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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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Independent Agencies

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Organization NameRecord Group
   National War Labor Board (World War I) 0002
   National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement INACTIVE TEST 0010
   General Records of the U.S. Government 0011
   National Mediation Board 0013
   U.S. Railroad Administration 0014
   National Labor Relations Board 0025
   Post Office Department 0028
   Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 0034
   Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital 0042
   Social Security Administration 0047
   National Archives and Records Administration 0064
   Fine Arts, Commission of 0066
   Work Projects Administration 0069
   International Trade Commission, U.S. 0081
   Federal Reserve System 0082
   Farm Credit Administration 0103
   American Battle Monuments Commission 0117
   Public Buildings Service 0121
   Federal Trade Commission 0122
   Federal Coordinator of Transportation 0133
   Surface Transportation Board (formerly Interstate Commerce Commission) 0134
   Federal Supply Service 0137
   Tennessee Valley Authority 0142
   U.S. Civil Service Commission 0146
   Selective Service System 0147
   Federal Works Agency 0162
   Selective Service System (World War I) 0163
   Federal Communications Commission 0173
   Commodity Futures Trading Commission 0180
   War Trade Board 0182
   Railroad Retirement Board 0184
   National Archives Gift Collection 0200
   Temporary Committees, Commissions, and Boards 0220
   Office of Strategic Services 0226
   Armed Forces Retirement Home 0231
   Reconstruction Finance Corporation 0234
   World War II War Crimes Records, National Archives Collection of 0238
   Housing Expediter, Office of the 0252
   Petroleum Administration for War 0253
   National Aeronautics and Space Administration 0255
   Central Intelligence Agency 0263
   Securities and Exchange Commission 0266
   General Services Administration, General Records of the 0269
   War Assets Administration 0270
   Export-Import Bank of the United States 0275
   Indian Claims Commission 0279
   Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service 0280
   Renegotiation Board 0281
   United States Agency for International Development 0286
   National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities 0288
   Federal Property Resources Service 0291
   Wage and Salary Stabilization Boards of the Economic Stabilization Agency 0293
   National Science Foundation 0307
   Small Business Administration 0309
   Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission 0316
   Atomic Energy Commission 0326
   National Capital Planning Commission 0328
   Federal Election Commission 0339
   District of Columbia, Government of the 0351
   Information Resources Management Service 0352
   Federal Maritime Commission 0358
   Corporation for National and Community Service 0362
   National Transportation Safety Board 0400
   Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 0403
   Environmental Protection Agency 0412
   National Credit Union Administration 0413
   Regional Committees, Commissions, and Boards 0414
   United States International Development Finance Corporation (formerly Overseas Private Investment Corporation) 0420
   National Trust for Historic Preservation 0421
   Consumer Product Safety Commission 0424
   Nuclear Regulatory Commission 0431
   Administrative Conference of the United States 0451
   American Revolution Bicentennial Administration 0452
   United States Commission on Civil Rights 0453
   Inter-American Foundation 0454
   Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission 0455
   Postal Regulatory Commission (formerly Postal Rate Commission) 0458
   Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation 0465
   Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission 0470
   Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board 0474
   American Institute in Taiwan 0475
   Personnel Management, Office of 0478
   Merit Systems Protection Board 0479
   Federal Labor Relations Authority 0480
   United States Office of the Special Counsel 0481
   Federal Housing Finance Board 0485
   Trade and Development Agency 0486
   African Development Foundation 0487
   Postal Service, U.S. 0488
   Peace Corps 0490
   Scholarship and Fellowship Granting Foundations 0508
   U.S. Agency for Global Media (formerly Broadcasting Board of Governors) 0517
   Office of Government Ethics 0522
   Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board 0524
   Advisory Council on Historic Preservation 0536
   Holocaust Memorial Council and Museum, United States 0538
   Federal Housing Finance Agency (formerly Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight) 0543
   Presidio Trust 0556
   Millennium Challenge Corporation 0561
   Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia 0562
   United States Institute of Peace 0573
   Director of National Intelligence, Office of the 0576
   National Council on Disability 0579
   National Wildfire Coordinating Group 0583
   Election Assistance Commission, United States 0585
   Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 0587
   Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board, The 0588
   Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries 0590
   Denali Commission 0591
   Marine Mammal Commission 0592
   Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board 0595
   Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects, Office of the 0596
   Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency 0597
   Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction 0598
   National Indian Gaming Commission 0600
   Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board 0608