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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0490: Peace Corps

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Title Number/Filename
Director's Office Executive Correspondence DAA-0490-2013-0001
Consolidated Incident Reporting System (CIRS) Inactive DAA-0490-2013-0002
Office of Victim Advocacy DAA-0490-2013-0003
Gifts and Grants Management Files DAA-0490-2014-0002
Intergovernmental External Affairs (IEA) Files DAA-0490-2014-0003
University Programs (UP) Files DAA-0490-2014-0004
Compliance Office DAA-0490-2015-0001
Innovation Files DAA-0490-2015-0002
Personal Service Contract Files DAA-0490-2015-0004
Office of Overseas Programming and Training Support (OPATS) DAA-0490-2016-0001
Headquarters-Wide Monitoring, Evaluation, and Training Records DAA-0490-2016-0002
Office of Volunteer Recruitment and Selection (VRS), Volunteer Recruitment and Fingerprint Records Inactive DAA-0490-2016-0004
Peace Corps Response Program Records DAA-0490-2016-0005
Database of Volunteer Experience (DOVE) DAA-0490-2016-0006
Office of 3rd Goal, Return Volunteer Services, and World Wise Schools Records DAA-0490-2016-0007
Volunteer Memorial Funds DAA-0490-2016-0008
Anniversary Celebration Records DAA-0490-2016-0010
Overseas Post - Miscellaneous Items DAA-0490-2016-0012
Staging Project Files DAA-0490-2017-0001
Office of Global Operations Program Files Inactive DAA-0490-2017-0002
Policy and Procedure Records DAA-0490-2017-0003
Office of Strategic Information, Research, and Planning (OSIRP) Program Records DAA-0490-2017-0004
Region Program Records DAA-0490-2017-0005
Let Girls Learn Program Records DAA-0490-2017-0006
Global Health Services Partnership Program Records DAA-0490-2017-0007
Volunteer Information Database Application (VIDA) records DAA-0490-2017-0008
Records of the Associate Director of Volunteer Recruitment and Selection {VRS) Inactive DAA-0490-2017-0009
Office of General Counsel Records DAA-0490-2017-0011
Sexual Assault Risk Reduction and Response (SARRR) DAA-0490-2017-0012
Volunteer Description of Service (DOS) DAA-0490-2018-0004
Volunteer Recruitment and Selection -University Programs DAA-0490-2019-0002
lnventory of Specially Designated and Controlled Substance Medical Supplies DAA-0490-2019-0003
Unclaimed Volunteer Vital Records for Peace Corps Passport Applications DAA-0490-2020-0001
Fingerprint Cards for Volunteers DAA-0490-2021-0001
Associate Director / Deputy Associate Director (or Equivalent)/ Regional Director Records DAA-0490-2021-0003
Public Relations Communication Records DAA-0490-2021-0004
Medical Records for Individuals Rejected for Volunteer Service DAA-0490-2021-0006
Emergency Declaration Response Records DAA-0490-2022-0004
Security Incident Management System (SIMS) DAA-0490-2022-0005
Volunteer Worker's Compensation Case Files DAA-0490-2022-0007
Volunteer / Trainee Overseas Service Records DAA-0490-2023-0001
Authorization to Use Personal Materials Agreement DAA-0490-2023-0002
Peace Corps [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0490-2023-0001
Volunteer Application Files Inactive N1-362-87-001
Volunteer and Trainee X-Rays N1-362-88-001
Volunteer Description of Service Inactive N1-362-88-002
Volunteer Conference Reports, 1962-75 Inactive N1-362-88-003
Foreign Affairs Administrative Files N1-362-90-001
Recruitment, Anniversary, Partnership Program and other Promotional Posters Inactive N1-362-90-002
Motion Picture Films and Video Tapes N1-362-90-003
Unscheduled Records at Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Inactive N1-362-91-001
Records of Year 2000 (Y2K) Planning and Implementation Inactive N1-490-01-001
Computer System Activity and Access Records Inactive N1-490-02-001
Records of Overseas Posts N1-490-02-002
Crisis Corps Records Inactive N1-490-02-003
Inspector General Records N1-490-02-004
Office of General Counsel N1-490-03-001
Volunteer Language Testing Scores System (VLTSS) Inactive N1-490-08-001
Congressional Correspondence and Hearings Records N1-490-10-001
Volunteer Descriptions of Service Inactive N1-490-11-001
Controlled Substance Records N1-490-12-001
Overseas Post Program Records N1-490-12-002
Overseas Posts Administrative Records N1-490-12-003
Overseas Posts Medical Records N1-490-12-004
Overseas Posts Safety and Security Records N1-490-12-005
Overseas Posts Programming and Training Records N1-490-12-006
Post-Produced Training Materials N1-490-12-007
United Nations Volunteers, World Wise Schools, Small Business Development, and Staging Program Records N1-490-91-001
Women in Development Program Records N1-490-92-001
Still Photography N1-490-92-002
Program Correspondence Inactive N1-490-92-003
Policy Development Files and Policy Manual Inactive N1-490-92-004
Subject Files, 1961-69 Inactive N1-490-93-001
Project Files, El Salvador and Honduras, 1965-67 Inactive N1-490-93-002
Management Evaluations; Staff Epidemiologist Reports and Studies N1-490-94-002
Volunteer Applicant Files Inactive N1-490-94-003
Miscellaneous Records N1-490-94-004
Peace Corps Volunteer Data Base Management System N1-490-94-005
Peace Corps Partnership Program Project and Donor Tracking System N1-490-95-001
World Wise Schools Automated Files Inactive N1-490-95-002
Program and Training Systems Database (PATS) N1-490-95-003
Medevac System N1-490-95-004
Operating Plan Database; Integrated Planning and Budget System Inactive N1-490-95-005
Inspector General Country Reports, Investigative Files, and Semi-Annual Reports Inactive N1-490-95-006
Miscellaneous University Programs Records Inactive N1-490-95-007
General Counsel Litigation, Miscellaneous Claims, and Miscellaneous Legal Files Inactive N1-490-95-008
Volunteer/Trainee Death Case Files and other Volunteer Records N1-490-95-009
Medical Technical Guidelines and Memoranda of Understanding with other Governments and Private Sector Institutions N1-490-95-010
Volunteer Recruitment and Selection Trainee Request Handbook N1-490-95-011
Daily Activities Schedules of High Level Officials N1-490-95-012
Office of Workers Compensation Programs Claims Files Inactive N1-490-97-001
Health Surveillance Records N1-490-97-002
Miscellaneous Records Inactive NC-362-75-001
Overseas Peace Corps Office Payment Records with Backup Vouchers Inactive NC-362-75-004
Domestic and Peace Corps Volunteer Personnel Files Inactive NC-362-76-001
Overseas Office Records NC1-362-76-03
Volunteer Death and Early Terminee Records Inactive NC1-362-76-04
Peace Corps Volunteers Medical Records and X-Ray Examination Files NC1-362-77-02
Medical Case Files and Claims NC1-362-77-03
Peace Corps Volunteer Psychiatric Records NC1-362-78-03
Peace Corps Applicant Case Files Inactive NC1-362-81-01
Unused Peace Corps Applicant References NC1-362-81-03
Applicant Folders Inactive NC1-362-82-02
Volunteer Employment History Records NC1-362-83-01
Flexitime Attendance Records Inactive NC1-362-83-02
Internal Audit Case Files Inactive NC1-362-83-03
Service Record Card Inactive NC1-362-84-01
Automated Personnel Management Information System NC1-362-84-02
Flexitime Attendance Records Inactive NC1-362-84-03
Miscellaneous Records NC1-362-85-01
Public Affairs Records NC1-362-85-02