-031_SF115 06/24/2020
Grave Site Reservations Records NC1-AFU-76-57_SF115 06/24/2020
Periodic Curriculum Histories NC1-AFU-77-033_SF115 06/24/2020
Air Force Occupational Safety and Health (AFOSH) Standards NC1-AFU-76-51_SF115 06/24/2020
Electronic Warfare Systems and Aerial Gunnery Activity Records NC1-AFU-76-29_SF115 06/24/2020
Special Court Martials Not Involving a Bad Conduct Discharge NC1-AFU-76-15_SF115 06/24/2020
Military Pay Documentation Prior to the Joint Uniform Military Pay (JUMPS) System NC1-AFU-76-65_SF115 06/24/2020
Ground Accident Reports NC1-AFU-76-13_SF115 06/24/2020
Defense Communications Agency (DCA) Evaluation Reports NC1-AFU-76-33_SF115 06/24/2020
FICA Wages and/or FITW Deductions NC1-AFU-76-83_SF115 06/24/2020
Missile Alert Duty Orders NC1-AFU-76-31_SF115 06/24/2020
Inspector General Reports And Interviews NC1-AFU-76-60_SF115 06/24/2020
Air Reserve Pay Supporting Documentation (ARPAS Computerized Payments) NC1-AFU-76-74_SF115 06/24/2020
U.S. Savings Bond Records NC1-AFU-76-14_SF115 06/24/2020
Documentation about Visitors NC1-AFU-76-24_SF115 06/24/2020
Research and Development Unsolicited Proposals NC1-AFU-76-50_SF115 06/24/2020
Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Source Documents NC1-AFU-76-22_SF115 06/24/2020
Trials of U.S. Personnel in Foreign Countries and Reports of Violations of Law of Armed Conflict NC1-AFU-76-42_SF115 06/24/2020
Changes in Utilization of Buildings Records NC1-AFU-76-30_SF115 06/24/2020
Physical Examination Records and Medical Board Proceedings for Applicants to Service Academy or ROTC Scholarship Program NC1-AFU-76-41_SF115 06/24/2020
Community College Air Force Course Documentation and Career Education Certificate/Instructor in Technology Certificate Records NC1-AFU-76-40_SF115 06/24/2020
Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Investigative Support Records NC1-AFU-76-23_SF115 06/24/2020
Electronic Tax Administration DAA-0058-2020-0004_SF115 06/24/2020
1300 Series - Academic Affairs Records DAA-0218-2019-0002_SF115 06/24/2020
Joint Uniform Military Pay (JUMPS) Daily Register of Transactions (DROT) NC1-AFU-76-12_SF115 06/24/2020
Research, Analysis, and Monitoring Records DAA-0266-2018-0006_SF115 06/24/2020
Criminal Investigation Management Information System DAA-0058-2019-0003_SF115 06/24/2020
Performance and Strategic Planning Files DAA-0563-2019-0002_SF115 06/24/2020
Base Materiel/Supply Automated System Records NC1-AFU-76-64_SF115 06/24/2020
Criminal Warrants N1-118-91-002_SF115 06/24/2020
Food Service Menu Board Committee Records NC-AFU-75-028_SF115 06/23/2020
Uniforms Commutation for AFROTC Cadets NC-AFU-75-039_SF115 06/23/2020
Internal Security Investigations (ISIs) for DOD Affiliated Personnel NC-AFU-75-046_SF115 06/23/2020
Allowance/Authorization Change Requests Records NC-AFU-75-057_SF115 06/23/2020
Recommendations for Promotion within Academic Ranks NC-AFU-75-056_SF115 06/23/2020
Communications-Electronics (C-E) Program Status Reports and Communications-Electronics -Meteorological Board Records NC-AFU-75-019_SF115 06/23/2020
Tactical Requirement Cases for Communications Electronic Equipment NC-AFU-75-063_SF115 06/23/2020
Administrative Inquiries Records NC-AFU-75-038_SF115 06/23/2020
Chaplain Funds Non-Appropriated Financial Records NC-AFU-75-055_SF115 06/23/2020
Housing Rental Records NC-AFU-75-040_SF115 06/23/2020
Record Sets of Recurring Periodicals NC-AFU-75-054_SF115 06/23/2020
Affiliation Agreements with Civilian Medical/Training Education Institutions NC-AFU-75-036_SF115 06/23/2020
Security Police Violation Notices NC-AFU-75-030_SF115 06/23/2020
Presidential Support Nomination Files and Assignment Records NC-AFU-76-001_SF115 06/23/2020
Personnel Data System for Officer and Airmen Point Credit Accounting And Reporting System (PCARS) NC-AFU-75-021_SF115 06/23/2020
Security Container Check Records NC-AFU-75-022_SF115 06/23/2020
Not Operationally Ready Supply (NORS) Summary Listings NC-AFU-75-020_SF115 06/23/2020
Weather Forecasting Briefing Records NC-AFU-76-002_SF115 06/23/2020
Intrabase Radio Records NC-AFU-75-068_SF115 06/23/2020
Heating Plant Daily Operating Logs NC-AFU-75-035_SF115 06/23/2020
Individual Retirement Records NC-AFU-75-059_SF115 06/23/2020
NAF Financial Management Records NC-AFU-75-049_SF115 06/23/2020
Manpower Authorization Voucher (MAV) Records NC-AFU-75-052_SF115 06/23/2020
Flight Crew Information Files (FCIF) NC-AFU-75-053_SF115 06/23/2020
Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor Pay Records NC-AFU-75-033_SF115 06/23/2020
Military Pay Documentation Created Prior to Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) NC-AFU-75-017_SF115 06/23/2020
Navigators Logs NC-AFU-75-067_SF115 06/23/2020
Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) Documentation NC-AFU-75-016_SF115 06/23/2020
Armament Related Covenant Not to Sue Agreements NC-AFU-75-015_SF115 06/23/2020
Travel Payments Records NC-AFU-75-070_SF115 06/23/2020
Clinical Record Cover Sheet Tabulations NC-AFU-75-058_SF115 06/23/2020
History of Individual Exposure to Ionizing Radiation Records NC-AFU-75-051_SF115 06/23/2020
Reciprocal Criminal Investigations Records NC-AFU-75-044_SF115 06/23/2020
Fire and Water Damaged Research and Development Records, 1951-63 NC-AFU-75-034_SF115 06/23/2020
Military Aircraft Ground Handling Actions NC-AFU-75-014_SF115 06/23/2020
Flying Training Records for Tactics Techniques and Doctrines Instruction NC-AFU-75-042_SF115 06/23/2020
Individual Academic Records Maintained by Unit Quality Control NC-AFU-76-005_SF115 06/23/2020
Extension Course Institute Course Materials NC-AFU-75-026_SF115 06/23/2020
Release of Documents to Foreign Governments and Nationals NC-AFU-75-024_SF115 06/23/2020
Joint Uniform Military Pay (JUMPS) Documentation at Base Level NC-AFU-75-050_SF115 06/23/2020
Personnel Security Investigations for Contractors NC-AFU-75-023_SF115 06/23/2020
Congressional Travel Records NC-AFU-76-008_SF115 06/23/2020
Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Records NC-AFU-75-032_SF115 06/23/2020
Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) Databases N1-510-09-004_SF115 06/23/2020
Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) Documentation NC-AFU-75-060_SF115 06/23/2020
Military Pay Documentation Created Prior to Joint Uniform Military Pay (JUMPS) NC-AFU-76-004_SF115 06/23/2020
Air University Educational Source Documents NC-AFU-75-041_SF115 06/23/2020
Counterintelligence (CI) Special Inquiry Cases and Reciprocal Investigations Records NC-AFU-75-043_SF115 06/23/2020
Peacetime Program Command Control and Communications Records NC-AFU-75-066_SF115 06/23/2020
Personnel Security Investigations Records NC-AFU-75-047_SF115 06/23/2020
National Indian Gaming Commission: General Counsel Records N1-220-09-002_SF115 06/22/2020
Data Elements and Related Features for Standardized Programs for All Systems NC-AFU-75-009_SF115 06/22/2020
National Indian Gaming Commission: Audit Reports and Management Letters N1-220-12-002_SF115 06/22/2020
Administration N1-560-03-015_SF115 06/22/2020
Explosives Safety Project Control Records NC-AFU-75-013_SF115 06/22/2020
National Indian Gaming Commission: Audit Databases N1-220-09-004_SF115 06/22/2020
Clearance Records NC-AFU-75-012_SF115 06/22/2020
Explosive Facilities Licenses, Waivers, and Site Plans NC-AFU-75-004_SF115 06/22/2020
Reserve Forces Training Cadet Evaluations NC-AFU-75-011_SF115 06/22/2020
Bowling Alley Score Sheets NC-AFU-75-002_SF115 06/22/2020
U.S. Savings Bonds Series E Bond Sales Records NC-174-000263_SF115 06/22/2020
Variable Reenlistment Bonus (VRB) Records NC-AFU-75-010_SF115 06/22/2020
Department of Transportation Special Permits NC-AFU-75-003_SF115 06/22/2020
Search and Rescue Agreements and Support Control Documents NC-174-000262_SF115 06/22/2020
Senior FAM Program DAA-0560-2018-0004_SF115 06/22/2020
National Indian Gaming Commission: Division of Administration N1-220-09-003_SF115 06/22/2020
Recruiting Hometown News Releases NC-AFU-75-001_SF115 06/22/2020
National Indian Gaming Commission: Audit Reports and Financial Statements N2-220-13-001_SF115 06/22/2020
National Indian Gaming Commission: Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-220-97-006_SF115 06/22/2020
Medical Food Service Production and Service Records NC-AFU-75-008_SF115 06/22/2020
Historical Research and Reference Documents used as Feeder Reports NC-AFU-75-006_SF115 06/22/2020
Hotline Records DAA-0513-2020-0002_SF115 06/22/2020
AHRQ Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) DAA-0510-2019-0001_SF115 06/22/2020
Records of the Office of Inspector General DAA-0103-2018-0001_SF115 06/22/2020
USCIS Mission-Related Employee Training Records DAA-0566-2019-0022_SF115 06/22/2020
Physical Examination Reports NC-AFU-75-007_SF115 06/22/2020
Airman Promotion Documents not part of Selection Board Proceedings NC-AFU-75-005_SF115 06/22/2020
Air Force Academy Academic Requirements, Graduate Programs and Cadet Scores NC-174-000248_SF115 06/18/2020
Materiel/Equipment Individual Historical Files NC-174-000210_SF115 06/18/2020
Specific Data System Records NC-174-000249_SF115 06/18/2020
Aircraft Flight Data NC-174-000219_SF115 06/18/2020
Microfilm Copies of DLT-55-6 Analyses NC-174-000244_SF115 06/18/2020
Academic Instructor Course Waivers NC-174-000243_SF115 06/18/2020
Equipment Maintenance Records NC-174-000216_SF115 06/18/2020
Establishment of Senior and Junior AFROTC NC-174-000224_SF115 06/18/2020
Clinical Record Cover Sheet Tabulations NC-174-000251_SF115 06/18/2020
Satellite Tracking and Impact Predication (TIP) Data NC-174-000250_SF115 06/18/2020
Air Force Consolidated Cryptologic Program Records NC-174-000252_SF115 06/18/2020
Contract Services Funding Records NC-174-000201_SF115 06/17/2020
Election Forms for the Retired Serviceman's Family Protection Plan NC-174-000132_SF115 06/17/2020
Turkish Customs Clearance and Personal Property Inspection and Clearance Records N1-AFU-99-008_SF115 06/17/2020
Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) Pay Accounts, Leave and Earning Statements, Data, and Daily Transaction Records (DTR) NC-174-000168_SF115 06/17/2020
Casualty Records, Missing-in-Action Data, and Prisoner's of War Records NC-174-000173_SF115 06/17/2020
Air Force Retired Military Pay Records Maintained at AFAFC NC-174-000195_SF115 06/17/2020
R&D Job Order Cost Accounting System (JOCAS) NC-174-000202_SF115 06/17/2020
Accounting UNIVAC 1050-II Documentation NC-174-000209_SF115 06/17/2020
Community College of the Air Force Courses and Applied Science Degree Program Development Records N1-AFU-98-001_SF115 06/17/2020
Compression Chambers Treatments Records NC-174-000157_SF115 06/17/2020
Individual Student Training and Achievement Records NC-174-000127_SF115 06/17/2020
Air Force Institute of Technology Training Records NC-174-000143_SF115 06/17/2020
Operations Security Records NC-174-000107_SF115 06/17/2020
Pharmacy Bulk Compounding Records NC-174-000152_SF115 06/17/2020
Hazardous Material Authorization and Environmental Planning Records N1-AFU-99-009_SF115 06/17/2020
Wind Recorder Rolls NC-174-000197_SF115 06/17/2020
Weapons and COMSEC Serial Number Data N1-AFU-98-003_SF115 06/17/2020
Security Systems Performance Data NC-174-000159_SF115 06/17/2020
One-Time Disposition for Litigation Cases at the Washington National Records Center (WNRC) N1-AFU-99-001_SF115 06/17/2020
Quality Assurance (QA) Stamp Documentation Records NC-174-000178_SF115 06/17/2020
Unfavorable Information Files (UIFs) on Officers and Airmen N1-AFU-99-010_SF115 06/17/2020
United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) Honor Hearing Cases N1-AFU-97-013_SF115 06/17/2020
Technical Orders NC-174-000114_SF115 06/17/2020
Joint Chiefs of Staff Briefings NC-174-000151_SF115 06/17/2020
Drug/Alcohol Abuse Control Statistics NC-174-000177_SF115 06/17/2020
Congressional Travel Records NC-174-000196_SF115 06/17/2020
Security Police Anti-Robbery Plan and Resource Protection Plan Records NC-174-000104_SF115 06/17/2020
Mental Health Treatment Records N1-AFU-97-008_SF115 06/16/2020
USDA Food Program, Emergency, and Privately Funded Food Programs, Women-Infant and Child (WIC) Program Records N1-AFU-96-017_SF115 06/16/2020
Psychiatric Treatment Records N1-AFU-97-002_SF115 06/16/2020
Base Closure Records for Reese Air Force Base Texas N1-AFU-97-001_SF115 06/16/2020
Offices of Attache Affairs Mission Records N1-AFU-93-009_SF115 06/16/2020
Temporary Administrative Orders N1-AFU-96-020_SF115 06/16/2020
Hospital Delivery Room Logs N1-AFU-97-003_SF115 06/16/2020
Fire Department Training and Daily Fire Activities Records N1-AFU-96-012_SF115 06/16/2020
Base Closure Records of 928 Mission Support Squadron at O'Hare International Airport and Other Base Closings N1-AFU-97-010_SF115 06/16/2020
Implant Device and/or Medical Equipment Log/Database Records N1-AFU-97-004_SF115 06/16/2020
Base Closure Records of Newark Air Force Base, OH N1-AFU-96-016_SF115 06/16/2020
Special Cardiographic Procedures Records N1-AFU-96-019_SF115 06/16/2020
Background Investigation Records DAA-0446-2019-0004_SF115 06/16/2020
Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) DAA-0446-2019-0006_SF115 06/16/2020
Continuous Evaluation Information System DAA-0446-2019-0007_SF115 06/16/2020
Law (51 Series) - Legal Assistance (T51-05) DAA-AFU-2019-0007_SF115 06/16/2020
Medical Provider Activity Files N1-AFU-97-007_SF115 06/16/2020
Summary Court Martial Records N1-AFU-96-013_SF115 06/16/2020
Unfavorable Information Files (UIF) on Officers and Airmen, Control Rosters on Officers and Airmen, Line of Duty Determination Files N1-AFU-96-014_SF115 06/16/2020
Medical Expenses and Performance Reporting System (MEPRS) Records N1-AFU-96-018_SF115 06/16/2020
Base Closure Records for Sembach Air Base Germany N1-AFU-94-005_SF115 06/12/2020
OPM Form 1495 Financial Eligibility Statements N1-AFU-93-006_SF115 06/12/2020
Industrial Hygiene Surveys and Required Occupational Health Cases N1-AFU-96-009_SF115 06/12/2020
Administrative Discharge or Separation from Service for Cause and Requests for Discharge Records N1-AFU-95-004_SF115 06/12/2020
Biweekly Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Products N1-AFU-91-035_SF115 06/12/2020
Base Closure Records for RAF Chicksands United Kingdom N1-AFU-95-003_SF115 06/12/2020
Journal of Military Assistance Records N1-AFU-93-001_SF115 06/12/2020
Environmental and Natural Resources Data Training Records N1-AFU-93-004_SF115 06/12/2020
Depot Maintenance Records N1-AFU-93-005_SF115 06/12/2020
C4 Policy Development, Plans, and Reviews of Operations Records N1-AFU-95-002_SF115 06/12/2020
Organization Fuel Tank Records N1-AFU-93-019_SF115 06/12/2020
Civil Engineering Resources Minutes of Meetings and Strategic Plans N1-AFU-94-006_SF115 06/12/2020
Inspection of Permanently Installed Base Fuel Storage Systems Records N1-AFU-94-010_SF115 06/12/2020
Records of Personal Property Left at Closing Bases N1-AFU-94-011_SF115 06/12/2020
Records of Personal Property Left at Closing Bases N1-AFU-94-012_SF115 06/12/2020
Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Zero Files N1-AFU-96-001_SF115 06/12/2020
Captured or Confiscated Enemy Records N1-AFU-96-003_SF115 06/12/2020
Base Closure Records for Grissom Air Force Base Indiana N1-AFU-93-013_SF115 06/12/2020
Punishment Imposed under Article 15 UCMJ and Written Materials Considered when Imposing Article 15 UCMJ N1-AFU-95-001_SF115 06/12/2020
Blood Donor Medical Histories and Blood Bank Agreements N1-AFU-96-005_SF115 06/12/2020
Closed or Suspended Search and Rescue Mission Records, Monthly Reports, and Operations Logs N1-AFU-91-046_SF115 06/12/2020
Requests for Tuition Assistance Records N1-AFU-93-002_SF115 06/12/2020
Personnel Support for Contingency Operations (PERSCO) Contingency Reports N1-AFU-96-006_SF115 06/12/2020
Investigative - Audit Case Files N1-443-97-002_SF115 06/12/2020
Acquisition Awards Records N1-AFU-94-008_SF115 06/12/2020
Medical Waste Management Records N1-AFU-96-007_SF115 06/12/2020
Base Closure Records for K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base Michigan N1-AFU-95-006_SF115 06/12/2020
External Outreach DAA-0180-2018-0007_SF115 06/12/2020
Administrative and Operational Records Common to All Offices DAA-0563-2019-0008_SF115 06/12/2020
Public Charge Forms DAA-0566-2019-0024_SF115 06/12/2020
Congressional Records DAA-0567-2015-0011_SF115 06/12/2020
Office of Professional Responsibility DAA-0567-2015-0012_SF115 06/12/2020
Investigation Proceedings and Audit Case File Records DAA-0443-2019-0007_SF115 06/12/2020
Administrative Grievance and Classifications Appeals and Adverse Actions Records N1-AFU-93-007_SF115 06/12/2020
AHRQ Patient Safety Organization (PSO) Program Records DAA-0510-2019-0004_SF115 06/12/2020
Civil Rights Compliance Records DAA-0423-2018-0004_SF115 06/12/2020
Administrative Temporary Orders N1-AFU-95-005_SF115 06/12/2020
Files of the Office of the Director DAA-0478-2017-0002_SF115 06/12/2020
Intelligence Records DAA-0567-2016-0003_SF115 06/12/2020
Individual Management Augmentee (IMA) Folders N1-AFU-93-016_SF115 06/12/2020
Base Closure Records for RAF Upper Heyford United Kingdom N1-AFU-93-018_SF115 06/12/2020
Officer or Enlisted Trained Personnel Requirement (TPR) Records N1-AFU-93-017_SF115 06/12/2020
Patient Safety Organization (PSO) Listing Lifecycle Records DAA-0510-2016-0001_SF115 06/12/2020
Wastewater Discharge Applications and Permits and Halon Use Records N1-AFU-92-007_SF115 06/11/2020
Nuclear Weapons Personnel Reliability Program Records N1-AFU-91-044_SF115 06/11/2020
Flying Training Qualification Answer Sheets and Written Exams Records N1-AFU-91-043_SF115 06/11/2020
Test Accountability/Control Records N1-AFU-92-006_SF115 06/11/2020
Special Honors, Trophies and Awards, and Memorialization Program Records N1-AFU-92-023_SF115 06/11/2020
Manufacturing Methods Project Files N1-AFU-92-026_SF115 06/11/2020
Base Closure Records for Sondrestrom Air Base Greenland N1-AFU-92-033_SF115 06/11/2020
Air Force Blood Program Technical Letters (AFBPTL) Records N1-AFU-91-040_SF115 06/11/2020
Civilian Personnel Data System Requirement/Change Request Records N1-AFU-92-022_SF115 06/11/2020
Reserve Forces Evaluations, Scholarships and Weighted Professional Officer Selection System (WPSS) Records N1-AFU-92-013_SF115 06/11/2020
Authorization Requests to Wear Uniforms by Civilian Employees N1-AFU-92-030_SF115 06/11/2020
George Air Force Base Closure Records N1-AFU-92-012_SF115 06/11/2020
Aerospace Vehicle Utilization Records N1-AFU-92-031_SF115 06/11/2020
Base Closure Records for HQ Strategic Air Command Offutt Air Force Base Nebraska N1-AFU-92-027_SF115 06/11/2020
Weather Observation, Forecasts, and Analysis Records N1-AFU-92-032_SF115 06/11/2020
Listing Output from EOD Processing Records N1-AFU-91-039_SF115 06/11/2020
Flying Training Tactics, Techniques and Doctrines Instruction Records N1-AFU-92-028_SF115 06/11/2020
Wherry Act Housing and Capehart Act Housing Records N1-AFU-91-038_SF115 06/11/2020
Rejected Unsolicited Proposals Records N1-AFU-91-041_SF115 06/11/2020
Temporary Private Vehicle Registrations Records N1-AFU-91-042_SF115 06/11/2020
Medical Illustration Files N1-AFU-92-005_SF115 06/11/2020
Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) Records N1-AFU-92-009_SF115 06/11/2020
Reserve Forces Overgrades/Undergrades and Overages Records N1-AFU-92-010_SF115 06/11/2020
Telephone Toll Calls; Telephone, Telegraph, Telautograph, and Nontactical Radio Accounting Records N1-AFU-92-008_SF115 06/11/2020
PIDP (Programmable Indicator Data Process) Submission Data N1-AFU-92-014_SF115 06/11/2020
Applications for AF Junior ROTC Instructor Duty N1-AFU-92-016_SF115 06/11/2020
Standard Digital Mapping Charting and Geodesy Products and Simulator Databases N1-AFU-92-017_SF115 06/11/2020
Reserve Cadet Personnel Action Packages N1-AFU-92-024_SF115 06/11/2020
Food Service Evaluations and Customer Survey Records N1-AFU-92-025_SF115 06/11/2020
Curriculum Materials for Formal Training Courses and Periodic Curriculum Histories N1-AFU-91-034_SF115 06/10/2020
Communications and Education Records DAA-0474-2018-0001_SF115 06/10/2020
Disaster Preparedness for Natural Disasters; Military Assistance to Civil Authorities (MACA) Records N1-AFU-91-036_SF115 06/10/2020
Collection Case Files N1-AFU-91-037_SF115 06/10/2020
Communications Security (COMSEC), Maintenance Bulletins (MB), and Equipment Installation (EI) Standards Publications N1-AFU-91-020_SF115 06/09/2020
V and T Non-immigrant Files, 1951-1955 NC1-085-83-05_SF115 06/09/2020
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Reports N1-AFU-91-032_SF115 06/09/2020
Allowance/Authorization Change Requests and Custodian Request/Receipt Records N1-AFU-91-028_SF115 06/09/2020
Risk, Strategy and Financial Innovation (RSFI) Records N1-266-12-001_SF115 06/09/2020
Applicant Folders NC1-362-82-02_SF115 06/09/2020
Fixed Communications Computer System Supply Records N1-AFU-91-030_SF115 06/09/2020
Space Operations Records N1-AFU-91-026_SF115 06/09/2020
Career Information and Counseling Records N1-AFU-91-027_SF115 06/09/2020
E Files of the Deportation Proceedings of Individual Aliens, 1951-1952 NC1-085-83-04_SF115 06/09/2020
Addendum to the Permanent Records for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) DAA-0056-2020-0001_SF115 06/08/2020
Division of Economic and Risk Analysis Records DAA-0266-2018-0008_SF115 06/08/2020
Airman Demotions N1-AFU-91-008_SF115 06/05/2020
Pay Record Jackets N1-AFU-91-024_SF115 06/05/2020
Traffic Safety Education (TSE) Records N1-AFU-91-006_SF115 06/05/2020
Photographic Work Orders N1-AFU-91-005_SF115 06/05/2020
Travel Records and Reconciliation Listings N1-AFU-91-015_SF115 06/05/2020
Graphic Work Orders N1-AFU-91-004_SF115 06/05/2020
Contract Performance Debarment/Suspension Case Files N1-AFU-91-014_SF115 06/05/2020
Foreign Military Sales Seller and Buyer Interfund Bills N1-AFU-91-013_SF115 06/05/2020
Manpower Awards Records N1-AFU-91-021_SF115 06/05/2020
Autopsies and Associated Indices and Ledgers N1-AFU-91-011_SF115 06/05/2020
Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) Records DAA-0568-2019-0006_SF115 06/05/2020
Honors and Awards Memorialization Program Records N1-AFU-91-010_SF115 06/05/2020
Planning Cadre Field Records DAA-0311-2019-0001_SF115 06/05/2020
Records of Division of Investment Management Senior Officials DAA-0266-2019-0006_SF115 06/05/2020
Blood Transfusions and Blood Donor Medical Histories and Blood Bank Agreements N1-AFU-91-002_SF115 06/05/2020
Psychiatric Treatment and Child Advocacy Records N1-AFU-91-007_SF115 06/05/2020
International Standardization Agreements and Case Files N1-AFU-91-009_SF115 06/05/2020
Mission Capability Checklists N1-AFU-91-022_SF115 06/05/2020
Unliquidated or Discrepant Payments and Collections Records N1-AFU-91-019_SF115 06/05/2020
Cataloging Project Files N1-AFU-90-049_SF115 06/02/2020
Environmental Protection Committee Meeting Minutes N1-AFU-90-053_SF115 06/02/2020
Air National Guard Supervisor's Employee Work Folders N1-AFU-90-009_SF115 06/02/2020
Air Base Operability (ABO) Records N1-AFU-90-008_SF115 06/02/2020
Trials of U.S. Personnel in Foreign Countries N1-AFU-90-045_SF115 06/02/2020
Copies of Retirement Applications N1-AFU-90-017_SF115 06/02/2020
Record of Travel Payments prior to 1960 N1-AFU-90-018_SF115 06/02/2020
Temporary Orders N1-AFU-90-035_SF115 06/02/2020
Family Support Centers Volunteers Service Records N1-AFU-90-042_SF115 06/02/2020
Economic Resource Impact Statement (ERIS) Reference Copies N1-AFU-90-052_SF115 06/02/2020
Policy, General Authority and General Management Basic Program Records and Wage Administration Records N1-AFU-90-006_SF115 06/02/2020
Printing Plants, Duplicating Centers and Microform Production Facilities Records N1-AFU-90-024_SF115 06/02/2020
Slot Machine Status Reports N1-AFU-90-004_SF115 06/02/2020
Civilian Personnel Promotions and Recruitment Records N1-AFU-90-051_SF115 06/02/2020
Secretary of the Air Force and other High Ranking Officials' Chronological Files N1-AFU-90-032_SF115 06/02/2020
Allowance/Authorization Change Requests and Custodian Request/Receipt Records N1-AFU-90-014_SF115 06/02/2020
Air Force Discharge Review Board Final Action Records N1-AFU-90-015_SF115 06/02/2020
Umbrella Schedule for Temporary Records N1-AFU-90-003_SF115 06/02/2020
Equipment Management System Equipment Custodian Files N1-AFU-90-030_SF115 06/02/2020
Centrally Managed Intern Program Case Files N1-AFU-90-050_SF115 06/02/2020
Weight Management Program or Fitness Improvement Training Case Files N1-AFU-90-033_SF115 06/02/2020
Statements of Accountability N1-AFU-90-020_SF115 06/02/2020
Personnel Deployment Information Package (PDIP) Records N1-AFU-90-048_SF115 06/02/2020
Disaster Preparedness Training Records N1-AFU-90-007_SF115 06/02/2020
Logistics Command Safety Proposals, Program Reports/Technical Reports, and Program Proposals N1-AFU-90-013_SF115 06/02/2020
Interment Reports N1-AFU-90-022_SF115 06/02/2020
Unit Leave Control Log and Authorization Numbers N1-AFU-90-016_SF115 06/02/2020
Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR) Proficiency Training Records N1-AFU-90-025_SF115 06/02/2020
Air Force Operations Resource Management Systems (AFORMS) Individual Data Summary, Flying History Reports N1-AFU-90-026_SF115 06/02/2020
Administrative Patient Records Master Index of Patients N1-AFU-90-027_SF115 06/02/2020
Air Force Operations Resource Management Systems (AFORMS) Records N1-AFU-90-031_SF115 06/02/2020
Intrusion Detection Alarm Systems Records N1-AFU-90-038_SF115 06/02/2020
U.S. Air Force Personnel Plans N1-AFU-90-040_SF115 06/02/2020
Authority to Keep Cash on Hand Records N1-AFU-90-019_SF115 06/02/2020
Court Reporter's Recordings for Formal Hearings of the Physical Evaluation Board N1-AFU-90-028_SF115 06/02/2020
Communications-Computer Systems Records N1-AFU-88-026_SF115 06/01/2020
Solicitation Cases N1-AFU-88-029_SF115 06/01/2020
Career Enhancement Plan (CEP) Records N1-AFU-88-031_SF115 06/01/2020
Air Force Excess/Surplus Property Records N1-AFU-88-033_SF115 06/01/2020
Approval to Hold Classified Communications Security (COMSEC) Material Records N1-AFU-89-021_SF115 06/01/2020
Industrial Security Program Records N1-AFU-88-038_SF115 06/01/2020
Individual Dental Health Records for Other than Active Duty Military Personnel N1-AFU-89-023_SF115 06/01/2020
Occupational Safety and Health Standards and AFROTC All Units/Area Unit Letters Record Sets N1-AFU-88-043_SF115 06/01/2020
Security Police Military Working Dog Training and Health, Narcotic Training Aids, and Resources Protection Records N1-AFU-88-008_SF115 06/01/2020
Unit, Organization and Material Control Supply Records N1-AFU-89-027_SF115 06/01/2020
Visual Information (VI) Property and Equipment Records N1-AFU-88-046_SF115 06/01/2020
Humanitarian and EFMP Applications N1-AFU-89-026_SF115 06/01/2020
Air Traffic Control (ATC) Operational Data Records N1-AFU-89-029_SF115 06/01/2020
Still Photography N1-AFU-88-047_SF115 06/01/2020
Reviews of Contractor Price Proposals Records N1-AFU-89-031_SF115 06/01/2020
Daily Strength Data N1-AFU-88-048_SF115 06/01/2020
In Plant Reprographic Requisitions Records N1-AFU-88-049_SF115 06/01/2020
Claims Fund Logs N1-AFU-88-051_SF115 06/01/2020
Air Force Originated Purchase Requests/Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (PRs/MIPRs) Records N1-AFU-89-002_SF115 06/01/2020
Laboratory Special Basic Research Programs Records N1-AFU-89-010_SF115 06/01/2020
Humanitarian and EFMP Applications N1-AFU-89-034_SF115 06/01/2020
Communications and Computer Systems Records N1-AFU-88-019_SF115 06/01/2020
Classified N1-263-90-001 06/01/2020
School Quotas/Course Project Files N1-AFU-88-017_SF115 06/01/2020
Applications for Intelligence Education Programs Records N1-AFU-89-024_SF115 06/01/2020
Claim Collection, Missing-in-Action (MIA), Killed-in-Action (KIA), and Prisoner-of-War (POW) Case Files Fraud or Forgery Records N1-AFU-88-053_SF115 06/01/2020
Postal Accounts Financial Adjustment Memorandum (FAM) Records N1-AFU-88-036_SF115 06/01/2020
Foreign Attache Information Folders N1-AFU-87-028_SF115 06/01/2020
Air Force Academy Physical Education Performance/Counseling and Squadron Athletic Advisor's Records N1-AFU-88-011_SF115 06/01/2020
Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Source Records N1-AFU-87-029_SF115 06/01/2020
Procurement Authorizations for Materiel Procurement Program N1-AFU-87-033_SF115 06/01/2020
Leave Transfer and Sharing Programs Records N1-AFU-89-009_SF115 06/01/2020
Air Force Academy Candidate Folders N1-AFU-88-010_SF115 06/01/2020
Weight Management and Fitness Evaluations and Improvement Records N1-AFU-89-001_SF115 06/01/2020
Position Descriptions Records N1-AFU-88-002_SF115 06/01/2020
Material Movement Routing Orders N1-AFU-88-018_SF115 06/01/2020
Reserve Forces Training Participation Records N1-AFU-88-025_SF115 06/01/2020
Depot Maintenance and Inspection Records N1-AFU-88-054_SF115 06/01/2020
Medical Facility Incidents Records N1-AFU-88-039_SF115 06/01/2020
Miltary Honors Checklist N1-AFU-89-030_SF115 06/01/2020
Information Management Workload Reports and Source Data Records N1-AFU-89-028_SF115 06/01/2020
Education and Training Documents for Mishap Prevention Records N1-AFU-88-014_SF115 06/01/2020
Records of the National Training School for Boys DAA-0129-2020-0001_SF115 06/01/2020
Base Civil Engineer Real Property Records N1-AFU-89-032_SF115 06/01/2020
Clinical Hyperbaric Treatment Records N1-AFU-89-033_SF115 06/01/2020
Core Automated Maintenance (CAM) System Output Products Records N1-AFU-90-001_SF115 06/01/2020
Over-the-Counter Handout Medication Requests Records N1-AFU-90-002_SF115 06/01/2020
Visual Information (VI) Library Services Records N1-AFU-89-012_SF115 06/01/2020
Weight Management and Fitness Evaluations and Improvement Records N1-AFU-88-006_SF115 06/01/2020
Short Term Promotions Records N1-AFU-88-004_SF115 06/01/2020
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Evaluations Records N1-AFU-88-005_SF115 06/01/2020
Fuels, Propellants, and Chemical Records N1-AFU-88-015_SF115 06/01/2020
Missile System ICBM Code/Targeting System Records N1-AFU-88-016_SF115 06/01/2020
AFCOS Output Documents N1-AFU-88-023_SF115 06/01/2020
Food Service Squadrons Service Information Management System (SIMS) and Site Automated System (SAS) Records N1-AFU-88-050_SF115 06/01/2020
Unit Organization and Materiel Control Supply Zero Overpricing Records N1-AFU-88-028_SF115 06/01/2020
Host-Tenant, Interservice, and other Support Agreements N1-AFU-88-030_SF115 06/01/2020
Personnel Status Reports and Duty Status Change Message Records N1-AFU-88-022_SF115 06/01/2020
Emergency Room Control Registers N1-AFU-88-034_SF115 06/01/2020
Nuclear Reactor Records N1-AFU-88-035_SF115 06/01/2020
Information Security Program Records N1-AFU-88-037_SF115 06/01/2020
Health Clinic Index Cards N1-AFU-88-040_SF115 06/01/2020
Weather Radar Logs N1-AFU-88-042_SF115 06/01/2020
Mental Health Clinic Child Advocacy Records prior to 1989 and Child and Spouse Abuse Reports N1-AFU-88-044_SF115 06/01/2020
Operational Support Aircraft Records N1-AFU-88-045_SF115 06/01/2020
Request for Discharge Records N1-AFU-88-003_SF115 06/01/2020
Missile System ICBM Code/Targeting System Records N1-AFU-89-011_SF115 06/01/2020
Meal Card Control Register or Computer Generated Equivalent Forms N1-AFU-89-013_SF115 06/01/2020
Ground Weapons Equipment Maintenance Inspection Reports Historical Data N1-AFU-89-014_SF115 06/01/2020
Personal Foreign Travel Reports N1-AFU-89-025_SF115 06/01/2020
Contractor Independent Research & Development (IR&D) Program Records N1-AFU-89-015_SF115 06/01/2020
Ground Weapons Equipment Maintenance Historical Firing Data N1-AFU-89-016_SF115 06/01/2020
United States Institute of Peace RG-0573-USIP_SF115 05/29/2020
Medical Expense and Performance Reporting System (MEPRS) Records N1-AFU-87-024_SF115 05/29/2020
Federal Register Air Force Material N1-AFU-87-025_SF115 05/29/2020
Active Duty and Reserve Military Personnel Health Records N1-AFU-87-026_SF115 05/29/2020
Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Forensic Services Records N1-AFU-87-031_SF115 05/29/2020
Evaluations of Officers for Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel Predating 1982 N1-AFU-87-035_SF115 05/29/2020
Flight Operations Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS) Records N1-AFU-87-034_SF115 05/29/2020
Polygraph Examinations N1-AFU-87-036_SF115 05/29/2020
News Clippings, Changes in Part I of the Report on Prohibition Enforcement, and Paid Vouchers N2-010-91-001_SF115 05/29/2020
AFOSI Applicant Investigative Processing Records N1-AFU-87-023_SF115 05/29/2020
System Software Case Files N1-AFU-87-040_SF115 05/29/2020
Equipment Custodian Files N1-AFU-87-027_SF115 05/29/2020
Radiac Equipment Maintenance Records; Information Systems Maintenance Instructions (ISMI) Records N1-AFU-86-035_SF115 05/28/2020
Transportation Requests Records N1-AFU-86-036_SF115 05/28/2020
Contraband Drugs and Paraphernalia as Training Aids N1-AFU-86-038_SF115 05/28/2020
Clinical Records of NATO Military Personnel and Dependents and Foreign National Military Personnel N1-AFU-86-056_SF115 05/28/2020
Medical Health Records for Other than Active Duty Military Personnel N1-AFU-86-057_SF115 05/28/2020
Personnel Data System Change Requests Records N1-AFU-86-046_SF115 05/28/2020
Daily Document Registers and Project Fund Management Report (PFMR/OCCR) Update and Reconciliation N1-AFU-86-061_SF115 05/28/2020
Indemnity Agreements between Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Contractors and the Government N1-AFU-87-005_SF115 05/28/2020
Inspections of Airfield Facilities Records N1-AFU-87-007_SF115 05/28/2020
Drinking Water Records and Corrective Actions N1-AFU-87-009_SF115 05/28/2020
Hospital Recovery Claims Records N1-AFU-87-010_SF115 05/28/2020
Child Care Pre-employment Screening Records N1-AFU-87-011_SF115 05/28/2020
Electronic Security Command Maintenance Bulletins and Equipment Installation Standards Records N1-AFU-86-037_SF115 05/28/2020
Index for Retired Dental Health Records N1-AFU-87-015_SF115 05/28/2020
Still Photography N1-AFU-87-016_SF115 05/28/2020
Ground Weapons Historical Data N1-AFU-87-020_SF115 05/28/2020
Threatened Airman Program and Criminal Alert Notices N1-AFU-87-021_SF115 05/28/2020
Automated Travel Record Accounting (ATRAS) Management Listings N1-AFU-86-055_SF115 05/28/2020
Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) Records at Base Level Substantiating Information N1-AFU-86-068_SF115 05/28/2020
Specialized Publications of Technical Instructions and Laboratory Procedures Records N1-AFU-86-049_SF115 05/28/2020
Aircraft and Munitions Maintenance Badge Records N1-AFU-86-052_SF115 05/28/2020
Weather Environmental Technical Studies N1-AFU-86-051_SF115 05/28/2020
Air Force Personnel Selection Panel (PSP) Records N1-AFU-86-033_SF115 05/28/2020
Civilian Pay Individual Retirement Records N1-AFU-86-067_SF115 05/28/2020
Allowance/Authorization Change Requests and Custodian Request/Receipt Records N1-AFU-86-058_SF115 05/28/2020
Civil Air Carrier Contracts Records N1-AFU-86-032_SF115 05/28/2020
Medical War Reserve Materiel (WRM) Quality Assurance Records N1-AFU-86-044_SF115 05/28/2020
Annual Summary of Real Property Transfer Actions N1-AFU-86-034_SF115 05/28/2020
Continuing Health Education (CHE) Program Records N1-AFU-86-062_SF115 05/28/2020
Unaccompanied Public Housing Records N1-AFU-86-069_SF115 05/28/2020
Family Services Program Records N1-AFU-86-026_SF115 05/28/2020
Permissible Motor Vehicle Operating Distance (POD) Records N1-AFU-86-065_SF115 05/28/2020
Approved Requests for Use of Air Force Installations by Non-Department of Defense Aircraft N1-AFU-86-050_SF115 05/28/2020
Completed Answer Sheets for AFCT N1-AFU-87-013_SF115 05/28/2020
Honors and Awards Outstanding Personnel Programs Records N1-AFU-87-022_SF115 05/28/2020
Joint Uniform Military Pay System (JUMPS) Records at Base Level Rejected Transaction Listings N1-AFU-87-004_SF115 05/28/2020
Approved Retraining Applications N1-AFU-87-006_SF115 05/28/2020
Space Badge Records N1-AFU-86-064_SF115 05/28/2020
Daily Audit Lists N1-AFU-86-048_SF115 05/28/2020
Numbered Contracting Letters N1-AFU-86-028_SF115 05/28/2020
Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP)/Military Standard Billing System (MILSBILLS) N1-AFU-86-029_SF115 05/28/2020
Unsolicited Proposals Records N1-AFU-86-009_SF115 05/27/2020
Libraries Annual and Semiannual Reports N1-AFU-86-011_SF115 05/27/2020
Air Traffic Control (ATC) Data on Hazardous Air Traffic Reports N1-AFU-86-002_SF115 05/27/2020
Standard Reporting Designators Code Elements Records N1-AFU-86-003_SF115 05/27/2020
Air National Guard Incentive Program Records N1-AFU-86-020_SF115 05/27/2020
Fire Protection Welding, Cutting and Brazing Permits N1-AFU-86-001_SF115 05/27/2020
Fire Protection Water Flow Tests Records N1-AFU-86-010_SF115 05/27/2020
Occupational Therapy Treatment Records N1-AFU-86-014_SF115 05/27/2020
Master Copy of Tests and Annual Test Inventories Records N1-AFU-86-006_SF115 05/27/2020
Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) Program Records N1-406-09-011_SF115 05/27/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Environmental Planning and Program Development Records N1-406-09-020_SF115 05/27/2020
Manpower Standards Application and Reapplication; Commercial Activities Cost Comparison Studies Records N1-AFU-86-025_SF115 05/27/2020
General Administrative Records of Medical Activities Nonavailability Statements N1-AFU-86-005_SF115 05/27/2020
Administrative Records Support Agreements N1-AFU-86-012_SF115 05/27/2020
Daily or Weekly Thermometer/Hygrometer Recordings N1-AFU-86-016_SF115 05/27/2020
Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force (PRIME BEEF) Reports N1-AFU-86-018_SF115 05/27/2020
Personnel Identification and Pass Applications Records N1-AFU-86-021_SF115 05/27/2020
Meteorological Data Records N1-AFU-86-022_SF115 05/27/2020
Unaccompanied Personnel Housing N1-AFU-86-024_SF115 05/27/2020
Litigation Cases N1-AFU-03-016_SF115 05/26/2020
Environmental Function Field Office Records NC1-406-85-02_SF115 05/26/2020
Motor Carrier, Water Carrier, and Frieght Forwarders Certificates N1-406-97-002_SF115 05/26/2020
Health and Medicine Records N1-AFU-02-016_SF115 05/26/2020
National Highway Institute Records NC-406-75-004_SF115 05/26/2020
National Household Travel Survey Records N1-406-10-001_SF115 05/26/2020
Bureau of Public Roads Aerial Survey Maps and Unarranged Photographs of Road Construction, 1936-59 N1-406-89-001_SF115 05/26/2020
Intelligence, Weather, Operations, Manpower, and Legal Records N1-AFU-02-017_SF115 05/26/2020
Environmental and Right-of-Way Records NC1-406-80-07_SF115 05/26/2020
Communications Records N1-AFU-02-015_SF115 05/26/2020
Long-Term Bridge Performance Database N1-406-09-027_SF115 05/26/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-275-02-001_SF115 05/26/2020
Medical Illustrations and Photographs N1-AFU-03-014_SF115 05/26/2020
National Highway Institute (NHI) Records NC1-406-80-03_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Bridges and Structures Records N1-406-09-023_SF115 05/26/2020
Engineering and Operations Field Office Records NC1-406-85-06_SF115 05/26/2020
Highway Safety Office Records NC1-406-80-10_SF115 05/26/2020
Accounting and Finance Records N1-AFU-02-006_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Legal Services Records N1-406-09-021_SF115 05/26/2020
Chief Counsel Records NC1-406-80-01_SF115 05/26/2020
Programming Civil Engineer Resources for Asbestos Project Cases N1-AFU-00-008_SF115 05/26/2020
Command and Control Operations Records N1-AFU-02-014_SF115 05/26/2020
Civil Rights Field Office Records NC1-406-85-04_SF115 05/26/2020
Research and Development Records; Budget Estimates and Justifications Records NC1-406-79-01_SF115 05/26/2020
Research Information Management System Records N1-406-10-003_SF115 05/26/2020
Miscellaneous Disposable Records at Washington National Records Center (WNRC) NC1-406-78-02_SF115 05/26/2020
Research and Development Records NC1-406-80-09_SF115 05/26/2020
Personnel Identification and Pass Records for Ration Control Accountability N1-AFU-00-009_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal-Aid Project Files; Route Reports and Route Maps NC-406-75-002_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Highway Safety Records N1-406-09-025_SF115 05/26/2020
Administrator and Executive Director Records NC1-406-80-05_SF115 05/26/2020
Motor Carrier and Highway Safety Field Office Records NC1-406-85-08_SF115 05/26/2020
Contract Manpower Equivalent (CME) Records N1-AFU-03-006_SF115 05/26/2020
Test Material for Courses N1-AFU-03-023_SF115 05/26/2020
Research and Technology Transfer Function Field Office Records NC1-406-85-09_SF115 05/26/2020
Highway Planning Office Records NC1-406-80-06_SF115 05/26/2020
Transportation Planning Function Field Office Records NC1-406-84-02_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Planning and Program Development Records N1-406-09-026_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal-Aid Interstate Systems Project Records NC-406-76-002_SF115 05/26/2020
Special Management (90 Series) - Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program (Table 90-04) DAA-AFU-2018-0006_SF115 05/26/2020
Albert Rose Reference Material, 1920s-1950s NC1-406-81-01_SF115 05/26/2020
General Administration Records NC1-406-80-11_SF115 05/26/2020
Public Affairs Records NC1-406-80-02_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Research and Technology Records N1-406-09-022_SF115 05/26/2020
Structures Field Office Records NC1-406-85-05_SF115 05/26/2020
Logisitics and Maintenance Records N1-AFU-02-005_SF115 05/26/2020
Student Collegiate Academic Records N1-AFU-04-003_SF115 05/26/2020
Student Training Records N1-AFU-00-010_SF115 05/26/2020
Standardization, Research and Development, Investigations, and Safety Records N1-AFU-02-018_SF115 05/26/2020
Certificate Management Authority (CMA) Records N1-AFU-03-009_SF115 05/26/2020
Air Mobility Command Electronic Messages, 1991-2000 N1-AFU-04-002_SF115 05/26/2020
Emergency or Special Leave Orders N1-AFU-00-004_SF115 05/26/2020
Enterprise Risk Management Records DAA-0474-2018-0005_SF115 05/26/2020
H-1 Helicopter Crewmember Flight Evaluations Records N1-AFU-03-020_SF115 05/26/2020
NEADS 9/11/2001 Records DAA-AFU-2017-0004_SF115 05/26/2020
Appointment of Transportation Officers and Agents Records N1-AFU-03-008_SF115 05/26/2020
Daily Activity Schedules for Air Force Acting Secretary, January 20, 2001 to June 5, 2001, and Under Secretary, 1999-2001 N1-AFU-03-002_SF115 05/26/2020
Developmental Engineering, Acquisition, Contracting, and Financial Management Records N1-AFU-02-009_SF115 05/26/2020
Civil Engineering Records N1-AFU-02-013_SF115 05/26/2020
Highway Performance Monitoring System Records N1-406-11-003_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Engineering and Operations Records N1-406-09-019_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal Lands Highway Program Project Records N1-406-99-001_SF115 05/26/2020
Legal Services Field Office Records NC1-406-85-03_SF115 05/26/2020
Deer Isle Bridge Event Database and the Cable Stay Bridge Database N1-406-09-028_SF115 05/26/2020
Personnel Records N1-AFU-02-012_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal-Aid Beautification Hearing Records; Right-of-Way Procedures and Inspection Records NC1-406-78-01_SF115 05/26/2020
Engineering and Traffic Operations Records NC1-406-80-08_SF115 05/26/2020
Office of Program Review and Investigations Records NC-406-75-005_SF115 05/26/2020
Materials Laboratory Management System Records N1-406-10-002_SF115 05/26/2020
Administrator, Deputy Administrator, and Executive Director Correspondence Records N1-406-95-001_SF115 05/26/2020
Drinking Driver and Traffic Safety Project Records, 1968 NC1-406-83-01_SF115 05/26/2020
Biographical Information on Members of U.S. Congress and Key Congressional Staff N1-AFU-03-010_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Right-of-Way Functions Records N1-406-09-024_SF115 05/26/2020
Secretary of Air Force F. Whitten Peters Schedules of Daily Activities N1-AFU-02-001_SF115 05/26/2020
Civil Rights Records NC1-406-80-04_SF115 05/26/2020
Construction and Maintenance Reports; Bureau of Roads Still and Motion Pictures Records NC-406-75-001_SF115 05/26/2020
Security, Medical, Chaplain, Historical Programs and Command Policy Records N1-AFU-02-010_SF115 05/26/2020
Right-of-Way Field Office Records NC1-406-85-07_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal Aid and Other Highway Systems Records; Personnel Cards NC1-406-79-04_SF115 05/26/2020
Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS) Global Positioning System (GPS) Data DAA-AFU-2017-0003_SF115 05/26/2020
Alaska Road Commission Construction Project Records, 1919-59 N1-406-90-001_SF115 05/26/2020
Federal Lands Highway Office Records N1-406-09-001_SF115 05/21/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Civil Rights Records N1-406-09-018_SF115 05/21/2020
Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) System N1-406-09-014_SF115 05/21/2020
Research, Development, and Technology Miscellaenous Records N1-406-08-006_SF115 05/21/2020
Motor Vehicle Smart System and Drivers License Smart System Records N1-406-09-005_SF115 05/21/2020
Office of Administration Records N1-406-09-003_SF115 05/21/2020
Office of Infrastructure Records N1-406-09-007_SF115 05/21/2020
Policy and Government Affairs Program Records N1-406-08-008_SF115 05/21/2020
Chief Financial Officer Records N1-406-08-010_SF115 05/21/2020
Federal-Aid Divisions (Field Offices) Administrative Records N1-406-09-017_SF115 05/21/2020
9-11 Emergency Relief Files N1-406-09-008_SF115 05/21/2020
Public Affairs Program Records N1-406-08-009_SF115 05/21/2020
Office of Operations Records N1-406-09-004_SF115 05/21/2020
Miscellaenous Administrative Records N1-406-08-005_SF115 05/21/2020
Electronic messaging records DAA-0064-2019-0006_SF115 05/21/2020
Diversion Control Division DAA-0170-2017-0006_SF115 05/21/2020
Sanitation Facilities Construction DAA-0513-2019-0001_SF115 05/21/2020
General Supply Control Program Files NC1-137-80-02_SF115 05/21/2020
Federal Lands Highway Division Field Office Records N1-406-09-002_SF115 05/21/2020
Office of Planning, Environment and Realty Records N1-406-09-006_SF115 05/21/2020
Chief Counsel Records N1-406-08-011_SF115 05/21/2020
Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Project (Big Dig) Records, 1986-2007 N1-406-09-010_SF115 05/21/2020
Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey Records N1-406-04-002_SF115 05/20/2020
Office of Civil Rights Program Records N1-406-08-004_SF115 05/20/2020
Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act NC1-036-80-02_SF115 05/20/2020
State Infrastructure Banks (SIBs) Program Files; Section 129 Loan Files; Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle (GARVEE) Files DAA-0406-2014-0002_SF115 05/20/2020
Flexitime Attendance Records NC1-362-83-02_SF115 05/20/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-406-06-002_SF115 05/20/2020
Publications and Inspector General Records N1-362-94-003_SF115 05/20/2020
Interstate System Planning and Designation Files N1-406-04-005_SF115 05/20/2020
Central Office Congressional Correspondence NC1-085-78-06_SF115 05/20/2020
Directive Files, Notices N1-406-04-001_SF115 05/20/2020
Alien Registry Case Files, 1930-44 NC1-085-83-02_SF115 05/20/2020
Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service NC-085-76-001_SF115 05/20/2020
Camera Cards N1-085-91-006_SF115 05/20/2020
Service Case Files NC1-085-80-05_SF115 05/20/2020
Forensic Document Laboratory Case Files N1-085-99-005_SF115 05/20/2020
Address Report NC-085-75-001_SF115 05/20/2020
Volunteer Death and Early Terminee Records NC1-362-76-04_SF115 05/20/2020
Bond Management Information System (BMIS) N1-085-98-002_SF115 05/20/2020
Clinical Records of Detainees N1-085-99-001_SF115 05/20/2020
Federal Insurance Programs NC1-207-79-04_SF115 05/20/2020
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Master Index N1-085-91-003_SF115 05/20/2020
Routine Correspondence NC-362-75-003_SF115 05/20/2020
Internal Audit Case Files NC1-362-83-03_SF115 05/20/2020
Automated Master Index System NC1-085-79-03_SF115 05/20/2020
Visas Issued to Aliens by American Consular Officers NC1-085-81-02_SF115 05/20/2020
Nonimmigrant Visa Petition Files NC1-085-79-07_SF115 05/20/2020
Forensic Document Laboratory Case File N1-085-88-002_SF115 05/20/2020
Safety Program Records N1-406-08-002_SF115 05/20/2020
Federal Lands Highways Program Records N1-406-06-004_SF115 05/20/2020
GAO Audit Reporting and Non-Appropriated Fund Audits Records NC1-374-81-14_SF115 05/18/2020
Library Voucher Files NC1-374-81-52_SF115 05/18/2020
Accounting Classification Audit Files NC1-374-81-15_SF115 05/18/2020
Records Management and Publications NC1-374-81-07_SF115 05/18/2020
Intellectual Properly Opinion Files NC1-374-81-18_SF115 05/18/2020
Congressional Liaison Files NC1-374-81-19_SF115 05/18/2020
Annual Historical Summary and Installation Historical Files NC1-374-81-09_SF115 05/18/2020
Occupational Health Nurse Facility Investigations and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Records NC1-374-81-36_SF115 05/18/2020
Civilian Personnel Program and Inspection Files NC1-374-81-29_SF115 05/18/2020
Conservation of Natural Resources Files NC1-374-81-59_SF115 05/18/2020
Official Personnel Folders and Related Records NC1-374-81-32_SF115 05/18/2020
Classified Information Dissemination, Safekeeping, and Control Records NC1-374-81-24_SF115 05/18/2020
Signal Communication Files NC1-374-81-39_SF115 05/18/2020
Joint Atomic Information Exchange Group (JAIEG) Records NC1-374-84-01_SF115 05/18/2020
Telephone Services Records NC1-374-81-40_SF115 05/18/2020
Petroleum Supply Reporting Files NC1-374-81-53_SF115 05/18/2020
Joint Audit Management Enterprise System (JAMES) N1-056-11-001_SF115 05/15/2020
Defense Integration and Management of Nuclear Data Service (DIAMONDS) Database DAA-0374-2017-0013_SF115 05/15/2020
Censuses of Blocked Nations' Assets N1-265-89-001_SF115 05/15/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC1-265-79-01_SF115 05/15/2020
Safety and Health Records N1-374-02-005_SF115 05/15/2020
Classification Review Files N1-374-89-015_SF115 05/15/2020
Bureau Forms Record Books - 1923 NC1-318-77-02_SF115 05/15/2020
Interservice Nuclear Weapons School Records N1-374-95-001_SF115 05/15/2020
Congressional Hearings N1-374-89-028_SF115 05/15/2020
Nuclear Management Information System (NUMIS) Database DAA-0374-2017-0016_SF115 05/15/2020
Common Mission Files NC1-374-78-01_SF115 05/15/2020
Competition in Contracting and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Program Records N1-374-89-011_SF115 05/15/2020
Personnel Movement and Travel Records N1-374-89-031_SF115 05/15/2020
Procurement Operations Records N1-374-89-004_SF115 05/15/2020
Training Records N1-374-89-023_SF115 05/15/2020
Operational Manuals N1-374-89-022_SF115 05/15/2020
Military History Program and Operations Files N1-374-89-041_SF115 05/15/2020
210.07 Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE) Documentation DAA-0374-2014-0008_SF115 05/15/2020
Nuclear Test Personnel Review (NTPR) and Veteran Board Dose Review (VBDR) Records N1-374-09-004_SF115 05/15/2020
Atmospheric Nuclear Testing Program Official Photography, 1946-58 N1-374-93-001_SF115 05/15/2020
Publications Distribution Records N1-374-89-035_SF115 05/15/2020
Defense Nuclear Weapons School Records N1-374-02-007_SF115 05/15/2020
1405.01 Materiel Standardization Plans DAA-0374-2014-0038_SF115 05/15/2020
Radiation Experiments Command Center (RECC) Records N1-374-02-008_SF115 05/15/2020
Data Archival and Retrieval Enhancement (DARE) and STI Archival and Retrieval System N1-374-05-004_SF115 05/15/2020
Security Briefings and Debriefings N1-374-89-017_SF115 05/15/2020
Manpower On-Line Management (MOM) Electronic Information System N1-374-09-001_SF115 05/15/2020
Record of Domestic and Foreign Dies Used, Mutilated, and Destroyed, 1965-74 NC1-104-77-01_SF115 05/15/2020
Defense Nuclear Surety Inspection Conducted by FCDNA N1-374-95-004_SF115 05/15/2020
Publications Review Board -PRB DAA-0263-2016-0003_SF115 05/15/2020
DODIG Audit Reporting Files N1-374-89-010_SF115 05/15/2020
Civilian Personnel Management Records N1-374-89-034_SF115 05/15/2020
Research and Development Testing Activities N1-374-02-006_SF115 05/15/2020
Base Operations at Johnson Atoll N1-374-95-002_SF115 05/15/2020
Emergency Action Files N1-374-89-038_SF115 05/15/2020
Personnel Files N1-374-89-029_SF115 05/15/2020
Administrative Files NC1-374-78-02_SF115 05/15/2020
Committee and Conference Files N1-374-89-003_SF115 05/15/2020
Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (AFSWP) General Correspondence, ca. 1952-57 N1-374-88-004_SF115 05/15/2020
System Administration Records N1-374-89-030_SF115 05/15/2020
Inspector General Records N1-104-03-004_SF115 05/15/2020
Office of the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs (OASIA) Records, 1934-78 N1-056-86-003_SF115 05/15/2020
Manpower Summaries, November 1966-June 1968 NC1-373-84-02_SF115 05/14/2020
File Series 700 Records NC1-373-76-05_SF115 05/14/2020
Security Policies and Program Records NC1-373-77-04_SF115 05/14/2020
Case Files NC1-204-76-01_SF115 05/14/2020
Case Files N1-204-91-001_SF115 05/14/2020
Publications, 1954-55 NC1-373-82-01_SF115 05/14/2020
Procurement Records NC1-373-77-09_SF115 05/14/2020
Inpector General Audits Records N1-373-96-003_SF115 05/14/2020
Administrative Publications and Defense Intelligence Special Career Automated System NC1-373-77-07_SF115 05/14/2020
Bomb Damage Assessment Reports for North Vietnam, 1965-69 NC1-373-84-01_SF115 05/14/2020
Office Reference Publications, Inspections, Indications and Warning Studies N1-373-96-001_SF115 05/14/2020
Personnel Policies and Procedures Records NC1-373-77-03_SF115 05/14/2020
Name Index Cards NC1-373-82-02_SF115 05/14/2020
Records Managment Files NC-373-75-001_SF115 05/14/2020
Intelligence Collection Records N1-373-99-001_SF115 05/14/2020
Accounting and Financial Records NC1-373-77-02_SF115 05/14/2020
Orders Records NC1-373-77-08_SF115 05/14/2020
Joint Military Intelligence College Records N1-373-88-010_SF115 05/13/2020
Communist Insurgency in El Salvador, Early 1980s -1990 N1-373-93-001_SF115 05/13/2020
ACTION International Operations Planning Group Records NC-174-000188_SF115 05/13/2020
ACTION Comprehensive Records Schedule NC-174-000189_SF115 05/13/2020
Deployment Information Records N1-373-12-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Produced Intelligence Products N1-373-88-005_SF115 05/13/2020
Ocean Transportation Intermediaries License Transmittal (OLTD) Database N1-358-09-005_SF115 05/13/2020
Equal Employment Opportunity Case Files NC-362-75-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Audit Administration, Management, Policy, Guidance, and Direction Records N1-372-90-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Orientation and Briefing Files and Agency Training Records N1-373-88-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Internal Review Directorate Records N1-372-11-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Manpower Administration Regional Records NC-369-76-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Medical Case Files and Claims NC1-362-77-03_SF115 05/13/2020
Legal Opinions Records N1-372-01-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Chronological File N1-372-99-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Quality Assurance Records N1-372-00-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Intra-Agency Committee Files N1-372-93-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Usage Reports for Leased Office Equipment N1-372-02-003_SF115 05/13/2020
Foreign Labor Certification Records N1-369-11-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Internal Management Control Files N1-372-96-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance Records N1-369-99-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Job Corps IBM Cards, 1969-70 N1-369-91-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Blueprints and Building Specifications, 1963-75 N1-369-90-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Enterprise Business Support System (EBSS) Records N1-369-09-002_SF115 05/13/2020
Office of Apprenticeship Records N1-369-06-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Drug-Free Federal Workplace Program Records N1-372-89-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Quality of Work Life Programs Records N1-372-01-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Employment Training Administration and Predecessor Agency Records, 1964-78 N1-369-98-001_SF115 05/13/2020
DCAI Courses Records N1-372-94-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Sanitation of Computer Hard Drives Records N1-372-01-005_SF115 05/13/2020
Office of Policy Development and Research Records N1-369-09-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS), 1990-92 N1-369-92-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits Quality Control (SQC) System N1-369-94-003_SF115 05/13/2020
Manpower Administration Records NC-369-76-001_SF115 05/13/2020
ACTION Inspector General Records NC1-362-82-01_SF115 05/13/2020
ACTION Regional Office Records NC-174-000187_SF115 05/13/2020
Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) Training Records, 1965-71 N1-362-93-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Inspector General Records N1-362-99-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Contracting Records N1-373-88-006_SF115 05/13/2020
Miscellaneous Records NC-362-75-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Miscellaneous Records N1-373-94-001_SF115 05/13/2020
Personnel Management Systems N1-373-89-009_SF115 05/13/2020
Defense Attache System Records