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When surrounded by quotation marks, the words are treated as a phrase and only pages with the exact phrase "audit files" will appear in results. This is the most powerful query refinement technique.

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You can reject words with the minus (-) sign.
In the example, no documents with the word "withdrawn" will appear on the results page unless a search engine is programmed to make them appear above the regular results list.

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Tip 4: Spell Out All Acronyms

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Avoid using acronyms for instance: IRS for Internal Revenue Service can be mistaken for another acronym such as IRS-CI and effect search results.

Tip 5: Searching by Job Number

Example:  N1-016-00-001

NOTE: You MUST enter the job number in the correct format. Consult the SF 15 Numbering Key if necessary.


RG-0412: Environmental Protection Agency

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Title Number/Filename
Program Tracking, Advisories, Water Quality Standards, and Nutrients (PRAWN) DAA-0412-2012-0001
Safety and Health (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2012-0002
Facilities (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2012-0004
Motor Vehicles and Personal Property (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2012-0006
Travel (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2012-0007
Security - Routine Security Tracking Records DAA-0412-2013-0001
Underground Injection Control National Database (UIC DB) DAA-0412-2013-0003
Legislative Relations (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2013-0005
Planning and Resource Allocation DAA-0412-2013-0006
Public Affairs (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2013-0007
Grants and Other Program Support Agreements DAA-0412-2013-0008
Information and Technology Management (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2013-0009
Regulatory Development and Implementation, and Dockets DAA-0412-2013-0010
Administrative Management DAA-0412-2013-0011
Acquisitions and Contracts (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2013-0014
Controls and Oversight (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2013-0015
Legal Services (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2013-0016
Compliance and Enforcement DAA-0412-2013-0017
Permits (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2013-0018
Records of Senior Officials (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2013-0019
Financial Management (Big Bucket) DAA-0412-2013-0020
Environmental Programs and Projects DAA-0412-2013-0021
Labor and Employee Relations Information System (LERIS) DAA-0412-2015-0002
Emergency Management Portal (EMP) DAA-0412-2015-0003
Chemical Information System (CIS) DAA-0412-2015-0004
Underground Injection Control Program Summary System (UICPSS) DAA-0412-2016-0001
Envirofacts - 098 N1-412-00-001
Compliance Activity Tracking System N1-412-00-003
Grants Information and Control System N1-412-00-004
Imported Nonconforming Motor Vehicle Case Files N1-412-00-007
Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) and IRIS Documentation Files N1-412-01-001
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Section 5 New Chemical Files N1-412-01-002
Emissions Inventory System N1-412-01-003
Aerial Photographs N1-412-01-004
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) - Section 8 Information and Reporting Files N1-412-01-005
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) - Section 5 Biotechnology Files N1-412-01-006
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Section 21 Citizens Petitions N1-412-01-007
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Section 4 Chemical Test Program Results N1-412-01-008
Investigative Case Files N1-412-01-009
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Administrative Tracking and Control Records N1-412-01-010
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) - Section 6 Regulations of Hazardous Chemical Substances and Mixtures Files N1-412-01-011
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Section 13 Imports N1-412-01-012
Board of Contract Appeals Cases N1-412-01-013
Government Accounting Office Contract Bid Protest Cases N1-412-01-014
Inspector General - Management Assessment Reviews and Program Evaluation Files N1-412-02-001
Inspector General Hotline Files N1-412-02-002
Section Seven Tracking System N1-412-02-003
Export Notices of Unregistered Pesticides N1-412-02-004
Child Resistant Packaging (CRP) Files N1-412-02-006
Electronic Forms N1-412-02-007
Certification and Fuel Economy Information System (CFEIS) N1-412-02-008
Certification Records N1-412-02-009
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide (FIFRA) / Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Tracking System N1-412-03-002
Pesticides and Toxic Substances Compliance and Enforcement Program N1-412-03-003
Information Collections Requests and Reports N1-412-03-004
Safe Drinking Water Information System N1-412-03-006
Environmental Data Registry N1-412-03-007
Grant and Other Agreement Oversight N1-412-03-008
Administrator's and Deputy Administrator's Speeches Databases N1-412-03-009
International Travel N1-412-03-010
Cost Recovery Records N1-412-03-011
Toxic Substances Control Act Test Submissions N1-412-03-014
Facility Registry System (FRS) N1-412-03-016
Central Data Exchange (CDX) N1-412-03-017
Instrument Logbooks N1-412-03-018
Confidential Business Information (CBI) Access N1-412-03-020
Discrimination Complaints - External N1-412-03-021
Child Care Tuition Assistance Program N1-412-04-001
Inspector General Operations and Reporting Systems (IGOR) N1-412-04-002
Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) N1-412-04-003
Environmental Protection Agency Dockets N1-412-04-004
Program Development Files N1-412-04-005
Scientific Research Project Files Related to Rulemaking N1-412-04-006
Scientific Research Project Files Related to Basic, Exploratory Research N1-412-04-007
National Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Information System N1-412-04-008
Environmental Information Management System (EIMS) N1-412-04-009
Environmental Impact Assessments of Nongovermental Activities in Antarctica N1-412-04-010
Toxics Release Inventory System (TRI) N1-412-04-011
Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Test Method Evaluation Records N1-412-04-013
System for Risk Management Plans N1-412-05-002
Risk-Management Plans (RMP) Implementation Records N1-412-05-003
Information Quality Guideline Case Files - Requests for Correction and Reconsideration N1-412-05-004
Integrated Compliance Information System N1-412-05-005
Chemical Review Case Files N1-412-05-006
Pesticide Incident Document and Incident System N1-412-05-007
Clean Air Markets Division Business System N1-412-05-008
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Section 12(b) Notice of Export Files N1-412-05-009
EPA 021 Administrative Data Warehouse (ADW) N1-412-05-010
Crandon Project Records (Region 5) N1-412-06-001
Pesticide Registration Maintenance Fee Records N1-412-06-002
Environmental Photographic Interpretation Center (EPIC) Aerial Photographs N1-412-06-004
Calendars, Schedules, and Logs of Daily Activities N1-412-06-005
Media-Neutral Schedules for Disposable Records N1-412-06-006
Directives and Policy Guidance Documents Issued by Specific Programs and Regions N1-412-06-007
Speeches and Testimony N1-412-06-008
Publications and Promotional Items N1-412-06-009
Controlled and Major Correspondence N1-412-06-010
Training Material N1-412-06-011
Grants and Other Program Support Agreements - Superfund Site-Specific N1-412-06-012
Removal Records - Superfund Site-Specific N1-412-06-013
Remedial Site Files - Superfund Site-Specific N1-412-06-014
Sampling and Analytical Data Files - Superfund Site-Specific N1-412-06-015
Administration Records - Superfund Site-Specific N1-412-06-016
Contract Management Records- Superfund Site- Specific N1-412-06-017
Cost Recovery Records N1-412-06-018
Enforcement Actions - Superfund Site-Specific N1-412-06-019
Purchase Card System N1-412-06-020
Office of Research and Development Management Information System (OMIS) N1-412-06-021
Travel N1-412-06-022
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 152) - Federal Docket Management System (FDMS) N1-412-06-024
372 Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Section 8 Information and Reporting Files N1-412-06-026
Final Deliverables and Reports N1-412-06-027
Environmental Appeals Board Case Files N1-412-06-028
Program Development Files N1-412-06-029
Waste Water Construction and State Revolving Fund Grants N1-412-06-030
Underground Injection Control Databases N1-412-06-031
Special Studies N1-412-07-001
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Annual Reports N1-412-07-002
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 183 - Grants and Other Agreement Oversight Records N1-412-07-003
National Contingency Plan (NCP) Products, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Facility Plans, and Oil Removal Contingency Plans - Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-004
Federal Agency Hazardous Waste Compliance Site Files N1-412-07-005
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) - Generators, Transporters, and Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TSD) Facilities Files - Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-006
Enforcement Actions - Oil Site-Specific - Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-007
Removal Records - Oil Site-Specific - Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-008
Administrator and Deputy Administrator - Meeting Files - Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-009
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 254) - Communications and Distribution Strategy File, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 255) - Regional Oversight and Coordination Files N1-412-07-010
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 332 Regulatory Impact Analyses Under Executive Order 12866 N1-412-07-011
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 548 Library Program Files N1-412-07-012
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 313 Privacy Act Reports Files N1-412-07-013
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 399 National Historic Preservation Act Compliance Documentation N1-412-07-014
Enforcement - Toxic Substances Program N1-412-07-015
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 686 - Development and Enforcement of Air and Water Standards by States N1-412-07-016
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 688 - Enforcement - Air Program N1-412-07-017
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 689 - Enforcement - Water Program N1-412-07-018
EPA 689 - Enforcement - Hazardous Waste Program N1-412-07-019
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 691 - Enforcement - Mobile Source Program N1-412-07-020
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 683, 692, 694, 695, 696 N1-412-07-021
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 223, 229, 236 N1-412-07-022
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 188 Quality and Information Council N1-412-07-023
Environmental Protection Agency 199 Information Collection Requests and Reports N1-412-07-024
Environmental Protection Agency N1-412-07-025
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) - Section 13 Imports - Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-026
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) - Section 5 - Biotechnology Files - Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-027
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Section 4 Chemical Test Program Results Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-028
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Section 5 New Chemical Files Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-029
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) - Section 21 - Citizens Petitions Media - Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-030
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) - Section 6 - Regulation of Hazardous Substances and Mixtures Files - Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-031
Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Toxic Substances Files - Regions Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-032
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 009 Integrated Grants Management System N1-412-07-033
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 003 Grants and Other Program Support Agreements N1-412-07-034
Pesticides - 225, 226, 227 N1-412-07-035
Administrative Records - Permits - 210 N1-412-07-036
Records of the Correspondence Management System (CMS) N1-412-07-037
Records of State Plans for Applicator Certification N1-412-07-038
Records of Pesticides Registration Documents N1-412-07-039
Records of Special Review Files N1-412-07-040
Records of Re-registration Eligibility Decision (RED) Case Files N1-412-07-041
Records of Pesticide Document Management System (PDMS): Registrant Registered Studies N1-412-07-042
Records of Test Method Evaluation Records N1-412-07-043
Records of Pesticide Usage Survey Data and Documentation N1-412-07-044
Records of Pesticide Registration Maintenance Fee Records N1-412-07-045
Records of Scientific Data Reviews N1-412-07-046
Records of Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS) N1-412-07-047
Records of Pesticide Special Accident Investigations and Case Files N1-412-07-048
Pesticides Schedules - Disposable Records Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-050
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 292, 295 N1-412-07-051
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 371 N1-412-07-052
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 656, 657,674, 675, 676, 677, 678 N1-412-07-053
Local Government Reimbursement Program N1-412-07-054
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 15, 44, 48, 201, 215 N1-412-07-055
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 131, 133, 515, 516, 517, 585 N1-412-07-056
Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substance (OPPTS) Scientific Project Files Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-057
Clean Watersheds Needs Survey (CWNS) N1-412-07-058
Imported Nonconforming Motor Vehicle Case Files N1-412-07-059
Records of the Office of Air and Radiation (OAR) N1-412-07-060
Disaster Response Records (All Programs) N1-412-07-061
Appointee Clearance, Tuition Assistance, Health Service Personnel, Rating Appeals, Intergovernmental Personnel Act N1-412-07-062
Safety Standards, Inspections, Protective / Preventive Measure Reports, Industrial Hygiene N1-412-07-063
Administrative Reports and Data Relating to Procurement Operations N1-412-07-064
Security Management N1-412-07-065
International Environmental Cooperation and Agreements N1-412-07-066
Records of the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) N1-412-07-067
Administrative Law Judges, Administrator and Deputy Administrator, Civil Rights, Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations N1-412-07-068
Office of the Chief Financial Officer Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-069
Office of Inspector General Records Media Neutral (MN) N1-412-07-070
Records of the Office of Research and Development N1-412-07-071
Safe Drinking Water Accession and Review System (SDWARS) N1-412-08-001
National Contaminant Occurrence Database (NCOD) N1-412-08-002
Import and Export Notifications N1-412-08-003
Public Hearings Files N1-412-08-004
Laboratory Approval and Analytical Method Development Supporting Direct Implementation of Drinking Water Regulations N1-412-08-005
Permit Files N1-412-08-006
Office of Water N1-412-08-007
Web Sites N1-412-08-008
Environmental Protection Agency Newsroom Database N1-412-08-009
Air Facility System N1-412-08-010
Integrated Data for Enforcement Analysis N1-412-08-011
Air Quality System N1-412-08-012
Air - Regions - Transportation Plans N1-412-08-013
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Collection of Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) N1-412-08-014
Enterprise Data 96 Data Standards and Registry Services N1-412-08-015
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 135 309 Review and Comment Files N1-412-08-016
Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET) N1-412-08-017
Budget Automation System N1-412-09-001
Reasonably Available Control Technology Files (The RACT) N1-412-09-002
Manage State and Local Air Quality Records N1-412-09-003
The Fuel Reporting System (DCFuels) Files N1-412-09-004
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Records Schedule 533 Files N1-412-09-005
Environmental Protection Agency 318 Bulletins Live N1-412-09-006
Laboratory Information Systems N1-412-09-007
Data Marts and Data Warehouses N1-412-09-008
Criminal Case Reporting System N1-412-09-010
Contracts Management System N1-412-09-011
Storage and Retrieval of Water Quality Information (STORET) N1-412-09-012
Water Quality Standards Database (WQSDB) N1-412-09-014
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) N1-412-09-015
Pesticides Registration Information System (PRISM) N1-412-09-016
Vehicles and Engines Compliance Information System N1-412-09-017
Beach Advisory and Closing On-Line Notification (BEACON) N1-412-09-018
High Production Volume Information System (HPVIS) N1-412-09-019
Toxic Release Inventory Processing System (TRIPS) N1-412-10-001
Environmental Protection Agency N1-412-10-002
Information Quality Guidelines (IQC) Requests for Correction (RFC) and Reconsideration (RFR) N1-412-10-003
Office of Radiation Programs N1-412-86-001
Daily Activities Files Dealing with Privacy Act and Freedom of Information Act and Office Administrative Files N1-412-86-002
Information and Resources Management Records Control Schedule N1-412-86-003
Office of Inspector General N1-412-86-004
Office of Emergency and Remedial Response N1-412-87-001
Legislative Records N1-412-87-002
Civil Rights Records Control Schedule N1-412-87-003
Revised Planning and Evaluations and Program Reporting Records Control Schedule N1-412-87-004
Office of Public Affairs N1-412-87-005
New England New York Inter-Agency Committee N1-412-88-001
Office of Pesticides/Compact Label File N1-412-88-002
Office of Toxic Substance /Toxic Releases Inventory System N1-412-88-003
Office of Toxic Substances/Asbestos Records N1-412-89-002
Assistance and Interagency Agreements N1-412-89-003
Office of Toxic Substances - Public Files - Microfilm N1-412-90-001
Air Program - Imported Nonconforming Motor Vehicle Case N1-412-92-001
Office of Solid Waste - Hazardous Waste Generators Survey N1-412-92-002
Chemical Disposal Files N1-412-92-003
Analytical Data Files N1-412-93-001
Economic Analysis and Innovation Division - Freshwater-Based Recreation Survey N1-412-93-002
Office of Pesticides Program - National Pesticides Survey N1-412-93-003
Needs Survey N1-412-94-001
Grants and Other Program Support - Agreement Files N1-412-94-002
Superfund Program N1-412-94-003
Regional Schedules N1-412-94-004
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) - Program Records N1-412-94-005
Headquarters-Wide Schedule N1-412-94-006
Office of Pesticides Programs N1-412-95-002
Hazardous Waste Database N1-412-95-003
Office of Water N1-412-95-004
Audiovisual (AV) Records N1-412-95-005
Superfund Sampling and Analytical Data N1-412-95-006
Quarterly Reports N1-412-95-007
Electronic Records N1-412-96-001
Various Programs - Agency-Wide and Headquarters Records N1-412-96-002
Office of Pollution, Prevention, and Toxics (OPPT) - Various Series and Systems of Records N1-412-96-003
Source Data Files - Radiological Research N1-412-96-004
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance - Permit Compliance System and Audit Resolution File N1-412-97-001
Air and Radiation, Waste Isolation Pilot Plants (WIPP) - Certification, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 464A) N1-412-97-002
Research and Development Labs Agency-wide - Performance Evaluation (Series Number 0479A) N1-412-97-003
Research and Development Laboratory - Cincinnati, Ohio (Series Number 449L 460H) N1-412-97-004
Research and Development Labs, Employee Radiation Exposure, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 499L) N1-412-97-005
Environmental Appeals Board - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Series Number 083H N1-412-97-006
Radiation Facility / Site Files N1-412-98-001
Radiological Emergency Planning - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 222R) N1-412-98-002
Pesticide Document Management System (PDMS) N1-412-98-003
Administrative Records - Permits N1-412-98-004
Permit Appeal Files N1-412-98-005
Environmental Impact Statements and Related Files N1-412-99-002
Recall and In-Use Testing Records N1-412-99-004
Ann Arbor In-Use Test Data System (IUTD) N1-412-99-005
Trends Report (TRRP) - Electronic System N1-412-99-006
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System (ERAMS) N1-412-99-007
Aeromatic Information Retrieval System (AIRS) N1-412-99-008
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 498H) - Temporary Emission Factors Program (EFP) Test Records N1-412-99-009
Electronic Tracking Systems N1-412-99-010
Intra-Agency and Internal Committee Records N1-412-99-012
Company Transfer Correspondence File N1-412-99-013
Various (Civil Rights, Personnel, Research and Development Labs) Records N1-412-99-014
Pilot Projects - Case Files and Working Papers Used to Generate Recommendations or Reports N1-412-99-015
Administrative Records Pursuant to the Administrative Procedure N1-412-99-016
International Activities and Agreements N1-412-99-017
Communication / Distribution Strategy File N1-412-99-019
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS) N1-412-99-020
Federal Register Notice Files N1-412-99-021
Quality Assurance Project Plans N1-412-99-022
Superfund N1-412-99-023
Criminal Enforcement Counsel and Enforcement and Compliance Assurance N1-412-99-024
Descriptions and Retentions for the Management, Organization, Contracts and Grants Divisions of the United States Environmental Protection Agency NC-174-000118
Enforcement and General Counsel NC-174-000255
Descriptions and Retention for Municipal Waste Water Systems Items 1-9 are Attached NC-174-000273
Administrative Files NC-412-75-001
Property, Motor Vehicle, Transportation, Communications, Printing, Safety Records NC-412-75-002
Security and Inspection Records NC-412-75-003
Personnel Records NC-412-75-004
Mobile Source Air Pollution Control Program NC-412-75-005
Waste Management Activities NC-412-75-006
Program Files, Noise Abatement and Control Records NC-412-75-007
Discrimination Complaint File NC-412-75-008
Public Affairs Files NC-412-75-009
Administrative File, Congressional Committees File NC-412-75-010
Payroll and Pay Administration Records NC-412-76-002
Air Quality Planning and Standards Records NC-412-76-003
Planning and Evaluation Records NC-412-76-004
Water Supply Records NC-412-76-005
Water Program Operations Records NC-412-76-006
Water Planning and Standards Records NC-412-76-007
Radiation Programs Records NC-412-76-008
Records of the Regional Administrator, Staff Offices, Ancillary Programs NC1-412-76-01
Pesticide Program Records NC1-412-76-09
Pesticides Enforcement Case Files NC1-412-76-10
Personnel Security Clearance Files NC1-412-76-11
Construction Grants, State Operator Training Grants NC1-412-76-12
Employee Pay Folders, Time and Attendance Reports NC1-412-76-13
Final Reports of Audit NC1-412-76-14
Program Management Files, Program Development Files, Contracts and Grants Files NC1-412-76-15
Budget Operations Records NC1-412-76-16
Water Program Operations Records NC1-412-77-01
Administrative Law Judges' Records NC1-412-77-02
Program Reporting Records NC1-412-77-03
Program Analysis Records NC1-412-77-04
Research and Development Files NC1-412-77-05
Motion Picture Trims and Outtakes NC1-412-78-01
Environmental Legislation and Regulations File, Committees and Conference File NC1-412-78-02
Program Development Files, Administrative and Management Files NC1-412-78-03
Environmental Protection Agency Claims File NC1-412-78-04
Committee Records NC1-412-78-05
Records of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator and Deputy Administrator NC1-412-78-06
Environmental Protection Agency Library System NC1-412-78-07
International Activities Records NC1-412-78-08
Motion Picture Documentaries, Full-length Productions, TV Spots NC1-412-78-09
Federal Activities Records NC1-412-78-10
Records of the Information Services Branch NC1-412-80-01
Civil Rights Records Schedules NC1-412-80-02
Records of the Program Support Division NC1-412-80-03
Space and Maintenance Records NC1-412-81-01
Records Relating to the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration NC1-412-81-02
Records Relating to the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration NC1-412-81-03
Records Relating to the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration NC1-412-81-04
Records Relating to the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration NC1-412-81-05
Records Relating to the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration NC1-412-81-06
Pesticides Program Registration Jackets NC1-412-81-07
Air Machine-Readable Records NC1-412-81-08
Environmental Review Machine-Readable Records NC1-412-81-09
Radiation Machine-Readable Records NC1-412-81-10
Noise Machine-Readable Records NC1-412-81-11
Research and Development Machine Readable Records NC1-412-81-12
Enforcement Machine-Readable Records NC1-412-81-13
Pesticide Program Emergency Exemption Jackets NC1-412-81-14
Federal Facilities Referrals Files NC1-412-81-15
Water Planning and Standards NC1-412-81-16
Pesticide and Toxic Substances Machine-Readable Records NC1-412-81-17
Water and Waste Management Machine-Readable Records NC1-412-81-18
Electronic Records Related to Denver Commuting Habits NC1-412-82-01
Region I Enforcement System NC1-412-82-02
Region V Electronic Records NC1-412-82-03
Region IV Electronic Records NC1-412-82-04
Regional Surveillance and Analysis Program NC1-412-82-05
Regional Enforcement Program Records NC1-412-82-06
Regional Air and Hazardous Materials Program Records NC1-412-82-07
Records Resulting from the Implementation of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act NC1-412-82-08
Noise Abatement and Control Program Records NC1-412-82-09
Records of the Office of Toxic Substances NC1-412-82-10
Regional Air and Hazardous Materials Program Records NC1-412-82-11
Emergency and Remedial Response Records NC1-412-82-12
Regional Enforcement Program Records NC1-412-82-13
Registration Jackets in the Office of Pesticide Programs NC1-412-82-14
Public Awareness Records NC1-412-82-15
Audiovisual Records NC1-412-83-01
Records of the Office of General Counsel NC1-412-83-02
Inspector General Records NC1-412-83-03
Regional Air and Hazardous Program Records NC1-412-83-04
Library System Records NC1-412-83-05
Water Planning and Standards Records NC1-412-83-06
Regional Air and Hazardous Program Records NC1-412-83-07
Regional Enforcement Records NC1-412-83-08
Records of the Office of Federal Activities NC1-412-84-01
Office of General Counsel Records NC1-412-84-02
Resources Systems Records Control Schedule Revision NC1-412-85-01
Revised Administrative Law Judge's Records Control Schedule NC1-412-85-02
Regional Operations Records Control Schedule Revision NC1-412-85-03
Office of Intergovernmental Liaison Records Control Schedule Revision NC1-412-85-04
Procurement / Contracts Records Control Schedule Revision NC1-412-85-05
Water Records Control Schedule Revision NC1-412-85-06
Solid Waste Records Control Schedule Revision NC1-412-85-07
Safety Records Control Schedule Revision NC1-412-85-08
Budget Operations Records Control Schedule Revision NC1-412-85-09
Emergency and Remedial Response Records NC1-412-85-10
Controlled Correspondence of the Administrator and Deputy Administrator Files NC1-412-85-11
The Office of Toxic Substance Records Control NC1-412-85-12
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Monitoring (OECM) - Records NC1-412-85-13
Mobile Sources Records NC1-412-85-14
Air Quality Planning and Standards Records NC1-412-85-15
The Office of International Activities Records Control Schedules NC1-412-85-16
Regional Water Program Records NC1-412-85-17
The Regional Air and Hazardous Waste Program Records NC1-412-85-18
Regional Administrator and Staff Offices Records NC1-412-85-19
Regional Enforcement Records NC1-412-85-20
Regional Environmental Services Program Records NC1-412-85-21
Office of Research and Development Records NC1-412-85-22
Research and Development Laboratory Records NC1-412-85-23
Pesticide Program Records NC1-412-85-24
Grants Administration Division NC1-412-85-25
Revised Facilities and Support Services Records Control Schedule NC1-412-85-26
Financial Management Records NC1-412-85-27
Personnel Records NC1-412-85-28