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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0478: Office of Personnel Management

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Title Number/Filename
Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Program Training Records DAA-0478-2012-0002
Federal Investigation Services Fingerprint Transaction Files DAA-0478-2012-0003
USA Testing DAA-0478-2012-0006
Scholarship For Service (SFS) System Inactive DAA-0478-2012-0008
Custom Examining Process (CEP) DAA-0478-2012-0010
Ombudsman Administrative Files DAA-0478-2014-0001
Federal Coaching Network Database DAA-0478-2014-0002
Health Care Claims Data Warehouse Inactive DAA-0478-2014-0005
USAJOBS Recruitment and Delivery Program Records DAA-0478-2014-0006
Intelligence Reform and Prevention of Terrorism Act Reports DAA-0478-2014-0007
Scholarship for Services System DAA-0478-2014-0008
Office of National Healthcare Operations DAA-0478-2015-0001
Insider Threat Program Inquiry Case Files Inactive DAA-0478-2015-0003
Retirement Case Files DAA-0478-2017-0001
Files of the Office of the Director DAA-0478-2017-0002
Health Claims Data Warehouse Program (HCDW) DAA-0478-2017-0006
Merit System Accountability and Compliance (MSAC) DAA-0478-2017-0007
Voting Rights Program DAA-0478-2017-0008
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program Files DAA-0478-2017-0009
Human Resources University Program DAA-0478-2017-0011
Assessment and Evaluation Project files DAA-0478-2017-0012
OPM Internal Oversight and Compliance Records Schedule DAA-0478-2018-0002
Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) DAA-0478-2018-0003
Combined Federal Campaign DAA-0478-2018-0004
Agency Compliance and Evaluation (ACE) DAA-0478-2019-0001
Records of the Office of the Inspector General for the United States Office of Personnel Management DAA-0478-2019-0002
U.S. Office of Personnel Management [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0478-2017-0001
Records of the U.S. Civil Service Commission Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project - 1999 Inactive N1-146-00-001
Office of the General Counsel and Regional Offices Federal Service Impasses Panel N1-146-86-001
Addressee-Index File Inactive N1-146-87-001
Retirement Annuity Roll Questionnaire N1-146-87-002
Examining and Recruiting Test Material Records N1-146-87-003
Official Personnel Folder (OPF) of Photographer Ansel Adams Inactive N1-146-88-001
Veterans Preference Files, 1890-1956 and Noncompetitive Actions Files, 1887-1943 Inactive N1-146-88-002
Central Personnel Data File (CPDF) N1-146-89-001
Presidential Management Intern Files Inactive N1-146-89-002
Executive Personnel Records N1-146-89-003
Combined Federal Campaign Application Files Inactive N1-146-90-001
President's Commission on Fund Raising, 1956-61 Inactive N1-146-90-002
Policy Files, 1898 - 1953 Inactive N1-146-94-001
Records of the Job Evaluation & Pay Review Task Force Inactive N1-146-96-002
Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) Administration Records Inactive N1-414-03-001
Legal Advisory Files N1-478-00-001
Schedules of Daily Activities N1-478-01-001
Year 2000 Records and Reports Inactive N1-478-02-001
Administrative Law Judge Qualifications Files N1-478-02-002
Report Control Files N1-478-02-003
Federal Executive Board Operations N1-478-02-004
High Profile Retirement Records Case Files Inactive N1-478-03-001
Investigator Notes and Related Records N1-478-04-001
Investigative Case Files Inactive N1-478-04-002
Inspector General Records N1-478-08-001
Investigations Records Inactive N1-478-08-002
Office of Congressional Relations Legislative Files N1-478-08-003
Voting Rights Program Records, 1965-83 Inactive N1-478-08-004
Scholarship for Service System (SFS) Inactive N1-478-10-001
USA Staffing (USAS) N1-478-11-004
International Affairs Correspondence and Visitor Files Inactive N1-478-91-001
Federal Employee Attitude Surveys N1-478-92-001
Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee N1-478-93-001
Federal Executive Institute Records N1-478-95-001
Presidential Management Intern Database N1-478-95-002
Executive Position Database N1-478-95-003
Training Course Materials N1-478-95-004
Legal Advisory Files and Chronological Files N1-478-97-001
Email and Word Processing Copies of Administrative Management Records Inactive N9-478-02-001
Email and Word Processing Copies of Administrative Services Records Inactive N9-478-02-002
Email and Word Processing Copies of Employee Appeals Case Files Inactive N9-478-02-003
Email and Word Processing Copies of Budget and Finance Records Inactive N9-478-02-004
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Classification and Compensation Records Inactive N9-478-02-005
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Committee Management Records Inactive N9-478-02-006
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Employee Development and Utilization Records Inactive N9-478-02-007
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Employment Records Inactive N9-478-02-008
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Employee Relations and Services Records Inactive N9-478-02-009
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Evaluations Records Inactive N9-478-02-010
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Examining and Recruiting Records Inactive N9-478-02-011
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Executive Personnel Records Inactive N9-478-02-012
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Information Services Records Inactive N9-478-02-013
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Insurance Records Inactive N9-478-02-014
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Investigations Records Inactive N9-478-02-015
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Intergovernmental Personnel Programs Records Inactive N9-478-02-016
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Medical Records Inactive N9-478-02-017
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Personnel Records Inactive N9-478-02-018
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Retirement Records Inactive N9-478-02-019
Electronic Mail and Word Processing Copies of Legal Records Inactive N9-478-02-020
Voting Rights Program Records (Voting Rights Act of 1965) NC-146-75-002
Investigative Case Files / Security Investigation Index Inactive NC-146-76-001
Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Case Files NC-174-000267
Observer's Report (Third Copy) NC-174-000269
Copies of Standard Form 50 used by the Civil Service Commission Inactive NC1-146-76-02
Comprehensive Records Schedule NC1-146-77-01
Civil Service Commission Unified Planning Documents NC1-146-78-01
Investigative Reports of Discrimination Complaints NC1-146-78-02
Investigative Case Files NC1-146-78-03
Copies of Standard Form 50 used by the Civil Service Commission as a Personnel Locator Inactive NC1-146-78-04
Applicant Data Sheet (Form A1) and Occupational Supplement (Form B) NC1-146-78-06
Application Processing System Tapes NC1-146-78-07
Summary Rating Sheets and Individual Rating Sheets Inactive NC1-146-79-01
Documents Relating to the Government-Wide Investigative Program Inactive NC1-146-81-01
Retirement Records Inactive NC1-146-82-02
Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Personnel Management Evaluation Program NC1-146-82-03
Examining and Recruiting Section Records NC1-146-83-02
Investigative Case Files Inactive NC1-146-83-04
Medical Section NC1-146-83-05
Federal Recurring Payments NC1-146-83-06
Executive Personnel Records NC1-146-83-07
Classification and Compensation (CLC) NC1-146-84-01
Civil Service Retirement and Group Life Insurance and Health Benefits Programs NC1-146-84-03
Investigations Records Inactive NC1-146-84-04
Federal Retirement and Health Benefits Program Inactive NC1-146-84-05
Budget and Finance Records NC1-146-85-03
Written Test Answer Sheets NC1-146-85-04
Civil Service Retirement Annuity Award Cards (1920-1948) Inactive NC1-146-85-06
Career Executive Rosters Inactive NN-174-000001