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Without quotation marks, any page containing the words "audit" OR "files" will appear in results.
When surrounded by quotation marks, the words are treated as a phrase and only pages with the exact phrase "audit files" will appear in results. This is the most powerful query refinement technique.

Tip 2: Use a Plus (+) or Minus (-) Sign to Require or Reject Words

Example:  audit files +system -withdrawn

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You can reject words with the minus (-) sign.
In the example, no documents with the word "withdrawn" will appear on the results page unless a search engine is programmed to make them appear above the regular results list.

Tip 3: Combine Tips 1, 2

Example:  audit files +"Internal Revenue Service" +system

By combining phrases with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign, and capitalizing where it's appropriate, you can increase the relevance of search results.

Tip 4: Spell Out All Acronyms

Example:  Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Avoid using acronyms for instance: IRS for Internal Revenue Service can be mistaken for another acronym such as IRS-CI and effect search results.

Tip 5: Searching by Job Number

Example:  N1-016-00-001

NOTE: You MUST enter the job number in the correct format. Consult the SF 15 Numbering Key if necessary.


RG-0047: Social Security Administration

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Title Number/Filename
Office of Quality Performance Files DAA-0047-2011-0002
Coal Act Case Files DAA-0047-2011-0003
Social Security Administration Surveillance Recordings DAA-0047-2012-0001
Policy and Procedural Instructions for the Office of PolicyNet and Program Support DAA-0047-2012-0002
Medicare Claim File DAA-0047-2012-0003
Social Security Administration Unified Measurement System/ Managerial Cost Accountability (SUMS/MCAS) DAA-0047-2012-0004
Records of the Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs DAA-0047-2012-0005
Records of the Office of the Chief Actuary DAA-0047-2013-0001
Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project N1-047-00-001
Social Security Administration (SSA) Sanctions Claims Development and Management Information System N1-047-00-003
Talking and Listening to Customers (TLC) Electronic System N1-047-01-001
Social Security Claims File, Title II and Title XVI N1-047-03-001
Surveillance Recordings N1-047-04-001
Office of the Inspector General N1-047-04-002
Social Security Claims Files N1-047-05-001
Medicare Claims Files N1-047-05-002
Office of Disability and Income Security Programs N1-047-06-001
Medicare Claims Files N1-047-07-001
Medicare Claim File N1-047-08-001
Global Reference Tables N1-047-08-002
Enumeration System N1-047-09-002
Earnings Recording and Self-Employment Income System N1-047-09-003
Master Beneficiary Record N1-047-09-004
Supplemental Security Income Record (SSR) N1-047-09-005
Forms Management Files N1-047-10-001
Social Security Internet Websites N1-047-10-002
Office of the Commissioner Records N1-047-10-003
Office of General Counsel Records N1-047-10-004
Administrative Law Judge/ Public Alleged Misconduct Complaints System of Records N1-047-10-005
Foreign Check Listings N1-047-86-001
Terminated Title II Claims with Inactive Overpayment Collections N1-047-86-002
Representative Payee Files N1-047-87-002
Special Wage Reports for Supplemental Security Income Recipients N1-047-87-003
Vocational Rehabilitation Reimbursement Case Processing N1-047-87-004
Service Delivery Reviews N1-047-88-001
Title II and Title XVI Claims Material N1-047-88-002
Annual Wage Reporting System (AWRS) Upgrade N1-047-88-003
Records of Disability Advisory Council N1-047-88-004
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Claims Folders N1-047-89-001
Vocational Rehabilitation Reimbursement Case Processing System Records N1-047-89-002
Department of Health and Human Services: Posters N1-047-92-001
Lump Sum Only Death Claims N1-047-94-001
Enumeration System Records N1-047-94-002
Disability Determination Services Records N1-047-94-003
Title XVI Supplemental Security Income Claims Folders and Postentitlement Records N1-047-95-001
Title II Disability Insurance Claims Folders N1-047-95-002
Title II Retirement and Survivors Insurance Claims Folders N1-047-95-003
Byproducts and Other Records Covered Under the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988 (Public Law 100-503) N1-047-95-004
New Beneficiary Data System Records N1-047-95-005
Employer Reports of Wages Paid and Related Records N1-047-96-001
Office of the Inspector General Files N1-047-96-002
Office of the General Counsel Files N1-047-96-003
Administrative Records of the Referral and Monitoring Agencies N1-047-96-004
Form Social Security Administration (SSA-6233-BK) N1-047-98-001
Title II Retirement and Surviors Insurance for International Claims Folders N1-047-99-001
Retirement and Survivors Insurance NC-047-75-001
Supplemental Security Income Benefits NC-047-75-002
Appeals Process of Social Security Administration NC-047-75-003
Supplemental Security Income One-Time Payment Files NC-047-75-004
Training Materials Master Files, Backround Files, Evaluation Files NC-047-75-005
Annual Reports on the Volume of Social Security Administration NC-047-75-006
Audit Agency Investigation Files NC-047-75-007
Reprographic Management Files NC-047-75-008
Visual Graphics Files NC-047-75-009
Forms Management Files NC-047-75-010
Publications Management Files NC-047-75-011
Provider Hearing Files NC-047-75-012
Systems Coordination and Planning Files NC-047-75-013
State Agency Trailer Material NC-047-75-014
Retirement and Survivors Insurance (RSI) Claims Case Folders NC-047-75-015
Financial Management Records NC-047-75-016
Realty and Space Management Files NC-047-75-018
Administrative Claims Case Files NC-047-75-019
Personnel Management Files NC-047-75-020
Supplementary Medical Insurance Premium Remittance Records NC-047-75-021
Files Common to Most Social Security Administration Offices NC-047-75-022
Health Insurance for the Aged and Disabled Program, Medicare NC-047-75-023
Office of Information General Program Administration NC-047-75-024
Posteligibility Documents NC-047-75-025
Bureau of Hearings and Appeals Field Offices NC-047-76-001
Compliance Review Files NC-047-76-002
Office of the Actuary General Program Administration NC-047-76-003
Supplemental Security Income Program - Field, General Program Administration NC-047-76-004
Management Services Files NC-047-76-005
Commissioner's Decision Files NC-047-76-006
Social Security Number Application Records NC-047-76-007
Employee Housing Requests NC-047-76-008
Correspondence Files NC-047-76-009
Office of Management and Administration (OMA) Property Management Files, General Program Administration NC-047-76-010
Office of Quality Assurance Field Offices NC-047-76-011
Management Services Files NC-047-76-012
Employee Health Files NC-047-76-013
Employee Communications Files NC-047-76-014
Files Common to Most Social Security Administration Offices NC-047-76-015
Post-Entitlement Source Documents NC-174-000115
RSI Claims Case Folders NC-174-000126
Bureau of Health Insurance Cost Report Files NC-174-000139
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule Office of Research and Statistics NC-174-000172
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule for the Bureau of Retirement and Survivors Insurance of the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare NC-174-000174
Intermediary and Carrier Records NC-174-000175
Bureau of District Office Operations NC-174-000176
Bureau of Data Processing NC-174-000234
RSI Claims Case Folders NC-174-000236
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule Bureau of Disability Insurance NC-174-000258
Office of Administration Division of Public Inquiries NC-174-000259
Foreign Enforcement Questionnaire NC1-047-76-16
Bureau of Supplemental Security Income (Headquarters), General Program Administration NC1-047-76-17
Post Eligibility Documents NC1-047-76-18
State Budget and Financial Report Files NC1-047-76-19
Title XVI Claims Folders NC1-047-76-20
Supplemental Security Income Posteligibility Documents NC1-047-76-21
Office of Programs Operations Remittance Records NC1-047-76-22
Representative Payee Onsite Review Data Files NC1-047-76-23
Current Medicare Survey Statistics Supplementary Medical Insurance Sample NC1-047-76-24
Office of Quality Assurance - Headquarters, General Program Administration NC1-047-76-25
Manually Prepared Social Security Income Notices NC1-047-76-26
End-of-Line Statistical Data Tabulations NC1-047-76-27
Premium Reference File NC1-047-76-28
Health Insurance for the Aged and Disabled Program NC1-047-76-29
Supplemental Security Income Operating Systems Records and Internal Appraisal Reports NC1-047-76-30
Request for Review of Proposed Contract with Experts and Consultants NC1-047-76-31
District / Branch Office and Reconciliation and Analysis Units Records NC1-047-76-32
Social Security Administration Records Retention and Disposal Schedule NC1-047-76-33
Record of Employees Authorized to Review Bureau Records, Health, Education and Welfare, Social Security Administration NC1-047-76-34
Total Resource and Information System NC1-047-77-01
Employer Reports of Wages Paid and Related Records NC1-047-77-02
Bureau of Hearings and Appeals, Appeals Files NC1-047-77-03
Hearing and Appeals Case Control System NC1-047-77-04
Employee Counseling Case and Disability Retirement Files NC1-047-77-05
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule Labor Relations Files NC1-047-77-06
Form SSA-735, Notice of Missing Social Security Check NC1-047-77-07
Office of Management and Administration Financial Management Files NC1-047-77-08
Unsolicited Reinstating Information Correspondence NC1-047-77-09
Miscellaneous Queries, Edits and Alerts NC1-047-77-10
Title II (Disability Insurance) Claims Case Files NC1-047-77-11
State and Local Adjustment Correspondence NC1-047-77-12
Provider Reimbursement Review Board Files NC1-047-77-13
Insurance Compliance Files NC1-047-77-14
Record of Shipment NC1-047-77-15
Social Security Administration Regulation and Notice Records NC1-047-77-16
Discrimination Complaint Case Files NC1-047-77-17
Professional Qualifications File NC1-047-77-18
Office of Program Operations Bureau of Data Processing NC1-047-77-19
Disability Trailer Material NC1-047-77-20
Social Security Number Application Records NC1-047-77-21
Civil Litigation Case Files NC1-047-77-22
Claims Review Files NC1-047-77-23
Record of Earnings Information Furnished for Nonprogram Purposes NC1-047-77-24
Bureau of Hearings and Appeals Tape Cassette Records NC1-047-78-01
Case Control Cards NC1-047-78-02
Appeals Files NC1-047-78-03
General Criminal Investigation Files and Criminal Incident Reports NC1-047-78-04
Time and Attendance Rosters NC1-047-78-05
Evaluation and Measurement Staff NC1-047-78-06
Postentitlement Source Documents NC1-047-78-07
Explanation of Medicare Benefit Records NC1-047-78-08
Form SF-1199, Authorization for Deposit of Social Security Payments NC1-047-78-09
Cost Report Files NC1-047-78-10
Video Tape Recordings of Employee Meetings NC1-047-78-11
Area Directors' Records NC1-047-78-12
Special ($50) Payment File NC1-047-78-13
Provider Bills NC1-047-78-14
Title XVI Claims Folders NC1-047-78-15
Hearing Case Folders NC1-047-78-17
Service Digest Files NC1-047-78-18
Grant Files NC1-047-78-19
Regional Office Records NC1-047-78-20
Research Grants and Contracts Records NC1-047-78-21
Numerical Register Files NC1-047-78-22
Headquarters Ombudsman Records NC1-047-78-23
Ombudsman (Service Officer) Program Records NC1-047-78-24
Payroll Number / Common Accounting Number Correction Records NC1-047-78-25
Supply Management Files NC1-047-78-26
Reconciliation and Analysis Unit NC1-047-78-27
Equipment Management Files NC1-047-79-01
Office of Advanced Systems NC1-047-79-02
Correspondence Control Logs NC1-047-79-03
Blood Donor Card File and Blood Program Report NC1-047-79-04
Quality Assurance Case Files NC1-047-79-05
Form SSA-3911, Report of Change - Supplementary Security Income Data NC1-047-79-06
Personnel Management Files NC1-047-79-07
Office of Family Assistance Headquarters Records NC1-047-79-08
Medical Certificates and Supporting Papers NC1-047-79-09
Earnings and Earnings-Related Records NC1-047-79-10
Employers Reports of Wages Paid and Related Records NC1-047-79-11
Machine-Readable Systems of Records Maintained by Office of Systems NC1-047-79-12
Social Security Administration Program-Related Forms NC1-047-79-13
Office of Research and Statistics NC1-047-79-14
Supplementary Security Income Redetermination Review Form NC1-047-79-15
Direct Deposit Punchcards NC1-047-79-17
Redetermination Case Control Cards and Transmittal Form / Central Operations Copy NC1-047-79-19
Court Transcript Files NC1-047-80-01
Title II Quality Review Case Files NC1-047-80-02
Administrative Time and Leave Records NC1-047-80-03
Employee Service Records Files NC1-047-80-04
Earnings Records of the Social Security Administration NC1-047-80-05
Records of the Social Security Administration NC1-047-80-06
Records of the Social Security Administration NC1-047-80-07
Discrimination Complaint Case Files NC1-047-80-08
Claims Case Records of the Social Security Administration NC1-047-80-09
Medical Advisor and Vocational Expert Files NC1-047-80-10
Black Lung X-ray Films NC1-047-80-11
Indo-Chinese Program Files NC1-047-80-12
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Records NC1-047-80-15
Earnings Records of the Social Security Administration NC1-047-80-16
Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Pass Files NC1-047-80-17
Quality Control Records NC1-047-80-18
Quality Review Sample Records NC1-047-80-20
Records of the Actuarial Division NC1-047-80-21
Records of the Program Research Division NC1-047-80-22
Records of the Office of Management, Budget, and Personnel NC1-047-80-23
Transmittal of Magnetic Data, or its Equivalent NC1-047-81-01
Universal Coverage Study Group NC1-047-81-02
Budget and Personnel Files and Communications and Records Management Files NC1-047-81-03
Public Affairs Files and Publications History Files NC1-047-81-05
Office of Research and Statistics NC1-047-81-06
Social Security Administration Office of Central Operations NC1-047-81-07
Office of Hearings and Appeals (Headquarters) NC1-047-81-08
Social Security Administration (SSA) Regional Office Records NC1-047-81-09
Communications Systems Management Files NC1-047-81-10
Requests for Social Security Number Expedited Handling NC1-047-81-11
Check Procedures Records NC1-047-81-12
Financial Resources Files NC1-047-81-13
Management Service Files Library Files NC1-047-81-14
Miscellaneous Machine Readable Records NC1-047-81-15
Case Control System Records NC1-047-81-16
Headquarters Hearings and Appeals Files NC1-047-81-17
District and Branch Offices Financial Information NC1-047-81-18
Central Operations Records Program Service Center Records NC1-047-81-19
Payroll Authorization Allotment and Withholding Documents NC1-047-82-01
Disability Determination Services Records NC1-047-82-02
Social Security Administration Program - Related Forms NC1-047-82-03
Building Access and Employee Identification Card Files NC1-047-82-04
Welfare Reform Proposal Files NC1-047-82-06
Redetermination Documents NC1-047-82-07
Terminations and Initial Denials of Claims Case Folders NC1-047-82-08
Hearing Office Files NC1-047-82-09
State Termination Documents and Welfare Enumeration Agreements NC1-047-82-10
Telephone System Contracting Files NC1-047-82-11
Social Security Administration Office of Assessment Supplemental Security Income NC1-047-82-12
Title II Disability Insurance Claims Case Files NC1-047-82-13
Error Notice Form and Leave Error Notice Form NC1-047-82-14
Black Lung Consent Files NC1-047-83-01
Property Pass Files NC1-047-83-02
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule Office of Central Operations NC1-047-83-03
Claims Case Files NC1-047-83-04
Health and Human Services Distribution Control Files and Legislative Out File NC1-047-83-05
Comprehensive Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for the Office of Field Operations NC1-047-83-06
Update Summary Reports NC1-047-83-07
Abandoned Claims Folders NC1-047-83-08
Check Listings NC1-047-83-09
Court Case Record Cards NC1-047-83-10
Documentation of Cancellation or Continuation of Federal Employee Health Benefits for Employees in Nonpay Status NC1-047-83-11
Office of Disability Operations Fiscal and Program Records NC1-047-84-01
Office of Refugee Resettlement Cuban Refugee Family Survey NC1-047-84-02
Internal Revenue Service Supplemental Security Income Interface Disclosure Consent Form NC1-047-84-03
Comprehensive Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for the Office of Refugee Resettlement NC1-047-84-04
Quality Enumeration Files NC1-047-84-05
Claims Folders Forms NC1-047-84-06
Retirement and Survivors Insurance Program NC1-047-84-07
Hearing Case Folders NC1-047-84-08
Unsolicited Reinstating Information Correspondence NC1-047-84-09
Express Mail Service Customer Receipts NC1-047-84-10
State Agency Budget and Financial Report Files and Closing Agreements NC1-047-84-11
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Conversion Master Record NC1-047-85-01
Records Retention Schedule for Reciept and Transmittal Forms NC1-047-85-02
Title XVI Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Claims Case Folder NC1-047-85-03
Purged Disability Material NC1-047-85-04
Claims Case Files NN-173-000067
Statistical Insurance Tabulations and Current Medicare Survey (CMS) NN-173-000088
Post-Entitlement Source Documents NN-173-000089
Comprehensive Records Retention and Disposal Schedule of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare NN-173-000182
Current Medicare Survey Statistics of The United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare NN-173-000234
Purged Claims Material NN-173-000347
Comprehensive Records of the Bureau of Data Processing from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare NN-174-000019
Provider Certification Files NN-174-000036
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule District Office Operations NN-174-000073