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RG-0173: Federal Communications Commission

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Title Number/Filename
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Telephone Investigation-Control of Telephone Communications - 1935 DAA-0173-2014-0001
Enforcement Bureau Activity Tracking System (EBATS) DAA-0173-2014-0002
Social Media DAA-0173-2015-0001
Slamming Complaint Reporting DAA-0173-2015-0003
Depreciation Rates Filing DAA-0173-2015-0004
Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) DAA-0173-2015-0006
Urban Rates Survey DAA-0173-2015-0007
Annual Certifications for Geographic Rate Integration DAA-0173-2015-0008
Annual Traffic and Revenue and Circuit Capacity Reporting DAA-0173-2015-0009
COSER - Canadian Co-Channel Serial Coordination System DAA-0173-2015-0010
Part 68 Terminal Equipment Certification/Registration DAA-0173-2016-0002
Experimental Licensing System (ELS) DAA-0173-2016-0003
Study Area Boundary Data Collection System DAA-0173-2016-0005
Form 499-Q Traffic Studies DAA-0173-2016-0006
Part 59 Infrastructure Sharing Agreement DAA-0173-2016-0007
Electronic Tariff Filing System (ETFS) DAA-0173-2016-0009
Overseas Telecommunications Traffic Data DAA-0173-2016-0010
International Telecommunications Union (ITU) DAA-0173-2016-0012
Commission Registration System (CORES) N1-173-00-001
Department of Commerce Broadcast History Cards 1920-1933 N1-173-03-001
Congressional Correspondence Files N1-173-03-002
Consumer and Government Affairs Bureau (CGB) N1-173-07-001
Office of Inspector General (OIG) - Investigative Files N1-173-07-002
Universal Licensing System N1-173-08-001
Experimental Licensing System N1-173-08-002
Laboratory Technical Reports System N1-173-08-003
OET Knowledgebase (KDB) October 2004. N1-173-08-004
Laboratory Sample Tracking System N1-173-08-005
Laboratory Violations Database N1-173-08-006
Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement (CALEA) N1-173-08-007
Cable Price Survey Data and Databases (2000 to Present) N1-173-08-008
Cable Operations and Licensing System (COALS) N1-173-08-009
Federal Communications Commission Agency Website N1-173-09-001
43-05 Automated Reporting and Management Information System (ARMIS) Service Quality Report N1-173-09-002
43-06 Automated Reporting and Management Information System (ARMIS) Customer Satisfaction Report N1-173-09-003
43-07 Automated Reporting and Management Information System (ARMIS) Infrastructure Report N1-173-09-004
43-08 Automated Reporting and Management Information System (ARMIS) Operating Data Report N1-173-09-005
Network Outage Reporting System (NORS) N1-173-10-001
Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) N1-173-10-002
Over the Air Reception Devices (OTARD)- Informal OTARD Cases N1-173-10-003
Local Telephone Competition and Broadband Reporting (FCC Form 477) N1-173-11-001
Certification of Franchising Authority to Regulate Basic Cable Service Rates and Initial Finding of Lack of Effective Competition, FCC Form 328 N1-173-11-002
Children's Television Programming Report, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Form 398 N1-173-11-003
Appeal of Local Rate Orders N1-173-11-004
Certification for Open Video Systems, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Form 1275 N1-173-11-005
Section 43.82 Circuit Share Reports N1-173-11-006
International Bureau Filing System (IBFS) N1-173-11-007
Mass Media Bureau Licensing and Operation of Broadcast Stations N1-173-86-002
Accounting and Audits - Division Records N1-173-86-003
Budget Files of the Financial Management Division N1-173-87-002
Field Operations Bureau Changes to Existing Dispositions, Document Fines Levied Against Licenses N1-173-87-003
Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) - Analysis of Various New Telecommunications Techniques, International Conference and Treaty Documents N1-173-87-004
Federal Communications Commission Common Carrier Bureau N1-173-87-005
Federal Communications Commission - Meeting Recordings Transfer N1-173-87-006
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - Agendas and Minutes N1-173-87-007
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - Information Releases N1-173-88-001
Office of Chairman Mark Fowler N1-173-88-002
Common Carrier Bureau Spectrum Study Magnetic Tape Files N1-173-88-003
Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) Addendums to Records Control Schedule N1-173-88-004
TV Questionnaires N1-173-88-005
Mass Media Bureau / Broadcast Station History Cards N1-173-89-001
Common Carrier Bureau / Cellular Radio Applications N1-173-89-002
Records of the Common Carrier Bureau N1-173-90-001
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Records Relating to Telecommunication Audits and Other Regulatory Activities N1-173-90-002
Minute Folder Files, 1927-August 1971 N1-173-90-003
Federal Communication Commission Dockets Branch in the Office FILES N1-173-90-004
Civilian Defense, Control of Electromagnetic Radiation (CONELRAD) N1-173-90-005
Office of the General Counsel - Functions of the Office N1-173-91-001
Office of the Secretary - Substantive Programs N1-173-91-002
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - Common Carrier Bureau - Unscheduled Telephone Company Records N1-173-91-003
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Public Reference - Still Pictures 1978-1986 N1-173-91-004
Survey of Horse Racing Results Broadcast N1-173-91-005
Experimental Station License Files N1-173-92-001
Legislative History Files - Record Retention Schedule for Legislative Files N1-173-92-002
Television Network Questionnaires -1956-1958 N1-173-92-003
Federal Communication Commission (FCC) San Francisco Field Office - Correspondence - 1950-1952 N1-173-93-001
Office of Engineering and Technology - Revisions to Records Control Schedule n1-173-87-4 N1-173-94-001
Wireless Telecommunications Bureau - Licensing Division Records N1-173-94-002
Common Carrier Bureau - Enforcement Division Records N1-173-95-001
Air Space Panel Files 1947-1957 N1-173-95-002
Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs Records N1-173-96-001
Competitive Safeguards Branch Records N1-173-97-001
Deleted Broadcast Station Files N1-173-98-002
Mass Media Bureau Revision Control Records N1-173-98-003
Mass Media Bureau Records - Returned Broadcast Applications N1-173-98-004
Carrier Cost Allocation Manuals N1-173-98-005
Antenna Structure Registration Files N1-173-98-006
Functions of the Compliance and Information Bureaus Call Center Records N1-173-98-007
Functions of the Chairman / Commissioners Records N1-173-98-008
Docket Reference Materials 1949-1958 N1-173-98-009
AM Radio Station Location Maps N1-173-99-001
Cable Operator Rate Filings and Consumer Complaint Case Files N1-173-99-002
Official Records Control Schedule for the Cable Television Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission NC-173-75-001
Original Letters of Protest and Endorsement of the Federal Communications Commission NC-173-76-001
Records Control Schedule for the Cable Television Bureau of the United States Federal Communications Commission NC-174-000154
Official Applications for Class C or D Station Licenses of the Federal Communications Commission NC1-173-77-01
Official Records Control Schedule for Broadcast Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission NC1-173-78-01
Official Records Control Schedule for Safety and Special Radio Services Bureau of Federal Communications Commission NC1-173-78-02
Official Records Control Schedule for Field Operations Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission NC1-173-78-03
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Form 410B or Equivalent NC1-173-79-01
Records Control Schedule for Office of General Counsel NC1-173-79-02
Broadcast Bureau NC1-173-79-03
Records Control Schedule for the Office of Administrative Law Judges NC1-173-80-01
Records of the Common Carrier Bureau NC1-173-80-02
Records of the Field Operations Bureau NC1-173-80-03
Records of the Office of Plans and Policy NC1-173-80-04
Records of the Internal Review and Security Division NC1-173-80-05
Administrative and Project Records Relating to Administering International Training NC1-173-81-01
Records of the Network Inquiry Special Staff NC1-173-81-02
Hearing Dockets NC1-173-81-03
Comprehensive Records Schedule of the Office of Public Affairs NC1-173-81-04
Records of the Office of Commissioner Robert E. Lee NC1-173-81-05
Records of the Office of Commissioner Tyrone Brown NC1-173-81-06
Recordings of Open and Closed Meetings With Associated Finding Aids NC1-173-82-02
Certification of Electrical Equipment Files NC1-173-82-03
Central Files of the Federal Radio Commission and the Federal Communications Commission, 1927-1971 NC1-173-82-04
Records of the Conglomerate Study Task Force of the Broadcast Bureau from 1969-1972 NC1-173-82-05
Federal Communications Commission Minute Folder File, 1927-1971 NC1-173-82-06
Federal Communication Commission Statements of Importation of Radio Frequency Devices (Form 740) NC1-173-82-07
Federal Communications Commission Task Force Records of a Two Year Investigation and Study of American Telephone and Telegraph Company NC1-173-82-08
Adopted Rules History Files NC1-173-83-01
Certification of Electrical Equipment Files NC1-173-83-02
Working Files on Docket Cases NC1-173-83-03
Inspections and Investigative Case Reports, Certificate of Compliance, Violation and Citation Files, Ship Inspection Reports, Monitoring Files, and Interim Ship Liccense Files NC1-173-83-04
Central File of the Common Carrier Bureau and Related Case Files and Reports, 1934-1960 NC1-173-83-05
Federal Communication Commission Hearing and Motions Calendars NC1-173-83-06
Common Carrier Bureau Equipment Registration Files NC1-173-83-07
Common Carrier Bureau NC1-173-84-01
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Office of Commissioner Abbott Washburn NC1-173-84-02
Federal Communications Commission Private Radio Bureau NC1-173-84-03
Federal Communications Commission, Private Radio Bureau, Licensing Division NC1-173-84-04
Federal Communications Commission Office of General Counsel NC1-173-84-05
Revision to Records Control Schedule for Common Carrier Bureau NC1-173-85-01
Revision to Records Control Schedule for Field Operations Bureau NC1-173-85-03
Network Affiliation Agreements NC1-173-85-05
Certification Forms and VHS Cassette Tapes NC1-173-85-06