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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0142: Tennessee Valley Authority

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Title Number/Filename
Tennessee Valley Authority [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0142-2018-0001
Education and Training N1-142-00-001
Key Indicators N1-142-00-002
Records of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) N1-142-00-003
Year 2000 (Y2K) Validation Records Inactive N1-142-00-004
Dam Safety Inspection Reports N1-142-00-005
Pipeline Records N1-142-00-006
Recording Instrument Charts N1-142-00-007
Correspondence File for Office of Minority Resources, 1990-1994 Inactive N1-142-01-001
Power Resources and Operations Planning Records N1-142-01-002
Medical Evaluation Data and Image Control Syustem (MEDICS) N1-142-01-003
Surveying Records N1-142-01-004
Records and Information Management System (RIMS) N1-142-01-005
Analytical Reports, Division of Research, River Systems Operations N1-142-01-006
Education, Training, and Diversity Records N1-142-02-001
Fossil Power Group Safety Records N1-142-02-002
River System Operations and Environment: Maps and Surveys N1-142-02-003
Generating Plant Daily Operating Records N1-142-03-002
Design and Construction Drawings N1-142-03-003
Environmental Records N1-142-03-004
Pipeline Electric Drive Compression Records N1-142-04-001
Equipment Calibration Records N1-142-04-002
Radiation Protection Program Files N1-142-04-003
Department of Labor Appeals N1-142-04-004
Fossil Power Group, Heavy Equipment Tool Management Records N1-142-04-005
Regulatory Compliance Workplace Inspections N1-142-04-006
TVA Today Newsletter N1-142-04-007
Risk Analysis and Risk Management System N1-142-04-008
Relay Information and Setting Sheets N1-142-04-009
Technical Training Records N1-142-05-001
Human Resources: Automated Training Information System (ATIS) N1-142-05-002
Nuclear Quality Assurance, Vendor Document, and Recorder Charts N1-142-05-003
Siting and Environmental Design Records N1-142-06-002
Test Score Database N1-142-07-001
Board Events Planning Records N1-142-07-002
Weld X-ray Film N1-142-07-003
Financial, Performance, Accountability, and Audit Records N1-142-08-001
General Ledger Transaction Records N1-142-08-002
MAXIMO/EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) N1-142-09-004
Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-10-001
Division of Property and Services Records N1-142-86-001
Nuclear Generating Plants Part Procurement Quality Assurance Records N1-142-86-002
Site Planting and Planning Drawings, 1951-1975 N1-142-86-003
North Alabama Coal to Methanol Project Case Files N1-142-86-004
Records Information Management System (RIMS) N1-142-86-005
Historic Photographs Promoting Use of Electricity N1-142-86-006
Support Documents Related to Power Service Shops Operations N1-142-86-007
Materials Handling Equipment Inspection Reports N1-142-86-008
Radwaste Cask Lines Inspection Reports N1-142-86-009
Quality Assurance Training, Qualifications or Certification of Personnel N1-142-86-010
Inspection Reports for Material and Equipment N1-142-86-011
Nuclear Plant Deferral Disposition Records N1-142-86-012
Emergency Response Unit Weekly Inspection Sheets N1-142-86-013
Substation Maintenance Records N1-142-87-001
Training Program Records N1-142-87-002
Energy Package Program Records N1-142-87-003
Acquired Utility Property Records N1-142-87-004
Set-Up (Employee Newsletter) N1-142-87-005
Analysis Study Reports N1-142-87-006
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development (OACD) Still Picture Files N1-142-87-007
Regional Studies Architectural Records, 1940-1948 N1-142-87-008
Power Function Construction and General Activities Photographs N1-142-87-009
Division of Energy Use and Distributor Relations N1-142-87-010
Progress Reports of Land Transactions N1-142-87-011
Civil Works Administration Project Reports, 1934-35 N1-142-87-012
Power Program Records N1-142-87-013
Management Training and Development (Fast Track) Program Records N1-142-88-001
Inventory Control System N1-142-88-002
Townlift Program Records, 1963-83 N1-142-88-003
Resource Development Group Data Systems Records N1-142-88-004
Report of Known or Suspected Occupation-Related Condition N1-142-88-005
Natural Resource Manager's Correspondence File N1-142-88-006
Eastern and Western Area Property and Supply Units Procurement Records N1-142-88-007
Transportation Billing Methods N1-142-88-008
Travel Records N1-142-88-009
Engineering Laboratory Records N1-142-88-010
Project Property Records N1-142-88-011
Commercial and Industrial Energy Survey Records N1-142-88-012
General Ledgers and Trial Balances N1-142-88-013
Division of Reservoir Properties (DRP) Correspondence, 1937-79 N1-142-88-014
Board Meeting Audio and Video Tapes N1-142-88-015
Psychological Case Records and Employee Assistance Program Files N1-142-88-018
Recreation Resources Map File, 1933-Present N1-142-89-001
Washington Office Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-89-002
Resource Development Group, Environmental Quality Staff Correspondence N1-142-89-003
Industrial Development Staff Work Files on Tellico, 1965-84 N1-142-89-004
Inspector General - Policy Files and Semiannual Report to Congress Files N1-142-89-005
Educational and Promotional Films N1-142-89-006
Forestry Photographs, 1930s-1970s N1-142-89-008
Office of Natural Resources and Economic Development (ONRED) and Division of Land and Economic Development Correspondence N1-142-89-009
Water Leak Detection and Water Log Database N1-142-89-010
Workers' Compensation Case Records N1-142-89-011
Human Resources Official Correspondence N1-142-89-012
Copy Machine Contract Records N1-142-89-013
Project Authorizations, Master Budget File N1-142-89-014
Routine Procurement Files N1-142-89-015
Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-89-016
Water Quality and Aquatic Biology Mission Correspondence N1-142-89-017
Kodak Negative File N1-142-89-018
Contractor History Record and Contract Information System N1-142-89-019
Governmental and Public Affairs Correspondence, Citizens Action Line Records N1-142-89-021
Energy Use Publications, Films Slides and Videos N1-142-89-022
Solar Pond Slides and Photographs N1-142-89-023
Radiation Safety and Control Records N1-142-90-001
Reservoir Operations Support Files N1-142-90-002
Power Engineering and Construction Estimating Files N1-142-90-003
Purchasing Correspondence Files N1-142-90-004
Pre-ARMS records of the Division of Power System Operations (PSO) N1-142-90-005
Equal Opportunity Correspondence Files N1-142-90-006
TVA History Timeline and Database N1-142-90-007
Discharge Monitoring Report Generating System N1-142-90-008
Cost Allocations for Multipurpose Dams and Reservoirs N1-142-90-009
Time-Reporting Records N1-142-90-010
Discrimination Complaint Case Files N1-142-90-012
Health Risk Appraisals and Live Well Program Records N1-142-90-013
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Comprehensive Schedule N1-142-90-014
Hydrographs of the Daily Flow and Elevations of Water in the TVA Reservoir System N1-142-90-015
Flood Protection Correspondence, 1933-88 N1-142-90-016
Land Between the Lakes Records N1-142-90-017
Project Tract and Land Voucher Files N1-142-90-019
Planning and Budget Correspondence, 1933-88 N1-142-90-020
Media Release Films and Videotapes N1-142-90-021
Corporate Services Manager and Vice President Correspondence N1-142-90-022
Plant Accounting Records N1-142-91-001
TVA Energy Center Design, Plan, and Fabrication Records N1-142-91-002
Labor Relations Records N1-142-91-003
Power Business Operations Records N1-142-91-004
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development Comprehensive Records Schedule N1-142-91-005
Bellafonte Nuclear Plant Repowering Task Force Study N1-142-91-007
Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology Program Records N1-142-91-008
Public Safety Service Uniform Incident / Offense Report N1-142-91-009
Atmospheric Science Records N1-142-91-010
Inspector General's Official Correspondence Files and Hotline Calls Database N1-142-91-011
Geological Data N1-142-91-012
Employee Information System N1-142-91-013
Fixed Assets Accounting Records N1-142-91-014
Retirement Membership Files and Integrated Retirement Information System (IRIS) N1-142-91-016
Quality Resources Project Files N1-142-91-017
Area Dispatch and Control Center (ADCC) System Alarm Summary N1-142-92-002
Management Financial and Statistical Reports and Accounting Records N1-142-92-003
General Counsel Central File Computerized Index N1-142-92-004
Plant Journal Vouchers Revisions N1-142-92-005
Medical Case Records Revisions N1-142-92-006
Power Accounting / General Accounting Correspondence File N1-142-92-007
Plant Depreciation Records N1-142-92-008
Hourly Water and Uncollectible Loan Records N1-142-92-009
Reservoir Operations Scheduling Graphs and Procedures N1-142-92-010
Lake Improvement Plan Records N1-142-92-011
Maps and Surveys Correspondence Files, 1933-88 N1-142-92-012
Flood Protection N1-142-92-013
Technical Suggestions N1-142-92-014
Technical Reports and Computerized Index for Water Quality and Aquatic Biology Departments N1-142-92-015
Chemical Facility Design/Build Contract, U.S. Army Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas N1-142-92-016
Engineering Drawings and Audio Tapes for the Ammonia from Coal Project N1-142-92-017
Phosphate Development Works Records N1-142-92-018
Transmission Line Crew Training Films N1-142-92-019
Compensation Case Records and Live Well Center Orientation Files N1-142-92-020
Data Systems Technical File N1-142-92-021
Muscle Shoals Water Plant Operating Records N1-142-92-022
Resource Group: Forest Stand Records N1-142-93-002
Recording Instruments Charts - Hydro and Fossil Fuel Plants N1-142-93-003
Diversity Development Program Correspondence File N1-142-93-004
Business Credit Card Support Documents N1-142-93-005
Transmission Line Profile/Substation Contour Book and Topo Books N1-142-93-006
Fossil and Hydro Power Miscellaneous Records N1-142-93-007
Foreign Media Relations Records N1-142-93-008
Employee Medical X-rays N1-142-93-009
Miscellaneous Nuclear Power Records N1-142-93-010
News Releases N1-142-93-011
General Managers' Calendars N1-142-93-012
Rehabilitation Case Files N1-142-93-013
Test Farm and Tennessee Farm Records N1-142-93-014
Records Information Management System (RIMS) N1-142-93-015
News Video Tapes N1-142-93-016
Customer Development and Services Records N1-142-93-017
Drawings, Maps, Sketches, Manufacturers' Prints, Data, and Aperture Cards N1-142-94-001
Internal Energy Management Records N1-142-94-003
Radiation Exposure Computer Database N1-142-94-004
Correspondence/Project Files, Air and Water Resources Division Records N1-142-94-005
Payroll Deduction and Allotment Forms N1-142-94-006
Employee Opinion Survey N1-142-94-007
Problem and Change Technical Assessment Meeting Records N1-142-94-008
Chief Operating Officer Correspondence N1-142-94-009
Power Manager's Records, 1934-78 N1-142-94-010
Energy Resource Planning and Engineering Correspondence and Quantum Meter Outage Reports N1-142-95-001
Heavy Equipment Contract Files N1-142-95-002
Executive Vice President Correspondence and Board Member Photos N1-142-95-003
Resource Group Correspondence N1-142-95-004
Marshall Wilson Photo Collection of the Norris Reservoir N1-142-95-005
Resource Group Correspondence N1-142-95-006
Oscillogram and Transient Recorder Records N1-142-95-007
Eliminated Land Tracts N1-142-95-008
Nuclear Plants Design and Construction Drawings N1-142-95-009
Cemetery Relocation Records N1-142-95-010
Identification Coverage and Waiver of Claims (TVA Form 13037) N1-142-95-011
Human Resource Information System N1-142-95-012
Facilities Services Correspondence N1-142-95-013
Newsletters, 1934-41 N1-142-95-014
Telephone Directories, 1933- N1-142-95-015
Construction Project Reports N1-142-95-016
Purchasing Correspondence Files N1-142-95-017
Photographs of TVA Substations and Related Locations N1-142-95-018
TVA Principles and Practices N1-142-95-019
Employee History Files N1-142-96-001
Succession Planning Program Files N1-142-96-002
Energy and Engineering Project Records; Materials and Procurement Records N1-142-96-003
Wind Energy Files N1-142-96-004
Building Operating Manuals and Emergency Planning Records N1-142-96-005
Corporate Identity Job Records N1-142-96-006
Fiftieth Anniversary Scrapbook N1-142-96-007
Health Services Correspondence Files N1-142-96-008
Employee Concern Special Program Records N1-142-97-001
Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Records N1-142-97-002
Engineering Services Cross Section and Profiles Field Books N1-142-97-003
Benefit Services Records N1-142-97-004
Confrontational Situations Database N1-142-97-006
Air/Water Quality Charts N1-142-97-007
Orientation and Briefing Books N1-142-97-008
Aircraft Historical Equipment Maintenance Records N1-142-97-009
Communications Correspondence N1-142-97-010
Board Speeches N1-142-97-011
Meteorological and Precipitation Data N1-142-97-012
Software Configuration Management Requests Forms; ADP Publications N1-142-97-013
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Discharge Monitoring Reports N1-142-97-014
Board Members' Calendars N1-142-97-015
Water Management and Environmental Chemistry Data Systems Records N1-142-97-016
Employee Relations Correspondence N1-142-97-017
Power Manager Files N1-142-97-018
Corporate Contributions N1-142-97-019
Water Temperature Data N1-142-97-020
U.S. Army Rocky Mountain Arsenal Mehtylphosphonic Dichloride Purification Project Records N1-142-97-021
Impact (TVA Newsletter), 1978-88 Inactive N1-142-97-022
Waiver of Posting of Management/Specialist Position Request (Form 2446) N1-142-97-023
Newspaper Clippings about Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) N1-142-97-024
Drawings and Sketches for Laboratory and Pilot Plants N1-142-97-025
Records Management Correspondence N1-142-97-026
Valley Health Management Records N1-142-97-027
Board Minutes N1-142-98-001
Engineering Services Correspondence N1-142-98-002
Plant Maintenance Records N1-142-98-003
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Inactive N1-142-98-004
Applications for Employment N1-142-98-005
Policy Study Conference Records N1-142-98-006
Dispatcher Logger Tapes N1-142-98-007
Fossil and Hydro Plant Procedures Records N1-142-98-008
Nuclear Power Security Records N1-142-98-010
Executives and Upper Level Management Compensation Records N1-142-98-011
Farm Detail Summary and Individual Farm Record Analysis Records N1-142-98-012
360 Degree Feedback Files N1-142-98-013
Chief Engineer's Records N1-142-98-014
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Trading Agreements N1-142-98-015
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Police N1-142-99-001
Board Chairman and Directors Records N1-142-99-002
E-Mail and Word Processing Records Inactive N1-142-99-003
Inside TVA (Newsletter) N1-142-99-004
Investigative and Audit Files N1-142-99-005
Abstracts of Title Records N1-142-99-006
Procurement N1-142-99-007
Quality Communities CD-ROM and Economic Edge N1-142-99-008
Nuclear Work Orders N1-142-99-010
Position Vacancy Announcements N1-142-99-011
Synterprise Group: Correspondence File N1-142-99-012
Economic Development - Correspondence File N1-142-99-013
River System Operations: Project Planning, Lab Testing and Development Audio Visual Records N1-142-99-014
Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliance Records N1-142-99-015
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Records Inactive N9-142-99-001
Miscellaneous TVA Forms and Reports: Purchasing, Construction, Power, and Marketing NC-142-75-001
Construction Project Production Rate Records NC-142-75-002
Ammonia Plant Operating Records NC-142-75-003
Engineering Project Histories NC-142-75-004
Power System Forms NC-142-75-005
Estimates for Generating Stations Suborder Work NC-142-76-001
Substation and Communication General Specifications Records NC-174-000230
Nuclear Safety Review Board Minutes, Structure Analyses, and Quality Assurance Procedures Records NC1-142-76-02
Transmission Line Right-of-Way Contracts NC1-142-76-03
Division of Engineering Design Computations NC1-142-76-04
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant - Certification Drawings NC1-142-76-05
Coal Inventory Receipts by Contract Records (TVA Form 4199A) NC1-142-76-06
Coal Sample Identification Form TVA 7413 NC1-142-76-08
Recording Instrument Charts - Hydro and Fossil Fuel Plants NC1-142-76-09
Division of Engineering Design Procurement Document File NC1-142-76-10
Periodic Inspection and Maintenance Reports of Hydro Plant Generating Units NC1-142-76-13
Construction Services Equipment Records NC1-142-76-14
Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Cable Schedule Summary NC1-142-76-15
Hartsville Nuclear Plant Access Railroad Study NC1-142-76-18
Squad Check Form TVA 10502 NC1-142-76-19
Division of Engineering Design Concrete Schedules NC1-142-76-20
Inspection and Testing Records Supporting the Verification of Nuclear Contractual Requirements NC1-142-76-21
Division of Property and Services Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Formal Applications, and Inquiries Records NC1-142-76-22
Nuclear Safety Review Board Minutes NC1-142-76-23
Tennessee Valley Authority Act Records and Legal Opinions NC1-142-76-24
Office of Power Union/Management Meeting Records NC1-142-76-27
Division of Environmental Planning Administrative and Management Records NC1-142-76-28
Radiographs NC1-142-77-02
Quality Assurance Records on Procurement of Spare Parts for Equipment at Nuclear Generating Plants NC1-142-77-03
Torch Cutting, Welding, and Open-Flame Work Permits NC1-142-77-04
Concrete Data Sheets, Test Records and Related Documents for Non-Nuclear Projects NC1-142-77-06
Medical Office and Health Station Field Office Records NC1-142-77-07
Records of the Office of Engineering Design and Construction NC1-142-77-08
Plant Accounting Branch Records NC1-142-78-01
Air Quality Data and Meteorological Data NC1-142-78-02
Office of Power Miscellaneous Records NC1-142-78-03
Office of Power Automated Records Management System (ARMS) System Records NC1-142-78-06
Administrative Releases and Announcements NC1-142-78-08
Design Records for Russian Power Plants, 1943-45 NC1-142-79-01
Disposition of Accountable Items, and Inspection Reports for Acceptance of Completed Construction NC1-142-79-02
Control Laboratory Analytical Records NC1-142-79-03
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development Research Notebooks NC1-142-79-04
Records of Relocation of Transmission Facilities for State Highway Departments and Other Parties NC1-142-79-05
Subsidiary Ledgers NC1-142-79-06
Maintenance Branch Equipment History Records NC1-142-79-07
Released Fertilizer and Fertilizer By-Products Records NC1-142-79-08
Precipitator Daily Maintenance and Performance Records NC1-142-79-09
Woodland Resource Analysis Program NC1-142-79-11
Hydroelectric Plant Ancillary Structures Records, 1934-40 NC1-142-79-12
Reservoir and Stream Survey Data NC1-142-79-13
Division of Environmental Planning, Central Services Staff, Water Quality and Ecology Branch Miscellaneous Records NC1-142-79-14
Quality Records for the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Plant (CRBRP) Project NC1-142-80-01
Power Invoices NC1-142-80-02
Records of the Radiological Hygiene Branch NC1-142-80-03
Fertilizer Distribution Records NC1-142-80-04
Payroll Time Reports NC1-142-80-05
Personnel History Records NC1-142-80-06
David Lilienthal Files, 1943-46 NC1-142-80-07
Forms Files NC1-142-80-08
Work Order and Project Final Cost Report Files NC1-142-80-09
Annual Report of Municipalities and Cooperatives NC1-142-80-10
Drawings and Sketches for Laboratory and Pilot Plant Apparatus and Equipment NC1-142-80-11
Procurement Records for Design Branch NC1-142-80-12
Quality Assurance Reports NC1-142-80-13
Environmental Impact Statement File NC1-142-80-14
Radiological Hygiene Procedures Manuals NC1-142-80-15
Environmental Impact Statements Records NC1-142-80-16
Current Occupational External Radiation Exposure Records NC1-142-80-17
Farm Surveys in Vicinty of TVA Nuclear Plants and Proposed Nuclear Plant Sites NC1-142-81-03
Agricultural Energy Applications Research Source Data NC1-142-81-04
Employee Suggestion System Records NC1-142-81-05
Air Quality Program Records NC1-142-81-06
Knoxville International Visitors Center Records, 1963-68 NC1-142-81-07
Subsidiary Ledgers NC1-142-81-08
Coal Mine Quality Performance Records NC1-142-81-09
Contract Procurement Statistical Data NC1-142-81-10
Initial Forced-Outage Records NC1-142-81-11
Shop Order Work Records NC1-142-81-12
Procurement Records of the Division of Chemical Development NC1-142-81-13
Agricultural Flooding Survey Data on Tributaries of the Tennessee River NC1-142-81-14
Tagged Equipment Accountability Records NC1-142-81-15
Flood Relief Records NC1-142-81-16
Petitions from Alabama Residents re Appointment of D. E. Lilienthal to Board of Directors NC1-142-81-17
Security and Suitability Investigative Files NC1-142-81-18
Correspondence on Missing United States Savings Bonds NC1-142-81-19
Position Vacancy Announcement Records NC1-142-81-20
Employee Authorization Records NC1-142-81-21
Employment Application Records NC1-142-81-22
Records of the General Manager NC1-142-81-23
Personnel History Records NC1-142-81-25
Records of the Board of Directors NC1-142-81-27
Agricultural, Chemical, and Fertilizer Research and Development Technical Reports and Publications NC1-142-82-01
Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project Quality Records NC1-142-82-02
Water Temperature Data NC1-142-82-03
Medical Records NC1-142-82-04
Economic Analysis and Evaluation Data of Various Geographical Areas of the TVA NC1-142-82-05
Work File of A. D. Spottswood, 1939-45 NC1-142-82-06
Water Quality Program Correspondence Records NC1-142-82-07
Compensation Case Records NC1-142-82-08
Water Quality Data NC1-142-82-09
Quality Assurance Records on Procurement of Spare Parts for Equipment at Nuclear Generating Plants NC1-142-82-10
Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen Determinations NC1-142-82-11
Strip Mine Reclamation Case Files NC1-142-82-12
Automated Records Management System (ARMS) NC1-142-82-13
Transmission Line Inspections NC1-142-82-14
Unit Status Reports NC1-142-82-15
Home Insulation Program NC1-142-82-16
Nitrate Negatives - United States (U.S.) Nitrate Plant No. 2 1918-1919 NC1-142-82-18
Training Program Records NC1-142-82-19
Wilson Dam Construction Progress Negatives NC1-142-82-20
Cycle Dependent Startup Data NC1-142-83-01
Nuclear Plant Document Control System NC1-142-83-02
Nuclear Power Recorder Charts NC1-142-83-03
Analytical Reports Files NC1-142-83-04
Personnel Division Machine Readable Records NC1-142-83-05
Tennessee Electric Power Company (TEPCO) NC1-142-83-07
Quality Assurance Records NC1-142-83-08
Procurement Document Records NC1-142-83-09
Division of Nuclear Power Workplan Records NC1-142-83-10
Labor Relations Records NC1-142-83-11
TVA Annual Employees' Mortality Cohort Records NC1-142-83-12
Office of Agricultural and Chemical Development - Activity and Progress Reports NC1-142-83-14
Oral History Records NC1-142-83-15
Office of Economic and Community Development - Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-142-83-16
Forestry Relations Correspondence NC1-142-83-17
Quality Assurance Records NC1-142-83-18
Public Safety Services Records NC1-142-83-19
Dosimetry Program Records NC1-142-84-01
Materials Management System (MAMS) Automated Data Processing Control Records NC1-142-84-02
Minority Group Action and Manpower Statistics File NC1-142-84-03
Personal Services and Consultant Contracts NC1-142-84-04
Occupational Health Branch Work Assignment Files NC1-142-84-05
Environmental Impact Statements from Other Entities NC1-142-84-06
Project/Tract and Land Voucher Files NC1-142-84-07
Public Safety Service Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-142-84-08
Division of Personnel Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-142-84-09
Supervisory/Administrative Files NC1-142-84-10
Records of Tornado Missile Penetration Testing NC1-142-85-01
Rehabilitation Casework Records NC1-142-85-02
Forestry Relations Correspondence File NC1-142-85-03
Videorecording of Reorganization NC1-142-85-04
Records Relating to the Economic and Community Development Program NC1-142-85-05
Electric Sales Statistical Data NC1-142-85-06
Flood Routing Studies NC1-142-85-07
Reservoir Flood Information NC1-142-85-08
Board of Directors and General Manager NC1-142-85-09
Medical Services Records NC1-142-85-10
Document Control Logs and Tennessee Valley Authority Item Identification Code Logs NC1-142-85-11
Power Program Function Records NC1-142-85-12
General Counsel Central File NC1-142-85-13
Division of Management Systems Records NC1-142-85-14
Division of Purchasing Records NC1-142-85-15
Division of Occupational Health and Safety Records NC1-142-85-16
Wildlife Food Production License NN-174-000052