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These requests for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

NOTE: NARA’s process for determining which records schedules in the RCS are currently valid is an ongoing work in progress. Records schedules will be marked inactive when all items on the schedule have been superseded. Before implementing disposition using these records schedules, always verify that you are using the most recent and current disposition authority (or item).

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RG-0134: Surface Transportation Board (formerly Interstate Commerce Commission)

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Title Number/Filename
Embargo Summary Reports DAA-0134-2012-0002
Post Decision CN/EJE Complaints/Comments DAA-0134-2013-0001
Agricultural Contract Summaries DAA-0134-2013-0003
Audit Workpapers DAA-0134-2013-0006
Practitioner's Files DAA-0134-2013-0007
Practitioner's Registry DAA-0134-2013-0008
Working Papers DAA-0134-2013-0012
Amtrak OTP Public DAA-0134-2013-0013
Abandonment Dockets (AB) DAA-0134-2013-0017
Line Abandonments DAA-0134-2013-0019
Line Constructions DAA-0134-2013-0020
Line Mergers, Acquisitions, and Other Actions DAA-0134-2013-0021
Formal Dockets (NOR -Rail) DAA-0134-2013-0022
Formal Dockets (WCC - Water) DAA-0134-2013-0023
Ex-Parte Dockets (EP) DAA-0134-2013-0024
Finance Dockets (FD) DAA-0134-2013-0025
Board Members Schedules of Daily Activities DAA-0134-2014-0001
Surface Transportation Board [Capstone Form] GRS-6-1-0134-2022-0001
Waybill Restricted Use Files N1-134-04-001
Comprehensive Schedule N1-134-08-001
Budget Estimates of Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), 1940-95 Inactive N1-134-11-001
Fee Waiver Files Inactive N1-134-11-002
Public Dockets Inactive N1-134-83-001
Depreciation Files Inactive N1-134-87-001
Bureau of Valuation Permanent Records Inactive N1-134-90-001
Bureau of Valuation Temporary Records Inactive N1-134-90-002
Confidential Rail Contracts Inactive N1-134-92-001
Miscellaneous Records, 1891-1976 Inactive N1-134-93-001
Waybill Public Use Files N1-134-93-002
Tariff Files and United States Postal Service Contracts Inactive N1-134-93-003
Motor and Water Carrier Temporary Authority and Emergency Temporary Authority Docket Files Inactive N1-134-95-001
Contract Summaries for Agricultural Products N1-134-96-001
Recordation Files Inactive N1-134-96-002
Rate Bureau Agreements Inactive N1-134-96-003
Operating Rights Dockets Case Files Inactive N1-134-99-001
Finance Dockets (FD) and Abandonment Dockets (AB) N1-134-99-002
Official Tariff Files Inactive N1-134-99-003
Valuation Maps Updates Inactive N1-134-99-004
Rail, Motor, and Water Contracts and Agreements, 1888-1954 Inactive NC-134-75-001
Official Tariff Files Inactive NC-174-000149
Accounting Board and Valuation Board Records NC1-134-76-01
Rail Services Planning Office NC1-134-76-02
Office of Hearings NC1-134-76-03
Routine Decisions Maintained for Public Reference NC1-134-76-04
Alphabetical Index to Dockets, 1935-74 NC1-134-76-05
Investigative and Special Study Files NC1-134-76-06
Secretary's Office Federal Register Codification Unit NC1-134-76-07
Bureau of Enforcement Records NC1-134-76-08
Bureau of Water Carriers and Freight Forwarders NC1-134-76-09
Office of the General Counsel Inactive NC1-134-77-01
Section of Accounting NC1-134-77-02
Interstate Commerce Commission General Records Schedule NC1-134-77-03
Economic Analyses Research Records / Publications Inactive NC1-134-77-05
Bureau of Traffic Records NC1-134-77-06
Bureau of Operations Complaint Register Action Log Data NC1-134-77-07
Case and Petiton Status and History File NC1-134-77-08
Bureau of Accounts Reports NC1-134-77-09
Machine-Readable Payroll Records NC1-134-77-10
Miscellaneous Records NC1-134-77-11
Motor Carrier Protests Inactive NC1-134-80-01
Railroad Finance Ballots, 1939-47 Inactive NC1-134-80-02
Temporary Authority and Emergency Temporary Authority Docket Files Inactive NC1-134-80-03
Office of Communications Records NC1-134-80-04
Commissioners' Correspondence, Speeches, and Press Releases NC1-134-80-05
Section of Accounting and Reporting NC1-134-81-01
Denied, Dismissed and Discontinued Dockets NC1-134-81-02
Public Dockets NC1-134-82-02
Office of Compliance and Consumer Assistance Records NC1-134-83-02
Interstate Commerce Commission General Records Schedule Inactive NC1-134-83-03
Records of the Bureau of Traffic NC1-134-83-04
Records of the Bureau of Accounts NC1-134-83-05
Records of the Office of Compliance and Consumer Assistance NC1-134-83-06
Records of the Office of the Chairman NC1-134-83-08
General Counsel Records Inactive NC1-134-84-01
Records of the Office of Transportation Analysis NC1-134-84-02
Records of the Office of the Secretary NC1-134-84-03
Carrier Annual Reports Inactive NC1-134-85-01
Miscellaneous Records NC1-134-85-02
Section 22 Quotation or Tender Files NN-174-000053
Official Tariff Files NN-174-000074
Miscellaneous Records for Immediate Disposal, 1887-1970 Inactive NN-174-000084