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Title Number Approved
Holding Company Folders NC-195-75-008_SF115 02/02/2023
Records of the Office of the Secretary NC1-195-76-06_SF115 02/02/2023
Industry Data Division Records NC1-195-78-04_SF115 02/02/2023
Consolidated Securities Fund Money Market Transaction Records NC-174-000129_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of the Chairman Records NC1-195-77-27_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of the Secretary Records NC1-195-77-10_SF115 02/02/2023
Audit Records of the Federal Home Loan Banks NN-174-000041_SF115 02/02/2023
International Division AID Files and Economic Studies NC1-195-78-03_SF115 02/02/2023
Research and Analysis Records N1-506-02-005_SF115 02/02/2023
Records of the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service DAA-0220-2020-0001_SF115 02/02/2023
Time and Attendance Reports NC1-195-80-02_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of Communications Day to Day Operations Files NC-195-75-003_SF115 02/02/2023
General Counsel Records NC-195-75-009_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of Examinations and Supervision, Chronological Correspondence and Administrative Subject Files NC1-195-77-06_SF115 02/02/2023
Examination Records of Savings and Loans Associations NC1-195-78-05_SF115 02/02/2023
Chicago Office Savings and Loan Problem Case Files NC-174-000131_SF115 02/02/2023
Miscellaneous Records of National Institutes of Health (NIH) NC1-443-84-01_SF115 02/02/2023
Human Resources Division Schedule N1-483-92-001_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of Investigations (OI), Confidential Informant Files N1-567-08-002_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of Examinations and Supervision, Plans & Programs Office Records NC1-195-77-01_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of Examinations and Supervision, Administration Records NC1-195-77-02_SF115 02/02/2023
Loan Data Sheets and Incentive Award Program Records NC1-195-77-03_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of Examinations and Supervision, Chief Accountant Records NC1-195-77-04_SF115 02/02/2023
Equal Employment Opportunity Records NC1-195-77-05_SF115 02/02/2023
Regional Offices Records NC1-195-77-07_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of Examinations and Supervision, Training Records NC1-195-77-09_SF115 02/02/2023
General Counsel Records NC1-195-77-11_SF115 02/02/2023
General Counsel General Division Records NC1-195-77-12_SF115 02/02/2023
National Indian Gaming Commission: Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-220-97-006_SF115 02/02/2023
General Counsel Securities Division Records NC1-195-77-13_SF115 02/02/2023
General Counsel Litigation Division Records NC1-195-77-14_SF115 02/02/2023
Minority Affairs Division Schedule N1-483-92-003_SF115 02/02/2023
Facility Construction and Management Records N1-483-91-004_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of General Counsel Legal Opinions NC1-195-77-15_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of General Counsel, Regulations Division Records NC1-195-77-16_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of General Counsel, Compliance Division Records NC1-195-77-17_SF115 02/02/2023
Safety Program Records N1-443-98-002_SF115 02/02/2023
Branch Office Survey System and Financial Reporting System Extracted and Summarized Information Records N1-483-10-001_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of General Counsel, Legislative Division History Files and Proposals NC1-195-77-18_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of Industry Development Records NC1-195-77-19_SF115 02/02/2023
Information Systems Division Records NC1-195-77-20_SF115 02/02/2023
Regional Institution-Related Records N1-483-04-001_SF115 02/02/2023
Printing and Reproduction Branch Records NC1-195-77-21_SF115 02/02/2023
Personnel Management Division Records NC1-195-77-22_SF115 02/02/2023
FAA Hotline Tips, complaints and Reporting Systems DAA-0237-2019-0012_SF115 02/02/2023
Directive Management Division Schedule N1-483-92-002_SF115 02/02/2023
Budget Records N1-483-91-003_SF115 02/02/2023
Office of Management Systems and Administration Records NC1-195-77-28_SF115 02/02/2023
Monthly Reports to Director and Director's Subject Files NC1-195-77-31_SF115 02/02/2023
Financial & Administration Management/Building Files N1-483-91-001_SF115 02/02/2023
General Counsel Compliance Division, Precedence Subject Files NC1-195-78-02_SF115 02/02/2023
Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Grants Center of Excellence Systems (COE) Functional Bucket N1-292-09-001_SF115 02/02/2023
Litigation and Administrative Hearings Case Files NC1-235-81-01_SF115 02/01/2023
Audit and Survey Workpaper Files NC1-235-78-03_SF115 02/01/2023
Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) Regional Office Medicaid Records NC1-440-85-01_SF115 02/01/2023
Office of Planning, Evaluations and Audits Work Papers/Final Reports N1-065-90-004_SF115 02/01/2023
End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Exception Requests N1-440-91-002_SF115 02/01/2023
Utilization Review Files NC1-440-80-01_SF115 02/01/2023
Central Subject Files, 1934-69; Legal Bills And Problem Case Files, 1965-69; Files and Docket Section Savings and Loan Application Files, 1932-71 N1-195-00-001_SF115 02/01/2023
Environmental Records NC1-235-79-02_SF115 02/01/2023
Personnel-Related Records NC1-235-78-01_SF115 02/01/2023
Case Files, Transcript and Exhibits NC1-235-78-05_SF115 02/01/2023
Residence Requirement Wavier Files NC1-235-79-04_SF115 02/01/2023
End Stage Renal Disease Cost Reports N1-440-87-001_SF115 02/01/2023
Legal Opinion Precedent Files NC1-235-79-03_SF115 02/01/2023
Official Correspondence Records of the Secretary NC1-235-79-01_SF115 02/01/2023
Medicaid Bureau Records N1-440-94-001_SF115 02/01/2023
Grant Appeals Records NC1-235-79-05_SF115 02/01/2023
Identification Division Records System N1-065-90-001_SF115 02/01/2023
Medicare Payments Sampling Records N1-440-91-001_SF115 02/01/2023
Project Match Case Files NC1-235-79-07_SF115 02/01/2023
Teaching Hospital Medical Record Audit Files NC1-440-78-01_SF115 02/01/2023
Physician Practice Cost and Income Survey (PPCIS) N1-440-94-002_SF115 02/01/2023
National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) Computerized Records System N1-065-86-013_SF115 02/01/2023
Medicare and Medicaid Automated Data Systems N1-440-93-003_SF115 02/01/2023
Headquarters Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) Indices Records N1-065-93-003_SF115 02/01/2023
Robocall Mitigation Database DAA-0173-2021-0020_SF115 02/01/2023
Coastal Wetlands, Planning, Protection and Restoration Act Files DAA-0370-2021-0001_SF115 02/01/2023
Logbooks DAA-0370-2022-0003_SF115 02/01/2023
ONC Health Information Technology (HIT) Program Records DAA-0468-2022-0001_SF115 02/01/2023
Administrative Management, General Counsel and Legislative Affairs Records and Information DAA-0361-2021-0015_SF115 02/01/2023
Physical Intelligence Surveillance Tapes N1-065-90-003_SF115 02/01/2023
Rejected Inventions Report File NC1-235-79-06_SF115 02/01/2023
Correspondence, Subject Files and Case Files Stored at the Washington National Records Center (WNRC) N1-427-90-001_SF115 01/31/2023
Deployment of Text-to-911 DAA-0173-2021-0002_SF115 01/31/2023
Enhanced 911 DAA-0173-2021-0003_SF115 01/31/2023
Administrative Management, General Counsel and Legislative Affairs Records and Information DAA-0361-2021-0015_SF115 01/31/2023
Administrator's Hotline N1-237-95-003_SF115 01/31/2023
Inspector General Records N1-255-00-003_SF115 01/31/2023
Dockets Branch Hearings and Motions Calendars, 1939-81 NC1-173-83-06_SF115 01/30/2023
Records of Commissioner Tyrone Brown, 1975-81 NC1-173-81-06_SF115 01/30/2023
Field Operations Bureau Records NC1-173-80-03_SF115 01/30/2023
Central Files of the Federal Radio Commission and the Federal Communications Commission, 1927-1971 NC1-173-82-04_SF115 01/30/2023
Records of Commissioner Abbott Washburn, 1974-82 NC1-173-84-02_SF115 01/30/2023
Records of Commissioner Robert E. Lee, 1954-81 NC1-173-81-05_SF115 01/30/2023
Task Force Investigation of American Telephone and Telegraph Company, 1974-76 NC1-173-82-08_SF115 01/30/2023
Cellular Radio Service Applications NC1-173-84-01_SF115 01/30/2023
Common Carrier Bureau Equipment Registration Files NC1-173-83-07_SF115 01/30/2023
United States Maritime Commission and the Maritime Administration Records N1-178-99-001_SF115 01/30/2023
Deck Department Log Books, ca. 1940-1947 NC-174-000221_SF115 01/30/2023
Office of the Chief Investigator of the Maritime Administration Records, 1949-1954 NN-173-000177_SF115 01/30/2023
Common Carrier Bureau Central Files and Case Files, 1934-71 NC1-173-83-05_SF115 01/30/2023
Chairman's Subject and Chronological Files N1-266-90-001_SF115 01/30/2023
Records of the Naval Facilities Command (Southwest Division, San Diego) Relating to Field and Construction Surveys N1-181-86-003_SF115 01/30/2023
Court of Inquiry on United States Submarine (USS) Thresher N1-181-92-002_SF115 01/30/2023
Animal Health Project Case Files N1-164-87-002_SF115 01/30/2023
Fifth Naval District Port Directors Non-Program Correspondence File and Armed Guard Ship Files N1-181-90-002_SF115 01/30/2023
Golden Gate Story Television Program in 1996 NC1-181-78-01_SF115 01/30/2023
Naval Correspondence Course Personnel Enrollment Records N1-181-86-001_SF115 01/30/2023
Incoming Correspondence and Operational Files of the Port Director Baltimore 1942-1943 N1-181-90-001_SF115 01/30/2023
Correspondence for Washington Navy Yard, 1917-14 and Personnel Files, 1908-18 NC1-181-77-01_SF115 01/30/2023
Fifth Naval District Port Director Activities N1-181-90-003_SF115 01/30/2023
Unclassified Serials 1979-1985 N1-181-92-001_SF115 01/30/2023
Historical Records of the Public Affairs Office, Pacific Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, California N1-181-87-001_SF115 01/30/2023
General Administrative Files of the Naval Missile Ordnance Testing Facility N1-181-86-002_SF115 01/30/2023
Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) Miscellaneous Records N1-173-88-004_SF115 01/27/2023
Network Study Committee Records, 1953-62 N1-173-92-003_SF115 01/27/2023
Civilian Defense, Control of Electromagnetic Radiation (CONELRAD) N1-173-90-005_SF115 01/27/2023
Unarranged Still Pictures, 1978-86 N1-173-91-004_SF115 01/27/2023
Unscheduled Telephone Company Records at the Washington National Records Center, 1900-60 N1-173-91-003_SF115 01/27/2023
Unscheduled Records at the Washington National Records Center, 1927-52 N1-173-93-001_SF115 01/27/2023
Call Center Control and Tracking System Files N1-173-98-007_SF115 01/27/2023
Air Space Panel Files, 1947-57 N1-173-95-002_SF115 01/27/2023
Television Network Study Files, 1956; Political Broadcasting Surveys/Reports, 1966 and 1972 N1-173-88-005_SF115 01/27/2023
Unscheduled Records at the Washington National Records Center, 1912-55 N1-173-90-002_SF115 01/27/2023
Minute Folder Files, 1927-August 1971 N1-173-90-003_SF115 01/27/2023
Common Carrier Bureau Spectrum Study Magnetic Tape Files N1-173-88-003_SF115 01/27/2023
Informal Complaint and Inquiry Files N1-173-95-001_SF115 01/27/2023
Survey of Horse Racing Results Broadcasts, 1962-66; Political Broadcast Surveys, 1960-68 N1-173-91-005_SF115 01/27/2023
Selective Service Records Relating to Aliens Resident in the United States During World War II N1-147-86-001_SF115 01/26/2023
Cover Sheets or Registrant File Folders (Selective Service System Form 101) NC1-147-78-01_SF115 01/26/2023
Registrant File Folders--Registrants Born in 1948 (Selective Service System Form 101) NC-174-000220_SF115 01/26/2023
Selective Service Registrations for Men Born Between 1877-1897 N1-147-88-001_SF115 01/26/2023
Unscheduled Records in Washington National Records Center, 1940-72 N1-147-90-001_SF115 01/26/2023
Records Appraised as Disposable in NARS Job No. NC3-147-76-2 NC1-147-77-01_SF115 01/26/2023
National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA) Committee and Financial Records, 1920-56 NC1-255-82-02_SF115 01/24/2023
NASA Records Disposition Handbook NHB 1441.1A, Change 3 NC-174-000109_SF115 01/24/2023
Sounding Rocket Launch Films, Wallops Island, 1957-70 NC1-255-78-01_SF115 01/24/2023
GRS 2.3 Employee Relations Records - Religious Accommodations Revision DAA-GRS-2022-0001_SF115 01/24/2023
GRS 3.2: Information Systems Security Records - Cybersecurity Logging Records DAA-GRS-2022-0005_SF115 01/24/2023
GRS 6.1: Email and Other Electronic Messages Managed under a Capstone Approach DAA-GRS-2022-0006_SF115 01/24/2023
Air Traffic Safety Oversight Credentialing System (AOVC) DAA-0237-2021-0007_SF115 01/24/2023
FAA Hotline Tips, Complaints, and the AIR21 Whistleblower Protection Program DAA-0237-2022-0010_SF115 01/24/2023
Federal Notice to Air Mission (NOTAM) System DAA-0237-2022-0014_SF115 01/24/2023
Records of the Security and Hazardous Materials Organization DAA-0237-2022-0015_SF115 01/24/2023
National Vital Information System (NVIS)/National Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (NPTRS) DAA-0237-2022-0005_SF115 01/24/2023
Accident Incident Database System (AIDS) DAA-0237-2021-0011_SF115 01/24/2023
iTRAK System DAA-0237-2021-0013_SF115 01/24/2023
Office of Inspector General DAA-0420-2022-0002_SF115 01/24/2023
Unedited Motion Picture Footage: Manned or Unmanned Projects; 1961-1976 NC1-255-77-02_SF115 01/24/2023
Motion Picture Footage Covering 10 Unmanned Space Projects, 1964-79 NC1-255-80-02_SF115 01/24/2023
Inspector General Records (NASA Records Schedule 23) NC1-255-81-01_SF115 01/24/2023
Year 2000 (Y2K) Project Files N1-468-00-002_SF115 01/24/2023
Space Act Award Case Files, 1970-72 NC1-255-82-03_SF115 01/24/2023
Saturn and Skylab Program Hard Copy Records that have been Microfilmed, Marshall Space Flight Center, 1959-73 NC-174-000137_SF115 01/24/2023
Motion Picture Footage Covering 10 Unmanned Space Projects, 1969-79 NC1-255-80-01_SF115 01/24/2023
Motion Picture Footage Covering 30 Manned or Unmanned Space Project, 1958-77 NC1-255-79-01_SF115 01/24/2023
Internal Disposal: President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped Records N2-220-80-001_SF115 01/24/2023
Internal Disposal: National Commission on Consumer Finance Records N2-220-82-001_SF115 01/24/2023
Technical Directives to the Scientific and Technical Information Facility Contractor NC1-255-82-05_SF115 01/24/2023
Outtakes from Motion Picture Film, Moonwalk One, 1970 NC1-255-77-01_SF115 01/24/2023
Federal Aid Division Project File N1-406-90-002_SF115 01/23/2023
National Guard Youth Challenge Program DAA-0330-2022-0005_SF115 01/19/2023
Flight Program Aircraft Management System DAA-0237-2021-0005_SF115 01/19/2023
Weather Systems Processor (WSP) DAA-0237-2021-0035_SF115 01/19/2023
Confidential Informant Files DAA-0567-2022-0001_SF115 01/19/2023
Internal Disposal: Miscellaneous Records NC2-107-80-001_SF115 01/19/2023
Internal Disposal: Photographs of the G-2 (Intelligence Section), 1917-23 NC2-120-81-01_SF115 01/18/2023
Rolling Beam Umbilical Structure (R-BUS) Analog Test Data Files, Kennedy Space Center, 1983-85 N1-255-94-004_SF115 01/18/2023
Flight Engineering Test Data, Johnson Space Center, 1961-72 N1-255-95-001_SF115 01/18/2023
On the Job Training Records N1-255-99-001_SF115 01/18/2023
Pioneer 10, 11, and 12 Spacecraft Data Tapes, 1972-92 N1-255-97-001_SF115 01/18/2023
Ground-based Pressure Systems Records and Quality Management Files N1-255-99-003_SF115 01/18/2023
Inspection and Proof Reports N1-255-99-002_SF115 01/18/2023
Resources Authority Warrants N1-255-96-003_SF115 01/18/2023
Emergency Planning Records, 1955-79 N1-396-88-001_SF115 01/17/2023
Unscheduled Records in the Washington National Records Center (WNRC), 1948-73 N1-396-92-001_SF115 01/17/2023
Information Technology Operations and Management Records N1-420-03-002_SF115 01/17/2023
Separating Employee Clearance Files N1-420-03-001_SF115 01/17/2023
Accident / Incident Database System (AIDS) N1-237-05-002_SF115 01/17/2023
Albuquerque Operations Office, Waste Isolation Pilot Project N1-434-90-006_SF115 01/12/2023
Job Classification Manuals NC1-434-83-01_SF115 01/12/2023
R&D Correspondence Files, General Administrative N1-255-91-014_SF115 01/12/2023
Lewis Research Center Director Records, 1943-68 N1-255-91-015_SF115 01/12/2023
Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application (NERVA) Project Office Files, Lewis Research Center N1-255-91-016_SF115 01/12/2023
Finished Motion Picture Productions - NASA Headquarters, 1961-69 N1-255-91-017_SF115 01/12/2023
Tracking Station Agrements, Goddard Space Flight Center, 1959-61 N1-255-91-018_SF115 01/12/2023
High Energy Astronomy Observatories (HEAO-C) Project, Marshall Space Flight Center, 1970-80 N1-255-92-002_SF115 01/12/2023
Flight Readiness Files, Marshall Space Flight Center N1-255-92-003_SF115 01/12/2023
Newsletters at Goddard Space Flight Center and Langley Research Center N1-255-92-004_SF115 01/12/2023
Cooperative Training Files N1-255-92-010_SF115 01/12/2023
Graduate Study Program Records N1-255-92-011_SF115 01/12/2023
Cooperative Program Summary Files at Langley Research Center N1-255-92-016_SF115 01/12/2023
Classified Documents Receipts, Certificates, and Inventory Records N1-434-89-003_SF115 01/12/2023
Personnel Security Clearance Case Files NC1-434-80-03_SF115 01/12/2023
Albuquerque Operations Office - Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) Project Records N1-434-89-012_SF115 01/12/2023
Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) DAA-0361-2022-0001_SF115 01/11/2023
1966 - 2002 Department of Labor News Releases DAA-0174-2022-0004_SF115 01/11/2023
Equipment Certification, Type Acceptance, and Type Approval Records N1-173-94-001_SF115 01/11/2023
2301-01-06 - Weekly Arms Control Report DAA-0374-2022-0011_SF115 01/11/2023
Inspector General Records DAA-0446-2022-0002_SF115 01/11/2023
United States Health Information Knowledgebase (USHIK) DAA-0510-2022-0001_SF115 01/11/2023
Laboratory Violations Database N1-173-08-006_SF115 01/11/2023
Department of the Army Muster Rolls DAA-AU-2022-0012_SF115 01/11/2023
Laboratory Sample Tracking System N1-173-08-005_SF115 01/11/2023
Certification of Electrical Equipment and Type Acceptance Files NC1-173-82-03_SF115 01/11/2023
Certification of Electrical Equipment (Type Approval) Files NC1-173-83-02_SF115 01/11/2023
Laboratory Technical Reports System N1-173-08-003_SF115 01/11/2023
Experimental Station License Files N1-173-92-001_SF115 01/11/2023
Office of Engineering and Technology Knowledgebase System N1-173-08-004_SF115 01/11/2023
Apollo 204 Fire Investigation Records N1-255-90-005_SF115 01/10/2023
Property Loan Agreement Files N1-255-91-004_SF115 01/10/2023
Program and Project Records N1-255-04-003_SF115 01/10/2023
Radio Presentations, Audio News and Space Notes, 1963-73 N1-255-89-006_SF115 01/10/2023
Records Created by the Ames Research Center, 1940-1960 N1-255-90-002_SF115 01/10/2023
Space Shuttle Program (SSP) Launch Processing System (LPS) Supporting Documentation at Kennedy Space Center, 1989 and earlier N1-255-91-001_SF115 01/10/2023
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Photographs, 1921-36 N1-255-88-003_SF115 01/10/2023
Shuttle Flight Software Production Product Data (Payloads), Classified Missions Microfiche, Johnson Space Center N1-255-91-013_SF115 01/10/2023
Flight Data File (FDF) Records N1-255-88-001_SF115 01/10/2023
Lunar Orbiter Missions I-V Videotape and Microfilm N1-255-87-002_SF115 01/10/2023
Employee Assistance Program Records N1-255-90-008_SF115 01/10/2023
Columbia Accident Investigation Board Records N1-255-04-001_SF115 01/10/2023
International Space Station Operational Records N1-255-03-002_SF115 01/10/2023
NASA Aeronautics and Space Report A/V Files, 1965-80 N1-255-89-007_SF115 01/10/2023
Lunar Orbiter Missions I-V Photographs N1-255-87-001_SF115 01/10/2023
Skylab Project Office Files at Marshall Space Flight Center N1-255-91-006_SF115 01/10/2023
Plant Clearance Case Files at Kennedy Space Center N1-255-90-007_SF115 01/10/2023
Wallops Flight Facility R&D Films, 1960-80 N1-255-90-003_SF115 01/10/2023
Planetary Geoscience Program Principal Investigator Program Files N1-255-89-003_SF115 01/10/2023
Property Shipping Records N1-255-01-003_SF115 01/10/2023
Technical Engineering Operations and Support Documents for the Space Shuttle Program (SSP), formerly the Space Transportation System (STS) at Kennedy Space Center N1-255-90-001_SF115 01/10/2023
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Records, 1916-62 N1-255-89-001_SF115 01/10/2023
Speech Copies of Dr. Wernher Von Braun - Records Relating to Spacemobile Program N1-255-88-002_SF115 01/10/2023
Safety and Mission Assurance Records N1-255-01-001_SF115 01/10/2023
Classified NC1-263-85-001_SF115 01/05/2023
Manufacturing Quality Control Files N1-255-00-005_SF115 01/04/2023
Research and Technology Objectives and Plans (RTOP) N1-255-00-004_SF115 01/04/2023
Student Evaluation and Administrative Records DAA-0263-2022-0004_SF115 01/03/2023
Student Evaluation and Administrative Records DAA-0263-2022-0004_SF115 01/03/2023
Communications Security (COMSEC) Accounting Records DAA-0263-2022-0005_SF115 01/03/2023
Records of the Office of General Counsel and Docket Office N1-470-96-001_SF115 01/03/2023
Training Records N1-255-00-002_SF115 01/03/2023
Cadet Personnel Records NC1-461-82-06_SF115 12/23/2022
U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Personal Information Forms NC1-AFU-77-091_SF115 12/23/2022
Summer Training Records NC1-461-79-01_SF115 12/23/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-149-95-001_SF115 12/23/2022
U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Athlete Case Files NC1-AFU-77-062_SF115 12/23/2022
Cadet Pay Records NC1-461-82-01_SF115 12/23/2022
Medicated Feed Applications Records NC1-088-82-05_SF115 12/22/2022
Federal Register Document Manuscripts NC1-088-84-02_SF115 12/22/2022
Flex-Site System Records NC1-088-84-01_SF115 12/22/2022
United States United Nations Press Releases NC1-084-79-06_SF115 12/21/2022
Selected Foreign Service Posts Case Files on Southeast Asian Refugees NC1-084-83-03_SF115 12/21/2022
China Relief Mission Shipping Documents, 1947-48 NC1-084-81-01_SF115 12/21/2022
U.S. Mission to the United Nations Records NC-084-76-001_SF115 12/21/2022
U.S. Mission to the Organization of American States Loyalty Notification Files NC-084-76-002_SF115 12/21/2022
Japanese War Criminal Records NC1-084-80-03_SF115 12/21/2022
Philippine Rehabilitation Program Records NC1-084-79-07_SF115 12/21/2022
Dockets Management Branch Files N1-088-86-001_SF115 12/21/2022
X-16 X-Ray Assembler Certification Reports Program Records N1-088-03-002_SF115 12/21/2022
European Drug Export Files, 1992-96 N1-088-96-002_SF115 12/21/2022
Visa Refusal Cases of Living Applicants N1-084-92-002_SF115 12/20/2022
U.S. Mission to the United Nations Records, 1948-68 N1-084-99-003_SF115 12/20/2022
Visa Refusal Cases N1-084-88-005_SF115 12/20/2022
Record Books N1-084-96-001_SF115 12/20/2022
U.S. Mission to the Organization of American States Records NC1-084-76-04_SF115 12/20/2022
Berlin Document Center (BDC) Directorate Files N1-084-92-001_SF115 12/20/2022
Case Files on Voluntary Agency Employees N1-084-93-008_SF115 12/20/2022
Moscow Historical Files, 1966-74 N1-084-99-002_SF115 12/20/2022
Index Cards to United States United Nations Central Documents and Subject Files NC1-084-78-04_SF115 12/20/2022
U.S. Mission to the Organization of American States Records NC1-084-77-01_SF115 12/20/2022
U.S. Mission Berlin Records N1-084-91-001_SF115 12/20/2022
U.S. Mission to the Organization of American States Records N1-084-94-006_SF115 12/20/2022
Closed Out, Rejected, and Withdrawn Projects; Accounting Files NC1-454-85-01_SF115 12/19/2022
Commission's National School Desegregation Survey Records NC1-453-76-01_SF115 12/19/2022
Social Indicators of Equality for Minorities and Women NC1-453-79-01_SF115 12/19/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-453-76-02_SF115 12/19/2022
Closed Out, Rejected, and Withdrawn Projects NC1-454-84-01_SF115 12/19/2022
Bureau of Ordnance Records, 1902-59 N1-074-88-001_SF115 12/19/2022
Office of Experiment Stations Records and Its Successors, 1887-73 N1-164-86-001_SF115 12/19/2022
Office of Management, Administration and Planning, Office of the Director, Complaint Review Files N1-448-97-001_SF115 12/16/2022
Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), Employment Discrimination Reviews NC1-448-79-01_SF115 12/16/2022
Office of Program Development and Accountability, Machine-Readable Records NC1-448-82-01_SF115 12/16/2022
Division of Legislative and Regulatory Analysis Briefing Books N1-448-98-001_SF115 12/16/2022
Records of Assistant Secretary Donald Elisburg NC1-448-82-02_SF115 12/16/2022
Office of the Administrator Records NC1-452-77-01_SF115 12/16/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-452-77-02_SF115 12/16/2022
Field Medical Cards, 1962, 1965-69 NC1-112-79-01_SF115 12/15/2022
Patient Register Cards and Name Index, 1906-1955 NC1-112-81-01_SF115 12/15/2022
Chief of Physical Standards Correspondence, 1919-71; Published Regulations, 1940-61 N1-112-90-001_SF115 12/15/2022
Office of the Assistant Secretary Appointment Books N1-448-02-001_SF115 12/15/2022
Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) Program Records N1-448-90-002_SF115 12/15/2022
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Employment Standards Records N1-448-90-001_SF115 12/15/2022
U.S.A. Typhus Commission (USATC) Personnel Cases and Related Correspondence, 1942-47 NC1-112-80-01_SF115 12/15/2022
Instrument Flight Procedures DAA-0237-2022-0016_SF115 12/14/2022
Logistics Management and Strategic Materials Storage DAA-0361-2021-0001_SF115 12/14/2022
Borrowers Case Files and Correspondence Files NC-221-75-001_SF115 12/14/2022
Area Development Assistance Planning Grants Case Files NC1-445-84-01_SF115 12/14/2022
Vital Information System (VIS) and Program Tracking and Reporting System (PTRS) N1-237-09-021_SF115 12/14/2022
Resettlement Administration and Farm Security Administration Land Records, 1934-42 NC1-096-77-03_SF115 12/14/2022
Regional Agriculture Credit Corporation (RACC) Charge-off and Debt Settled Borrowers Case Files, 1949 and earlier NC-096-75-002_SF115 12/14/2022
Mineral Interest Sales Records, 1950-58 NC1-096-77-04_SF115 12/14/2022
Institute for Telecommunication Science (ITS) Records of Division 3, Applied Electromagnetic Science Strip Charts NC1-417-84-01_SF115 12/13/2022
Comprehensive Records Control Schedule NC1-417-79-01_SF115 12/13/2022
Frequency Master Maintenance Lists, 1953-66 NC1-417-82-01_SF115 12/13/2022
WHD Policy, Planning, and Reporting Records DAA-0155-2022-0002_SF115 12/13/2022
DoD Personnel Recovery Records DAA-0330-2022-0008_SF115 12/12/2022
Acquisition (Contracting) DAA-0361-2020-0003_SF115 12/12/2022
Plans, Operations and Intelligence DAA-0361-2021-0018_SF115 12/12/2022
Records of the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council, 1994-95 N1-417-96-002_SF115 12/12/2022
Audio and Video Records of the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council, 1994-95 N1-417-96-003_SF115 12/12/2022
Trusted Worker Records DAA-0568-2020-0003_SF115 12/12/2022
Currency Records DAA-0318-2022-0006_SF115 12/08/2022
National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) TV Converter Box Coupon Program (Coupon Program) N1-417-08-001_SF115 12/08/2022
Records of the Naming Commission (Temporary) DAA-0148-2022-0003_SF115 12/08/2022
Exemptive Relief and No Action Letters DAA-0266-2022-0002_SF115 12/08/2022
Directives, Subject Files, Chronological Files, and Working Files N1-413-02-001_SF115 12/07/2022
Office of Public and Congressional Affairs Records N1-413-01-002_SF115 12/07/2022
Central Liquidity Facility Records N1-413-93-001_SF115 12/07/2022
Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Reporting Files N1-413-02-003_SF115 12/07/2022
Office of Corporate Credit Unions Records N1-413-01-003_SF115 12/07/2022
Office of General Counsel Records N1-413-02-004_SF115 12/07/2022
Public Interest Obligations of Digital Television Broadcasters Advisory Committee Records, 1997-98 N1-417-00-001_SF115 12/07/2022
Milk Project, 1956-1958, Vitamin B-12 Assay, 1959-1960 and Influence of Agricultural Chemicals on Flavor, 1949-1958 Project Records NC1-310-82-02_SF115 12/05/2022
Memoranda of Understanding & Agreements, 1926-1951 and Arsenical Residue Subject Files NC1-310-84-04_SF115 12/05/2022
Insect Collection, 1931-1977 NC1-310-78-01_SF115 12/05/2022
Fur-bearing Animals Investigation and Research Records, 1920s-1960s NC1-310-76-01_SF115 12/05/2022
Defunct Agencies Research Records NC1-310-85-01_SF115 12/05/2022
Administrator's Central Correspondence File, 1980-85 N1-310-90-001_SF115 12/05/2022
Case Files and Registers for the Former Remount Service, 1918-54 NC-174-000192_SF115 12/05/2022
Photographs of the Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction, ca. 1898-1935 N1-310-92-001_SF115 12/05/2022
Hatch and McIntire-Stennis Grant Case Files NC1-310-77-04_SF115 12/05/2022
Photographs and Drawings N1-310-95-001_SF115 12/05/2022
Agricultural Research Service Records at Washington National Records Center (WNRC) NC1-310-84-01_SF115 12/05/2022
Laboratory Notebooks NC1-310-77-03_SF115 12/05/2022
Photographs of Cotton and Research Plots N1-310-91-002_SF115 12/05/2022
Barley Reports, 1953-63 NC1-310-80-01_SF115 12/05/2022
Meat Inspection Division Subject Files, 1954-55 NC1-310-84-03_SF115 12/05/2022
Budget Files NC1-310-77-01_SF115 12/05/2022
Patent and Patent License Files N1-310-98-001_SF115 12/05/2022
Engineering Drawings, 1929-72 NC-174-000225_SF115 12/05/2022
Agricultural Research Project Case Files Prior to January 1, 1980 (Contract Termination) NC1-310-80-03_SF115 12/05/2022
Records of Dr. Stafford Happ Relating to the Valley Sedimentation Project and Other Projects, 1935-85 N1-310-93-001_SF115 12/05/2022
Correspondence, Research Summaries, and Field Notebooks Relating to Research on Sesame and Castor NC1-310-81-01_SF115 12/05/2022
Mustering Out Payments Files NC1-428-77-01_SF115 12/02/2022
Military Payroll Accounting Records NC1-428-79-01_SF115 12/02/2022
Utilization Research and Develepment Program Records, 1942-65 N1-310-86-001_SF115 12/02/2022
Bureau of Animal Industry (Defunct), Animal Husbandry Activities Records, 1916-55 N1-310-86-003_SF115 12/02/2022
Employees Compensation Appeals Board Records NC1-386-81-01_SF115 12/02/2022
Watershed Research Unit, Unpublished Research Data, 1938-69 N1-310-87-001_SF115 12/02/2022
Bureau of Animal Industry (Defunct), Grant Case Files, 1924-53 N1-310-86-002_SF115 12/02/2022
Naval Medical Facilities Clinical Records, 1914-39 NC-052-76-001_SF115 12/02/2022
Operational Data Information Systems (ODIS) Records N1-379-87-002_SF115 12/02/2022
Time and Attendance Report Files NC1-016-78-01_SF115 12/02/2022
State and City Files; Organization and Conference Files; Administrative and Policy Files; Government Files N1-379-91-001_SF115 12/02/2022
Legal Review Files, 1983-84; Inspector General Reports, 1967-74; Naval District Roster Reports and Orders, 1946-54; Dental Officer Personnel Ledgers, 1938-44; Research and Historical Files, 1945-83 N1-052-90-001_SF115 12/02/2022
Hospital Corps Rosters and Patient Records, 1889-1910 NC-052-76-002_SF115 12/02/2022
Subsidy Payment Program Files N1-166-94-001_SF115 12/02/2022
Waiver Requests for Erroneous Payments NC1-428-78-03_SF115 12/02/2022
Compliance Review Case Files N1-166-86-001_SF115 12/02/2022
United States Agricultural Trade System Records NC1-166-81-01_SF115 12/02/2022
Military Pay Records NC1-428-78-01_SF115 12/02/2022
Administrative Closure and Decision Files NC1-403-78-02_SF115 12/01/2022
General Counsel Records NC1-403-77-01_SF115 12/01/2022
Commission Records NC1-403-81-01_SF115 12/01/2022
Bureau of Justice Statistics Records N1-423-88-001_SF115 11/29/2022
Foreign Economic Administration (FEA) and Predecessor Organizations Records N1-169-91-002_SF115 11/29/2022
Microfiche Records N1-422-88-001_SF115 11/29/2022
The Publications Board Collection of Mirofiche of Scientific and Technical Reports N1-422-87-001_SF115 11/29/2022
Employer Information Report NC-403-76-005_SF115 11/29/2022
Rejected Charge Files and Administrative Closure Files NC1-403-76-06_SF115 11/29/2022
Records not Covered by General Records Schedules NC1-424-76-01_SF115 11/29/2022
Regulations Background Papers of the United States Strike Command, 1961-1963 NC1-349-79-01_SF115 11/28/2022
Records of Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV) NC1-349-80-01_SF115 11/28/2022
Naval Intelligence Support Center (NISC) Cluster Spice Mission and Test Analog Records, 1971-79 NC1-289-85-01_SF115 11/28/2022
Investigative Records NC1-289-78-01_SF115 11/28/2022
Correspondence Management Schedule of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH) DAA-0514-2020-0002_SF115 11/28/2022
Military Personnel DAA-NU-2021-0001_SF115 11/28/2022
Case Files dealing with antidumping, countervailing duties, trade adjustment assistance, and other trade and customs-related civil actions DAA-0321-2020-0001_SF115 11/28/2022
Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project Management Office Oil Inventory Accounting Records NC1-434-85-04_SF115 11/23/2022
Oil Well and Oil Field Maps from the Chicago, Illinois Office, 1929-43 N1-253-94-001_SF115 11/23/2022
Citizen Mail, 1977 NC1-434-85-02_SF115 11/23/2022
Financial Records and Field Office Records, 1930-1983 N1-435-92-001_SF115 11/23/2022
Staffing and Budget Submission Files NC1-434-83-04_SF115 11/23/2022
Aviation Insurance Program Records DAA-0237-2021-0017_SF115 11/23/2022
Economic Regulatory Administration (ERA) Fuel Litigation and Allocation Case Files NC1-434-82-03_SF115 11/22/2022
Presidential Appointee Clearance and Vetting Files N1-434-96-003_SF115 11/22/2022
Savannah River Site (SRS)/Westinghouse Savannah River Corporation (WSRC) Records N1-434-96-012_SF115 11/22/2022
Energy Information Administrative Data N1-434-94-001_SF115 11/22/2022
Economic Regulatory Administration Audit Files and Regional Office Applications Records NC1-434-81-02_SF115 11/22/2022
Administrative Records, Budget Preparation, Presentation, and Apportionment Records N1-434-98-008_SF115 11/22/2022
National Energy Strategy Records N1-434-95-002_SF115 11/22/2022
Federal Energy Administration, Official Fuel Allocation Case Records NC1-434-76-01_SF115 11/22/2022
Grand Junction Projects Office Records N1-434-96-006_SF115 11/22/2022
Work for Others, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), and Cost Sharing Agreements N1-434-95-005_SF115 11/22/2022
Constituent Agencies Records NC1-434-78-01_SF115 11/22/2022
Bureau of Mines, Synthetic Liquid-Fuels Intrabureau Reports, 1945-57 N1-434-89-002_SF115 11/21/2022
Oil and Gas Division Central Files, 1946-53 N1-434-89-006_SF115 11/21/2022
Second (2nd) Marine Division Administrative Files, 1941-56 N1-127-86-001_SF115 11/21/2022
Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves, Naval Petroleum Reserve Number Three and Four Records, ca. 1921-74 N1-434-89-009_SF115 11/21/2022
Field Interviews N1-127-89-001_SF115 11/21/2022
Idaho Operations Office, Site Records N1-434-89-010_SF115 11/21/2022
Newspaper Clippings Collected by Atomic Energy Commission N1-434-90-005_SF115 11/21/2022
Office of Scientific and Technical Information, Unclassified Research and Development (R&D) Technical Information Cumulative Index N1-434-91-004_SF115 11/21/2022
Debarment Case Files N1-434-05-001_SF115 11/21/2022
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 184-inch Cyclotron Records N1-434-89-007_SF115 11/21/2022
Oil Import Administration Records, 1957-71 N1-434-89-005_SF115 11/21/2022
Berkeley Exposure Dose Records N1-434-92-005_SF115 11/21/2022
Zero Gradient Synchrotron (ZGS) Records N1-434-92-006_SF115 11/21/2022
Office of the Executive Secretariat, History Division Records N1-434-92-001_SF115 11/21/2022
Security Clearance/Access Authorization Case Records N1-434-03-001_SF115 11/21/2022
Annual Certifications; Conflict of Interest N1-434-01-004_SF115 11/21/2022
Oil Imports Appeal Board Records, ca. 1956-75 N1-434-89-004_SF115 11/21/2022
Sensitive Source Reporting Program (SSRP) Printouts N1-065-10-013_SF115 11/16/2022
Institute of American Indian Arts Commemorative Book, 1980; and Billings/Browning Field Office Records, 1941-1971 N1-435-93-002_SF115 11/16/2022
Medical Records, 1867-1926 NC1-405-77-01_SF115 11/16/2022
United States Atlantic Fleet, Atlantic Reserve Fleet Administrative Files, 1947-57 NC1-313-85-04_SF115 11/15/2022
Key West Force Administrative Files, 1948-51 N1-313-86-002_SF115 11/15/2022
United States Atlantic Fleet, Carrier Division Six Administrative Files, 1953-55 NC1-313-85-02_SF115 11/15/2022
Ships Movements Caribbean Area Charts, 1959-60 N1-313-86-004_SF115 11/15/2022
Fingerprint Records and Professional Credentials of e-file Providers DAA-0058-2022-0001_SF115 11/15/2022
Atlantic Fleet Administrative Files, 1951-56 N1-313-86-003_SF115 11/15/2022
Military Sea Transportation Service Administrative Files, 1950-63 NC1-313-85-01_SF115 11/15/2022
Integrated Surveillance System Data DAA-0180-2022-0002_SF115 11/15/2022
United States Atlantic Fleet, Mine Division Administrative Files, 1955-57 N1-313-86-001_SF115 11/15/2022
United States Atlantic Fleet, Service Force Administrative Files, 1955 NC1-313-85-03_SF115 11/15/2022
Unscheduled Records of Small Business Administration and Predecessor Agencies at Washington National Records Center (WNRC), 1951-75 NC1-309-84-01_SF115 11/09/2022
Surety Bond Guarantee Folder NC1-309-84-03_SF115 11/09/2022
Harry C. Kelly Subject Files, 1951-62 N1-307-88-001_SF115 11/08/2022
Office of Inspector General Records N1-307-03-002_SF115 11/08/2022
EJacket Award Proposal Case Files N1-307-09-001_SF115 11/08/2022
Congressional Correspondence Records N1-307-89-001_SF115 11/08/2022
Grant and Contract Records N1-307-88-002_SF115 11/08/2022
Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-525-95-001_SF115 11/08/2022
FOIA, Privacy Act, and Mandatory Declassification Access Request Records N1-525-10-003_SF115 11/08/2022