Records Managers

Past BRIDG Meeting Minutes

Past BRIDG Meetings (2013 - 2004)


BRIDG Meeting 12/18/13 : AC 07.2014

  • Records Schedule Backlog Update and Status Report - Margaret Hawkins
  • Records Management Policy Update - Lisa Haralampus
  • Records Management Training Update - Laurence Brewer

BRIDG Meeting 10/23/2013 (Meeting canceled. See AC 03.2014)

BRIDG Meeting 08/21/13: AC 30.2013

BRIDG Meeting 06/19/13: AC 24.2013

BRIDG Meeting 04/17/13: AC 19.2013

BRIDG Meeting 02/13/13: AC 13.2013


BRIDG Meeting 12/06/12: AC 10.2013

BRIDG Meeting 10/17/12

BRIDG Meeting 7/27/12

BRIDG Meeting 4/18/12

BRIDG Meeting 2/15/12


BRIDG Meeting 12/06/11

BRIDG Meeting 10/04/11

BRIDG Meeting 02/16/11


BRIDG Meeting 08/18/10

BRIDG Meeting 04/22/10

BRIDG Meeting 03/02/10


BRIDG Meeting 8/19/09

BRIDG Meeting 06/10/09

BRIDG Meeting 02/18/09


BRIDG Meeting 10/29/08


BRIDG Meeting Presentation 12/19/07

BRIDG Meeting Presentations 10/31/07


BRIDG Meeting Presentations 10/18/06

BRIDG Meeting Presentations 08/17/06

BRIDG Meeting Presentations 02/28/2006


October 21, 2004 - Power Point Presentations

August 19, 2004

June 17, 2004-PowerPoint Presentations

March 18, 2004

January 15, 2004

Cancellation and Security Policy

Agency:  Substitution of registrants is not permitted once a final registration list is provided to our host agency.

NARA: NARA reserves the right to postpone or cancel a meeting at any time. We will make every effort to contact registrants by e-mail and telephone if that occurs, so complete information at the time of registration is very important. Meetings WILL BE CANCELLED if the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announces a "closed", "unscheduled leave", "liberal leave", or "delayed arrival" policy for Federal employees for that day or if there has been an elevation to threat level RED in the Homeland Security status. Official Government closing and leave information is located on the OPM web site at at

Security:  Most host agencies require a Federal photo ID or some other positive form of identification. Your name will be checked against a final registration list that we provide 3 business days prior to each meeting. Each host agency decides how to handle last minute substitutions.

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