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We can do it! Local Identifier: 179-WP-1563; National Archives Identifier: 535413

A variety of subject matter and different record types can be found among the holdings of the Still Picture Branch at the National Archives and Records Administration. Included in the holdings are topics such as African Art from the Harmon Foundation, images related to the Revolutionary War, and more. In addition to the traditional photographic prints and negatives within the Still Picture Branch holdings are series of posters, original artworks, and other record types. Listed below are selected lists of records related to various subject matter, as well as example series of different types of records.


In addition to still photography, the Still Picture Branch also houses different graphic materials received from Federal Agencies as records. Over 50,000 posters are included in the Still Picture holdings. Many of the posters were created during the two World Wars and are found in the records of military organizations and civilian agencies supporting the war effort. The Still Picture Branch holdings also incorporate a large number of posters publicizing government peacetime and nonmilitary programs and subjects. Find more information about our holdings of World War II posters on our blog, "We Can Do It!: World War II Posters at the Still Picture Branch."

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Smokey Says - Care Will Prevent 9 out of 10 Forest Fires! Local Identifier: 44-PA-1763; National Archives Identifier: 515435

Series of interest:

44-PA: World War II Posters, 1942 - 1945 

This series consists of posters created by various Federal Agencies to promote the war effort. The series is entirely digitized and available through our online catalog.

174-B: World War I-Era Broadsides, ca. 1940 - 2017 

This series consists of broadsides that were issued by the Department of Labor under Secretary William Bauchop Wilson during and immediately after World War I. The series is digitized and available through our online catalog.

179-WP: War Production Board, 1942 - 1943 (Fully digitized)

This series consists of posters used in various production drives instituted by the War Production Board. This series is entirely digitized and available through our online catalog.



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Drawing of Pinocchio Costume. Local Identifier: 69-PIN-1; National Archives Identifier: 26138912

While many series within the holdings of the Still Picture Branch are photographs of artwork, there are also a few series of original artwork. The artwork ranges from cartoons to poster artwork to costume design, and more. Alternatively, the photographs of artwork include the United States Army Art Collection, images of stolen artwork and cultural objects, and more.

Series of interest:

208-AOP: Original Artwork for World War II Posters, 1942 - 1945  

This series consists of original artwork and a few photographs for World War II-era posters. The series is entirely digitized and available through our online catalog.

69-PIN: Sketches of Costumes for a Production of "Pinocchio", 1939 - 1939  

This series consists of watercolor and graphite sketches of costumes for a New York Federal Theater Project production of “Pinocchio.” The series is entirely digitized and available through our online catalog.

111-CCA: Color Contact Prints of the U.S. Army Art Collection, 1958 - 1981  

This series consists of photographs of artworks that document a wide variety of subjects from World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. This series is not entirely digitized, however, it is available for request in the Still Picture Research Room.


Select Lists of Photographs

These lists of photographs highlight various records related to a specific topic or subject. The records included in these lists only cover a portion of the holdings of the Still Picture Branch. The majority of the photographs within the holdings of the Still Picture Branch have not been digitized on our online catalog. 

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Crossing the Delaware. Local Identifier: 66-G-15D-25; National Archives Identifier: 518218

Contemporary African Art, Harmon Foundation  

This select list of images consists of photographs of artwork related to the Harmon Foundation’s collections of Contemporary African Art. The list includes photographs of artwork by select artists within our holdings.


Images of the Revolutionary War  

This select list of images consists of copies of artwork related to the American Revolutionary War. Events include the Prelude to War, War at Sea, portraits of notable people, and more.

To Request Information about Records

For further information about the photographs and graphic works held in the Still Picture unit at College Park, contact:

Mail: Still Picture Reference

Special Media Archives Services Division

National Archives at College Park

Room 5360

8601 Adelphi Road

College Park, Maryland 20740-6001


Telephone: 301-837-0561

Fax: 301-837-3621


If you’d like to use an image from the Still Picture Branch holdings, please see our Copyright and Permissions page.