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Tip 1: Use Phrases in Quotes

Example:  "audit files"

Without quotation marks, any page containing the words "audit" OR "files" will appear in results.
When surrounded by quotation marks, the words are treated as a phrase and only pages with the exact phrase "audit files" will appear in results. This is the most powerful query refinement technique.

Tip 2: Use a Plus (+) or Minus (-) Sign to Require or Reject Words

Example:  audit files +system -withdrawn

You can require that the word "system" be in any documents in the results list by placing a plus (+) sign before it.
You can reject words with the minus (-) sign.
In the example, no documents with the word "withdrawn" will appear on the results page unless a search engine is programmed to make them appear above the regular results list.

Tip 3: Combine Tips 1, 2

Example:  audit files +"Internal Revenue Service" +system

By combining phrases with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign, and capitalizing where it's appropriate, you can increase the relevance of search results.

Tip 4: Spell Out All Acronyms

Example:  Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Avoid using acronyms for instance: IRS for Internal Revenue Service can be mistaken for another acronym such as IRS-CI and effect search results.

Tip 5: Searching by Job Number

Example:  N1-016-00-001

NOTE: You MUST enter the job number in the correct format. Consult the SF 15 Numbering Key if necessary.


RG-nu: Navy

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Title Number/Filename
Real Estate Records/ Real Property DAA-NU-2011-0002
Flight Records and Reports DAA-NU-2011-0124
Telecommunications and Information Technology DAA-NU-2015-0002
Medicine and Dentistry DAA-NU-2015-0006
Financial Management DAA-NU-2015-0007
Ordnance Material DAA-NU-2015-0008
Ship Designs and Manual DAA-NU-2015-0009
General Material DAA-NU-2015-0010
Civilian Personnel DAA-NU-2015-0012
Aeronautical and Astronautical Material Records DAA-NU-2015-0013
Marine Corps Supply and Environmental Records N1-NU-00-0001
Safety Records N1-NU-00-0002
Logs, Refueling, and Repair of Nuclear-Powered Vessels N1-NU-00-0003
Manual of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy (JAGMAN) Investigation Case Files N1-NU-01-0001
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Incident Reports N1-NU-01-0002
General Security Records N1-NU-01-0003
Administrative Waivers, Duty Designation, and Agreement Records N1-NU-01-0004
Espionage Hotline Records N1-NU-01-0005
Inspector General Investigative Files N1-NU-02-0001
Counterintelligence Records N1-NU-02-0002
International Agreement Records N1-NU-02-0003
Foreign Disclosure Records N1-NU-02-0004
Security Assistance Policy N1-NU-02-0005
Alcohol and Drug Management Information Tracking System (ADMITS) N1-NU-02-0006
Clearance Adjudications Records N1-NU-03-0001
Navy Physical Security Program N1-NU-03-0002
Reactor Operating Logs N1-NU-03-0003
Training Records N1-NU-04-0001
Law Enforcement Records N1-NU-04-0002
Research and Development Records N1-NU-05-0001
Naval Sea Systems Engineering Drawings N1-NU-05-0002
Personnel Inquiries N1-NU-06-0001
Tactical Aircraft Program, F-14 Aircraft Program Management Records N1-NU-06-0002
Omega Navigation System Records N1-NU-06-0003
Pre-Publication Security Review N1-NU-06-0004
Limited Access Authorizations N1-NU-06-0005
Counterintelligence, Law Enforcement N1-NU-06-0006
Marine Corps Awards Records N1-NU-06-0007
Incident Reports and Law Enforcement N1-NU-07-0001
Casualties and Survivor's Benefits N1-NU-07-0002
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Preliminary Law Enforcement Investigations N1-NU-07-0003
Counterintelligence Security Polygraphs N1-NU-07-0004
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Criminal Intelligence Reports N1-NU-07-0005
Records of the S-3 Aircraft N1-NU-07-0006
Naval Oceanographic Records N1-NU-07-0007
Forensic Laboratory Records N1-NU-07-0008
United States Marine Corps Traumatic Injury Protection Program N1-NU-07-0009
United States Marine Corps Personnel Rosters Maintained by Preparing Units N1-NU-07-0010
United States Marine Corps (USMC) Legislative Casework Management System N1-NU-07-0011
United States Marine Corps Legal Case Management System N1-NU-07-0012
United States Marine Corps Logistics Modernization Program N1-NU-07-0013
United States Marine Corps Food Management Information System N1-NU-07-0014
United States Marine Corps Tactical Doctrine Lessons Learned - Joint Lessons Learned Information System N1-NU-07-0015
United States Marine Corps Facilities Asset Management System N1-NU-07-0016
Quality Assurance/Control Records N1-NU-08-0001
Unsolicited Letters Database N1-NU-08-0002
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Criminal Intelligence Multi-Threat Analysis Center (MTAC) Data and Records N1-NU-08-0003
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Investigations Records N1-NU-08-0004
Navy Base Security and Military Police Records N1-NU-08-0005
Military Justice Records - Criminal Investigative Profile Data N1-NU-09-0001
Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) Polygraphy Examination and Law Enforcement Records N1-NU-09-0002
Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Agent Applications N1-NU-09-0003
Law Enforcement Records N1-NU-09-0004
Polygraph Technical Records N1-NU-09-0005
Courts-Martial Trial Records N1-NU-09-0006
Internal / External Web Site Records N1-NU-09-0007
Casualities and Survivor's Benefit Records N1-NU-09-0008
Confinement Records Case Files N1-NU-10-0001
Engineering Drawings N1-NU-10-0002
Electronic / Digital Shipboard Operations Monitoring Records N1-NU-10-0003
Military Personnel Records N1-NU-86-0001
Ordnance Material Records N1-NU-86-0002
Civilian Personnel Records N1-NU-86-0003
Navy and Marine Corps Logistical Operations N1-NU-86-0004
Department of the Navy Facilities and Activities Ashore Records N1-NU-86-0005
Observations and Measurements N1-NU-86-0006
Financial Administration Records of Nonappropriated Funds Activities N1-NU-86-0007
Geophysical, Oceanographic, Hydrographic, or Mapping, Charting and Geodetic (MC&G) Support Records N1-NU-87-0001
Prescriptions, Formularies, and Drug Lists N1-NU-87-0002
Communications Records N1-NU-89-0001
Allotment and Family Allowance Account Files for Navy Personnel N1-NU-89-0002
Ship Design and Ship Material Records N1-NU-89-0003
Administrative Management and Management Improvement Records N1-NU-89-0004-REV
Administrative Management and Management Improvement Records N1-NU-89-0004
Operations and Readiness Records N1-NU-89-0005
Shipyard Overhaul Repair Work on Nuclear Powered Ships N1-NU-90-0001
Dependents Dental Health Care Treatment Records N1-NU-90-0002
Original \\\"Record\\\" Drawings N1-NU-90-0003
Foreign Military Assistance and Mutual Security Program Records N1-NU-90-0004
Personnel Diaries and Personnel Transaction Summaries N1-NU-90-0005
Visual Information Management N1-NU-91-0001
Records of Armed Conflict N1-NU-92-0001
Family Advocacy Case Files N1-NU-92-0002
Support Documentation N1-NU-92-0003
Investigation Records N1-NU-92-0004
Marine Corps Unit Diaries N1-NU-92-0005
Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Program N1-NU-92-0006
Value Engineering (VE) Program Records N1-NU-92-0007
Authorized Medical/Dental Allowance Lists (AMAL/ADAL) N1-NU-92-0008
Screening Interviews N1-NU-92-0009
Correspondence/Reports in Support of the Hometown Area Recruiting Program (HARP), Officer Hometown Area Recruiting (OHARP), and Senior Minority Assistance Recruiting (SEMINAR) Program N1-NU-92-0010
Information Concerning Individual Officers N1-NU-92-0011
Alcoholism Case Files for Level I and II Treatment at Afloat and Ashore Counseling and Assistance Centers N1-NU-92-0012
Dependents Dental Health Care Treatment Records N1-NU-92-0013
Decorations, Medals, and Awards Records N1-NU-92-0014
Risk Factor Screening/Physical Readiness Test Results N1-NU-92-0016
Decorations, Medals, and Awards Records N1-NU-92-0017
Management Consulting N1-NU-93-0001
Internal Audit Reports and Records N1-NU-93-0002
General Internal Auditing Matters N1-NU-93-0003
Internal Audit Procedures and Policy N1-NU-93-0004
Audit Schedule/Audit Planning N1-NU-93-0005
Navy Confinement Records N1-NU-93-0006
Navy Confinement Records N1-NU-93-0007
The Inactive Manpower and Personnel Management Information System (IMAPMIS) N1-NU-93-0008
Reports of Insurance Deductions and Related Records N1-NU-94-0001
Civilian Employee X-Rays N1-NU-94-0002
Refueling of Nuclear Powered Vessels Records N1-NU-95-0001
Radiation Exposure Reports N1-NU-95-0002
Baseline Mammogram X-Rays N1-NU-95-0003
Naval Shipyard Records N1-NU-95-0004
Risk Factor Screening/Physical Readiness Test Results N1-NU-96-0001
Personnel Accounting Records N1-NU-96-0002
Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) and Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) Files N1-NU-96-0003
Ambulatory Procedure Visit (APV) Records N1-NU-96-0004
Close-In Weapon Systems Records N1-NU-96-0005
Marine Corps Family Support Program N1-NU-96-0006
Investigations Conducted Per Manual of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy (JAGMAN)/Reports/Records/Case Files N1-NU-96-0007
Name Check and Personnel Clearance Records N1-NU-97-0001
Clearance Adjudication Records N1-NU-97-0002
Department of the Navy (DON) Security Classification Guidance Records N1-NU-97-0003
Shore Patrol and Military Police Records N1-NU-97-0004
Cooperative Research & Development Agreements N1-NU-97-0005
Original Deck Logs Created 1 January 1979 Through 31 December 1993 N1-NU-98-0001
Investigative and Counterintelligence Records N1-NU-98-0002
Wire, Electronic, and Oral Interceptions Index Records N1-NU-98-0003
Time and Attendance N1-NU-98-0004
Casualties and Survivors' Benefits Records N1-NU-98-0005
Appellate Leave Awaiting Punitive Separation N1-NU-98-0006
Disability Retirement Records N1-NU-98-0007
Psychiatry/Psychology Treatment Records N1-NU-99-0001
Meeting, Conference, Convention and Visit Records NC1-NU-81-001
Administration and Performance of Medical and Dental Functions by the Navy Medical Department NC1-NU-81-002
Navy Research and Development Contract Files NC1-NU-81-003
Ship Design and Material NC1-NU-81-004
Aeronautical and Astronautical Material Records NC1-NU-81-005
Facilities and Activities Ashore Records NC1-NU-81-006
Military Personnel Records NC1-NU-81-007
Telecommunications Records NC1-NU-81-008
Logistic Records NC1-NU-81-009
General Material NC1-NU-81-010
Administration of Civilian Personnel Functions Throughout the Department of the Navy NC1-NU-82-001
Ordnance Material Records NC1-NU-82-002
General Administration and Management NC1-NU-82-003
Operations and Readiness Records NC1-NU-82-004
Disbursing Records, Reports, and Returns NC1-NU-82-005
Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) NC1-NU-82-006
Personnel Record Jackets for Hospital Corpsmen NC1-NU-83-001
Military Personnel Records NC1-NU-83-003
Ship Design and Ships Material Records NC1-NU-83-004
General Material NC1-NU-84-001
Aeronautical and Astronautical Material Records NC1-NU-84-002
Department of the Navy Financial Management Records NC1-NU-84-003
Decommissioned Vessels' Records NC1-NU-84-004
Ordnance Material Records NC1-NU-84-005
Logistics, Maintenance, Construction, and Conversion NC1-NU-84-006
Files of the Navy Individual Service Review Board (ISRB) Proceedings NC1-NU-85-001
Industry Technical Plans, Reference Files of Technical Publications and Data NC1-NU-85-002
Civilian/Contractor Personnel Service Review Cards NC1-NU-85-003
Maintenance, Repair, Construction of Individual Vessels NC1-NU-85-004
Ordnance Material Records NC1-NU-85-005