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RG-0142: Tennessee Valley Authority

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Title Number/Filename
Education and Training N1-142-00-001
Key Indicators N1-142-00-002
Records of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) N1-142-00-003
TVA Year 2000 (Y2K) Validation Records N1-142-00-004
Dam Safety Inspection Reports N1-142-00-005
Pipeline Records N1-142-00-006
Recording Instrument Charts N1-142-00-007
Correspondence File for Office of Minority Resources, 1990-1994 N1-142-01-001
Power Program N1-142-01-002
Medical Evaluation Data and Image Control Syustem (MEDICS) N1-142-01-003
Surveying Records N1-142-01-004
Records and Information Management System (RIMS) N1-142-01-005
Analytical Reports, Division of Research, River Systems Operations N1-142-01-006
Education, Training, and Diversity Records N1-142-02-001
Fossil Power Group Safety Records N1-142-02-002
River System Operations and Environment: Maps and Surveys N1-142-02-003
Generating Plant Daily Operating Records N1-142-03-002
Design and Construction Drawings N1-142-03-003
Tennessee Valley Authority Environmental Records N1-142-03-004
Electric Compression N1-142-04-001
Equipment Calibration Records N1-142-04-002
Radiation Protection Program Files N1-142-04-003
Department of Labor Appeals N1-142-04-004
Fossil Power Group, Heavy Equipment Tool Management Records N1-142-04-005
Regulatory Compliance Workplace Inspections N1-142-04-006
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Today Newsletter N1-142-04-007
Risk Analysis and Risk Management System N1-142-04-008
Relay Information and Setting Sheets N1-142-04-009
Chief Operating Officer (COO): Technical Training Records N1-142-05-001
Human Resources: Automated Training Information System (ATIS) N1-142-05-002
Tennessee Valley Authority Nuclear (TVAN): Quality Assurance, Vendor Document, Recorder Charts N1-142-05-003
Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Siting and Environmental Design Records N1-142-06-002
Human Resources Clerical Test Scoring Database N1-142-07-001
Event Planning N1-142-07-002
Construction Quality Assurance Records: X-ray Welds N1-142-07-003
Financial Records N1-142-08-001
General Ledger Transaction Records N1-142-08-002
MAXIMO/EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) N1-142-09-004
Agency Wide Schedule Revision N1-142-10-001
Flood Routing Studies N1-142-85-007
Reservoir Flood Information N1-142-85-008
Power and Engineering Function Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-85-012
General Counsel Central File N1-142-85-013
Division of Management Systems Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-85-014
Division of Purchasing Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-85-015
Division of Occupational Health and Safety Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-85-016
Division of Property and Services N1-142-86-001
Division of Property and Services Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-86-001
Nuclear Generating Plants Part Procurement Quality Assurance Records N1-142-86-002
Site Planting and Planning Drawings, 1951-1975 N1-142-86-003
North Alabama Coal to Methanol Project Case Files N1-142-86-004
Records Information Management System (RIMS) N1-142-86-005
Historic Photographs Promoting Use of Electricity N1-142-86-006
Support Documents Related to Power Service Shops Operations N1-142-86-007
Materials Handling Equipment Inspection Reports N1-142-86-008
Radwaste Cask Lines Inspection Reports N1-142-86-009
Quality Assurance Training, Qualifications or Certification of Personnel N1-142-86-010
Inspection Reports for Material and Equipment N1-142-86-011
Nuclear Plant Deferral Disposition Records N1-142-86-012
Emergency Response Unit Weekly Inspection Sheets N1-142-86-013
Substation Maintenance Records N1-142-87-001
Training Program Records N1-142-87-002
Energy Package Program Records N1-142-87-003
Acquired Utility Property Records N1-142-87-004
Maps and Surveys Employee Newsletter - The Set-Up N1-142-87-005
Analysis Study Reports N1-142-87-006
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development (OACD) Still Picture Files N1-142-87-007
Regional Studies Architectural Records, 1940-1948 N1-142-87-008
Power Function Construction and General Activities Photographs N1-142-87-009
Progress Reports of Land Transactions N1-142-87-011
Civil Works Administration Project Reports N1-142-87-012
Revision to the Power Program Function Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-142-87-013
Management Training and Development (Fast Track) Program Records N1-142-88-001
Inventory Control System N1-142-88-002
Operation Townlift Program Records N1-142-88-003
Resource Development Group Data Systems Records N1-142-88-004
Report of Known or Suspected Occupation-Related Condition N1-142-88-005
Natural Resource Manager's Correspondence File N1-142-88-006
Eastern and Western Area Property and Supply Units Procurement Records N1-142-88-007
Transportation Billing Methods N1-142-88-008
Travel Records N1-142-88-009
Office of Natural Resources and Economic Development (ONRED) Engineering Laboratory Branch Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-88-010
Form 924 - Project Property Records N1-142-88-011
Commercial and Industrial Energy Survey Records N1-142-88-012
Power Accounting Branch General Ledger Sheets N1-142-88-013
Division of Reservoir Properties (DRP) Correspondence Files N1-142-88-014
Audio Visual Board Meeting Tapes N1-142-88-015
Personnel Report on Salary N1-142-88-016
Power Systems Operations Files N1-142-88-017
Psychological Case Records and Employee Assistance Program Files N1-142-88-018
Recreation Resources Map File, 1933-Present N1-142-89-001
Washington Office Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-89-002
Resource Development Group, Environmental Quality Staff Correspondence N1-142-89-003
Industrial Development Staff Work Files on Telleco N1-142-89-004
Inspector General - Policy Files and Semiannual Report to Congress Files N1-142-89-005
Educational and Promotional Films N1-142-89-006
Resources Development Forestry Photograph File N1-142-89-008
Office of Natural Resources and Economic Development (ONRED) and Division of Land and Economic Development N1-142-89-009
Resources Development's/Water Leak Detection and Water Log Databases N1-142-89-010
Compensation Case Records N1-142-89-011
Official Correspondence File, Division of Personnel N1-142-89-012
Copy Machine Management Records N1-142-89-013
Project Authorizations, Master Budget File N1-142-89-014
Routine Procurement Files N1-142-89-015
Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-89-016
Water Quality and Aquatic Biology Mission Correspondence N1-142-89-017
Kodak Negative File N1-142-89-018
Contractor History Record and Contract Information System N1-142-89-019
Correspondence Files: Citizen Action Line N1-142-89-021
Energy Use Publications, Films Slides and Videos N1-142-89-022
Solar Pond Slides and Photographs N1-142-89-023
Project Tract and Land Voucher Files N1-142-90-019
Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Program Records N1-142-91-008
Geological Data N1-142-91-012
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Lake Improvement Plan Records N1-142-92-011
Data Systems Technical File N1-142-92-021
Resource Group: Forest Stand Records N1-142-93-002
Generating Group Recording Instruments Charts - Fossil Fuel N1-142-93-003
Diversity Development Program Correspondence File N1-142-93-004
Business Credit Card Support Documents N1-142-93-005
Customer Group - "Transmission Line Profile and Substation Contours" (Level Books) and "Topo Books" (T Books) N1-142-93-006
Generating Group: Fossil-Hydro Assorted Operating N1-142-93-007
Corporate Relations and Development - Foreign Media Relation N1-142-93-008
Corporate Relations and Development: X-Rays Case Record N1-142-93-009
Nuclear Power: Assorted Administration Records Series N1-142-93-010
News Releases N1-142-93-011
Board - General Managers Calendars N1-142-93-012
Rehabilitation Case Files N1-142-93-013
Board - Resource Group - Test Farm Records and Tennessee Farm N1-142-93-014
Records Information Management System (RIMS) N1-142-93-015
Corporate Relations: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) News Video Tapes N1-142-93-016
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Customer Development, Services and Customer Feedback N1-142-93-017
Customer Group: Transmission System Drawings N1-142-94-001
Customer Group: Internal Energy Management Records N1-142-94-003
Nuclear Power: Radiation Exposure Computer Data N1-142-94-004
Resources Group: Correspondence File / Air and Water Resources Division N1-142-94-005
Payroll Deduction and Allotment Forms N1-142-94-006
Communications: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Employee Opinion Survey N1-142-94-007
Information Services: Problem and Change Technical Assessment Meetings N1-142-94-008
Chief Operating Officer: Correspondence File N1-142-94-009
Office of Power - Power Managers File 1934-1978 N1-142-94-010
Customer Group: Energy Resource Group Correspondence N1-142-95-001
Fossil and Hydro Power - Heavy Equipment Contract Files N1-142-95-002
Correspondence Relations: Executive Vice President Correspondence and Board Member Photos N1-142-95-003
Resource Group: Correspondence File, Assisted Operations N1-142-95-004
Resource Group - Marshall Wilson Photo Collection of the Norris Reservoir N1-142-95-005
Resources Group President and Vice President Correspondence Files N1-142-95-006
Customer Group Oscillogram and Transient Recorder Records N1-142-95-007
Chief Operating Officer: Eliminated Land Tracts N1-142-95-008
Nuclear Power: Design and Construction Drawings Revision N1-142-95-009
Chief Operating Officer: Cemetery Relocation Records N1-142-95-010
Human Resources: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Form 13037, Identification Coverage and Waiver of Claims N1-142-95-011
Chief Administrative Officer: Human Resource Information System N1-142-95-012
Facilities Services: General Correspondence Files N1-142-95-013
Chief Administrative Officer: Various Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Newsletters (1930 - 1941) N1-142-95-014
Chief Administrative Officer: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Telephone Directories N1-142-95-015
Construction Project Reports N1-142-95-016
Purchasing: Correspondence Files N1-142-95-017
Customer Group: Transmission Substation Photos N1-142-95-018
Human Resources: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Principles and Practices N1-142-95-019
Human Resources: Employee History File N1-142-96-001
Corporate Human Resources: Succession Planning Program File N1-142-96-002
Services: Energy, Engineering Project and Procurement Records N1-142-96-003
Resource Group: Wind Energy Files N1-142-96-004
Facilities Services: Building Operating Manuals and Emergency Planning N1-142-96-005
Corporate Identity Job Records N1-142-96-006
Fiftieth Anniversary Scrapbook N1-142-96-007
Health Services: Correspondence Files N1-142-96-008
Nuclear Power: Employee Concern Special Program (ECPS) Revisions N1-142-97-001
Health Service: Drug and Alcohol Testing N1-142-97-002
Resource Group: Engineering Services Cross Section and Profiles N1-142-97-003
Benefit Services Records N1-142-97-004
Police: Confrontational Situations Database N1-142-97-006
Resource Group: Air / Water Quality Charts N1-142-97-007
Communications: Orientation and Briefing Books N1-142-97-008
Transportation Services: Aircraft Logs N1-142-97-009
Communications: Vice President (VP) Correspondence Files N1-142-97-010
Communications: Board Speeches N1-142-97-011
Resource Group: Meteorological and Precipitation Data N1-142-97-012
Information Services: Automated Data Processing (ADP) Publications and Forms N1-142-97-013
Resource Group: Pollutant Discharge Monitoring N1-142-97-014
Board: Calendars N1-142-97-015
Resource Group: Water Management and Environmental Chemistry Data Systems N1-142-97-016
Administrative Services: Office of Employee Relations Correspondence N1-142-97-017
Power: Power Manager Files N1-142-97-018
Communications: Corporate Contributions N1-142-97-019
Resource Group: Water Temperature Data N1-142-97-020
Resource Group: United States (US) Army Project: Rocky Mountain Arsenal N1-142-97-021
Resource Group: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Newsletter Impact N1-142-97-022
Human Resources: Waiver of Posting Form N1-142-97-023
Newspaper Clippings about Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) N1-142-97-024
Resource Group: Pilot Plant and Lab Plans N1-142-97-025
Resource Group: Tennessee Valley Authority Records Management (TVARM) Correspondence N1-142-97-026
Human Resources: Valley Health Management N1-142-97-027
Board Minutes N1-142-98-001
Resource Group: Engineering Services Correspondence N1-142-98-002
Fossil and Hydro: Plant Maintenance Records N1-142-98-003
Occupational Health and Safety: Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) N1-142-98-004
Applications for Employment N1-142-98-005
Board: Policy Study Conferences N1-142-98-006
Transmission and Power Supply: Dispatcher Logger Tapes N1-142-98-007
Fossil and Hydro Plants: Tier 1 Procedures N1-142-98-008
Nuclear Power: Security Records N1-142-98-010
Human Resources: Executive Compensation N1-142-98-011
Resource Group: Test Farm Demonstration Computer Printouts N1-142-98-012
Human Resources: 360 Degree Feedback Files N1-142-98-013
Chief Engineer's Records N1-142-98-014
Procurement: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Trading Agreements N1-142-98-015
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Police N1-142-99-001
Chairman and Directors Files N1-142-99-002
E-Mail and Word Processing Common to All N1-142-99-003
Communications: Inside Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) N1-142-99-004
Investigative and Audit Files N1-142-99-005
Administrative Services: Abstracts of Title N1-142-99-006
Procurement N1-142-99-007
Customer Services: Quality Communities CD-ROM and Economic Edge N1-142-99-008
Nuclear: Work Orders N1-142-99-010
Position Vacancy Announcements N1-142-99-011
Synterprise Group: Correspondence File N1-142-99-012
Economic Development - Correspondence File N1-142-99-013
River System Operations: Project Planning, Lab Testing and Development Audio Visual Records N1-142-99-014
Information Services: Year 2000 Compliance N1-142-99-015
Division of Purchasing NC-142-75-001
Division of Construction NC-142-75-002
Ammonia Plant Operating Records NC-142-75-003
Engineering Project Histories NC-142-75-004
Power System Operations NC-142-75-005
Estimates for Generating Stations Suborder Work NC-142-76-001
Division of Transmission Planning and Engineering NC-174-000230
Individual Fire Records NC-174-000246
Office of Power / Division of Engineering Design / Quality Assurance Procedures NC1-142-76-02
Transmission Line Right-of-Way Contracts NC1-142-76-03
Division of Engineering Design Computations NC1-142-76-04
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant - Certification Drawings NC1-142-76-05
Coal Inventory Receipts by Contract - Form Tennessee Valley Authority 4199A NC1-142-76-06
Division of Finance Plant Unit Record NC1-142-76-07
Coal Sample Identification - Form Tennessee Valley Authority 7413 NC1-142-76-08
Recording Instrument Charts - Hydro and Fossil Fuel Plants NC1-142-76-09
Division of Engineering Design Procurement Document File NC1-142-76-10
Division of Property and Services NC1-142-76-11
Industrial Outlook and Supplementary Power Tabulations NC1-142-76-12
Period Inspection and Maintenance Reports of Hydro Plant Generating Units NC1-142-76-13
Division of Construction: Construction Services Branch Equipment Records NC1-142-76-14
Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Cable Schedule Summary NC1-142-76-15
Division of Engineering Design Technical Files NC1-142-76-16
Engineering Design Project Files NC1-142-76-17
Hartsville Nuclear Plant Access Railroad Study NC1-142-76-18
Squad Check Forms, Form Tennessee Valley Authority 10502 NC1-142-76-19
Division of Engineering Design Concrete Schedules NC1-142-76-20
Inspection and Testing Records Supporting the Verification of Nuclear Contractual Requirements NC1-142-76-21
Division of Property and Services NC1-142-76-22
Nuclear Safety Review Board Minutes NC1-142-76-23
The Tennessee Valley Authority Act and Related Documents NC1-142-76-24
Division of Environmental Planning Narrative Progress Reports NC1-142-76-25
Division of Construction: Construction Project Files NC1-142-76-26
Minutes and Correspondence Regarding Union / Management Meetings NC1-142-76-27
Division of Environmental Planning Administrative and Management Records NC1-142-76-28
Records of the Office of Engineering Design and Construction NC1-142-77-01
Tennessee Valley Authority Radiographs NC1-142-77-02
Quality Assurance Records on Procurement of Spare Parts NC1-142-77-03
Torch Cutting, Welding, and Open-Flame Work Permits NC1-142-77-04
Construction Progress Photographs NC1-142-77-05
Concrete Data Sheets, Test Records and Related Documents for Non-Nuclear Projects NC1-142-77-06
Medical Offices and Health Station Field Offices Compensation Files NC1-142-77-07
Records of the Office of Engineering Design and Construction NC1-142-77-08
Plant Unit Records NC1-142-78-01
Air Quality Data and Meteorological Data NC1-142-78-02
Division of Power Operations and Productions NC1-142-78-03
Control Laboratory Analytical Records NC1-142-78-04
Division of Environmental Planning All Branches and Central Services NC1-142-78-05
Office of Power NC1-142-78-06
Emergency Preparedness Records NC1-142-78-07
Administrative Releases and Announcements NC1-142-78-08
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development NC1-142-78-09
Design Records for Russian Power Plants NC1-142-79-01
Tennessee Valley Authority Office of Power NC1-142-79-02
Control Laboratory Analytical Records NC1-142-79-03
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development Research Notebooks NC1-142-79-04
Office of Power Relocation of Transmission Facilities NC1-142-79-05
Tennessee Valley Authority Subsidiary Ledgers, Machine, and Hand-Posted Originals NC1-142-79-06
Tennessee Valley Authority Equipment History NC1-142-79-07
Tennessee Valley Authority Materials Released NC1-142-79-08
Precipitator Daily Maintenance and Performance Records NC1-142-79-09
Division of Navigation Development and Regional Studies NC1-142-79-10
Woodland Resource Analysis Program NC1-142-79-11
Plant Accounting Branch Tennessee Valley Authority NC1-142-79-12
Reservoir and Stream Survey Data NC1-142-79-13
Division of Environmental Planning, Central Services Staff, Water Quality and Ecology Branch NC1-142-79-14
Quality Records for the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Plant (CRBRP) Project NC1-142-80-01
Power Invoices NC1-142-80-02
Records of the Radiological Hygiene Branch NC1-142-80-03
Fertilizer Distribution Records NC1-142-80-04
Payroll Time Reports NC1-142-80-05
Personnel History Records NC1-142-80-06
David Lilienthal Files NC1-142-80-07
Forms Files NC1-142-80-08
Work Order and Project Final Cost Report Files NC1-142-80-09
Annual Report of Municipalities and Cooperatives NC1-142-80-10
Drawings and Sketches for Laboratory and Pilot Plant Apparatus and Equipment NC1-142-80-11
Procurement Records for Design Branch NC1-142-80-12
Quality Assurance Reports NC1-142-80-13
Environmental Impact Statement File NC1-142-80-14
Radiological Hygiene Procedures Manuals NC1-142-80-15
Environmental Impact Statement NC1-142-80-16
Current Occupational External Radiation Exposure Records NC1-142-80-17
Work Plans of Nuclear Plants NC1-142-81-01
Recorder Charts of Nuclear Plants NC1-142-81-02
Farm Surveys NC1-142-81-03
Agricultural Energy Applications Research Source Data NC1-142-81-04
Employee Suggestion System Records NC1-142-81-05
Air Resources Program Records NC1-142-81-06
Records of the Knoxville International Visitors Center NC1-142-81-07
Subsidiary Ledgers NC1-142-81-08
Coal Mine Quality Performance Records NC1-142-81-09
Contract Procurement Statistical Data NC1-142-81-10
Initial Forced-Outage Records NC1-142-81-11
Shop Order Work Records NC1-142-81-12
Procurement Records of the Division of Chemical Development NC1-142-81-13
Agricultural Flooding Survey Data on Tributaries of the Tennessee River NC1-142-81-14
Tagged Equipment Accountability Records NC1-142-81-15
Flood Relief Records NC1-142-81-16
Petitions from Alabama Residents NC1-142-81-17
Security and Suitability Investigation Files. NC1-142-81-18
Correspondence on Missing United States Savings Bonds NC1-142-81-19
Position Vacancy Announcement Records NC1-142-81-20
Employee Authorization Records NC1-142-81-21
Employment Application Records NC1-142-81-22
Records of the General Manager NC1-142-81-23
Economic Analysis and Evaluation Data NC1-142-81-24
Personnel History Records NC1-142-81-25
Vanpool Accounting Records NC1-142-81-26
Records of the Board of Directors NC1-142-81-27
Agricultural, Chemical, and Fertilizer Research and Development Technical Reports and Publications NC1-142-82-01
Tennessee Valley Authority records of the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project NC1-142-82-02
Water Temperature Data NC1-142-82-03
Medical Records NC1-142-82-04
Economic Analysis and Evaluation Data of Various Geographical Areas of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) NC1-142-82-05
Tennessee Valley Authority NC1-142-82-06
Water Quality Program Correspondence Records NC1-142-82-07
Compensation Case Records NC1-142-82-08
Water Quality Data NC1-142-82-09
Quality Assurance Records on Procurement of Spare Parts for Equipment at Nuclear Generating Plants NC1-142-82-10
Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen Determinations NC1-142-82-11
Strip Mine Reclamation Case Files NC1-142-82-12
Automated Records Management System (ARMS) NC1-142-82-13
Transmission Line Inspections NC1-142-82-14
Unit Status Reports NC1-142-82-15
Home Insulation Program NC1-142-82-16
Employee Field Files NC1-142-82-17
Nitrate Negatives - United States (U.S.) Nitrate Plant No. 2 1918-1919 NC1-142-82-18
Training Program Records NC1-142-82-19
Wilson Dam Construction Progress Negatives NC1-142-82-20
Cycle Dependent Startup Data NC1-142-83-01
Nuclear Plant Document Control System NC1-142-83-02
Recorder Charts NC1-142-83-03
Analytical Reports Files NC1-142-83-04
Machine Readable Records Schedule NC1-142-83-05
Agricultural, Chemical, and Fertilizer Research and Development Technical Reports and Publications NC1-142-83-06
Tennessee Electric Power Company (TEPCO) NC1-142-83-07
Quality Assurance Records NC1-142-83-08
Procurement Document Records NC1-142-83-09
Records of Tornado Missile Penetration Testing NC1-142-85-01
Rehabilitation Casework Records NC1-142-85-02
Forestry Relations Correspondence File NC1-142-85-03
Videorecording of Reorganization NC1-142-85-04
Records Relating to the Economic and Community Development Program NC1-142-85-05
Electric Sales Statistical Data NC1-142-85-06
Flood Routing Studies NC1-142-85-07
Reservoir Flood Information NC1-142-85-08
Medical Services Records NC1-142-85-10
Document Control Logs and Tennessee Valley Authority Item Identification Code Logs NC1-142-85-11
Power and Engineering Function Comprehensive Schedule NC1-142-85-12
Division of Management Systems Comprehensive Schedule NC1-142-85-14
Division of Purchasing NC1-142-85-15
Division of Occupational Health and Safety Comprehensive Schedule NC1-142-85-16
Original Copies of Employees' and Applicants' Test Papers from the Tennessee Valley Authority NN-173-000146
Traffic Bulletins Records of The Tennessee Valley Authority NN-173-000228
Wildlife Food Production License NN-174-000052