Federal Records Management

Contact Information for Federal Agency Records Officers

NARA has oversight authority for the agencies and department level offices listed on these pages. The individuals listed here have authority to certify and submit records schedules to NARA. NARA also has a list of entities not subject to the Federal Records Act.

When agencies need to designate a new Records Officer or update a Records Officer's contact information, they should submit this information to RO.Updates@nara.gov. Designation emails or letters may be brief, but should contain name, title, address, phone and email. Designations of new Records Officers should be submitted by the Departmental or agency SAORM and may be submitted either via letter or email from the SAORM (or email from other designated agency staff with attachment of signed letter) to the RO.Updates@nara.gov mailbox. Alternatively, letters may be mailed to: Chief Records Officer, NARA, Room 2100, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740.

Federal Departments

Note: The Federal Agency Records Officer List is arranged alphabetically by Department and thereunder by bureau /  component. For example, to find the Department of the Army, go to the Department of Defense and scroll down to the Department of the Army, after the Defense-wide organizations. 

Executive Office of the President

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Federal Agencies