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Title Number Date
Records Pertaining to the Office of the Associate Commissioner NC1-257-85-02_SF115 05/22/2018
Office of the Director - Subject Files - United States International Communication NC1-306-81-08_SF115 05/16/2018
Urbanization of American Farmland Project Files, 1960-1986 N1-354-97-001_SF115 05/16/2018
Air Force Law Enforcement Terminal (AFLETS) NC1-AFU-82-076_SF115 05/16/2018
World Trade Directory Reports Background Files NC1-084-78-01_SF115 05/16/2018
U.S. Mission to the United Nations NC1-084-78-02_SF115 05/16/2018
Importation and Sale of Personal Automobiles and Other Personal Property Abroad NC1-084-78-03_SF115 05/16/2018
All Foreign Service Posts NC1-084-78-09_SF115 05/16/2018
Foreign Service Post - Bogota NC1-084-79-01_SF115 05/16/2018
U.S. Mission to Berlin NC1-084-79-02_SF115 05/16/2018
Budget and Fiscal Records of Regional Finance and Data Processing Centers NC1-084-79-03_SF115 05/16/2018
Administrative & Management Records NC1-084-79-04_SF115 05/16/2018
Philippine Rehabilitation Program NC1-084-79-07_SF115 05/16/2018
Adjutant General Center NC1-092-78-01_SF115 05/16/2018
Cooperative Fire Protection Program N1-095-86-004_SF115 05/16/2018
Change to Job NC1-15-83-02 Regarding Claims Folders Maintained at the Veterans Administration Records Processing Center (VARPC) NC1-015-83-14_SF115 05/16/2018
International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT) Files NC1-059-79-10_SF115 05/16/2018
Institute of Museum Services (IMS) History Database N1-288-94-001_SF115 05/15/2018
Organizational Charts DAA-0474-2018-0007_SF115 05/14/2018
Office of Strategic Information, Research, and Planning (OSIRP) Program DAA-0490-2017-0004_SF115 05/14/2018
Form G-1519, Disabled Veteran Leave (DVL) DAA-0566-2017-0035_SF115 05/14/2018
Alcatraz Institution and Central Office Inmate Files NC1-129-77-04_SF115 05/11/2018
Alderson Central Office Inmate Files NC1-129-77-05_SF115 05/11/2018
Alderson Institution Inmate Files NC1-129-77-06_SF115 05/11/2018
Pre-1920 Atlanta Institution Inmate Files NC1-129-77-07_SF115 05/11/2018
Pre-1920 McNeil Island Institution Inmate Files NC1-129-77-08_SF115 05/11/2018
Pre-1920 Leavenworth Institution Inmate Files NC1-129-77-09_SF115 05/11/2018
Central Office Inmate Files NC1-129-77-10_SF115 05/11/2018
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission N1-148-95-001_SF115 05/11/2018
Office of the Special Assistant to the Deputy Director for Federal Drug Management NC1-051-76-01_SF115 05/11/2018
Labor, Veterans, and Education Division NC1-051-79-07_SF115 05/11/2018
Statistical Policy Division NC1-051-79-10_SF115 05/11/2018
Budget Review Division NC1-051-79-11_SF115 05/11/2018
Federal Personnel Policy Division NC1-051-79-13_SF115 05/11/2018
Gulf of Mexico Region Field Offices NC1-057-79-01_SF115 05/11/2018
WPA/NYA Records among the IRS Records N1-069-88-001_SF115 05/11/2018
PWA/NYA Scrapbooks N1-069-88-002_SF115 05/11/2018
Research and Development Records N1-070-90-001_SF115 05/11/2018
Comprehensive Schedule Revisions N1-070-92-001_SF115 05/11/2018
Division of Organization and Management N1-070-93-001_SF115 05/11/2018
Budget Records N1-070-94-002_SF115 05/11/2018
Environmental Impact and Minerals Availability Textual and Electronic Files N1-070-94-003_SF115 05/11/2018
Hard Copy Teletypes Uploaded Into Automated Case Support (ACS) System N1-065-00-005_SF115 05/11/2018
Hazardous Waste Management and Superfund Files N1-070-95-001_SF115 05/11/2018
War History Project Records in Accession 5730556 NC1-070-80-03_SF115 05/11/2018
Closed Individual Case Files on the Death of American Citizens Abroad NC-084-75-001_SF115 05/11/2018
Loyalty Notification Files NC-084-76-002_SF115 05/11/2018
U.S. Mission to the Organization of American States NC1-084-76-04_SF115 05/11/2018
China, Burma, and India PHS Memoir DAA-0090-2018-0001_SF115 05/11/2018
Trust Department NC1-101-77-01_SF115 05/11/2018
Federal Reserve Issue, Correspondence and Redemption Records (1944-1949) NC1-101-77-02_SF115 05/11/2018
Office of Examination NC-103-76-001_SF115 05/11/2018
Soils Records NC1-114-76-01_SF115 05/11/2018
Files of S.C.S. Regional Engineer John G. Sutton & H.D. Abbot, Assistant to the Chief NC1-114-77-02_SF115 05/11/2018
Mustering-Out Pay Records Cards NC1-127-77-01_SF115 05/11/2018
Accounting Board Files NC1-134-76-01_SF115 05/11/2018
Rail Services Planning Office NC1-134-76-02_SF115 05/11/2018
Office of Hearings NC1-134-76-03_SF115 05/11/2018
Office of Proceedings NC1-134-76-04_SF115 05/11/2018
Entry/Departure Register N1-149-96-002_SF115 05/11/2018
Office of the Board and Chairman N1-218-01-001_SF115 05/11/2018
Distribution Standard System (DSS) DAA-0361-2017-0012_SF115 05/11/2018
Customer Integrated Automated Procurement System (CIAPS) Records (Table 70-16) NC1-AFU-77-63_SF115 05/11/2018
General Administration and Mangement DAA-NU-2015-0005_SF115 05/11/2018
Directional Origin and Destination (International/Territorial) N1-570-04-001_SF115 05/11/2018
Grants and Other Program Support Agreements N1-570-04-002_SF115 05/11/2018
Directional Origin and Destination (Modified Domestic) N1-570-04-003_SF115 05/11/2018
Organizational Plans N1-570-04-004_SF115 05/11/2018
City/Airport Nomenclature N1-570-04-005_SF115 05/11/2018
T-100 Domestic Market Data N1-570-04-006_SF115 05/11/2018
Manuscripts of Articles Written by BTS Personnel N1-570-04-007_SF115 05/11/2018
Manuscripts of Articles Written by BTS Personnel N1-570-04-007_SF115 05/11/2018
Form 41 Financial Data N1-570-04-008_SF115 05/11/2018
T-100 Domestic Segment Data N1-570-04-009_SF115 05/11/2018
Airline Service Quality Performance Files N1-570-04-010_SF115 05/11/2018
Commuter Air Carrier Statistics-Online Origin and Destination N1-570-04-011_SF115 05/11/2018
Speeches and Testimony Records N1-570-04-012_SF115 05/11/2018
Public Awareness Files N1-570-04-013_SF115 05/11/2018
Publications and Promotional Items N1-570-04-014_SF115 05/11/2018
Controlled Correspondence Records N1-570-04-016_SF115 05/11/2018
Reports to Congress and/or the President N1-570-04-017_SF115 05/11/2018
Energy Conservation Activities NC1-AU-77-164_SF115 05/11/2018
Notorious Offender Files NC1-129-77-01_SF115 05/11/2018
Long Term Follow Up Study Files NC1-129-77-02_SF115 05/11/2018
National Training School Group Therapy Study Inmate Files NC1-129-77-03_SF115 05/11/2018
Six Economic Development Administration (EDA) Regional Offices DAA-0378-2014-0013_SF115 05/09/2018
Department of the Interior Big Bucket Schedule 3 - Policy Records DAA-0048-2013-0008_SF115 05/09/2018
Insurance Subsystem (V Premium Waiver Study) Magnetic Tape Files NC1-015-80-08_SF115 05/09/2018
NXGEN electronic case management system DAA-0025-2017-0001_SF115 05/09/2018
Public Affairs NC1-AFU-82-057_SF115 05/07/2018
Systems Records NC1-AFU-83-006_SF115 05/07/2018
Technical Support Operations NC1-AFU-83-058_SF115 05/07/2018
Joint Surveillance System (JSS) N1-AFU-88-041_SF115 05/07/2018
Food Service Squadrons N1-AFU-88-050_SF115 05/07/2018
Automated Commissary Operations System (ACOS) N1-AFU-89-003_SF115 05/07/2018
Cases NC1-308-81-01_SF115 05/07/2018
Correspondence, Research Summaries, and Field Notebooks Relating to Research on Sesame and Castor NC1-310-81-01_SF115 05/07/2018
Regional Files NC1-438-79-01_SF115 05/07/2018
Administration on Aging NC1-439-80-01_SF115 05/07/2018
Food and Nutrition Service, Headquarters, Region and Field Offices NC1-462-84-01_SF115 05/07/2018
ADC (Animal Damage Control) and ENQL (Environmental Quality) N1-463-92-001_SF115 05/07/2018
Insurance Operations Department N1-465-02-002_SF115 05/07/2018
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing program N1-AFU-89-007_SF115 05/07/2018
Comprehensive Records Schedule for Office of Information Resources Management (OIRM) NC1-016-84-01_SF115 05/04/2018
BSEE - Bucket 2 - Policy Records N1-473-12-002_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - Well Files N1-473-06-003_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - Revised Comprehensive N1-473-88-001_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - International and Domestic Marine Mineral Activities N1-473-97-001_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - Mineral Leasing Claims and Litigation Files N1-473-05-002_SF115 05/04/2018
BSEE - Bucket 4 - Records of Energy and Mineral Leases N1-473-12-004_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - Revision of Comprehensive Schedule N1-473-91-001_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - Environmental Analysis and Royalty Management Files N1-473-98-002_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project N1-473-99-001_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - Royalty-in-Kind Records N1-473-05-001_SF115 05/04/2018
BSEE - Bucket 3 - Records of Analysis and Evaluation of Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Resources N1-473-12-003_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - Lease Sale and Reservoir Rate Records N1-473-98-001_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - Minerals Management Service N1-473-06-002_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - Royalty In Kind - Historical Files N1-473-05-003_SF115 05/04/2018
BSEE - Bucket 5 - Regulatory Oversight and Stewardship Records N1-473-12-005_SF115 05/04/2018
MMS - Revision of Comprehensive Schedule (Chapter 17) N1-473-91-002_SF115 05/04/2018
BSEE - Bucket 1 - Administrative Records N1-473-12-001_SF115 05/04/2018
Foreign Liaison Policy Files NC1-373-78-01_SF115 05/04/2018
Claims Files for Agent Orange Litigation Cases N1-AFU-91-023_SF115 05/04/2018
Communicable and other Reportable Disease Reports N1-AFU-97-017_SF115 05/04/2018
Program and Budget Input Files NC1-AU-77-175_SF115 05/04/2018
Land Management Files (FN 1508-17) NC1-AU-81-053_SF115 05/04/2018
Administrative Files NC1-013-81-02_SF115 05/04/2018
Comprehensive Schedule, Offices of Administrative Services, Financial Management, Information Resources Management, Operations, and Personnel NC1-016-83-01_SF115 05/04/2018
Memorandum Copies of Accountable Officers' Accounts NC-308-75-001_SF115 05/04/2018
Hunter Project N1-065-09-030_SF115 05/01/2018
Rap Sheets of Alcatraz and Leavenworth Prisoners N1-065-00-004_SF115 05/01/2018
List Number 9 NC-174-000260_SF115 05/01/2018
Enterprise Process Automation System (EPAS) N1-065-10-018_SF115 05/01/2018
Reports N1-138-09-001_SF115 05/01/2018
Office of Enforcement N1-138-09-002_SF115 05/01/2018
Accounting Office Files NC1-374-81-15_SF115 05/01/2018
Patent, Copyright, Trademark, and Proprietary Data Files NC1-374-81-18_SF115 05/01/2018
Legislative and Congressional Liaison Files NC1-374-81-19_SF115 05/01/2018
Information Services and Command Information Files NC1-374-81-20_SF115 05/01/2018
Signal Security Files NC1-374-81-23_SF115 05/01/2018
Awards and Recognitions NC1-374-81-25_SF115 05/01/2018
Safety Program and Accident Files NC1-374-81-26_SF115 05/01/2018
Military Awards NC1-374-81-27_SF115 05/01/2018
Equal Employment and Opportunity Files NC1-374-81-28_SF115 05/01/2018
Civilian Personnel Program NC1-374-81-29_SF115 05/01/2018
eWorkforce Management (eWFM) System DAA-0058-2017-0023_SF115 05/01/2018
Email from Non-Capstone Official Accounts DAA-0060-2016-0003_SF115 05/01/2018
Recovery Act Section 1512 Data ( DAA-0220-2015-0003_SF115 05/01/2018
Peer Review Case Files DAA-0310-2018-0001_SF115 05/01/2018
Policy Division Records DAA-0339-2018-0001_SF115 05/01/2018
Project Final Reports DAA-0486-2016-0001_SF115 05/01/2018
The Community Facilities Direct Loan program DAA-0572-2017-0004_SF115 05/01/2018
Multi-Family Rural Rental Housing Records DAA-0572-2017-0007_SF115 05/01/2018
Geospatial Publication Record Set and Geospatial Special Projects and Non-Standard Projects DAA-0537-2016-0001_SF115 05/01/2018
Criminal Justice Information Services Division - Unclassified Military Fingerprint Cards N1-065-02-005_SF115 05/01/2018
National Commission on Judicial Discipline & Removal N1-220-93-011_SF115 05/01/2018
Facility Security System N1-065-10-038_SF115 05/01/2018
Law Enforcement Instructor Training Records DAA-0568-2017-0014_SF115 04/30/2018
Explosives Research Laboratory NC1-227-77-01_SF115 04/30/2018
General Administration Files NC1-279-78-01_SF115 04/30/2018
Manuscripts Copies and Indexes NC1-279-79-01_SF115 04/30/2018
Bureau of the Budget Organzation and Management Systems Division Financial Management Branch NN-173-000238_SF115 04/30/2018
Bureau of the Budget NN-173-000239_SF115 04/30/2018
Auditing Services NC1-374-81-14_SF115 04/30/2018
Comprehensive Schedule N1-486-95-001_SF115 04/30/2018
Registrant File Folders for the Selective Service System NC-174-000203_SF115 04/30/2018
President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Comprehensive Schedule N1-220-97-005_SF115 04/27/2018
Commission on Reducing and Protecting Government Secrecy N1-220-97-008_SF115 04/27/2018
President's Council on Sustainable Development Comprehensive Schedule N1-220-97-009_SF115 04/27/2018
Working Group on Welfare Reform, Family Support, and Independence N1-220-97-010_SF115 04/27/2018
Administrative Services Division NC1-185-79-07_SF115 04/27/2018
Department of State's Participation in the American Revolutionary Bicentennial Celebration, 1970-76 NC1-306-81-06_SF115 04/27/2018
Associate Director for Educational and Cultural Affairs NC1-306-81-07_SF115 04/27/2018
Newspaper Comments on USIC Program, Germany, 1950 NC1-306-81-09_SF115 04/27/2018
Correspondence Control Cards, 1961-1964 NC1-306-81-10_SF115 04/27/2018
Editorial Service Division NC1-306-81-11_SF115 04/27/2018
Voice of America Scripts (Sample), 1954-69 NC1-306-81-12_SF115 04/27/2018
Publications and Periodical Releases N1-354-97-002_SF115 04/27/2018
Economic Research Service N1-354-99-001_SF115 04/27/2018
General Indices (BOE Index) N1-358-07-004_SF115 04/27/2018
Case Tracking System (BOE HEAR) N1-358-07-005_SF115 04/27/2018
Finance and Accounting General Operations NC1-374-81-13_SF115 04/27/2018
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-322-77-01_SF115 04/26/2018
Administrative Services NC1-101-78-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Signal Corps World War I Photo Listing NC1-111-79-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Signal Corps Publications Agency NC1-111-79-02_SF115 04/25/2018
Field Medical Cards, 1962, 1965-69 NC1-112-79-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Bankruptcy Complaint Correspondence NC1-116-78-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Public Report of Extra Judicial Income NC1-116-79-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Property Appraisal Program Files NC1-121-79-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Stipulation with Vendor-advertiser and Agreement to Cease and Desist NC1-122-78-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Chillicothe Institution Inmate Files NC1-129-78-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Inmate Case Files (unsentenced) NC1-129-79-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Grant Case Files NC1-129-79-02_SF115 04/25/2018
MIT and Harvard University under Contract to OSRD (temporary) NC1-227-78-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Training Records NC1-461-78-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Administrative Records NC1-461-79-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Office of the Administrator NC1-452-77-01_SF115 04/25/2018
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-452-77-02_SF115 04/25/2018
Visa Records Amendments NC1-084-78-05_SF115 04/25/2018
Experimental Licensing System N1-173-08-002_SF115 04/24/2018
Auto Preassessed Installment Agreements DAA-0058-2016-0018_SF115 04/24/2018
Federal Acquisition Service Program Records DAA-0137-2015-0001_SF115 04/24/2018
Significant Civil Rights Records DAA-0145-2017-0026_SF115 04/24/2018
Real Property - Case Files - Disposal or Excess DAA-0166-2018-0047_SF115 04/24/2018
Forms and Publications DAA-0361-2018-0002_SF115 04/24/2018
Personally Owned Firearm Requests and Authorizations DAA-0560-2018-0002_SF115 04/24/2018
Documents and Files Maintained by the Division of Public Affairs DAA-0600-2017-0012_SF115 04/24/2018
Civilian Academic Papers DAA-AU-2015-0016_SF115 04/24/2018
Plans & Programs NC1-195-77-01_SF115 04/19/2018
Health Care Program N1-065-09-003_SF115 04/19/2018
Commissioner's Records; Finance Records; Programs Office Records; Decimal File N1-031-99-001_SF115 04/18/2018
Biological Laboratory Records NC-430-76-004_SF115 04/18/2018
Southeast Asia Air Mission Data for October 1965-December 1970 NC1-218-77-01_SF115 04/18/2018
Aero Club Documentation NC1-AFU-76-80_SF115 04/18/2018
Selective Service System NC1-163-77-01_SF115 04/18/2018
Administration NC1-195-77-02_SF115 04/18/2018
Assistant Deputy Director (Field Operations) NC1-195-77-03_SF115 04/18/2018
Chief Accountant NC1-195-77-04_SF115 04/18/2018
EEO NC1-195-77-05_SF115 04/18/2018
Regions NC1-195-77-07_SF115 04/18/2018
Supervision NC1-195-77-08_SF115 04/18/2018
Training NC1-195-77-09_SF115 04/18/2018
Office of the General Counsel NC1-195-77-11_SF115 04/18/2018
General Division NC1-195-77-12_SF115 04/18/2018
Securities Division NC1-195-77-13_SF115 04/18/2018
Litigation Division NC1-195-77-14_SF115 04/18/2018
Office of General Counsel Legal Opinions NC1-195-77-15_SF115 04/18/2018
Regulations Division NC1-195-77-16_SF115 04/18/2018
Compliance Division NC1-195-77-17_SF115 04/18/2018
Legislative Division NC1-195-77-18_SF115 04/18/2018
Office of Industry Development NC1-195-77-19_SF115 04/18/2018
Information Systems Division NC1-195-77-20_SF115 04/18/2018
Printing and Reproduction Branch NC1-195-77-21_SF115 04/18/2018
Personnel Management Division NC1-195-77-22_SF115 04/18/2018
Office of Communications NC1-195-77-23_SF115 04/18/2018
Office of Housing and Urban Affairs NC1-195-77-24_SF115 04/18/2018
Office of Economic Research NC1-195-77-25_SF115 04/18/2018
Office of Management Systems and Administration NC1-195-77-28_SF115 04/18/2018
Management Systems Division NC1-195-77-29_SF115 04/18/2018
Financial Management Division NC1-195-77-30_SF115 04/18/2018
Office of the Director NC1-195-77-31_SF115 04/18/2018
Files and Dockets Section NC1-195-77-32_SF115 04/18/2018
Official Quality Assurance Records of the United States Energy Research and Development Administration NC1-430-76-06_SF115 04/17/2018
Investigative Case Files / Security Investigation Index NC-146-76-001_SF115 04/17/2018
Cormick Study on Urban Decentralization and Redevelopment, 1915-1951 NC1-031-81-01_SF115 04/17/2018
Files Maintenance and Records Disposition Handbook NC1-057-78-01_SF115 04/17/2018
Record Control Schedule No. 3 - Records of the Office of Financial Vice President NC1-185-77-03_SF115 04/17/2018
Record Control Schedule No. 4 - Records of the Health Bureau NC1-185-77-04_SF115 04/17/2018
Record Control Schedule No. 5 - Records of the Engineering and Construction Bureau NC1-185-77-05_SF115 04/17/2018
Record Control Schedule No. 6 - Records of the Transporation and Terminals Bureau NC1-185-77-06_SF115 04/17/2018
Record Control Schedule No. 7 - Records of the Civil Affairs Bureau NC1-185-77-07_SF115 04/17/2018
Record Control Schedule No. 8 - Records of the Marine Bureau NC1-185-77-08_SF115 04/17/2018
Record Control Schedule No. 9 - Records of the Supply and Community Service Bureau NC1-185-77-09_SF115 04/17/2018
Record Control Schedule No. 10 - Records of the Office of the Governor-President NC1-185-77-10_SF115 04/17/2018
Material Movement Records N1-AFU-88-018_SF115 04/11/2018
International Operations for the Technical Services Division of Action NC-174-000188_SF115 04/11/2018
International Operations for the Technical Services Division of Action NC-174-000188_SF115 04/11/2018
Institutional Inmate Case Files NC-129-75-002_SF115 04/10/2018
Flexible RCS - 30 Year Series N1-263-13-001_SF115 04/10/2018
Office of the SEC Comssioners Records DAA-0266-2016-0012_SF115 04/10/2018
OSD Civilian Awards and Recognition Program DAA-0330-2016-0010_SF115 04/10/2018
Asylum and NACARA Benefit Applications DAA-0566-2017-0011_SF115 04/10/2018
Reserve Forces Training N1-AFU-88-025_SF115 04/10/2018
Mission to the Organization of American States NC1-084-77-01_SF115 04/10/2018
Foreign Service Posts / State NC1-084-77-02_SF115 04/10/2018
FCA/Comprehensive Schedule NC1-103-77-01_SF115 04/10/2018
Record Control Schedule No. 1 - Records in Common Use Throughout the Agency NC1-185-77-01_SF115 04/10/2018
Record Control Schedule No. 2 - Records of the Personnel Bureau NC1-185-77-02_SF115 04/10/2018
Budget, Finance, and Contractor Management Program Records DAA-0269-2016-0004_SF115 04/09/2018
Policy and Precedent Reference File DAA-0468-2018-0001_SF115 04/09/2018
Office of the General Counsel DAA-0358-2017-0006_SF115 04/09/2018
Training Information Portal (TRIP) DAA-0512-2017-0004_SF115 04/05/2018
Comprehensive Records for ACTION NC-174-000189_SF115 03/30/2018
Office of the Inspector General Hotline Complaints DAA-0512-2018-0001_SF115 03/29/2018
Federal Election Commission Invitation Records DAA-0339-2018-0002_SF115 03/29/2018
Region Program Records DAA-0490-2017-0005_SF115 03/29/2018
Correspondence Handling and Management Planning System (CHAMPS) DAA-0566-2017-0031_SF115 03/21/2018
Information Request Tracking System DAA-0566-2017-0034_SF115 03/21/2018
Flexible RCS - 75 Year Series N1-263-12-002_SF115 03/19/2018
Information and Public Relations Records N9-025-01-005_SF115 03/12/2018
National Fraud Program Case Files DAA-0058-2017-0001_SF115 03/09/2018
Office of Inspector General DAA-0059-2017-0002_SF115 03/09/2018
Office of National Trust Service Trust Member Payment Records DAA-0362-2018-0003_SF115 03/09/2018
Training and Certfication Records DAA-0568-2017-0011_SF115 03/09/2018
Defense Integration and Management of Nuclear Data Service (DIAMONDS) DAA-0374-2017-0013_SF115 03/09/2018
Volunteer Information Database Application (VIDA) records DAA-0490-2017-0008_SF115 03/09/2018
Deserter Verification Information System (DVIS) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0053_SF115 03/09/2018
Partnership for Youth Success System (PaYS) Master Files DAA-AU-2016-0070_SF115 03/09/2018
Acquition Lessons Learned Portal (ALLP) DAA-AU-2017-0014_SF115 03/09/2018
Transportation (Aviation/Marine/Vehicle) Files DAA-0170-2017-0002_SF115 03/09/2018
International Boundary Commission Monthly Fund Status Report NC-076-76-001_SF115 03/09/2018
Correspondence Handling and Management Planning System (CHAMPS) N1-566-09-005_SF115 03/09/2018
Notice for RG 351 - Government of the District of Columbia RG_351_SF115 03/07/2018
Appalachian Regional Commission RG_414_ARC_SF115 03/01/2018
Area Rate Investigations (AR Dockets) Electronic Data N1-138-90-002_SF115 02/28/2018
Commission Directives N1-138-91-003_SF115 02/28/2018
Federal Energy Regilatory Commission Automated System for Tariff Retrieval (FASTR) N1-138-97-001_SF115 02/28/2018
International Boundary Commission, United States and Canada NC1-076-82-01_SF115 02/28/2018
Tariffs Branch N1-134-96-001_SF115 02/28/2018
Rate Bureau Agreements N1-134-96-003_SF115 02/28/2018
Valuation Map Updates N1-134-99-004_SF115 02/28/2018
Solicitor Litigation Files N1-138-90-001_SF115 02/28/2018
Records Relating to Plant Introduction Field Stations NC1-007-79-01_SF115 02/27/2018
Bureau of Valuation Permanent Records N1-134-90-001_SF115 02/27/2018
GRS 4.3 Input Records, Output Records, and Electronic Copies DAA-GRS-2013-0001_SF115 02/27/2018
Washington National Record Center (WNRC project) (former NN-W) Covering Various Economic Development Administration (EDA) Records at WNRC N1-378-97-001_SF115 02/26/2018
Indian Program Staff Records NC1-378-81-01_SF115 02/26/2018
Economic Development Administration Records NC1-378-80-01_SF115 02/26/2018
Bureau of Valuation Temporary Records N1-134-90-002_SF115 02/22/2018
Office of Economics, Waybill Public Use Files N1-134-93-002_SF115 02/22/2018
Office of Compliane and Consumer Assistance Regional Files N1-134-95-001_SF115 02/22/2018