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Tip 1: Use Phrases in Quotes

Example:  "audit files"

Without quotation marks, any page containing the words "audit" OR "files" will appear in results.
When surrounded by quotation marks, the words are treated as a phrase and only pages with the exact phrase "audit files" will appear in results. This is the most powerful query refinement technique.

Tip 2: Use a Plus (+) or Minus (-) Sign to Require or Reject Words

Example:  audit files +system -withdrawn

You can require that the word "system" be in any documents in the results list by placing a plus (+) sign before it.
You can reject words with the minus (-) sign.
In the example, no documents with the word "withdrawn" will appear on the results page unless a search engine is programmed to make them appear above the regular results list.

Tip 3: Combine Tips 1, 2

Example:  audit files +"Internal Revenue Service" +system

By combining phrases with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign, and capitalizing where it's appropriate, you can increase the relevance of search results.

Tip 4: Spell Out All Acronyms

Example:  Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Avoid using acronyms for instance: IRS for Internal Revenue Service can be mistaken for another acronym such as IRS-CI and effect search results.

Tip 5: Searching by Job Number

Example:  N1-016-00-001

NOTE: You MUST enter the job number in the correct format. Consult the SF 15 Numbering Key if necessary.


RG-0474: Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

Go up one directory level

Title Number/Filename
Office of the General Council Advisory Files N1-474-00-001
Internal Directives N1-474-00-002
Taped telephone conversation of Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) customer service representatives N1-474-00-003
Bankruptcies N1-474-00-004
Documents Filed by or for Thrift Savings Plan Participants N1-474-00-005
Management Reports N1-474-00-006
Office of Automated Systems Administrative Records N1-474-01-001
Office of Communications Chronological Reading File N1-474-01-002
Loan and Withdrawal Policy and Program Administration Records N1-474-02-001
Office of the General Counsel (OGC) TRAK - Case Tracking System N1-474-04-001
Debt Collection Files N1-474-04-002
Executive Director\\\'s Monthly Calendar N1-474-11-001
Executive Director's Correspondence Records N1-474-11-002
Statistical Report N1-474-12-001
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) Personnel Unemployment Compensation Records N1-474-12-002
Fund Tracking Systems and Associated Spreadsheets N1-474-12-003
Investment Performance Reports (Quarterly and Monthly) N1-474-12-004
Investment and Subject Matter Files N1-474-12-005
Investment and Interfund Policy Records N1-474-12-006
Internal Audit Control Materials N1-474-12-007
Audit Monitoring Records N1-474-12-008
Audit Report File N1-474-12-009
Annual Budget Request N1-474-12-010
Monthly Memoranda on the Status of the Budget N1-474-12-011
Annual Inspector General Act Report N1-474-12-012
Thrift Savings Plan Forms submitted by participants N1-474-95-001
Board and Employee Thrift Advisory Council (ETAC) records N1-474-96-001
General Counsels Office records N1-474-96-002
Office of External Affairs: Comprehensive Schedule N1-474-96-003
Office of Investments: Comprehensive Schedule N1-474-96-004
Office of Accounting: Comprehensive Schedule N1-474-96-005
Office of Automated Systems: Comprehensive Schedule N1-474-97-001
Office of Benefits & Program Analysis: Comprehensive Schedule N1-474-97-002
Office of Communications: Comprehensive Schedule N1-474-97-003
Office of Executive Director: Comprehensive Schedule N1-474-97-004
Office of Administration: Comprehensive Schedule N1-474-97-005
Office of Administration: Participant forms and documents N1-474-97-006
Web-site records N1-474-98-001
Fund & Obligation tracking systems N1-474-98-002
Department of Labor Audit (database extracts) Reports N1-474-98-003