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These request for disposition authority documents are agency requests to NARA submitted since 1973.  Older items may have subsequently been superseded by more recent submissions.  Please see the FAQ for more information. Questions about active disposition authorities should be directed to the agency records officer.

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RG-0047: Social Security Administration

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Title Number/Filename
Office of Quality Performance Files DAA-0047-2011-0002
Coal Act Case Files DAA-0047-2011-0003
Social Security Administration Surveillance Recordings DAA-0047-2012-0001
Policy and Procedural Instructions for the Office of PolicyNet and Program Support DAA-0047-2012-0002
Medicare Claim File DAA-0047-2012-0003
Social Security Administration Unified Measurement System/ Managerial Cost Accountability (SUMS/MCAS) DAA-0047-2012-0004
Records of the Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs DAA-0047-2012-0005
Records of the Office of the Chief Actuary DAA-0047-2013-0001
TEST Approved NA-1005 Capstone GRS-6-1-0047-2017-0001
Washington National Records Center (WNRC) Project N1-047-00-001
Social Security Administration (SSA) Sanctions Claims Development and Management Information System N1-047-00-003
Talking and Listening to Customers (TLC) Electronic System N1-047-01-001
Social Security Claims File, Title II and Title XVI N1-047-03-001
Surveillance Recordings N1-047-04-001
Office of the Inspector General N1-047-04-002
Social Security Claims Files N1-047-05-001
Medicare Claims Files N1-047-05-002
Office of Disability and Income Security Programs N1-047-06-001
Medicare Claims Files N1-047-07-001
Medicare Claim File N1-047-08-001
Global Reference Tables N1-047-08-002
Enumeration System N1-047-09-002
Earnings Recording and Self-Employment Income System N1-047-09-003
Master Beneficiary Record N1-047-09-004
Supplemental Security Income Record (SSR) N1-047-09-005
Forms Management Files N1-047-10-001
Social Security Internet Websites N1-047-10-002
Office of the Commissioner Records N1-047-10-003
Office of General Counsel Records N1-047-10-004
Administrative Law Judge/ Public Alleged Misconduct Complaints System of Records N1-047-10-005
Foreign Check Listings N1-047-86-001
Terminated Title II Claims with Inactive Overpayment Collections N1-047-86-002
Representative Payee Files N1-047-87-002
Special Wage Reports for Supplemental Security Income Recipients N1-047-87-003
Vocational Rehabilitation Reimbursement Case Processing N1-047-87-004
Service Delivery Reviews N1-047-88-001
Title II and Title XVI Claims Material N1-047-88-002
Annual Wage Reporting System (AWRS) Upgrade N1-047-88-003
Records of Disability Advisory Council N1-047-88-004
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Claims Folders N1-047-89-001
Vocational Rehabilitation Reimbursement Case Processing System Records N1-047-89-002
Department of Health and Human Services: Posters N1-047-92-001
Lump Sum Only Death Claims N1-047-94-001
Enumeration System Records N1-047-94-002
Disability Determination Services Records N1-047-94-003
Title XVI Supplemental Security Income Claims Folders and Postentitlement Records N1-047-95-001
Title II Disability Insurance Claims Folders N1-047-95-002
Title II Retirement and Survivors Insurance Claims Folders N1-047-95-003
Byproducts and Other Records Covered Under the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988 (Public Law 100-503) N1-047-95-004
New Beneficiary Data System Records N1-047-95-005
Employer Reports of Wages Paid and Related Records N1-047-96-001
Office of the Inspector General Files N1-047-96-002
Office of the General Counsel Files N1-047-96-003
Administrative Records of the Referral and Monitoring Agencies N1-047-96-004
Form Social Security Administration (SSA-6233-BK) N1-047-98-001
Title II Retirement and Surviors Insurance for International Claims Folders N1-047-99-001
Retirement and Survivors Insurance NC-047-75-001
Supplemental Security Income Benefits NC-047-75-002
Appeals Process of Social Security Administration NC-047-75-003
Supplemental Security Income One-Time Payment Files NC-047-75-004
Training Materials Master Files, Backround Files, Evaluation Files NC-047-75-005
Annual Reports on the Volume of Social Security Administration NC-047-75-006
Audit Agency Investigation Files NC-047-75-007
Reprographic Management Files NC-047-75-008
Visual Graphics Files NC-047-75-009
Forms Management Files NC-047-75-010
Publications Management Files NC-047-75-011
Provider Hearing Files NC-047-75-012
Systems Coordination and Planning Files NC-047-75-013
State Agency Trailer Material NC-047-75-014
Retirement and Survivors Insurance (RSI) Claims Case Folders NC-047-75-015
Financial Management Records NC-047-75-016
Realty and Space Management Files NC-047-75-018
Administrative Claims Case Files NC-047-75-019
Personnel Management Files NC-047-75-020
Supplementary Medical Insurance Premium Remittance Records NC-047-75-021
Files Common to Most Social Security Administration Offices NC-047-75-022
Health Insurance for the Aged and Disabled Program, Medicare NC-047-75-023
Office of Information General Program Administration NC-047-75-024
Posteligibility Documents NC-047-75-025
Bureau of Hearings and Appeals Field Offices NC-047-76-001
Compliance Review Files NC-047-76-002
Office of the Actuary General Program Administration NC-047-76-003
Supplemental Security Income Program - Field, General Program Administration NC-047-76-004
Management Services Files NC-047-76-005
Commissioner's Decision Files NC-047-76-006
Social Security Number Application Records NC-047-76-007
Employee Housing Requests NC-047-76-008
Correspondence Files NC-047-76-009
Office of Management and Administration (OMA) Property Management Files, General Program Administration NC-047-76-010
Office of Quality Assurance Field Offices NC-047-76-011
Management Services Files NC-047-76-012
Employee Health Files NC-047-76-013
Employee Communications Files NC-047-76-014
Files Common to Most Social Security Administration Offices NC-047-76-015
Post-Entitlement Source Documents NC-174-000115
RSI Claims Case Folders NC-174-000126
Bureau of Health Insurance Cost Report Files NC-174-000139
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule Office of Research and Statistics NC-174-000172
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule for the Bureau of Retirement and Survivors Insurance of the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare NC-174-000174
Intermediary and Carrier Records NC-174-000175
Bureau of District Office Operations NC-174-000176
Bureau of Data Processing NC-174-000234
RSI Claims Case Folders NC-174-000236
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule Bureau of Disability Insurance NC-174-000258
Office of Administration Division of Public Inquiries NC-174-000259
Foreign Enforcement Questionnaire NC1-047-76-16
Bureau of Supplemental Security Income (Headquarters), General Program Administration NC1-047-76-17
Post Eligibility Documents NC1-047-76-18
State Budget and Financial Report Files NC1-047-76-19
Title XVI Claims Folders NC1-047-76-20
Supplemental Security Income Posteligibility Documents NC1-047-76-21
Office of Programs Operations Remittance Records NC1-047-76-22
Representative Payee Onsite Review Data Files NC1-047-76-23
Current Medicare Survey Statistics Supplementary Medical Insurance Sample NC1-047-76-24
Office of Quality Assurance - Headquarters, General Program Administration NC1-047-76-25
Manually Prepared Social Security Income Notices NC1-047-76-26
End-of-Line Statistical Data Tabulations NC1-047-76-27
Premium Reference File NC1-047-76-28
Health Insurance for the Aged and Disabled Program NC1-047-76-29
Supplemental Security Income Operating Systems Records and Internal Appraisal Reports NC1-047-76-30
Request for Review of Proposed Contract with Experts and Consultants NC1-047-76-31
District / Branch Office and Reconciliation and Analysis Units Records NC1-047-76-32
Social Security Administration Records Retention and Disposal Schedule NC1-047-76-33
Record of Employees Authorized to Review Bureau Records, Health, Education and Welfare, Social Security Administration NC1-047-76-34
Total Resource and Information System NC1-047-77-01
Employer Reports of Wages Paid and Related Records NC1-047-77-02
Bureau of Hearings and Appeals, Appeals Files NC1-047-77-03
Hearing and Appeals Case Control System NC1-047-77-04
Employee Counseling Case and Disability Retirement Files NC1-047-77-05
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule Labor Relations Files NC1-047-77-06
Form SSA-735, Notice of Missing Social Security Check NC1-047-77-07
Office of Management and Administration Financial Management Files NC1-047-77-08
Unsolicited Reinstating Information Correspondence NC1-047-77-09
Miscellaneous Queries, Edits and Alerts NC1-047-77-10
Title II (Disability Insurance) Claims Case Files NC1-047-77-11
State and Local Adjustment Correspondence NC1-047-77-12
Provider Reimbursement Review Board Files NC1-047-77-13
Insurance Compliance Files NC1-047-77-14
Record of Shipment NC1-047-77-15
Social Security Administration Regulation and Notice Records NC1-047-77-16
Discrimination Complaint Case Files NC1-047-77-17
Professional Qualifications File NC1-047-77-18
Office of Program Operations Bureau of Data Processing NC1-047-77-19
Disability Trailer Material NC1-047-77-20
Social Security Number Application Records NC1-047-77-21
Civil Litigation Case Files NC1-047-77-22
Claims Review Files NC1-047-77-23
Record of Earnings Information Furnished for Nonprogram Purposes NC1-047-77-24
Bureau of Hearings and Appeals Tape Cassette Records NC1-047-78-01
Case Control Cards NC1-047-78-02
Appeals Files NC1-047-78-03
General Criminal Investigation Files and Criminal Incident Reports NC1-047-78-04
Time and Attendance Rosters NC1-047-78-05
Evaluation and Measurement Staff NC1-047-78-06
Postentitlement Source Documents NC1-047-78-07
Explanation of Medicare Benefit Records NC1-047-78-08
Form SF-1199, Authorization for Deposit of Social Security Payments NC1-047-78-09
Cost Report Files NC1-047-78-10
Video Tape Recordings of Employee Meetings NC1-047-78-11
Area Directors' Records NC1-047-78-12
Special ($50) Payment File NC1-047-78-13
Provider Bills NC1-047-78-14
Title XVI Claims Folders NC1-047-78-15
Hearing Case Folders NC1-047-78-17
Service Digest Files NC1-047-78-18
Grant Files NC1-047-78-19
Regional Office Records NC1-047-78-20
Research Grants and Contracts Records NC1-047-78-21
Numerical Register Files NC1-047-78-22
Headquarters Ombudsman Records NC1-047-78-23
Ombudsman (Service Officer) Program Records NC1-047-78-24
Payroll Number / Common Accounting Number Correction Records NC1-047-78-25
Supply Management Files NC1-047-78-26
Reconciliation and Analysis Unit NC1-047-78-27
Equipment Management Files NC1-047-79-01
Office of Advanced Systems NC1-047-79-02
Correspondence Control Logs NC1-047-79-03
Blood Donor Card File and Blood Program Report NC1-047-79-04
Quality Assurance Case Files NC1-047-79-05
Form SSA-3911, Report of Change - Supplementary Security Income Data NC1-047-79-06
Personnel Management Files NC1-047-79-07
Office of Family Assistance Headquarters Records NC1-047-79-08
Medical Certificates and Supporting Papers NC1-047-79-09
Earnings and Earnings-Related Records NC1-047-79-10
Employers Reports of Wages Paid and Related Records NC1-047-79-11
Machine-Readable Systems of Records Maintained by Office of Systems NC1-047-79-12
Social Security Administration Program-Related Forms NC1-047-79-13
Office of Research and Statistics NC1-047-79-14
Supplementary Security Income Redetermination Review Form NC1-047-79-15
Direct Deposit Punchcards NC1-047-79-17
Redetermination Case Control Cards and Transmittal Form / Central Operations Copy NC1-047-79-19
Court Transcript Files NC1-047-80-01
Title II Quality Review Case Files NC1-047-80-02
Administrative Time and Leave Records NC1-047-80-03
Employee Service Records Files NC1-047-80-04
Earnings Records of the Social Security Administration NC1-047-80-05
Records of the Social Security Administration NC1-047-80-06
Records of the Social Security Administration NC1-047-80-07
Discrimination Complaint Case Files NC1-047-80-08
Claims Case Records of the Social Security Administration NC1-047-80-09
Medical Advisor and Vocational Expert Files NC1-047-80-10
Black Lung X-ray Films NC1-047-80-11
Indo-Chinese Program Files NC1-047-80-12
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Records NC1-047-80-15
Earnings Records of the Social Security Administration NC1-047-80-16
Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Pass Files NC1-047-80-17
Quality Control Records NC1-047-80-18
Quality Review Sample Records NC1-047-80-20
Records of the Actuarial Division NC1-047-80-21
Records of the Program Research Division NC1-047-80-22
Records of the Office of Management, Budget, and Personnel NC1-047-80-23
Transmittal of Magnetic Data, or its Equivalent NC1-047-81-01
Universal Coverage Study Group NC1-047-81-02
Budget and Personnel Files and Communications and Records Management Files NC1-047-81-03
Public Affairs Files and Publications History Files NC1-047-81-05
Office of Research and Statistics NC1-047-81-06
Social Security Administration Office of Central Operations NC1-047-81-07
Office of Hearings and Appeals (Headquarters) NC1-047-81-08
Social Security Administration (SSA) Regional Office Records NC1-047-81-09
Communications Systems Management Files NC1-047-81-10
Requests for Social Security Number Expedited Handling NC1-047-81-11
Check Procedures Records NC1-047-81-12
Financial Resources Files NC1-047-81-13
Management Service Files Library Files NC1-047-81-14
Miscellaneous Machine Readable Records NC1-047-81-15
Case Control System Records NC1-047-81-16
Headquarters Hearings and Appeals Files NC1-047-81-17
District and Branch Offices Financial Information NC1-047-81-18
Central Operations Records Program Service Center Records NC1-047-81-19
Payroll Authorization Allotment and Withholding Documents NC1-047-82-01
Disability Determination Services Records NC1-047-82-02
Social Security Administration Program - Related Forms NC1-047-82-03
Building Access and Employee Identification Card Files NC1-047-82-04
Welfare Reform Proposal Files NC1-047-82-06
Redetermination Documents NC1-047-82-07
Terminations and Initial Denials of Claims Case Folders NC1-047-82-08
Hearing Office Files NC1-047-82-09
State Termination Documents and Welfare Enumeration Agreements NC1-047-82-10
Telephone System Contracting Files NC1-047-82-11
Social Security Administration Office of Assessment Supplemental Security Income NC1-047-82-12
Title II Disability Insurance Claims Case Files NC1-047-82-13
Error Notice Form and Leave Error Notice Form NC1-047-82-14
Black Lung Consent Files NC1-047-83-01
Property Pass Files NC1-047-83-02
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule Office of Central Operations NC1-047-83-03
Claims Case Files NC1-047-83-04
Health and Human Services Distribution Control Files and Legislative Out File NC1-047-83-05
Comprehensive Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for the Office of Field Operations NC1-047-83-06
Update Summary Reports NC1-047-83-07
Abandoned Claims Folders NC1-047-83-08
Check Listings NC1-047-83-09
Court Case Record Cards NC1-047-83-10
Documentation of Cancellation or Continuation of Federal Employee Health Benefits for Employees in Nonpay Status NC1-047-83-11
Office of Disability Operations Fiscal and Program Records NC1-047-84-01
Office of Refugee Resettlement Cuban Refugee Family Survey NC1-047-84-02
Internal Revenue Service Supplemental Security Income Interface Disclosure Consent Form NC1-047-84-03
Comprehensive Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for the Office of Refugee Resettlement NC1-047-84-04
Quality Enumeration Files NC1-047-84-05
Claims Folders Forms NC1-047-84-06
Retirement and Survivors Insurance Program NC1-047-84-07
Hearing Case Folders NC1-047-84-08
Unsolicited Reinstating Information Correspondence NC1-047-84-09
Express Mail Service Customer Receipts NC1-047-84-10
State Agency Budget and Financial Report Files and Closing Agreements NC1-047-84-11
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Conversion Master Record NC1-047-85-01
Records Retention Schedule for Reciept and Transmittal Forms NC1-047-85-02
Title XVI Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Claims Case Folder NC1-047-85-03
Purged Disability Material NC1-047-85-04
Claims Case Files NN-173-000067
Statistical Insurance Tabulations and Current Medicare Survey (CMS) NN-173-000088
Post-Entitlement Source Documents NN-173-000089
Comprehensive Records Retention and Disposal Schedule of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare NN-173-000182
Current Medicare Survey Statistics of The United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare NN-173-000234
Purged Claims Material NN-173-000347
Comprehensive Records of the Bureau of Data Processing from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare NN-174-000019
Provider Certification Files NN-174-000036
Records Retention and Disposal Schedule District Office Operations NN-174-000073